Dana White's Jaw-Dropping Conor McGregor Announcement!

In a recent video, Dana White, the president of the UFC, discussed the exciting events that took place at UFC Vegas 80. He congratulated the winners of the performance bonuses and shared his thoughts on some of the standout performances of the night. Additionally, White provided updates on Conor McGregor’s status and discussed the return of flags during fighter walkouts. Let’s dive into the details.

Performance Bonuses

White began by announcing the recipients of the performance bonuses at UFC Vegas 80. He revealed that Nate Dober, Joe Piper, and Bobby Green were the deserving winners of the \$50,000 bonuses. White acknowledged that the bonuses were well-deserved and congratulated the fighters on their impressive performances.

Bobby Green’s Unexpected Win

White expressed his surprise at Bobby Green’s victory in the main event. He admitted that he did not anticipate Green’s win, especially considering his opponent, Grant Dawson’s, impressive record. Dawson had not lost a fight since 2016 and was ranked in the top 15. However, Green managed to secure a victory with a single punch, showcasing the unpredictable nature of the sport. White emphasized that in MMA, anything can happen, and this unexpected outcome is a testament to that.

Possibility of Bobby Green Fighting in December

When asked about the possibility of Bobby Green fighting in December, White stated that there is always room to add another fight to the card. He mentioned that if Green is interested in staying busy and wants to compete in December, they will work on making it happen. White emphasized that they will see what’s going on and figure something out.

Impressive Performance by Joe Piper

White praised Joe Piper for his impressive performance at UFC Vegas 80. He mentioned that Piper looked awesome and highlighted his toughness and durability. White referred to a vignette of Piper where he talked about his speed and how everything he said turned out to be true. Piper’s leg kicks had a significant impact on his opponent, similar to the Khabib vs. Gaethje fight, where Gaethje’s leg kicks were countered by Khabib’s takedowns. White commended Piper for his performance and revealed that they are already working on a new deal for him.

Felipe Lind’s Fight Scratch

White addressed the late fight scratch involving Felipe Lind. He explained that Lind didn’t feel well, so doctors were sent to examine him. Despite their efforts, Lind still didn’t feel good, leading to the cancellation of the fight. When asked if it was Lind’s decision or the doctors’ ruling, White stated that he believes it was Lind’s decision.

Backup Fighter for Islam and Charles

White confirmed that Mateusz Gamrot will be the backup fighter for the Islam Makhachev vs. Charles Oliveira fight in Abu Dhabi. He mentioned that Gamrot announced it in an interview, and White confirmed its authenticity. This backup fighter arrangement ensures that there is a replacement in case one of the main event fighters is unable to compete.

Conor McGregor’s USADA Testing Pool Status

White provided an update on Conor McGregor’s USADA testing pool status. He clarified that McGregor has not officially entered the USADA pool yet, but he has submitted the necessary paperwork. White expects the paperwork to be processed by Monday, and they will see how things work out from there. While there is speculation that McGregor’s return could align with UFC 300, White stated that he currently has no plans for McGregor and will evaluate the situation as fights unfold.

Tom Brady’s Presence at UFC Vegas 80

White was asked about Tom Brady’s presence at UFC Vegas 80 and whether he had any thoughts on the fight. He mentioned that he didn’t have a chance to speak with Brady directly but acknowledged his presence. White jokingly redirected the question to the media, asking if they had been to Abu Dhabi before and encouraging them to experience the unique atmosphere of the events held there.

Impressive Performance by Hay Buckley

White praised Hay Buckley for his impressive performance at UFC Vegas 80. He described Buckley as a powerful and durable fighter who looked like a beast in the octagon. White believes that Buckley has found his home in the welterweight division and sees a bright future for him.

Next Steps for Bobby Green

When asked about the next steps for Bobby Green after his win against Grant Dawson, White stated that it was too early to make a decision. He acknowledged Green’s impressive winning streak and mentioned that they would need to assess the situation before determining his next opponent.

Excitement for UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi

White expressed his excitement for UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi, which features fights between Islam Makhachev and Charles Oliveira, as well as Hamza Chimaev and Khamzat Chimaev. He acknowledged the history these fighters have with weight cutting issues during weigh-ins and expressed anticipation for the event.

we ended up doing
uh uh four per uh four performance
bonuses tonight uh we got uh Nate Dober
pyer and green they all won $50,000
congratulations to them well the bonuses
kind of suggested but uh Bobby Green’s
win in the main event I mean I don’t I
don’t know if anybody saw that coming
what were your thoughts on that win this
sport is crazy man you never know what’s
going to happen in this sport you know
um when when you when you look at Dawson
this guy hasn’t lost a fight since 16
he’s like 20 And1 and uh you know in the
15 and boom one punch
jab never know crazy crazy and and and
again the odds don’t quote me on this
but the boys were telling me in the back
was like minus 410 or something like
that at one point or 430 or
something crazy sport he uh he said he’d
like to stay busy and maybe fighting
December I mean is is that card already
full or is it a possibility you come win
like that there’s always room there’s
always room we can always add another
fight so yeah listen if he really wants
to turn around we’ll see we’ll see
what’s going on and uh we’ll figure
something out I like it Joe Piper of
course had another huge win as well um
what did you think of his performance I
thought Piper looked awesome tonight man
uh you know when you watched you know I
posted that that vignette of him right
and uh he was talking about I’m faster
you know I you know everything that he
said was dead
on the uh you know the leg kick hurt him
you could tell the leg kick hurt him it
reminded me of the khabib gaii fight you
know gatei was Landing those hard leg
kicks and uh basically khabib said
enough of this [ __ ] took him down and
and and finished the fight that’s like
what Piper did tonight yeah and you know
obviously he’s become very popular but
he’s kind of saying hey I’d kind of like
a new deal before I start facing these
top fighters and you I saw dragged him
right in the back we we already we’re
working on a new deal now all right so
you feel he’s he’s worth that at this
point yeah yeah listen I I I like this
kid a lot um he’s tough and durable uh
he apparently this was a horrible camp
for him he had a bad Camp all kinds of
nagging little injuries and things like
that but he’s one of these kids that has
that dog in him you know I like
everything about this kid nice a couple
Felipe Lind uh we had a late fight
scratch I think he felt ill did you have
any update as to what happened or what
his status is or anything along those
lines he didn’t feel good we sent
doctors to look at him uh they they
worked with him they did some stuff he
said he still didn’t feel good so the
fight got pulled and we we PA we paid C
laa was it was it Felipe’s call to not
fight or the doctors ruled him out um I
I think it was his decision okay
interesting uh just a couple things
outside of tonight uh matal scrod he
announced that uh he’s the backup for
Islam and Charles in Abu Dhabi uh can
you confirm that that he will be the
backup fighter he announced that how did
he announce it an interview in in Poland
I believe that was translated that he
said in an interview that he was going
to be the backup for that yeah true s of
yeah yeah yeah okay yeah I said yeah
it’s true yeah okay Conor McGregor also
announced that he’s in the usada testing
pool is that your understanding as well
do you know if that’s official no he is
not officially in the usada pool he
submitted the
paperwork um probably by Monday he’ll be
submitted and we’re all kind of spe
again don’t hold me to that but the
paperwork is submitted next week
sometime yeah we’re all kind of guessing
you know six months that sure looks at
lined up real nice with UFC 300 if you
just do the math does does that appeal
to you to have them maybe at UFC 300 I
literally have nothing planned with
Conor McGregor right now the paperwork
uh is being submitted we’ll we’ll play
it by air see how things work out
there’s still a lot of things that have
to happen as far as fights go and then
we’ll decide where uh where he’s going
to land okay and last thing for me I
just want to ask obviously Tom Brady
being in the house tonight caused quite
a stir I guess what was that and did he
have any thoughts on the fight how did
how’d that come together we’re going to
you two
tonight Dan over here yep um another
fighter that impressed today was Hae
Buckley uh great performance all round
performance what what are your thoughts
on his performance tonight what did I
think of his performance yeah no he
looked like a beast man he looked great
uh obviously powerful dude you know
against a durable guy he went in there
and he he looked great tonight put on
great performance I think he’s found his
home at 170 yeah 100% yeah great move
for him and with Bobby green obviously
beat Grant Dawson who’s number 10 going
into this fight what do you do with him
now do you give him a guy ahead of him
in the rankings or in I have no I mean
he just the fight just ended a few
minutes ago you know what I mean um if
you look at the streak this kid’s been
on it’s a you
know I’m sure he’s beside himself right
now and uh yeah I don’t know I don’t
know what we’ll do with him next and
obviously UFC 294 is is not too far away
with Isam and Charles and Hamza and Kasa
if you look at those four guys they’ve
all had their history with weigh-in are
you kind of excited for the weigh for
that card for Abu Dhabi yeah yeah I’m
excited for everything about that card
I’m excited to get back to Abu Dhabi I’m
excited uh obviously for the leadup to
that fight and uh have all you guys been
to Abu Dhabi before have any of you
never been to Abu Dhabi oh [ __ ] half the
room get your [ __ ] together boys get
over there man it’s it’s fun it’s a good
time you guys should uh listen if if
you’ve never been to Abu Dhabi you hear
me talking [ __ ] about Abu Dhabi all the
time I mean during the uh the pandemic
it was incredible the way that the
bubble was set up over there especially
with what we were dealing with here in
the United States but I’m telling you
guys you should guys
should if if if your if your companies
won’t kick in the money for you to go
just pay just just go over there and do
it it’s it’s it’s a really cool unique
experience and uh you know this fight’s
awesome and like I said fight week is
going to be fun so you guys should try
to get over there hit hit Len up and get
credentials and it was recently
announced that Derek Brunson was signed
by the pfl I just wanted to ask about
how were the conversations like with you
guys what was the question said D sign
PF what’s what’s your question to me
what were the conversations like when
obviously he made the move to leave the
UFC what was our conversations yeah with
him I was probably released I’m assuming
yeah I don’t know I have there has I’m
not in the middle of that yeah and this
coming Tuesday is the last episode of
Dana White Contender sees from this
season just want to get your thoughts on
this season so far and what does it rank
amongst all the seasons you’ve been a
part of that’s hilarious you just asked
me that question cuz I was literally
just in the back like the co-main event
or main event and said we only got one
more week left boys and it’s going to be
a year before we do this again so we we
love that show love doing it every
Tuesday I’m sure you guys feel the same
way I mean it’s so awesome you know we
have a fight on Saturday and then you
can look forward to waking up Tuesday
morning you got more fights uh you know
over here and they’re always incredible
and yeah I wish we could do those year
round I would I would literally do that
year round if there was enough Talent
out there I was going to say I was going
to that was my next question have you
had have you guys had those
conversations yet about making it year
round or just more I
just it’s perfect right now because you
do 10 weeks of this and then you know
you let the talent build up again over
the next year and and you go 10 weeks
again it just it really is perfect I
wish there was a a scenario where we
could do it every week so maybe that’s
something like as MMA continues to grow
worldwide and more tent comes to influx
well we really are worldwide I mean if
you start looking at the talent that’s
been the last three weeks you know
you’re talking about South America
Brazil you know uh all throughout Europe
and um you know really is bringing in
people from all over the world so thank
you thanks hey Dana yeah somebody ask
you about kolina kavich uh she’s on a
four-fight win streak she she was on a
five fight losing streak before that um
is it just kind of cool to see someone
who you know was on that losing streak
everyone kind of rode her off like she
should retire then she’s bounced back on
this four five like is it just cool to
see yeah no that is it’s awesome
um you know to not to mention but a
great human being she is I mean let’s
let’s start there and then um yeah when
you see somebody bounce back the way
that she has it’s awesome um I I I don’t
know how much longer wants to do this
you know what what more is there to
really accomplish especially as you
start to get older um but yeah I mean I
I I like her very much and I’m happy to
see her be successful Jude Dober broke
the record for most knockouts in
lightweight division what were your
thoughts on him that was as one-sided
and ass whooping as I have seen in a
very long time in in the UFC uh he came
out on a mission looked incredible and
yeah I I he he looked awesome tonight uh
Fighters were were allowed to walk out
with flags have their Flags in the in
the Octagon can you just talk about the
decision the the decision to bring them
back Fighters walk out with their flag
like yeah yeah flags are back
yeah I was on
vacation um during the Mexican uh
Independence Day and the No Flag thing
drove me crazy and I was like yeah [ __ ]
that we’re bringing Flags back yeah it
drove me
crazy is there I mean obviously is is
there any
like the reason why you even you you
took the flags away in the first place
like with like Russia Ukraine is there
like can the Russians walk out with the
flag this
time yeah
I there’s a lot of things that go on in
a company this big you can’t micromanage
everything and sometimes times things
things are done for the intentions of
the right reasons and and whatever
everybody in this room knows the way
that I feel about a lot of things
basically I don’t give a [ __ ] is the
answer to most things uh everybody’s too
soft everybody’s too sensitive about
everything and you know when this when
the decision was made to do this I was
just kind of like eh you
know what’s the big deal if if they
don’t have FL and Mexican Independence
they flipped the switch for me and I was
like that’s enough I’m done with the no
flag so flags are back if any Flags hurt
your feelings too [ __ ] bad thanks
yeah have a great night

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