Chael Sonnen recently sat down with Brendan Schaub to discuss various topics, including the current state of the middleweight division in the UFC, the potential merger between the UFC and WWE, and even delved into the world of serial killers. Sonnen shared some interesting insights and stories, making for an engaging conversation.

Middleweight Madness

Sonnen and Schaub started off by discussing the ongoing drama surrounding Logan Paul and Dylan Danis. Sonnen expressed his opinion that regardless of whether or not Danis went about it the right way, he has already started the feud and can’t back down now. Sonnen believes that if Paul wants the dispute to be settled, he should make it go away. He also pointed out that Paul signed a deal with Danis, knowing full well what kind of person he is, and now he doesn’t like the way he’s playing the game.

Sonnen acknowledged that while he doesn’t agree with Danis’ tactics, they are undeniably effective in generating attention and views for the fight. He criticized Paul for wanting to discipline Danis and file a lawsuit, stating that he doesn’t feel good about the situation. Sonnen suggested that if Paul and Danis were to have a private conversation, they might be able to reason with each other and find a resolution. He also mentioned that the controversy surrounding Danis’ actions is what is driving the conversation about the fight.

Serial Killer Talk

Moving on to a different topic, Sonnen and Schaub delved into the world of serial killers. Sonnen revealed his fascination with serial killers and shared his favorite and least favorite ones. He expressed his dislike for the BTK killer, who he believes is the worst serial killer due to his heinous crimes against children. Sonnen also mentioned his admiration for Richard Ramirez and Ted Bundy, stating that they were the best-looking serial killers.

Sonnen then discussed a video he posted about the BTK killer, also known as Dennis Rader. He explained that Rader made a chilling confession during his trial, where he spoke candidly about his crimes for an hour and 45 minutes. Rader’s calm and detailed retelling of the events shocked everyone present, and his confession was believed to be genuine. Sonnen mentioned that recently, two trap doors were discovered in the house where Rader lived, and they led to a journal where he confessed to additional crimes. This revelation has opened up the possibility of more victims and unsolved cases.

Sonnen also touched on the fact that there are currently over 60 active serial killers in North America, but they no longer receive cool names like the ones from the “Golden Age” of serial killers. He attributed this change to the media’s decision to stop giving them attention and cool names. Sonnen admitted that delving into the world of serial killers can be disturbing and even give him nightmares, but he still finds it fascinating.


In this engaging conversation with Brendan Schaub, Ch ael Sonnen discussed the ongoing drama between Logan Paul and Dylan Danis, expressing his opinion on the situation. He also delved into the world of serial killers, sharing his fascination with them and discussing the BTK killer and recent discoveries related to his crimes. Sonnen provided interesting insights and stories, making for an engaging conversation.

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the program
Mr chal sonen what is going on my man we got the the government’s discovered
aliens we got Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelsey and then also Sean Strickland
defeated Izzy arasania what is the world coming to my man
apparently in Mexico they discovered this alien I’m not buying it I think it’s all a distraction of everything
else going on this they found this little kind of weak alien thing mummified alien it I don’t know if
that’s an alien I’m not scared of it man right it’s always mummified or broad
what’s up a farmer’s ass like it’s always the same story you’re gonna one at some point even a photo will do
but there’s gonna have to be something tangible yeah you’ll see this thing it’s clearly I don’t know if it’s you know
made uh in a lab this thing looks weird I’m not scared of it if that’s what they look
like sign me up man it says it’s a thousand year old alien Corp so I’m looking at right now it looks like a
it’ll bum you out if you’re big into aliens and this shows up it’s gonna bum you out it’s a real look down I feel
like there’s been presidents that have tried to tell us like I do feel like Donald Trump did an interview one time and he got as close as anybody to to
revealing to the world and Obama was an interesting one he I think it was he was doing David Letterman and Obama’s that
made some statement that you’ve heard it a hundred times David Letterman responds that’s what every President says and
Obama says yes that’s what they that’s what they want us to tell you and everybody got this really big laugh except it felt like a real
moment I’ll give you one you might be too young to know but when Bill Clinton ran was 1992 was the first time he was
elected but in the late 80s early 90s the phenomenon of aliens was everywhere if you were in the checkout line or
something like this all the tabloids all alien all the time and Clinton said he got asked a question about him and he
said I’ve always wanted to know that too and if I’m elected I will get back to you I will answer your question he got
elected and he never spoke about it again even when people brought it up and I know that no evidence isn’t the case
of evidence but it does feel as though there’s at least a phenomenon agree yeah they’ve tried this numerous times it’s
also like with the JFK assassination Trump was like I’m gonna be the first president I’m gonna release the files and then he has access to do it he goes
all right I’m gonna release a certain amount of the files not all of them because I don’t think the public can handle what what else is in there it’s
like well what is going on here man so I think they have good intentions then they get to the top and people are like
you can’t but you just can’t give all that information out that one was an incredible one it was something about
70. I can’t remember now if it was 70 000 Pages or 70 pages but Trump did order it and the head of the CIA was a
female at that time I can’t remember her name but she refused and Trump said I’m giving you an executive order release
these and she refused so they brought Trump in to explain all the reasons why it needed to be redacted or why they
couldn’t put it out and ultimately it did just die she overrode the president which was also very interesting I mean
that’s that one’s clearance date that and Aliens I the whole aliens thing freaks me out hopefully we find out are
you more surprised that Mexico found in alien or Sean Strickland beat Izzy
they’re they’re equal in many ways Sean Strickland dominated Israel a lot of sunny and let me tell you how I watched
this fight by the way I watched I was at an amateur show that was live earlier in the day I’m an ordained minister I
married my wife’s brother so I got a few things going on I finally sit down I’m at this amateur event though and I’m
I’ve got it on my phone so I’m watching the event I’m looking down I’m watching the event I’m looking down but I know
Izzy’s winning because every time I look down they’re on their feet so like 25 minutes later and I did see the
knockdown I watched with Sean knocked him down the first round and swarmed him which generally if you go for a finish
like that in the first round you’re not going to win a decision your gas tank is empty so my deduction of just looking
down and knowing it was a pure kickboxing match also tells me that otisanya won and when they raised Sean’s
hand like my God I gotta go back and watch this not only did Sean beat him he beat him at his own game that part’s
pretty interesting yet the biggest surprise to me and I mean you and I are
the only ones that called in the business we had Strickland winning this thing you know with you me and you know
Drake was way off but um I think the most surprising thing is if Monday
morning told me hey Strickland won okay would he catch him he caught him in the first round and knocked him down and got
a lucky submission or something like that and if you told me no for 25 minutes it stayed on its feet and
Strickland out struck him uh completely dominated Izzy was only a uh labeled a
land 22 head punches in 25 minutes I mean I would have called you a liar I
would have bet my house on it you know so I just think it to me it’s the biggest upset of all time because the
weight went down matt Sarah GSP things happen flukes happen I get that and also
GSP when he did lose that fight wasn’t the same magnitude as a star or reigning
champ as Izzy was so I give Strickland the nod over that so I I guess I was
just surprised the way that Strickland completely dominated and also his defense his defense was
insane man absolutely insane and to your point about that like they’ll tell you all your shoes is from an amateur
wrestling background but they’ll tell you that a pen is the most dominant thing you can do but I’ll tell you as a wrestler if you get Bender you pin
somebody the fellow wrestlers go will you caught him I mean that 10 years later hey remember that time you caught me and pinned me and I feel like the
knockout’s the same way and I’m speaking more to doing the rematch they say we’re going to do an immediate rematch
generally when we do immediate rematches somebody got caught I would argue that aljo got caught aljo had one completed
round and he won that round he takes one shot he goes down a lot of those are the ones go hey we got to see that again
this was so dominant not to mention in the realm and Izzy didn’t handle this
like any former Champion I mean they all come out with the same story oh my hand was broken I just went through Camp anyway I didn’t want to let you fans
down I mean it’s the same story every time easy to tell that story he he took it like a man he said you know we
thought it was a fair fight this guy won I appreciated that side of it but there wasn’t something about that match that
lends to a rematch I rather stand the star of the business I get why we’re doing it I just think
that it’s a little more glaringly obvious in this case and normally we would try to hide that a little bit better
I agree it’s kind of like the Amanda Nunez and the Pena fight they fought the
first time you know Pena did her thing the second one was an absolute you know there’s ten eight rounds and Amanda
Nunes completely destroyed her okay well let’s go for a third it’s one one nope it’s not justified that we’re good if
someone completely dominates like that it doesn’t justify a rematch and I’m the biggest Izzy fan I’m a Big Sean
Strickland fan too but for Izzy it’s it was hard for me to come on the show Monday and go I’m not all for the
rematch because it was a 25 minute domination it was it it it you know I
Rogan and I were watching it doing the fight campaign Rogan Sam tripley me and Callan we had it 5-0 there’s argument
4-1 sure I’ll entertain four one outside that you’re not giving Izzy a single freaking round so the rematch just isn’t
there for me if you’re Dana White and I get the business aspect of it is he’s a massive star he’s probably the biggest
star you know not named Conor McGregor so so we know is he’s a massive star he’s good for business
so we see why they would do immediate rematch but I there’s something to it where the new matchups the new blood in
the division is exciting you know so if I’m Dana and also I want your thoughts on this if I’m
Dana Izzy needs to rest you know this as well as anybody when you’re a champion you have to do different things that
these other contenders don’t have to do you’re selling the pay-per-view heavy lies the crown it’s exhausting and
Izzy’s very active as a champ might be the most active champ I’ve seen in my lifetime he’s active as hell he’s
fighting the top guys day in day out and then he’s also responsible for selling the paper you because he’s BD ever be it
everybody you know and people are prisoners of the moment they go ah he was never that good no you’re getting
confused he’s so good he lapped the middleweight division hit that they had to do rematches and he beat those guys
so those people are just president of the moment but I I do think there’s something with Izzy where he it didn’t
look like our typical Izzy now I’m not taking anything away from Sean Strickland maybe maybe you know Sean
Strickland just has his number okay but it didn’t look like our normal is he looked tired I think he being active as
the champion being that active at that high of a level he just needs a break and he can come back fight through
policies even if it’s not for a title I’m in for that but I I just think Izzy could use a break let the division build
other stars and then come back I certainly wouldn’t have a problem with that you know anytime you do a rematch
you’re going to get asked the same question and the answer doesn’t overly matter you just have to have an answer but what’s going to be different this
time and that is where it gets complicated I mean they fought that fight where is he wanted to fight it
there’s not going to be a make-believe interview that is he comes out and says well I knew I should have taken him down I know I should have pinned him up
against the fence and dropped my elbows like that’s where I think that it gets a little bit tough as a selling feature
nothing went wrong in that fight Everything went perfect and for whatever reason Sean Strickland was better at it
than Izzy was and and I do feel like imagine that Izzy does say and he goes oh no nothing’s going to change I’m
going to do the same thing I’m just gonna do it better you go it’s kind of a
weird one because Brandon the only reason it gets weird what happens if Izzy comes back and beats him which
right now he’s the favorite the new line came out he’s a minus 120 he went off at a minus 600 but he’s still a favorite
even his slide what if he beats him something tells me we don’t go to the trilogy something tells me if we get the
belt back around Izzy we don’t extend the same favorite as Sean that Sean’s gonna have to show to autosonya and I
just think that that adds to your point maybe it’s time to take your oars out of the water let that division build Izzy
has set himself a number of times that he would like parody he would like some different matchups he’s tired of being in there with the same guys I mean how
many times did he fight Pierre I believe it was four times in total correct and it’s just it gets to an interesting
point you know what do you do with duplicity I know he’s sitting there thinking he’s the number one Contender but in a month we’re gonna have Jemiah
and Paulo Costa they’re going to come steal a lot of Thunder they’re going to get built up I’m quite sure before that fight goes off they’re going to announce
that this is the number one contenders match and it just feels as though the police is going to need uh something to
do and him fighting without a Sonia not for a title I love it what’s the difference in many ways what’s the
difference if they have a problem with each other they never said it was about the belt in the first place they just want to fight the fight still works they
can still do it I agree but if you’re a duplicity’s management you know and let’s say Izzy
needs a break if you’re duplicates can you afford to sit out and be out of the public eye be out of the kind of the the
MMA fight talk for seven months six months can depletes afford that or does
he take on a guy like Canon there and stay active and become undeniable yeah no that’s a tough one I I don’t
know I mean I’ve had that same question as it pertains to Michael Chandler like whatever is going on with Conor McGregor it does not appear that he’s going to be
fighting anytime soon and if we’re to listen to usada the day he decides he’s gonna fight that’s when a sixth six
month clock starts I mean half of a year at some point Chandler’s got to put his his foot down and Brendan that fight by
the way and I know I’m jumping around but that fight has felt very weird I was on my way to fedor’s retirement fight
against Ryan Bader I remember where I was when I got the news it was going to be Chandler versus McGregor and it
didn’t feel right from Jump Street then they got Dana Chandler and Connor and three different people interviewed them
they don’t know the interviews going on so they’re all giving different answers Chandler says we’re doing it 55.
McGregor says we’re doing it at 70 and Dana says we haven’t found a weight class yet if you don’t even know what
weight class you’re doing it at there is no fight and they went from there continued to say there was one went off
to The Ultimate Fighter Conor McGregor now according to Social Media which I get that he’s a troll but most recently
says we’re gonna do it at 185. and Chandler instantly responds and goes great let’s do it it’s like Mike at some
point you don’t have to look so willing at some point somebody here is gonna have
to play hardball or nothing if nothing changes then the outcome doesn’t change and the outcome right now is you guys
aren’t fighting agree that fight from the jump has always been a little strange to to your
point we’ve never seen anything kind of that get you know our my boy Casey who’s my producer he’s the biggest Conor fan
I’m a huge Conor fan too you know gun to the heads of the fight happen I don’t know I still eat to this
day they went through the ultimate fighter you know they’ve talked about 55 70 85 I just don’t see it happen and
again to your point Chandler needs to find just go I just need to fight and I think you know it’s like when you’re
chasing the hot girl the more desperate you are the more they’re like no I’m good man you know so I think Channel
needs to play a little hard to get and go you know I’m gonna move on UFC give me another fight and see how Connor reacts be the hot girl in school be the
hot girl in school and I think as it pertains to Strickland and Izzy you know what the the thing that I think
about is is strickling way better than we thought is he that damn good or did
Izzy have an off night without taking away you know what Strickland did is Strickland that damn good and we just
didn’t see it when you go back over his record you’re like all right that looks pretty good there well that last fight he did look damn when you think about it
he looked pretty good you know you go through his losses and you know we’ve talked about this off air Strickland
used to come into Reign and you have a story how you know he would come in there and he said he was King of the
cage champ I don’t remember him well in those days I remember a little bit but he’s always been kind of you know when
he came into the UFC he was kind of this blue chip recruitment he was a big deal fell off a little bit for the reason and
then now he’s back so I guess what I struggle with is Strickland that damn good or did Izzy just have one of those
nights or is it a combination of both it’s really hard right like I respect
kickboxing I I’ve sparred with Joe schillingham before and really felt like wow this these high level guys and the
Rhythm they have and the techniques that they have I mean I really respect that Sean Strickland for the most part I
think is self-trained I’ve never heard him talk about you know the day at eight years old my dad dropped me off at
Freddy roach’s gym or something like this I’ve never really heard that that goes with his wrestling his Jujitsu too
you know he’s just kind of one of these tough guys so I would have to think that autosanya is better but that’s not what
we saw right there was something awkward about Sean Strickland they did a stat on Sean it was many fights ago I want to
say he was uh fighting Jack her Manson but the announce team puts out a stat that Sean Strickland is the greatest
defense in the middleweight division to show you what their math was they just looked at how many punches were thrown
at middleweights how many landed verses did it land and Sean Strickland had the highest he’s very hard to hit you know
he comes in with this stance and you’ve never seen an MMA fighter Sean Strickland and Chuck Liddell are the only ones that have the This Dance
everybody else gets clipped and they got caught they got to keep their hands up so he is very unique I think that he
surprised himself every now and then a fighter gets in a fight that isn’t as hard as he thought it was going to be like I maintained to this day there was
nobody more surprised that Justin gate she’d beat Tony Ferguson than Justin gaichi and I think that Sean just
started to feel that momentum in many ways it wasn’t the fight he was supposed to fight he didn’t threaten the takedown
by example he didn’t get to the clinch he didn’t put any major effort into get the takedown to start with which is what
we all thought he was gonna have to do it was a very lazy approach back to 1993 of Grappler versus Striker but it still
didn’t happen it’s like Sean did everything that that Izzy wanted to do and so how high level do you have to be
I mean I gotta look at that and I instantly think about Francis and fury and go well maybe it’s not quite as hard
as we think it is maybe you get a guy that’s a little awkward it does stuff you’re not used to I mean there’s a lot
of things that I’m accepting but he has to see that Sean Strickland was a better Striker than honest Sonia I thought that
that was that was mind-blowing yeah maybe we’re overthinking it maybe we’re making the fight game too complicated
you know you try and make it like the NFL or like baseball where a lot goes into it a lot of planning goes into it
and then the day it’s just two dudes fighting you know we’re and and Sean Strickland’s able to break it down and
meet potatoes and you know he spars more than anybody and there’s been this trend you know the same as the NFL you know
Tampa 2 coverage was successful so the rest of the teams did that for the next five years until we had until they
adapted a running quarterback they did that forever so it’s a copycat League the UFC is the same you know so I think
I’m gonna be curious to see if Fighters go look at Sean Strickland he’s the champ man all he does is Spar forget all
this technique we’ve been doing let’s just Spar and I don’t know if that’s a good thing I think it works with Sean Strickland I don’t know if it’s gonna
work for everybody else and I’m also curious I want your thoughts on this channel you know your marketing genius
some would say you you look at your career and the way you you know mix it up and became Infamous for a variety of
reasons in your fight prayer what is the UFC marking team Monday morning when they sat around did are
they like we got one we got here’s the guy it was chantra he’s different now here’s how he’s different and and I
think there’s a way they can they can run with this I think in a world of
these gimmicks that were limited you know you click on YouTube it’s you know you know Chael son and you know wrestles
two gay two two gay guys naked and you click on it you just wrestling you know
at some Camp there’s nothing to it so there’s all this fake smoke out there there’s AI coming there there’s all this
fake you know what I’m saying there’s Instagram it’s not real Sean Strickland is authentic as they get and I think and
he and he kind of he attracts a certain fan base who are who are they don’t have
a lot of Heroes you know a poor white kid grew up from nothing and he talks about this and you know former you know
Neo-Nazi and all this horrible background you know horrible father horrible parents and he’s made it and
he’s he’s their Champion I think there’s a way to Market this because the the
masses are appealing to to Sean Strickland and I think if they just take
away you know obviously he’s gonna say some off-putting stuff I don’t agree with everything he says but what I do agree with he’s authentic and that’s
what people they’re starving for it in comedy and podcasting and they’re athletes how many times do we see a UFC
fighter NFL guy go you know it is a perfect game plan and respect and then you know I’m just whoever’s next we
don’t want to hear that tell us how you feel man Sean Strickland is going to tell you how he feels the UFC just has
to let him do his thing he might not bring on the big Nike sponsors and the the Burger Kings of the world but he’s
what he is going to do is appeal to a mass mass audience so I I think it’s a good thing if they let Shawn Strickland
do his thing are you worried about it well to your point when people sure do
appear to be attracted to it like there his Crowds Are massive I mean he almost had a rocky moment where he he flipped
the Australian crowd which appears to be a pretty cool crowd to start with I must say I mean they’re pretty opening and
inviting but you know even on a son who’s clapping for him at the end yeah I’m a little worried about it I mean early in his career and I say this to
somebody because he wasn’t at rain where you know I do have a care for him and wants him to do good things I was a
little nervous they’re not going to be able to put him in these massive spots just because they can’t give him a main event just because they can’t have him
doing media but he has found a way to navigate that and there is something uh
that does seem very real you know he was talking about the belt and saying that you know the Belt doesn’t matter then he asks somebody how much can I get for it
and somebody told him 1700 bucks and he’s like that’s not even enough money to put Spinners on my Honda accent or it
was just it was one of these things but everything that he does does work in terms of being a real guy I think that
he’s the least likely to you know be pulling up in a Ferrari tomorrow or over spinning on a big house or stop going to
practice because he’s at the cool party there is something very real about him he’s rough as hell he’s Rough Around the
Edges but he’s also the champion of the world and you know in America the number one things that matter is Success he’s
found it I mean this guy’s gonna be really really big I’d love to see if he pushed back on honest on him and I get
why you do the rematch I would just love to see where where his power lies and Brandon can I tell you my favorite fight
going on right now nobody’s talking about this but for me my favorite fight is for main event on the December
pay-per-view all the rest of the pay-per-views of the year have been announced but for the December card you
know Conor McGregor going to social media declaring that he’s fighting Chandler now Conor’s at least serious that he wants that date it looks like
they’re not going to give it to him but he wants it Leon and Colby are supposed to fight this year and the clock’s
ticking that would mean that they’ve got a fight on the December date vulcanovsky has change course and said I’m no longer
interested in doing Islam because I would have to wait until 24 and I want to fight to pour it this year so that
would put him on the December date and then Sean O’Malley before he leaves the link ring against Sterling not only
calls for Cheeto Vera but he calls specifically for the December date so it
really is interesting to find out who’s got the power and who the biggest star is and there’s some of these guys that
are all going for the same thing it won’t get talked about it look the same I hope that I’m setting this up well because it really is interesting all
these guys are flexing behind the scenes none of those guys want to be a co-man event right I mean you’ve got you’ve got four Champions someone’s gonna have to
co-main an event they’re all gonna have to co-main event if Connor steps forward I just think it’s an interesting thing
and O’Malley does have some news coming I have to assume that news means a fight if he’s got a fight I have to assume
December but if he gets it look at the guys that he just beat out the USC has their choice of Champions whoever they
go with in December that’s saying a lot it’s saying this is the guy we think can move the needle and I assume that’s
sugar especially you know with without him saying he has news I would assume that sugar when all those names that you
you listed there as far as when it comes to markability selling pay-per-views I assume that’s sugar and do you assume
it’s Cheeto I assume it’d be him versus Cheeto yeah I think alju’s historically speaking I
think he’s owed a rematch generally if you get caught you do a rematch anytime you’re hit with one punch and you go
down that goes into the criteria’s cop plus I think he had set a record with defenses even though it was only a couple but bantamweight it’s it’s such a
a musical chairs over there aljo did make one mistake though which is he didn’t ask for the rematch he did
not in the ring ask for it so Sean moved on to Cheeto cheetah was there the press conference is in the back he got all
three players there it seemed like maybe he did things in the in the wrong order but I don’t think that that aljo going
to social media is going to be able to build a fire as much as the one that he smoldered live in the ring and I don’t
think he’s next and I don’t think I don’t think morale playing the game up I’m not going to fight aljo I don’t think Henry’s in the discussion even as
great as he is yes I think it’s Cheeto me too I agree I think it’s Geo in December there’s also a case too you
know Strickland didn’t have a scratch on him and stricken likes to stay Super Active so him being champion and he he
doesn’t seem like a guy who’s gonna you know hold the bell and and pick his opponent I think he’s down
to dance with whoever whether it’s hamzat Pollo Costa the rematch duplicates he doesn’t care if he if if
we’re going based off the way he’s carried himself leading up to become a champion so I think with Strickland
there is a possibility where he goes I I want to turn around fast like I’ve always done I want I want to fight right
away who’s available to police he’s cool we don’t know where he’s at with his injury uh obviously Paulo Costa and uh
hamzat they’re fighting October there’s no way they fight in December less you know hom’s otter Polo Casa is a quick
one quick turnaround you know it’s a One-Shot uh night night’s over type of fight but I’m curious how Strickland
acts as a champion now is he going to carry the same energy how active he is you know because he did to him I don’t
think the title obviously it’s not filming whatever hole he has going on there in his soul you know just doesn’t
he didn’t seem like the type of guy the guy that gets the belt and he’s gonna call his shots I think he’s giving you
know a good company man and that’s not a knock on him that it goes a long ways when you do that so I think he’s gonna
be an active champ so there’s a possibility he could be on that December card if duplicates which I don’t know
where he’s at you want to talk about duplicity you want to out not taking advantage of our opportunity they offered you a title shot dude you have
to and I bet he was watching that fight going oh no I could have beat this guy and now you know who knows he might get
left behind yeah no I hear you on that and that was a very that was a very interesting case as it was I mean just a
quick timeline but go back to December 10th that is when prohaska was supposed
to rematch go over to share they were going to do it for the Bell prohaska gets hurt they not only they not only
don’t do the fight they take the belt off him which I I found that to be shocking by the way one week after he
announces he’s heard he’s no longer Champion if you’re gonna strip a guy that kind of says you don’t think he’s ever going to come back and it was even
stated this is the worst shoulder injury we’ve ever said so they took the belt off a guy while simultaneously having a
heavyweight that had ACL surgery sat for 10 months and there was never even a threat they were going to take the belt off him I just think that that’s
interesting they put new two new guys in by January prohaska says I’m ready I can
go back in and it’s like okay I believe you perovska because you’re the one that told us in the first place that you were
hurt but what do we chalk this up to is this a misdiagnosis that’d be great is this a miracle like what is it that
where you were stripped in December but you’re back by January now you’ve got all of this time that’s gone by and
allegedly again he’s back but there’s no rumor of an opponent there’s no rumor of a return date like I just think that
it’s a very interesting case with prohaska it gets revealed to us by usada then they tested it 25 times in 27 days
which had never happened before nothing was flagged and nothing came back but at the same time we don’t hear anything
about prohaska to the point that when Jamal wins the belt in January you would think it’d be somewhat quick turnaround
Jamal gets hurt and dropped the bell in July seven months later but again he
didn’t have a fight booked there wasn’t even a rumor of an opponent for Jamal so and where I’m going with all of this is
the fact that if they do turn Strickland around the way they are turning O’Malley around like some of these guys can’t get
fights that are champions some of these guys can’t stay out of the cage they’ve got to act him they’ve got him busy all
the time sometimes that attitude is good and sometimes I mean I’m just sharing with you like there is a lot of politics this goes into it there’s a lot of
numbers that that we don’t see but it’s also kind of put right in front of us they nothing happened with those light
heavyweights and those light heavy whims won’t sell out in the Arenas all of a sudden bantamweight is rising up all of
a sudden Sean Strickland is a champion of the world he’s on a different continent he’s got 17 000 people on their feet cheering it’s a very
different time and all of this goes on with an overlaying story of it appears Conor McGregor is not as needed as he
once was you’ve got Conor McGregor begging to come back he’s serious about that he wanted that December date he
wants to get in there he knows he’s not playing ball but he thinks that there’s a clause in the contract that could be
activated in his favor which Conor is right in my opinion there is a clause and he doesn’t have to do 180 days but
now the question comes is the UFC want to take on their Partners in usada over a guy that doesn’t move the needle that
much more than the new guys red panda Knight is still real Conor’s still the biggest star it just appears that it’s closing we’re at a very different time
in MMA Brendan very different down there when we’re compete my man I think it’s also interesting too if you’re Alex
Pierre uh you know he has a win over Izzy has a win over Strickland let’s say he goes
out there and beats yerry if there’s something in Alex Pierre where he goes you know what now that Izzy’s not the
champ I’m gonna go back to I’m gonna be the double champ Champ here I’m gonna go back to middleweight if it’s strictly
I’m very beat him if it’s homside you know if it’s whoever it is Robert Whittaker duplicies I think Alex Pierce
looking going I would beat any of these guys this is easy to get another belt I could see that happening it’s a good
time in the business good time for what we do I I think you know for what we do is he you know as much as I love is he
him losing and Strickland being him I was excited to come in the studio money because if he would have just walked through him there’s not a lot to talk
about you know so I wasn’t mad at that in in any facet you would know probably
better than most this this WWE merger which was announced yesterday with the
UFC and they rang the bell at NASDAQ how do you see you this is a good thing I think they’re evaluated at 21 billion
now uh the TKO Group which is the name of the WWE in the UFC they’re they’re
one uh kind of company now I think it gives them power as far as TV ratings
and TV deals you know I think I don’t know how much longer UFC has with ESPN
or WWE has with Fox but I could see them making some big waves when it when those Deal TV deals are up and that’s where
they get their main nut so it’s gonna be interesting to see how they kind of use that power that they have now merging
together the WWE 21 billion dollar company I’m curious how it’s going to go
I think all good but I I think where it gets a little murky is
the Casual fan I think it’s hard for them to separate hold on so you’re telling me you know Roman Reigns and
Izzy under the same Banner so as Roman Reigns can be fighting you know insert
Jon Jones is that is that how this goes so it gets a little weird I think I think they do have to keep them separate
but I think it could be good I I’m dying with Curiosity on that as
well right like nobody buys a company of of any size 21 billion or or 200 to keep
it the same they all go because they see opportunity to make it grow and that’s where I’m so curious I mean Ari might
change the way TV is done if like getting these two together what are they going to do their own network maybe
they’ve got the WWE Network they’ve got Fight Pass but is it something along those lines or are they just going to
keep going to the highest bidder but I mean not for nothing what would stop baseball and football from teaming up like if whatever plan already has
actually works and you can make more money having both as opposed to separates I mean I will tell you it’s it’s a different level of business but
he’s also up to something that hasn’t been seen before it’s it’s not black and white and there’s not an example we go
yeah this was done in 1980 with the such and such it’s never been done and I don’t know where he plans to go with it
I’m I’m extremely curious I remember that you know Dana when he started doing weekly shows people all pushed back said
that’s too much and Dana said is there too much football like like if you’re a fan there’s there’s not too much once a
week is enough you know the Seinfeld go too often whatever examples Dana gave but he turned out to be right turned out
there was an audience turned out people did like to do that on Saturday turn their TV on and and watch it and by the
way I’m jumping around but you brought him to please just a minute ago I lost my train of thought but I’ve rebound it where I was talking about on duplication
the reason I went back to that December show with the light heavyweights I didn’t know who the police he was he had
a very beautiful name freak is too crazy I assumed he was French and people were calling him like DDP kind of like GSP
there’s Audi South uh African I had the whole thing wrong but I shared that with you because I didn’t know who he was he
was on the undercar I agree and that night way back in December same weight class of 185 Bo nickel was to be on the
main card in the debut debut and drink his duplicity lost his mind he went on
Twitter and he was telling everybody how can I with all these fights and all that I’ve done have to jerk the curtain for
this guy making a debut and if you think it’s a skill issue then just put me in there with him I will fight him but I’m
taking that main card spot you had the light heavyweight to get hurt you had a shuffle of the deck the squeaky wheel
gets the grease into policy comes up but this is an incredible rain to go from
under card in December to right now he was supposed to have fought for the world title on a brand new television
network in front of a sold out Arena I mean it was a really big difference and as he starts getting his come UPS they go okay you’re gonna have to prove it
here’s the hardest guy we have not named Izzy his name is Robert Whittaker and nobody not named Izzy has been able to
deal with this guy goes out there he beats him he looked like a top five ever I don’t know five
middleweights ever that could beat that guy that Whitaker had to deal with everything’s going his way and we all
knew going in if he wins he’s going to go in September on this brand new television deal opposite autosonya
hosted in Australia like all of these things were put in place to the extent that they flew Izzy and sat him in the
front row because he knew he was going to come face to face with whoever the winner was something happened within that interview
if you watch the body language of duplicity something happened they keep a camera on him they fade to black roll
the credits but now you can go over the Internet they show him coming through the curtain he’s still sweaty hasn’t put a t-shirt on they’re gonna take his
gloves and and decompose them they’re going to hand him his check all those things that you do somebody puts a camera on him and the very first thing
he says when they ask him about his new fight with audacity is I want to talk about Robert Whittaker so they go to the
Whitaker thing and they ask him again and he says you know I’d rather not talk about Izzy I think I’d like to talk about Robert Whittaker so then he goes
to the press conference and now he does have his shirt on but he’s still sweaty he’s still hot in the moment they ask him about autism it was one of those
extremely rare occasions right every time you go to a press conference Dana has to say the same thing as well let’s see what will happen it’s extremely
anticlimactic this is one of the very few times we know what’s going to happen the whole reason we held this fight is
to know what’s going to happen and he says it a third time I don’t want to talk about him I want to talk about
sharing the cage with Whitaker and I’ve got some I’ve got some injuries I’ve got some things I might want to rehab think
man you got the right to do that however you want but every fighter in history would tell you right there in the moment they’d hold up their foot and go my god
look how swollen this thing is ah I’m gonna have to get with my dog I want to do that fight but no I got to get some ice on this he had like these mystery
injuries that he never disclosed he took a couple of days to get his head around it decided to defer to a foot and I’m
just it didn’t feel right and I’m not accusing him of Faking a fight to get out of that I know that he faked the
injury what I’m saying is sometimes you can’t run those back right like it’s really hard to imagine to policies
against Strickland the UFC is going to go okay we’re going to give you a chance to fight a guy who did what you were
unwilling to do he shocked the world in doing it but we’re going to give you a chance to go in and steal his thunder
without ever having to do the one thing that you really didn’t want to do and it just doesn’t work that way I can’t think
of time in history where it worked that way and I bring it to you because he thinks he’s the number one Contender I don’t disagreement he’s a total stud
whatever got in the way though it got in the way and I don’t think there’s any way to get to a bell if your name is
duplicity’s without going through Auto Sonic so whether you can get him now as both of you are contenders or you got to
wait your turn until he becomes Champion you got to do it again I don’t think there’s any scenario where the UFC allows du policy to be Champion unless
he goes through autosanya I agree 100 and I I don’t know what’s going on there but I do think do policies too you know
he whenever you turn down A Moment Like This even if you even if you’re hurt let’s say you know he’s actually hurt
by turning that down Dana does not for you know this better anyone especially me Dana doesn’t reward that they’re not
going to reward you with a title shot with Strickland because you turn down the fight against Izzy I just don’t see
the UFC rewarding it even though the fan base I see a lot of you know DDP DB DDP for the you know let him fight
Strickland there’s just no way Dana’s gonna reward him turning down a fight to get you know on paper an easier fight at
the title shot to your point I don’t see it happening I just don’t people like oh what’s your what’s your issue with DDP I
have no issue with I think he’s phenomenal fighter he’s so awkward he’s gonna be a tough night in the office for anybody my issue is the way he’s carried
himself since he’s beat Whitaker now it might not be him maybe it’s someone in his ear maybe it’s his team but either
way over history Dana doesn’t reward that stuff so I’m going based off that I think the Apollo Costa hamzat is going
to get the next Shot Hands Down Bar None I think they announced that well and what an interesting one that
one has I mean not for nothing but Paulo Costa constant shamayo gets made like five months ago Apollo Casa is going
through a contract dispute they get the contract done and they give him in October on fight Island great
everybody’s running with that you could ask either one of those guys or their campers to their trainers or their girlfriends for that matter everybody knows that’s the fight it never gets
announced officially and then all of a sudden for Salt Lake City Paul Lucas is going to come and fight with a Russian
gentleman now don’t condescend I don’t know how to say the guy’s name I’m going to call him a Russian gentleman so they’re going to fight that’s returning
Paul Lucas to the Salt Lake that’s where he had that knock down drag out with Luke rockhold that was rubbing the blood on it tough fight they tried to pad that
card get some ticket sales that’s a guy they return them home fine now Jeremiah’s left with nobody to the point
that it looked like Jared Cannon here purely because nobody else would do the job all right fine one week before
you’re supposed to get on the plane so training camp is done the weight loss for the most part is done one week
before Paulo cost is supposed to board a plane in Brazil and fly to Salt Lake the U.S she pulls that fight and they keep
the Russian on the car they give him a new opponent but they pulled Paul Acosta and in the history of the UFC I’ve seen
them lose fights somebody gets sick somebody concerned I know that they change things I’ve never seen them break
up a fight they try to bring the card to the audience as close to what they they said they were going to do as possible
so they pulled Paul Acosta and then it gets revealed he’s not hurting he’s not sick he’s gonna go fight your mind in
October and fight Island which was the initial plan to start with they got in their own way realize we need to do it
over here and they do it over here but imagine this Brandon if you’re Apollo Costa your manager has done his job your
coaches have done his job all your sparring partners have done their job they’re going to want to get paid so all
of a sudden you get a call all the work that you’ve done without illness or injury or fault to you we’re taking it
back and you’re gonna go do it in October I don’t think you could get a yes out of him unless you sweeten the
pot and to sweeten the pot means you promised him this would be a number one contenders I think that promise has
already been made it’s been stated publicly By Dana that if chimaya declares 185 which is to be identified
by let’s 170 go and he has one victory that he will then go on to fight for the Bell so it just looks like that’s the
number one contenders match I think the duplicities is a floating Target I think he’s out there the night that he argued
that Bo nickel shouldn’t be on Pay Per View and he should or that at the same night that he said all fight bow nickel
it seems like there’s an opportunity right now like if you’re a boat nickel you’re not getting a world title fight it doesn’t matter who the opponent is
you’re not getting that opportunity why not go get the next best thing though why not go get a guy that’s in line it
just seems like four middleweights if they could open their eyes and see what’s going on in their landscape there’s a lot of guys to go after
there’s a lot of guys that could put you in a position to then eventually leave for the title and that was one thing
that was cool about Sean Strickland he never talked about the Bell he just talked about opportunities if the Bell happened to be a byproduct okay fine but
it’s one of the reasons Wes is six to one Underdog we were still willing to come along the journey we’re still doing
to watch him because it was never about the belt he wants to beat this guy for whatever his reasons well I actually
missed the whole Chinese thing I know that he he brought that into it I don’t actually know what he’s referencing I think it was like a commercial or
something do you know the Chinese stories that pertains not a Sonia I heard it second hand but from what what I heard is is he proclaimed his love for
China because Izzy used to have a some sort of contract with China with
kickboxing and he went over there and just loved the culture and the obviously he’s embraced over there so he wore the
he wore the Chinese color you know shorts um uh and again that I forgot to mention
this I think part of the reason what made trickling so big and so lovable in this was a lot of mistakes by Izzy take
your take off the in in lockdown as he made a lot of mistakes I think the way the marketing he had some miscues you
know with the whole dog stuff was a little strange a little off-putting I think for people and then also the
Chinese shorts now we know for the most part unless you’re living in a rock Izzy’s not Australian you know Izzy is
not Australian but he sure as hell not Chinese so I think it was a total miscalculation on Izzy’s part to
represent the Chinese colors and I think that put the Australian fans who you know is he again isn’t Australian I
think that put a lot more chips in Strickland’s Corner that they and you saw the the Applause that he got and
then if you watch the broadcast and you turn the volume up is he’s getting quite amount of booze when he’s walking out to
the Octagon there’s a lot of booze and I think if you’re not familiar with the story why are they booing Izzy it’s
because there’s a lot of miscalculations leading up to this fight people didn’t like a lot of things that he was doing so again that that I think adds value to
him getting arrest taking a long break let people forget about this let the division figure itself out and then jump
back in but my question for you to Beau nickel there’s nobody I’m higher on you
know I’m all up on bows nuts I’m on Hamza Terry nuts I love both guys if you’re Beau Nichols management what
are you telling him you’re telling him let’s shoot for the stars here you’re ready to take on a a duplicity because
he beats him we’re probably going title next do you think he’s ready for that or does he need one or two more maybe in
the you know outside of the top five because I know where my head’s at my head is pretty high question because you
said if you’re the management so I mean if you’re the management I think you sit back and go Bo it pays the same Bo is
the biggest favorite in UFC history for his last fight 2400 right biggest ever a no fight has
ever gone but if you’re the managers you would say Bo it pays the same to take on the top guys or to fight these guys that
they’re signing just to fight you your of the night bonuses and your eligibility for that all of this pays
the same I believe you can beat all of the tough guys why bother you haven’t left the first round yet and you’re
getting the same paychecks as if you would if you were a co-man event I mean not for nothing Bo’s in a pretty sweet
spot now Bo the competitor yes I’ve known him basically his whole life of
course he wants to go in and do some of those big matches he doesn’t know quite how to get him and he does have a code
he’s a very polite he’s a gentleman and he’s not willing to to sell that part of himself for the business so it’s going
to be a little bit of a longer path but it just does seem like there is some massive opportunity I mean duplicity
just called him out that was in December they placed him on the same car Beau was ahead I mean not for nothing you can’t
say that doesn’t qualify for duplicity qualified for the same card and whoever placed it put in three spots above him
somebody already thinks he’s done a good job not to mention he hasn’t lost since I just think there’s opportunity to go after some of these other guys and I
feel that people miss it I’ll use an example which is Henry sahuto Henry knows he’s not going to get Sean
O’Malley right now so Henry’s trying to get murab it’s not because he wants to fight marap he just realizes if I can’t
get this let me get the next best thing which will put me in line for something else and I feel like that that’s a mess
all the time where guys go after you know the head guy but now they got competition five other guys are going
for him too nobody ever goes after the number one Contender or the really smart guys would have hedged their bet a week
ago and they’ve called out Sean Strickland nobody thought Sean had a chance so nobody did it but I’m just
saying like there’s an different way to do this and if you’re a bone nickel spot and it pays the same to be the greatest
favorite ever and fight guys that people haven’t heard of and they’re going to put you on TV to do it yeah I don’t know why you would rat cage yeah I think my
line to think of um is management I’m going I’m telling Dana hey we’ll fight the duplicities we’ll fight the Jared
canoners of the world we’ll even entertain the homs eye because we know Beau wants to fight Hamza he came on this show said he wanted to fight him
you know that day he wants to find homzat so if I’m his management we’re both down to take those top five fights
we got to talk about the contract though I know he has a big contract especially for being you know just a you know a
kind of a blue chip re kind of guy you know he doesn’t have the accolades as far as in in the Octagon but if I’m his
management going we’re into this we think we can beat these guys but we got to do we gotta renegotiate this contract
I think Dan would be willing to play ball they have the money I think so too I I think that you’re
completely right and I just don’t know how long we’re going to do the same thing over and over I mean I’m going back to Izzy and Sean it looks like
we’re going to redo his and Sean I’m fine with that and I understand it but what happens if Sean I I apologize what
happens if Izzy wins do we all then go well the world has been right it’s like well I don’t know about that Sean has
dominated him I don’t know what is he could possibly do to match that level of domination it would still seem like
you’re square and you’ve got to run him back out there again yeah but the world can’t always work that way we can’t just keep on doing rematches I’ve never
understood the rose situation by the way just Rose versus Joanna Johannes his big star she’s supposed to be the pros Rose
catches her knocks her out so we go to a rematch but the rematch wasn’t just because we thought she caught her wanted
the belt around your wanna this is the way the sport is supposed to be told and Rose beats her again so then Rose has to
do that with somebody named Wei Lee they fight Rose knocks her out Whaley never touched her never pushed her grabbed her
kicked her there was nothing about that that says rematch there was just some is we’ve got our answer the better fighter
is this young lady they rematch them it’s a totally different fight but Rose finds a way to beat her again and I’m
going to share for you like there’s not very many times when those fights go down that the boys don’t get it right the first time like this is how we’re
gonna settle this this is what we’ve all agreed upon we know when we even know the weight class they generally get it
figured out themselves the first time so it’s kind of hard to see what would be
different versus Izzy and Sean and I don’t even need to win the world over and say Sean’s a better fighter you can
think Izzy’s a better fighter it could be a match-up issue either way I don’t know how we’re gonna convince the
audience that a different result is likely to happen and I think it’s a challenge because if it does happen I
don’t think they’re going to the third fight and I don’t think Sean’s gonna get shown the same respect that he’s showing is he and it’s just an early prediction
but I’ll make that comment I’m with you brother outside the UFC are you following any of this Logan Paul Dylan
Dana stuff even though they’re the co-main event I mean it’s hard to miss it especially with the business we’re in
um it’s interesting it’s interesting because you know even you know the the comments you made about the Nogueira
brothers or Anderson Silva we knew it was a you know a character and it was a
very WWE of you these young kids man the Jake Paul’s of the world Dylan danis is
the ksi’s the Logan Paul’s dude there is there’s just no
nothing’s out of limits nothing’s off limits it’s just these guys just go for
blood man girlfriends fiances you know dead dads friends it’s just it’s like
first rule of Fight Club be cool man be cool you know yeah yeah man I followed every single
bit of it I feel careful that I feel terrible that Dylan’s in a lawsuit though I mean you know that’s just a
pain in the ass that’s going to take a a little while but I mean this co-main event has so greatly outshined the main
event I I feel like those guys maybe we give them a little emphasis to pick up their game I mean that that is the most
sought after boxing match going on right now and I know how silly or amazing that might sound to say that yeah I know
Brandon I’ve never heard them talk about boxing you know oh this guy that’s the jab so I’m gonna go Southpaw I mean my
coach I’ve never heard them talk about boxing yet and I’m still looking forward to it you know the lawsuit can I tell
you a lawsuit story get a load of this so because it would seem like Dylan could tell Jake hey man or tell Logan
hey the gig is up you got to make her drop this lawsuit like when we’re done boxing we are now done I I don’t want
this following me around you you got to make her do that I was in Canada fighting with bodok Matt
lindlin who’s my corner man and roommate goes out on the town with Phil Barone who happened to be his arch nemesis at
the time but but they go out and we’re all in one room like you remember those days where the budgets were so low so I
know when Matt left and I know when Matt comes back because the door makes noise and it wakes me up and I said where have
you been because it was so late he said I’m gonna go out for a couple hours I said where have you been he says I’ve been in jail go back to sleep it’s like
you’ve been in jail and I’m kind of waiting on her like I kind of want this sleep just to escape the torture of
cutting weight he’s like yeah I’ve been in jail I got bailed out go back to sleep it’s like no no no no so now I’m sitting up the lights on like okay tell
me everything well they were at some kind of a bar and this the woman was cleaning the tables and whenever
whenever that spray stuff she is it’s like sprayed matte so Matt like grabbed it and like told her you know don’t
don’t point that at me she calls the police for
violence battery whatever you would call this it turns out that she is the girlfriend of one of the top biker gang
members in town oh and this biker gang if I could produce their name I never did know but they were fighting a bow
dog we had like four or five of them on a car and all their friends would come and watch Jesus hold that thought fast
forward we’re in Russia three months later this lawsuit is still going which means Matt is to get a legal team and go
to the country of Canada it’s a total nightmare over this misdemeanor of spraying this chemical okay
Matt puts a Copenhagen in at lunch one of the biker gang members says can I
have a dip and what he doesn’t realize is they don’t sell loose tobacco outside of America at least not in those
countries so we couldn’t get any Copenhagen and Matt puts it in and he looks at how much he has left and he tells the guy no don’t have enough I’m
in the same spot as you like you’re out but I’m gonna run out I can’t share it and the guy goes I’ll give you a hundred
bucks for whatever’s in that can and the guy says he goes I don’t even know what’s left in the can I’ll give you a hundred for the whole can and Matt
sincerely thinks and he goes make that lawsuit go away and you can have the cam oh wow and the guy goes if I if I make
the lawsuit go will you give me the can Matt slide gives him the can that guy made one phone call and we never heard
about that lawsuit again which I think is an amazing story but I bring it to you because like in some regard it’s
like Logan Paul you’re getting points you’re getting received on this whether Dylan went about this the way you wanted
to or not he already started he can’t stop until bedtime battle time we all understand make that go away you got
the dispute is settled here we all walk away clean agree 100 I don’t like it
from Logan pauler’s fiance it’s also Logan Paul you signed a deal with Dylan
danis this this guy he’s a troll it’s what he does and I like doing that you know I’ll say it on record I’m a fan of
Dylan and it it when you made that deal he said okay I’ll take the fight but I’m
gonna sell this thing and Logan goes please do it’s more money for me goes okay and that’s what he’s doing and
that’s all anybody’s talking about is Dylan danis’s Antics and now you want to sue the guy
you got to know what you who you’re getting to bed with man you made a deal with the devil and now you don’t like the way he’s playing but he’s selling
this thing whether I agree with it or not which I don’t but it’s Dylan Dennis you you made this deal man and now
you’re in a discipline him and a lawsuit come on I I just I don’t like it I don’t
like Crest board I don’t like that Dylan start going for his fiance but he decided to do it and not only decide to
do it but it’s gaining all this attraction that’s why we’re talking about the fight otherwise we’re not talking about it and then Logan doesn’t
like the way he’s selling the fight even though it’s kind of brilliant even though I don’t agree with it it’s brilliant it’s getting millions and
millions and millions of views every time he posts and now you’re gonna discipline the guy and lost and you got
a lawsuit I just the whole thing just doesn’t make me feel good whenever I talk about Dylan Logan I don’t feel good
about it I’ll watch the fight now and now hopefully to you know Dylan has pulled out of several fights I think he
shows up for this one I I would assume he shows up for this one it would seem like if you could get
those two guys in a room like no cameras nobody knows what goes on I feel like they could reason with one another where
where Logan’s going to go hey man I have a responsibility to this girl and I’ve got to do everything I can to protect
her you understand and Dylan’s gonna go hey I fully get it I didn’t know this was going to work this well but Logan make sure you understand how else was I
going to build the fight like if there’s no scenario where we talk about common opponents or we talk about back in the
day when we were coming up through the Junior Olympics and we sparred together or we’re at the training camp like I’m not a boxer and you’re not a boxer I’m
willing to box and you have boxed but neither like what did you want me to turn to except for making it personal
not to mention I only put out photos that I found online the rest of the world saw anyway I mean I feel as though Logan would probably go yeah okay I mean
right you’re either you’re the one that built you would hope no one goes I get it and he’s like Logan also look tell me
another route to go anytime I post your girl it uh one of them got nine million views dude the what does KSI doing to
sell this thing and that’s your that’s your teammate that’s your boy in Prime he’s not doing so this is my only
angle and to your point I think he would go you’re right my bad you’re right but you know there’s just these kids are
savages man absolute Savages they have no there’s no line they won’t cross and
that’s what they signed up for um before I get you out of here you posted a video on the BTK killer now you
talk to my language I got my black belt and serial killers I got my master’s degree in serial killers I’m Mr serial
killer talk to me chill what’s BTK he’s my least favorite because he killed kids
he’s my least favorite my favorite Richard Ramirez I’m a Ted Bundy fan and Jeffrey Dahmer fan of you know I’m not a
fan of what they did I’m sorry it comes to these horrible people ptk is my least favorite he’s a horrible human being I
think he’s he’s probably the worst serial killer we’ve ever had because the way he went about it and killing kids and making watch him kill you know their
siblings terrible person you decided to break down BTK killer what’s the video
here I haven’t seen it my my team told me to go Jail’s in the serial killers and went say what and you I think you
went with Richard Ramirez wasn’t he the Night Stalker that’s the Night Stalker a
handsome guy all these women were trying to marry him while he was on death row by the way everyone says Ted Bundy it’s
Richard Ramirez best looking serial killer of all time the interesting thing with BTK is when he made his confession
I mean they already had him had him and they were going to sentence him to death but when he goes in the judge tells him
I have to live with this decision as much as you have to die with his decision now I know this is written down
I know what you told the prosecutors but I need to hear you say it let’s start at Story one tell me about the Williamson
family I’m throwing names in but he starts at the beginning and he was extremely candid and he spoke for an
hour and 45 minutes and he confessed everything to your point the kids sexual assaults after they were dead I mean
things that you wouldn’t even ask of things that are going to get you the death penalty but he retold the story in
such a chilling way it was as though a middle-aged man looked back at the high
school football game that he was very proud of like BTK did this as though he was enjoying it and it was extremely
calm and the reason that’s relevant is when he got to the end and the judge said if we missed anything and he said
no everyone believed him like as terrible of a guy as this was the one thing they didn’t think he was was a
liar because he was so good with the details so all these years later the house that he lived in at the time of
the crimes and his daughters turned on him and she’s written books you know what it’s like being his daughter and the wife they’ve done their best to move
on they go through the house that he once lived in and I assume they’ve sold the
house and maybe they’ve sold it a couple times that’s one part of the detail that I don’t have is who had access to the house but I I think it was somebody down
the road at any point brings you to last week they found two trap doors and the police as much as they’d search
it and the wife and daughter who had lived in it nobody knew about these two trap doors so the people called the
police the police come over they go into the trap doors and he had left basically a journal he confessed to other crimes
and I will I will tell you when he got arrested I was a very young adult but I just remember that buying torture killed
BTK and his wife would always tell him because each was a traveling salesman he had to leave for work all the time and
his wife would tell him how scared she was when he was gone because we’ve got this criminal around and he said he almost said this for a comic relief he
but he said but I let her know she was going to be just fine and that was supposed to be like this funny one yeah
and there was something that kind of was but I remember I remember when I heard that 27 years ago I remember when I
heard that saying wait a minute he’s a serial killer and he’s on the road somebody should be cross-referencing
where he went up against cold case files and up against the way those bodies were
found but that was never thought to do because he was so candid and so open about what he did well sure enough he
left this journal and he had taken trophies and just by example there was a girl that went missing in Oklahoma and
the last known photographer was taken by her friend on something called a Polaroid which used to be very popular within that Polaroid she’s wearing a
blue shirt that or purple rather that purple shirt was found in one of the
crawl spaces along with a note in his journal about killing this girl in Oklahoma so now that we’ve found out he
killed at least the girl in Oklahoma how many others are there hundreds how many more girls did he kill and nobody really
knows they were really stunned like Pathologists and whatnot forensics experts were stunned to find out there
was anyone he did at Mansion because he loved it he was so open he’s done writings on he was so open now it turns
out there’s an entire potentially Pandora’s Box and that’s why he made the news and by the way he you
want to speak about the killers what about the guy that went that went upside down in Pennsylvania they still haven’t found that guy yeah man I I think it’s
interesting with the if you’re the BTK killer you have nothing to lose man just tell us what’s going on you’re never
getting out just give us the info dude why why be secret about this especially you know if they’re trophies to them
that’s what that that Gigolo Beach killer out there that they they caught that guy he’s interested in they’re
actually looking to this because he had a lot of business in Arizona then also
outside of Seattle he had a storage unit outside Seattle I think so he’s another guy and there’s a lot of cold cases out
there they’re going to start looking at that as well so it’s all weird man and also you know when you’re talking about
Richard Ramirez BTK uh Ted Bundy Dahmer uh Ed Gaines
um uh Kemper all these guys that was like the the Golden Age of serial killers and they have all these cool
names and their t-shirts and documentaries on Netflix those days are over there’s something like 60 over 65 I
think 68 serial killers active today in North America but they don’t give them cool names anymore so so these these
guys you know become like little dick killer or whatever they don’t get like you know Night Stalker and BTK they they
got smart about the media got smart finally the mainstream media were like we gotta stop giving these guys cool
names so we don’t hear about them anymore but there’s there’s over 60 uh uh what’s this 11 currently active
serial killers unsolved cases though chin that’s unsolved cases there’s over 60 I think right now so it’s interesting
you mentioned real briefly Ed Kemper but yeah extremely chilling they’ve got the
highest IQ yeah yeah that’s right and the Iceman is a very interesting one the Iceman is what Stone Cold Steve Austin
credits for coming up with his character of Stone Cold Steve Austin Iceman that was just you know Stone Cold and yeah
those short man when you start going down that rabbit hole of serial kill it’s hard to stop I used to to grow up
on a show called Unsolved Mysteries and on Sunday nights it was called America’s Most Wanted and it was never missed but
I remember trying to sleep those nights you know like as a little guy I remember thinking never watch this again never watched these shows again like they have
an effect on you oh I’m 40 dude I have nightmares and sometimes my girl’s like stop watching and reading this crap like
I can’t I can’t um Mr chalice you’re the best you’re the you’re the only guy I want to talk to
about the state of the middleweight division the UFC the WWE merger the UFC you’re the best man the absolute best
you’re awesome I appreciate you Brandon have a good day brother all right brother appreciate you

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