Eugene Bareman Explains What Happened in Israel Adesanya's Loss To Sean Strickland at UFC 293


In a recent interview, Eugene Bareman, the head coach of City Kickboxing, discussed Israel Adesanya’s loss to Sean Strickland at UFC 293 and the possibility of a rematch. Bareman emphasized the importance of leaving no stone unturned in preparation for a rematch and highlighted the team’s dedication to analyzing every detail and making necessary adjustments.

Bareman stated, “We’re just all there watching every little detail, every little single movement. This was for Alex for the rematch. This is what I mean. This is all you have to do. You have to just like if there’s anything you left unturned, you just have to take care of that’s the only way to get it to another level. And we’re just going to put all our effort and all our every ounce of intellect, every ounce, every hour, every waking hour, we’re gonna direct towards this rematch.”

He emphasized the team’s commitment to thoroughly reviewing the footage and identifying areas for improvement. Bareman acknowledged that there were mental aspects that needed to be addressed and expressed confidence in their ability to quickly adjust and potentially see a completely different fight in the rematch.

The Argument for an Immediate Rematch

Bareman was asked about the argument for an immediate rematch and whether Adesanya should have the opportunity to face Strickland again. He responded, “This is the biggest star in the sport right now, you know, arguably top three. I mean, you can count Colorado, just kind of don’t participate in the sport anymore. So who you got? You got Jones and you got two the two best buddies James and um your best friends, your best friends, yeah James and Addison. When you’re this big in the sport, what argument is there? If anybody has an argument, put their fighter for it. If their fighter does as much for the company as Israel and makes as much money for the company as Israel, then put your argument forward. But the fact is that Israel has been a long-serving member for the sport and this company. He makes his company a lot of money and he’s gone out of his way for this company, so he deserves a rematch. If there’s an argument against that, then I won’t know about it because I won’t read about it.”

The Timeline for the Rematch

When asked about the timeline for the rematch, Bareman initially mentioned the possibility of doing the rematch in a week’s time. However, he clarified that it was more of an allusion to the fact that the game plan still existed and there were mental adjustments that could be made quickly. Realistically, Bareman stated that the rematch would likely take place at the end of the year or starting next year. He explained that good coaches and teams need time to develop things and make necessary adjustments. He also acknowledged that Strickland’s team would be analyzing the fight and looking for the same things they were, making the rematch even more intriguing.

City Kickboxing and UFC 300

Bareman was asked about the possibility of having City Kickboxing fighters on UFC 300, which is considered a historic event. He mentioned that he would love for Adesanya to fight on UFC 300, but also acknowledged that the middleweight division would need to move before then. He expressed his belief that both Adesanya and Volkanovski should be on the card, as they have made a significant impact on the sport in the last few years. Bareman emphasized the importance of having marquee fighters like them on a card as significant as UFC 300.

Standout Performances and Overcoming Challenges

Bareman praised the standout performances of Carlos Ulberg, Tyson Pedro, and Kevin Justsat in their recent fights. He specifically highlighted Ulberg’s performance, noting that he had overcome a significant injury leading up to the fight. Bareman revealed that Ulberg had arrived in Sydney unable to walk on his leg and the team initially believed it was gout. However, blood tests later revealed that it was a different injury, though they were still unsure of the exact nature of it. Despite the injury, Ulberg was able to fight and put on an impressive performance.

Bareman also commended Tyson Pedro and Kevin Justsat for their performances, mentioning Pedro’s debut against a highly regarded opponent and Justsat’s ability to control his opponent. He expressed his happiness for all three fighters and mentioned that they celebrated their victories together.

The Rematch and Inflicting More Damage

When discussing the rematch between Adesanya and Strickland, Bareman emphasized the need for Adesanya to inflict more pain and damage on his opponent. He acknowledged that there is a risk involved in trying to hurt someone, as it puts oneself in harm’s way. However, he stated that their job is to find a way to minimize the risk while still inflicting significant damage. Bareman assured that fans can expect a real good fight and an intriguing rematch against a great opponent and team.

Bareman’s Excitement for the Challenge

Bareman expressed his excitement for the challenge of coaching and strategizing for the rematch. He compared it to going into battle and testing one’s intellect against the other team’s intellect. He mentioned that if he couldn’t fight anymore, coaching and strategizing for fights was the next best thing. He expressed his enthusiasm for the rematch and his confidence in Adesanya and the team.

Casper Dennis here for submission radio
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submission for 20 off a day after UFC
293 with the one and only Eugene
Barrowman man it’s it it still hasn’t
set in what is it like the day after uh
knowing the fight that went the way it
you literally kind of right there like
it still hasn’t really set in
it’s good to be it’s good to face the
music I think you should it’s one thing
to face the music when you went but you
should also face the music when you lose
Israel doesn’t necessarily feel like he
wants to do that yet but he’ll come
so I’m kind of like taking the reins in
that regard so
um yeah kind of surreal you’re too to
lose a fight against like Pereira where
you know that things can turn on a dime
to in a fight like this we
you know we didn’t take Sean lightly but
we thought we would have the tools to
take Sean
um to do it do what’s necessary to get a
win over Sean and then for him to cause
an upset like that what an achievement
for him and his team and uh respect and
props must go to them
um Eric and uh all of their team all
their training Partners coaches managers
yeah well done to Sean and his team by
the way Casper didn’t mention but a
great performance of the postified press
conference from one Eugene bearman who
will be doing interviews and probably tv
ads all over Australia New Zealand have
you had a chance to speak with Israel
since the fight happened uh last night
or maybe this morning and sort of if you
have what’s the general vibe from him
with this one compared to say the loss
to Alex
look at it
we very quickly turned Israel’s
attention to the fact that three of his
teammates had one and then that was
that’s a ploy I I did that intentionally
because I wanted Israel to
just be a little bit Carefree but not
think so much about what happened but he
feels it he feels it he knows that
um capability wise that was a fight that
could have went and should have won and
uh he he didn’t perform
respect like you gotta understand when I
say when someone says when a coach says
or anybody who knows the sport says uh
they had an off night or he didn’t
that doesn’t mean that’s not an excuse
that means
they’re acknowledging that the other
person made them not perform
that’s what you’re saying like you so
um you don’t just go in one night and
just not perform this or for a reason
and most of the time that reason is that
the opponent does certain things
um that’s that make you not perform so
can’t take nothing away from Sean like
this is
um was he the most unlikely
Champion ever
um even surpassing Michael Bisping some
would say yes and that’s just such a
brilliant story for him
the rematch will be the end of that
story take us into sort of um the
um yesterday and sort of you mentioned
how like you guys couldn’t really
connect what exactly happened and um I
guess that’s a fascinating thing right
now be able to connect it it almost felt
like you guys were fighting five fights
you know trying to sort of get that one
back each round uh you’re not wrong like
no we didn’t change things round around
we just made small adjustments also
communication communicate the same thing
but slightly differently and Fighters
will pick up on it a little better so we
change the way we articulated it
um then when things weren’t working
um we had several other plans that um we
were shuffling to and we weren’t those
um which I wasn’t able to uh
you know find some Freedom with those
options as well
then he started um
he he emptied the bag of trucks a little
bit too early so short he showed Sean a
few too many things uh too early in the
round and
the way that this level of fighting is
you don’t want to show you a bag of
tricks too early you want to set them up
and finesse them and when you throw one
move and it closes the door on that move
then that segues to the next opening
that’s kind of how we plan things but he
showed it all too early
um and and I was just getting them off
that and then it was like Wow as you
showed everything to Sean and Sean’s
made the adjustments it was just it’s
just a very stagnated night where we
um see eye to eye on things and we
couldn’t find a thing that Israel needed
to break through
um you have nights like this sometimes
you the thing is
what makes
these Fighters the best in the world and
these teams the best in the world is
because they don’t have these nights
yeah but I mean we had one and we had
one because
um uh Sean and his team they were just
bitter tonight they were better than us
like I just can’t really sugarcoat that
yeah what did you think of Sean’s actual
game plan he kind of stuck to the basics
in there uh what do you think of his
actual performance yeah and because like
you mentioned it looked like he wanted
to experience and see all the tricks and
break that distance down to experience
the shots early he even mentioned going
into this fight he likes to fuel the
power he wants to feel what happens and
then he starts to unload so in a lot of
ways him closing down that distance and
staying in that in that space trying to
get all that early and out of the way so
he can sort of get going as well
he effectively he did what a lot of
Fighters aren’t willing to do
and he put himself in the heat he put
himself in the heat so that he could get
off his own heat
every fighter talks about us
and they do uh brave enough to try and
do it they’ve been
um punished by Israel badly which is
part of the reason why a lot of them
don’t do it
Sean however
you have this one chance in your life to
do this this is your one opportunity
I should just post uh pre-fight I said
it’s not one guy that’s going to come
through the Heat
get his Road open up in front of him
it’s going to be this guy he seems like
that guy and sure enough he was
Israel couldn’t find the button this
time he couldn’t find
even the accumulated damage wasn’t good
enough for Israel to like make any
Segway on Sean he just couldn’t find the
button he couldn’t find the right
positions to
Sean so
um it ended up being uh yeah a bit of a
bit of a long month for Israel I feel
like Israel probably takes losses better
than anyone and he can’t approved that
after the Pereira lost the way he came
back we were speaking about this
yesterday I felt like Israel didn’t
really owe anybody his time afterwards
of the press he did show up made a quick
announcement then he had better things
to do sort of with his life then you
took over but it’s sort of in the grand
scheme of things how do you think this
loss potentially affects Israel’s Legacy
um look that’s I don’t think it
that’s the thing when you’re talking
about Legacy and stuff like
it’s sometimes get tainted if you fight
like a lot of Fighters taint their
legacy because they fight on too long
and then there’s a recency bias where
people think of those fights and they
forget all the all the massive amount of
work that they’ve done
you know like Roberto Duran for instance
one of the best fighters of all time but
has he he fought way past his time right
so people have a recent advice and they
remember that I don’t think it is Legacy
too much what will the fact is what
affects your legacy too much is if you
end up cheating and stuff like if you
end up being a drugs cheat or something
like that and then people are like wow
how long was he cheating for us entire
Legacy so he hasn’t you know like I
don’t think it’ll fix it too much I
think this sets off another epic part of
his story
um like enough for the rematch in there
I think it’s also it needs to be said
that the frequency that Israel fights
isn’t common in the UFC and when you
fight so frequently it takes so many
opportunities and go out there so much
once or twice you might lose but there’s
a lot of respect in the fact that he’s
he fights so much he puts himself out
there he keeps a schedule the most UFC
Champions have not in the past and I
think that’s something that gets ignored
I just want to quickly go back to the
fight because I have to ask this huge a
lot of people wondering if there’s an
injury or something wrong with Israel in
that fight obviously when you watch the
exchanges it just looked like it was
maybe a second off certain shots it was
just a little bit a centimeter off for
the distance a little bit with some of
the shots he looked at maybe a little
bit slower in certain exchanges so
people are wondering if there was some
kind of health issue or reason or maybe
even over training or anything going
into this fight that you can sort of
point to as well when looking at the
let me say this I’m not going to comment
on that at all and it is like when teams
and coaches and Fighters they do that
it’s I can’t sits
it annoys me because every fighter gets
injured and every fighter has injuries
going on
and at the end of the day if you walk in
there with an injury you you still feel
confident that you can win the fight
so in that regard he was in full perfect
people that I trust people that know the
sport and there’s not many people in the
world that know the sport that’s three
maybe just you yeah there’s a very very
small small percentage less than one
they thought there was something
off with Israel a little bit
that I couldn’t see because I was too
involved I was doing it sometimes you
need an outside perspective looking in I
couldn’t see what they’ve seen but I
trust the opinion
I trust what they see
and I never saw that I’m gonna that’s
the honest truth I couldn’t see what
they have shared with me
cage side I had no idea and I’m like
well this this is during the fight or
this is after this was post flights so
people I trust people like well-known
coaches very smart people have told me
that they saw certain things in Israel
that I couldn’t see cage side
that I trust your opinion and now I have
to go back and analyzeify myself and
have a look at it
I want to give all the credit to to to
to Sean and his team and Eric and uh the
other coaches that were was going on
um I never saw some of these things
um that some of the people that I trust
can’t take nothing away from Erica
insurance man what what a crazy story I
said I traveled home after that post
right press conference with Ash and
and Tim the managers and I we the whole
writers I had like a 30-minute ride in
silence and then about 20 minutes
um through the ride I just broke this
harness and I said and I just was like
how the [ __ ] did that happen
and then we just all started laughing
and then we all started just laughing
and just giving each other shift and
we’re like it’s a crazy sport man this
is the craziness of the sport
and what a story what a what a epic
story like Sydney UC we delivered we
delivered what a fantastic main event
later one we were on the receiving game
but man what a fantastic sport this is
for everybody to enjoy all the fans out
there to enjoy
just on on those things that you might
need to address now sort of how much of
it is going back to the drawing board
how how major are those changes and how
would that affect say the timeline
nah look man my me and my coaches were
so thorough
it was so thorough
um and we think the things that we’ve
seen are still there we just couldn’t
get Israel
to see the same thing so we have to
address that
Sean’s holes are still there this will
will still be there I feel
it was more
the execution of the strategy and we’re
going to look at why Israel wasn’t able
to execute and why are we why we weren’t
able to make some of the subtle changes
and see them and you can’t I know you
can’t put all the blame on us right you
gotta like we’re a team we’re a team
Israel loses we’re all lost that’s how
we treat it so you can’t put all the
blame on as well it was us as well we
don’t have the best performance we felt
as a corner we definitely didn’t have
the biggest performance so we need to
look at the whole overall picture
but we also need to go to another level
in the rematch which is such a difficult
and like I already alluded to when when
you feel like you leave no stone
unturned and then somehow you’ve got to
find more
um you know next and crannies where you
think you’ve already covered everything
but we will we’ll do it we did it for
Pereira I’ve done it several other times
with other high-level Fighters like you
be super super diligent you just get in
front of the you just get in front of
the laptop get in front of the computer
screen you get your coaches together you
know instead of getting together once a
week to watch video you get to you get
get them together three times a week
instead of messaging twice you know
instead of messaging twice a week each
other in our coaching group we message
each other every day
you know we we instead of
two or three coaches being there for
half the week and the other two coming
in we’re just all the every every every
session we’re all there watching every
little detail every little single
movement this was for Alex for the
rematch this is what I mean this is all
you have to do you have to just like
if there’s anything you left unturned
you just have to take care of that’s the
only way to get it to another level
and we’re just going to put all our
effort and all our every ounce of
intellect every ounce every hour every
waking hour
we’re gonna direct towards this rematch
and Israel um
and this will be a good story for Israel
um I know a lot of people are like hey
what happens next do you give another
Contender a shot do you remember the
division along do you do the rematch
from your perspective what’s the
argument to do the immediate rematch and
then also just quickly do you feel like
this sort of your your comments in the
past about drikas and stuff like that do
you think it rings even truer now
because you did say like you basically
never know what’s going to happen in
this sport no you can’t you can uh I’m
sure I’m sure the South African fans and
the drinkers fans talked a lot of [ __ ]
on me then and if I don’t read your
comments because I never read comments
that’s the golden rule in the sport
I’m laughing to the bank now because now
directors don’t know where he is on the
now anything could happen
now comes out gets a good one polar
Costa gets a good one you think it’s
going to be you think they’re going to
give the next shot to Justice who’s been
sitting on the sidelines doing nothing
so it just goes to show that what I said
was true if you’re not willing to fight
for an injury and you’re sitting too
comfortable thinking you can you’re just
going to get the next total shot you
don’t know the sport you your team
hasn’t been in the sport long enough
they’re not smart enough to think this
they can’t manipulate the UFC their new
team to the USC they’re not a veteran
team like my team
so um yeah anyway enough said about
there I was in the spot the next battle
oh just the argument for the immediate
rematch um that this is the biggest star
in the sport
the biggest star in the sport right now
you know arguably
top three I mean you can count Colorado
just kind of don’t participate in the
sport anymore so who you got
you got Jones and
you got two the two best buddies James
and um your best friends your best
friends yeah James and Addison
when you’re this when you’re this big in
the sport
um what what argument is there if if
anybody has an argument put their
Fighter for it if they’re fine if their
fighter does as much for the company as
Israel and makes as much money for the
company as Israel doesn’t
put your argument forward but the fact
is that you know Israel has been a
long-serving member for the sport for
this for this company
he uh makes his company a lot of money
and uh he’s gone out of his way for this
company so he deserves a rematch I can’t
really if there’s an argument against
that then there is I won’t know about it
I won’t read about it yeah and I think
as well people are wondering what that
rematch would look like as well you
mentioned that you and the coaches want
to go back look at the footage figure
the stuff out but then I know yesterday
you also said hey we’ll do this rematch
in a week’s time we’ll do this rematch
soon so ideally what is the timeline
that you’re looking at because if you
want to review the footage leave no
stone unturned but at the same time sort
of capitalize and the fans really
wanting to see this happen again get
back in there what’s the ideal timeline
for you to sort of get the three match
um realistically
realistically end of the year starting
next year which was realistically I mean
I said one week because there was more
me alluding to that
I think the game plan’s still there it
still exists I think that there’s uh
some mental things there that we can
quickly adjust on a week and then get
back in there and we could see a
completely different fight
um with us Sean’s able to
impose that
um those mental blocks that he put on
ezrael I don’t know if he’ll be able to
do that again so that’s all I was
alluding to
we can turn that over real real quick
Pereira we couldn’t have turned over in
a week
um we we needed time we needed time
there was things there that we needed to
adjust those details there we needed to
look at
um well man like realistically in the
end of the year
started next year
time time is what good coaches good
teams need they need time to develop
things and they got a really good team
and it’s not like they’re going to be
looking at the fight they’re going to
look at their fight and they’re going to
see they’re going to see the same things
that we see so
rematches is intriguing that’s right
Eugene you know with time I just really
quickly want to bring up as well
everybody’s talking about UFC 300 and
you guys have created history with ckb
doing the six fights this past weekend I
know you want to do the Auckland card
which will be historic as well but what
would it mean for you to have some of
your fighters on UFC 300 because we’ve
already got Wilco speaking a little bit
about wanting to be on UFC 300 Israel
has already said he’ll let volco main
event that he’s happy to co-main with
that what would that mean to you as a
coach to be able to be a part of such a
big card maybe get a few of the other
guys on the card as well from ckb and
UFC 300 there’s something about those
round numbers right so it’s obviously
300 seems like a massive one
do you know when that’s scheduled for
look past maybe April yeah April April
yeah I don’t know I think maybe the
middleweight division has to move before
then you know it does I mean I would
love for Israel to fight on yourself
we’ll have to fight Strickland UFC 300
that’ll be a massive weather weather the
middleweight division can be held up
there long I’m not sure I think volca or
Israel should be on their card I think
if you’re talking about
um fighters in the last three or four
years that have um you know put a
footprint down on the scene
and I bought something different to the
scene of what a different level of skill
that hasn’t been seen before on the
sport you’re talking about
um you know guys like volco
um Israel
when you’re even talking about guys like
khabib and stuff is retired they just
bring something different at different
level and you have to have these Marquee
guys on a card like 300 so I hope we
have someone
I’m just not sure if it’ll be Israel or
Volker or maybe both
well you got a lot of guys also that are
sort of climbing the ranks and like had
great performances yesterday you
mentioned at the start you know the
three boys that sort of did really well
Carlos oldberg Uh Kevin just sat and
then Tyson Pedro what was sort of the
standout performance for you what was
something that you were really happy
with that you guys put a lot of effort
into in Camp and then saw that executed
colors always yeah kind of so big
um he’s coming to his own
yeah and
I spoke a little bit about this but
and I’d if we lose I don’t like to talk
about injuries I think it takes away
from the other person’s home but if we
win it’s fine
he’s he literally couldn’t walk on his
leg when he got off the plane to get
here in Sydney
and I was like hey this is crazy like
and we couldn’t even identify the injury
we thought it was gout
um and then now now we’ve found out
through the blood test that has got
nothing to do with gout so we currently
now don’t even know what the injury is
oh wow houses Louisiana any better or
still still crap it was in a brace I
believe at the post by presser yeah so
the gout medication made it bitter right
enough for him to fight
but the gout medication we gave him
because we thought it was God it wasn’t
gout yeah yeah something completely
different we did blood tests so
he was and
very mentally mentally he was in a very
Shifty place right to keep a close eye
on him he’s mentally very strong person
but even him I felt like
it was he was fighting a battle
um Monday not so good Tuesday not so
good Wednesday slight Improvement
Thursday even so slight Improvement
Friday we’re weighing in still limping
all right mate this is crazy and so did
you know that he would even make it to
the fight or was it very touch and go
throughout the week I’ve always got a
fight right I mean just
no one on my team would pull out in the
last week actually we’re always going to
fight it was just that mental battle
that he played with himself he wasn’t
able to do the trainings that wears on
you mentally you come out there once
that injury still existing but we got it
we got it good enough that he can move
around and stuff
um and then to go out there and be there
dangerous like underrated dangerous
opponent a real dangerous underrated
opponent with a record that doesn’t
reflect how good he is so
um that was my stand-up performance but
I was happy man like Tyson was
incredible and I came out in this debut
against the guy that they had some big
wraps on as a bit of a brawler and stuff
and Kevin was able to control him
um yeah I thought those guys I man I
couldn’t be happier for those guys and
we celebrated their ones last night so
very happy I think we all celebrated
their wins last night the boys were a
bit Dusty
and by the way the pleasure man went
down but you know he came hopefully he
comes back up and has another turn I’m
sure Eugene but him and a big fan of the
um as we wrap up man this rematch people
are wondering what’s it gonna look like
what what kind of outcome it’s going to
have how different is it going to be to
the first one there’s a million little
things that you mentioned stones that
need to be sort of left unturned before
you walk in there but when you sort of
do think about this rematch there’s
anything stand out to you about any
differences or anything that fans can
sort of expect that spring to you
straight away compared to what we saw
has to
inflict up more
pain and damage on this man
and what that’s going to mean
as we have to find a way to do it
and minimize
how much hams we kind of put in front of
because when you try to hurt someone
the cost of that is that you’re putting
yourself In Harm’s Way for a little bit
and our job is to find a way where you
can stay just inside enough
to inflict some proper damage but still
mitigate the risk
and so you’re gonna see a fight you’re
going to see a real good fight and an
intriguing rematch against a great
opponent and a great team and
this is the end of the interview then I
want to congratulate Sean and Eric and
and yeah I’m looking forward to doing
battle again you look excited by this
challenge I think ah this is life my
friend like if it’s
I would love to still be a fighter but
I’m just getting too old and if you
can’t fight then and you love going to
battle and you just love
just going up against other men and just
seeing who’s the best and you’re too old
and you can’t do it anymore then
then this is an Express thing put your
intellect up against you the other teams
intellect and send your guy out there
and come up with Australian game plan
and see who comes up with the better
strategy and game plan and who’s better
on the night and it’s just that that
it’s just exciting signing from my
perspective of signing for the fans
signing for Israel and Sean sir
it’s going to be cool we’re excited to
see how you guys tackle the puzzle uh
that the return is always the most
exciting thanks so much for your time
you’d really appreciate it and
congratulations on a big night yesterday
three wins three out of six impressive
stuff and a lot of new
um blood from ckb taking over very
excited to see what’s next as well for
all the boys we could thank you Liz good
to be here