Dana White Announces Prochazka-Pereira, Edwards-Covington

UFC president Dana White has unveiled two highly-anticipated matchups for upcoming UFC fight nights, with Alex Pereira set to face Jiri Prochazka for the vacant light heavyweight title, and Leon Edwards defending his welterweight title against Colby Covington. These thrilling matchups will showcase the best of mixed martial arts and promise an unforgettable live event experience for fight fans.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alex Pereira will make his light heavyweight debut against Jiri Prochazka for the vacant title.
  • Leon Edwards, on a 12-fight winning streak, will defend his welterweight title against Colby Covington.
  • The fights will take place on UFC 295 (Prochazka-Pereira) and UFC 296 (Edwards-Covington).
  • Pereira, a former middleweight champion, is eager to prove himself in the light heavyweight division.
  • Prochazka, a former light heavyweight titleholder, aims to reclaim the belt after injury forced him to relinquish it.

Mark your calendars for these incredible matchups, as these UFC fight nights are not to be missed. Witness the clash of accomplished fighters, the display of incredible skills, and the determination to claim or defend championship belts. It’s time to get ready for some thrilling mixed martial arts action!

Prochazka-Pereira: Battle for the Light Heavyweight Title

The highly-anticipated matchup between Jiri Prochazka and Alex Pereira is set to be a battle for the vacant light heavyweight title, with both fighters eager to prove their dominance in the octagon. Prochazka, a former champion in the division, had to relinquish his title due to injury, and now he returns hungry to reclaim the belt. On the other hand, Pereira, a former middleweight champion, will be making his highly anticipated light heavyweight debut, bringing his explosive striking skills to a new weight class.

Prochazka, known for his unorthodox style and knockout power, has proven time and time again that he is a force to be reckoned with. His dynamic striking and unrelenting aggression have earned him a dedicated fan base and a reputation as one of the most exciting fighters in the division. With his devastating knockout victories over established contenders, Prochazka has shown that he has what it takes to become a champion once again.

Meanwhile, Pereira has been making waves in the middleweight division with his incredible knockout power and highlight-reel performances. His dynamic striking, particularly his kicks, have left his opponents in awe and on the canvas. Stepping up to the light heavyweight division presents a new challenge for Pereira, but his confidence and skill set make him a dangerous opponent for anyone in the division.

As these two skilled and explosive fighters step into the octagon, fans can expect an exhilarating battle for the vacant light heavyweight title. Prochazka and Pereira both possess the tools to finish the fight in an instant, which adds an extra layer of excitement to this high-stakes matchup. With their respective backgrounds as former champions and their hunger for greatness, Prochazka and Pereira will undoubtedly leave it all in the octagon, making for a fight that fans won’t want to miss.

Edwards-Covington: Welterweight Title Clash

The welterweight title clash between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington promises to be an intense showdown, as Edwards looks to defend his title against the formidable Covington in the octagon. Edwards, who is currently enjoying a 12-fight winning streak, is known for his exceptional skills and relentless determination. Having last defeated Kamaru Usman in March, Edwards is eager to solidify his position as the welterweight champion.

Covington, on the other hand, is coming off a convincing unanimous decision win over Jorge Masvidal, showcasing his immense talent and unwavering drive. With his impressive fighting style and fierce competitiveness, Covington poses a significant threat to Edwards’ title reign. Both fighters are known for their exceptional striking abilities, which is expected to create a thrilling and action-packed fight for the fans.

As professional fighters with extensive experience in the octagon, both Edwards and Covington possess a deep understanding of the sport and are known for their technical prowess. Their clash for the welterweight title is highly anticipated, with fans eagerly awaiting to witness the outcome of this battle between two of the best welterweights in the world.

Meticulous Preparation and Strategy

With the welterweight title on the line, both Edwards and Covington have been diligently preparing for this highly anticipated showdown. Their training camps have been intense, focusing on improving their strengths and addressing any weaknesses. Both fighters are expected to bring an array of skills and strategies into the octagon, showcasing their versatility and adaptability as professional athletes.

Octagon Battle of Wits

In addition to their physical abilities, Edwards and Covington are renowned for their mental toughness and strategic approach to fights. The octagon will witness not only an exchange of powerful strikes but also a battle of wits as these fighters aim to outsmart and outmaneuver each other. The clash between Edwards and Covington promises to be a showcase of intelligence and cunning, making it an intriguing matchup for any mixed martial arts enthusiast.

Awaiting the Epic Showdown

The welterweight title clash between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington is an event that fans simply cannot afford to miss. With their exceptional skills, unwavering determination, and intense rivalry, Edwards and Covington are destined to deliver an epic showdown inside the octagon. Mark your calendars for UFC 296 on December 16th, as these two professional fighters battle it out for welterweight supremacy.

Background: Edwards’ Winning Streak and Covington’s Recent Victory

Leon Edwards enters the fight with an impressive 12-fight winning streak, with his last victory coming against Kamaru Usman in March. Edwards has established himself as one of the top contenders in the welterweight division, showcasing his well-rounded skills and ability to dominate his opponents. His technical striking and strong grappling game have been key factors in his success inside the octagon.

On the other hand, Colby Covington comes into the matchup fresh off a dominant unanimous decision win over Jorge Masvidal. Covington is known for his relentless pressure and high-volume striking, often overwhelming his opponents with a relentless pace. With his strong wrestling background and cardio, Covington has proven to be a formidable force in the welterweight division.

Both fighters are highly skilled and have their own unique strengths, setting the stage for an intense battle for the welterweight title. Edwards’ winning streak and Covington’s recent victory have only added to the excitement surrounding this matchup, as fans eagerly anticipate the clash of these two top contenders.

Leon EdwardsColby Covington
12-fight winning streakDominant unanimous decision win over Jorge Masvidal
Impressive striking and grappling skillsRelentless pressure and high-volume striking
Established as a top contender in the welterweight divisionFormidable force with strong wrestling background

Pereira’s Light Heavyweight Debut and Prochazka’s Championship Return

Alex Pereira will make his highly-anticipated light heavyweight debut after a successful reign as a middleweight champion, while Jiri Prochazka looks to reclaim the title he previously held but had to relinquish due to injury. Pereira, a former middleweight champion, has been dominant in his weight class, displaying incredible striking skills and knockout power. His move up to light heavyweight brings excitement and curiosity, as fans and critics wonder if he can replicate his success in a new division.

Prochazka’s return to the octagon comes with a determination to reclaim the light heavyweight title that he had to give up due to injury. Known for his aggressive fighting style and impressive striking, Prochazka has proven himself as a formidable opponent in the past. His previous performances have showcased his ability to finish fights in spectacular fashion, making him a fan favorite. With his return, there’s no doubt that he will leave everything inside the octagon to earn back the title he once held.

These two fighters bring different stories and motivations to their respective bouts, making their matchups intriguing and highly-anticipated. Pereira’s transition to a new weight class brings excitement and uncertainty, while Prochazka’s comeback adds an element of redemption and the desire to prove himself once again. Fans of mixed martial arts can expect an intense battle between two skilled fighters, each with their own unique strengths and strategies.


With Dana White’s announcement of the Prochazka-Pereira and Edwards-Covington matchups, the UFC community is buzzing with excitement for these upcoming live events, showcasing the best of mixed martial arts and promising unforgettable battles in the octagon.

On November 11th, UFC 295 will feature a highly anticipated showdown between Alex Pereira and Jiri Prochazka for the vacant light heavyweight title. Pereira, a former middleweight champion, will be making his debut in the light heavyweight division, bringing his explosive striking skills to the octagon. Meanwhile, Prochazka aims to reclaim the title he previously held, showcasing his resilience and determination following his injury-related relinquishment.

Additionally, UFC 296 on December 16th will see Leon Edwards defending his welterweight title against Colby Covington. Edwards, riding high on a remarkable 12-fight winning streak, looks to solidify his dominance in the division after his victory over Kamaru Usman. Covington, known for his relentless pressure and versatile skill set, is coming off a decisive unanimous decision win against Jorge Masvidal, making this clash a true battle of titans in the welterweight division.

As fight fans eagerly await these highly anticipated matchups, the anticipation grows for the intense action and adrenaline-pumping moments that can only be experienced in the UFC. These upcoming events promise to deliver memorable moments and showcase the incredible talent and athleticism of these professional fighters. Make sure to mark your calendars and don’t miss out on the electrifying live events of UFC 295 and UFC 296.

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the links thank you for joining us on another Thursday and I gotta tell you one of the things about hosting the show
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or not there’s enough to talk about on a Thursday and boy oh boy do we have a lot
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Mike I’m doing great uh thanks for having me love to be here as always I gotta say last night uh finished up work
and I was like I wonder what we’re gonna talk about tomorrow I mean obviously the Grasso uh tripchenko fight and the whole
10-8 but other than that I mean coming off of no trade it’s not like there were a ton of story lines there and this this
weekend’s card I guess we talk about but also not a huge number of stories there and then I went I went to go see a movie
I come out of the movie and apparently uh the end of the calendar has been established so plenty to talk about now
Mike well the big question is what did you see it’s all bottoms
and was it good it was incredible um it’s very uh weird
it’s definitely very weird I don’t know if anyone uh watching this has seen it but I was like uh one is 90 minutes I
love a 90 minute movie I mean that’s just a sweet spot that’s the good stuff right there and uh uh you know it’s Emma
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astonishingly funny like I was in tears laughing at points of it gets real weird down the stretch uh but in like a good
way at least for me so I had a great time well worth my 20 bucks
20 bucks all right well I’ll have to go chase it’s free I don’t actually know what
movies cost now but as I’m part of the AMC Stubs membership thing so like I
just pay my monthly subscription and I go see a bunch of movies every month that’s a great call popcorn right gotta
do popcorn I didn’t do any anything last night because I uh I I popped off a uh a
crown last night so I was like I’ll just just do a beverage and sit there because I didn’t I don’t know didn’t want to
fish popcorn out of that so yeah but it was great I enjoyed the hell out of it
if you haven’t seen it I recommend it it’s a high school you know Coming of Age movie which is
great well speaking of enjoying the hell out of it we enjoyed the hell out of the Noche UFC Main Event between Alexa
Grasso and Valentina these two women went to war it was an incredible fight I
think it’s going to be on most people’s top 10 at worst four fights of the year in the
end if you went to social media if you scored it with a bunch of your friends chances are you were split down the
middle there’s either 48 47 Valencia shivchenko it was 4847 Alexa Grasso but
there is one person one person well Jed you had a different score as well but there’s one person who said you know
what there is no winner to this fight and I’m gonna make sure there’s no winner to this fight we’re gonna score
round five 10-8 for Alexa Grosso scoring the fight 47-47 in a split draw Alexa
Grosso still the UFC Flyway champion of the world Valentina shevchenko
by all accounts should be the FlyAway champion of the world so I ask you Jed michoud I know you scored the fight for
Lex Grasso I know you’re not alone in this Venture but considering Mike Bell’s card how everything played out the
reaction to it since this past Saturday night I’m just gonna throw this out there
can we use the word robbery was Valentina shipchenko robbed on Saturday
free Mike Bell Mike Heck free Mike Bell that’s what I have to say look
it’s it’s not a great score right you don’t want to see that 10 8.
um because like everything that everyone says about it is is correct and you know they they did the the NAC review and
basically everybody’s like yeah that’s not a 10-8 round because it’s not and
it’s just not and here’s the thing Mike No One’s Gonna argue it if Mike Bell
were to give you look you in the eye stare into his soul get the gods honest out of him he would tell you that’s not
a 10-8 round and even more I knew it wasn’t a 10-8 round when I put it down said this on the post show I’ve said
this in various platforms since I wrote about it on Monday in the mailbag column I am more confident of this than I am in
almost anything else in my life it’s a makeup call Mike what happened is
a makeup call Valentina shipchenko has it right she’s obviously very upset by that and I understand why she would be
but Mike Bella looked at his scorecard looked at that fifth round and said I have to give this to Grosso and when I
do shivchenko is going to win this fight that I don’t believe she won I’m just going to make that an eight and
then my hands are washed I have done the best I can under these circumstances and
you know what I’m okay with it it’s not right it’s bad that’s a bad precedent
I’m not defending it other than to say I’m okay with the outcome here because
there is an argument that it is a robbery that uh that Valentina shipchenko because of the circumstances
but no no judge scoring round two or ten eight is an actual stone cold robbery to
me like I do not understand how no judge decided round 10 or around two was it ten eight based on like the actual
scoring criteria not even like the Loosely interpreted way that I had to find them uh so that is that and it’s
just too like Alex crossro won that fight man and if she didn’t she didn’t lose that fight
like if she didn’t win that fight she didn’t lose that fight and I think we said this in the post show and I think
it still holds true if we didn’t know what rounds went where I don’t think anybody would really be that miffed
about a draw being the ultimate score there because we do and because it looks so bad the process to get to that end
result was specious at best okay like there’s gonna be some backlash but I
don’t think this is a thing we need to harp on I think that it has been very interesting to see the level of backlash
and even getting the NAC to review something like this like there have been worse scores out there like work worse
things have happened the dnac has just been like whatever dude I don’t care and yet this is the instance where we’re
like gonna stand up and put a show on all of that has been a very interesting part of this but ultimately Mike Bell
has historically been one of the better judges working in the sport if I’m wrong and I am not and you know
he just goofed then you know okay sometimes a goof that’s the problem with
the sport in Parts but if I’m right I don’t condone it but I don’t I’m not
going to vilify him for it Mike because in the end I think we got an outcome that is
better frankly than if Valentina shivchenko had won that fight that I I scored a loss for her and that
I don’t know just doesn’t feel like she should walk away the winner you know
so if Mike Bell scores this correctly and Valentina shipchenko is once again the
FlyAway Champion you would have more of an issue with this than the 10A fifth round
um I wouldn’t have more of an issue I’d probably have this actually yeah I
probably would because I’d care a lot more about round two not being a 10-8 like I ultimately don’t have to care
that much about it not being a 10-8 um given the circumstances right because of
how it all unfolded but like round two should be at 10 8. I’m firmly of the opinion that round three also should be
a 10-8 for Valentina shivchenko um based on the scoring criteria and just how logic and Common Sense works
and I think we’re going to talk about Dana’s comments in a little bit and some stuff Dana said this week about 10-8 rounds he’s like objectively incorrect
in that position and my position has and always will be 10 8 should be extremely frequent
because they are the only mechanism by which MMA judges can differentiate the quality of rounds like there isn’t the
10 8 in boxing is so straightforward because knockdowns are such a clear oh
this round was more significant like than the previous rounds because that dude got dropped to a knee and so like
it it clears that that way we don’t have that mechanism there isn’t a hey dude got dropped and then the next four
minutes is there it it is a part of how the scoring system works and so I’ve always felt that they should be very
liberal with 10 8 if one round if they are if there’s a clear winner versus a competitive winner 10 8 goes to the
clear winner of a round in that third round Valentina had back control for like three minutes like that’s that’s a
10-8 to me in the second round sochenko got dropped and then held on for dear life down the stretch it’s a 10-8 for me
so I’d have a lot more of an issue if the outcome was something less palatable I can understand a scorecard for
Valentina go I think that it is and again Mike we’re talking to me here about as big of a Valentina shevchenko
supporter as there has ever been in this sport to score that fight for her is not wrong
but it is very charitable it is giving her a lot of benefits of all of the
doubts uh and playing on the technicalities of the scoring system in
a way that does not feel emotionally satisfying at the end of that fight you know I don’t put a ton of stock into the
idea of who won the fight in Pride rules but legitimately on the schoolyard if these two got into a fight you certainly
wouldn’t say Valentina shipchenko won now you might not say that Alexa Grosso won and just say yeah they just they
fought each other and it happened but I think I think the end result not being being chefchenko doesn’t get the belt is
probably the best case scenario here it’s very strange like this whole thing
is very strange because I’ve said this on multiple shows this week as well because I agree with you if you score if
Mike Bell had scored rounds two and three ten eight and then scored round five ten eight
I would still be against it somewhat but at least you’re like okay at least he’s consistent but this is out of nowhere
and if this is a makeup call as as you may say it might be it’s the only answer
man it’s awful like it’s awful
here Cavalier it’s bad dude it’s bad like Dana White was like when I first
saw this I I was like this dude should be investigated and I think it’s just wild man like Doug crap the
one other scorecard that really stands out to me there’s two that I think about one is the Henry sahuda al-jamin
Sterling fight and in that sense like the backlash wasn’t as bad because most people felt Al Jermaine Sterling won
that fight but had whoever that judge was scored that fifth round the correct
way Henry cejudo would be the bantamweight champion right now so that’s like a whole different thing altogether the other one Doug Crosby
scoring the Danny sabatello raphion stats fight 50-45 for Danny sabatello
that might be a worse card than this one as a whole that’s a much worse card
and in the end it didn’t affect the overall outcome of the fight like Rafael
stats most people felt he won he moved on and ended up getting Iced Out by patchy mix anyways but you know what I’m
saying now they’re running the back Mike the fight the rematch everybody has been
clamoring for but if this is actually like if Mike Bell comes out and is like this is a makeup call
I know you would be like all right I knew it I knew it I don’t wish you could say that you can’t I think you should
know you can’t because there’s no other explanation for it like this has to be maybe it is a makeup call but if that’s
the reason for this because I I just don’t see any other thing that makes sense here it’s crazy
there isn’t and that’s it like uh and that’s why it’s really bad right like I get I totally understand the arguments I
would argue that um knots going the last round for suhudo is actually a worse
score because even though I don’t think there is a credible way to view that round as a
10-8 uh you know maybe you got a weird angle maybe you’re like right next to it
and it really looks like she’s choking her out and you just like forgot that there was actually three minutes and 30
seconds of the round before that final like maybe you could talk yourself into it I don’t see how any rational person didn’t score round five for suhudo in
that fight but either way my thing I think we’ve been focused on this a lot and I get it
totally understand it um it deserves to be talked about frankly there does deserve to be an investigation I wish the NAC and
commissions would take things like this a little more seriously I I ultimately come to this from the
angle that you mentioned for the for the algro sahuto thing I think we got the end result that I’m comfortable with I
still personally believe looks acrosso should have won that fight but totally fine with her retaining her belt in a draw because the fight was very
competitive Valentina shivchenko is getting a gift
here in that yes all of this is true and
bad and she doesn’t get the belt because of X Y or Z okay but
none we wouldn’t be talking about any of this if she could stop heaving away
fights with the stupidest idea possible in the fifth round she was cruising to a
win in round five by simply jabbing and moving and we have all stopped talking
about it because I thought that that actually cost her the fight in the belt I was live bogging the event and I was
like Valentina shipchenko is three minutes into this round and Alexa Grosso has nothing this fight’s over it was
probably judge 2-2 heading into this round almost certainly whoever wins this is it and and she’s she’s done and
frankly it could have been 3-1 heading into the round as we saw with a judge like Mike Bell all she has to do is keep
sticking and jabbing and then she goes for the idiot head arm throw and exposes her back to Alexa Grosso despite getting
choked the F out the last time she did it loses that round and does it if instead of doing the very very dumb head
and arm throw thing instead she just days and Jabs and sticks it we’re not talking about this Mike Bell can’t score
that fight to 10-8 for Grasso he’s got a frankly scored a 10-9 for shivchenko and then it’s a 49-46 and 248 47s or what
however the scores end up shaking out for her there is simply yes we can focus
on this and yes I know many people hate the phrase don’t leave it in the hands of the judges because you know whatever
we can litigate that if we need to but you are the author of your own fate
in that cage in a lot of ways and she made a choice and that choice was really
really bad and now she is the the bill has come due she is reaping what she sowed and the conversation could and
should just as much be about the horrible tactical choices she made down the stretch of a fight that at best was
extremely competitive heading into the last round for I don’t disagree with what you’re saying
that was a bad mistake no doubt about it when we just aren’t talking about stuff’s flashing and it’s just like if
she gotten choked out too like okay well that’s on you homie stop heaving fights
the way that you were winning there’s no no reason for her to do it none
whatsoever and she just tossed her and then done like I was just like oh that’s it she just threw away the title she had
the title and she just threw it away and that ended up being true because if she had just stayed not doing that she will
won the fifth round would have won the fight you mentioned that this is create at
least more than conversation with the Nevada athletic commission yesterday they had a meeting where credential
judges would go hop on a zoom call or be in the building and they would go back and watch different rounds that were
scored 10-8 on Saturday and just so happens most of the 10 8 rounds
that were scored on Saturday were from Mike Bell he scored all three rounds of the Josephine Knutson win
over Marion Man Ted 8 which I had no issue with I thought you could make strong cases for all those being 10 8. I
could also say that you could have scored two and three ten eight and then if he had scored round five ten as well
I don’t think this is really a conversation I think we’d question it a little bit but at least there’s consistency there and we understand that
maybe 10 8 should be thrown around a little bit more because the scoring in MMA is freaking dumb and the 10-9 score
in round one is certainly not the same as a 10-9 score in round two when Alexia Grosso knocked Valentina shevchenko
across the Octagon like Brock Lesnar did to Heath herrig it’s not the same like those rounds should be not scored the
same so they went in there Jeff Mullen who is the head of the NS the NAC
put Mike over said quote Mike’s one of the very best judges in the world scores over the last five years that he’s been
here have been some of the most consistent scores that we have had and I think a lot of people agree with that however I do not agree with the score on
this round I’m glad they had this meeting but how did you react when you found out
that Mike Bell wasn’t even a part of it he wasn’t even there oh I wasn’t surprised why why would he be look yes
um it’s fun that they have this meeting and at least pretend like they take this seriously and um care what anyone thinks
because they don’t they have a little fiefdom they are they are the kings of their own universe and there’s no
oversight or regulation or anything to prohibit them from doing whatever the hell they want whatever the hell they want
um that’s how it’s always been particularly Nevada as like one of the more egregious points of it and so like
it’s it’s at least nice when they feign like they care you know like we all know the drill but you can at least pretend
um to win some credibility to us or at least play the game in a way that now we can pretend like you’re giving a [ __ ]
and then we can all at least have some level of Happiness um it’s better than that than when they
just peel back the curtain like dude I don’t care at all what if whatever YOLO we’re gonna keep rolling Sal out every
time buddy don’t care at all just gonna keep doing it uh but yeah I there’s no
expectation that something is going to change uh I you know they they said that he had a prior engagement that wouldn’t
shock me if he did also I would somewhat expect them to be like hey we’re going to do this thing because there’s we feel
some pressure to do it but you’re not coming because that’s going to open up a can of things that the potential there
is not something we want to deal with so every time a judge has ever spoken out about a scorecard it has come off poorly
like it has never been like oh man I I beefed that one sorry guys it’s always
like I’m right you’re stupid um and here’s my post to the Forum about why I’m a genius so I’m not surprised
Mike wasn’t there uh not surprised nothing’s really going to come of this but you know at least they gave us a dog
and pony show for a little bit yes uh you did mention that Dana White reacted oh go ahead Casey can I chime in
just for a slight defense of Mike Bell I already defended him but keep
defending in my keep defending him Casey the position I think this isn’t highlighted enough of judging from our
from RTV angle Mike Bell of the judging positions had the worst position in that
final uh minute um he was actually literally across the
cage with the ref basically kind of in front of him so he never had the greatest View and I
want to kind of when he goes back to Valentina is dead kind of like oh well he did this because
this is UFC Noche this is like she thought we were fighting in Mexico not
exactly but with the crowd going crazy this happens a lot actually when a lot of a lot of times in close fights when
when kicks are when kicks and punches are actually blocked but the crowd assumes it lands a judge would if they
have the right angle will assume it lands too so in that sense I get why Mike Bell
Maybe oversold How deep the choke was from that angle and from the crowd noise
that’s all I’m kind of hinting at like why he kind of leaned that way
um but I still get that eight but I just want to kind of from Mike because you’re a guy I don’t
understand what he saw because you gotta understand he’s not seeing what we’re seeing too
three and a half minutes of the round though and the rest of the fight that’s the thing and like and like people don’t
understand I thought the Geeks okay sorry go on no what I was gonna say is Saturday night before we went live on
the post fight show we were getting after it like we were having like a yelling match almost about the score and
you were like no I have no problem with this like Alexa won like this is the right way and our whole point to to all
this and even Jed to a point he said it here today like all’s well that ends well I guess is is
kind of the the sediment and all this but our whole argument was like look if he scored even if he just scored round
two at 10-8 and then score round five to ten eight like I have much less of a problem with this the fact that Alexa
Grosso knocked Valentina across the friggin octagon with a right hand and
hurt her so badly and that I don’t care what angle you’re sitting at I don’t care if you’re sitting outside you could
hear valentina’s body roll across the octagon and almost land against the fence wall and that’s not a 10-8 like
that’s my whole thing like if you have a bad view of round five that’s cool but you there’s no view in the world where
you couldn’t see Alexa Grosso knock Valentina across the cage and that’s not a 10-8 that’s my whole issue with this
whole thing if you scored round two ten eight I am less baffled by all this I’m like all right this is a consistent
score he had three 10-8 rounds earlier in the night like this is Mike Bell Being Mike Bell throw out those 10 AIDS
great but the fact that this is the only round in the whole fight he scored 10-8 that’s my problem with it consistency
just isn’t there don’t care what viewer said that I I understand but I think those two other rounds that the gay team
round in the drop around were like if he had a if he could do a 10 8.5 I feel
like he would have but we don’t have that option to it’s just nine or eight and um I think this goes back to the
scoring issue we have a boxing scoring issue even there’s just too big a gap even with nine and eights but um I’m not
justifying it I’m just kind of giving a little bit of his reasoning I think
I I could I could see it and I I got the argument
yeah and I and I kind of disagree a little bit I think I I think he from his
angle a near choke that was within you know millimeters of actually sinking in
versus dropping someone I think he felt that’s closer to an actual finish than dropping someone which I actually kind
of agree with sometimes uh the the problem with that though Casey and that here’s the thing because on Fight Night
I agreed to some extents like I wouldn’t be awful with the 10 8 in the fifth if you scored it in the other rounds uh
upon re-watch and granted you know we talked about the re-watch thing uh it’s
you just have to forget the first three and a half minutes of the round if you forget the first 65 of the round then
the 10-8 is a defensible part there but you just can’t whereas like in round two
gosso was competing very well in the feed if not winning before dropping her and she
gets that and then you go there so it’s it’s a makeup call man I just genuinely don’t think there is another reasonable
thing I don’t have another explanation that makes sense yeah I’m just kind of
surprised with the whole uproar about this because I felt that I felt like the right person won I
thought this would kind of go back to how we looked at the sahudo scorecard we kind of like that’s why I thought this
would kind of blow over house I was like whoa so who to really should have won that he should be the champion right now
but we kind of just went nah whatever people honestly I don’t see the difference I
don’t see the difference I don’t see the difference right yeah individual things because most people
you’re gonna be with this fight it’s torn right down the middle it’s 50 50.
like either you scored at a draw like you could be the one person escorted a draw like Mike Bell but it is torn down
the middle whether or not shipchenko agrasa won the fourth round and that’s what it all comes down to there you have
to look far and wide to find people without Henry sahudo beat Al Jermaine Sterling so that’s like
that’s different I guess to me but still I mean it is what it is like Nothing’s
Gonna Change like nothing we say here no matter how we feel about the scorecard like Valentina is not going to be the
FlyAway champion in three days it’s just not gonna work that way she’s gonna have to fight Alexa Grosso again that’s for
sure uh two there are two other things I want to talk about before we move on uh one Jed you mentioned Dana White you
said that you agree disagreed with some of the things he said at least he responded and said what all of us are
thinking but Ariel was on the m a i r yesterday they ran through the video and he agreed with 99.9 of what Dana White
had to say doesn’t seem like you agreed with that much of what Dana had to say in regards to this whole situation why
sorry um yeah I’m just saying he’s objectively wrong with his definition of what a 10-8
is and he has apparently like this has been a long-held view that he believes the 10 8 should like specifically be
what are functionally 10-7 rounds under the scoring system where oh man somebody
is just truly getting pummeled in there that’s a 10-8 round um that’s objectively incorrect per the
rules and also like pretty dumb because not all rounds are equal and so
if that’s your approach um you are I mean I guess I can’t say dumb because you know to each their own
flavor profile I suppose but like if if that’s your thought then you are
opening up a world where winning one round very decisively but
not dominantly doesn’t mean anything versus like
winning a two rounds by the length of one jab or whatever like that’s and
that’s insane that’s not how anyone would reflect on a fight uh at any point in their life and be like well that dude
for 10 minutes he was just slightly ahead and then for five got them got
really just the wood put to him but not like almost beat to death so I think the
other guy wins that’s just not reasonable so uh I think he’s just objectively wrong and on what he’s
saying and then his like Vibes are totally off like why would you want that we should want a diversity of scores to
Encompass the totality of what rounds can be because this isn’t boxing like there isn’t a knockdown mechanism five
minutes is so much longer than three that having every round be functionally the same unless one of them is nearly of
stoppage um feels really really silly to me I agree with you on that aspect I think
there should be more 10 8. I think there should be more ten tens like you should make a thousand percent I’ve I’ve made
that argument for years Mike and everyone hates it because everyone hates the idea of a draw and I don’t I used to
getting this argument with like well-respected people in the space like well it’s the judge’s job to differentiate between which of these
matters I’m like why why do I care if a fighter wins the round by one punch like
well they were slightly more no I think 1010 should be the default score and you
need to do something to stand out and say I have clearly won this round this round is mine and then we can go back to
it because why wouldn’t we just sort of presume that everything’s relatively equal because that’s how the world would
work so I’m with you I think we should have a lot more 10 tens I think 10 nines should be you know very clear wins and
10 8 then if we’re doing that then okay I’m fine with Dana’s interpretation of 10 8’s or real ass beatings a okay with
that that scoring yeah can you imagine how different the conversation would be if this was still
a split draw but Mike Bell scored round four ten ten and got there that way this is a much different conversation I would
be a PL I’d probably be applauding him for it I’m totally fine with the uh 1010 round four and that’s like I I was
thinking about this this week right um and I I don’t know that you could do this for pretty obvious reasons but
somebody I don’t remember who but like you know what NFL Replay Works Mike where it’s like uh it has to be clear
and overwhelming evidence or whatever to overturn a call on the field and then they’ll send spit spend like 15 minutes
looking at all of the angles of a replay and taking forever and it’s just like man if it was clear evidence it would
take you like three minutes you’d watch one replay and be like yeah dude’s foot’s out pretty clearly but if you’re
going through frame by frame and taking 20 minutes to decide it’s not clear and overwhelming evidence I feel like we
should hold the similar standard to round wins of like hey uh did one fighter clearly win this fight you just
kind of know if they want it or not not like well I think I’m going to score those uppercuts or I guess in round four
I think I’m gonna give a little more Credence to the knees that Alexa Grosso is landing to the Head versus Valentina
shipchenko’s jab because we’re not in there we’re not taking those strikes we aren’t we don’t have a cumulative way to
wreck like or quantitative way to be like yeah here’s here’s the damage bar and what’s going on so just like yeah I
think we should have ten tens all the time and put the onus on the fighters to separate themselves to differentiate
themselves to to Really set a standard be like hey I’ve clearly won this this round is mine uh and now it’s on my
opponent to win one back because I’m ahead can you imagine what post can you
imagine what post light shows would be like if we had like round reviews at the end oh
the champion oh no but this one’s gonna be reviewed and then we had to wait we have to wait like a half hour for the oh
my God would that be freaking dramatic it’d be incredible uh last thing I want to ask you about this because uh for a
while now Tyson chartier who is the head man over at the New England cartel manager coach extraordinaire uh he’s
been talking about a scoring system that he has sort of put together and it stemmed from Calvin cater getting
an egregious Chris Lee scorecard I thought Calvin kater clearly won round four against Josh Emmett Chris Lee was
like the one person on Earth who felt otherwise and a lot of people felt like cater kind of got screwed because of
that scorecard but this was this is what he has implemented and I don’t love all this but I like a lot of it one each
round winner is determined by a judge’s majority meaning at least two of the three judges scored the round for you
majority winner of round gets one point loser gets zero or less minus one for a
traditional 10-8 round Etc open scoring could care less about the open scoring thing other ones stall
calls available with possible Point deductions to Turf Fighters up on scorecards from coasting at the end no
must system a truly close round can be determined a zero zero round winners
determined by whichever fighter gets more total points do you like this
sure um it’s a little overly complicated here’s the thing the argument has long been that the 10 point must system is um
doesn’t work and uh it’s both Incorrect and correct in that it doesn’t work as
applied to the rules of MMA because boxing is three minute rounds and there are knockdown mechanisms and mma’s five
minute rounds and I don’t think people recognize enough sorry landscapers are outside I don’t know if you can hear those but enjoy I know that’s like they
they did I was looking at them coming I was like man that’s going to happen right now uh anyway the point I was
trying to make there is I don’t think people recognize enough how different how different three three minutes versus
five is um how much can occur in a round where you can have big swings I mean it is
possible for that to happen it’s just much less likely for in a boxing round a fighter to clearly establish a dominance
for a couple of minutes and then heave it all away in the last the changes just happen to tend to happen between rounds
not during them but five minutes and multitudes of of avenues for the fight to take place can open those that up
opportunity up so I think you could do everything that that Tyson chartier did
in the confines of the ten point must system but and then that’s just more palatable for everybody rounds start at
10 10. fighter clue if if a judge wins you know if two judges believe that one fighter won the round then they get a
10-9 or 10 8 this thing points are deducted for like from the point and it’s just it’s a much more palatable way
to approach it by implementing a system everyone is already pretty familiar with then going uh hey we’re going to count
from zero to four um and also as very very stupid but it
doesn’t feel as good at the end of it for Bruce Buffer to be announcing uh
by unanimous decision uh judge judge Mike Bell scores the contest 3-1
South Yamato scores the contest five to two or whatever like it’s just easier to
do it as 30 26 29 28 so I don’t have any large problems with
what he’s saying I just think all of those things are can be done in a system that’s easier we just have to make that
work better than what currently is willing to be done well maybe open scoring does work and
then Bruce doesn’t have to say that he could just say whatever by a unanimous decision open scoring is so dumb
well that’s that uh before we move on to the other big Stories the ones that
happened when you were watching your movie uh no J UFC Dana White obviously
put it over big on Tuesday said it’s an event he’s going to do every year 1.1 million unique visitors I still don’t
think he understands what a unique visitor is I think he he thought it meant 1.1 new people who have never seen
the UFC before watch it which is not true just means 1.1 million different individuals checked it
it’s not not during college football Saturdays this is not going to happen but all in all incredible night for the UFC
I loved watching it I thought it was great crowd was on fire they had fun they’re doing fun things more so this
year than they have in the past and that’s a good thing what do you grade no J UFC is this an A plus
I won’t say anything plus um just because the controversy of the main event has overshadowed a lot of
things um but a certainly it was a great night you know they they accomplished the things
they wanted the fights were good the atmosphere seemed electric um being there seemed like it was really
fun and you know I’m not surprised at all that they’re running this back every year it seems exactly like a thing that
they should be doing uh and honestly a bit surprising it took them this long to sort of get on board to do something
like this um my great hope is that they will find ways to do something like this for other
communities moving forward you know like not everyone you know they don’t have necessarily the horses in the barn to do
that but you know there was a stretch there where they could have committed to like a a UFC event in Poland a la ksw
doing something big for a fan base that is rabid about mixed martial arts and they had multiple polish Champions and
top contenders they could do this for other places instead of just doing UC Noche
um do something in Brazil obviously certainly like outside of just having a Brazil card doing something of this
magnitude on an important date for them like that so uh if we don’t get uh UFC
Bastille Day next year I’m gonna be disappointed um let’s let’s roll Cyril gone in there
and let’s you know maybe it’s not in Paris because I don’t know maybe Paris is too busy on Bastille Day but you know
let’s do things like this let’s have fun be creative it’s it’s better for everybody and it was a great event
because he doesn’t want to fight anybody unless it’s for the belt man uh my brother in Christ you got to
figure things out you got I you got mushed you got mushed in January
but you weren’t even remotely competitive you’re not it’s just not happening for
you’re gonna need to win one more like I’m sorry you’re gonna need one more I think one more gets him back there
particularly when John retires inevitably after the steepe fight like one more is enough but
his comments be like yeah I don’t know why I’d fight Tom asmo because he’s close to fighting for the belt than you are my guy
Tom aspinall could get a call up that says hey interim strap it’s you an ex-person I
don’t think that’s happening for you Cyril unless it’s against Tom like it’s you are deep in the line right now
didn’t want to go out the reservation here uh last thing about nochi UFC three stars three stars in Ocho FC
no not three stars oh three stars like the hockey thing um yeah the hockey thing not the Michelin scale yeah yeah
gotcha gotcha gotcha um sorry my mistake um I mean the one has to be Raul Rose’s
Junior right um I don’t get it not not my cup of tea but fine
um he is exceedingly popular I have questions about how long that popular will hold when he is no longer 18 year
old or 19 year old daughter Rose’s Junior but look great uh got a squash match and squashed it so knocked out of
the park well done um I mean I’m gonna go Daniel’s all Huber because he’s grown on me you know
he came in had a lot of hype undefeated Prospect uh Laden egg in his debut and
then you know was great Kansas City great here seems like he’s got the goods
to do something and we’ve already talked enough about the main event and the co-main event I don’t think any stars
were made there though shouts of Jack Della I thought this was very disciplined performance from you uh I’m
gonna go loopy go to this just because she’s fun as hell man just super fun
um great pack finishing release read great fight um so yeah those will be my three
yeah it’s probably roses loopy I like to tell Huber
I couldn’t press a van so I would have picked him probably over Zell Huber but
you know Noche UFC zel Huber makes more sense than Coppola framed which was I
think it was originally supposed to be Anthony Hernandez right versus Chris Curtis yeah that’s right this was the this was
the Theseus ship fight that’s right yes like it’s just weird even though I would say that Coppola of body shot KO lather
me up those are the nuts uh just that’s just I guess one of the best things you
know you got to give it for Zell Huber in the in the crowd like it’s just hitting the event
yes and uh honorable mention the UFC matchmakers because we’re getting the rematch that
everybody wants after Noche UFC we’re getting Edgar chira’s Daniel lucerda 2
on October 14th oh man we’re getting so many good rematches we got the rematch
everyone was asking for this week to talk about as well yes
alley pants and Brandon Roybal oh no no I’m talking about this weekend we have the rematch that everyone wanted Marina
Rodriguez Michelle oh yes so many rematch from their from their barn burner of a fight two years ago oh yes
yes I’m sure we’ll get some questions about that one from that one from Main Event to featured fight on a
perfectly fine apex card yes because that was one where Rodriguez
took the fight on like two weeks notice right it was like well it sounds right yeah well we get that for 15 minutes
this time potentially so uh better than 25. that was actually not a bad fight though
let’s go to the big news uh from the bottoms movie Dana White goes on social media does the
whole yelling thing because he’s excited and he should be we’ve been waiting waiting wondering what the co-man event
of UFC 285 was and 295 excuse me and what the main event of UFC 296 was it
seemed like 296 was the big piece of the puzzle is the Tetris game that was just going to get everything kind of lined up and
all the whole game just empties out we find out that Yuri prahashka versus Alex
Pereira for the vacant light heavyweight title will be the co-main event to Jon Jones steepe and then 296 we get Leon
Edwards versus Colby Covington heck of a morning that is the mo that has been the most asked question in the history of
the show when is that fight gonna happen and I kept saying I have no freaking clue it’s probably gonna happen this year but now we have a date for that and
then the co-main event for UFC 296 alley pants the new Champion Alexander
pantosia Brandon royval number two Jed how do we grade these announcements
this is this is a big deal 285 gets a boost we finally get a landing spot for Leona Edwards versus Colby Covington we
get the Flyway title back on the line after Ally pants Brandon Moreno put on a freaking classic if you want a guy
that’s going to put out a better fight for pantosia than Moreno bran royba might be just the guy to do it how do
you grade these three title fights uh well first let’s grade the announcement super weird just dropping
it randomly on a Wednesday like feels like this has normally been a Friday thing for Dana’s there’s been like
here’s a Wednesday um let’s do it uh odd timing but whatever
um I mean two of these title fights are dope one
of them is uh I mean look Yuri Alex Ferreira is super weird and not a world
I thought we’d be living in um last year certainly but I also didn’t
think we’d be living in a world where Sean Strickland’s middleweight champion so you know I’m opening myself up to new experiences now Mike and this is a good
experience um it’s gonna be really fun fight really excited to see Yuri back it’s
been gone from our lives for far too long um really excited to see him bring his
sort of uh lunatic chaos energy to Alex Pereira and his uh Power to boot people
I think there’s a really good chance Pereira boops him which is really funny
to me like just I mean honestly in the year that I have described already as
the funniest in mixed martial arts history Alex Pereira completing the speed run of UFC titles by winning the
light heavyweight belt uh is Jess just magnificent so I’m gonna hope for that
even though I love Yuri it just would be too funny um so that fight’s great that’s the main
event um I know that it’s not the main event but I gotta tell you people I don’t care
about Jon Jones fighting Stephen mitchich maybe I’m crazy maybe it’s that combined the two of them have fought
once in the last like seven years but I just don’t personally think that this
has anything to do with being the best heavyweight on Earth or really anything to do with anything that I care about
steepe is almost explicitly said he will be retiring after this and John has
basically explicitly said that he will be stepping away if not retiring after this so
the stakes are for nothing um in a fight that is old and stale and like a harsh terrible
approximation of the Jon Jones Francis and ganu fight that we all actually wanted so I don’t care about that fight
um but this co-main event makes 295 I think 295 right yes makes 295 awesome uh
296 similarly the co-main event is the main
event Alejandra pantosa Brandon reval is gonna be sick
um I feel some level of confidence in saying that because I’ve watched both of
these two men fight uh before I’ve watched them fight each other before and let me tell you it was sick and every
time any either of them had fought in the last like five years it’s been sick so uh yeah pantosa’s gonna like pantosa
finally won the belt after like being the prince that was promised for so long he finally got there
um and now he’s like looks like he has a good chance to actually defend the title which you know this this belt has been
up for grabs a little bit in recent years so that fight’s gonna be gangbusters super stoked for the main event
um probably will be fun just because of the like the texture of the belt but it’s really dumb and I’m
having a hard time um coming to grips with that got plenty of time too but
I tweeted this this morning Colby Covington hasn’t fought in 18 months it will be 21 by the 21 months since he has
last fought by the time he fights so he’ll have been out of the cage for almost two years by the time he challenges for the belt and he has one
win over a fighter currently employed in the last five years not even just
like currently employed by the UFC Rafael dos Andros is the only dude he has beaten in the last like six years
that is not retired from MMA Robbie Lawler gone Damian Maya gone
uh hori Moss it all Tyron Woodley gone like these are just he has done nothing
to deserve this other than competitively lose to Kumar Usman which you know makes
a much better case that kamaru Usman deserves the third shot at Leon Edwards than it is that Colby deserves the first
so don’t care about this fight in that regard but the fight will be fun Kobe’s going to put the pressure on him I think
Leon’s going to dummy him honestly I think Leon’s gonna have a great night um this would be great but based on how
the year is going and who is winning belts for the promotion in the same way that 2023 is the funniest year possible
uh it wouldn’t at all surprise me if Colby Covington won the title and that’s where we have a string of Champions so
that’ll be an interesting Dynamic to the year but look it’s good to know the
schedule I think we all knew that the Edwards Covington fight was probably happening in December based on timelines
that Yuri and Pereira would either be December or November um and the pantos we knew was coming
just in no time so I think none of these are super surprising um but I’m interested in two of the
three of them and I’m glad to know what the rest of the year has in store for us yeah I’m looking at uh the 295 card
right now there’s nine fights on the books right now three of them were probably main car level we got the two
title fights we have just gundra Mackenzie Dern which means we’re gonna get some more bangers on this thing at
some point I’d love to see Matt vavola Ben masan to knee on this card that’d be a great made card opener Schnell ersig
is also like well it’s a main card fight though it’s a good prelim good ESPN
prelim fight they’re both ranked I don’t know if we rank are sick but the
UFC definitely ranks are sick coming off that win um we actually might we might even rank
ursig actually because of that but like it’s fine I mean I’m with you it’s not great uh Jared Gordon Mark Madsen is
like a quality prelim fight it’s not a main card fight for sure but yeah Diego Lopez is fighting on the
card someone asked me on a heck of a morning is Diego Lopez the best player coach in MMA right now
[Music] that’s such a good question isn’t it I
was Blown Away by it that is a real good question uh so for like five years it was Glover
like Glover had to have it for like four or five years now who took that after he retired
though it’s a great question I’m going to spend some time digging
into that one whoever that caller was well done oh so I’m over retired I don’t
know who it is honestly not sure I love it um we probably had it for a while
yeah DC is a good one DC and clover had had the best a good one
Gilbert Burns probably has it after Glover retired the probably is the right
answer but I gotta think on it but that doesn’t Raw it’s not a wrong answer at the minimum hey maybe we have some some
new content to think about this right there we’ll try to answer that in a show where we could draft best player coaches
hmm it’s a good only stay tuned
uh speaking of questions Casey Come On In because I could ask you a million more questions but let’s let the people
let’s let the peeps the BTL viewers decide on the question so uh fire away
for the next I don’t know 15 20 minutes or so okay uh we’re gonna have to figure this
out such a good question oh someone that someone noted James
Krauss used to be the top one of the top player coaches he was I mean he would have been Pro
like in the conversation he wasn’t like that good of a coach until he stopped fighting oh he got way better when he
stopped fighting but he was still technically fighting I mean yeah but he hadn’t he hadn’t fought and like yeah he
wasn’t an active fighter like he wasn’t fighting as actively as Gilbert Burns or Diego Lopez or even Daniel Burns a coach
or a training partner there’s a difference
I don’t think Gilbert Burns is a head coach but I believe he’s the biggest because Diego Lopez is an actual Loops
uh he’s an actual coach too um so I don’t know I I’m just trying to differentiate between training partners
and coaches yeah yeah uh if Colby wins the belt Jed how long
does he hold on to it until he defends it so I’m gonna let you answer this and I’m gonna add a follow-up to this that
was also has some heck of a morning that I thought was really interesting Colby wins the belt
um take a look at the UFC’s welterweight rankings so if Kobe wins the belt
they’re not going to make him fight below I just don’t think they care enough to make him fightful
um if Colby wins the belt I was hoping that I would see something
that I hadn’t seen before that I’d forgotten and that there would be like ah here’s what happens if Colby wins a
belt um it’s I can’t believe this is going to say this it’s going to defend it against
Conor McGregor UFC 300. that’s exactly what will happen
100 the UFC will shoot for do you see once like look Conor didn’t fight the
end of this year Connor is unless they get Connor in in January which I think now again I do not hold to the usata
timeline being real but I think we’re past that anyway for January thing at this point they are simply going to say
doing 300 in April I think it’s April maybe it’s March one of those two Connor
we want you on this one this is the one to Target and you know what like maybe Michael Chandler but realistically
somebody’s gonna have a belt up for grabs and you get to fight for it be it a BMF title be it the lightweight belt
be it Colby in the welterweight belt one of these is headlining UFC 300 because
they want Conor on that card a thousand percent colby colby not fighting newsman
again Colby not fighting below like who’s Colby’s not fighting shot like who
called me so Colby will defend his title at UFC 300 against Conor McGregor if he
wins the boat that’s freaking insane uh Wrestlemania 40 by the way is in
Philadelphia clip this video because I want I want credit as the first guy on this corner
you mentioned below Muhammad if if I’m below Muhammad
like aren’t we aren’t we being like Kamara Usman let’s go like and let’s fight on this card because I don’t like
I he has to hope and pray that no other relevant welterweight fight happens
between now and December 16th and he needs to hope and pray that Leon
Edwards wins and that he wants to fight below Muhammad again because it doesn’t seem like Leon has
really been interested in fighting Bilal again after the ipoke and the no contest so if you’re below Muhammad
like you don’t want to go for shafka like screw that noise don’t you just kind of poke and
producement and say look tomorrow like if Colby wins you might have a shot to fight for the belt again
don’t think it’s gonna happen but I know Colby has expressed interest in wanting that fight again just because he wants to run it back with him and prove that
he could beat him you have to shoot for that one right like I just think waiting is the wrong
move which is why I hated the Gilbert Burns fight happening in May without this fight even being announced it’s
just a waste of a co-main event spot and Bilal stepped in on short notice and got a great win but now it doesn’t really
mean anything because it’s taken so long to get here I mean yeah I think that’s the best
option is to try and get Usman I don’t know if he’s going to get Usman though like Wonder Boy might have the inside Lane on
Usman though I know he’s a little bit in the doghouse after all of that went down but like some of
that also will be who does zeusman want to fight does I don’t know the newsman cares to fight blow Muhammad I don’t
know why he would choose that fight I wouldn’t if I were him it’s a hard fight with minimal upside so
um I he’s just he’s just screwed man that’s no fault of his own honestly like he’s
done everything he can this is not like the Leon thing where I berated Leon forever for being boring like Bilal has
tried to be interesting I stand by it like Leon took forever to get to the belt because he did one interesting and
that’s like that’s not fair but this ain’t a meritocracy deserve got nothing to do with this game ball has tried he’s
done his best at every step the only things he has screwed up are his post-fight call outs and that’s not like
substantive enough to really derail him but it’s just sometimes the ball doesn’t
break well for you and it appears to be that way Bilal can call up trick is do plus C and the two of them can form a
support group for the unfairly maligned uh deserving number one contenders who nonetheless will not be challenging for
a belt uh well you know Rob still has some hope I wouldn’t call it a lot of
Hope but he got more hope than Bilal or probably drink us at this point too so
but yeah um if morob gets passed over for one reason or another
yeah he can he can join the club trying to think of oh I’m sorry magerman and Goliath he did get to fight for a belt of Swords
but like he you know we’re about to have the dude he’d probably be like yeah he
had a shot-ish but it was a weird shot all of that you know so they can all form a support group of the people Benny
Darius can be the team leader like he can be the supervisor of of this support
group um he’s no longer like a member of it but a member Emeritus um yes it’ll be great
uh Aaron blanchfield if she has to fight man in fioro I don’t know if she’s quite there yet but she’s too young I think
and it’s fine she’s not wasting her career
benefits probably uh Contender at this point if she doesn’t get a title fight off of beating Rose then yeah probably
gets to join the team we’re really racking up those people by the way it’s like every weight class
there’s one God but that’s another great draft right there Sergey pavlovich is like pretty in the
list look it ain’t gonna happen but if jail tidal made a beats Curtis blades he’s gonna be stuck on the sideline for
a lifetime waiting for a title this we’re just piling him up yep uh Dana said blancheville versus Fiora
for the number one Contender fight makes sense that being said who wins in this blanchfield the future chance in 2024.
yes he’s right like this is the fight to make if it’s fun if if Valentina can turn around relatively
I mean just need to come back in like three months or anything but if she can come back in like March April May and
fight Grasso a third time that makes you could do that that makes sense then you could do for your own Blanche field
other than that but if she can’t then we got to move this division on and Chip shanko can just fight the winner of
Grasso Blanchard Grasso Fiora but if they go this route Jed they do blanchfield versus fioro
you picking blanchfield convincingly here or do you think fioro offers some different challenges I am picking
blandfield convincingly over any woman in this weight class over five rounds
um I think like Tyler Santos was a very competitive fight no mistaking that uh I
think we all saw that if that fight was two more rounds that fight would have become increasingly less competitive I
do not believe there is a woman alive at this weight class and very probably at
the weight class above her and thus a woman alive in general that is going to stand up to Aaron blanchfield for 25
minutes so I will pick her confidently beat tomorrow to beat man off your
um I’ll pick her confidently to win this title even though I have grown to respect Alexa Grosso way more than I
thought I would like a year and a half to two years ago I don’t Valentina shipchenko had a ton of
success controlling Alexa Grosso on the floor and Aaron blanchfield is a whole
nother animal in that regard I think she’s the best woman alive and at some point by the end of next year she will
get to officially claim that title yeah
yeah I’m very high on her as well but I’m also like fine with this number one Contender fight I think that there
is uh because it seems like uh Chevy got got surgery on her thumb she’s going to
be out three months uh before she can get back to training but then she can make like a spring return Grosso said
she wants to take some time off timelines probably match up to just run it back uh but I also wouldn’t be
opposed to doing the hey uh shivchenko you didn’t like you you got to draw
sit on the sideline we’re going to let blanchfield or let um furo fight Grosso for the title and
then you got dibs on the winner of that I’d be fine with that as well all right 125.
I also have Valentine was super interesting in the MMA hour saying that hey whatever the fans want fans want me
to fight Grasso great she want they want me to go to 135 and fight for the bantamweight title cool I’ll do that whatever the fans want I will do she
said that she did oh yeah oh yeah she said she said that her what is he doing
her next choice would be determined by whatever the fans wanted to see uh I personally would love to see her at 135
strictly because I think Raquel Pennington will beat Juliana Pena when that fight happens but
if it doesn’t we we can’t have we cannot have drill out a pain he’ll be the champion for a
sustained period of time that’s that’s no bueno how dare you one of the parlay Pals
yeah not not for it uh does Bishops take a title shot if she
beats Julia Avila and I kind of snickered to that question but the more she’s a win away
she’ll get a title Eliminator though we could yeah we confirmed this last night uh Miesha Tate back at 135 for the first
time since the Catlin Vieira loss first time since dropping to 125 and losing to Lauren Murphy at UFC along Island
she will face Julia Avila who has not competed throughout the entirety of Miesha Tate’s return to the cage if you
can believe that avio’s last fight was in June 2021 Miesha Tate returned to beat men in uh
Marion Renault in July of 2021 so Avila has been out the entire time Miesha Tate
has been back and for a number of things obviously she had a knee injury before she was supposed to fight Raquel
Pennington tore it up pretty bad then she got pregnant and had a child and now
Julie Avila returns to fight the former bantamweight champion Miesha Tate Jed thoughts on the matchup does me
should take it a title shot she beats Julie Avila and let’s play it this way too because I saw so many people
say this because they clearly are newer fans have never seen Julia Avila fight I saw people say wow they’re really just
trying to give misho a win here I’m like have you seen this woman fight she’s an
absolute animal and you just count Julia avilaud is absolutely insane to me but
what is what is at stake here Miesha Tate did she get a title shop she wins and what happens if Julia Avila happens
to get a victory here I shouldn’t get a title shot but um man
Phantom weight is a tough hang in the women’s weight classes uh I just looked
pulled up to UFC’s rankings and off the top of my head I’m not going to say this with a thousand percent certainty but I
don’t know that Chelsea Chandler who is number 15 has competed at bantamweight in the UFC I want to say that our fights
have been a featherweight I’m like almost certain Norma Dumont who is their number 11 bantamweight has exclusively
fought at featherweight in the UFC uh Julia Avila hasn’t fought in two years Miesha Tate has one win in the last like
seven years it being Marion OH who is retired joseon noon has missed weight at
featherweight I even want to say like what is going on in this wake this used
to be the Cadillac of women’s weight divisions uh and so by that Merit mic it
went over Julie Avila even though she hasn’t fought in two years puts me state in the title Eliminator
because of her name and because it’s simply a win and that’s take can then go fight
somebody in a Time I would hope that my Buena Silva doesn’t
have to be an entitled Eliminator anymore that she just gets to wait for the winner of Pena uh Pennington and as
next in line she you know she can me should take and fight Irene aldana that’s who she can fight in a title
Eliminator or the time is right the time is now Holly Holm come on down let’s run the
rematch back um I was talking about this no bets bar this week and I just solved this answer
so Connor I hope you’re listening I posed the question Mike this is UFC Vegas 79 AKA USC Apex 79. we
are rapidly approaching UFC Apex 100. now it’s not like UFC 100 but still
you think they’re going to do something big they’re going to go with a mega Apex event and who will be a more fitting
Apex main event for USC 100 than the Miesha Tate Holly home rematch that
feels like the ideal headliner for UFC Apex 100. so uh you’re
welcome Dana White you’re welcome Sean Shelby mcmaded I just did it for you Miesha tape wins this she gets the
rematch with Holly Holm at UFC Apex 100 in like February or whenever the hell we’re
going to get to that so boom well we will end the year at 82.
because okay so so by one the next by June yeah the next two and then as of now uh
November 18th is at the Apex December 2nd TBD I’m told it’s probably not going
to be at the Apex December 9th TBD although it appears China may get
themselves a card before the end of the year maybe we get the genre fight on that card and then obviously 296 will be
the last card of the year at T-Mobile so we’ll be it yeah we’ll be at 82.
I can’t believe we’re only going to beat 82. that is shocking well yeah uh that means we’ll still be at 100 by like the
summer so Mish Tate Holly Holm too USC Apex 100. get out the gold cage
it’ll be great okay what if Julia just runs over Miesha Tate
though do you think she fights again I mean three straight losses oh Tate uh no I know I don’t think I
thought you was asking but Julia I was like I don’t know probably but also she didn’t fight for like two years so who
can say uh Tate no Tate Tate shouldn’t have fun again um I’m happy for her to have pursued her dreams and returned
because she felt that she needed to exercise that competitive Spirit but she left it a good time I don’t think
her coming back has been great um for her Legacy or her health probably but you know if it fulfilled her in some
way then that’s okay but she should not keep racking up losses if she loses to to Julia Villa just call it a day we’re
done here early predictions in that fight I would probably think Julia Villa but
yeah Tammy Tate has looked awful she’s really really bad
yeah yeah I kind of look at the Lauren Murphy fight and some of the success that she had I know Avio is not the same
fighter but I think she’ll impose a very similar game plan
but is much bigger and stronger than Lauren and Lauren’s kind of a Haas at 125 so yeah I kind of feel we could be
in for something similar but who knows it’s been a while since Misha’s fought it’s been by the time a year and a half
so this is going to be a bantamweight fight right yes yes it’ll be a band of my fight okay I just I’d forgotten that
Tate did the 125 thing against Murphy yeah uh when does the Women’s banaway
Championship even get announced who the frick knows I thought I thought it would
be more likely we would get that fight in December as the co-main event um then uh pants royval I just thought
that might get to next year but I guess it’s gonna be that’s going to be a January card that’s you think that’s so will that be
the main event probably coming what I doubt it what would be the main I don’t know we still have other fights out
there maybe it won’t be the main I mean you could do Sean O’Malley Cheeto Vera I
mean because there’s yes this talks about Toronto like Toronto is
where they want to go but if they go back to Australia in February you kind of have to do
Volkswagen February is that announced well if they do and you would think after the success of
this year and you would think that possibly Australia if that’s an option maybe you get the
return of Izzy I hope not if they’re going to Australia in February then volkaster dude like they just have to do
that fight there or you do Vulcan Vegas in March like it’s better than Toronto
you don’t do Vulcan Toronto yeah uh Toronto is a totally fine destination for Pennington
um and you give them something else to Juice It Up I don’t know what else it would be trying to think Sean Sean Strickland
fighting in Canada Sean stricka dddp in Toronto would probably be the funniest thing ever
would they allow Sean Strickland that’s one of my questions when someone
asked about that that would be incredible though yeah
Charles Oliveira beats his lamakachev he should absolutely be on that card it’s a short term oh I mean that’s
actually true yeah uh we’ll be like it will be short but probably makeable
yeah I don’t know what I would like to see them do I mean honestly I guess it is just going to be the main event it’s
going to be the bandweight title fight in Toronto yeah you could do double women’s you could do you could do uh Wiley
I know well that if they don’t do China I don’t know if that’s gonna happen I know that
they’re talking about it but like I kind of feel like they would have moved on that if that was done right it feels
like they shouldn’t December for the women to be fighting I think they should at least let them
know hey we’re doing this so start training well they probably know if it’s gonna happen at this point just we don’t
know what I would like to actually see them do is let’s just make life easier
December 2nd wherever this car is going to take place just headline that fight night card on
the road with the with this title fight like what’s wrong with that we saw the success of putting a women’s title fight
on an ESPN plus Fight Night card 1.1 million people I know it’s a little different but that
card top to bottom wasn’t spectacular it was fine we were excited for certain fights and certain Fighters but just
headline a fight night with that one there’s nothing wrong with crown champ for the end of the year doesn’t have to be on Pay-per-view so I would say yes
and I think that objectively that’s a good argument but as we just went through it they have no one for a
January pay-per-view so they kind of need that fight for January pay-per-view could they do the vacant heavyweight
title fight in January that’s a great Point actually
um yeah I I would actually say now that I think the most likely outcome is we get
Pena Pennington as the co-main event to a I’m just gonna assume that it’s
pavlovich and aspinall for the interim and or vacant heavyweight title fight in
January you’re welcome UFC we’ve done it Well Done Mike you got there in the end we
did it took us a long time went on a journey I was staring at Jon Jones like he’s definitely not fighting in January
never thinking yeah because he’s never fighting again well it’s a great answer Mike
maybe our last question but it’s actually talk about this weekend God
what if real quick I’m gonna answer this like what if what if a hashka and Pereira fight to a draw God would that
be hilarious it still won’t be as funny if Pereira just boops him but it would be pretty
funny I I would fight anything that gets the light heavyweight division to just keep
not having a real Champion just keep throwing chaos every which way it’s very
funny to me this fight isn’t this fight’s so good and then the winners probably gonna fight Jamal Hill which
which is also very interesting it’s pretty fun uh so we got UFC Vegas 79 this weekend
we got fazeb gamrod as the main event we got Bryce Mitchell Danny gay yes the rematch that Jed was touting earlier
Marina Rodriguez Michelle Waterson Gomez the magic eight ball has told you oh
yeah the waters and Gomez which I I did guys right here that’s so funny I love the gimmick uh
what’s the sneaky good fight of the weekend and it couldn’t it could be one it could be Misfits boxing
there’s a lot of ways we can go this well we can go crazy but let’s pick a UFC one and if you want to go out of the
box you can pick another one Casey go oh I’m actually super excited to watch
um The Return of Mizuki in a way that’s uh I would have bet my life that that
would be your answer all right I’m a big Mizuki anyway fan she’s been out for a couple years of injuries and
uh yeah and she’s fighting I think the second fight on the night so um that’s my fight I’m really excited for it but
overall actually I like this Apex card a lot and um uh yeah um
yeah I mean I just like it I know uh I want to see and as much as I dislike Bryce Mitchell as a person I’m very
interested in this fight with Danny I love that fight Chad Loki banger
low-key banger that’s a good question Mike it’s a very
good question I’m torn between two options I’m gonna go with what my heart says and it’s uh Ricardo Ramos Charles
Jordan because Ricardo Ramos is always in um weird and interesting fights and
very fun Charles Bourdain tends to be fairly fun as well I think that fight is pretty guaranteed to be a good time uh
but a special shout out to Tim Means Andre fyajo because two guys on three fight losing streaks I
mean sign me up that’s that’s my kind of odd so it’s gonna be great my outside of
Doc there’s only one answer no disrespect to Bellator which I’ll be
working yeah Saturday morning baby 21 fights 21 fights and quite possibly the
best middleweight and Earth competing defending his title uh it would be incredibly funny if Fabian won but
neither here nor there uh the only the the best and biggest fight this weekend
is not in the UFC it’s not in Bellator it’s in one Championship it’s Rod Tang versus superlack super like missed
weight um they’re still doing it but we’re talking absolute A1 world-class Muay
Thai in lumpini it don’t get no better uh so even if you
don’t really care if you like fighting just tune in for that like even if you’re not a big Muay Thai guy that’s
just a banger and it’s Friday morning it’s it’s just sick so yeah that’s that’s the best fight of the weekend by
like a wide emoji and it’s in the beginning all right so it’s not gonna be in a
stupid cage nice they may still do it in the stupid cage because it is one but it’s in it’s in
lumpina that’s that’s probably that is the correct answer
for sure so it’s by far the best oh no it’s uh it’s enclosures ring it says enclosure is ring so
sweet which makes sense because you know I mean I know Rod Tang has done the stuff but like you would think that
these two dudes would be fighting like a Muay Thai fight in a Muay Thai environment I I I’m so bad I I thank you
I totally forgot that my ranking the best middleweight on the planet is fighting this this Saturday too
well you know it flew under the radar because it’s not entirely being promoted yeah I totally forgot it was happening
yeah and I just saw the email about virtual
media Day quotes too and I forgot all about it I want to be clear to the viewers and listeners at home I’m the
one in this company who’s the worst at remembering things like this so if you
don’t remember you know it’s bad man this this is so much going on with
the news and all that stuff that I kind of just flew into the radar you’re right Casey the top seven fights
and even uh the the Inuit return it’s a pretty good Apex card it means it’s
gonna be super ridiculous look I I stared at this car and was
debating whether it deserves a Michelin star coveted oh shulen star I think because of the venue it it just
doesn’t clear because I don’t want to go to the Apex to watch this card but I mean it’s it’s on the border you
know it’s only 11 fights that’s a tidy number I love that number um
several meaningful fights and then several like weird and interesting fights and only a couple of total like
total forgettables so it’s a good car does does this card this is a very important
question this is going to test the machine scale forever does this card get more shine on the Michelin scale at
least on the Michelin board does this card get more shine is there more of an
argument to get a star for this card than UFC 293. oh 293 if that’s zero Stars 293 is more
um but it’s again you also have to consider um the whole variety of Sydney Australia
and what it has to offer at nine in the morning you know like you could do anything at nine in the morning in
Sydney the world is your oyster um I think this is
a hair beneath 293. but I mean it’s it’s
a hair particularly after the fact 293 obviously bumped up because of the historic nature of the main event uh but
heading into it I would still say 293 was better because you know the vibe you’re
gonna get it’s going to be a raucous Sydney crowd cheering for a bunch of people from from Australia a bunch of
kiwis uh getting after it so this very slightly edges it out
okay yeah all right I think we’re done we got more oh thank you Max that’s correct answer
100 take all my ESPN plus money done that’s it the ghost the goat versus the
goat hit the music we ain’t gonna get any better than that hit the music we can
play us out on this I just want to say this Bellator card is decent
um I mean it’s a Dublin card so it’s 21 fights which is a lot but they’re good
with the pacing and the top portion of this and Pico fighting Matt’s Burnell
always a good time uh manzar bonui coming back like pretty good fight card
it’s it’s these it’s pretty good there’s a lot of prelims man and if we get like 14 finishes then this is gonna be really
good but if not if we get 14 finishes yeah uh if we don’t they’re gonna be a lot of post limbs
lists okay we’ll talk about it right here next week on between the legs good night everybody thank you for watching
love y’all

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