Ciryl Gane: "I don't need a Tom Aspinall in-cage face off after I win"

far how are you I’m fine in you I’m
doing good how’s your fight week been so
far I know you always have so much media
responsibilities and stuff when you
fight here yeah of course but but uh but
but I canist I’m okay with this I’m okay
and your whole career has been go go
goes since you came into UFC you came in
only at 3 and 0 do you look at this as a
time to kind of step back a little
rebuild or are you still kind of on the
train so yes uh all of my career I was
in the rush uh since I started uh there
it was in I started the MMA in
2018 and already I did my first fight uh
just after six months and uh in this
fight I was already already in the
Russia until here until today so
so yes I want to take my time now
but I want to take my time at the gym
but I’m going to I’m going to find some
time without all of the thing you have
around the training and uh and the gym
you see so I don’t need to take my time
just like okay dur uh between two fight
I need I need more time no it’s not
about that you need to my my my my
schedule you see without all of the
thing you have around the fight you see
and like that we’re going to have time
and uh this is exactly what we manage
now we was in the rush uh like is is
it’s it’s yeah when you have a lot of
opportunity like me because I was
already shining on on the light uh
really quickly uh it was really normal
to open the door everywhere to
to to to build my my my brand you see
but now everybody know who is here again
so now I’m going to take maybe more time
just for the training just that said and
the family and I know you were
disappointed from your last fight was it
tough seeing kind of the fans being
disappointed as well like you’ve
achieved so much in your career you’ve
done it so fast so was it hard to see
fans get disappointed because at the
same time it’s because the expectations
are high when it comes to you right of
course uh me first I was really
disappointed I’m a competitor so of
course I was really disappointed and and
the people on the social media but not
only in the real life also was
everybody a lot of people was behind me
for this fight against Jones and
everybody know is is not exactly the
result uh we expected because everybody
know I can I can put some more
difficulty more difficult for the
against JN Jones for John Jones you see
so everybody was really disappointing
that some people
uh explain himself on the social media
and stuff like that but um yeah at first
me I was really disappointed and uh and
that’s why we we we went back to the gym
really quickly have you changed anything
in terms of uh training structure
bringing in new guys and stuff like that
what has this training camp looked like
for you uh everything you need uh to
change we did it and
and we changed a lot of Realm like I
said just
before I think in uh me uh to be more
focused on me just me and not around me
you see and this is exactly uh we did
and uh yes
and to Preparing this fight during the
camp uh for JN Jones this is this is had
a lot of experience uh uh uh for me even
if I I lost my fight it was a big
experience for me as as a fighter but
also as a as a human as a person and and
today yeah every every experience really
painful build you stronger you see
so this is who I am now and uh you’re
fighting uh speac he’s been booked for
five rounds before but he’s never gone
25 minutes you have so how much do you
feel like that’s going to play to your
advantage this is this is a big news for
me you see uh I was really sure he did
already five rounds this is but no
better I just I just want to be uh the
best version of myself uh we did a lot
during the camp uh we had a guy a big
guy s Mar a champion uh in the world cup
but also in the in the Olympic game in
Judo and everybody know um
Spivak have a big background in the Judo
and Ed very well during this fight and
um so that’s why we did a big focus on
it like every time we think we are maybe
better on the Striking game so for sure
you’re going to go on this way to try to
to to push me and to have a clinch and
to go down and one more for me Tom as
fin all supposed to be coming here you
responded to him on Twitter he said he
wants the winner of this fight do you
see that as a kind of a logical next
step for you if you can beat speack
uh the better way for me no not this not
this way the better way for me the
better sha for me is to do exactly what
we did the last years
um to put to put a big message on on
this Saturday uh and The Message is I’m
still here I want to go back to the Belt
this is my better way uh to go the short
way to go to the Belt Mercy s with the
Jon Jones fight when you look back and
reflect on that do you feel that your
performance was based on how good John
is or that the fact that you just had a
very bad night at work
it’s John Jon is a really really great
Fighters and he did very well and we
know we knew already uh he would like to
go on the grand game and at this moment
I did a mistake you see so this is my
fault also uh but he did it very well so
this is his
photos so yeah so both in a way is that
loss unique right because obviously okay
you lost to Francis but to lose to
someone like Jon Jones big guy it’s it’s
Unique the reaction you get from
everyone else is so much more negative
and so much more you know they’re
passionate about their negative right do
you think that after that it’s almost
you’ve experienced something that no one
else in this sport will ever really
understand and it’s very unique to you
and you can take that to learn from and
use in the future of course this has had
me a lot of experience even if the fight
did just three
minute this is this had a lot of
experience for Mar Cara a lot so yeah
I’m going to use everything I I I can to
be a better version for the future so
for my next fight also of course
obviously I’m sure it was a very painful
loss but how long did it take for this
pain to become motivation to get back in
the gym were you at work right away did
it take a while what was it like it was
really quick it was really quick we went
back to the gym uh just one week after
this fight because we want to fix it
this really quickly it was not like a
punition but like
uh okay now no question no choice I I
give me no choice like uh we don’t give
about all around the fight the gym and
the family now he just there obviously
now everyone’s going to say oh well to
beat seral you just wrestle him and then
that’s how you win the fight um I’m sure
Sergey speack probably feels this might
be helpful to him too do you sort of
anticipate that on fight night this
weekend you’ll be able to prove that
that’s not just the way you beat serial
G that you have to really come and be
very special to beat you uh yes of
course the people
uh maybe think yeah it’s really easy to
to win again uh again again seril it
just you just need to to wrestling a
little bit but trust me we work a lot of
at the gym and you see um for me the gym
when you do some spiring this is look
like a a little fight and that’s why
it’s really important to do a lot of
sparing intelligent sparing uh between
uh two
fights uh and and and that’s why I’m
always confident before the fight
because we do some spiring with with
some wrestler everything uh uh uh you
want I manage this very well so that’s
why before fight I’m really not uh
stress out about that really not really
not this might sound a bit negative but
Francis you lost to him and then he left
so you could never get that rematch John
sounds like he’s going to fight Stipe
and then retire so you might never get
that rematch is that something that you
think about and think man it’s going to
suck for me personally that I’ll never
be able to prove or you just have to say
Sal what it is salav salavi and I’m not
this kind of guy like
uh I don’t have any nightm like ah no no
that’s okay okay he won’t on I don’t
have my revenge but that’s okay that’s
okay I’m going to have my revenge
against another guy I just want to prove
to myself I can be a a better version of
myself uh step by step if you fight Tom
aspal do you fight him in London or
Paris uh this is a great
question uh maybe you you need you need
to to two to fight maybe like I said
you’re going to have one first in London
or Paris and the revenge in London or
Paris and then the trilogy in Las Vegas
yeah I think it’s going to be Las Vegas
you over here yeah it’s your seventh
straight main event since you fought
Junior dos Santos in 2020 do you enjoy
being in the spotlight and being the
poster boy can you repeat please sorry
it’s your seventh straight main event
since you fought against Junior dos
Santos do you enjoy being in the
um we
this is uh this is bril something of
course uh and I’m proud of that at first
uh at the beginning you are really happy
I’m this kind of person and uh every
people are different at the beginning
you are really happy to have
everything like that all the camera and
you and you can explain everything uh of
the camera the light outside on you but
now no I did I’m done with this I’m
really done with this I just want to win
every fight and to go uh on the top uh
how far I can do and uh and now now now
my time like I say I just want to be
focused on myself and no par it no par
it not
uh uh nothing but just the training the
gym the family and that’s it this I’m
I’m like that when when you started your
career yes you like that a little bit
you enjoy it a little bit but no I’m
done with this now and a former opponent
in your in Derek Lewis he won recently
with a flying knee took off his shorts
and danced I wonder what did you think
of that fight it was beautiful I’m so
happy for him I love this guy I’m so
happy for him for real
and last one for me uh who do you think
wins Jon Jones or stti
um I said that uh yesterday for the for
for the for the storytelling uh still
inde defeated I’m going to say Jon Jones
and if it’s possible to have my revenge
after this fight if I did very well if
if if I do really well and yeah I’m
going to say John John thank
you um P from nosense I beginning
English I will translate for the French
people I talk with Thomas pinol after
his win in London and he told me he
wants to step in the cage if he wins uh
is something that um give you extra
motivation to build a rivality with this
man uh England friends rivality too it’s
something I’m I’m you know already the
answer I’m sure but I’m not this kind of
guy and I don’t need uh like we did uh
the last years with st chaza to TR I can
be my friend for will but we did a big
like don’t need to
be to be a bad person or to do something
like um wrong or something like uh no I
don’t need that I don’t need that to do
a war and IAL with so bufa a French
boxer who will compete in the Olympian
and he told me that today you different
guy what’s happened with the French
people after the last fight um change
something in you and uh he told me he
not the bong anymore what you have to
tell about that told us about
that this is my friend this is my
brother yeah no I’m still the bong man
I’m still the same person but uh yeah we
fixing some stuff also in the gym the
the the the the the way how we going to
train during the sping and what we’re
looking for and uh yes maybe talking
about he talking now we try to finish
also the sparing sport now you see so
this is the little different than before
and um and yeah but I still the same
person for for be exact he told me you
are Spider-Man and today you’re like
more Venom so it was his word but we
will see that on Saturday and the last
question can we expect a game plan like
um the game plan shal use against aling
or do you want to show something in the
GR in your gr
game uh
I don’t want to prove anything uh I just
want to win my fight at first and uh so
if I can stay on my feet it will be
better of course like H Al did we did
very well uh we had a lot of example
like that but
yeah to to impose my uh my style yeah
this is my job thank you very much and