Ciryl Gane: Tom Aspinall Fight ‘Doesn’t Make Sense


In a recent interview with The MMA Hour, Ciryl Gane discussed his recent fight and his plans for the future. Gane expressed his satisfaction with his performance and emphasized the importance of staying focused on his training. He also touched on the impact of social media and how he deals with the opinions of others. Gane revealed his desire to take on bigger challenges and fight for the belt. He mentioned the possibility of facing the winner of the Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic fight and expressed his support for Francis Ngannou in his upcoming boxing match against Tyson Fury. Gane also discussed the incredible support he receives from the French crowd and the growing talent in French MMA.

Staying Focused and Ignoring Social Media

Gane started the interview by expressing his satisfaction with his recent fight and his focus on training. He mentioned that he is not affected by the opinions of others on social media and does not pay attention to comments or criticism. Gane emphasized that social media is just a game and not something that holds any real importance in his life. He stated that he doesn’t let negative comments or media attention affect him and that he focuses on his family and training instead.

“I don’t look at the commentary, I don’t look at anything. I don’t need that. I just look at the number of likes. But I’m not gonna… this is… I don’t know the good word in English, but in French you say ‘never.’ It’s like a waste of time, not healthy for your mind. So that’s why you don’t need to, because it’s just a game for the people behind the screen. It’s just the game, so no, this is not important.”

Gane’s ability to stay focused and not let outside opinions affect him is a testament to his strong mindset and determination. He understands that social media is just a platform for people to express their opinions and that it shouldn’t hold any power over his own self-worth or confidence.

Taking on Bigger Challenges

Gane mentioned that he has already achieved a lot in his career and now wants to take on bigger challenges. He stated that he wants to fight for the belt and is not interested in facing opponents who are ranked lower than him. Gane mentioned the possibility of facing the winner of the Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic fight and expressed his support for Francis Ngannou in his upcoming boxing match against Tyson Fury.

“I just want to take a risk for something for a big deal. And I’m gonna stay here for a long time, so we’re gonna have time with the top contenders. So not always for the people, we’re gonna do this fight. But now, my sight is not this one. I just want the belt and I want to go there.”

Gane’s ambition to fight for the belt and his willingness to take on tough opponents demonstrates his confidence in his abilities and his desire to prove himself in the octagon. He understands that in order to be considered one of the best, he needs to face the top contenders and prove that he can come out on top. Gane’s focus on the belt and his determination to achieve his goals is a testament to his competitive spirit and his drive to be the best.

Supporting Francis Ngannou and the French Crowd

During the interview, Gane expressed his support for his fellow French fighter, Francis Ngannou, in his upcoming boxing match against Tyson Fury. He acknowledged the power and talent of Ngannou and stated that he believes Ngannou has a chance to create a big surprise in the fight. Gane’s support for Ngannou and his positive attitude towards his fellow fighters showcases the camaraderie and respect that exists within the MMA community.

Gane also discussed the incredible support he receives from the French crowd during his fights. He mentioned that the atmosphere at his recent fight in France was even better than the first time. He expressed his happiness and gratitude for the passionate French MMA fans and stated that they deserve to have more events in France. Gane believes that the talent in French MMA is growing and that more French fighters will soon make their mark in the UFC.


Ciryl Gane’s recent interview provides insight into his mindset and his plans for the future. He remains focused on his training and does not let outside opinions affect him. Gane’s ambition to fight for the belt and his willingness to take on tough opponents demonstrates his determination to prove himself as one of the best in the sport. His support for Francis Ngannou and the French MMA crowd showcases his camaraderie and respect for his fellow fighters. With his talent and drive, Gane is poised to make a significant impact in the UFC and continue to impress fans around the world.

it is so great to have him back on the
show Lord knows we have tried to get him
on the show for quite some time here he
is once again
the French Prince story my man it’s
impossible to hurt you you can’t hear me
you hear me
yeah that’s good that’s great that’s
great yeah that’s good
my guy Where Have You Been surreal I
mean you know for a minute there I get
very nervous I thought maybe you were
mad at me I’ve been trying been
bothering you sorry on the show no not
now not now what’s going on surreal did
we have a beef or something we have a
yeah but you know when I got a fight now
we have no beef no beef okay I mean you
had a beef no
never I’m a French Prince
yes everything everything is nice okay
good uh well uh good to have you back
congratulations by the way are you in
your home right now are those Rings like
gymnastic Rings over there above your
what is that uh no this is yeah this is
not my home but this is my my this is my
second home this is uh my uh oh the gym
I just I just I just yeah I just
finished my training this is the gym but
at first we did it for the recovering at
first but yes we had some stuff for for
do some conditioning yeah so you see I
got time all the family is at home I got
some time uh so I go to my gym and I do
my thing okay do you usually work out
this late this is 10 o’clock over there
in France yeah but you see when you have
the family when you have you see I got
an aspiring at that at uh at 2PM uh in
the morning I got some stuff to do after
that to go to the school to to pick up
the girls and I have to go to heat the
shower and after all of that I go to my
like I saw the report about what
happened when you’re can I ask you about
this with your house yeah what happened
this is horrible what happened tell me
what happened
unfortunately in my country if I was not
only my country I suppose you have this
uh every everywhere in the world but uh
yeah in my country unfortunately when uh
when you are a little bit famous now you
see the internet in France uh everybody
talk about that and everybody can can
see how much I can uh I can win so yeah
so he did a great job because he waiting
uh uh my fight the last uh the last
fight against a guy waiting the night
and yeah and I went at home and you did
a you need some [ __ ] at home but
this was nice it’s crazy how much did
they take yeah
too much oh that’s not focused you see
yeah too much and you come home after
the big win and you notice this
my wife uh saw that at first uh because
he did it around 8pm and uh so she went
to the to the babysitter
he she dropped the girls and she come
back and when she came back she found
all of the master at home and uh but she
keep that for her and after after when
you go to the bed after the fight after
the body after after the fight she told
me unfortunately but she but she did
really good because I I should not think
wow she didn’t want to distract you yeah
yeah yeah that’s very nice of her and
and just to be no one was at your house
when this happened right
what’d you say no one was home when this
happened right when the bird no no no no
no no no no no this is nah this is more
important for me because
this can be really traumatized yes for
the girls if someone you see you can
hear Sometimes some stories about that
it’s not it’s not fun it’s really not
fun so yes my my wife has some
traumatized but she’s okay and uh we’re
gonna fix it that we’re gonna I don’t
remember the the name but we’re gonna
change the home we’re going to leave a
in the auto base okay and uh just
curious did you find the people who did
no this is not my job okay
but uh we will see that
I don’t give the no matter it’s uh each
time the guys now I just shoot them to
have uh you see I’m focused on my family
and I want something now I know
this can happen so now I want to protect
my family at first sure I understand
um yeah that was that was a really uh
impressive win and a big win I felt for
you coming off what happened in March
did you feel like you needed to prove a
point to remind people who you were
coming off that performance not for the
people not for the people is the UC is
always like that at the gym you do some
great things if you during the fight uh
you did some you do some [ __ ] but
this is this is uh this is the sport you
see sometimes you have the guy with the
gym he’s the best fighter at the gym but
when you see you watch this fight is
it’s not good but the story is like that
but yeah one uh uh we did we did we did
a great job because we learned
we we did a really great camp we did a
really great camp and now we uh we uh we
had some time to to prepare this fight
but uh yeah
it was cool but it was not too for the
people it was not for provided something
to the people it was more for me like
because I knew already I’m good at
but I don’t know why I don’t do the
great thing during the fight and I every
time I did a mistake I did I we did it
we did we did this at the gym all all of
the time and uh and during the fight I I
do some [ __ ] but now he was really
focused on the great time and uh we did
well okay how you know I saw your
prefight press conference I saw your
post by press conference and everyone
was asking about that fight before or
after how you and you’re just so like
easy going I don’t understand how you do
and it doesn’t seem fake it doesn’t seem
like it just seems like who you are it
didn’t seem like you allowed it to
affect you how is this possible how do
you allow this because to me it would
affect me
yet but not now uh this is my choice to
you see after the after the loss again
Jon Jones
we we fixed it some certain things we
manage something in my life and uh
and that’s why it was not possible to
have some interview before the fight you
see but you are not the only guy but we
and uh before the fight we’re looking
for so for you see my feeling when I
my career in the MMA
I was uh I’m looking for that now to
feel when you debit your career
Everything is Beautiful Everything Is
Beautiful no pressure
and not too much media just a little
during the fight week not so many just
training just fun training fun training
and you go till Saturday to fight
against the guy and we’re looking for
that now now we just want to hunger like
like before this is my mindset now you
see so that’s why I went we did a really
great Camp it was really focused on my
camp on the fight another round the
and when you already I’m a good I’m I’m
not bad on my wrestling game
and not jumping the indicates like
I just want to have Sun let’s do it like
but no pressure yes a lot of people in
my country uh what really afraid about
that like the last flight information
game now in another wrestler is going to
be it’s gonna be but no stress no stress
no stress wow don’t need to have stress
yeah did you feel at one point like you
lost the love of the of the sport and
you had to regain it
I I’m not sure about this word that’s
is more like some some people uh wake up
like oh now we can we can we can uh we
can fast talk on him like it’s possible
because he did some [ __ ] yeah it’s
not that but you see on the social media
everybody can do everything he wants but
in the real life you see in Paris it was
very perfect and when I work on this
trip it uh it’s mutual love so no it’s
it’s just a social media that is for
everything for every sport so every
job is on every people that’s just the
media that’s the game of the social
media how did you like in the in the
immediate aftermath of the fight in in
March against Jon Jones how did you deal
with it how did you not allow it to
affect you
this is not affect me like ah I feel bad
it’s just oh this is boring a lot of
people talk about me don’t know what is
you have nothing with the anime just the
clown uh usually just a clown like media
and now I want to
even you want to hire setup and want to
surfing on the waves you see on the bus
yeah but just what this is just what is
used just for the year you know what I
mean this is just registration this is
the game of social media yeah but
nothing special so that’s why the real
thing of the life I know what is it so
I’m I’m a dad I got some daughters my
wife so maybe friends real friends
there’s some people that let it affect
them right they get depressed they get
sad none of this happens to you
no and you know what I’m not this kind
of guy you see I’m not uh uh profile on
Instagram yeah I don’t look the the
commentary I don’t look nothing
no I don’t need that I just I just I
just looked the number of the of the
light is it yeah just just if it’s good
but I’m not I’m not gonna no this is I
don’t know this is uh I don’t know the
good word English but in French you say
yeah it’s like a waste of time good no
it’s not healthy uh for your mind okay
so that’s why you don’t need to because
it’s just a game for the people behind
the screen it’s just the game so
no this is not important uh you
mentioned changing some things could
could I ask what you changed
uh like I said I fixed it I cut
um around around the training now you’re
just training uh you see uh
I don’t go to the audience to vacation
just one week after the fighter in my
last fight
uh Monday of the last week I restart my
training you see and um I’m focus on
your family my training
because at first that’s perfectly normal
I studied that just a few years
I opened the door of opportunity yeah to
bring to build my brand
you see because you never know in the
sports you can finish You See Marshall
this is a perfect example the people can
change in them and so that’s why I
opened the door but now everybody knows
see you again in my country in the world
a little bit
uh so now uh coming back like you see
all of the fighters normally started a
lot of years like that
in the shadow like
a lot of years to build to be a good a
great fighter but me I studied in just
five months I started after my first
training in MMA I did my first fight in
TKO for the bit yeah and I did this
after that and this is August
2018. it was my first fact I started in
January 2018. the MMA first my first
training in MMA August I did my first
fight in August in 2019 I did not
subscribe in New York city so it was
crazy so it
2021 I got that everything was Woody
fast really fast but normally the people
uh something for a long time
uh with a good mindset without all
around the the what is it but me now I’m
gonna take I don’t I don’t have this
time you see so now I’m gonna take this
time I get it yeah you do it by the way
when you go out on the street now do you
get recognized a lot
in my country yeah yes it’s crazy yes a
it’s good that’s great the people are
really kind but now you see with all of
this I’m I’m done with it I’m finished
with this yeah that’s that’s uh
at the beginning is really cool yeah at
the really beginning is so cool
but now I’m I’m done with this line if I
can cross like like yeah yeah yeah and
if that’s better that’s really better
now do you think that’s I don’t I don’t
enjoy like like the like a like
beginning yeah now it’s different uh now
I just want to be
the quiet place calm
can feel with my family normally like
now it is difficult now unfortunately
it’s difficult to go to the school with
my daughters because you have all of
this [ __ ] happening after yeah like uh
the people come during my fight at home
because you see you can go you can walk
just like yeah I’m sure you’re gone but
I’m okay I don’t know the people gonna
follow you you’re gonna see you watch
you’re gonna see something you’re gonna
wanna do something now it’s like that so
that’s why I’m not enjoying too much now
um it has been uh 16 days since your
fight any sense of what is next yet
what’d you say sorry any idea what is
next for you I saw Tom aspinall was
there it seemed like he was interested
uh what do you think happens next I know
a lot of people talk about asthma now
but this doesn’t make sense for me like
uh like every time with my management
and I did a really great job all of my
career you see that’s why he was but
it’s so fast and now I just want to go
to the bed I’m number one katender he’s
number four
if it doesn’t make sense I just want to
go now I did it already like it was a
big risk again this was
so now I I don’t want
to do to Mecca and to to have another
risk that just I want to take a risk
follow for something for a big deal you
and uh and I’m I’m gonna still hear for
for uh for a long time so we’re gonna
have time with the Thomas Peter for
so not always for the people we’re gonna
do this fight but now my my site is not
this one I just want the bed and I won’t
go to there so so what are you saying
you want to fight the winner of Jones
and steepe
if it’s possible no matter who like
anyone you wear when I started my career
it was this anyone anywhere but not only
what about anyone anymore do you think
that there’s a there’s some talk that
both of them are going to retire after
their fight in November is that better
for you if John isn’t the champion is it
better for you because no no no no no
later no it’s not better
if I can if I if I got a chance to have
a Revenge to prove I can be better than
the left hand that’s good also yeah you
uh STP that’s good also is
to test myself that’s good I want to
test myself I don’t want the way in an
easy way that that’s not my my mind yes
I want to go to the bear
I want to go to the subway I see if can
do it with with a big guy that’s better
that’s very very that’s much better any
talk of you being the backup Fighter for
that card that main event I don’t know
that’s I prepared myself like you see oh
uh I don’t go to the holiday to the
vacation because we never know now we
know we when you are a fighter that’s
that’s better to have this mindset when
when you are a fighter to be you see to
be a fighter to be a sportif that that
to be an outlet
is short in your life so if if you can
be ready all of the time
to be healthy and uh enjoy free of
course at first but if you can be ready
for any opportunity that’s better so
that’s why we came back to the gym
really quick really really really
quickly and uh we never know by the way
I asked you about Tom what about Sergey
pavlovich does he interest you a little
bit more than Tom or same thing you want
just to fight for the Bell
that’s that’s really different we have
Thomas pidal more dangerous on the
striking so it’s different but both can
can do everything like yeah so stay
really good with his fist and probably
which kind of person
and both are really dangerous because uh
you can’t see on on the career on on the
for both Finnish could really quickly uh
all of the uh all of these fights so
really dangerous Fighters so no
matter uh by the way uh who do you think
wins Jones or steepe
uh I remember during Buffet week I I say
um I’m gonna say John Jones okay
yeah I’m gonna say John Jones because
he’s awkward uh really clean and that’s
better if he can return it with a king
record that that school for all of the
Juniors I’m gonna come after to have
remain like that and but
I don’t have any anything
sure sure they’re better going to win
and uh and but we will see but for the
stories yeah
can I ask uh Francis or Tyson Fury who
do you think wins
on the paper I’m gonna say Tyson Fury
everybody know the power of Francis and
everything is possible is possible
during the scientists so we never know
but for this type I’m gonna be behind
Francis yeah for sure yeah
yeah to create the surprise it would be
really crazy and everything is possible
you see it um
you did very well he did very well you
never know
you’re training for the boxing game uh
during uh I don’t know how much time in
training for for this fight uh talking
about Francis but he can’t surprise the
people and uh it was his dream when you
start winning having friends it was his
dream to be a boxer and not and not an
identified so maybe we never know we
never know and he’s still dangerous you
have a big Power
but yeah on the paper Tyson Fury but
maybe we’re gonna have a big surprise
see it says so much about you that
you’re supporting him that you talk with
a smile there’s no animosity there’s no
any issue like it’s just very impressive
the way you are my friend very
impressive yeah this is what I mean said
I’m like that and uh I’m a 100 me
behind the screen Industries people
everywhere the people who know me since
uh yoga I’m still with the same guy and
and that’s it that’s it and by the way
can I just say the French crowd like
when they sing the mouse during your
fights and the way they go crazy it’s I
didn’t expect this from the the French
MMA crowds they are some of the best in
the world did you expect this like when
there was all the talk oh a show in
France in Paris yeah we knew it would be
great but did you think it would be this
great the atmosphere
it was better than the last time wow
than than the first time it was better
but unfortunately for her so far for me
it was not better because the first time
was a big surprise for us you see
because the big the biggest question we
had at the first event it was what about
the crowd the the the fish crowd like uh
what do you expected but I was pretty
confused because we never know but the
first event surprised me Allah and that
at the second event and you already is
going to be a fire because I knew all
the people missed the first one
during all of the fence fight at the
second event we had uh
it was incredible yes I saw it so yeah
so it was crazy now in France now the
people know that in the world the Amy
reward no we have maybe one of the best
credit in the world it’s amazing yeah I
mean it will yeah and I’m so happy about
that yeah they should go there every
year uh the crowd deserves it you guys
deserves it and deserve it and and the
the talent coming up is incredible as
at the same time you see uh at first we
have me we have final fuel
we have a lot of french fries not in the
UFC but maybe you got a call I’m gonna
do some great thing with Gomez
you have a lot of friends right here but
because before we don’t have some light
on them you see but now we have some
some contract for the French fighter
because we have the French event so now
step by step you’re going to see a lot
of French pattern and
can you tell can You See Me Maybe can
do you know any sport in French we are
bad no do you know once more we have
that no
we are good on all all the basketball
soccer Rigby you see uh handball
uh uh activities we have a lot we have a
lot of good athletes so it was not a
question about the MMS like the well you
are at the top of the list my friend uh
thank you so much for coming on I
appreciate it
and you’re always welcome don’t be a
stranger don’t be uh away for a year
come back sooner okay yeah okay with
this place yeah
thank you my friend thank you sir it’s a
real gun
thanks for watching we appreciate it
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