well hello to everyone on this fantastic day we had big fights we’re gonna talk
about those there was the pfl the UFC we got usik against Dubois all kinds of
things to talk about other things going on in the Combat Sports World that we’re going to touch on also because you can
see that my man Josh Thompson has his thinking cap on and is ready to just
delve into all of the action and all the things going on John what’s up my man
John the only thinking that I have and the only question that I have is that what every other fan is listening
to this show they want to know that damn bug zapper off I will not
yeah love that is it officially off icial it’s officially off I’d like I’d
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I don’t mean to put that person down and I appreciate your excellence in counting
that far but how boring is your life that’s what you’re doing man yeah but
hey you know what I got a lot of love for you guys man because you guys make it fun in the comments when I’m reading them and someone says actually I did
count it and it was 163 is the real number I was like dude you’re the man you’re the man yeah maybe it was a woman
I didn’t read the name I was like just read the comment a bit hey whatever um you know there was something else I
want to talk about real quick too is that this company here virus has been around for a while they were actually
splashing into the market you they’re one of the first reps if not the first people to come into the sport uh and be
spawn and help sponsor guys like Cub Swanson who’s got a big line with them as well uh I think it’s called killer
club uh Cub killer cup and but just fantastic gear and a pair and all that stuff you know um they had something go
on I don’t know what it was I don’t know if it has to do with the economy I don’t have it has to do with the strip uh distribution or what
um I haven’t talked to them in debt but they’ve worked with me for the longest time and I feel like I need to give them a lot of love because John you always
see me wearing their stuff and and they’ve done a lot for for me and I want to continue to support them I know that
they are not going to be doing any more sales here in Canada or the US uh they say they’ll see us soon but that’s a big
hit to them and I want to let them know all the guys that I’ve worked over there with is Chris Eugene all the other guys
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it’s been probably close to seven eight years I’ve been working with them six seven years I’ve been working with them but they won’t be they’ll be doing more
of all of their sales in the UK still uh that’s where I believe they’re based out of but they have they will not continue
to be doing their sales here in the US but if you have an opportunity to jump on I think in the next day or two they’ll be shutting down their site but
they’ve got a lot of apparel that are still there and really really low discounted rates and so check them out
if you want to snatch up all their stuff um obviously their U.S apparel is different from the UK apparel no different because you know UK people
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just want to say hey virus International hopefully we see you guys soon you guys are back in the States doing business
but uh that’s a drastic loss for people in the sport although I may want to thank you guys for continuing to support
the support of MMA thank you and uh they work with wrestlers uh they work with uh
body lifter or power lifters they they dabble in a little bit of everything and uh fantastic company to work with and uh
I’m very thankful for over the years very nice yes
I didn’t get a damn shirt but very nice no no no they sent you something but I
think that you said you said 2x but it’s a it was a fitted 2x so um yeah it was
definitely not 2x it was a European European 2x so there’s a little bit of a
misunderstanding on that well I said like that’s like I told them I said when it’s his name is Big John for a reason guys like he’s a big guy man I would go
in Europe or Japan especially if I work for like you know an organization K1 or
ryzen or something like that yeah they say which size 2x it was like a boys medium man it was like um really yep
dude it was so small it’s true the sizing over like the sizing in uh in Asia is way like I would look at I was
looking at two and three x’s and they wouldn’t fit me they were still snug and tight yeah so when you’re looking at
like a two and three x man it’s just not it’s not the business over there yeah I actually checked I took one of one of
the if you look at there’s a uh the very first ryzen I was working that and they had two different shirts a white one and
a black one and this white shirt was so bad I had to cut it but I stuffed it with pillows until it was stretched it
just sat it there for like three days that I had it that’s hilarious just to try to get it to be where I could get
into the damn thing I need I need to see Big John the guys there’s a photo of Big John in these like Hooters type white
shorts the old school who like that but they’re white though they’re not like the orange color from Hooters but
they’re white it’s the white version of it and uh I’d like to see you in that and then that white shirt from ryzen
that put those two things on you’d be a sexy [ __ ] dude like stuffing 10
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let’s get right into this we’re free right in the UFC Main Event let’s go Max Holloway versus Korean zombie a lot of a
little tear-jerking after this fight but the fight was good it was a good fight
it used the uh Sunset a little hesitation I thought it was a fantastic fight I gotta be honest I thought that
zombie was gonna be a lot more hittable in those earlier rounds by Max you could see that something was going on with Max
whether it was the Maui situation whether it’s just yep just understanding that he needed this wind to kind of keep
him in that position to be number one next in line for a title shot you know to do it again against Volk all those
things are weighing on his mind like look if I’m just standing here spinning my wheels you know and I’m not gonna get
that title shot like the motivation starts to creep out and I’m sorry but man the top level Fighters the best
fighters in the world world were driven by that person that’s in front of us that motivation to get us to the title
shot get us to the goal and he understands what it takes to get there that’s why he’s still the number one
Contender he’s just lost to that guy three times so are we gonna see number four I thought I thought he deserves to
see number four but that being said he I felt like there was a little bit more going on with him mentally maybe because
of Maui but I also think Korean zombie has something going on with him mentally understand and this may potentially be
his last fight and he fought a little bit a little bit harder he fought a little bit more aggressive he I know he
normally fights that way he does but he did change up and you could see it one
I looked at it we talked about it and I said I thought the Korean zombie has to get after him and get after him early if
he if he’s gonna get him he’s gonna get him in the first round because Max just builds and continues to get
better in fights normally and stuff and and when I when I was watching and I was
yeah I do think that Max in the beginning was having some distance issues as far as where where zombie was
at and how to slide in so he could uh be effective but zombie was having some issues too with the distance yeah they
both did and both were throwing shots you know that were okay Max wins the first round and from that point Josh
the second round zombie took a lot of shots he took a lot of heavy shots you
know he got hurt you could see him get hurt he survived it and then I think in the third round coming out he told
himself well obviously I’m not going to out technique this guy I need to go go balls to the
wall and that’s what he did and I I respect the hell out of him for it I mean it’s it’s something that you know
you’ll see guys do every now and then it’s like well then let’s just bite down and I’m gonna go after you and either
you’re going to go out or I’m gonna go out and he went out and uh I I respect the hell out of him for the way that he
went after the fight but it’s like anything in a man it’s so it’s so tough to talk about when you enjoyed somebody
and they’re they’re just their career and the way that they always fought you
know he was called a zombie for a reason because he just kept coming forward and he would take damage and continue to
just keep coming forward and there comes a point you know and we’ve said it how many times you can
only crash the car so many times before it starts to not run the same way and he’s just he was a little bit slower
those engagements didn’t uh tend to come out in his favor near the end and I’m
glad to see him look and say you know what it’s time yeah and I and it and it’s not that he can’t beat people he
can still beat people but he’s not going to be the champion and I think he sees that and I think
that’s that’s his determining Factor yeah I agree with you I think um I
really feel like he is three years away or three and a half years away for a military deployment or whatever it was
that he was doing for his country that really set him back because there were stages in there where he was physically
bigger stronger hit harder than a lot of those Fighters at the time in that era and then when he came back sure he’d had
some good fights but you could tell yeah he in those three years he hadn’t involved there was more I think that’s I
think I think that’s the difference is I don’t think he got worse no but other people got better and they they caught
up to some of the things that he was doing that he was very successful with yeah if you go back you know he had some
times when you remember his fight with Mark hominick yes I mean it lasted 15
seconds you know at a time that Mark harmonic was just one of the best strikers there
was in the featherweight division was lighting everybody up was doing you know well had Sean Tompkins as his coaching
stuff and man 15 seconds later he was unconscious on the ground and you went
whoa and that was after you watched you knew that you know he knew that he was good because of his
fights with Leonard Garcia and the wars that they were and then he got the first twister ever and all those things but it
was when his hands really started going and he was knocking people out the way he was it was like Hey this guy is
something and I think that was the guy that was as you’re saying
scary and then he had to go away he had a military commitment he did that time and during that time
I’m not saying you know it took away from him but he didn’t he wasn’t improving while other people
were yeah no I agree I think that’s that was a huge difference because like you said look the things the attributes he
has um I don’t want to say they come naturally but the power I was never
blessed with power I [ __ ] hate this guy because he had power okay but
it just really bugs me but look he has it it’s a not it’s it’s now you can add to your power by using the proper
technique you know putting a little bit of you know a little bit of weight on in certain areas you know what I mean like
learning how to use your proper technique can add to your power and being more relaxed all of those things
um but he hasn’t evolved since then um when I look at the when you’re talking about the mark harmonic fight
it’s funny that you brought that up because I was actually thinking that same thing because in that very first exchange with Max he caught Max off
guard and Max like holy crap this guy’s pop oh okay he’s got he’s got some pop
and he you know he kind of Knocked Max back a little bit and zombie just thought okay look I’m just gonna keep
this pace and keep this pressure in front of him he didn’t have as much output as he should have in the beginning rounds but a lot of that was
because Max’s speed and the way that he was mixing up fainting of the body then coming back up
top with the left hook all of those things were throwing couldn’t miss with that left hook yeah he couldn’t miss for
a while Max was Max was on point but I was saying that is in the beginning zombie had moments in the beginning to
really kind of put him away but you could tell that he was I don’t want to say he was enjoying uh
he was taken in the moment a lot of it was I don’t want to get caught I don’t
want to get caught I got that feeling from him normally he would rush in on certain things um you know when he hit you hard he’d
come and rushing in that’s what he did in the third round he would have there was moments in the
first and second where he had hurt Max and the the guy who came out in the third round is that that guy would show
up in the first second round the fight maybe would have been over whether he would have won a loss and no one knows but I’m saying that he could have while
he was still dealing with Max not knowing how much power he had and how good he was in certain areas
that’s the opportunity to catch him off guard now look I don’t wanna I don’t want to sit here and take anything away from Max Max fought he fought a great
fight and like you I think you pointed out perfectly the fact that as the fight goes on Max gets stronger
he’s that type of fighter he starts getting into a rhythm he starts figuring out your Rhythm he starts capitalizing
on everything that you’re doing and you’re giving him he just he takes whatever you give him he makes it look
so easy and his takedown defense tonight too was really good zombie sought a couple takedowns didn’t set him up at
all but I’m saying they were not they weren’t remotely close and I thought Max fought a good fight a lot of pressure on
his shoulders to get that microphone tonight and just talk about what it is
what it meant to represent Hawaii Maui everything and you know and just just to
have the opportunity to speak on it those are things that are very important to Fighters coming into a fight like
they’re thinking I need to be able to get that microphone at the end of the night and say the things that are on my mind you know for my people and whether
it’s your family whether it’s your friend who’s dealing with cancer or whether it’s your you know your your friends who have lost their house in a
in a fire it has to do with it that’s that Fighters think about that moment
to say hey I’m thinking about you in a moment that I’m in here doing battle but I’m still you guys are on my mind and
it’s important to Fighters and people people at home need to understand that like a lot of these Fighters like you
guys saw me last show man we wear our emotions on our sleeves it’s an emotional thing not everyone not
everyone but you do it that’s good you’re nothing wrong with it but it is an emotional thing sometimes you know whether it’s someone you fought someone
you you know you tend to care about someone you you’ve shared the cage with for 15 minutes or 45 you know or 25
minutes whatever it is I mean those are things that are important to me and uh in the fighter safety are important to
me they’re what they do after their career is important to me and I think from for Max this was a moment for him
to to bring more attention for him to bring that opportunity that more attention to to people in Maui and he
did it now for zombie we just talked about the what um last show
I and you and you and I you and I have had this discussion about my career but we had this discussion about Tony
Ferguson last show I got a little you know emotional about the thing
um and the situation because I see it I see you I see the future for that but then in this
situation he took the approach that I took he said I don’t want to be number three number two number five number
seven you know on my way up sure but as I’m going backwards you know I’ll make another little run at it if it’s
not there it’s not there he uh Korean zombie understood that he’s
like I want to be the champion if I’m not the champion then what am I doing what’s the difference John exactly what
is the difference though between guys like zombie and guys like you know
they just can’t walk away I’m not just gonna Point Tony out I’m gonna say there’s a lot of guys we’ve had you know
first off let’s just be honest there’s there’s an identity that goes
with being a fighter and that is who you are now you see and this is a lot of people are going to sit
there and talk about look I fight but that’s not who I am
okay and I understand when someone says that but for many of the fighters out there
it is who they are it’s all they know and if you take away the fight game from
them they don’t have anything they’re looking and saying I I don’t have much now do I
think that that’s true in some cases it is true in some cases even with guys you know no you’re you’re being
short-sighted and you’re not understanding what’s what you do have and how special it is that you what you
have because yeah I try to tell people all the time
people get you know addicted to their jobs to their lifestyles
and they think that any change in it you know it’ll be the end of them that’s
almost the way they look at it you look and you go man you’re you’re not looking at this
the right way because I don’t you know it’s and you could take people from I don’t care what
you know position platform I always say you know when it comes to like Chiefs of
police they don’t leave you don’t want to know that why they don’t leave Josh because as soon as they leave they’re nobody
that position of power all that power that they have and they have power they’re the leader of this person to
that person to that person that’s just running down they’re looking they’ve got power and
it’s the moment they leave it’s gone you know and you can take a look at someone like a Dana White you know could
Dana leave the UFC absolutely has he done a great job absolutely
would it will will the UFC function and go on without him absolutely okay the
whole thing oh it won’t I don’t care who you are and I say it all the time look at they they get they
they get a new president of the United States at least every eight years if they can replace that person they can
definitely replace you and so anybody can be replaced but you have to look the thing to look
at is when you leave your job
it’s over and yeah people will sit there say oh you’re a great Buy and you’re forgotten
your family will not forget you the people that are important in your life will not forget you and they will always
be there and that’s where you make your next whatever it’s going to be as far as you
know you you get a career decision whatever you’re going to do whatever you’re going to do you’ve got to get rid
of the past to allow the the present and future to come in
and a lot of guys don’t understand how to do that yeah they think if they leave the fight game then everything is going
to fall apart and it’s not you just have to take that first step well I look at it a couple different ways is there is
when you leave a lot of the the identity issues
um come from the ego and I’m sure and I’m going to be honest like even for myself you know the
Bellator uh Analyst job came along I love doing it and that was a that made it easier for me to retire
um there was that and then on top of that you know we started working together doing the podcast the podcast
does you know pretty well and so those two things and then you know and then other things that I was doing on the
Side Gym stuff owning gyms you know owning other little things that I’ve done before I quit fighting
um all of those things I’m you know I’m not getting rich off of any of them you know what I mean but the thing is is but
I enjoyed John you and I were talking about but I wish you were because then you’d be getting rich too
if we were doing for whatever well yeah this but we do this because we really do enjoy it I mean that we have been lucky
enough uh to do you know decent um I know we’re having fun with we love doing this
but a lot of it is the ego is I’m thinking now look like what else can
I do because there’s other things that I I’ve got time I’ve got time because you know Bellator is you know once or twice a month we do the podcast twice a week
which I can do this thing anywhere in the world with my with my setup that we can just put in a backpack and
leave and all my other little things that I have you know percentages in that I own and stuff they all run themselves I
don’t have to do that um so what else can I do well I thought about it I’ve thought about like I’m too
old now to join the military because I would love to join the military I still would um I’m too old to join the military
um I thought about trying to be a police officer trying to be a firefighter like those are things you can still do but it
is there is a cut off line I would imagine right soon oh there is yeah so you know there’s there’s a cut off line
there but I think that what I think a lot of it is probably
Fighters sometimes will say like I went from everyone recognizing me in Las Vegas at the craps table or walking
through the the casino or walking out in the bright lights all these things right and now I’m applying for a job
as a police officer or you know um whatever it is firefighter or [ __ ] a
grocery store or or an electrician man you were you were a UFC fighter or you were uh whatever fighter you know what I
mean like that that’s that’s a that’s a tough pill to swallow for someone who gave up you know 20 years of their life
to go and do and but you are like I said the other day on the on the mid on the midweek
show is that you haven’t honed the life after fighting it could be another 40 years
you made a lot of money whether he made a lot of money in fighting a lot of Fighters made a lot of money and some didn’t
but you’ve got to fund the rest of your life and here’s the only thing it’s hard to fund the rest of your life when you
have no idea when it’s gonna end that’s what people don’t wrap their head
around it’s like how do you save for the end when you don’t know when the end is
God bless her soul my grandmother’s 95. my grandfather did really well but like you don’t know when the end is luckily
she he did really well but like normal people are like okay how long can I do
this I don’t even know where the money’s coming from they can’t work anymore so anyways I’m yeah go ahead John
now I look at it and I’m I know how I was and I and people that are
competitive and no matter you know especially competitive Sports when you were 20
years old did you did you think that you know you’re going to be 40 someday
no actually I thought I was gonna actually be dead by 25. sort of the same here yeah I can tell you right now you
know when I was you know 20 years old I figured if I made it to 30 hell I did good I’ll do really good making it to 30.
yeah you know and and that’s the way a lot of guys think they don’t think of I got to
think down the road you know you know no down the road is you know that’s next
month and I and and they’ll live for today and not put away for tomorrow and
that’s the way a lot of athletes are not only Fighters you know football players basketball players baseball players
there’s a lot of people that have made a lot of money that are absolutely broke yeah and so you know I the one thing
that I think is nice is when you can see someone like zombie be able to step away and he’s stepping away with confidence
that he’s going to be okay and that’s the way it should be well because I think he like I said when she wrap your
head around the fact that this isn’t who I am fighting doesn’t make me like sure
I’ve developed great connections throughout like one of the hardest things for me to do was in John you and I have talked about this a bunch of
times personally off camera is my hardest thing for me to move away from California was not the state
and I was born and raised there I mean I know I went to high school up in Coeur d’Alene Idaho and uh shout out to all my
peeps okay um but you know what I mean like for me it was it wasn’t even so much leaving my family that was all
there it was all the connections and the people and the friends that I had developed over owning all my gyms you
know developing relationships with the young kids that I had trained now they’re all some of them are [ __ ] when I started training them John
someone were going to college now same thing I got him out of college the
entire wrestling career done you look and you go those time gone but but you look and you
say it is it’s very difficult to leave the situation of right now you’re in
that position where you can say I can if something happens I know where to go and
how to get it fixed easily because I have I have people in all these different things and when you step away
those people are going to start to drift away a little bit because you’re just you don’t see them as much you know
eventually things drift off and so you’re right you’ve got to re-establish new relationships there was I had some
family like my aunts and some of my my niece she hadn’t gotten a flat tire on one of the highways there and literally
just called AAA and I call my buddy I said hey just get him just take the car directly to my buddy’s tire shop
[ __ ] was fixed within 20 30 minutes she was back on the road on her way to her College you know School uh you know just
other things too things someone broke into my gym being able to call the cops that I know on the police force hey looking into it versus the city of San
Jose they send out these I don’t know what they were they were like just Community people that came out took down notes and then they said they
filed that to the police yeah it was a report basically and then nothing ever happened but like you know just figuring out hey yeah and then you get a little
backstory on it hey yeah that same person that we saw on your thing broke into the church down the street broke
into the people down there broken so we’re we’re gonna keep more police force around the area those are the connections that you’re trying to
develop that you it takes years to develop you know a lifetime pretty much and uh leaving all of that is really
what was important to me um you know because at the end of the day when when it’s your land on your
Deathbed it’s not about how much money you made it’s not about how much [ __ ] time you
spend on social media it’s not about how many [ __ ] chicks you banged out [ __ ] how many how many drinks you had
it’s not about any of that it’s about the relationships that you made and that you have been able to carry through you
without your throughout your life and those are the most important things um when you’re talking about your life
and I’m happy for Korean zombie I thought you’ve had a great career uh I felt like he was set back because of the
military obligation he had to his country but I also honor the fact that I think that’s fantastic I know um those
are that’s a I think it’s a very that’s [ __ ] very awesome I think it’s I think it’s
something people should um speak highly of about him and you know
countries that do that I think for him and then with Max congratulations man fantastic fight fantastic ability and
there’s a lot a lot weight on your shoulders you came through I know we went off on a little on a lot different rants about this whole thing yeah we
definitely went all right we went way off of all this stuff but you gotta you gotta give it up for Max Holloway
because he went and did what he was supposed to do against a guy who’s a really tough
fighter but in a situation where you know his emotions could have been just you know a little bit off based upon all
the things that were happening he had to keep his you know his mind sharp he had to keep himself
you know On Target and he went out and did exactly what he was supposed to do but the one the one thing I want to give
up I want to give up the to the UFC very nice job of at the end when chanson Jung
the Korean zombie is walking out you started to play zombie again and you got the crowd
singing the song and man that that was something that he will never forget
it was a great moment and you did it right it was all it was like when Bellator brought all the fighters for
Fedor that was a great moment and they did it right and it’s really nice to see when
someone deserves that kind of send-off or that moment to really be able to look and say you know what my career was
pretty pretty goddamn cool I think the Korean zombie is going to look back at that moment with all those people
singing zombie at the end something he’ll never forget I mean when
he walked out of the cage he took a second and took it all in yeah I mean that lets you know that he
was really appreciative he understood the um the situation he understood what was
going on he’s like hey because a lot of times when you get done the moment captivates you too much you just you
rush out you walk out you just hey everyone bye bye bye and you let that overwhelm you and then you don’t really
take it in he took a second at the top of the steps right before he stepped down those steps and left the cage for
the last time he just looked around and he actually smiled you know and uh and I think and
you gotta remember it was a main event most people just bounce out and leave there was a crowd exactly still there
man I’ll tell you what it was awesome and I was an awesome moment I’ve got a
ditto what you said about the UFC great job on utilizing that moment to let him
know what he meant to the sport I thought it was fantastic man I thought they did a great job with Bobby Lawler I
thought they did a great job with Korean zombie fantastic both of them so good
for them because remember they did the video thing for Robbie yeah he did a great job you’re awesome man awesome
yeah so good stuff and uh yeah awesome next fight
Anthony Smith taking on Ryan’s span for a second time uh you know the first one
went Anthony Smith’s way pretty quick he got a nice win off of that he even said that he he knew that wasn’t going to
happen again in this one I’ll tell you what this was this is one of those fights where you’re gonna get a lot of people
both ways you know Anthony Smith definitely wins the first round
you know Ryan span definitely wins the second round so it all comes down to the third round and who you thought
did the best in that round two judges gave it to Anthony Smith I didn’t I gave it to Ryan Spann I’m being honest I
thought Ryan Spann took the third round but it was close and no one can complain
because you left it in a position where you could have done more
you know if you’re Anthony Smith you could have done more and if you were Ryan span you possibly could have done more so I look at it close fight but you
know congratulations Nancy Smith man he I don’t know why people don’t give him
the credit for his toughness because he is tough I was watching the thing as some people complaining about him oh he
gives up and stuff what the [ __ ] did you ever see Anthony Smith Give Up yeah they actually they were actually
saying you know and he’s not smart he could have gotten a win against Jon Jones if you just you know if he had
just taken the disqualification it was like hold it now you’re gonna hold it against someone that he did the thing
that is hard to do to sit there and say I’m going to
continue on in the fight oh yeah yeah let’s let’s take that and take that away from him Anthony Smith has been a dog
for years he’s a stud fighter I enjoy watching him he goes out he’s got the good technique he kind of looked like a
Muay Thai Fighter in this one a little bit more yeah he kept on you know it’s a little bit more straight up and down bringing the leg up but you know good
fight back and forth I think Ryan Spann is going to be looking and kicking himself later on about that fight well
we look at you just brought up the the Muay Thai thing because I was going to bring that up as well but I also look at guys that are having success
um stopping the calf kick and those are the guys that are standing like that what it is is him you got Charles Oliveira who’s I think originally
started doing those all the time he does it all the time he lifts the lake but he lives to Lake continuously to stop for
getting calf kicked but he did that a little bit before also but it just kind of worked out for him and stuff in the calf kicks or not allowing the calf
kicks to actually happen yeah that being said Charles Oliver is a [ __ ] beast on the
ground so Charles doesn’t care if his back leg gets swept out from underneath him he ends up on bottom Anthony Smith
is good on the ground he is very good their first thought I believe in a triangle right I think Anthony triangled him yeah so he’s good he’s not he’s no
slouch off of his back and he’s good on top um but I like the fact that he tried to
make the adjustments because I know that he had was taking some calf kicks in his previous fights and they were having an effect on him now people just think
because oh the calf kicks happened in the last fight that they’re gone no no no no no calf kicks or something they if
done right and continuously will do damage to your leg for the rest of your life so ask Rory McDonald his actual
muscle tore off of the bone partially and so like he couldn’t take calf kicks at all that’s why he’s that’s why he
retired I mean a lot of what I’ve heard like he obviously was losing the love for for fighting but he just he just
realized his body was so banged up his nose he’s got basically like a fake nose he’s got one of those plastic noses that
if you hit him properly it kind of like separates and it’s a fiberglass or plastic nose or Bridge or whatever it is
and then he’s these Bridge inside yeah his calf’s all [ __ ] up so it’s um you know and that right now is kind of taken
over the sport so how do you expect to carry on in the game if you don’t make adjustments and he and Roy was someone
that always had a wide stance it’s the way he fought where is Anthony Smith he’s been around the block a long time
sure he’s taken some damage but he’s also fought the best guys in the world and he’s a [ __ ] Savage he’s never
been a quitter and he’s [ __ ] one of the best 205 Pounders ever to walk the face of the earth I think he’s a fantastic fighter he’s making the
adjustments that he needs to make to continue on towards trying to be the World Champ I honor him for that man
it’s not easy to change everything you’ve done you know and uh and also to get a win off of it now I don’t know for
you uh you said you thought Ryan span won I honestly looked at the third round I almost thought it was a draw John yeah
it’s close I I swear the only reason I thought Ryan spent I thought he actually landed the harder shots in that round
I thought he had more effective strikes in that round and that was but like I
said neither guy can complain when you look at that and people you know someone’s going to say
it’s controversial not controversy at all it was a close fight it was easy to see that Anthony won the first round
easy to see Ryan won the second and then the third it could have gone either way and you know you’re gonna get at least
two of the judges you know going one way yeah it wasn’t I mean like it was it should have been controversial no one
should be sitting here going oh yeah it was controversial no it was a close fight and then close fight the way it went is the way it went that’s it next
fight ah that you know I gotta say this one disappointed me I’m sorry really
yeah I did because and Alex caceres I mean I was I was looking for more of
I don’t know I don’t know what I was like I I think I was like that’s the problem you didn’t know what the [ __ ] you were looking for that’s why I
disappointed you no I was looking forward I was so happy with Clay Collard against Shane Burgos and we’ll talk about that
one we’ll bring that in here and start ruining these guys moments man come on I was looking for that I was wanting that
kind of fight between these two no and they were like they both fought well Giga obviously landed the harder shots
that was a big difference and you gotta look and say man I I totally understand you know Alex caceres’s you know hair is
part of his stick it’s kind of like the clay Guida thing but man it moves so much that even when he’s not getting hit hard it looks like he’s getting hit hard
and it has an effect no I agree with you um this fight didn’t disappoint me at all um I got to be honest though it let
me know that geek is not ready for those top guys and that hasn’t that’s not a knock on
Alex caseras at all but his whole claim is that he’s one of the best stand-up
guys in the world or one of the best Santa guys in in MMA I I can agree with you you’re a fantastic stand-up guy but
Alex caseros is good on the feet he’s not great on the feet he’s got a different style but I’m just shocked
that I’m more disappointed in the fact that Alex caceres didn’t try to wrestle more that was my whole thing I mean I thought
he would had he tried to wrestle more because him on him on the top position in the grappling positions he is
Head and Shoulders above Giga on the ground Head and Shoulders above a geek on the ground on the feet at least from
what at least from what we’ve seen from Giga in the back exactly I agree with you I agree but I just don’t think he I don’t think Giga would be able to make
up that type of Gap in the grappling that I’ve seen from him from that to
what I’ve seen out of Alex Alex is damn good on the ground his flexibility his ability to you know to hit you from
whether it’s from the bottom or from the top you know he gets uh sweep submissions all those triangles arm bars
you know we get to the rear naked all those things he’s gotten very proficient he is very good on the ground so all those things I would have liked to have
seen him try to attack that more looking and Alice got a [ __ ] beard on him man damn that guy shot and all the hype and
all the stuff that was around Giga being this great great kickboxer now I get it you’re dealing yes he is he’s he’s a
hell of a kickboxer man because I seen him when he was in Gloria you know I didn’t rough him there but I was you know working and I was watching his
fights and I was like God damn this guy could no he can fight but it’s also different when you’re fighting MMA guy I understand that because now you gotta
worry about takedowns all of those things I just there for me what was missing was
the the output and the explosiveness of Giga uh more so pushing the pace on on
Alice caceres because Sarah he started to slow down on the second round that’s when Giga started to take over but Alice
was still there Alex was still Landing shots in that third round that could have potentially put Giga down I mean
those were things that I’m like all right what this this shouldn’t be this close on the feet Giga should have ran
away with it I mean I had it 20 years I had it 29-28 because I had I was born in the first round
yeah so but overall I didn’t the fight didn’t disappoint me I just where I was
disappointed was I wanted Alex to fight smarter that’s it could understand I sorted out now it’s probably why what my
disappointment was but rinya and Nakamura I’m just telling you right now I was super impressed with this kid
super impressed with this kid yeah and Fernie Garcia they put on a hell of a battle but I’ll tell you what Nakamura
showed he is talented he is called the hybrid and he is a talented young man because
his ability to move and he is fast he got some speed and that’s like damn that
was fast and he was just all over Garcia in that fight and Garcia fought his way
out of some you know tough situations he kept himself in the fight just wasn’t
able to find any room to be offensive really against Nakamura kept finding
himself in defensive situations and and just wasn’t able to get his game going but God damn renya Nakamura is good he’s
someone I cannot wait to watch as he uh builds in the future he’s now what eight I think ain’t no I think he’s eight no
now and uh and look you can always tell I mean he’s number two on the card right because it was uh I know tafa was first
on the card on the main card but Nakamura is number three so he’s closer to the co-main he’s like right in the middle there but you know that they have
plans for him oh yeah there’s a market they’re trying to get into that’s one okay and two is is that he’s
undefeated and he fights the way he fights he came out and did what he was supposed to do I mean he put him I
wouldn’t say he put a beating on him but he dominated that fight from beginning he dominated the fight from beginning to
end so good good job to him congratulations I’m actually looking forward to seeing him fight again but I gotta be honest Man the blancheville
fighting Santos fight hello great fight great fight you want to know why because
blanchfield reminded me John of me the person that can never win the [ __ ] first round okay because they’re a
little they’re a little she did not they’re a little slower they don’t hit as hard they’re just eating your face trying to beat you with cardio and
technique as you as the fight goes on she fought a great fight she didn’t let any of the [ __ ] that happened in the
first round get to her stay with the game plan second third round just sort of running away with it
big shots great top pressure great you know all this she made a couple little mistakes here and there but man
she’s she’s on her way she’s on her way she’s fantastic well she she has showed this man she is a she’s just a gritty
fighter that keeps on coming and she doesn’t get frustrated when things don’t
work for her she just comes back to do it again and again and she just maintains whatever it is the game plan
that her and her Camp have come up with she just sticks with it and she that was what she had one shot that landed on
Santos and it was a left hand and it bothered Santos and you can see Santos
blinking her right eye a lot and just sitting there closing it and I thought that that shot started to change the the
flow of the fight into blanchfield’s uh Corner a little bit and that was in the second round that I think it happened in
uh Santos you know hung tough but just she could not deal with you know that
clinch gain that Aaron blashfield had and it was a lot of people who said well
blanchfield didn’t do anything oh yes she did yes she did she did a lot you know all
of those all that clinching all the little knee strikes all the elbows inside all those little shots they add
up you know and yeah it’s not exciting I’m not I’m not going to tell you it’s
real exciting but if you’re the person that’s in there it’s freaking absolutely exhausting and it’s
frustrating to you because you can’t get away from the person and that’s Aaron blanchfield’s game and she’s making you
fight her game I mean there’s I can give you guys representations of guys uh that
have made their careers off that John Fitch Danny Danny sabatello is making his career right now just directly off
of that the aggressiveness the in your face never let giving you an opportunity to breathe Brandy [ __ ] Couture hello
his whole career was about just getting in your face never giving you a chance to breathe grinding on you hanging on
you when he did get you down making you pay that was it nope that was it like if you got back up okay cool does Matt
return you back down break your [ __ ] soul in your heart you talk about the the first guy with Matt return
look at it was Randy yeah his man he would let you sometimes work your way to the people he’d work in that clinch take
you down again Grant you work your way to your feet it’s like okay that man here it comes again yeah the guy that
like there was you know even though Fitch got a lot of love for doing that man the guy that did that to me the most ever in AK was [ __ ] Josh Koscheck
but I mean he just he I would have loved to have had him in his prime when uh
Habib was there because he he they already had their falling out and you know that kind of
thing when he’ll be the first command but man I would have loved to have seen the two of them get after each other because the explosiveness on the feet of
cost check the uh the explosives on his double leg to his flare and all those things you know and to see him go
against guys like Habib Islam and Abu Bakr and those guys to watch them kind
of get after each other would have been fun would have been fun because they would add some good goals especially on
wrestling day would have loved to have seen it loved to have seen it all right next fight
ah you had Junior taffa coming in taking on Parker Porter Junior tougha’s brother
had already fought Parker Porter before so this was a I’m not sure was it I’m
not sure if this was a uh the first time on the main card for Parker Porter but I know he had just gotten his black belt
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu he’s a tough dude but Junior taffa on the feet
he’s got power hurt him early kind of kind of crushed the space made a mistake
and then came back and put it on him again all right I don’t know if you paid attention to all this but this is I’m
gonna go right into this John this fight should have been changed this
fight like there was a moment there in the double leg after Parker had pressed him in the face oh yes and taffa grabs
the fence and Stuffs the tape stops the takedown that way this is what we’ve been talking about this fight should
have automatically been started on the ground and now I know you can’t do that I know you can’t do that but the thing
is he was on his way down he grabbed the fence and kept him from getting him down
there’s got to be a penalt this was a blatant fence grab and nothing and who
was the ref was it but the only penalty you can do yeah uh no that one who’s the
who’s the ref yeah Mark man I like you man I like you a lot
but man when I see you I’m gonna give you a piece of my mind this is one of those fights this drives me absolutely
crazy because I can’t say that he he even saw that though he warned him about it John I’m gonna hit you right now
through the microphone camera John he warned it you said don’t do that I’m protecting my
guy please man this it was it was one of those scenarios and situations where it
had a direct impact on whether he got the takedown or not
and it just I don’t know I don’t know how you solve that though John he should
have been put on the ground and I know you can’t do that but he needs to be put down on the ground
I’m sorry look at it or take a point right there on the spot so
like I still sit on the rules committee and actually I I use that as a thing to
try to get in that cut man thing I was I was trying to put one that I knew they think would be crazy to putting in the
look on a foul a cut man can come in and close a cut for somebody that is injured dude with the foul and one what I said
was hey if we have someone that grabs the fence the referee would be able to stop it and put the person in a
predetermined position we’ll say half guard and uh start the fight from there you end up being put in the place you
supposedly did not want to go based upon the grab of the fence and the first person first person
that said I don’t want that responsibility Mark Goddard
I’m not I don’t want to deal with this I don’t know I don’t want people saying that oh you decided you want to put them
here it’s a lot it is a lot and it’s you know right now he can take the point or
he can you know separate them if there’s a if it’s an advantage for the person that
the foul went against but that’s about all I I honestly don’t think you put him in half card I think you put them in
butterfly guard not being honest see you see there’s there’s part of your problem
why what’s the problem it’s a neutral position for I mean like you just fouled so why should it be a new why should it
be a neutral position well no you’re I’m putting you on your back on the underneath me now when you should have
been you were up on your feet you fouled yes so let me put you down on your back it’s
not really neutral it’s neutral on the ground but you’re now on your back neutral because guard is as neutral as
you’re gonna get I don’t care what God is not it is as far as oh no on the
ground closed guard closed guard anything is closed guards close to 50 50. excuse me it’s as close there’s no
excuse for what you’re about to say because it’s wrong you’re gonna get that’s wrong John there’s no excuse me
what excuse there’s all the submissions yes
exactly that’s the whole point so you’re I’m not going to put someone in a position did I missed the point
because he seem like you skating past it what was the point I said I said half guard yeah but that okay so that’s giving
those the a stark advantage to the person on top okay and who failed I get it but that
guy didn’t want to go to the ground I get what you’re saying I get it wait a second I’m the one that normally is
fighting for the guys to be put on the ground and now you’re trying to reverse this role trying to make it as neutral as possible
you see that quit trying to be neutral because you weren’t neutral in any other part of the things you were doing John
the bottom line is is you want to penalize them but you don’t want to take
them to the point where they end up losing the fight being in a butterfly position they still have the options for
sweeping they still have the options to come underneath they still have the options to stand back up half guard they
don’t have those options that option is base you put them in one of the worst positions to be on on the bottom that is
like that is the worst position to be on let me ask you something so if it’s a worse Position will it keep you from
grabbing the fence but do you want to be the right that decides that outcome of the fight that’s
where it goes hold on I’m not trying to decide the outcome I’m trying to make it as neutral as possible I am telling you
right now there was nothing as far as nothing was ever decided as far as what position and it would have had to have
been decided upon but I always look and say I want to put you where you don’t
want to ever grab the fence and that’s maybe why the rule never got passed John come to me for more refereeing advice okay
I’m telling you I mean look I look at it as like the penalty is good enough for
me if you put them on the bottom underneath me in a butterfly position there’s no real submission threat there there is a submission there is a sweep
threat there but there’s also ground and power for me on the top so if I was to say it was a neutral position that would
work Smith would have loved it yeah Marie Smith TKA would have loved it but I get what you’re saying
um you know but the game has changed enough you know from Maurice days to now that that that is kind of more of a
neutral position now they could just roll their legs to the outside and get a full guard from there absolutely but um
but I I think though too if the person on top is feeling uncomfortable he can also back out and go back to his feet if he wants so there’s a ton of options
there um available for that giant like your uh your thing is glitching on you so this
is what you look like
I was like John are you having a little seizure over there what’s going on but I think it’s slo-mo right I thought maybe
the bug zapper got a hold of your foot real time nobody on YouTube will see you
in slow more because it records in real time it records normally but in real take that all the time with you so okay
so let me ask you then let’s try to clarify this you think that obviously there’s nothing they can do
should he have taken a point he could have he had broken them and started it
separate could have I think you know when you take a look at that position of
time Parker Porter was hurt tafa made the mistake of crushing that
space he should have kept himself at a distance it would have helped him a lot but he crushed it
porker was able to Porter was able to get a hold of him and it’s what slowed the fight down so in a
way what what you’re looking at if you’re Goddard is you’re saying I don’t want to
separate him because right now Porter’s got a hold of him and he’s hurt
he’s better off having a hold of him than me stopping it and separating
because then they’re going to start from a separated position that’s worse for him so I can understand
why he looked at that okay let me give you a uh let me help you along with this refereeing thing again okay so what you
do is your health does not help what you do what’s look and I know look this is the other thing I know everything
happens so fast the decision has to be made like that but in Ideal World ideal
scenario situation Parker was hurt what you do is you stop the fight you give
top of the warning you pull Parker aside that gives Parker time to recover and then you restart them I get it but
you’re gonna you’re gonna grab him by the wrist walk him to the center you’re gonna give him what you’re doing one
your altar oh now you’re altering things okay go ahead oh you’re you’re grabbing you’re grabbing by the wrist thank you
we’re talking about Porter than the center of the cage taking his one point take the one point put him
back to the cage which gives porker time porker Parker Parker Parker Porter Parker he
gives him time to recover and then he puts him back against the fence where they were that would be an ideal
situation now I know that this is all happening so fast it’s hard to really think on the fly like that I mean but
this is probably why I may end up a referee after all this stuff yeah I can’t wait for that one baby
it’ll never happen guys I’d have a better chance working for the US government if I could be in a referee
oh man all right um okay next fight
ah Waldo Cortez Acosta against Lucas breski
that’s uh that was a bit that was a big face plant knockout yeah it was uh I
don’t know what more to say about that that happened in the first round about three minutes in and it was Big Time
shot big time that uh you’re looking Cortez has proven many times that he has
got power yeah and he can stand and bang and he just proved it again he’s very confident he throws a bad intentions uh
you know he does throw it back boy he he swings hard yep he does yeah sometimes puts himself out of position with it but
I like the fact that he swings on when he’s dealing with guys that aren’t as athletic as him he can go ahead and do that yeah uh Garrett uh Armfield he just
one-sided fight I’ll tell you what what a you know body shot you look at the body shot set up
and then big big uh blows I know that uh Kazama was not you
know seemed like he was not happy with the stoppage but it wasn’t no it wasn’t a bad stop but she he got hurt oh he got
hurt all that ref did was save you save him from worse abuse that was in the first round John because he had two more
rounds kicked oh I know it was one-sided the technique the the Titans
the fight that I really enjoyed yes and I talked about it yes you did I said I
thought this would be a great fight was Michael ohichuk against Chidi ijikawani
man I’ll tell you what it was she was freaking looking beautiful throughout a
lot of it and I said what what you got to see out of olichuk is he’s got to get through the first round he didn’t have
to get through the first round but that was what we were talking about you’ve got to put up with that speed of of
Chidi in the beginning and the accuracy and then just put a couple more shots and just make it through get him a little tired and things start to change
a little bit and that’s what happened an old Chuck is a dog that just does not I don’t know what the hell shitty was
thinking trying to do a [ __ ] lateral drop I was like what are you doing like okay and then it just was I think it was
just a natural reaction in terms of he was already going backwards and just thought okay let me just try to step up
you know step through it and just hip over it just didn’t work for him but um I mean after dropping uh how do you
say his last name he heard all the Chuck yeah he heard him he heard him bad and then uh oluchet came back and heard him
right back within the next you know minute and a half or not even minute and a half like probably the next 40 seconds yeah so uh good stuff any other fights
on here you want to talk about Oh Billy goth looked really good got to give it to him I thought JJ Aldrich
fought tough as hell and uh I know that he lost but jarno Aaron’s he’s actually
a good fun fighter to watch I thought that uh Choi you know Troy’s been in the UFC for a
while now um and he’s had some tough fights and he’s had some good wins and this is a
good win against jarno Ahrens but I thought Aarons has showed that you know he needs to stay there in the UFC give
him some other fights he’s a talented guy yeah he’s fun to watch all right guys that’s going to wrap up our UFC
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bananas banana I did not say it was gonna be good though you know did we not say yeah we did say we did I don’t want
to Pat myself on the back too much because people get irritated oh no I’m just what I’m going look I said this is going to be a hell of a fight this one
is one that I’m gonna be super disappointed if it doesn’t live up to you know my expectations of it and not
only did it live up in it surpassed uh God damn clay Collard is so fun to
watch because he just he just keeps doing the right things at times he goes to the body so well and he
just opens you up for other things but Shane Burgos then you gotta give Shane
credit he’s got a [ __ ] Granite [ __ ] he got hit with some big shots he keeps
coming back into the third round he’s trying to put a whooping on clay it was a great fight great fight by both
guys I enjoyed that that to me I’ve watched a lot you know not every
pfl but a goddamn plethora of them that was the best Main Event they’ve ever had
yeah I would have to agree with you um I wasn’t sure if the the main event was Ray brought a Cooper and
uh Maga men karamov was that a main event that was a good fight but I don’t think that was the main event on that okay it might that was a fantastic fight
also and that was it wasn’t about it before because Ray was hurt a lot in that fight and then came back and knocked him out what a [ __ ] fight
that was um but this I’m thinking that that was not the I don’t think it was either I think there was somebody else ahead of
them but that was a great fight this isn’t an event was it there’s the main event was click on Jim
Burris thank you very much Dave were you hearing without you I don’t know where
we would be did you not hear anything we just said podcast Dave were you what did
you say it was amazing were you on the couch again sleepy he’s on the couch no
cheers oh my God Dave what were you trying what
were you trying to say Dave go ahead no no you go
podcast said this was the best main event that
pfl has ever had and I said I don’t know was the was the ray brother Cooper fight
against magamed karamaha they also fought they fought a couple
times but in the second time the second time Bray brought a Cooper second the second thing Bradley Cooper was losing he came
back but I don’t think it was the main event of that I don’t think it was either a Toyman I know we know all right we got
we figured that out Dave right away I love you brother I love it I’m just
making sure like those Universe this dude is keeping us right in track right they don’t watch pfl who may be like
wait they’re talking about like multiple events in one show yeah
I’m here for the fans I’m here for them okay there you go you’re actually here
for our Amusement is what it is he’s [ __ ] great I love it um Dave
this let me just break it down clay Collard and uh Shane Burgos they had a great fight back and forth the Body
Works started early from clay Collard he had it started to pay dividends as the fight went on but what I love the most
is that Shane burgos’s Corner told them you’re down 2-0 because he came out in that third round on fire dude where was
that though in rounds no that’s the whole thing but she got look he was fighting and he was fighting you
know tough but he could not figure out how to stop the goddamn body attack and then just
the volume of clay Collard every time that he did something that was good and he did he had moments that he was doing
something good and had clay Collard out of position off balance spinning you
know around in the cage he wasn’t able to follow it up and do more damage with
it and he couldn’t figure that out in the third round he just said
let’s go for it and he did man and he was dude he was
he was what you know I always I thought he won the round but he was putting it on clay and you know you kind of looked
and said man if there was a fourth round could this be different yeah you know
and it was just a great fight Bible are there championship fights five rounds yes
they are okay yes this is uh next yeah the next set will the look I had said
with Shane Burgos at 1 45 he was somebody that came out with a lot of aggressiveness in the first round then
tend to slow down as the fight went on him he answered a lot of my questions um but I also he also created another
question for me is are you holding back in the first two rounds because for your whole 145 pound career you got tired
late but then now in this fight I was actually able to see you go you know what oh I’ve got energy what am I
holding back for let’s go because you had a great third round great third round fantastic and but Clay did his
work and look and and let me like um try to clarify this a little bit more for Fighters and for people and fans you
guys gotta understand you we as fighters in the gym we’re training with 16 ounce gloves on
headgear on elbow pads normally shin guards knee pads all we’ve got all this gear all over us okay and we’re making
sure that no one gets hurt but going to the body is not something a
lot of us do it just it like maybe once in a while well you know a lot of times it’ll kick to the body a lot like myself
like myself Luke rockhold some of our guys would kick to the body quite a bit um Mowgli was one of the best guys at
kicking the bar um but when he comes down to going to the body with the hands a lot of a lot
of MMA fighters don’t do it which is crazy because when you get into the actual cage and
you’re wearing your MMA gloves it makes a huge difference on the glove getting through because there’s nothing really
there my little Twiggy elbows that I have right because I’ve got little Twiggy arms is and they they don’t block
[ __ ] and you put the MMA glove up in there it hurts and so I look at I go I wonder
Clay’s doing a great job of doing the work early in the fight that’s because clay boxed but not it’s not just clay
was a professional boxer who realized body shots are a good thing and he’s continued on with them in MMA
and they’re a lot easier to hit in MMA gloves the body absolutely than they are in boxing because the biggest even if
you’re wearing 10 sorry 8 and 10 ounce gloves in boxing they’re still hard to get through because my elbows can block
or graze it and knock it off knock it off Rhythm so it doesn’t actually hear they can just shake the steam off yeah
exactly but uh you could tell that those body shots were having an effect on Shane Burgos in the first two rounds he
didn’t he had no he had no answer because you want to know why he had no answer on how to block and how to counters because inspiring it back where
he’s probably training no one that he spars with probably does them and that I ran into the same problem and that was
we were talking about Nam fam when I fought Nam fan a while back I’m like this guy should never be in the cage with me but one of the things he did really well
in the fight with me is he hit me to the body quite a bit and it threw me off I was like okay no matter what I do I
can’t overextend I can’t I can’t make sure I throw hard I can’t load up I can’t do any of that stuff because I
Leave myself out of position this little guy is going to hit me with a [ __ ] body shot and drop me and in one moment
there I believe in the second round or maybe the beginning of the Third that little [ __ ] [ __ ] hit me with a
nice little body shop I had to circle and stay away and you can hear his Corner yelling he’s heard he’s hurt and I was like and I smiled and I’m like
[ __ ] you no I’m not but I was I was hurt I always hurt you know but I had that look in my face like gosh
this [ __ ] hurts I was like laughing as I was trying to get [ __ ] air
it feels so great but no uh it’s it’s one of the most miserable amount of uh
things is he hits the body but anyway guys don’t utilize it enough clay Collard it worked for him
um I’m looking forward to seeing him in the finals man looking forward to it you know it’s this is I want to say was
this his third or fourth year with the pfl and now he’s finally made it because he’s made it to the you know this this
point it always has lost now he’s finally made it to the finals and he’s going up against the returning pfl
tournament winner and I call him champion and Oliver Albin Mercier oam
who had the fight just before um clay Collard against Shane Burgos and
and oam put on a beautiful performance in that fight he just looked in control
through most of it and was just putting on Big Shots Dave what are you doing
Dave I’ve got that Big John internet I don’t know what’s going on what’s cool yeah
I’m trying to pull up Clay Collins profile but uh well anyway so look at OEM fighting
Bruno Miranda Bruno is a a brawling Style guy the guy that you know you
looked at and you said well wrestling wise OEM is going to have the uh advantage on the feet maybe you know
Bruno can create that brawl where he’s putting shots on oam like like we said the difference between
you know Mercier now and when he was in the UFC is he relied on his wrestling
you know for he had to have wrestling opportunities to survive in the fight
and get a win he does not need his wrestling as far as to survive he uses
it when he needs to to put a person in a bad position but for the most part he’s Landing clean shots he’s setting up
beautiful counters his stand-up is clean now and and he basically was the better
technician on the feet people can say whatever they want but at TriStar zahabi has done a fantastic job
with oam and getting him to be a guy who’s comfortable in the stand-up understands counters understands his
footwork understands distance control and now he’s a much more difficult
person to beat and it’s not going to be an easy thing for caller uh to get that win when you can take when a coach get
their hands on someone who is really good at one thing and all I have to do is shape the other thing
I don’t have to make you a world champion and the other thing I’m just going to make you
adequate yeah respectable and adequate in that in those things which is stand
up for for oam his wrestling is good his power on the
feet is good his explosiveness is good he’s got he’s kind of rangey with his arms and his legs he’s got good push
kicks he knows how to keep the distance and when he goes he goes he throws big Power with his his South Paul so he
throws a straight left he’s got good power and so um and if he if he gets in
trouble he gets rocked that’s the benefit of being a good wrestler you get in trouble you get rocked
um you’re able to shoot on takedowns to kind of stall the fight out unless your name is [ __ ] Michael Chandler with no fight IQ okay you know how to utilize
your wrestling when you’re in trouble okay um I think that I think clay colors
got his hands full but I want to know does clay collard then I’m sorry does oam try to take this
fight to the ground because he knows that that’s the question there’s just there’s no way on the ground that I
think clay beats oam on the feet there’s a chance there’s an opportunity there I’m not saying he will but I’m saying
there’s a chance of opportunity there um but let’s I’m going to be I’ll say it
right now clay Collard is the much better technician on the feet OEM is
respectable and can get it done with a lot of guys that are Brawlers like
Miranda collar’s not a brawler collar is a technician he is very slick in the way
he throws his shots how he Ducks under and he Ducks under in a way that a lot
of boxers kind of do it but he doesn’t get hit with knees and kicks and stuff so he’s doing it at a different time
he’s he is very technically good and he throws with a volume all uh the Diaz
brothers he continues to just throw shot after shot after shot and it just makes
you start to hesitate on throwing yours because you’re waiting for that perfect moment to counter and it’s never there
well here’s the other thing is that look if clay collar is going to go to the body on oam that puts him within wrestling range if I can touch you with
my hands if I reach out and touch you with my hands I could take you down and so oam is going to be thinking of that look you try going to my body every time
you go to my body I’m attaching the single or I’m hitting the double or I’m trying to push that button he can
definitely take colors he definitely can can he hold him down which I think he can no he can at least hold him down for
for three of the five rounds I think he’ll be able to get it done I think he’ll get some work in there but I think Clay’s gonna remember the fight starts
always on the feet for every round and Clay’s got an opportunity to uh get The Knockout he’s
got power he he mixes up his combinations oam is very still he’s very stiff on the feet still even though it’s
coming out a little bit more fluid it’s still not able to comprehend he’s still not able to comprehend body shots head
head body shots okay Circle step duck underneath all those things all the things that clay collar does really well
could give OEM some fits if oam decides to keep it on the feet or he’s not able
to get the takedown so those are things to look at when you’re talking about this main event
against Carlos Miranda is actually a good fight you know it was a
Miranda had a lot of problems with the the size and length of sadabusi and it
he got to the point where he was able to get the fight to the ground but it was
just Saddam Hussein being able to just out Point him throughout the fight is
really what happened it was a split decision I thought Sodom won but it was
uh one of those fights you wanted more because the one thing that you know
Carlos Leal Miranda has he’s got power he can pop and he was always looking to land that big shot and a lot of times he
was you know stepping into shots to try to land that shot and ended up working against him yeah
um I’m gonna look at this fight and go look if you are someone that missed weight you shouldn’t be allowed to go to the
finals that’s the problem yeah I agree I think I agree I think they need to have an alternate for these for these fights
and that sucks because you got to pay the alternates to show up and make weight majority of the time yeah so that
sucks but when you’re doing these tournaments you want to make sure that there’s a backup person there because by
missing weight I think you missed it by three pounds that’s a lot because you’re giving the pound allowance also
yep so that that’s four pounds that means I almost feel like you didn’t even try
I’m Just Being Honest John if I’m I’m not gonna argue with it and so that’s that’s frustrating that’s a frustrating moment I think if you’re someone who is
you know in soda with CV in the champion last time you know of last year’s uh Tournament champion it’s frustrating
because you know that this guy’s standing between me and getting my goals again and now I have to fight and if
what happens if sodomusi said no I’m not fighting him he missed weight what do you do I advance
I made the way right I mean how do you do that I made the wait I don’t know homeboy didn’t make the wait you would think
right I I mean I’m gonna be honest like if I’m there if I’m him I’m going like you can’t take me out of the firewood I
automatically get a bit of the finals this homeboy didn’t make way they’ve got to have strict rules on these type of things because what stops those people
from doing what Miranda did and then winning and then getting to the finals and then what happens in the
finals if the guy doesn’t make weight it’s like anything you can’t win the championship if you don’t make weight
but he got to the he got to the finals though by not making weight that’s the problem not saying anything about it I know you’re not arguing with me but I’m
pointing this out so everyone at home can can be like yeah wait wait Josh make it a good point what the [ __ ] going on
you’re making a good point but it’s obviously they have something set up because you know you would think that
they would have alternates yeah this is one of those ones
what I couldn’t I don’t have the answer for the other question I have is what happened whatever happened to [ __ ] Ray brother Cooper I haven’t seen him in
the last two two uh yeah two tournaments he’s taking uh taking time off good for
him he’s probably enjoying that million dollars he won from knocking out mug a med care moth
Solomon Renfro put on a good performance it just wasn’t enough overall he couldn’t stop the takedowns when uh they
came just overall mangam is just a a uh more experienced fighter he got the win
but it does make it to where a guy in magmad karimov who has been a tournament
winner and the champion of the pfl takes on the last tournament winner and a
champion in sadabusi so that’s really going to be uh a fight that should be an
exciting fun fight to watch look this was a fight where I thought I was expecting to be completely one-sided
John it wasn’t no no Renfro fought a great fight the other thing as well is that refro at the
end had the better cardio and got the takedown at the very end this is this let me know like I saw some
flaws in a lot of holes in margaman Margaret made karimov’s game okay let me ask you but let me ask you this
did he not look like he didn’t train for that fight I’m not gonna say that I’m gonna say I’m
gonna say that I’m gonna say that I’m gonna give all the credit to Renfro he thought he fought a good fight he put
the pressure he had big shots he did stuff some takedowns made it hard for him to get the takedowns but he did when
he did get him he was able to hold him down a little bit but I thought Renfro did a good job of my man Josh Thompson
is always saying oh that Dude Looks soft that Dude Looks soft you’re not gonna say that but John karimoff didn’t look
so he always looks soft no he doesn’t always take a look at his
fights against Cooper yes he was in some of these dagestani guys some of these guys from from chechnya and some of
these like they I don’t know what it is man like underneath the hairy chests and the hairy bellies like they they they’re
a little they look a little soft but man they got cardio for days he looked tired at Midway through the second round he
looked tired he looked gassed and he looked like okay look just get whatever I got to do to get through this fight
now maybe he’ll pick it up for the because he’s gonna need to wrestle a lot more against audubusi oh yeah now he’s
not going to win the stand up against c yeah he needs he’s gonna need to wrestle so um but I thought I’m not gonna take
anything away from Renfro ranfo fought a great fight um just he ran I look at it he didn’t lose the fight he just ran out of time
that’s the way I look at that fight for him so it’s good for him good way to look at it all right uh any of the other
fights on here you want to talk about ah you had the the amateur contest between Ali Walsh against Ed Davis uh Biagio Ali
Walsh again the grandson of Muhammad Ali he looked good you know I it was an
early stoppage to a point kinda but um you know it’s an amateur fight that’s
what you get that’s part of you know amateurs is you know you don’t let him go as far but it wasn’t really and I’ll
give it to up for you know Biagio he said he goes yeah it was an early stoppage so it wasn’t really a stoppage though
John but Davis took some horrific shots man they
were cool he had three he took three big shots boom boom boom and then went down
I mean he was hurt really bad no doubt about it uh you gotta give it up for I
like Alexi progrande he’s a good young fighter he’s fun to
watch I’ll give it up to uh stefanelli he fought tough but you know for God the
only thing burgundy look once you’ve tried for a submission and then you tried for it again and it
didn’t work out don’t go for that thing you know the next time the next time the
next time what you did unless it’s just given to you there then take it yeah but you know he kept on
going for the arm triangle and it just wasn’t working against uh stefanelli and stuff but kids young he’s got a lot of
talent I think he’s fighting out of uh kill Cliff uh they’re doing a good job with him he’s fun to watch
all right well hey that’s going to wrap up our pfl talk and hopefully you guys enjoyed that now Dave’s going to give us some news we’re gonna we’re gonna have
some fun with this news today oh yeah are we yes we are all right okay
go ahead and figure out what time what time we’re at right now we’re about uh nowhere trying to take time stamps I’m taking
manual time stamps here so we got MVP tough to do from the couch yep you know
you know sitting over here we go Josh with this Irish classes I’m not sure what relevance it has to it does an
American guy and a Russian guy but um but uh MVP says he wants a top 10 and
you if he goes to the UFC uh rachmanov says how about number six
so be careful what you wish almost right in the middle yeah gotta like it what do
you think about that I think I had to be honest like everyone
talks about Colby Covington Kamara Usman and those guys against MVP
I think personally this is a harder fight for him for MVP than those two guys
so he’s also a lot more Reckless with his stand-up he’s also can mix in his stand-up with his wrestling Colby
Covington and Kamara Usman are very traditional style stand-up guys Colby is
just sloppy stand up but it leads into his Segways to his wrestling Kamar Usman
has become a really good stand-up fighter but he’s also slowing down with his age plus a lot of the end he’s got
good power he’s got good power he’s got a great jab all of those things the speed of MVP is going to give him
some problems and the ability to wrestle now come I’ve heard through the grapevine that Camaro Wilson has
problems with his knees he’s having a hard time getting a lot of the wrestling staying up with the wrestling because of his knees
um that’s why he’s focused a lot more on his right his stand-up these days I think the speed of MVP would be a
problem for him now he may be able to take MVP down he maybe will but I don’t know if he’ll be able to hold him speed
of MVP is going to give everyone he’s going to give everyone a problem you don’t realize it until all of a sudden
you’re in there how how fast he is and how much distance he can come yeah I
think the The Rock mono fight is probably the toughest fight for him I think that’s a tough one yeah if I like
that one I think the Colby sure is tough I think but Colby is very hittable and Kobe can wrestle for five rounds but
we’ve also seen that mvp can continuously try to get up for five rounds well you have to understand what MVP is and I’m not
what do you have to understand with him is he’s tall he’s long he’s lanky he’s
fast he his whole career has been about guys trying to take him down yeah only
the best of the best have been able to hold him down now look I look at Logan story Logan’s story is a better wrestler
than Colby Covington Logan’s story is a better wrestler than Kamara Usman he’s maybe not look I think he is right up
there with them in terms of MMA but he still has a lot of growth to happen though in the MMA World okay like he
still needs to work more on his stand-up he still needs to work more on his fight IQ in developing more of his stamp but
but Logan’s store is younger than them I don’t know about how much but he is younger than them Logan is 30. 30 years
ago but he’s young in the sport he hasn’t even hit his prime yet I know that he’s what 29 30 Euros 31 years old
but he’s still these guys with Colby and with Camaro they’re for four years three or four years old in him that’s three or
four years of being in the sport fighting the top level guys that that’s knowledge earned over time I think that with MVP
I think that the the rachmana fight is a tough fight for him I look at the Stephen Thompson fight being a great
fight for the fans now in terms of where it gets him I mean he gets him ranked number five that’s the fight to make
that’s the fight that should take place now I’m not sure if they’re gonna do that I look at the other guys can you pull up the welterweight division please
in the UFC now everyone’s going okay but how about that how about how about
all right you don’t you if if they sign MVP there’s this guy that’s right out of
the top ten Ian Machado Gary who’s got this great stand-up game how
about him against MVP I would love that personally for me I would love to see that fight but that being said if I’m
MVP coming in there look I’m 35 years old I’m like nah 36 years old I’m not
taking that fight why I know I’m coming in for top ten and he’s I’m gonna be
honest he’s signing for top 10 money if he’s leaving Bellator because Belterra has the right to match and he’s
going to go to the UFC he’s signing for top 10 money he’s not signing for he’s probably signing for top five money like
Michael Chandler did I’m gonna be fighting the best guys I’m gonna fight the top five top six I’ll take these and
that’s it I don’t even know why they still have comms in there you know um they got the guys the guys that I think
are gonna give I believe I think the law gives him a hard time
his physical his cardio his ability to his physical strength
in the clinch all those things will give uh MVP some problems uh go at Birth
would be a good matchup I mean be a good fight back and forth depending on who can Implement their game plan
MVP is not bad on the ground he’s not bad he he understands the submission but
he’s nowhere near Gilbert burns his level on the ground no no not that but what he is good with first off he’s got
very big hands yeah okay he’s good at grasping the wrist and controlling
people on the ground with that those wrists and everything and it’s just a matter of he does what he does he’s not
trying to be and he has submissions you know the very first time I left him he pulled off yeah told I’m like the hell
was that you’re supposed to knock people out man then he went and did that in serious Fashions and other fights I did but look he’s good and he he can fight
with any of those guys but I do think that shav caught rachman off is as tough
a fight for him as they can give him out of that top ten yeah I would rather see
the Thompson fight just for my sheer enjoyment in seeing those two guys
but I think that you know honestly rachmanoff is a tougher fight for MVP
than Covington I think he’s a tougher fight for MVP than just about anybody up there well
just so you guys are at home look wherever whoever he fights let’s say he ends up let’s say he comes
in and fights right away he fights Kamara Usman that’s going to let you know how much money they paid him oh
yeah if he ends up coming in he fights someone in the top if he fights a Camaro he’s not gonna fight a Colby since
Colby’s already kind of with him man if he fights a balal or he fights or Burns yep if he fights
one of those three guys they’re gonna that means that they’re paying him a lot of money that means that he’s he asked for
Championship money and we’re gonna pay him the championship money and we’re gonna see how it goes you know
and uh we’ll restructure your contract if you lose and that’s what we’ll do uh but if that that should let you know on
who he gets when he comes in if he gets down there in the Jeff Neal and the other Fighters that were down there
because Dave took it off the screen so I can’t see thanks Dave but if he gets into the Sean Brady the Jeff Neal even
the Stephen Thompson means that they gave him good money but it’s still like okay look I’ll give you one fight at
this purse and then when you get to the top five I’ll give you the other fights at this purse it’s probably what they’re
doing what I would imagine that’s normally how managers will negotiate it say hey I want somebody in the top 15.
okay and I’ll take it for this much money uh if I do win that fight then you put me into the top five guy whoever it
is okay and then I will take it then my contract goes up from then on up and then they’ve already negotiated their
Championship money like if I fight for the title if I end up being the main event all these other things on how many uh pay-per-view dollars they
don’t get any pay-per-view dollars um but right now we don’t even know he’s going there I think he is John come on you don’t know
he’s going there but we do oh I just based upon them showing him in the yeah UFC from London I say that but I would
think the reason why I say that the reason why why do we say that John go ahead and tell everyone why we say those
type of things well first off if you’re the UFC you’re not going to sit there and put somebody
from a different promotion on the screen there’s no reason to it doesn’t do anything for you but if you’re in talks
with them and you believe that they’re going to be part of your roster yeah you want to start to introduce that person to the fan base let them know and then
your your broadcaster you know commentators are going to sit there and say oh yeah that’s so-and-so but and
it’s just starting to get that name out there and so they can start talking about it that’s what you do
well what I what I take it from though is history has shown certain guys that have left other promotions I’ll give you
an example Jake Shields there buddy buddy with Dana sit in case I with Dana then behind Dana then with Dana like you
know what I mean like history is shown when someone a fighter is leaving another organization the Dana’s kind of
already got almost a full guarantee that they’re coming he’ll put them down with him he’ll put them down cage side he’ll
put them you know in this area there so uh that’s when you’ll see those Fighters there uh you know and so I I believe I believe
he’s gonna end up there in uh at the UFC good for him man good for him coming
towards the end of the career and he wants to he wants to take a step and say like hey I’ve been with Bellator my whole career let me see what happens
over here why I still have some speed left in me there you go all right next up he’s still talented
all right I want to highlight a couple of uh um uh tragic instances from this past
week uh we had WWE’s former Champion Bray Wyatt uh Windham rotunda he passed
away at 36 really young uh there’s not been much in the on the situation that
happened with him but we also lost Hall of Famer legendary Terry Funk as well the hero No Big John now and then uh
Terry Fox is a classic man outside of um I say that the sports entertainment
world we had Bob Barker pass as well or what what crazy week I mean inside of the inside of the wrestling world alone
to lose Terry Funk you know absolutely just classic Legend just absolutely
gangster in the in the sports entertainment space and then Bray Wyatt who is just one of a kind uh you know
Second To None just at 36 years old it’s image is me I had the whole freaking hit
up at least another 10 years of work ahead of him and potential ahead of him just tragic and I want to get your
thoughts just you know any anything anything you want to share on on these three well John I haven’t seen too much
of Bray Wyatt because I don’t I don’t watch a lot of the current wrestling and John’s kind of the same way but Terry
Funk I mean I pretty much grew up watching Terry Funk and then um you know and then first thing that went through
my mind was Roadhouse you know watching them on there and just the Patrick Swayze The Roadhouse and
yeah yeah you know what if someone calls my mother a [ __ ] and then Patrick says well is she he just looks at him like
what so just it’s just one of those you know anyways uh sad it’s sad when when
you know people you’ve you grew up watching are gone but Father Time’s
undefeated we say that about sports but we also said about life and uh we were talking about it earlier
is that you just you don’t know when your time comes it doesn’t matter it could be tomorrow it could be in an hour
it could be another 50 years you never know so um sad but it’s you know it
comes in [ __ ] [ __ ] Barker was 99 John 90 or through the winner winner winner
come on man you went to 99. Bob Parker you’re a winner dude I just look at terrified there’s certain guys in pro
wrestling that stand out you know through the years as far as guys that were great for that genre that
the entertainment the athleticism and you know Ric Flair is one of those guys and Terry Funk was probably
you know he was right next to Ric Flair if not you know one step you know even
above him because Terry Funk was the real deal he was a tough dude and he was uh he was a professional
wrestler to the to the core but he was not someone that would take [ __ ] from
anybody and if you if you wanted to think that professional wrestling was fake he was going to prove to you you
were wrong don’t let him grab you it’s the same thing I used to tell people about Jean LaBelle don’t let him grab
you you know I’m telling you right now don’t do not let him demonstrate on you because he will crank the [ __ ] out of
you that was Terry Funk he’s a good man sad day in sports history and sad day
and uh game show history so uh rest easy to uh to these Legends man yep what else
you got for us Dave all right well um wrap up on this one John wanted to look at usick and compare
him to John oh man why didn’t you intro this thing come on you gotta look we had
we did have Alexander usick take on Daniel Dubois USIC one in the ninth round with The
Knockout there was a question thing but take a look at usak he’s doing his work that’s Zumba Josh he’s doing the Zumba
look at him go look at look at Alexander usick he’s just having fun man and I
love that about him but we used to talk about you know the classic was the Techno Viking Keith Jardine the Techno
Viking of all man look at him going him and usick are the same John
it was pretty pretty nice to see pretty refreshing I should say to see a heavyweight move like that now hell yeah
the Techno Viking now sure it’s cool because you know it’s the middle of the day and they’re using techno music and
they’re probably all hopped up on drugs right now in the middle of the day to even dance down the street I can’t tell
you how much probably cocaine or XC is on right now just doing his I don’t know
look he’s just pointing at people telling him you better mind your space and your business you better sit right
there yeah he’s sitting right there don’t you move my question is can this guy fight or does he just look the part
who says he can fight no I’m just saying like the way he’s trying to boss people around I wonder if he can fight this was
one I believe this was like one of the First videos ever on YouTube oh yeah this was a big one this is this
is one that really took off and uh at the time it was a big thing Dave can you can you look this up I don’t see how
many viewers how many views this thing has how many oh it has it has 27 this video specifically the Viking has 27
minutes but it’s only 12 years old which means that 2011 so definitely is not one
of the first because even I’ve got a 2006 video I’m gonna I’m gonna go out on a limb here both guys are moving well
usic’s moving well the Techno Vikings moving well but in a fight I’m going with us you think just going out on a
limb there speaking of Donald speaking of fights man did you watch uh his fight
I did I did watch the fight and you know and I know I know Dubois is upset with
you know saying that he felt it was a clean shot that he hit uh somewhere on the fifth round I want to say it was and
it was called a low blow look it was below the the belt line it’s
down so I don’t know how he can sit there and complain about it and usick hit him with clean shots that put him
down I want to say the seventh he went down and the ninth he went down and uh look at usik is the the
he’s a clean well uh healed heavyweight fighter who technically moves himself
very well in the cage gives I mean in the ring gives guys problems with where
he’s at they think they can touch him all of a sudden he’s stepping back throws beautiful counters his left hand
is just absolute money down the middle yeah he’s the real deal there’s a reason
why he’s got those belts yeah um when I was watching the fight I
missed the first two rounds uh but when I was watching the fight this fight was a lot closer than I thought it was going
to be I thought USIC was going to run away with it now I gave I believe I gave Dubois like fifth and sixth round I know
I gave usik the seventh I gave definitely I gave him I want to say uh the Third
and the fifth Then I then I I think I gave him the third fourth and fifth or
the fourth and fifth I believe Dubois um but I also got to be uh for I thought
you sick was I know he ended up winning by uh stoppage but yeah I thought the fight was gonna be a lot more one-sided
where Dubois had some moments in the early in the early rounds the ones that I saw anyways were here he looked really
good you know and what I also loved was I know it seems a little like kind of God maybe it can come across as
condescending or just like this isn’t the time for him usick came over to him and said hey man afterwards
he was giving him some advice don’t be frustrated with the situation you’re very tense and tight and I could see that about you when I was fighting you
don’t be tense and tight you’re good when you relax your cleanest shots landed on me pretty much like when you
relax that’s kind of what I got out of it from the the post-fight talking conversation between them is that you’re
good you know relax more you’re tense and you your good shots land when you’re when you’re relaxed that’s just being a
good Sportsman yeah and I love that I admire I admire that about it was sick uh I’d like to
see him in uh Andrew Ruiz uh not Andy Anthony yeah Andy Andy Ruiz
sorry I don’t know why uh Andy Johnson yeah Joshua yeah anything Joshua okay so Andy
Ruiz I’d like to see that fight happen but I really believe like what are we outside of the angano fight what are we
waiting on let’s go man let’s go Tyson Fury we know what we’re waiting on your skirt
grab your balls let’s do it oh we’re waiting on the fight the fight John you know who gets lost in this whole thing
though is Wilder oh yeah always and maybe he just doesn’t want to fight
right now who knows I mean but I mean he like he he’s he’s just fun to watch fight I love watching him fight but it
was sick and Wilder I mean I believe I think he was thinking wise it would be great yeah but I think I think Wilder beats him
has a better chance of beating Tyson Fury than he does Wilder I just think the stock the Styles Tyson
Fury can pop he can hit hard he’s got good movement he’s got great cardio all those things usick’s got all those
things as well he maybe doesn’t he doesn’t hit as hard as Tyson Fury he definitely doesn’t hit as hard as Wilder but I think his movement to equal what
what Tyson Fury can do in there with this movement I know he’s a smaller fighter I know he’s a smaller heavyweight but his
movement his ability to make Fighters Miss I think that makes for a very fun fight now I’m not saying he beats Tyson
Fury I’m saying he’s got a better chance of beating Tyson Fury than he does I think uh Wilder not saying he doesn’t
beat Wilder I think Wilder has a better chance of knocking out USA usik than he does Tyson Fury which we’ve seen already
have you know like fight so I look at this fight just this goes back into Styles make matchups man this is a great
fight Styles make matchups usik is a problem for all of them while there’s a problem
with his power for anybody Tyson Fury is just about he’s just a problem for anybody because of his size his speed
his athleticism his movement I don’t know do you even call him athletic because he doesn’t look at it he’s
athletic he doesn’t look at the body of a [ __ ] Goddess that guy I swear I love it I love watching him dance around
[ __ ] touch people up and then just and I like but he’s got a slick tongue too he’s quick on the draw with the
tongue he just [ __ ] just man he says amazing you know you know where he got that from his daddy yep Gypsy did you
did you see did you see his dad at that uh press conference with uh KSI and Tommy Fury Logan Paul Dylan
Dennis it was dude it was freaking John Fury took over man he was kicking
tables he’s the one that started the whole thing man do you think do you think KSI beats Fury
no I don’t think so either I don’t think so either I think Fury [ __ ] I think Tommy lights about yep I
think so too I think so too all right guys wait that’s gonna wrap up our show but before we wrap this up go to Wayne
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