Covington vs Strickland: A Potential Showdown

A clash between Colby Covington and Sean Strickland for the UFC Middleweight title promises to be an epic showdown that fans can’t wait to witness. Covington, a former interim welterweight champion, has set his sights on the middleweight division and has expressed a strong desire to challenge Strickland for the title. His belief in beating Strickland is unwavering, as he considers him the easiest fighter to defeat in the division.

Covington’s confidence stems from his belief that Strickland’s recent victory over Israel Adesanya was a result of Adesanya’s lackluster preparation. He criticized the middleweight king for not taking his training seriously, stating that he overlooked Strickland. Covington sees this as an opportunity to expose Strickland’s vulnerabilities and make quick work of him.

While Covington is currently slated to face Leon Edwards for the welterweight title at UFC 296, his aspirations to compete in the middleweight division and challenge Strickland are clear. His upcoming fight with Edwards will undoubtedly play a significant role in determining his path towards the middleweight belt and a potential matchup with Strickland.

Key Points:- Colby Covington expresses interest in fighting Sean Strickland for the UFC Middleweight title- Covington believes Strickland is the easiest fighter to beat in the division- Covington criticizes Strickland’s victory over Israel Adesanya, stating that Adesanya didn’t train hard enough- Covington’s upcoming welterweight title fight against Leon Edwards will impact his pursuit of the middleweight belt and potential matchup with Strickland

Colby Covington’s Belief in Beating Strickland

Colby Covington firmly believes that he has what it takes to come out victorious against Sean Strickland, labeling him as the easiest opponent in the UFC Middleweight division. In a recent interview, Covington expressed his confidence, stating, “Strickland is nothing compared to the fighters I have faced in the past. He lacks the skill and determination to match up with me.”

Covington’s belief in his ability to defeat Strickland stems from his perception of Strickland’s weaknesses. He pointed out that Strickland’s recent victory over Israel Adesanya was not impressive, as he believes Adesanya overlooked Strickland and didn’t train hard enough for the fight. Covington stated, “If Strickland thinks he can defeat me based on that performance, he’s in for a rude awakening.”

While Covington is currently focused on his upcoming welterweight title fight against Leon Edwards, he has his eyes set on the middleweight belt as well. He sees a potential matchup with Strickland as the perfect opportunity to capture the middleweight title and solidify his position as one of the top fighters in the UFC.

Covington’s Key Points”Strickland is the easiest opponent in the UFC Middleweight division””Strickland’s victory over Adesanya was not impressive””I have what it takes to defeat Strickland and become the middleweight champion

Criticism of Strickland’s Victory over Adesanya

Colby Covington didn’t hold back as he criticized Sean Strickland for his victory over Israel Adesanya, claiming that Adesanya overlooked him and didn’t train hard enough. Covington, the former interim welterweight champion, believes that Strickland is the easiest fighter to beat in the middleweight division, and he made sure to let everyone know his thoughts.

In a recent interview, Covington expressed his disappointment in Adesanya’s performance against Strickland, stating, “I expected more from Adesanya. He underestimated Strickland and paid the price. Adesanya didn’t take him seriously and didn’t put in the necessary training. That’s why he lost.” Covington’s strong words reflect his confidence in his own abilities and his belief that he can defeat Strickland with ease.

“Strickland got lucky with that win, but luck runs out eventually. When we step into the Octagon, I’m going to expose him for the overrated fighter he is,” Covington boldly proclaimed.

While some may view Covington’s criticism as mere trash talk, it adds fuel to the ongoing feud between him and Strickland. Both fighters have been exchanging heated words in the media, building anticipation for a potential showdown in the future.

Strickland’s Training Focused and Unfazed by Criticism

Despite the criticism and doubts from Covington, Strickland remains focused on his training and undeterred in his pursuit of greatness. He has been relentlessly preparing for his upcoming fights, honing his skills and improving his game.

Strickland’s latest news reveals a fighter who is motivated by challenges and unfazed by negativity. He responded to Covington’s comments with a calm demeanor, stating, “Let him talk. I’ll let my skills do the talking in the cage. I’m confident in what I bring to the table.”

Strickland’s training regimen is known for its discipline and intensity. He has been working diligently on all aspects of his game, including striking, grappling, and conditioning. By staying focused on his own development and not letting outside noise affect him, Strickland demonstrates the mental fortitude of a true champion.

Colby Covington’s Criticism of Strickland’s Victory over AdesanyaSean Strickland’s Response to Covington’s ChallengeColby Covington’s Middleweight Aspirations
Covington claimed Adesanya overlooked Strickland and didn’t train hard enough.Strickland remains focused on his training and unfazed by Covington’s criticism.Covington aspires to challenge for the UFC Middleweight title.
“Strickland got lucky with that win, but luck runs out eventually.”“Let him talk. I’ll let my skills do the talking in the cage.”Covington believes Strickland is the easiest fighter to beat in the division.

Covington’s Welterweight Title Fight with Edwards

Before Covington can set his sights on Sean Strickland, he must first face Leon Edwards in a highly anticipated welterweight title fight. Covington, the former interim welterweight champion, is known for his aggressive fighting style and impressive wrestling skills. With a record of 16 wins and only 3 losses, he has consistently proven himself to be a top contender in the division.

Covington’s upcoming fight with Edwards at UFC 296 has generated a lot of buzz within the MMA community. Both fighters are known for their technical prowess and ability to finish fights. The matchup is expected to be a clash of styles, with Covington’s wrestling expertise pitted against Edwards’ striking game.

If Covington is able to secure a victory over Edwards and claim the welterweight title, it could pave the way for a potential showdown between him and Sean Strickland for the UFC middleweight belt. Covington has expressed his belief that Strickland is the easiest fighter to beat in the middleweight division, and he has his sights set on dethroning Strickland as the middleweight king.

Covington’s Upcoming FightDateOpponent
Covington vs EdwardsUFC 296Leon Edwards

Strickland’s Reign as the Middleweight King

Sean Strickland has established himself as a dominant force in the UFC Middleweight division, showcasing his skills and earning his title as the reigning king. With an impressive record and a string of victories, Strickland has proven himself to be a formidable contender.

One of the key factors contributing to Strickland’s success is his versatile fighting style. He possesses a well-rounded skill set, excelling in striking, grappling, and defense. This versatility has allowed him to adapt to different opponents and overcome various challenges in the octagon.

Moreover, Strickland’s work ethic and commitment to training have played a significant role in his rise to the top. Known for his relentless work rate and dedication to improving his skills, he has continuously honed his techniques and pushed himself to new heights.

As the reigning middleweight champion, Strickland has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with in the division. Fighters looking to dethrone him will have to bring their A-game and devise a solid game plan to stand a chance against his dominance.

Sean Strickland153

Covington’s Middleweight Aspirations

While primarily known as a welterweight, Colby Covington has set his sights on the middleweight division, fueled by the ambition to become the UFC Middleweight champion. Known for his relentless work ethic and exceptional fighting skills, Covington believes that he has what it takes to conquer the 185-pound weight class.

In recent interviews, Covington has made it clear that his ultimate goal is to challenge Sean Strickland for the UFC Middleweight title. Covington sees Strickland as the perfect opponent to showcase his dominance in the division. He has been vocal about his confidence in beating Strickland, stating that he considers him to be the easiest fighter to defeat in the middleweight division.

With his upcoming welterweight title fight against Leon Edwards at UFC 296, Covington has a chance to solidify his position as one of the top fighters in the world. However, his aspirations extend beyond the welterweight division. Covington’s determination to challenge Strickland for the middleweight title demonstrates his hunger for success and his belief in his abilities to conquer new weight classes.

Covington’s Middleweight Aspirations

  • Colby Covington aims to become the UFC Middleweight champion
  • He considers Sean Strickland the easiest fighter to beat in the middleweight division
  • Covington’s ambition extends beyond the welterweight division
“I’ve proven myself as one of the top welterweights in the world, and now it’s time for me to conquer a new weight class,” Covington said in a recent interview. I see Sean Strickland as the perfect opponent to showcase my skills and claim the middleweight belt. I have the utmost respect for his abilities, but I truly believe that I have what it takes to dethrone him.”

As Covington continues his training and preparation for his upcoming fights, including his clash with Edwards and the potential matchup with Strickland, the middleweight division eagerly awaits to see if he can make a successful transition and achieve his aspirations of becoming a two-division champion.

Covington’s Middleweight Aspirations 
AmbitionTo become the UFC Middleweight champion
View on StricklandConsiders him the easiest fighter to beat in the middleweight division
ExpansionWants to conquer new weight classes beyond welterweight

Strickland’s Response to Covington’s Challenge

Sean Strickland is not one to back down from a challenge, and he has responded to Colby Covington’s targeted challenge for the UFC Middleweight title. In the latest news, Strickland acknowledged Covington’s remarks and made it clear that he is more than willing to face him inside the Octagon. Strickland expressed his confidence in his skills, stating that he welcomes any opportunity to prove himself against top contenders.

Strickland brushed off Covington’s criticisms of his victory over Israel Adesanya, emphasizing that he is focused on his training and prepared to face any opponent who stands in his way. He acknowledged Covington’s reputation as a formidable fighter and expressed his belief that their potential matchup would be an exciting clash for fans.

While the UFC Middleweight division is packed with talented fighters, Strickland’s response indicates that he views Covington as a worthy challenger. As Strickland continues his training and prepares for his next fight, the possibility of a showdown with Covington looms large, capturing the attention of fans and pundits alike.

Strickland’s Response to Covington’s Challenge
“I’m ready to take on any challenge that comes my way, including Colby Covington. I respect his skills, but I’m confident in my abilities and believe I have what it takes to come out victorious.”
“I don’t pay much attention to outside criticism. My focus is on my training and on constantly improving as a fighter. I will be prepared for whoever steps into the Octagon with me.”
“A matchup with Covington would be an exciting fight for the fans. I’m always ready to prove myself against tough opponents, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

Covington’s Training and Preparation

Colby Covington is leaving no stone unturned in his training and preparation for his upcoming fights, with a specific focus on his potential bout against Sean Strickland. Covington, the former interim welterweight champion, is known for his rigorous training regimen and unwavering dedication to perfecting his skills inside the octagon.

As he gears up for his highly anticipated clash with Leon Edwards for the welterweight title at UFC 296, Covington is already setting his sights on the middleweight division and a potential matchup against Strickland. He understands the importance of meticulous preparation and is fully committed to being in top form for any future challenges.

From intense sparring sessions to grueling strength and conditioning workouts, Covington is pushing himself to the limit. He recognizes the importance of a well-rounded training approach and is working closely with his team to develop a game plan that capitalizes on his strengths and exploits any potential weaknesses in his opponents.

Training Highlights:
• Daily wrestling drills to maintain his exceptional grappling skills.
• Striking sessions with renowned coaches to sharpen his boxing and kickboxing techniques.
• Cardiovascular conditioning to ensure he maintains a relentless pace throughout his fights.

With each passing day, Covington is pushing himself to new heights, both physically and mentally. He understands the significance of his upcoming fights and the potential opportunities that lie ahead. Covington’s unwavering determination and tireless work ethic make him a formidable force in the world of mixed martial arts, and his training and preparation for a potential showdown with Strickland are no exception.

Strickland’s Path to Victory

Sean Strickland’s training and relentless work ethic, combined with the ongoing feud with Colby Covington, form a foundation for his potential victory in their anticipated UFC Middleweight title fight. Strickland has shown incredible dedication to his craft, constantly honing his skills and pushing himself to the limit in training.

With a background in various martial arts disciplines, Strickland brings a well-rounded skill set to the octagon. His striking abilities are impressive, with crisp combinations and powerful strikes that have proven to be devastating to his opponents. Additionally, Strickland’s grappling skills and technical groundwork provide him with a solid foundation for controlling the fight and securing submissions if the opportunity arises.

Aside from his technical prowess, Strickland’s mental fortitude and determination also play a crucial role in his potential victory. His ongoing feud with Covington has fueled his motivation to prove himself as the superior fighter. Strickland’s unwavering belief in his abilities and his refusal to back down from a challenge make him a formidable opponent for anyone in the middleweight division, including Covington.

Strickland’s Training Regimen

Strickland’s training regimen is characterized by intensity and discipline. He pushes himself beyond his limits, constantly seeking improvement in all aspects of his game. His daily routine includes rigorous conditioning drills, technical sparring sessions, and strength and conditioning workouts.

Strickland’s coaches and training partners play a crucial role in his preparation. They provide him with the necessary guidance and support to fine-tune his skills and develop effective strategies for specific opponents. His team’s collective knowledge and experience contribute to his growth as a fighter, ensuring that he is well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

StrikingSubmission defense
GrapplingGround and pound
Cardiovascular enduranceDefensive wrestling

In summary, Strickland’s path to victory against Covington lies in his relentless training, technical proficiency, mental toughness, and the fuel provided by their ongoing feud. If he can effectively implement his game plan, capitalize on his strengths, and exploit Covington’s weaknesses, Strickland has the potential to emerge victorious in their highly anticipated UFC Middleweight title fight.

Can Covington Dethrone Strickland?

A matchup between Colby Covington and Sean Strickland raises the question: Can Covington dethrone Strickland and claim the UFC Middleweight title? Let’s explore the possibilities and potential outcomes.

Covington, the former interim welterweight champion, has set his sights on the middleweight king, Strickland. He believes that Strickland is the easiest fighter to beat in the division, expressing his confidence in making quick work of him. Covington’s belief stems from his assessment of Strickland’s recent victory over Israel Adesanya, where he criticized Adesanya for overlooking Strickland and not training hard enough.

Despite Covington’s upcoming welterweight title fight against Leon Edwards, his aspirations in the middleweight division are undeterred. If he successfully captures the welterweight belt, a potential matchup with Strickland for the middleweight title becomes even more tantalizing.

The Possibilities and Potential Outcomes

In a Covington vs Strickland clash, the outcome is far from certain. Both fighters possess unique skills and styles, making this matchup intriguing for fans and pundits alike. Covington’s relentless pressure and wrestling prowess could pose a significant challenge for Strickland, who has proven to be a well-rounded and durable fighter. On the other hand, Strickland’s technical striking and accuracy could present a difficult puzzle for Covington to solve.

Potential OutcomesDescription
Covington’s Dominant PerformanceIf Covington manages to implement his game plan effectively, he could overwhelm Strickland with his relentless pace and grappling skills, potentially securing a dominant victory.
Strickland’s Striking BrillianceIf Strickland can keep the fight standing and showcase his technical striking, he has the potential to outstrike Covington and secure a decisive win.
A Close and Competitive BattleGiven the skills and fighting spirit of both athletes, it’s possible that the matchup could result in a closely contested battle, with neither fighter able to gain a clear advantage.

The outcome of a Covington vs Strickland fight would have significant implications for the UFC Middleweight division. If Covington were to emerge victorious, he would cement his status as one of the top fighters in multiple weight classes, potentially setting the stage for future blockbuster matchups. Conversely, a successful defense by Strickland would solidify his reign as the middleweight king and further elevate his stature within the division.

As fans eagerly await the outcome of Covington’s welterweight title fight with Edwards, the possibility of a future showdown with Strickland looms large. Although predicting the outcome of any fight is challenging, it is clear that a Covington vs Strickland matchup would deliver fireworks and capture the attention of the MMA world.


The potential clash between Colby Covington and Sean Strickland holds immense significance for the UFC Middleweight division, with fans eagerly awaiting the outcome and its impact on the title picture. Covington, the former interim welterweight champion, has expressed his interest in fighting Strickland for the UFC middleweight title. He firmly believes that Strickland is the easiest fighter to beat in the division and has confidently stated that he would make quick work of him.

Covington’s criticism of Strickland’s recent victory over Israel Adesanya has added fuel to the fire of their ongoing feud. Covington claims that Adesanya overlooked Strickland and didn’t train hard enough, questioning the legitimacy of Strickland’s win. This controversy has only heightened the anticipation surrounding a potential matchup between Covington and Strickland.

While Covington is set to face Leon Edwards for the welterweight title at UFC 296, he has made it clear that he has his eyes on the middleweight belt as well. His aspirations to compete in the middleweight division and challenge for the UFC Middleweight title further contribute to the excitement surrounding a potential showdown with Strickland.

The outcome of a Covington vs Strickland fight has sparked intense debates and predictions among fans and experts. With Covington’s relentless training and preparation for his upcoming fights and Strickland’s proven skills as the UFC Middleweight king, the clash between these two fighters promises to be a thrilling battle with high stakes.

Colby Covington wants the punk Sean
Strickland after he takes the
Welterweight Title of the champion Leon
Edwards yep that is correct Colby
Covington in his mind will beat Leon
Edwards December 16th UFC
296 and then he wants to move over
weight class to take on Sean Strickland
because he’s a punk we’ll get
into that in a minute so first of all
listen as we know Sean Strickland’s The
Man He’s The Champ he’s everyone’s
favorite Underdog and Sean Strickland is
pissing off Colby Covington here is what
Colby had to say first of all regarding
the fight with Izzy obviously Israel
overlooked him he thought that he was
just going to be able to Breeze through
this guy and he probably didn’t train
very hard and I think he’s getting a
little comfortable up there he’s made
some big paychecks and he’s just not
hungry like he used to be it just opens
the door for all the middleweights
because that’s the easiest guy in the
division to beat honestly it opens the
door for me I might go up and beat his
ass that guy’s a punked he got knocked
out by Kamara Amusement like a little
scrub okay now unconscious so imagine
what I would do to him as America’s
champ now listen we’re going to do a
little fact checking here I went and
looked at Sean’s Strickland’s record he
did lose to Kamara Usman in 2017 but it
was a unanimous decision but still Colby
Covington is a hype machine he really is
he’s a great fighter and it’s a tough
fight against Leon Edwards at UFC 296.
uh a fight that you know given the form
that Leonard was on right now the way
that he defended against kamaru I mean
he looked phenomenal in that the
takedown defense was on point and
striking was beautiful the knees and the
elbows in the clinch it’s a very very
dangerous fight but on the flip side
Colby conference is very different from
Kamara Usman it’s going to be a Non-Stop
attack High paced action fight right
from start to finish but here’s what
Colby had to say he said there’s a
reason that Liam is delaying this
matchup he knows that I’m stylistically
the hardest fight and for me it’s just
another fact another pay-per-view main
event I don’t remember the last time I
fought a three round three
really much some of these other bombs
that call out my name I think it’s a
great stylistic fight Southport to
Southport and I don’t think you can keep
up with my well-roundedness he’s going
to be guessing the whole time I’m gonna
take him down I’m a striker I’m gonna
take him down look I’m a black belt on
the Sensei Daniel Valverde my submission
skills my finishing skills I am coming
to put this dude’s lights out he ain’t
gonna make it 25 minutes with me okay so
that’s Colby there of course Leon will
have something to say about that and
that fight will be Sensational okay
Sean Strickland’s probably gonna end up
rematching Israel out of sign you Dana
White talked about it this week said
that Israel’s in L.A and he said he
already wants to fight again soon we
don’t know what’s going to happen we
don’t know how that is going to play out
but we can’t wait to see but listen
we’ve had some big fight announcements
recently the end of the year if you’re a
UFC fan it’s going to be Sensational
next month is a marchev versus Charles
Oliveira power comes to Hamza Jimmy have
that’s just the main and Coleman that’s
a stack card from start to finish then
we switch gears we go off to New York
the greatest of all times we’ve got John
Jones and we’ve got Stephen a chick
right Jon Jones returning the first real
fights at heavyweight and when I say a
real fight that’s not a disrespect to
still gone love silver gone but John
took him down quickly and he was over
very fast so it wasn’t necessarily a
fight for him we didn’t have all these
questions answered like can John take a
real shot off a legit heavyweight
Willy’s gas tank continue throughout
five rounds will be will he be able to
fight at a high Pace we don’t know
because it ended quickly in the first
round against the permitage it’s gonna
be a real fight in fact Daniel Cormier
just said this week he said I will be
very shocked if either man knocks each
other out this is going to be a hard
fight for both men and it really is it
really is and that’s a sensational fact
and we might see a double retirement
I’ve said it a few times now Steve pay
win or lose right probably retires he’s
41 years old now and Jon Jones if he
wins I think he might retire as well
because he’s done it he’s been there got
the T-shirt never mind that though never
mind t-shirts NFL fans the season is
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the former light heavyweight champion
taking on Alex Pereira the former
middleweight champion listen I can’t
wait for that main event that’s
incredible but prohaska and Pereira
that’s a ridiculous fight I’m telling
you right now in terms of striking in
terms of excitement in terms of non-stop
action that’s what that’s going to
deliver we all know Pereira we know the
Striking Acumen the kickboxing skills
that he had made his UFC light headwear
debut against yamlakovic wasn’t the most
exciting fight there wasn’t a high
output but it was at altitude in Salt
Lake City Utah this is on my sea level
Madison Square Garden New York City one
of the most legendary iconic venues on
planet Earth and it brings out the best
in all of those Fighters did it bring
out the Best in Me mind you
but Europe is coming back I’m coming the
man the samurai love this guy he’s out
of his mind okay
cardio and just goes for it the whole
time and he’s got proper knockout power
this is a tough fight for both men and
also we’ve got Mackenzie Dern versus
Jessica Andreas that’s a ridiculous
fight as well uh go on McKenzie nothing
against Jessica and George but I used to
train with Mackenzie and then of course
we come to the creme de La Creme the end
of the year Leon Edwards Colby Covington
that is the whole reason for this video
he’s out there talking a lot of
called the Covington just going to sit
there and Mumble
mama hey shot dead hey shot dead bro you
even got guns in UK but that’s what we
like about him he promotes the hell out
of fights he really does he makes
everybody interested when he fought
Kamala who’s been the last few times the
second one a Madison Square Garden Colby
was on fire I was there in the press
conference it was hilarious it was
engaging and it made you want to see the
now of course you lost that fight by a
decision then he came back he rebounded
over Jorge mazvidel you know pretty
dominating performance for him looked
great but he hasn’t fought in almost 18
months now to be fair to chamley and
Edwards he hasn’t had the busiest time
either but he did defend the belt in
March back in London defended against
Kamara Usman as I said before that had
one fight in 2022 two in 2021 2 in 19
one in 18. but that doesn’t matter okay
Leon is going to show up sharp as hell
like he always does the man is a
complete professional and his main event
is a pay-per-view in Las Vegas at the
T-Mobile Arena if you don’t think we’re
getting the best version of Lee and
Edwards than we’ve ever seen you’re out
of your mind and Colby kovich is going
to bring it as well because here’s the
reality for Colby confident I really
like Corbett I love talking to him but
here’s the situation this will be his
third title fight for the well to wear
title if he loses this one
probably a good chance he doesn’t get
another one after all he’s 35 years old
not the oldest but not the youngest okay
this could be the last time he fights
for a belt okay and yes he’s at the
interim belt and that’s all well and
good but we want the young disputed
title Colby is going to bring the best
version of himself he’s going to push a
ridiculous Pace he’s going to go for
those takedowns and that’s going to be
the difference and to strike it okay he
just puts together non-stop combinations
he will back you up against the fence
level change single leg double leg High
crotch chain wrestling chaining the
attacks non-stop one after the other the
man is a cardio machine and the reality
is he’s gonna have the crowd on his side
he’s Donald Trump’s favorite advisor the
crowd are going to love him the fight’s
taking place in America and a lot of
Americans don’t like the English they
love to talk about 1776. we don’t give a
anyway that’s going to be a
sensational fight and also on UFC 2
nights it’s the flyweight title is on
the land the return of Alejandra
pantosia taking on Brandon royville love
what a fight he had against Brandon
Moreno that was a sensational
performance and he’s so excited pantolia
is ridiculous they’re the only two
fighters now so far for UFC 296 but hey
two title fights not bad Maine and
co-main so there it is UFC 294 Abu Dhabi
that’s sick 295 Madison Square Garden
ridiculous Garden end in the year in
style you know what’s missing you know
what’s missing not my dog because I’m
gonna strangle that thing because he’s
barking I’m doing a video Conor McGregor
is who he’s missing of course we were
hoping that the return of the Mac Conor
McGregor would be the team of elevator
at the end of the year December 16
against Michael Chandler
but because of the usaid of the testing
Pool Stuff the six months all the rest
of it you know the story he’s not here
so when’s he gonna fight we don’t know
the one person I feel sorry for
throughout all of this is kind of
Michael Chandler listen Connor’s set
he’s got tons of money we know this and
he’s living his best life in fact even
Dana talked about it this week said the
man’s made so much money he’s probably
not hungry anymore something like that
I’m paraphrasing Michael Chandler’s had
a great career but he’s not Conor
McGregor nowhere near it in terms of
financial status he wants to fight the
best people he wants the toughest
challenges and of course Conor McGregor
will also provide a massive massive
payday but Chandler is not getting any
younger either he’s probably in the last
couple of years of his career as well so
regardless of when that fight takes
place we’re all waiting for it we can’t
wait for it it’s going to be brilliant
but still Ham’s at Jimmy have Paolo
Costa who wins Okay Main Event Islam
Charles Oliveira I’ll say it again is
that is the man I think he’s incredible
Charles Oliveira is one of the most
exciting fires that we’ve ever seen he
said that look
I I might have underestimated Islam I
didn’t have a proper game plan I didn’t
really formulate any kind of strategy I
just went out and fought in like a
maniac and got beat who wins that one
John John Steve Payne what’s your picks
Pereira versus prohaska I gotta get used
to saying that who was that one as well
but then of course Leon Edwards Colby
coveted to finish off the year and what
do you think of these comments from
Colby about going up and fighting Sean
Strickland okay is he out of his mind
does he have a point I mean he supported
18 months if he does beat Leon if he
beats Leon would he get to jump up
straight away fight Sean Strickland no
chance no chance in hell but still I
love it I love the hype I love the
talk I love the trash talk and I love
you guys subscribe ring the bell thank
you very much I’ll see you soon
thank you

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Can Covington Defeat Edwards? UFC 296 This article will discuss the upcoming fight between Colby Covington and Leon Edwards at UFC 296. Considering Edwards ‘ recent performances, there has been a lot of speculation about

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UFC 296 Fight Card: Edwards vs. Covington Prepare for an action-packed night of mixed martial arts as UFC 296 presents an electrifying fight card. Featuring top-tier matchups, this event is set to deliver adrenaline-fueled moments inside the octagon. UFC 296 showcases a

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UFC Vegas 83 Results: Song vs. Gutierrez Welcome to our recap of the thrilling bantamweight contest between Song Yadong and Chris Gutierrez at UFC Vegas 83! This action-packed event showcased the talent and determination of some of the best fighters in the MMA

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