Conor McGregor: Is He a True Mystic or Just Delusional? Shocking Revelations Inside!

Conor McGregor, also known as Mystic Mac, recently gave an interview where he expressed his hopefulness to fight in December. This caught the attention of many, as McGregor is known for his confident and brash persona. However, it seems that McGregor has adopted a more humble approach this time around.

During The Ultimate Fighter, McGregor faced some criticism when he engaged in a back-and-forth with Danny Rubenstein. In response, McGregor stated that he didn’t have three guys bounced to bring his own three guys in. He acknowledged that he is making a comeback himself and is trying to get back into the mix. This humble comment from McGregor was quite refreshing, considering his usual demeanor.

McGregor’s use of the word “hopeful” is interesting. In the past, he has been known for his unwavering confidence and self-assuredness. However, this time, McGregor seems to be acknowledging that there are factors beyond his control that may affect his return to the octagon.

In this article, we will explore McGregor’s recent comments and speculate on what they could mean for his future fights. We will also discuss the significance of McGregor’s previous fights and the impact they had on the sport.

One of the notable moments in McGregor’s interview was when he mentioned his tweet from a few months ago regarding USADA and the UFC. In the tweet, McGregor expressed frustration with the organizations for preventing him from fighting in December. He believed that he could fight without going through the 180-day testing pool requirement. This tweet was a departure from McGregor’s usual character, as he rarely shows vulnerability or admits to being hindered by external factors.

McGregor’s return to the octagon in December 2020 was highly anticipated. He announced his readiness to fight and a pay-per-view event was quickly organized, featuring a bout against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. The event sold out in less than 24 hours, breaking records for gate revenue. McGregor’s popularity and drawing power were evident, as he surpassed previous box office records set by UFC 100.

However, McGregor’s next fight may not surpass his previous records. McGregor himself used the word “hopeful” when discussing his potential fight in December. This raises questions about the certainty of his return and whether there are other factors at play. McGregor’s previous fights were often announced with certainty, but non-title fights have historically been subject to changes and negotiations.

It is worth noting that McGregor expressed his desire for a fight against Michael Chandler while also mentioning his hope for a rematch with Nate Diaz. The public has been led to believe that McGregor’s next fight will be against Chandler, but the recent interest shown by Diaz could potentially alter those plans. While it is likely that McGregor will face Chandler, there is no guarantee at this point.

The lack of a confirmed date, bout agreement, and agreed-upon weight class for McGregor’s next fight further adds to the uncertainty. These are crucial elements that need to be in place before we can confidently say that a fight is happening. Without these details, it is difficult to predict when and against whom McGregor will step back into the octagon.

In conclusion, Conor McGregor’s recent comments about his hopeful return to the octagon have sparked speculation and uncertainty. While McGregor is known for his confidence and bravado, his use of the word “hopeful” suggests that there may be factors beyond his control that could affect his return. The lack of a confirmed date, bout agreement, and weight class for his next fight only adds to the uncertainty. As fans eagerly await McGregor’s next move, it remains to be seen who he will face and when he will make his highly anticipated return to the octagon.

Mystic Mac or is Connor getting a little
delusional Connor did an
interview and he said uh he’s still
hopeful still hopeful that’s an
interesting word he’s hopeful to fight
in December and I do I do say hopeful
because we’re seeing a new humble Connor
and there’s nothing that has humbled him
red panty Knight is still King make no
mistake but he’s coming in Humble I’ve
heard a few things from him that I’ve
liked but I’ve also turned my head and
go hey what’s going on here like do we
got a real competitor here do we got a
competitor that’s really trying to make
comeback and he has said this he took
some heat during The Ultimate Fighter
and I want to say it was when he was
kind of in a back and forth with Danny
Rubenstein and he was saying look I
didn’t get three guys bounced to bring
my three guys in that did not happen for
one and two before yall get up in arms
with me I’m making a comeback myself I’m
trying to get myself back in the
mix and and it was a very humble comment
from a guy who goes out of his way to
make sure he never makes humble comments
I loved it I loved it because if you’re
a true competitor if you really you have
to view yourself that way you have to if
you want red panite to stay real and you
want to be the king marketer you can’t
let the public know you view yourself
this way so it was it was his major push
and pull I liked it I thought it was
refreshing I like when Conor breaks
character every now and
then and I don’t want to make too much
right I don’t want to turn poetry into
the word hopeful but hopeful is an
interesting word Conor had come out with
a tweet a number of months ago as it had
to do with usada and the UFC and them
not letting him fight in
December and he said these guys are
stopping me from making a living and
this isn’t their first time kind of
letting us in on a behind the scenes
that he genuinely or at least my
interpretation that he was genuinely
trying to fight Michael Chandler and he
genuinely thought he was going to be
able to do that without doing the 180 8
Days within the
pool I think Connor was
sincere and I think when he came out
with that tweet which completely broke
Connor character completely broke
character to let the world know I’m
trying I’m doing my part on being told
no this is the guy that’s never been
no Conor McGregor reveals in December
what was the year guys was it 2020 I
Used to Know years so well and then Co
hit and I got all thrown off was it 2020
in December the month of a pay-per-view
By the Way Conor McGregor announces I’m
ready to fight I’ll fight I’ll fight now
fight I’ll fight now so they go and get
him a
venue they book a pay-per-view that
wasn’t even on the books in Las Vegas
bringing cowboy Cerrone for a pile of
cash they sell the whole thing out in
less than 24 hours for all I know that
was that was 10 hours all I it was less
than 24 hours for a top 15 record
gate no title fights I was there that
night it was a good card no disrespect I
don’t remember who the comain event was
no distri it was a very good card but I
don’t remember this was all about Connor
they threw the thing together and what
was the most
interesting is they did it a week before
a scheduled pay-per-view so they got a
Pay-per-view on December 13th on
December 7th they announced that on
January 20th they’re going to do a
pay-per-view with cter McGregor so now
they’re advertising two show against
each other right you’re trying to get
people ined you’re trying to get them to
come this way they’re they’re going this
way you’re advertising two shows okay I
only got x amount of money which one am
I going to go to like the UFC doesn’t do
that this is how hot he
was this is how hot he
is Connor is not cool not not not the
way you guys
think Connor had the biggest box office
ever ever
that’s over UFC 100 we usually when we
talk numbers we exclude 100 because it
was such a one-off right 1.7 million
pay-per-views Dana Dana owes us a jump
off the Mandalay Bay he didn’t think it
would do that many as the optimistic
president even even outd him right we
usually don’t even count 100 count 100
count them all Connor had the record
until it got beaten by
Connor and then that one got beaten by
Connor and then that one got beaten by
con I used to have the record is why I
know this my second fight with Anderson
Silva was a $7.4 million gate and that
was the top gate at that time I’m
excluding the time that St Pierre fought
Jake Shields and they brought
in crazy amount of people and did $11
million gate it was a one time is
because it was Montreal and I’m just
sharing with you I follow those numbers
a little closer than some like I think
it’s weird when you guys follow rankings
I don’t even know where you would find a
ranking I literally don’t know and I
have people tease me they tell me it’s
like and then you back slash and
then you hit a rank I don’t know what a
backslash is and I’m a smart guy I own
three websites I don’t what a backslash
is it’s a weird thing that you would
know that for in all fairs but I’ll
admit to you it’s a little bit weird
that I would know who’s got gate records
right it’s a little bit weird that I
would know that but I do I’m just
sharing with you
why and Conor’s next fight why it might
not beat his number one record it might
not it’s still going to break into him
he’s going to beat one of his
records and I say that because when he
uses the word
hopeful okay should we just chock this
up to Connor for the first time ever has
misspoke maybe he’s tired he’s drinking
maybe no big
deal but this is a guy that doesn’t
misspeak or should we chalk this up too
this is a long shot but should we chalk
it up to perhaps there is another carard
being looked at being put together in
December that would be very
unlikely but it’s essentially happened
before I me we pushed it to January but
essentially that’s that’s what happened
when Connor returned for the fight with
cowboy Cerrone there was a pay-per-view
in December Connor says he wants to come
back and they went and booked it even if
it pushed to January you get my point is
that is that what we’re hearing that
that is being considered
and I really want something great for
Michael Chandler I actually don’t like
discussing this piece because I’m in
full support of Michael Chandler and I
hear myself and it sounds like I’m not I
am but I’m trying to be realistic to the
situation Conor McGregor in the same
piece told Michael Chandler to sit down
and wait and then said I hope Nate Diaz
returns to the UFC cuz I owe him a
fight and I really realize that the last
information that we the public have been
given is that for sure it’s going to be
Connor and Chandler that’s been promised
that’s done I get it I I do fully
understand that I don’t overly question
that but I undisputedly don’t question
that the time it was said it was
absolutely true at the time it was said
you’re as good as the information that
you have at the
time and that statement was said prior
to Nate Diaz showing a new
interest and we do have times
historically where once it said it’s
these two guys that’s done and guys can
push and pull and they can do the media
ultimately they can sit on their ass
once it’s said that’s the fight that’s
the fight right we got a rankings room
we got a way we do this we got
matchmakers we have a process when the
process is done and the names get spat
out this is what we’re going to do you
could tell me plenty of times
historically you’ve done that however
100% of those times you could name for
me are title
fights you you do not have a time and
you can go back to the secg days of 1993
through 2001 you do not have a single
time when a fight was announced and that
was it and we’re going to hang on it
that was a non-title
fight and you could easily say but this
was promised it sure it was but guess
what else was was promp was Nate Diaz
versus Conor
McGregor and it was meant and then Nate
ran his contract down he went over here
andbody it was one of those
things nobody Li this is what everybody
meant at the time it was said and then
some of the other pieces that weren’t
controllable change I think it’s going
to be Chandler but I can’t guarantee
it’s going to be Chandler and the more
time goes on what difference does it
make right I mean it made a big
difference three months ago it made a
big difference we’re coming off The
Ultimate Fighter this is what was
advertised this is what was marketed
this is what’s red
hot this isn’t even going to come in
2023 and if this battle with usada is a
real thing you got to wait 180 days
now you’re talking about it coming
halfway in a best case scenario halfway
2024 what do you do then you tell people
that these guys Once Upon a Time did The
Fighter is that what you
do do we get forest
and God Rest his soul Stephan but do we
get Chuck and Randy come back because
they did The Ultimate Fighter is that
what we tell people we don’t tell people
that in 2024 hey these guys did The
Ultimate Fighter and I I know we’ve done
three seasons since then but you know
we’ said it it just doesn’t work that
way so then the question comes why are
fighting are they fighting because it’s
a really big fight that we all want to
see great that’s a really good reason
I’ll take that but is that the
case that fight and I love it again I’m
on Chandler’s side I’m saying this
trying to help Chandler I’m trying to
but and I’m a words come out a little
bit but that fight to this
day to this day and this has been booked
for what seven months I found out about
this fight driving to fedor’s retirement
fight I remember where I was so how long
ago was that sixth five
months from the day that was announced
to right now this fight not only doesn’t
have a date it not only doesn’t have a
agreement it doesn’t have an agreed upon
class so before you tell me we got a
fight and we’ve got to get to it I’m
going to stop you right there and I’m
going to tell you nowhere in the history
of this
sport when you don’t have a bout
agreement you don’t have a date and you
haven’t agreed on the weight class nor
in the history of this sport have you
agreed to do a

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