Dana White Has Harsh Words For Merab Dvalishvili, Rejects Holloway vs. Volkanovski 4

what’s up guys
do any kind of a rarity tonight with
only uh three or five contracts given is
that uh I don’t know is that a like
sending a message or anything or
thinking like I gotta tighten up this
thing a little bit no no message at all
listen I I said it how it is if you come
in on Tuesday night this is that I’m so
when the next fight’s starting
I flip the page
Thomas Peterson
uh he’s he’s got seven Knockouts he’s
seven and one this is all I know and I
know it as you’re walking in and
whatever that’s it
this this doesn’t mean anything to me
because obviously you’re good enough to
be here they chose you the matchmakers
whom I have confidence in and the guys
that I listen to brought you here
show me and everybody right now who are
you what do you got come make me make me
say I gotta have them in the UFC tonight
right that’s it if you don’t do that
you know it doesn’t happen tonight like
Laura was saying it’s not like it can’t
happen down the road just not happening
tonight right uh all right let’s ask
about the people that you got in
balajioki started the night off uh would
he be kind of the MVP of the night
wow I would say the main event was the
MVP of the night but um obviously okie’s
a a close second I mean you know he beat
a Muay Thai world champion kickboxing
champion and did it striking and uh you
know listen he was a two to one underdog
nobody told him that you know what I
mean he was he didn’t get the [ __ ]
memo he went out there and fired away
and anything can happen in a fight you
see it every Tuesday in this place two
to one three to one four to one dogs
winning because they want to win
the kind of example you would give to
people would be like hey watch that
performance because I mean he did it was
just all out aggression like we’re not
we’re not trying to save anything for
the third round every performance is
different there’s there’s been decisions
that I’ve taken guys it’s not like oh
you got to come in and finish
spectacularly and you got to be a three
to one dog it depends on the fight it
depends on how you fight it depends on
you know there’s a lot of different
factors uh into how I decide whether you
should be here or not or whether I want
you here or not I did want to ask you
about Thomas Peterson as well as the
heavyweight um
you know obviously heavyweight’s tough
It’s just tough to find quality
heavyweight right is it is it a little
an easier bar of Entry I guess to get in
or where was he a guy that you just were
blown away by tonight Thomas
Total Domination he absolutely dominated
the kid that was on The Ultimate Fighter
and you know has exp you know he’s got
13 fights he’s ten and three
he dominated him finished him and
yeah no he did he earned a shot tonight
he deserves to be here and when you look
at the kid he’s 28 he’s in his prime
he’s eight and one with seven knockouts
and perform tonight the way you would
want him to perform against the guy with
uh I mean he was a big dog but he’s got
13 fights and he’s ten and three so yeah
and then last last you got the main
event because I said maybe Bellagio was
the MVP but you think maybe Carlos was
the one that stood out the most tonight
100 percent
how smooth that guy was the way he moved
the combinations that he was putting
together how relaxed he was um
first round he landed 70 percent of his
strikes UFC averages 44 percent
pretty much everything that guy threw
landed nasty that that that that that
kid put on about as good of a
performance as you could ever put on
tonight as far as I’m concerned a lot of
these resilience we haven’t talked to
him yet but a lot of Brazilians have
been coming through this season and
continue series obviously they’re
looking to November in the show in
Brazil and saying please put me on there
I want to fight there do you know I mean
has that card started filling up yet or
will you try to get these Brazilians on
that card yeah listen if he wants to be
on that card I’ll throw him on there
we can we can always got room for one
more so if he wants it I’ll do it I dig
it uh and then let me ask you about
Timothy Quan but like you have that
where you said guys sometimes are just
too young right so what do you recommend
a guy comes to you he puts on a great
too young what’s the recommended path
for guys though let me get Sandy’s too
young man
he didn’t show me tonight
Bo nickel fought here I mean with a
bunch not much experience you know the
list goes on and on of guys that I’ve
taken with with no experience I just
didn’t see it from this kid
you know I didn’t think he had the power
you know what I mean his power wasn’t
fast fast is lightning stood on the
outside fought a good fight is
definitely a talented kid
um he’s just not I just don’t think he’s
ready for the UFC you get in there and
and the Canadian kid was [ __ ] durable
man durable
kept pressing forward wanted to win
didn’t come in here just to [ __ ] lay
down and go home and you know get beat
um tough durable guy but yeah Timmy just
didn’t have it tonight a couple outside
of tonight I haven’t seen you in a
couple weeks I didn’t want to get the
latest update on Conor McGregor you know
he likes to mess with us all he sent out
a tweet uh that had like a an alleged
Fight Pass graphic of him and Chandler
in December end of year what can you
tell us about the latest on on Conor is
is he in the mix for that December I
don’t know how that got out or whatever
it wasn’t from Fight Pass
my team was telling me it was an AI uh
it looked fake yeah
it wasn’t real yeah I mean obviously if
if that was the case you you would have
heard it from us first oh we’ve seen
Billboards you’d have got a report from
me on Instagram
um is he in the mix though for December
we’re trying to figure out because
sometimes he says he can then he says he
can’t it’s even Connor is even in
discussion for December
I have no clue we’ll see how this plays
out nice I do ask you about uh Sean
O’Malley as well obviously new champion
star what can you tell us about metrics
or just information you may have about
where he stands already as a star well
we could talk about fight uh uh the
contender series when he fought here he
had the biggest numbers
on the contender series you know the
first however many seasons it was
Millions he had millions of views
um so we knew right away and we started
to move them that way
and uh
he was obviously you know the gate in
Boston was the biggest gate ever in the
history of the Boston Garden that wasn’t
the Celtics finals right
and uh it was it was the biggest uh
bantamweight championship of all time
pay-per-view wise so
um yeah I saw there was some talk about
me Whispering his ear you’re going to
make a lot of [ __ ] money
he’s going to make a lot of [ __ ]
that’s a fact
you have a kind of a leader in the
clubhouse of what’s next
mean obviously Cheeto one that night you
got my job out there the last two days
uh yesterday and today we have put
together fights all the way up into
March of next year yeah
care to let us know with that yeah when
I’m ready I’ll let you guys know guys
last thing I want to ask and I don’t
know how involved you are in this but
there was a report that came out today
of a letter that you guys sent along
with the NBA in the NFL to the U.S
government about cracking down on piracy
and getting the DMC act updated to to
immediately bring down strings just
curious how much involvement you have in
that what you can tell us about that
we’ve been cracking down on piracy for
years I’ve been talking about piracy for
10 12 13 years
um we’ve always taken a strong stance on
piracy and we always will yeah
hi Dana yep hi um I’m just curious you
know we just saw O’Malley win the title
first or second I guess from Contender
series is there somebody that you think
will be the next champion from Contender
series well it’s funny to say that
you know the war room that we have at
the office when we make all the fights
there’s a uh so on the wall there’s
different stickers that go beside
um the fighters names so that we know
where they came from Red is is The
Ultimate Fighter
um blue is the contender series and I
think yellow is looking for a fight and
if you look at the whole wall it’s all
blue I mean the whole wall is blue this
show has created
um so much talent from you know top 15
ten five to a couple world champions now
um this show has become you know not
just something that we love to do every
Tuesday night but it’s become a very uh
vital part to you know the organization
and to matchmaking
posted about your home in
home and trying to get in can you tell
us about that experience what that was
like do you [ __ ] think that you’re
going to break into my house and there’s
no cameras at my house you [ __ ]
idiots I mean it’s just it’s crazy I
don’t know I’m assuming the guy was
breaking in to try to rob the house and
uh my sister and her husband and some of
his friends are up there visiting right
now and uh yeah the guy came up and
tried to kick the door in a couple times
and then noticed the camera was there
tried to rip it off and rang the
freaked out and ran away and uh
they call you know my guy who who
handles my house up there called me and
said that uh you know he’s calling me at
4 30 in the morning his time I’m like oh
something going on up there so I
answered the phone and he said somebody
just tried to uh
to kick your door and and Rob your house
or do whatever we got video footage and
we’re the police are going to post it in
the morning I said yeah [ __ ] that send
that to me right now
yeah that dude woke up and was famous
the next morning and uh you know the the
Levant uh Sheriff up there
made sure that they they had him within
a few hours so
um yeah
we got him it looked like he had a knife
in his hand or was it something else in
his hand I don’t know it looked like he
had something blinking in his hand or
flashing or I don’t know if he had a
weapon or whatever but yeah
whether you’re in Vegas or anywhere else
don’t [ __ ] around around my house good
things are not going to happen to you
around my house I promise you that so
we also just saw a Korean zombie retire
I wonder if you could tell me a little
bit about him what he means to you in
the UFC oh the zombie yeah yeah yeah I
mean that event was so badass and the
way uh the people reacted to him
retiring and to him losing
you know he’s one of those special guys
he’s very special man the zombie has you
know not just the Korean fans but fans
all around the world you know
everybody’s got a zombie I had a zombie
t-shirt for for a long time too and he’s
been so fun to watch and he’s such a
good human being such a good person
um I’m happy for him and his wife and I
I I wish him all the best in the next
chapter of his life
and you touched on a little bit about
maybe who’s next for O’Malley I’m just
wondering what what is the likelihood
that it would be in Rob I know that
there is some controversy of what him
not wanting to to fight he wants aljo to
have the rematch what’s what’s your idea
for that
everybody in this room and everybody
watches this video knows how I feel
about this [ __ ]
yeah I hate it
hate it and uh if that’s why did you
even get into this sport if that’s your
mentality in the way that you think I
don’t even want the title I don’t even
want the championship we’re friends
we’re this we’re that
this is not
you can be friends with everybody in
this business there’s a lot of nice
people in this business a lot of good
this is not about friendship this is
about finding out who the best in the
world is and if you don’t
want to find out who the best in the
world is this is not the place for you
you should be somewhere else there’s
plenty of places to fight where they
don’t give a [ __ ] what you do
doesn’t work here
and I know you said you have fights
booked all the way through March is one
of those the women’s bantamweight title
um we got lots of fights I literally
Drew up a list this big
um in all these places if things play
out you know what’s crazy about this
[ __ ]
every year
I say how do we beat last year how do
the fights any get any bigger than they
did last year then we sat in the room
yesterday with
um you know obviously the matchmaking
side and the uh the op side on where we
decide which cities countries and states
are available to go and then they all
come in and they they funnel them
through me and I decide where we’re
going to go
so if things play out the way that they
did yesterday and today and and the way
that I’m thinking because there’s if
this happens we do this if this happens
we do this
and we’re going to have some fun next
year and go to a lot of new places that
we’ve never been before
and uh go to go to a place I’ve been
talking a lot of [ __ ] about maybe twice
next year
so it’s going to be fun I’m looking
forward to it I know I didn’t answer any
of your questions
but that’s my answer thank you yes you
know right over here
uh talking a little bit about tonight
when it comes to seeing the talent and
you’ve been at this for a really long
time whether it’s tough whether it’s
Contender series what is it after all
these years that makes you so excited
about the Next Generation and finding
that new talent to build the UFC well
one of the things that I that I notice
is that every like you said generation
of talent just keeps getting better and
better and more well-rounded and more
um and obviously there’s you know the
sport is so much bigger and now we’re
was talking about Mexico yesterday too
which is a bit you know obviously Mexico
is a big
um my big plans for Mexico over the next
couple of years and we’re opening the pi
in Mexico
my vision while I am here
I don’t know if this will continue when
I leave it probably will not but my
vision is I want to open as many of
these pis as possible it’s it’s
reinvesting back in the sport and these
things cost
tens of millions of dollars to build
operate uh you know
fill with employees and and Fighters
and I want one I want this one in Mexico
we got one in China we got one in Vegas
we’ll have one in the Middle East and I
want one in Africa these are the these
are the spots that I’m I’m looking at
right now and as as we go into these
different territories
and and open these pis you’ll have the
if you look throughout the history of
fighting you go to places where living
is hard and people have hard times and
people come up with rough upbringings
that’s where you find some of the
baddest people in the world and
you know as we get into these markets
and start cranking not every kid that’s
going to come out of there is going to
a fighter or a world champion
but some will become coaches and Jiu
Jitsu instructors and striking and who
else but they’ll be involved in the
sport some way somehow and some will
just come out fans
um and and
we’re going to continue to do this while
I’m here and spend this money and
reinvest this money back into the sport
like I’m telling you guys next year all
these different countries are going to
go to
um you know
that’s my my like three year plan right
now I don’t even know if I answered your
question either but
I go off on these [ __ ] rants no you
absolutely did I appreciate perfect uh
the other one for me Max Holloway you
talked about Korean zombie I’m just
curious what you thought of his
Max Holloway yes we talked about him
today too in the meeting obviously
um incredible the guy has been on top of
his game for so long
there’s a couple of different options
for him right now
one that I really love and we’re
probably going to do so
um hopefully I’ll announce that in the
couple months thank you appreciate it
thank you Dana with Max winning
um is there any consideration of holding
an event in in Hawaii I know you said
you know it’s just it’s kind of
impossible right now but with him being
so big
um with you know with Matt Maui right
now with everything like is is there any
consideration of holding an event in
there’s there’s several issues
withholding a a fight in Hawaii for the
the Arenas
um the cost of doing an event in Hawaii
um you know believe me me and all of my
staff would love to pack up and go to
Hawaii on a
on a for a week you know what I mean
everybody that works at the company
would want to go to that event
and not the [ __ ] on any other place but
it’s probably a hundred other places we
would rather not go than go to Hawaii
we’d rather go to Hawaii but it’s just
it’s tough to do stuff to do do you see
EFC ever holding an event and why if if
they build a stadium or if they lower
the costs you know it’s funny you say
that because we talked about that
yesterday too we covered a lot of stuff
yesterday and and obviously the stuff
that’s going on in Hawaii right now
I’m very supportive of Hawaii and the
people and I’m kind of focused on that
right now where this we so for all of
media and fans included that bought UFC
Hawaii t-shirts thank you we’re over two
hundred thousand dollars in in the
Hawaii t-shirts and I believe that we’ll
get over 300 000 which will put us at
like 1.3 million dollars that we’re
going to donate to the people of Hawaii
and and
just like we did
in Las Vegas when when the you know the
shooting happened here
we’re trying to vet out right now how do
how do we get the money to the right
people who does it go to you don’t just
send 1.3 million over there and say hey
here you go good luck everybody we get
so we’re we’re working out the details
on how to figure that out and I am going
to Hawaii I’m going to go over there
myself and uh and meet with whoever we
end up donating this money to and uh
and I’m working on other possible things
with Hawaii as far as events go just
nothing I can talk about right now I
wanted to ask you one more thing about
UFC 292 as soon as O’Malley knocked out
allergy Maine his knockout was on
YouTube it was all over social media
it’s a rare occurrence for the UFC to do
that what UFC Didn’t Do It
um ESPN did
uh you know bought the rights to the
pay-per-views so they wanted to put that
out that night and they wanted to
promote that fight
um so they did
is that you think it’s just a special
O’Malley thing or do you think that
might happen going forward
um yeah I think that they obviously they
saw the star potential
in O’Malley that night and I think that
opening it up to everyone was like an
investment in O’Malley
I don’t know if that’s the truth you’d
have to ask them that question but
that’s that’s why I think they did it
and one last one for me um I don’t know
if you saw this but the rock bought FEMA
garimbo uh a house I didn’t see it I
heard about it though what were your
thoughts on that it’s it’s it was
pretty awesome
I think that the rock is incredibly
wealthy and he could probably buy
everybody on the [ __ ] roster a house
so yeah obviously a really nice thing to
um you know he connected with him
through the seven bucks thing you know
yeah so
awesome thank you yeah interview you
mentioned how vital the contender sees
has been a part of the UFC and the
roster growth but also another part was
The Ultimate Fighter right back in the
day a lot of the guys came from The
Ultimate Fighter after these two live
finales in Boston especially the Katona
and Gibson fight are you looking forward
to placing these tough finales on big
spotlights like a Pay-Per-View event or
even just shining a bigger light on the
future tough Seasons yeah that’s a good
question I don’t know we talked about a
lot of [ __ ] the last two days we didn’t
talk about that
um or either one of those guys but
you’re not wrong I mean that was a great
fight that was one of those fights that
people were blowing me up saying give
them both a contract they should both be
in the UFC and and uh
so so yeah I mean those guys delivered
on on the uh on the finale
and uh so you uh you said that you
mentioned some locations is La one of
those possible locations that you guys
might be returning to
in La yeah
Southern California
yeah yeah awesome and uh not sure if you
saw but McGregor DM Sean O’Malley after
he won his title fight against algerman
Sterling and uh O’Malley called for a
main and co-main event between or
McGregor to be the main event of a card
and sugar to be the co-main of a card
I’m not what are your thoughts on that I
didn’t see that yeah no I didn’t see it
it doesn’t surprise me though you can
that O’Malley respects Conor and what he
built and what he’s done and you know so
it makes sense
and uh one last one for me it’s hard to
put anybody else that shares and
Pay-per-view on a pay-per-view of Conor
McGregor fair enough and uh one last one
for me was a UFC 295 co-main event
something you’re going to be announcing
real soon here say that again the UFC
295 co-main event to Jones and steepe
you want to know what the co-main event
is yeah because I mean you said a couple
weeks ago it might be the next week and
we just haven’t heard anything yet yeah
I have no clue right now all right thank
you thank you Dana just jumping back to
Max Holloway I know a lot of times in
the UFC we don’t see trilogies that
often but is there a possibility that
Max and Volk might get another shot
I just think that I think that
volkanovsky is so dominant right now I
mean there’s people who believe he beat
uh you know Islam
you know I I don’t know if you throw Max
at him again at this point in Max’s
I don’t love it do you love it
oh then why’d you ask me that because
people people want to know people want
to know people want to know
tell people I think it’s a bad idea
they just heard uh last for me I think
Alex pajer was in the building a lot of
people say that want to know if there’s
any move forward on that with the
possibility of going against yiri and a
lot of people are talking about maybe
December might be a good opportunity for
those guys I know you guys are still
looking for a main event for the
December card for hey Alex and possibly
Yuri yeah Alex was in the here I assume
he met with you guys and yeah talking
yeah yeah it’s possible
we do too yeah tell the people we like
that one
um what exactly about Carlos the
welterweight contract winner uh reminded
you of Anderson Silva
oh what what did the way he moved how
how relaxed he was how fluent he was the
combinations that he put together
um just everything about his whole uh
Swagger tonight was was very uh you know
Old School Anderson Silva is that like
quite an easy sell for like narrative
going forward someone that could you
know perhaps follow in his footsteps if
he reminds you so much of you know to
follow in his footsteps yeah
what’s the question is it an easy sell
to use yourself forward well I mean if
you watch the fight tonight anything’s
that he’s sell with that guy that guy
was smooth slick violent
um I mean almost everything he threw
uh and and none of it was wild and it
was all just it was it was [ __ ]
smooth is the only the only thing that
comes to mind when I think about it was
just absolute pure smooth violence man
that guy was was beautiful tonight
beautiful and uh John mentioned about
comebacks with Conor McGregor in this
screenshot I think the Daily Mail had to
run to Rousey wanting to return for UFC
300 had you seen that report is it
something you dwell who reported that
Daily Mail I think it was I think it’s
been carried elsewhere
are you [ __ ] asking me a question
that the Daily Mail posted something and
you’re asking me if it’s true is that
what you’re saying asking if it’s true
I’m saying would you welcome it would I
welcome it Ron does having kids Rhonda
you know Ronda built this whole thing
that’s going on with the women here then
her dream was to go to the WWE she went
there and did everything she did there
and achieved she’s made shitloads of
money she’s moving on with her life stop
reading the Daily Mail everything they
write is a crock of [ __ ]
um there’s a report
um that
Jon Jones requested that Colby Covington
not be the co-main event on his card is
there any truth to that
I know of is that what John said yeah
it’s probably true then
yeah as if John said it is probably true
um but not that I was aware of that he
didn’t want what what’s his problem with
Colby Covington I guess colby colby went
they have history and clothing talking
[ __ ] about him like he does everybody on
Earth it was Colby who said John said it
John who said it Colby said John said it
oh got it so it’s the not quite John
saying it so John didn’t say Colby said
John said it
well there you go that’s the more daily
mail for you right there
all right
so basically John didn’t come to you and
say I don’t think Jon Jones could give a
[ __ ] one way or the other
literally the only person I’ve ever seen
Jon Jones truly hate and and could not
stand and would say like bad things
about was Daniel Cormier other than him
I I’ve never really seen that with Jon
maybe I’m wrong but I’ve never seen it
Jon Jones is at a level that what’s he
got to give a [ __ ] about anything you
know what I mean the guy is literally
the greatest
fighter of all time at mixed martial
arts so I think he’s worried about who’s
on the co-main event
but I could be wrong sorry yeah one last
time uh was Miami a city you guys want
to come back to I mean after that crazy
event at in UFC 287 I think you guys
will really like what we’re talking
about for Miami I’m guessing it’s going
to be UFC 305 in Miami right
305 I can
it took me a sec
me a second not a bad [ __ ] idea
though buddy
not a bad idea
awesome thank you all right you done
with me good night you guys