In this article, we will discuss the recent fights in the MMA world, including the Edwards vs Covington official match, the Jiri vs Pereira title fight, and the Ferguson vs Pimblett matchup. We will also touch on some interesting topics and news in the MMA community.

Edwards vs Covington Official

The fight between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington has been officially announced. This is an exciting matchup between two top-ranked welterweights. Both fighters are known for their skills and have a strong fan base. It will be interesting to see how this fight unfolds and who comes out on top.

Jiri vs Pereira Title Fight

Another highly anticipated fight is the title fight between Jiri Prochazka and Michel Pereira. Jiri has been on a winning streak and has quickly risen through the ranks. Pereira, on the other hand, is known for his flashy style and knockout power. This fight promises to be an explosive matchup and could potentially determine the next contender for the light heavyweight title.

Ferguson vs Pimblett Matchup

One matchup that has caught the attention of fans is the fight between Tony Ferguson and Paddy Pimblett. Ferguson, a former interim lightweight champion, is looking to bounce back from a series of losses and regain his status as a top contender. Pimblett, a rising star in the sport, is making his UFC debut and is eager to make a statement. This fight has the potential to be a thrilling showdown between two skilled fighters.

Controversy Surrounding Rankings

In the MMA community, there has been some controversy surrounding the rankings and how fighters are positioned. One example is the case of Aljamain Sterling and TJ Dillashaw. Their fight ended in a dislocation of Sterling’s shoulder, and Dillashaw was declared the winner by TKO due to a self-inflicted injury. This decision has raised questions about how self-inflicted injuries are treated in the rankings.

Another example is the case of Aaron Pico and Jeremy Kennedy. Pico lost to Kennedy in a fight where both fighters suffered shoulder dislocations. However, Kennedy is ranked below Pico despite having beaten him. This discrepancy in rankings has left fans confused and questioning the criteria used to determine rankings.

Upcoming Fights and Predictions

Looking ahead, there are several exciting fights on the horizon. One matchup to watch is Logan Jackson vs Jason Jackson. Jason Jackson has been steadily improving and could potentially move up in the rankings with a win. Another fight to keep an eye on is the matchup between Levon Chokheli and Andre Koreshkov. Both fighters have strong wrestling backgrounds, making this a tough and intriguing matchup.

In the women’s division, Juliana Velasquez has been making waves with her recent performances. It will be interesting to see how she continues to climb the ranks and who her next opponent will be. Additionally, Denise Kielholt z’s recent move up in the rankings has raised some eyebrows. Despite losing her last fight, she moved up one spot, while Sumika Inaba moved out of the rankings. This decision has left fans questioning the logic behind the rankings and how they are determined.

Eddie Alvarez’s Potential Fight with Mike Perry

There has been talk of Eddie Alvarez wanting to fight Mike Perry. However, there are concerns about the size difference between the two fighters. Perry is seen as a much bigger fighter than Alvarez, and Alvarez had a tough time in his last fight against Chad Mendes. It remains to be seen if this fight will come to fruition and how Alvarez will fare against a larger opponent.

Nate Diaz’s Legal Troubles

On a positive note, Nate Diaz recently had all of his charges dropped. Diaz was involved in an altercation where he defended himself against an attacker. Many fans believe that Diaz should not have faced any charges, as he was simply defending himself. It’s a relief to see that justice was served in this case.

Humorous Moments and Personal Anecdotes

In addition to discussing the fights and news in the MMA world, the hosts of the podcast also shared some humorous moments and personal anecdotes. They joked about one of the hosts constantly moving during the podcast, which provided some lighthearted entertainment. They also shared a funny video of a Scottish best man speech, which had subtitles that were difficult to understand but still brought laughter.


In this article, we covered the recent fights in the MMA world, including the Edwards vs Covington official match, the Jiri vs Pereira title fight, and the Ferguson vs Pimblett matchup. We also touched on some controversial topics surrounding rankings and discussed upcoming fights and predictions. Additionally, we highlighted Eddie Alvarez’s potential fight with Mike Perry and Nate Diaz’s legal troubles. The podcast hosts also shared some humorous moments and personal anecdotes, adding a fun and light-hearted touch to the article. It’s always interesting to hear the hosts’ perspectives and insights on the MMA world. Stay tuned for more updates and analysis from the podcast. And don’t forget to check out their merchandise at WayneMerch.com and subscribe to their channel to show your support. Thank you for reading, and until next time!

well hello and welcome to the weighing in podcast my man just ran back from his
son’s soccer practice so Josh was all frantic couldn’t do anything right he had things going wrong
but fixed his hair up and now look at he’s just ready to go capitals I have to
have to like make sure I cover up the Tony Ferguson’s cars I’ve got this one right here that it’s
actually kind of a beauty mark now it actually kind of makes me look sexy almost like cyborgish kind of from does
it like make you look of course I mean like it makes this cut right here in my head with my jawline I mean
if I I almost feel like I want to get a little bit of a nose job though my nose is [ __ ] up it’s got are you [ __ ]
yeah yeah are you that vain pretty much yeah yeah I’m from pretty vanded when it comes to that type of stuff damn sorry
man horrible job one Vanity’s one of the seven deadly sins Mister come on your nose and ears never stop growing this
shit’s gonna be real big by the time I die it’s just I mean I can live with big
ears because I got cauliflower and everyone kind of already stares them in anyways but my nose now that I’ve got
glasses it really sticks out no see that’s good because your glasses have something that are going to stop
them yes that’s very true this is very true but it’s it just it makes my nose
feel like I felt like my nose looks bigger in my glasses I don’t know especially the black frame
ones my frameless ones like these ones here I’ll show you guys if you guys are watching on YouTube I’ll show you guys if you guys are listening you’re gonna
have to go to YouTube and watch and see but no yeah it makes my nose look a little bit smaller when there’s no black
frame uh no it doesn’t that’s all because as long as I pointed it out to
you though John like you know you know like when you you can’t see something and then when
finally someone points it out you can’t stop seeing it yeah dude it’s like it’s like your third
chin once I saw it I couldn’t stop seeing it oh come on see now you gotta lag if you want if you want to sit there
and say something about well John you know all about a big mouth yeah I do oh you have a big mouth mine’s all squished
over look at look what it gets smushed man the cartilage is all [ __ ] gone from being punched in the face see I have the opposite I’ve got cauliflower
on my nose so I have like extra extra cartilage that like keeps me from breathing well when I’m running and then
like I have like a little bump right here because of the [ __ ] cauliflower and I got a little bumper right here on this side I finally had mine fixed
though man yeah I’ve ever met that did it they said yeah
it’s great it’s great to get your septum all set it’s great once it’s over yeah
once it’s over this one’s like the worst two weeks because you can’t you get that packing great once it’s the packing up
there is brutal and they’re just pulling out no no it’s the best oh dude they
start pulling that out and it’s like all right there is no way that that much
[ __ ] can fit up there and I still have a brain it’s true well you you never were
convinced you had a brain so no that’s true that’s the problem I think it came out with that gun and it’s so funny
Javier had his done right and and he honestly he’s like oh it’s great it’s been awesome and then I guess apparently
yeah I don’t know what happened but he think he was telling me that he like slept wrong and it [ __ ] up his septum
again and I’ve had two what happened is his
wife kicked it that wouldn’t be surprised punched him in the face she’s she’s knowing she’s mean she can
be mean sometimes you just be careful yeah be careful um
no but I’ve had a couple other Fighters too they went and got it done and then it went right back into when they
started sparring boom back red oh no you can’t that’s why yeah that makes sense you can’t I’m telling you you I just
looked at it like hey you know when I when I’m saying I’m done smart I’m done I’m gonna get it I gotta
fix John I posted a picture today uh of me sweating after I got done with a good workout I saw that and and Dave Dave
comes like man you aged like 15 years since yesterday I saw you yesterday like we just filmed yet yesterday or two days
ago and you aged you must be using a filter or something on here because I’m telling you man like [ __ ] I mean or that
or you just have a really bad camera because that you that that iPhone camera you that you filmed yourself with that
was nah you know what it was it that’s what my face looks like when I get done working out hard I mean I know you just
run your little five miles you don’t ever do anything outside of that like I actually like put the work in man I
pushed myself you know honestly I swear to God I thought you were just sitting in a fight
no no man uh I would have taken the sauna over [ __ ] doing that workout
though I thought you were just sitting in it you know what it is right when I got done jumping rope 15 like when you do when you do the the jump rope for
that long your legs start to blow up your shoulders start to Big take your back you know like it just kind of like
oh man you 15 minutes I just wanted to be over 15 minutes is long just want it to be over and then I jumped on the
treadmill for 25 minutes to 25 minutes and what I do with my because I can’t run at one pace I’ve got to do it like
increments going up yeah yeah because otherwise it gets boring I don’t go down don’t go down John no you can you you go
don’t go down John yeah you don’t you don’t do like we I’m trying to even I can’t even think
what we used to call them the fart legs and he you I mean you get on it and you start spreading and then you then you
slow it down and you go slower for a while then you take off and you start okay okay yeah I’m not I’m not sprinting I’m doing the Sprints at the end it’s
shown that doing sprints at the end is better for you so I do this press at the end but I was running 25 minutes straight so I started off on 5.5 you get
a little I did the jump rope jump on there 5.5 and then every two and a half minutes you go up a half a speed so by
the time you’re done you’re like you should be at like close to eight and a half or nine whatever it is so I was like all right cool so get at the last
five minutes it sucks you know it sucks when I was fighting though I could do it up to like ten and a half almost to 11.
that’s not gonna happen these days so I’m just I’ve just learned to accept that feeling those days yeah and then I
did I did six I did six of the one minute long experience with 30 second rest on level on level 12. so then I got
done with that got a little stretch felt good but I just couldn’t stop dripping man I had the drip going man you know what I mean John you know what the drip
is right you post when you post the picture man oh girl start you know they start seeing
you and then sweats comes the drip anyways I don’t get into it too much because you know this is this PG podcast
but it was a good it was it was a good workout I think I had a lot of that you know your body kind of just retains
water when you fly I don’t know why but for some reason
this flight back and this trip back something happened I just felt like lethargic yesterday I didn’t feel like
doing anything I did the cold punch for like one minute I got in yesterday wake me up and get me going and I was like
this is horrible get me the [ __ ] out of this thing and then today then today I did four minutes putting you to shame he
did four minutes and two seconds today great man four minutes and two seconds so I I had to beat him okay don’t let him get high
no no I had to beat him I had to beat him you know what I’ve noticed though is if you get in the if you get into a cold
plunge first thing you gotta do is dunk your head first thing if you try to keep your shoulders and head out of there it’s the
worst it’s so painful the rest of your body it’s almost like your whole body I gotta look up and do the research on why
why is it when you dunk your whole body it’s like when you come out you almost feel like oh I feel good I feel like
you’ve acclimated to the water you haven’t yeah I don’t know if you feel yeah you kind of feel it feels good cold
cold water cold water yeah is brutal I have a harder time of taking a cold shower than getting in that cold punch a
cold shower just like it seems like sections of your body just don’t get hit and then the rest of it like kind of sprays on it it’s like like someone’s
pissing cold water on you it sucks I’d rather just get through the misery and just dump jump in and just dunk my head
and get over with I mean and then you just and I I noticed that when I get in I dunk my whole body first I can sit in
there for a little bit longer and then every time you re-dunk your body it gives you like another 20 seconds or 30
seconds of misery man I I gotta do it and my wife will tell you cold water is
My Kryptonite man and it’s not and it’s from it’s from college
because we used to have to there’s a in Long Beach there’s Belmont Shores and
there’s a you know it’s a it’s a channel that all the boat owners and everything and they have their boats docked up and
they used to make us go there and swim around that channel the loop and you had to beat the coach
the coach would actually swim but you had tennis shoes on while he had he had swim fins right so that’s brutal try
swimming in tennis shoes like an anchor on your ass right so it was always you know
depending upon you know what time of year if it was summer it wasn’t that bad but winter time it’s 50 [ __ ] degrees
dude I mean it’s just brutal and I just I cannot stand cold water one time we
were down when I was living in Ventura my wife goes and she we had a little boat dock thing and it’s got a little
box where you keep your equipment and you open it up and stuff she takes her phone sets it on the box and decides
open it where does the [ __ ] phone go do right into the water oh yeah right which is probably about 15
feet down right and I’m like and she’s like you gotta go get it
what do you mean it’s your damn phone and you you put it down it doesn’t work
oh no no no no I freaking I dial it and then you can see it it lights up oh [ __ ]
right and I was like she had put it in this case it’s supposedly your water
resistant case and stuff sure enough because I had to dive down and get it’s it I got I got to go through a whole
mental process to get into cold water there’s no way no I don’t have to go through that I don’t you know
I thought you’re I thought your one weakness was running [Laughter] no I’ll run oh man I I love running I
don’t mind it man jumping rope is something that if people aren’t aware that it’s the number one way to burn
cellulite what’s that you told me that before I remember
because um I end up getting in mind freaking jumpers just to make sure when
you’re talking what’s the number one way to burn calories it’s freezing your body cold water yeah yeah yeah it will take
you know I mean what like freezing wise it’s 29 times faster
to get hypothermic in water than it is yeah 29 times faster and it your body
goes through so many different things it burns more calories than if you were sprinting crazy well that’s what that’s
what they’ll tell you too if you’re out doing sprints they actually have workout rooms now that are cold so there’s small box gyms that are actually
um they’re bringing in air conditioners and like almost like uh black not black guys but like not black um they’re doing
like uh making it really cold inside it’s almost like an ice chamber where you work out inside so your body’s
almost like recovering as you’re in your shivering but your body’s sweating so you’re burning calories both both ways
the best yeah if you’re looking to lean out you’re looking to um shivering is one of the biggest things
like that’s why you see a lot of these swimmers they’ll actually just sit in the cold plunge and they’re going to keep your body you see the Navy SEAL
training you see it also in uh that’s horrible in uh Coast Guard training um there’s that movie with Kevin Costner
and then you know he makes him get in there and they do like 18 19 minutes you know and learning how to just keep your body not only Kevin Costner that has
what’s it what’s this he’s married it was a good movie it was a good movie
oh actually it was it’s you know it’s a rescue yeah it was good it was a good movie uh anyways we went off on this big long
tangent about all this stuff but just a couple different ways to keep you know keep turn keep track of your body keep take care of your body uh you know I
I’ve got to get a sauna for the house that’s what I’ve got to get that’s my next step is to get a full sauna for the house nice little because Kevin loves to
do the song too and then do that and then um I’ve got him up till you know I’ve had them when we’re living in San Jose I had them up to about about 12 13
minutes in the sauna you know at about 185 185 sure 25 is about as that’s
that’s yeah that’s good for him don’t go in here yeah that’s good for him but if you can do 12 13 up to 15 minutes you
know that’ll be good mix in with the cold plunge plus his swims you know I’m a slave driver man you just want to
crack in the whip man no he’s good he likes it he enjoys it the activities and stuff so it’s been good for him
um yeah anyways but hey let’s uh you know we’re actually gonna do this this show a little bit backwards
so we normally we’re not going to break down the fight cards first but you know the there’s a kind of a mediocre
um uh one FC champ uh fight there’s a couple good fights on there we’ll talk about a couple of questions we’re
talking about the graph of some of the grappling matches plus the kickboxing match and then um then you got a pfl car
that’s in uh Paris and we’re gonna talk you know pick up a couple of those fights that we like to talk about
there’s not a lot of the fights on there that are I think are going to really interest a lot of people so uh we’re
gonna try to go through those but we’re gonna actually go through all the fight announcements that were made uh over the
last week and a half where we were over in Ireland so let’s talk about those we got a chance to uh actually hang out
with one of uh one of our buddies and someone I’ve trained with and um over in the UK and uh I think Dave’s gonna
probably bring it to that what a pick but we had uh uh Brandon lochman was out there we had
Leon Edwards out there and John knows who he is I don’t know who he is that’s
McDonald’s good look Irish box good good Irish boxer from what I heard
outstanding was world champion at one time guy’s a tough song [ __ ] man I’ll have to go back and talk now that I
shook his hand and met him but I just I I not he lost all watching him fight well he was very similar to uh do you
remember when Roy Jones Jr was cheated in the Olympics yes
I just aged myself he he got that was 88 88 Olympics but Nick same thing he got
ripped he said he should have been a gold medalist I don’t I don’t think he got it but uh he uh turn pro great guy
he had a good beer too we were having his beer so that was his beer
he’s Diversified being smart no one he can’t [ __ ] box forever so getting
busy yeah you know I I’ve always it’s funny I talked to Brennan’s job and he was saying like because he started his
whiskey company the tiger whiskey and um and he’s like man I went through [ __ ]
hell to get this thing going I was like yeah I said it seems like it’d be [ __ ] awesome though because everyone I know that has a some sort of alcohol
company they all seem to do pretty damn well yeah
I think Randy Couture just uh I think it’s called four brands
uh it’s a bourbon I think that he just uh put his his name to us there are four
branches meaning the four branches of the military and I was like man the Coast Guard is going to be pissed because there’s actually wow
like okay whatever [ __ ] I’m starting my own [ __ ] bourbon it’s called five branches
one branch better than that that’s exactly that’s any of us logo yeah
don’t they already have a punk APN yeah it’s uh it’s good man I actually
really really like it yeah yeah we’ve had it John we’ve had it before
probably in England I’m not saying we have it no we actually had it in the UK we had it I think it um we had it
somewhere in um Wembley I want to say we had it at Block Park every time I remember the Box Park little place where
like oh yeah the one bouncer knocked out the one guy for talking smack oh dude yeah
um yeah we had it there sorry oh because that’s uh one of the first places I saw it was there
um yeah but anyways like I said we’re we’re gonna do this show a little bit backwards um before we get started make sure you guys subscribe to us down there
below hit the Subscribe button also hit that little bell and notifications and there’s a link down below that also
that’ll take you to our Eclipse Channel make sure you guys subscribe to our Clips Channel we’re gonna start breaking up some of this stuff and um
do a little more different types of Clips on that Clips Channel and uh keep in our main show on the main show we’ll
do a little bit longer uh Clips on the main show as well so there’s a couple little things that are new things that
are coming your guys’s way we just dropped one today that was um your your discussion about the
refereeing situation from the last show it was a longer clip and I actually found out as part of that they just
recently uploaded your Clique Guida fight to UFC YouTube oh um so I I pulled a screenshot from here
so the screenshot of the clip is Clay gouging your eye which is what you
talked about on the show remember yeah yeah yeah I mean there’s yeah I mean I wish we could have got some more footage
of the Tony Ferguson Josh Thompson fence grabs but whatever just leave it up to Herb Dean to miss both of them
just give it a hard time no look um yeah that was a good little segment that we had John on that one I was actually
flashing back to that too yesterday I was thinking about it and um
look I just I’m someone that is pretty adamant about the fouls and the
penalty type thing like there’s got to be like I said there’s got to be stricter rules for the people that are
breaking the rules it’s just there’s it’s something’s got to happen because right now we’re so lenient on them I’m
not saying every single time take a point I know we got into a little back and forth on it I’m not saying every time take a point and I don’t think I
think the very obviously I think every uh refs is no DQ we don’t want to DQ
anybody we want them to have an opportunity to win the fight but we’ve gotten to the point now where
it’s like okay let me slap your hand off the cage three or four times I don’t I think as a as if you’re a fan
at home you’re thinking oh yeah he just grabbed it for a second that second all it takes is to break your momentum my
momentum has you going this way you broke my momentum the sweep’s gone and but all my energy is with it too and so
uh those type of things the I the eye pokes I know they’re accidental we’re gonna always have them because so
there’s certain things that we’ve got to try to make adjustments to and but the head butts the the uh the legal elbow
Head Busters very very rarely will you get a headbutt
it’s a clash of unintentional Clash of heads and it’s usually on both guys and it’s based upon just movement very
rarely will you get one you go that that was an intentional head but I’ve had them you know I’ve had guys do it wrecking you know and you go
so what do you stop time get up you know and that those are the ones that you’ll sit there and you say you know like the
DQ I’ll go to you you know as the fighter hey John how you feeling you know and
we’ll say that you got cut from it [ __ ] head by me I know I saw it take your time you know you want to go
punch him in the mouth you know and you go yeah I said okay I’ll I’ll give you
that chance again just you know tell me when you know you feel like you’re ready to go I’ll go through the whole thing I’ll take points too because I’ll say it
was intentional and I’ll put you back in there when I could DQ them but if I dequeue them
first off it’s not the best for the promotion because promotion is paying for a fight and it’s not the best
for you sometimes because you’d like to go [ __ ] kick his ass and I’ll give
you that opportunity you know it it really depends on the the attitude of the fighter and the way
they are at the time I agree but then like go back and look at we were talking about the Kieran Clark fight he got up
different he was he was hurt he was actually concussed
not going to put him back but my point I wouldn’t wouldn’t do that and that’s what I’m saying like in the in the the
initial kick that he got kicked with in the up kick the very first time he got that was legal that was a guy that was legal and it was good Robert sent him
back to his butt and then the second one which was later on a little bit later on he was on his knees almost on hands and
knees and just got kicked right in the face and you could see how he fell his body went limp his right arm was like
kind of like he wasn’t able to control his body weight as he’s going down because his arm couldn’t yep it was out
I mean like I think I’m thinking to myself man this kid like there’s why aren’t we let it why are we having a conversation whether whether he should
be able to continue and um those are the type of things I get concerned about because that is like giving the god that
did the foul you’re giving him everything he wants I don’t care if you take a point
because I know that I just pretty much knocked you out anything I touch you with next year it’s gonna hurt you it’s extremely
lucky carrying car got to take down right away and was able and was able to get the finish and didn’t get hit he
didn’t get hit at all and he was able to hit the finish and boom you know and he got it quick right after that it was almost like a sense of urgency and even
when in the post fight interview remember he said I’ve got a great Poker Face and I was like yeah because you literally had to have a great poker face
it wasn’t that it wasn’t that good a poker face because everyone saw you guys but when he was talking to the ref
oh you’re good the doctor oh you’re good I’m like wow you do have a great Poker Face remind me never to play poker with
your ass because I was in my mind going this is crazy this is crazy they’re
gonna let this young man fight and he’s undefeated yeah um but yeah I thought that was a mistake on the commission’s part but overall
what I was trying to get to get to the point was the point is we don’t we’re not strict enough with the penalties
like you’ve grabbed the fence and I warn you don’t grab the fence if you grab it again
I gotta take a point I’ve already told you no especially when you grabbed it you two fingers remember
when you grab it you gotta let like and you do it again here’s the difference this is where people make a mistake with
though Josh is if you and if you were fighting someone and I was the referee
and you grabbed the fence in and I said that stopped you from going to the
ground into a position that you did not want to be in I’m gonna take the points
I don’t have to warn you I’m going to take them straight away I will take points away from you because
you altered the fight you did something that made it to where
a position that should have occurred it might it may have been that you would have hit the ground and popped right back up I can’t say
but you were going to hit the ground the grab kept it from happening I’m going to take points and a lot of
people are like well you didn’t even warn him no I don’t have to warn you and this is where people get into these things about well you must want no I
don’t have to warn you for anything I can take points anything but you can be too heavy in The Taking of
points as a referee you have to have your reasons for doing stuff and it has to always be consistent now it’s true
that is true I just I like I said I feel like we’re continuously
not we’re we’re going to say braiding or we’re we’re
getting more angry at the person who didn’t break the rules when they complain when they complain when they
you know like I just I don’t get it and I got a little bit of flag I read some of the comments all you do is [ __ ]
about the aljo thing I didn’t [ __ ] that whether he they should have taken a point or not oh no
he got he got cracked I didn’t ever complained about that correct my complaint with aljo was the acting
formaldo or aljo that’s all I didn’t care like I could care less whether he decides like hey I took a hard shot I
don’t want to continue I don’t care about that I could would agree with you 100 you took a [ __ ] clean hard shot
but we see it all the time when Pride rules happen guys can take shots to the face a lot
better than people want to believe you know that’s that’s where that’s that was where I was going with that I’ve got
tons of respect for aljo in his career what he’s done it was just the moment that I was talking about I know he’s mad
at me and all the [ __ ] that you know but I about me poking fun at him about it but look he’s the champ or he was the
champ he um defended his title he’s he’s a great he was he was a great he’s a great
fighter and I think he’ll be back this is probably the best fighter in that division in the UFC you know um
he just he got caught he got clocked Styles make matchups he got clocked against uh Sean O’Malley but made a
mistake you know we’re extended he came back and redeemed himself against Peter yawn and then he came back and had a
great fight even though he did nothing wrong he did his job when he fought TJ De La Shaw and um and then his third
fight who was his third fight with one other guy
great performance good fight really good fight um so yeah I just when people were
talking about that specifically like when you gave him such a hard time no I didn’t get my hard time because he took the shot I need him a hard time because
he took the way out and it was a real shot I’m not getting I’m not I’m not giving him a hard time based off of
those things I give him a hard time because he acted like like he was lost and confused no man you
took the shot and you felt if you felt like you shouldn’t fight don’t [ __ ] fight I’m okay with that
hey you know what that that’s yeah [ __ ] yeah and and if you ever said look man I
definitely got a haze over me and I got a fog over me that it’s not there it’s not there for me right now I’m not
taking this chance as my number one opportunity to win this to get to win a title I’m not taking a chance of losing
it I wouldn’t everyone would understand I would understand anyways I don’t give a [ __ ] what everyone else thinks I would understand
you know uh outside of that all right look that’s gonna wrap up our talk on the whole rule thing John I know we went
off going off a little bit here and there to get this whole thing started I mean [ __ ] we’re already 30 minutes in we haven’t talked [ __ ] about anything yet
we’re we’re gonna we’re gonna see that uh what that Leon Edwards is taking on Colby Covington December 16th we’re
gonna see if any rules are broken there you know I John should we tell should we tell
podcast Dave now yeah we gotta tell podcast Dave now so there’s a good chance uh we’re gonna
probably have Leon on the show and in doing that I’ve made it we’ve made it very clear how much uh Dave is a Colby
Covington nut hugger and on how much he loves going we explained that and and I
see everyone say oh you guys hate Colby no no I don’t hate Colby I don’t hate Colby at all I think he’s actually good for the sport oh we hate Dave Dave yeah
so we’ve made it very clear like you know guys you guys don’t get remember the whole uh interim title argument well
we have those type of arguments about dumb [ __ ] all the time that Dave just pulls out of his ass and so this is like
kind of our payback we’ve got to get Leon on the show have Leon just put Dave in his place and you know I think it’s
gonna be a great opportunity for us to to bag on Dave the whole show of Just bagging on Dave I can’t wait go I want
to hear I want I would love just to hear the the questions that Dave has for Leon so what are you gonna do when he does
this what are you gonna do when he does that and then it’s gonna be great and then Dave’s gonna hopefully Leon answer with some WWE type [ __ ] response like
no one gives a [ __ ] what you think I don’t know what they say but something you know one of the things that one of
the things I will say though you know because we were just talking about you know guys you know breaking rules and stuff
like that you know as much [ __ ] as Colby talks and the whole stick clean yeah
he’s a clean fighter oh yeah he goes out there he does his job he puts pressure on guys and you know he comes away with
the wind usually by breaking people down can he break Leon down I don’t know we’re gonna find out Dave will say yes
so we’ll have Leon on to say why that’s not gonna happen you know here’s here’s the thing
um when I look at Colby and I look at Leon I think that Leon’s gonna be or sorry
Kobe’s going to be a harder fight for Leon than kamaru Usman was I think that Kamara Usman like he said all the build
up all the things he’s already beat Leon he beat him years ago I know Leon’s a different fighter we all we’ve seen it
yeah but that being said John him Colby still has that gas in the tank to
push to get in your face exchange tomorrow’s got a great I’m not just no I’m not disagreeing with that but he’s
been he even said on the Rogan show it was like a a [ __ ] weight off of his shoulders when the fight was over sure
he’d been doing it for a while he’d been the champion for a while he’s done a lot of good things he’s he’s defended it so many times
and Not only was he the champion Josh he was the pound for pound number one that was pressure too there’s all those
things they add up you know so that all those things and the other thing too is he got away from his wrestling what got
under the dance the guy you know he just got away from it because some of the knee stuff some of your injuries you
know plus getting older and I’ve said it before like you get a couple Knockouts not only do you fall in love with the
fight the stand up and that’s what he that’s what he needed to do because he was getting older but also to make some changes
but it was also because his body was breaking down on him his knees were hurting him his back his you know all
these things it becomes a problem and so when I look at colby colby is the
guy who will just continue to wrestle and continue and and we saw in the second fight the first one he beat him with the wrestling the second fight in
the first the title match he was able to take Leon down after the first round and he was able to kind of
almost not almost out strike him but he was having he was doing some good work on the feed also but he was able to
control some of that wrestling in that second fight the third fight is where Leon
um and just a switch something flipped and he just believed
in himself a lot more and just fought a way better fight now I think you’re gonna see that same Leon against Colby
but but Colby’s gonna say don’t let me ask you this don’t you think that having Leon fight
guys that are Big Time wrestlers good wrestling and the one thing that Leon does not have to
worry about with Colby the same way he has to worry about it with uzman is Kobe
doesn’t have the power that it was one has she doesn’t have that one punch knockout power
that right there so that opens things up a little bit for you now he does have the wrestling and
he does have the gas tank but at this point Leon has proved himself to be a
pretty goddamn good anti-rust you know wrestler defensive wrestler a guy that can keep guys from
taking the fight where they want and his you know prior performances he’s now
showing I’ve stopped it multiple times yeah you’re going to get taken down but he gets himself back to his feet and he
does it well yeah so it’s not going to be an easy you know you know I’m not
saying it it’s easy to get up from a wrestler but having a guy that’s a good
wrestler that you know takes someone down and then can’t keep them down and they’re back up and all that energy was
burnt and you didn’t get to fight where you want it now you’re in the same position you tried to get away from
mentally that starts to be a problem for a lot of guys too I’m not saying it will be for Colby he’s pretty strong when it
comes to just sticking with what he he’s good at but all those things this is why this is a great you know we’re going to
talk a lot about this fight because it’s interesting the way that they match up yeah what’s interesting what’s interesting to me is
that Colby even though his stand-up is not on Leon’s uh
it’s not anywhere near his love but that being said his punches come from weird angles and it’s always the
punches that that you don’t see that Knock You Out and so when this whole thing’s gonna
when this whole fight starts to break out Leon just can’t fight him like a traditional stand-up guy like how he
fought tomorrow or how he fought Nate and all these other guys because those guys will throw punches and
normal standard ways sorry excuse me but Colby will Kobe will throw uppercuts
overhand rides loopy punches over the top and from all from different angles
just to set up his stand-up to get you moving your hands upward so he get in deeper on the legs
um Leon’s done a great job with this double hand wrist control and just keeping the his positioning is the
most important people want to make this big deal about the double hand wrist control I think it’s a it is a big deal
but I know guys that can control you when you still have double hand wrist control it’s just the way they position their
body against you and Leon’s able to he understands where he needs his body to
be while he has that double hand wrist control you know and that makes it easier for
him to start scooting his back to the fence or turning to face you and putting the hand down on the pocket and then
turning and face you he’s doing a really good job of that and we saw a little bit of that from his brother also against
Johnny eblin and then he started to look like he started kind of a little tired from doing it so much Leon’s got it under
control right now he’s got to make sure he’s in phenomenal shape because Colby will be pushing the action he will be
trying to wrestle a lot more than Kamara Usman did in their you know second and third
fights so like you said we’re going to be talking about this fight a lot but it is a very interesting fight to me
because Leon with the speed the great stand up the slickness of it
all you know and Colby with the wrestling and the awkward style stand up you know
could potentially slide something in there so it makes for a fun fight man I mean but realistically where do they go
what do you call this a Dana White Privilege fight with Colby Covington
uh yeah let’s be honest are there other people that are more deserving yeah
there are I’m just gonna say it straight out I mean I like Colby but take a look
at Colby’s record in his last four fights four fights what is he two and two
okay now there are guys that are on long winning streaks
now Colby’s those fights if you’re gonna look okay he’s got the win against Nazareth loss against Camaro win against
Woodley now I’m going to be honest when I look and say okay the win against Robbie Robbie you know at that point in
his career and he was on the way down dog you know still tough still got a lot of power so I give I give all the credit
to uh call me for getting the win Camaro beats him in the championship fight then he comes back and he beats Woodley yeah but
Woodley was also on the way down yeah he had lost the title to Camaro and uh he
wasn’t the same guy but he got the win then he lose to Camaro a second time but I thought he fought a better fight
you guys it’s not fair it’s not fair I like say oh he’s just beating guys that run away
really okay do me a favor Dave since he wasn’t on the way out I want you to show
me Tyron Woodley’s record from the moment that Colby got a win against him
you lost the Bell he lost a bell and then he lost to Gilbert and then he lost
to Kobe so he only had two then he lost to Jake Paul twice Jake Paul oh yeah
yeah but wait no he lost a Jake Paul after all that crap yeah exactly after
Colby yeah but that doesn’t mean anything after Kobe doesn’t mean anything Kobe Kobe’s the one that really shut down his
career oh my God you’re nuts dude all right you we were on the same page David
until you did that [ __ ] I was like cut him on Dave’s side until you said that dude you lost me brother I
mean he wasn’t honestly no he was look go back go scroll down let me let’s be honest here let’s be let’s let’s try and
be real okay Colby our time no with Tyrone yeah so with the tire and fire right
with Damian Maya he had you know he had a decision win with with remember the two fights with Stephen Thompson one was
a draw and then one was a majority of the decision it wasn’t like he looked fantastic you know the last the last
time he looked fantastic was against Robbie Lawler uh when he won the title
um you know even against uh Darren till I mean Darren’s not known for his submission defense he got caught in the
choke whatever but I thought he looked good I still thought you look good I’ll give it what did it look good against absolutely
loses to Kamara Usman uh decision but then you can just see it he just started
to slow down like in terms of he just didn’t want to have output he just I don’t know what happened we don’t know
he’s I just know that I know I’ve trained with Tyler Woodley he’s a hard worker
he’s very smart when it comes to his his cage presence and his ring presence you know when we’d work in his grappling all
those things um he just ran into guys that had the recipe for him and that was called
pushing the pace and guys that could wrestle him he didn’t like when he would train with
guys like John Fitch and Cost Check I mean they would they would have good
little scraps but I had you had to lean towards those guys be towards costs and and Fitch because they just they just
had that little extra push the little more car no I don’t say cardio that little extra push that little extra okay
when you stop moving I’m gonna keep going and that’s not cardio that’s just really like I’m gonna go when you’re
when you’re done going and that’s both of those guys had that kamaru Usman had that Gilbert Burns had that I mean they
want they just seemed like they wanted it more at that point of the career and then after the kamaru Usman and the
Gilbert burn situation the Kobe fight came along and there was just there was bad blood between them
and I think the tension of all that remember he heard his red once it wasn’t going his way yeah it started hurting his red he hurt his rib just couldn’t
perform then the Vicente Luke fight just didn’t look this I mean he was scrapping
remember they were they were throwing down oh he was throwing out he knew it was at stake he knew like if I lose this
fight I’m probably done you know so I wouldn’t say like I said when he lost to Kobe he had kind of
written himself off Colby though has lost to guys that were on their kind of their way out whether
it was T1 T wood or um or Robbie Lawler Robbie has been always someone who’s
just fun to watch he’s got great power he’s a [ __ ] legend in the sport you know um but he was you know closer to 38
I think at the time they fought him somewhere around there he had 2019 so he was about 38 years old you know Colby
being the younger guy and great Pace whatever it was Colby had his number got him that night in a decision
he had his number got him you know and broke his jaw in that first fight I believe
and then you go then after that he beats uh T wood and then he comes back and fights Camaro again
loses then he invites mosinol mazarol was on the way out that was his last
fight I believe it was the Colby Covington fight correct John yeah he retired so and
Robbie retired you know just recently also but he was on his way out like no hold on I think he had one more fight he
fought definitely he fought um yeah he had one more product okay
so um Dave you had me until you killed he said he ruined it he finished his career
oh man I was trying to take your side for a second buddy but you [ __ ] I mean he only had one more fight after
Kobe and it was a bad one so no but I look at I look at um John John has a very good point like most of the guys
that he has beaten as of lately they’re not even in the sport anymore
and so we’re giving him oh we’re giving him uh we’re giving him a title shot
his last third one or third title shot by the way he’s two and two three title
shots well no this is the fourth you know if he got a chance to win the internet to
sign this okay you can still Los Angeles he gets that that’s what gives him the fight against Camaro he loses okay so
you’re not the champion all right and he comes back he gets the win against Woodley but this is the second time too
it was one but wow where’s Bilal Muhammad at oh that makes her can you click on that
Dave on the on the rankings please he’s number four I believe see number four in the rankings so
okay three three number three is right behind Colby let’s see but pull up the
walls current record let’s see let’s see just how many wins
in a row he’s riding because that’s what you look at and say oh my God look at
all that one two three four he had a no contest that I poke with Leon one is we have
seven eight nine keep going let me see are you at the top there
yeah I’m at the top I’m gonna talk Gilbert Burns was the least okay so one two three four five six seven eight nine
fight win streak but who’s he beating no that’s a nine
fight win streak who’s he beating Gilbert Burns but he hasn’t fallen
Lucas how about that yes you’re all you’re all sitting there talking about you know Tyron Woodley Kobe
okay Kobe’s only lost title fights Colby loses to people that are you know only
tail face able to to fight at what he does and obviously
Muhammad can wrestle with him all right look I look I look at this like Damian miles not in the sport anymore go back
to that go back to that please sorry sorry um courage molander is not even in the UFC
anymore he’s I think he’s in pflr he wasn’t pfl he’s not I don’t think he is anymore uh Sato no just just go from
when he he fights Leon okay it was a big win over over the Damian Damien he’s not
in the sport anymore that’s Stephen Thompson who is yes who is that that’s a big win uh Vicente good win his
performance was John Brady fantastic just annihilated a really an
undefeated fighter I think Sean Brady is really really good he’s good all the way around
he’s got good stand-up he’s got to believe a little bit more in his stand-up but uh he’s good and then just fighting with Gilbert Burns I agree I
agree that he deserves to be right up in there but I guess before we like we’re talking
about the Leon Edwards and the Colby Covington fight but I mean something kind of struck me today when I was
listening to something I think I listened to an interview with Stephen Thompson he said look if I beat shavkot I’m next I’m
getting next title shot so I don’t know if that was promised to him but that’s what was that’s what he
his comments were was yeah with the win over shopkat uh I’ll be next in line
what then where does that put beloved that’s like that’s where I’m very confused where does that put Gilbert
Burns who beat Stephen Thompson yeah I mean yeah I don’t know I mean it
doesn’t make sense it doesn’t make any sense I mean I could see them maybe have
I could see them maybe have um Camaro fight the winner of
of if shavkot was to win maybe fight tomorrow that’s the only thing I could see
or maybe below needs to fight someone actually in the top five well tremaya’s not even there anymore if
you’ve not seen the pictures of tomorrow he’s [ __ ] huge like he’s enormous John I was like I was
like yeah I can see why you missed 170 by eight pounds it’s like actually you missed it by 10 and then like I mean he
was you he’s huge man like so and then I saw the pillow season 185 her and that’s where it’s fine no I agree that he
should be an 85 pounder yeah he’s huge though I mean I just saw a picture of him just recently and then he’s also you
know he’s trained with Strickland now he’s calling out Strickland he’s like wait brother you got the title yeah I’m coming
I’m being honest and I know he’s not you know you can look at chimaya is not ranked in the 185s either
but Bo nickel has said a whole lot of things about jamaiv I would love to see
Bo nickel and kamzochimaya locked together that to me is the fight it is I
just I want more experience for Bo nickel he’s he’s gonna need [ __ ] [ __ ]
[ __ ] I’m just being honest he’s gonna I think he needs more time he needs at least two
more fights nope okay he’s not even in the rankings is he ready to go is not
even neither is Jeremiah been the 185. we’ve are you kidding me he was in the rankings and then he went down to he was
he loves us four at 170. okay when you can’t shut up
when you can’t make a wait you’re not in that weight class but he beats Costa
he’s top five [Laughter] what happens when he loses DeCosta is he top five
depends he’s probably in top 10. how good the fire is so now you’re gonna put him in the top ten okay all right it’s
probably well I mean go back go back to this sorry stop flipping around so much buddy yeah I’m sorry I’m trying to keep
you on track that’s very true don’t get don’t get too all excited like I think
comes that your mind was a great fighter I think he’s fun to watch but Styles make fights and what does he
win okay for the most part wrestling he’s got good stand-up too
okay but he lives off of wrestling he ain’t gonna now wrestle bow nickel
yeah no he ain’t all wrestling he ain’t gonna [ __ ] happen no he’s not stand with him
I’m not saying you can I don’t know I’d like and now but the other thing too is that I don’t think Bo could maybe take
him down and she might have could probably get up and then blow up take him down again
the the wrestling for Beau to do 15 minutes of wrestling maybe you can maybe you can’t but when you’re getting hit it
does something different to you so on top of that though bow the wrestling tomorrow’s wrestling is
good enough to stuff a couple of those takedowns and make Bo a little bit more tired that’s why I think Bo needs at
least two more fights and then I’m gonna let’s start feeding him to the Wolves but I mean you gotta I look at I look if
I look at this weight class for bow nickel I’m like you know what let’s get you let’s get you going maybe maybe with
someone like a Paul Craig submission threat is there okay the he
wants to be on the ground this gives me an opportunity to stand with you and hit you how’s he gonna get me to the ground
um that’s a good way to get you in the top in the top 12. you know somewhere in there and then after that we go ahead
and we bump you up to someone like a Roman delisi or a Marvel inventory then after that let’s just talk title but I I
want to get him I want to get his feet wet a little bit in that in that top 12. I’m giving him I’m giving him a fair
play here I’m giving them good guys you know if I was to give him imov off I mean that’s a tough fight for him you
know um experience all the way around that’s a good fight also oh I look at guys like nothing against
these guys Brandon Allen and Kelvin Gaslamp Kevin Calvin’s going to seven Calvin’s kelvin’s but Brennan Allen is
is stylistically a good magic for him so is so is a her Manson Stylus is a good matchup for him guys like I when I say
hey give him Paul Craig that’s that’s a style let’s get a good matchup for him but you get to Roman delete see that’s a
difficult fight for him Roman can fight he’s got good big Power in his hands that’s a dangerous fight for him and
that’s why when I say you get into a Roman delizi and then you get him maybe to a Marvel story or a Jared Cannon here
then then that’s that okay we’re next in line for a towel shot wait I mean that’s all may change within the next two years
of next year of him getting two shots or two fights there’s a lot to talk about uh let’s go
ahead and talk about the next fight though we’re done talking about Colby obviously [Laughter] man we’ve spent 50 minutes talking about
this I love it well who do you have in the fight who do you have Kobe and Leon I mean I know you’re saying you’re gonna
get an interview with Leon so I I kind of see where that’s taking you but no no look the interview with Leon that is
that has nothing to do with nothing it just like know him and like we were able to do and John knows him obviously and then but
it’s like we were able to do like an autograph signing with them and hang out do a uh
uh what are they called a meet and greet with with him and with uh Brandon Lochte and those guys for one of their sponsors
they invited us to come do it with them and and so it’s a good chance for us to catch up and every show I see him for
his brother it’s like we always sit and chat for a bit sometimes you know hang out and do whatever but it’s like this
was a good opportunity hey man I just was like hey our producer [ __ ] loves Colby Covington so let’s get you
on the show you know and uh we got to give him a hard time just let you go it’s like I’m absolutely I’m absolutely ready to do it so
all right next fight all right here we go uh yeah
well it should be was the champion you know it even be it this cracks me up
because Jamal Hill got a shot at the title and won it over Glover when
Yuri gave it up because he had a shoulder injury and he was going to be out and he
set the title to the side Yuri proshowska should be freaking fighting for the title now right now
you know Jamal Hill can’t he’s you know he is uh on the Aaron Rodgers recovery
train with uh torn Achilles 10 and that sucks and it’s going to take him a while but you know this is the this is the
fight to make and the light heavyweights you had you put air going up he beat blowjovich
is ready to go this is the fight to make I agree with you I mean
Alex didn’t look fantastic against blowjovich but he looked good looked
good enough to get the win um and Yuri coming back and we’re gonna see if he’s if he’s Rusty at all we’re gonna
see um you know how he’s doing we’re gonna find out and so I look at how active Alex has been
and Yuri’s punches come from weird angles all those things but what Yuri’s
kind of always had is he’s had the cardio the conditioning he pushes the pace but what concern that concerns me
what I feel like is going to make this fight John is that Alex prahara probably hits
harder than anything that Yuri’s been hit with probably it’s gonna be right up there at the top I’d say probably top
two three Fighters he’s ever fought all right but but Yuri has been hit and
he’s got he has shown he’s got to help he’s got a great chin I do agree with you he’s got a good chin okay but just
just based off of how sneaky and how good and how he hits his left hands and
all his left hooks Alex is not like a a kickboxer or a fighter that he’s ever
really fought and if he cracks him at the right time hides it behind a kick any whatever it is he does
I I just think he’s got enough to stop Yuri he’s not the best wrestler he’s not that no but he’s very here’s
the thing he is unconventional he is awkward
but awkward in a good way because he he does things that other guys don’t at times that other guys won’t and that
makes him a difficult fight for anyone and just that you never know what the
guy’s gonna do you know and yeah again Styles make fights I think I I
look at this either guy can win it obviously I think uh if the fight hits
the ground a couple of times is going to be favored if that fights on
the ground but in the stand up yeah obviously Alex would be favored so that’s what makes it
interesting yeah it’s gonna make a fun fight we’ll see if there’s any ring rust
that conditioning that cardio I mean perhaps Alex has been he’s been active
active is all yeah which is good for him yeah it’s gonna be a good fight next one yeah
all right next one here we have another title fight flyweight championship at Alexander Pantoja versus Brandon Roy
well right right who won the first fight that’s a great
matchup but it tells you won right from the dislocated shoulder of Roy ball no no that was against uh
I keep messing up foreign
I talked to Johnny Evan were you there were you talking about Johnny apples and Pregnant yeah
yeah that guy he’s like I thought I [ __ ] trained hard that guy turns like a [ __ ] mad man
he’s like patojo in the second in a second yeah he just said he just says
I watched myself train I was like he’s like I’m I [ __ ] friend like a madman he’s like I see that guy he’s like he’s
like he’s training he’s training with those inner demons and that’s exactly what he said he’s
training in terms of you know it’s the it’s it’s all the things that that uh
patosa talked about after his fight you know trying to make his dad proud all those things like it’s
you can tell like I said these guys these men and women that fight they’re they’re Cut From a Different Cloth
there’s a lot of inner demons in there that they’re trying to get out on those tie pads and when they get into that
cage they’re trying to get out on your face and so it’s uh you know he just seems to
have that nastiness about him and whether it fuels him and drives him whatever it is but I mean after what I
saw he with his fight with Moreno man it’s hard it’s gonna be hard for me to go against him he’s oh yeah he’s got he
looked tired the whole damn fight after round one and he just dug deep it was like [ __ ] I’m not tired and he just and
he threw everything with bad intentions there was never a moment in that fire he’s like no I’m just gonna touch you no
no I’m gonna [ __ ] knock you out every single time he threw something and he’s
it’s hard to be hard for me to go against him you know and that and you got to look and be honest about it you
know people don’t realize that was his third fight against Brandon Moreno he had had two
fights two wins it is not easy to beat a good fighter three times
that is a rough one and he did that you gotta get a big it was a great fight man it was a fantastic fight there was
honestly there was just no there was no loser in that fight I mean there was obviously but at the end us fans were
going give me round six I was like let’s go next
before going to the next phase I’m gonna give you guys a quick break here ah before we get into the next fight make
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all right man so let’s go ahead and uh break into a new one this is the one whoo
there it is Tony Ferguson taking on the batty Patty pimlet
what do you think you know John I’ve I’ve heard a lot of other uh media
pundits talk about their take on this and
I gotta be honest if I see Patty’s coming off of not so great performance
that’s that’s true that’s one two is he just got married
that means there was um some extra eating involved there was a honeymoon there was you know
some extra stuff extra drinking all that other stuff whatever it was anyways but he’s coming off that um
it did he make weight last time yeah he did okay right but you know he
does but he he he gains weight but he gets it off look
Tony is not and we all know he’s not Tony is not what he was what concerns me though is that the
physical strength at the age that Tony’s at and the Damage that he’s taken it’s the physical strength can he take
the shot that the shots that Patty will give him on the feet and not only that
Nate’s got one his Nate’s probably got one of the best if not the best Guillotines in the game and he caught him with the guillotine
but Patty’s got the physical strength to really really drive it home like you know in terms of like getting to the
guillotine getting to the triangles those type of things now look I get what you’re saying I think the grappling goes
towards Tony but Tony’s physical strength he’s not a strong guy he was able to maneuver
himself out of positions with some of his flexibility his awkward style of grappling kind of that that um
uh Eddie um it’s just a coach
Eddie Bravo just the flexibility the goofiness of how he trains you know the that whole Eddie Bravo Style
but he can’t do it anymore you see him doing the knee slides that take down these slides yeah I know in the cage
before he warms up go back and watch his last two fights he doesn’t even go all the way to his knee anymore
like he just kind of walks through it and so his body is banged up and he
can’t do whether he thinks mentally he can do it he just physically he can’t do it he’s
damaged his body too much his elbows are probably [ __ ] up from punching and from armbar’s defenses with that Charles
Charles um Oliveira fight the damage he took mentally and I think physically and that
Justin gaichi fight definitely not good The Knockout by Michael Chandler those
are just the three that really are fresh in my mind that did the most work not a good situation man and Patty look
no matter how shitty of a performance he had he’s young he’s spry he’s got power
in his hands he’s got he’s physically strong he doesn’t have he’s not that good in the states he’s not that he’s
not that big a a power strike he’s not but John he I get what you’re saying
he’s just a lot much he’s a lot faster and you know that’s that’s the problem
that I see in this fight the land you’ll land three or four Tony as much as like I think I think
this is this if there’s ever an opportunity because you look at the guys that Tony has fought someone said that’s [ __ ] murderer
who’s who’s who it’s a murderer so it’s it’s I can’t take any away from a man like the guys he’s lost to the [ __ ]
all they’re all [ __ ] not really good if you’re if you’re gonna be honest and look at it if Dave pulls up the record
of Patty pimlet look Soren box gotta win over
okay sorenbach is you know a really good Grappler good wrestler took him down
controlled him but if you take a look at those fights name me the name that you
go wow I can’t go maybe Jordan Levitt only just because
Jordan was just fun to watch twerk I don’t know man [Laughter]
um you know I can’t you know so I I like I look at it I’m
just and if you remember was it was it the Vargas fight he got dropped in that fight
remember he almost got finished yeah it was his first fight in the UFC I believe yeah he got he got he got dropped he got
a lot of trouble in that fight uh yeah and just it was just it was a
like he makes mistakes he fights really aggressive he gets himself tired he does
cut a lot of weight so the fatigue sets in around halfway through the second round and if this fight does go this is not a
main event is it no no it’s on the um December card with
John Jones I know John Jones yeah this is the same one that you have Leon Eddie on you got it and so uh that’s in the UK
no [Music] I just look at youth as as a
[ __ ] and the speed is an absolute concern in this
fight if Patty fights smart and tries to stay on the you know his bike and on the
outside and just uses speed to get in and land shots
I think he’s got a great shot at winning the fight John but look at this picture this picture here
is look at look at child look at Tony’s shoulders look at his chest he’s
starting to to this is an older a little bit older picture too he started to develop a little bit more of the older
man body and I know I went through this process I was looking at myself going yeah sure you’re still lean you’re still
ripped but you’re starting to get the old man like kind of no upper chest it’s only just the lower chest like your
shoulders are not as well-rounded like how you look at Patty pimlets there in the in the picture next to it they’re
not as well-rounded like there’s just things that you notice when you start to age and I see it in him man and I’m not
knocking him I love Tony Fergus Manny I’m a huge fan always been a fan
um you know I just look at Patty the speed is going to be a factor you say he doesn’t have a lot of power I agree he
doesn’t have a lot of power but if I’m here if I’m able to hit you two or three times before you can start defending I don’t need a lot of power I
just need to hit you in the right spot all right um take down defense Tony’s not a great wrestler he’s good
he’s good but I always yeah he’s a way better wrestler yes but Tony doesn’t
shoot very oh he doesn’t because that’s why his when he does the little thing you
know before the fight starts it’s not looking good right now but he doesn’t like to rely on his wrestling he never
did yeah look if he can come out and have a first round like he did against Michael Chandler he might be able to Fab
it he might be able to finish Patty but that the thing is as at 37 38 years
old we were we’re just talking about Daniel weisel for Bellator he just retired his body’s not anywhere near as
banged up as Tony Ferguson’s okay but even he even him someone who just takes
care of his body takes care of him his health takes care of all his nutrition you look at him he’s like he looks like
he’s [ __ ] 31 30 you know 30 31 years old Tony’s done too much damage I feel like
to his body and as much as I want him to win this fight uh he’s got his hands full and
everyone’s like oh you’re going with Patty you’re going with Patty I’m not going with anyone right now I’m not going with anyone right now
I honestly we’re gonna We Are Gonna Make a gentleman’s bet on this phone no we’re not see this is what John tries to get
me to bet on things where he’s just like you know and this is a 50 50 fight to me okay so it’s even that we you take one
guy and I take the other yeah I’m good yeah you know even though I’m not friends with Tony I still got too much
respect for him to bet on him I just I just know I can’t do it I can’t do it you don’t have to bet on them
uh well see then I should have told you who I was betting no so anyways uh I think
it’s a 50 50 fine I think um you know patty coming off a long way off not having a great performance last fight
getting married maybe it’s refocused him whatever it was but um I don’t know I
think Tony he’s got something to prove I he doesn’t finally take the tension off with all the oh this guy’s ranked number
four this guy’s number number seven all that’s gone now I mean Tony has him he’s not in the rankings now
not you know so he’s gotta he’s gonna have to try to get this win over this young buck tough fight
next one all right let’s look at uh one sc’s this weekend as well let’s take a look at
this damn Fair text going out there again she’s fun to watch she goes out there
and then she puts on a performance she goes after her opponent I have not seen
Oh Yeah from South Korea fights so I don’t know anything about her I know all about stamp I’ve watched her multiple
times and uh enjoy watching her fight this is for their interim Championship
uh their Champions out right now but just from what I’ve seen
he better be damn good if she’s gonna stay in the stand up well it’s not even the stand-up now it’s and now it’s the
exactly and now stand actually not bad on the ground stamp’s gotten pretty good on the ground she’s got nasty ground a
pound she’s been working on her ground a pound she looks when she gets to the top position she’s learned how to like crush
the half guard and Crush into that where she kind of like sits over into a KC guard which I call it where she puts the
knee across she’s able to kind of keep and pin those hips down or do some damage she’s gotten really good she’s had a
couple submission wins uh two that I’ve seen um she’s getting really good she’s
fantastic man she’s a fantastic fighter she’s nasty on the feet she’s uh she’s not afraid to shoot now and you can take
Downs herself she can sprawl in Brawl but when she gets in top man she put some work in she does some nice work
some good elbows some heavy strikes so um I’m with you John though I have not seen uh home sale he
um but she better be ready she better be ready so um we’ll find out
um like I said guys we don’t know a lot about their Fighters but I know Danielle Kelly and Jessica Khan like um justcon
is from um she’s from LJ California from California the Costa Mesa area those trains with the uh hafa Guillermo Mendes
Brothers great she’s a [ __ ] stud she is a stud she’s fantastic this is a
grappling match you know that’s what she does it’s not an MMA but it’s an animal Adam weight submission grappling world
championship match so should be good and Daniel Kelly’s really good she’s crying I think Danielle Kelly
is going to be a little bit um strength Wise It’s Not Gonna favor her I think Khan’s gonna have a little
bit more issue A Little Bit Stronger Khan is really good um but Khan is also for me I’ve always
seen her compete in ghee I know she’s good no gee as well but the focus mainly
has been for her and ghee this will be in a nogi match obviously and uh I think I’m excited to see it I’m excited to see
how well she does because damn Kelly is really Danielle Kelly’s really good in the nogi all right John lineker
John lineker taking on Stefan Lohman Lowman very good in the stand-ups laniker’s got big Power lineker can take
the fight to the ground he just doesn’t seem to do that too much uh he’s had some he’s had some good fights in one
he’s had some tough fights in one where he’s taking some abuse too but this is one where
I know he’s gonna he’s gonna stand against Lowman not the smartest thing to do but he’s gonna do it so we’re gonna
see if his power can overtake the speed and technique of London because loma’s good yeah lineaker just doesn’t choose
not to fight smart you know I mean don’t even wrong I can see why I mean oh he’s got big Power he can take a shot
deliver shots you know uh but the uh for a long fight versus Amir Khan should be a good fight I know full long is not
what he who he used to be no he’s getting he’s getting older but he’s got some good stand up he’s got some good
power and Amir Khan um he can take a shot and he can give a shot but it should be that should be an
action-packed fight scroll down a little bit more we’ll see if there’s anyone else on here
I will know that I know of Moro sorelli tough very strong is a heavyweight uh
pretty good wrestling defense Paul Elliott from United Kingdom very strong got good power in his hands not the
greatest wrestler so you might see cirelli actually trying to out wrestle and get Paul Elliott on the ground and
use some ground but I don’t know either one just so you know I’m letting everyone know got to be fully
transparent go ahead and scroll down a little more is that it oh that was it
all right guys well hey I know we couldn’t give you guys much on that um this is one of those cards that kind of
just popped up on us and we um there’s not a lot of big names on there names that we’re too familiar with we don’t
get a lot of the shows over here in the US I mean they’re on Amazon Prime but we’re trying to make it work as best we
can all right let’s go to the pfl we’re gonna have kind of similar tfl in Europe in Europe in Paris kind of a very
similar situation but John knows a couple of these guys because he’s seen them fight in glory in kickboxing but
you got the pfl um main event go ahead John Cedric dombe man his stand-up is
freaking good now Jordan Zebo is good uh he’s got some grappling to him he’ll
stand and fight but he does not want to be in a stand-up battle with Cedric Cedric is uh talented kickboxers fought
in glory for a long time he’s now 4-0 as a mixed martial artist so I’m telling you right now that fight
with uh if Jordan can take it to the ground he’s got a chance if he was going to be in the stand-up you don’t want to
be in the stand up with uh yeah I mean like the uh
Zebo looks [ __ ] ripped guys uh but
someone they’re both undefeated 4-0 so we’re gonna find out man uh someone’s always gonna go definitely for sure
all right scroll down a little bit there for us [Music]
give me some more John Simon Simon Powell going up in the light heavyweights against Abdul or Rami
that’s a good fight that’s that’s both of those guys are talented decoded uh
decheva she’s now eight no she’s uh I think she’s had all but one of her
fights in the pfl I could be wrong about that but she’s undefeated in the people obviously because she’s undefeated in
her career she’s really been putting on some great performances um Franz malambo I’ve called some of his
fights he’s gonna go ahead sorry yeah Frost Malone he’s a Spider Man tough very athletic uh he’s got good takedown
Francisco nuzi I’ve never seen him fight so 10-1 uh Francisco newsy but
someone’s got good stand up very hard to get in the range um I’m trying to remember who he fought
like France scrolling Franz malamo who’d he fight and someone was that he’s had
some good he’s had some good fights and he’s had some bad fights he had one though Ricky mendejas
um he lost to Ricky he had had Ricky’s leg up in a single leg and he was beating Ricky and it was
a close back and forth battle but he was beating Ricky Mendez and um and I kid you not man he hit Ricky
hit him with [ __ ] uh two-piece while he had his leg up in the air and yeah I
was like holy [ __ ] but it was that was a it was insane fight same side same hand
same side yeah two three eight I think he hit him two or three times yeah two or three times in that fight but I was there calling his fight when he beat
Nathan Grayson and uh Dominic wooden and I mean he had some great performances he’s fun both of those guys are tough
fighting are good yeah both of them are real tough um what else anything else on here John
scroll down more Dave you got uh the guy who uh that was the
first fight for uh we were just talking about Patty pimlet but Luigi vendor amini that was
his first fight in the UFC so uh he’s now in this uh pfl Europe card so be
interested to see how he does there all right well hey that’s going to wrap up barbell rpfl
Freudian slip um let’s get a wrap up our our pfl talk and um yeah and so I guess look that’s
gonna be in Paris so you guys are gonna have to kind of search and scour the web to watch that certainly I think they
they actually came out pfl is coming out with a a channel for people to go to I’m just
not sure what it is so I would just say it if I knew it yeah yeah uh let’s go ahead and we’re going to go
back to a little bit of news uh for that’s not new this is from UFC 200. man
that’s a long time well this is what this is what major companies do John they drag it out so
long they it makes you go broke so uh yeah so basically what it is the
judge strikes down Mark Hunt’s case against UFC Dana White and Brock Lesnar a U.S District Judge Jennifer Dorsey
found hunt failed to prove the trio acknowledging misled him that lesser would not use performance stance and
Drugs in connection with their UFC 200 bout because power to book it despite previous knowledge that Lesnar was
doping that look he just didn’t have the he
didn’t have the fact let me ask you this mission to actually present that’s all it’s all just the fight happened UFC new they then he
thought they knew he just didn’t he didn’t he didn’t have anything to prove let’s be honest about that yeah let’s
break this down a little bit though and let’s be honest I can understand why Mark Hunt is pissed off
okay I can understand it because at the time the UFC was you know under usada
and it’s not like they weren’t at that time they were under USANA Brock was brought in from the WWE
you know to have this special fight and Mark was told that Brock was going
to have to pass usada for him to fight well he didn’t have to pass to fight he just had to pass and he
didn’t do that now I can understand why Mark’s upset but
did the UFC know that Lesnar wasn’t going to pass
no they didn’t know they you know they’re putting on the fight they’re
they’re using Brock because you know they’re trying to put together this big card but it’s not like oh they knew that
he was you know taking something at the time and they were trying to hide it they weren’t trying to argue it
they made the mistake of hey we’re going to believe that you’re
not on something and you’re then you’re going to take the test and you’re going to come back clean and that’s going to make us you know
you know believe in the fact that you weren’t taking anything and that just didn’t work for him but it’s not
I look at I understand why Mark is upset and I and it’s like I understand why
he’s upset at Brock and I understand you know he’s had his ups and downs with the UFC but
did the UFC put Brock Lesnar into that fight knowing
that he was using performance enhancing drugs do you think they did
I’m not going to get coaxed into this it’s an argument
so you do think they did John
no no I look at it this way I I know this thing look what they were trying to do with
Nate Diaz yeah tested positive
and they were like you know what we’ll we’ll get it all sorted out after and Nate said [ __ ] you I’m gonna sorted out
now that means that they knew that Nate tested and they were still gonna let him fight
so I would not hold it against them or not hold against I would not say that they are not that
they have not tried to do that or would not do it okay good that’s the only thing that’s the only thing we’re based
off of that’s a good point one that you know I I knew it but I didn’t think of it so good so when I’m
when I’m looking at this I mean I’m just thinking to myself and this was early in USANA you know
um I don’t know I I can’t say I I don’t want to say that they they knew but I
want to say that the history the child can only give you that case is that they
tried to have Nate still fight and we’ll just we’ll deal with it after yep no no [ __ ] we’ll deal with
it now I I can’t I can’t bring up anything else that’s the only thing so to say that
they wouldn’t know I can’t say for sure they didn’t know
I’m just giving the facts here that’s all I know
all right so you know and I know people in Nate’s camp that said no no they even try to
offer money they try to like you know we’ll do we’ll take care of it all afterwards no big deal you know like
it’s it’s probably just a misunderstanding you know just gonna keep the fight and nah
ha ha so that just lets me know
uh what else you got for us all right any uh comments you guys want
to talk about on the Bellator rankings uh they brought them out and I just wondering where you guys think as far as
Aaron P we’ve made enough bad comments on our ranking systems as there is jeez man it’s just the media just can’t get
it right um you know but like I haven’t looked at him in a while because they’re so depressing to watch for me to look at
them I do like the fact that Hassan magamed sharapov in his
first fight at featherwick actually got moved into the featherweight rankings because you
know what that sumbitch is good he’s [ __ ] really good he’s really good and he fought a [ __ ] beast of a guy too
in his last fight um who’d he just fight I can’t remember his name
he fought him and he’s a beast man that guy’s big he’s got power he’s got good takedown defense you saw it too in
Hassan’s face like man this guy’s bigger than I thought but what I was doing when I was commentating
his fight I was like you could tell that Hassan was like all right it’s gonna be a little bit more
work than I thought not like oh man [ __ ] the look on my face is like oh [ __ ] this
is gonna be horrible oh it’s gonna take long no no he’s just like yeah I’ll break you down sure enough broke him
down should I go right to the side joke beautifully done good good and I love how they both kind of sat up and sat on
their knees and looked at each other and they’re like damn you got me it’s like Dan you’re [ __ ] stronger and harder than I
thought it was it was a it was like mutual respect and I I had to say something about it on TV man because
they were just so they were back and forth and Jessica was doing whatever he could to stop him
and Hassan was so patient and doing what he was doing I was like all right this is gonna be good this is gonna be a good
fight and sure enough it was it led up to be a good fight I think it ended somewhere around the middle of the second round good fight though and end
of the second round yeah good fight though um what what kind of bothered me about this whole thing is you’ve got Al
Jermaine Sterling and you’ve got uh TZ de la Shaw the fight ends in a
dislocation of the shoulder and audio leads with the title with the TKO win basically of what self-inflicted
injury and you know and TJ retires and moves on with his career you know life after fighting well air Pico loses to
just two fights ago he loses to Jeremy Kearney and I love Aaron Pico I’ve known I’ve known Aaron Pico since he was about
15 maybe 14. and um
and Aaron has lost to Jeremy Kennedy just two fights ago the same way how TJ
lost to aljo the shoulder pop shoulder popped out and just it ended up being considered to know it was about a year
ago because I think it was in October of 2022 when that fight took place so
about a year but it goes on the record as a loss it’s a it’s a self-inflicted TKO right
or something like that no self-inflicted injury it’s in TKO but somehow they have Jeremy Kennedy
dropping below Aaron Pico John can you give me an explanation on
this no I cannot Jeremy Kennedy has gone and he beat
Aaron Pico no I admit that was based upon an injury so you really don’t know
but Jeremy Kennedy got the win and he deserves the win because he went out there and did his job did what he was
supposed to do and he got to win Jeremy Kennedy then went and fought Pedro carvallu and got the win there
so he’s had those two fights Aaron Pico lost to Jeremy Kennedy then he came back
and he beat James Gonzalez and now he just beat Pedro carvalu and
it’s absolutely nuts that he moves ahead of Jeremy Kennedy just based upon
the fact that he beat Pedro carvio who was also beaten by Jeremy Kennedy who
also beat Aaron Pico so the only reason but I think but I think that the
the way it was done by the the mutual they have two guys they have two fighters
both of them have fought one guy in their last two fights like they you know
and so the only thing I can think of is well Aaron Pico finished him oh yeah
and Jeremy Kennedy about the distance but then I can also say well Jeremy Kennedy finished Aaron Pico
I mean I know yeah but I see but I see that I look at the way they’re looking at it is
it was an injury it was a self-inflicted injury it wasn’t something that Jeremy Kennedy did and Aaron Pico fought an
entire round against Jeremy Kennedy with one arm yeah I think they’re looking at it now
instead of based upon records or Head to Head they’re saying I just believe that
Aaron Pico is the better fighter okay we’ll see I guess we’ll see scroll
through do you have can you scroll through these a little bit there Dave let’s see what the next ones are
and yeah I kind of like all those the lightweights are pretty good Logan Jackson it kind of I guess a
little weird for me that Jason Jackson is not moved ahead Logan slowly now because he’s next in line but I could
whatever I’m not I’m not argue with that that don’t matter you know um you know the fight that I’m I’m really
excited for that Euros off Amazon Jason Jackson fight I’m really excited for that fight yeah well I I
want to say look at the number 10 now moving up yeah he’s getting better so good he’s so I
mean like he’s he just is coming to his own is really starting to yeah perform well
it’s growing he’s growing as a fighter he’s being smarter he’s doing everything right because if I if I put him against
someone like Brandon Ward if I put him against someone like maybe Douglas Lima right now where Douglas is in his career
if I put him against neyman Gracie it’s a good chance he beats all three of those guys
I think you’ll have a little bit of a hard time with Lorenz Larkin only because Loren’s so fluid on his feet still so fast hard to trap against the
fans all those things now Lorenz also sometimes decides just to lay on his back and take some rounds off
so it’s hard it’s really hard for me to like okay Lauren’s gonna do this and do that you just never know what Lorenz is
going to show up as far as is it the one that’s going to be able to just step on the gas and just
uses speed and his his abilities just to dominate his opponent or is he’s going
to be like I’m here you know the guy that I’d like to see Levon chocolate fight the most though is Andre korshkov
both of them got wrestling that’s a tough one I’m gonna have to stand up uh it would be it was of course cop does
not get enough credit for him he’s good I mean you wanna know why John he’s 31 years old or some [ __ ] and he
[ __ ] looks like he’s 50. that’s why that’s why he don’t get enough credit
it’s like he’s been balding since he was you know 14.
oh man but uh go ahead next one scroll the next one
correct somewhere in there uh let’s see I’m looking forward to the
Inaba fight sumika anaba is fighting in these kills
the two of them you’re gonna see how how much power Nava has okay hold on go back there how did Denise keelholtz move up
I don’t know one spot and anaba moved out anaba has not lost
and Keel Holtz lost her last fight didn’t no no did she win she might have won her last fight so it doesn’t make
any sense John she won her last fight ah well it doesn’t make any uh they’re
fighting so she just lost her last fight huh yeah I don’t know we’re gonna find out though
tell me what’s going on with Juliana Velasquez all right next one
oh Brian made an episode though yeah I mean this division is there’s only seven
of them it’s like she dropped down Sarah Collins beater
very impressive um not very impressive was it impressive I was just I was being sarcastic John oh
okay I was just like well I mean a non-standup judoka jiu jitsu player does
no stand-up stands with Sinead Kavanaugh and leaves the cage with nothing on her face no marks nothing it just really
shocked me out Sinead decided to fight that fight all right Dave what else you got for us
nope that’s it that’s Dave’s way of saying nothing hey I did yeah did I send
you something that was like supposed to be kind of funny I thought I did but it was supposed to be funny yeah
I didn’t what did you do I’m just going back right now oh you were you were saying you were there was something that
um oh I know I sent you something I wanted to talk about was this thing here okay the um it’s not
funny Eddie Alvarez is talking about he wants to fight Mike Perry
yeah well they’re talking to me you know Eddie had his Eddie had his one uh
bare knuckle fighting yeah uh match up against Chad Mendes came out with the win he looked actually really good
and uh he’s talking about taking on Mike Perry but man it appears to me that Mike Perry is a
much bigger fighter than Eddie Alvarez it does appear to me it does it does and um
and then Eddie and Eddie had a hard time with Chad Mendes now that might have just been the speed that man is he’s good
the other thing too is I want to tip my hat to uh to our boy Nate Diaz man congratulations getting off on all your
go ahead John explain to me no I mean you tell me you have someone
that decides that they want to you’re not going after them they want to stand there and you know mouth off and then
step forward and all you do is oh okay here and you choke him as he’s attacking
you you can defend yourself why why should there be charges against him that’s true that’s true because you won
I hate that that’s the worst um Dave I’m gonna send this one to you
because uh I’ll send it to you directly though I said it’s in the news but you have to scroll back we were supposed to talk
about it on Sunday but we didn’t it’s just it’s more funny I wanted to know because I’m having so
much fun because I just got back from Ireland uh before Dave pops this thing up though is go to Wayne merch.com pick up some of
our merch there and also hit the Subscribe button guys down below we’ve been stuck at this 118 for a little bit
kind of driving me crazy I’m getting a little bothered by it and uh and uh you
know I know it felt like we were a little bit of Shadow band for a little bit from YouTube I think someone was telling me something but Dave I just
sent you over this video you’re pulling it up still the best Scottish best man speech ever can you please and I know it
has subtitles on it what in the [ __ ] is he saying can you turn this turn the
volume on and let’s play it all right this is so funny it is funny Christmas morning I go up
and my mom and dad’s house buzzing I mean walk down the stairs he opened my presence only if you could either slot
for my wall
obviously she’s nothing about Golden Child next door
so we’re in the oven remote when I got our friends as we call that at this point I got up
the stairs open Gary’s room door and there you have it because they carry a line they’ll exit tiny too
this this game I understand I didn’t understand it tell me
I said her legs were no I need the whole thing tell me the whole story I got bits
and pieces of it but I can’t put the whole thing together
go ahead he’s basically just talking about a kiss this morning like all the kind of steps that led him to go up to
his brother or brother his brother’s room his brother’s room and when he does finally go to his brother’s room he
opens the door and his brother is in there with his wife now who is on the
bed with her legs at ten and two you figure out what the [ __ ] there’s something about going down the chimney
uh yeah you can’t go down a chimney with your legs like that I didn’t go back I need to like it was
it was funny though I was like I got bits and pieces of it I understood the tenant too I know what they were mean you know he’s got a legs up attendance I
got I got all that but I just I couldn’t make out the subtitled in English yeah I know but I couldn’t get the whole thing
in some of the [ __ ] words are not right Dave that’s why because they didn’t understand his [ __ ]
either and so like he says mom and these they said mum or whatever it is it
doesn’t even say that it says something else my mom yeah
anyways all right guys well I wanted to end it on a little funny note you know legs at 10 and two going down the chimney uh you know
girlfriend of the time not married sure I’m sure Sinner’s feeling really
good right there all right guys they want to thank you guys so much for uh following the the
Pod and um please share our content all around and uh and tell people about us we
appreciate you guys so much go to Wayne merch.com pick up some of our hoodies and sweaters and everything available there that we’ve got hats we’ve got it
all so check it all out there and um yeah John take us away buddy yeah that’s
it it’s all over there’s a little there’s a little standing running joke that we have
and Joe and Dave Dave sent a video the other day about it John has moved to the
left it’s great it did Dave loves it in terms
of editing I was coming through and I was like oh goodness God damn he moved again
how to move on it’s 80d man I can’t help it 60 [ __ ] years old and I’m still a child when it comes to standing still we
used to kill me when I when I worked LAPD and you had to do inspections and [ __ ] like that and you do [ __ ]
dignitary protections and you gotta [ __ ] stand at parade rest with your all right [ __ ] that [ __ ] just drive me
crazy that that are that are cool plunge which one oh dude cold I’ll do the clock once in a
second to take you 30 minutes to get in uh yeah this is gonna mentally get ready
but I’ll do the call punch okay I hate I hate standing drives me
[ __ ] crazy all right and we will no point to it and we will see you guys
later bye 

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