In this article, we will discuss the recent lawsuit against Dillon Danis and his attempt to troll Logan Paul and his girlfriend, Nina Agdal. Dillon Danis, who is set to fight Logan Paul on October 14th, is now facing legal trouble as Nina Agdal, Logan Paul’s fiancee, has filed a lawsuit against him. Let’s dive into the details of this ongoing drama.

The Lawsuit and Trolling Tactics

Dillon Danis initially tried to avoid the lawsuit by not accepting the legal papers. He believed that if he didn’t sign for them, the lawsuit would not proceed. However, this strategy has caught up with him, and he has been served with the legal papers. Despite his attempts to avoid it, the lawsuit will still go ahead.

In an effort to troll his opponent and cause psychological trauma, Dillon Danis took his trolling tactics to the next level. He posted pictures of Nina Agdal with various celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio. He also shared a video from her Snapchat, which she claims was hacked, where she talks about being thirsty and looking for love. This video serves as the basis for the lawsuit against him.

Dillon Danis’ Hilarious Attempts to Avoid the Lawsuit

In an attempt to avoid the lawsuit, Dillon Danis claimed to be in Pyongyang, North Korea. He even posted a picture of Pyongyang airport, claiming to have just landed there for his training camp. However, it was later revealed that the picture was just a stock image from Google.

Despite his humorous attempts to avoid the lawsuit, Dillon Danis has now been served with the legal papers. He may have thought that not signing for them would get him off the hook, but that is not the case. Even if you are able to avoid being served, the lawsuit can still proceed without you. A judgment can be made against you, and you will be required to pay all legal costs and any judgment that is made.

The Seriousness of the Lawsuit

Nina Agdal is seeking a significant amount of money in the lawsuit. She is reportedly asking for $150,000 for every picture posted. While the exact details of the lawsuit are not known, it is clear that the stakes are high for Dillon Danis.

The Basis of the Lawsuit

The main basis of the lawsuit is the video that Dillon Danis shared from Nina Agdal’s hacked Snapchat. In the video, she talks about being thirsty and looking for love. Dillon Danis claims that all the other pictures and videos he shared can be found with a quick Google search, implying that they are not private or personal.

The Fight and the Press Conference

Dillon Danis is set to fight Logan Paul on October 14th. While Logan Paul has more experience in the boxing ring, Dillon Danis is known for his skills in Jiu Jitsu. However, in this fight, he will not be able to use any Jiu Jitsu techniques. The press conference leading up to the fight was filled with entertaining moments and trolling tactics from both fighters.

During the press conference, Logan Paul walked out with a picture of Dillon Danis getting choked out by the “chocolatier” and presented a cake with a knocked-out image of Dillon Danis on it. On the other hand, Dillon Danis wore Monster Zinc hats to troll Logan Paul about his controversial video in the suicide forest.

The press conference was filled with back-and-forth banter and insults between the two fighters. However, amidst all the entertainment, John Fury, the father of Tommy Fury who is set to fight KSI, grew frustrated with the nonsense and flipped the table, demanding to focus on the main event.

Predictions for the Upcoming Fights

As for the upcoming fights, it is predicted that Logan Paul will have the upper hand against Dillon Danis due to his boxing experience. However, it should be noted that Dillon Danis is skilled in Jiu Jitsu, which he won’t be able to utilize in this fight.

In the fight between Tommy Fury and KSI, it is favored that KSI will come out on top. KSI has shown athleticism and improvement in his boxing skills, making him a formidable opponent.


The ongoing drama between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul continues to unfold as the lawsuit progresses. Despite Dillon Danis’ attempts to avoid the legal papers and troll his opponent, he has now been served and will have to face the consequences. The upcoming fight between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul is highly anticipated, and predictions favor Logan Paul due to his boxing experience. As for the fight between Tommy Fury and KSI, it is predicted that KSI will come out on top. Let’s wait and see how these events unfold and hope for an entertaining and successful fight night.

all right it is all caught up with Dylan
Dennis he is being sued he will have to
go to court he will have to spend a ton
of money defending a lawsuit against
Nina Agdal the fiancee of Logan Paul of
course Logan Paul is his opponent coming
up they’re boxing October 14th Logan
Paul Dylan Dennis KSI Tom if you’re in
the main event and to promote the fight
to hide the fight to get into his mind
to cause psychological trauma to stir it
apart or just to be a general [ __ ]
whatever you want to call it Dylan has
gone to the next level and listen in
terms of trolling in terms of winding up
your opponent Hey Hey listen your sales
fair and love and more not really but
you know
you gotta wait give him a for effort
let’s be honest because he is just
pulling up picture after picture she’s
with Leonardo DiCaprio and a bunch of
other celebrities I don’t know if
they’re all you know involved so to
speak but he did pull up a video of her
on her Snapchat which she alleges was uh
hacked she was hacked her Snapchat was
hacked because she never made this video
public where she says she’s thirsty and
she’s looking for love looking for a
partner and that is basically the basis
of the lawsuit now Dylan was avoiding
this like the plague and rightly so
because he thought listen if I don’t get
served papers if I don’t accept it if I
don’t sign for it then it won’t go to
court and everything will be fine it’ll
all be hunky-dory and I’ll just go on
with my life but it’s all caught up with
him first of all he said he was in
Pyongyang North Korea is what he
actually said he said he said get the
[ __ ] away from my door
he said get the [ __ ] away from my
daughter taking pictures and [ __ ] I’m in
North Korea come find me and then
shortly after that he posts a picture of
Pyongyang airport where he says just
landed in Pyongyang North Korea to start
my training camp right it’s clearly just
a stock image of Google Images I’m sure
we can find one very very easily but as
I say he is funny he is funny now I’m
not saying that it’s funny what he’s
posting and all the rest of it and poor
old Nina’s going through it and she’s
suing him but he has also came out and
said Nina agdalis filed a massive
lawsuit against me she filed a
restraining order against me and is
seeking prison time so the fight is in
Jeopardy if I’m in jail this is actually
wild but I won’t stop if the system come
get me Logan Paul is a dead man walking
but I know this is going to be a huge
shock to you but he wasn’t in North
Korea doing his training camp he wasn’t
hanging out with Kim jong-uno you know
shooting Hoots with Dennis Rodman no he
was at home recently and a video a
service of him actually getting served
oh yeah sir
Mrs dinos documented you gotta take it
well I said that’s Dylan is denying it’s
him at all walks into his apartment the
guy’s like I’m just gonna leave it here
on the floor right and Dylan thinks
that’s probably gonna get him off okay
because technically he hasn’t signed for
it but that’s not the case listen sadly
I’ve been sued a couple of times I have
been served legal paper so I know a
little bit about this and even if you
are able to avoid signing the paperwork
avoid being served the lawsuit will
still go ahead the steps that have to be
taken by someone that wants to shoot is
that they do have to try and serve him
but eventually if if they can’t find you
if they can’t locate you they can still
go ahead and serve you and if you try
and avoid it if you’re trying to avoid
it avoid it at your apparel because a
quick Google search even though I’ve
been sued a couple of times on no legal
eagle I’m no expert on the matter quick
Google search just told me look listen
the lawsuit can still proceed without
you and do that at your apparel because
what will happen well a judgment will be
made against you the lawsuit will go
ahead you won’t be there to defend
yourself the judge will rule favor of
the person suing you you will then have
to pay all her legal costs and whatever
the judgment is now she’s applying for
something like a hundred and fifty
thousand dollars for every picture
posted or something like that I’m not
sure the exact specifics of it but it’s
mental it’s mental you know what I mean
now I will say this I don’t think Dylan
other than that one video which he
claims was hacked the Snapchat one where
she’s as I said she’s she’s looking for
a good time she’s looking for a partner
looking for a bit of comfort she’s
lonely it’s cold she wants warming up
she was single she was single at that
time nothing wrong with that free world
uh apparently that she was hacked okay
so that’s the real basis of the lawsuit
all the other ones if that if that is
true all the other ones though I’m sure
you can just find them with a quick
Google search online her Leonardo
Dicaprio and all these types of people I
don’t know who they all are I haven’t
spent too much time but I just thought
it was hilarious the way that Dylan is
just avoiding it I’m in Pyongyang I’m
hanging out with Kim Jong-un I’m having
my training camp now look listen if he
gets thrown in Prince said nobody’s
gonna get thrown in prison the fight
won’t go ahead but remember how we got
here okay there’s all this talk of Dylan
pulling out and he is bit of a pull-out
merch and I kind of I’ve grown to like
him right I didn’t like him I thought he
was a prank well he is a prank right but
he was always talking [ __ ] to me I went
to New York to Madison Square Garden to
a fight and he was texting oh yeah
you’re in my city you should have
checked with me before you came here
you’re gonna get it and all the rest of
it that night I believe he got slapped
off Ali Abdel Aziz and then thrown out
the building don’t think he’ll be
showing up a UFC event anytime soon
let’s remember khabib named off jumped
over the top of the octagon and tried to
uh what do you call it the the the the
wrestling move with he just [ __ ]
jumping them with the feet power slam I
don’t know what you call it he tried to
do that to Dylan Dennis and it all
kicked off
um now KSI Tom if you were there gonna
fight Dylan Dennis okay he’s not a boxer
Logan Paul has boxed against Floyd
Mayweather and against KSI so who do a
favor in the fight probably Logan Paul
okay let’s be honest I think naturally
he’s the bigger guy Dylan’s very good at
Jiu Jitsu but you can’t use any Jiu
Jitsu but let’s talk about the press
conference that they had and it was a
few weeks ago so this is definitely late
to the party but it was so funny I mean
Logan walks out okay he’s got a picture
of Dylan getting choked out by the
chocolatier when he was saying do you
know who I am and then he comes out with
the cake they all sing happy birthday
it’s Dylan Dennis all knocked out on a
cake and he’s got a little uh camel toe
on display Dylan walked out with the
monster zinc hats to try and troll him
about that time where he went to the
suicide forest and I did a video of
someone actually hanging from a robe
which is very distasteful and it
actually ended up costing Logan Paul 3.5
million dollars allegedly in sponsors
that’s a lot of sponsors I don’t know
how true that is but that’s what it says
um and then it all continued from there
okay now the whole time they’re having
this whole [ __ ] show okay well Dylan’s
talking crap and Logan’s going back at
him they’re going back and forth and
I’ll be honest it was very entertaining
kept my attention John Fury John Fury no
one alive is sitting there with his son
Tommy Fury who’s boxing KSI and he’s a
real fighting man okay and he just wants
to get down to the business he wants to
get down to the boxing right
the main event for crying out bloody
loud and uh well they’re not talking
about that they’ve got all this nonsense
going on and in the end you’ve seen it
by now John Fury just flips out right
that’s it more
come on
professional slabs on the desk throws
the table gets up it all kicks off an
absolute [ __ ] show but it was absolutely
hilarious now
Tommy Fury vs KSI again I’m just gonna
say I favor KSI I haven’t spent too much
time analyzing the skills of KSI I
trained with him a long time ago
he’s very very athletic and since then
he’s clearly got better and the man can
box a little bit you know even if
sometimes he’s elbowing people into
unconsciousness uh so it should be a fun
one I hope you’ll make tons of money I
hope the whole thing’s a success Logan
Paul Danish that’s gonna be Logan more
than likely some trading footage came
out recently Logan was taking the piss
out of it saying look look how crap this
is and he said that it doesn’t even use
lace-up gloves all right my opponent
Dylan Dennis uploaded some sparring
footage we’re gonna review the tape see
what we’re dealing with okay so we’re
sizing them up and he okay all right
stop first off who is this rectangle
supported by a couple toothpicks second
half I want to talk about this punch
I’ve never seen this punch before what
the [ __ ] is this is it an uppercut or a
cross maybe it is a real punch Dylan
there’s something we do you and I are
not the same buddy look how you throw
body shots
it’s a gunshot kid not surprising Dylan
doesn’t take boxing seriously got velcro
gloves he don’t even lace up he got
Skechers on his hands you boxed like you
put together sentences
you can’t look at the velcro on the
glove well that doesn’t matter okay
having all the gear but no idea doesn’t
matter okay and and that shows a little
bit of not immaturity but a little bit
of uh you know wannabe Syndrome from
Logan Paul if I’m honest not trying to
rip on the guy but you know what I mean
when you go he doesn’t have to create
gloves he doesn’t even lace them up I
went through my entire career using
velcro gloves because guess what they’re
easy to get on and off and when you’re
doing Jujitsu kickboxing wrestling and
all the rest of it you want to get on
and off quickly I could have had Jason
Perillo I own lots of lace-up gloves but
they’re just a pain in the ass you know
what I mean what you’re doing is showing
up you’re trying to train to fight
you’re not trying to be an opposer I
said look at me I’m so professional I’ve
got all the correct equipment but still
the footage of inspiring didn’t look the
best Logan is very athletic and he’s
probably a bigger man as well but still
anyway Dylan Dennis is currently in
Pyongyang or LA or New York wherever
that apartment was I don’t know about
that but this whole thing it just
continues to get I’ll be honest
hilarious it’s amusing I hope the fight
goes down apparently there’s a hundred
thousand dollar fine for Dylan to pay if
he doesn’t show up Conor McGregor’s got
involved apparently he’s bet 250 000 on
Danny’s to win Logan tried to up into
two million dollars something like that
these guys throw around a lot of big
numbers I mean listen they’re successful
people all right God bless them all keep
the entertainment coming but For Crying
Out Loud Let’s have more of John fury
because that was by far the best bit
when he flipped the table No One Alive
let’s talk about the fighting right
anyway there it is there’s your update
take care subscribe ring the bell see
you soon

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