DWCS 2023: Week 6: FULL CARD Predictions


We will be discussing the upcoming fights in DWCS 2023: Week 6 and making predictions for each matchup. We will analyze the fighters’ styles, records, and recent performances to determine who we believe will come out on top. It’s important to note that these predictions are based on our own analysis and should be taken with a grain of salt. Let’s dive into the fights!

Julia Palastri vs. Jonathan Denise

Julia Palastri and Jonathan Denise are set to face off in what promises to be an exciting matchup. Palastri has shown great skill and technique in her fights, and her aggressive style puts her in advantageous positions. On the other hand, Denise has struggled in some of his previous fights, but he has the potential to turn things around. Palastri has been fighting at a higher level of competition compared to Denise, which could give her an edge in this matchup. Our prediction is that Palastri will come out on top in this fight.

John Matsumoto vs. Casey Tanner

John Matsumoto and Casey Tanner are both talented fighters, but Matsumoto has a slight edge in terms of experience and skill. Matsumoto has faced tough opponents throughout his career and has proven himself against them. Tanner, on the other hand, has had a more limited number of fights and has been inactive in recent years. While Tanner could potentially pull off an upset, our prediction is that Matsumoto will come out victorious in this matchup.

AJ Cunningham vs. Stephen Nguyen

The fight between AJ Cunningham and Stephen Nguyen is difficult to predict due to several factors. Cunningham is known for his wrestling and grappling skills, which could give him an advantage if he can dominate the fight in those areas. However, Nguyen is a skilled striker and could potentially pick Cunningham apart on the feet. One notable aspect of this matchup is Nguyen’s two-year hiatus from fighting, which raises questions about his current form. Despite the uncertainties, our prediction is that Nguyen will win this fight, taking advantage of Cunningham’s potential cardio issues.

James Lontop vs. Malik Lewis

James Lontop and Malik Lewis are set to face off in a matchup that could go either way. Lewis has shown promise in his fights, but his cardio has been a concern in the past. Lontop, on the other hand, is a less technical fighter but has displayed heart and determination in his performances. This fight could come down to Lewis’s ability to dish out damage and Lontop’s ability to withstand it. Our prediction is that Lewis will come out on top, potentially finishing the fight.


In DWCS 2023: Week 6, we have analyzed the matchups and made our predictions for each fight. While these predictions are based on our own analysis, it’s important to remember that anything can happen in MMA. The fighters’ skills, styles, and recent performances all play a role in determining the outcome of each fight. We look forward to seeing how these matchups unfold and whether our predictions hold true. As always, it’s important to approach these fights with caution and enjoy the excitement of the sport. Stay tuned for more updates and analysis in the future.

welcome back to way one Pokemon and
we’re going to be getting into the
second half of the Dana White’s
Contender series 2023 season and this is
the half of the Season which I need to
take it all back from Gianni the Greek
Gianni the Greek has taken me on and he
has won the first half of the season I
feel like my breakdowns have been pretty
good I’ve been highlighting the
strengths and the weaknesses of every
fighter quite well but the predictions
have just been did wrong every time and
it’s just really really rough and quite
demotivating really because I do truly
am putting in so much time and effort
into this tape study and I’m getting
beaten by Gianni the Greek who I don’t
really feel like is doing anything
except looking at the line movement and
picking his picks based off that but
that doesn’t matter he’s beating me but
today in this episode I’m going to be
trialing something new I’m going to be
giving my predictions based off my tape
study as well but also because Dana
White’s Contender series is completely
random I do have another theory of
testing that Randomness and that is
flipping a coin a very small coin it’s a
20 cent coin it’s just something that I
found in my bedroom him and we’re going
to be flipping that as well so you’ve
got my picks based off my tape and you
can also go with the coin as well I do
know that this has been trialled by
other MMA YouTubers in the past but I’m
going to be doing it for every single
fight starting from here but now before
to get into the predictions you do have
all of the way one picks premium content
not just from me but from Angelo from
Jacob from running mouth MMA from the AI
as well you just get so much content for
ten dollars a month you can get a three
day free trial by signing up using my
code Autumn and now let’s get into the
predictions for Dana White’s Contender
series week number six and it is time to
turn it around and take it all back from
Gianni the Greek so the first part of
the night is going to be Julia palastri
taking on Patricia alujas now typology
does have it listed at FlyAway I do
believe it’s going to be at 115 pounds
as they also have it listed here on
about 99 sure the spider is going to be
at straw weight but maybe things could
change I’m actually recording this on
Wednesday literally just hours after
Daylight’s container series week number
five so things could change throughout
the card but I am going to Australia
earlier so I’m kind of uh putting it out
a little bit early because I’m heading
over to UFC 293 now let’s get into it
Julia pastry taking on Patricia Lou
house I’m going with palasti I believe
palastri is the better fighter there’s a
lot less rude Flags kind of surrounding
her as well whereas with alujas she’s
fought twice in the last four years
she’s a little bit Scrappy she can be
pretty fun to watch but in my opinion I
just haven’t really been too impressed
by her whatsoever and her level of
competition Julia palustri has fought on
Daylight’s Contender series before she
did find Jasmine to suit her this year
so has now gone on to have pretty good
success in the UFC at 125 pounds and
that fight was at 125 plus she moved
upper weight class for that one not
really too sure why I guess she just
kind of wanted to take the opportunity
because she was fine at 1 15 in the past
she lost to Jasmine then took on a very
experienced fighter a girl with a losing
record and then a pretty good Prospect
and brings a Gothic and she was able to
win that one by submission I think
plastery beats a luhast I think Pulaski
is really good she’s only 25 years old I
think she does have a pretty good future
in this sport I’m gonna go with hits on
the coin for polastri and tails for
it does hits okay we’ve got Julia
palastri in the match up the coin also
agrees so let’s go with Julia Palacio I
think she does get it done she could
maybe get a finish in this match up but
I just think that plaster is a little
bit better everywhere I think that she
should be able to get it done over
Patricia oluhas and another point which
I do have a relatively confident ticket
now it is worth noting that this is
heavyweight MMA and anything can happen
especially because this is two Strikers
and two guys that are probably going to
stand and bang with each other Eduardo
never is taking on janata Denise Edward
is only 23 years old which is kind of
crazy because he’s quite young and he
has achieved a pretty decent amount in
his heavyweight career already
especially when you do consider that a
lot of heavy weights are typically quite
old and what it never is only 23 years
old for on Dana White’s container Series
last year made me look like a complete
idiot because he gassed out in 90
seconds I’m not even joking dude I don’t
actually know what went on at the fight
whatsoever but he did guess out of 90
seconds to mcparkan who recently made
his debut and looked pretty good against
Jamal Pogues and then he took on a team
and four opponent knocked him out
knocked out Thiago Silva and then match
up as well and Thiago Silva was also on
the container series I believe that is a
lie it was a lot he thought someone that
was on the container series but Yago
Silva himself wasn’t on the container
series that’s what happens when you
record videos in one take janasa Denise
is a former glory kickboxer now he
didn’t have the most successful
kickboxing career whatsoever it’s not
like he had like 50 fights or anything
like that but he did make it pretty far
and he did make it into Glory where he
did have some good wins as well fought
against some pretty well-known Fighters
as well but I do believe that he should
have a pretty good transition over to
MMA he’s knocked everybody out that he’s
thought he hasn’t necessarily fought the
best guys in the world but he has
knocked everyone out so far this is
going to be a striking fight Eduardo
nives he kind of is I mean this would be
a fun fight if the UFC put it on maybe
Dana White’s Contender series next year
he reminds me a bit of Chandler Cole
Eduardo Nieves versus Chandler Cole
would be a punt scrap it’s two guys that
are ready to brawl but you’re not Denise
at heavyweight he does have pretty good
technique and I think this should be the
more technical fighter in a striking
match now it is worth noting though that
I’ve got absolutely no idea what she
answered Denise wrestling and grappling
looks like he hasn’t really been taken
down or tested too much in that sort of
area I’m gonna assume it’s good enough
to deal with it anyways because it’s not
a wrestler he is not a Grappler he just
wants to stand and bang his is Eduardo
Nieves tails is Jonathan Denise
and we’ve got heads okay so the coin has
picked as what only this I am picking
Jeanette’s Denise me and the coin do not
agree on this fight but I’m gonna go
Denise I think Denise knocks him out
probably in the second round I think
Nevis might look good to start but I
think he’s just gonna blow us load and
gas out again like he did against
mcparkan so now let’s move on up the
card during the Matsumoto taking on
Casey Tanner one thing I’m going to say
about this fight is Casey Tanner and the
topology votes incredibly underrated
only seven percent people picking Casey
Tanner which is crazy this is actually
one of those fights I kind of am said
that it’s gonna happen because someone
is going to lose and for Casey Tanner is
almost 32 years old at bantamweight
right now it kind of is now or never for
him whereas Junior Matsumoto is 24 years
old already has a crazy record 13-0 and
he has fought pretty good guys to build
up that record you know it’s it’s pretty
impressive what he has managed to do but
to talk about Casey Tanner I think Casey
Tanner is a UFC level bantamweight this
guy is really really good and I cannot
believe that only seven percent of
people are picking him on tablet it is
absolutely insane tenna as I said
he’s very good he’s a good Striker but
he also wrestles as well and wrestling
kind of is the main part of his game
he’s never really had any issues with
taking people down whatsoever but he
took on his best opponent I believe yes
it was against Terry Bartholomew he had
absolutely no issues really getting him
down to the map and was able to dominate
with very heavy top control in that
match up he works the body very well
when he’s striking throws a lot of kicks
and just is a pretty good Striker there
isn’t really a lot of weaknesses to
Kathy Tanner’s game that I can notice
but the thing about John Matsumoto there
are weaknesses to John matsumoto’s game
I have seen Jordan Matsumoto taken down
I have seen German struggle one fights
I’ve seen him hit before as well but one
thing I guess you could argue about John
Matsumoto was he does have a much more
aggressive style which would kind of put
him in worse positions than Casey
Tanner’s style I guess and also another
thing as well that John Matsumoto I
would argue is fighting the much much
higher level of competition Casey and
his best win is over this guy who was
seven and three at the time he beat a
two and three opponent but he just kind
of dominated him it was there’s not
really a lot to learn about that fight
but this is a good work fight to watch I
think this is the best fight to watch on
Casey Tanner really showcases good skill
before he’s not really fighting the best
guys and he’s been very inactive in his
career as well we’re still in Matsumoto
he’s only 24 years old from five times
in the last two years and he has fought
good guys you know what I mean like even
from the start of his career when he was
6-0 he beat a 4-0 guy 10 and 3 13 and 6
9 and 3 9 and 1 7-0 he’s beating good
guys now this this season or no guy he
did have a a pretty padded record I will
be honest he did get a winner of 4 and
18 opponent you you get the point it
wasn’t a good 7-0 but John Watson Moto
did manage to get a good win in that
matchup he actually almost got the
guillotine in the very first round but
ended up getting it in the second I’m
actually gonna go with John Matsumoto in
this matchup because I do believe he is
the more dangerous fighter but if Casey
Tanner won this fight I would not be
surprised if there are absolutely insane
Underdog odds on Casey Tanner which I
don’t think that there will be but if
there are he could be a very good
Underdog I’m going to go Jordan
Matsumoto as the public is going with as
well but I do want to express that
there’s actually pretty low confidence
pick I think that Casey Tanner is 100 a
UFC level fighter and it is a shame that
he’s been so inactive in his career he’s
only fought two times in the last two
and a half years five times in the last
five years I feel like maybe if Casey
Kenner could have been a little bit more
active maybe built up that record a
little bit faster we could have seen him
in a situation like this maybe a year
ago but he’s taking on Jordan Matsumoto
Matsumoto is uh he’s a lot more
aggressive he’s more dangerous in my
opinion I think he can go out there and
finish Casey Tanner but honestly if
Casey Tanner as I said wins this fighter
wouldn’t be too surprised now I’m going
to flip the coin heads is Jordan
Matsumoto tails is Casey Tanner
and the coin has gone more Tails so
we’re going to be going with Casey
Tanner for the coin I am going with
Jordan Matsumoto for the me and the coin
disagree maybe that’s a big brick flag
for you guys out there maybe Casey
Tanner just gonna go out there and win
now but I’m thinking Matsumoto let’s see
if the Autumn chorus is real now we move
on to AJ Cunningham versus Stephen noyon
this fight is really really weird to
predict and the reason why is there’s so
many things that could go wrong on this
match up and I could look like a fool
either way I feel like if AJ connington
Cunningham wins this match up he
dominates the fight with his wrestling
and grappling and he very likely wins
the fight in the first round I feel like
if Steven Nguyen wins this fight he
dominates on the feet and KJ Cunningham
gases out after the first round and
Stephen Wing kind of picks him apart and
wins a decision or maybe a late TKO but
here’s the here’s the interesting part
about this fight Stephen Nguyen hasn’t
fought for two years the last time they
fought was on data what’s Contender
series and their performance wasn’t
super impressive my opinion he was
coming off that K Over Jorge Suarez
um Juarez sorry an Ali Faye he lost to
Elon Cruz by third round KO Alon Cruz is
now in Bellator actually but Stephen to
win like where has this guy been he’s
fought five times in the last five years
you can actually tell that he’s a pretty
good Striker he’s a very good boxer but
he’s just not been doing anything I’m
really confused what he’s been doing for
two years because in the last two years
he could have just been doing a little
uh record padding you know he could have
fought a few guys some losing records
took it on a couple of guys and maybe
had like a ten and one record 11 and one
record and the UFC would have been like
well that’s a nice record we could have
just picked him up from there but
instead I don’t really know what he’s
been up to because if you go to his
Instagram he’s been training he’s been a
he’s been hard at work you know training
and uh I don’t know what he’s really
been doing why has he not been fighting
for two years maybe something happened
in his life and he just decided to take
a break but we know we can move on to AJ
kind of him because speaking of life
stories this guy’s life story is
insanely he come up in a pretty rough
sort of family I’m not going to go too
far into it but if you look into AJ
Cunningham’s life it actually is quite
insane but when it comes to us fighting
AJ Cunningham two sort of things happen
sometimes he goes out there with
absolutely no respect for his opponent
whatsoever and he just completely
empties the tank in the first round
going for a finish going for his
bristling going for his grappling or
sometimes he can find a pretty
controlled Pace he took on at this guy
Jason Mullen who’s six and four at the
time and that fight was at a pretty
controlled pace and AJ cutting him in
the second round was visibly tiring out
and that’s one thing that I’ve noticed
about AJ Cunningham’s gas tank I worry
about his gas tank a lot now he does
have a very good first round all the
time sometimes he is just going up there
emptying the gas tank in the first round
and then slowing down on the second and
third and losing that’s how he does lose
some of his fights or he has close
fights and fights that he shouldn’t be
having but against Jason Mullen this
fight he fought a lot more controlled a
lot of the fight was on the feet and he
was slowing down a lot in the second
round but it’s worth noting he is very
very big for this weight class and he
does have good resting and grappling but
even in this matchup he was striking a
little bit too much for my I like it in
my opinion because one thing I’m going
to say about AJ Cunningham striking is
it definitely is a work in progress he’s
very edible on the feet but when it
comes towards written and grappling he’s
very dominant he’s a very very good
restaurant Grappler and if I do believe
if AJ Cunningham wins this fight it’s
going to be with that written and
if you can believe it I’m actually going
to pick Stephen to win but I want you
guys to know that this fight literally
is a coin flip because Stephen Owen
hasn’t fought for two years AJ
Cunningham you know he’s a very good
Western Grappler who knows how good
Stephen wins taked on defense is gonna
be I mean it’s just it’s just one of
those fights it really is I’m gonna go
Stephen to win I do believe that AJ
cunning him is gonna slow out slow down
throughout the fight I think the win
should be able to have a pretty good
game plan to keep the fight on the feet
work the body early on put on a pretty
high pace is what I would do if I was
fighting AJ cunning to make AJ
Cunningham work in that first round
because it has shown that he does
consistently slow down after the first
so give me Stephen to win to win this
fight by decision all like TKO it’s a
weird fight man I kind of do wish that
AJ Cunningham wins because I can trust
AJ cutting him to fight more often than
Steve in the wind like this guy just
he’s just not fighting man but anyway
his is going to be AJ Cunningham tails
is gonna be Stephen Nguyen
and it’s hits okay so me and the coin
disagree again the coin has AJ
Cunningham I have Stephen Newen in my
opinion do not beat this fight stay away
from this fight I mean there’s just red
flags Galore hopefully I brought up
enough brood for legs to ski you away
from this one do not bid on this fight
it is not worth it I’m gonna go Steven
to win to win though in this matchup and
we can move on to James lontop taking on
Malik Lewis I am losing to Peru that’s
another thing I’m taking on I’m not
taking on Peru I’m not taking on Peru
whatsoever but Peru Fighters
consistently make me look silly you know
in the first week we um I picked against
brew and I lost I believe it’s like the
third week I picked against Peru I
picked Robbie ring to win that fight and
he lost and um I’m gonna do it again I’m
actually gonna pick Malik Lewis in this
matchup but I do have reason to pick him
but I will we’ll get into the fight now
it’s going to be James long top taking
on Malik Lewis at 155. if you guys can
remember Malik Lewis he did actually
fight against Trevor the peak and he was
beating on through the peak for about
four minutes so the first round is
really looking good in that fight I
picked Malik Lewis in that match up as
well and through the pick well there’s a
rock where there’s Rock Solid hit man
and it’s just a unbelievable chin and
will to win the fight come back at the
end of the first come back in the second
round and manage to finish the fight
against Malik Lewis it was absolutely
insane Malik Lewis’s cardio failed him
in that fight Malik Lewis was beating
through the peak and he gassed out and
lost Malik Lewis come back he took on
this guy Paulo Silva who was eight and
six won the fight in the third round
once again
the cardio man he slowed down again this
is the problem with Malik Lewis man I
feel like he’s gonna have to finish
James lontop if he wants to win this
fight because I do worry about Malik
Lewis’s cardio like this guy’s six foot
for the weight class that was James long
top but he’s big for the weight class
he’s very very skilled fighter very good
Striker but the way that he has got a
few of his fights done in the past is
with his wrestling and grappling he beat
I guess I guess you could say the best
opponent of his career this 15-3
opponent he beat him by using his wrist
in his grappling it was pretty
uneventful to start the fight and then
as soon as he got the fight down to the
grounds you’ve been running by
submission but I’m gonna go with Malik
Lewis I’m gonna go Malik Lewis I think
that he is the better fighter than James
long top James lontop is another fighter
that I’m very familiar with because I
have been making videos on my YouTube
channel artemia May
um about finders from Peru that I think
UFC could and should sign and James on
top has been in those videos one thing
I’m going to say about James longtop is
I think that he is just the much less
technical fighter but the thing is
sometimes you don’t have to be the more
technical fighter to win you just gotta
have the heart and the desire to win I
mean we’ve seen it in the past
especially on Dana White’s Contender
series sometimes in my opinion the less
skilled fighter is getting it done and
maybe James lontalk could be one of
those guys but I feel like this fight
again could be similar to the Malik
Lewis versus through the peak fight
where Malik Lewis is going to be the
better fighter Malik Lewis is going to
be the fighter beating on his opponent
and it’s gonna come down to Ken James
lontop take the damage that Malik Lewis
is going to be dishing out can James
long top handle Malik Lewis’s pressure
and I’m gonna say no so I’m gonna pick
Malik Lewis by finish this one here I
think that it’s going to be similar to
the trip of peak by but James on top
isn’t going to be as tough as as
literally Steve from Minecraft through
the peak it’s just unreal how much
damage that man took in that fire heads
for the coin is gonna be James lawn top
tails is gonna be Malik Lewis let’s get
into it
and it is Tails so I agree with the coin
the coin has Malik Lewis I have Malik
Lewis I mean it’s going to be the Peru
Court chorus of Me versus The Coin and
my tape study let’s see who can win
honestly it’s just at this point who
knows but I am with Malik Lewis only 11
percent of people are picking him on
topology that’s crazy but hey it is what
it is I’m thinking about Lewis let me
know what you guys think of my picks in
the comments below and to give her as a
team we can take on Giani the Greek and
we can defeat him so to go over my picks
these are my picks not not not the coins
picks that I did with my tape study I’m
on Julia palastry I like Jonathan Denise
Jun Matsumoto Stephen Nguyen and James
lontop the coins picks from memory are
Julia palastri Eduardo Nieves Casey
Tanner AJ Cunningham and Malik Lewis did
I remember the coin correctly who knows
I’m recording this video at 12 a.m in
the morning I’ll see you guys in the
next one