what’s up everyone it is the winning podcast and as you can tell my man was not ready not ready for any of it but
now he’s feeling cocky he’s feeling ready to go and we got some fights to talk about all kinds of other good stuff
my man what’s happening you feeling good it’s feeling a little aroused right now buddy
go ahead and rub them nipples baby yeah let’s go let’s go uh yeah I’m feeling
good man I’m feeling wonderful and it was a good day today a lot of activity going on today I went to a local gym
here in Texas got a little got a little extra training in and uh I
got on the mats a little bit it’s you know look I think you maybe know and you’ve heard it from other Fighters it’s uh it’s a
little it’s a little difficult to go to a new gym and just feel like
everyone’s gonna try to like hurt you or trying to do something stupid and you’re just like I don’t want to roll with
these but you got to stay busy you got to stay active I mean just like I was talking about the other day my body man
it just the less I do the more it feels like it just doesn’t want to move it
hurts yeah more it hurts the more it doesn’t want to move like getting another car I was like man because I mean I have been I have been
running a little bit I have been lifting a little bit and not super heavy and but not as often as I need to be I’ve got to
be lifting in and running probably for I say four times a week minimum that four
to five is kind of The Sweet Spot anything more than five starts kind of starts having an effect on me and then
anything less than like three or three and less kind of is not you know I feel like I’m not getting anything out of it
so I don’t know it just is uh it feels anyways I walk in I get some training in one of the one of the neighbors here
that I met in my community he’s training at this little local spot and so I went over there and uh got some rolling in
felt good I was [ __ ] exhausted yeah I was so tired you deaf you
definitely lose the ability to relax right away it was I was exhausted I was
like after John we got halfway through the warm-ups and I was like oh I was like why do I feel a little heavy right
now just you know when everything starts to fill up the arms and the legs and everything it just starts filling up
with with blood and you’re like man this is not gonna go well and I got my three rounds in I look I know that the next
time will be a lot better and then the next time after that’ll be a lot better I think in about a week I’ll feel I’ll
feel explosive again like a animal yeah no no no that explosive
explosive that explosive is no longer in your
vocabulary you’re supposed to be making me feel better about this I dude I am here to make you feel better I’m just
being it’s it’s not easy man you can have a good time you know what you do is you just do what I do when I go and roll
hey just you know I got a bad right knee I got a bad neck don’t don’t grab me in a guillotine don’t grab me
and I you have any other problems yeah you tell me what your problems are I won’t grab those yeah that’s what you do
I felt bad and it’s just the way it is the very first guy I rolled with today he uh I I’m going to a Toe Hold like
real quick I went to a toe hold and I wasn’t going hard no no no no I went to the toilet and I was like it was he’s a
Blue Bell I’m like all right he’s fine I didn’t like put it on I just had I had it in the position and then he tried to
donkey kick out and it pushed into my hand his [ __ ] ankle weight and I was like Ugh
see but that’s the problem is you’ll get guys that’ll start to spazz on you yeah
and all of a sudden they’ll tour they’ll roll the wrong way or any of those things you go what are you doing I don’t
know well he doesn’t know so I’m gonna go back tomorrow it’s the only rough the rough part is it’s a 5
a.m workout I’m still that’s a rough one I’m still not in I’m still not like kind of fully
adjusted I think to the time here I don’t know what it is like I mean I feel like I can be until like maybe if you’re
if if you’re up and roll and ready to roll at 5am my hat’s off to you you’re much better
person it’s not far either it’s like 10 minutes away from the house so I get
lucky though because the neighbor he actually just lives one block over so he’s like I’ll just swing by and pick you up so I’m like all right cool I don’t gotta get in the car and drive
down and he just swoops me up so I like that it feels good uh yeah but it was a
good experience it was good to be back on the mats had been I mean I’ve been nursing this wrist injury for a long time and uh you know it’s it’s been
miserable I’ve got a little torn ligament in there and I had the same surgery on my left wrist that I did that I’m gonna potentially about to have on
my right there’s nothing I can do I think I’m supposed to go out to um Tijuana and do some stem cells with a
couple of my buddies that own a stem cell research place out there so I’m gonna try and do that look at my hair just flipping out what the hell are you
doing fix it but it wasn’t getting anywhere oh here’s you’re fixing it all right and um so I’m gonna I’m supposed to head off there at the end of
September but I’m trying to figure out when because we do Dublin the end of September and then maybe the week after I’m hoping
maybe that week after it’s a whole week of stem cells so they do they’ll hit me in a couple different spots a bunch of
IVs and uh just tape it up till then but it’s like it’s like a half a roll of
tape every time and last time I checked man that tape is not cheap my friend you know me though John I’m super cheap
I’m the cheapest guy you probably know no no
um well hey you know what it’s been uh it’s been a good couple days our last show I
liked it I enjoyed it I went back and listened to it I thought we did a good job we had some fun especially at the end we had some fun uh but we’ve got
some big fights coming up this weekend the whole card is is a good card but you know what we didn’t do last weekend
well we didn’t do last weekend was we didn’t rate the fights we didn’t rate the card what what like
let’s go back to the pfl just real quick what did you rate that card oh my God man you know see that and this
is what happens is I don’t remember exactly everyone on the card but I I
loved the last fight I love clay Collard against Shane Burgos I thought it was fantastic uh OEM looked good I don’t
know I wouldn’t rate that you know seven and a half eight at least yeah yeah I was gonna say about the eight Mark I
don’t say about the eight Mark I give it some love that that main event really stole the show and I gotta be honest right if you’re gonna have you know if
you don’t have a good you know uh prelims and undercard and all those things the main event
could change everything you get people talking about it and that’s exactly what I think and I’m not saying that the rest of the card wasn’t good they had some
good good fights the oam fight was definitely it was a good fight fun fight the clay color fight was fantastic and
uh you know and so they they had some good fights on the car so I’m gonna go about an eight what would you give the max Holloway card
oh so yeah again I’m taking a look and
although I didn’t think the whole card was great I loved I loved everything
about the last fight I love the way that Max Holloway handled himself in it I
love the way the Korean zombie handled himself in it I loved what the UFC did
as far as playing zombie afterwards and letting him walk out with the you know
and having the crowd and all that I just loved all that I thought that that’s what a promotion does for a guy that has
given everything that he can give to him and I thought they treated him well with that I really enjoyed it so I didn’t you
know I would say eight and a half yeah I was gonna I was gonna give him a little bit of a one-up on it I mean just I think
overall probably a better card overall than the pfl yeah but you know and again
it was the last fight really sold it yeah I would give more of the fight itself to the pfl their main event I
think that’s a little bit better the fight is more competitive but the Nostalgia of what happened in the main
event for the UFC um and Korean zombie retiring the Zombie Walk in walk out was fantastic
um you know Max kind of solidified himself as the number one potentially an excellent line for another shot and Volk
all of those things I felt like there was a lot on the line with the Maui situation where you know they’re still
looking for people and stuff a lot on a lot a lot of pressure on Max to get that microphone and be able to speak what’s
on his mind to show support to you know to people in Hawaii so um it was very important to
him and it’s not it’s not the easiest thing to do to go out there and get that win under that type of pressure knowing that’s
what you want you want that opportunity to say what is on your mind to show the support and the love for your for all
your family members or your friends and their family members you know from Hawaii so uh yeah I would give it an
eight and a half also I would give it an eight and a half also so all right but hey let’s go ahead and move on to this
week’s cards and you’ve got what number is this there Dave sdfc Paris UFC Paris okay so there’s no
number two that would mean UFC Paris number two yes UFC Paris number two is it number two this is the second time in
Paris I thought it was first time was Cyril gone against titu yavasa
they didn’t just oh okay I thought maybe they had this was their third one no no I think this is their size I don’t know
why they’re just calling it UFC Pirates gotcha yeah okay UFC Paris so you got uh Sarah gone who is 11 and two you’ve got
survey Sergey spivik who is 16 and three I think it’s a great matchup and I’ll
tell you what anybody that’s counting Sergey spivik out of this is foolish yes
Sergey spivik is a giant walrus of a man and he’s tough as hell he’s and he’s got
talent he’s got on the ground he’s better than Cyril gone on the feet
I give it to Cyril gone and that is the question of what does Sergey spivik do to get this
fight down to the ground you know how does he how does he get into that clinch what does he do to get a hold of Cyril
God can he do that that’s the real question maker because if he gets the fight to the ground he has the advantage
in the fight if the fight stays on the feet I give it to Cyril gone having the advantage but this is a really good
fight I think you cannot count anybody out yeah I mean I’m gonna look at spivik
in terms of I think that he’ll be able to do a lot more damage on the feet that people are going to give him credit for or they think he that that they believe
that he’ll be able to get done on the feet against they’re all gone I think Cyril gone the speed the movement all
those things that you’ve talked about we’ve talked about forever was so gone he has all those attributes and he can
utilize them he’s got to keep his back off the fence he can’t allow his back foot to hit the fence because in those
pressure situations it’s easy to get caught with something a big a big shot or just press to the fence and take him
down so he’s gonna have to keep that movement keep his back off the fence and if I was to be honest if I was
surrogant’s coaches I’d be telling him take the center every time he steps in snap of the jab in the face hit him with
a little thigh kick hit him with that little thigh kick hit him with some shots that uh you know that are gonna
stop his movement the push kick up the middle the thigh kick and the jab that snaps the neck back those type of things
that will get you to stop in your place because as he starts letting allowing him to uh Civic to push him back within
that little black circle in that little black line that Fighters like to use as a as a footbed or a benchmark for their
foot to go past I’m looking at that so if Sergey spivit can actually push him back in that black line then he’s gonna
be winning the fight if he doesn’t then I think the cereal gone’s gonna be just touching him and touching him and just
scoring points until eventually spivit’s gonna make a mistake and get caught but I don’t see this fight Going the Distance five rounds I don’t see it
going the distance I think someone’s gonna get the Finish I agree with you I don’t see it go in the finish too but spivik is a lot
better than people realize with his foot sweeps his trips he’s got a lot of Judo background to him and man he’s he’s
pretty he’s pretty agile for a big guy he does things well so God’s got to be
on point if he wants to get the win you know what it is though John is that when I feel like heavyweights uh and I think
all fighters they should spend a lot more time with the Judo takedowns the foot sweeps the the knee up the crotch
kind of to lift and then the Twist and take down a wrestling type mentality or [ __ ] type and Judo type takedowns
because those are key against the fence I think they’re it’s there there’s a lot
less effort if done correctly if using the movement and I think for heavyweights it’s something that could
just be done so easily and once once the heavyweights hit the ground they’re like tortoises on their back they just can’t
get up you know and so any opportunity a heavyweight has to get a fight to the ground they should be trying to snatch
that up and look I understand why heavyweights don’t like to train wrestling or they don’t like to train
you know in the takedown areas it’s because it’s a lot of work to get your bass back up there and do it again you
know you got to drill it over and over again but it’s also a lot of energy and potentially put yourself in danger if
you don’t get the takedown but in these foot sweeps and these little trips and all those things those are things that
you can catch them off guard and just the movement and you can just sweep their foot easily without a whole lot of
effort and then up on top so though I feel like a lot of these heavyweight Fighters are missing this opportunity
and I think the first ones to kind of come along and do that DC was one of them you know uh Kane was more of the
double leg and the takedown and you know in the single leg and the wrestling that way but um I feel like guys that have
been able to utilize their foot sweeps I remember when uh DC did it to Dan Henderson I mean it
just was it looked poetic out there man the way he was able to kind of like dip the head got to take down got the big
dump and he got up he just foot swept him out he looks beautiful beautiful and I think if you can find more heavyweights that can start to hit those
type of takedowns make it effortless are they gonna see that those type of heavyweight circuit to the top a lot
faster you know but it’s a good matchup like I said I love a fight when you can look
and say that both guys can win this you know you might you know gone will probably be the underdog I mean the
favorite in the fight excuse me when when it you know happens but it’s not going to be by a whole lot well let’s
pull up the pull up the the rankings please and I’m looking at the heavyweight rankings
what are you thinking there both of these guys have a lot uh at stake where is spivikat there he’s number seven is
down to seven gone’s number two papovich is probably just waiting there in the cuts uh he’s just kind of waiting there
waiting to see who wins this next fight he’ll probably fight the winner of Jon Jones and uh Stipe and who knows
now John had said this a while ago Jon Jones had said I’m gonna fight Stipe
greatest heavyweight champion of all time I’m just going to be done do you believe that
man you never know with John you know I really don’t know because
if there’s one thing I would say Obviously John has had holes within his
career as far as time lengths that he has not fought and uh I could see him taking some time
off again after the the miocic fight but you know as long as he’s put his money
on the right things and he’s done the right he’s he is making big money now he’s got a big contract as far as he
just signed you know a big contract so yeah I tend to think that he’s still
gonna fight more but yeah when you when you take a look at the list of heavyweights there who who’s
going to give him big problems now look at pavlovich can hurt anybody in the stand-up and John could be hurt and
stand up and and if there’s one thing that you know we’re gonna see in my opinion with the John heavyweight
is the one thing that gave him more problems in the light heavyweight was guys that had his size frame or close to
it well most of the guys you know let’s be honest pavlovich is six foot four
steep a is six foot four aspinall six foot five everyone is you know bigger
you can get into that volkoff it’s six foot seven six foot eight you know they’re all you know big framed yeah
they’re all big framed I agree with you and you and I talked about this for the longest time and and
I’ve said the guys at the 205 pound division that hair that were his frame we’re giving him a problem but the the
difference is the guys that are his frame and the heavyweight they don’t have the athleticism of those guys at 205 did those guys at 205 were better
athletes than the guys in the heavyweight division outside of maybe like Cyril gone and this young kid
Almeida you know but he and aspinall so you’ve got you know those three a younger Stipe I would have probably said
okay he’s got the he’s got the athleticism you know a younger Stipe but some of these other guys man they don’t
have the athleticism two of us that does not have the athleticism volkov doesn’t have the athleticism Derek Lewis does
not taburra does not you know rosenstruck does not you know I mean you
could probably and like yeah I mean like once you get down that far it’s not even worth talking about no and but I get up
there I mean like you know young Stipe Tom aspinall uh Curtis Blaze has athleticism very athletic
um but I look at Jon Jones going to heavyweight I felt like him going to heavyweights to prolong his career
fight the guys that are not anywhere near as athletic as you they’re not as majority of them are not as fast as you
but you’re a better wrestler you’re a better Striker majority of than the majority of them you’re definitely a
better wrestler than almost all of them maybe outside of Curtis blades but I would be willing to bet you’d probably get a good he I think that Jon Jones
would be able to stuff a takedown and get a couple takedowns as well um in this fight so like the you know
the only fights that really interest me with him and is is the Tom ask and I’ll
go back please is the Tom aspinoff fight yep the um the specific fight is Pivot gets
it done against Cyril gone as the Civic fight so pavlovich aspinall spivik if he gets it
done against zero gone and of course Almeida but almeida’s got some ways to go he’s still maturing still has to work
on his stand up good on the ground physically strong I mean you could see the his he’s athletic you can see he’s
not like a he’s that more of that hybrid type heavyweight that we’ve seen coming around these days with Tom asinol and
Cyril gone they are their body frames fit them to be uh I don’t know how to
explain it it just fits them if they’re fit yeah they’re not they’re not care they’re not carrying a lot of hair in
this body fat you know and they they fit that six foot four to six foot five 245 255 pound
frame that carries all that weight really well that’s what you’re looking at there and that’s why they’re athletic
well what’s those guys you got to admit everywhere out they’re athletic John is is an athlete he’s athletic
absolutely Tom aspinall is athletic well if you’re looking at gelatin
Almeida he’s out he’s athletic so that’s what you’re looking for and that you know it
heavy weights not everyone is athletic well let me ask you this does
does um spivik jump up past um Tom aspinall or does Tom Aspen all
jump up past if spivik beats Cyril gone specific beats zero gun you’re going to
see aspiral Rise Up spivik will end up below aspinal I believe so in my opinion
I would think so too that’s where I was leaning at there’s a lot at stake for both of them specific making a huge jump
up into that top two or three you know and um So Gone trying to stake his claim
in that number one number two spot but Sergey pavovic I think is just sitting there waiting to see who the winner of
uh of um Steve mioces and Jon Jones’s so a lot of steak for both these guys a lot
of steak all right let’s go ahead go homemade event co-main event you’re looking at
Rose Nami Eunice going up to flyweight from straw weight and taking on my no Furrow and it’s a
good matchup in the stand-up because you know Pharrell’s good She’s Got Talent to stand up and her ground is getting
better all the time I don’t think that her ground matches up with roses roses although you know sometimes Rose doesn’t
show the confidence in her ground game she’s slick on the ground she she
absolutely can hold position she swings into arm bars and triangles to
transition very well she’s good on the ground now is the fight gonna go there I’m you know not if
you’re if you’re for real you don’t want it to you want to keep it in the stand up but having Rose in the stand up is not that
good because she’s a sniper so it’s gonna be interesting how Rose does with that 10 10 extra pounds does
that help her or does it kind of hurt her you know I’m I’m a huge Rose fan
but I’m just not okay with this up and down stuff like just it seems like
something’s going on with her um just I don’t know if it’s a confidence
thing why are you leaving the weight class you know you were at 1 15 she’s
chance could be champ she already beat the top of the food chain yeah she’s already beating the champion twice yeah
I don’t understand I don’t get it but you know what maybe she wants a new challenge new challenges not to have to
cut the weight and then be there at 125 but there’s a whole difference uh whole different level of animals up
there right I mean these these females can get after it they the size does make a difference a little bit of that size
especially I feel like it’s different for the females more so than it is for the males
I don’t know if the females walk around 15 20 30 pounds over like the males do
so like you know what I mean like if Rose goes up she’s probably walking at 1 30. okay so she cuts five pounds and
fights at 125. if a male was to fight at 115 he’s probably walking 145 or 135 and
cut into 115. but then when they put the weight back on they’re putting it on back up to you know whatever it is 128
or you know from 115 to 128 to 130. so
the gains back on make a big difference um when it comes fight time I I don’t know if it’s that big of a difference in
the jump and how much they weigh and the females they don’t put the weight back on as high as the males do
a lot of them do you think it’s not quite as high yeah not quite as high as
some of the males but if you’re looking at the average of males the women are losing just as much weight they they’re
cutting a lot of weight really yeah they are man okay let’s take a look at you know because every name what’s
that because every female I ever trained whether it’s for Golden Gloves whether it’s for MMA fights every time we got to
the weight cutting part they were just sucked clean and they were only able to get like 10 maybe 14 out and then
they’re done about 15 pounds yeah they’re done males are cutting 20 to 25 some even up to 30. yeah but but you’re
also taking a look at a limited scope of when you’re getting into smaller males they can only lose so
much too the bigger the human being the more they can lose yeah okay and when
you’re looking at the women you’re looking going from Adam weight at 105 up to lightweight that’s the biggest you
know that we have at 155 that you know obviously the Adam weight person is not
going to be able to lose that much weight but it’s it’s comparable
interesting I think that Pharrell is gonna I think she’s certainly she has a good chance to
be Rose I think the I don’t want to say the power I think the speed of road is going to give her some problems the long
jab the combinations the long kicks all of those things but I think the if if
Pharrell is able to keep the constant pressure we’ve seen Rose slow down and if she’s able to trap her against the
fence hang on her a little bit kind of wear her down elbows knees make her carry the extra weight then you’ll see
Rose not be the same fighter by the end of round two because they’re gonna fight it at a different pace Rose is used to fighting those five round fights so she
can Pace herself and fight at a good Pace Dave Dave pull up Rosa’s career I want you to think about something here okay
if you take a look at her record and if you go through that Lit you know the list keep on going down
take a look at the people that have given her problems it’s always people that
usually take the fight to the ground it’s not the stand-up Fighters yeah she does great with stand-up Fighters
it’s always the people that she worries about them taking her down I don’t think
she’s worried about I know taking her down and I think she looks at it as a stand-up fight and if you’re gonna you
know say you know she lost it to Carolina Colbert you know that was a while ago and it was a split decision
but that was one of the only stand-up Fighters that I can really think of her
losing to she just doesn’t lose the stand-up Fighters yeah I mean the way she beat Joanna both times I mean you
want us consider to be I think probably one of the best Santa fighters ever to step foot in the Octagon yep you know so
I look at that and she was able to beat her twice one time TK odor you know and uh
I mean outside of that the only other person I think on the feet they would give her a hard time would have been Valentina you know um she has a loss of
Tisha Torres down there I think the speed of Tisha the in the out the style of which Tisha fights could give people
[ __ ] headaches you know because he’s just like she’s a little tiny tornado she gets in and she gets out before you
can actually touch her you know and that was relatively long ago 2013 that’s a long 10 years ago uh but you know I look
at those fights and I think to myself man you know you’re right John the people that did or were able to beat her
Carlos Esparza um uh Carolina kavich
um those type of Fighters yeah so scroll on up Jessica and Raj with the biggest one really look at the Jessica and Josh
that was a slam yep and then she came back and beat Jessica Andreas in a split though in a split but you know she
knocked out uh Whaley Zhang and then also beat Whaley in the split also in that one then lost to in one of the
worst fights I’ve ever seen in history against Carlos Esparza you had to bring that up had to man I had to because we
all know she’s better than that yeah we all know that both of them are better than that we just couldn’t get it out of them that night it was just bad
you know sometimes and I you got to blame the fighters but it’s
also the the trainers and the coaching staff they come up with a game plan and I I do believe that both women stuck
with that game plan and it just made for just a bad fight yeah yeah I I think the only other fight
that was probably that bad was the uh well I can name a couple
the heavyweights um
horrible that was horrible Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn number two horrible
that’s right I forgot about that one oh God wow all right next fight
our next fight is Benoit Saint Denis who has really come back from a fight that I
really worried about him in when he was uh in Abu Dhabi of fighting on fight Island at the time but he’s taken on the
best fighter that he’s ever faced in Thiago voices
Thiago is good people don’t realize how good he is and I love
say Denise he’s tough he’s good I don’t
think he’s good enough to take out Thiago he’s good and you said you said he’s
tough but toughness is not going to give him past the abilities of Thiago Moises
is wrestling his power in his feet his confidence now on the feet all of those
things are confidence on the ground yeah every all those things that he possesses
and it’s more of the technique is who is the better technical fighter and who is
fought higher level of competition I’m gonna say Thiago that’s not close yeah it’s gonna be Tiaro so moistas I think
is he’s really just gonna and don’t like it I think people look at him and go oh yeah but he’s lost to this
guy let’s say he’s lost to some really good Fighters and he’s gonna say who who’s he lost to scroll up he’s lost his
stuff he’s lost to all studs look how much okay so Islam was one of them
um he uh Joe Alvarez um is magulaf but uh banil Darius scroll on up
oh no the other way but up the other way no that’s I saw winds up there
so just Joe Alvarez Islam and uh Darius I mean just a couple names you know to
think about uh but just he’s tough he’s tough don’t look at the six and be like oh man he’s lost six times no no no he’s
fought tough Fighters and those tough Fighters sure he’s come up short but his fight with Islam it was a good
fight he bought his ass off in that fight you know it was a good fight he gave his um some some problems in some areas and um
but no overall good I just think technically he is a better Fighter um
on the feet on the ground the the Inside the Cage the fight IQ is there all of
those things are there and I think he’s gonna I could see a potential finish in this fight although Saint Denise is very
very uh stubborn there’s no quit in that man so
but we got Volcan osnemir taking on Bogdan
Gustav this is one of those ones but Bogdan is is one of those guys
people look at and they go ah he’s not that good yeah he just he just wins
he just wins and look Volcan has had his moments where he shined in the stand up
he’s got power he’s got good you know length to him he hits like a truck when
you know he connects it’s guys taking him to the ground and being able to control him that’s a big part of this
and does Bogdan do that I’m not sure that he’s going to be able to get Vulcan
there and keep him there enough times during the fight but it’s a it’s a really good it’s a close matchup you
know I would say it’s a close matchup but I would lean more towards owes the mirror depending on which ozamir shows up the one that fights smart the one
that doesn’t make mistakes is the fight goes on towards the end of the fight he’s a he’s probably one of the best
fighters I’ve seen in that first round into that second round as he starts to get tired he starts
making mistakes and he just sometimes let the fight slip away gets caught with a big shot he gets rocked whatever it is
you know it gives up takedowns and then just kind of concedes the position you can’t concede the position you’ve got to
keep working to get up I remember when he exploded on the scene man he was so good he came in everyone’s all hype
about him and stuff and he had some great fights uh but bogdonna is gonna be able to kind of press that fence he’s
going to try to get in his face grind on him a little bit you know I’m not saying he’s gonna be able to get the takedown
osmere’s gotten a lot better at stuff and takedowns getting his back off the fence all of those things but I’m gonna actually lean with uh with uh almost to
mirror on this one I think I think it’s that kind of that moment of truth you know you’ve got you’ve got a looks like
they’ll probably be opening the car to the second fight on the card and so um I’m looking to see if he’s going to be
able to uh carry the weight they need him they need him to to carry the weight
they need either either God to step up and be one of those guys that they can count on in the light heavyweight
division well they need someone to open up this car to make it make it um exciting you know probably know the
opening because if it’s uh that would make it only four face no I know but I think I think Gomez versus yeah but this
first fight they’re gonna have this this first fight’s gonna be good but they’re gonna they’re gonna need someone to back up the next one because then you got
Thiago and Saint Denise Thiago could just take him down and hold him down and do the ground and pound and control the
top position against Saint Denise and then the same thing with rose and uh and
Pharrell like you can see but they could be a stand-up fight or one of them could try getting the
other one to the ground to slow it down and control the top position so got to be careful on these fights next next
fight William Gomez versus Giannis gamuri
both guys 12 and 2 for Gomez I think uh 12-1 for Giannis
both guys talented and I think that’s why they have them opening up this card both guys are fast both guys move well
ground game both are good you know they can take the fight there
they can be there they’re not they’re not those guys that you’re looking at to they’re not uh kind of you know submit a
world champion but both guys have talent there this is an even fight this is this
is a tough one for me to pick I agree and both guys got Motors too yeah I’m gonna lean with Gomez though a little
bit I think um I believe the reach on him is going to be a little bit more than Giannis is it I think so can you
pull it up the reach yeah on Gomez
what’s his reach I gotta I gotta Google it so okay I I think the reach would be a little
bit more on the speed that needs to be a little bit more okay and so I think we’ll give you speed
okay that’s why he’s called the Jaguar he’s fast but 73 inch reach
yeah right there what’s compared to compared to you were fast on that day but you got to
be faster to bring up the next no wrong guy
there we go that’s a that’s a horrible last name to
have to spell um rich on here it doesn’t have it on it
must be it’s his first UFC fight it must be really short oh look it’s you got to figure 73 inches
for a featherweight that’s decent yeah it’s decent so it probably it probably does have a
little bit you know profile on him in a yes they don’t even have a profile on them yeah I mean I’ve seen gummy fight
it’s good It’s Got Talent man so but I agree with you I think Gomez has got the
advantage of the fight John is there any other fights on here you want to chat about let’s go down to the first two fights on this card so we can take a
look at it I didn’t see them no no
down there three boss rot I think Lewis is taking on uh McKee again Reese McKees
came back into the UFC uh he had one of those uh I guess uh
I don’t want to say what do you say uh not two lucky fights against a guy named
uh kamzot I think that was it comes out second fight quick against uh jeez
where’s McKee but yeah he’s a tough dude and he’s actually a good fighter so
it’ll be nice to see him against loosa all right was Jocelyn Edwards her last
fight she got knocked out click on that no Jocelyn Edwards won her
last fight but it was I didn’t I think there was a one of those ones where most people thought she lost
yep yep yep she did against putulova got it got it restaurant there was one I
thought I can’t remember I thought it was Jocelyn Edwards all right well hey that’s gonna wrap over UFC talk before we move on and go to onlyfans.com
weighing in onlyfans.com Wayne subscribe to us over there it is free want to
thank you guys for supporting us we continue to thank you guys over and over again make sure you guys subscribe to
our YouTube channel as well so subscribe and uh hit up on our Eclipse Channel subscribe there and then turn that
little Bell on for the notifications I want to thank you guys so much and John let’s go ahead and move into something
else what else you got first Dave yeah uh first thing here is we got news
already yeah we got news already yes uh reports here that Ronda Rousey from
daily mail saying that she she had a hard stop in WWE at the SummerSlam
because she was wanting to get back into training for MMA and so there is talks about UFC 200 a return that’s reports
from a daily UFC 300 300 uh
and then uh Dana White did shut it down at one of the last press conferences
reported otherwise so I just want to get your thoughts on the potential face you may have a UFC 300 well first
off you can’t blame Dana for you know if that is something that he’s worked on he
doesn’t want to put that out right away in there you know so I don’t blame him for uh dismissing it and not being
truthful with it what do you expect he’s the promoter he wants to bring it out if that’s something he’s working on he
wants to bring about where it’s going to work best for the sale of that that show and
everything so that means nothing he’s done that before you know
was a line it’s really not a lie it’s a it’s misinformation let’s see no what it
is it is it gives it gives him the opportunity to promote the fight with the way he wants to promote it and not
have the media promote it that way secondly what it does is it doesn’t put any added pressure on the Ronda Rousey
if she decides that she doesn’t want to do it she gets into training camp is like [ __ ] this is not what I remember it
being like and I can relate to that I went to jiu jitsu this morning I was like this sucks so look there’s a lot of
reasons they don’t want to announce it because then that fighter feels like they’re back into a corner and they have to do it
um they don’t they don’t want to announce it because they want the ability to control the narrative on how they want to promote it and that makes
sense I mean so like John was saying it’s not a lie it’s just that look as of right now
we’re still scribbling it down on a napkin before we rent out this game plan and that’s kind of what they’re doing so
let them do their thing look so-called journalists have lost their jobs for breaking things early because
you know they weren’t ready for it so this is what happened that was the 200 yeah oh for 200.
so it’s it just it just comes down to you you got to let the promotions do what they do and that’s called promoting
and look okay but be honest think about this I could see her coming back but if she
did come back who do you think that they would match her up with Miesha Tate
exactly that’s the exact person I would think that they would but make sure that 25 maybe maybe holiday home
I don’t think a holly home now I could see maybe yeah maybe you don’t think they’ve ever Pena
no not even close no no
I was thinking they would you know possibly a Miesha Tate you know she’s got two wins against Misha
uh Misha would like to do that I love that one back and uh yep
it would be something that Rhonda would kind of go into with confidence yeah
which is what she needs you know that’s what she needs Misha’s not known as a big puncher
so but I mean I could also see that that Rhonda wants that fight back with Holly
yeah maybe for a second one yeah that’s what I’m saying like she she wants oh you think a second one you
don’t think a first one no no I think I think she needs to get a
and I’m not saying she’d get the win against Misha maybe she doesn’t but if she gets a win against Misha
that gives her confidence she’s gonna feel better about things she’s cutting there’s she’s got the monkey off her back as far
as her last fight being a loss the last two fights being losses so
I think she needs a win and she needs to gain confidence before taking on someone
like Holly who you know has a win over I guess I mean if you’re gonna get in if
you’re gonna get in you might as well get it against the one that you want to beat I mean I feel like there’s more pressure when
you’ve already beaten someone twice what have I gotta prove you know Trevor pranglin when he fought jail he beat him
twice both times both fights together were under three minutes yeah like not one fight and then one
fight under three no both of them together combine the time limits for under three minutes Trevor seven Trevor
something third one yeah until the third one and the motivation I could see Trevor was like ah he’s gonna take me
down I’m gonna hit him with submission it’s gonna be over that didn’t work that way it didn’t work that way at all and
uh one I think what happens the reality check is when you get in there and it’s not the way you had planned it you start
reeling going man what how do I fix this what do I well it’s too late it’s a snowball it’s already done it’s already
running downhill and you can’t catch up to it and so um I look at like she doesn’t gain anything by beating Misha
I’m doing me wrong I’d still love to watch it um you know I love watching both of them fight but um there’s a lot I feel like
there’s a lot more nerves for me anyways there would be a lot more nerves knowing that I’ve already beat that person twice
there’s not really much for me take a look at how long the layoff take a look
at how long the layoff is it’s been a long time what is it six years five years yeah yeah six I think six seven
years right yeah when was the last time she fought it’s been at least at least at least five
2016. oh wow almost 26 years by the time she fights yeah
yeah yeah yeah that’s a long time damn it’s a long time yeah so I mean six years
I mean I I don’t know I think I look at the way Holly has been fighting lately speed is not what it used to be
um the movement still is not really what it used to be all those things but we don’t know what holiday we don’t know
Holly we don’t know what um uh Rondo Ronald would be like so it’s a lot I
don’t I don’t think that she has like look getting into a camp though how old is is Rhonda
she left when she was a baby oh yeah 30 years old when she left man John I’m
gonna I’m gonna I think I’m gonna call it man I think that Ron is gonna end up fighting Holly Holm I think she wants to have one back I
think that one bugs her the most I don’t think the mission ones I don’t think she thinks anything of it like
I’ve already beat her twice what am I gonna do I’m looking forward to seeing 36 she’s not too old I was thinking maybe she was
38 she don’t look she don’t even look 36 but I’m saying I thought she left when she was like 34 30 you know I was like
okay I get 33 34. no she was she’s young jeez she was in her
just 30. she was a baby all right she then she went off and had babies there you go there you go
all right good for her though man if she does come back good if she doesn’t hey enjoy the rest of your life
all right next what else you got for us all right we have a fight announcement we have a 185 Brandon Allen versus Paul
Craig for November 18th Dave always finds a way to bring this up boy he likes bringing in Parker I tell you what
you got it podcast Dave was right about Paul Craig going down to 185 though he looked
really good and he was his his stand-up looked efficient I’m not gonna say it was great
but it’s efficient it was efficient enough for him to take a fight to the ground get you know
a win so Brennan Allen is a guy that’s got good stand up he’s got a good ground game obviously I don’t think he’s got a
ground game that he wants to get into a a ground battle with Paul Craig that wouldn’t be the smartest thing I think
you’re gonna see uh Brennan Allen trying to use his speed and his angles in trying to get uh Paul Craig out of there
while on the feet will that body size and that strength of
Paul Craig be enough to be able to get him down and control the top position I
don’t think that Paul Craig wants to be Underneath Him because Brandon Allen’s not bad from the top position he’s got a
good ground he’s got a good submission defense he’s got good submissions look it’s one thing to go from the 205 pound
division where a lot of those guys at 205 they’re like they’re athletic more
athletic than heavyweights obviously but but my point but they’re not all they’re
not all great Grapplers whereas Paul Paul Craig is a good Grappler at 185 the
Grapplers start to get a little bit better they start to know this they know the ground a little bit more now
I know that the the top guys in that division are the the strikers you know but it’s uh or used to be um uh Alex in
but it is still Izzy but it’s like you know you’ve got Paula Costa you’ve got Izzy who else is at the at that top
division in the top there do plus with duplexes Striker you know um Canon ears
got big Powers Yeah vittori good good striking you know Strickland good
striking Paul Acosta good striking delete Z can do it all uh Brunson more of a wrestler her Manson more of a Reno
Russell Grappler uh yeah but I mean I look at that should be I don’t know I think I think it’s gonna be a good fight
I think that Paul Craig if he can get this fight control I’m running alley he’s gonna have to he’s gonna have to do the whole Rocky
and the chicken thing man he’s gonna have to cut the cage off not take any big shots coming in and uh clinch him up
get to I wish he would learn how to use like I was talking about the heavyweights John foot sweeps body locks
big lifts not lifts but big like body lock lift the foot a little bit and sweep it you don’t have to do them but
just a tilt yeah just a little something man so you don’t have to lift the whole body again just get that weight going in
a direction as you block it off it drives me crazy when I see guys just shooting double legs it’s double legs
and double legs against the fence I’m like what are you doing what are you doing
so but hey it works for him man he’s he’s okay with you know falling down onto it to a leg lock to try to get to
the top position or pulling people in the guard and you know physically I think he is uh he’s a specimen man he’s
I feel like he’s phys physically really strong and I think he’ll be strong for the weight class so we’ll see we’ll see what
happens if Styles make matchups so we’re gonna see how this fight ever plays out that’s it
all right what else what is it good all right let’s move on to this next one here um Demetrius Johnson and make comments
about uh how easy it is to become an MMA champion and Josh I know you had some beef with this comment and I’ll let you
go no no John you said you had some stuff to say so I’m gonna let you go first and before we even start though
how much do we love Demetrius Johnson I loved it we love DJ Master he is someone
that carries himself with class no matter what he does and where he goes and I still think he’s probably top one
or two pound-for-pound list right now uh still to this day he is a fantastic
fighter he is more of a fantastic person and uh but I am gonna I am gonna poke a
little uh some little barbs at him for this one but go right ahead John is there so you you were texting earlier on
the on the thread that we were talking about you were gonna say something go ahead I I’m just you know look at numbers alone tell you that Demetrius is
wrong all right and I know he says look at Brock Lesnar heavyweights is a different breed and
you’ve got to look at it that way because you could take someone like a Brock Lesnar who’s a very good athlete
fast for a big big man that can wrestle that’s the kind of person that in the
heavyweight division can actually become the champion and you gotta also I’m not putting you know my man down in in any
way but Randy Couture when he lost to Brock Lesnar was how old
so that had a little bit to do with Brock being effective at that time as Randy was you know he was 45 46 years of
age at the time so it’s not like it when he was coming off of a long layoff because he was
trying to actually get free from the UFC so there’s all kinds of things that happen with it and everything but
just let’s take a look at how many how many boxing
weight classes are there there’s a lot how many I don’t know 12 17. there you go 17 boxing weight
classes okay all the way from minimum weight to heavyweight but they you know everything in between is you know
bantamweight super bantamweight you know featherweight super featherweight lightweight super light they have all
it’s 17. okay so you have 17 weight classes and then let’s take a look at
you have the WBC the WBA the WBO the ibf because if you’re really taking a look
at being a champion in MMA it’s got to be one of
four is the way I look at it all right it’s the UFC it’s Bellator it’s the pfl it’s one so
you got those four because those are the top four now I’m not saying I don’t it’s I give credit to guys to fight in ksw
there’s some great Fighters there but it’s not considered the same as world
champion a lot because most people that’s always in for the most part usually in Poland it’s not gonna be the
same you could look and say ryzen okay but for the most part it’s going to be
those four so now it’s that’s the same as you know WBA WBO you know WBC all that stuff and
there’s even more as far as the sanctioning bodies for boxing but you’ve already got 17 weight classes the most
you could have the most you could have in MMA is to say that there’s 14 weight classes
okay but first off no one uses super heavyweight okay and then you’ve got the weight
class of 175 and 165 that no one uses
there’s never been a champion either one so you got to get rid of those all right so really you’re talking about about 10 because you have atom weight
mostly mostly women you don’t have any men champions in that all right you do
have straw weight straw weight works for women we don’t have any men champions in that and it really starts with men at
flyweight and we have obviously fly weight at 125 pounds for women too so when you’re taking a look at saying
women it’s going to go from Adam weight to Upper
you know category at light lightweight if you’re going to go with men it’s going to go from flyweight to
heavyweight that’s basically you’re looking at 10. so now you’ve got 10 weight classes instead of 17 weight
classes how is it going to be easier to become Champion When there’s less
it’s just not okay there’s more chances to become Champion as a boxer than there
is as an MMA fighter just numbers wise now you can sit there and say anything you want about yeah but take a look at
some of these things Josh tell me how many people have you known that have won multiple
titles in MMA looks like what a handful D.C Connor
um okay you know and they’re there John Jones John Jones D.C Connor you know
Pitbull yeah you know there there are there are guys out there that have done it but they’re
they’re you know it’s not that common a thing okay name me a guy that’s one three
none three three different weight classes in the king of the cage
that’s not world champion I don’t go with you know someone winning the United States no one’s done it title no one’s
done it nobody okay so how many titles and just you know this taking nothing away but let’s take a look who’s won the
most titles of any boxer ever weight classes titles Manny Pacquiao
okay eight eight different titles and weight classes
okay because he started off as a just ungodly small guy yeah
the next I I believe no one’s got seven sixes Oscar De La Hoya okay
but you can take a look you know there’s a ton of guys that have had four you know guys that are still fighting today
and everything but if you go back and you look at old boxing when Like Sugar
Ray Robinson was fighting and you take a look at that time when there was eight
weight classes how many guys had multiple titles well Sugar Ray Robinson was one he had
welterweight he won the middleweight right and he lost at light heavyweight even
though he’s winning the whole fight it wasn’t an easy thing to do with all the weight classes it’s become
much easier to do and so when I look at what Demetrius is saying you can just go off of numbers and go not really true
to sit there and say title wise there’s a lot of titles out there there’s a lot of titles you know you can look at and
say King in the cage LFA you know Titan Victory all these different promotions
out there ksw like I was saying octagon there’s so many different promotions but
those are not World titles okay I’m gonna go in a different direction but can you play the what he
said Dave which one no what to me what DJ said oh
oh can you play what he said it’s a video clip yeah let me see I’m gonna leave I didn’t
even hear what he said yeah I just thought all right give me a second I’ll get over
here okay I gotta move over here no worries no worries far away look I’m gonna go and I’m gonna go in a different
direction I’m gonna stick a strictly stick with what he is talking about because I listened to it earlier I’m gonna go in the direction that he’s
talking so I understand where you went with the boxing and I completely agree and I was actually kind of Veer off in
that way in a little bit of a rant too but you cleared that up for everybody a lot better than I probably would have so
um but let’s go ahead and see if we can hear him what he said and wait before and I love Luke Thomas
I imagine this will upset some MMA better Enders but Mighty Mouse is very much correct let me
go ahead and uh hear what Mighty Mouse has to say mixed martial arts is the easiest sport to become a champion in because when you
when you fight boxing it’s boxing every person you fight in boxing is gonna be good at boxing everybody you fight in
kickboxing is gonna be good at kickboxing when you do mixed martial arts you’re gonna have people who have significant big holes in them right you
have a guy like Alex Pierre he’s six in one nice seven one he’s became a world champion he makes martial arts right so
or that person he they’re both good at striking but once somebody comes into mixed martial arts they can have a huge
hole in mixed martial arts and become a world champion right like they can have no wrestling experience and still become
a world champion you look at Brock Lesnar he became a world champion in mixed martial arts and he had no
stand-up experience whatsoever so that’s why you say mixed martial arts is the easy sport to become a world champion because you can have the efficiencies
and still become a world champion in boxing kickboxing you can’t have any deficiencies you have to be a good boxer
in order to become a world champion you have you just have to okay so he does have a point there are
holes in people’s games in MMA because there’s so many different types of martial arts so many things allowed so
many things allowed correct and he is he is correct in that that uh area but where I’m gonna try to pick this apart a
little bit I love DJ and I think he’s he I understand what he’s trying to say
but using Brock and using Alex as an example and I’m going to use him as an example as well
is you just pick the three weakest weight classes in the whole Sport and I’ve always said this and John drives
John nuts but I’m going to continue to say it heavyweights 205 Pounders and 125 Pounders are the weakest weight class
there’s not a lot of them out there that are good that are good and well-rounded
DJ that’s why he is so damn good that’s why he’s such a freak is because he’s so
good everywhere he’s good on the feet he’s got good wrestling he’s extremely Dynamic and fast he’s fight IQ is
[ __ ] probably the best in the game we’ve ever seen he is a brilliant fighter nobody else is on his level and
there’s not a lot of them at 125. there’s not a lot of guys that are walking around 125 pounds or 140 pounds
that can make 125 and fight at the level of him no Henry suhuto was the only one
out of the years that he was the champion there that even gave him somewhat of a challenge you know I mean
there was um the guy from The Ultimate Fighter that came on it was a yeah but but uh but DJ ran away with it
DJ was a very dominant DJ still is a dominant fighter at the heavyweight division anytime and I’ve said this
repeatedly Brock Lesnar came in if you have a wrestler in the heavyweight division they are nine times out of ten
gonna win that division because heavyweights do not wrestle if you look at the guys that are there right now
none of them really can wrestle some of them now are starting to get good on the ground why do you think like guys like
verdum were so good why do you think guys like Cain Velasquez in DC were so good Jon Jones at heavyweight is going
to be [ __ ] a terror because he can wrestle and he’s got submissions and he can strike I mean these guys are so good
in those areas and when you talk about Alex getting to 185 which I have said the 85 pound division
is probably one of the weakest if not the weakest division in the sport and it’s not I’m not knocking Izzy I’m not
knocking Alex I’m not knocking anybody at father 185 I’m just simply telling you that is where the weight classes
start to uh separate from each other at 185 pounds those athletes are playing
football baseball or had dreams of being football players and baseball players and tennis players or whatever sports
that actually make a [ __ ] ton of money they ran with that because they were probably on that level so you’re not
going to get those Fighters the top level athletes that come into fighting when like why the hell would I get
punched in the face when I have a chance to play college ball and then maybe make it to the pros and make millions and
millions of dollars you know in hundreds of millions of dollars and so those Fighters have taken themselves out of
that equation in terms of MMA those are the things that I’m looking at when I’m hearing his argument you took the the
weight classes in Alex brahara they made that that opportunity and that’s where this is a little this is a little shady
too it’s not shady it’s just that the promotion knew the Izzy had been a run and they wanted it you’ve been on a run
but he had he had had a kickboxing career with this individual who had
beaten him several times one and by Decision One by knockout and he looked at it this is
called marketing and so they pushed that agenda and that’s where it’s different from that’s when you were talking about
the boxing that’s where it’s different the UFC has the ability to put somebody in there and build them to get them to
the title faster than if somebody was in boxing where no we’ll wait yeah we’ll wait until we’re
ready to fight you though that’s why we never see the best boxers fight the best box it’s awesome it’s also because you
have a sanctioning body that WBA or WBC that don’t get along they don’t agree on
a certain thing so that fighter gets pushed down one gets pushed up there’s a lot of things behind the scenes that
take place in those so that fighter can’t can’t at that
you know I to say can’t most of the time almost 100 percent
unless you’re Vasily lomachenko you’re not going to get that championship fight right away because
there’s too many guys that have these records that are being you know kind of padded but not all but most of them are
being padded if you’re a lomachenko you get it based upon 400 fights in the
amateurs two gold medals things like that I was sitting with with the manager the other day and having a conversation
with him and he was talking about how look if you’re if you’re a boxer you are you are you know you’re the best
boxer in the world and in my mind I’m like no you don’t because your promoter is probably holding you a back away from
the best boxers in the world because they don’t want you to lose because you’re the cash cow it’s no different
than when you watch what Rocky 3 Clubber Lang and Rocky Balboa his manager kept
him away from that Fighter for how long because he didn’t want him to fight him because he knew he couldn’t beat him because Rocky’s head was in a different
area whatever it was okay I’m giving you guys something to feed it off of but it really comes down to that the promoters
um of each fighter in boxing has the ability look at Eddie Hearn yes Eddie Hearn has
Anthony Joshua Anthony Joshua Beats freaking Klitschko and is the monster
and he was keeping him away from people and he puts him in a fight with Andy
Ruiz Andy Ruiz beats him and that won’t because he was trying to manipulate exactly what you’re talking about
so and so when it what happens is if they play their favors whether it’s the promoters for boxing and whether it’s
the promoters in whatever MMA promotion they’re trying to fast track someone to get there so no
I’m not I’m not in agreeance with him maybe that is easy to become Champion maybe it’s easier I should say to become
Champion but in the heavyweight 205 185 and 125. okay but I had I I’m sorry no
one’s coming off the street six and one and winning the title in the lightweight and the featherweight and the bantamweight division
uh [ __ ] I call [ __ ] there’s just no way you know I would even say the
same thing about 170 that’s that 35 to 70 pound range those guys they’re the
most well-rounded fighters in the game I mean outside of DJ you know they’re the most well-rounded fighters in the game
they’re [ __ ] animals they’re good on the feet they’re good wrestling the the years of the the double Leg Takedown
being effective it’s they’re far and gone in those weight classes gone you’ve got a chain wrestle you’ve got to hit
the single to the double to the fence and then bounce you off the fence and lift and scoop and turn you away from the fence and get you back in the middle
of the cage those days are though that that’s what it is now the old days they’re gone the Striking has gotten so
much better they’re just animals on the feet now checking kicks kicking the rear leg mixing up the combinations and
you’re like man I didn’t even think these people can move like that these kids are [ __ ] animals in those weight
classes so I disagree with him got nothing but respect for him but he chose
the weight classes to pick his argument and of course those are the weakest weight classes in the sport now I’m not
saying like I’m going to repeat again not saying that those Fighters are not spectacular I’m just saying that the the
well-roundedness of those divisions are not there and the amount of people in
the flyweight division is just not there okay you have top two or three and that’s it there’s not there’s not a lot
in that division to choose from so I love DJ uh I understand where he
was going with it and why he thinks that way but that ain’t happening from 135 to 170. nobody’s coming in like Alex for
Harry came in and started and is going to win titles in six seven fights it ain’t gonna happen and someone can can
you point out someone that has done that in those weight classes I mean outside of since the beginning of the sport B.J
Penn or anything like that you know don’t go with the beginning of the sport because there just wasn’t enough there but I mean you can take all right I’m
gonna get killed for this but let’s just be on well let’s just be honest about it
Mike Tyson great fighter yeah yeah yeah okay most people most
people would say so and you take a look at Mike Tyson in his career and what he did and what did Mike
Tyson live off of his power he lived off of Power okay he wasn’t a guy that you know yes
he had a jab that he would throw you used you know a certain you know peekaboo style of of boxing and stuff
but when someone could match him in intensity and Power
things started to fall off for him take a look at you know when when Mike Tyson yeah he won the title but who did he win
it against Trevor berbick was it the great heavyweight champion no okay when
he fought quality Fighters the big guy the big time guys Evander Holyfield came
from the cruiserweight he was a Cruiserweight Champion comes up starts beating guys in the heavyweight he ends
up beating Buster Douglas because Tyson loses to him and then he’s supposed to fight Tyson and that whole thing falls
apart you know when Tyson goes to prison which was [ __ ] but is what it is I’m just saying and so
finally when he comes out Tyson gets the title again you know he fights Peter Neely gets the title and then he’s the
champion gonna face Holyfield after Holyfield had lost a terrific bow and stuff but
take a look at those fights the first fight Evander
Holyfield against Mike Tyson it’s a good fight but Mike Tyson gets beat by a guy that
can doesn’t back down to him can take his shot and does it back down because
Mike Tyson was a power [ __ ] you know heavyweight champion he lived
off of Power but that’s the same as Brock Lesnar being one dimensional with his wrestling
I’m not I’m not comparing Mike Tyson and Brock Lesnar but you’ve got to take a look in heavyweight
divisions be it in boxing or MMA many guys are one-dimensional you don’t get
the guys that are fantastic boxers you know our leads came came around you know
one time okay and Ali for the most part didn’t hit hard until he would set his feet and
then he could hit hard because he was a big heavyweight and he could throw but most of the time he was moving around so
he was up in the air a lot of times and he would just piece you up with all this volume and everything but you take a
look heavyweights as a whole be it in boxing or MMA you could be more of a
one-dimensional type of guy and be successful and win that championship
you know same as what Brock Lesnar did I don’t know I just look at numerically it tells you
you can sit there and take a look at anything there’s way more weight classes
way more ways to become a champion as a boxer well my my thing with the boxing
industry is that they just you don’t know because they’re they there’s Fighters out there that are so
damn good that don’t work with an agent don’t work with a manager or they don’t want to work with that manager so they
don’t get signed by anyone and then that person just falls off into the abyss like that that happens to these boxers
all the time they’re putting in all their work they’re having great performances on the lower shows but no one will sign them no big agent
will sign them or they do sign them and they don’t do [ __ ] with them they just get them beat by one of their other fighters who they think is more
marketable so no I don’t think that the best boxers are always the ones that are
40-0 or 50-0 or whatever 20-0 going into boxing because they’ve got padded
records to get themselves there and secondly if that person’s undefeated that’s the one thing I hate about boxing
the person who is undefeated is going to always get pushed as if he’s the better boxer than the person who’s got one or
two more losses what we’ve seen in MMA that that’s not true give that fighter
an opportunity but boxing doesn’t do that once you lose your o you’re pretty much forgotten or if you have one more
fight and you lose again you get two losses you’re pretty much forgotten the outside of the ones I’ve been able to
survive that Sugar Shane Mosley uh you know Oscar De La Hoya you know I mean
like uh Pernell Whitaker like these guys they were only able to get away with it and and kodo they’re the only way to get
away they were only able to get get away with it because they had each other to fight because they knew that these
margaritas and those guys they knew that they no matter where you matched them up [ __ ] the fans were going to get a great
fight that’s not the case in every single boxing match so look I I’m going to say this it’s a
[ __ ] to become a world champion in boxing and in MMA yeah true not easy
no it’s not it’s not I just didn’t like that he used the example of the two of the weight classes that you know and I’m
like hey man so all right well hey what else you got for us Dave yo let’s look at this uh Bellator 300
announced the rest of their card uh I say to the main card that was already released and just want to get your
thoughts on the rest of this card if there’s anything no word they Define should know about oh there’s a couple in
there this is you know the McMahon versus McCourt good good to see Sarah McMahon
coming back fast we’ve seen that Leah McCourt she’s just tough she will take on and she’ll fight with anyone she’s uh
really good on the ground her stand-up’s gotten better but I want to say that Henry Corrales is taking on Kai kamaka
III that’s a great fight kaikamaka has really come into his own
he’s now fighting smart he’s fast he’s got great wrestling he’s got super good
stand up and he loves to just throw his hands he’s a crazy Hawaiian you know you just gotta just scrap broad he’s got
that mentality so that is a great fight and then Bobby saronio III versus Alberto Garcia is another one that’s a
great fight yeah those are the those are the two fights that I was looking at to be honest and I’m thinking to myself man
ceronio is from the Bay Area I know him I know his family no he’s fan base he
can he can sell tickets man he is a big dream he’s good everyone he’s good everywhere his last performance wasn’t
great I don’t know what was going on but it wasn’t a great performance he could have done a lot better I know he still won but it wasn’t a great performance
and he’s Dynamic good on the ground good on the feet Taekwondo style stand up with
good submissions and good uh takedowns so looking forward to seeing him back in the cage and then Henry cross and Kai
kamaka I can’t say enough about kamaka man and I like Henry cross a lot Henry cros same thing Henry has turned
basically though into just boxing not a lot of kicking if you kiss a little bit more he’s got good kicks he just chooses
not to use him he used him a little bit more in his last fight which helped open up his striking but Kai kamaka is fine
like he just got a [ __ ] into the stick in the UFC when he was there and then when he was when he left and came over
to Bellator it was just a good I think it was just a good fit they allowed himself to build himself back up and
then now his last two fights he has really been on on point uh his
confidence is there and you’re seeing a different version of kakamak and I’m looking forward to seeing him fight
especially against Henry next yep all right the next fight here did
you want to go through any more of this no this is good no no okay okay um so this next one is uh John fetch was
talking to Jimmy Smith and part on a podcast and he was talking about um managers getting sued
um and all this and Josh I’ve listened to this a couple times you you understand a little bit better I do have the clip the audio clip before we play
it here for you yeah and then you get you guys just to respond to it anything you want to see before I roll the clip well look people have been hitting us up
about this whole class action lawsuit thing they got pushed through a little bit further but John and I the reason
why we haven’t talked about it is because it has so much further to go there’s so many things there’s so many
different steps and I think this definitely is a step in the right direction but I’m not going to go putting all my eggs in one basket and
start saying oh this is a big deal this it is a big deal okay but there’s so much more that needs to happen before we
should all start getting excited okay before we all start getting a little wet down there okay so let’s just like take
it one step at a time and I understand but where I wanted to point out was John Fitch brought up a good point in this
scenario there is there has been emails like apparently
exchanged and there has been conversations back and forth that apparently are being have been recorded
are are on file or in some sort of what is it called discovery where Fighters
these these managers have been left out of this class action lawsuit and I won’t
be surprised if managers have come come into this because like Shawn O’Malley
was saying these managers you need to fear the managers that are in cahoots or close
friends with with the promoters because those promoters or those managers
could be potentially selling you out for other things and John you want to listen
to what John Fitch had to say there first yeah yeah let’s let’s hear it there Dave all right here we go
what are you really looking forward to when it comes to this trial when it comes to discovery which got noticeable
gas by the way in the courtroom like oh my God it’s all going to be unsealed what is what do you want out there I
gotta correct one thing about that on the ceiling okay uh the Unseen so there
was over like like a hundred thousand like it’s more like a million there’s so many documents that have been collected in Discovery
right a lot of the meat of like dirty managers and dirty tricks behind the
scenes are are in there but not all of those things were admitted into the
court case so the things that are going to be unsealed are only the documents and only
the stuff that is specifically being used in the court case so there’s there’s a lot of managers who are
dodging a bullet right now because there’s a lot of guys who can and should be sued for breaching that fiduciary
responsibility for their athlete uh for people who don’t know a manager has a fiduciary responsibility to their client
not the promotion itself and what happens a lot of times is um Fighters want to managers want to get
in with the promotion more than they want to help out their fire that’s am I correct and they play the long game if
they’re if they’re buddy buddy with the promoter if they hook the promoter up if they do favors for the promoter and
screw over their athletes they get more money and more opportunities from the promoter the athlete has a short
lifespan they’ll get a new one he’ll go somewhere else he’ll retire the the manager will stay there and keep making
money keep screwing people over and like and it can go even deeper than that I
think uh on um uh Nate Quarry has a story about his manager not telling him
about a a fight that was offered a title shot fight that was offered that would have paid him pretty well
and not even telling him and offering it to him and so he could give it to one of his teammates because he wanted that guy
to get the money instead of Nate so that that’s a violation of fiduciary
responsibility you screwed over one of his athletes to booster another uh athlete and probably do something Buddy
Buddy for the promoter are those the kind of messages and the kind of let’s say a dirty laundry that
you would like to see aired yes that’s the type of stuff that people need to understand about their managers a lot of
them are undercutting you and screwing you over okay
go imma let you go and then what no go ahead go ahead I mean there has been a
lot of like Sean O’Malley brought this a little bit up you know and I did a small little Punk’s opinion on it and um
but this is exactly what he’s talking about this is where he is this is the
things that he’s talking about where your manager is Buddy Buddy with the promoter a buddy buddy with an
organization and next thing you know you’re not getting the fights that you
want but your your manager’s other clients could be and how is that
possible or how is it being worked out or why is so and so getting this and I’m
not getting this now some of it could be marketability some of it could be just your bad attitude some of it could be
all of those things but your manager has like they say a fiduciary right to
take care of you if an offer is presented to the UFC or presented to the
UFC presents to your manager yeah by the promoter to the to the manager they by law are supposed
to at least tell you about it and say if you don’t want to you don’t want it cool but they have to inform you
of what the offer is and um and these type of things
I’ve Contin I continue to think this John maybe maybe I’m wrong I think it’s
going to turn into when when promotions start to go away and Bellator does go away and we don’t no one knows okay and
if anyone tells you they do know whether the whole Bellator thing’s gonna go away they don’t no one knows nothing is nothing’s changed my thing is this is
this can go into when promotions start falling off you’re gonna start seeing
some pay-to-play situations like how the how the coaches from the end uh from
college used to pay players to come to their organization now will it be
Fighters managers paying promotions to get their fighters in even though they’re not the best fighter
and that’s the Buddy Buddy situation like kind of did you did you just say a manager paying the promotion yeah is
that what you just said there’s no managers gonna pay no promotion they’re not taking any money
out of their pockets let’s be honest as far as that okay
name the guy that’s going to be paid I’m just I’m just saying I’m it’s gonna get to a point if when there’s only one
location to go or two locations to go okay I think I think you’re gonna start seeing
or let’s just say it’s not pay let’s say it’s okay look I’ll give you these two guys for the price of one
those set like I’ll give you I’ll give you my two fighters from here instead of me taking them over there where I know
you want I’ll give you if you take this one and this one both I’ll give you a third one you know those type of deals
will happen I’ll give you this third guy also like you know and bring him along too and that those type of agreement
those type of negotiations will be made
I’m not going to sit there and say that a fighter you know that is
of a caliber and I’m just I’m not going to use the name no but it is absolute
that a manager will use a top-tier talent fighter that they manage
to bring in other Fighters that they manage into a promotion no doubt they do
that they’re going to use the influence of that star fighter that they have to
help bring other guys that they’re managing into getting a contract with
that promotion that happens now yeah I know that I know that that’s just part of it
is really not that the fighter themselves who’s being used
he’s not losing anything in that and like I’m gonna put it out there right now there’s some really good managers
out there there’s some really good decent guys who really care about their clients and and do things right and
there’s been guys that I looked at and I go you’re scum because I don’t like the
way that they they deal with things and it’s you know that’s just going to be that way I think what John is trying to
say to Jimmy here is I wish the judge would pull these
managers into this class action suit but it’s they’re it’s it ha there’s too many
arms going in different directions you got to focus in on what is the main Crux
and and for these Fighters that are suing right now the main Crux is the UFC
they’re saying that the UFC is the one that is a monopoly has held them back
has paid them less has done all these things has controlled things like their name and voice and likeness and
perpetuity and all these things and that’s what they’re saying they should be paid for okay
right now the courts are agreeing with them and that’s why the case is going on but like you know you and I have talked
about this thing can end at any moment now it can end in a lot of different ways it
could be that the UFC comes to an agreement with the fighters and they have you know
an agreement that is signed and they pay certain amounts and it goes away and
there will be you know a non-disclosure that goes with it no one’s going to be able to say exactly what you know was
agreed upon but it goes away that way it’s a possibility that could happen it could be that the courts actually throw
it out that’s a possibility it could be that it goes to court and the fighters end up winning there’s
there’s there’s a lot of different ways for this thing to play out right now it’s working out well and when you’re
talking about all of these documents that they’re talking about you know Discovery with
you know what I don’t know if everyone understands What discovery is but when you when you’re talking about Discovery
and you’re talking about a large corporation like the UFC with tons of
you know contracts and all these things have happened when you ask for Discovery
and you want this material trust me they’re going to give it to you because they have to but boy they’re going to be giving it to
you in bulk yeah and then you know any and there’s going to be things that they’ll try to kind of you know hide to
the side and and give you stuff but it’s work to go through it and when you
know you’re talking about a ton of time with lawyers and stuff and lawyers make
money at this this is why lawyers want you know they want it to go on because they can make money and the longer it
goes on the more money they make on both sides you know it’s just the way it is but I I look at this and it’s like are
there good managers out there there are are there bad managers out there there are no doubt about it but you can’t you
know it’s you can’t sit there and paint everyone with the same broad stroke
no I agree I agree with you I think um I agree there’s a lot of great managers
out there and um and there are some shady ones or there was some shady ones
also um the fighters just have the fighters have a claim to something I
don’t know what it is you know what I mean like we’re gonna we’re gonna find this all out but there’s so many steps John and
that’s the thing and this is the beginning it has so much further to go
you know and um I don’t know there was some other stuff that he had he had said but I I like
where like here’s the I guess for me where do you expect this thing to go
like I I in this in one of the in the rest of this interview he said something John goes you know to start off Fighters
should have shouldn’t have to have more in the year-long contract look I’m okay with certain stuff but now
you’re changing the sport and the sport is what makes this like the way they handle this stuff right now is what makes it great now I also think if you
become Champion you defend it your one time or you’re two times and then you should be a free agent to go fight
whoever it is that is out there whatever you know but to think that you’re gonna
bring in the all the act and it’s gonna just make everything better that’s a load of [ __ ] you know unboxing is
boxing’s proven that yelly act it keeps boxing from being what boxing should be
you know and doing me wrong maybe the fighters are a little bit better paid maybe but there’s less of them on a card
there’s less of them that people know and um I don’t like the boxing format
and I don’t think a lot of people that go to watch Boxing they only go to watch the main event they don’t go to actually watch the prelims
they don’t they don’t really care about the other Fighters that are below they don’t care they only want to see the top
fighters and those are those Fighters are propped up I guess I’d say are there sometimes their records are a little
padded and the promoters will sell you these promoters can do a damn good job of being promoters they’re telling you
this fighter is the best in the world because he’s undefeated but in reality the guy who’s got two losses over there
we all know he’s probably the best in the world and that’s the most frustrating part so where are we going
with this exactly that’s what I want to know with this class action lawsuit are you just looking to get paid a little bit are you looking to change the rules
to the game if you’re looking to change the rules to the game what is that you know and how much are you looking to
change it are you looking to like he said a year-long contract that’s I mean what promoter is gonna you might as well
turn it into boxing what promoters most look at most Fighters aren’t going to want to win a one year copy no they want
to make money no you know they want there’s a little and they don’t they don’t want the stress of knowing after I
fight this fight I may have one more and then I gotta have another contract either done or are they going to want to
recite there’s comfort in some ways the what I would say is what I would like to see is
I would like to see that if a a promoter gives you will say a four fight contract
then unless you do something that breaks the control that contract with the
promoter they owe you the four fights they can’t get rid of you after the one that’s true right now right now they can
get rid of you at any time they want yes yes you have a four or five contract and until they say when we’re releasing you now you got nothing
so if you sign for four fights I’d like to see them have to give you the four fights no I agree I agree uh you know
that’s kind of what the there’s really no guarantee contracts in in the NFL you know um look and it’s it’s it’s hard
to give guaranteed contracts in Combat Sports and in sports like football because the injuries are there the
injuries are all there um I just don’t I don’t know where it’s gonna head and that scares me a little
bit based on that you have 15 fights on a on a card on a pay-per-view card and
that’s 30 Fighters that are all going home feeding their families they’re all going home and you know taking care of
whatever responsibilities some of these guys don’t have anything else and and that’s fifth that’s 30 fighters on a
card boxing has what four maybe five fights on a car that’s ten like that if
you six to eight yeah and all the money’s going where
randomly you’ll get a good co come on you understand what I’m saying so I like
I look I like that they’re fighting for this I do um but where where do you where do you
cut it off and also too what is the sellout point what is the number that you’re looking
to get at to where you don’t want them to change anything because that’s what the UFC May potentially do come in oh yeah just say
hey we’re not changing [ __ ] what’s your number okay here’s the number now [ __ ] go away okay we’re done with
this that’s my point and that could potentially happen so they’re gonna have to absolutely what’s
in their mind what’s their number and how much money are you given to your lawyers to make up that number so don’t
just think oh I got a big fat number of 300 million okay I got a big fat number of 300
million but 180 of it goes to where or 200 of it goes to your lawyers for all
this time they spent you know and now you’ve got 1200 Fighters I believe is who they’re talking about 12 or 1300
fighters on this roster time span of which they’re talking about so in that you’re gonna pay 12 1300
Fighters you know however much money you know out of the what I don’t know it’s a random
number say 40 million you know I just you gotta you you gotta figure out where
where is this headed how much do you want to actually affect the sport are you really are you really changing
the sport for the good are you just taking away the ability for other people that had the dream of fighting in the
UFC where do you draw the line where is it going anyways look I got a lot of
respect for all the guys that are doing this I think it’s like uh Nate Marquardt
John Fitch John Fitch uh who else I think Kane was part of it I think in the
beginning I’m not sure if he is now anyways I don’t think he’s part of it there was a group there was a group that was like uh it’s like TG dollar show on
Johnson Pierre and a few others like that yeah is there I I think were they part of something else wasn’t that
enough that was different that was the fighters Union yeah yeah yeah
all right what else there’s uh let’s wrap up on a couple things there’s some funny stuff that we’re gonna wrap up on unless you had some other news I had I
had one funny one oh you have one okay let’s sign up to one funny one all right I have a question yeah I saw this online
today and I don’t think it’s true because I tried your birthday and and how old you are and maybe I’m doing it
wrong yeah I saw online today that everybody if you add your year
and how old you are it comes out to 2023 today so
wait what where yeah what I saw this online today are you joking though like
are you big I saw this off of course oh my God and the age that you are you add those
together you get the current year that we’re in she doesn’t foolish
it doesn’t work for me because my month hasn’t happened yet [Laughter]
pull it and this is my this is this is my problem and these are the people that
vote okay well whoever put this on their story oh my God like he was like the crazy station she literally hit her with
the Line This is How age Works typing in all these I was like I typed
in yours and I was like wait why isn’t France working because I haven’t turned 29 yet but once
I do it’ll work I don’t feel good right now I don’t feel good
I think it might be like the worst you know what I really needed that to start my day wow
this is okay hold on and this is why I come up with lines like you’re as sharp as a marble
John now look I’ve never claimed to be good at math
she said that and I was listening to it and I went like you didn’t get it bro and then when
the other girl goes this is how age works I was like yeah no [ __ ] Jesus Christ
I just about fell out of my chair what do you mean if you had
oh man John it was funny I wanted the I wanted to end the show on a funny note
I know we were going to talk about the John Fitch situation the class action lawsuit so I wanted to make sure everyone left here with a smile and like
[ __ ] what a what is going on with Society he was seeing something that was mind-blowing mind-blowing it was so good
and I cannot wish I had gotten Josh because you know Josh’s math is bad oh it was horrible man that’s horrible if I
I can’t I wish Josh hadn’t told us about it and then come on here and be like guys did you know that if you get your year and your age
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