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now it’s time to answer some questions shall we time now for everyone’s favorite segment of the week it is time
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ladies and gentlemen the moment has arrived to hear from the man himself Ariel helwani
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and now to answer your questions get out of your seats and on your feet because
here he is Ariel helwani [Applause] I think my big takeaway from all that is
I really need to up my my video camera game I mean DJ puts me to shame in the
microphone what’s wrong with my microphone I think my microphone is greater is it really yeah
I disagree you have the MVP if I had to start if I had to start
with one camera has to be updated right yeah upgraded updated yeah all right
um what a guy uh what happened to my questions oh here they are okay here we go
um number one Connor from Canada hi Ariel can you explain what is going on with the class action lawsuit against
the UFC that is now allowing fighters to sue seems like a big deal that isn’t really being discussed thanks okay so
it’s not I mean this has been ongoing for 10 years but last uh last week was a
big step uh for that class action lawsuit and there’s a lot of people out there who are covering this very
thoroughly at the top of the list uh Eric mcgracken who’s also a lawyer based in Canada he does a tremendous job
covering this and John Nash does a great job for bloody elbow and sometimes I see
some people saying like oh MMA media is not covering this and should be covering that or they’re covering too much of this and that you have to understand
every beat you know people focus on different things and so you know fight news that’s
important and cards and especially you know in this sport where there’s no there’s no time
off there’s no off season you get on this treadmill if your job requires you to cover every UFC event or every
Bellator event like it’s hard to do this other stuff so I’m very thankful for the likes of Eric and John who covered the
other stuff maybe the less glorious stuff um and really focus on the regulation
the legal side of the game and Eric does a great job of it last week I’m going to read something here uh this is from last
Wednesday at almost exactly this time August 9 2023 4 25 PM Eastern so almost
exactly one week ago this is from Reuters martial arts Fighters wage lawsuit against UFC can proceed as a
class action lawsuit a U.S judge in Nevada on Wednesday said a group of martial arts Fighters suing the Ultimate
Fighting Championship for alleged suppression of their wages can move forward as a class action seeking damages estimated at between
811 million and 1.6 billion dollars that’s USD by the way U.S District Judge
Richard bullwear is decision grants class action status to more than 1200 fighters who competed in live
professional UFC promoted martial arts or makes martial arts ballots in the U.S between December of 2010 and June 2017.
a couple Fighters reached out to me and said how can I join this and if you have fought in that time period you’re just a
part of it automatically so there’s nothing to like sign up or join the plaintiffs contend nevada-based zuffa
which does business at the USC abuse its Market power to acquire or block rival
promoters and use exclusive contracts to keep Fighters within the UFC the plaintiffs allege the UFC suppressed
Fighters bout compensation quote the UFC pays its Fighters only 20 percent of its
event revenues when boxing and other major sports pay well above 50 percent said air Cramer chairman of Berger
Montag who is a lead attorney representing the class UFC lawyer William Isaacson of Paul Weiss Rifkin
Warden and Garrison said Zoopa plan to challenge the certification order and an appeal the UFC has denied any Anti-Trust
violations this is just one step in a long legal process Isaacson said he also called the lawsuit legally and factually
meritless UFC title what it called a healthy competition competitive MMA Market which benefits athletes promoters
and fans alike I mentioned Eric mcgracken he actually did a nice little two-minute video recap being the big
news last Wednesday let’s take a look at it so breaking news just today federal
court and the U.S has certified a class action lawsuit against the UFC now this
lawsuit’s been going on for the better part of 10 years and a few years ago it looked like it was going to be certified
but today the official reasons came out certifying the antitrust lawsuit so in a
nutshell a bunch of Fighters sued the UFC saying they used illegal techniques
to acquire dominance in the market and they abused that dominance in the market
and the effect of that has been to underpay Fighters drastically over the
years the lawsuit started by some individual Fighters but they wanted it certified as a class action meaning
hundreds and hundreds of Fighters automatically get to participate in that’s exactly what occurred today with
the Court’s certification order so there’s a class of about 1200 Fighters that are now suing the UFC unless they
opt out and in a nutshell these are reason you know really damning uh
reasons the court released today they found on a preponderance of evidence that the UFC has used ruthless and
coercive practices and in a nutshell there’s three things the court said number one that they use oppressive
contracts number two that they use ruthless tactics outside of those
oppressive contracts and combine those two things keep fighters from really
ever enjoying free agency and three the court found that the UFC has bought up
competition not to necessarily make their product better but instead to give Fighters fewer choices on the open
market so the courts found that the UFC has used a series of tactics over a number of years to lock themselves into
a dominant Market position and that they abuse that power to maintain that
position so this is interesting stuff folks this lawsuit is definitely worth an ion
I mean that is just tremendous reporting great journalism shout out to Eric and follow him on
social media on Twitter on Tick Tock uh so there you have it there’s the latest there he can summarize it a hell of a
lot better than me but this is obviously not going to end anytime soon but a massive step forward and a story that we
should all be paying attention to uh number two Cole good day Ariel and crew thoughts on the two new MMA rules that
got passed over the weekend bloody elbow had the breakdown for the rules and proposed new rule uh the approved rules
Fighters will have access to a cut man after being cut by a foul or accidental headbutt love it Fighters will have more
time to recover from eye pokes before being examined by a doctor love it clarification around positioning
Fighters for a restart after a foul warning or Physicians examination or a
point deduction love that and we also talked about that recently on the show as well proposed rule clarification of
how referees can reset Fighter’s position after foul we talked about that as well like all these in fact let’s
give some more love to Eric McCracken he did two videos about these Bros rules he was at the Abc conference in Las Vegas
just a few weeks ago take a look at this two brand new rules designed to help MMA
fighters after they sustain a foul these were just voted in at the association of
boxing commissions conference last week in Nevada so here they are number one when a foul occurs whether it’s a clash
of hedge whether it’s an illegal strike of some kind and you have a cut
Fighters now will have up to five minutes to recover from that cut and
during that time a cut person could come into the ringer cage and they could tend
to that room they can’t tend to anything else but they could enter the wound so it used to be the fighter had to resume
the fight make it to the end of the round and only then the cut person could come in but they’ve changed back to say
look the cut person could address it immediately to give that fighter a better chance of being able to continue
rule number two this rule is designed to deal with how referees and doctors work
together after an illegal eye poke so when an eye poke occurs timeout is
called and the fighter has up to five minutes to recover but here’s the new nuances number one
officials could give the fouled fighter a cold compress and they could put it on
their eye to give them some time to recover after a minute or 90 seconds only then should the ringside physician
should come in and if possible the doctor shouldn’t immediately shine a light in the Fighter’s eye and say can
you see because the answer is often no they can’t see right away and then the fight is called instead these rules are
designed to say look give the fighter some time to recover give them a tool to recover
let the doctor take a quick look at things but not immediately ask about Vision let the fighter enjoy much of
that five minutes and then and only then ask if their vision is obstructed and if it is of course without is over but if
it’s not they had a fair chance to recover here’s the rules
stalling fighters in mixed martial arts there’s a brand new rule that deals with
how referees should address the situation the unified rules of MMA have
just been updated and referees have always had discretion to separate Stalin
Fighters but it’s never been explained how or when they should exercise that discretion this has now changed the
brand new Amendment to the unified rules tells referees that if the competitors
fail to demonstrate real significant sustained effort to try to move on and
try to finish the fight that’s the situation where they could step in and deal with stalling Fighters so whether
they’re up Pressed Against the Cage whether they’re on the ground the referee could come in and separate them
if they’re not following this brand new rule so here’s a copy of it I’d love to
know your thoughts all right so again uh great breakdowns
kind of snackable videos uh very easy to follow and understand and I like all
those changes and the proposed one as well uh the the sport continues to evolve it continues to improve uh and as
we’ve talked about like I throw out things like open scoring and you know judging things like that I I know that
the sport is only 30 years old the only thing I want is progression Improvement Evolution it’s when the regulators and
the Commissioners sit and say like oh it’s all good and we don’t need to change anything that’s what pisses me off but if they’re trying to make things
better and I would you know I would be surprised if anyone thinks that this is making things worse that to me is
promising and makes me feel like the people in charge The Regulators the officials are not letting their egos get
involved and they are trying to make things better so this is all very promising to me uh number three Chase hi
Ariel is Sean O’Malley receiving the least Reserve title shot in the UFC over the last five years he won an extremely
controversial decision against Peter Yan China’s no other ranked wins in the UFC all of Sean’s other wins are Fighters
that have now been released from the UFC I mean I don’t know uh he’s fought some
tough guys and you can’t just dismiss the yawn decision it wasn’t a
robbery it was a close fight um you know we we’ve had Fighters especially in some of the lower weight
classes you know like the Tyler Santos’s of the world like she didn’t have any huge massive number one Contender win uh
Yuri prohaska only had a couple fights in the UFC so I I don’t think that that’s necessarily Fair
um you know my my guy Jamal Hill didn’t have a ton of fight like there have been
situations where Fighters have uh gotten opportunities and ran with it and no
one’s going to turn it down um it’s you know it’s it’s up to the UFC it’s up to their discretion to give that
opportunity to someone for whatever reason it could be you know they need someone on the car they they have no one
else in that particular weight class or the champion I mean Sean Strickland right uh like what’s his big signature
win he’s getting a tattoo shot on uh on on September 9th so I think Beyond one
was pretty damn big and you know I don’t love the fact that he had to sit for 11 months but if that was
the fight to get him the title shot back in October like if he was getting one in February I don’t think anyone would have battered an eye
I think it’s just the distance in between fights that leaves people you
know asking questions like this um Stefan Shalom Mario Shalom first
question on the sub stack it pays to sleuth thank you anything goes right if I recall
correctly your deal with them may fighting after turning kiyawani was for three years correct which means we’re
almost exactly one year out correct in fact I think the
I think the the two-year anniversary to the day was today or yesterday or tomorrow it’s like a one
one of these days because I remember it was like second week of August and then I went to SummerSlam in Vegas and then I
came back and then I went to Jake Paul time with the one in Cleveland so yeah it’s it’s like we are celebrating
essentially the two-year anniversary how far out do those negotiations typically begin will you be testing the
waters as you often advise fighters to do will you follow in line uh with your
favorite social media platform and become the x-hour to become the show for everything wow these are a lot of questions I mean uh a year out is when
you start to kind of think about the future I would say that’s sort of like the signal to start thinking
um I would say typically in these things especially in TV rare for negotiations
of any kind but it does happen to happen a year out typically like eight six months out is
when it gets really fun um I was telling someone recently
I mean I couldn’t be happier with the way things played out post ESPN all the gigs how they all fit in perfectly nice
little you know puzzle pieces that nothing intertwined nothing overlap no
one’s feelings got hurt no one was upset at least to the best of my knowledge they may say otherwise and so I think
the return has been great you know if we didn’t come back we don’t meet GC we don’t meet mysterious Frank
we don’t uh reunite with corporate Alex and Joe we don’t get New York Rick back I mean it couldn’t have worked out
better we had the show in Dallas uh just a couple weeks ago which was incredible or the shows so everything has been
great um but who knows you know they may not want me they may say Hit the Road Jack
uh they may say you know we’re done I don’t know you know I’ve I’ve been uh
I’ve been surprised before so let’s see uh I I’m not one who loves change
believe it or not like I hate to move I hate I actually hate going on vacation I dread it because of
packing like I I like routine as Tim and I were speaking about I like knowing today I’m doing this today I’m doing
that even if the weeks are different and I love the fact that my weeks are always you know different every day is
different right like Monday I’m doing this Tuesday I’m doing that nothing is the same but I kind of like to know in advance
um so it’s all like I’m seeking change but you know we’ll see the the media business is
changing it’s evolving he does bring up an interesting you know comment about the x-hour uh that has been you know on
my mind as well I mean I have a lot of interest just like DJ so let’s see stay tuned
watch this space as they say um but I think it’s going to be all great things and thus far two years in
couldn’t be happier like there has been thank God no misstep no regret no
frustration really really really uh appreciative about how everything turned out
uh Nick gang Chris Weidman making his comeback fight after that horrific leg
break has been the sleeper news of the month so far couldn’t agree more Nick historically no one has come back looking great if there’s such an
incident Corey Hill rest in peace Anderson Silva both went on to lose most of their fights after healing back up Tyrone spung retired from kickboxing is
pretty much only boxed since it happened to him in 2014 aside from the haritanov loss in MMA this is a massive deal and
more people should be talking about it couldn’t agree more what’s the gang’s thoughts on this PS hope to hear weidman’s Dad after the fight Nick the
Dane I mean I couldn’t agree more you all know he’s one of my favorites
covering him when he got into the UFC even before he got into the UFC the Sakara fight the Maya fight
um you know the the the submission in Vancouver getting the title shot and then you know Hurricane Sandy all
that stuff that he’s had to deal with the ups and downs when he broke his leg in Jacksonville
it was one of the most depressing things that I’ve ever seen covering MMA I remember going to bed that night feeling
legitimately sad because you get to know these people he gets into their families you get to know their wives you get to know their kids you get to know their
parents and like you don’t know what’s going to happen with a leg break like that what what is the worst like
amputation like your mind just it was horrific it was absolutely horrific and
so to see him come back I was telling this to someone yesterday in life when we go through something
traumatic we try to avoid any which way possible to repeat that
traumatic event here’s Chris Weidman here’s Anderson so these these examples that were mentioned who
suffered one of the most traumatic injuries that you could possibly suffer in athletics
and did all that they could to just get back there to do the exact same thing to be in that spot fight’s about to start
to go out there and as he says throws a leg kick off the bat let’s see if he does that’s a different kind of human
being that’s a different kind of breed um and so I’m thrilled for him I wish
him the best I love the fact that they put him up there against a fellow veteran and not a young gun who’s going
to try to like wipe the floor with him obviously the deck is is stacked against them obviously historically
you don’t come back looking the same but he’s a freak athlete he always has been a very determined
person and and fighter and uh you know I I just wish him the best I absolutely
do and and I think it might be flying into the radar like if this was you know a flight night or or you know maybe a
lesser card uh perhaps you would feel like we’re talking about a more should be talking
about it more but with Al Joe and Sean and some of the big names he and Gary doing a good job of getting some attention maybe it’s flying into the
radar but not over here my friends I actually thought about asking him to come on I feel like he’s going through enough I feel like there’s probably
enough you know attention and and immediately I wanted to let him be in will reconvene
in the future but uh wishing him the best and I agree with you Nick it should be
getting as much attention as anything on the card Brantley hey Ariel question in relation
to Future’s interview last week he mentioned he liked to box Mike Tyson and you started setting up a time slash location have you ever gone through
behind the scenes and message the promoter to see if it was actually possible or do you just assume that they see it
or hear about it from the show and you don’t have to do anything curious if you ever had a big hand in making a fight happen outside the show uh yeah I mean
there’s a couple probably the most famous one is uh Pat
Cummins against Daniel Cormier Daniel Cormier was supposed to fight Rashad Evans I think
it was UFC 270 or something like that Rashad Evans pulled out like 10 days out
um man what is his name uh
oh my God I can’t believe I’m blanking on on the manager’s name now your Crick isn’t there right
what does that matter is his name um I got to get this
can’t believe I’m blanking here he was mayhem’s manager he was he was uh
King Mo’s manager he was Pat Cummings manager someone out there
the wall man oh my God how am I blacking out his name anyway it’s going to come
to me in a second his manager uh Ryan Parsons there it is Ryan Parsons
um Ryan Parsons called me and said like we need to get Pat Cummins in he’s got a
great story he wrestled Daniel Cormier in college he made him cry all that stuff I called Dana White and said this
guy’s been trying to get into the UFC he’s got this great backstory he made him cry all that stuff you need to talk
to this guy he could save the fight Dana said give me Ryan Parsons number Ryan Parson got the call he drove to
Starbucks or whatever coffee shop that that that Pat Cummins was working at at the time went through the drive-through
gave him the phone and and and and said tell Dana the story Dana wants to know the story and he told Dan’s door and he got the fight that day and I think
either later that day or the next day they were both on Fox Sports Live talking about the fight he was not in
the UFC and you know I’m just answering the question here I thousand percent got them in also
uh JDS was looking for a fight Mark hunt called me this was I think 246 and said
how do I get the fight and I I called Dana and I said Mark Hunt’s looking for a flight and wants this one and he’s
like does he really want it we have to go through this guy that guy’s like no he says deal with him directly he wants the JDS fight and he got the JDS fight
so yes there have been times and if I’m being honest I feel like I should start writing these Downs because these down
because I know there’s been some others and I’m starting to you know get old and forget things but those are probably the
the two biggest ones that I feel like I directly had a hand in uh in making and
there’s been other times here there where you’re asked to oh do you have this guy’s phone number do you have that guy’s phone number
and I guess there’s some person out there who would say like you shouldn’t do that but like what do I care if it can help someone out
um you know why the hell not makes for a good story we’re all trying to get by
so yeah there you go hello hello uh who do you think leaves UFC first in their
current role Dana buffer Rogan or anik how would you rank them in order of biggest impact that would be felt by
their absence I mean golly um who do I think leaves first I mean I
guess you would have to say Rogan just because like he’s the closest one to being out like he went from doing every
show to just doing the pay-per-views um so I would probably say Rogan and
then Dana I mean I don’t see buffer and anik leaving anytime soon but for maybe the last one to leave he
just loves us so much I mean I can see Anna getting another job doing some other sport um but I think he loves it as well Rogan
just continues to get bigger and bigger and then maybe at one point says no Moss but I think he just loves to say I mean
I’m certain he doesn’t do it for the money I think he just enjoys he’s got a great gig I mean he just shows up for
the the the the local you know non-international domestic pay-per-views
you get to do the biggest fights the biggest cards once a month in the United States you’re Gucci
so that’s that’s how I would rank them personally
but I don’t see any of them leaving anytime soon because I think they love it immensely uh P the G Ariel what in the
world is going on with this whole first cameroonian fighter in UFC history situation Saturday night are you
pretending fighters who choose free agency don’t exist anymore wild State of Affairs love to hear your thoughts I
mean look I would like to chalk this up to a human error are they going to
apologize for it I doubt it but you know there’s there’s actual human beings in those trucks that do these things and
it’s very possible that some graphics person screwed this up I would hate to
think as you’re looking at it right now this is from Saturday’s card I would hate to think that someone is trying to
take a shot at not only Francis and ganu but the actual first cameroonian fighter
in UFC history which was who had a great run in Pride and then a
run in the UFC as well France and guy who commented on this with the photo of him holding the cameroonian flag and
obviously he himself showed love to
there he is right over there uh legendary mass that he’s come out to Great Moments in his career most notably
the little nog knockout uh I would like to think that no one is asking the
production staff and the the lower thirds operator Graphics operator to
take shots at the likes of Francis and so could you I can’t imagine why there would be any beef with so could you
feels like it’s a France today so I’m actually going to say that this was human error now you know I’m not
I really like there’s a part of me that feels like these things get blown out of proportion I can understand if I’m
Francis or so could you you’d be offended by that but I I’m not a conspiracy guy and I like to think the
best out of people in these situations and I think sometimes people think that it’s Dana White literally in the truck making
these calls gonna be further from the truth um so let’s can we chalk this one up to a
mistake I mean the timing is definitely a little bit strange but why would they do this like well what’s the point what’s the upside here
well you can’t pretend like these guys don’t exist especially Francis heavyweight champion feels like a a mistake GC do you agree
with me or do you think there’s more to this are you a little bit more cynical than I am uh man it’s it’s kind of weird like that
it happens to be surrounding Francis and Gano but I I don’t know man I mean someone is
typing that in like someone had to have been like uh wasn’t Francis and Gano cameroonian yeah but I mean you’ve
you’ve worked in these situations and yeah I guess you just mess up but like if
that’s going to be your fighter fact when you when you double check that yeah no you should I’ve made issues I’ve made
I’ve made plenty of mistakes on graphics this is a fairly big one though I
suppose this is a massive one and the timing is very unfortunate very odd and the fighter it’s surrounding is also
very odd I wonder by the way what the process is like when you’re putting up a fun fact like that there has to be some
sort of like fact checking process so what are they going through like what is the person who’s in charge of that by
the way correct me if I’m wrong doesn’t your girlfriend have a similar job yes yeah she works at ESPN
in but that capacity like did you have to go to Mexico because I know ESPN there’s like stats and info group right
and so you send them that’s what I would see I would see this like you would send them is this correct I don’t know if the UFC has that you know what I mean so if
like I I would see people all the time sending that like slack channel the stats and info Channel be like is it right that Russell Westbrook has the mo
you know what I mean so that you don’t get these things wrong I don’t know I don’t know if it’s just some guy in a
truck doing this there also had to have been more than one person’s eyes on this there’s absolutely no way that just
someone made it and then just fired it off and that’s that’s all it was
I don’t know I don’t know man you think so I mean
dude we by the time a lower third for us goes up and theirs is way more important
than ours there’s been like five sets of eyes so you’re you’re leaning you’re leaning towards what you’re leaning
towards this is a subtle shot they’re just trying to erase them from the history book yeah but then at the same time who would have who would have been
like put that he’s the only cameroonian fighter in all time like who who would who would other than Dana White who
ultimately has a beef with Francis zanganu there in the truck like why would they care they’re just people trying to do a job I
I think it was a every time I’m about to say that I think it was a mistake I’m also like man how do you make this mistake like how do you
make this mistake this is just such a ridiculously big mistake and it got thousands hundreds of thousands of eyes
on it like after after angano tweeted about it it is it is uh yeah the timing is
unfortunately nice suspects it’s definitely sus bro
it is whoever the graphic guy is whoever makes the last third it’s definitely tough I know he did not have a good
afternoon on uh on Saturday no uh Gary G greetings Ariel my question is
do you have any insight on the Derek Lewis situation that the pfl get a chance to approach the black beast I’m assuming the UFC threw a bag of money at
him before pfl got a chance I’m also wondering okay so let me just answer this uh no because there’s always an
exclusive negotiation period so you can’t get to the fighter and as he said at the post fight press conference in
Utah he wanted to stay and they gave him a deal that kept him happy and so he’s
sticking around I think it’s a fight deal which ensures he ain’t going anywhere anytime soon uh good for Derek
he seems very happy tried to get Derek on the show he doesn’t want to do a lot of media these days and and more power
to him love Derek will always love Derek has been nothing but good to me um happy for him and yeah he didn’t want
to leave he didn’t want to leave um you know I’m sure they’re treating him well as they should because he’s a
big star and he got the manscape deal too shout out to him that commercial was great but no no one else got to him
because of that exclusive negotiation period um I’m also wondering Gary continue news
if you’ve heard anything on Brian Ortega it’s been over a year now and it doesn’t seem like he’s fight ready I was there
live on Long Island for his last fight I didn’t anticipate this long of an injury Hiatus 10-7 Gary G no update on Brian
Ortega um see him out there seems like he’s training seems like he’s healthy doesn’t seem like he’s still battling the injury
but is he fight ready you know is he training camp ready
TBD so yeah crazy that was over a year ago and not much since
still one of the most popular plays in that division but yeah not much since and I don’t have anything concrete to
share Max 83 guten tag Ariel yes guchita again uh congratulations to all the
German fans out there who uh are happy about Harry Kane joining Bayern Munich I
just saw his first interview with Sky Sports this morning didn’t offer much still quite weird to see him in that
Jersey but uh anyway that’s the business of sports any update by the way on the your UEFA super
cup GCA I understand man city is playing Sevilla this evening uh over there any
updates on that yeah actually at the half Sevilla leads 1-0 wow yeah
tough sledding these days for man city of course kdb out I don’t know if you see that yeah big injury
um wow that is that is surprising yeah my my son’s probably in tatters right now they gotta focus on uh Newcastle on
Saturday that’s right my girlfriend is actually watching she weighed in on the and gone and oh wow she says there was a
analysis okay she says there was undoubtedly multiple eyes on it but she doesn’t believe that it uh was malicious
she thinks it would just be highly unprofessional if there was malicious intent behind it see that’s what I think
as well but that is crazy multiple eyes missed that like when you have a St and thank you to her for that I appreciate
it if you have a stat like that first that’s a very like googable thing to is
that the word like googleable thing googleable right Google how’s the one checking that also like if we can go
back to the picture right click of it it’s also like it’s the highlighted thing to like it’s like it sticks out
with the white font uh yeah I mean okay is it possible by the
way okay now that I look at this again is it possible that they meant to say only cameroonian fighter in the UFC and
someone [ __ ] it up and turned it into UFC history absolutely yeah on the UFC roster like oh it also it also it is
weird to say it like instead of being like first cameroonian fighter in UFC history only cameroonian fighter and UFC
history sounds just sounds very weird that actually makes it sound malicious only Cameroon fighter on the UFC roster
sounds like what they meant to put and there was a uh yes uh complication and
communication I feel for that person by the way like the moment where you see your work is like you’re you’re a graphics person
like that you don’t want to go viral you don’t want to [ __ ] up and all eyes will be on you in that truck because I think
it got out right like it got out mid event people notice it instantaneously like it
was immediate people notice it and I know whoever was the final person or whoever typed that in their stomach
their heart probably went all the way to their ankles yes yes their ass fell out for sure what is it
oh someone wants to break the fourth wall when we were in Dallas it was a graphics op and Mike got on the stage
with you and the guy Taps you on the shoulders like who is that and I was like oh he’s an employee of ours and then he Taps me again and there’s the
lower third on his screen it says Mike Heck a MMA hour employee and I’m like no no no no that’s not his title
but just to think that this is the same thing like who is that guy oh he’s a cameroonian fighter like oh let me type
out that he’s the first one in UFC history oh man but they are not doing these on the Fly these have been finalized days in advance I I can be
sure of I mean oh that for sure the the freak out that that person it like gives
me nightmares the freak out that that person must have had I feel anxiety just thinking about the scenario where that person realizes that they just really
[ __ ] up especially it’s not just saying like oh only Iranian fighter like there’s no it’s tied to like one of the
biggest stories of the last year in the UFC it just so happened to me that Francis is from Cameroon and you know
that this is going to be made out to be a massive deal if you would have said like only Danish fighter nufc history
definitely insulting to Mark Matson and Martin campman and all these guys but
there’s no controversy attached to Danish Fighters right now it happened to be Cameroon that you messed up on golly
my girlfriend chimes in one more time oh yes please she said if I was on the crew that it happened to I can guarantee you
there would be a big talking to afterward from the higher producers do you think dismissal do you think I
don’t think dismissal but I think I think someone got a serious serious talking to my my biggest mistake I’ve
ever made in production uh we were doing a live broadcast for a Yankees game I feel like I’ve told this before but we
got Aaron judge and we got like hat we got like halfway through the interview Aaron judge obviously a big name doesn’t
have a lot of time uh we got Aaron judge on the broadcast uh and it was a taped interview we got halfway through it and
I realized I I was not recording and my stomach I was like I had the biggest
internal freak out had to tell everyone they had to tell Aaron they were like oh yeah Aaron our board up didn’t start the
recording so uh we’re just gonna have to re-rack this and he’s like uh all right
I guess that like you could just tell he was annoyed it was like oh man who was the reporter or who’s the host I’m
trying to remember who uh because that person is probably more annoyed than Aaron judge like Aaron judge is like
whatever I’m just gonna give you candy the producers and the and the host yeah they talked to you pretty seriously afterward and it was like the biggest
like I was so guilty like I was like so like oh God I’m so sorry yeah so I’m
sure whoever did this felt terrible but you didn’t get fired look at this my
face is getting red right now I know I know that’s how embarrassed I was uh no I did not get fired no all right
now by the way did you consider just recording Midway interview and then just
saying like I don’t know what happened I pressed it yeah yeah I considered a lot of things and then I was just like okay this is Aaron judge like I I have to
come clean on what happened if it was like did you if it was you know area Hawaii MMA you know ESPN MMA journalist
I would have been like sure I missed the starting of the recording but NBD it was
nightmares scenario now did you alert them mid-interview or did you wait for the interview to end not mid interview because I was like we
have to stop we have to we have to shut it down and restart it by the way even hearing someone in your
position saying we have to stop makes me feel sick to my stomach that’s the worst you’re in an interview like oh yeah uh
we didn’t catch that or oh what I have to fake this now I was doing a real Sports story yesterday uh which I’ll be
very excited to share with all of you in the very near future and there was one point where we had like a great answer
and then they said they didn’t catch it because the freaking plane was over the uh spot that we were standing I have to ask
it’s just like you can’t recreate that nowhere near as bad as as your blunder though but oh so bad so bad
all right well thanks for that great Insight uh from the truck we could have a whole new segment Tails from the truck
uh it is very I had to sit in this truck a couple times and uh I don’t I don’t I don’t envy people have to send trucks I
mean it’s a tough job there’s a lot of stress you got people screaming yelling f-bombs all over the place there’s no
daylight you’re like you’re usually trucks for those that haven’t been there they’re very tight there’s not a lot of
space you’re in there for hours and you walk outside and like the Sun hits you and you’re like ah the outdoors it’s a
tough gig it’s not fun everyone thinks it’s glamorous so you get to go to all these events but then you make a mistake
like that and everyone hates you it’s no fun um anyway uh back to Max from Germany I
do believe yes I know you and Connor share a strong history together but I am slash was a big fan of his back in the
day nowadays I’m basically just concerned about him as a human being all of his appearances are just weird to me
do you really believe that he’s coming back in December as he said I think the ship has sailed and we maybe don’t see
him ever again P.S we need Don fry greetings from Germany my man uh and uh
moderator Lewis who as always does a great job tells me that this particular individual
continues to ask for Don Frye we’ll get him I mean I don’t think it’s too hard to get done Legend the Predator
um I think Conor fights again do I think December is possibly not going to happen absolutely but I do think he fights
again it’s a weird thing going on now with Conor and Michael Chandler because the ultimate fighter just wrapped up and
like you could see Chandler’s trying to bait him into a fight and to get his his interest peaked with the small hands
with the he’s not going to do this and that and I I don’t know if it’s working necessarily on Conor but as I said last
week I think the fight to make is Conor versus Chandler if only because Chandler was promised the fight and I know the
fight game is full of empty promises but it would be kind of shitty if he went and and fought someone else he could
definitely do that just engaging Nathan Diaz but yeah I I uh I I believe GC was the
one that said this the clip of the the time that I was at the black Forge Inn in May for the Katie Taylor fight when he was holding Court back there and he
said at the end of The Ultimate Fighter they would have the date for the fans of when he uh would fight Michael Chandler
and yesterday was the last episode of The Ultimate Fighter and correct me if I’m wrong do you see they did not have a
date right nope no no no how did they address it uh
Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler will meet in the Octagon at some point down
the road uh something something like that like uh a much anticipated contest in the Octagon awaits it sounded like
for a very very brief moment at the end uh as they were finishing things up they
like talked about 292 and like how the finales are going to be on it and then they talked about Chandler McGregor and
like it sounded like they might be like they’re gonna fight and then they dropped though like at some point
yeah it’s a weird one think December might be I mean they don’t really need a big fight for December they certainly
don’t need one for November and there’s a chance that Leon and Colby fight on that card and then you may have Yuri and
and Alex in December and so like what I would do is just kind of save them for
298 or 299 and just have two massive shows back to back uh but yeah it’s it’s
definitely a weird one um yeah I don’t know I don’t know what’s I I
don’t I don’t know like how many times you get a fight but I I feel confident saying he’s going to fight again that’s that’s how I feel at the moment do you
feel otherwise no I’m with you on that
some point early next year why does he do those videos where he’s
wearing like the Speedos and then we got another one this morning I don’t
know if people talked about it I mean that’s it anytime there’s a McGregor post you know you’re in for it when you
get the when you get the blue box and it’s just the audio he’s the only one that still uses the audio function I
don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else do it you know you’re in for a good time when you see the Blue audio box the
yacht videos are I mean the one last week of him yelling at the fertittas yeah it’s I’ve probably watched like 150
times uh just get some work in Lads be over
shortly best part it’s so good oh my gosh uh overall what what score
would you give out of 10. your first season of The Ultimate Fighter um
we’re grading this on like comparing it to other reality shows just
I think you’re you’re I think your expectations were high I think you were excited about it expectations were way
too high wait my expectations were here they should have been much closer to here
entertainment value you know how captivating it was how
interested you were in it I I was interested in it and it kept my
interest throughout but I was also you know I I got to get on the show
tough hang afterward and like talk about it uh with AK Lee and Casey Lyden so
like I think that helped like if I if I was not doing that show I don’t know if I would have made it
through the entire season like watching every episode every week I feel like I would have just been checking in more
I mean the internet the entertainment value like when it comes to like an actual reality show itself it was not
good like if I’m if I’m stacking this up against like a Survivor like any of like
the big name reality shows like it’s the challenge I know Rick is here I know he loves the challenge uh like I mean I’m
giving it like a d plus a c minus wow it’s so formulaic it’s just like
there’s nothing really this draws you in there’s no drama there’s no anything I love the fact that you’re calling it
formulaic and you’re right in doing so and and you didn’t watch the previous 29 or whatever Seasons
we don’t get any drama until the very last episode then we find out Cody
Gibson and Brad Katona hate each other and I’m like where was any of this the entire season
yeah I’d say one one asterisk to the it’s the same every time they did try
that live season which I thought you know good effort at least to try and like switch it up I don’t know if you
know ultimately that was super successful they created some good talent um but yeah
and also it was almost it was almost inhumane they made them stay in the house for 13 freaking weeks it was
absurd yeah I if I’m not mistaken I believe it was Aaron McKenzie who was on team McGregor he’s been tweeting uh a
decent amount about like how yeah I believe it was Aaron McKenzie about how negative of an experience the
entire thing was oh it’s brutal like he can’t talk to your family yeah he lost and he lost pretty early on and like
having to hang out for however many weeks and like I I don’t really know how you feel the time from that point
um so yeah I mean I feel like if you lose you gotta leave that’s that’s there’s been times though
where those people step in if there’s injuries sure so I think there’s a there’s a reason to be around and put
them in another house ready put in another house where they have access to phones and stuff like that and if you need them they have to come back you
know yeah yeah and like but then if they come back people are gonna be like oh they got to do that and there’s gonna be
whining and griping about that the vet’s first prospects thing was like ended up being like pretty dumb especially
because like some of the prospects were like 36 it should have just been was in the UFC like UFC veteran versus
the Potential Prospect and it was also kind of a mismatch like we got no prospects in the in the finales on
Saturday we only really got one that even won Enrico de Chulo
um so like it was It was kind of one-way traffic for team Chandler the whole way like we didn’t even get here’s the
bottom line the ultimate sorry it’s for interrupting but the ultimate like the
ultimate like hook that this show had was that you know
we got exposed to some great young Fighters some future Superstars some future title contenders some future
Champions those don’t exist anymore if anything they’re just getting signed out right or they’re going on Contender series you know what I mean like
yesterday I know he didn’t win but like George Hardwick there was a lot of excitement about him fighting and so he’s going on Contender series he’s the
cage Warriors Champion he’s not going on The Ultimate Fighter and so like if you don’t have that anymore what do you have you know what I mean what do you have
you don’t have much weeks of programming for ESPN plus which is all the old I know how did it at this point how did it
do yeah I can’t imagine that’s a great question they they did as as big as big gets uh with with McGregor bringing
McGregor in to go against uh Chandler uh one question that is posed uh Brad
Catona in the finale on Saturday uh trying to become a two-time Ultimate
Fighter Champion is he the ultimate ultimate fighter or is he the ultimate fighter that’s been a big topic oh wow
multimet fighter is strong
why are you crying no one’s here in the house and she’s crying at the door what am I supposed to do she’s sweating
actually I think she’s nervous that everyone left her yeah what’s your problem why are you being so shy all of
a sudden oh look at that we’ve come a long way we’ve come a long way Machi why
what’s the problem Machi why are you crying you have to talk in that voice you know oh of course you gotta have the
dog voice the dog voice is great what’s your problem why are you being so cool are you a dog hater Rick
I’m not a dog hater but like I could sit out that moment
runs out to me I give him you know what’s your big mind you gotta you gotta give the dog The Voice man come on you
ever think you’d say you never thought you’d see this no no definitely not especially because I know the story of
how how much and the feelings initially so yeah no I do not I did not see this
coming but I am happy I mean it clearly this this is part of the family so yeah she sees the the the the luggage she’s
getting all worried about it oh my poor machi oh why
[Laughter] I can’t believe you hate the dog voice Rick I mean that just comes with having
a dog it’s just part you know it’s it’s part of the whole Fun by the way you come
home no one wants to talk to me anymore except for for matcha she’s the only one no I’m all for you having that I don’t
need to be party to you having that you can have that you know like that’s
that’s for you guys much is trying to tell me something right now let me just kick her out sorry guys
oh all right so you decided I like I like multimet I like multimet for what it’s worth I think that’s pretty clever
I think I’m an ultimate ultimate fighter oh Chris Weidman there he is shout out to Chris yeah and to John galang uh yes
they left me alone Beast um all right let’s get to the uh before
we get to the last question we were supposing a question brackatona trying to become the first uh two-time Ultimate
Fighter champion and the question is posed multiment fighter or the ultimate
ultimate fighter I think you gotta go ultimate ultimate oh wow
Connor which is it I’ve been backing ultimate ultimate
fighter though the whole season so I’ll stick with it because I’m not voted when he said it on the show he was like is it
he bracket’s own asked the question he said an ultimate fighter and like for the first three or four seconds I was like what
does he mean by that maybe I’m just slow but uh but yeah I didn’t ultimate ultimate you know immediately clicked
so he will be a double champ are they going to bring both the trophies out for him if he wins on Saturday
no it’s like a glass it’s usually like some kind of like weird glass configuration thing like is he going to
be holding both the glass configurations up against the shoulder I hope not the ultimate ultimate
Champion they forgot to bring out the second belt for Connor when he wanted MSG they’re definitely not ultimate
ultimate fighter doesn’t apologize to anyone yeah
all right that’s enough tough talk um no soup for you
hello Lads no soup is back with a juicy question enough of these softballs for Ariel Ariel what’s going on with Frankie
Edgar did he really not talk to you because of Ali and is that why he’s barely been mentioned by you since something must have happened behind the
scenes you’d love to have the Legends like Paul Veron which is great but not a people about Frankie since he retired I
don’t think that’s fair or accurate I did talk a lot about Frankie uh going into that last fight spoke about it
after I mean he hasn’t really done anything to talk about on this show since but yes to answer your question he
did stop coming on because of Ali I knew Frankie before he knew Ali and I don’t
want the last thing I want is to get into any type of Feud with Frankie Edgar I was a little bit bummed that that happened
um but you know Ali makes some money and he’s he’s got a side with this guy I get it who the hell am I
we had great interviews I feel like I covered him really fairly and and in a fun way the pizza thing with Mark Henry
uh still maintained a great relationship with Mark Henry and even with Frankie I texted him before the fight after the fight uh no hard feelings you know it’s
all very stupid and unfortunate all this stuff and uh I wish you know I wish it didn’t happen four years plus now I
don’t even understand why it’s a thing uh I don’t even think he understands why it’s a thing Ali that is
um but yeah I mean what would you want me to say about him in the last eight nine ten months we we definitely talked
about him going into the MSG fight and after the MSG fight what more is there to say I would have loved to have him on
before or after I’d love to have them on tomorrow but uh
can’t do it so what do you want me to do I don’t know what else there is to say not my call I saw him once in a uh
airport in the midst of all this and it was it was totally fine if I saw him today I’d be totally fine too he he’s
he’s he’s showing loyalty to his guy he’s following his guys um
you know advice if you want to call it that request and you know I I can’t I
can’t fault that you know I wish I wish the guy would drop it but
uh I don’t think he is anytime soon and I don’t think we have been as affected
as he suspected we would be uh Aaron hey Ariel as an interviewer we
often face the challenge of needing to ask questions that push or challenge Our Guest for example it’s clear that asking Fighters that about pay can be a tough
topic to discuss but is relevant to the business of MMA you’ve demonstrated a remarkable skill thank you in
acknowledging the difficulty of certain questions while maintaining a respectful approach can you share your perspective
on Crafting engaging questions and how to be both a strong considerate
interviewer I truly appreciate your time insights and all the energy you give to the sport shout out to Aaron Pete he’s
very positive and very kind on social media we tend to talk about the negativity and the haters and stuff like
that but I see his comments and his tweets and uh I appreciate them very much so much love and and chat with him
as well use the interesting word there crafting engaging questions um as I’ve said before I don’t write my
questions in advance even if it’s you know if it’s for this show if it’s for a two-hour real sports interview if it’s
about something I’m completely you know four and two if it’s for the basketball interviews wrestling those sit-downs the
BT ones TNT now I I just don’t like writing them do I want to ask certain things do I want to you know
inquire about certain things yes um and the best way to navigate those
Waters in my opinion are to just ask those hard questions in a respectful way
I know that’s very easy to say but like in a soft respectful approachable
comforting way if you just start out saying like hey why did you do this or
hey what are your thoughts on this I hate the talk about question that’s the worst talk about this
your thoughts on this um you know have I made these mistakes in the thousands of hours that we’ve
done most likely but the best is when you could just you know that’s why I’ve always tried to speak in a kind of like
soft calm way you want this to feel relaxed you want this to feel you know
um down to earth it’s just two friends chatting and and you ultimately don’t want it to feel like an interview and
that’s what I hope you know like the greatest compliment that I always hear people say about Howard Stern is like they get in that chair they’re sitting
there and they forget they’re doing a show and so I always hope that that is the feeling
um you always try to make that you know the uh the the like the the the the the end
game and have them say like wow I can’t believe we spoke about that because I wasn’t really thinking about interview
consequences and that just like we’re just we’re just talking um and that’s not me trying to trick
them or be Sly or anything like that I’m just you know I’m just trying to ask uh
questions and get answers to things that people want to know about these people uh the good sometimes the bad sometimes
the ugly I’m not shooting for any of that um that’s the thing that I never understood about the instigating thing
it’s like oh of course like if you’re just gonna ask positive positive positive fluffy questions all the time
there’ll be no sort of you know drama or anything like that but
like that’s part of the job the job is to ask about certain things but to do it in the most respectful
and appropriate way possible and I’ve tried to do that throughout my career sometimes you succeed sometimes you fail
sometimes people think that you’re asking things with bad intentions sometimes people don’t really understand
why you’re asking things sometimes people misconstrue questions uh this is all going to happen it has happened it
will happen it will probably happen down the line as well um and that’s just part of the gig and
you hope that you have enough you know credibility and history and connections
and and and body of work to suggest that like you’re not trying I couldn’t again as I’ve said a thousand times I couldn’t
care less if if a video gets x amount of
views versus I I don’t I don’t profit off of any of that so like I have no re I’m not pushing for any of that I’m trying like the DJ conversation is the
exact thing that I would point to I didn’t think that we would talk about the stuff on the back end it just kind
of flowed I had nothing written I had no real Direction and and we went an hour
and I was like holy [ __ ] I’ve kept them for too long petrovsky as well like I knew a little bit about his story but
that that to me is the best part of the job um and the best part of interviewing period
like when you just like I said I I’ve been working on this real support story and I’m so enamored with the subject
because I keep learning more about this individual and I’m just blown away by the way he lives his life and the way he
thinks about things and I’m like why I just I can’t get enough I just want to keep asking more and more questions I
could sit there for three hours what about this and how do you deal with that because I want to get better too as a human being but I want people to learn
um about these people and and that’s what I feel like the job of the interviewer is so again people may have uh different
interpretations of what you know your intentions are I could tell you from the heart here you know I don’t have any sort of agenda
I don’t have any sort of malicious intent I’m just trying to talk to interesting people and get you know get
their story out there the good the bad the ugly and have you judge whether or not you like them uh you know I I can
have my feelings internally But ultimately it’s not really my call here um and that’s why I’ll have people from
all walks of life on the show and and try not to even shy away and try to steer towards people that I know have
different you know um different ways of life and line of
thinking that I have because I think those are the most interesting people to talk to if you’re just surrounding yourself with the same like-minded
people it’s not that fun it’s not that interesting you don’t learn anything there’s nothing to really pry about you’re just talking to yourself there’s
nothing to really ask there’s nothing to really investigate there’s nothing to really follow up on uh it’s the
different people the new people the the unique ones that are the most fun and challenging to to speak to and I
enjoy those challenges very much so I don’t know uh I guess that that would
be my answer but but I would ultimately say like I sometimes watch these interviews and they’re so stiff and
formal and and and that doesn’t make the subject comfortable so ultimately what I think you need to remember is like
being relaxed being comfortable being conversational will get people to feel that same way and ultimately
open up all right great stuff great questions appreciate all of them appreciate
moderator Lewis as well for uh compiling them uh that’s it from me guys
um but back on Monday of course post pay-per-view Monday couldn’t miss it
as we’ve been teasing we’ve got the boys leading the way we’ve
got New York Rick and GC it’s the uh it’s it’s it’s I don’t know what it’s called it’s the GC and Rick show it’s
the Rick and GC show it’s the New York and Georgia I don’t know I don’t know what’s happening do we have any more
details that we can share or we’re still keeping it we’re keeping I think we’ve got to keep
it under wraps all right yeah we’re gonna keep it under wraps it’s just you’re gonna beat us up Monday at 1pm
Eastern exactly yeah we got to keep it under wraps so like we if we give it away then no one will show up so we have to we have to leave some something for
surprise so they’ll at least show up maybe some special guests maybe not who knows I can’t wait to tune in yeah maybe
I don’t know maybe if you can carve out some time for maybe I pop in you know maybe yeah yeah I mean send me the zoom
link you know maybe I’ll hit me up with your your booking producer
um we’ll find out in the studio out of the studio you know in the control room
you know like but I don’t know what’s gonna happen from home
I have to ask you here here now it’s your moment does how weird does that feel you have no control over this we
could go on air the MMA hour with Ariel helwani Graphics roll out and we can do
anything how do you feel about this first of all I would say I don’t know if there’s anything
on this planet right now that gets me more excited than that notion right there I don’t have to book a show on
Monday I mean are you kidding me this is a gift from the heavens number one uh as you know
you know I I I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t pass the Baton very easily uh you
will now have the distinction of doing it twice GC first time I don’t think there’s any two people that I would
trust with that show I would either just decide not to do the show we shut it down for the day or whatever uh but I
feel like we’re in very capable hands and it’s actually exciting to be excited for
my show as a fan you’re a fan of your own shovel for this week and hearing the insights downloading it watching it all
that stuff and more uh as a fan just tuning in myself I think it’s good well
we’re excited to have you as a fan um it’s gonna be a great show I hope you guys get what 35 000 live
concurrence smash our France show which I think is the uh yeah no why not okay
when they know when they know what guests we’re gonna have
in studio together 48 Hours removed from here live on the show
I’m already I’m already getting the Bradley Martin response to DJ we’re gonna learn oh my God we’re gonna push
the desk out of the way we’re gonna have Bradley and DJ roll DJ was like I don’t want to complicate things all right we
won’t complicate things let’s do it right we’ve got Zucker musk not yet not confirmed yet in the works
efforting yeah remake of Facebook
Mark um you know the bubble he the bubbles are popping up with Mark so it’s not a hundred percent yet once once we
clear the bubbles then we’ll we’ll see what happens by the way your level of interest in DJ versus Bradley Martin
here correct I mean based on how DJ’s laid it out
like he just wants to like prove something it’s not gonna like I’m not expecting like this to be Bradley Martin
is actually trying to rip his head off and DJ’s trying to like take his arm home or his neck um so not as much it feels like it’s a
little too cordial you know what I mean I need some animus in my fight I need to I need there to be a reason that they’re
fighting rather than just like hey I want to show that little guys can fight like I know DJ can fight I don’t need to
I don’t need to see that I know he would twist Bradley Martin into a pretzel don’t don’t need it to be seen four out
of ten I I want to see the visual you’re into a 12 out of 10. someone of someone a foot taller and a hundred pounds
heavier as Rick put it getting twisted like a pretzel you you can watch some
like ADCC like open weight stuff and you’ll see it you’ll see like and
heavyweights and Bradley Martin do it though wow why could you imagine the visual he
was like yeah I could pick him up and drop like like put them down take them down could you imagine DJ just
body slamming Bradley Martin that would be insane I can why are we hearing so much about Bradley Martin all of a
sudden is it just because of this gimmick where he’s challenging all these Fighters I mean he has a ton of followers like he’s he does he’s yeah
he’s just show good is this show good he’s a big time influencer oh I know him more from like content yeah he’s a big
guy like gym content uh but I mean like he had ideas on in the in the build up to
the to the Jake Paul and ideas fight like yeah I don’t think he’s just coming out of nowhere I think he just has this
Channel with a bunch of followers and like he keeps posing this question and like it gets clipped off
people I think he’s smart he done something that like the note boys did which is like you touch yourself to
fighting and there’s a new audience that comes with that and now he’s leaning into that I think he went on O’Malley’s
podcast O’Malley and Tim’s and like they actually had like a really civil discussion about like a street fight not
just like oh yeah and O’Malley was like he was like I don’t really want to find out because you’re gigantic but like I
think I have the skills to handle you uh do these clean
I mean we have the picture right here like yeah I mean I mean he’s I don’t know enough about
that world but he’s spending some hours in the gyms if he’s clean like he is
how is that possible how do you even get that a lot of time in the gym a lot of time in the gym
respect a lot of protein amino acids that was that was the key right right
um all right well uh man great stuff from DJ DJ was awesome wasn’t he great he just didn’t get enough he’s come such
a long way in the interview game like when we first met him where he just didn’t want to ever open up and give you
anything now he’s just like it just feels like what the [ __ ] you want to talk about let’s go let’s go talk talk I was like see I can’t even I can’t even
imagine like him not opening up like you’re just like oh you got sick and left he’s like [ __ ] yeah I was having
diarrhea oh my God
yeah I mean his fate was so his fate was so tied to the UFC brand and product and
he didn’t want a misstep and then at a certain point it wasn’t and he was like well I’m just gonna be DJ and we love
that DJ I think we like that DJ a lot more once he started swearing it all changed remember there was a point where
even him swearing was weird squeaky clean [ __ ] it yeah yeah tremendous uh all right gents much love
good luck on Monday perhaps we’ll talk then as far as yeah thank you as far as
me hosting this show uh the next time you’ll see me doing so will be September 6th so we’ll have the Monday show and
then we’ll be off for two weeks and so uh we hope you don’t miss us too much but again there is a Monday show and uh
to everyone who you know complains about everything how do you like us now you’re gonna miss us a hell of a lot more all
right I can guarantee that um but it’s a uh it’s a little break for uh myself and the crew and then we’ll be
back a lot of [ __ ] gonna happen by the way by the time you guys say goodbye on on Monday the 21st of August and
September 6th I mean that Singapore card is actually quite
good the one coming up next weekend well not this week like this weekend is Boston but next weekend Holloway chance
on young Anthony Smith Brian Spann Giga chikate Alex caseras Aaron blanchfield Tyler Santos Junior taffa Parker Porter
and it’s a damn good card especially for uh Singapore and then the one following that is syrell gun Sergey Spivak Mano
fioro against Rose Nami Eunice that’s the one in Paris time for Singapore too sign me up oh
Jesus uh yeah usick against uh Daniel Dubois Stadium August 26 as well so there’s
just a lot going on and a lot will have happened the the game will change the next time I’m hosting this show
will be three days away from Izzy versus Sean Strickland that’s crazy
see you then man yeah see you then my most anticipated fight of the year I mean it’s gonna be
fantastic yeah hopefully I’ll talk to you guys then if not I’ll be watching listening
downloading all that stuff and more uh Frank we could say goodbye now
I told the guys we gotta go till four today [Music]
actually Monday’s show was shorter than this one ah we love it I love it I want some more
of it uh but a great day was had and I am excited about 292.
at the TD Garden this Saturday night on pay-per-view of course Al Jermaine
Sterling Sean O’Malley zhangwei Liam andalemos black share against Mario Batista
Marlon verrigan’s Pedro Munoz Chris Weidman Brad Tavares Gregory Rodriguez against Dennis toyilin
nailed it Austin Hubbard Kurt hollabaugh Katona Cody Gibson shout out tough
Andrea petrovsky against Joe mearshard is on the early prelims what the hell Andrew Lee against entire Silva
karintova against Marina morose I mean that’s a solid pay-per-view card top to bottom a little something for everyone I
can’t be petrovsky’s that low what the hell why is Petrosky that low they should have put him on the uh main card
it wasn’t like it was the featured prelim fight on ESPN they never bumped that one up but that low that is a bit
surprising maybe they’ll change it I’m looking at some dodgy website here uh thank you very
much to the aforementioned entrepritoski uh good luck to him this Saturday
incredible story easy to root for him good luck to Shane Burgos next Wednesday
thank you to him for his time as well thank you to Tim Welch good luck to the team and of course thank you to
Demetrius Johnson Mighty house aka the goad himself for stopping by with such great stuff back on Monday take time
[Music] over here