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Cortney Casey, born on May 5, 1987, in Mesa, Arizona, is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the Strawweight division. She is currently signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Standing at 5 ft 6 in and weighing 115 lbs, Casey brings a dynamic style to the Octagon. With a record of 10 wins and 10 losses, she has showcased her skills in a variety of fights and has been recognized for her performances with “Fight of the Night” and “Performance of the Night” bonus awards.

Background and Early Career

Cortney Casey, a Mexican-American, began her journey in mixed martial arts after an injury ended her soccer career at the University of Texas at El Paso. Following her passion for combat sports, she embarked on a new path in 2009, dedicating herself to the world of MMA.

Casey’s transition from soccer to MMA was not without its challenges. However, her perseverance and determination fueled her rapid progress in the sport. After honing her skills in amateur bouts, she made her professional debut in 2013.

“I fell in love with the intensity and freedom that MMA offers. It gave me a new purpose and a platform to express myself as an athlete,” Casey reflects on her early career.

Throughout her early career, Casey displayed a strong work ethic and a dynamic fighting style, which quickly caught the attention of fans and promoters. Her ability to combine striking and grappling techniques, along with her natural athleticism, set her apart from her competitors.

Building the Foundation for Success

As Casey continued to rack up victories in the regional MMA scene, her reputation grew, and she caught the eye of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) scouts. In 2015, she received the coveted call to join the prestigious promotion, marking a significant milestone in her professional journey.

The road to success was not without its bumps. Casey faced seasoned veterans and rising stars in the women’s strawweight division, testing her skills and determination. Despite some setbacks, she consistently showcased her abilities and resilience inside the Octagon, earning the respect of her peers and the admiration of fans.

“Every challenge I faced along the way has shaped me into the fighter I am today. I’ve learned from both my victories and defeats, and I’m constantly striving to improve and evolve,” Casey asserts.

With a strong background in soccer, a passion for competition, and a relentless drive to succeed, Cortney Casey has laid a solid foundation for her professional MMA career. As she continues to pursue her dreams, fans around the world eagerly anticipate her future accomplishments in the sport.

Mixed Martial Arts Career

In her professional mixed martial arts (MMA) career, Cortney Casey has showcased her skills and determination inside the Octagon. Competing in various promotions, including the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Casey has faced off against some of the toughest opponents in the Strawweight division.

Casey made her UFC debut on July 18, 2015, where she faced Joanne Calderwood. Although she lost the fight, her impressive performance earned her a “Fight of the Night” bonus. This early recognition highlighted Casey’s ability to bring excitement and intensity to her bouts.

Throughout her career, Casey has continued to display her dynamic fighting style. She has gone on to face notable opponents such as Seo Hee Ham, Randa Markos, and Cláudia Gadelha. These matchups have further solidified Casey’s reputation as a fierce competitor, always willing to take on tough challenges.

Notable Fights:

  • Joanne Calderwood
  • Seo Hee Ham
  • Randa Markos
  • Cláudia Gadelha

With each fight, Cortney Casey continues to evolve as a fighter, constantly honing her skills and pushing herself to new limits. Her determination and passion for the sport make her an exciting athlete to watch in the world of MMA.

Notable Wins and Losses

Cortney Casey’s career as an MMA fighter has been filled with both notable wins and challenging losses. These fights have shaped her journey and contributed to her growth and development as a competitive athlete.

Among her notable victories, Casey has secured wins over fighters such as Jessica Aguilar, Angela Hill, and Mara Romero Borella. These wins showcase Casey’s ability to overcome formidable opponents and highlight her skill and determination inside the Octagon.

However, Casey has also faced tough losses against opponents like Antonina Shevchenko, Michelle Waterson, and Felice Herrig. These setbacks have served as learning experiences, motivating Casey to continually improve and refine her techniques. Despite the losses, Casey has demonstrated resilience and the ability to bounce back.

“Every win and loss brings a new lesson and an opportunity for growth. I take every fight as a chance to learn and become a better fighter.” – Cortney Casey

It is through these notable wins and losses that Cortney Casey continues to evolve as an MMA fighter. Her determination and dedication to the sport will undoubtedly contribute to her future success in the Strawweight division.

Championships and Accomplishments

Although Cortney Casey has not secured a championship title thus far, she has received recognition for her performances in the UFC. With her dynamic fighting style and determination, Casey has consistently delivered exciting and entertaining fights that have earned her the respect and admiration of fans and fellow fighters.

One of the notable accomplishments in Casey’s career is receiving the “Fight of the Night” bonus on two occasions. This award is given to fighters who deliver an exceptional and thrilling fight that captivates the audience. Casey’s ability to engage her opponents and showcase her skills in the Octagon has resulted in some memorable battles that have left a lasting impact.

In addition to the “Fight of the Night” awards, Casey has also been honored with the “Performance of the Night” bonus once. This accolade is presented to fighters who deliver outstanding performances, demonstrating exceptional skill, technique, and dominance. Casey’s ability to showcase her diverse skill set and perform at a high level has earned her this prestigious recognition.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Received “Fight of the Night” bonus twice
  • Received “Performance of the Night” bonus once

Professional Record

Cortney Casey has built an impressive professional record in her MMA career. With a total of 20 fights under her belt, she has achieved 10 wins and 10 losses. Casey has demonstrated her versatility in the Octagon, securing victories in a variety of ways.

Out of her 10 wins, 3 have come by knockout, 4 by submission, and 3 by decision. This showcases Casey’s ability to finish fights with striking, grappling, or by going the distance and impressing the judges. Her well-rounded skill set has made her a formidable opponent in the Strawweight division.

On the flip side, Casey has faced tough challenges in her losses, with 2 coming by submission and 8 by decision. However, each defeat has served as a learning experience, allowing her to identify areas for improvement and further develop her techniques.

As Casey continues to hone her skills and gain more experience in the MMA world, her professional record will undoubtedly evolve. Fans and fellow fighters are eager to see her in action again and witness her growth as an athlete.

Upcoming Fights and Suspensions

Cortney Casey, the talented MMA fighter, has had her fair share of ups and downs in her career. Unfortunately, she recently had to withdraw from a scheduled fight against Jasmine Jasudavicius on February 25, 2023, due to an undisclosed medical reason. This unexpected turn of events was disappointing for both fans and Casey herself, as she was eager to showcase her skills in the Octagon once again.

Adding to the setback, Casey is currently serving a four-month suspension after self-reporting the use of a prohibited substance for medical treatment. This suspension is a testament to her commitment to integrity and transparency within the sport. While it is undoubtedly a challenging time for Casey, it is also an opportunity for her to rest, recover, and strategize for her return to the Octagon.

Casey’s suspension will be lifted on October 1, 2023, making her eligible to compete again. This eagerly anticipated comeback has fans eagerly awaiting her return, as they look forward to seeing her dynamic fighting style and determination once more. With her eye on the future, Casey is determined to bounce back stronger and prove herself as an elite contender in the Strawweight division.

Future Prospects

As Cortney Casey continues to pave her path in the world of mixed martial arts, her future prospects are filled with exciting possibilities. With her dynamic fighting style and unwavering determination, Casey has the potential to make significant strides in the Strawweight division.

As she refines her skills and gains more experience, Casey can aim to climb up the rankings and challenge some of the top fighters in her weight class. Her performances inside the Octagon have already garnered attention and accolades, showcasing her ability to compete at a high level.

With each fight, Casey learns and grows, using both her victories and losses as stepping stones to further develop her craft. As she continues to evolve as a fighter, fans and critics alike will be eagerly watching to see how she navigates future challenges and seizes new opportunities.