From UFC Legend to Meme - The Cruel Fate of Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson, a former UFC champion, has had a tumultuous journey in his career. From multiple fight cancellations to personal struggles, Ferguson’s story is one of resilience and determination. In this article, we will delve into the rollercoaster ride that Ferguson has experienced, from his rivalry with Khabib Nurmagomedov to his mental health battles. Let’s explore the highs and lows of Tony Ferguson’s career.

The Elusive Fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov

One of the most anticipated matchups in UFC history was the fight between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Unfortunately, this fight was scheduled and canceled a staggering five times. Each time, fans were left disappointed and frustrated. The first cancellation occurred when Ferguson suffered an injury, followed by Khabib’s weight cut issues and hospitalization. The fight was then rescheduled, only to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the constant setbacks, Ferguson remained determined to face Khab ib and reclaim his title. He expressed his disappointment and frustration, stating that the fight meant more than just the championship belt. It was about the time and effort he had put into preparing for the fight and the financial opportunities that came with it. Ferguson’s dedication and resilience were evident as he continued to train and cut weight, even when the fight was no longer on the table.

Mental Health Struggles

During this challenging period, Ferguson faced personal struggles with his mental health. His wife, Cristina, detailed the worsening situation, revealing that Tony had injured his knee and was drinking heavily. She described instances where Tony exhibited paranoid behavior, believing she was evil and even taking drastic measures like purchasing a life raft and driving inland due to his belief in an impending flood. Tony’s mental state deteriorated further, leading to a psychotic break or panic attack, where he accused Cristina of being a witch.

Cristina also shared incidents where Tony engaged in erratic behavior, such as unplugging the refrigerator and turning off the power in their home, convinced that there were cameras hidden inside. He tore off a vanity mirror and believed his son’s food was poisoned. Tony’s actions escalated to the point where Cristina felt unsafe and sought a restraining order against him.

Seeking Help and Recovery

Recognizing the severity of the situation, Cristina and Tony’s management team attempted to get him the help he needed. However, Tony refused to seek professional assistance for his mental health issues. The situation reached a breaking point when Tony jumped out of a moving car on the freeway, disappearing and prompting Cristina to call 911 for assistance.

Following this incident, Tony underwent a major knee surgery and took time to focus on his recovery. He returned to the octagon six months later, showing his resilience and determination to overcome the challenges he had faced.

The Fight with Justin Gaethje

With the fight against Khabib once again canceled, Tony Ferguson was matched up against Justin Gaethje. The fight with Gaethje was seen as a replacement for the long-awaited showdown with Khabib. Despite the disappointment of not getting the fight he had been preparing for, Ferguson embraced the opportunity to face Gaethje, who was known for his aggressive fighting style.

Ferguson’s decision to cut weight again, just three weeks after doing so for the Khabib fight, showcased his unwavering commitment to his craft. He was determined to prove himself and show that he was still a force to be reckoned with in the lightweight division.

Unfortunately for Ferguson, the fight with Gaethje did not go as planned. Gaethje delivered a dominant performance, ultimately defeating Ferguson and handing him his second consecutive loss. The defeat was a blow to Ferguson’s aspirations of reclaiming the lightweight title and added to the challenges he had already faced in his career.

Looking Ahead

Despite the setbacks and challenges, Tony Ferguson remains resilient and determined to continue his journey in the UFC. He acknowledges that he is not in the prime of his career but believes that he still has more to offer. Ferguson’s mental toughness and ability to overcome adversity have earned him a loyal fan base who continue to support him.

As he moves forward, Ferguson will need to regroup and reassess his goals. It remains to be seen what the future holds for him in the UFC, but one thing is certain – Tony Ferguson’s story is far from over. His journey serves as a reminder of the highs and lows that come with being a professional athlete, and his determination to overcome challenges is an inspiration to many.

In conclusion, Tony Ferguson’s career has been marked by both triumphs and tribulations. From the elusive fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov to his personal struggles with mental health, Ferguson has faced numerous obstacles along the way. However, his resilience and unwavering commitment to his craft have made him a beloved figure in the UFC. As he continues his journey, fans eagerly await what the future holds for Tony Ferguson. Will he be able to bounce back from his recent losses and reclaim his spot at the top of the lightweight division? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain – Tony Ferguson’s story is far from over.

– In a sport where champions rise and fall in cruel fashion,
one fighter stands apart,
a legend known as the type of guy to win a belt,
only to get it stolen.
The type of guy to wear sunglasses in the dark,
to wait for a canceled event,
to knock on your door with a spinning elbow,
to shadow box and win by submission,
to kick metal pipes to heal a leg injury,
the type of guy to win our hearts only to break it.
Those who’ve witnessed his fall call him Tony Ferguson,
but those who speak of his legacy know him as El Cucuy,
The Boogeyman.
♪ Strike light lighten it ♪
♪ Built like Leviathan ♪
♪ Legends never die ♪
♪ I’m living with no hyphenate ♪
♪ It’s a nut rising, they sounding no sirens ♪
♪ Levels to the game, I’m wondering how high it is ♪
– That mother back there is not real
And you can.
– Hold on brother, I’m talking.
– But even the boogeyman has a nemesis.
Khabib Armageddon.
One of the greatest fighters of all time.
And in many ways the polar opposite of Tony Ferguson.
The destiny of the two men would be deeply intertwined,
yet, one would rise a super stardom
and the other go through one of the most
cruel downfall in the history of the sport.
– This kid’s a bully.
– He’s never been in a street fight,
never actually been thrown into a trashcan
or like any kind of **** like that.
– Who are you?
You never fight in.
You American guy.
In American you cannot fight in street.
– There we go.
– I am from real mountain.
I can eat you in street fight.
– Here we go, fake.
– Where are you from?
Where are you from?
Where are you from?
– I’m from Oxnard .
– Not much is known about Tony’s biological father.
– [Tony Ferguson] My dad wasn’t there in the picture.
– But shortly after he was born,
his mother married a Scottish American man, Armand Ferguson.
– I took my stepdads last name
and he was there since I was little.
And I ended up moving to Michigan.
My stepdad, he moved me out there.
You know, I grew up on 40 acres.
– That’s crazy, yo.
– I gotta trained in the military.
So it was a little bit different man.
And that’s why I had to cut cords of wood.
A quarter of wood is like a stack of wood.
And so we had to do that.
And then we had to stack wood in the basement.
– The hard labor that his father put him through
would plant the seeds for the unconventional
training methods that Tony would be known for all his life.
– So you got the discipline and everything.
– So he did it on purpose.
I’m gonna raise you this way so that way
you know exactly what you don’t want to do.
And I’ve always been a fighter since I was little
and I’ve always had the support of my family
and that just makes it just a killer combination.
– But outside of his family,
Tony found himself isolated from others.
– Coming from like seeing a bunch of brown people to like,
you know, being like a hillbilly town, you know,
I got picked on a lot and unfortunately
I was known as the little Mexican with big ears.
It’s kind of like you had to find your way
in order to go overcome that.
Mine was sports.
– And one sport in particular,
showed him a path toward greatness.
– For me being little, I always wanted to be boxer.
You know, like Fernando Vargas, Oscar De La Hoya,
and you had like Trinidad and you had a lot of
these different boxers that were there and
I was just like, man, I want to be that guy, you know?
They just had like a different aura about them.
Just a personality that you just like, man.
So if I didn’t have that visual to see what it was like,
I would’ve never been able to get there.
But I had people create that visual for me.
I’m bought a speed bag when I was about 15 years old.
So I was always watching movies and had a speed bag,
in his speed bag, you know, 15.
I won nationals in college for wrestling.
I won state in high school, we won state for football.
We were 27 and one.
I love competition, the competition saved my life.
– But Tony ends up dropping out of college
and starts working as a bartender.
He slowly starts drifting away from the vision
he had set for himself.
– When I weighed about 205 pounds.
– See, I can’t believe that.
– I was about 205 pounds, I was smoking cigars,
wasting money on stupid ****.
– Stupid stuff.
– And it just wasn’t me anymore.
So I was like, you know, I’m gonna go back
to California where my family’s at.
And I go into this bar with my cousin.
I was looking for a bartending job.
I go in there and he is like,
“no, we don’t have any bartending spots open.”
He’s like, “you want to be a security guard?
You look like you know you can handle
your business with your ears.”
And I said, nah, I’m not interested.
– The man wouldn’t give him a job,
but he did change his life forever.
– He hands me a West Coast Jiu Jitsu card.
I looked at the card and I was like,
you know what, I’m gonna go.
Walked right in, had holes in my jeans, a cut off T-shirt,
Looked like I was off fresh off the boat.
And this guy comes over,
his name is Ruffulio, he’s like, “where’s your gloves kid?”
I was like, I don’t have any,
I was using the ones in lost and found.
And he goes, turns around and comes back.
And he had a brand new pair of ringside boxing gloves.
And mind you, I had like maybe five bucks to my name.
Using my grandma’s car and he gives me these gloves.
And it was the coolest thing that anybody could have ever
did to give me the tools that I needed to get into fighting.
And it was the only opportunity I ever asked for.
Anytime anybody gave me an opportunity, I used it.
I never let it go to waste.
And it was like the golden opportunity for me to accept
that my reality is I am an athlete,
I am a professional and this is where I belong.
I went back home, told my parents,
because they were the only ones that really mattered.
I was like, you know what?
All these other jobs, these side jobs are bull .
I said, I’m an athlete, I’m a professional athlete.
– Tony called himself a professional athlete
before he actually was.
– [Young Boxer] I’m trying to be in the UFC.
– Not trying, say you will be.
– I will.
– That’s right, we’ll see you there.
– Made that decision, and man, it took a big *** chance.
You know, I’m barely making rent,
barely paying the phone bill.
But from that moment on, it was just music to my ears.
I was an amateur fighter dude.
I was working at coffee bean,
lifting green coffee off of the semi-trucks onto pallets.
I was just like, had all these random odd jobs,
but it was always like I was lifting
and I would do it and I would handle like
a hundred and some odd bags throwing,
I was getting beefy.
– Tony hears about the UFC’s Reality show,
The Ultimate Fighter.
– I’d never watched the show.
I didn’t know what was going on.
I talked to my coach, I was like,
Hey, I’m gonna try out for this show.
He’s like, “you know what the show is right?”
And I was like, no, I just know it’s what
I have to do to get in the UFC,
– But he gets rejected.
– [Tony Ferguson] I would survive off like five bucks a day.
But it was that hunger that kept me on top of everything.
– He loses his first professional fight against,
Karen Darabedyan, pops a tendon in his leg.
After the fight, he goes to a bar and meets a girl.
“We danced, and it was funny because
I totally forgot about my leg being broken.”
“She turned my world upside down.”
– [Tony Ferguson] She’s always been that sponsor for me,
like not through money, but always been that mentor sponsor.
– Her name was Christina and she became his wife.
– I went and got a ring.
I was trying to get down on a knee and
she said yes before she looked at the ring.
But I was like, no, ah, she was choking me with a hug.
I was like, no, you gotta look at the ring.
See, that’s where the only person XT comes in.
That’s Cristina Riconan.
– His second application The Ultimate Fighter
also gets rejected.
But Tony’s the type of guy who applies three times.
– I told him, I was like, I tried out three times for this.
You guys need to take me.
I was like, I’ve been taking this seriously.
I don’t have any other jobs.
This is exactly what I was born to do.
Fighting is in my DNA.
– Our pick is Tony Ferguson.
– My nose is always in the gym, and this is my passion.
This is very important.
My mom called me, Mr. Destiny, this is my destiny.
You know, if you want something, you have a dream,
what you do is you fight for it.
– Tony’s nasty and Brock Lesnar feels
he’s the best guy here.
– Good job.
– [Tony Ferguson] Thank you.
– Tony tears through the competition,
but finds himself in a weird situation.
– [Charlie Rader] Ah!
– [Bystander] Tony, don’t be mean.
Tony, don’t start a fight.
– [Charlie Rader] Are you getting serious?
– [Tony Ferguson] You good?
– [Charlie Rader] Are you good?
– He’s looking at you, are you?
– Are you really getting serious?
Look at me.
– [Bystander] Tony, be nice.
– Let go.
– Look at me.
– But then you see somebody’s true colors when,
when they start drinking,
and Tony definitely got way, way out of hand.
– Where’s your kid at?
– [Charlie Rader] I will clean for you.
– Where’s your kid at?
– Tony, you know, bringing up my son was,
was definitely below the belt.
– Back then, his teammate, Charlie Rader,
was in a custody battle.
– You don’t talk about another man’s son.
– where’s your kid at?
– Don’t say it.
– Hey, where’s your kid at?
– Don’t say it.
– [Bystander] Tony less dude.
– Shocked that Tony that he’s switch like that.
So, it’s completely another person.
– Most of Tony’s journey is incredibly inspiring,
but this is the trickiest part to discuss.
– You’re the only mother that ever
said some that you shouldn’t.
– Where is your son?
– Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?
– He’s definitely an angry drunk and can’t
handle his alcohol and me personally,
I’ve lost a lot of respect for Tony.
– This isn’t the first time that I’ve been by myself.
And regardless if I do or don’t have a problem
or if I have an anger or not an anger problem,
that’s my choice.
– But we’re not meant to have all the answers.
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– Alright, this is it.
Tony versus Ramsey.
– [Narrator] Tony ends up fighting in the shows from Now.
– [Tony Ferguson] I kept a lot of stuff bottled up
and I brought a lot of inner demons with me inside there.
But every single fight, what I did was,
I tried to fight him out.
You know leave it all out there.
– [UFC Announcer] It’s all over!
Tony Ferguson is the ultimate fighter!
– Right after Tony wins the Ultimate Fighter,
another incident happens.
“Tony allegedly had a mental break after winning
the Ultimate Fighter 13.”
“He flew home to visit his parents in Michigan and was
removed from the flight because of an alleged outburst.”
Christina wrote that Tony went to the hospital in Michigan
and was prescribed the medication that can be used
to treat schizophrenia and bipolar.
Now, the good news is that it won’t
happen again for a while.
Tony and Christina get married in 2012
and things get better until 2017.
This period also coincides with Tony’s
iconic rise in the UFC.
– This is a rat race, but I’m no rat.
I’m a turtle, ninja turtle.
So which one’s your favorite?
I like Michelangelo.
– Oh, a fellow Chucker eh?
♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪
♪ They gon’ have to build statues in our honor. ♪
♪ Swam with the sharks. ♪
♪ It made us piranhas. ♪
♪ We ain’t backing down. ♪
♪ We don’t run from drama. ♪
♪ That’s a promise, ayo. ♪
♪ That’s a promise, ayo. ♪
♪ They gonna have to build statues in our honor. ♪
♪ Swam with the sharks. ♪
♪ It made us piranhas. ♪
♪ we ain backing down. ♪
♪ We don’t run from drama. ♪
♪ That’s a promise, ayo. ♪
♪ That’s a promise, ayo ♪
– And El Cucuy is scarier than the boogeyman, I hunt beast.
So the top 10 guys that are in the shark division for the
lightweight, you guys watch out because I’m coming for you.
This is my weight class.
You want to talk ****?
I’ll be the first one to sign that dotted line.
Mark my words bro, you’re gonna get the real El Cucuy.
I don’t even care.
– [Joe Rogan] Tony Ferguson is an, an animal.
And Eddie said he’s never seen anything like this guy.
He said the guy trains for six hours a day.
– He’s legit crazy.
Like I don’t know if he feels pain.
That kind of crazy.
– They do these hill sprints and he said he laps everybody.
He goes all the way to the top before they do,
goes down and then beats them on the way up.
– A year after Tony’s UFC debut,
another legend in the making enters the UFC,
The Eagle.
♪ They gon’ have to builds statues in our honor, ♪
♪ swam with the sharks. ♪
♪ It made us piranhas. ♪
♪ We ain’t backing down. ♪
♪ We don’t run from drama. ♪
♪ That’s a promise, ayo. ♪
♪ That’s a promise, ayo. ♪
♪ They gonna have to build statues in our honor. ♪
♪ Swam with the sharks. ♪
♪ It made us piranhas. ♪
♪ We ain’t backing down. ♪
♪ We don’t run from drama. ♪
♪ That’s a promise, ayo. ♪
♪ That’s a promises, ayo. ♪
– Tony and Khabib are set to fight in 2015,
but an injury forces Khabib out of the fight.
He’ll be inactive for two years.
During that time, Tony and Cristina
welcomed their first child.
A second fight against Khabib is scheduled in 2016.
– More, more, I love it.
– Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
– No BS, just get there, alright.
Just get there.
– But this time Tony pulls out.
– What was your reaction when you found out that
Tony was pulling out of the fight?
– [Khabib Nurmagomedov] I’m so upset about this because
I finally want to fight Tony Ferguson.
I really want this fight.
– That’s when another notorious character enters a picture.
– Who the is that guy?
– [Narrator] After becoming the featherweight champion,
Conor McGregor gets a title shot at
lightweight against Eddie Alvarez.
– [UFC Announcer] The double tag does
what the he wants.
– After winning the lightweight title,
Connor starts chasing a boxing match against
Floyd Mayweather.
In doing so, becoming inactive in the UFC.
– When is Connor compete last time in MMA?
I forget about this.
– [Interviewer] Long time. Almost two years.
– Yeah, a long time. He’s boxing guy.
– [Interviewer] Are we close to seeing you fight each other?
– Yes, very close.
– [Interviewer] So is it official yet?
– No, it’s not official, but we’re close.
– Defender vacate.
That’s what I’ve always been saying.
If you don’t hold that belt for a certain amount of time,
you gotta let it go, son.
– I think they’re gonna strip him.
Cause’ Conor’s got a hundred million dollars in the bank.
I think he’s having fun,
but I think Khabib versus Tony is the big fight.
– Everybody’s been waiting to see that fight.
– yeah, that’s a good fight.
– So the UFC schedules Khabib versus Tony again.
This time for the lightweight title.
– Well, this is the third time that we’re
supposed to be fighting here, so hopefully he shows up.
And the next thing that brings into
mind is bubble wrap, Okay.
I hope the kid doesn’t get hurt.
And I know that, I say that out there, but honestly,
I never wish anybody bad luck.
The coaching staff, I hope you guys can
take care of your boy and get him there safe.
Because I’m gonna give him his first loss.
– [Interviewer] Let’s see if third time’s a charm.
– Take off your glasses.
Bull glasses.
– Yeah, have fun with that weight cut.
Sucking air.
Your conditioning sucks.
This is the third time that I’ve had to be able
to read my opponent, see him up close and personal.
– So, you thought he looked a little big?
– The dude looked sucked up, man.
I mean, the day before, I mean, the fight,
I was like, if I look like he felt,
I was like, man, I’d be in some trouble.
So the first, one thing I thought of, I was like,
man, have fun with that weight cut.
You don’t look like you have the energy to lose it.
– [Narrator] After cutting his weight, Tony takes a nap.
– And as soon as I woke up from the nap,
I’m like, man, what the hell?
Like people look like, they’re like,
somebody died or something and they were like,
Tony Khabib is sick.
He went to the hospital.
– What went through your mind when you got that news?
– I thought it was a nightmare, man.
Something worse than El Cucuy.
– If you’re Tony Ferguson and your,
your mindset is you’re gonna fight Khabib for the title,
obviously there’s more money involved
in that fight and the whole deal.
It’s devastating.
– I’m a man, I have a family support and
no one understands a business.
But the time and the effort I put into this and,
and especially Khabib just kind of sucks.
– Tony expresses his support for Khabib but
changes his tune once he sees this video.
– How many? Three tiramisu.
This is Russian style.
Before eat, we eat tiramisu.
– But after I found out it was due to just, you know,
just being unprofessional and stuff,
then it started sinking in.
Then I started getting mad, started hitting the bags.
– [Narrator] And the UFC replaces Khabib with Kevin Lee.
– Kevin Lee, you got problems buddy.
His name is El Cucuy.
– Tony wins the interim belt but
still has business to settle.
– Dana, Dana, what time is it?
Show these guys.
What time is it guys?
– It’s tiramisu time .
– The winner of this fight will be the champion.
– No matter what you say, Khabib’s gonna lose
and he’s gonna lose in fashion.
– 10 Wins Streak versus 25 fight wins streak, let’s go.
– Woo, here we go!
– When did you find out that Tony Ferguson was
injured and might be out of the fight?
When did you first hear about this?
– It is April 1st, which I’m sure many of you know
is April Fool’s Day.
– Did you think it was a joke at first?
Like was it hard?
– Yes, yes. I think first.
Because first April.
– Yeah.
– There are no April fool’s jokes here today.
This interview is entirely legitimate, correct?
– Unfortunately, it is, yes.
– He’s out.
I can’t believe, you know, how is out.
Everything is finished.
– Tony does an interview during fight week
when he trips over a cable.
– He tore his LCL and apparently that’s an injury that you
don’t need surgery on, but he actually tore it off the bone.
He’s gonna need surgery.
– [Joe Rogan] What Dana said was very savage.
– What’d he say?
– Dana said he wears those sunglasses indoors.
That should happen to everybody that
wears sunglasses indoors.
– Khabib still fights for the belt,
but in the lead up to the fight
gets attacked by Conor McGregor.
– Just tell me where, where, and that’s it.
– It becomes clear that Khabib versus Connor is
the next fight that’s gonna happen for the title.
In doing so, leaving Tony aside,
strip from the belt, he never lost.
– They decide, Tony, you’re not champion anymore.
We’re gonna strip you. It’s like, I fell, I fell.
– Oh man, just having my belt stripped away.
A lot of people, I mean obviously count on me to do
what I have to do and nobody’s thinking about those people.
– Behind the scene, things get even worse.
Tony’s wife detailed that “things began getting worse
when Tony injured his knee.”
At that time, he was also drinking heavily.
“He began to think she was evil and would not let her
shower or be in the bathroom alone.”
On the 5th of February, Tony allegedly woke Cristina
and her son up in the middle of the night and
said that they had to leave because they were not safe.
“He believed there would be a great flood as
a result of the lunar eclipse.”
Tony allegedly “purchased a life raft and took Cristina
and their son on a drive inland.”
“Tony promised to seek help with mental issues
if there was no flood, but later refused, she wrote.”
On the 12th of February, Tony had what Cristina described
as a psychotic break or panic attack.
“I woke up late that night to Tony standing over me,
accusing me of being a witch.”
On February 16th, “Tony unplugged the refrigerator and
turned off half the power in their home”
because he believed there were cameras in
the refrigerator and ceiling fan.
Tony allegedly tore the vanity mirror off the bathroom wall
because he believed there was something behind it and took
his son’s food away because he believed it was poisoned.
Cristina told police that Tony kept
throwing holy water at her.
He was advised by the officers to go see a doctor,
which he agreed to do at the time.
On February 19th, according to Christina,
Tony had not slept for three days.
He believed someone placed a computer chip in his leg.
Tony allegedly agreed to be taken for psychological help
at the Keck Medical Center.
On March 5th, while they were driving to the medical center,
they hit traffic on the freeway.
while the car was moving Tony jumped out onto the freeway,
ran away, jumped over a fence and disappeared.
– [UFC Announcer] Tony Ferguson six months after
a major knee surgery, back to the octagon.
– [911 Dispatcher] 911,
what is the address to your emergency?
– [Cristina Ferguson] I actually left the location
with my son, I was not comfortable with it no anymore.
– [911 Dispatcher] Okay.
– [Cristina Ferguson] He is a professional fighter.
– [911 Dispatcher] What’s your husband’s name?
– [Cristina Ferguson] Tony Ferguson.
– [911 Dispatcher] Tony?
– [Cristina Ferguson] Yes.
– [911 Dispatcher] How old is Tony?
– [Cristina Ferguson] He’s 35.
We’ve been trying, us and his management team
has been trying to get him help and he refuses.
– [911 Dispatcher] Did he hurt you or your children?
– [Cristina Ferguson] No, no.
– [911 Dispatcher] No, you’re okay?
– [Cristina Ferguson] He’s doing really just random stuff,
you know, like, he puts holy water on me.
I don’t know what’s going on with him.
– [911 Dispatcher] Are you gonna stop somewhere and
meet with the police so they can talk to you?
– [Cristina Ferguson] I don’t want to go near my house.
I don’t want to go near my house.
– [911 Dispatcher] Okay, ma’am, not right next to it.
Just somewhere in that general.
– [911 Dispatcher] Over at MacArthur, MacArthur place or,
I mean, wherever you feel comfortable.
If you want to, if you’re not comfortable anywhere
near the house, then you can come to our station.
– [Narrator] After getting a restraining order against Tony,
Cristina releases the following statement,
“Tony Ferguson is a good husband and good father to our son.
The current legal proceedings are part of
a process to ensure that Tony will receive the help
necessary to continue being the best possible.
– It’s tiram su time mother .
We’re keeping it sweet.
Keeping it savvy and we’ll keep it a little classy.
I’m glad you showed up.
– You seem to be in really great spirits.
I commend you for going head first into some, you know,
mental health issues and working through that.
It takes a lot of courage as a professional athlete,
especially a lot of people look up to you.
– you.
– I was, I was giving you props.
I was, I was just wondering.
– the advice, next question.
– [Audience Member] I wasn’t giving you advice, sir.
Sorry, Okay.
– This guy become little bit old.
Only this one, you know,
he 36, 37 years old when I beat him,
people gonna talk about like, oh, he’s old now.
– When I start having 21 year olds outrun me,
I’ll work me and all this other good stuff,
then we can talk.
Family, friends, whatever, can always gonna
have their opinions, but it doesn’t matter.
Depends on how your, how much your mental
toughness is out there competing and
then what you’re gonna do with it.
– You know, like fighter, I respect, but like human being,
I no understand this guy.
He a little bit stupid without his mind, you know,
a little bit stupid guy, honestly.
Like, like I no understand that.
– You ain’t without your homeboy’s mother .
– This is crazy guy.
I told you, this little bit stupid.
– [Audience Member] Khabib, We know who your least
favorite opponent in history is, is this
the number two least favorite for you?
– Sorry, I don’t listen.
– [Audience Member] No problem. We know that
– [Tony Ferguson] He’s ******
– [Audience Member] We know the opponent.
– Whoo!
– This is the fifth time, they scheduled this fight.
– Hey, you know what they say, right?
Fifth times a charm.
– There’s something I forgot to mention.
The year is 2020.
– Today we got a call from the highest level you can go
at Disney and the highest level of ESPN
and the powers that be there asked me to stand down
and not do this event next Saturday.
– UFC 249 has been canceled.
All UFC events postponed indefinitely due to Covid19.
Dana White says he was ready to promote the event,
but things were taken out of his control.
– [Interviewer] When you found out that Khabib Nurmagomedov
wouldn’t be able to fight at UFC 249,
that he was back home in Russia and appears now for the
fifth time, the fight is off.
– He does not want to fight.
I guarantee you this dude’s gonna try to retire, man,
without fighting me.
– You know, I’m starting to to believe Joe Rogan,
that this fight is cursed, and, you know,
you and I were here two years ago having this conversation,
the fight was canceled, yeah
– The fight against Khabib is canceled,
but Tony wants to make a point and still decides
to cut weight for it.
– [Tony Ferguson] Skinny.
– What did you make of his decision to cut weight twice
in a very short amount of time?
Were you following any attention to that at all?
– Stupid, stupid.
– [Narrator] The UFC replaces Khabib with the most violent,
lightweight of all time, Justin Gaethje.
– Tony Ferguson versus Justin Gaethje.
Ridiculous fight and a fight that absolutely makes sense.
Khabib versus Tony should be happening,
but it should have happened five times ago.
– [Narrator] Tony now has to cut weight again
only three weeks after he did it for Khabib.
– Nobody can be same, long time, nobody.
No Tony Ferguson, no Khabib, nobody.
And one day someone gonna beat you or
something gonna happen, you know?
And his day come.
– Tony Ferguson’s time is finished.
You know, now he gonna come back,
someone gonna beat him again.
I believe, because when you, when you take damage like this,
you never gonna be same, never, ever.
Even if you Tony Ferguson.
– Nobody spoke up for me to get a title fight,
it’s all fight in the street.
What did I do wrong?
What did I do wrong?
– He’s 37, I believe, right?
It’s the latter end of his career,
but it still could be the best part of his career.
It just depends on him.
– Still haven’t even hit my prime yet.
You dodged me two Chandler.
I want to be real. You got this handed to you.
You got Dana White privilege.
– Oh, Tony.
– [Interviewer] What is success here for you Tony?
I mean, is this all about, you know, results oriented?
– Goats come and go, but boats stay float.
I’m a boat, the best of all time.
I feel at this point in time in my life,
I’m just barely hitting my prime,
which is crazy,
When I’m hurt, I love it.
I love that feeling because it’s real.
That’s the most realest feeling that you could
ever have is being in pain.
Because everything else, happiness could be fake,
crying could be fake, but pain,
****, that’s real.
– Tony, you know this right?
You don’t need me to tell you this, people love you.
Like people genuinely love you.
The fans love you.
They have your back, when you speak, they listen.
They really do love you.
And the loyalty that your fan base has for you
is pretty incredible.
Like so, I hope you recognize that a lot of
people have your back.
A lot of people want to see you happy,
want to see you succeed.
– [Tony Ferguson] It’s crazy
– [Interviewer] And want to support you,
so, I hope you know that now.
– No mother , that,
I’m gonna be done when I want to be done.
– By the way, Tony was right about one thing,
Khabib did end up retiring before ever fighting him.
But for a very good reason.
To hear his side of his story, go get some popcorn
and check out this documentary I made on him.
I’ll see you guys there.
Take care.

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