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Gabriel Green is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the Welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

With a professional MMA record of 11 wins and 5 losses, Green has proven himself as a formidable force in the octagon. He made his professional debut in 2016 and quickly gained recognition through his impressive performances in various promotions before joining the UFC.

Green’s journey in the MMA world includes notable highlights such as competing in Bellator and clinching the CXF 160 lb Championship. These accomplishments further solidified his reputation as a skilled and versatile fighter.

Throughout his UFC career, Green has faced formidable opponents, showcasing his resilience and determination. Notable names in his list of opponents include Daniel Rodriguez, Ian Garry, and Bryan Battle. These matchups have allowed Green to continually test his skills and evolve as a competitor.

In his most recent fight at UFC on ABC: Rozenstruik vs. Almeida, Green squared off against Bryan Battle. Despite his relentless efforts, Green suffered a knockout loss in just 14 seconds. However, his unwavering spirit and dedication to the sport remain undeniable.

Prior to his MMA career, Green’s athletic prowess was evident in his high school football days. His commitment to excellence extended beyond the ring, as he holds a bachelor’s degree in business from California State UniversityLong Beach.

Green’s training takes place at Tracy Hess’ Subfighter MMA, where he hones his skills and continues to refine his craft. His accomplishments in Brazilian jiu-jitsu are noteworthy, earning him the prestigious purple belt under the guidance of Tracy Hess.

Gabriel Green’s journey as an MMA fighter is a testament to his passion, resilience, and determination. With each fight, he continues to leave his mark on the sport, captivating fans with his thrilling performances inside the cage.

Professional MMA Record

With a professional MMA record of 11 wins and 5 losses, Gabriel Green has established himself as a formidable competitor in the MMA world. Since making his debut in 2016, Green has showcased his skills and determination in the octagon, facing off against some of the toughest opponents in the sport.

Throughout his career, Green has demonstrated a well-rounded skill set, with notable victories in both striking and grappling. He has displayed his knockout power with impressive striking performances, while also showcasing his submission skills on the ground. Green’s ability to adapt to different fighting styles and opponents has contributed to his success in the sport.

Green’s journey in the MMA world has been filled with memorable moments and thrilling encounters. He has been tested against top-tier fighters in various promotions, including Bellator, where he gained valuable experience. Additionally, Green’s victory in the CXF 160 lb Championship further solidified his position as a rising star in the welterweight division.

Wins Losses
11 5

Green’s passion for the sport and his commitment to continuous improvement have not gone unnoticed. He has earned the respect of his peers and coaches through his dedication to his training at Tracy Hess’ Subfighter MMA. Under the guidance of Hess, Green has honed his skills, particularly in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, where he holds a purple belt.

As Gabriel Green continues his MMA journey, fans and fellow fighters eagerly anticipate his next moves in the octagon. With his impressive record and unwavering determination, there is no doubt that he will continue to leave his mark on the sport.

Career Highlights

Throughout his career, Gabriel Green has achieved several notable milestones, showcasing his talent and dedication in the world of mixed martial arts. He has competed in various promotions, leaving a lasting impression with his skills and determination.

One of Green’s significant accomplishments was his time in Bellator, a premier MMA organization. He showcased his skills against top-level competition, demonstrating his ability to compete at the highest level of the sport.

Another remarkable achievement for Green was his triumph in the CXF 160 lb Championship. This victory solidified his position as a force to be reckoned with in the welterweight division. Green’s dedication to training and his unwavering spirit allowed him to secure this impressive title.

Green’s career highlights highlight his ability to perform under pressure and continually evolve as a fighter. With each fight, he has gained valuable experience and showcased his relentless pursuit of success in the MMA world.

UFC Career

After joining the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Gabriel Green has faced off against some of the toughest opponents in the Welterweight division. Known for his aggressive fighting style and determination, Green has proven himself to be a formidable force inside the Octagon.

In his UFC debut, Green went head-to-head with Daniel Rodriguez in an intense matchup that showcased his skills and resilience. Despite a valiant effort, Green ultimately fell short, losing the fight by unanimous decision.

Undeterred by his initial setback, Green bounced back with an impressive performance against Ian Garry. Displaying his striking prowess and grappling expertise, he secured a unanimous decision victory, leaving a lasting impression on both fans and critics.

Green has shown incredible adaptability and versatility in his UFC career, demonstrating a willingness to take on any challenger and constantly improving his skills.

Most recently, Green faced Bryan Battle at UFC on ABC: Rozenstruik vs. Almeida. The fight began with high anticipation, but unfortunately for Green, it ended in disappointment. In a stunning turn of events, Battle delivered a knockout blow just 14 seconds into the first round, leaving Green stunned.

Despite the recent setback, Gabriel Green continues to train diligently at Tracy Hess’ Subfighter MMA, honing his skills and preparing for his next challenge in the UFC. With his determined spirit and unwavering commitment, Green remains a fighter to watch in the Welterweight division.

Recent Fight

In his most recent fight at UFC on ABC: Rozenstruik vs. Almeida, Gabriel Green faced Bryan Battle, but unfortunately suffered a knockout loss in just 14 seconds. The quick defeat was a disappointing outcome for Green, who had been hoping to showcase his skills and secure a victory.

The fight started with both fighters coming out strong, looking to establish dominance early on. However, it was Battle who quickly took control, landing a devastating strike that caught Green off guard. The powerful blow connected with precision, sending Green to the canvas and ending the fight in a matter of seconds.

Despite the disappointing loss, Green remains determined and focused on his MMA career. He understands that setbacks are a part of the sport and is eager to learn from this experience and come back stronger in his next fight.

Looking ahead, Green will use this defeat as motivation to improve his skills and refine his strategy. He will continue to train hard at Subfighter MMA under the guidance of Tracy Hess, utilizing his Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills and exploring new techniques to enhance his fighting arsenal.

Athletic Background

Before pursuing a career in mixed martial arts, Gabriel Green showcased his athletic prowess on the football field during his high school years. A passionate and dedicated player, Green excelled in the sport, impressing coaches and teammates alike with his speed, agility, and strategic thinking. His natural talent and hard work earned him a place on the varsity team, where he consistently delivered outstanding performances.

Aside from football, Green was also committed to his education. After graduating from high school, he decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business from California State UniversityLong Beach. During his time at the university, Green not only focused on his studies but also continued to cultivate his athletic abilities, participating in various intramural sports and honing his physical fitness.

It wasn’t until after completing his degree that Green transitioned into the world of mixed martial arts. Inspired by his love for competition and his desire to push himself to new limits, he embarked on a journey that would lead him to become a respected MMA fighter in the welterweight division of the UFC.

Training and Achievements

Gabriel Green’s dedication to his craft is evident through his training at Tracy Hess’ Subfighter MMA and his progression in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, where he currently holds a purple belt under Tracy Hess.

At Subfighter MMA, a renowned training facility in California, Green hones his skills and pushes himself to the limit. Under the guidance of his coach Tracy Hess, a respected figure in the MMA community, Green has embraced the rigorous training regimen required to compete at the highest level.

Through his commitment and hard work, Green has achieved significant milestones in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Tracy Hess, his coach and mentor, recognized his talent and awarded him with a purple belt, signifying his skill and knowledge in the art of grappling.

Green’s training and achievements in Brazilian jiu-jitsu have undoubtedly shaped him into a well-rounded fighter. His proficiency in ground techniques and submissions adds depth to his fighting style, making him a formidable opponent in the welterweight division.