Dawson vs Green Picks and Predictions

In this article, we will be discussing the upcoming UFC Vegas 80 event and making our predictions for the fights. The main event features a matchup between Grant Dawson and Bobby Green. We will analyze each fight and provide our insights on who we believe will come out victorious. So let’s dive in and make our predictions for UFC Vegas 80!

Grant Dawson vs Bobby Green

The main event of UFC Vegas 80 will see Grant Dawson take on Bobby Green. Both fighters have had their fair share of wins and losses, but we believe that Grant Dawson has the upper hand in this matchup. Dawson has shown great skills in his previous fights, and if he was able to defeat Drew Dober, he should have no problem dealing with Bobby Green. We predict that Dawson will dominate the fight, either by submitting Green on the ground or by delivering a ground-and-pound assault. It’s going to be a tough night for Bobby Green.

Joe Pifer vs Abdul Razak Alh —————————- In the co-main event, Joe Pifer will face Abdul Razak Alh. We believe that Pifer has the advantage in this matchup. He has shown impressive skills in his previous fights, with his takedown threat and Jiu Jitsu expertise. Pifer’s tenacity and strength make him a formidable opponent. On the other hand, Alh is a more credentialed striker, but we believe that Pifer’s well-rounded game will be too much for him to handle. We predict that Pifer will come out on top, using his takedowns and ground game to secure a victory.

Other Predictions

In addition to the main and co-main events, there are several other exciting fights on the UFC Vegas 80 card. Here are our predictions for some of the other matchups:

  • Drew Dober vs Ricky Glenn: We expect Dober to come out swinging and take advantage of Glenn’s willingness to be hit. Dober’s striking and power will likely lead him to victory.
  • Kanako Murata vs Montserrat Ruiz: Murata has shown great skills in her previous fights and we believe she will continue her winning streak against Ruiz.
  • Joaquin Buckley vs Felipe Lins: Buckley has been impressive in his recent fights and we predict that he will continue his winning streak against Lins.
  • Bill Algeo vs Joe Anderson Brito: Algeo has proven to be a tough competitor and we believe he will come out on top in this matchup.
  • Carolina vs Montana De La Rosa: Both fighters have their strengths, but we predict that Carolina will have the edge in this fight.


In this article, we have provided our predictions for the upcoming UFC Vegas 80 event. We believe that Grant Dawson will defeat Bobby Green in the main event, and Joe Pifer will come out on top against Abdul Razak Alh in the co-main event. We have also made predictions for several other fights on the card. Tune in to see if our predictions come true and enjoy the exciting matchups at UFC Vegas 80!

all right welcome welcome to the perfect Pursuits
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that went to the distance to the decision that actually had an outcome it out of nine almost a perfect parlay
almost a perfect parlay Baby Boy tell us what you won what you did how it went how you do it yeah uh as Lukey CK said
won just over a thousand dollars a nice 1100 uh reward money
um eight out of nine on the perfect parlay I had actually three parlays
winning um one of them was a nine legger another an eight and a safety parlay of five
um the safety parlay had uh Ral Rosas Alexa Grosso
um copy love uh canoe and one more who was that look at you
daddy boy so uh he sent me the the winning parlay about it slips real quick I’m just gonna pull it up so you can see
him um yeah we talk too much guys too many too many DMS in this group chat maybe
that’s what you got to start letting people in on if you want to pay a certain amount we can let you in on our group chat and uh decide you don’t like
us anymore and our our friend anymore um okay so Josephine Newton Charlie Campbell Tracy
Cortez Ruby Coppola Lupita godinez Daniel zoluba Raul Rose Madeleine and over one and a half 50 in what fight
damn 50 bet paid 597. that’s not all folks head over one
and a half was the main event we had these two uh wow so you didn’t even have a push in
the main event fantastic so this one thirty dollars paid 517 100 paid two
two uh something and yeah you finished out with in your total Sportsbook account 1.3 k
M 200 in bets that he placed um Dan’s not
a big spender guys and if you tailed his bet sheets you could have got yourself 1100 a profit off just about 200 betting
that’s in the patreon patreon.com we put our live Google Sheets in there for you guys to Aid or tail whatever you want
entertainment purposes only obviously we don’t even exist but here’s the thing I had in my open Med sheet a few good
ones as well I’m going to share with the screen real quick show you what we did because what I do with my invention is that I I’ve updated live a lot of the
time if I’m able to uh during the during the match so oh wow I’m just
giving everybody everything now here you go um so that’s a little preview into what everything looks like but
what is going on here okay so put that part out cut that butt out so I probably
will um this was my open bet sheet right so I didn’t bet a lot uh during the fights
um it might look a little complicated the event is here who I picked is here the
size of the parlay is here how much I bet is here and then some notes uh for the audience are here so for example I
cashed out on these two um going into the Holland fight I cashed out this one 100 to win 252 and I cashed
this one 25 to win 678. um the reason is they had this big one with Holland at the top 209 to pay 2709
and Holland was the last one on this I was gonna hedge on Grosso anyway but Holland was the last one of this they
were offering me about 600 cash out on the 209 bet
going into the Holland fight I let it ride and I cashed out these two for essentially break even I re-bet them on
Jack Della to further the Breakeven into profitability and then
I was in a situation where I was either going to kind of break even on Jack for the night or win a lot uh potentially on
Holland so I I even noted to the audience that I’m cashing out um and
this is updated live during the fights um what I ended up doing about round two
during the Holland fight I look at the stats and in my opinion kev’s winning
um in my opinion he’s out following him out voluming him the shots Jack or Landon
aren’t like super devastating compared to the ones Holland’s Landing so even though Jack’s Landing a little bit more I’m grading Holland based on walking him
down uh the defense I’m kind of thinking like a lot of the strikes that they’re counting as significant aren’t even
really Landing because the way Kevin’s kind of blocked and he’s slipping out of the way and my only problem with Kevin during this fight was that he was
smiling slapping hands having too good of a time in there I like Kevin when he’s like that friendly but kind of [ __ ]
talking like he was in the dracary fight like he was in the uh more so in the Buckley fight
um that’s when I like in the kyasa fight or not yet you know in the uh even a little bit in the uh when he got knocked
out in the [ __ ] Boston fight walkest fight so my point is have you got to be a little more focused at times
um and a little bit more committed to dominance I mean I don’t know it was a
lot of volume but not enough I thought Kevin won but
so uh I can’t really complain overall um actually no in that case then you can
complain twice as much yeah I can complain twice right because I would have had a much different night if those two went my way but overall still manage
to profit and then uh yeah so it is what it is
um let’s get into next week’s card everybody if you want to hear us break down physio versus Gamera good news we
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we really get going we get deep into those there so if you just like our takes on things hop into the Patriots that’s where we’re breaking down all the
Hot Topics the TMZ style stuff um Drew Gerber vs Ricky Glenn Joe player
versus Abdul razak al-assan Grant Dawson versus Bobby green those are the top three we got a lot of good fights on this card though Nate manes makes a
return Carolina’s my girl my crush makes her return Chris Gutierrez a lot of pandemic Heroes
Jenny Munoz Jr Joaquin Buckley morono this is gonna be a really fun card to break down so let’s get into it without
further Ado um they’d be not touch on anything we talked about the winds we broke down a
lot of the card in the patreon so I don’t want to waste too much time but are there any fights you feel deserve to be addressed on the YouTube audience um
I mean I do want to say is that Uber you did your job Rob roses Jr you did your
job Newton you didn’t really do your job I want to start referring to these massive favorites not finishing fights
especially um when your opponent isn’t throwing anything back I want to search and a
last minute replacement too yeah it’s called not covering the spread Raul Rose’s Junior covered the spread
Newton did not so that’s what we’re talking about here um Cortez you know even money lady fight covered the spread
uh got it done Campbell got it done covered the spread I bet Charlie came on my first round knockout I had I think
plus money on that so um what’d you think of his fight interview oh yeah it did what’d you think of that
I mean I thought it was kind of cringy I thought that uh he his voice cracked you know and like he didn’t nail The Rock’s
line like he he when you do a rock line right this is how I would deliberate right Dan what’d you think about my
patreon podcast performance Oh I thought it was does it matter what you think
yeah nothing see how I said nothing after nothing after he said he no no let’s do it again Alex do it to me Alex
what do you think about my patreon it was all right you got what you think it doesn’t matter what you think
see how it’s worse the second he did it twice like he he said it but then he had to come in over the top and re-tag it
not a good move in public speaking um it displays lack of confidence silence is golden minimized word economy
let uh in sales right if you if I say to you Dan some that civilians wouldn’t
understand fifteen hundred dollars is the price
no what price did you have in mind
14. let me check I can do that but you see him say I didn’t say I didn’t say 1500
is the price does that sound good to you I know that’s a little expensive but I
didn’t comment over the top and keep talking right I said 59 shut the [ __ ] up when you’re doing a UFC interview say
you’re lying and shut the [ __ ] up but a lot of these guys can’t do that stand up comedy you say your joke let
the audience laugh you got to give him credit though for at least knowing his audience DC WWE guy so
give them a little bit of credit a little bit of credit DC was like I’m gonna let you live even that was you
funny um but then his voice cracked uh on the second I was gonna give I was gonna let
that part go is it still maintain a good flow but then his voice cracked on the outro and you’ll never guess what show
he was on today you’ll never guess another WWE old man nerd who believes in
fake fighting you’ll never guess Ariel showani the
loser the nerd the guy who would get stuffed in a locker if if he grew up in my generation whoa he probably did get
stuck some luck or Stephen growing up in his journey should probably more so actually your generation is like way more accepting than his generation
something him in a locker no you wouldn’t have done that oh I would stuff Ariel helwani in a locker no you would
not you were not a boy you’d be like oh you like UFC too that’s awesome I would love yeah exactly being able to be fast
friends if we work together in high school but um I do get what you’re saying instead you know Ariel kind of got the coffin
nail put into by maker I don’t even watch his show anymore so it’s it’s done like he got he he’s on he’s on
he’s on his own Island now you know he’s deteriorating
couldn’t agree more so we move on um yeah there’s really nothing that I would
ever watch era Hawaii show for there’s no guess he could get besides I watched him only because she’ll gives him what
for and only they’d be disrespected you know what I mean everyone else has
stupid things all the time you say stupid things all the time shayla’s never said a stupid thing
isn’t is isn’t he I’ve never lost but I’ve also never been injured it’s
one of those things is crying now about DDP he’s like I think DDP should get the next title shot
it’s like hey Ariel you already blew it okay you already yeah yeah okay DDP is
not gonna like you anymore he doesn’t like you always he’s like I was always friends with DDP yeah yeah exactly he’s
like all right this is patreon talk everybody I know this is fun this is Juicy but we gotta save it for the patreon then we can really talk how we
want to talk because a lot of you people might be tuning in for the first time you might disagree with us that’s fine you can disagree all
you want this isn’t for you then it doesn’t matter what you think it doesn’t
uh please don’t ask me any dumb questions so and I own that footage so I don’t
even need to worry about Jake Paul coming to collect because I was a licensed that’s the license don’t ask me any
I I honestly don’t even know who those people are see Alex means I own it I think I don’t
know I don’t know yeah we’re big J journalists dude we we were in on that press conference we have the rights I
had the credentials yes or something I don’t know somebody help me anyway
um if any lawyers uh we’re not so much lawyers but um Illuminati Representatives like agents
that’s what I’m looking for yeah we need we need a couple of you in there um Mr Anderson yeah yes exactly exactly
whoever entertains against just come talk to us because I don’t want to be in a Romanian prison I want
to be on your team I want to be in the hype house yeah yeah I want to be on the team that’s winning put us in the
Mansion whatever you need me to say though the whole mansplaining you know alpha male thing I think it’s dying out
I’m ready to go the other way I’m ready to go I’m going back I’m going back to the blue pill baby
yeah blue pill we’re going blue pill now the the AI is coming it’s here
and they’re getting better at it as the day goes by you’re not my girlfriend is fantasies like we’re gonna buy a farm
I’m like there are people who own forums and aspire to have bigger farms and you’re like I’m just gonna go buy it’s like no
it’s like you got to work your way up get a garden and these girls who want to live in a homestead would [ __ ] wilts like so
much tomato plant if they even had a garden none of the women we know can churn
butter I’m like you want to have cows I’m not giving birth to a calf do you know how insane and intense that would
be I watched you give birth imagine something three times the size coming out walking I’m not doing that that’s
the least of your worries dude there’s some things where you gotta like shove your hand up a cow’s ass and stuff like
for some for some certain things it’s it’s crazy you put a glove on them yeah
I saw a video about it once and you’ve done that no my wife oh I was like I
thought yeah that’s what I’m thinking I was like I thought she brought you on a [ __ ] field trip or something yeah
a haunted house where you uh start start feeling the spaghetti in a bowl and they
tell you it’s intestines oh all right well we got a lot of fights to break down actually only 11. it’s 11
fight sample or snack size offering maybe they’ll add to it maybe they don’t actually it’s 12 sorry 12. um
that’s my favorite size car 12 fights perfect parlay size um let’s start at the bottom with my
favorite little baby Carolina will walkowitz double k Diana balbita is taking her on I’m going Carolina all day
all night um we just talked about Romania uh you know this girl is 10 years younger but
um it’s not gonna matter to me I’ve seen a Resurgence out of my girl KK and uh
nine months ago three months ago a year ago three fights inside of a year this will be your fourth fight in a year and
four fight winning streak instead of a year give this girl a title shot 115 I mean she’s fought for the tunnel before
she’s a Mainstay in the division she’s not getting any excuse me not getting any younger so I feel like this is her
shot she’s gonna have a four inch reach disadvantage four inch height disadvantage 10-year age disadvantage and for that reason I will not be uh
picking her but um I will be picking her
Luke uh you know how much you love Liquid Gold poured all over your face I’m surprised you didn’t go with belvita
why it was uh you like piss on your face
why why why Velveeta Velveeta they call it gold
the boy but all jokes aside I’ll be honest with you I would let either
I don’t know what just happened I think somebody pulled the plug but I was saying I would let either of these two ladies
[Laughter] okay well fair enough
um all jokes aside Diana balbina coming out of Romania I know who they’re not putting in to a Sex Dungeon Andrew Tate
don’t even try don’t even try to go against Diana you really want to make enemies with Tate now I was just kidding
before I was just kidding before I’m not making it it means it was a joke grow up
all right I’m going with I’m going with the young woman I mean ripping this guy around I spin this guy around all day
like he’s in bumper cars boom boom he doesn’t know which way is up anymore actually no I’m gonna go with Carolina she beat up on Vanessa Demopolis and
that’s a much worse matchup for her than uh belpitas I know I’m going with the old dog but sometimes the old dog runs
fast this fight will be won by whoever doesn’t have diarrhea the night before it’s really it’s not a I don’t know what the line’s gonna be but it serves to be
pick him because no matter even though um KK deserves to be the underdog
because of age we see in lady fights all the time the 40 year old comes in and smashes on this 20 year old all the time it happens all the time and I think it’s
partially because if you just study what happens to men as they age is that they lose testosterone and they lose
muscle density they lose a lot of like what makes them you know like masculine
and like able to perform athletically but if you look at like what happens to a woman on the other side of that isn’t it like that they like isn’t that what
like getting older is for a woman don’t they like get more like thicker bones and like I don’t I literally don’t know
I’m not I’m really not even trying to make it their cycle stops their cycle stops at something so do they get
stronger they could they could they’re not draining themselves they always try to do the the age thing with women and
it always comes out to Buddhism I’m starting to think like maybe it doesn’t apply to women the same way it does to men maybe women are actually men maybe
they’re a prime is like 35 to 40. maybe women’s MMA is like heavyweight
MMA because a lot of these girls they come in they’re young and you think about these veterans pre-usada they were
probably adding to their bone density and their human growth throughout the time they’ve been in their career then
you get these 22 year olds who come in and they’ve been in your side of the whole time they’re like string beads
you know they’re not they’re they’re like you know this is exactly why James Krause needs the one percent Club back
he let you know whenever a woman fighter was on their cycle he knew when to bet against them he knew everything about them he knew the intimate details
then I uh I also know all the intimate details about women uh but I’m gonna go
with Carolina on this one uh I like everything that uh Our Fair leader Lukie
was saying uh I like this this Resurgence this new Carolina
um she seems to be you know not getting into dog fights playing it really safe but very effectively clearly
winning these fights um I’ve never been a fan of belvita I don’t care about the age difference I don’t think she really
has all that much to offer as far as uh you know offensive Firepower against Carolina
um so yeah I I don’t think this should be a pickup I think this should be like a minus 250 Carolina
could agree more daddy boy next up we got now I was wrong even
pre-menopausal women lose testosterone and should probably be prescribed it that’s wrong
I need a Google but I’m not a doctor you did the Google
um yeah I said can women get testosterone as they age and then this is like all the Articles coming up are like low
testosterone in women as they age should we be prescribing testosterone to women as they it so it’s
you know but then then I see this testosterone inefficiency in women Factor efficient fiction
but also you know the thing is does testosterone even help like the whole testosterone estrogen thing is very
complicated like you have to be an endocrinologist to understand this kind of thing so I’m not even going to get
into it I’m going to formally opt out of even discussing it perfect okay so we’re going with
Carolina kowalkiewicz um all three of us all three all three trophy certified
Double K all right um next we got Montana of the Roses for Stephanie Edgar this really is a card
hearkening back to the first days of starting this podcast I mean every single fighter I’m seeing is reminiscent
of the early days of this podcast from Steph Edgar to Montana of the roses and her husband Mark of the Roses Montana De
La Rose so 28 years old taking on 35 year old Steph Edgar coming off a loss against Irina uh Irene uh that Rhonda
girl Arena alexiva right um submission via knee bar four months ago before that you know Guillotine
Choke by Tatiana Suarez lost the decision to Macy Barber um her only win is against Ariana lipsky
and you know this is a really greasy fight tough one to call um Edgar’s dropping down and wait
um 135 to 125 from her last fight she’s seven years older
um really I think Edgar’s the better athlete more Hardy more formidable um I just
how many all these am I going to bet on the score two in a row no I gotta go with the younger one at some point I like Carolina better going with Montana
here mdlr I’m going mountain with the Roses as
well I think uh I think she wins this one for sure
not a for sure for me but I do like uh Montana how does she win it the question
is you know decision Luke how every [ __ ] wins every fight
falling asleep halfway through the fight and then I don’t see the rest of the card
beautiful Dan you went with mblr too yes um next we got manes versus mendoka uh
nateman s versus Matthias mindoka Mateus mindoka you guys may remember he’s fought before
um I think is this the guy with no I thought this was the guy with the splotchy skin
not I mean you know what I’m saying yeah but uh no it’s not he lost it this guy
lost a job at boshrot seven months ago by decision no shame there manes coming off back-to-back losses against pretty
solid competition Umar and urban back off um so you know this guy coming off the
contender series Lost His debut against basharat he’s gonna be eight years younger than manesse he’s gonna be four
inches shorter but similar uh ape index in the sense that his reach is relatively similar I’m gonna go with
mendoka here I mean I just think that younger undefeated prior to coming to the UFC you get dealt a hammer like
basharat that’s really like you know short notice so short notice coming off the contender series
debutants short notice spiders all lose at a rate of like 70 in this situation then you throw in basharat I mean like
it’s a one percent situation so I’ll give him a chance here whereas Vanessa I feel like
you get finished by tajir I remember that fight he was actually dominating tajir for the most part in that fight and ended up losing
Umar decision really and then you know you lost that first round of gravely finished him in the second so his UFC
career is shaky but you know we don’t like the better guys who lose good right
and that’s what we’ve been trying to get away from so going away from monesse here I don’t want to try to be like well those two guys he just lost are really
good no the guy who’s fighting is really good he’s gonna lose him too and go with Mendoza
oh man don’t really have a crazy strong opinion on this one
um you’re definitely correct in saying that manesses
yeah he’s neither here nor there for me I’m gonna go with uh Matthias bendoka
just based on the fact that we see all the time these guys come in uh they get a bunch of first round finishes as he
has and then he gets some UFC Jitters as the uh his first fight in the UFC you
know he draws Javed basharat like probably a title Contender if you could
have some sort of uh Charisma to show through the camera um I like this guy he’s he’s racking up the
finishes I’m I’m looking forward to a bounce back performance for him against monesse
[Music] I’m gonna go with Vanessa on this one I just think that Mendoza is a little too
unproven and as Luke said we’re not giving guys we’re not giving guys the rub just
because they lost good but Nate manasse has one good against Tony Gravely you
know Johnny Munoz Jr Kellen Van Camp some some guys that have been in the UFC
no caliban Camp hasn’t been the UFC I’m thinking of a different band yet but regardless he’s won against UFC
caliber opponents this guy is very um he’s susceptible to the ground game as
uh Javid basharat showed if I’m remembering the fight correctly
um hasn’t fought since since January and
now is getting in there in October he withdrew against John
Castaneda we still got two weeks out from this fight this this fight’s happening in spooky season ladies and
gentlemen um but I think I’m just going to go with the tried and true Nate Manassas he’s
gotten wins in the UFC before I haven’t really seen much from uh Mendoza except
for a very quick finish in a contender series fight next up we have a guy we know and love
here a guy we know and love
Chris Gutierrez versus Montel Jackson Dan what do you think about this one
um I think Montel Jackson is the man if you count his Contender series fight he’s won eight of his 10 UFC bouts
um I think Gutierrez has been exposed in the past with the wrestling and I think Jackson is the guy to do that all over
again but in an even more explosive violent manner so
um I’m banking on the fact that Jackson’s gonna be a pretty big favorite on this one and for justifiable reasons
Syrian with Jackson Action Jackson Montel quick Jackson the quick Jackson
wink Jackson Wick
um yeah I don’t know because Pedro Munoz sucks Chris Gutierrez loss
against and Brett Johns I don’t even think he’s in the UFC anymore is he Brett Jones the [ __ ]
um no he’s embellished I think he left but he didn’t leave because he was bad like he’s a really good he lost a Danny
sabatello how good could he possibly be and Pedro menus so they
you know and aljamin Sterling I mean other than that he did pretty well
um yeah I did like the [ __ ] I did like him
a lot when he was in the UFC but he kind of took tail there
um and then lost the pat sabatello like that’s not cool that guy stinks
um yeah I want to go to Chris Gutierrez but
I’m gonna go with Montel Jackson barring he’s a minus 500 favorite like he was against
um raniyar whoever the hell he is fighting
he’s been a pretty substantial favorite for his last few fights yeah well
when it comes to Chris Gutierrez I think that it’s not a matter of you know trying or
uh the fight with Munoz he did really well but it just felt like he was
at 32 years old I feel hold on hold on one second before I put
my foot in my mouth let me just make sure of something yeah I don’t know
it’s so tough because after that knockout of Frankie Edgar I was like they’re setting Gutierrez up for some success here and I think they were guys
I think the success was supposed to happen last weekend he beats Pedro Munoz his last name
Gutierrez do you think he’s fighting this weekend or do you think he’s fighting last weekend
last and uh coming off a win against you know both
Frankie Edgar and Pedro Mundos who do you think they’re given because it’s not going to be
it’s not going to be [ __ ] uh Montel Jackson or maybe it will be because muscle Jackson you know he’s
he’s the guy you should be fighting but he’s he’s not he’s not the path he’s not the path
he’s ranked what is he ranked he should be 20th Chris Gutierrez is
actually 15th and Montel Jackson’s 20th yeah I think they wanted to see where he
was at with Munoz and now they’re putting him out to pasture with Jackson sadly
um he he might have drew uh I don’t know I don’t know who they would have given him
instead in that division to try to like because how do you go from Edgar Munoz
uh if he had one against moon news who would they have given him that’s my question you can’t go Edgar Munoz Jackson you know what I mean not that
Jackson’s great he’s better than both those guys but he’s not ranked he’s not a name so I’m saying it seemed like they were trying to prep Gutierrez or
something it seems like that’s something didn’t come to fruition opportunity doesn’t knock twice doesn’t ring the bell uh and then come back later I think
he gets beat by Jackson I think Jackson covers the spread finishes him oh Jackson’s 19 now after the loss of
videos so I actually uh from The Jacksons of the world you know yeah I
actually uh I take quite umbrage with how this card set up at least how it is right now you got Bobby Green in the
main event Drew Dober knocked out Bobby green he’s the third fight from the top then you got Abdul Raq al-assan who lost
the Joaquin Buckley who is the curtain jerker for the main card then he got Vanessa Demopolis who just lost the
Carolina um six six fights up on the card from her being the uh prelim prelim headliner
why is it set up this way do you think they’re gonna reshuffle this a bit I mean we we do have some time boys it
really makes no sense I mean Joe Pfeiffer I don’t I mean
sorry I’m just saying like when Dana White likes you and you say
yes it does things for your career that’s what I’m gonna say because that’s those are the only two variables I it’s
like we we knew Joe Piper before he was [ __ ] in the contender series we know where Joe comes from Joe is not a guy we
know where he lives I mean I don’t think he’s managed by Ali Abdel Aziz you know what I mean is my
point I’m so he did what he’s doing on his own is my point like he he made the
impression he made with Dana White and he’s ran with it in a way that has led
him to a co-main event um over a lot of guys who like I said we’ve been talking about since we
started this podcast four years ago and they’re not co-main events talking about guys who like we said got
opportunities against Frankie Edgar in his hometown got opportunity and they’re in the prelims Drew Dober a guy who
knocked out the main event is behind Joe pifer on the card like we said this is just a couple weeks away it could shake
out differently they often do usually when we’re doing the [ __ ] prelims show the order has been restructured you
know what I mean and we have to [ __ ] address that so or another sure the patreon show I mean um
so if you want to get the fine-tooth code breakdown of physio versus gamma rap make sure you join the patreon it’s
[ __ ] Pennies A Day guys it’s really not even going to us like we well we
actually decided that we’re gonna do is start gambling with the patreon Monday um so what I think is
the next time I look at the balance I check every few days or not days it’s actually every few months I check it but
I’m gonna check it and it’s gonna say like a thousand or over a thousand dollars at some point soon and I’m gonna
be like okay guys who do we want to bet this on and I’m thinking you know it’s Aaron blanchfield it’s a bet like that
you know a plus 135 who we’re very passionate about who you Triple B certify and they ain’t running that
Valentina fight back they ain’t Aaron blanchfield was in the crowd talk about that because we actually addressed it on
the patreon uh the five tooth comb Club but we didn’t get into it in the YouTube this week we’re gonna start doing a lot
of the Recaps on the patreon on the fight tooth comb Club but let’s just give everybody I said it in the Discord the queen and the King were both there
tonight Nate Diaz in the crowd Aaron blanchfield in the crowd
but anyway listen so because she was there too so listen let me just say this
no the queen of MMA so she’s not the queen of Batman she she
is what I just said Aaron Blanchard she’s the uncrowned queen who is [ __ ] did I
not just say Aaron blanchfield Nate Diaz were in the crowd the queen oh I’m sorry I’m sorry I thought you were meant I’m
sorry no exactly and uh the only person robbed that night was Aaron blanchfield
for opportunity to go in the ring and get her nose and and Alex Cross at his face and uh and then it would have
really been UFC Noche because the they would have had to kill the lights because [ __ ] would have got [ __ ] would have popped off in that ring I bet
cold-blooded ain’t here to [ __ ] take pictures anyway so the main event went to a draw guys well
I say this on the patreon Grosso what she dropped through in round two she had her in back Mount was smashing
her out in the last round I’m not that upset I I get why
everyone’s upset in that Chrisley essentially decided to draw on his own by being the one judge to do
10-8 in the last round and you know people are upset about this
this is what I want you guys to consider this is a gambling show it’s an entertainment show first it’s a pick show it’s a prediction show but it’s a
gambling show so let’s talk about this which if you bet Valentina if you bet Grosso and they gave it to the other
person what are what you would be way more upset than if it was a draw right
so I’m not mad about drawls I like draws I’d rather have more draws than
me feeling like I’m robbed one way or the other and I’m even not upset about
the review and the no contests I mean I don’t want to know contest being reviewed for a glancing shot to the back
of the head during transition I don’t want being I don’t want them to be reviewed for a glancing headbutt in a
transition but in a situation like this where the fight is stopped and the guy doesn’t tap
it’s pretty obvious to review it right so I’d rather even though I was robbed plus
200 on the third if he was able to get the win that night which I thought he was I’d rather have the new contest even
though I was Rob Granite Luke has said that lucerta is the next Conor McGregor every single one of them
all I’m saying is he was on four and they’re keeping him around and the roulette wheel had to come up [ __ ]
black eventually you know so the Serta was a fine bet point is this
for everybody saying that they’re mad about the draw take the round scoring out of it entirely forget how they
scored the rounds and consider this one judge scored it for Valentina one judge shorted for Grosso one judge
squirted a draw you’re a man about the draw why aren’t you mad whether you had Grasso or Valentina why aren’t you mad
about the judge who scored it for the entire other person isn’t that what you should be more mad
about you’re willing to concede that this judge sorted for her and this judge squirted for her and apparently you’re
okay with that because you’re focusing on Chris Lee but it’s like why are you okay with one judge scoring it the I’m
assuming that if you’re not okay with the draw you and your mind thought Valentino one or Grosso won well why are
you more mad at the guy you thought it was close then the person who thought it was the entire other way
don’t get mad at the guy who just said let’s keep everybody [ __ ] happy and Vegas is Happy the Bettors are happy the
girls are happy Valentina is salty but she’s always salty she always thinks she won a close fight guys she’s done this
with Amanda Nunes twice she’s done this with I think uh who else I mean she does this all the time and I’m I’m just
I’m not saying I’m like over Valentina she’s cool she’s a competitor do your thing but
the whole people are big fans of her and they love to in America and we love to
[ __ ] lift up a victim and make her the victim and she’s not even a victim it was a draw guys it was a [ __ ] draw
she got dropped in one round she got [ __ ] pounded in another round dominated in the submission area meaning
she was if you take somebody’s back that is the most dominant place you can be in
grappling because they can’t see you you can see them you can hit them they can’t
hit you okay should be legal back of the head straight should be legal if if back
in the head strikes were legal if this was the streets then Alexa Grosso would have just made soup
legalize ten nine ten six elbows in back of it to the back of that and that and
then bouncing is in a wheelchair Alexa Grosso is
I know what you guys are saying um the clock is 12 to six but Luke lives
on a whole different planetary scale he goes on Mercury time you you gotta you
gotta you gotta think this through a little bit yeah I mean you guys probably think that uh that North points up
I mean it points somewhere else let’s be real so here’s the thing calm down Chrisley is questionable he
does have a potentially in my opinion possibly but Luke I’m not mad at that
because fight should be scored accumulatively not round by round not on
a round by round basis you should be able to say Okay I I think these two drawn tonight why do I have to make a
game time decision on the round and then why do I have to hand in something I don’t agree with why do I have to go
well I guess I scored it for her but all in all I don’t really think that you
know I cried and pride the last round was weighted more wasn’t it whoever was like winning the first round of Pride
was 10 minutes the first round was longer so I guess the first round I guess you would was would be weighted
more I guess because if I thought in Pride if you won toward the end of the
fight you were pretty much guaranteed to win because the accumulation there were a lot of things and you know that’s not really the argument right because the
argument isn’t already playing basketball Wiffle ball or [ __ ] t-ball the argument is these are the rules but
here’s the thing guys the judges have a subjective criteria that has been changed as recently as six years ago so your opinion based on 20 years of
watching the sport is a mishmash of what you used to think was the scoring criteria with the scoring criteria is
now what you’re looking at as an enter we’re all drunk we’re watching the fight we’re entertained by it we’re not watching it as a judge we’re what you
know what I mean in a lot of ways that can help in a lot of ways they can hurt but I’m just trying to say that you’re
everybody’s willing to concede that a lot of the rounds were close everybody’s willing to concede that Valentina won round one that uh Grosso won round five
that Grosso won I think it was round two that she dropped her so two and five for
Grosso one definitely for valence Tina I think either three or four was definitely for Valentina but not
dominantly like two or five were not not even close to 108 that and some people
say yeah no well if you give grass to the 10 you speak with her but think about it go re-watch it did you really think like I was watching when to me in
a boxing match a kickboxing match you get dropped that’s a 10-8 so if we’re using boxing based soaring and she gets
dropped on the feet and then doesn’t do anything to Grasso to equalize that
and what are the two biggest criteria ought to be more than a ten nine right then
so I think drawls should be actually more liberal I think 10 8 should actually be a little bit more liberal because
there are so many ten nines and there’s so few ten eights like let’s let’s have more nine nine rounds two
or ten ten right like whatever you want to call it but have more rounds where you go nothing happened nobody got the
edge it shouldn’t be the round is totally equal and then the one person who does something that’s like still
nothing pushing against the fence towards the last minute of the round gets that round and then the other person dominates them in the next round
beats the [ __ ] out of them and gets the same score as they got in the first one that doesn’t make any sense so we all
can agree on that right we can all agree that in ganu versus Louis
the first round could have been a [ __ ] 99 or 10 10. right just like the [ __ ] last rep so
so if the round in Gandhi versus Lewis that first round that they had one of them won at 10-9
but also Electra grass Rose Nama yunus versus Carlos Esparza one of them won
all five rounds 10-9 and then Grosso won the two rounds she won 10-9-2 those are 10-9 and so are all the rounds in the
Carla and Rose fight those are all 10 nines and so are the two rounds Grosso won in her fight I think the main
argument is is that we need to get 10-7 in the mix more because then the eight could be like an idiot no no no no I’m
saying like a pure domination a pure domination you’re almost enough 10 8 is
enough because nobody round in the three rounds
let me tell you why one 10-8 round in a three-round fight can force a draw and if that’s the only round where you had
any success and the other two were clearly won by the other opponent you should
you should get a draw however if the two rounds were so close right like you’re
saying like well nothing really happened in the two rounds and this one person won the round dominantly well if they were so close why didn’t one of the
judges give the person who won the round dominantly one of those two because they weren’t that close so if if you win two
rounds close ten nine and then one person dominates in the middle you gotta make it a draw you can’t and hey
sometimes somebody will dominate the middle and one of the judges will score it for that person too on the close round and then it’ll be a majority
decision right so close decisions will continue to happen draws will happen more but it’ll be less robberies the
people will be explaining about robberies we could be complaining about draw robberies I get what you’re saying but there saves money but the crooks of
my argument is is that a nothing round where somebody has to win should be a
10-9 and then around where because think about like a Javid boss rap fight where
he’s just smothering somebody on top hitting them with strikes from the top the entire round that scored as a 10-8
and then the and then there’s some ten eights that you’re like oh well I didn’t necessarily think that was like that
dominant that could be a good median between the two I’m saying like the 10-9
should be for okay I gotta pick somebody one this round the 10-8 somebody
definitely won this round the 10-7 is complete and pure domination and if you
judge it on that then you’re gonna get more 10 8 less 10 sevens and less ten
nines and then the scoring will change it will equal itself out I just did the
math if you win one 10-7 round like let’s say you come out first round Frankie Edgar Gray Maynard
we call that a 10-7 greyman or ten sevens Frankie Edgar in that first round okay yeah Frankie wins every other round
close okay every single other round closed if if he did I think one of the rounds
great one but if he wins every other round goes all four that means that uh Frankie still wins he wins exactly no no
no actually no no no sorry sorry yeah he wins 47 he wins 47-46 yes oh no no no
48 46 but if if let’s say uh the guy who wins the 10-7 also wins one other round
then it’s a draw so in that case he would have won two rounds one of them 10-7 47-47 would be the final score if
the other guy wins the other three do you want to hear something crazy I think the last round if you win dominantly in
the last round it should be scored 10-6 regardless because because because if we’re in a
fight and and guess what schoolyard rules schoolyard rules at the end of the
fight I’m pounding you away like Alexander volcanovski versus guess what all of that [ __ ] you did right I think
wasn’t enough it wasn’t enough to keep the dog away you know what I mean
yeah well uh you know we I don’t know if we ought to go that far but I think that just naturally that’s what we saw with
Chris Lee right like so I think that naturally the judges have an inherent recency bias almost or an inherent bias
to what they believe the correct outcome was and then they just grade accordingly and that’s what kind of happened and uh
you know I mean it is what it is guys I just think people need to stop bitching um a little
bit which why not Valentina didn’t win every year I just want to keep bitching but just don’t be lame about it like
call it for what it is it was a close fight and you’re mad about the way one round was scored it’s it it’s like
there were two rounds that I believe were at least in the conversation for 10-8 and only one of them got scored by
one guy so it’s like okay I mean
it’s crazy I think the last round is the most arguable Tenny I don’t I don’t think if it wasn’t for the knockdowns
make sure your timestamps well how am I gonna [ __ ] timestamp it at this point we’ve already talked about uh write down what time we’re at now and
then when you when you are doing the timestamps go back like 10 minutes and find where it started no yes that’s what
time stamping is no but I do it as it comes I do it as it comes we’re pissing Dan off he’s got papers to grade he’s
got football to watch so we really got to get through this card and we’re only on fight number uh listen the seven o’clock game today sucks so you’re not
missing oh I forgot there was another game all right
I am good I’m here and Dan this game sucks it’s zero zero the they’re both I don’t care
about the game I know I got rid of the ball twice if you haven’t won your fantasy week already then you must have
bum players unless you have Nick chop or something no I’m uh I’m gonna win fantasy but I
just gotta just gotta cross that Finish Line oh yeah boy but
without further Ado let’s get on to the next fight what what did the people pay for actually the YouTube audience
you pay for nothing so um we’ll get on to the next fight wait Johnny one last thing one last
thing everybody complaining about the robbery in the main event talk about the Holland fight talk about the Padilla fight Padilla left that guy’s face
Nelson looking like it was a [ __ ] pile of used Butcher and trails by the
end of it but Holland doubled him up in strikes in terms of volume throw now you
want to say oh well the significant strikes are the the accuracy the Jack was Landing more guys nobody even
watching the fight on TV could discern who was actually connecting or Landing
their strikes more all the strikes were slipping and glancing throughout the whole fight so you’re telling me three
judges who apparently don’t have significant strike data don’t have total strike data you’re telling me they with
their through the cage with their [ __ ] judge mine so we talk about being dumb all the time they were able
to say oh well even though Kevin Holland was throwing literally double the strikes that Jack was throwing oh well
Jax are landing you can see through the gloves he’s connect no it was either complete [ __ ] screw job [ __ ] it was
pathetic it was unpatronic where you’re just listening to another guy from Texas he drove to Las Vegas Jack Della flew
away from [ __ ] Australia you think Kevin would have gotten treated that way in Australia hell no so we should have given it to Kevin that was [ __ ] that
being said Kevin Holland sometimes doesn’t try hard enough I’ll throw him away but Dia [ __ ] whooped Nelson’s
ass dude those two fights to me were way more based on the most recent scoring criteria
oh glaring robberies then the main event being a draw
so moving on and the choking um issue we talked about that on the
beach no I know I didn’t mean to use Junior versus Richie Lang 12-3 Johnny Munoz Jr he is coming out of California
he was hanging out with Tito Ortiz is a very young man I have respect for him the
Daniel Santos fight he went in there and he took a beating stuck in there for the whole decision didn’t get finished that
was very recently two months ago a little bit worried about that 30 years old taking on the Mongolian arichi Lang
coming off The Knockout loss equally as long ago from eamon’s a hobby two months ago both guys literally coming back
after losses beat downs brain damage but I like my man Johnny Munoz and this kid
Cabo is gonna [ __ ] up the Mongolian murderer there’s never been a Chinese male Champion only one her name’s Wei Li
Zang the niche in his name but I’m going with the kid who hang uh hangs out with Tito Ortiz
brain damage yeah I’m going with uh I’m going with orichi Lang uh Johnny
Munoz I mean these Jiu Jitsu guys
of course of course yeah we’re in but we’re two hours in we did the whole patreon episode we got drunk during now
we’re drunk now I was drunk when I flew the plane I’m drunk so
Dan’s stupid for this do not listen to him he had a couple dumbass picks on the addendum episode two um I’m not gonna call him out on him but
like one that speaks out you pick Jake Collier on the first episode he didn’t change his mind guys don’t go to the patreon episode expecting yesterday
we’ll be certified Usman he didn’t change his mind Dan is still on Jake Collier fat Collier coming in there
against the [ __ ] specimen uh Muhammad Usman Muhammad news
was gonna pick him up bite his neck eat him kill him dead uh you know Dan actually switched I’m not even gonna
tell you who switched to go watch the patreon episode I let’s just say go watch the patreon episode you guys
but Dan literally won 1100 last weekend he came in he’s like I’m gonna [ __ ] turn it into 3 000 this week and I’m I
was so eager to he’s giving it all back he’s giving them giving it all back guys so so
I got the patreon episode for more hilarity and uh that’s patreon.com Pursuit it’s the fine tooth cone club uh
we’re gonna be calling it the comb Club so if you’re new to the show and you’re like yeah the fine tooth comb Club is a
mouthful we just gotta it’s called the fine-tooth comb Club but then it’s no it should just be the nickname for it is
the cone Club cone Club Strictly Come Club yeah is what I think that’s my vote
it’s like calling uh like what’s a famous golf course
Augusta they call it Augusta they go ah you go into the they probably I don’t know they probably have nicknames for
Augusta you know so the fine tooth comb Club is like Augusta and then
we say Dakota Club to shorten it Luke is my golf coach told me in high school
you know Augusta they wouldn’t even let you through the front gate the way you look they wouldn’t they wouldn’t let a
guy like you come in
that’s what they said to you huh yeah they wouldn’t but I mean they would turn you away they
would turn you look better than you than you do now I know which is the craziest part okay I’ll give an example
the foot plenty of famous private courses have earned abbreviations that have become
part of the lingo uh Winged Foot is simply the foot so yeah the Winged Foot
is like the fine tooth goon club and then the foot uh you go into the foot you know it’s like it’s like you see what I’m saying guys the link
oh the Riviera Country Club outside of La is simply known as the riff Victoria National in Indiana the Vic see
what I’m saying guys I literally think things that exist that I don’t even know that exist and then they do exist you
know that’s my life I just go I’ll bet there’s like a bunch of lingo for famous country club and there is you know what
I mean like there already is that’s why I get through life so easily guys because I don’t waste time looking things up or thinking about things I
just already know them um would you let me get my degum pick so we can get off of this boring fight and
get on to the get onto the good stuff get on to the good stuff
all right well I am going to be
the tiebreaker here we got Johnny Munich Jr versus arichi Lang in case you forgot
um these guys are the same age the same age I think that Johnny Munoz
Jr probably fought better competition but all the best guys that he’s fought he’s lost to
um arichi Lang at least he has we have some memory of arichi line beating
bad guys too and losing to decent guys as well so
this fight for me is going to be the weirdo fight of the night if you bet on this you’re an absolute weirdo you
should contact 1-800 Gambler if you’re in New York and why hope 1-800 I don’t know what the [ __ ] it is
but I’m just gonna 1-809 with it
I’m going to uh I’m gonna feed the hot hand here and I’m gonna go with Danny and I’m gonna pick up Richie Lang
okay well I mean I don’t want to waste time making fun of you as much as I did Danny but I think equally uh as less of
you as I did Danny kenatsu marata versus Vanessa Demopolis the Greek versus the Japanese two ladies uh born in islands
that are known for a luxurious vacation destinations uh one of them 30 that is Morata and Demopolis the little monster
is 35. she’s coming off that loss to Carolina two months ago the one we talked about earlier and you know not a
good look for her right we talk about you know Carolina terrible look but she 35 so she lost to JJ Aldridge she lost
to Carolina three wins in between um one of them being a split decision and you know on her debut against random
Marcos um Morata got the win she came in there against my girl Verna gender Rover and
it was that TKO stoppage due to the arm and shoulder injury if you remember that um
going with Morata here um Demopolis you know I have all the respect in the world for her I love her
she missed waiting her last fight she’s 35. uh I just think that uh the other
girl is a little bit more outstanding so give me the wrestler the Japanese cannot go Morata
I couldn’t agree more um I did a little bit of a deep dive on kanako Morata and she was a I think u17
world champion in Freestyle Wrestling if I’m not mistaken um she she made the Japanese
team one one Asian gold quite a few times
um but that’s huge that is huge you got Vanessa
Demopolis and I don’t want to speak out a term here but isn’t she a former stripper
I believe so while Vanessa Demopolis was taking her
top off kanko Morata was taking dudes down
dudes down women down children down not to pound town and not to pound town
which you now strippers oftentimes have dual jobs
besides the point I’m gonna go with kanko Morata here she’s a wrestling Savage she’s gonna go
out there and get it done she’s gonna take Vanessa down Vanessa her days are twerking jumping in
Joe Rogan’s arms they’re over they’re done she’s she’s gonna go on a high Watermark moment yes she’s gonna go on a
four fight skid the UFC Women’s troll weight division is so so so so so
shallow that she might even stay in on the four fight skin but I’m here for it I’ll be betting against her for the next
three fights five four fights if the UFC will keep her just because she has that by real movement
um I’m gonna go with kanako Morata Dan what do you think looking at the topology picture of
Morata I’m really not liking what I’m seeing her and her coach look like they just want a competition for Wing eating
at a local dive bar um doesn’t look very professional whatsoever uh Vanessa Demopolis always
professional professional in any Endeavor that she’s ever been in don’t you want a wing eating position much
like a Kobayashi take a look at the picture look at the topology picture do you see it are you looking at it
you’re saying she looks like she wanted he looks like her and her coach just went to a wing eating competition
at a New Jersey dive bar I thought you were gonna say Vanessa Demopolis looks
like one of the women who would stand at Wing Bowl from her picture but that that was just my thoughts when I heard you go
in the wing Direction all coaches look like that look like fat slobs but no no no it’s not even being
the fat slob it’s like we all know guys who are fat slobs that have a story
or two from back in the day where they they show their toughness this guy was never tough he’s got two too nice of a a
smile too nice of a face those two can’t do teach
what do you mean those who can’t do teach it’s a famous expression I know the expression I just don’t know how it
applies he’s their coach he said he doesn’t look like he was tough well it doesn’t need to be he’s teacher
um for not to understand about that also look at look at his glasses compared to
my glasses okay he’s got the little rectangle glasses these are men’s glasses okay they’re squares this big
old Square
sometimes I forget that you’re like uh doing a lot of this for the audience not necessarily trying to convince me I mean
I hope you’re not gonna give it to me I’m not I mean all right look it’s a lady fight like I’m not gonna die on this hill like Vanessa Demopolis may win
you know she may win is that what you want me to say that’s what I’m banking on yeah okay she better
be an underdog then if you’re gonna bet on her I better be plus 250 that’s only that’s that’s the only if it was plus
250 I would go all right we’re getting a little crazy here and I would bet Venice of Thermopolis um
which is so interesting cause I’m the famous guy who says it doesn’t matter what the odds are matters what’s gonna happen but I’m always
and it and I’ll tell you this audience it has nothing to do with the odds right it’s not like I’m greedy and I’m like I
want to get the money what it has to do with is what how I look at the odds and what I
know the odds to be same reason that I’m really good at picking good entry points in stocks or
cryptocurrency is the same reason I’m good at picking entry points for Fighters is because I understand the market represents human psychology the
market represents the fans the Bettors The Watcher it represents the public
right so what do we know there’s a famous quote in stock uh trading it says the market is schizophrenic okay the
market the betting Market any Market is schizophrenic it’s going to react all rationally it’s why I got the Colorado uh Colorado I have plus 125 when they
opened it minus one thousand think about that what I want 125 on what would have cost
me a thousand dollars you’re gonna cost me a thousand dollars to win that on Colorado moneyline I managed to win that
theme team same night same event I managed to win that with only a hundred
dollars it’s it’s because the market is crazy it just it acts irrationally so if
I’m seeing a lot of movement in One Direction I’m going okay that tells me something it doesn’t tell
me that like Vegas is trying to entice me it tells me that people are thinking one way and I’m not that type of guy to
think with the public I don’t I’ve never seen Avatar I don’t go and run to the movie theater for Oppenheimer or Barbie
I sit home and I watch neither you know what I mean so I’m not you know I’m not I I will not be mocked let’s move on uh
Alice burundo Joaquin Buckley uh walking Buckley’s guy I feel really bad
for he wants to get a big fight he deserves a big fight he had the viral movement he had uh one of the biggest Instagram videos of all time on the
UFC’s Instagram page he deserves big fights he deserves to be smashing guys like Ian Gary out not having to Wade through the waters of Abdul razak
al-assan Albert derive uh you know in Marvel [ __ ] fialo like
he should not be fighting these guys now he’s gonna fight morono this better be the last [ __ ] guy that Buckley has to
fight that doesn’t have a big name give my guy Buckley some big name guys at 170 give him uzman that’s who I want him to
fight when he beats morono I’m picking Buckley this is a terrible matchup for him terrible fight Verona cerebral
fighter patient fighter awkward fighter uh Buckley knocked out before kind of
chinny hittable um definitely not a fight I’m gonna be high on especially if Buckley’s the
favorite I’m expecting Buckley to come in as like a plus 200 Underdog here um but I want to bet Buckley I like his
reach I think that he’s got more athleticism and I know that morono had big problems
against Jeff Neal when they train together and that tells me that morono
his style is good against guys that he doesn’t have the same that he doesn’t
Moreno throws [ __ ] rocks on roofs that guy he [ __ ] swings but if he
feels that same threat I think it shuts him down a little bit so
um he was beating up on pounds and Nivea we got knocked out ponze nibio throws that [ __ ] back you know what I mean so I
think that if you look at the uh Guys these be they’re guys that he’s able to keep docile tame a little bit
Buckley Will Not Be Tamed he’s gonna knock him out possibly with something emphatic
[ __ ] Buckley for the win big big old jacked athlete dude Guy
versus uh not jacked athlete guy yeah he does the woo-woo you know he’s got that
weird style that throws people off Buck was gonna connect on one and when he does connect on it that’s all he’s gonna
need you know what this fight reminds me of
Usman vs Collier and to hear Dan take a completely opposite take as he did on the Collier
newsman fight is appalling it’s despicable and
he should be investigated for sure like Usman will beat Collier in any competition they play from beer pong to
[ __ ] bag toss to horseshoes to football to
tennis literally there’s not a game they could a foot race there’s nothing that
you could put College picking up a girl at a bar there’s nothing Collier no not
picking up a girl at a bar yet maybe in one of the bars uh down there uh in
college any bar Collier is going to it any single bar Collier is going to
he’s overpowered he’s gonna pick up all the nurses at Applebee’s drinking their bottomless margaritas you know what I
mean they’re used to seeing guys like him in Applebee’s who’s been with me caught dead in the [ __ ] Applebee’s
oozman’s had the title since [ __ ] ought 11 and he’s been eating with his
brother at [ __ ] Fogo de Chao you know what I mean so yeah and that sign ain’t ever going red with
these in that side I’ve learned in a Photoshop but I’m sure that’s a funny reference
the audience knows don’t guys um Charlie Campbell down here
explaining the joke that was the joke the joke was in the
ACT damn you don’t even know anything dude I’m more of uh I’m more of uh uh what’s that guy I’m more of a Chuck
Buffalo than it than a than a chukka yeah whatever the [ __ ] that guy’s name is at
least I lean more towards the Manila cap short King kind of side of things at least at least would chuck Buffalo he
said what he said with conviction okay he said exactly
um I love it so let’s move on uh we’re all taking books mm-hmm yeah and they go forward fill out
uh Felipe even though I didn’t make my pick but yeah I’ll take Buckley you said you said that you were that you were mad
at Dan oh I was mad at Dan but I didn’t officially make my pick yet but yeah go
ahead make it official all right Triple E certified watching all right next up
I’m taking a young kuchalaba because I hate Felipe Lins and I love young kids lava wait but I always mix Felipe lens
up with somebody else is this the guy that I think it is it is I like this guy no I like this guy great
head of hair I did you like him when he lost Andre lost even more but he lost a Tanner Boozer
but then I started to like him but now I don’t like him again I’m going with the ankutsalaba this guy easily Lynn’s won
the million dollars right yeah yeah yeah he won the mill I mean
I’m trying to say this guy is uh not gonna ever win again since he won the middle oh no oh no you were right twice
in a row and then you’ve been wrong three times in a row exactly aggression you picked against him I
think all three of those [ __ ] times I thought that million dollars would go a long way in Brazil but somehow Felipe
Linz is fighting with a new fire under his ass he must have wasted it all he must have wasted every single dollar
hang gliding surfing whatever the hell you do in Brazil but
Felipe Lins I think is gonna win this fight he’s fought way higher actually he
hasn’t fought that much higher competition if you look at MMA math which never [ __ ] works Ian kutilaba
should win this fight because he beat Tanner Bowser by knockout Tanner Bozer knocked out Felipe wins by knockout MMA
math doesn’t work so he works all the time never works has never worked all the
time I have such a good theater Voice by the way that I can yell and the YouTube
audience there though they could be literally working a warehouse job with max volume turned up in their headphones and it will not hurt their ears and if
it did hurt your ears when I just yelled right there comment and tell me I’m wrong but I’ll bet it didn’t meanwhile when Alex yells with his fancy
microphone he blows your eardrums out I never do because I know I’m a real
artist and I know my setup I know my surrounds under the Acoustics in my room I have a theater voice I project from
the diaphragm you know you know I can project from the diaphragm because when I go like this you can hear a difference see how you hear a difference
when I talk when I pinch my nose tip of the tongue teeth in the lips the
reason it’s your nose Dan the reason I might be louder than you is because I have to talk over you boneheads all the
time I I can’t get out two words without getting cut off I’m not going to say why but go ahead listen
just give your pick all I know is I’m the only guy who hasn’t had to have anything
cut out in the last month okay the only guy here you have no shame
you never regret anything you say I I don’t regret it I don’t regret it I don’t regret what
you say and I don’t regret it and you cut it out anyway because you’re looking out for my best interests which I
appreciate um really cut things out folks and we never do on the patreon please get into there to patreon if you want to hear our
true opinions if you want to hear oh by the way I wanted to say this on the patreon but I can’t I didn’t get a chance to let me just say this Faraz is
a hobby punk [ __ ] I used to idolize this guy but he’s a punk [ __ ] if you want to hear why tune into the patreon
next week I’m gonna go into it in great deal with video clips I’m going to show clips of Faraz what he said what he’s
done why he’s on notice for us a hobby you used to be cool you’re a punk [ __ ] you have never coached another person inside true St Pierre get another title
Challenger get and get even a title Challenger before you want to be in this uh rarified air of MMA go coaches
because uh what you said in one of your most recent videos was so so terrible
that you’re going to be called out for it on the patreon by me and I used to [ __ ] idolize you for us but you’re a
punk [ __ ] now well Luke um one request if you’re gonna be doing this expose on for us please Dylan
Dennis Logan Paul Nina Agdal may be involved we’re gonna get into it in the patreon and uh when you do it please
don’t just show up with Clips on your phone as the producer of the show I want you to make those videos
I’m gonna play for us you guys can be the judge but if you ask me is punk [ __ ] Behavior you should be definitely
checked for this you should be checked legally uh metaphorically to be in support of for us after this
dude no you will not but you no one could be all right let’s move on um so I’m taking Yan kutilava by
knockout uh no I’m sorry I’m not thinking of my knockout but damn if I don’t want to take him right I
definitely want to take him but I’m taking lens damned if you do damned if you don’t I’m
going with ion kutalaba um I feel like you’re giving it back Danny
you’re giving it all back Danny first of all this is two fight cards from now so all my money
will be gone by this point anyway well I’m I’m with you he’s younger he’s faster he’s more agile he’s more Sleek
he’s meaner he’s tougher he’s going to knock out lens like he knocked out Bowser who knocked out lens it’s a chain
reaction I’m taking [ __ ] the young kids a lot but then I’m with you lens is a heavyweight
um you know kuntalaba is a true light heavy weight he’s gonna be faster everything that you just said plus
Lindsay could be a little uh a little a little trigger shy I feel like whereas that is not kuchalapa’s problem so yes
Linds is stiff as a board he’s not going to be the one taking him down uh if anything I think that uh
he could end up on top from a chaotic scramble Linds could end up on top that
could be very bad but if Eon comes in there with his nipples rock hard he
could win this yeah and and credit to you guys because I have never
I’ve gotten the first two Philippe lens fights right I’ve been on the wrong side of him ever since but I’ve been picking
against him so now you’re flipping dog he beat you three times in a row he went smacked
smack smack and you’re like okay don’t hit me again you know what I mean and I’m like and guess what you know how many times he and cuchilaba’s done that
to me I’ve picked him and everybody he’s ever had I picked him against Mega Man and Goliath five times and not only did
he pull out everything else this could be a situation where I’m fading a bad fighter with a worse fighter that’s what
you’re doing and I think that um we shouldn’t I’m glad your own wins you know we’re a ways away from this match we’ll
Super Heads will prevail eventually but for now we have two Mainstays of this podcast two guys we’ve been talking
about even Super Active all throughout the entirety of this show uh pandemic Heroes if you will especially the one
I’m gonna name first bill aljeo out of King of Prussia PA stands up Mid-Atlantic region Senor Perfecto six
foot tall every bit of six foot 145 lanky son of a [ __ ] down there in King
of Prussia PA he’s coming in here with his own Jiu Jitsu School MMA and kickboxing 34 years old three years
older than the San Antonio boy coming down from 155 to move to featherweight
Alex the great ape Hernandez I think Alex Hernandez coming off that win against Jim Miller the submission
specialist it’s going to have a primed him nice for Mr Algeria who just got that submission rear naked Trope win
against TJ downtown Choke Artist brown but what I don’t like what I don’t like
about Bill LJ is absolutely nothing what I don’t like about Hernandez is a lot um he finds ways to get knocked out by
punchers he finds ways to get submitted by Brazilians he finds ways to lose decisions he is able to knock out shitty
guys he’s able to decision old guys but I don’t think he’s gonna be able to get past the six foot tall lanky son of a
[ __ ] Bill my only worry about this fight is that the wrestler in Hernandez comes out takes him down gets on top
bill being a jiu jitsu guy takes back position loses this one how he lost the feely fight that could happen but
that probably will happen I hope ljo is an underdog for that exact reason because stylistically it favors
Hernandez I’m gonna have to pick Hernandez no you’re not gonna pick Hernandez I’m
gonna pick mine Hernandez is gonna I don’t want to I won’t be LJ to win this fight this is why this podcast has kind
of ruined my fandom for the sport because I would love the root for Bill aljo but from a betting perspective I gotta pick Hernandez unless he’s an
outrageous favorite um like a disrespectful favorite but all in
all I just kind of think that ah but Bill LJ is such a finisher [ __ ] it balls
on the glass I’m going out jail I can almost guarantee uh Alex Hernandez
wins the first round of this fight and then ends up losing the fight he’s a gas artist cutting down the 145 will only
hurt him more um I know that that might sound crazy I
know that might sound crazy but he’s getting older we used to we saw this young up-and-comer
um Alex Hernandez I haven’t lost a single fight except for the Jamal emmers in a split decision his
third fight ever and then he comes in talking all this mess about sending Donald Cerrone to a geriatric home which
I called for last week but guess what this was three years too early this was
three years too early cowboy was still kicking and he kicked the [ __ ] out of it you take the [ __ ] out of Alex Hernandez
and Alex Hernandez is going to get his ass kicked
it’s not gonna be early in the first round early in the first round Alex Hernandez is going to come in hard Alex
Hernandez has never really been a wrestler he’s been really reliant on that
that uh right hand of his and Bill algaeo he might get caught a couple
times in the first round he might lose the first round but Bill algae is going to show the dog the King of Prussia Mall
dog in him and come back and win this fight
uh Alex Hernandez is gonna kick the [ __ ] out of Bill ljo uh first round knockout
quite possibly uh if not maybe somewhere towards mid-round or the second but hands are way better much more powerful
um you know aljo doesn’t doesn’t possess that finishing ability that you would need against an Alexander Hernandez and
you know obviously I’m a fan of LJ and ljo Jiu Jitsu up there at the kop but um
you know that’s a bad matchup for him I think the Young Lion feasts on the gazelle even looks like
Excel he’s got the body type of a gazelle this is uh this uh Hernandez fight
Dan I agree with you Bill Algeria might look the part of somebody that Alex Hernandez would take out but if you look
at who Al Jaya was lost to Billy Q he is damn
near identical to Billy Billy Algeria Hamato muikano long lanky guy
um Thiago Moises yes he’s a little bit of a shrimp Drew Dober he’s a little bit of a shrimp but Donald ceroni so the out
of the sick people he’s lost against they’ve been long lanky guys and Francesco trinaldo the guys he’s beaten
Francisco gernaldo short stocky uh Jim Miller shortstock yeah I don’t know much
about Mike Breeden he’s he’s a little tall I don’t know much about Chris gutsmacher
five eight five eight five eight that’s short that’s short
that’s a short guy there what say you I am I’m holding on to the
pick Hernandez he’s gonna be feasting I’m telling you striking is going to be
on point ballpoint pen
all right fair enough next up we have Drew duber versus Ricky Glenn a guy I
always a guy I always seem to think is Australian Ricky Glenn he he looks
Australian he he has a name of a guy who’s Australian or from across the pond he’s
got the same body type he looks like a overflowed can of milk
um then what do you think about this one oh easy easy play here Drew Doper is going
to absolutely demolish uh Ricky Rick Glenn
oh Rick Glenn is uh taking some beatings in his career um this is I don’t know what this is
what this the match-up process for this fight is I mean Drew Dober is
he coming off of the win against uh no he just got knocked out to Matt frivola
oh okay so it’s a get right play now I see the angle it’s a get right fight um
I think it’s as simple as that you gotta read between the lines read those tea leaves and then eat them just like
Mr dober’s gonna eat up um Ricky Glenn
I don’t know come on it’s not a trap fight don’t
overthink this one I just see a big commonality with guys that Drew beats and uh big commonality
with guys that Drew loses to um not gonna say what you can look at
Instagram rules for that they make a ton of them about it um
yeah I’m gonna ride with Drew Dober but Ricky Glenn is the prototypical guy who puts Drew Dover away
um what do you mean by that I’m not gonna say what I mean
okay it’s more of a patreon offline thing to
say not necessarily A YouTube thing to say oh Drew Dover
wins against certain guys and loses against certain
guys as the guy who runs the money I love
that we’re teasing the patreon guys get into the patreon here Alice’s true take on whatever he’s talking about but
listen it’s like Dan said it’s not a trap um it’s true Derber you should be headlining this card he’s not but he
should be um is just too nice of a guy that’s his biggest problem right that’s why he’s got 12 losses all 12 of these losses are
situations where he was like this guy deserves to win too and he allowed it to happen um
the map for bull a knockout oh man I sent you a text of what I was going to
say down it says it’s as uh the the map for bowling knockout is as
annoying as the Bobby green knockout right because I bet on Bobby green and I’m pretty sure I bet on Drew Dover
right so it’s like I wanted Bobby green to do what he was doing the whole fight to do whatever and just not get knocked
out what did you do Denver to do exactly what he did about uh that fight was going to stop a little
prematurely in Drew’s mind Ricky Glenn he’s a beast I love this [ __ ] guy but
uh sadly he’s gonna he’s gonna lose over here probably doesn’t he have an Australian or like
England he’s from the UK wait a minute it’s worth it oh my God you’re thinking
of somebody else yes yes I literally just now
I was like I love Davey Grant in my head I’m like I love David Grant I hate it he’s got a I thought David Grant would lose to Ricky Glenn but I thought that
there would be a case to like talk about dangerous Davey two-way classes off
yeah he looks like he looks like Davey Grant he has like a English
Australian typeface in English criminal typeface I think true diver is going to
be a little bit more hearty uh thicker neck shorter stockier
yeah swinging um
Ricky Glenn’s gonna be there to be hit Drew duber’s gonna be happy to oblige bro Joe pifer
so we’ll truly certified Drew Dover um and Dan you went with Hernandez
obviously not of course I heard you say it so that’s why I said obviously
um next we got our boy Joe pifer well he was gonna come on the podcast it’s been really hard to nail down busy guy
he’s a bit of a traveler yeah best best word we could use to describe
um I think he beats up Abdul razak al-assan I think he does it in the way he’s been doing it I think he goes in there piss
vinegar and smash ability smashes him gets the win moves on obviously Abdul razakhan much more credentialed Striker
but there’s just a certain level of competence when you have the takedown threat when you have the Jiu Jitsu and
you have the tenacity the chimpanzee-like muscles that Joe Joe
pifer has I mean the guys you felt like you just shaved a ship I mean if you shaved your ship that’s Joe Piper’s
muscle composition and uh I just think that he’s gonna have way too much it’s gonna be like two different weight
classes in there uh and I think he just smashes eats up up over zakalisan so pipe for all day for me
much bigger much taller he he might not be as uh as strong as Abdullah
razak Al Hassan but like I said I don’t understand why he got this spot and a
guy like um you know Joaquin Buckley wasn’t slotted into here
uh all things the same if you’re the fighter who cares you know
no but I’m saying why why does Alison get this chance who lost to Joaquin
Buckley against Joe pifer well I’m I’m saying Joe Pfeiffer’s the a side
regardless between the two yeah I would swap out moroto and Buckley for the co-main and I would swap out Derber uh
with if Dober didn’t just get knocked out you could put him against Austin right but well I’m saying al-hassan
should be fighting uh morono and Buckley should be fighting Joe pifer
that’s what I’m more so saying I don’t know why Al Hassan is in this position he’s he his last win is against Claudio
hibera who has been has has left a lot to be desired well you know Buckley’s a welterweight
oh interesting no he fought
he fought Abdul razak al-assan and middleweight
is he a Walter Reed that well yeah I mean now it’s pandemic stuff you know it’s not I’m not trying to call you out
I mean that was infected right now okay okay interesting okay
that makes more sense then okay fair enough um yeah I’m going with body bags
yeah I mean it’s not that um Abdul razak Hassan is getting any favors he’s being
put in a position to lose that he probably is going to lose so ultimately it’s not very beneficial for him uh
pifer is the a side as you said uh he’s got the Dana White Privilege going on uh he’s only had like two UFC fights couple
of very nice Knockouts but he’s getting catapulted to the top um easily is set up by Joe pifer will be
a parlay pillar sweet um I’m going all right next up
we’re going to be certified geopay for um body bags for the win next we got the main event Grant Dawson versus Bobby
green I’m going with Grant Dawson I’m going with him emphatically I think if you can’t get past Drew Dover Grant
Dawson poses a whole host of other problems he’s gonna get Bobby green on the ground he’s probably gonna submit him on the ground or ground upon him on
the ground it’s gonna look a lot like the market Chef fight I love Bobby green I think he was getting some good momentum there but ultimately
um you got to get the momentum in a way that leads you to favorable matchups if you get the momentum in a way that leads
you down the rankings it’s an endless death spiral you go some guys can go
down the rankings find themselves in a nice meaty Middle where they can get some wins like Anthony Smith back and
get and get back into where they want to be Bobby green sadly fought the best guys
for for no pay-per-view points or money and is now going down to fight the
up-and-comers who are hungry as all like as [ __ ] and uh Grand Dawson’s very hungry he is a guy who does everything
right he checks all his boxes he got out of James Krause way before the [ __ ] beds got in so
um he’s a smart guy he’s competent and I think he beats Bobby green handedly covers the spread I wonder what the odds
are going to be but I think randallson gets a finish in a five round Affair Grant Dawson should destroy Bobby green
uh over the course of five rounds I mean the bigger question is how he gets it
done how long it’s going to last um but man I see a whole lot of ground
and pound coming Bobby Green’s way um his Juco background wrestling will not be able to save him here
great Dawson for the win
don’t do it don’t do it
it’s a full Zone I have um I’ve gone against Bobby green quite a
bit I think he does a little bit too much hot dogging in there he uh you know
he does his little dances in there he he moves around a lot he loses fights on Optics quite a bit
but in that same vein uh Grant Dawson is
going to have nothing for him on the feet nothing at all and uh you know I think uh Juco College
wrestler did fairly well he has good wrestling especially good wrestling defense
um I think he’s going to be able to keep Grant Dawson off and keep him at Bay keep him at distance and end up winning
this fight Bobby green has an impeccable gas tank Grant Dawson has never fought five rounds
um Bobby green forgets more about MMA than uh Grant also remembers
and I just think Bobby green ends up winning this fight and it’s not going to
be the most appealing fight to watch but I think he keeps Grant Dawson on the end
of his jab quite a bit who did Grant Dawson lose to in the UFC
I’m thinking of the fight he won but he almost lost he drew Ricky Glenn
and he knocked out Leonardo Sanchez but was about to lose that fight it was like five seconds yes yes yes yes yes yes I
remember that one and he drew Ricky Glenn um I don’t I know Luke thought Ricky
Glenn was um what’s the guy he got knocked out in the first round by a guy named Hugh holy
um ten and six the pre Hue the preacher pulley 34 year old currently two fight win streak currently
um fights in cffc now but he finished Grant Dawson early in the first round with elbows on the ground way back in
the day um he won against Jason Witt he uh won
against Demarcus Jackson he you know he’s he’s
you know who else beats it was 10 years ago almost eight years do you do you know who else beat your car close almost
10 years ago five years I’m just giving you the stats I’m just asking you a question do you
know who else also your car clothes five years ago no one Bobby King Green
very interesting Bobby King Green wins this fight I I’m I’m so confident in
this I I just think Grant Dawson gets picked apart on the feet and that Bobby green has good enough wrestling granted
I said this about the guy he last fought before I realized that that guy said I’m retiring regardless I’m just fulfilling
my contract uh to mirror his magulov I thought you know if the mirrors magulov didn’t think oh I gotta finish out this
contract he probably ends up winning against Grant Dawson but Bobby green Beats him definitively it’s
it’s it’s not even going to be within question
all right interesting I mean just when I think it’s an open shot case Alex comes in and changes the title of the book
replaces it with a whole new cover I mean um I like what you said you know what Bobby green has forgot about MMA is more
than Grant Dawson knows it reminds me of that me myself that guy was telling the woman off at New York Fashion Week he was like honey what you don’t know about
men could fill a book
um all right cool so let’s take everybody through the full picks top to bottom I’m gonna go through mine first I got Grant Dawson at the top Joe pifer
Drew Dover bill ljo check with me in the patreon about that
one though young kutzalaba Joaquin Buckley kanato Morata Johnny Munoz Jr
Montel Jackson Matthias mandelka Montana De la Rosa and Carolina’s
um Dan Alex take it away starting the card off with an oldie but
goodie Carolina [Music] mountain De la Rosa Mendoza
then Montel Jackson following it up with a Richie Lang
cannot go Morata is the next pick then Joaquin Buckley into Felipe Lin’s one of
my least favorites then bill algaeo the dog it will be too strong for the
lion um Drew Dover Joe pifer and then finishing off with a
old dog with not many new tricks Bobby green
starting at the top we got Grant Dawson Jill pifer Drew Dober
uh Alexander the Great Hernandez ion not so great kutalaba Joaquin
Buckley Vanessa Demopolis arichi Lang Montel Jackson Matthias
mendonka uh uh Montana De la Rosa and Carolina
and our children doesn’t Montel sing the song This is How we know why that’s
Montel Jordan Ah that’s why I always want to see muscle Jacks I always think about that Kanye West lyric Hughes I’m
talking about Jordan This Is How We Do
um the trophy certified picks if you ignore the first two it’s folks that if we told you they
should be survived you wouldn’t really even need to ask who they were fighting you’d be like okay like I’ll go with that because they’re good they’re good
guys like they’re four guys you they’re guys you want in your Grand Theft Auto Heist they’re guys you’d want defending you at a bar there’s guys you’d want in
your Foxhole and I’ll tell you who they are first let me go with the two lady trophy certificates Carolina and Montana
De la Rosa KK and mdlr those are the first two places Luke I wouldn’t want a lady in my Foxhole put him away put them
away tuck them aside the next Forge will be certified picks are outstanding I mean Montel Jackson Joaquin Buckley Drew
Gerber Joe pifer me and those four guys we can take over the [ __ ] world all right so uh I love it um should have
been Grant Austin at the top but I like what Alex said about green he actually got me got some hairs on the back of my neck perked up I’m going to take a look
at this as it gets great takedown defense guys great take that great to Donovan’s got better striking I mean at the end of the day what do you want me
to say uh I just think Grant Austin you know I’ve never seen his takedown
offense and I just think of Bobby green he’s you know I don’t know I could I don’t know you got me thinking all right
everybody tune in next week to the patreon we’ll go through it again in the comb club uh take a look through it with a fine tooth comb that’s where you can
get it we’ll break down uh the recap the TMZ drama everything that goes into it
um tune into patreon and thank you so much for running the show uh everybody go Birds uh

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