In this article, we will be discussing the upcoming fight between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot, as well as providing further analysis of the Valentina Shevchenko vs. Alexa Grasso fight. We will also touch on some other notable fights on the card and highlight a few fighters to watch out for. So let’s dive in!

Fiziev vs. Gamrot: Contrasting Styles

The fight between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot is an intriguing matchup due to the contrasting styles of the two fighters. Fiziev is known for his striking skills and will be looking to keep the fight on the feet, while Gamrot will be aiming to utilize his judo skills to take the fight to the ground and secure a quick submission.

Fiziev is an excellent boxer and will be looking to use his striking to keep Gamrot at bay. He will need to stay off the fence and avoid the clinch, allowing him to unleash his hands and potentially land a knockout blow. Fiziev’s tenacity and ability to come forward make him an exciting fighter to watch. Additionally, he has a strong submission game, particularly his Japanese necktie, which could come into play if the fight hits the ground.

On the other hand, Gamrot has shown significant improvement in his last few fights. He has become more well-rounded and explosive, dominating his opponents with his improved skills. Gamrot is a smart fighter who understands the importance of controlling the fight in his favor. If his opponent is strong on the feet, he will look to take the fight to the ground and dominate from there. If his opponent is skilled on the ground, he will keep the fight standing and utilize his explosive stand-up game.

Both Fiziev and Gamrot are known for their exciting fighting styles, making this matchup one to watch. Fiziev’s power in his hands and Gamrot’s well-rounded skills make for an intriguing clash of styles.

Other Notable Fights

In addition to the Fiziev vs. Gamrot fight, there are several other exciting matchups on the card. One fight to keep an eye on is the matchup between Sabina Mazo and Alexis Davis. Mazo is known for her power in her hands and will be looking to showcase her striking skills. Davis, on the other hand, is a veteran of the sport and will be looking to use her experience to secure a victory.

Another fight to watch is the matchup between JJ Wilson and Adam Borics. Both fighters are skilled on the ground, with Wilson having a strong submission game and Borics showcasing his clinch work and devastating elbows. This fight has the potential to be a back-and-forth battle, with both fighters looking to secure a finish.

Fighters to Watch

While there are many talented fighters on the card, there are a few that stand out as ones to watch. Cass Bell is an undefeated fighter who has shown incredible skill and potential. His explosive stand-up game and ground game make him a well-rounded fighter to keep an eye on.

Kenny Mokhonoana is another fighter to watch. He is known for his explosive striking and ground game, making him a dangerous opponent for anyone in his weight class.

Luke Trainer is a fighter who is constantly improving and getting better with each fight. He is dedicated to his craft and works with kids, showing his commitment to the sport and his community.

Lastly, Jonah Jackson is a fighter who has the potential to make waves in the sport. He is explosive and has incredible knockout power, making him a threat to anyone in his division.


In conclusion, the upcoming fight between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot promises to be an exciting clash of styles. Fiziev’s striking skills and Gamrot’s judo expertise make for an intriguing matchup. Additionally, there are several other notable fights on the card, including Sabina Mazo vs. Alexis Davis and JJ Wilson vs. Adam Borics. Lastly, there are a few fighters to watch out for, including Cass Bell, Kenny Mokhonoana, Luke Trainer, and Jonah Jackson. Be sure to tune in and catch all the action!

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oh man I get it there’s like moments where I like it doesn’t matter what it is I can all of a sudden just like turn
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more parents or more people around my community I want to make sure I had a good fade and look good and look proper after I started meeting people I was
like all right then they’ll just take me for who I am it is what it is
um but y’all we got some big fights coming up uh this weekend we’ve got Bellator over in Dublin Ireland it’s
going to be a stat car 22 fight is it 21 I believe it’s 21 fights 21 21 now it
was 25. and um yeah oh my God they lost it they lost one yeah
stacked card and then you’ve also got um the UFC has a fight this weekend as
well you’ve got gamro versus faziv that should be a freaking explosive contrast
some Styles though standing oh yeah we’re going back to the basics yep so are we not I mean let’s be honest both
guys can do look at physique can grappling his his anti-wrestling is good
you know and gamra he can stand with guys but this is the old Striker versus Grappler one game you know you know that
if this fight stays standing you gotta go with physique man he’s just Dynamic
there man this fight hits the ground and can stay on the camera’s gonna take it John the 30 years of watching this sport
though you know that these type fights though have the tendency to be boring I’m not knocking I don’t believe that
this fight will be boring I believe that physique is going to have to get up off of his back and gamra is somebody that
doesn’t really settle from the top he will try to do damage from the top and I think gamra will struggle at times to
get the takedowns if he doesn’t set them up with his striking so before we even get into this Main Event though I want
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we we are just simply saying cucumber cucumber yeah that’s your version of cucumber I got the Cucumber here
um but yeah so look there’s gonna be moments where get you know wait John weren’t we gonna talk about something
else first we were we talked for a second but we were going to get into the main event for the UFC but you know what
let’s I want to do a little Rec John on some of the on some of the
whining and crying I’ve been hearing lately about this judging and this scoring that happened uh over the last
weekend okay we’ve talked about it enough in terms of hey the fight was close
hands down the fight was close Okay and um how did you I want to know how did you
have it for gross or did you have it for shivchenko I had it for grossful you know look at you can go back and
you know there’s no way you don’t want to you know put anything out there that’s not true
Dave our our pot our producer podcast Dave texted me after the fourth round of the
fight says John who do you have ahead and I said I have it even 2-2 and that was because I had chefchenko winning the
first round grass so obviously easily won the second round comparatively to
the first the third round I had to show the fourth round seems to be one that a lot of people are having you know
the discussion about which way it went and everything like that I everything is about who is damaging who
more and you go back and you watch that fourth round shiftenko landed shots
but the damage wasn’t there while Grasso was Landing the heavier more damaging
shots she gets thrown and then the fifth round there’s no doubt who wins the round
all right look chefchenko was winning the round she was for about three and a half minutes
I had her ahead at that point because that’s when I’m judging it I go all the way and I can tell you exactly who’s
winning at what point and at about the three and a half minute Mark she was definitely winning that round and she
made the one mistake Grasso took advantage of the mistake and from that point Valentina had zero offense and she
was in trouble in certain areas she made her way through it but she lost the
round now the question is was it a 10-8 round not in my opinion no I think that
the judge who gave it a 10-8 forgot about all the action that happened in
those three and a half minutes that had Valentina ahead now what Alexa did absolutely gives her the
round but it doesn’t give it her the round 10-8 not in my mind and and look
the price here’s the biggest problem Josh ‘s referees
the commissions don’t want them to talk they don’t want them to say anything they don’t want anybody in any way
coming out and look at don’t talk to the Press don’t don’t put anything out on
social media and so all of a sudden you start getting people talking about this
fight and so right now Mike Bell is being picked apart if you go and look at Mike Bell’s you
know record as far as his judging criteria and the fights that he’s done he’s an outstanding judge
judging’s not easy you have sat there I’ve told you sit where the judge sits watch watch the round tell me what you
think is it the same fight no it’s not as easy to see sometimes based upon where the
fight takes place and where you’re sitting as the judge so there’s times when you’re going to see that that shot
land and land clean and there’s times when it could land and you don’t see it at all because just the positioning of
the fighters it’s not an easy job and everyone thinks oh you know I could do it anyone can do it when it’s an easy
goddamn fight and it’s difficult to get it right all the time when it’s a close fight because
there’s little things you know like I know Mike Bell very well he’s a great guy he’s absolutely dedicated to the
sport of MMA and I know that he would I I believe that he would
go back and I know he has gone back and watched that fight and I believe now he
would look and say I made a mistake in making an a 10-8 I believe Alexa grassro won the round
but I I truly believe he he went back and watched it and went now
I gave it too much credit as far as what happened in that last bit as far as
overtaking and adding on top of that as a dominant round yes you overtook that
round from Valentina who was winning it but you did not dominate in a fashion that would give
you a 10-8 round yeah I look at the first round first round was close I gave it to Valentina okay look if we were
just if we were to say it was a half Point judging system right 9.5 that’s how close that round was and the things
that’s funny because some of the things that Valentina complained about I’ve really kind of flipped the switch
I’ve always been a huge fan of hers it’s it is a little just kind of sour grapes and her post-fight interview some
of the media that she’s done afterwards she had a little bit of a negative con um like at not negative but a sour
grapes attitude after she lost to her by submission in the first fight I get it you’re a champion you don’t like to lose
none of us do sure but this is taking it to a new level of just kind of being like a sore loser
um but in the first round it was a close round and I gave it to Valentina as well I’ve been a big fan of Valentina for a
long time I thought she was pretty much unbeatable up until she fought I believe Santos where she
barely got biting up in that fight it barely got better I also understand she’s been a champion like Jon Jones
that’s what makes Jon Jones so spectacular he’s been able to be consistent against top level opponents
he gets himself motivated he’s able to get through now he’s had some fights that have done this Valentina is now starting to feel that after all these
years of being the champion in the first round it was closed Valentina pulls it
off 9.5 second round now people were complaining about the fifth round being on 10-8 you could arguably now I’m not
giving it a 10-8 the second round I’m not giving it a 10A but I’m you could arguably say that it was a 10-8 you
could now because she dropped her with the shot oh it was caught off balance no she was not caught off balance she was
caught flat-footed on her heels and he got knocked back on her heels and sat to her ass she wasn’t like she was like off
balance and throwing the combination she stepped in thinking she had the combination set she got hit and it
wasn’t she was on one yeah and she got sat back to her Hills boom that’s all it was the power of grassa was the was the
answer in some of the exchanges after that Grosso gets gets onto the top position they end up against the fence
she rocks her again against the fence so in that round she drops her and rocks
her again no doubt about the rest of the round what you see is Valentina what she complained about was later on was that
oh she just got a takedown that doesn’t submit that doesn’t mean a notch that doesn’t mean much but in this fight she
was the one getting the takedowns and not doing anything so when I look at what where who did the
most damage now you could say damage in terms of yeah you got cut you can’t look at fights just in terms of oh you got
cut the damage is like did I make you go backwards did I make you move did you
lose yourself exactly look damage can be look certain people like Nick Diaz he cuts all the
time Nate Diaz Cuts certain Fighters just seem to have sharper bones they tend to cut a little bit easier Alexa
got in some trouble you know in uh in the third round and so I give it I give the first round
to Valentina I give the second round ten nine to Alexa Grosso I give the third gonna be a 10 85 if there was that half
yes it could have been I I would that’s the difference it’s definitely not no it’s definitely not a 10-day but I would have probably given the 1085. the the
third round the third round I give to Valentina but it was a very close it was a close round but not really I’d give it
to Valentina had the back had the control all of these things you get everyone keeps talking about this fourth
round but in that in that fourth round John what were the most significant strikes of the round the knees to the
Head she lifted when she’s dragging her damn it tried to drag her hand on the ground and she’s getting need to the
head and it’s like you need to understand it and people need to understand herb did a good job of not
not doing the stop time you know and say oh that’s illegal
you must bear weight on that hand and she was not she’s trying to put her fingers down her hand down to make
herself a grounded fighter and Alex she’s actually picking her up yeah she’s moving her hand on good job continue on
March I thought it was brilliant she had she did that was like four to five of those until she got her to the fence
then she landed some good strikes I gave that round to Alexa Grosso she had she
had the most significant strikes in the round she landed some good shots there
were several shots in the fourth that she hit um Valentina and Valentina actually took a step back even like even
listening to some of the commentary the first time I didn’t listen to the commentary second time I did to see they kept saying oh valentina’s that jab
it’s just this that jab is that but Valentina are not valentine but Alexa Grosso never went backwards off the jab
she faded her head back never really got hit and when she did she covered really well and that was it like the shots from
the jab if you look at the Jabs from Alexa Grosso landing on Valentina those
shots mattered you had Valentina moving backwards it was very she also has a very nicely timed elbows in the clinch
yes exactly yeah you know don’t be wrong Valentina had a couple good moments in that round but there’s oh yeah I gave
the round the big the lift and the big slam and all that in round four by Alexa Grosso the knees were the most
significant strike all of those things potentially get in the back lost the back position got back to her feet all
of those things stuffing takedowns for me in my mind now I don’t know how they do this in terms of the judging if you
shoot a takedown and you don’t get it and I lift you back up I kind of score that as like I stuffed you you know it’s
it’s it’s even it’s even but it’s like I stopped I stopped what you were doing
that’s right and so um but you but you do not give any type of credit to
defensive actions and when you stuff my takedown attempt it stops me from taking you down but the
judge doesn’t give you credit for defense no he doesn’t you have to do you have to do something offensive off you
stuff my take down and as we’re getting up you bip you lanish ah now it becomes offensive and
then on top of that the way that Alexa Grosso finished around she went for broke she did the roll through tried to
attack the hill hook you finished the round the last thing in the judge’s mind last thing in my mind when I watched that round was she’s getting she’s
getting the hill hook she’s putting the hill hook on Valentina there’s no doubt in my mind she won the fourth round so I
I mean you have her now like we said 2-2 going into the fifth two there’s no way of there’s there’s no way I’m not
judging the fifth round for uh it’s gonna go to Alexa Grosso for sure I
don’t need the 10-8 round to win that’s the thing like she she no Valentina made a mistake you need to you you went for
it you didn’t it didn’t happen I I just I don’t see what the argument is there’s a lot of people making a big
stink out of this and I felt like we had to do a quick recap on this whole thing because this this isn’t this isn’t like go back
it’s because you have other people out there and you got guys that are commentators and you know doing part you
know Mike Bisping he believes that chefchenko won he thinks that it was you know she won
the fight and it’s like okay I’m glad you do but no I don’t believe she did I
think that Grasso if you watch the fight again and you give credit for Domination
of what we not domination but credit for damage in the fight things that were
effective and that’s what we’re looking for we’re looking for Effective actions that affect the fighter in a negative
fashion and I Gotta Give Grasso was the one that that won those those times she
had that effect on Valentina that Valentina didn’t have as much on Grasso
well with with Biz being right I mean what I don’t know what he’s talking about with damage if you go back
and you watch his fight with Dan Henderson we’re not obviously judging it based off facial features and what
happened in that fight so you can’t say because oh you had a cut that it worked oh that person did more damage I mean
that [ __ ] happens to to a lot of people I get I can tell you I look at that fight I was I was with Randy Couture we
were at Randy’s house watching that fight you know and uh you know obviously Randy is rooting for
Dan Henderson right and Dan wins the first two rounds and he has got Mike looking like he’s been run over by a
truck and Mike ends up just winning the rounds next round fourth round and fifth
round because Dan got tired you know and and Randy said there’s John look at his
face I go he won those rounds but then he he lost the next three and
that’s why Michael Bisping is still the champion it’s you can’t always go off of
sometimes you want to look but you know you look at both of them here you know she’s got one mark
Grasso’s got one mark under her eye okay valentina’s got you know not not a marsh
he got little lumps but those were blows that were counted by the judges and you
know you don’t sit there and go oh my God she’s got a bump you know you give give the credit for when the bump was
created she has a little cut I believe over the left eye and then she had the little bump underneath the same eye I
believe that’s it in five rounds 25 minutes of fighting that’s it yeah I’m sorry but
like Biz being looked like the Elephant Man when Dan Henderson got done and bisbing still won the fight so I don’t
know what the damage you’re talking about and I like Biz being man I actually think he does a great job behind the mic
and I think he does a great job with all the other stuff that he does for the UFC
um but in this case I think he’s wrong and not just him there’s been plenty of other people
that have come out and said stuff and I think there I think that when you go back and watch it now I think a lot of
where their gripe comes from is the 10-8 round in the fifth absolutely that’s the in the end when you look at it and I
could look at you know the scorecard throughout and go I don’t agree with the score card in this round either and that’s just my opinion just like you
have your opinion just like Mike has his opinion but I I could I could you know look at the scorecard and go I don’t
agree with that round either but that round went for Valentina and so I look and go hey look I believe that
you know judges care and this is where people get into this oh you know they’re just sitting there trust me they care
and they’re trying to do the very best job they can and sometimes you get caught up in the fight and I believe
that in this moment that the judge looked and gave more credit to that
minute and a half than it was you know then he should have based upon
the action that occurred that action absolutely evened out the round and then overtook Valentina in the round so that
the round should have gone to Alexa Grasso but not enough in my opinion to
make it a 10-8 Dave did did was it Dave Cormier that came out and said that she deserves an automatic rematch
did I see that somewhere I’ll check that Valentina should get the automatic
rematch I don’t think so well she’s not going to she broke her thumb she’s gonna have surgery on her
thumb shot it she pulled the Josh Thompson in there I thought there was something I had seen the DC had said that she deserves the automatic rematch
um but look I asked you that same thing the next day when we were filming our
post show on this does she get an automatic rematch I don’t think so you’ve lost to her once
by submission you lost a close decision on this one um well not lost it was the draw sorry
she’s in the title she lost um that’s that’s the way I’m sorry that’s the way I look at it so you know
honestly that’s the way everyone’s looking because you listen to people they they all say Alexa Grasso beat
chefchenko it’s like no no it was a draw you’re right but the person who walks away from the time with the title is the
one who pretty much won um oh she’s the queen yeah she’s she’s the queen right now
um but then there’s this there’s this tendency John um to think because you you were the
champion for one or two fight title defenses you deserve an automatic rematch now Valentina I thought in the first
fight she made a mistake she started she was kind of coming on in that fight kind of taking over the fight a little bit she made a mistake and uh and Grosso got
her back and choked her and says yeah see you right here Dan that’s he wants to see it he wants to see it no I do I
agree I want to see the trilogy fight also I don’t want to see it next though he says they’ve got to run it back we’ve
got to have these two women fight again I feel like every time they match them up we’re in for a tremendous fight between these two no absolutely I think
they do but not not as in terms of next I think I think it’s been pretty clear
she got the submission the first time everyone just thought in terms of oh because Alexa Grosso is is not the one
that’s been just running through people she’s had great performances she looks good she’s getting better you know all
the way around she’s obviously improved her game look what she’s done to Valentina in two fights
um I think there needs to be something else give it a break give it some time if you’re going to get a little bit of a
break because the thumb is broken but in this fight in this scenario like let’s not hold up the division we’ve seen it
twice let’s carry on let’s move forward you know um when Valentina comes back let’s see we’ll see where the dust
settles maybe a lot of scars was not even championed by then that might actually that might actually not even be
uh be there anymore I mean you may end up having someone like Santos or somebody like uh Pena or someone come
along and uh I’m not paying you sorry uh Santos or Lemos for someone coming you got Bland you got Blanche filled out
there you’ve got uh uh Pharaoh out there there’s there’s you know women that are
they’re waiting for their chance yeah it’s time to give one of them that that opportunity exactly
um there’s a lot to be said now look this automatic rematch look because there’s the let’s just jump on the algerman’s thrilling thing as well as
the Izzy thing right there’s times there’s times where it’s warranted John we thought with is he in
the the hours for her fight we thought it was warranted he’s been long-standing Champion he was winning that fight up
until he got caught in the fifth round if anyone deserved an automatic rematch Izzy did
yes wins one fight after he comes back and he beats Alex the second fight
no he doesn’t you know he went yeah he wins the title where’s the title back then but then in defending he’s
defending it against Sean Strickland he gets 50 45.
yeah but I mean he he lost almost every round yep I don’t I don’t think that warrants
an automatic rematch and not only that but you lost one one then like it’d be different if you would that was your
first loss okay look get it off night you could say that I guess but the way that Sean fought him it just
it made it more difficult for him to deal with any time you look and and look you got to be
careful because there’s differences in different levels and this is the highest but he’s one and two in his last three
fights yeah it’s not like when we’re saying that he deserves that
that shot at Alex after losing that title he was
one in what you know eight fights he had between blahovich maybe seven fights so
he was seven and one that’s there’s a difference there and it’s just showing
that you know this this is what happens in fighting is you know you can be that dominant guy and you know some guys are
completely dominant for so long Anderson Silva but there comes that point where
you know and I’m not saying that’s you know where Izzy’s at but you’re gonna get the reach that crest
and there’s only one direction once you’ve reached the crest and happens to
everyone you start to go downhill now that downhill can go very slow and you
maintain being the very best but you’re still not as good as you once were and
I’m not saying that Izzy’s there but that happens to everyone and it’s you know that’s just part of fighting you got to fight your way through those
things well look at what Izzy has done like with guys like Jon Jones have done they’ve been championed for they were
able to be championed for a long time and then when you get to that top like you said there’s one way to one way to
go and that’s down and I take I look at Izzy I’m like I tip my hat to you bro my
man because you came off The Knockout loss to Alex you came back and got it back
beautifully done but then now when you were able when you’re fighting somebody like Sean Strickland who most people
even even myself had said I just stylistically I think he’s a he’s a he’s
a easy matchup for Izzy well that prove he proved me wrong Sean Strickland proved me wrong and after talking with
Johnny Evelyn when we had him on our show uh last week or two weeks ago um he talked about all the things and
all the issues that he had sparring with them and training with him several times he’s like look these are things that
people just aren’t prepared for until you get in there with him so I gave Izzy a pass on the first one because he was
the long-standing champion and he was winning the fight and he got clipped in the fifth round after you know without
dominating but winning the the fight several rounds in the in the first fight then he comes back and wins my okay good
in this time around no he doesn’t deserve a title I don’t believe he deserves a title shot go out there fight
somebody not being the champion I bet you it’s a load off almost like how Kamara Usman said man it’s so nice out
that the train for five rounds you know I mean let me get a three round fight let me let me just be let me be
normal for once for after all everyone and you’ve been there everyone that is
top level wants to be the champ and that’s your goal and you’ve got that
you know Target and you’re you’re working towards that goal but when you when you attain that goal
it’s not as easy as people think and it’s a heavy load and there’s a lot of pressure that comes with it and there’s
things that are expected of you and it becomes you know when you have it for like Kamara Usman or Izzy Jon Jones is
remarkable and you know I said it you know for years it’s like the only person that I know that can beat Jon Jones is
Jon Jones and you know he’s come close let’s just be honest these companies but
yeah but uh he uh I mean he’s remarkable in the fact that he’s been able to
continue to to win you look at all of those championship fights in a row it’s
it is it is an accomplishment that is hard for a lot of people to understand but you know it’s not easy
holding that title and a lot of times when a guy loses it he doesn’t want to
lose it but when he does it’s like pressure’s off
okay that’s all right to feel that way do you want to get back to that pressure or are you going to just say ah I’m good
sometimes people are just good I look at tomorrow we just wanted nothing against him I think that like he said several
times it was like this weight off my shoulders just understand like man I’ve
been doing this I’ve been the Champ for so long I’ve had so many title defense I’ve gotten ready for fights that potentially didn’t happen or didn’t
happen that I was taught that my manager and I were talking about with the promotion that hey this is coming up
that happens all the time they jump into camps contracts aren’t signed yet and next you know boom someone got hurt damn
no fight okay we’re gonna push you to this fight now so it’s there’s a lot of tension that comes along with that not
to mention all the media obligations people just think that the fighters sit at home and just train and like they
don’t really do anything no no no when they’re when they’re not they do if they’re lucky yeah they’re they’re lucky
they’re training on the road if you’re not if you’re not out if you’re not training on the road you’re not getting any better you’re not able to
even stay on track of what you are and so to see what guys like Kamara Usman
did for so long what Izzy did for so long what Jon Jones has been doing forever it’s extremely impressive extremely
impressive um but then I saw the stuff that aljo came out and said like if Izzy gets a rematch then I get her I should get a
rematch also I wouldn’t disagree with those comments but I don’t think either I don’t think either one of you deserve
a rematch there’s nothing against aljo I actually really do enjoy watching aljo fight I
think he’s dangerous I think he’s come a long way since he since uh his last like not this last loss but the loss before
that he has developed so much better into a fighter um and just being more well-rounded more
patient the way he hits his attacks he’s all of those things he is phenomenal all
of those things but in this scenario I didn’t I didn’t think that I didn’t if
you get finished the way you got finished and you’ve you’ve only defended the title I think twice correct it was
uh against Peter against Peter yawn well he defended Peter after the the Disney
World TJ Dillashaw and uh Henry oh that’s right and then Henry fight okay
um so there’s three fights so I mean I get it that’s still against top level competition top top level pretty good
some of the best ever to do it pretty good um but it wasn’t it wasn’t I think just
given how Sean O’Malley was able to dispatch him you know I looked it just was it was a
bad look there seemed like there needs to be some stuff worked on if I’m a promoter I’m going okay look you didn’t
seem comfortable in there the speed the reach the range you need to go back to the drawing board I don’t want you to go
out there get an automatic loss and now you’re not coming back to the title for years I’m not giving you an automatic
title shot in years so you’re gonna have to work your way back maybe Sean loses by then who knows but I look at it a
couple different ways if I look from a promoter standpoint you didn’t look comfortable out there at all what did what you this is your game
it’s not like Al Joe is known just to be really Dynamic on the feet so he can
stand there and trade with him now he’s gonna have to go back to the drawing board and work on a couple different details to get this fight to the ground
against someone like Sean O’Malley Styles make matchups I’m not knocking aljo at all that is exactly what it is
just you you could go through you know the a Litany of incredible
talent and get win after win after win but there’s going to be that one guy his
style is tough for you just you know the way he fights the length of what you
know what he you know fights at the range and everything he just does things that are difficult for you to deal with
and that might be that way it might be that you know Sterling just had you know a bad night too this is true could be I
just don’t I guess to wrap this up is this automatic rematch thing is getting
a little out of hand it shouldn’t always be that way now because granted we’ve had people like Valentino who were
long-standing Champions and the way she lost she got caught she was kind of winning the fight Izzy first fight
long-standing Champion was winning the fight got caught in the fifth round those are those are the times when you
should start saying automatic rematch I disagreed with the rose Nama Eunice automatic rematch with Whaley with Wei
Lee I don’t believe that that’s yeah you got knocked out in the first round like I didn’t understand it I was like why
are you giving her she’s only that was her second title defense for first I believe it was I think it was her second
I didn’t I didn’t uh agree with it and then you know I don’t know so like those are the scenarios where we’re talking
about automatic rematches they don’t seem like they should they belong but uh
we’ll see what happens I don’t think Izzy’s gonna get the automatic rematch um I could see them maybe having him
fight comms that or have him fight um the winner of comes on and uh Paulo
Costa or have him fight uh uh du plessis but basically without a title that would
be crazy because that would be crazy um there’s a bunch of computer
conspiracy theories going around as well that the UFC wants to get Izzy back before UFC 300 because they really want
to try to make him because he has a big cell they want to try to put him as the as the main event or put him there at
the top of that of that thing I don’t know that there’s that people were talking about it I saw some news
articles um people talking about they’re really trying to make a push for Izzy because he has a big seller
he said well look he’s a big star for him and I understand why they want him as champion but right now you got a guy named Sean
Strickland and uh he had a dominant fight against Disney I don’t care what you say
as far as oh Izzy looks slow Izzy looked off all that stuff that was because there was a guy in there named Sean
Strickland that was making those things absolutely now I wouldn’t mind seeing uh uh duplexes fight versus Strickland
all right well hey you know what that’s going to wrap up our talk on that I know we just went off we were talking about
the main event the UFC Fight Night I hate struggling but you know that’s
true we just threw it all out the door man we just got we got going I wanted to talk about that fight I wanted to talk
about you know the rematch thing I want to get that thing off my chest it’s been bugging me all day um but before we get started make sure
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God by the [ __ ] sometimes come here see
John all right hey let’s get right into physique versus gam Rock like I said earlier Styles make matchups the the
potential of this fight being five rounds gamrock will tend to probably slow down as he gets tired from
trying to force the takedowns trying to get in on the takedowns but zeb’s gonna do what Fatima does he’s gonna get wild
crazy spinning back kicks spinning kicks like you know big knees big elbow all those things big hard shots every time
he throws he throws to take your head off whether it’s a kick whether it’s a punch he’s throwing with bad intentions
and that’s what makes him a fan favorite he’s fun to watch he doesn’t he doesn’t get all you know upset or butt hurt
afterwards if he loses he’s like hey whatever this is the fight game he’s been through it enough he’s 12-2 though
he’s fought a lot of good guys and he’s made a lot of them look average um he had a run of what like six wins
before the Justin gaichi launched yep and that was against good competition so
one two three four five thank you very much I was always wondering if you could count past five all right good job buddy
the thing that you look at though is I’m gonna say this about gam Rock compared to physive
if gamerat is able to not even get the takedowns at times Josh but make physiv
work in the clinch that’s a huge factor in this fight because physiv is a fast twitch muscle
fiber athlete he’s explosive he’s fast and you can tell in fights especially
you can even look at the Justin gaichi fight going into that he gets tired as the fight goes on he always seems to
slow down Bobby green he slowed down in the third round because and those are stand-up fights where he’s comfortable
the Thunder loud the windows are just giving a
little Shake here that’s a Texas storm baby but he’s
if you can get him into not being comfortable in the fight that’s gonna accelerate that you know getting tired
and that’s a big element in this fight for Gamera you don’t have to get the takedowns what you have to do is limit
the damage that he’s able to put on you in moments where you can get into the
clinch make him work slow him down and then take over in the fight yeah what you want to like I agree with you 100 I
think really what most wrestlers are able to do against good stand-up Fighters is you want to weigh on them
you want to make their arms fill up with blood you want to make it feel heavy when they’re out there throwing their combinations after you guys break in the
clinch so anytime I brush them on you I’m making you work in positions that you’re just you don’t do on a regular
basis or even if you do them on a regular basis you haven’t been doing them for 30 years or 20 years like I
have and so I can scramble out of these positions I can relax in these positions you you’re fighting for your life and so
you’re using your you’re not using your Leverage you’re not using your Technique you’re just trying to muscle me to get
me off of your legs that’s what which will work for which will work for a while exactly so if he can do that
against physiv and make physive work whether it’s in the clinch whether it’s defending the double leg trying to dig
under hooks I really believe in this type scenario if gamma can get it on the double even press into the fence don’t
hang your head too low so you can be elbowed but kind of hang on those legs so he’s always having to kind of pumble
in and try to lift me up carry my wig just use his biceps as he’s lifting you up just let him hold on to that way and
he’s trying to do a curl like this to try to come with under Hooks and I’m just hanging there I’m making him use
just his arms which is going to blow up his shoulders gonna blow up his biceps and as we get it after we break against
the fence those combinations are going to come out a little bit slower a little bit more predictable okay I’m gonna be
able to see they’re gonna be a little more telegraphed and there’s not going to be as much pace and as much power on him which means that it makes it easier
for me to get in deeper on the takedown next time but he’s got to pay those dividends early he’s gonna have to get
in there in that first round and make him work fast he’s gonna have to make him this is a five round exactly he’s
gonna have to try to weigh on him early now those first two rounds is gonna kind of predict how the rest of the fight
goes if he’s struggling to get takedowns or if he’s just struggling to hold him against the fence he may be in a lot of
trouble coming into that third fourth fifth round yeah so true but uh look as for as for physique he he does a lot of
wild and crazy stuff I’d avoid probably setting up those head kicks until later in the second of the third round I
wouldn’t be throwing them too often too early in the first two rounds start looking into that third round
start looking into the fourth round now start setting it up when he start when Gamera starts to look like he’s slowing
down a little bit and I think you’re gonna see a lot of body kicks out of our body shots from uh from faziv especially
after I think you’ll see body shots but you will see him going if he’s doing well in the fight the kicks are gonna
get higher and higher and as the the fight goes on those he’s got quick kicks
and they’re going to come up fast and and it’s always once if he can get gamra instead of trying to time the kicks and
come into him to either counter but try to move back away from him that’s going to set set himself in that position the
kicks are going to come up to the Head this this fight has to me it has the fact the makings of like it could be a
fantastic fight or it could be a snooze Fest it’s you’re we’re really playing or I think it’s gonna be yeah because the
thing is one person has to get the takedowns and one person has to keep it on the feet you know normally when you say two
wrestlers well you can end up with a really shitty stand-up fight but it could still be fun you know when you have two wrestlers kickboxers you end up
seeing two guys kind of Point fight could be boring as hell as well just basically a sparring match
um but in this scenario somebody needs to do their job they need to be able to implement their game plan or the or they
can get knocked the [ __ ] out and so that could get dangerous you know uh whether it’s on the ground getting ground
impounded or it’s on the feet not building the takedowns so we could make for a fun fight it can make also for a
boring fight too a one afraid to take chances on the feet because he doesn’t want to get taken down and the other one afraid to engage because he don’t want
to get his head kicked off so it could be that way as well so true we’re gonna find out though but I honestly I haven’t
seen a bad fight from either one of these guys so I’m not really going to say it’s gonna happen this time around both of them fantastic Fighters two
definitely two of the best lightweights in the world yes Bryce Mitchell taking on your man Dan
50K ige I don’t think I’ve seen Danny gay in a bad fight either no he’s being awesome
it’s fun to watch he goes out there he gives it everything he has Bryce Mitchell is explosive on the ground uh
ige is very good on the ground himself you know he is no slouch on the ground that is not going to be just a oh Bryce
Mitchell is going to pass through everything and move himself to a great position he could do that if he hurts IGA but on the feet Dan hege is damn
good and he’s very solid he’s not ex he’s not that a super flashy stand-up
guy he just uses good footwork to get himself into position to land shots and
he’s got power at featherweight he can he can bang and if we’ve seen one thing
you know the one loss we’ve seen with Bryce Mitchell that was against deporia to Korea basically beat him up on the
feet and then took him you know down and stuff and so you know this is a matter of how well does Bryce Mitchell do in
the stand-up against Danny well John when I look at uh to Pourri I look at danigay there’s some similarities there
both can wrestle really well both has a little bit more power a little bit more explosive more speed I get those I get
those but I’m saying the similarities are in terms of the way that they fight taporio walks forward Danny again walks
forward will push the pace he will get in your grill and make you fight a fight you’re uncomfortable with in that fight against
with Deborah and Bryce Mitchell he made Bryce Mitchell fight a fight he didn’t want he couldn’t get the takedowns and
when he did he was able to before he was able to get right back up and stuff and then throw shot Big Shots Danny will be
that guy Danny is somebody who I’ve trained with him he’s physically a lot stronger than he looks he’s got good
takedown defense he trains with a lot of the guys out of the ali uh what’s the name of their company dominant dominance
dominant all those guys there’s tons of them that can wrestle at a very high level
Bryce pistol’s got to get this fight to the ground and that will dictate on how much he can control Danny on the ground
because what we have seen from Bryce Mitchell is he got tired in that fight with deporia he got exhausted but he was
sick suppose supposedly okay we’re gonna find out we’re gonna find out yeah we’re gonna find out um because Dan’s gonna be
there in the third round oh no doubt about it did you hear that I heard that one I
heard that one that was a good one but Dan Dan is somebody that’s going to be there welcome to this yes Dan’s gonna be
somebody who’s he’s going to be there in the end of the second he’ll be pushing the pace in the third and he’s gonna be
letting the hands go he’s gonna be sprawling and brawling he’s gonna be pushing you around trying to trying to dictate where this fight goes he can
make you pay every time you make a mistake so as much as I love Dan ige this is the tough fight for him but it’s
very winnable very winnable from what I’ve seen from um Bryce Mitchell and his fight with deporia this is a good
comeback fight though for Bryce Mitchell if he’s able to get a finish I mean if he’s able just to Ink one out
that’ll let you know kind of where he’s at in this division well if you look at the standings right
now he’s ranked well above ige isn’t he I’m trying to dance
DJ’s down at 12. Mitchell really he’s a 10. yeah Bryce dropped a
lot when he fought um yeah yeah I thought I thought I thought Mitchell was somewhere around which is crazy because
if he was sick you would think people would take that into account but the media don’t give a [ __ ]
you had a bad performance and it looked bad that fight just made it made it look bad it made it look bad all right what else
we got oh it’s hard sorry sorry welcome to the
podcast buddy welcome to the podcast Marina Rodriguez taking on Michelle Waterson Gomez that’s
I’ll tell you what I love Michelle uh Watterson it’s hard for me to put the Gomez at the end so I apologize some the
same way but but uh you know I’ve known Michelle for a long time she’s just a phenomenal person phenomenal fighter uh
look this really comes down to Michelle is very good in her stand-up her ground
game is better than Marina Rodriguez’s and
I look at Marina as with the more dangerous fighter as far as power and the way that she you know uses her stand
up it’s going to be a tough tough fight for Michelle but I think if Michelle can get her down to the ground at times and
just use her ground game because she’s got a really good submission game you know she is the karate hottie and she
uses karate and she’s got great kicks super flexible you know brings the kicks from a lot of different directions and
stuff in the stand-up Marina is gonna be a tough person for her to be I think the size of Marina is going to be a problem
for Michelle Waterson I think she’s because Michelle’s started off man she was an atom weight she was a 105 pound
fighter well that’s what happens when you have kids right you put the weight on and then you just get it
fixed yeah she sticks she got some thick legs
man she’s got some thick legs all the kicking yeah look she’s she’s Dynamic
she’s explosive she’s all those things like uh Michelle Waterson is this I think what she’s gonna have to do though
if she wants to win this fight against uh I’m sorry about Michelle Marina Rodriguez she’s gonna have to hit her in
transition I think Marina’s good on the feet I think she’s a little bit bigger a little bit uh more a little stiff a
little stiff but a little bit more technical I think in terms of the way that she fights on the feet but she’s
gonna leave herself out there and I think Michelle Waterson been able to get in fast on the takedowns turn the corner
don’t just try to bulldoze her because you’re not if she sprawls you’re gonna end up on bottom flatten out you have to
turn the corner finish to take down that way maybe snatch the single pull it off redirect on a double leg she’s gonna
have to chain rest a little bit especially those first couple takedowns but the speed of Michelle waterson’s
gonna be a little bit of a factor she’s got to learn to throw and then shoot off of the throw and then if she can get
Marina to react then she can shoot underneath that as well those two things will be key factors on how she gets to
take down plus chain wrestling single leg double leg double leg to single leg tripping whatever it is she can do get
to the Back Drag her down if you can all of those things are going to be a factor in her trying to get this win she’s
gonna have to use her full toolbox to win this fight so um but what it is is with Michelle on
the feet she can stand with her a little bit she can but she’s gonna get it tends
to make you more tired the more Sidekicks you throw trying to push a bigger body away tends to make you
slower tends to make you more tired then next you know you’re standing stationary right in front of someone who’s that you
know who has a physically bigger body than you and now is able to start touching you you don’t want to take those big shots from Marina Rodriguez so
I’m leaning towards uh Michelle as well like I agree with you if she can get in and get the takedown early she can get
one or two takedowns in that first round I think that’s going to open up the second and third round and start making
a little bit easier for her to get it done but that’s a tough task he doesn’t get him John look we talked about kind
of picking some of the fights that we really wanted to talk about give me some of the fights on here that you really wanted to talk about
you know what I’m gonna I would go I will go to Tim Means because I love him as a fighter he’s just always always
look at Tim Means is he’s the dirty bird man this we’re talking about a guy who goes out and
just fights as hard as he can every time he goes out there win or lose and he’s going against a guy in Andre fiallo who
you’ve known for a long time super good in the stand up got a lot of
power he can wrestle but he doesn’t do that much and he needs to uh because if
he’s in a stand-up fight with Tim means it’s a it’s almost like a 50 50. his
wrestling I believe he can get Tim down but I really like both guys so that’s a
good fight to watch yeah I’m looking at that fight too and I really like Andre fiallo for this fight because Tim Means is hittable uh but on yes Andre’s gonna
be very careful inside those clinching the knees the elbows all those elbows he’s got to be cautious in that in that
in that clinch area there because those will tend to zap your energy those will make you more tired a lot faster than
you realize so if he takes too much damage in that fight early with an elbow or you know too many knees up the gut
it’ll start to zap under his uh conditioning his cardio getting in that second round now I also think that Andre
fiallo’s got the power man I don’t think that I know that he does I’m trying with him I’ve been hit by him I hated it but
he’s got an explosive double leg and I I’ve told people forever I’ve seen him take Daniel Cormier down I’ve seen him
take Luke Rockwell down I’ve seen him take real good wrestlers down and he’s and he was a lot smaller than them he’s
explosive he’s got one of the best double legs I’ve ever seen he just doesn’t utilize this as much I think a lot of it is in fear that he’s like hey
I’m he doesn’t feel as confident of his ground game he’s a purple belt he’s got good Jiu Jitsu it’s not great but it’s
good it’s definitely adequate to keep solid enough to solid enough to keep him safe and use good grounding exactly it’s
adequate enough to keep himself out of submission and then if it starts to get hairy down there buddy just back on out
and get it back up to your feet give he’s got to learn to give himself some time to rest in positions like that
because he tends to slow down towards the end of the second into the into the third a little bit but he still has that
power you got to be cautious with him at all times because he’ll load that thing up and he actually know you’re you’re
waking up looking up at the lights and the ref standing over you going buddy it’s over
um you know I really like Charles Jordan you know against Ricardo Ramos uh I like Charles Jordan he’s he’s explosive he’s
fun he’s he’s fun to watch everything he does is to please the fans he let then
he’s just good he’s good everywhere he’s got a lot better on the ground he’s not afraid to go to the ground um the black belt Jiu Jitsu yeah no I
didn’t know that I didn’t know that through through uh I believe it’s through TriStar
but his stand-up is he’s fun to watch he’s not afraid to take chances he’s not afraid to like do things that will make
the crowd get up on their feet I love watching those type of Fighters fight um you know uh what else is there
anybody else on here nope that’s about it all right well hey that’s gonna wrap up our UFC talk and uh
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you want to read it out loud uh Dear John oh it’s got a got a phone number on there to get rid of that
well it’s not going to be visible on God okay go ahead read it out loud do it okay
Dear John I am trying to contact your regarding my mother a woman your friend in the gas station in the late 80s please let me know how we can get in
touch I am a son of a victim you waited on September 16 1987 earlier that morning you helped my mother at an a.m
p.m where she had collapsed after being shot but twice in the back of the head it’s also my understanding that you were
on the scene when Rey crashed the Porsche my mother passed away a number of years ago she left behind many
attempts to write a book I have spent past years to graduate part partially become a better rare to tell
her story um that’s a name right there that I recognize well
uh had helped me as many as others however you are one missing piece I
would really appreciate connecting with you there you go okay thank you I was just going through
it and I was uh messaging yeah I wasn’t I wasn’t always a bad guy
oh man where did that came through on only fans from someone called batgirl16.
I know that’s why I’m looking as a bad girl trying to find you any way you can
well he obviously isn’t lying because the the name of the one person is someone that I’ve known for a long time
all right well hey before before we move on I see like we’re using only fans to connect with everybody this is a good
thing we’re saving a lot uh if you guys if any Fighters are listening to this if you guys have interest in working with
only fans at all uh there’s a lot of Fighters that are out there doing AJ McKee right now um you got Chris cyborg uh she’s on
there as well you got Brent premise um Charles Oliveira is is working them
as well like there’s several people several Fighters out there that are working with them so if you have any interest hit us up and uh maybe we can
get you guys linked up short and final fight start trying to find ways to make money outside of just fighting so uh hit
us up all right and uh let’s go ahead and talk Bellator 299 Bellator 299
Johnny eblin versus Fabian Edwards Ian Dublin Ireland what do you think there
John I think it’s a hell of a fight I mean let’s be honest Fabian Edwards has
really started to he’s really started to turn the corner as far as he’s taking over in fights and
he’s I I watched you know his last fight against Gengar you know let’s be honest
you just there wasn’t a time when he wasn’t in control of the fight he’s going to have a different fight
with Johnny eblin though because Johnny is a pressure fighter who comes forward and makes you have to fight and that’s
what you have to do if you’re gonna try to beat a guy like Fabian Edwards fabian’s obviously the the brother of
Leon Edwards who’s the welterweight champion in the UFC they both fight very similar both are you know come from a
stand-up background and are outstanding with that both have gotten much better with their wrestling and that is what
has put Fabian Edwards into this position to have this title shot is his
ability now to stop a lot of guys from taking him down and utilize the power and speed he’s a good athlete that’s
just same as Leon he is a dynamite athlete and he is he’s a dangerous
fighter you know Johnny eblin undefeated and we’re gonna see if Fabian Edwards
can put that first mark on that record we’ve seen a change in Fabian I mean basically since his brother won the
title it just seems games like that when you bring a title into the gym you it lit a fire
under his ass yeah not just him it’s like all the guys out of their camp and that’s what happens when you bring a new
title in and everyone’s like wow whatever it is we’re doing in this gym is working that’s when we know okay look
it can be done this guy did it I tried with him every single day I know how I do against that guy and I know what I
can do that gives me an opportunity now to go out there and win my own belt that is a confidence builder for anyone in
that gym Fabian someone that definitely doesn’t lack the confidence so he comes in he knows what he’s good at he knows
what he’s capable of and he’s got one of the most vicious Knockouts I’ve ever seen man with the three Up Kicks to the face of uh fielco or uh what falconetto
um yeah just the Up Kicks and then he stands up when he’s all wobbled and hits him with a two-piece puts him to sleep I
mean just nasty one of the nastiest Knockouts I’ve ever seen and then Johnny Evelyn Johnny is so capable of taking
the fight wherever whenever he wants that’s why he said that’s yes so he
doesn’t he can’t stand with you he will stand with you he will he will trade with you
um when I look at when he fought gay guard I I didn’t count him out but I was like hey he’s got a good chance if you
get the takedown he didn’t need the takedowns it was actually on the feet that he was able to dismantle gay guard and I’m a huge guard fan I’ve known
Gengar forever back from the the dream days when he was fighting there back when we were in Strike Force together
then you know UFC again like we’ve been friends for a long time and I look at
how Johnny Evelyn picked him apart Johnny Abram Johnny eblin was able to he
cuts angles that’s what that’s where I think this is this fight’s gonna is gonna be a huge factor is Johnny’s gonna
get in on the Striking and what Johnny does is he dips out left and he dips out right whether it’s to wrestle or whether
it’s to throw more strikes he never stays directly in front of you to get hit with something
fabian’s very good at hitting his shots and then taking the steps to the right or taking a step to the left but he
stands he tends to be a little more of a stationary fighter and that’s what potentially will get him taken down
look the speed I didn’t want to give it the speed is going to go to Fabian but the combinations in which Johnny can
make him Miss and make him pay will let me determine who’s gonna win this fight probably in the first or second round
and it’s a five round fight so I’m looking at Johnny he’s got to avoid that very first one-two
combination if he’s able to slip his head offline and and he will counter before shooting the takedowns he won’t
always just shoot he doesn’t do that normally he normally makes you miss makes you pay and then as you go to
counter off of him making you pay then that’s when he takes you down he’s fabulous at just transitioning from one
thing to the next seamlessly does a great job of that fabian’s gotten a lot better and not just hanging out in the
clinch he’s making you pay now on the brakes as he did against Leota Machida when he knocked him out he’s making you
pay never giving you a moment to rest never giving you a moment to just think that okay you’re gonna we’re gonna break
and now you’re gonna get away from me I’m gonna make you pay and so those are the things that I look at with Fabian
Edwards he’s never never in this fight can he take a breath and go okay okay
I’m good I’m comfortable here you can’t do that with Johnny Edward I agree with you I think the winner of
this fight is the guy that controls the range let’s just be honest because it is about
this is very similar to their different styles Johnny eblin work you know trains with
Sean Strickland but different you know as far as Sean
Strickland’s not a wrestler Johnny Evelyn can out wrestle Sean Strickland any day of the week but both are pressure Fighters and the
same as you saw Sean Strickland putting pressure on Israel adasanya if Johnny Evelyn is able to control the range of
this fight and make Fabian uncomfortable with that range fabian’s gonna have problems if Fabian can control that
range and keep Johnny at that distance where he’s comfortable and comes in and lands his one two and steps off he’s
going to do well in the fight but you know these are those things that you know you never know until they get in well John I want people to if you’re at
home watching this fight take a look at what Kamara Usman and Leon Edwards in the first fight not the first fight
sorry the second fight as you see Leon starts almost like I don’t want to
say give up on himself but just almost succumb to going okay I’m okay I’m comfortable out here on the outside I’m
not taking any damage and then he gets it then then he gets The Knockout okay but Fabian Hills ah
that was the first fight no they fought before that remember when he lost oh yeah you’re right I thought you meant
the first no no you’re right so yes then then Fabian has a tendency sometimes to
just cruise on the outside you’re not touching me you’re not hurting me and you could potentially lose rounds
that way that’ll let me know if Fabian comes out with the fire you know lit under his ass he’s going to try to
pressure him keep his back off the fence and take the center of the cage and dictate the pace a little bit on how um
Leon did in this in the third fight in that final fight against Kamar Usman
in the second fight he didn’t do it as much he stayed on the outside he let kamaru Usman dictate the pace all those
things happened fabian’s got to make sure he takes the center he doesn’t allow Johnny Evelyn to
dictate where this fight got off of that kid the back off the fence and stay moving never never be a stationary
Target you’ve gotta move throw make him make him uh react and then move again
and then throw again so this this makes one of the things one of the things you’re going to have to watch for though is fabian’s going to
do the same thing that you saw Leon doing as far as Leon has kind of made popular within MMA right now is two on
one when someone comes in for the takedown of grabbing that wrist baseball grip on the wrist and controlling one
arm not worrying about the second arm just making sure that those hands cannot come together and I’m going to just
control one arm you’re gonna see Fabian doing the same thing to Johnny eblin or
trying to do the same thing when he comes in for a takeout I don’t think that Johnny’s going to be the pressure to the fence kind of wrestler Johnny’s
gonna be the I’m gonna take you down off transition I’m gonna take you down off transition in the open area that’s the
way he’s gonna do it he did it with gay guard there was a couple times I think against against defense he was able to get gayar down but he’s not that guy
he’s going to keep I started doing he did it against Tokyo oh that’s true yep you’re right all right hey next fight
Aaron Pico taking on Pedro carvalu you know Pedro carvalu from uh Portugal but
living in Ireland he trains at SBG uh well known for Conor McGregor Aaron
Pico coming off a very tough fight in Hawaii because he had a fight before
that with Jeremy Kennedy where he separated his shoulder went through the entire first round with a separated
shoulder they weren’t able to pop it back because it was a as nasty what they were trying to do to pop it back doctor
stopped the fight so he Aaron gets in these positions he’s winning fights and
then he has bad luck something happens you know popping your shoulder out you know he did it throwing a punch you know
and it can happen to anybody we saw TJ Dillashaw doing it with uh Al Jermaine Sterling happened but you’re looking at
this Pedro has fought for the title Aaron Pico is looking to get that shot at the title and possibly with a win
here he’s going to get that shot next fight is Sinead Kavanaugh versus Sarah Collins Sarah Collins this is Mr
contrast of styles you got Sinead Kavanaugh who’s going to be on the feet trying to box her head off and Colin’s
gonna be trying to use utilize her Judo to get this fight to the ground and try to get that quick submission so you made
she’s good she is she’s very good with it to go we’re gonna see if Shanae can keep her back off the fence stay out of the
clinch and let the hands go rip the body maybe a little bit to keep the hands underneath for under Hooks and Sarah
Collins trying to get in on that on that clinch trying to get the foot sweeps hip toss heading arm whatever it is to get
her down to the ground so she could try to utilize her submissions from there um Matt’s Burnell taking on Daniel
weisel that’s an outstanding fight vicely with so many damn fights this guy’s closing in on 60 fights for his
career has fought everyone Matt’s Burnell is as absolutely fun a fighter
to watch because he is tenacious in the stand up he will just continue to come forward he will take shots to give shots
and he’s got a fantastic submission game if the fight hits the ground yeah he loves that Japanese neckties to keep an
eye on that well you know it’s almost like setting up the DARS uh but he hits it with the Japanese necktie and um you
know he’s got that peekaboo that George Foreman peekaboo type style of his defense when he’s on the feet and he
counters really well off of it a little bit of backhand type stuff the Savannah almasi versus Lavon chocolate fight
Lavon chocolate is having he’s come a long way in his last three or four fights he’s got a lot better he’s become
more well-rounded he’s been explosive and dynamic he’s really kind of dominating some of these Fighters a lot
more comfortable in what he’s doing yes and he’s a smart fighter he understands if you’re good on the feet I’m going to
take you down and dominate the position if you’re good on the ground I’m Gonna Keep It on the feet sprawling brawl and let his stand up go he’s got explosive
stand up he’s a fun fighter to watch but so is Sabato masi you got power in the hands lets it fly look win or lose this
kid’s going out on his shield or he’s duck or he’s putting you out on your Shield he’s just he’s just fun he’s an
absolute stud you know but the fight that I’m most excited to see though is the J.J Wilson and monster Bono weave oh
you took my phone go go ahead don’t return me over my friend that’s right exactly both of these guys are
phenomenal on the ground Barn away is very good in the clinch I didn’t expect him to be as good as he was in the
clinch when he fought Brent Primus big elbows big knees mainly elbows he just clinches the head and gets after and the
elbows rocked and dropped um Brent Primus in that first in their fight with the with the clinch in the elbows he
actually it landed so much of that he tired himself out fatigued himself JJ Wilson is also not someone who’s been
extremely known for his cardio and conditioning he is good that was at 45 when he used to get tired he’s now at 55
he’s been at 55 for what three fights now two or three fights he’s been at 55.
um I want to see how that affects his condition his cardio going into the third round if this fight gets there but this fight should be fun both of them
tend to fight really crazy in the first round first two rounds you know until one of them kind of poops out but I
think they’re going to keep going that fight with barnabee versus premise fantastic fight all the way down to The
Bitter End in all five rounds and JJ Wilson is someone who is got big Power
on the on the feet and great submissions great grappling should be a fun fight not going to talk about the fights much
but people be sure to watch cassan manga Med sharapov that is the brother of
a guy that we used to really enjoy watching with a the Abe Lincoln look I
used to love love him but cassan is absolutely an incredible fighter and
undefeated at this point and then Brian Moore my Irish Canelo going up against Otto Rodriguez that should be a great
stand-up fight and you’re gonna be calling that well there’s a couple go back down go back down so the so stop right there that’s good so Roman feraldo
nine and one is it 901 no eight and one eight and one all of his wins by knockout okay a knockout or TKO he’s got
his Luca Pokemon yep and his one line there was two
chocolate right uh yep yeah chocolate so him and then also two I look at uh you
said uh Hassan magamad sharapov but I also go down there to Davey Davey gone
he is fun to watch He’s explosive he’s fun he’s he reminds me a little bit of
uh Jordan kind of a little bit like that he did a little bit different good that’s what
I’m saying but but we’ll but we’ll still standing with anybody and send some incredible Knockouts too so got it
scroll down a little bit more these are just Fighters that I want you guys to keep an eye on when you guys are watching them as huge that kid’s good he
is fun to watch Kenny mokahana kids good fun to watch explosive in the stand-ups
got a good ground game he will go after people Luke Trainor getting better all the time great person works with kids
all the time Big Time foster parent that dude is awesome good stuff well hey
that’s going to wrap up our Bellator talk but uh Dave I feel like you’ve got some news for us that we can maybe rap
on did we already talk about it all yeah really a show we did do it backwards but I do have one more
um and I’ve wanted to get your thoughts on Kevin Holland saying that he wants a new magnify after coming off the loss from this past weekend
the loser Cuts their hair might be a good thing for both yeah who
knows maybe that’ll put them on the win streak oh look you know what I love about Kevin Holland he’s a little bit
like a Conor McGregor right now and his he’s automatically promoting his next fight even off of a loss I’m already
getting my call out I’m already promoting my next fight I already know what I’m doing this is brilliant on his part I gotta be
honest but we’re I’m not in here talking about how I just lost I’m in here talking about who I’m gonna fight next
it’s smart it’s smart on his end um good job good job I just I hope you start I
want him to start developing a little bit more fight IQ because he’s so talented he’s got all the potential just
he really does he does just not it’s not happening it’s not coming through he’s obviously got the Talking part down
not only outside of the cage but in the cage because his last opponent Jack dailymotolina talked about
hey he he really got to me with the talk and it wasn’t like he was bad-mouthing me he was just having a conversation
with me and I’ve never had anybody I fought do that and it really kind of threw me off he’s he was even saying hey
you know we should work out together why don’t we get together and we’ll work out while we’re fighting he goes he’s I’ve never had someone kind of get in my head
the way he did and the way he did it so he’s got he’s got to get the Gap going
well Jonah you and I have talked about this a couple times on the show um I had a very similar situation with uh KJ
Nunes this dude’s being nice to me in there but he’s like talking to me in terms of oh that almost got me oh that was close
oh that was a good shot and it for some reason I was in phenomenal shape for
that fight but after the first round I was beat I couldn’t figure it out I
couldn’t get him to stop talking to me and it was driving me up the wall I even had to go out of my way for the for the
Nate Diaz fight because I had already experienced that with KJ I had someone
come in I had somebody come in and talk [ __ ] to me while I was trained so I had a guy named Rambo he fought out of he
was from Hawaii he’d come in he was my sparring partner he had he was tall long lanky good boxing good stand up you know
good takedown defense and I spar with him a lot for that fight talk [ __ ] to me but it was in Pigeon because he’s from
Hawaii and he would just and he was on it man he’d come in but you’re gonna come in fourth fifth round and point his
gloves at me come get it [ __ ] up you know just all this it’s like you know he like cracks brah just just come after me
so but he was it made a big difference when I got in there for the fight with Nate in the very first kick I threw with
Nate he’s talking [ __ ] what [ __ ] what what what you know and that automatically made me feel a little bit
more comfortable because I knew it was coming the KJ news fight I never experienced it before I threw you off I
mean the whole time he only got takedowns he’s whispering in my ear come on man let’s just this is what we’re gonna do we’re just gonna like lay down
here all day like you’re gonna hold me down I’m gonna I’m not gonna be able to get up is this is not what we’re doing we’re not here doing this aren’t we and
like it was a constant conversation and I’ve got I got fatigue from it I got exhausted from it so I can see exactly
um what uh Jack delaman matalana was thinking it gets tiring it gets exhaust it throws you off it really does make
you think more out there instead of just reacting so uh what else you got for us Dave
we’ll wrap up there that was that was everything no no that’s not it Dave that’s not it Dave I sent you something
in the news you got to pull it up Big John hasn’t seen it I need this is
the greatest thing ever hasn’t it’s an old video apparently Dave says it’s like 10 years old I’m like yeah I’ve never
seen it till now so it’s not that old okay so it’s about 10 minutes old for me I said I said it’s and it’s gonna be
fresh and new for John go ahead show it can you show it for us all right I just loaded it’s loading right now John I had
to send it today because I know there’s not a damn thing you and I could do to understand what the [ __ ] this guy was
saying but it’s a Scottish guy who’s on a roof oh if he’s got a goddess guy on the roof and I want to know if Dave can
just translate because I know when he goes to put the translator on the video for our for our YouTube uh thing it’s
not it’s gonna get lost Dave’s gonna have to actually translate this thing and type it out for the translator thing
that we have for our videos go ahead Dave because it’s ready it’s yeah here
it comes but John it’s hilarious I started thinking I’m like gosh man can
you imagine if Dave had that thick of an accent we no one we couldn’t let him read anything we couldn’t even let him
talk we couldn’t let him talk about anything there’s just no way this is hilarious let’s get this volume up
shut up
okay I just called him a white stain not a wankster okay oh wait no he called him
a wankster Winks they call him a wank sting like it’s in the [ __ ] shot like in the stain of the cup shot but what’s the
rest of what he’s saying I understood the f I understood the the wank yeah he’s stuck in the roof and they’re
telling him how to get down uh and he’s like I can’t put my foot on there because I’ll go through there and I can’t put my foot there because I’ll
slide down he’s like what the [ __ ] are you talking about how did you get foot the word foot how did he get that
oh say it again okay let me hear it one more time we’re gonna see if I can hear this here we go
all right let me see we on it
I can’t stop laughing can you imagine if Dave was stuck on a room so he started
talking about the thing to think about is this man actually speaks with supposedly the same language as you and
I and I can the only thing I can understand is the customers that’s like me in Spanish
so great oh hysterical oh man and it’s foot it’s not fit
good sorry guys I had to I had to get a break out of that it was [ __ ]
hilarious uh can you imagine though if Dave was stuck on a roof if that’s what he would
sound like like if he’s in a panic mode how do I get down how to do this I’ll be great
all right guys wait um we want to thank you guys so much at least I know that he would be calling someone a Wanksta a white stain right
you’re waiting you’re not a winkster you’re a wink stain you know when you get on a wingsters you’re a wankstane oh
thank you guys so much for tuning in and I hope you guys enjoy the show hit the Subscribe button before you guys click off of this video hit that subscribe
button also hit the Bell go to Wayne pick up some of our hoodies they’re available it is thunderstorms
outside so I’m gonna need one of those things here real soon and uh John go ahead and take us away bud
well you need to be very careful in those thunderstorms stay out of the electricity Mister for everyone out
there thank you for tuning in and we will see you

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