Henry Cejudo Explains Why 'Boring' Colby Covington Will Beat Leon Edwards At UFC 296

Former two-division champion Henry Cejudo is confident that Colby Covington will emerge victorious in the Colby Covington vs Leon Edwards matchup at UFC 296. Cejudo believes that Covington’s wrestling skills and relentless fighting style will be too much for Edwards to handle. While Covington’s approach may be considered boring by some, Cejudo emphasizes that it should not be underestimated, as Covington has proven his ability to finish fights. Cejudo predicts that Covington will secure a decision victory over Edwards, potentially winning four rounds to one or 3-2.

Henry Cejudo’s Analysis of the Matchup

In his analysis of the Colby Covington vs Leon Edwards fight, Henry Cejudo delves into the fighters’ skillsets and evaluates their chances of success. Cejudo, a former two-division champion himself, provides valuable insights into what could transpire when these two welterweights clash at UFC 296.


Cejudo starts by examining the striking abilities of both fighters. While both Covington and Edwards possess solid striking techniques, Cejudo believes that Edwards has the slight edge in this department. Edwards’ crisp striking, powerful kicks, and accurate counters make him a dangerous opponent on the feet. Covington, on the other hand, relies more on his volume and pressure to overwhelm his opponents, often using his striking as a means to set up his wrestling.


Cejudo then moves on to discuss the wrestling aspects of the matchup. Here, he highlights Covington’s significant advantage over Edwards. Covington’s elite wrestling skills, honed through his collegiate wrestling background, have been a key factor in his success inside the octagon. Cejudo emphasizes Covington’s ability to control his opponents on the ground, dictating the pace and nullifying their offense. This could pose a significant challenge for Edwards, who has shown vulnerabilities in defending against high-level wrestlers in the past.

Endurance and Cardio:

An often underrated aspect of a fight, Cejudo emphasizes the importance of endurance and cardio in determining the outcome. Both Covington and Edwards have shown incredible conditioning in their previous fights, but Cejudo believes Covington’s relentless pace and ability to maintain a high output over five rounds could be a determining factor. If the fight goes the distance, it’s likely that Covington’s superior cardio will give him the edge.

In conclusion, Cejudo’s analysis suggests that Covington’s wrestling advantage, combined with his relentless style and superior cardio, could prove to be the difference-maker in his clash with Edwards. While Edwards possesses solid striking skills, his wrestling defense and endurance might be tested by Covington’s relentless pressure. As the fight approaches, fight fans eagerly anticipate this welterweight showdown, which promises to be a compelling battle between two skilled athletes in the mixed martial arts world.

One of the key factors that Henry Cejudo believes will work in Colby Covington’s favor is his superior wrestling skills compared to Leon Edwards. Cejudo, a former two-division champion himself, highlights Covington’s ability to control his opponents on the ground, which could pose a significant challenge for Edwards in their upcoming welterweight showdown at UFC 296. Covington’s wrestling prowess has been a defining aspect of his fighting style. He has consistently showcased his ability to take down opponents and keep them grounded, nullifying their striking power and minimizing their chances of mounting a successful offense. This aptitude for controlling the fight in the wrestling department gives Covington a significant advantage, as he can dictate the pace of the bout and wear down opponents with his relentless pressure. On the other hand, Cejudo suggests that Edwards’ wrestling skills are still a question mark. While Edwards has proven himself as a skilled mixed martial artist, his grappling abilities have not been put to the test against someone with the caliber of Covington. This could potentially leave Edwards vulnerable to being dominated on the ground, a scenario that Covington will likely look to exploit. Despite Covington’s wrestling prowess being seen by some as boring, Cejudo argues that it shouldn’t be underestimated. Covington’s relentless approach and ability to finish fights could be key factors in securing a victory over Edwards. Cejudo predicts that Covington will grind out a decision win, potentially winning four rounds to one or 3-2 in what promises to be an intense and closely contested battle. In conclusion, Covington’s superior wrestling skills provide him with a significant advantage over Edwards in their upcoming fight. Cejudo’s analysis suggests that Covington’s ability to control the fight on the ground will pose a significant challenge for Edwards, whose wrestling skills are still in question. While Covington’s fight style may be considered boring by some, Cejudo emphasizes that it shouldn’t be underestimated, as Covington has the ability to finish fights. With these factors in mind, Cejudo predicts that Covington will come out victorious, potentially winning by decision with a dominant performance.

Covington’s Wrestling AdvantageEdwards’ Wrestling Question Marks
– Superior wrestling skills– Questionable wrestling abilities
– Ability to control opponents on the ground– Unproven grappling against high-level wrestlers
– Dictates the pace of the fight– Vulnerable to being dominated on the ground

Edwards’ Wrestling Question Marks

Henry Cejudo raises doubts about Leon Edwards’ wrestling skills and how they may contribute to the outcome of the fight against Colby Covington. While Edwards is known for his striking ability and has showcased impressive stand-up skills in previous fights, his wrestling game has been called into question. Cejudo, a former Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling, believes that Covington’s background in wrestling will pose a significant challenge for Edwards.

Edwards’ wrestling question marks stem from his lack of high-level wrestling experience. While he has shown some takedown defense and grappling skills in past fights, it remains to be seen whether he can handle the relentless pressure and superior wrestling technique of Covington. Cejudo points out that Covington’s ability to control opponents on the ground and secure takedowns could be a game-changer in this matchup.

Specifically, Cejudo highlights Edwards’ vulnerabilities when it comes to defending against the takedown. He suggests that Edwards may struggle to stuff Covington’s relentless takedown attempts, potentially leading to a disadvantageous position on the ground. Against a wrestler of Covington’s caliber, any weakness in Edwards’ wrestling skills could be exploited, putting him at a significant disadvantage in the fight.

Leon Edwards’ Wrestling SkillsColby Covington’s Wrestling Skills
Questionable takedown defenseSuperior takedown technique
Limited grappling experienceExtensive wrestling background
Potential vulnerability on the groundAbility to control opponents on the ground

Considering the importance of wrestling in the world of mixed martial arts, Cejudo’s doubts about Edwards’ wrestling skills could have a significant impact on the outcome of the fight against Covington. If Edwards fails to address these question marks and improve his wrestling game, it could play right into Covington’s strengths and make victory for the former two-division champion all the more likely.

Covington’s ‘Boring’ Fight Style

While Colby Covington’s fight style may be labeled as ‘boring’ by some, Henry Cejudo explains why it shouldn’t be overlooked in his upcoming matchup against Leon Edwards. Cejudo, a former two-division champion himself, highlights the effectiveness of Covington’s relentless approach and its potential impact on the fight.

Covington’s ability to control his opponents on the ground is a key aspect of his game. Cejudo emphasizes that this wrestling advantage could pose a significant challenge for Edwards. By utilizing his superior wrestling skills, Covington has the ability to nullify Edwards’ offense and dictate the pace of the fight.

Furthermore, Cejudo points out that Covington’s fight style is not without its moments of excitement. While it may not always result in flashy knockouts or submissions, Covington has shown the ability to finish fights. His relentless pressure, high volume striking, and suffocating ground game have proven to be effective tools in wearing down opponents and securing victories.

In the upcoming matchup against Edwards, Cejudo predicts that Covington will use his wrestling advantage to control the fight and grind out a decision victory. Possible scorecard scenarios could see Covington winning four rounds to one or a closer 3-2 decision. Despite the label of ‘boring’, Covington’s fight style should not be underestimated, as it has proven to be a winning formula for him in the past.

Quoting Henry Cejudo:

“Colby’s style may not be the flashiest, but it gets the job done. His relentless pace and superior wrestling will be too much for Edwards to handle. People may call it boring, but at the end of the day, it’s effective. That’s why I believe Colby will come out on top.”
Fight StyleAdvantagesPotential Impact
Colby CovingtonSuperior wrestling skillsControl the fight, nullify Edwards’ offense
Relentless PressureWear down opponentsDictate the pace, secure victory
High Volume StrikingIncrease chances of finishing fightsImpress the judges, potentially earn a stoppage

Cejudo’s Prediction: Covington by Decision

Henry Cejudo, after careful analysis, confidently predicts that Colby Covington will secure a decision victory over Leon Edwards in their UFC 296 encounter. Covington’s wrestling prowess and relentless style are expected to pose significant challenges for Edwards, whose wrestling skills have been questioned in the past. Despite being known for his “boring” fight style, Covington has shown the ability to finish fights and will likely capitalize on his strengths in this matchup.

Cejudo envisions a closely contested bout with Covington ultimately prevailing. The former champion predicts that Covington will control the fight and score takedowns, using his dominant wrestling to keep Edwards on the defensive. While Edwards is a skilled fighter, Cejudo believes that Covington’s relentless pressure and ground control will win him the necessary rounds to secure a decision victory.

In terms of scoring, Cejudo foresees a scenario where Covington wins four rounds to one or a closer 3-2 decision. The former two-division champion’s analysis suggests that Covington’s wrestling advantage will be the determining factor in the fight, allowing him to neutralize Edwards’ offensive attacks and dictate the pace. Cejudo’s prediction aligns with the general consensus that Covington’s wrestling pedigree will give him the upper hand in this welterweight showdown.

Rounds ScoredScorecard
4 rounds to 149-46 for Covington
3 rounds to 248-47 for Covington

Fight Highlights and Recap

In this section, we take a closer look at the Colby Covington vs Leon Edwards fight, highlighting the key moments and recapping the action that unfolded in the octagon. The fight started with both Covington and Edwards looking to establish their dominance early on. Covington wasted no time in showcasing his wrestling skills, taking Edwards down multiple times throughout the first round. Edwards, however, displayed his resilience and managed to stand back up each time, landing some solid strikes in the process. As the fight progressed, Covington continued to dictate the pace with his relentless pressure and ground control. Edwards had his moments, landing some crisp punches and showing his striking versatility. However, Covington’s superior wrestling and ability to nullify Edwards’ offense proved to be a significant factor in the fight. In the championship rounds, Covington turned up the heat, pushing the pace and keeping Edwards on the defensive. Despite Edwards’ best efforts to find a way back into the fight, Covington’s relentless style and wrestling dominance were too much to overcome. In the end, the judges’ scorecards reflected Covington’s control and effectiveness inside the octagon. He secured a unanimous decision victory, winning four rounds to one or 3-2, depending on the judges’ interpretation.

RoundColby CovingtonLeon Edwards

In summary, Colby Covington’s wrestling and relentless style proved to be the determining factors in his victory over Leon Edwards at UFC 296. Despite Edwards’ resilience and striking prowess, Covington’s ground control and ability to maintain a high pace throughout the fight secured him the win. With this victory, Covington establishes himself as a top contender in the welterweight division and sets his sights on a future title shot.


In conclusion, Henry Cejudo’s analysis suggests that Colby Covington’s wrestling prowess and relentless style will lead him to victory over Leon Edwards in their highly anticipated welterweight showdown at UFC 296. Cejudo, a former two-division champion, believes that Covington’s wrestling advantage and ability to control opponents on the ground will pose a significant challenge for Edwards, whose wrestling skills are still in question. Although Covington’s fight style may be considered boring by some, Cejudo argues that it should not be underestimated, as Covington has proven his ability to finish fights.

Based on his analysis, Cejudo predicts that Covington will grind out a decision victory over Edwards, possibly winning four rounds to one or 3-2. Covington’s relentless approach and wrestling dominance are expected to play a crucial role in securing this win. With his prediction, Cejudo highlights the importance of Covington’s strategic style and the potential difficulties Edwards may face in countering it.

As the highly anticipated welterweight showdown between Covington and Edwards approaches at UFC 296, fans eagerly await to see whether Covington’s wrestling prowess and relentless style will indeed prevail over Edwards’ skills. The outcome of this fight is sure to impact the welterweight division and potentially pave the way for Covington to claim the title of the new welterweight champion.

what oh no
lifterx.com has the juice
so UFC 296 has officially been announced
Kobe Covington versus Leon Edwards and
then the co-made event is Alex son
Alexander pantosia versus
Brandon roll Val
mean I’m pronouncing that right excuse
me I mean
the biggest question for me now looking
at all that what’s going on with Sean
O’Malley what’s going on with Conor
McGregor are they gonna end up shooting
these guys maybe more towards maybe
January February I mean that changes a
lot of things you know there’s uh
there’s maybe a potential matchup for me
and uh Murad or morat I should say so
there’s a lot of plans that are being
changed but obviously the UFC’s just
pulling triggers I think with Kobe
Covington against a guy like Leon
Edwards like I told you guys before I
think Kobe Covington’s Really Gonna I
think it’s a great matchup for him I
think Kamara Usman when he lost the the
second matchup he was playing more of
the game of
of trying to strike trying to kind of
little you know kind of
he wasn’t using his wrestling as much as
he was in the first fight
so I don’t know what the game plan was
the the second fight but in the first
fight when he did fight Leon Edwards it
was it was a besides him getting heck
kicked and then eventually getting
knocked out
he was winning that fight he was
fighting the he was fighting the best
fights you could possibly think very
tactical very strategic taking this dude
down ground him pounding them letting
him um doing the X Y and Z and that’s
what it is that’s what it is but the
thing with Colby Covington and Leon
Edwards is colby colby colby Covington
just has one style and that style is to
just wrestle to hug you call which
whatever it is that you want to call it
I think it was made Kobe Covington uh
the the controversial character that he
has now is yeah his fight style is
boring he will go out there he will just
hug your leg and he won’t do that but
Colby does finish people he literally
takes you down he eventually starts
pounding and he does he starts doing x y
and z
so this matchup is is perfect for Kobe I
think we are going to have a new
Champion I think because I don’t think I
don’t think I don’t think Leon Edwards
um striking is or take down defense
gonna be enough for a guy like Colby
Covington Kobe coven said his time is
just coming when you the only person
that could really be Kobe Covington is
just another great wrestler another
wrestler who can really defend takedowns
another wrestler who is willing to
you know who is willing to to to make
Colby Covington fight on his feet you
know a guy with good defense a guy like
Kamar Usman a guy like hanza chaman but
God like Bo nickel the problem is is at
HUB at 170 pounds right now they don’t
exist they absolutely don’t exist so I’m
sorry to say this guys you know rock uh
Leon Rocky Edwards you you fought for
the title you defended your title but I
just think now it’s
his time is done his time has officially
done so I have Kobe Covington
stylistically just for the simple fact
that that’s all he knows is wrestling
which is absolutely ridiculous but
that’s all he knows is absolute
wrestling and I think for that simple
reason it could also be a strength and
in this position because of the simple
fact that Leon’s defense is still a
little suspect
we have a new champion and his name is
Kobe chaos Covington and for the co-main
event we have Brandon Royal versus
Alexander pantosa it’s a great matchup
for pantosia pantosia is a scrapper
Revol is he’s he’s tough I guess you
could say but when it when it comes time
to you know train with those other guys
when it gets time to fight the that that
that one percenters Champions contenders
you just there’s he never shows up it’s
either in your shoulder or something or
he gets tapped out but something’s going
on that he needs to figure it out so for
that reason I think stylistically or a
guy like pantosia Fantasia’s got it
pantosia’s got it and I can see pantosia
literally winning this winning this
matchup by either submission or or
ground and pound TKO but on that on that
fight the UFC 296 I have him by
submission I think he’s too good I think
his train is running I think the simple
fact that Brandon Moreno didn’t want to
fight him just let you know to what
extent he wants to uh he wants to
you know he wants to he wants to be Chad
for a minute he wants to uh he wants to
remain Champion for a very long time
he’s trying to stay active and I can
appreciate that and I really do respect
that I just think Pat told you just a
little too much for Battle Royale but
she already has a victory over him he
takes the back I think he answered the
exact same way what you got for me
so we’re talking about the December card
UFC 296 are you interested in being on
this card versus marab
course of course the UFC they’ve offered
me the fight up I want to fight I
there’s two people that I do want I want
murab or I want algeman Sterling and if
I I if I have to wait as long as I can
to get those fights and I’ll wait you
know to me it’s not an issue but I think
there’s always the door could be cracked
open a little bit more just for the
simple fact that
Sean O’Malley if he loses to Cheeto Vera
it’s uh
it’s he’s done I think I think uh for a
guy like Sean O’Malley he might be
looking for another opponent so I think
we may end up getting a Cheeto Vero once
again so who knows man I’ll everything’s
up in the air but December 16th for
Triple C is looking fine and dandy I
just get the phone call we signed the
contract and I’m ready to go but either
way you UFC 295 with those two fights
with the with the main event and the
co-main event yeah it’s not McGregor
yeah it’s not O’Malley versus whoever
the hell but it’s actually still a very
good car

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