Noche UFC Recap! Grasso vs Shevchenko Full Fight Reaction & Breakdown

In this article, we will be recapping the Noche UFC event and providing a full fight reaction and breakdown of the main event between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. The fight ended in a draw, but there is controversy surrounding the decision. We will also discuss the potential next steps for both fighters.

Main Event: Grasso vs Shevchenko

The main event of the evening was a highly anticipated matchup between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. The fight ended in a draw, but there is much debate about the scoring and whether a draw was the right decision.

Fight Analysis

From my perspective, I scored the fight three rounds to two in favor of Alexa Grasso. However, I can understand the argument for scoring the fourth round in favor of Valentina Shevchenko. It was a close fight, and both fighters had their moments of success.

In the fourth round, there was some controversy regarding the legality of knee strikes. Grasso was ripping knees on the inside, and although Shevchenko was looking to put her hand on the ground, it was unclear whether there needed to be weight placed on the hand for the knee strike to be considered illegal. This was a new rule that I hadn’t heard before, and it would be interesting to hear the commentary’s take on it.

Despite the controversy, the fight ended in a draw, which I believe is a robbery. In MMA, a 10-8 round typically signifies complete dominance, and I don’t believe that the fifth round was a 10-8 round. Shevchenko was clearly winning the fight until a mistake put her on the ground and allowed Grasso to gain control. Grasso was able to land shots and even made Shevchenko bleed. In my opinion, Shevchenko clearly lost the fifth round.

Scoring Controversy

The judges’ scorecards further added to the controversy. Mike Bell scored the third and fourth rounds for Shevchenko and gave the fifth round a 10-8 score for Grasso. This resulted in a draw. However, I don’t believe that the fifth round was a 10-8 round, and this scoring decision is questionable.

Sal D’Amato scored the fight 48-47 in favor of Shevchenko, which I can’t fully argue with. Yoon Ji-Cho scored the fight in favor of Grasso, giving her rounds two, four, and five. This scoring decision seems fair to me, as it was a close fight and could have gone either way.

Next Steps for the Fighters

With the fight ending in a draw, it sets up a trilogy between Grasso and Shevchenko. This is the fight that needs to happen next. Both fighters are evenly matched, and it would be interesting to see them face off again to determine a clear winner.

In addition to the trilogy fight, there is another matchup that could be set up for the women’s flyweight division. Manon Fiorot and Erin Blanchfield could fight for the title shot against the winner of the Grasso-Shevchenko trilogy. This would be a perfect way to determine the number one contender in the division.

Overall, the Noche UFC event was filled with excitement and controversy. The main event between Grasso and Shevchenko ended in a draw, but there are arguments that a clear winner should have been determined. The scoring decisions by the judges added to the controversy, with a questionable 10-8 round in favor of Grasso. Moving forward, the trilogy fight between Grasso and Shevchenko should be the next step, along with the matchup between Fiorot and Blanchfield for the title shot.

good morning
UFC just recently wrapped up and I’m gonna recap the entire card starting
with the first fight of the night working my way up to the main event which ended in a controversial draw
which I’m excited to get into guys make sure you smash that like button if you’re new to the channel subscribe turn
the post notifications on and make sure to share the video as well and let’s jump right into the first fight of the
night it was Josephine Knutson versus marnick man and Knutson clearly was the
winner of the fight there was no uh argument there as far as what it went
down to which is you know like 30 24 on one of the scorecards but I’ll tell you something straight up
Knutson lacks that finishing ability and even her Corner was pissed about it because marnick man was outclassed in
every facet of the fight with Josephine Knutson and she could not put her away so now you’re moving on up in the UFC
rankings don’t expect Knutson at minus 700 again and she wins in a fashion that was
dominant and impressive but she hasn’t been able to get those finishes Isis veribik on Contender series which is why
she didn’t get a contract now UFC debut doesn’t get a finish but as far as the skill set that we see with Knutson
really solid striking good athleticism very strong control in the clinch and in
the grappling positions she knows how to use her weight well on top get some damage off but is definitely gonna go
towards winning the fight you know on the judge’s scorecards over looking for
a finish she’s not a finish Hunter which I think does harm uh you know the capability for the UFC to Market you and
potentially you know tricky matchups if she’s outgunned and losing two rounds to
one the odds of her then getting a finish in that third round because it just doesn’t seem like she has great
finishing ability isn’t great but beating up marnick man for three rounds we saw that Knutson is UFC caliber for
sure which we already knew after contend the series regardless of her not getting a contract clear w ass whipping
one-sided fight Josephine Knutson congratulations for the debut clean win
next fight Charlie Campbell Alex Reyes do the Reyes family is just taking
losses after losses inside of the cage man Alex Reyes the brother of Dominic Reyes got his ass whooped by Charlie
Campbell he got rocked on multiple occasions but still stayed in the fight before crumbling and uh you know
thankfully the referee saves Alex Reyes and let’s be 100 honest here at 36 with
a six-year layoff come on man Charlie Campbell just smoked him he might be
getting those UFC Walking Papers the only reason he wouldn’t would because his brothers Dominic Reyes because
that’s back to back first round knockout losses and it’s over a span of like six
years which is not optimal for a UFC career now respect to Reyes getting back into the cage and giving it hell I mean
he he tried with Charlie Campbell it’s just Campbell was the way more sharpened
sword he’s an active fighter that did really good in a loss on Contender series we was beating up Chris Duncan
until he got chinned and now he chins Reyes so good W for Campbell his hands are nasty after the fight did a little
WWE style post-fight interview with Daniel Cormier where he’s like I don’t care what you think just know guys he
told Courtney about that before I saw him whisper him something to him before they read off the official decision and
then the interview commenced after that so note that that was planned good move by camel though he’s trying to bring
some WWE Flair he’s a New York guy I think he’s got a cool personality to him he’s a [ __ ] heavy-handed guy with
good hand speed kicking skill solid grappling defense and uh he made mincemeat of Alex Reyes who I have to
say though deserves a little round of applause for after all the injuries and time off getting back in the octagon and
give it in his best but unfortunately was far from enough here because uh Charlie Campbell knocked him out in the
first round next fight Tracy Cortez Jasmine jazz divisius
Tracy Cortez’s hands looked more crisp and fast than I have ever seen her throw
before she was landed with Precision on Jazz divisius’s face and that was pretty awesome man I thought that Tracy Cortez
was the rightful winner at the end of it she did more damage to Jazz divisius especially with the punching Jazz
division has had some wrestling moments but ultimately didn’t Garner any damage from Top just pretty much some control
time in that second round Tracy Cortez won two out of the three rounds I know I
believe one judge had a 30-27 but Cortez by a unanimous decision she brought the heat to Jazz divisius late too and put
the stamp on the win she looked damn good respect to Tracy Cortez getting it done she’s a solid girl 29 years of age
and right now looking at it 29 years old she’s poised to really be making a
serious run here at 125 pounds and I look forward to seeing how far she can take it because the way she beat Jazz
divisius was pretty [ __ ] impressive here so great win for Tracy Cortez I don’t know in the future I could see a
Natalia Silva fight for her who has a win over Jazz divisius as well Edgar chaidez Daniel lacarda
what the [ __ ] can I even say about this one unfortunate Shiraz has a standing arm in guillotine
and the arm of lesser the looks to go limp and then the
ref jumps in stops it and lacer is fully awake it’s like you could say oh he maybe was
out for only a second but also he could be trying to relax while he’s in this submission attempt and just allow Shiraz
to gas his arms out it’s one of those situations where taione jumped on it too early five
seconds later we might have had a definitive answer but it seemed like Lucero was still with it so they call
the fighter no contest lacera o four and one no contest in the UFC I think you
have to rebook him in Chinese I want to see it again let’s rebook this thing you can’t cut lacer after that
he was at least looking more calculated than before and was Landon takedowns and I still think he could be live to beat
in Edgar chayres in a rematch so count me in for the rematch let’s run it back at UFC Brazil like uh lacer said
afterwards you can’t cut lacera dude he’s just too entertaining he’s got too much Swagger even though he’s old four
and one no contest in the UFC he could still potentially beat Edgar shy it is he’s a shoot De Lima guy shoot the Box
Diego Lima I should say bring him back bring them back again for sure next fight the lock of the week
Roman copy love hits he ran over Josh fremd here very good kickboxing after
like the Midway point of the first round when uh copylov made his reads on friend landed a ton of precise kicks and
punches beat framed up and busted his nose with an uppercut late in the first round friend was just leaking out
respected the durability though by Josh frem because he was taking an ass whooping was refusing to go down but
rocked on numerous occasions and then copylov catches him with the body shot
that crumbles him absolutely magnificent Roman copylov is a poised guy right now
at 185 to really get a big jump up in the rankings with a super technical kickboxing skill set very good takedown
defense from could not get him down he trains in Dagestan he’s working with some Savage wrestlers copy love styled
on Josh friend respect to the durability of friend but it was a copy love showcase fight and his kickboxing is a
real problem at 185 pounds with that Dagestan wrestling defense I’m keeping
my eye on Roman copy law of moving up the ranks and obviously that’s why I called him the lock this week next fight on the card was our featured
prelim it was Lupita godinez versus Elise Reed
so in this fight here Elise Reed got absolutely manhandled for
the most part she was dropped and rocked in the first round she was rocked more in the second Lupita godinez was
slamming her and slammed there late before she got the submission win I just feel like godinez was a monster
here now something I got to say about Reed is how the [ __ ] did she not tap to that first round armbar
explain that to me because that [ __ ] looked fully locked in and extended Beyond extended I mean for [ __ ] sake
do I got something I can bend over here let me say this pen is her [ __ ] elbow we’re doing this we’re doing this the
Pen’s not breaking it’s like Elise Reed’s [ __ ] arm flexibility holy [ __ ]
holy [ __ ] I was impressed man I’m putting this [ __ ] in my ear I was impressed because at least Reed looked
like sure I don’t know what is it the uh super flexible I don’t know the [ __ ]
name of the thing I’m thinking of somebody with crazy flexibility I don’t know it looks like something out of a freak Show now granted she was strangled
in the second round by Lupita godinez who was beating her up and clearly won the fight and kicked her ass for the most part but Elise reads arm uh
flexibility is something that maybe we gotta study because that just didn’t really make sense that was wild the
godinez clean win huge W for her on Mexican Independence Day and I do think
at 115 pounds she’s still a real Prospect it was an awesome win here strangling Elise Reed
we jump to the main card opener and if you guys haven’t yet make sure you smash that like button and subscribe it’s Kyle
Nelson defeating Fernando Padilla in what was a big upset Padilla hot Mexican prospect on the come
up knockout power the KO of Julian Arosa Kyle Nelson kind of like a you know vet
that maybe didn’t look uh to turn that corner to top caliber in the UFC but damn he’s got two wins in a
row now Blake Builder and Padilla underdogs and both called out Cub Swanson after which I thought was pretty
badass he was the guy like I know some people say Oh I thought Padilla could have won I don’t know watching it live I felt
like Kyle Nelson may have done enough man he was kind of sticking Padilla with the better shots Padilla he’s a little
loose with his punching I feel like and doesn’t have crazy snap on his shots the takedown defense for Padilla was
there the Nelson didn’t really threaten with that he was ripping low kicks early which kind of limited Padilla’s uh
mobility and kicking game right Padilla just turned into a boxer late and I feel like Kyle Nelson edged it out 29-28 here
and he got the clean win that I thought he deserved but damn bro I said upset that’s a good upset man
because Padilla had some hype on him with that knockout of Julian Arosa and I mean bro he’s 15-5
he’s now got the same record as uh Kyle Nelson Nelson’s really got his [ __ ] together
now he’s got his flow going now he’s better than before he’s found comfortability in
the UFC now he’s on a win streak calls out Cub Swanson which I thought was pretty cool
does he get that Cub Swanson fighting Canada I don’t know I don’t know I love the
call out I think it’s in the right direction but I don’t know if he’ll get it but right now Kyle Nelson is quietly
making a little bit of a run has two wins in a row over guys that were expected by the masses to beat him
and The Bookies impressive Kyle Nelson Big W big upset
next fight was Daniel zohuber and christociago’s hey Daniel’s all who would look good but damn it wasn’t
without some oh [ __ ] moments in the first round Daniel zohuber was badly
rocked by Christos yagos’s hooks because Zell Huber I don’t know looked a little stiff early
he wasn’t I don’t know wasn’t in it early Granite started finding his range in the first round towards the end
second round starts Landing clean shots seems to be taken over bro zel Huber
defended every single takedown that Yago shot with relative ease now he’s six
foot one with good length and it seemed like iago’s just he had nothing for him
on the wrestling could not even get to him so Hoover in the stand-up starts finding home to shots hurting yagos a
bit so now yagos is panic shooting he’s like [ __ ] I gotta get him down I can’t sit in here and strike he gets himself
put in uh anaconda and a condom 99 sure let’s Double Check Yes Anaconda nasty
strangle byzel Huber right there with a big win over Christos yagos which I
really think Frizzell Hoover right now this was the type of win that he needed okay he can overcome adversity he’s got
a chin on him got a good personality that he showcased after the fight and Daniel Zoe Hoover got it on beat Diego
she was a good size favorite here but still he was fighting a crafty veteran and he dealt with some adversity and
overcame it so who was a good Prospect I keep my eye on zohuber if I was uh anybody you know paying attention to the
UFC specifically 155 he’s got a great frame and he’s only 24. dude
24 is crazy let’s get to the Future bout Raul Rosas
Terence Mitchell okay okay Raul Rosas awesome performance
awesome put it on Terence Mitchell but damn Terence Mitchell is swinging like a
[ __ ] backyard fighter wide shots from way out of range zero
fight IQ out there rosehots did his thing this is no knock at Rosas great way to win the way he beat Terence
Mitchell with ease like that is the way he needed to win Mitchell is swinging from [ __ ] halfway across the cage
she’s missing Fourteen and four now Fourteen and three coming into this thing I said on the
live stream I don’t know what bar they’re picking up some of these opponents in Alaska at because that doesn’t make sense to me that record
versus the reality makes no sense to me and now Mitchell’s Owen two in the UFC I’ll tell you this Terence Mitchell’s
Got a Cool vibe to him he seems like a funny guy so I’m not trying to hate on him too bad but just doesn’t have the UFC skill set the fight IQ was not there
punch you from way out of range and dude he’s 33 almost 34. if he was 19 right
now if he was the same age as Raul Rosas I’d say hey we’ll work with something he’s just a kid
but he’s about to be 34 years of age that’s arguably past your Prime at 135
pounds Rosas ran him over clean win with relative ease for him beat Terence
Mitchell up Rock them dropped them ground and pounded them TKO 54 seconds clean W snaps the uh you know
I don’t know it doesn’t snap a losing streak but it snaps back at the haters that said he was done for but granted
the opponent we threw him was [ __ ] styrofoam I don’t know man I don’t know Terence
Mitchell he looked better against Simon and I I don’t know what happened it was just horrible horrible fight IQ like
it’s almost like if I said hey go get knocked out but make it look real and you’re just swinging like this just
trying to let the guy get a clean shot here not saying that’s actually what happened not making theories up but I’m
just saying if somebody did do that that’s how it would have [ __ ] looked and he got his ass whipped great
performance by Rosas Jr destroying Terence Mitchell who if I’m the UFC he
goes from featured by the night to Walking Papers unfortunately because that that was a rough performance man that was really bad and at the age he’s
at there’s plenty of guys on the regional scene that would smoke him you can run to these Regional scene
events now and I think guys would beat up Terence maybe that’s where he’s going next I don’t know nice guy though so
hopefully they paid him good for this I hope so and if they give him another shot in the UFC it’ll be a good meme
I’ll keep my eye on it but uh yeah the odds of him winning at a high level no
Rosas he’s 18 about to be 19. he could take it far good performance good win
co-main event Okay Kevin Hall and Jack Della madalena
the result of it was a split decision win for Jack Della and I’m not going to sit here and say that it was a robbery
I’m not going to really complain about the decision just the style of fight that ensues with Kevin Holland sometimes
is playful sparring-like at times now why is that because I believe he felt if
he overly opened up with Jack Della madalena he was going to get caught and you could see throughout the whole fight
the clear winner was Jack Della and I picked Kevin Holland going into this [ __ ] full discrepancy so you know
there’s no bias here Jack Della won the fight you can’t argue with me otherwise dude
Jack Della first Kevin Hall in second Jack Della third I think that’s a fair assessment it just seemed like Kevin
Holland just struggled with Jack Della’s boxing skill on the inside and I feel like uh Holland’s options on the inside
were limited because he’s not confident in any bit of wrestling here and then he was trying to clinch up a bit rip some
elbows and stuff like that but nothing was really sticking and Jack Della the reason he’s so successful I believe in
Striking with guys like Kevin Holland who’s high level is the fact that he rips to the body well and he’s
comfortable out of Bolt stances he’s not a heavy kicker man Kevin Holland was throwing a lot more kicks there were
some nice front kicks and Sidekicks up the center but like Holland would get awkwardly caught like turning his back
to Jack Della and then rip with shots to me that looks horrible
the effect of aggression Jack Della all day the more damaging shots jacked out all day the fight Jack Della all day but
now we ask ourselves okay so Kevin Holland just lost and Kevin Holland’s a real popular guy and I’m pulling my
phone out not because I’m [ __ ] sending a text but I want to get the UFC rankings up and I want to check them out
Kevin Holland’s in a spot now where he lost to a damn good Prospect but it does
hurt him as far as his welterweight career goes because he ain’t really going to be able to move his way up to
the top man that’s the truth all right jack Della just beat Kevin Holland the kiesa curse continues I
guess and I said it wasn’t going to happen but it did Kevin Holland loses you lose to Michael Kea so you lose your
next fight it’s a lock to guarantee so something something off KS ever fights again
okay as a fan of high-level fighting
and as uh throw it to the [ __ ] wolves mentality sometimes that I have I think
we go Jack Della versus Ian Gary enough of this [ __ ] let’s find out who’s the better Prospect let’s make it happen
now the actuality in that probably on the lower side I actually think that
like a Jeff Neal fight is potentially next I could see Jeff Neal versus Jack Della being something that they make
it wouldn’t be crazy if we somehow saw Jack Della Wonder Boy but I don’t know
you know I think it’s a little too fast up the rankings with Wonder Boy that’s a hard fight
and Wonder Boy just denied the Pereira fight so one of the boys on the UFC [ __ ] list he only wants to fight forward and
I said he’s giving the Usman fight so if I’m the Matchmaker I’m looking at the Machado Gary fight but probably not
gonna do it because you know what we’re gonna try to build both Stars I know how this game works
I think you’re looking at a potential Jeff Neo fight for Jack Della next they could go to Sean Brady Direction
but they just have to be concerned about the grappling skill set of Sean Brady that’s a worry right and then Vicente
liuque is obviously someone you could potentially do for Jack Della but he’s super well-rounded
how cautious are we trying to build these prospects because there’s a lot of power and Jack De La Madeleine’s name
for the Australian market so I think the right matchups are something to expect I might be way wrong for who they throw at
him next but just some ideas for Kevin Holland it’s a fight that kind of bounces you
out of the rankings potential move up to 185 again might be the move
I couldn’t really imagine I don’t know exactly what’s next for Kevin Holland but he’s still a UFC fan favorite he’s
still a popular fighter he’s still going to get paid well it was just uh you know an unfortunate performance that he
clearly lost good win for Jack Della main event of the evening if you guys
haven’t yet make sure you smash the likes and if you’re new subscribe all right the main event ends in a draw
and I would say controversial for sure how I looked at the fight live is I
scored it three rounds to two for Alexa Grosso but I could definitely see the
argument towards scoring the fourth round for Valentina shevchenko and her potentially winning it on the opposite
end three rounds to two so what rounds did I score for Alexa Grosso will they give it a second the fourth and the
fifth round for chefchenko obviously first round third round close fourth
round real close fourth round and if you look shovchenko had good moments and then Grosso had success with knees
inside obviously shivchenko was looking to put her hand on the floor but I guess the rule is there has to be weight upon
that hand for the knee strike to be illegal which I’ll be honest I don’t know if I’m just
playing Devil’s Advocate or if I never heard that before let me know in the comments if you guys remember hearing
that I never really heard the commentary ever talk about weight needing to be placed on the hand a downed opponent is
an opponent with one hand on the ground right but I guess now you have to have weight on it
the game is very interesting and this Mexican Independence Day card so grosso’s ripping knees hey I’m counting
them as legal strikes on the inside though shevchenko still ripped her with an elbow so you look at that round it
was pretty toss-up so I’ll say true coin flip round four you can argue either
side I’d have to sit there and go back re-watch it and dilly dally and do that no I want to give you my live take
because the judges are scoring it live so I’m giving you my live scorecard too we can say this this and that afterwards
digging into it more deeply but this is right now right after the event I scored it for Grosso
the shipshaco argument’s there and then we have a draw that ensues which is a
robbery the draw is the robbery here why is the draw the robbery because of how it happened because the draw to me is
not sensible by any means in the [ __ ] game of MMA right a 10-8 round means
complete and utter dominance for the most part now I’ve heard they want the judges to be more loose with 10 8 yada
yada Valentina shevchenko clearly was whipping Alexa Grosso until a mistake
put her on the ground got her back taken got beaten up Grosso was throwing shots looking for submission attempts made
Valentina shivchenko bleeding clearly clearly won the last round for sure
there’s no argument if you score the fifth round for Valentina chefchenko Michael Bisping
I think you’re [ __ ] looking at the fight with two eyes closed because that doesn’t make any sense to me Valentina
shevchenko clearly lost the fifth round Bisping was way off on that call I saw him posted on Twitter come on bizbing go
re-watch the fight and tell me that finishing the fight strong in the final round absolutely damaging your opponent
with ground and pound having their back sinking in even though not a close choker choke is gonna be like good
kickboxing but no significant damaging moment so there’s no argument there so bizby I don’t know what your video is
going to be about I know it’s coming out and guys if you watch that make sure you mention that I said bizbing’s way off on that one I’d say it’s a delusional take
looking at the scorecards though a draw is fake though it’s fake news it’s not really fake news but it’s weird Mike
Bell scores the third round for chefchenko the fourth round for chefchenko the fifth round 10-8 for
Grasso and why didn’t I read off the first two rounds because I meant to do the fourth round first but it’s fine so it’s chefchenko in round one for Mike
Bell shevchenko in round three 4 and then a 10-8 fifth round Mike Bell
scored a 10A fifth round I’m trying to elude at that that’s what I’m saying Mike Bell scored a 10-8 fifth round which caused the fight to be 44 47-47 a
draw which is crazy to me now Sal de Amado he gave chefchenko one three and four
giving it 48-47 which I can’t really fully argue with right
yunichiro komicho gave uh Grosso rounds two four and five which gives her the
fight which I think is fair too like I couldn’t have really argued a winner on either side because there was no
absolute with that fourth round it was so [ __ ] close but a 10-8 fifth round doesn’t make
sense so really the proper scoring would have been 48 47 Split Decision win for
chefchenko now after the fight chefchenko alluded at oh it’s Mexican Independence Day they don’t want to
steal it from her because after they announced the draw it’s not like they said normally they say but the champion
will retain the belt and still Champion Tyron wood I feel like they don’t say with as much passion they said the fight is draw but and stew Crowd Goes [ __ ]
crazy like Rosso just won the fight Mexican Independence Day Noche UFC card I don’t know boxing like a little boxing
like with that very interesting now as far as my scorecard I did give the fight to Grosso but if it would have went to
chefchenko I would have said no robbery how you come to a draw is not sensible
for the most part I thought when I first heard it I’m like is there a 99 round they score the fifth nine nine
I don’t get it I don’t get it I don’t think that was a 10-8 that just it wasn’t it was not a 10-8 round it was a
10-9 round for sure bizing for sure so Alexa Grosso my winner the judges
winner two of them split and then one draw so we got a robbery in the fact
that Valentina chefchenko due to these judges scorecards should have won the
fight with proper scoring though I thought Grosso did get it done it’s a [ __ ] argument of a coin flip flip a
coin heads or tails this is a super close fight we have to see it again so now we gotta draw which sets up the
trilogy between these two and that has to be next don’t tell me anything otherwise and I’m going to tell you what
is a good fight to put on that card you put man on funeral Aaron blanchfield the
winner of Grasso chefchenko fights the winner of blanchfield furo for the title that’s the perfect way to do it guys and
it has to happen now because a young fighter I mean granted blanchfield could chill she doesn’t have to rush but it
just makes sense you gotta ride the momentum and they throw furo blanchfield in there real number one Contender fight
right there I kind of like the idea of it because picking between the two is impossible you know why they’re both ranked number
two it’s tied let’s break that tie and let’s find a number one Contender and let’s do chefchenko versus Grosso too
and then we set up the winners to fight one another I’m telling you women’s Flyway 2024 I think the best year for
the division ever the highest level Town we’ve ever seen in that weight class I mean look at Natalia Silva on the come
up even traces Cortez who won tonight Aaron blanchfield’s there man on Furrow we still got Talia Santos who’s a
monster is chilling in the weight class even though she lost to furo and then we got
Grosso and chefchenko at the top that ends in a draw and still Grosso in the main event it’s a draw but a winner was
robbed there should have been a winner at the end of the day 10-8 for that fifth round is a robbery it’s not a draw
it is what it is the judges people are making theories up by Solomon the live
chat during the fight companion about oh they took extra long Vegas is in it we
can make all those theories all day long at the end of the day it is what it is and the fight ended in
a draw so if you were betting either side at least you know probably unless you bet like the three-way option with
the draw you’re getting the cash back on it so for the betters out there hopefully you’re doing all right after
that main event Grosso chefchenko my scorecard should have been Grosso that
was Grosso the judges call it a draw Even Stevens with a weird weird 10-8 by
Mike Bell which to me was just not justified at all let’s review the picks
it was still an awesome night okay I still love the card I still had a great time watching every one of these fights
draw on the main event we won no we didn’t Kevin Holland lost I
lost in the co-main event I won with rose sauce over Mitchell one with zel Huber over iago’s loss with Padilla over
Nelson holy [ __ ] good win there for uh Kyle Nelson you know you’re gonna say this guy is just throwing hindsight
2020. I remember doing tape on this one thinking huh Kyle Nelson’s an interesting dog we’re like no way no way
he’s beating Padilla and I picked Padilla and you guys will probably say oh after the fact it’s easy to say fair but I’m just telling you my honest
thoughts and if you know me I like to be honest I’m telling you what I thought Kyle Nelson though the rifle winner I got that one wrong Lupita godinez Elise
Reed good W for me there copy love the lock of the week beating Josh frem that was awesome great work with the lock and
then Cyrus lacera no contest this is where Liz there I had shaides I had Jazz divisius to beat Cortez but The
Underdogs did not bark for the most part tonight besides Nelson and took an L there good win for Tracy Cortez had
Campbell of areas and in the first round I thought it would happen it did good win for Campbell and Knutson to beat man
got a w there so what he got one win two win three win four win five win six wins
right with three losses on the night yeah one two three three losses one draw
and one no contest so six three one and one on this card very interesting record
for me six three one and one but hey the most confident pick section was pretty
Fuego too alongside of the lock of the week because uh you know what three oh
and one no contest in the most confident pick section I say that’s pretty damn good and then the lock of the Wii kit
The Underdogs unfortunately didn’t come through Holland split decision and draw on the main with Grosso and then Jazz
divisius losing it is what it is overall though very happy with another UFC card
this Noche UFC I got more action coming on the channel so make sure you guys
keep your eyes peeled on it I’ll be dropping the Vegas 79 picks later today
so keep your eyes peeled for it much love my people smash the likes if you’re new subscribe definitely let me know
what you thought of the picks and the weeks worth of content and the fights in the comments would you score the main
event let me know what was everybody’s Main Event score I’m very curious to hear what the masses are thinking after
that one my people I appreciate you all if you don’t have the post notifications turned on make sure to turn them on
don’t leave them just on personalized put them on all so you don’t miss a video and if you got nothing to say in the comments but as always you enjoy the
content drop a w in the chat to boost the algorithm for your boy much love my people and I will see you all in the
next one peace everybody

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