Noche UFC: Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2 FULL CARD Predictions, Bets and DraftKings


In this article, we will be discussing the upcoming UFC event featuring the rematch between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. We will provide predictions, betting tips, and a breakdown of the DraftKings lineup for the event.


The rematch between Grasso and Shevchenko is highly anticipated, and there are several factors to consider when analyzing this fight. Grasso has shown improvement in her takedowns, but Shevchenko is known for her striking and defensive skills. It will be interesting to see how these two fighters match up in the octagon.

Grasso’s Takedowns

Grasso’s takedowns have been a topic of discussion leading up to this fight. It is important for her to work on her takedowns in order to avoid getting tired during the later rounds. If Grasso can successfully execute takedowns, it could give her an advantage in the fight.

Shevchenko’s Defense

Shevchenko is known for her strong defensive skills, particularly in striking. She has the ability to control the range and combinations in a fight. However, it is worth noting that Shevchenko’s recent opponents have not been the most challenging. Grasso will be a tougher test for her, and it will be interesting to see how she handles Grasso’s attacks.

Grasso’s Resume

When looking at Grasso’s recent fights, it is clear that she has faced some tough opponents. She lost to Talia Santos, but many believe she should have won that fight. She has also defeated fighters like Lauren Murphy, Jessica Eye, and Liz Carmouche. Grasso has proven that she can compete at a high level, and she will be looking to make a statement in this rematch.

Shevchenko’s Resume

Shevchenko’s resume is impressive, but some argue that she has not faced the toughest competition in recent years. Her wins over fighters like Lauren Murphy, Jessica Andrade, and Jennifer Maia are notable, but there are questions about the level of competition she has faced. It will be interesting to see how she performs against a tough opponent like Grasso.

Predictions and Betting Tips

While Shevchenko is the favorite in this fight, it is important to consider the improvements that Grasso has made in her game. Grasso’s takedowns could be a factor in this fight, and if she can successfully execute them, it could give her an advantage. However, Shevchenko’s defensive skills and striking ability cannot be overlooked.

In terms of betting, it is a medium to low confidence pick to choose Shevchenko as the winner. However, if you believe that Shevchenko will be able to utilize her wrestling skills, it may be worth doubling down on this pick. Shevchenko’s price in DraftKings is also a massive discount at $8,500, making her an attractive option for your lineup.

DraftKings Lineup Breakdown

If you’re looking to build a DraftKings lineup for this event, Shevchenko is a strong option to consider. Her price of $8,500 is a great value, especially considering her wrestling skills and potential for takedowns. Additionally, she has been training at Tiger Muay Thai, which is known for its wrestling-heavy approach.

It is also worth noting that Grasso’s takedowns could be a factor in this fight. If she is able to execute takedowns and control the fight on the ground, it could lead to valuable points in your DraftKings lineup.


In conclusion, the rematch between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko is shaping up to be an exciting fight. Grasso’s improved takedowns and Shevchenko’s defensive skills make for an intriguing matchup. While Shevchenko is the favorite, Grasso has proven herself against tough opponents and could pose a challenge. It will be interesting to see how this fight unfolds and who comes out on top.

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Foods Vlog all right Jakey you got anything to say before we move on with this stupid [ __ ] you guys going on
with the translator uh uh nope looking forward to this lock of the week this week it’s a tough tough week uh there’s
a what I saw too and I sent it to you was the topology for this card it’s as wide as I’ve ever seen it I’ve never
seen so many fights where it’s like 95 or 96 picked it’s like seven of the 11
fights have like 95 confidence in picks which is pretty wild because I think these fights some of these fights a
little bit closer than what we think but you do like my hat though right you commented on that I I before we went
live you want to see it you’re trying to you ready it looks like it said it looks like you’re flying an old-timey airplane oh yes I’d like to see yeah let’s see it
yeah is this right it’s regular hat you walk around flip it down and then you’re a villain or some [ __ ] oh wait oh oh I just went outside it’s
sunny out but I don’t want to flip my hat back around right I want to be cool with the backwards hat
so you take down the sunglasses baby now you got sunglasses still a backwards
hat you’re still looking cool easy peasy you know what’s funny someone put this in a picture of this a Discord somebody
was at one of the tennis matches the Uso whatever it was and was wearing this with the shades down and somebody was
like oh my God look at that hat and so many Discord found on Amazon and I was like I’ll take 10 of them
are you buying them yeah no I’m good what are you doing right now uh somebody commented that the
quality was low so I just checked and it’s totally fine so it’s that person’s internet
um yeah that’s a bizarre hat Jacob where did you get that and why uh Amazon what do you mean why it’s functional
but you don’t go outside so is it functional look you can even do like a maybe a little half and half here too I
mean What’s blocking you from what sun the sun that gave you cancer you went outside twice got cancer and haven’t been outside since yeah if cancer jokes
are your thing then you know I’d love to hear some more I got plenty of them let’s go ahead and
break down this card Noche UFC it means night
and it is on Mexican Independence Day so it’s basically a UFC Mexico card but it
is at T-Mobile Arena and I don’t know if it’s sold out I’m assuming it’s sold out very large passionate fan base there so
should be a really fun exciting I don’t know how much those tickets are they can’t be that much 500 lower bull
you think yeah I’m not sure because there is a title fight but there’s only 11 fights on this card and there’s you know
there’s there’s the main event is the only fight that and the co-main actually that have some real implications to the
division are you looking up ticket prices
um yeah here we go nevertheless commercials
never forget it now oh my god oh wait okay that’s kind of what I thought you
can sit lower level for some for 350 each about 300 250 each that’s lower
level I mean that’s those are good seats for tour I mean that’d be fun to do that’d be a car to go to you can go for
you and the uh the misses or Mr whatever you want to bring and uh 500 bucks for
tickets and that’s nothing for Vegas I thought you’re talking to me specifically I was like what are you doing all right let’s go ahead I mean
that’s why it was Financial because I was yeah that’s really funny stuff oh you’re the mister in that situation I would have taken you
uh uh if you’re asking if I’m The Man in the relationship between us I would say yeah okay I am sending you on a
salamander this is yours salimander
Salamanca opening up the no J UFC fight card we
have marnik Mann taking on Josephine nuts and I have spelled nuts and correct
and Josephine very incorrect Joseph phone and that’s not even she
doesn’t even spell it that way there’s an F instead of a pH but anyway it is you tried it’s okay it is what it is the
um interesting part about this fight is both of these women are short notice Josephine stepped up on short notice to
save the fight and then Eisman lucindo dropped so marnick stepped up on short notice to save that fight so any of the
you know short notice UFC Jitter all that stuff none of that matters both of these women are making their debuts both
of them are here on short notice marnick man’s a pretty well-rounded fighter this line is wider than when I put these odds
on the screen and actually very very quickly you’ll notice the updated Graphics we have the opening on the current odds the odds at the bottom
those are bet openly’s odds we talked about that openly quite a bit they are
peer-to-peer betting it’s not a sports book it’s me betting you you betting me me betting a stranger it’s my money
versus your money it’s people’s money versus each other you’re not taking money from the house if you lose there’s
another human being that got it so their odds tend to be tighter and better because they don’t Bank on you losing
they just want to do sheer volume so that’s what those bottom odds are uh in this case they’re not better on the
underdog you’ll get better Underdog money in a sports book but certainly favorite wise you’re gonna get a steep
steep discount on that side and the odds are a bit wide because marnick man right now is what a plus 500
dog and the reality is she’s pretty well-rounded she’s aggressive she’s got decent striking she can wrestle she can
grapple she has no issue just barging forward getting into a slugfest and then
working in her wrestling on top she’s just gonna pound away hammer away if you make a scramble she’s gonna roll with it
she’s gonna look for a submission she is far more I was like what is he saying now I get
it she is far more impressive than that lone Contender series fight where she
did lose she’s taking on Josephine nuts and she is an accomplished kickboxer outside of MMA she uses forward pressure
she uses combinations and she likes to overwhelm her opponents her volume is actually pretty impressive and on her
way in she does a great job just blasting away and then on the way out she’ll finish all those exchanges with
leg kicks she is a striker like that is her that’s what she’s been doing forever but she can grapple as well she’s mostly
looking for cage control but if she does end up on top she’s got nice pressure she’s coming off that Contender series
when just literally a few weeks ago where she did work in a takedown but she was fighting a very very good striker in
that fight I actually picked marnick in this fight we talk about all the time we watch these fights or we break down
these fights we do the notes before looking at the odds or at least we try to uh I did this before looking at the
odds I had to watch tape I’ve never seen these two women before I was shocked to see how wide these odds were because
marnik is Tiny you’re gonna see how small she is in a second but she comes forward she’s aggressive she’s tough she
can grapple she can do all the things and while I agree Josephine is a solid
Striker and his bigger could probably bully I picked marnick not knowing the
odds then I saw the odds and I was like well I must be missing something so I’m not going to money line bet her what I
did do though is I have a three and a half bet on her I’ll explain that after Jacob goes I got that at plus 180 what
do you think oh my God where’d you get that idea I said it in my Quick Picks before you knew this year you did um
[Laughter] uh yeah Josephine should win this fight
she is the better fighter but and she’s gonna be my pick for this fight but I understand where you’re coming from
because when I watch these girls fight mardic first of all striking
uh no bueno you know so not not great
right Josephine definitely has a striking Advantage but Josephine also as you mentioned can have some holes in the
grappling and martik turns into a completely different person when she’s striking compared to if she gets top
position now she’s not overly dominant wrestler overly dominant Grappler but she is pretty good in those positions
and I’ve seen fights where Josephine ends up on her back and kind of struggles to get back in those positions
so there is definitely a world where Josephine either gets taken down or
loses sweep and is on her back for enough of a couple rounds for Marty to
pull us off and definitely for one because Josephine is a girl that is supposed to be this like new hot New
Prospect I don’t see it in the film I mean she definitely has a decent Striker she’s really tough can grapple a little
bit but I just don’t see the the talent there the the she definitely isn’t a
dangerous fighter right so it’s not like she’s going to come through and just steamroll through martik martik’s going to be around and I’ve just seen some
deficiencies in her grappling so I’m gonna go Josephine but I mean this line was minus 500 moved to minus 700. I have
no idea who’s putting minus 500 money on somebody that’s 6-0 UFC debut and has
holes in the grappling so she’s my pick but [ __ ] man no I the odds were baffling
which is why I was like all right I can’t moneyline monik because I’m missing something here so the plus three
and a half bet that I got what did you just throw in here she’s through the puppy in there
just tossed that [ __ ] he was the dog
it was the dog’s toy she didn’t throw the dog that’s right you said that I was like
it was the dog’s toy yeah what the [ __ ] no it was the dog’s
toy come here um don’t get a dog no he’s not he pooped outside don’t get
adult dogs are a nightmare I I didn’t want one they wanted one and then now we have one but look at him now he’s crying
I’m at work dogs crying plus three and a half back what that basically means is you’re buying points on the judge’s
scorecard what yo somebody said that that man had the
hams out on the gram so I just went to her Gram I’m saying I gotta switch my pick I gotta switch my pick so yeah so
Martin man is I think she’s gonna [ __ ] dominate this fight I mean I’ve seen her striking I’ve seen her
wrestling she looks to me like that I mean the next Amanda Nunes and marnik I
think that I think you easily get I think you usually get this done you saw her body on Instagram and the first
thing you thought was Amanda Nunes
got a banging body if you want to get that anyway nitty gritty the plus three and a half bet I have
based basically says if marnik loses a 29-28 or better
than I get paid you’re buying three and a half points on the judge’s scorecards every judge scores the fight you know
there’s 30 points to the you know 10 points to the winner of each individual round you’re buying three points and
that’s how that math works out as long as she wins one round on all three judges scorecards you get paid so I
threw just a little bit at that but I get it at plus 180 which frankly I think she can win around she can get on top
and grapple away not get finished and then all of a sudden she wins around I win my bet what do you think of that bat
shaky uh I don’t know don’t forget about the super chats though I’m gonna get to him so if you want to see that bet and
so much more go to click become a member it’s only ten dollars a month you’re gonna unlock everything
including full-blown DraftKings analysis and when I’m looking at these numbers I’ll tell you right now no way I’m
throwing Josephine nutson in my DraftKings lineup at 9 500 marnick man
is I mean she’s tough she’s gritty beautiful somebody you’re just gonna go ahead and finish it’s only ten dollars a month let’s talk about those super chats we have 4.99 from Clyde Clyde says keep
up the great content Izzy ruined my parlays this weekend but always gotta remember the Hedge I did not this time
salamander Squad Jacob had a wild Edge one five grand baby hundred dollar one
five grand I put that I put that uh parlay in Discord a couple obviously it was not a pretty good thing so we’re not
gonna act like it was premium but I did post it and Discord a uh a few times so hopefully somebody got a little piece of
that then we had a 20 Super Chat from Jonathan Valentine he said good job
fellas I can’t wait for the lock of the week I think I just made it Martin man I
think where we go I just changed it the whole thing I’m not even gonna release a video there you go thank you very much
Jonathan until we get to Tracy’s uh Instagram and I think I think we’re
getting it and we’re really gonna get off oh you know Jesus Christ let’s move on this freaking dog dude hey
hey please why can’t you just let him just hang out
what’s he doing he’s not house trained yet he’s like eight weeks old what do you want me to do right now
lay in this bed that’s sitting next to me why can’t you just wander around that’s what they do you don’t hear him
crying yeah right well that’s why it’s lay down
siete por favor next up at Noche UFC we have Charlie
Campbell stepping up on short notice to replace nintan Levy to take on Alex Ray really kind of did him dirty huh you
couldn’t look up a picture like there’s not a better there’s not a better picture of I used
to fight picture for my graphics no he’s just it’s just a regular ass
picture I’ll put it on screen right now yeah no thank you taking on Alex Reyes who
hasn’t fought oh my God taking on Alex Reyes who has not fought in the UFC in six years because of some
pretty large medical concerns Charlie Campbell seven and two overall he’s four and one in his last five he is stepping
up on short notice into his UFC yeah but that was so pixelated that’s the UFC’s
picture it was insanely pixelated I couldn’t use that like maybe you should get a better PC because mine rocks and
rolls on that thing okay um taking on Alex Reyes 13-3 overall four
and one in his last five and he’s returning to the cage as I mentioned after six years away Charlie Campbell
he’s coming out of that uh Sarah Longo gym with aljo marab and others he’s a
technical Striker he likes to pick his shots he wants to use accuracy instead of just charging forward with just
Reckless abandon uh and combinations he can be a bit hittable though because he keeps his hands low but he does have
nice light kicks great takedown defense and he’s very busy on top he’s coming off of the or out of that Sarah Longo
fight gym so I mentioned he’s got murab he’s got aljo and you know so he’s getting the wrestling looks he’s getting
the Striking looks from some of the people there so he’s been training at a pretty high level for a good amount of time he’s taking on Alex race this guy’s
coming back after almost six years away he did have some major health issues you know he’s insisted he’s totally fine
even though he did just have to back out of a fight a month or two ago but you know things are very very different
it’s it’s hard to say what he’s going to look like now so all I can do is look at what his fights used to be like and
assume it’d be similar he is Dominic reyes’s younger brother I think he’s the older brother or younger brother
he’s 36. yeah most likely but he’s he looks like an older brother he’s got
that older brother energy he does you have a little audio lag if you want to leave and come back
um very unnecessary prior to his layoff though so let’s talk about his fighting
style prior to his layoff because that’s all we can go off of he was a forward pressure guy he would Brawl on the feet
and he would quickly look to Grapple on top he’s gonna posture up he’s gonna throw big heavy bombs and he’s gonna
look for that stoppage he’s been gone for six years as I mentioned so we can only assume that he is maybe a little
bit better version of what he was or far worse depending on what logic you subscribe to this uh this fight has some
pretty wild odds I was hoping because this was put together on saturday-ish Sunday something like that I was hoping
that we would get Charlie Campbell at some affordable odds but he minus 400
right off the rip he’s still sitting at minus 400 right now and it makes sense because I love Charlie in this spot his
striking is great his takedown defense is great he can control this entire fight he can keep it on his feet if he
wants and Alex has gone way too long without fighting at all not Regional
fighting didn’t leave the UFC work some competitions then come back he just hasn’t been fighting at all he’s been
gone a very very long time he’s 36 years old I think the sport is passing him by
so I’m all over Charlie Campbell here you’re gonna see when you do your own research that you know Chris Duncan laid
him out and there’s a million reaction videos because Dana White loved it on the contendency but Chris Duncan is
absolutely not a bum and Charlie Campbell was lighting that dude up in that fight too so long story long here
I’m all over Charlie Campbell I think he’s a pretty safe bet on this card we
think Jakey boy yeah I like Charlie in this fight as well because even if it was Alex Reyes of six years ago or
whatever I still think that Charlie is good enough to beat that version that I’ve seen in Alice Reyes and that’s nothing against Alex he’s a well-rounded
fighter decent Striker obviously got knocked out by by Mike Perry with that knee but you know kind of is what it is
but even before his layoff it’s not like he was a bum right he got knocked out by Mike pair but he was I mean he was 13 and three so that means he was 13 and
two thirteen and three thirteen and two before that so it’s not like he’s a bum
coming back and then you know for sure this guy was a talented guy and he says that he’s been training and training and
with these high level guys in his camp and he feels confident about it so yeah Charlie Campbell’s a play here he should
win because he should be the better Striker even if Alex was who he was which is probably not going to be who he
was but this again at minus 300 minus 400 for just the unknowns and Alex
wasn’t a complete bum when before he left it’s like you know I did sprinkle and I got a little bit more specific
with it than just trying to chase like a money line um because if Alex you know doesn’t show up I think he’s in real trouble
especially early in this fight if he shows up it is what it is but you know there’s just so many unknowns he could
come back and we just saw it it’s a little bit different but we just saw Veronica Hardy come back three or four years and just absolutely
smoke Juliana Miller and I said my Quick Pick Video Charlie Campbell is a much higher level fighter than Giuliana
Miller yeah but Veronica did look drastically improved even at the long
layoff so Charlie Campbell’s the pick uh I think if he gets it done it’s going to be early and that’s how I would play it
I’d stay away from the money line or parlays and stuff you just never know yeah I’m definitely uh I like Charlie
Campbell I don’t love moneyline uh I love the DraftKings
I think he wins his fight I’m laughing at the freaking mutt that we just we in shock collar time that we
insisted on bringing into our lives for no and it’s it’s just that dog already hates you that much no
stand up [ __ ] be in the room with you I’m uh no I’m definitely his favorite he just says yeah
I’m that’s why they’re supposed to be that’s why you’re supposed to be crate trained you just throw it in the crate throw a towel over the crate let go just
go right to sleep here comes our little home it is Crate trained at night yeah it looks like it well it’s night and
it’s not crazy it’s eight o’clock dude it’s bedtime it’s ten anyway Ted yeah it’s a [ __ ] puppy
yeah it’s bedtime it’s 10. it sleeps clean through the night [ __ ] Murder She Wrote that’s the only
thing I’m not gonna uh the only thing that’s been going well stay up till 10.
I barely like barely I go to bed honestly around nine something we’ve been staying up till 10 for that thing
anyway I think Charlie Campbell I think he’s honestly safe to Parlay frankly I mean
just look at it Alex Reyes has not fought in six years because of major major medical issues he says he looks
like a trustworthy guy I mean he looks like a trustworthy guy he comes up and he’s selling me solar panels I’m buying
them for my whole apartment complex and of course he looks trustworthy look
at the guy look at that smile I mean he’s a great little guy you give me a man in front of me with
some dimples like that they brought him out here to lose to Natan Levy and instead he got a nasty
Striker with good takedown defense which is Levy’s like dying by the way I saw that he’s got a major blood issue
yeah it was like I don’t remember what the blood issue was but it was like a big issue with his blood not good
is he dying they found like blood issues when they
did blood work or something like that but I think yeah yeah he’s got to figure out what’s going on well so I love Charlie Campbell here I agree with Jakey
boy I think he’s great in DraftKings at 9 300 I think he probably can win by finish here I mean 36 years old is
already like uh oh six years away is another uh oh like preparing for a
Grappler and then getting your Strikers another Pro like there’s just I think there’s just too many things working against them here
um this is a fight where the bed openly odds are spectacular you’re gonna get better odds on the favorite side and the
underdog side so that’s where you want to throw a bed up there and somebody’s sure to take the other side of it again
they’re not a sports book it is peer to peer betting which is why they’re available pretty much around the world
if you go to the website they’ll give you the exclusions it’s very few exclusions but again
it’s person versus person so you put up a bet it sits on the board and then you wait for another human being to be yeah
that’s a good bet and then they grab that side of it and whoever wins gets all of the money
become a premium member at we want you’ll unlock all of the stats all of the data all of the information
the tools the bets everything you could ever imagine to help yourself make some money watching these fights
there you go settle in well get to those super chats first
let’s get to the super chats I only see one oh there’s two there’s actually four three sorry there’s three
all the way to cow Sullivan I can just read them okay yeah no no I got it here that’s I start I paused there that’s
when I saw I won Kyle Sullivan 499 says thank you for time and picks well thank
you Kyle for the Super Chat five dollars from Siggy says Angelo long dick in the books
with his safety parlay sign up for premium boys thank you very much Ziggy genuinely appreciated
then we have five from Daniel covert it says
and the reader first hey Daniel haven’t you had enough roast beef
I became a primer and I made enough to take my stripper girlfriend to McDonald’s I
might take her to Arby’s next week join premium now thank you very much haven’t
you had enough roast me Daniel [ __ ]
what are you laughing at now I was about to say something [ __ ] real mean I’m gonna text it to you though so you can
react dude this dude farang is so desperate for attention he commented this all you could eat buffet thing on
like three videos I don’t even understand it I don’t get the joke the desperation and I’m just giving them
the attention now but I don’t if I got the joke I like you know I I appreciate a good roast I don’t get that joke at
all disgusting Jacob next up at Noche UFC we
have Tracy Cortez taking on Jasmine Jazzy devicious this is a grappler’s
delight Tracy Cortez 10-1 overall 5-0 in her last five she is riding a nice nine
fight win streak she’s taking on Jasmine desert The Vicious 9-2 overall
four and one in her last five she’s on a nice two fight a win streak Tracy Cortez
is a fantastic wrestler she’s a decent Grappler her last fight was canceled at
the weigh-ins if you remember there was like some medical issue very I had my theory I think I’ve mentioned this theory in the past I’m not gonna do it
now we’re we’re well past it but I certainly had uh what my thoughts were
but if you remember she was supposed to fight Amanda um what the hell’s real what’s her name
what’s your girl’s name the fact that that fight got canceled
led to me meeting Amanda he boss so it’s weird it’s a it’s the butterfly
effect that fight getting canceled led to me uh waiting out future wife
so that fight was canceled at weigh-ins it was a medical issue she was very clear it was a medical issue and then
now here we are a few months later and she’s back on the card she is listed as
having a positive striking differential so we know she’s a Grappler no she’s gonna get the takedowns we know she’s gonna work from there try to get a
submission she has a positive striking differential I’ve pointed this out several times before the fact that she
is averaging as many takedowns as she does per fight the fact that she has the ground control that she has per fight
and it’s barely a positive striking differential tells you that when she is in a striking exchange things are not
going her well because when she’s on top on the ground she’s doing all the landing and not receiving any of the
damage the reality is she’s a good wrestler she’s always looking to get it to the ground uh and she’s coming off that 29-28 win over Melissa Gatto where
she only had two takedowns but she did land more total strikes and have all the control time Jasmine Jazzy Davis we love
her here we picked her to absolutely dismantle Miranda Maverick which she did she is a wrestler an actual wrestler she
was wrestling before she started fighting she likes to come forward she wants to push her Pace she does strike
she will use her striking to set things up and most of the time she’ll just stick out a striking match that’s what
just happened with Miranda Maverick she didn’t she had one takedown in that fight one single takedown in that fight
really just showcased her pressure and her striking she’s a very accomplished wrestler she’s got great hips so she can
win the scrambles if you take a bad shot or if she takes a bad shot and as I mentioned she’s coming off that win over
Miranda Maverick where she only needed one single takedown the rest of it was just much better striking and takedown
defense I do like Jasmine here obviously we were all over her in that Maverick
fight we made a bunch of money off of that and this feels somewhat similar Tracy is a wrestler with poor striking
her BJJ is very very good but Jiu Jitsu only matters if you can get it to the
ground so Jasmine a genuine wrestler who has been competing in wrestling tournaments long before her MMA career
is going to be able to control where this fight goes and you could go back you could look at Natalya Silva beat
Jasmine Natalia Silva took her down a few times the difference there though is Natalia Silva has phenomenal hands so
she had Jasmine worried about her striking and then she would shoot perfect takedowns where Tracy does not
have phenomenal hands I don’t think she’ll be able to get Jasmine out of sorts and set up to take Downs clean so
we have Tracy who’s going to get increasingly more desperate to get it to the ground Jasmine who has got good pressure Jasmine who has very good
wrestling I like Jasmine I got a half a unit money line on her at plus 100 and
you can see this line is tightening what do you think Jakey boy uh yeah I understand what Jasmine brings to the
fight like you said we we love Jasmine for her win over Miranda Maverick and the reason I picked over Miranda
Maverick was because I felt like she was a definitely the better wrestler but she could out dog a girl like Miranda
Maverick in this fight I don’t think she can outdog a girl like Trace Cortez Trace Cortez was taken down by Melissa
got a couple times Melissa Scott was on her back and every single one of those scrambles in exchanges Tracy Cortez
ended up in a top position she doesn’t panic in those type of situations if she gets taken down Miranda Maverick is a
little bit different when she’s on her back it’s almost I don’t think she’s clueless but she tends to just stay on her back Tracy Cortez does not so even
if she gets taken down I believe she is strong enough and and skilled enough to to reverse those positions because
Jasmine is a really good wrestler but her takedowns are just okay her control to me is just okay especially against
somebody as high level as Tracy Cortez so I agree that Jasmine pry is a striking Advantage she’s definitely
going to have the aggression Advantage because we’ve seen Tracy Cortez kind of back up and wait at times but I think
it’s her aggression that is her downfall because that was the downfall of Melissa Gatto Melissa Gatto got comfortable with
the Striking got a little bit too aggressive and Tracy Cortez is so good at timing those double legs off of
aggression and that’s what I think happens here Jasmine’s gonna push forward the pressure have success with the hands get taken down and Tracy
Cortez on top is very very good I mean not dangerous but just really good at
holding control that’s what she does to people I think she does it here to Jasmine and I’m pretty confident in her abilities to uh to do that so
um I feel pretty good about it to be honest with you we’re on the opposite sides here but we are obviously uh if you’re looking at both of us I think we
know who we can trust more do we don’t think so the Goof with the goofy
glasses didn’t he wear those in Goof Troop Goof Troop A Goofy Movie
yeah he’s flying the plane and Goofy movie yeah he’s wearing those flying the plane no I don’t think he’s flying to play in the Goofy movie we might be
thinking about different things well certainly Chippendale when you’re little like a chipmunk so we’ll call you
chip so Chip is on the Tracy Cortez side I am on the Jasmine Jazz division side I
think we both put our money when our pick is correct that’s right well if you want to check out Chip’s bets you can
become a premium member it’s only ten dollars a month we want just click become a member at the top
DraftKings wise I think this is going to need to be a pick your side kind of fight 8 200 the numbers Tracy puts up
are very impressive eight thousand dollars the number Jasmine puts up are very impressive if whoever you think
gets their grappling game plan going that’s who should be in your DraftKings lineup because I imagine they’ll score
very very well you’re gonna have her and yours Jakey boom balloons uh um
I don’t know we’ll have to see how it plays out all right then
let’s go to some super chats Andres Alara dollar 99 from Andres he says
watch the food Vlog everyone Angela and Jacob are number one thank you very much and back to the Vlog thing like it’s a
lot of time and effort for me to film it and then I pay somebody to edit it and
this person your mother and stepfather film it and I
had my immigrant mother just had to pay had to pay them they’ve made more than me all last month
slaving away and it ended up being it’s it’s one of my uh it’s one of my I liked it it was an enjoyable uh don’t
tell me he brought Fuego relax with the accent relax oh you
missed a comment that’s on that video too I don’t know if you uh went back and censored some of those comments but I’ll
read it I saw no I I thought I I thought I deleted it yeah do you think so if
it’s still here I’m gonna read it oh here you go it’s from a day ago from zoned up and it says and I quote Angelo
if your mom needs her back blown out let me know you want me to delete that or it’s been
up for days yeah delete it I actually thought I did delete it but uh
I guess not [ __ ] zoned up if you’re in here let me I’ll get you the contact information
we have a 20 Super Chat from Brian I if you’re in the chat and you haven’t
dropped the dime for a month of Premium you need to get help with that drug habit go Panhandle and change your life
wow Brian not only with the 20 super chat but he used it to promote premium
thank you very much that was uh Mr Ortega or no different Brian just coincidence probably probably yeah it’s
probably a coincidence but you just you just never never know because he’s trying to trick us instead of Brian oh
he put Brian is it an eye okay it’s a lowercase l or
capitalize I’m assuming capital I I’m assuming capitalized he’s throwing us off he’s he’s good that guy
oh thank you very much Brian whatever your last name is and uh Tracy I just
want to say too that not only have I been working on my Portuguese but I have been working on my Spanish and this week
we have a very special parlay Tracy is Tracy and you’re welcome is the very
first leg of this parlay and it is called the Bonita bet and Bonita as you
know Angelo in Spanish means my [ __ ] future wife and uh and we gotta and we
got a couple of them on it and Tracy Cortez is one of those two legs um and I put 250 bucks on that to win
900 I think so we’ll get to the other leg later the Bonita bet it is trademarked
there you go dude all of these idiots I don’t know why I’ve never been I used
to be a cop he was a crooked cop everywhere like he was a I’ve never you do have cop energy
I wish I I would have I would love that power you know it’s funny those are the people
that should not become cops well here’s a funny this is uh so I when I moved to
Texas four years ago we drove here from Connecticut my cousin came not my blood cousin but we grew up because he yeah so
he came for the ride it was me him and the dog if you guys wanted to get married you technically get married
we loaded up my 12 depends on the state we loaded up the truck went across the country had plenty of opportunities we
loaded up the truck drove from Connecticut to here we stopped in Nashville we stopped you know a few places heard it’s great in Nashville
he’s he he’s a cop and what’s interesting about him though is he he’s not like
his job is not his identity like he’s not you know he’s very much like it’s a job okay and he’s kind of like me like
I’m I’m the salamander but day-to-day life you know me Angela but I’m out I’m just Jacob I’m just Jacob
and he’s also very big on like don’t tell people I’m a [ __ ] guy I don’t want anybody to know I’m a cop people always act weird I don’t tell people
they’re gonna want help and I don’t want to help well he’s just like don’t tell who so anyway we’re we’re going anybody
a doctor we’re going out in Nashville and then we go out in Dallas after we move here and
there’s like lines to get in place and like give me your [ __ ] badge he’s like I’m not I’m like give me your [ __ ] badge so then you just well I I
learned this from one of my homicides you’re about to um to impersonating a police officers what
you’re about to do so so him and I would walk up I would just show the
badge and I’m like we good without the cover and they’re like you’re good go ahead and then I and then because I’m
such a genuine generous guy two random dudes behind us I don’t know them I go there with us too they go okay and
they’re like I was doing I was doing that everywhere guarantee you didn’t tip that guy I learned that from my my buddy
Monty was a homicide detective in New York and he took me out the incident
there was an incident no he’s medically retired there was an incident he was chasing somebody and
just [ __ ] blew out blew out his shoulder and his knee anyway he um he
took me and Tiffany out uh on Halloween in New York City and like Halloween in
New York City was what the lines oh my God the women tell me about the women he just he literally just walked up showed
the badge and let him in because at the end of the day they’re like okay we would yes you come and I hopefully can
trust you and you’ll God forbid something happens you’ll keep things in order so I learned that trick from him so uh long story short if I had a cop I
would definitely be crooked and I would abuse that power so not a good one for me
um next up at Noche UFC we have Edgar
charez taking on Daniel enter Charlotte is 10-5 overall three
and two in his last five he’s coming off the short notice loss to tatsuro Tyra
he’s taking on Daniel lucer this guy’s eleven and five overall Mexican
OT riding a four fight UFC skid but I
think this fight’s gonna be a little closer than a lot of people are when they just look at their records because yes Edgar Charles is a very solid
fighter he did make his short notice UFC debut against Tatsu rotiras he almost shocked the World by beating tatsuro as
a plus 600 Underdog his striking offense is fast it’s in your faces takedowns are
decent his BJJ is actually very good as well the only real issue for him is that he is hittable but he has good enough
chin that it doesn’t always matter right he’s not the type of guy you’re just gonna pop out and he’s out of there he’s
gonna come forward he’s gonna throw long kicks he’s gonna box you up snatch a single leg look to get it to the ground he’s coming off that loss two tatsuro
Tyra but he did knock him down he almost snuck in his hair looks like all your friends
don’t get me started on how good their hair is it’s it’s very annoying one of them has nice hair and still wore a hat
just to throw it in your face they both had hats to start the night and then the other one so is them and then they’re old if you’re at a bar and you see a guy
with a hat on then he rips it off with a full head of hair it’s like that guy’s Got Confidence huh he doesn’t even need his hair nothing but man they they’ve
got I they’re twins did you notice that they’re twins no yeah they’re twins and they’ve identical it’ll look like
identical twins they’re identical twins but I think as you get older it separates a little bit I think you [ __ ] the Olsen twins look exactly the
same still I don’t know but Tiffany watched that and was like is that John or is that Mark and she’s known them for
12 years so anyway well they’re not identical then anyway Edgar charez with the beautiful
hair um did just lose to tatsuro Tyra but he did not come down and he almost
submitted him as well but he also made a couple of poor fight IQ decisions taking on Daniel lucera the guy’s still looking
for his first UFC win he is oh and four style wise he is a solid Striker he’s
got good kicks good forward pressure when he gets into the ground he’s got really good control and pressure on top
but his takedowns are not great so that’s not really a guarantee he’s definitely a feaster famine guy all 11
wins and five losses are by stoppage he’s dangerous and just like a lot of these shooter box guys he is willing to
put himself In Harm’s Way to get the Finish but for him for some reason it
doesn’t always work that way but he is coming off that loss to CJ Vergara you’re gonna see oh he was stopped man
the fact that CJ Vergara didn’t die in that first round was absolutely wild he
had everyone that’s the first you’ve mentioned that too everyone always made fun of Chelsea Chandler for the way she
was [ __ ] running away from Norman Dumont that fight but [ __ ] if CJ Vergara did like [ __ ] four laps yeah and
Daniel says [ __ ] chase them down throwing head kicks and [ __ ] it was [ __ ] wild it was wild like Daniel had
him on ice skates and it just reminded us all how dangerous he is and I didn’t leave that fight thinking oh Daniel
sucks he got finished I left it being like Jesus how the hell did CJ survive that so Daniel and Sarah is very very
dangerous I am still gonna pick Edgar here because he is long I do think he has more ways to win if he can survive
that early Onslaught he can he can try to make something happen and we know Daniel has one round of cardio that one
round is absolutely terrifying which is why no money Edgar’s gonna be the pick
no money on him whatsoever fight does not go the distance is absolutely the play but that’s going to be a juice line
here as well what do you think Jakey bombalos yeah it’s hard I mean it’s hard
not to be a fan of Daniel in my mind that’s nothing against Ed greger’s a good tough guy as well but he’s just a
fun dude to watch man he is wild he puts himself out there he tries to get finished and he has come up short four
times now in the UFC and this comes down to I think they’re gonna brawl because Daniel it seems like he always coaxes
that brawl out of people and he’s been losing but as you mentioned his last fight he saw how dangerous he can be I
think Daniel Bates Edgar brawl Edgar’s a very tough talented guy as well he has no problem getting in a bra if you want
a brawl on the ground he’s capable as well so I think he’s going to be confident coming in he’s the favorite this guy hasn’t won a fight in his see
they’re going to brawl and in a brawl in those type of fights I feel like Daniel’s just the more dangerous guy you
know so it comes down to a a car crash I’m gonna take the semi versus the
you know Tracy was still here be the dump truck you know what I mean so into your head like my feet they inserted to
me is the more dangerous guy I think that’s what it comes down to in this fight as simple as that I respect the toughness
of Edgar if he weathers the storm and then beats Daniel I’m not gonna be surprised because that’s how people have
been beating Daniel so uh but I’m going the more dangerous guy here I like Lucero in this matchup just for his
danger baby I get it I get the awesome power
reference yeah I need 700 for Edgar 7 500 for Daniel
there’s an argument through made that Daniel’s a phenomenal Underdog and certainly Edgar should be in your lineup
if you think he wins because Daniel gets finished then 8 700 is somewhat of a discount for um almost three to one
favorite who in all likelihood would win by finish so I will probably
um have some Edgar in my cash lineup certainly Daniel should be uh explored
in some of your and I hate tournaments I hate the Brazil versus Mexico matchups
that it [ __ ] tears me apart [ __ ] tears me apart
since when are you this big fan of Mexico excuse me yes since when my life has always been
about the red the white and the green
the Italian flag’s the same thing just the opposite direction green right red wow does it have a [ __ ] eagle eating
a snake in the middle as well no appreciate it yeah I don’t think that’s
what that is is it oh [ __ ] yeah it is a [ __ ] yeah or something it’s just
eating a snake that’s a wild flag good for them don’t wear that after you pick the Brazilian
well the heat we’re hitting the heat of the Mexico card now
we sure are I do have to pee so I’m gonna get when I turn this over to you I’m gonna go pee
next up at Noche UFC we have Roman copy love taking on Josh frame Roman copy
love 11 and 2 overall three and two in his last five he’s writing a three fight knockout win streak taking on Josh
Freeman eleven and four overall three and two in his last five coming
off the decision a win over Jamie Pickett I always say free I know that I
know it’s from I always I said I know no no I just say it wrong I say Justin
taffa anyway Roman copula this guy’s a nasty kickboxer he’s got professional level
kickboxing experience he’s gonna pick his shots really well he’s not going to get wild not even going to throw a lot
of combinations but once he settles in once he gains his that raid Gabe
gauges the range then he’s going to start to throw in combinations he did start his UFC career with two losses
since then he’s put together three solid wins but what’s important to note about those two losses he was taken down in
both of those fights had no real ability to work back up or answer for that grappling but
we’re more than a year away more than a year removed he knows everybody’s trying to take him down and he’s been knocking
people out cold he’s coming off that exciting very exciting second round knockout win over Claudio riber taking
on Josh frem Josh frem is a Grappler he’s at solid
athleticism some sneaky powerless punches and when he can initiate the grappling he can do really well when he
can’t he does look a bit lost he has cardio he’s got speed he’s got power he’s well-rounded enough to make
adjustments in the fights he has no true mixed martial arts background or any specific discipline but he does seem to
be improving quickly making the adjustments learning the things that he needs to learn he is coming off that disappointing performance yes he won but
it was not a great performance over Jamie Pickett he was over three on takedown attempts and then he got taken
down twice and the whole thing was supposed to be he’s gonna take down Jamie Pickett and and he’s gonna out
grapple and that’s just not what happened I think this is Roman all day when I broke it down on Sunday I said
the minus 275 odds were the best odds on the card we’re now at minus 375. we
still have some of the best odds on the card the fact that Raul Rosas Jr is a
minus 650 that fact that um uh not uh Josephine nutson is minus 700
but Roman capilov is minus 375 is astonishing these are the this is the best value you’re going to get on the
card I think he absolutely can stop the half-assed takedown attempts and he should be able to light Josh up on his
feet mine is 410. yeah it’s moving and it should be moving it should be that big I got it minus 270. there you go and
and uh we’re gonna this would be a very shocking upset but you know these are the type of fights
that just tend to go a weird way every now and then we have seen Roman lose we have seen him not have an answer for the
grappling but Josh friends grappling should not be good enough to get Roman down and keep him down Romans should be
able to do whatever he wants to do Romans to pick I think he’s safe to Parlay as I mentioned Best Value in the
card I gotta P Jacob you do your thing respect I’m a people are you really gonna go pee
yes I literally was about to go pee hold on I’ll hold yeah I’ll hold down the
floor no go ahead because you already did your breakdown right now I’m just kidding go ahead goodness
they called my bluff I mean he thought I didn’t think he’s gonna do it he called my bluff yeah listen uh yeah Roman
should win this fight I mean I I don’t have any questions in my mind obviously friend is a big guy could be boring
holding you know Roman against the cage with this aggression with the big frame but I don’t think Roman’s gonna put up
with that [ __ ] I mean he’s he’s the way way better striker in this matchup he
should be able to withstand the grappling and I mean he’s gonna [ __ ] Josh for him up in my mind just for him to me is not a UFC caliber guy at this
point if uh you know if he leaves come back he’s only 29 years old gets some more experience and then come back but
he’s just not a good enough wrestler not a good enough Grappler in my mind and um I think he’s a definitely a liability on
the feet versus anyone but especially against a guy like Roman copy love did
you really go pee I did I like Sprint that was fast and now your audio seems like it’s lagging I
love it’s doing yeah that’s what happens when my headphones do that I’ll uh come off come back on real quick but
do you like Roman for your DraftKings play while I leave and come back um listen listen we gotta talk about
Tracy Cortez because [Laughter]
everything’s back to normal it’s so annoying that it does that anyway um yeah no I peed very very quickly I
literally ran that was like yeah that was not not healthy in my mind I ran I peed and that was it uh I need
to wash my hands I did not wash my hands if anybody was curious about that
um what the hell was I saying oh DraftKings 9 100 I think is a safe play I think he
probably wins by stoppage and uh yeah you agree I assume uh yeah I don’t know
I don’t really listen okay uh if you want to unlock all the
picks all the bets the DraftKings plays the Optimizer everything you could ever imagine Under the Sun it is only ten
dollars a month we want click become a member
what was that what’d I do did you hear that
you like your chested like a gargle or something or your stomach or something
yeah I swear to God I swear to God
stomach went like the dog is in here oh yeah I’m sure yeah thank God you got
that puppy now it was just a dog it was foreign
okay next up at Noche UFC we have a loopy
godinez taking on Elise Reed lubricadini is ten and three overall four and one in
her last five she is riding a two fight win streak she’s taking on Elise read seven and three overall three and two in
her last five she’s coming off that underdog win over jinyu fry where a lot of people think that was kind of a gift
decision Lupita gadinez is big but relatively speaking a big
strong wrestler she’s got solid striking clean boxing nice setups to the wrestling nice setups to the Striking
and she’s big for this weight class or at least she’s like powerful for this weight class and uses that size she
likes to bully and she likes to execute that Bully game plan she’s got all the talent she can genuinely be 90 of this
Division if she fights to her abilities but she’s a little unreliable that razor
thin win over Cynthia calvillo was one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever seen the loss to Angela Hill is really
when it all started to be like yeah you can’t trust her ever again but she’s got
all the talent and uh you know it’s it’s hard to ignore that when she’s fighting certain people she is fighting at least
read Loopy’s gonna be the more talented fighter in this matchup but Elise Reed is a busy Striker she sets a really nice
Pace she’s got actual surprising power for this weight class she’s got decent grappling very good cardio as well and
like loopy she performances are a little hot and cold she has some like really nice upsets and solid winds like over
Corey McKenna and Melissa Martinez where she had a knock down a couple of takedowns most recently Jin you fry but
then she got dismantled by Sam Hughes Loma looked boomy beat her but at least showed us how incredibly tough she is in
that fight she took quite the beating this should be loopy all day she is minus 400 at one point she was minus
450. so it opened at 400 it went up it came back down um it’s still very high minus 400 is
still pretty significant odds here but the problem is I do think Loopy’s gonna
win this fight I don’t see how she doesn’t win this fight but again the problem is she
you can’t trust her you can’t trust her these odds are wild to trust her
I’m still gonna do a couple of little things with her because I I just it’s a Mexico card she’s training with
the champ she should be able to do all of those things but God damn it has Lupita gadini has proven time and time
again that she’s not a good bet and we’re all going to continue to better what do you think Jakey boy
loopy this is a direct message to loopy no one else loopy
for the love of God please please
[ __ ] just wrestle please just [ __ ] wrestle because if
you wrestle this girl you might even get a first round finish you want a free a free 50 Grand loopy just wrestle
performance of the night maybe and then when it’s gonna be fighting tonight because you’re gonna [ __ ] dominate if
Loop if if loopy told us before the fight I’m going in with a wrestling game
plan the odds for this fight should be minus [ __ ] 2 000. that’s how much of
an advantage she has on the ground and how much of an advantage she’s going to have on the ground versus most girls in
this division we’ve seen her dominate fights with her wrestling but she just doesn’t do it she just she is losing
fights losing striking exchanges and then his barely winning fights and afterwards like oh well that was fun you
know we had a good time not even disappointed in her performances it’s absolutely insane loopy please just
wrestle because I’m trusting you one more time as every time with the loopy fight I say this is the
last time and she lets me down and for whatever reason maybe it’s the the love for Latinas and maybe I can’t get away I
didn’t even add her to my Bonita parlay or my Bonita bet because she’s been pissing me off so much lately my hope is
and this is a twofold this is my two full hope my hope is that her Camp
change to the the camp with Alexa Grosso and Diego and aldana and all those people I
think my little mirandas are not but all those people My Hope Is she has been wrestling the [ __ ] [ __ ] out of Alexa
Grosso which in turn will make her a better wrestler ready to wrestle and Alexa Grosso ready to defend takedowns
and all that wrestling too because loopy is a better wrestler than Valentina Chef shankos I think there’s a two-fold there
I hope she’s been wrestling the [ __ ] out of it Alexa if she comes in a wrestle she should dominate if she stands and tries to bang with Elise Reed Elise read
is more than capable of hurting her [ __ ] her up and winning this fight so the path to Victory is very easy loopy I
promise you I promise you you get this girl on her back laying some elbows and you’re gonna [ __ ] her up but loopy
loves that right hand she loves it I I hear I mean I think
we’re aligned here we completely agree she’s a better fighter she should win this fight very clear path but she has
let us down in the past so super hard to trust her I do already have a bet with her if you want to see that yeah become
a premium member but that’s why I said like we’re just gonna keep doing it even though she has shown us multiple times
you can’t trust me with your money I love being punished loopy
I I will say the 9 400 hours in DraftKings a little hard to swallow because she doesn’t wrestle when she
should so like that Cynthia calvillo fight I’ll go look and see what a massive price tag she had on that and
the takedowns that she didn’t shoot on that yes she won but she didn’t cover her salary so I’m probably not going to
have her in DraftKings for that reason if anyone is interested in seeing the largest male erection in human history
Saturday on the live stream if this fight starts and within the first 10 [ __ ] seconds she shoots a blast
double and puts Elise Reed on her ass this desk is gonna be [ __ ] destroyed
it’s gonna be like a things just gonna [ __ ] [ __ ] explode from this massive [ __ ]
erection that I will get seeing her wrestle in the first 10 seconds ah Jesus Christ
I’m not even [ __ ] joking around prove it um it’s just funny it’s just for
erection it’s not it’s I mean it’s literally not even a joke do you trust her with 9 4000 DraftKings I’m a truster
I’m gonna [ __ ] I’m doing it again man I literally say it every time she fights I’m not doing it again but she is so
good we both know how good she that’s what’s so frustrating we know how good she can be we know how dominant she can
be it’s crazy I understand like sometimes you’re winning fights too boring and stuff like that so then you
go to your striking but [ __ ] let’s change some wins together I think I was saying loopy could be a champion
now look at her prelims of the Mexico car she should be
[ __ ] headlighting this card of the Mexico card not in Mexico she literally should be the [ __ ] co-main at this
point in her career if she [ __ ] will just fight the way it’s the wish Mexico card let’s do like a Mexican it’s a
theme it’s a Mexican themed card oh let’s do a Mexico card we’ll we’ll do it here in Vegas though but we’ll we’ll
throw it and we’ll get Jack Della madalena and Kevin Holland as the co-main we’re gonna get our black guy
from America or crooked knows Australia and then throw some some sombreros on
them and we’ll get them out there but what’s his name um Kevin Holland has a taco truck so
actually if he’s at least out there pushing the dream um but we want unlock all the
picks all the bets and everything you could ever want including it’s not just the picks if you go to my page you’re
gonna see each fight who my pick is the round line lean for that fight and my
confidence in that pick so blunt magic are you gonna get anything with my
confidence on mine too so become a premium member you’re every single fight and not just ours loopies
high confidence for me guess she’s high confidence for me too I just said I bet on her but oh you just
you can’t trust her but there are five people putting picks and confidence levels for every single fight on every
single UFC card behind the paywall meet Jakey boy artem more than five people by
the way Autumn his fight came back I was watching it uh his his bullet is looking
pretty nice it’s good for him good for him I’m doing like a reverse mullet thing
hmm no no no no no it’s still a moment I’m taking these short in the front very
seriously business in the front is like yeah I’m saying you’re a swimmer incredibly seriously did you get that
remember in the front there you go dirt bike rider
it’s not listen it’s not whoa oh
Jesus Christ I’m over going on that was a long ass
tear had head I’m a hatless in 90 of the Vlog relax
everybody needs to settle down Jesus Christ watch the Vlog
next up no chase hold on before you because I don’t want him seeing this but I just remembered a
uh comment that I saw in Discord I just now made the connection it might have been in the chat earlier today they
they said uh they said Fernando’s got a neck of an alpaca
oh man he’s got two Adams apples what’s going on holy [ __ ] that’s a good looking guy
though [Music] holy [ __ ] and garam you’re not feeling
anyone Kyle Kyle Nelson [ __ ] we know it’s you Grom
an alpaca oh [ __ ] all right like and I will I when I click
it when I cut it up and tweet it I will not have the beginning making fun of somebody looks is a whole different
world it wasn’t me I didn’t say it I was just repeated Don’t Kill the Messenger
next up at Noche UFC we have Fernando Padilla taking on Kyle Nelson Fernando
Padilla is 15 years old I thought the dog was dead he’s just not moving Fernando Padilla 15-4 overall 4-1 in his
last five he’s coming off that knockout win over Giuliani Rosa in his UFC debut taking on Kyle Nelson 14-5 overall two
two and one in his last five he’s coming out the decision win over Blake Builder this should be an interesting fight we
have another um interesting odds kind of breakdown here because Fernando Padilla long ranging guy but he does fight in the
pocket he wants to keep fights 30. he’s an aggressive Striker he plots forward and he’s got that inside the pocket type
boxing he’s then gonna work in some clinch where he’s gonna fire up some knees and you know if you get it to the
ground he’s going to use his length to wrap you up and work in various submissions he likes to come forward he
wants to take risks no wrestling whatsoever so if he does wanted to get to the ground where he can be dangerous
he’s gonna have to nerd it up pull guard do whatever he’s got to do because shooting a double isn’t gonna happen for
him he’s kind of that window Julian erosa where he did win by stoppage but could have been a little bit early but
even if you think it was early I’ve watched that Sunday that was [ __ ] and Dominic Cruz was
commentating he’s like oh he’s gonna be pissed about that easy let me tell you
he’s gonna be pissed about that meeting Julian erosa is yeah yeah because that was because Dominic crew’s big thing
with uh when he lost oh yeah cheetah was with um Henry Peterson he’s like you
smelled like sugar it’s a booze yeah I wasn’t out so even uh it was probably a short early
stoppage but even if you remove that from the extent he did and he showed us just how
accurate his striking is striking is spectacular he’s taking on Kyle Nelson a solid Striker very real power in his
hands he’s been the UFC since 2018 but he just got his second win and it brings
his overall record to two four and one in the UFC solid takedown defense does a
really good job using your shots you shoot a takedown he’s in a stuffy he’s gonna scramble he’ll end up on top he
does a great job making fights ugly and then he’s gonna win with toughness he’s coming up that win over Blake Builder where his pressure and takedown defense
were actually the difference and this is an interesting fight I like Fernando medium confidence pick uh because he
does a great job he’s gonna stay in your face he’s gonna make the fight ugly or sorry Kyle wants to get in Fernando’s
face make the fight ugly and unfortunately for him that’s exactly how Fernando wants to fight so he wants to
be in the pocket and I think he’s going to get his wish I think Fernando’s accuracy the clinch work is going to be too much it’s going to be the difference
here I like Fernando to win uh the 241 uh line it already closed a little bit
from -350 I’m hoping it closes even more I may actually jump on the BET openly
odds at minus 223. um because I do think he wins but I don’t want to spend
that much money because Kyle Nelson is tough and can play spoiler what do you think cheeky boy yeah I in my mind
Fernando is the better fighter in this match when I broke this down I was very impressed with his boxing with his Precision with his toughness but with
toughness comes getting hit and this kid as tough as he did he gets hit a ton
when I watch film on him he stands in the pocket as you mentioned but it is not boxing it’s not head weaving it is
just Stone Cold throwing strikes but eating him on the way in and I worry with that strategy against a guy a guy
like Kyle Nelson who is a Savvy guy knows how to kind of extend fights and once fights get extended that’s when he
starts picking up the price he did the exact same thing versus a Blake Builder and we learned Blake Builder a little
bit of a fraud but Blake had some really good success in the first round Kyle against an undefeated guy weathered the
storm turned up the pace turned up the intensity and turned that fight around and I could see him doing the same thing
against a guy like Fernando I have no I doubt my mind that at some point early in this fight Fernando is going to clip
Kyle Nelson a little bit but I believe that Kyle Nelson is going to survive and after he survives that Fernando gets hit
a lot he’s going to get worn down he’s not I don’t want to say he’s like a first round of bus type of guy but with his style the way that he gets hit that
style does not translate As you move into the UFC and Kyle Nelson is an experienced UFC veteran so
um Fernando is the better fighter I understand people are picking him he gets hit a little bit too much for me I
think Kyle can weather the storm take over the fight so surprisingly enough my pick is going to be Kyle Nelson
yeah he definitely gets hit a ton so you’re gonna see the stats here 11.88 significant strikes landed per minute
8.91 absorb per minute he didn’t even fight a full round in the UFC so they extrapolate those odds out or those
numbers out so it’s definitely inflated but this is saying you know it’s basically it’s almost give one to get
one where Kyle Nelson is also have a negative strike he does also have a negative yeah he definitely gets beat up
I’m just I feel like there’s just something about the way that this fight goes I just feel like he’s gonna weather
that storm but and you know I’m trying to think if I’ve been wrong before I don’t think
I’ve ever I don’t think I’ve been wrong before so uh it seems like Kyle Nelson’s a play
there you go are you gonna spend the 7 300 on DraftKings since he’s gonna win oh yeah okay that’s odd decision oh we
got Canada versus Mexico uh north of the Border versus South of the Border here
I was about to go to a whole like Canadian Spiel then I was like I don’t I [ __ ] that’s the worst accent I hate
that accent sorry kind of idiots I [ __ ] hate that accent
um I don’t I you know everybody talks a little differently and I appreciate that’s what makes this world so great
the uh the Queen’s money spends the same as the [ __ ] American dollar we
appreciate the premium members from Canada oh it’s a king’s money now I guess they
take her off that [ __ ] I still don’t even know why the Queen of England’s on [ __ ] Canada’s money still
oh we left that dump we left that dump we start our own thing oh you want to tax us hell no and then what do we do
attacks the [ __ ] of ourselves what is this country become Angelo
80 like 100 on DraftKings I’m not gonna spend it on Fernando uh but I do think
he wins this great well sorry a little politic talk
and uh you’re about down for the count that’s what you do to fall asleep Little Fox News all you just sleep
watch Shane gillis’s stand up he has a hilarious bit on he’s like I’m not a
republican but I’m definitely pre-republican and he like went into all the things that like as he’s getting
older he’s just starting to lean that way his stand-ups his stamps it’s a great
special it’s an hour you meet the guy one time and you now you’re [ __ ] idolizing him dude he was cool I met him too it was
about 40 seconds
they say it was longer or shorter I made a comment he made a comment took the picture peace anyway slap on the ass
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then AI like all the things you could ever want ten dollars a month we have a 20 Super Chat from Riff Raff
he said hey Jacob I made a killing on lock of the week with Sean O’Malley and my girl is asking why you haven’t worn
the shirt yet hit the like everyone and join premium just so context for people who have not watched my Vlog oh hold on
a second it was mail day while he’s doing that it was mail day so
we have the P.O box you can mail this stuff the address is on the website it’s in the description of this video and
riffraff sent us two shirts an extra large for me a boys medium for Jacob he
mailed those I wore mine because I support the people everything’s Jacobs for the people I’m for the people I wore
the shirt Jacob has not quite embarrassing what’d you do I thought you’re gonna go get the shirt I didn’t get the shirt
Angelo okay it’s from Riff Raff thank you very much WoW the tags are still on it that’s a
real disrespect Riff Raff real disrespect we appreciate that Riff Raff I always got these too look at
these that just came in for me another one another one
there you go Undisputed bantamweight champion we love seeing that and then look at this one this one Focus [ __ ]
hard I’m talking you better get your [ __ ] get ready with the lotion look at this one
a lot of the ugliest people that have ever walked face the Earth just good luck dude what the [ __ ] okay that’s a
good looking dude look at these guys look at the cheekbones he’s got the nice smile you really think that we actually
had this conversation I don’t know if you remember this but I remember it specifically one of the first times we
broke down a fight with Charles Oliveira um it had been a couple years ago because he wasn’t really anyone at that
point he was just kind of the still the Epic Comer and we were talking I was talking about I was like that’s a good
looking guy and you were like that guy’s a good looking guy yeah that’s a good Lookout Charles all there is a good
looking dude no he ain’t well so so disrespectful to be honest with
you if he’s not a good looking guy then [ __ ] man I told you I wasn’t good looking I said
wait till you see I was just thinking about myself I was just thinking about myself you’re better looking than chocolate in a bag look at this oh my
God that’s a front and a back dude that’s atrocious what are you talking about
both sides the same thing yeah it’s the same thing on both sides stupid [ __ ] [ __ ] it’s even worse on the back then
that’s an atrocious shirt badass dude UFC Benway rated out of 10. everyone in
the chat right now that’s a 10 out of 10 right here dude that’s that’s a oh God that’s a that’s a terrible shirt we
gotta move on this is Hot Fire next up at Noche UFC we have Daniel
zellhuber taking on a Christian Gallegos Daniel zellhuber is 13-1 overall he’s
4-1 in his last five he’s coming off that decision win over Lando vanata taking on Christians Gallegos 20 and 10
overall three and two in his last five he’s coming off The Knockout over Ricky
Glenn Daniels El Huber is an impressive Striker he’s long he’s aggressive or sorry he’s aggressive he’s Dynamic he’s
incredibly long in his Limbs and that’s going to give him power range it’s going to give him leverage when he’s in the
grappling his changes despite those long legs he does have solid takedown defense and he does a very good job kneeing and
striking his way out of exchanges he if he is taken down he’s wrapping his opponents up he’s using that length to
threaten with submissions he’s coming off that win over Lando vanata where he did showcase his technical striking and
he used his length really well taking on Christian Gallegos this guy’s a Grappler he’s proven he’s never out of a fight
his crap is solid he does have some tricks up his sleeves his striking can definitely use some work on the
technical side of things but he unquestionably has some big time power he’s fast he’s on Orthodox and he will
just Wing those punches we saw that with that early knockout over Ricky Glenn this should be a Daniel zellhuber win
right he’s the more technical guy he’s got fantastic takedown defense but if you look at his loss his only loss was
to Trey Ogden if you look at that loss you’ll see that he did defend a ton of takedowns but he did not get his hands
going if Christians comes forward and if he’s wrestle heavy if he stays in Daniel’s face he could get Daniel
hesitant it was almost like Daniel was so afraid I better not get taken down he was so focused on waiting for a takedown
to come in he didn’t let his hands go and that lost him the fight if Chris just comes in that same way that exact
same thing could happen I’m still picking Daniel Zell Huber I think the accuracy and the Striking is going to be
very very impressive but guy Diego’s got a pretty clear path and I’m not going to
bet this fight at all because I’m a little worried about Daniel Zell Huber and what he does with
the pressure and uh I don’t trust Christians enough to spend the money on him so I’m just gonna sit this one out
but Daniel’s the pick he should be the pick but this could look very much like that Trey Ogden fight what do you think Jakey boy yeah I don’t think it’s so
look anything like Treyon can fire this is when we look back on this card we’re gonna be like holy [ __ ] why didn’t we
place more money on Daniel’s zellhuber at this price because I just don’t feel like Christian Gallegos is that guy you
know he is a talented guy he’s good where he’s good but I don’t think he’s at the level to where he can Excel what
he does best against a guy like Daniel Daniel is a very very talented kid very tough he showed off toughness as well
good in the pocket good boxing has good enough takedown defense in my mind and it feels like the way these Styles match
up with the kind of explosion aggression of Christos because Trey again was not that and you were 100 right his constant
pressure constant pressure Daniel never really got off but Kristin yagos isn’t really concert pressure explosion
explosion explosion I think in those explosions Daniel is good enough with his boxing and has decent enough power
he’s kind of got underrated power to where I think that he can find a finish in this fight I’m pretty high on
Daniel I went back and forth on this card on like who I think is the best value on the card who I feel and
obviously we already talked about Roman we we got him or I got him at minus 270. not gonna get that anymore but I still
feel like Daniel has really good value in this matchup I just don’t know where Christos is is going to take this fight
to be able to win two rounds because I don’t think he’s gonna finish a guy like Daniel and uh you know Daniel is he’s
just a better fighter unfortunately so I’m pretty feel good about it and I think honestly people want to talk about
Jamie Malarkey by the way if you haven’t watched the fight Vlog that was I forgot we did that that was pretty funny every
time it was good yeah that was perfect so you can watch the fight Vlog and see me on TV but people
say I look like Jamie Malarkey and some people say Max Crosby all this stuff I’m seeing a little bit of Daniel in me yeah
I bet you are I bet you are why you laugh I’m serious I mean we kind of got the same cheekbones
he’s taller better looking dark how tall is he better I’m positive he’s tall yup he’s
tall he’s definitely taller no the hair will make it look taller but
I said it sarcastically and it’s like oh no yeah it definitely is I disagree I think we could be brothers
we’re both Latinos no no you’re not Latino we’re both uh he’s my hermano
Latino you’re the whitest person I know just like did you I don’t you don’t have a stitch of any what nationality you
have in you that could add some color uh first of all I’m 60 Latin America I
am no you are not we should do a 23 of me and see what
comes out I can’t just a flame sheet they just send back a plain sheet of paper
you’re just [ __ ] white buddy it’d be real no you you get that one percent uh
black like uh Mike uh it would change my life yeah who was it Mike Bear knuckle
yeah Mike Perry’s one percent African and he’s just like
being the African Champion they’re like no my Perry’s gonna be the first African Champion
absolutely wild we should do it because you I mean everybody’s one percent something so if I’m more than five
percent Latino and anyway yeah holy [ __ ] is my life Gonna Change yeah I imagine
that’s why I wouldn’t my God I’m never wearing sunscreen again no I can handle it
I got this i got this trust me I could handle it you’re gonna start talking like my mom
start talking like I’m gonna be me I’m gonna be Mackenzie Dern you’re just just week after week goes by yeah he you know
yeah you know crystal is takedowns but you
know I stand with his dojo watch if you don’t know what he’s
referencing Mackenzie Dern watch the there’s a video on YouTube called the evolution of Mackenzie Dern’s accent and
there’s just videos of her at 16 just normal just she grew up in Rhode Island hi I’m Mackenzie Dern yeah yeah
we go to uh how you say uh the arena and uh that’s why it’s absolutely wild
um anyway back to this fight you’re gonna spend the 8 800 on Daniel
Azel Huber Andrea man I I really like him in this fight pretty high on him there you go I’m probably not going to
but I’m not going to disagree I picked them to win so my only fear is I watched him lose because he was hesitant and uh
until I see him get a few more fights past that it could happen again
we click become a member please well that this is what’s funny about it
so and obviously I don’t speak Italian my mom’s from Italy I do not speak Italian I understand it but I don’t speak it even if I spoke it and the rest
of my family my cousins everybody else does they don’t have [ __ ] they didn’t grow up in this country and have these
ridiculous accents like MacKenzie does it’s it’s absurd the YouTube video is great it’s literally I think it’s called
the evolution of Mackenzie what is this
no you only do it in English yeah I’m so fat
I was hoping that you’d really rattle that off that would have been a real enjoyment for me but well because you
say graciel so I just assumed it was fight related and you were perverted I just assume everything you do is
perverted somehow foreign okay
speaking of handsome next up at Noche UFC we have a Raul Rosas Jr taking on
Terence Mitchell Raul Rosas Jr 7-1 overall four and one in his last five he
is coming off his first career loss he’s taking on Terence Mitchell 14-3 overall
five and one no four and one in his last five coming off that stoppage loss in
his UFC debut Raul Rose Jr he’s super young like the analogy I use in the
quick fix video is he’s barely old enough to go to a titty bar kids 18 He Turned 18. he’s 21 in Indiana we went to
Louisville a lot it was 18. and fully nude in Louisville so that was a an experience but they can’t serve alcohol
they do not serve alcohol but as an 18 year old we would drive the two hours Louisville we would have ourselves a
night I bet you would uh Raul rosehaus Jr he was 17 when he signed with the UFC his
parents famously had to sign a permission slip to allow him to fist fight for a living he is 18 now he is a
grown man and he is in charge of his own life uh he’s a Non-Stop Grappler he has eight takedowns in three fights 19
minutes of control time and two of those fights didn’t go the distance his striking definitely needs a little bit of work where he’s going to come in
Reckless he’s gonna throw he said you know what he thinks is power he’s still I mean 18. great Striker he’s a I
preached on that last time guy’s a great striker you did preach on that last time
um he could definitely put himself into Harm’s Way for no reason but he is fast he’s athletic he sets a Relentless Pace
he’s coming off that loss and it just reminded us that he’s so young because
what happened at lost he came out he got the grappling going won that first round was chasing a little too much for a
finish second round came exhausted was was hanging on too long to
submissions was going at a hundred percent effort for things that he shouldn’t have been doing and it really
just it it at the end of the day just came down to lack of experience and that
in for both in the cage and life and that’s all it was because he gassed himself out doing nothing the the
analogy I’m in a little bit of a sidebar here if you remember the when Khan lawyer talked there’s that cop talk no
that’s just corporate speak when Conor McGregor fought Floyd Mayweather Jr and
Conor started to get tired over time they the announcers were talking about they’re like the difference is I’m sure
Connor is in phenomenal shape and I’m sure he has trained all the rounds the difference is you need the more you
fight the more you learn when you can relax where your spot is to relax Connor’s not relaxing anywhere
everything he’s doing is 100 there’s no relaxing that’s how we’re a little roast sauce wow you just compared Conor
McGregor and Raul roses the lack of experience that resulted in gassing
because he tried too hard and didn’t ever take the foot off the gas you said
that roses is a better Striker than Conor McGregor light them up in the comments
that’s what people do I put a tweet out today comparing uh Usman and chefchenko just the way that their careers have
gone lately and somebody who’s like okay are you actually comparing those men and women’s MLA no I wasn’t but thank you
for asking everyone no I mean what the [ __ ] um internet people aren’t the brightest
for the most part um Daniel talking to you so anyway round assassin’s aggressive Grappler lost that
fight it really just came down to he was he was probably the better fighter in that matchup it just came down to lack
of experience and knowing when to not go 100 effort taking on Terence Mitchell
Terence Mitchell is a long lean also a Grappler he doesn’t have the best takedowns but he is very dangerous on
the ground unfortunately for him I mentioned this last time he broke him down his most popular video when you’re going to break down tape is cocky
fighter gets knocked out in 30 seconds and that seems on The Ultimate Fighter he was a complete [ __ ] to kaikar
France and then Kai car fans knocked his ass out if you if you remove that and you look at his career’s body work first
of all 14-3 is a very solid record second of all he’s a pretty good fighter he doesn’t suck on the feet he’s fast he
does a great job just throwing up Kicks out of nowhere with no notice he can knock you out he can submit you on the
ground but he can also be taken down and outworked for that reason I gotta go
where I will Rosas he’s definitely going to be the pick he’s proud probably safe to Parlay but these this minus 750
there’s better value on this card that money is gone he has proven to make poor
fight IQ decisions and not for any fault other than he’s ridiculously young and he’s still learning so I’m not gonna
parlay him the opportunity him and Roman earlier maybe maybe made some sense but
minus 750 is just it’s just a lot and I think there’s other money here at uh at
a better discount but you can go to bed openly you get them at minus 525 much much better odds there
but you got to hope somebody grabs the other side which they might because paying out at five plus five twenty fives also decent so anyway Rosas is the
pick a little too young to trust them at these odds I was hoping we’d get a discount on his bounce back but I guess
not what do you think Jakey boy uh yeah minus 800 now on the odds for for road
which is awesome it’s wild that so people really trust him more than Roman
copulov that’s what they’re saying trust them a lot more too yeah a lot
more yeah Loopy’s finally minus 450 which is probably where she should be honestly in that type of fight but yeah
Raul roses minus 800 I have no doubt that he probably should win this fight it should be a grappling Affair and
we’ve seen Terence Mitchell he’s a decent Grappler but you know with his striking with his grappling he gets a
little bit too aggressive when you get too aggressive especially against a guy like Raul that’s where you make mistakes the reason Raul won his last fight was
that because that guy did not get aggressive he just kind of stayed the course he’s very even keeled very methodical in everything he does on the
ground didn’t make mistakes was wearing down Rosas by staying alive and then wearing him down with his own offensive
grappling and Terence Mitchell is not a guy that extends fights right luckily
for Raul he is also kind of a first round or bus guy at this point in his career so Raul in this matchup should be
able to get the takedowns should be able to get the control find that submission maybe even find I know the the submission is might be like minus money
the TKO we couldn’t get a situation where it’s just a body lock he wants the TKO in front of the home fans pop pop
you know that type of thing so TKO might be a uh excuse me they’re in Vegas
well it’s the I mean if you don’t think this place can be packed full of Mexican fans you got another thing coming Angelo
so it’s gonna be packed they’re gonna be rooting for them um so we could see a TK that could be a little bit of sneaky value there because
I I tried to pull it I forgot that I was about to pull it up I actually forgot what I was doing but um that would be probably the way to
play something like that but you know Terence Mitchell is you know you see the 14-3 you see yeah uh he just got holes
as a grappling game and that’s what our old does best so Raul by first round kotko is plus
550. I think it might be worth the sprinkle
Maybe I doubt it he doesn’t throw hands at all on the ground at all not even a little bit
well he does he’s just grapples he does I can pull up the stats okay
all right let’s [ __ ] Muppet there we go I’m bastard I’ll pull them up too because I know how you like to interpret
stats okay let’s see uh Raul Rosas Jr look at
that Contender series fight three Contender series fight 20 strikes how
many strikes did he landed his last fight which went a full 15 minutes I’ll wait I’m looking it up my internet’s getting
a little bit laggy here too long a second hold on a second the answer is hold on a second I’m looking it up I’m
looking it up you really gotta he had three takedowns five minutes of control
time and lived two strikes he’s like he’s like yeah
which you may have against him like nobody landed a strike for like three fights and then he’s only landed Jesus
Jesus Christ at 90 so plus 550 on the TKO you might
wanna I mean submission is plus 100 you might want to just play the plus one
96 Daniel’s officially hidden from this channel by the way in case you didn’t
know so he’s gone forever sorry bud
um he was just [ __ ] on some random stuff and he crossed the line so he’s
gone that’s what happens he is now in the abyss commenting to nobody
um 9 600 in DraftKings for Raul Rosas Jr
probably worth it honestly because with the takedowns with the control time I
gotta look at how well he scores because two strikes is gonna do it but if he’s getting three four takedowns a ton of
control time the eventual submission he could cover that 9 600 is a lot of money so I have to look at it see how he
scored previously but but certainly DraftKings appreciates uh grappling and this is the guy that’s gonna do it for
sure what do you think about DraftKings Jakey boy it should be pretty good
all right we want become a member you can unlock all of the tools the Insight the
information the breakdowns the analysis anything that you have ever needed to have some fun and make some money watching these fights we on just
click become a member next up at Noche UFC we have an
incredible co-main event this frankly could have been the main event of this card or another wow right
title fights should always be the main event I’m just saying this is a great fight that could have headlined its own
card we got Kevin Holland 25 and 9 overall three and two in his last five he’s coming off back to back finish wins
taking on Jack matalana 15 and 2 overall
5-0 in his last five he is riding a 15 fight win streak Kevin Holland is an
accurate and Powerful Striker this guy has a very slightly improved takedown defense
Implement see that’s what people call a list but it’s not a list but just say whatever
yeah that improved takedown defense but very solid grappling if he is taken down
other than the wrestling defense Kevin is a problem for a lot of people he’s a sniper on his feet he’s got great
accuracy great range he can also grapple really well again can’t control the fight’s standing or not but once he’s on
the ground he can grapple he’s uh long he used that length really well and the
reality is Kevin Holland’s good everywhere again except the wrestling exchanges but he is
coming off of that very very lopsided win over Michael kiessa where he defended five takedown attempts and
ended up getting the submission in less than half no basically in half around Jake and Jack Della madalina high volume
Striker incredible jab he’s gonna plot forward on his toes he’s gonna pump that jab if you start throwing back at him
he’ll reset he’ll start that cycle over get out of Harm’s Way if you look at his nose you wouldn’t think he’s getting out
of Harm’s Way very often but he is and he’s a very very clean strike somebody said today in the Discord that I look
like Jack Della madeleino on heroin it’s they just say you look like every
other Ginger is what’s happening y’all look alike is what is happening to
you didn’t audition I’m sorry for that yeah no I’m sorry for that
anyway great Striker typically had some decent takedown defense
um he did defend 17 takedowns in his last fight but didn’t look great in that
fight he was taken down three times and that’s three more times he’s ever been taken down in any other fight this is a
great fight though and we’re really going to find out how good Jack madalina is or is not this is definitely his
biggest test and I’m trying not to have some recency bias here because if I did
have recency bias Kevin Holland looked spectacular in his last fight Jackman Elena looked like trash in his last
fight so okay this is going to be Kevin Holland so I’m trying to remove just their last fight from the equation and
look at a little more holistically but I still like Kevin Hound we have a guy who fought the best of the middleweight
division he didn’t win all those fights but he fought the best of the middleweight division has come down to
welterweight he hasn’t lost yet beat him that wasn’t at welterweight so
he hasn’t lost yet he’s looked better and better beating than who’s who
of 170s he’s beaten some name 170. who who has he be in okay who has jacked
that madelina beaten that is better than than Kevin honesby uh like Randy Brown is better than Randy
Brown is better than ponza nibio and Michael Kia said they both fought Randy Brown at the exact same time Randy Brown
is a long ranging Striker okay basil basil would smoke both of
those as well the guy he just fought basil would smoke Kevin Holland no no no no but now you’re now you’re just this
wood that could no no you’re you’re asking my opinion basil is a much better farmer I didn’t ask you I didn’t ask
your opinion I asked for a fact that is a fact you were making fun of I said
Randy Brown you said give me one name I gave you Randy rounds better both of them
oh I don’t think so so now it’s your opinion right especially Marvin vittori
Derek Brunson yes he lost those people but he fought them Alex Oliveira that guy’s dangerous and talented Tim Means
that’s a dog ponson means the dirty bird
get out of here buddy quit your yapping all right well anyway I think Kevin
Holland wins I think he’s got the better experience I think he’s uh he’s got more ways to win than I think he can win the
Striking exchanges so I’m gonna go ahead and uh pick Kevin Holland here and not Jack Dela matalino who struggled
against a short notice guy yeah basil is not a normal short notice guy and I will
stand by basil would absolutely smoke Kevin Holland with those takedowns Kevin Holland cannot defend a takedown Kevin
how many times he’s been taken down to his UFC career there’s probably 80. I I [ __ ] on his wrestling 43 [ __ ] times
basil would come in it and smoke and what did Jack delamanolina do in that fight made a lot of mistakes
exchanges too basil touched him up on the feet a few
times he landed a couple shots he was not losing striking exchange he landed
he is not he is not losing striking exchanges to Basil but he came in he
made a few mistakes he was pulling Guillotines he was ending up on his back but he also defended like 16-17 takedown
so what I brought what I brought out of that fight is yeah Jackman Jack Della
madalaine I’m gonna struggle the entire time Jack diddle made Elena um I think I added an extra D in there that’s the first time I’ll throw a big
old D or something you know what I mean but Jack Daniel matalana was in my mind showed off his toughness that was a
tough fight a short-nosed guy he had no time to prepare for a very good wrestler gay cheese talks about that he’s had
Wars with this guy he’s a very very high level wrestler a strong dude came down defended the takedowns out scrambled him
when he was in bad positions and then absolutely started lighting the guy up in the for in the third round of that
fight which is impressive because Jack has coming off all these first round finishes he didn’t know what was going to happen at the UFC level getting into
the second round into the third round with both guys are tired and Jack turned up the heat he turned up the volume he
is the better striker in this matchup he just is Kevin Holland is a long rangy
guy he’s always going to be live for power he’s always going to be live for a weird submission on the ground because
he’s wiry he’s especially long at 170. I love Kevin Hart I’m a bit you’ve said you’ve listened to me talking time and
time again I love Kevin Hahn I like the way he fights but he is here not to win fights he is here to be fun to have fun
to make money to get those checks to get paid Jack Della Madeleine is a it’s a
different it’s just different in here with Jack and what he does best which he’s going to excel in this fight is he
gets in your face he cuts off all that range Kevin Holland against the fence how many times have you seen Kevin Hall
against the fence and he does the Philly shell thing right he’s just slipping head movement Jack is so good when he
gets you against the fence a work body to work head with those combinations he is going to beat Kevin Holland up I
don’t know if he’s going to finish him because I respect coming chin and his toughness but I think he’s going to beat him up for three rounds I knew leaving
that basil fight that we are going to get crazy value on whoever Jack fought next because people be like oh my God he
looked terrible he looked terrible he’s a better boxer this matchup it’s going to be a boxing matchup this is going to
end up being the best value on the card it’s already moving I got it minus I think minus 125 minus 130 it’s already
up over one minus 150. if he never fought basil and he came into this fight after this first round finishes he’d be
minus 200 versus Kevin Holland I think he smokes him I uh obviously I completely disagree
without question I completely disagree if Jack won it’s not the most shocking thing in the world I do not have a bet
on Kevin Holland because there’s a low confidence pick for me because this is a very tough fight and we are going to
find out how good Kevin Holland is or is not but I I think I just think his fighting
high level got Wonder Boy with a broken hand that’s I mean that’s a that’s a high level [ __ ] his ass up too that
was a beating a beat after the hand broke no but he’s still a beating after
the hand broke with one arm not before it wasn’t before so and listen I’m
actually not a huge Kevin Holland guy but I just I I love Kevin Allen
I uh I I you know me I’m very favor wrestlers quite heavily so when
this dude was just getting taken down non-stop yeah a lot of people a lot of people will talk about Jack defended 17
take down he wouldn’t get the only reason he was taken down he’s talking about Kevin Hollins okay yeah yeah that’s right well that’s what’s crazy
some people are like almost Kevin and this we’re gonna hear this again for this next fight off Kevin Allen has to do with wrath there’s some people that
say that that Kevin Holland’s gonna come in and get taken control and gonna control the wrestling object element
jackdown millionaire took himself down time and time again Defender to the restroom and Kevin Hall’s not a wrestler
yeah I’m I’m not factoring the wrestling into this at all because even he beat ramazan and me who’s supposed to be a
decent wrestler just for at the end of the day I just think that Kevin Holland
um has fought the higher level guys I think he’s got the better range management he definitely has more power I think Jack’s
got the much better yeah 100 I got a lot of money in there now
because I want them remember we did chippy too so to a hundred bucks you might have to hit the deposit a little
bit 100. I’ll do one I’ll do it I’ll do it and send it to you why
I got it right here’s last time because you’re gonna lay out 152 and then I think I have to spend 152 which I don’t
want to no I have the favorite it’s gonna be different this time
I’m gonna spend a 133 and you’re gonna spend 100. oh yeah 133. yeah all right
um I mean that is great value on both sides it’s incredible it’s incredible how that
works um all right we’ll see what happens I’m looking forward to it it’s 138 on
here so it already changed yeah there you go yeah I genuinely think that uh I
genuinely think Kevin Holland can win this fight this is gonna be a great co-main event a legitimate co-main event
um become a premium oh DraftKings uh I don’t know do you do you
think Jack Della madalina wins by finish nope I respect the toughness I have a bet yeah specifically for that but uh I
definitely respect the toughness and if Kevin account if he comes in and lands that sniper shot and hurts him and
finishes I’m not gonna be on that he definitely has that ability it’s just the way that Jack fights it’s just not
good for a guy like Kevin Holland in my opinion yeah we’ll find out I’m looking forward to this fight very very much I’ll bet
it’ll be a fun one yeah yeah I’m not gonna bet a sports book but I will bet you here with bet openly uh DraftKings
probably not because I I don’t I don’t think Kevin’s gonna win by finish either I think this is a decision that’s just
going to be determined by who’s Landing the cleaner shots and if if Jack’s just pumping that jab out there
that obviously could could look well for Kevin but Kevin has shown us how tough he is even in that stoppage to wonder
boy that was very late in the fight and he literally had a broken hand like his hand was shattered early so he’s not uh
he’s no slouch so we want click become a member it is only ten
dollars a month and you’re gonna unlock everything you have ever needed
two all right so I uh you have to spend 99 okay it’s it’s 89.93
should be 99.93 I did my I clicked Max bet and let me do
because of the one percent it should only it should be 99. 100
place the bet the BET has been taken I just did Max
all right it’s done took it anyway we click become a member if you want to know what the heck we’re doing
right now it’s bet openly bet openly it’s not a sports book it’s peer two peer betting so Jacob put up a bet I
took the other side it could have been you all it’s all public um so I took the other side if I win I
take his actual money if he wins he takes my actual money uh I have not lost
to any of you yet eventually I will I still have to go buy a sandwich with that one guys ten dollars and show them
what’s up but uh so what’s up bro this is your salad sandwich dog except I bought it
um what’s bro yapping about who you
what okay next up
at Noche UFC we have the rare title fight on a Fight Night Main Event of the
evening we have Alexa Grosso defending her belt in the rematch to Valentina
chefchenko Alexa Grosso 16 and 3 overall 5-0 in her last five she’s coming off
that title win at UFC 285 Valentina shevchenko 23-4 overall 5-0 in her last
five and she’s coming off her first loss in five years as I mentioned as you all
know this is a rematch it was the biggest upset of the year everybody’s talking about Izzy’s loss is a huge
upset that is a huge upset but this is quite literally a much larger upset some
books close the Valentina as a minus 12. stop moving that thing around so loud
don’t use that attitude with me not right now what are you gonna do a minus
1200 favorite and she still lost this fight and
it did look like she was going to win it looked like she was probably gonna cash a lot of those tickets uh but then she
was submitted in that fourth but did it round no I just finished saying that she lost
uh Alexa no but did it look like she was going to win is the question because it literally did go check the scorecards
two to one in the fourth and she was losing the fourth so it was going to be 2-2 going in the fifth
Alexa Grosso is a fun Striker she’s got impressive volume decent takedown defense at 61 and she likes to stay busy
she lands more than five significant strikes per minute she moves really really well she has absolutely no
problem slugging now inside the pocket and while she does have some power it’s not fight ending one punch knockout
power she’s 5-0 at 125 pounds after moving up from 115 pounds and she is
defending her belt for the first time taking on the person she just took it from Valentina chefchenko she’s one of
the best fighters on the planet regardless of division or gender she won the belt in 2018 she defended it seven
times before losing it earlier this year she’s a very good Striker very good Grappler she’s got that Championship
composure and mindset her striking is some of the best in this division she’s very technical she’s got enough power
combined with technique that she can put some people away the last few years we have seen her game evolve she’s worked
in a whole bunch of takedowns lots of Judo trip she’s got 25 takedowns in her
last six fights including four against Alexa Grosso my gut my instant gut reaction was Bounty is going to win this
fight right like she should have won the first one she arguably was going to win the first one and that was my gut
reaction and this also could feel very much like remember when Amanda Nunes lost her bet to Juliana Pena lost her
bet uh oh she was betting oh my God lost her fight to Juliana Pena and she was a
massive favorite lost that fight she came back she was still a favorite but a small favorite something like this the minus 160 something of that effect and
people were like oh I don’t know and it ended up being the greatest value we ever saw this could be the same that
went out there was surprised by the Striking Alexa was winning those striking exchanges and she was surprised
by that but in true champion mentality she adjusted on the Fly came out second round wrestled one came out third round
wrestled one came out fourth round wrestled was winning got stood up did some stupid [ __ ] I got her back
taken and got choked out she could come back looking like a completely different
person ready to go ready to wrestle a hard five rounds ready to stay in her face strike do all the things prepared
you know for all we know she didn’t take Alexis seriously she was small 115 pounds like we don’t know
but also if I zoom out well Tyler Santos beats Valentina [Music]
Tyler Santos beat Valentina chefchenko didn’t didn’t get the nod on the
scorecards but dial Santos beat her and it feels you use the analogy before like
the Usman thing it does feel something like that where was the champion let me do it I’ll do it
right now because I got right in front of me
so uzman and I think everyone agrees look basically unbeatable he basically
looked unbeatable during his title range even even that first Kobe fight knocks him out even though it was kind of a close go up to that fight
um then he does have a close fight with Colby right it was a rematch but it has a close fight with Colby right so he wins that fight then he’s going in
against Leon he fights Leon he controls basically the entire fight he’s dominating that fight he gets knocked
out in the fifth round and everyone is saying oh my God it’s a fluke it’s a
fluke he’s gonna win the rematch he’s going to win the rematch he’s going to dominate the rematch that’s not what
happened Usman was 35 years old going into the rematch chef shenko I believe we both agree she’s looked unbelievably
dominant in her Title reign I mean I’ve been saying it on this podcast over and over that she is the best overall
fighter man or a woman on the roster looked absolutely dominant then had a fight close fight with Talia right had a
close fight some people thought she lost that I think she probably did lose that but she had a close fight with Talia right and then she fights Grosso looks
like she’s controlling that fight I disagree a little bit but definitely was controlling wrestling in that fight and
people are gonna say it was a fluke the fourth round and fluke oh she was spinning she got her back she choked out
she’s gonna dominate the the next fight the rematch with her wrestling again
chefchenko 35 years old going into the street match so that’s kind of the comparison you were making there with Usman and Chevy
what was your comparison I was just going back to it because I think it is a good it could feel like Valentina is
still my pick I think this looks more like Amanda Nunes and Juliana Pena than
it does Usman and um Edwards I think Valentina made like we watched
her make adjustments in that fight we just watched Izzy not make an adjustment when he didn’t make a single adjustment
he went out there he was losing all the strikes it didn’t change a single thing in that fight against Sean nothing
the first round my jab isn’t working as coach like oh [ __ ] and then he just kept
trying to jab for five more rounds made made literally zero adjustments in that fight Valentina on the other hand lost
the Striking in the first round sat down regrouped and literally came out with a
completely different game plan the next round I think that Championship caliber
she’s gonna be the much bigger fighter she was the first time and now she’s prepared I think she was caught off
guard I think she was I think it’s the man the Nunes thing honestly like frankly she wasn’t a human being for so
long she was so good never had a tough fight and yes obviously Tyler Santos gave her a little go but uh I think she
was probably a little underprepared and uh she is a very active Champion that could have caught up to her as well I do
think Valentina wins but after this long rant yes minus 165 is probably the best it
literally is the best value you’re going to get on her you have to go all the way back to when she fought Amanda Nunes to get that I think she’s gonna come out
wrestle heavy I think she’s gonna win this fight I’m not putting my money on it for all the I forget what the stat was they were
obsessed with the stat when Izzy and uzman were trying to get their fight back but it was like Champs who lose
their belt and get immediate rematches win like never it’s like 20 of the time or something it is something it’s
something ridiculously low so I still am picking Valentina no bet if the line
continues to shrink then honestly at a certain point I I still think she’s great value now let alone if it shrinks
but I was just burned by Izzy and maybe I’ve got a little a little chafing still what do you think Jakey boy yeah
comparing first of all don’t compare Alexa Grosso and Juliana Pena because Juliana is nothing compared to Alexa
gross so she was completely smoked in the first round of that fight the reasons why Nunes lost that fight was
because she was so dominant in the first round and Julia opinion is tough so her toughness got to suck around then Nunes
basically I mean Penny basically just Homer Simpson her way to the championship belt Alexa Grosso came in in the first round and pretty much
dominated the first round this fight so that comparison is a little bit different but I do want to give you credit because Valentina and to her
credit as well did make those adjustments absolutely she did she came into that fight not she wasn’t gonna
wrestle in that in that fight she wasn’t gonna arrest at all she had quotes going into that fight saying listen if Alexa
Grosso wants to box I’ll box her and I feel confident in my boxing that lasted about two and a half minutes
before she realized holy [ __ ] this little Alexa Grosso girl is a better boxer than me I don’t know overall
Striker but definitely a better boxer than me so you saw Valentino go to start going to the spinning stuff a little bit early made the adjustment came in and
second around say you know what I’m gonna do what I do that take girls down that’s getting that side control position get him in those crucifix
positions wear them down with elbows beat them up and that’s how I am gonna win this fight so she came in second
round got the takedown got that side control almost got Alexa in that crucifix position but turns out Alexa
cross was a little bit better on the ground than Valentina expected she got back to her feet and when she got back to her feet she was immediately in
valentina’s face got taken down again it is what it is so now first round striking’s not working second round the
aggressive grappling is not working and she realizes she is getting tired because she’s not a wrestler that’s one
thing we need to understand and Angela I think you will agree she’s not a wrestler
she is not a wrestler she can wrestle she does have takedowns this is a Muay Thai kickboxer that can take people
there she’s not a wrestler so when she started wrestling she started getting very tired in the third round more
takedowns this time she’s in full guard and doing absolutely nothing Alexa Grosso is making her work in every
single position she’s trying to stay safe win the fight with control even enough so that Jason Herzog has to stand
them up she’s doing nothing so now first round of striking’s not working second round the aggressive grappling is not
working third round she’s getting tired and she’s just trying to hold and that’s not working because she’s stalling too much so the fourth round she comes out
with terrible takedown attempts I’m talking terrible and by the way the adjustments that Valentina made Grosso
was also making adjustments she was lowering her stance she was getting more aggressive ready to defend the takedown
so once she was ready to defend the takedowns she was defending them much easily I think she has two takedown defense in the fight but there was
probably three or four from Valentina that were half ass that don’t really count as takedown attempts and she was defending those just fine so so if she
comes into this fight knowing okay now she might wrestle she’s been with loopy we mentioned loopy Loopy’s a better
overall wrestler Valentino she’s I assumes that she’s getting her ready for all these takedown attempts and if
Valentina can’t get the takedowns which I don’t think she can get the takedown she’s in real [ __ ] trouble Alexa Grosso is not dangerous on the feet but
she can just methodically just work out the boxing and wear Valentina down over five rounds and I think she can win four
of them I I like Alexa Grosso in this matchup she’s going to be the better striker in what should be a mostly
striking matchup and if I’m Valentina or if I’m at lecturer rather and tell me if you agree or disagree with this if my
game plan is the worst case scenario here for me with Alexa Grosso my pick
who I’m gonna pick to win this fight is she’s so worried about the takedowns that she’s just waiting and she’s
waiting and she’s waiting and Valentina is going to win that fight because she can point fight in between those takedown attempts if I’m Alexa Grosso
first round first minute I’m gonna shoot a takedown okay you want to wrestle I Alexa Grosso is a good wrestler she’s a
good Grappler she can get takedown she took Valentina down in the first round at the very end didn’t count as one but she picked her up took her down this I’m
even if I can’t get the takedowns let’s make her work let’s get that out so when Valentina is shooting the takedowns
later they aren’t very crisp takedown so we saw that she gets tired when she shoots takedowns if I’m Alexa I come in
say okay let’s wrestle let’s grapple I’m offensive wrestling for the entire round and then I’m using my striking rounds
two for five I think she can defend these takedowns the whole I heard this all I heard for the Usman because I was all over Leon in
the first fight all over him in the second fight everyone’s like oh Leon’s oh yeah all zoosman’s got to do is get
the tape down you just gotta get he’s going to win the fight he’s I mean he was the champion it was a lucky thing just get the takedowns that’s why all I
keep hearing Valentino all she’s got to do with takedown it’s way harder way harder than people make it out to be
so especially if I’m a lucky browser all the way baby especially if they know
that’s what’s coming but to your I mean listen like I said I’m not gonna bet on the fight because I just who knows man
who and it’s probably because of the Izzy thing if Izzy won I wouldn’t have the uh I probably wouldn’t be so gun shy
in this fight but I just think I think Valentina it she made the adjustments mid fight she’ll
make the adjustments in fight Camp it might have been the reality checks she needed like oh okay there are some but
and I don’t think that I don’t think she’s that type of girl and I don’t know if I don’t think Nunes really didn’t take Giuliana serious I think she just
got tired and that’s what happens I don’t think Valentina is a type that would take a fight off I don’t know
you’re not taking somebody that’s serious you know what I mean I don’t think they do it consciously I just think it’s literally I don’t think she
seems like she seems pretty [ __ ] locked in 100 effort yeah I mean could be and the other thing that people
mentioned too that’s starting to creep up is her resume that when you start looking back at who Chevy has been
beating it’s not the I mean Talia Santos we agree I think we both think that Talia won that fight so she lost Italia
then she’s beating Lauren Murphy we agree Lauren Murphy is like how she even kind of no I still have no idea how
Lauren Murphy ended up with a title shot um then he backtracked a Jessica and Raj at the time Jessica Jones like okay she
beat on Josh but now we know andrage is [ __ ] terrible Jennifer durable right
but not overly talented Caitlyn to Cajun before that Liz caramucci before that Jessica I before that and obviously she
won the belt versus Joanna but I mean her resume too is like yeah you know
she can only beat who they give her and it’s not like Alexa’s got this long list of killers
well Macy Barber who beat [ __ ] one of the best fighters I’ve ever seen in my
one of the best female fighters of all time Macy Barber knocked out in the second round and Alexa came Alexa Rosso
came in and smoked her and Alexa defended eight takedowns versus Vivi two fights ago she fought Carlos sparza she
lost that fight but she defended like I think six or seven takedowns of Carlos sparza takedown this whole narrative like she didn’t know how to defend to
take down it’s very weird yeah she was taken down but um you know she can defend she knows what she’s doing on the
ground too yeah listen I I I’m picking chefchenko but it’s a medium
to low confidence pick here so I’m just gonna watch the main event enjoy the main event I would love if I I am all
about at this point like burn it down let’s move these divisions on let’s just move it’s been fun huh all these young
people wearing winning all this yeah let’s just move it up like is he losing I don’t want to remit don’t rematch that
he looked [ __ ] why do you want him as I get it they want to do the DDP fight let
him sit out let DDP fight Sean Strickland if DDP loses you can still do
DDP and his he won’t be as big but you can still do it GDP is going to get LeapFrog by chimayev
and uh Costa winner winner but if DDP wins then then you can throw Izzy back
in there like I just the dude into his credit fought a ton and we appreciate that thank you as a
fan I can’t wait to see dude I mean awful what we’re going to have here is Alexa is for sure going to win this
fight and then we’re gonna have the rebas express and her to fight in November versus lulana Pinero she’s
gonna smoke her and then we’re gonna get the uh the title shot that we’ve all been waiting for looks across reverse the men he must yeah there you go but
anyway I guess my point is I am ready for a lot of these long time Champs to move on
let’s have some newer exciting fights like aljo lost great now we got God
knows what with Sean O’Malley is he lost who knows what we’re gonna get with Sean Strickland Valentina lost we can get
some interesting fights with Lexington cross I’m all for it let’s move on let’s have some new interesting fights and and
some new dominant Champions but anyway 7 700 hours in draft gains of Alexa wins
it’s just going to be well worth that money 8 500 in DraftKings I think Valentina I honestly you might want to
double this one up frankly if you think Valentina gets the wrestling going at any point that could be it’s five rounds
to work with here 8 500 is a massive discount and she did her Camp too I know she’s there a lot so but she did that
tiger more tie and that’s not a real wrestle heavy and obviously they do right so I’m not saying they don’t and
she may not be and I didn’t even say she has to wrestle to win I do think she will but I may not I fully believe that
she is thinking just like us and there’s nothing wrong with thinking there was nothing wrong with people thinking that
uzman should be able to get the takedowns again because he controlled that fight and Valentina got those takedowns pretty easily so in uzman’s
mind I agree he was probably like oh just get the takedowns and I’ll win it didn’t work and he was in a [ __ ]
[ __ ] up situation Valentina I fully believe that she believes I’ll get the takedowns I can get the takedowns and
I’m gonna get the takedowns and win but when she didn’t get those takedowns it’s not like Alexa was like completely
dominating to striking but she was controlling the range and the the combinations pretty well and in front of those fans too it’s gonna be hard for
Valentino to win that close that serious stuff yeah it should be hard for her to win a close decision in that Arena on
that night so if Browns are close and it’s mostly striking Alexa looks clean they’re gonna be crazy every time she
lands on Valentina um so I mean she’s got that going for her as well well and uh the UFC just made a custom
Mexico belt for Alexa Grosso too right now Valentina long time she never got a
custom belt so anyway we want click become a member it is only ten dollars a month
and the amount of things that you get for that ten dollars is absolutely nothing we just got ten dollars I’m
about to get to it even if we even if we take the optimizer out of it the bets
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if we take all that stuff out of Premium it’s ten dollars a month it’s just a great way to support us go to click become a member we do have a ten dollar Super Chat one month of Premium from smoke show saying
do you all think Izzy through that fight I do not think Izzy through that fight somebody made a um a good point in the
Discord when I say I think somebody put in the chat as well that’s a good likelihood that Izzy was just [ __ ]
concussed I don’t know if you’ve ever been concussed before but a lot of times when you’re concussed it’s just like a fog like you can’t yeah it’s just like
you’re just like in a foggy so if he got almost knocked out and he was concussed that would make sense for him to be uh
in the fight but he looks slow and he doesn’t really know what’s going on you know he could he probably just concuss you just a little foggy I think it was a
combination of things I think that could be I didn’t even think of that I think he he was probably underprepared for
that fight I think him would be easy yeah him like the rest of the world thought this fight was gonna be a joke
so I think he was underprepared for that fight and then when he was actually there and Sean Strickland is just in his
freaking face not just just six inches from him that whole fight I think it
just started to wear on him and then after obviously he got caught I I just I just think he had a bad night and this
sport more so than any other sport on the planet you can’t really have a bad night you lose your whole life it’s
crazy one bad night you lose your whole life it’s wild well anyway he’s fun so
that’s the good thing about being active is he’s cast a lot of [ __ ] checks a lot of champ checks you know holy [ __ ]
that’s why it’s crazy it’s like obviously there’s there’s risk and reward for being active right because if you lose then you don’t get those checks
anymore but uh when you when you’re on and you’re as active as him I mean he’s cashed in in man good for him no yeah
he’s probably made an absolute Fortune he will get more fights he’s not done he’s not retired Dana wants to dance he
was a [ __ ] clown for that post fight press conference thing just showing up making a statement not answering
questions because I don’t think we gave you out I know you talked about it too but I don’t think we gave aljo enough credit for how he handled that loss as
as a man stepped up answer the questions could have been crying for early stoppage all this stuff and he still
mentions it from time to times like a joking thing you know but he handled that like a [ __ ] man and Izzy was a [ __ ] [ __ ] about it uzman handed it
like a man everybody who lost their butt Valentina handled it like an adult and then yeah is he just a whiny little
[ __ ] he’s always been an entitled little [ __ ] though and I say that like he obviously would kick my ass so I
don’t mean [ __ ] like the mo the most yeah the most surprising part was him acting like a [ __ ] in the fight because
we’ve seen him it’s not like he’s never been to war before we’ve seen him against Gaslamp bite down and say I’m really willing to die and he just never
saw him flip that switch you know it’s funny I saw I’m sure everybody’s
seen it at this point it was on Twitter it was a meme and it was not not a meme it wasn’t funny it was Sean
Champion you’re about to lose your belt this guy has his hands down defenseless
yelling at you as he smiled at him you just continue to back up he literally started taking like you’re smiling and
laughing like oh [ __ ] like oh [ __ ] that’s what Izzy did you watch it back he literally was like oh like oh [ __ ]
like oh [ __ ] up but it was like like reading that was interesting because it’s like yeah how did you not just like
swing what just try just try so anyway
that’s that fight guys become a premium member but before you do or after you do go to we want bet sign up with
any one of our betting Partners make a deposit and I’ll send you fifty dollars as a thank you that’s we want
bets you use the link you make a deposit I send you 50 bucks as a thank you it is
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dollars a month just click become a member at the top

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