Georges St-Pierre Out: Gordon Ryan Replacement for BJJ Main Event

UFC’s grappling organization, Fight Pass Invitational, has made an exciting change to its upcoming main event. MMA legend Georges St-Pierre has unfortunately withdrawn due to a shoulder injury. However, the event organizers wasted no time in finding a replacement, as they have booked BJJ star Gordon Ryan to step in and take on the headline match. This switch-up adds a new dynamic to the event and ensures that fans will still witness a thrilling display of grappling prowess.

Key Takeaways:

  • Georges St-Pierre has withdrawn from the main event of the UFC Fight Pass Invitational due to a shoulder injury.
  • Gordon Ryan has been announced as the replacement for St-Pierre, adding excitement to the event.
  • The event organizers acted swiftly to secure Ryan as the new main event participant.
  • This will be St-Pierre’s pro grappling debut and his first return to combat sports since 2017.
  • Fans can look forward to an intense co-main event between Nicholas Meregali and Felipe Pena as well.

Georges St-Pierre’s Withdrawal from UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5

One of the most highly anticipated events in the grappling world, UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5, was set to feature the pro grappling debut of MMA legend Georges St-Pierre. However, fans were left disappointed when it was announced that St-Pierre had to withdraw from the event due to a shoulder injury.

St-Pierre’s withdrawal comes as a blow to both his fans and the organizers of the event. The UFC all-time great was making a comeback to combat sports, and his participation in the main event would have undoubtedly added to the excitement surrounding the event.

Despite St-Pierre’s absence, the show must go on. The UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5 organizers wasted no time in finding a suitable replacement, and they didn’t disappoint. Grappling sensation Gordon Ryan has been chosen to step into the main event slot, ensuring that fans still have a thrilling headline matchup to look forward to.

Grappling fans around the world were eagerly awaiting Georges St-Pierre’s pro grappling debut at UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5. Unfortunately, his withdrawal due to a shoulder injury has left them disappointed. However, the addition of Gordon Ryan as the replacement main event ensures that the event will still deliver high-quality action.

Potential Impact on the Event

Georges St-Pierre’s withdrawal undoubtedly has an impact on the dynamics of UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5. With St-Pierre out, there will be a void in terms of star power and the excitement surrounding his pro grappling debut. However, the event organizers have made a wise decision by booking Gordon Ryan as the replacement. Ryan is known for his explosive and dominant grappling style, which is sure to captivate the audience and make for an exhilarating main event.

Potential Impact Analysis
Loss of Star Power St-Pierre’s withdrawal means the event loses the draw of a legendary MMA fighter making his pro grappling debut.
Replacement Excitement Gordon Ryan’s inclusion in the main event brings a new level of excitement, as he is one of the most popular and talented grapplers in the world.
Shift in Expectations Fans who were anticipating St-Pierre’s debut will now have to adjust their expectations and look forward to an intense showdown between Ryan and his opponent.

In conclusion, Georges St-Pierre’s withdrawal from UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5 is undoubtedly a disappointment, but the addition of Gordon Ryan as the replacement main event ensures that the event will still deliver thrilling and high-level grappling action. Fans can expect an intense showcase of skills and a main event that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

Potential Opponents for Georges St-Pierre’s Grappling Match

Before Georges St-Pierre’s unfortunate withdrawal from the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5, there were several potential opponents considered for his highly anticipated grappling match. The match was supposed to mark St-Pierre’s pro grappling debut and his return to combat sports after his two-division championship in 2017.

One of the names that surfaced as a potential opponent for St-Pierre was Demian Maia, a UFC veteran and BJJ world champion. Maia’s refined grappling skills and experience in the octagon made him an intriguing choice. However, in the end, the organizers settled on Nick Diaz as the ideal opponent for St-Pierre’s comeback match.

Unfortunately, fate had other plans as Nick Diaz also suffered an injury, adding further complications to the event. Despite the setbacks, the organizers are actively exploring alternative opponents to ensure that the main event of the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5 remains a spectacle for fans of both grappling and mixed martial arts.

Potential Opponents:

  • Demian Maia
  • Nick Diaz (injured)
  • Other contenders to be announced

As of now, the search for the perfect opponent to replace Georges St-Pierre in the grappling match continues. With the event fast approaching, fans eagerly await the announcement of a suitable replacement who can provide an exciting and challenging matchup against the legendary St-Pierre.

Contenders Status
Demian Maia Potential
Nick Diaz Injured

Gordon Ryan Chosen as Replacement Main Event

Following Georges St-Pierre’s withdrawal from the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5 due to a shoulder injury, organizers have made an exciting decision to book BJJ star Gordon Ryan as the new main event. Known for his exceptional skills in no-gi grappling, Ryan brings a high level of excitement and anticipation to the upcoming event. He will be facing off against ADCC veteran Mason Fowler in the headline match on December 9.

The Rise of Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan has become a prominent figure in the world of grappling, establishing himself as one of the top talents in the sport. With an impressive record and a list of accolades to his name, Ryan has quickly gained a reputation for his technical prowess and dominance on the mats.

His inclusion in the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5 main event further solidifies his status as a top-tier competitor. Fans can expect a thrilling and intense match as Ryan showcases his skills against an experienced opponent like Mason Fowler.

Gordon Ryan Mason Fowler
Record: 29-0 Record: 14-3
Wins by Submission: 26 Wins by Submission: 7
ADCC Champion (2017, 2019) UFC Fight Pass Invitational Absolute Tournament Winner (2022)

As both fighters step onto the mats, the stage is set for an incredible display of skill and determination. Ryan’s proficient submission game and Fowler’s tenacity promise to deliver a captivating main event that leaves fans on the edge of their seats.

Co-Main Event: Nicholas Meregali vs. Felipe Pena

In addition to the highly-anticipated main event between Gordon Ryan and Mason Fowler, the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5 will also feature an exciting co-main event. BJJ world champ Nicholas Meregali will go head-to-head against his longtime rival Felipe Pena. This clash between two elite grapplers is sure to bring a thrilling display of technical skill and fierce competition.

Meregali, known for his aggressive and dynamic style, has established himself as one of the top competitors in the BJJ world. With numerous championship titles to his name, including an ADCC gold medal in 2019, Meregali’s grappling prowess is unquestionable. His relentless pressure and submission hunting make him a formidable opponent for anyone.

On the other hand, Felipe Pena is equally respected in the BJJ community. Also a world champion and ADCC gold medalist, Pena’s versatile game and ability to adapt to any situation make him a force to be reckoned with. Known for his explosive takedowns and dominant guard passing, Pena consistently puts on exciting performances.

Nicholas Meregali Felipe Pena
Age: 27 Age: 30
Height: 6’2″ Height: 6’1″
Weight: 207 lbs Weight: 209 lbs
Team: Alliance Team: Gracie Barra
Titles: 3x IBJJF World Champion, 2019 ADCC Champion Titles: 2x IBJJF World Champion, 2017 ADCC Champion

The clash between Meregali and Pena has been highly anticipated, as both competitors have a history of intense battles on the mats. Their previous encounters have showcased their technical wizardry and relentless determination. This co-main event promises to be a highlight of the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the outcome of this thrilling matchup.

Gordon Ryan’s Busy Schedule

Gordon Ryan, one of the most prominent figures in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), is currently juggling a busy schedule with multiple upcoming matches. After returning from a year-long hiatus, Ryan is back in action and eager to showcase his skills against top-tier opponents.

On November 30, Ryan is set to face off against Lucas Barbosa at WNO 21, a highly anticipated event in the grappling community. This match will undoubtedly test Ryan’s abilities and serve as a warm-up for his upcoming main event at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5 on December 9.

In addition to his bout against Barbosa, Ryan’s main focus is now on his match against Mason Fowler at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational. This event will undoubtedly be a highlight of Ryan’s schedule, as he takes on another skilled grappling practitioner in a highly anticipated showdown.

To further add to his demanding schedule, Ryan has been actively involved in helping UFC superstar Jon Jones prepare for his upcoming title bout. This demonstrates Ryan’s dedication to the sport and his commitment to helping others succeed.

Upcoming Matches for Gordon Ryan:

Date Event Opponent
November 30 WNO 21 Lucas Barbosa
December 9 UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5 Mason Fowler

Gordon Ryan’s presence in the grappling world continues to captivate fans and fellow athletes alike. With a packed schedule that includes both high-profile matches and training responsibilities, Ryan’s journey in BJJ remains one to watch closely.

Mason Fowler’s Opportunity to Face Gordon Ryan

Mason Fowler, a relatively inactive grappler in 2023, has been given a golden opportunity to go up against the formidable Gordon Ryan in the upcoming main event. Fowler’s impressive track record, including his victory in the absolute tournament at UFC FPI 3 in 2022, likely played a significant role in earning him this coveted opportunity. Additionally, his successful performances in previous ADCC trials and his title as the Submission Underground champion in 2020 further solidify his position as a worthy opponent for Ryan.

The clash between Fowler and Ryan promises to be a thrilling showcase of grappling prowess. With Ryan’s reputation as a dominant force in no-gi grappling and Fowler’s hunger to prove himself on the big stage, fans can expect an intense battle between these two highly skilled athletes. Both competitors possess an impressive arsenal of techniques and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the sport, ensuring an engaging and enthralling contest.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to face Gordon Ryan. He’s established himself as one of the best in the sport, and I’m excited to test my skills against him. This is a chance for me to prove that I belong among the elite grapplers in the world,” said Fowler in a recent interview.

The upcoming main event between Fowler and Ryan holds immense significance for both athletes. For Fowler, it’s an opportunity to make a statement and establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in the grappling world. On the other hand, Ryan will look to further solidify his legacy by defeating a worthy opponent and continuing his dominant run in the sport.


This clash between these two talented competitors creates an intriguing contrast of styles and backgrounds. Ryan’s no-gi expertise and his prowess in high-level competitions make him a formidable opponent. Meanwhile, Fowler’s technical skills, combined with his past successes, indicate that he has what it takes to challenge Ryan. Grappling fans around the globe eagerly await this epic showdown, as it has all the ingredients to be an unforgettable match between two exceptional athletes.

Mason Fowler Gordon Ryan
Relatively inactive in 2023 Recently returned from a year-long hiatus
Victory in the absolute tournament at UFC FPI 3 in 2022 Renowned for his skills in no-gi grappling
Successful performances in previous ADCC trials Active in helping Jon Jones prepare for his UFC 295 title bout
Submission Underground champion in 2020 Established as one of the best grapplers in the sport


The UFC Fight Pass Invitational has made an exciting decision by selecting Gordon Ryan as the replacement for Georges St-Pierre in the main event. While it is disappointing that St-Pierre had to withdraw due to a shoulder injury, the addition of a highly skilled grappler like Ryan guarantees that the event will still be a thrilling showcase of talent.

With his impressive record in no-gi grappling and his recent return from a year-long hiatus, Ryan brings a level of excitement and expertise to the main event. Fans can anticipate intense matches and fierce competition, including the highly anticipated co-main event between Nicholas Meregali and Felipe Pena.

The UFC Fight Pass Invitational has successfully created a captivating lineup, despite the setback of St-Pierre’s withdrawal. By choosing Ryan as his replacement, the event organizers have ensured that fans will still have the opportunity to witness top-level grappling and exciting matchups. Stay tuned for an action-packed night of grappling at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational!


Who was originally supposed to headline the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5?

Georges St-Pierre

Why did Georges St-Pierre withdraw from the event?

He sustained a shoulder injury.

Who were the potential opponents for Georges St-Pierre’s grappling match?

Demian Maia and Nick Diaz were both considered.

Who replaced Georges St-Pierre as the main event?

Gordon Ryan

Who will Gordon Ryan face in the main event?

Mason Fowler

Who will be the co-main event at UFC Fight Pass Invitational 5?

Nicholas Meregali and Felipe Pena

What is Gordon Ryan’s upcoming schedule?

He will also be competing in WNO 21 and helping Jon Jones prepare for his UFC 295 title bout.

Why was Mason Fowler chosen to face Gordon Ryan?

Fowler’s previous accomplishments and skills in grappling made him a suitable opponent.

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