well hello and welcome to the wig in podcast we got a ton to talk about because we had fights from Paris we got
other things to talk about like my man Josh the punk Thompson and his new Offspring the poor Josh the pork
Thompson what’s up baby how you doing uh John was having fun with me on the internet this whole weekend
no okay hold on you know it’s funny because a lot of people said oh man I can’t believe you dissed your your
partner I go I didn’t diss my partner you guys don’t get it that pig
Josh we call him John Mr Joshua then I said well it’s Josh the four Thompson right and so that pig is brought to the farm
and all he’ll do he’s never gonna be eating he’s never gonna all he’s gonna do is be a sexy beast he’s gonna sleep
eat crap and on all the female pigs so
he is the stud of the farm for the pigs oh man so he’s just gotta grow into it
that’s all but that’s an honor man I’m talking about what a sexy beast you are I am a sexy beast we all know this okay
there you go we’re gonna have to have MCW do us a thing where it says where we enter the show Josh the pork Thompson so
you never you’re never gonna eat him no no never no not even when it gets really old you’re like okay look it’s
kind of oh God no because it’s bad well male pigs when you allow because
about at his age right here is you you’ve taken and you’ve gelled it and you’ve taken his nuts off and that way
because the meat doesn’t get screwed up because the the testosterone that runs through their system it makes the meat
not real good so once you decide no no he’s living his full life
he’s going to live his best life baby got it he he’s gonna have his Harem and
all he’s going to do is decide when and where he’s going to decide yeah it’s time got it huh I mean he is my sexy son
of a [ __ ] and I saw the dad the dad’s like what a thousand pounds yeah jeez yeah Dave that’s Frank the
Tank you have a picture of the dad can you pull it it’s on Johnson yeah yeah he is the the guy that owns it is laying
laying next to him I mean he looks like a child he’s every bit as big as me yeah he
looks like a child though compared to that pig look at that thing the dude and that and trust me
I think Frank’s actually gotten bigger than that now he’s just cute he is a
monster and he just does but he’s you know it’s funny because people will sit there that’s a bore and you’re gonna
have people tell you man you know you got to be careful with poor stuff Nick there that that that that thousand
pound bore is like a puppy dog yeah he’ll tell him sit the pig sits lay down the pig lays down he does everything
that’s awesome well they mix it up he knows where the food comes from comes from that guy he does yes
what it’s all about gotta keep up that lavish body that pig has so he’s like hey buddy
room in that hair man so the pig’s name is uh Mr Joshua pigs
he’s just running around in the uh rummaging around in the water there did you just dig a hole with your Backhoe or
something and then just pour water in it yeah nice yeah I I need it I knew you didn’t use a shovel you know you don’t like hell no
you’re like manual labor you don’t like manual labor
all right here I’ll give you I’ll give you a little story our neighbors on the back side of my
farm I have a one acre parcel that runs to an the back side of
my farm runs to the back the street that’s like if I went to drive it it would be like three miles away
right because I got to go out and around the highway and then back to it and they’re really nice people and they
they call them unfortunately their their old dog died they had a big old
boxer mix and he died and the guy says they said hey do you have anything that
can dig a big hole Yeah you know so I come there with an excavator right because they want it deep because around
here you get a lot of you know wild animals and coyotes and things that they’ll dig things up
right so I go there and I dig a five foot hole you know and when you dig a five foot hole that’s
a lot of dirt yeah right and it’s sitting there in a mound next to the hole right and you know they’re they’re
gonna wait for their kids to come back because they’re gonna do this little thing with the kids and stuff so I said and I had to put you know the excavator
I have to get in the trailer put the excavator up on the trailer Drive the thing you know get the excavator off it’s not like it’s oh it’s simple
so then it’s like hey that’s a lot of dirt for you to move back with a shovel you’re going to
figure out that after you after you’re you’re shoveling for about 30 minutes you’re gonna go this pilot hasn’t gotten
any smaller I go just just give me a call and I’ll bring another thing over you know so let’s skid steer up on the
trailer bring this against you put it down but sure makes a difference dude a whole lot better than putting a shovel
in your hands when I was a kid my grandparents here in Santa or not here in San Jose but in San Jose they used to have in
their backyard was like a lot of trees they had um avocado trees pomegranate trees cactuses
you know oranges all this other stuff so every year my grandfather used to make us dig a huge hole in the back in the
far far back and with all the stuff that fell we’d gather it all up and he’d put it all in there and mulch it all up and
then he used it as soil later on compost yeah but we would we’d have to dig the hole deep enough to fit all that [ __ ]
it was first we had a miserable shovel it all into a wheelbarrow put it into
the hole and then we’d sit in there with shovels and chop it all up and chop it all up and then he’d throw some dirt over the top and chop it up more and
then we use that as you use it as compost whatever it was throughout the throughout the year throughout the couple weeks he would do
it yeah how you doing out of work man slave labor that’s why I don’t do any hard labor anymore
slave labor I worked in the fields when I was a kid no one’s picking apricots prunes climbing trees snakes everywhere
rattlesnakes we’re up in the mountains and it’s like sit there forever just cut apricots pick an apricots
putting them dry them all this [ __ ] and then get to the point where you hate apricots yeah you know yeah I didn’t want to eat them for a long time yeah
yeah but uh it was good times man it was like me and my cousins we’d all be out there every year for about three weeks
you know either picking prunes or apricots or or something man
blackberries one year like anyways all right well hey blackberries hurt there’s a lot of thorns oh yeah
yeah there’s a lot of snakes around that area too so you’d be sitting there on a bench you
know just pulling from the tree or from the bushes and or from the trees and then all of a sudden the snake would come rattlesnake come rolling through
ah all right well hey let’s uh let’s go ahead and get jumped on this and see what’s what uh what you want to Pottery
on to Perry yeah okay yeah Cyril gone taking on Sergey Spivak we
you know we actually you know talked about it we thought Spivak actually had you know a good chance this was not like
a walk through for still gone it was a walk through for sure and Josh it was all about one thing
Cyril God attacking the body all the body shots no matter what and
you take a look there was a point I want to say it was somewhere around the three 330 Mark 335 so
and that’s the point where you’ll see Sarah God throws the knee and this is after the first round where he ate the
body up he throws the need it hits the body then he throws a right hand to the body and then a hook to the left side of
pivot doesn’t look like anything but you’ll see as Civic turns all of a
sudden he’s got this knot and it’s a swelling on his rib cage and you can see it and it just keeps on growing and
you’re going oh he’s done because you start to get that type of trauma to your body
it just takes everything out of you you got no gas you can’t extend everything is just not working and shortly
thereafter the fight was over and it wasn’t because spivik wasn’t tough he was tough as hell he took some big time
shots he took a lot of abuse he could not stop the body attack and
that is what destroyed him in the end yeah you said the specific last on the
on the build up last week you said he’s like a big walrus and that’s kind of what he’s
that’s kind of what he was he just didn’t have the speed he was just sitting there and he couldn’t command
respect because he couldn’t get in fast enough he couldn’t get it on the takedown they couldn’t get in they couldn’t throw his jab and his
combination combinations fast enough to land you know everything that God did was he was in he was out he had it
seemed like he’s athletic yeah he seemed like he had more power he was act more accurate with his shots
um everything he did he was just a better better athlete that night and he did everything better the jab was on
point the kicks and mixing it up you know from the thigh kick to the body shots to you know throwing the
combinations with the hands did a great job stayed on his bike circled stayed out of the way of the big shots from
Civic it just I thought it was I thought it was a masterful performance but the I
I’m gonna keep going to with gone as long as Jon Jones is there I don’t I
don’t see really any of these guys beating him his ability I mean John’s a fine IQ and his talent everything he
brings to the table I just don’t see anyone beating him yeah you know like I said we got into the who is it I mean like it would be maybe
like a Tom Aspen all maybe the young kid Almeida I don’t know how he’s what is he like still 30 I think is how old he is
but you know These Guys these guys young and up and coming they’ve got to have more of a body and a
and athleticism that God has but God doesn’t have the wrestling to stop it and we saw that already but uh outside
of aspinall and Almeida there was one other person in the heavyweight division that I was thinking of that I think
would probably give him a good go who was it oh up there uh pavlovich you know
but we’ll see a lot of these guys which is hard it hits hard you know he’s got decent wrestling decent like he’s got
decent [ __ ] it’s not not bad um but I just think like he wasn’t he
wasn’t able and this was back in the day he wasn’t able to stop Kane’s takedowns or DC’s and so I’m thinking Jon Jones
has got he’s got wrestling man he’s got the ability to snatch the leg and he’s got the ability to lift and
you know and dump so I don’t know he’s he’s uh he’s he’s gonna be tough for a lot of these guys to to fight so outside
of I just don’t know what Ghana does as long as Jon Jones is around because he I don’t think he has the ability to stop
those takedowns well he proved in the first time the first match he wasn’t able to and it’s
going to take no matter what it’s going to take time for him to be able to get a shot back at that you know
fight the rematch with John it’s going to take at least another couple of fights for him to get to that point so
that’s a year year and a half down the road uh you look and you go Cyril gone he’s trouble for a ton of
people but aspinall call them out you know if you recall when esperan won his fight he says I
want the winner of gone Civic and then I want Jon Jones so basically
the work’s been done for the matchmakers as far as gone did his job he looked great
asparall did his job he looked great he’s already called out gone and it’s a it’s an actual
the right fight if you’re looking at you know the whole thing ask it all sitting
there you know just a couple below gone you it’s the right one to match up I mean
the guy who’s sitting there in in nowhere land right now is pounded he
doesn’t have an opponent and you know in November you got Stipe versus John you know
that’s going to take you know time afterwards for Papa [ __ ] to get a shot so he’s just kind of sitting there in
nowhere land the question is what do you do with him he let him sit unless he wants to fight
you know someone like gone or aspin all that’s what you do you let him sit you wait for your title shot I think he
probably prefers that just sitting around waiting for his title chart try to get better I feel like the heavyweight division is where boxing
heavyweight divisions was when it was uh the Klitschko brothers it just is it’s going to be stale right
now you have the guy at the top or he’s the most athletic he’s probably the best fighter and then those
that when Klitschko one Klitschko was the champ they just didn’t they didn’t fight very often and John doesn’t need to fight
very often because he makes so much money you know what I mean so it’s like he can pick and choose when he wants to
fight like there’s nothing really on the horizon right now for the heavyweights one is when is their fight supposed to happen November
yeah so I look I’m like you know that’s going to take you know you have what two more months till then and then you have then
after that fight he’s gonna take some time off they’re gonna get the next thing going and then he was talking about that he may even retire after he
beats Stipe I I can’t I can’t imagine him retired I’m like you go to the heavyweight division because it can
prolong your career because you’re better than all of them yeah you know um I don’t know you have to worry about
them being faster than you and more athletic than you because you’re you’re faster and more athletic and then you’re
the same size as all them like you know I don’t know I look at it he could be there for a while into his 40s
he could and do his support we’ll see but it but again there’s a
balance because there’s got to be that fire you know and you’ve got to have that motivation and and there was no doubt
when John was looking to be a heavyweight there was
motivation because I want to prove that I can be the heavyweight champion that’s motivation that’s great
now he’s got motor he actually has motivation because he looks at steep a as all right here’s a guy who held the
belt longer than anyone defended it longer than anyone he’s one of the OG’s you know that I have a chance to you
know go against I want Stipe okay I understand it once depaze you know and uh
let’s be honest Depot is the underdog in the fight if he gets past Depot
where’s your motivation because now you’re sitting exactly where you are at when you were at the light heavyweights
is you’re the target you have everyone wanting to shoot at you and how much motivation do you have to get ready for
that I don’t think he’s exactly where he was at the 205s because the 205s he had went through the whole crew and there was like a whole other batch that came
along it’s hard to stay motivated after you’ve beaten all the Legends you know and it’s like and I get Stipe is a
legend in this sport in the heavyweight division but he still has plenty of guys that should be able to get him motivated
their new blood in the light heavyweight division he was having to go back through go back through and fight the
same guys I mean he fought DC three times correct I mean that’s yeah but see but DC’s of that ilk that you look and
you go that’ll get you motivated they had they had heat they didn’t like each other you know
there was the fact that DC was you know a guy that had won you know titles he
was the guy that you know had that’s a guy that can motivate you it’s tough when
you know you’re looking and you go hey you know is Tai tuyavasa a tough fighter
yeah he’s a tough fighter man that’s a tough dude but other than being a tough
dude and a brawler what does he bring as far as he brings fans as far as the Shoei and stuff
but for you as Jon Jones how do you get motivated for that fight
well you’re picking somebody that’s never going to get up to the to fight for the title John that’s yeah I like
tied to the top I know he is I get it but we’re talking about you know as well as I know it’s gonna
probably be Almeida it’s gonna probably be Curtis blades may make it back up there it’s gonna be Tom aspinall answer
all gone and papovich those will be the four that I see him getting motivated for I don’t think anybody I think those
guys will wipe out the division and then that’s it that’ll be their athleticism their ability and I
can’t I haven’t even seen enough yet of Almeida to say that he’s gonna be able to get past somebody like a Tom aspinal
or something or pass maybe like someone like a Curtis blades I mean we haven’t seen enough of them yet but he’s talented he’s good he’s he you
know he’s he’s built like he should be able to handle all this stuff his great Jiu Jitsu he’s got these guys getting better on the feet he’s got to get
better on the feet if he’s gonna fight someone like Jon Jones or Tom aspinall or pavlovich he’s gonna have to get past
he’s gonna have to get better all the way around but um he’s still young and he’s ranked number nine I look at those
guys those are the ones that I could see Jon Jones having to fight and those are the ones that I see him getting motivated for but once you get past that
I agree with you I look at guys like tattoo of Austin I love tattoo of awesome I love him he’s awesome Derek
going to watch look you guys like Derek Lewis you gotta respect it because he can knock you out in any moment but
athleticism wise I mean he’s sure he’s athletic for for a big monster of a man but Jon Jones is just
he’s just a better fighter it’s just a just a level those are the guys that he I think that Jon Jones would have a hard
time getting motivated for like a volkov he’d have a hard time getting motivated for that spivik from what I saw last
night he’d have a hard time getting motivated for that you know but the guys like an aspin all who are already chirping they were already had a little
bit of back and forth on Twitter I think it was and uh it’s perfect I think it sets it all up I mean those are I think
the way to get Jon Jones motivated is to do this a little bit in the mic is you know if you want you want to
fight the best challenge bring up his name and say you can be yep oh yeah yeah he doesn’t like that
overall though I I wasn’t I wasn’t with the fight itself
it just wasn’t he never specific never got going and when you never got you
know he showed him too much bad he could he just couldn’t get in there and it was all of a sudden now he was on his back foot
you know you got to give credit where credits too God created all of that yeah he had good good movement his footwork
was clean he bladed his body well and he was smart with his I would you know I
don’t know what the punch stats were but combined as far as kicking and punching I would say it was 50 to the
body 50 to the head he went to the body at an incredible rate and it did exactly
what it was supposed to do it made spivik become just oh there you go look
at that look at look at podcasting it’s got zeros
I love it it’s not your fault that it has zeros Dave I can’t believe it that’s
awesome well it’s a 110th strikes 70 percent
he he landed at 70 percent Josh come on well like he said he speak was like a
big walrus that just sat there and just got hit well he couldn’t figure it out you know
and he he was it was damaging him enough that he didn’t want to come into it every time he did come into him
he took a shot and was unsuccessful in getting to where he wanted so it was
like and that just you know it starts to snowball on you and you don’t want to come in and and you saw that as the
fight went on because you know Cyril gone was he was moving he was lateral movement circling he would go back
specific was kind of chasing him a little bit and you saw how it turned and then all of a sudden spivik’s back was
on the cage and why was Civics back on the cage because he had no answers he was getting hurt
so but uh-huh go up with that real quick hold on let’s see I saw landed by Target
Target go down there you go look at that
oh to the Head 35 44 head 35 to the body
very close yeah yeah he’s good with a little thigh kick
and what I like is he uses his foot inside out too so he’ll kick to the outside but then he’ll just stay in that bladed stance and just kick to the body
like a little almost like a little snap kick to the body which is what it’s like
and if you look if you look at this and when it says landed by Target you combine the body and leg that’s now at
55 percent so more to the body and leg than he did to the head that’s what I was talking
about he was fantastic at going downstairs to the body to the legs and
just eating him up and it was a great great performance by God I you cannot in
any way take anything away because we we know specific’s a good fighter he’s a tough dude and he does have a
certain skill set that man he can be very successful gone took that all the way
all right next fight ah we had my nofa roll against Rose Nama
Eunice what did you think of this fight I’m Gonna Let You Go first go ahead
I thought Pharaoh was just the bigger fighter and all of her shots had a lot more impact on Rose and I think
but somebody this I don’t know if it’s just me maybe it’s not maybe somebody on the
outside thinks this as well I feel like rose Nami Eunice is like sabotaging her career
like what are you doing like she is so talented and you are considered to be
one of the best in the 115 pound division why are you going up maybe okay you want for one for one fight I hope
you go back down because you could be the champ again I mean if you want to if you want to get
motivated you want to stay motivated whatever it is I just feel like she’s Sabbath she sabotaging herself like she doesn’t know
she doesn’t know how to handle the success or she just doesn’t want to have the success around her I don’t know that’s yeah what you just said right
there I’m not too sure and look there’s there are people out there like this and there’s nothing wrong I’m not going to
say there’s something wrong with it success to them is more of uh a hindrance it becomes a
problem it’s they don’t like everything that comes with it so because it just overloads who they are
and it may be that you know she’s just not comfortable with that she let you know
I don’t I look at look at she fought her ass off I give her credit because she was tough in some areas
where you I saw her get hurt I saw that you know some of what throw it hit her
with it hurt her but she kept marching forward she had a broken finger in the beginning you could see you know her
fingers sticking out and she wasn’t using the head and then she started using it and it’s like you know I was it
was it was kind of funny the pat berries you know yes you know she comes and she’s you know I broke I
broke my finger and he goes you don’t need your finger to fight okay no he’s right but you got to take a
look at it because maybe it’s just sitting and displaced as far as a dislocation you can put that back pretty
easy and make it to where you know the hand is much more usable than when it’s sticking in an odd position
but he really didn’t even look at I was kind of surprised by that during the break and stuff but I don’t I I agree with you there’s
something there first off Rose is just a phenomenal fighter and she’s got a phenomenal skill
set she’s quick she’s got beautiful footwork The Way She Moves laterally the
way she comes into her opponent it’s there I don’t know mentally if she wants to be
yeah yeah that’s where I’m at to with her I think a lot of his
I don’t know maybe maybe going up was a challenge but I think when she got in there she realized it was a mistake
just I saw the two of them at the weigh-ins and I’m like man Rose you’re look you look tiny you look tiny and
then when I saw him in the cage I’m like okay I thought maybe you would maybe she just sucked down a little bit or maybe she let herself get a lot of shape no
physically she’s just a smaller person there’s nothing you can do about that and then the shots that she took
she took some big shots yes you did yeah excuse me oh no and she took some big
shots and it was um and you could see the look on her face with a little bit of that concern like [ __ ] what I get myself into
and the broken finger dislocated finger I can relate man the Benson fight happened
in the first round it’s like you’re just thinking [ __ ] really this is happening to me right now
come on you know and um it sucks and I know she was thinking to herself man I
don’t want to throw it it hurts then I forget I understand that feeling it does but she she’s talented her footwork she
makes up her combination you could tell she has some power because Pearl had to respect her a little bit in some of
those exchanges so bro took some steps back at times going like damn you know
and with rose at 115 I could see her being the champ she’s beating the champ already twice twice I don’t understand
why I don’t get it I can’t do they just don’t I don’t know I’m wondering if there was some sort of Fallout with the
UFC after the the Carla Esparza fight because Dana came out publicly after that fight so that was [ __ ] trash
like it was gar he called him both of them out you know but well if you recall you know her Corner came to her defense
and saying you know look we you know that she fought the exact fight that we planned out and it was like okay
then on you you got to figure out that wasn’t a great plan you can’t have a
fighter just be defensive you can’t have a fighter just dodging a certain area of the fight especially when she’s got
talent there you know yeah so it could be that you know she had you know I
don’t know but mentally and Rose has always looked in that way at times it’s like
she doesn’t seem super confident because you know she doesn’t do any of the braggadocious stuff she doesn’t you know
she stands there for a Face-Off doesn’t say a word you know shakes her opponent’s hand walks off
but this time especially she just looked like she didn’t want to be there
no I agree I could be wrong in reading it too though I was thinking the same thing John I was thinking the same thing
I felt like she just just didn’t seem like she was I felt like it was a sabotage for herself in her career just
like yeah let me just go up I’ll see what happens and like almost like no interest I don’t know yeah next fight
oh we had Benoist and Denise against Thiago Moises this is a great fight
I’ll tell you what again you know I I had someone say he didn’t
give Saint Denise enough credit it’s like the hell I didn’t give him credit I said he’s tough because I thought Moises
probably was the more skilled fighter and I did you know overall I know I knew how tough
Saint Denise was I didn’t think he would be able to just walk through a lot of what was happening but he took you know
and look at let’s be honest he took some chances there oh yeah he was open and he got hit and
you need to close that up a little bit I love the output I love you know the the
ability to say yeah I’m just going to bite down and go after it puts you it only takes one and you’ve got to be
careful with it but Saint Denise is proving and I thought they said it right look he’s the real deal he had the one fight
in Abu Dhabi you know he he got beat
but other than that man he has been on fire and he looks good his stand-up
looks it looked good a little bit too much brawling too much brawler-esque you know as far as just opening up but I was
impressed that he had the confidence to take Moises down you know he was not worried about the
Jiu Jitsu and when when he opened up man and he went after him look he was putting shots and I’ll give Thiago
Moises a lot of credit man he took some big shots and he kept fighting back but the pressure of Symphonies and the
way that he went about that fight you know how many more you’re gonna see if he gets a couple more big wins there
he will be in that title contention and he’s talking about getting the belt and we’ll see but he’s mentally that dude is
strong yeah say Denise man I owe you an apology last week last week I was talking about
how Moises was the better fighter he was had more experience against top level competition yeah he’s got the wrestling
to take you down control you from the top and I thought you know on the feet I thought something he’s had the advantage
but I also thought that Moises was good enough on the feet to get him into the takedown positions get to the top he
just didn’t fight smart and I’m not taking anything away from Saint Denise but he just dominated from beginning to end he came out imposed his
will right off the bat he didn’t take a step backwards he didn’t think any steps back he pushed and made Moises fight off
your back foot that fight right there let me know that no matter how good Thiago is he’s good when he’s the hammer
he’s not good when he’s the nail you know there was that and then on top of it he’s not good he can’t fight
backing up he can’t go back he doesn’t know how to fight going back in I mean
that might have been satani’s you know Camp they looked and said hey this guy does not do well when he’s taking steps
backwards I want you to put pressure on him and make him move back great game plan if that’s what it was because he
look he dominated the fight he looked great and he performed beautifully and
he’s got a gas tank the guy does a lot of output wasn’t tired yeah you know no
he uh I thought it was a great fight thought a great performance by Saint Denise I thought Moises just showed a
lot of a lot of holes in his games and I didn’t really I wasn’t aware of um I didn’t I didn’t realize that he
didn’t want to fight backwards so he didn’t fight he didn’t know how to fight going backwards and when he did his back hit the fence he didn’t know how to get
out of there he no he didn’t know how to change he squared up with his back against the fence and try to throw shots
from there like that’s not what you’re supposed to do like you want to stay bladed a little bit more you wanna get
off of that stuff offline and Tuck behind push the elbow by whatever it is uh he just wasn’t hot he just he got
lost when it was there I think he thought he was going to come out and dominate the positions in terms of the rest and I think it also threw him off
when he got taken down he’s like wait what the hell I’m the one getting taken down this is what the hell so but I thought it was a great
performance by Saint Denise great job yep Volcan owes Demir took on bog down
gustkoff look oh it’s the mirror man you know he’s he’s the mystery guy you just never
know which guy’s gonna show up and how he’s going to fight and we knew that Gustav has power he could he can SWAT uh
he’s got a lot of Knockouts too but it says submission rear naked choke and
it was he got this he got the back took the choke but it was the hands that set
everything up he was hurting Bogdan with his power put him down hurt him on the
ground then got the back but you know it was really nice to see that ozamir went
for a takedown man do you see his takedown Josh he got a takedown hey that was great I mean he’s getting better
he’s he’s getting himself he’s making himself more well-rounded you know all the guys that he’s fought before the
guys they were able to beat him or the ones that were able to get him down yeah put him on his back and so
there’s something there you know he looks like he’s got heavy hips like sewing the thick thighs the the trunk
legs you know he just he looks thick yeah everywhere yep he’s a big dude I
bet that when like he’s on someone he has that top position for ground a pound I bet you he’s he’s not easy to sweep or
easy to get off you because he’s just got a thick trunk man his his thighs and his ass and his he’s got kind of like a
thicker waistline I think he I feel like he’s just somebody that when he’s on top it’s going to be hard to get underneath
him and sweep or you know or elevator get him up off you so good on him to try to elevate his game but uh Bogue Don
just had just too much pressure the shots were Landing clean yeah
I don’t want to say he had a couple he landed a couple but just not enough to stop what ozamir was doing and then
Rosemary’s got power everyone there’s one thing we all know and we’ve seen his past like if he puts a good shot on you
know he’s got power he can hurt you and he showed it in that fight next fight
all right we had William Gomez against Giannis gamori
it wasn’t a book but um yeah this was this one ended in a weird
way I know a lot of people were up here they’re so stupid okay so what was your opinion of it
look look for two rounds let’s be honest I’ll give you honest credit and I told you I’ve seen him fight he’s tough he
doesn’t stop he keeps on coming forward he keeps on you know looking for ways to get you know past whatever’s occurring
and I’ve seen him do it but Gomez we thought was a better athlete cleaner striking gonna be tough for him to get
to longer for two rounds Gomez you know he he won
he won the two rounds easy goes into the third round and then we had the kick
this is why yeah I put a tweet out I’m like this is why promotions bring some
of the top level referees because in these local areas or in different you
know wherever your countries yeah countries they just haven’t had enough experience especially in France where
the sports just become legal and it’s there’s people have no concept
of the pressure you know look if there’s pressure to go in there and fight but
you’re responsible for you when the the pressure that’s on that
referee people you know is there’s no ability for you to to put someone in that place and make them understand but
I used to tell athletic commissions all the time you know and stuff it was look I’m not telling you not to
use that person based upon you know whatever he’s done for you in the past all I’m telling you is you put him in
that fight right there that you want him to be in when he steps into that cage and is just
standing there waiting for the fight to start his heart rate’s going to be at about 145 to 150 beats per minute I go that
means that he’s not not able to make good decisions especially right there at
the start now he may settle down but at the beginning of that fight his heart rate is going to be super high
because everything is about don’t screw this up oh my God everyone’s seeing I’m the I’m
here I’m in charge I go he’s overwhelmed and it’s all self-induced every bit of
it all self-induced but it definitely has an effect on their ability to make quality decisions and you see guys screw
up all the time because of it but I’m not saying that’s what happened with that guy was so far in the fight he should have been just fine but
the the question was did the K I’m so tired Josh what’s the
rule for is it a low blow yeah no it’s not
for what there is no [ __ ] foul in MMA for a low blood why are you cursing at
me um what do you mean what do you mean
I listened to damn you know the commentators and it’s like you know if you guys would do me a favor and just
please learn the damn rules well okay no no explain it to me what do you mean there’s no file for a low blow
is there’s no foul in MMA for a low blow when you say oh that’s below the belt
that’s another comment they make okay can I hit you below the belt yeah
yes yeah all over the place what I can’t hit is the groin it says no groin strikes no
groin attacks okay okay because the groin itself
is the Target that we say you can’t touch but everything around it in the hip area below the belt line all that
stuff it’s all good all of that is good is does the weapon
hit the groin now that you can hit the groin off of a
straight shot we see it all the time or we hit it off of I hit
a legal area and the foot sweeps into the groin
again it’s a groin strike it’s a groin you can’t hit it this in this instance right here was the
first part of the kick legal yes it did hit towards the hip but what
happened with the foot what did it drag into you can see it it moves the cup what hits the guy’s nuts the cup
you know I’m not saying and and you know this is where Fighters need to be smart because you can take a look he he does
the whole oh and everyone’s going to get a reaction you know how ready are you to
fight 10 seconds 10 seconds from the moment he was hit
until the moment he’s acting like I’m you know he’s fine but
man you you got to be and don’t try to get something that you you sit there and play the game or anything like that if
you’re hurt you’re hurt take your time but in this instance that referee looked
and said nope it was a legal blow unfortunately the referee was not of the ilk to go look you have a a replay
official who’s right there if you’re not sure call timeout look I’ve been in
these situations where I’ve called things and and I knew that the groin wasn’t hit
but overall I understand why the fighter is feeling the way they’re feeling
so you gotta look and say you have that replay official go to the replay was did
that move the cut did it touch the cup the replay official sees that it moves the cup he’s gonna say yes okay we’ve
got time five minutes go ahead take your time get yourself recorded let’s put them back into the fight
I’m not saying that uh Giannis was going to win the fight I don’t think he was
but it shouldn’t have stopped the way it stopped it shouldn’t have stopped on a
call that the referee made that’s his it’s his uh it’s within his power it’s
his right to make it but when you have situations in that he
looked and said you know what he told him fight and that was one of the things you know Bisping was sitting there saying you know oh you know you just
tell him to fight he did he did he was telling him hey white and
gold misses were kind of walking off and Giannis is kind of walking off in a different direction and that’s when he
decided to make the call on that all he should have done is gone to time replay official tell me did that touch the cup
that would have put him in a better position to know exactly did he have the right call I’m going to end this fight or does he have the wrong call and he
needs to give the guy time makes sense no it does it does make
sense but I mean when people get need in the head when people get kicked in the groin I want to
point out like you did was it was within seconds he felt a lot better
yeah you know and so a lot of Fighters have this tendency to milk a situation
so much and sometimes win championships that way um but it just it ends up being
and it lets you know that like fighter we almost all of us were still cups
you’re not feeling [ __ ] through that sometimes there’s a little pinch on the edge you know but you’re not or it could
it can move up yeah if it’s a tie cup it shouldn’t move them yeah it’s pulled
between your ass cheeks and tied tied nice and tight which is which is why a lot of guys don’t like to wear it yeah
let’s just be honest I can’t imagine my career without one geez it was something I always looked
and said why wouldn’t you have the ability to make it to where it can never be an issue for you do you not
make it that way I mean [ __ ] uh yeah I bought I bought the extra large
one just just so it could hold my package but Tony Carter had one hammered out do you remember shooting Carter it
was huge dude he had a solid Bowl that’s awesome maybe maybe he had enough salad to fill
it but maybe he had salad and tomatoes I don’t know but I’ll tell you what he had a big one that guy’s great man
um no it was uh who somebody else that I knew trained with one like that and anytime you got your back [ __ ] it hurt
oh yeah and hurt oh yeah you see guys Joni used to use it
he would use it as a damn weapon because he would put pressure you know and just ride into you and it’s like oh that’s
just that’s not good that north south position just humped the head
yeah nasty that’s funny all right um
any other fights on here you want to talk about yeah I thought Morgan shutter you looked fantastic against uh
hello Morgan Street if you if you’ve watched his career he’s just gotten better and
better A lot of his losses were in the beginning he has come into he would get taken down and uh kind of you know
stifled into the fights he is now able to stop the takedowns his stand-up is clean that was a beautiful I see I love
body attacks and I love when a guy hits the body and then doesn’t go right to
the head he goes right back to that body because Josh you know and you get hit to
the body the last thing the last go ahead and punch me in the head I don’t want to get hit to the body again and
man he went right back almost to the same spot you look and you go oh dude beautifully done just a beautiful
knockout because it’s a knockout through body blows unbelievable just as far as
the technique that he used how you know his accuracy I love that fight and I
love the way that he handled that yeah he the finishing there he kicked to the body and as the guy was getting up he
kicked him again to the body instead of aiming towards the head or doing what you’re saying like his hand was still on
the ground he kicked him again to the body and I was I was shocked because most Fighters won’t take that chance of
throwing a body kick while the guy’s getting up because if they turn the wrong way and you kick him in the head
you’re in a lot of trouble so you get yourself a loss when you’re gonna have a win yeah
so I thought it was very well played he hit him with a nice body kick in the beginning and then he went back to it
and kicked over the elbow very nicely done and even those ones still hurt when your body when you get kicked to the
body or hits of the body anything that grazes that area again it hurts and it
makes it even worse just push it pushing your arm into it sucks yeah and then I thought also
basharat looked good I thought he looked phenomenal um he did you know I have high expectations for him he’s uh he’s
gonna be good he’s gonna be good all right well hey that’s gonna wrap up our UFC talk and John go ahead and give
us this read buddy well you know we’d like to talk about that we are the first podcast that went
with only fans but only fans is something that we are partnered with in trying to get more people into looking
at only fans because they’re big into Combat Sports they’re big into boxing big into MMA they got a lot of Fighters
that they support a lot of Fighters that they sponsor people that you can go online with and
you can actually talk to them about techniques you know all these little things that you can get a personal
one-on-one possibly with that fighter that you appreciate their skill set we’re talking about people like Chris
cyborg Michael Venom page oh my God the mercenary AJ McKee all
kinds of phenomenal Fighters Charles Olivera they’re there for you and they are
available so a lot of people look at only fans as oh that’s where you know you can look at girls yes you can but
there’s a lot of other things there too and that’s what we’re here for is to bring other people to only fans to
understand that they are one of the leaders when it comes to Combat Sports that’s where they want to be known for
yeah they do a lot of great things for like their oftv they’ll do features on the on the fighters Michael Venom page has one now Chris cyborg has one out I
know that they’re talking about doing another one on another Fighter coming up which I can’t talk about um but it’s not just that they’re
sponsoring formula one they’re sponsoring uh different types of leagues and basketball they’re done they’re
working with all different types of athletes when they originally had started they were they were meant to be almost like a like a patreon where
somebody came come on the platform that had material that they wanted to sell whether it was techniques in Jiu Jitsu
whether it was kickboxing whether it was showing you how to set up you know your your Formula One car or your Nascar or
whatever it is you know working through stuff that people wanted they wanted to Market and sell their their knowledge
and that’s what it was originally going to be and then covered hit and what you saw was a lot of people within the porn
industry went there and they they basically took it over uh and they did very well but they did very well but uh
there’s like I said there’s a lot of other athletes on here and it’s a place for for female athletes to go after
they’re done or fighting or while they’re fighting to make extra money and it’s not all smut like that’s the other
thing it’s not all smart you’ve got a lot of uh top level athletes there that uh that that are whatever just
interacting more with their fans on however however they want they have the control to interact with them however
they want so head over to holyfans.com weighing in onlyfans.com weighing in John and I will post randomly on there
we’re uh we do live chats on there as well so you can check it out uh but it’s only available there it’s subscription
based but we’re not we don’t charge for our subscription um and just head on over there we want to appreciate we appreciate you guys
supporting us head on over there we got extra content on that platform that is not available anywhere else only on onlyfans.com
and we might even put some pictures of Josh the pork Thompson yes I love it all right well what else you
got for us Dave yeah so I wanted to get uh your reaction to a couple of things in this that all
encompasses this uh Jake Paul pfl thing that’s going on and then um the the
purchase a Bellator supposedly and then um a couple other things so here’s here’s what I wanted to get your
reaction to so sporty cool puts out uh an X I guess you call it now shares of
WWE and UFC parent Endeavor grip fell on Thursday heavy volume and apparent
reaction to saudi’s investing a million 100 million into MMA upstart League pfl
Jake Paul responds to that tweet and says it’s not sustainable to pay Fighters less than 20 of Revenue and
fully control their services like they are employees fighters of the IP pay them or free them they put their lives
on the line for you to make money oh and there is a class action lawsuit big business so that kind of happens right
um stocks down for endeavor Jake Paul responds about uh fighter pay uh and
then there’s an additional report that pfl is actually looking to buy Bellator for as much as 500 million when I think
before they were talking about 100 million so a couple of things there let’s get your thoughts on all of it as
you please do I go first go first
let me open My Big Mouth first all right for let’s let’s go down a list of what Dave brought out here because there’s a
there’s a couple things first off um the whole thing with the shares you know
uh dropping for the UFC and WWE and stuff like that shares are going to go
up and down yeah okay let’s Josh do you know what the latest uh
value of the UFC was put out I don’t I thought it was like nine I thought it was like
nine billion eight billion nine billion for the WW okay I don’t know and 12
billion no for the US no way okay that’s what I got I thought I would have thought that that
the WWE would be worth more I would have thought so too I’m being honest I would have thought but I’m being honest that’s
the numbers that I saw interesting nine point I want to say it was 9.3 billion for the WWE and 12 for the UFC so let’s
just say the UFC is not uh losing anything right there when you sit there
and you say it’s not sustainable for uh to pay Fighters 20 no Jake yeah that’s
how you stay sustainable because the less you pay the fires the more that
goes to the company and that’s how they’re making money and they are making
money and that’s you know their their business model
works for a company to be successful I’m not saying it’s the fairest all the time
but it works for the company to be successful so just sit there and say oh you pay them more and you know you’ll be
better off that doesn’t it’s not true I would like to see them get more I want
to see the fighters get paid more but what they’re doing is you know very sustainable
class action lawsuit that’s that is out there it will be there for a lot for men
for more years too so no big deal when you look at
you know because Saudi money comes into the pfl does that affect anything with the UFC no oh sorry it doesn’t affect
them at all you know I think it’s great the pfl uh got an investment through
some Saudi investor and stuff like that good for them you know the whole thing when it comes to the Bellator thing yes
they’re trying to buy Bellator are they going to do it we still don’t know we work for Bellator we still what do we
know we don’t know well anyone that tells us would like to sit there and be able to tell people but no I don’t know yeah well anybody that tells you they
know they don’t know
um I agree with you the 20 and you’re not paying them you know the revenue of 20 that’s that’s how they that’s how
they’ve been able to stay in business yeah that’s how they’re now they’re making a profit um
that has nothing to do with how much and has nothing to do with how much they pay
their fighters in terms of them whether their market shares dropped or not that has nothing to do with it Jake’s just
poking the bear just putting something yeah just you know that’s okay and it’s okay
in terms of the Saudi money coming in great I I think that they are making a
push in sports period whether it’s golf whether it’s NASCAR you have to you have to
appreciate not only the Saudi uh businessmen that are trying to make that push you got I appreciate that the pfl is
making moves to to better themselves yeah you got to
appreciate a business that’s trying to grow and trying to you know yeah they’re going you’re going in debt because
you know in some ways that that money’s got to be paid back or are you giving a percentage of your company but you gotta
appreciate someone’s willing to do those things to grow yeah I don’t know there’s a lot to there’s a lot to talk about but the thing is
it’s not verified by anybody that’s the thing there’s so many things that we’ve heard from the the Bellator and pfl and
the Saudi money coming in we’ve heard it all and until the actual deal is signed
it could fall apart I’m going to be using an example there was a there was an article that I read because uh bet
there was a company coming in trying to buy bet from Viacom it was pretty much always supposed to be done done deal
done that was uh that was uh what’s his name um Tyler uh Perry okay well the deal
fell apart Tyler Perry yeah and they they were in intense negotiations for a
long time nothing’s done until the until the sign on the dotted line so until then business as usual that’s the way
this works around here all right next what else you got for us all right well let’s look at some as
speculative Fates here and nothing is confirmed by any means but uh the San Jose is calling for a fight with Dustin
Poirier uh any I would imagine it 178 but he doesn’t he doesn’t qualify
um if I’m Dustin I don’t think there’s any reason for me to fight him you know why would I go to 70 and fight
you I might as well just stay at 55. your one please Dustin’s one flight away
from a title shot and he’s I think he’s gonna kind of always be that way I won’t find a way for a towel shot already in the title
shot if he goes up to 70 I mean you’re you’re number one number two
on the list you know at 155 you might as well go up and fight somebody in the number one number two spot there can you
pull up the rankings for one for 170. I don’t see I’d like to see
I don’t know I don’t know man I don’t know like
you look at those guys I don’t I think below would end up mauling him just he’s physically
strong physically big and strong Gilbert Burns also called Dustin out yeah saying
that that’s a fight he would really want to have that’s the fight I want because I want Dustin yeah I would think that when you’re
looking at RDA calling them out it’s at 170. you know it could be 155 but I don’t think RDA wants to go back to 155
so yeah you know what about Ian Machado Ian Gary
him and him and him that’d be a fun fight against soup I guess yeah that’d be a
fun fight I mean he’s just not ranked high enough but I mean he’s got a mouth on him he’s become the villain these days you know and Dustin’s a very
soft-spoken and goes up there and gets it down with his fist I mean it’d be a fun fight
physical size though might go to go to Ian Gary he seems tall he’s got a big body frame for the weight but got a big
body you know at least if you’re fighting dos anjos you know you’re fighting a guy that’s closer to your size yeah you know
the guy that fought at 155 for a long time yeah I get it but nah
I mean Gilbert Burns would be a fun fight too stuff to take Downs try to keep it on the feet
Gilbert’s fast he’s got uh he’s got good hands you know um that’d be kind of a
fun fight give her a bite down on his mouth I don’t see him fighting Colby Covington uh him fighting Kamara Usman I don’t see
that happening Josh you don’t see a potential between party and Kobe no
you don’t think with the bad blood there that that fight is like more like I don’t see it happening anytime soon
Kobe’s gonna fight for the title next and then by the time that fight gets done it’ll be another year I don’t see
it happening that makes it way more enticing for party to go up though right if Kobe wins the title yeah of course
yes of course of course well first off if Kobe wins the title Dustin’s not going to get that shot he’s coming off
they’re not going to take a guy who’s ranked third in in the lightweights and not ranked at all in the 170s and put them into a title yeah
so that’s not happening I don’t know we’ve seen what we’ve seen stranger things happen though John you know that
that’s not him yeah call that one out all right next all right it’s a
desperate of uh dream face or potential face or calling people out Maz Vidal
says he would like or no should defend the BMF title against uh against so
Maxwell saying defend that defend that bmfl against me uh and I think he’s half
serious and and the quote he says um I think he should defend against me at 7A
and that is what should happen if it if I was to come back to the sport that’s a big if that’s something in the future I
never knock coming off uh coming back to fight him because I love fighting so I kind of you know I think how serious
they are hmm I would be a fun fight I just don’t there’s no reason gate
she’s one one step away from another title shot okay she’s sitting at number two okay
he’s got Charles Oliveira in front of him and then the champ why would he why would he take someone
on at 170. he’s never fought at one second that’s not his weight class he fights at
155 he’s comfortable and just in case he’s not a small no he’s not he’s a big 55. so he could
definitely do it you know he could go up to 170 but
I think wasn’t there wasn’t the point of the whole thing with you know Justin against Dustin it was the
mazaro was handing off the BMF title now and it’s gone yeah it’s like it’s gone
stop you retired there’s no reason I I you’re always going to have that itch to come back and
I love mosman all but I just don’t see this happening I mean
if I’m if I’m Justin what I’m doing is I’m waiting for him after I get my next
title shot I would probably do one last fight with for the BMF to uh
against against Moz at all that’d be a money fight say my eyes say my goodbyes like my
retirement fight would be to fight it and then that gives Mars at all time to get even more fat you know and be out of the sport yeah
the sport a little bit longer while Justin’s been training for title shots you know so
fights fights for the title if he comes up short you know then what he does is then he calls out Mozilla says okay
let’s go ahead let’s do this BMF bite put you right back into the mix talk Buzz around your name again and
then say farewell you know after that fight got two money fights back to back you got the title shot then you get the
uh then you got what if you win the title no then there’s no reason to fight him yes more and more money a lot more money
I wonder if they’re giving them an upgrade on the BMF belt like you would in the in the regular title not as much
probably but there’s got to be something is or is it just for that fight I’m just gonna I’m gonna
go buy myself a BMF belt throw it up right behind me all right
guys uh what else you got for us Dave um look at this one right here Paige
VanZant reveals that her first day and only fans was more profitable than an
entire MMA career yeah and she was you know she was asked about the only finest thing and she said it’s hard to walk
away when you’re when it’s that kind of money um so I figured in the spirit of only fans weighing in and Paige vanzant’s
comments I get your reaction to this I no I I know I know what she signed for
when she came over from what’s the name of Mikey Ice’s uh uh company
ah I don’t it’s it’s very it’s pretty much exactly what only fans is
um and she had left that company and came over to only fans they signed her to a lucrative deal a very lucrative
deal just a sign and then on top of that within and uh within her first 48 hours
she gave her she 48 30 was it at 48 Hours she gave away her page for free
well what happens is when you do that 400 000 people went onto her page
in the first in the first 24 hours 400 000 people when you enter in you have to enter in your email
she then took that and she had a clothing line and then she went and she
sent out um discounts for her clothing line to all those four
hundred thousand emails and a handful of them bought stuff more than a handful of bought stuff
and that made her a lot of money too so not only did she get the sign she got she signed she made it the signing bonus
money for signing with only fans then she just sold all her merchandise
which is marketing her and she hasn’t put down one one picture or anything
on her only fans just yet like she you know like she hasn’t done anything for for anyone only thing she hasn’t she
hasn’t done in the first 48 Hours she killed it she killed it I mean I know the numbers are at least
I’ve been told what the numbers are and uh she crushed it she crushed it it’s insane good for her look there’s life
after fighting you just got to figure out what your Niche is you know and uh and get out there and do it and I like that she does a little bit
of stuff too with her husband Austin vanderford they do like a little cooking show in their aprons with no with nothing on it’s kind of funny
um you know but it’s and then they’re they’re talking about starting a podcast that’s only available on their only fans they’re finding ways they’re finding
ways to make money and they don’t have to rely on fighting they don’t gotta they don’t have to be sucked into
the way the sport is you know so good for them good for them I think it’s good
John I think it’s good I look you got it it’s
a matter of what’s important to you you know there’s a lot of guys you know if you’re
Austin bannerford a lot of guys can’t couldn’t handle it you know he can handle it she can handle
it well if as long as as long as they’re okay with it I’m okay with it this is the reason why I feel like they can
handle it they’re two peas in a pod they’re [ __ ] nerves like when you when you get around them they’re like
nerds they’re so fun to be around like um I’ve been out gambling with uh with Austin and her and um you know even
though like they they do well you know he does well with Bellator his fights and she does well with only fans and her
when she was fighting bare knuckle she got paid a lot she did really well but even though we were out there gambling
it was like they consider themselves like on a budget like hey no no we’re just gonna spend this much if we lose it we lose it I mean luckily we won we won
close to a thousand dollars both of us um it was but it was a good it was a good night of gambling but we had fun
that’s why you didn’t have to go on only fans we just we had it we had a good time we
had a good time um you know gambling having a good time and they just they’re good people you know they I think that they they stay
attached to the hip he’s playing video games and she’s you know either sitting side by side with him you know just
texting away or give them a hard time or [ __ ] with them so they’re fun they’re hilarious they like to they like to bust
each other’s balls it’s a fun little thing so um they’ve got something good and it’s good to see it’s nice to see
because in a day and age when these dumbass Fighters are chasing [ __ ] porn stars and supermodels or
whatever it is that you know that you know is not going to probably end well uh this guy he’s he’s been able to lock
down someone who is uh you know who brings in the revenue and uh is very marketable and knows what she’s doing
good for her good for her yeah so all right next all right hold on you I’m
gonna say this then because I was looking I gotta you really Gotta Give it up because Dave brought up last time Ronda
Rousey possibly coming back to the UFC shop came out saying look it she was
offered more money than God you know and turned it down and stuff but I don’t know if you’ve you ever if you
fall since I have a farm I follow browsy Acres with Travis
and Travis has turned himself into a farmer he’s at the farmers market
selling his he’s got wagyu beef and all the stuff and uh he’s he’s doing good
and this is what what I’m trying to compare is they’re doing it in different ways but ex-fighters fighting is
something that you know what they’re passionate about and I love what Rhonda and Travis are doing so I just want to
say congratulations to your success with browsier you guys are doing great good stuff all right what else first Dave
all right I think since we have a little bit of time I just want to throw this one off you just make fall flat but I’m kind of just uh winging it here
um but I I was on I was on X the other day and and anik had posted a poll I
think it was last night and he could posted a pole John anik and he was asking about
um and Ghana had realized sorry gone had realized his dream as uh becoming the
interim Champion but who would be the first French born Undisputed champion
and um and you know just the whole thing around the interim title why are we not
just calling these people a champion I know Undisputed and interim have different meanings and I do understand
all of that but when it’s when they win the title are we not just calling them
the champion like aren’t we at a point where we’re just calling that you were a world champion no and why are we not and
why are we not if that’s the case the truth is they’re not unfortunately there’s somebody else that is sitting
there in that space that they did not beat now
you when you sit there and you talk about the belt and we and the UFC does it all the time you know Bellator has
done it you know they didn’t do it very often and then all of a sudden they start doing a little bit this interim
title is because you’ll have a fighter who is the champion they get hurt and they’re
not going to be there for a while so you know what we don’t want to have the division stall out you have like you
know when Josh is talking about hey you know Pablo should just sit there don’t don’t take another fight right now uh
all of that is based upon well you you only get so many chances and
you’re taking a chance of losing which will take you out of that title picture
okay and so it’s understandable why Josh you know says you know just sit there
so a lot of guys are going to sit instead of fight so the USC will bring in all right we’re gonna do an interim
title so that way they can bring two good Fighters together it’s for a title but it’s really not the
title it’s a title it’s kind of like the BMF thing when you’re looking at the interim title that person is not the
champ you can sit there and say whatever you want when they put interim champion in front
of it it means nothing so when you sit there and you say you know oh we have a
title fight between the Undisputed Champion you know whoever you want to pick we’ll say Jon Jones
right Jon Jones is an Undisputed heavyweight champion of the UFC and
we’ll say that Cyril gone has won a interim belt between gun and spivik So
Gone has now got the interim belt when God walks into that cage
he’s not the interim champion there is no interim Champion that’s that [ __ ] goes away it’s not like John can
win the interim Champion the only one that can win a title is
gone John is defending his title but God can win the Undisputed title it’s not like
Jon Jones can win the interim title it’s not there it means nothing it’s we we’ve given it too much life
when honestly it’s a promotional tool to try to keep a division going
so what it is like you have you have someone who’s obviously the champion normally is when you bring an interim
it’s because the other person’s sitting out so that guy’s he’s the real champ he or she then the person that comes in
that wins the interim title it’s a placeholder it’s a placeholder to guarantee that that person is next in
line for a title shot it makes it easier for when that champ is not gonna fight
or he’s injured or he does he wants to hold out for more money whatever it is is it gives it gives whoever is going to
be fighting like hey I’m the interim champ which means I’m guaranteed my title shot as long as I keep the interim title that lets him know because
otherwise you’re just floating around and then the fighters down below are like look at the [ __ ] real titles not gonna happen
damn what the [ __ ] am I fighting for they start getting frustrated you finally got to the top and this shit’s happening so then they put the interim
title there to keep those Fighters as a placeholder also too to keep them motivated look I’m defending this belt
I’m the champ you know like it makes them feel like they’re the champ but it keeps them motivated to defend that that
scrap metal you know it makes them feel it makes them feel motivated and I think that’s that’s a it’s a good
point simple as it gets do you remember when Justin gaichi fought Tony Ferguson right and Justin beats Tony and they
give him the belt what did he do with it he laid it on the ground why
oh because Habib was the champ because Habib nurmagomedov is the champ this isn’t the championship belt he’s got the
championship belt and that’s who I want to fight next because I want to beat the champion
and so that’s the way it is so then don’t you look at that whole thing and you say like you think like well this is
really dumb then it’s kind of dumb because it really has it’s it really is just a way for me as the promoter to say
buy my paperwork yeah yes yes it is but it but it just a harsh equality and the
value behind the Casual fan at home doesn’t realize that though Dave like you you didn’t know what it was
no no no I I know what I want to be clear I know what interim no I get it I just no we understand we understand that
but the significance behind it is when you when you first started saying this you were saying shouldn’t they be
recognized no you’re not the [ __ ] Champ you didn’t Beat the Champ yeah the only time that
you don’t have to beat the champ to become The champ is when the champ walks
away and retires yeah it’s vacant now two guys fight for the Undisputed okay you’re the champ yeah you didn’t win it
from the champ but he walked away this is in these situations the champ isn’t walking away he’s there I get I’m
I’m getting in there like semantics and right and I mean I know I am but I’m just trying to like play Devil’s
Advocates you are I was gonna say right Tony Ferguson was
interim lightweight champion Tony fraction had the title right when you take Undisputed because you you don’t
when you look at the when you look on the UFC’s website it doesn’t say undisputed lightweight champion it says
lightweight champion right Tony Ferguson had the title of lightweight champion right he just happened to have interim
in front of it because that’s what the UFC decided to put there okay but hold on if you look when you see Tony’s name
and if if Tony was still the interim Champion he’s below who the champ
he’s below the champ he’s not next to he’s not right with
he’s below it’ll say I see interim champion because he’s not the champ yeah
he’s like the number just like what Josh was talking about you’re the number one you’ve got the next title shot in line
as long as you don’t lose if we’re going to fight you again because the the real champ is out that long okay but you’re
not the champion Dave it really is there’s two there’s two reasons to do it one is to keep the fighters below
motivated and two is to sell pay-per-views is to have a title on the line I mean they did the BMF belt
because some of the guys weren’t fighting consistently they had the Championships you got to fill in those pay-per-views I gotta have something
there that’s marketable to do it that’s what you have so um for the
promotion is to make money and for the fighters to keep them motivated like hey I’m going for this until this whole
title [ __ ] gets figured out whether the fighters Holding Out for money or whether he’s injured or whatever you
know just can’t do it doesn’t doesn’t matter just like it keeps that keeps those Fighters below motivated like okay
look the the weight class is still moving on I have something to work for
that’s the title that I’m looking for right now once I get theater on title I’m guaranteed my title shot when they get their [ __ ] worked out
you know because if even when you win the interim title you’re still getting paid I believe at least I know that some
someone has they get paid that title money I am the interim champ anytime you put Champion
around my name in in my in my contract I get paid pay-per-view points I get paid bonuses I get paid all certain stuff for
fighting for the title that’s the interim title it’s not because the I’m ready to fight for the real one
you’re not you’re the promotion’s not ready to let me fight for the real one or the Fighter’s not ready for me to fight for the real one but I’ll fight
for this one I can still get the money you get that money that’s in your contract so it keeps those Fighters motivated and pushing towards their goal
and it doesn’t hold up the division and it makes it easier for the promotion to just use that as an interim title to
make money to sell pay-per-views to get keep the fans interested that good enough yeah
it’s funny I mean it’s fine I knew going in that was going to be the position you held I kind of knew that
was going to be the position he held but like when I you know I just think that for the for the fighter that is not
there’s no it’s more it’s more damaging than it is good because can you retire on having
hailed an interim championship and and feel that you accomplished everything you set out to do and you know become a
world champion I think some people can some Fighters can yeah well they no I think so I think
some Fighters can some Fighters can take that title home and go look during the time that I was the champion the champ
like the champ uh
all I could do was fight everyone they put in front of me and I did that yeah okay yeah I look at like Sarah gone
right he was the interim champ and telling Gano get his thing you know until he got his thing figured out what he was gonna do
but I look at it he was once again walked away he’s not in the sport he’s not in that
sport he’s not in that organization anymore so technically I looked at him as being the champ I mean I would I
wouldn’t be mad look that guy’s not even in my promotion anymore so if I was so gone like look I fought for their own
title I won the interim title I’m the I’m the interim champ I’m the champ I look at it because in Ghana walked away
he’s not even available for me to fight anymore now when he fought John I know it was an interim title but I would
still hang my head and be like you know what the champ wasn’t available for me to fight I fought for the NM title I beat
the best guy they put in front of me at the time well hola hola zero gone won the interim title yeah
then he lost to the Undisputed champion in Francis oh
that’s right I thought they I thought he was the interim Champion he fought uh Jon Jones no okay that’s where I was
wrong okay then that when when he fought Jon Jones we had a vacant title because the UFC
stripped when the guy walked away from it and uh so you had Jon Jones against cereal God
for the Undisputed heavyweight title based upon it being vacant on it
I mean there’s times where I feel like you can be you could hold your head up high and be like okay
I you know I was the champion depending on the circumstances with
Habib like he was still coming back to fight so I can see why Justin did that you know but if the fighter ends up
walking away as the champ or doing whatever you know um it’s tough It’s like there’s no the guy wasn’t available
for me to fight so what am I going to do who knows all right guys wait that’s gonna wrap up go ahead do you have
something else no I was just gonna say I I think I have an argument there I would love to hear the fans in the comments uh
their take on it because I think that I think you’ll find people say to me no on
this I think you’re gonna think people will say the movie on it what are they siding with you on I I think the the the
late being called the lightweight champ an interim lightweight champion or an Undisputed lightweight champion you are
the same you are in the same position God no you’re not in the same position I think you’re in the same position you’ve
lost your [ __ ] death that’s because that’s because the only people that will agree with you that are like WWE noobs
do you remember when they had remember do you remember when they had the it was the you were the the ultimate there you
were the heavyweight champion right for the WWF and WWE but then they had the Intercontinental Champion or whatever it
was for the smaller guys like Macho Man Randy Savage like it was the smaller guys they could never be the world they
can never be the heavyweight champ because they were smaller ones that’s really weird yeah but that was to do that was to do with like your cut the
coverage of like you’re the Intercontinental so like you’re the uh you’re not the world champion but like
you’re the champion of like uh what’s InterContinental yeah I know I know I’ll give you another made up another made-up
title like the the interim I know I know he’s right there Dave Dave’s going I know shut up shut up
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