In this article, we will discuss the recent interview between Dana White and Piers Morgan. The interview covered a range of topics, including Dana’s views on female fighters in MMA, his personal life, and the history of the sport. Let’s dive into the details.

Dana White’s Clarification on Female Fighters in MMA

During the interview, Dana White addressed his previous statement about not having female fighters in MMA. He explained that at the time, the sport was struggling to gain recognition and acceptance. The idea of including female fighters was not something they wanted to take on, as they were already facing challenges in getting people to accept men competing in the sport. John McCain’s criticism of MMA as “human cockfighting” further complicated the situation. Dana’s clarification shed light on the difficulties they faced in the early days of the sport.

Honest and Heartfelt Interview

One of the highlights of the interview was Dana White’s honesty and openness. The interview touched on personal topics, such as Dana’s parents’ deaths and his lack of emotional response to it. Dana shared that not everyone has the same close relationship with their parents, and it’s important to understand that not everyone feels the same way about their family. He also discussed the importance of being present as a parent and the significance of showing love and support to one’s children.

Dana’s Honesty in Rewriting History

Another topic that came up in the interview was Dana White’s tendency to rewrite history. The interviewee expressed frustration with Dana’s habit of inserting himself into the narrative of the sport’s history, even when he wasn’t directly involved. However, in this interview, Dana was praised for his honesty and transparency. He acknowledged that there were others who played significant roles in the development of MMA and didn’t take credit for their contributions.

The Long Journey to Legalization

The interview also touched on the long journey to the legalization of MMA in various states. It was mentioned that New York was one of the first states where fights were held, but they later went back on their decision and made it illegal again. The interviewee emphasized the challenges faced by the sport in gaining acceptance and regulation, with New York being the last state to legalize MMA in 2016.

Looking Ahead to the Chiefs Game

Towards the end of the interview, the conversation shifted to the interviewee’s plans for the rest of the day, which included watching the Kansas City Chiefs game. They expressed optimism about the team’s chances, especially with the return of key players like Travis Kelsey and Chris Jones. The interviewee encouraged viewers to visit to check out their merchandise and also promoted their presence on OnlyFans.


In this interview, Dana White was praised for his honesty and openness. He addressed his previous statement about female fighters in MMA and explained the challenges they faced in the early days of the sport. The interview also shed light on Dana’s tendency to rewrite history and his acknowledgement of the contributions of others. The conversation also touched on personal topics, such as Dana’s relationship with his parents and the importance of being present as a parent. The interviewee also discussed the long journey to the legalization of MMA in various states. Overall, the interview provided valuable insights into Dana White’s perspective and the history of the sport.

No ladies and gentlemen he is not asleep he is actually getting ready to go to Ireland because that is Bellator coming up soon and he’s gonna sit there and wear those glasses given to him by the Energizer boys my man what’s happening we got some fights to talk about. It was no chair. You FC. There was a lot of no chase winning the night. The night was crazy. Had all kinds of stuff happening. What’d you think? I thought it was um, I thought it was it. What’d you ask? Would you, what I thought then if you didn’t want me to answer it, it was a, there was a couple of good fights. There was a couple not so, they weren’t great. And then there was just some, I think more just a lot of conversation and negative talk, I think, from whether commentary, whether from just overall, just, I don’t know. Are you saying the dominant crews can not let something go? I didn’t say that. I didn’t say that. I didn’t say that. No, it was good though. There was some good fights. You know, like the back and forths, the close fights, those type of things, they can get a little frustrating to watch because you wanna see a little bit more action, but there’s a lot of strategy involved. They’re not pulling the trigger. They are pulling the trigger. One person’s gotta go for it. Otherwise, they’re gonna probably lose a close decision. They’re both thinking in their mind, one’s okay with not going for it and just kinda seeing what happens. The other person wants to get after it. There’s a lot of back and forth. I mean, you want something more to happen, But you know how much is on the line with the titles on the line when there’s but man there was some I’ll express my frustration with some of them, but then I’ll also get a lot of love for a lot You know for some other ones, but uh before we get started though Go to Wayne in merch calm Wayne in merch calm pick up some of our apparel there Go to only fans comm slash Wayne and subscribe to us over there. It is free We are offering all our extra content on only fans comm slash Wayne and it is free to subscribe to us over there Um, John, let’s go ahead and start breaking down this fight, man. Let’s talk right about it. Um, the very first one, Alexa Grosso and Valentina Shishanko, like what were your thoughts going into that fifth round? Was it a tie? Was it tied to two in your mind? I had it tied to two. Okay. I did. I thought, uh, going in, I thought the fourth round was close, but I thought that, uh, if you were looking at it, Grasso did just a little bit better. the had a little bit harder shots but it was a close fight you go back and Valentina won the first round Grasso won the second round Valentina wins the third round and it was a back-and-forth battle with you know who was landing the better shots even when Grasso put Valentina down in the second round I think it was she was off balance too it was a good shot it was a good right hand but she was already going backwards and so it just put her back that’s why she did the role she gets up and she did a good job of defending herself right up But you got to give it to Grasso. It’s the, the difference being in this. And I don’t know when you’re, when you’re watching it, if you’re thinking the same thing, but Grasso gets hit, she absorbs the shots better than Valentina Shevchenko. She takes a big shot and makes it like it’s nothing. She took big shots to the body. She took some kicks to the body. Josh, you know, when you get hit with a damn kick that’s open, your arm misses it. It hits your ribs. I don’t give a shit if it’s the toes, the, the top of your foot, the shin, it all hurts. You feel it. And she, you know, just walked right through it. Like, you know, it didn’t, didn’t even give ground, didn’t take time to step back and take a breath. And I was like, man, I’ll tell you what she takes a big shot. She takes a hard shot. She just keeps on coming. And she did that throughout the fight. She got hit with the jab repeatedly. I thought that was one of the best weapons that Valentina had, but she handled it well. You know, it made Valentina win rounds. No doubt about it. And I thought Valentina is grappling, you know, Grasso has gotten so much better with her grappling because Valentina used to really dominate people, you know, on the ground. She was known as a striker, but she was really good with her ground. And Alexa Grasso nullified a lot of what she did. There were moments where you can take a look and say, well, Shevchenko was trying to put submissions on Grasso. There was moments that Grasso was trying to put submissions on Shevchenko, but when it got to the end of the fourth round, I thought they had an even fight. Now when you say even, it’s even on the scorecards. I would say within those four rounds, if I was just going to, you know, utilize something like one does or pride used to and say, you know what? I think that one fighter’s a little bit ahead of the other. I would have said, Chefchenko was a little bit ahead with, you know, the scoring that she did, but it was even on the scorecards the way, you know, it is under the unified rules. And going into the fifth round, I thought that Valentina was looking very good for the first three minutes, three and a half minutes. She was doing very well. She was landing that jab. She was the one controlling the fight. She was ahead until she made the same kind of mistake. You know, she did the spinning thing was the spinning back kick that got her in trouble in the first fight. And this one, she goes, you know, she grabs a hold of the head. You see Grasso slip that in as soon as that head slips out and she’s got her back and it was all downhill if you’re going to say for Shevchenko from that point, you know, she didn’t land anything. She didn’t do anything good as far as there was nothing for her. She was put into submission positions. The submissions didn’t work, you know, she took shots and from that point it was all Alexa Grasso to the end of the round. The real question is, do I give that round a 10 eight? No, I don’t. I don’t, I don’t see that as a, as a score in this. And I see when you’re looking at, you know, judges and what they’re looking at, there’s, you know, differences in rounds. And so that first round, it’s a close round, but it go, I had to go into Shevchenko. Second round, a little bit disparaging because you had the knockdown, even though I, I think it was more off balance, but it hurt her. There was times when you saw Shevchenko get hurt in that fight, and the second round was one of them. But a little bit better than the first round, but you can’t give it a 10-8, you know? And I think by the end of that fight, Mike Bell is the judge that gave the 10-8. He was looking, saying that, you know what? She was close to putting her away with that, and that’s why he gives her the 10-8. I don’t agree with it. I don’t think it was a 10 eight, but I thought it was clear that it was Alexa Crasso that wins that round. Even though Shevchenko, I don’t care how much time you’re winning the round. It’s how much are you winning it by? And you could lose a round that you win four and a half minutes of in 30 seconds. You could end up losing that round based upon damage taken shots, taken zero offense, and you’re getting blitzed. I thought the chevchenko lost that round and I would have given it to Alexa Grasso and I would have had a grass Oh winning the fight So you had it one for Valentina two for a Grasso no one three for Valentina and two four for a Grasso god Okay, I was did I get to three I? Said two was grass alright, and okay anyway you said you had one four for Valentina Yeah, no, I said one. I said you had round one for as in for her Okay, so Everything I said, I think everything you said was pretty on point man. Good job John way to cover it. Thank you Good. We don’t move on next fight. No, it was I thought she um About Valentina seemed like she was the faster fighter the more certifier the one that was pushing on the pace a little bit trying to get in her grill. What I was very impressed by was Alexa Grosso’s almost like stoic face where she just didn’t seem fazed by anything that was going on. Come on, dude, you gotta admit. Yeah. Some of those shots were hard and she just walked through them. There was a moment there where I think in the end of the first, she had got taken down and she had the double chest wrap kind of, but she was in her guard. And you could tell that she was just holding the position and trying to figure out what she needed to get done or what kind of Valentina was gonna give her. But the camera hit right on her face and there was no expression. Not like, you know, I’m trying to hold no tension, nothing. I don’t know, I have never met Alexa Grasso, but she seems like someone who is just not there to fuck around. She’s a savage. Yeah. There’s no doubt she’s got that thing about her that she has that inner fire that I’m just gonna be here till I fuck you up. Yeah, it’s a really weird, I don’t know, I guess sometimes I’ve seen it from guys. Guys, some guys have that little bit of a, you know, they’re just, that’s the way they are. But I haven’t seen it from a female fighter that has been that way. It just seems like there’s nothing really that bothers them. They just kinda come out and just do their thing. there. I don’t know. She just she has she has something going on. It’s just driving her and pushing her. And where I saw the difference last night was, even though Valentina was looking like she was landing the she was landing some good shots, they never looked like they landed as hard as Alexa Grasso’s. Alexa Grasso also, she would take the shot and still move her head and keep boxing. And so after she got hit, it was almost like Valentina expected her to kind of wilt and step away. Where Alexa, she got hit and then she just threw her combination anyways, like a boxer would. I got hit a little bit. It’s okay. I’m going to keep throwing my combination and that combination landed and that was the last thing the judges saw. And Valentina didn’t absorb, like you said, she didn’t absorb the shots as well as Alexa Grosso did. Every time she got hit, it pushed her back. It made her take a step back. It made her circle left to right. I mean, that’s a very, that’s a very smart fight IQ on Valentina Shipchenko’s part, but that’s The last thing I see from a judge, as a judge, in the exchange between the two of you, you hit a good jab. Sure, that snapped her head back, but then she hit you with a two piece. I’m going to go with the person that hit you with the two piece, especially the one that made you go backwards. And so she then became the one dictating the pace of the fight, which every time I’m watching the fight, I’m like, no, Valentina’s dictating the pace of the fight. She’s stepping forward. She’s sticking the jab in the face. But Alexa Grasso was making her move and hitting her with some good hard shots. It was, it was a weird, it was a weird and hard fight for me to judge because Alexa didn’t do as much. She didn’t seem as active, but when she did land, it seemed like it landed effectively and it made Valentina take a step back. Um, I thought the two of them fought their asses off. Um, there was a lot at stake. You could tell that Valentina, um, she believed that she was the better fighter. I learned last night that she’s a little bit of a sore loser. That’s what I learned. And I’ve always, and I’ve always say that bull because what she said, she’s like, Well, you know, I felt like I won the fight and they gave it to her because it’s Mexican Independence Day. Independence Day. I was like, Wow, wow. No, no, you lost you, you lost the fight was actually really just a draw. It was a good fight. It was a close fight back and forth. And whether you agree, or there was a draw or not, it was a good fight. And I could see how they ended up with that close fight is a close fight. And what I mean by a good fight, like those are normally, they’re hard to judge. Both of them could have done more. Both them had a good fight. Both of them could have taken a couple more chances, but then it would have cost them an opportunity to win in the title or keep in the title. So I can’t knock it. I was in the same situation with Gilbert in the third fight. And either one of us really took a whole lot of chances. It was a lot more strategic fight than the first two. And so I understand, this is their second fight, but Valentina being the champ for so long, she just wanted to get her title back and move on. Well, it worked against her because she could have done a little bit more. I felt like she could have pushed a little bit harder. She could have done a little more. And Alexa Gross was like, look, I’m the champion. I’m here to just do what I did in the first fight and just see wait for you to make a mistake, which honestly, Valentina’s whole career, very few mistakes in her career. Very few. But Alexa Gross was very quick to jump on those mistakes every time she made one in both of their fights. One of them led to the submission and the second one almost led to another submission. I mean that that last round she had her turtling from her back trying to figure out which way to go to stop the ground and pound when she got to mount. It was pretty nasty. So I could see maybe the 10-8 because they’re trying to be a little bit more liberal with the 10-8s. They’re trying to give them out a little bit more. And I don’t know. It was it’s a hard fight to judge. It was. It was a good fight. It was a hard fight to judge. In all fairness, I had to go back and rewatch it Because the next fight the the fight before it had put me to sleep. So I was And so I had to actually I woke up in round four of the Alexa Grosso fighting Valentina Shishanko fight John. I don’t know how fucking you’re it’s horrible man living here in Texas It’s horrible. It’s fucking like 12 something there. It’s almost 12 in the main event starting. I was like man This is I’ve been up since five. I’m like, this is shit this is the part the part that’s bad is this is where you really appreciate what a fight card is good and all the fights are action-packed and exciting because it keeps you going you can watch it and as soon as one is like a little bit of a snoozer yeah you go okay this is tough because you you start nodding man it’s like i gotta keep myself up so i gotta start you know smacking myself but yeah it’s it’s a little bit it’s it’s a little harsh i don’t want to say on the east coast they can think of places around the world like ireland and england the guys are people are watching and thinking what time it is there so i think it’s tough on the east coast it’s even worse in other places so what i’ve seen though is um i’ve seen a couple things um from some from some media that they’re really boasting about this fight and they’re giving the you know the given ladies their credit, which I agreed. Give them all the credit in the world. I think there’ve been, I think this was a fantastic fight. It was good back and forth. Um, where I look at females MMA is it’s kind of just past that Frank Shamrock era of MMA. They’ve got the cardio down now. They’ve learning to get the output down. They’re putting together a little bit of the wrestling. Some of them have better wrestling than others. Majority of the time it’s striking because they don’t have the, they don’t have that next level wrestling. Some of them are getting pretty damn good with with the submission games. Um, they’re, you know, control from the top. You only have a select few that are that way though. You got like a McKenzie Dern. Um, uh, I can’t remember her name. Uh, she seems like she has one eye that kind of like floats around. Uh, Verna and the Rova. Yeah. I think her name is Verna. Yeah. Verna Verna something. Yeah. Anyways, but uh, yeah, there’s some really good Jiu-Jitsu, um, practitioners in the game, um, in the female side, but they haven’t fully evolved their full game. Can you know, they started the I wouldn’t say they started later, they just didn’t get to the prime time. And there was a lot of them there to make each other better. Dumb. I just I don’t want to I don’t want to put too much emphasis just yet and start making them something that they they potentially I gotta be careful. I put this john, you know, this. They are spectacular. All of them are and I love the walk away. I know, I know. But I love the growth in which I’m seeing from them. But This they stay they still have some work to do in terms of in terms of making themselves and fool all the way around game Like Frank Shamrock was never the best striker. Okay, he’s in that he was but he was a good grappler He was he never could fucking wrestle, but he weaponized conditioning and cardio Marie Smith was never a great grappler started getting really good towards the end weaponized his cardio was good great kickboxer They’re kind of I feel like they’ve just females MMA has just passed You know the Frank Shamrock era they’re into that second kind of stage of when Tito made his runs into the into the His title shots and up there Where do you think that females MMA is right now after watching this fight? I’m gonna say the same thing, you know And it’s the one thing You’re talking about mistakes How many times do you see? male fighters grabbing heads And now they’ll grab it, you know, in a guillotine, different when it’s facing them, something like that. But reaching over the top, almost, you know, yeah, you can have, have a head and arm toss and those things and stuff, but it’s almost because Rhonda Rousey got away with it was for so long with her judo that she would grab the head and, you know, get the take down and stuff. Women’s MMA, they, they tend to do that just way more more than men. They grabbed the head and you know sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and it didn’t work for Valentina last night in that fifth round but they do things at times that you’ll see that men stay away from. It’s just different. The men would men do not go for that type of technique where the women do and so I think they are different you know it’s it’s it’s a different I don’t know I want to say it’s not different in levels Obviously, there’s different levels of stuff, but it’s just a different mindset in what I will attempt to do And what I stay away from completely Well, you’ll find guys that do you know who does it a lot who did it almost every fucking time He was in the clinch was day of corning He did it every single time he would throw his hand over the top and like right around their neck And we’d always get on him about it. He’s like, that’s just the way that I wrestle man And it worked for him It was the way that he tried to like kind of like tip you a little bit and then he tried to foot sweep you and he couldn’t get the foot sweep. He’d come back inside sometimes for inside trip. I mean obviously he could fucking wrestle the shit out of everybody if he wanted to. I mean pretty close, you know, but he just it was his style of wrestling. It was almost a little bit of a hang on you style, put pressure on you, but guys like him can get away with it. Two time Olympic, uh, um, Olympic team member. Yeah. Olympic team member. Like guys like him can get away with it. Rasuhito, they can get away with it when they want to. You’re talking like that’s the next level position that they feel comfortable in against people that are not obviously on their level in the wrestling department. I just, I, I want to see that look, the growth they’re doing fantastic, but I think the, the media is they’re really up playing this right now that that yeah, there’s up playing it a little bit. It was a great fight back and forth mistakes were made, but it was a fantastic fight. I’m not trying to be negative. I just I feel like it felt like people are gonna listen to this and think I’m trying to be negative. Both of them are fantastic fighters. I just I don’t want to put too much on it saying that they’re that you know that there’s not room for growth in this there’s a ton of room for growth and who I think I honestly believe whatever female fighter comes with that next level wrestling and how it starts putting together the boxing a little bit how Alexa Grosso right now, her wrestling has gotten really good in terms of way to take down. Yeah. Stuffing take downs. The way she hit Valentina should take over from the wizard position at one moment in the fight. I was like, Holy shit. She hit her over to her side, almost to her back. That type of wrestling or those and then put that together with the boxing and little bit of minimize of kicks in there. I think that’s when you’re going to start seeing the next level females come up where it’s just going to be grimy. They’re just gonna get on each other with the knees the clinch. It’s gonna be a grimy style of female fighting right now it’s a lot of a lot of Lot of stick and move. It’s a lot of stick and move, you know, and we’ll talk about one that maybe there wasn’t that same Okay, okay, but yeah, I agree with you. I understand what you’re saying. Let me ask you this when it comes down to this decision and the the draw and the 10-8 round and everything How many people have you heard say? You know, well, I agree with the draw, but I don’t agree with the score Okay, you had one judge that went with Alexa Grasso you had one judge that went with Valentina Shevchenko and you had one judge say it’s even this is I mean Just the scores themselves. I I personally, I didn’t agree with the 10 eight, but you know, I’m okay. You know, with, you know, the rest of the scores in there and how things went. But I mean, it was as close as you can get. It is what it is. And it’s like, why are you people upset when a fight is that close? And you have it become a draw. I heard people say there should never be a draw in a title fight. What the frick are you talking about? We’ve had a lot. Yeah, you know, how about Cal Uno versus BJ pin which stopped you from being able to be in the UFC? Okay, that was that was one of the ones that started off and you had frickin like Grey Maynard and Frankie Edgar and you had What Stephen Thompson against Tyron Woodley? I mean a Goliath and Blahovitch that was I think the most recent there’s been a ton Probably five or six that have ended that way Yeah, look judging judging you have no control over and I think it’s funny that you know The commentating last night was talking about that they like oh, you know if we had a half points is some I was like Yeah, you know and it was what a big difference. We don’t yeah. Yeah, and we don’t yeah I’d like to get into why we don’t yeah, but but the people that are commentating there They’re working for the company that doesn’t want that. I think it’s the best way to do it I mean, I honestly I can’t think of another way that would make it No, everyone talked about open scoring. They were on you know, all the commentators all the media all they wanted was open scoring for a while dumb stupid I Just I can’t I can’t I just can’t do it I couldn’t can’t imagine knowing that someone can just skirt on the outside and then you have a guy taking a lot of chances Potentially getting knocked out ruining his career all those things. I get it when you’re down. You got to get after it Whatever but then you know then you end up with you should know that though or you should know that well I Might be losing this you know If the fights close, why are you taking the chance? There you go You know if the fights cool like it like if the fights close get after it be I don’t know It’s there’s a lot of different ways we can look at this. I mean I looked at what was the fight. I think it was What fight was it I think it was Oscar de la Hoya versus Trinidad. Yeah, and he just thought he was up and he circled around for like the last two or three rounds three rounds Yeah, and he ended up losing the fight You know and I was like I was sitting there with all my cousins watching the fight going What are you doing? You’re not winning by this much. You can’t give away these rounds and That’s what I mean. I feel like that’s what you’re gonna get with open scoring. You’re gonna get a lot more of that, you know and Yeah, and then everyone’s gonna be shocked. Well, no, he was winning he was and then it’s gonna cause more problems It’s going to cause more problems. So, um, I don’t know overall ladies put on a great performance last night and, um, I feel like the right person won. It was close. I wouldn’t have been mad if it went the other way, but let me, let me ask you this. Do we see an automatic rematch? No, absolutely not. You got to, you know, that’s two in a row. Now it’s close yeah it is a draw draw but you got you you gotta you gotta let other blood come in there and have a shot at that title you can always bring Valentina back but you need to allow the rest of the people there you just let the person that was number one she got her shot and it didn’t draw after losing to that person and when I said losing that person you know that was a that she tapped. That was a submission. OK, so now you got submitted and now you have one that it was close. It was a draw. But I got to let somebody else have a shot at that title. I got to bring some new, new life, new blood into it. I’m going to put somebody else up against Grasso. It was a draw, John. You’re right. It was equal. It means I deserve my shot. No, you got your shot. OK, was your second one right in the room? You get a third in a row. I agree with you. I don’t want to see that fight again. Not right now. Not right now. I want to see what’s that Who would be fighting her next who’d fight Alexa Gross and next and who would you want to see? Valentina Fica, she’s already fought a ton of people in this way I mean you the two that you’re gonna look at right away is gonna be either Aaron Blanchfield Who is up in the top in the 125s or? I know for all who just got the win Against Rose Nama Eunice. I would think those are your two there you’re looking at and if you’re gonna go style for style which is gonna be your well Grasso is gonna match up well with I know as far as the stand-up so you’re gonna have a stand-up you know not complete kickboxing you know you can see either either lady taking it to the ground but both of them are very good in the stand-up where you know that Blanchfield is gonna be working at trying to take that thing to the ground yeah I think they’re gonna give it our Aaron Blashfield how old is Aaron Blashfield she’s 20 23 she’s young she’s a baby you know I mean they’re looking to probably stake their claim on having a young champion and for those you guys I don’t think the UFC is doing that they do that all the time they’re trying to find they’re trying to make sure they work with if they can get a young champion in there and keep a young champion for a period of time. They have that. That’s smart. Yeah. No, I get it. Grasso is what? She’s older now. She’s what? 29. Oh, it looks like 28. 25. Oh, she’s 20. She’s Grasso. What’s that’s a Grasso. Yeah, I was sorry. We’re looking at it last night. I think she’s 20. 30. 30. 25 30. Same thing. Good. Yeah, I thought she was 29. No, she’s 30. Okay. Yeah. I mean, she got some time. She obviously has some time. But You know the the UFC’s job is to get somebody that’s a little bit try to get a young as young a champion as you can And see how long they can hold on to because there’s a storyline there and then on top of that They don’t keep buying belts They can just try to keep Now they give that little little ruby thing got it got it interesting so much for giving belts out all the time Oh, I know save money cut costs smart smart. They’re not cheap man those belts No, they’re not. They’re not she or no. Yeah that thing over my shoulder there on the right. It’s a Shit, it’s it runs you probably about close to 11 12 grand Something like that. It’s crazy Alright, okay. Let’s go ahead and go to that next fight. Let’s go. Let’s see. You go Jack Della I’m at Elena versus Kevin Holland. Okay, you can talk about this I fell asleep like going in like between rounds two and three Yeah, I was it was late Man, it’s the frustration level. It’s really is a frustration level with Kevin Holland. I mean, I sat on here and go, man, he’s the underdog. There’s no way I’m taking that bet. Luckily, I just didn’t. I forgot to bet, but it was I just I can’t figure him out. John, you know, what else? What else gives me the creeps though? Right now is that he said he opened his own gym. He has his own spa and now he’s calling the shots. He said that. Yeah, that’s that to me is that’s a big no no. I mean, look, having your own gym. Congratulations. I don’t wish that upon anybody. But having your own gym, it’s it’s it feels good. This is mine. I own it’s my own place to train all these things. I love it. I love all that. But it’s the focus then becomes you you’re able to control your you’re able to control your training. That’s never a good thing. You’ve got to have a trainer that controls You’re training for you. This is the time we work out. We meet every single day at this time No, I don’t care about you doing today. Yeah, this is what we’re doing today. You’re gonna work on Yeah, this is you know, this is what we’re doing. This this is our schedule you said i’ll let you set it in the beginning If you want to work out at 10 a.m And then again later at say 6 30 at night. That’s fine. We can do that I’ll be there at those if the trainer’s gonna give you the time to choose because like for me with javier I I hated the fact that we worked out at noon I hated it because we had to come back at 6 and we didn’t get done working out till 2 We didn’t get out of the gym until 2 and 4 hours later 5 hours later We had to come back and I was like this sucks It was depending on where it was like 6 6 30 7 o’clock something like that It was like just not enough break cost chick and I and Fitch. We always complained about it. Let’s work out at 9 a.m Let’s work out at 10. No, no Soon as soon as we all don’t want to get up No, as soon as we all left as soon as we all left guess what training is at 9 a.m. Drives me fucking crazy all of us. We wanted it so early for so long Look if you want to let your trainer call out the times are you gonna your trainer? But your your fighters call out what time they want to train cool. I get it, but you got to be there and be consistent I don’t know if calling the shots made a difference, but in this fight He just can’t seem to use fight IQ you’re better on the ground. I didn’t really I saw one takedown I think in the second, maybe in the third, something like that. The second or second, somewhere around. And he was a second try to shoot kind of a half-assed body lock. Didn’t get it. Josh, just let’s go off of length. All right. It is, it is a serious advantage if you use it correctly or it’s nothing. And you take a look in his opponent is not a person that wants to take this fight to the ground. So kicking is a good thing to do that tip kick up the middle to the oblique kicks to the legs calf kicks down low all of these techniques now you got to be careful with the calf kicks as far as you can get hit with the counter right hand or something like that depending on what side you’re going to but all of these things that you can have a distinct advantage in your length and reach and you you’re you’re letting someone crush that space and you’re now getting into throwing elbows inside and it’s like that’s that’s not to your advantage your advantage is in keeping it at the distance and at times Kevin did and then he just let it go just let it go I’m like just I love the fact that that you know, he’s super talented. He seems to really like to fight. But he just at times I just look at him and I want someone to shake him and say you could be so much better. But Hey, some fighters have a they have they have that way of getting in their own way. Yeah. And I feel like he’s one of them. He’s talented. He’s got all the tools he could you know, can obviously grow as a fighter like most fighters can. But I’m not going to I’m not going to put it all on him. My Jack Dillaman, Madeline made it a very, he fought his fight, he didn’t get out of his fight. He stayed in his lane. He understands what he was good at stuff to take down, let the hands go, you know, throw a couple kicks here and there to get you thinking about them. And keep my back off the fence, those kind of things. And he, we sat up here and said that we thought that, um, that Madeline, it was a hit, hit harder, had more power in his hands. And it sure looked like it because every time that he tried to hit, um, Kevin Holland, Kevin Helen backed up, circled away, leaned his head back, was able to get out of the reach of a lot of it. But it looked like it was having an effect on him, whether he hit him in the chest, whether they hit him on the, on the shoulder, whatever it was, it looked like it was having an effect on call, Kevin Holland and it looked like it was making him not want to engage that lets you know right there that That whatever that Jack Dylan Maddalena is doing. Maybe it doesn’t look like it’s all that great, but it’s having an effect on his opponents Because he makes his guys go backwards when he fights him. He makes him go backwards He’s got a little bit of that ginger to him. It’s got the got the power feels like he’s got that that kind of You know strength that we talk about about. It’s got the you know it just he seems like he’s extremely strong and he’s got some power behind him and and he puts fear in people as he starts touching them. They’re like wow this guy it’s harder than he looks. It’s hard. It hurts coming to get in there. I’ve trained with guys like that. It just it was painful kind of to touch their body. You’re like oh this is not this isn’t comfortable. You physically feel strong. You like them sharp bones or you know real tense muscles and everything just kind of hurts. He looks like he has that he must have that feeling because he’s the guys he’d fight they don’t seem to want to engage his last fight was a really good fight yeah a little bit of back and forth but it was a great fight by his opponent but yeah great this one here and you take a look there was a guy who hey he knew where his road to victory was and he kept going after it and in this fight with you know against Holland Holland just you know I’m just out here I’m gonna just do my thing and just we’ll see what happens it’s like he didn’t have a game plan of this is what I need to do to get a win against this guy this is where it needs to be it was like also I will see you know once I’m out there we’ll see what happens maybe not but it’s just that was the impression that I got from the way he fought it yeah next fight ah then you got to go and say well you want to be Super impressive. I love the way both guys came out Terrence Mitchell. We knew he’s got good wrestling very long very You know, he’ll throw going up against the the young phenom an 18 year old Raul Rojas junior they came out slinging man. They were both thinking leather going hard Probably not the best and smartest way to start the fight for either guy but damn entertaining loved the way that Uh, Rosas said, uh, sat him to his butt and he, he definitely hurt him with that left hand when it didn’t look like it hit that hard, but it’s one of those ones that, you know, it just, just pushes the chin straight down, doesn’t have the twist and it, you could see that for a moment he was frozen. He was able to at least gather themselves as he was hitting the ground, but not enough to get himself back in the fight and the fight was stopped. And it should have been, and it was a very nice comeback win for Mr. Rosas Jr. Yeah, I thought he looked good. I thought, um, you know, a little, a little sloppy with the standup. I mean, I feel like I’m, I’m sounding very negative today, but it’s, it’s, um, yeah, it was, it was a little bit of a sloppy exchange from both of them. They were getting, I loved it. They were both aggressive. Both of them, you know, um, had some good exchanges, uh, both landed some clean shots and it really just came down and who got to whose chin first, you know, uh, I think Rojas juniors got a little bit better of a, I don’t want to say better of a chin, but he was absorbing the shots a little bit better. Um, Mitchell, I would’ve thought he would’ve tried to stick and move, keep that on the outside, make a Rojas junior kind of, kind of wing some shots, miss some shots, and then make them a little bit tired. Avoiding this, uh, avoiding the takedowns or avoiding the submission game was key. But look, they got into the exchange and this is what happens. I mean, When you have two young fighters and they’re willing to trade like that, it’s really just for the fans. The fight didn’t last a minute. So it’s not like they were in there long. No, but both guys going for it and I appreciate that. I know that’s the second loss in a row for a Mitchell Terrence Mitchell, but you know, he’s got to figure out where is my strength and let me, let me play it. He’s all, he’s very Kevin, Yeah, Holland like in the fact that it’s super long for that weight class man, he’s got a huge reach and He can wrestle. You know, it’s just he’s he does remind me of Not in the way he fights and stuff, but coming from Anchorage, Alaska Just like Jared cannoneer did look he was the big dog there and he was getting all these wins and stuff and there’s levels And is those guys that you’re facing up in Alaska and they are not that they’re not tough But they just don’t have the same skill set So you’re gonna have to just continue to increase your skill set and you’ll come up with those wits But I do love the way that they just went after each other I think mentally it’s good for fighters to go and train other places because then you can realize that Other fighters out of other gyms in the shitty like small little hole-in-the-wall gyms. You never heard of I mean I used to walk into gyms and go and I’m better than all these guys and then you get in there you start Grappling with these guys are wrestling with these guys start sparring with these guys. You’re like, wow There’s this little thing they do this It’s difficult to read and they’re hitting me with it every time or they’re they’re taking me down with it every time or they’re You know, they’re putting you’re not used to it. It’s something different And so you have to tune that out that you can go into into any file. I’m way better than him You possibly are but there’s something about the way that fighter fights that they got him to this level and there’s a reason behind it And so don’t think you’re just gonna go in there like all the things that he do or I’m gonna walk right through it that’s why it’s so impressive any time a fighter gets an early knockout early submission or You know or dominates for you know The fight is because you’re fighting someone who you’ve never been around you’ve never trained with you’ve never experienced their strength Their speed their their movement their abilities to shoot submissions fast or not, whatever it is. It’s It’s eye-opening. I think for fighters when they first get in there They play play that little you know fill out game which is that’s why it’s so impressive to see these fighters get after it right off the bat and just say throw caution in The wind and that’s what these two did, you know, hey, whatever happens happens and it was a good fight good I know then last long but feel bad for Terrence Mitchell because that’s two in a row I know the first one he took I think on short notice, correct? I believe so. Yeah Yeah, I think it was like two weeks notice or something. I think and then that’s this one here. He had a full camp Going against their their darling, you know, Rojas jr. So it’s I Don’t know. We’ll see we’ll see what they do with them. I think they’ll keep him for a third fight See if he can make a comeback next one we had You want to talk about impressive performances Daniels L Huber who we talked about we said man. This young kid is good uh going up against Christos, Christos Gallegos and Christos was, he was fighting a good fight. He was fighting the way he needed to. He was really working hard at the takedowns but man, it was so impressive. The takedown defense of Zell Hoover and the way he would just shucked him off, just stuffed everything quickly and shut everything down and then just the the crispness and the sharpness of his stand up game and what he was hitting him with and then right away when given the opportunity off of a takedown attempt you look here’s your opportunity booms slides right into the anaconda man makes it tight right away we didn’t even get the leg wasn’t he just crushed the space by turning the body it was able to get the tap man you could see it out of you know extreme couture is where he trains that you could see how They love this kid. He is special because he’s, you know, super polite, just a good person, super young and super talented. Yeah. I mean, when someone has that type of length, like Kevin Holland, like him, I mean, that choke is there almost at any time. Anytime you have that front headlock, that choke is there. Yeah. And so, um, you’ve got to be prepared to fight someone like that. That’s why Tony Ferguson has such a run, um, for a while, But he would hit that thing from anywhere Especially the doors. Yeah, the doors for the anaconda. He would hit it from anywhere from from on his butt you know the other guy that does it really well is um, is Garoslav Amosov, he hits that thing from everywhere. So he hits that front headlock I’ve seen him hit it when he hit it on Logan Sturley. He hit it from his butt and Logan was on the legs Yeah, Logan was on the leg and he hit it from there very impressive stuff So if you have somebody that likes to attack that move You’ve got to be ready and prepared for them to try to hit that thing anywhere I’ve seen guys hit it from the bottom, you know They you’ve got side control on them and they just hit it from the bottom and they just try to roll you through It’s pretty impressive. I’m like what in the hell are you trying to do? You’re not getting this. Oh shit. It’s getting tight Oh, yes, you can. Oh, yeah, it’s getting tighter. It just has to do with their their limb length You know no different than like kind of how the buggy choke is the buggy choke is really effective when you when you have long limbs Super long levers. Yeah, so overall performance though was very good by a Zilhuber or Zilhuber or whatever Zell Huber. Zell Huber. I don’t have my glasses on. Zell Huber. So goodbye him and good stuff. Next fight. Kyle Nelson taking on Fernando Padilla in the opening of the main card. Kyle Nelson, very tough guy from Canada. He’s super aggressive. He comes after guys. I was really surprised at Padilla and the way that he approached the fight. I thought Padilla won the first round. I thought, you know, pressure, he landed. He’s super long. He’s landed clean shots to the for the most part. You know, it kind of opened up Nelson. But from that first round on just didn’t fight smart, just didn’t fight real well. And it allowed Nelson back in the fight allowed Nelson to start taking control of, you know, where the engagements were happening and how they were going to happen. And it was almost in my opinion, one of those a, a young, uh, talented kid, not using smart, not being smart in the way that, you know, you, you want to approach your opponent thinking that I can just walk through you. You can’t just walk through people, you know, you got to be smart in the way you do it. And I think it’s going to be a good learning experience for Padilla though. I think so. I go, Dean has had a good fight dominant control from the top. She told me we were talking about you know, what did I say? We all there’s fights that we could talk about loop Peter Godinez Was a savage she Dominated that fire She did everything that she wanted to do when she wanted to do it the takedowns that she hit the transitions that she was going through a lease read was just I mean she was getting mauled. Yeah, the I give her credit man. She was tough. That arm bar was nasty at the end. You know, I’m looking at the hyperextension of the arm and you can see herb is sitting there and he’s like good because what he’s waiting for and they’re okay. I’m going to go through this happened. You know this fight was after the no contest and we’ll talk about that. Dominic. Okay. It’s great. He pumped herb up and that’s great. Okay. But there was nothing going on that, you know, it’s a matter of we allow professional fighters to be in control in a submission. We let them go unless we see damage, we see it dislocate we see a break we see something where there’s absolute damage we’re gonna call it into the fight if it’s an amateur fight he herb would have stopped that fight because it’s like you’re not getting out and I’m not gonna let your arm go you’re not the person that’s gonna make the choice I’m gonna be the person but it as a professional there’s money involved there’s records involved we’re gonna let it go to that point where we see damage it’s a matter of her just did his job good job her you know it’s like he didn’t do anything special what’s special is how much Elise Reed put up with the amount of pressure on that arm and the way that she was able to fight her way through that because it was definitely on and it was painful and she fought her way through it but then it just came out in the second round and it just started all over again. Lupita was all over. Great performance. Godina’s is really looking good. Yes, she is. She is she had that top control heavy hips just putting the pressure down great ground pound doing some work to pass guard get to the top position get mount get back. She did everything. That’s what you’re looking for. You know, we got to fine tune her stand up a little bit more. But she’s kind of what I was talking about a little bit of that. Like Alexa Grosso making the steps in the gains of Valentina Shuchenko was a little bit ahead of her time in terms of using her wrestling, she’s a world-class kickboxer. All of these things. Um, Godina’s is headed in that direction. Fine to the stand up a little bit more. Let’s go ahead and utilize some more kicks. Let’s get our head offline. Not be so hittable. Um, these are the things that I’m looking at when I’m watching the female fights. I want to see the gains that they’re, that they’re improving on. I want to see the movement, the head movement. I want to see the slip in the counter. I want to see the step offline encounter. I want to see the step off line, get to the takedown, you know, hit the high crotch, then run to the double. I want to see all of these things right to the takedown, right to passing, not just falling into the guard. There’s a, there’s a, there’s, there’s steps in a process of getting them to the next level. They are there. There are, this is where they, this is amazing to watch. She got the takedown right into the pass. Not like, you see that from people like Mackenzie Durham. You don’t see that from all the female fighters. They get the takedown and then they stop. Well Lupita’s that person that’s always had stand up and aggression and she goes after and she’s that, she’s almost, I want to say a brawling style but she’s got a brawling style in the stand up. Like a Betch Cohea. Put her head in there. Like Betch Cohea, member of this. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And she will go after you. But now she’s backing it up where she can take it to the ground too and if that’s what she’s getting out of Team Lobo, man, congratulations. picked the right spot for you because you are absolutely progressing as a fighter. And uh, she’s now becoming multidimensional. That’s just going to make her a better overall fighter for the rest of her career. Yeah. I thought it was a great dominant performance. I have to agree with you on that as well. Next fight. Another one. Rotten couple off against Josh from, you know, this is one of those ones you couple off and You know, we thought we’d we’d look at him. He’s like Chase, Chase Hooper’s dad. They look the same, man. He’s just a bigger version of Chase Hooper as far as. But man, he’s got power in his hands and he lands beautiful kicks, beautiful shots to the body. This guy can go everywhere as far as, you know, in the stand up. He is just technically very good. So it makes smart decisions, great timing. And Josh Frem, you know, very good grappler. You could tell that he was looking to get the fight to the ground. He just was getting hit with shots that were hurting him over and over and over again until the end. What you can see when the kick hit the body and you saw him kind of leaning in and he’s sticking his elbow down there. You’ve been there. I’ve been there. It’s one of those. Okay, that really freaking hurt. Yeah, I’m trying to breathe and just give me and then he comes right back to the body with the liver shot Just put him to his knees and Your body just it shuts down. There’s nothing you can do, but it was a beautiful performance overall by Kapilov He’s just he’s starting to get on a roll Yeah, the confidence is there. He realizes what he’s doing is working Now he’s explosive the head kicks the fast fast He seems faster than what appears on TV because it seems like the fighters They’re respecting his speed and his power both and the way he mixes it up really well keeps him guessing So good for him. He goes to the body a lot with the kicks, which is very important A lot of fighters don’t do it enough. They go to the calf kick a lot, which is good But a lot of fighters are still doing the legs as much as possible, which I think is good They got it. Don’t forget about that body that’ll open up the head kick a lot It’ll open it up. And so he’s he’s he’s on track. Is he ranked right now? Can you look him up his copy off ranked might be that time 15 maybe in the tortoise 15 Nope no, he’s not Nope, nope. Nope. Nope Interesting. I mean like he hasn’t fought a high-level competition, but he’s still fighting guys that are tough jobs for our friends pretty tough off. So, um, but the good for him, good performance, good win. Another finish. He’s on, he’s on track man. Confidence is building. Look for him to probably get offered a top 15 guy right now somewhere in there. Maybe even a top 10, like a 10 or 11. So good for him. Uh, let’s go ahead and talk about the next fight, which was a no contest. Yeah. Explain to me what happened, John. I mean, John, it’s so simple. Go ahead. It’s the fight game and like like the refs are in a in a in a pinch. It’s it’s I don’t know. I don’t want to bag on people but it’s not John. I’ve never reffed anything. I’ve reffed like a couple like smoker fights. I’ve reffed a couple like events you know that are just a couple little small M.A. shows that were amateur fights you know to do it for what is it called camo California amateur. Yeah I’ve done it a couple of times for them. It’s just. It’s not easy. It’s not easy. And so I hate to I hate to hear people that say things like, you know, it’s your job. It’s just I get it. It’s their job. I do get it. But there’s a fine line between letting the fighter fight out and the fighter being choked out too long. He’s like, Oh, just you got to do you got to give him a minute. If I give him a minute, he could fucking die. Look, you know, I mean like if if I give him a minute being choked out, that’s a long time, buddy And so I get it. I understand I would be so fucking mad But they made it like he is you don’t think he’s upset with himself. He’s really mad. He’s really mad But this look other other refs have made the same mistakes That’s cool. There’s plenty of them have and they made it on the biggest stages and some of the biggest fights. Yep, and And we just got to look past it. Look, we chalked it up to fighter safety. That’s the way I chalk it up. I mean, look, he looked like his arm dropped, his right arm dropped. And OK, if I’m thinking now, I maybe would have shaken it a little bit to see if I would have got a reaction out of him. Stop with that goddamn shaking bullshit. OK, I would have done something. I mean, I would have shook his arm. OK, you would have. Yeah, I would have shook his arm. Yeah. I would have shook, and I would have shook to see if there was any tension still left in it. Ah, so let’s take the arm and put it someplace that doesn’t belong. And when you do, guess what? It’s going to, what’s going to happen when he’s there, he’s going to move it. If you sit there and shake and he’s trying to relax, you can do a shake. You’re the one controlling the arm and you’re hoping that he’s going to give some resistance. You’re hoping, but that doesn’t always happen. And so when you’re hoping he’s going to give some resistance, I want to take the arm and I want to move it into a place where all of a sudden it’s like, he’s going to pull it back, he’s going to put it in yes, you are, you’re, you’re, you’re creating a situation where he’s got to move his arm, a guy I’m going to make you move the arm and see if you’re there, if you don’t move it, then it’s telling me, yes, you’re out and I’m going to come in and stop the fight. But this whole, this comes, you know, just because the UFC and the WWE are now owned by the same company, I guess it’s not even Endeavor, it’s TKO now, okay? This is the old Hulk Hogan bullshit, okay? This whole shaking of the arm, because Hulk Hogan used to get put into a fucking rear naked choke, we’ll say, and he’s not sitting on his ass, he’s sitting on his ass and the fucking whoever it is the rock or whoever has got him in this shit choke that is fake as hell and dave is going crazy and loving it he’s just absolutely oh my god this is the greatest thing ever and the referee looks at hulk yeah and the hulk is sitting there and he’s like shaking all sudden his arms start to go down and the referee picks his arm up and let’s go of it his arm drops it hits the ground and he does it again and the Hulksters arm it drops and then the third time always the third time the Hulk arms picked up and he starts just shaking and oh my god he’s gonna come out of it we don’t pick up arms and shake them we move them to a place where they don’t belong or I can put tension on where the tension is gonna want to come back that’s gonna tell you whether the person’s out or not you know but this whole thing you know Dominic was very big and and and I don’t mean to say anything bad about her Herb did a phenomenal job last night he had a great show but Herb had the same situation occur with Robbie Lawler against Ben Askren Ben Askren’s putting him into a choke different type of choke obviously But Robbie Lawler decides I’m just going to relax, lets his arm, his arm kind of flops and Herb does the shake and stops the fight. And Robbie Lawler goes, what are you doing? The only difference is they didn’t have a replay official at the time that came in and said, hey, we want to make that a no contest. You stopped that. He was not out. That’s what happened here. it’s no contest yet sucks it sucks for both fighters in the fact that you know you you have this situation now based upon the pay the way the UFC structures that breaks it down no one is getting that win money you know you’re you have your show money and you have your win money and now you don’t even have the chance someone’s taken away that opportunity for you to win that money And that that’s that’s where the real problem is, you know, when you’re looking at this as a no contest or a no decision What I’ve heard people talk about they should just restart them It’s tough yeah, I’m telling you right now I did I did a fight one time and it was in Virginia and it wasn’t for the UFC it was for another promotion and and during the during a fight where one of the fighters puts the other fighter into this I mean super deep umplata at the time and this thing is on it’s done perfectly and he’s cranking and he’s trying to and the guy’s putting up with and all of a sudden all the lights go off it’s black you know I mean there’s There’s enough light you can see, you know, a little bit, but I’ve stopped the fight. So I stopped the fight, right? I pulled them out of the position. I can’t have them fight in the dark and we, you know, wait and we see how long, okay. It’s going to be 10 minutes for the lights are completely up. I put them back in the same position and I’m telling this one guy, crank it more, crank it more, crank it more. there’s no way that I can get it exactly where it was at there’s you know because you as the person who’s getting cranked are now starting to adjust so you’re in a little bit better position than you were in when he had it the first time and we start the fight the guy gets out of it and I was just like there’s nothing more you can do I mean it sucks but it is what it is so if you were gonna try to restart this and put them back into the same position are you going to adjust the fight in any way sure you are is it is it a choice it’s a choice that possibly you know can be brought up and they can do but the real problem with the the ending is both guys get shorted out on money in some way you know no one was able to get that money so it was a mistake it was a mistake by Chris you know Dominic jumped all over him and that’s you know that’s Dominic’s you know he has that you know ability it’s his job if you want to look at it and say it but Dominic says some things that you know he has no idea but he opens up his mouth and says those things like you know you know you you shouldn’t be in there if you don’t grapple well there’s different types of grappling Josh Chris Tione was a good wrestler he was a guy that wrestled for for most of his life, you know? He attained a lot higher status in wrestling than Dominic Cruz ever did. Okay, now Dominic was a better fighter, no doubt about it. And if I was gonna say, does Chris have, you know, a limitation when it comes to the submission in Jiu Jitsu part, sure, he’s not that guy. He’s the wrestling coach guy. But to sit there and to, it’s not as easy as you think. think and until we have we have guys you know take a look at Frank trick this was he a fighter yeah damn good fighter right good wrestler you know Chris Lehman we got all all these guys that have been good fighters and now are trying to referee or judge and they’ll all tell you dude it’s not what you think holy shit and it’s because you’re supposed to be perfect all the time hard to be perfect all the time. Hard to be right and make everybody happy because you’re trying to make the fighters happy. You’re trying to make the promotion happy. You’re trying to make the commission happy. And the commission happy and the promotion happy are two different directions because promotion wants the fight to be exciting. They want it to be done right. The commission wants the fight to be exciting. They want it to be safe. So you’re always playing that balancing act. And I feel bad for Chris that this happened, but there is systems in place that he needs to adjust to when you see somebody and you’re going to make a stop, here’s what I want you to do first, just to make sure in that situation. Based upon the fact, if you look at the choke, That’s not a good joke. And that’s where Dominic was right. You look at how the arm was across and what he was doing, it’s gonna be really hard because you only have possibly one side of the carotid and you really didn’t have the larynx to crush, to push up against the carotid arteries. So Dominic was right about that, but mistakes are made, so what happens? But they did it right in that no one got a loss. Yeah. Okay. So you said, do you restart the fight? And you had a very long winded answer, but no, I don’t think you do the way. The reason why you don’t is the emotions of the fighter who won everything is off. I just won this fight. Now I got to fight this guy again. Right. Talking about you. Stop the fight. I won the fight. And then the other fighters like, yeah, let’s go. I’m motivated. Now I get a second chance. It just changes the time. I usually, usually you’re absolutely right. You will see the guy who supposedly lost the fight come back and I’ve because I’ve seen him restart the fight too many times. They come back and win. Yeah. Because the other guy has lost everything. His mentality is gone. Yeah. The adrenaline dump is real. It’s like, yes, I’ve won. You’re getting your check. You’re celebrating. You’re up on the top of the cage. You know, thinking the fans and they’re like, yeah, get down. Okay. You’re going to keep going. Wait, what here? I want you to think about this. Go back to Anderson Silva. Did you ever see Anderson and Silva do that. Oh, against Michael Bisping. Mike Bisping. Yeah. Right? All of a sudden he was told, no, no, no, no, next round. And you could see the drop. Mm-hmm. It’s tough. But then there’s also like when fighters also win and they take another fight the next week or two weeks later because they had a good performance. Yeah. Don’t do that either. Give yourself time to get out of your own head. Focus on the next opponent. I’ve seen it. We just talked about a fighter doing that, I think, what, two weeks ago or something. They had fought two or three weeks ago. They had fought on one card, had a dominant performance, no injuries. Like it was like a two minute fight, came on and fought the next time lost. It was, they wanted to take the role around fight. They wanted to go right over to the next fight, collect another check. Good on them for doing it, but it’s not easy. It’s definitely not easy. So anyways, I just, uh, look, refs, they have a hard job. Uh, it becomes more real when you’re in there trying to get all the rules. And like you said, the making sure the commission has a standard of which they want fighter safety and all these things. And the promotion wants something similar, but different. They want to make sure that there’s action. They want to make sure you’re not, you know, you’re helping the fight move along and making the crowd happy and making us happy. So there’s, there’s a little bit of a difference there. These things are going to happen. It sucks for the fighters, but I would rather have this happen, but at least they got it right with the no contest. But I’d rather have this happen and the guy that fucking let the kid almost die in fucking San Antonio. There you go. Like that. Like it goes both ways. And it’s one of the things that I will tell you and trust me, Chris has heard this too many times from the Nevada State Athletic Commission is we want you to stop at one punch early rather than one punch late. We want you to stop at one second early rather than one second late. And that’s what you’re dealing with. And no matter what, people have no concept of how much pressure there is in being that person in there. When you said put the arm where it’s in a position where they’re going to have to react, in that position, yeah, where do you put it? And then as a fighter, I’m like, hey, man, now I’m fighting the ref and the fighter. That’s why it has to be fast. And I’m going to take if your arm is down, I’m going to push it back. I’m going to push it back and just kind of hold it in and see if I get any push back at all. Because I do that, your arm is going to automatically start to come forward. Like what are you doing? You’re there. Got it. Gives me that information. So you are just basically shaking the arm. Okay. Got it. Noted. But yeah, that’s the whole thing. You are. But you’re doing it with a control that is not this flopping thing because when you flop it if the guys relax it’s gonna flop. Yeah. I guess yeah. I get what you’re saying. Just trying to figure out like what if it happens if you put it in the wrong spot and it makes the choke tighter. No. Thanks John. I think you know chokes enough to where you’re not going to help the choke. All right. Last fight I’m going to talk about is Tracy Cortez. I thought she looked good. She put some. Oh, that’s the last fight you’re going to talk about. I’m not. you can talk about the other two. Oh no, I’ll talk about Charlie Campbell too. He had a great performance. Great performance. Did you hear him against DC? Yeah, I loved it. Poor Daniel Cormier has been eaten alive. I loved it. I was awesome. Good. I mean, I felt bad for a little bit. No, no, I felt bad a little bit for Charlie Campbell because at that time when you fight and you’re only the second fight and there’s not a lot of crowd there yet. Some of the crowd you can hear in the background. Yeah, it was like it was so dead. I felt so bad for him. That would have that would have got a lot more heat if he was on the main card. But good performance by him, man. Great knockout, great performance, TKO, whatever. But great shots. He was throwing getting himself out of position a little bit too much. He’s good. I don’t know why Bellator didn’t keep him. We liked him. Stupid. Yeah, dumb, dumb. But they did the he’s a He’s a good fighter. He was tough. It was fun to watch. Uh, he’s a gamer. I think his nickname is the cannibal. I mean, he was eating, he eats up some people, man. He looked good last night. Good for him. I was happy for him. Tracy Cortez. Let’s talk about that fight. I mean, I could talk about that all night. She fought her ass off. She did. But you know, going into this, we talked about, and we knew that, you know, Jasmine’s a very good wrestler. We knew that Tracy’s a good wrestler. So you’re wondering, is it going to cancel each other out? It’s going to end up on the feet. It really did for the most part. But the speed difference was the big difference in the fight. Tracy was a faster fighter. She got her shots off and she was landing shots before Jasmine was able to get the counters to come back and to land and have an effect on Tracy. Jasmine did a great job throughout that fight, fought tough as hell, and she took some good shots. Man, she took some big shots and kept just marching forward a lot I loved it with the third round when she grabs the braid to land the knee. Hey, you know at DC said if you’re not cheating You ain’t trying it’s like Let’s talk about a little towel push down I think it’s great. Um, I thought she looked good man. She did I love the fact that she called her out on pulling the hair. Hey, man, what are you doing? But come on. I mean, I know it gets I know sometimes it’ll happen the glove or whatever will snag on it. I fought What was his name? Cajun Johnson was his name. Uh, yes case. I fought him Long before up in Canada. I fought him up in there and This guy had a he had like a fro at the time My fingers got stuck with the gloves and the tape and all that shit got and he was yelling at me from the bottom As I was beating his face in he was like I’m like, come on, man, fuck up all my hair. I’m like, bro, your fucking hair is up in the gloves. And we was like, your hair is everywhere. Yeah, it’s everywhere. I was getting in my mouth was getting my gloves. It was anyways, it’s not easy. It’s not as easy to think. Same thing happened with when I fought Benson, Benson didn’t have his hair tied back. And I was like, oh, I wish I would have told him to braid it. But it’s like my mouth was on his back. It was in my mouth going down my throat, so gross, so gross. And I love Benson, but man, it’s just nasty. That’s one of the things when you do a Benson Henderson fight. Mm-hmm. It is absolute. You’re gonna that you see his hair Because it comes in because it’s yeah coming out coming out. Yep. It does. Yeah, I mean I had there was one moment I think in round three or three or four He was three and I come back to the to the corner and I’ve got like Pieces of his like like a chunk of hair in my glove It must have got attached to like the the tape or something that yanked and it pulled his hair out Yeah, it’s not easy to fight someone with him. She had braids in but still but Tracy She’s a good after a year year and a half off. I thought she looked good credit She actually looked better and I think even though you said like she’s a good wrestler and you thought maybe the speed I thought it was the power that made the difference She moved her head offline and every time she landed it was almost like the the Alexa Grosso fight She had that every time she landed And then Jasmine had to take a step back and it just it looked like Tracy had the more powerful shots. She was she had the cleaner boxing when you got inside that phone booth. Not a phone book phone booth and she got inside that phone booth. She had the cleaner boxing and I love what she was doing. She had she had she did a good job. She needs to get the cardio. I think the first this was her first fight back after a year and a half. Get that that fight pace back. You’re gonna have to get into that third round with a little bit better cardio. She was breathing pretty heavy in that third round. She got tired. Both of them were. Both of them were. Both of them. Yeah. But Jasmine was pushing through it better than Tracy was. She was. She was taking control of that fight. Yeah. But I mean, what’d you think of the decision? Did you think Tracy won? I did. You did? Yeah. I thought it was close, but I gave it to Tracy. I thought she won. I thought it was close too. I thought Tracy landed the harder shots. Yep. I agree with you. I agree. But overall, between Tracy and Charlie, man, I thought that was a good back and forth battles, but I thought Charlie had a great performance with the knockout. Good for him, man. Yeah, very good. And a beautiful job on the mic. I love what he did. He even had cause Corby was answering him. That was the best. I felt bad for day cause he says, you know, what’d you do? So Corby’s good. Well, I thought, yeah, it doesn’t matter what you thought was great. I thought it was great. And DC is a total nerd for the WWE. Oh yeah. No, he’s in there. He bought, he bought into it perfectly. It was great. No, him and, uh, him and King Oh, uh, there’s a couple of the guys that, Oh, this guy named podcast, Dave, all nerds, all nerds for the, uh, for the w rampage. Yeah. Rampage. Very true rampage. All right guys. Hey, that’s gonna wrap up our UFC talk. Let’s go ahead and jump right into the, man, we spent an hour breaking that fight down. Hey, did you see that Sam Alvey got a knockout in karate combat? Did he? Yes, he did. After pulling a Dan Cormier with the way in. Oh, I was like, Oh my God, look at me like a son, bitch. Not all commissions are equal. Oh, all right, guys. Hey, before we work out, we’re going to move on to some news and talk about the Bellator car three or one being announced and the fight card is stacked. And but before we do that, let’s go to only fans dot com slash Wayne and only fans dot com slash Wayne and subscribe to us over there. It is free. And any fighters, if you guys are out there listening to us and you guys are interested in getting getting on to only fans, go ahead and reach out to us. Hit us up in my DMS on my on my social media at the real punk on on Instagram and also at the real punk on Twitter. So hit me up on both locations. Hit me up in the DMS. If you guys are interested in trying to slide into his slide into my DMS. If you guys trying to make some money on only fans, hit me up and make you guys and let me get you guys connected with the right people to help you guys get on that platform and start bringing a little bit extra revenue at only slash Wayne in subscribers over there it is free. All right. Let’s talk about your Bellator 301 was announced. This will be in Chicago. I have one of my favorite arenas. One of my favorite arenas. Absolutely amazing. It is awesome. What a great arena. And I’m looking forward to this fight. This is probably one of the fights I’m looking forward to the most is this fight. Go ahead. Boom, the champ, the undefeated Yaroslav Amazov, the guy that everyone in American top team will tell you there is no doubt they believe he is the best welterweight fighter in the world taking on Jason Jackson and this is it’s kind of one of those uh Jason Jackson is with kill cliff FC who used to be you know Sanford who used to be hard knocks who used to be the black zillions and so you have ATT versus the black zillions once again almost like they had the ultimate fighter thing. We missed the three three sixty hard knocks three six at heart knocks. Oh, you said our knocks. Okay, I said hard knocks, but Look at Jason Jackson. He’s got the same build as Amazon long tall good wrestling good stand-up. These guys are gonna match up. Well, this should be a great fight John I said this before I think if there’s gonna be a guy that gives Amazon the most problems gonna be Jason Jackson It’s the way that Jason Jackson’s fight. He fights a little reckless, makes mistakes, but he fights aggressive and he lets it go. The kicks, the hands, he will wrestle you. His first love was wrestling. Now he doesn’t have the wrestling of a Logan Starley, but he’s got better standup than Logan. Logan’s come a long way in his standup, but Jason Jackson’s longer, he utilizes the kicks better. He knows how to get into the clinch and use the knees and the elbows. I mean, this is going to be a more of a dangerous fight, not taking anything away from Logan Storley. In the first fight, Amosov wasn’t prepared for how good Logan Storley was on the ground and how much better his stand up had got a little bit. It was getting hit a little bit on the feet and he made those adjustments as after he went away to the war or during the war in Ukraine and Russia. He comes back, comes back on fire, beautiful performance over Logan Storley. Jason Jackson has just been knocking him down as they put him in front of him. He’s exciting. He’s fun to watch. He’s got the speed with the power at the hands and speed with the hands. Great kicks and he will take you down and control the top position and he will sprawl and brawl. So this makes for a very, very fucking good fight. A very good fight. I’m excited for this fight. I said this a while ago, the out of all the guys in that welterweight division, I felt like Logan was probably the guy that would give Amazon the biggest fits, which he did in the after watching their first fight. But I think Jason Jackson’s probably the number two guy. Can you pull up the Bellator rankings? I mean, I really believe that Jason just has the style to potentially give, uh, Amos off his first loft. Now I’m not saying he’s going to do it. I mean, until the guy gets beat, I can’t go against him. But, um, yeah, you look at Logan’s first, Michael page is probably leaving, going to the UFC, which is good for him. Happy for him because it’s a good opportunity towards this stage of his career to go out there and try and, uh, and test himself and see where he’s at. Yes. see what he wants to do. Everyone kept talking about I’m surprised. Korshkov I think would be a great fight against Amosov as well. A little bit of the wrestling got to stand up he’s explosive. The rest of those guys down there I don’t know. None of those guys I think will match up. None of those guys will give I mean Larkin maybe it’s Larkin. Yeah, it’s up and down with Larkin. You know he wins one lose one he wins two you know he’s he’s he’s good. He’s very good. He’s just coming off of loss. He just lost to Korshkov Korshkov. That’s right. So Korshkov though. Um, absolutely amazing. Anyways. All right. What was the other card? This card stacked. So you’ve got who else on this card? Oh, come on. Who else? Yeah. Pettis against patchy mix for the bottom way title. You got Sergio Pettis who was out for so long with a knee injury after winning the title. And then he comes back and he beats Patricio Pitbull in a beautiful performance. Patchy Mix went on and entered the Bantamweight World Grand Prix, walked away from that just looking fantastic. Went the distance with Horiguchi but just dominated him. Then went and submitted Magomed Magomedov as the first person to ever do that and then knocked out Rafian Stotz with a beautiful knee. Just looked fantastic throughout that entire Grand Prix. Well, he’s the interim champion, Dave interim, but who’s the champion? Pettis is the champion and patchy mix is looking to get that undisputed title. This is a fantastic matchup. Yeah. I’m looking forward to this fight a lot. Uh, it really comes down to who can implement their game plan. If patchy mix can get this fight to the ground. I mean, I don’t think he can’t do damage on the feet. He can, but I mean, obviously he’s, I think leaps and bounce better than Pettis on the ground. And Pettis I think is going to have slick movement, the way he lets his combinations go, all of those things. Where I look at this fight having a little, is kind of the Raphael Stotz and kind of the Corey Sandhagen with Frankie Edgar. It’s the height man, the height of patchy mix, that knee coming up the middle. If Pettis drops his head at all, if he just, yeah, you’re right there. You’re right there. So if you like to lean in and just step with the lead foot and leave the back foot behind. You’re dipping your head at the same time. So when he throws that jab or he throws a right hand and he’s got to reach for it at all, his head will automatically dip, which puts you right into that knee in range. We saw that with, uh, with Rafi on starts and when he got knocked out by mix, this is a good fight. I’m excited for this fight. It is. Then you also have AJ McKee against Sydney outlaw. Interesting fight. Sydney outlaw coming off of a nice win. Petriki Pitbull going up against Alexander Schaubly. That is in the lightweight Grand Prix. That’s a hell of a matchup. Schaubly is a sniper. Petriki’s got huge power, big knockout artist. That’s a great, great matchup too. Huh. Yeah, I mean, I’m looking forward to that as well. Schaubly and Pitbull, that’s gonna be a great fight. Great fight. I mean, these two guys are gonna slug it out. Schaubly, I think he’s got a little bit more- Someone’s going to sleep. Yeah. Shabba’s got a little cleaner striking clean in and out sniper type fighter and Patryk. He’s gonna yeah Patryk. He’s gonna let the hands go ahead with the with some big shots. Rocky outstops versus Danny Sabatello part two. Part two. What do you think of that rematch? I think it’s great. So I think it is a great match. Did you see Sabatello training with sunshine? Yeah. He took him down. That was great. I was laughing my ass off. Yeah. You You got a room full of guys. Sanchai being just the unbelievable Muay Thai guy that can just do it all. Takes on anybody of any size. Danny Sabatella, he gets hit with a kick. Danny Sabatella drops down, whoop, double leg, put him on his ass. Good job, Danny. Man, this car is pretty stacked. I’m looking forward to you. You’ve got a Timur Khizriyev versus Justin Gonzalez. That should be a good fight. And then you’ve got Mike Hamill, who’s always fun to watch against Tim Wild. Great. Always fun to watch. What’s the first two fights on there, Dave? And then also Unaba versus Denise Kilholtz. Yep. You might be able to think out on that. That’s that’s a good one. That’s two snipers. Yeah. That’s an interesting one. Look at a tough knife turned into. I don’t know, man. You take a look at her fight against Vita Ortega and I mean she was so accurate so good in the stand-up her footwork was beautiful she just picked Vita apart and Vita kept coming after her and stuff Vita’s been in there with Denise and got a win so this is an interesting matchup I think it’s gonna end up obviously being a strikers, you know, battle, but this is, this is an interesting fight. That’s tough. Cause so Mika, she is hittable and Denise’s got some power and Denise has got some snap. Yeah. So it’s going to be a good fight. It’s going to be a good fight. We’ll see. I mean, this is a big step up in competition for an ABBA big step up. What’s an ABBA six and oh yeah. Six and oh, and then Denise is seven and five, but that entire card is just Awesome. Good. Pumped. Pumped for them all. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Let’s go ahead and talk about something else. We got Kayla Harrison versus Julia, but in time, Kayla’s coming back. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. I feel like she was promised a little something, something. Yeah. Hey, yeah. Hey, if you stick around, if you stick around, we got some money for you and we got we got some top level top level fighters coming your way. So we’re going to we’d like to hang on to you so we’re gonna find out we’re gonna see exactly uh it’s a good fight for her I think Julia bud is is not who she used to be she’s getting a little bit older in age what 41 she’s got to pull the trigger more that’s all you know she’s good in the clinch got to pull the trigger more and don’t be afraid to utilize your wrestling you be on top you do the work you know um I think I think she could take Kayla Harrison down I’m not saying she could throw her anything I’m saying is she could probably she might be able to get her down. If she does get her down and her being on top is is beneficial on the feet. I think she’s got the advantage for sure, but she’s got to let her hands go. It’s just like she’s got her hands go. If you don’t, if you don’t pull the trigger, you, you can’t knock someone out. And so that’s been, that’s been the MO on her for the last, like probably, you know, five or six fights, four or five fights. Yeah. She’s got to pull the trigger. That’s all she’s talented. We all know that she’s talented. She’s got to pull the trigger. She’s a physical specimen. Both of them are as far as you know, athletes, just both of them are incredible. But Julia needs to just put it in your head. I just need to go after you. Yeah, she goes after it. She can make this a great fight. I think with Kayla, like Julia gotta be careful just she gotta be careful in how she approached she got to throw land and then throw again. She can’t just rush in with shots. She had a tendency sometimes to like walk forward with one twos. That’s gonna I mean, if Kayla will just dip underneath, get to the body lock with to take you down. You know, that’s not where you want to be. Kayla Harrison is she’s good, man. She’s good. So she’s got to stay out of that out of that position. She I think this time away has probably rejuvenated her a little bit. It’s been good for Yeah, taking this season off, I think I was like, okay, you know what? All right, I’m ready to get back to making money. The thing that the thing that’s unusual when you look at it that I look, you know, it says that featherweight. So that means Kayla is coming down to 145. Good. So that’s exactly what I think needs to be done. You know, there’s so many more, you know, opportunities for good matchups at featherweight than we’re ever going to see it lightweight. So yeah, there’s not there’s not a lot either at featherweight. So but there’s still better ones a lot less, a lot less lightweight though. Well, this this gives me hope john that what they’re going to do. They’ve got rid of the 55 pound division, I believe for the lightweights females, correct? And now it’s 45. Now, yes, it’s 40. Okay, so it’s 45. Kayla, her biggest gripe from what I understand was that she just didn’t want to do the fit 45 and be in the tournament. She just was like, I’m not doing that. She couldn’t lose weight that many times. Yeah, that many times like, I don’t want to do that to my body. I know what’s good for my health. I’m not doing that. So now which is smart. Now. Yeah, now with like the potential buy of Bellator and maybe some of the fighters coming over. Now, it makes me feel like they’re going to start leaning towards doing these matches like this, where it’s not in the tournament. And you’re going to see more of a traditional style of a promotion and fight. I think it’s beautiful, man. I think it’s a great opportunity if the female fighters come over and you have her there. And she’s ready to make 45. She can make 45. She’s fought at 45. And she’s good. So it makes sense. It does make sense. Good for her. Good for them. This is gonna be a good fight. I’m looking forward to it. This is a PFLW. Yeah. Didn’t they just come out with that? PFLW. Yeah, they came out with this whole thing, PFLW. What’s that? For women, I guess. Oh, wow. All right, still a PFL. Yes, it is. All right, next, what else you got for us, Dave? So apparently Derek Branson was released from UFC. Ali came out and let us know about that. and Derek Branson is no column for a Jake Paul fight. Curious on your thoughts? I mean, another wrestler turned boxer. My thoughts? Yeah, let’s see what happens. My thoughts is, Derek, if it’s an MMA fight, go ahead. If it’s a boxing fight, don’t. He’s gonna beat you in boxing. Stop. Joe, I think we’re past all this, like when these fighters get released, and they don’t care. They want to just make the biggest pay that they can make. And if it means fighting Jake Paul, that means fighting Jake Paul. That’s it. I don’t think Jake Paul’s going to fight him. Derek Brunson never had, I mean, he has, he has a big name in MMA. He has a good name. Um, but he never was a world champ. Neither was Nate Diaz, but Nate Diaz his name is huge. Okay. So big, big difference, big difference, big difference. So I don’t see Jay taking the fight either. So it doesn’t, uh, but uh, but I like the call out, whatever. If you’re there to make the money, make the money. If you can get a fight with Jake Paul, get after it, Make the money. That’s it. Do it. The part that I don’t understand is he was released with the UFC, but if you look at the headline on this thing, it says, Oh, he wants to tune up fighting against Jake Paul. Otherwise he’ll wait for Otis on you versus Whitaker winner. What the hell’s that? I don’t know. Makes no sense. No idea. But then again, I look at it says on September 5th, 2021. So Dave’s got something on there. That’s three years old To know September 14 2023 right there. No, excuse me by Damon Martin Take a look up above right underneath the actual headline, but I think September 5th, 2021 8 a.m. I Don’t see the a.m. Oh my god right there right below Whitaker winner. I don’t have my glasses on down. I can see it. Oh Oh, underneath that that’s just that’s just them there. That’s when that came out. No, but that’s what he posted John That’s his that’s from his Twitter from Derek Brunson’s. Yes, because that’s when that whole thing came out against Talking about the Otis Anya versus Whitaker winner. No, that’s when he he just took that screenshot Brunson the statement the statement. Oh, yes, the first one. Yeah came out in 2021 That’s when he first put out. Hey, I’ll fight Jake Paul Thank you. Now. He’s saying now. He’s released. Hey Jake Jake I’ve already called you out before got it. God. I got it. Okay They got complicated real quick. Could you clear that up John? All right, last one I’ve got for you guys Did you guys get a chance to catch Dana way on Piers Morgan at all? It was quite an interesting interview. There were some interesting things on there. John, the one thing I would love to get your take on is he talked about, he kind of clarified on, remember when he said no female, no females in MMA like 10 years ago whenever, he gave some clarity to that which I thought was interesting where he said something like, at the time you need to realize that we were having a hard enough time getting the sport recognized it was and so the idea of putting females in the sport was just something that we didn’t want to take on because it was already hard enough getting men, getting people to agree that men could compete in this because at the time John McCain was calling it human cock fighting. I thought it was an interesting piece of information that 10 years ago might have added some good colour to it but what do you guys think? I’m going to tell you right now, I did watch it and it cracks me up, Josh, because everyone says, you know, Oh, John takes shots of Dana. No, I don’t. If I think Dana’s right, I say, I agree with Dana. Why? If I think Dana’s wrong, I say, I don’t agree with him. It’s just my opinion on what he does. And you know, look at times he’s just being a promoter and I’m going to be honest about being a promoter. He’s not being honest with what he’s saying. I did watch this interview and I want to tell you that I thought that Dana Was great at it. I thought he was fantastic. And I thought he was honest. I thought, you know, some of the stuff he said was, you know, tough to listen to as far as it was heartfelt in, in ways. And, uh, he talked about his parents dying and that he didn’t, he really didn’t have any feelings about it. And I saw, I understand, I understand why, you know, and, uh, I thought he talked about the sport and the McCain thing a little bit and he was God damn. You know see and this is what has always gotten me to where I get mad at him because look I don’t hate dana I like dana. There’s things about dana that I know that you know that I look and I go Why are you why are you that way? But? Everyone’s gonna have their thing. Yeah, okay, and and if if if every if I was gonna sit here and tell people they would go No Yeah, see but if you know but look like, I want to say, I think as a father, I think he does, he’s, he’s great with his kids. Kids are the most important thing to him. Yes. He had the thing with his wife and it was wrong. I’m just going to say that, but you know, they dealt with it the way that they, you know, uh, felt it was the best way to deal with it. And he’s, he’s moved on from it. She’s moved on from it. That’s great. I thought that, you know, many times What has gotten me in trouble with Dana is Josh. I was there from the beginning. Okay. Before there was the sport, I know everything that happened. I know who created things and stuff. I was listening to Tito Ortiz the other day on a thing, talking about how he created the gloves for the, for the UFC and a Wano and I like, well, you hear you want John a Wano’s number and we’ll see who really fucking did the work with John. I don’t know, but whatever. Okay. People are going to come up and history that create their own history. And it was one of the things that bothered me about Dana was Dana was rewriting history because when people didn’t know, he would just insert his form of, well, you know, we did this and we did that. And it was like, no, you didn’t. This is who did that. And you can only go so many times where, you know, you say, all right, You’re just going to lie about it. He was honest in this thing. He was so honest. He talked about, well, John McCain was before that, you know, we were really, I was really part of the sport. He’s right. And that, and I love the fact that he wants to sit there and say, you know, he kind of did us a favor because, you know, his big thing is he wanted to, you know, just, you know, get this regulated. Okay. Now from Dana’s point, I can understand why he says that, but that’s not completely the The story is, you know, I can tell you the story with John McKay, but he was honest about everything that he said in this thing and I loved him for it. I thought he was great. And I thought, you know, he, he brought the guy on about his health and stuff like that, but this interview was the best interview I’ve ever seen Dana do. Because it was absolutely, he wasn’t trying to, to inflate anything. He wasn’t trying to put it, he was being as honest and he was being, I thought at times was getting a little bit into his life that, you know, he did not want to share, but he, but he was, and I thought he did a great job with it. And I thought it was fantastic as far as the way he came off. I mean, I always saw was the part with his parents. There was a short clip of that running around and someone sent it to me and, um, I can relate, you know, It’s not an easy thing. Like I said, most of us fighters are people that work in the fight industry. We haven’t had the best relationship either with parents or family or just in life. And for you to go on national television and say the things that he did, I mean, he’s got some inner demons that he’s trying to let out. Well, and some people are going to think he’s heartless for that. Oh, you know, I didn’t really feel anything. He’s not. You got to understand. Not everyone has that mom, you know, or dad that, you know, they look at and go, you know, my mom’s the most important person in the world. That doesn’t happen for everyone. I wish it did. Yeah. I wish it did. But it doesn’t. Yep. I mean, that’s why I think that this day and age on you’ll see me on social media several times just pushing the pushing. present as a father, being present as a parent is the most important thing. You don’t need to drive and push your children. You just got to make sure you’re there for them, whether it’s to point them in the right direction. You don’t need to know you love them. Yeah, that’s the biggest thing, man. And just being just being present, nothing more important than standing there, making sure that your kid knows that you’re on the sideline watching a play, whatever sport it is or, you know, just being available for them. That’s it. The rest of it will all happen in its own way. Do the best for them as you can. You know, that’s it. I understand where he’s coming from. You know what I mean? It’s not an easy thing to talk about, especially in front of millions of people on on a Piers Morgan show. And you know, it’s gonna be sent around to another 50 million people, you know, probably by the next year. So but in terms of David brought up to you with the females MMA. I didn’t even consider that. I didn’t consider that though. It kind of wasn’t the right time. No, he was absolutely being honest to the, like, like I said, everything that he talked about, he was honest and it was, you know, forever Dana said, no, there will never be women in the UFC. No, there were. And that’s because people, I mean, if you understood at the battles and all the pettiness that went along with things and how things occur, yeah, you know, in his mind, there was not going to be women’s MMA because he, he knew that he looked, he was in charge of, you know, the leader of, you know, what the media would go to. Cause anything that happened in this, we have to understand anything that happened in the sport of MMA came out in the media. If something bad happened would come out in the media and the three letters attached to it was UFC even though it didn’t happen in the UFC, but UFC fighter wasn’t a UFC fighter, but they got attached with it a fight happens where someone gets hurt something bad happens USC and so he had to deal with those and so it was like, man, I’m not even going to do this with women. It was part of, Hey, I got enough problems just with people accepting men fighting on the ground and this goes all the way Josh back at UFC 21 was in Iowa and after the show, I went to dinner with a man named Lorenzo Fertitta, Glenn Carano, okay. Who was Gina Carano’s dad, flip home, Manskey, who was the medical advisor in Nevada at the time. And there was another gentleman. I can’t even think of his name, but he was just there. But, you know, and one of the things that, you know, Lorenzo Fertitta, all, all of those guys were with the Nevada state athletic commission, Lorenzo Fertitta was the time Glenn Carano was he Lorenzo wasn’t looking to buy the UFC. We were trying to get Nevada to look at regulating us to get, you know, regulation and be able to go to Nevada and, and fight in Vegas. And, you know, one of the things that Lorenzo said at the time, you know, during that dinner was, look, I have a real problem with a guy punching someone while he’s on the ground. And so I had to try to explain to him and I, and I used John Wayne as, you know, as my, you know, look, you’ve watched, you know, a ton of movies and Hollywood, you know, basically dictates what’s a fair fight, what’s dirty. I go, and so you’ve watched John. I said, when John Wayne gets into a fight in the Western, I said, John Wayne hits the guy, boom, hits him with the right hand, the guy goes down. John Wayne doesn’t jump, jump on top of a mountain and start hitting him with elbows. I go, he would be smart if he did. I said, John Wayne picks that guy, grabs him, picks him up, stands him up. and hits him and knocks him down again and he goes yeah and I go that’s not real fighting that’s Hollywood you know and and this is how it started you know and so that’s the way you know that was the perception of a guy that ends up buying the UFC okay these were the things you had to get through and Dana was being just completely honest with you know I didn’t think think we would have women but we we do and they’re fantastic and I thought best interview I’ve ever seen and the most honest interview I’ve ever seen with Dana White fantastic job. I’m gonna go back through I’m gonna go and listen to the whole thing so go back and listen to it but um yeah there’s a lot man there’s a lot of history in this sport that people didn’t realize they had to jump through to get to it to where we were the regulations state to state you got to think, what was it? 2016, 16, 17, that New York was the last state to legalize it. What year was that? New York was 20. 16. I want to say 20, 16. Think about how far since 93 to now. It took them that long to New York to jump on the bandwagon. The rest of the states had already all done it. Well, but hold on. OK, see, now let’s go back. New York was one of the states that I was doing fights in for the UFC and was one of the first to legalize it People don’t know that and they went away from it. Well again, you have different personalities and different Organizations and the Union UFC had made a deal with the government But the UFC was one promotion while extreme fighting battlecade was another and extreme fighting battle cases we don’t have to follow. We didn’t make a deal with you. We’re going here. And so as soon as they legalize it, then they try, they, they made it illegal. So a lot happens. Wow. Well guys, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday afternoon watching my chief spank the Jacksonville dragon wires. We’ve got to get a win. We are own one after losing last week to Detroit. Hey man, we didn’t have Travis Kelsey. We didn’t have Chris Jones. Both of them now are back this game. Chris Jones makes a nice contract, make a big money, make a big difference. And having Travis Kelsey makes a huge difference. So we’re not dropping balls and having pick sixes and shit. So we’ll see what happens. But it’s going to be the quarterbacks of Jacksonville. Yeah. Yes. Hopefully, hopefully, man. I mean, we’ll see. We’ll see. But hey, chief’s getting on today. I can’t wait to watch that game. So everybody else go to Thank you guys so much pick up some of our merch available over there. It is getting to become sweater season. Even here in Texas. It was 78 degrees yesterday. It was beautiful. Fantastic. Beautiful, beautiful. So pick up hoodies. You got some hoodies, some sweatshirts and sweaters, sweaters and not sweaters. It’s sweatshirts, sweatshirts. Get a go. Whatever home books, sweaters, phone books, phone books, whatever it is keeps you warm. Also go to only slash Wayne in only slash Wayne and subscribe to us over there. Thank you guys so much. And John, take us away, buddy. Hey, I hope everyone enjoyed no Jay UFC like Dave say say Dave. Don’t say say it the way you normally say nacho nacho Okay, I can understand why he says not you but whatever for everyone out there. Thanks for tuning in. We’ll we will see you you

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