Dillon Danis: Is He In or Out? Shocking Twist in Logan Paul Fight Saga!

In a surprising turn of events, Dylan Danis has pulled out of the fight against Logan Paul. While many people expected this, Logan Paul himself seemed to have predicted it. He even included a $100,000 fine clause in the contract in case Danis backed out. In a recent tweet, Logan confirmed that Danis is indeed out of the Missfits Boxing event next weekend. This means that the highly anticipated fight between Tommy Fury and KSI will have to proceed without one of the greatest fighters of our generation, Dylan Danis.

Dylan Danis’ Decision to Pull Out

Logan Paul took to Twitter to brag about lawsuits and claim that Dylan Danis isn’t built for the fight game. He stated that Danis doesn’t deserve to fight him and announced that he is out of the fight, at least for now. Attached to the tweet was a video featuring Jake Paul and Logan Paul discussing how this decision will destroy Danis’ life and result in lawsuits against him and his financial troubles. Jake Paul even speculated that Danis only has around $60,000 in his account. It’s clear that the Paul brothers are confident in their ability to take legal action against Danis.

Reasons for the Lawsuit

The reason behind the potential lawsuit against Dylan Danis is his alleged posting of pictures involving Logan Paul’s girlfriend. These pictures have caused damage to her reputation, leading her to seek legal action. However, some people question the validity of her claim, as they had never heard of her before this incident. It’s possible that the lawsuit is only making her more famous, albeit loosely.

Dylan Danis’ History of Backing Out

Dylan Danis has a track record of pulling out of fights and not following through on his commitments. In 2023 alone, he backed out of a fight against KSI in January and failed to compete in any Bellator fights or BJJ competitions as he had claimed. It’s clear that Danis has not been active in the fighting world since 2019. Instead, he has relied on his association with Conor McGregor to stay relevant.

Logan Paul’s Dilemma and the Backup Fighter

Logan Paul now faces the challenge of finding a replacement fighter for Dylan Danis. The backup fighter who has stepped in is none other than Platinum Mike Perry, a bare-knuckle sensation known for his brawling style. While Danis is skilled in jiu-jitsu but lacks boxing skills, Perry is a real fighter with a reputation for his toughness and knockout power. This change in opponent poses a new challenge for Logan Paul, as Perry is a much more formidable opponent.

The Potential Showdown: Logan Paul vs. Mike Perry

Logan Paul may have thought he had outsmarted Dylan Danis by threatening lawsuits and causing him to back out of the fight. However, Mike Perry’s inclusion as the replacement fighter changes the game entirely. Perry is a force to be reckoned with, known for his ability to take a punch and deliver devastating blows. While Logan Paul may have the advantage in size and athleticism, Perry’s fighting skills and toughness make him a formidable opponent. The showdown between Logan Paul and Mike Perry has the potential to be an exciting and intense fight.

The KSI vs. Tommy Fury Fight

In addition to the change in opponent for Logan Paul, the Missfits Boxing event will also feature a fight between KSI and Tommy Fury. This matchup has garnered attention due to Tommy Fury’s victory over Jake Paul and his association with his brother, Tyson Fury. KSI, on the other hand, has been putting in the work and has shown improvement in his boxing skills. Despite a controversial knockout in his last fight, KSI remains a formidable opponent for Fury. This fight adds another layer of excitement to the event.


Dylan Danis’ decision to pull out of the fight against Logan Paul has caused a shift in the Missfits Boxing event. While some may be disappointed by Danis’ withdrawal, the inclusion of Mike Perry as the replacement fighter brings a new level of excitement to the event. Logan Paul now faces a tougher opponent, and the showdown between him and Perry has the potential to be a thrilling fight. Additionally, the KSI vs. Tommy Fury matchup adds another intriguing element to the event. Overall, despite the changes, the Missfits Boxing event promises to be an exciting and memorable night of fights.

Dylan danis has pulled out of the fight
against Logan Paul as many people
expected none other than Logan Paul he
expected this let’s remember he put in a
$100,000 fine if Logan want to do that
but according to his latest tweet that
is it Dylan is out Miss fits boxing next
weekend Tommy Fury versus KSI will have
to go ahead without the great the one
the only one of the greatest fighters of
a generation Dylan danis I mean how will
this event cope here is the exact tweet
Logan bragging about lawsuits again he
isn’t built for this fight game this py
doesn’t deserve me I’m out I’m out well
for now that’s what he’s saying as we
know Dylan danis changes his mind every
two seconds but for right now he out
because attached to that tweet was a
video it was Jake Paul and Logan Paul
going on saying how this is going to
destroy Dylan’s life they’re going to
sue him he’s got no money he’s going to
be [ __ ] over Jake Paul sixday I’ve
been doing some math I’ve been doing
some calculations he’s probably got 60
Grand in his account and you got to
remember Jake Paul is a genius this is
the man that recently just said he will
destroy Canelo Alvarez correct even
though the one time he fought a boxer he
got beat of Tommy Fury but still I
digress I digress not throw in any shade
the man’s got Ambitions the man’s
deluded the man’s out of his mind and
he’s also very good at getting people’s
bank accounts because whether or not
he’s got 60k 100K it doesn’t matter
right Dylan danis is getting sued and we
know why because he’s been posting all
these pictures about Logan Paul’s
girlfriend right with all these
different celebrities and things like
that and now she’s suing him for damages
to her reputation and a lot of people
are talking about this including CH P
son when he was talking to the SCH
recently he said how on Earth is this
girl suing for damage to her reputation
what is her reputation before this I
never even heard of her right and he’s
got a point I’d never heard of her CH
said I’ve seen pictures of her with lots
of famous guys celebrities and and all
the rest of it but she’s suing for
damages to her reputation I don’t know
who she is and that might be a very
valid point because if anything it’s
only made her star brighter and I use
that term very very Loosely uh the
reality is though that Dylan danis has
pulled out for now and old Jokes Aside
um Logan can did predict this that’s why
they put in that contract that clause
for a $100,000 fine for to Dylan danis
if he does pull out now if he does pull
out he might have to pay 100K he ain’t
going to pay Jack [ __ ] good luck getting
that money that’s for damn sure and he
does have to defend a lawsuit so it’s
not ideal do you know what I mean I
wouldn’t want to go out there to
Manchester if you live in America fly
all the way to Manchester box somebody
right that’s been talking all this [ __ ]
and to be fair Dylan started a lot of
this um and have his girlfriend there
who’s also suing you and then where
whatever money you generate from the
fight they can say look listen you’ve
got this money we’re going to sue you
we’re going to take it Jake’s sitting
there saying listen you’ve got to defend
this and that is the way lawsuits works
sadly I’ve been through this process a
couple of times myself right fabricated
nonsense lawsuits but still um you got
to defend them you have to defend the
lawsuit because if you don’t defend it
guess what you’re guaranteed to lose so
Lo legal fees they cost an absolute
goddamn fortune and in lawsuits like
this and and in most lawsuits the people
that really win is always the lawyers
but still there it is so Dylan’s pulled
out of the fight might be a smart move
but let’s be honest is anybody surprised
Dylan is really a fighter I’ve got some
notes here just in 2023 Dylan danis has
pulled out the KSI fight in January he
said he was going to fight twice in
Bellator and finish his contract there
he hasn’t fought in Bellator at all this
year he said he was going to compete in
Polaris the BJJ promotion twice this
year of course he has not competed in
Polaris or any Brazilian jiu-jitsu
competitions and Dylan danis hasn’t
fought at all anywhere shape or form
Jiu-Jitsu grappling bloody diddly Winks
what whatever it is he hasn’t done jack
[ __ ] since 2019 he’s carried Conor
McGregor’s cult Tales that’s for Dam
sure and he’s done a really good job of
staying relevant now I just saw him on
the flagrant podcast with Andrew Schulz
and somehow he’s got the money to be
gifting Andrew Schulz brand new Rolexes
why would you do that anyway you’re a
guest on someone’s podcast I mean why
are you bringing somebody a godamn Rolex
but still I digress so there it is Dylan
dynast is getting sued so what’s going
to happen now well here’s what’s going
to happen now the backup fighter steps
in and that is the one the only Platinum
Mike Perry the bare knuckle sensation a
man that is a real fighter
okay it’s official
guys I’m
in if I’m Logan Paul I’m kind of
devastated about this because you go
from fighting Dylan danis a man that’s
very good at jiujitsu right but can’t
box his way out of a wet paper bag right
he can’t he’s not a Striker and now
you’re going up against Mike Perry and
that man can fight he was born for this
he is a brawler he might not be the most
technical boxer but my God he’s got a
gigantic head he’s got an iron chin and
the man can God damn crack I mean look
at what he just did to luk rock Hall’s
face when they fought bar knuckle
knocked his teeth out in the first round
I think it was so the man listen Mike
Perry ain’t no [ __ ] he is not no [ __ ]
he will show up and there was a a little
video of where the two of them squared
up after that Forest of a press
conference that went down a while ago
you know when the John Fury was there
and he flipped the table and spazzed out
and that was absolutely hilarious I’m a
machine no man alive no man alive blah
blah blah blah blah talk about the real
men the boxing and then just spazzed out
it was great loved it loved it uh so
Logan Paul and Mike Perry they they
squared up and I’ll tell you what I tell
you what Mike Perry will absolutely
destroy he will wipe the floor with
Logan Paul yes Logan Paul is bigger yes
he’s longer yeah he might be genetically
a better athlete okay but he ain’t a
fighter like Mike Perry there’s not many
people there is ever since Mike Perry
left the UFC he has had a rebirth and
now he is this Burnal sensation I’m not
sure if he’s the champion he might be
the champion he was there for his last
fight against Luke rockold Conor steps
into the Octagon you know and they did a
little square up and all the rest of it
that fight’s never going to go down but
that just shows the kind of attention
that Mike Perry is getting these days
but more importantly the respect that
Mike Perry is getting why is he getting
the respect because he’s a real one he’s
a real tough fight he’s a real bad
[ __ ] that’s what Mike Perry is
and against Logan Paul oh mate M he
thinks he’s pulled you know he’s pulled
a genius move here right I’m going to
sue him he’s going to be stressed out
he’s going to pull out of the fight my
girlfriend’s going to sue him listen
from what I can see right he all he did
was repost pictures that were already
out there but that’s not of my business
I’m not here to discuss the lawsuit I’m
here to discuss just the fight Dylan
danis has moved on great good I think
Mike Perry Logan Paul that’s way better
and it’s way better for the promotion
KSI versus Tommy Fury I’ll be honest
listen it’s a guilty pleasure I’m kind
of a little bit interested in that ever
since I saw Tommy Fury beat Jake Paul
right and he beat in faren square great
performance and obviously being the
younger brother of Tyson Fury no man
alive uh Tyson Fury um yeah I’m I’m
following his career a little bit and
against KSI who’s putting the work in
and he’s doing some good things even
though last time out he knocked out his
opponent with an elbow in boxing um it’s
great so I’m looking forward to that one
and Mike Perry being on the card and
hopefully we get to see Mike Perry put
Logan Paul in his place because Jake
Paul and Logan Paul Jesus Christ I mean
these two they’re insufferable I mean
fair play to them they’re making money
they’re living their lives they’re young
are successful young dumb full of come
doing great things but still Mike Perry
is going to knock him out and Dylan
danis just just get on with your life
forget about about this stuff good luck
in the lawsuit I will say that but there
it is Dylan Dan is always surprised
always surprised at all I’m not not one
little bit now reality is it was just a
tweet so you don’t know what’s going to
be said next you he might have tweeted
by the time you see this say no I just
messing of course I’m going to be there
I would never dream of backing out you
never know because he tweets a lot of
[ __ ] a lot of crazy stuff but the
MMA News sites the media they’re lapping
this up and they all said the fight
Dylan danis has pulled out Logan Paul
cry to sleep I know it’s a very very
traumatic time for you guys right now
for all you seven Dylan danis fans out
there what are you going to do anyway
there it is subscribe ring the bell I’ll
see you

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