Aljamain Sterling: Max Halloway KO, Emotions 1week on from O'Malley Loss | TWS

what’s up guys welcome back to the weekly scraps
episode 245 We are booking bro cranking and rolling all right
so we’re about a week removed from our fight now um obviously things Gonna Go My Way but
for some reason I this is like this is like the lightest I’ve felt in a
very long time and not to bore guys with this I know I think we touched on this a little bit
last week um just since 2019 when I got my first surgery with my wrist I mean I’ve had
surgeries before that when I had my first surgery with that that was like the most recent one I thought Pedro I
thought Jimmy Rivera then four pages Munoz I knew my wrist was getting bad deteriorating I got the surgery I was
out for a year I came back pretty much right into a camp so from that whole
time doing PT because obviously if you’re partying and you’re drinking the whole time it slows down your recovery
so I wasn’t really able to to do that to enjoy the W’s as much so from there to
sandhagen then to the yawn fight um I was supposed to fight yond and the fight got pushed back my neck issues
then John pulled out of the fight so delays delays delays so it’s just constant training camp start stop start
stop so it’s like a mental and physical roller coaster that you have to try to make sure you’re peaking at the right
time not over training and things like that so with that being said
then I go into the yarn fight we all know how crazy that was the knee
everyone thought I was acting I’m out for a year with surgery again
this time my neck thinking my career is over so the whole time I’m grinding trying to get back so just imagine
grinding for a year like yeah you could party a little bit but at the same time you’re kind of like well there’s only so
much I could do because I don’t want to give my body Dimension return to slow down my recovery because at that point everyone hated me thought I was milking
just to have the belt I’m like dude man I’m actually legitimately hurt I’ve been hurt for a very long time and I’ve just
been sucking it up and competing so like I said long story short this is
the lightest I felt in a long time stress-free I legit don’t have anyone calling my
phone talking about a potential fight date talking about when they want me to get
back any type of timeline I don’t have to do another surgery thank thank God
this is this is the this is the best downtime that I’ve ever had and I I feel
like I just feel like a big burden over my shoulders win or lose obviously I would have liked to have
gone out with the win and then take my vacation and still would have felt the same but you know it is what it is I
made good money I’m happy about the opportunity I had a chance to do something that I don’t
think any other UFC champion has ever done in in terms of the turnaround and coming out of a five rounds I don’t I
don’t want to use the war the word War because when I think of War I’m thinking like
Dan Henderson Shogun Hua I’m thinking Forrest Griffin Stefan Bonner like those are Wars Jon Jones versus Alexander
Gustafson won that’s a war I had a very competitive and painful scrap with
Hennessy you know went the distance and then to make a turn around like that to go do something
you know to to chase a dream to chase a goal and to take out the biggest name in my
division right now in the states I took a shot obviously I came up short
um for technical reasons that you know I I saw something that I I actually dented
in and I got caught I got caught from a beautiful setup
um and I don’t want to call a setup a beautiful a beautiful counter you know because I I don’t want to say like the
guy knew I was going to run in but I I have shown that tendency in the past that sometimes I’ll push forward and
even go into this I knew that was something I couldn’t do but somehow uh I just kind of drew a blank in that
second because I thought I saw whatever thought I saw something Sean did a great job he capitalized and
uh so that’s why I don’t like using the word cart because they knew that was something but I don’t still don’t want
to say they set it up knowing like hey he’s going to come forward now because definitely I don’t think it was like that at least in my opinion I don’t know
him and his team thinks but um that’s how I felt so just just saying like I feel good man
Life’s good so I I’ve been getting a lot of text and I still got a ton of DMs I got to get through
um if I just like it guys don’t don’t hate me there’s just so many messages and personal texts that I’ve gotten that
I had to actually take time to respond to um so like the fans and whatnot like
obviously we don’t have like a deep connection the sense that we have a personal interaction
um so just don’t hate me for just giving it a like at least I’ve read it you know what I mean I I think that’s cool that I’m
even taking the time to to read people’s messages and things like that so uh thank you for the love and support man
it’s it’s been um cool to see the kind of turnaround that people are actually starting to see
my real personality even though I don’t think um I I really am saying or doing
anything different than I have yeah I’ve talked I talk to my opponents that’s just the name of the game I promote the fight that’s what I do with
everybody but I think people are now starting to actually listen to my words as opposed to ignoring what I’m saying
because they they think my run was very um fluky or whatever I mean even if you
want to say my run has been fluky I that’s a pretty damn good fluke at the
highest level to have fluke wins over some really badass that
fight hey you know what I mean so to say it’s a fluke it’s it’s a weird thing to to describe a fight if I’m using my
style to neutralize my opponent and win the best way that I could possibly win
um but with that being said people are going to always have their opinions and I can’t do anything about that all I can
do is do me compete as best as I compete and hopefully the fight goes my way
and obviously the last one didn’t um I’m kind of liking the green hair though I I kind of feel like the Riddler
slash Green Lantern and it kind of gives me my Caribbean Jamaican Vibes with the
green and obviously Boston was green as well so it kind of just worked so I’m thinking like fight week this
might be something that I do going forward so I don’t know I mean let me know what you guys think in the comments for sure because I I like the look
I think it’s pretty different um there’s not a lot of guys coming out with just green hair green breeds I’m
not dying it I got some green hair actually in my hair and it’s actually making the hair hold up I’m clearly not
training and sweating as much as I was before so it’s lasting a bit longer
um but yeah man it’s like I said I I I don’t feel any regrets for taking a
fight taking the opportunity like but let’s call it what it is this that fight was stacked to the gills in O’Malley’s
favor to win and I think I did a pretty damn good job of trying to drown out the noise focus on me focus on the things
that I can control and put myself and give myself the best opportunity to win it just came up short you know it wasn’t
like I got beat down if I got beat down and I was mentally out of it then it’s a
different conversation you know what I mean um but I I don’t feel there’s any
inadequacy in skill level or well obviously in the counter department but
in skill level in terms of the Striking and the fight IQ
um there was clearly a discrepancy in patience though patience for sure if I
just had just taken my time I could legitimately just thought five rounds like I did the first round
and I think the fans rightfully would have been more mad at Sean as the
striker of the fight predominantly stays on a fee and to not really be opening up and taking chances and that’s where I
kind of dropped the ball because eventually he would have had to have come to me and uh I think I could have did a better job a much better job of
staying patient and staying true within myself but it is what it is man you live and you learn you can’t win them all
I’ve had a good run and I think there’s more good times to come of course and
with that being said um I I think there’s a couple fun matchups for O’Malley I think obviously
they got the Cheetos timeline with the the storyline I should say with the loss
The Perennial peroneal nerve um the fight only lasts like three maybe
four minutes I don’t think it was even four minutes I think three minutes that’s an interesting one because I
think Cheeto is very stationary which Sean likes he likes to just throw one-off shots and kind of move move
around pick apart his opponents until he could land that kill shot I don’t know if he’s doing that to Cheeto Cheetos got
a hell of a chain and really good defense he’ll probably be able to chop down Cheetos legs and attack the body
but I I just can’t see him really hurting him
he doesn’t tend to run into anything he stays grounded um he picks his shots he’s planted and
rooting into the ground when he’s fighting but I think a guy who’s very mobile like Sean is going to be very hard for Cheeto to hit and kind of
corner and cut him off so that would be the interesting part of that that matchup but honestly guys
Corey saying Higgins hurt Umar and a Maga mad officer marab is recovering um Henry siguro is healing up and he
should be good to go so out of those guys I think there’s only one name that comes
to mind and has algerman Sterling in the rematch no no all jokes aside though I think if
I don’t get the immediate rematch and I don’t want to fight if they were offering me that immediate rematch for
like December I’m just trying to respectfully decline um but if they were to do it early next
year like January February I would accept it in a heartbeat but if I’m not going to get the rematch
the next guideline has to be more Rob DeVos really has to be number one Contender
um I don’t think any other matchup makes more sense than him clearly the other guys are on the sideline they’re hurt so
it’s going to be very interesting to see what the UFC actually does but I think that is the most logical matchup whether or not that’s a
fun fight for the fans I don’t know I think it’s another interesting matchup with a guy who can get takedowns over
and over over again exhausts his opponents I mean look what he did with Yan look
how the fight would Yan and and O’Malley went um it just makes things interesting and then obviously my fight with uh Sean
until it was over it it leaves a lot of interesting
questions to be answered and I think it’d be a great opportunity for morab to get a title shot and to become the first
Georgian Champion you know so I think that’d be huge for him in this country it’d be huge for us and our team and of
course that’ll put me in limbo I know people are like well what does that leave you Al Joe I don’t know
um maybe I stick around at 35 and take like a fight or two and then maybe I explore
45 or maybe I just go right to 45. it just really depends let’s just see how things shape up before we just kind of
start jumping to conclusions and and getting all crazy with all this other
stuff and by the way this podcast is brought to you by nerd focus and Funk Harbor we
are coming to stores soon we got a couple things we got to tighten up with the label and then we’ll get the clearance we can submit to ttb and cola
and we’ll be Off to the Races I’m hoping projecting that we should have everything
like done up to the nine where it’s just ready to go print and press rinse and
repeat for production hopefully September hopefully
um but I gotta get on that I got to do my part but at the same time I kind of want to take vacation just kind of chill so I gotta find that work life balance
right now um in this separate Venture from fighting but like I was saying I I think
Murad makes the most sense that’d be a very interesting fight uh I think Sean will pose some problems with the
Striking I’m not gonna lie based on the the footwork and the movement that Sean has but I do think marab is a little he
has shown to be very very patient and that I think
is the key to beating a guy like Sean and we knew that going in with my fight
preparing for him it’s the the guys he highlights are the guys that run forward
or the guys that just walk forward they’re just plotty stationary linear
there’s no side to side angles there’s no faints there’s no footwork and I think that’s where moroba can make
things very tricky for uh Sean to do it because again for his stuff to work he has to
come forward and when you come forward you give the grappler an opportunity to grab you lock your hands and do really
really good stuff in their favor where Sean has the reach he has the height we can see
him I can see him trying to stay long and just throw like front kicks the whole time calf kicks the whole time
long Jabs um one twos the same way he pretty much was trying to fight me
but I think that style only works as we saw like the first round was non-eventful is that on me or is that on
Sean the striker or the wrestler like we know what I’m trying to do trying to pressure forward and cut you off but at the same
time you’re trying to stay long and use footwork and faints the whole time you’re going to kind of get a boring
fight if no one decides to push forward so that’s where I kind of wonder how
that matchup would play out if mirab stays discipline for 25 minutes how does Sean win
let’s see if the UFC makes that match up because that would be a fun one to watch
and I hope they do um career zombie man retired very
intriguing moment because this guy he’s been a he’s a Pioneer I think he hit the
first twister in the UFC uh or WC whatever he’s one of the first twister
guys and to come out and always put it on the line I I feel bad for those two
years that he lost when he went to war for his country of course it’s a very Noble thing I’m not saying he should not have done that but it’s very unfortunate
that we lost two years of zombie in the Octagon after he had that fight to
Jose Aldo for the title and it was a very competitive fight back then until his shoulder came out the socket and
then that was pretty much the last we saw of him for a very long time it would be interesting to see what he
would have been able to do in that time if he actually stayed in the
in the pool the whole time competing with everybody now he’s done he’s off man and I just want
to say thank you Korean zombie for all the great fights and the great memories man walk out entrance iconic zombie
fights where just this intensity in this ferocity just like ferocious
ferociousness just he’s just the he’s the guy he’s a Fighter’s fighter
and uh he will be missed of course you know he got into that zombie mode
took a chance pushed forward and I feel like we’ve been seeing a lot of these counter crosses or overhands that have
been putting guys out when they get over aggressive myself uh JP um against McGee
um now zombie and Holloway and there was one more that we had I had just saw
um it was a quick one
um I don’t know I I can’t remember off the top of my head there’s been so many fights but we’ve been seeing a lot of
these cross counters where guys are pushing in the other person’s getting the head off the center line or they’re
stepping back and intercepting and I think we’re gonna start to see a trend where people are going to have to be a
little bit more patient they can’t just Wade in forward Ah that’s when you get caught you know another one that reminds
me Jessica and Josh versus um Zhang Wei Lee and I think Yao Shannon both those fights I think she did the
exact same thing what she got caught coming in being overly aggressive aggressiveness works when the guy covers
up or the female covers up but when the person is like looking the whole time and kind of waiting and they can set and
plant their feet it’s a recipe for disaster and more than likely you are going to get sat on that
ass or probably knocked out cold um yeah so with that being said Holloway
showed that he had some what he said he had stones in those pillows those pillowcases this time and good for him
man good win over a Savage veteran like Korean zombie
now people are talking about us fighting if I come up to 45 and earning my shot at the title
that’s a very interesting fight I mean I’m not ruling it out but it’s also like that’s Max Holloway man that’s that’s a
fight I need to make sure I I am more than well prepared to to be up for that guy does not quit we know how
he scraps he brings that energy man so I gotta be ready to go I can’t afford to be making any mistakes in a matchup like
that yeah he might not be the the sniper of sitting down on his punches but he’s
a volume guy and I think volume guys are more dangerous because you know you’re
in for a long night if you can’t take them down or if you can’t get to the
back control or you can’t put them away early you are in for a long long night of damage
and that’s how Max fights man he brings the volume count with punches spinning
back kicks Cav cakes body kicks he makes it up well against zombie in this last fight
and we all seen his fights with yair we’ve seen his fight with Ortega we’ve seen this fight with voknowski
you know if Volk wasn’t here Max would probably still be the champ you know um so that says a lot so if I could go
out there and beat a guy like Max that’s that’s crazy but you know I’ve trained with him before in the past
it’s just weird like 45 there’s guys I’ve trained with I’ve trained with um Brian Ortega I’ve trained with Max
um then you got Giga chikaze and taporia I’ve never trained with those two guys but the Georgian I’m like
I don’t want to fight either one of those guys because of the relationship with marab I know that would get very
awkward and I feel like secretly I don’t even know like I I feel I don’t know I
don’t know where the Loyalty would go I really don’t know I have to ask around like which way you rock it with bro I
know you probably say one thing and your heart probably feels another so I don’t know it’s uh it would be a very weird
and tricky situation so I would rather avoid a situation like that unless I were to fight a guy like Max or Arnold
Allen or um I don’t even know who else is there in that top five Calvin kater I don’t
know if I fought and be happy to beat one of those guys and then I fight for the belt I think the situation is different if I have to fight one of the
Georgians it’s a different situation but it’s also still a thought man
if if I can’t beat these guys at 35 I think it’s going to be tough for me at 45 or maybe I get a fresh release on
life maybe the weight cut is hurting my performances when I rehydrate I I
don’t know it’s I I can’t put my finger on it um but I do think I performed
differently in the cage a little bit more conservative than I do when I’m training and sparring in the
room I think I’m a lot more free and maybe because I’m heavier and
there’s less consequences because the shin guards the headgear and the seven ounce gloves versus the the shin bones
elbows and the smaller gloves so I don’t know I gotta figure out where I fall into that category and um
talk with the team but for right now I have no desire to even I’m just talking potentials this is a
hypothetical I don’t want to add stress to my life right now like right now I’m stress-free I don’t think about anything
fighting related outside of being a a fan right now so I don’t have to think
of this person might be trying to punch me or anything like that so it’s kind of cool and chill to be on the other side
of things for right now hey babe
um blanchfield she had a great performance against Talia Santos obviously a lot of
people thought that she actually beat Valentino shevchenko but it was a very close and competitive
fight uh I don’t know which way I feel like I leaned towards Santos in that one when
they were given the decision I saw that Valentina won I mean I’m not mad at it it was a very close fight
um but blanchfield she’s a dog I do think she takes a lot of damage though when she’s trying to pursue her
takedowns and just push You Against the Cage do some damage and drag you down to the mats I I think that could be
problematic if she gets hit too much too early but then against a girl like Santos who wasn’t able to capitalize too
much like she won the first round but then the second round you could kind of see the pressure of blancheville kind of
just just weighing on her a bit and from there I think it made it a little bit more difficult for Santos Orlando’s
powerful punches and really do any significant damage that can continue to keep blancheville at Bay and
we saw what blancheville does she does what she does best and she keeps the pressure on until you present her something and she looks for that
submission quick um she’s tough she’s adorable she’s young so she could put her body on a line like
that for for now um I would be interesting to see it’s going to be interested interesting to
see what they do with her necks I feel like she has to get the next shot after Grosso versus
Valentina in the rematch I don’t think there’s anybody else right now um Who falls in line to get the next shot
unless I’m missing something I would have to look at the rankings again but I think Aaron Blanchard has been active
she’s been winning she just beat the number four girl in the world and Santos
she has to be next I just can’t see how anyone else could LeapFrog her unless she were to get hurt knock on wood don’t
want to see her get hurt but great performance uh like I said I I do think
it takes a little bit of damage but it’s a fight you know you’re not going to come out of every single fight unscathed usually it’s nice when you’re a Grappler
because grapples tend to take less damage because we’re doing less trading in the pocket um less standing up and looking at each
other and exchanging strikes we’re more so pursuing the takedowns we’re striking With a Purpose with the end goal of
either getting you to the cage to clinch you up and then eventually getting you down to the ground inside trips take
down singles doubles all that good stuff so yeah I just have to point out the things
that I’ve seen that I notice that could be something that her opponents might actually be looking at and uh
again she’s young she’s adorable so she could get away with it for now obviously father time is going to be undefeated I
don’t know how long she plans to fight but I think she’s a future Champion for sure
and we’ll see if she could make it one of one when she gets her first fight for the belt if she can seize that
opportunity and become a champion on the very first shot that she gets I think she can she’s that talented I
think she’s really freaking good uh next up
I saw Mighty Mouse and Vegas ran into him at the outlets me
and the lady went to go do a little shopping a little retail therapy but um it was cool I we’re pulling in
and we see this guy head out he turns we’re pulled up behind
him trying to like we’re like yo bro hurry up and park they’re reversing in taking his sweet ass time his wife was
driving um as she reverses in he turns his head
he looks we make eye contact I’m in the driver’s seat and I go I squint
I go babe are you seeing this is that Mighty Mouse and she’s like oh my God what are the odds I’m like yo I don’t
know what are the odds of that so I’m like oh no I wind the window down he he wants the window down he starts
laughing I started laughing I look at him I was like what are you doing here I was like no no no no I’m parking right
next to that ass I got to have a few words with this man uh so we we parked
got out the car we talked a little bit and it was cool I I did have to break his balls I’m like yo bro why are you
always coming for me why are you always coming for me on social media like come on man I know black on black crime I’m
trying to do what you did I’m trying to be great you know some black excellence uh but we had a really good conversation
talked some business we talked about my fight obviously and uh we talked about the first round we talked about the
second round he was like dude I knew you saw immediately once you through that strike and you stepped into that line of
fire it’s like I knew you saw right away that you up I was like yeah I saw it I knew it when I threw it I saw
something else and I misread the timing of when Sean stepped and
obviously the Russ is history and he was like yeah if you just stuck to what you did
the first round yeah it would have been a boring ass fight he was like I like pretty much was saying I like that you said that you acknowledge that you know
and you analyze and you accept and understand everything that happened and uh he’s like yeah just being patient and
um that would that that he thinks would have been the Game Changer in that one in terms of the outcome uh and forcing
him to come to me we talked about some Muay Thai stuff a little bit of the clinch game and possibly working with
each other we made fun of Henry revealing DMS because that’s just like he’s such a he’s such a clout Chaser
that guy Henry sayudo if you’re watching this you are such a cloud chaser bro
come on I know we’re not like best friends or anything but why does everything have to have a camera in
front of it it’s like the weirdest thing is that’s why we had like a little altercation in Vegas and people thought
we were staging it because he said something along the lines of like let’s wait for the camera I’m like yo bro this is not a game dude like you
think everything is about like yo what’s waiting for the cameras to do this and like stay like nah dude we’re actually fighting like
we can shake each other’s hand and whatever like but we don’t have to wait for cameras to kind of like build up or hype the fight and try to sell wolf
tickets like I don’t know that it could be a little weird with that type of stuff um that I’ve noticed over the years with
him but he’s a good dude you know we you know I smoked with him hung out with him at his house
um that one time we did that video with DC um but yeah I had to break his balls about this like yo dude what’s up with
your best friend man your boy is such a cloud chaser dude what is up with that he was like yeah yeah hit me up he’s
like he jokingly said like I won’t show your DMs or your text messages we both just had a laugh I thought it was cool
um he’s got so shout out to his his brand um Quantum I think energy bars it’s like caffeine caffeinated energy
bars or whatever something like that uh he said it’s in a couple stores or pretty much around the U.S so shout out
to him for that I told him about the fun carbon told him to send him a bottle he said he’ll buy and support when it drops
us let him know uh so we exchanged numbers and everything and just talk business Talk Shop
um what it what drives him and motivates him to still keep fighting a fight with
me interests him still otherwise he’s kind of like eh and I I said I know that
sentiment of what you’re saying I was like this fight with me and O’Malley I was kind of I’m kind of getting to that point in my career where it’s like I
want to have fun fights fights that get me excited fights that get me scared nervous um that I know was like yo this is
dangerous I got to go out there and prepare and be the best version of myself because I don’t want to just be going
out there with these guys that I have no real like interest in fighting because then it’s just like I’m in there and
then that’s how you get hurt that’s how you get knocked out that’s how bad things happen like obviously this is the best way we can make money easiest way I
can make money based on what my pay rate is now but at the end of the day you don’t want
to be getting in that cage and locking those doors without having your head on correct and
intact for the right reasons you got to be doing it for the right reasons and that was one of the main things that we
both stressed what he stressed to me especially at his age I was like yo bro this hurts dude like I don’t bounce
back and recover as as well as I did when we were both in our 20s it’s just not the same I’m 34 I think he’s 36.
we’re not fossils but we have a lot of fight years on us and from wrestling as
well so yeah that was a cool thing man so shout out Mighty Mouse man and his brand quantum
and I think he has something else in the works that he’s working on um and we talked about possibly cross training with each other so we’ll see
Henry move over I might be stealing your best friend but I might be stealing your boy I might be stealing you’re a guy
um I was gonna say so the other thing I
might be competing in Polaris guys I gotta see about the UFC clearance first and see what the situation is with
that it’s gonna be at the end of September so my thing is I want to make sure that and I spoke to my potential opponent already on on IG I’m not gonna
tell you guys who it is yet unless he already revealed who it is but I told him I was like yeah I’m not
going to be training like I’m on vacation mode I’m going to be drinking I’m going to be out of shape I was like I don’t want to cut that much weight but
at the same time I want to compete um still kind of keep the nerves and
everything in that mode but I want to compete against someone that will probably be in the same weight class 145
um so it’s going to be fun and I just told him I was like yo I I want to make sure
like yeah I’m coming to win so yeah I might not be training but I’m definitely coming to win and I think
grappling is one of those things that’s second nature to me so I I get a couple rolls in here and
there while I’m on vacation I think I’ll be in more than good enough shape to compete the last thing I want to do is
look like complete crab and I told him I was like dude if I’m not going to be in any type of shape whatever I’m not going
to do it but I think I can definitely squeeze in a couple training sessions here and there get the weight down
and then come over to Wales and compete for the UK the UK fan base or the
European fan base I I keep saying UK and generalizing everyone associated with them with the UK I gotta start saying
European the European fan base and yeah so that’s that’s like the tentative schedule right now for
that go see what the UFC says um gonna head back to New York either
tomorrow Monday I gotta fly back we got a fundraiser the
Brian Moore fundraiser cop that died he’s from plain Edge I’m going to be
doing like a golf outing I’m not going to be participating in the golf I’m just going to go there for dinner shake some hands get some babies
um and then after that Wednesday we’re gonna head over to Parks Casino and Pa I got the return of both my brothers Troy
Sterling and Kelvin Sterling fighting for cage Fury September 1st and then we got Lem Lem AKA Anthony De Lemmy that’s
actually his real name fighting September 2nd at Parks Casino as well so I’m going to be working back to back
events for cage Fury so if you guys are in PA make sure you pull up and show some love to your boy uh acid of scraps
just know we’re going to be taking some shots so come hang have a good time
positive energy only and um yeah as always man thank you guys for supporting
man I don’t see if there’s anything else we didn’t touch on oh potential travel schedule so I’m going to be bringing
Mike some workout gear not too much because this is going to keep me from wanting to work out too much
more so than vacationing uh we’re gonna go to Australia we’ll probably land at
like 6 30 in the morning so so you guys are Sydney after we get
there we’ll be doing a couple of meet and greets with the UFC we’re going to travel the coast a little bit not the
coast I mean I’ll say but we’re going to explore City a little bit take the lady out because I’ve been there before I did want to go to
um cans but to fly there and come right back that might be a little tough to do but I’m gonna see if there’s something
me and hurricane finagle because I would like her to see the Great Barrier Reef but that’s like a whole day adventure
um to fly there than to fly back it’s a lot of moving Parts but we’re gonna see I would like her to see one of the
wonders of the world and then from there we’ll watch the fights on that Sunday then that Monday
we’re going to fly out to Bali Bali MMA will be training over there for a little bit but for the most part it’s going to
be more vacationing than anything and then we’re debating if we’re going to go to Italy or Thailand afterwards
to kind of finish up the trip and then from there we’ll fly back to the States come back for a few days get ready for
Polaris or um the UFC Fight Pass Invitational one of the two we’re going to do just
depending on you know that money baby that depends on that bread and I like
competition um after that we compete in that we’re gonna have like a two-week break we’re
probably gonna try to go to like El Salvador go visit her country because she hasn’t been in a very very long time
since she was a kid and then I think we might hop Down To Jamaica for a bit
we’re gonna see we’re gonna try to do like a little balance of like a Caribbean kind of thing or
um Latin American Caribbean kind of thing and then from there we’ll probably head over to
Dubai then Abu Dhabi or Abu Dhabi then Dubai and then Rebecca’s birthday is at
the end of the month um so after that we’re gonna we just got to see where we’re going to be and then
we go to Mexico on November 4th so we got a wedding that we’re going to
go to probably not probably it’s in Cancun I didn’t want to say where it was but it’s in Cancun we’re gonna be in
Cancun November 4th for the wedding uh one of my best friends uh shout out Dre Berry and then
we’ll be back for MSG UFC MSG we should have two or three guys fighting on that
card and then after that I think we’ll start to get back into like the groove of like training
or maybe we might take one more week vacation somewhere tropical I don’t know well the the opportunities are endless
right now like I said this is the most fun and most relaxed I’ve ever been in a long time not having to think that I got to do pt
uh I can’t get too hungover because if I if I have a crappy PT session or if I have too many crappy days in a row then
I’m gonna be behind schedule and then trying to get ready for a fire Camp no I don’t got to think about any of that I’m
going to be working on my rum brand I’ll be working with nerd Focus um who I have a shared Equity with so
guys support um nerd focus on or check out and then see
where you can actually pick up the product uh you support them you’re supporting me and of course Funk Harbor
like I said we got a couple things with label we want to clean up um make this a little bit cleaner with
the font and text on the back and the story I want to share an authentic story with you guys and then from there we are
off to the races so shout out Funk Harbor shout out nerd Focus thank you guys for always supporting and don’t
forget to like subscribe tell a friend and let’s all be friends
I look forward to making my return but for now we’re going to enjoy life cheers