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welcome to UFC October please tell me that’s on video
I’ve never been happier thanks for a podcast
welcome sorry welcome to UFC on feet what
hold on welcome to UFC unfiltered that’s what I
tried to say a second ago but I stuttered you know why because I go all right you ready and I didn’t expect anything and I
started talking and then I heard um let Lizzy Jefferson no it’s my good
friend Phoenix carnivaling and I am ready Phoenix yes we have to catch up
man we have to catch up we do we have not caught up in a long time I just
watched speaking on your your state it felt like a stand-up special I see you up there and and uh it
was something on mixed uh mixed Heritage is that right yes did I that Apple
though oh and you’re 100 perfect and I want to talk to you about that after all
right after we talked to uh Calvin uh I’m his last name pronounce it for me
lawher look but I am not Irish so I may be completely butchering it that’s my
first question is going to be that how to pronounce that and that’s when I get them on here he’s in the waiting room
we’re gonna get him in now and then I want to talk to you I think you should be doing some stand-up comedy or something you are good on stage I was
getting a little nervous for you when you’re making your jokes about you know being an adult well I still read comics
and wear Snoopy socks and you know you’re saying some you know some nice little one-liners in there it didn’t
feel like I was watching like uh like a like a history lesson or something or learning something I felt like I was I
got a at a comedy show or something it was nice that is the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me oh get out of here
I’m so glad you sent it to me because I would have forgot hey now first hey
what’s up Warriors how do you say your name exactly that’s what I’m gonna ask that’s
right my name is not serum yes
terrible New York accents we have horrible accents yeah and I’m saying
cowling am I is cowling right not even close all right ready you tell me your name
please so the way I even described it all week even Irish people uh
you know the food Keel yeah and Kelly
Kelly that is easy now let’s do your last name
last name Keelan go yes
I locked Renee like lock a door easy
so what does it close again say it again
call me Dawn
keep killing you are undefeated yeah now when you are undefeated
it’s one of the two things in the UFC people like yo this guy has not lost he
hasn’t tasted defeat or has he fought enough of the right
competition let’s look all eyes are gonna be on you
yeah are we ready are we ready uh I’m gonna stay in the show this
weekend and pause wait till yeah this my goal and I don’t I think it’s already done like it’s uh it’s obviously gonna
happen is to get the most booze of a debuting fighter in UFC history and I
I’m pretty sure I’m close to doing that because I was two death threats from Parish people in the last day so I
think uh I’ve ruffled a few fathers over here but let’s see that you also I said how did you manage that
I just buy Twitter I don’t know I don’t even just by being myself I think I said I
for the most part French you haven’t made a shade and they just they get so easy just wind up I don’t
know but uh you said about the undefeated thing that’s cool and it helps my brand and
stuff like this but I’m only on the field as a professional I’m under fit an MMA like an amateur I
do not buy into it at all I know the importance of the Fate In This sport in
the cage and in the gym I know what you learn from it so it sounds you said the
same as he never bought on this because he lost in boxing kickboxing so uh it sounds good
brings confidence that I’ve never lost the professional but I absolutely have lost and I know the importance of it in
this sport you know let me ask you healing you’ve taken this
fight on short notice so I I have to ask yeah were you on the couch eating
biscuits or were you were you in the in the gym
I’ve done a full training camp it’s just I was on this card out of full training camp it’s just my opponent I took this
fight with opponent on Monday night um they just
reject the whole card okay an absolute rip yeah my guys I don’t know what I
don’t expect you don’t know yet don’t worry that’s all right you you were on this card yeah yeah yeah
man you got a camping you have a camping
don’t worry about that anything different for this Camp knowing it’s
your UFC UFC debut or hey man if it ain’t broke don’t fix it
feeling broke don’t fax a lot with a late level coaching calling her and over here in team carbon we’ve had many UFC
fighters recently Tom aspinel don’t tell Mike Grande I think a lot of guys get this UFC
contract and then they go I need to flood to America I need to do this I need to run up a mountain this
way do something just panic uh for our experience coaching staff
very experienced me in high passion moments so I just came off the back of a five five
cage Wars title fight where I fought a guy who wrestled internationally so I’ve had
to be honest firefight train Camp was probably hardest this is if anything it’s a bit more tailored for three five
Sprint and hit like well the original bike style before he pulled out on Monday night but uh that’s really
it um that’s no real change that no it says a
lot to me because knowing the way UFC sets up their fight cards they’re usually looking at the people who are opening the show to be some lady that’s
Dynamic to be somebody that’s like interesting that’s going to get people engaged so you’re opening the show and
what does that feel like what does that mean to you uh I bring eyeballs I pop buns and seats
uh let’s say over in America nobody knows me but anyone in the UK and I have
seen well uh well I’ve seen that through my case version I uh ruffle feathers but I don’t
even try to I don’t try something I’m not like you see some guys come up now like they’re trying to be Conor McGregor and I was just cringy I just be myself
and uh I like that yes so you don’t you’re not gonna say it uh killing
you’re not gonna say you know you’re not here to take part you’re gonna take over you’re not gonna say that when you win no no that’s just cringy as I’m by
me lucky I don’t know out there now but I do I’m not there I’m
not a friend what I think do you want me to say if the French people are
On The Edge at the minute it looks like to be honest what do you think about Taylor LA palace
like what do you think about this opponent it is just coming out of nowhere he is a southpaw I mean what’s
your assessment of the whole situation yeah oh Lisa Watson and uh
says support a set of it lost like a sport like it’s just a game experience you can’t pay for experience
and he has that over me that’s just that’s just the way it is he has that over me he’s been in here it’s very
weird to me that he was three and one the UFC lost his last fight then got dropped came early UFC beat Wilson has
obviously a Jitsu world champion fought for UFC title uh I know he’s back in it’s his last
chance as well so he’s coming to fight I absolutely know that he’s going to give it absolutely everything he has because
of it loses again he’s probably done I’m ready I said it whenever the flight
one of the FIFA three Monday night is playing Sugar Shane playing Mirage any
of them I don’t have a a number of your boy
for the last 10 15 years to the world so not there I don’t care a lot he’s good
he’s definitely experience he’s a different style opponent than I was I’ve prepared for but that
I’ll get him I like that attitude of whoever they give you yeah Hey listen you got to be doing something right with
the uh the matchmaking and the quality of uh of Fighters over there at cage Warriors
because uh you know I’m looking at the former Champions I mean Conor McGregor
uh you know uh Joanna Bisping all right now we have Ian Gary who came from there
he’s not a champion but he’s got a quite a name I mean yeah Arnold Allen from
hospital there’s some good ones crazy uh recently as depth I think you’ve got some guys coming a lot of haters because
they talk big party permanent but there’s been a bit of a drop but
there’s it’s just it’s like everything a lot of some good ones some bottoms and that but I’ve had some tough fights in
case Wars and some really really high pressure
but if nothing else kids George you get these like high pressure situations I
went in the anime territory and that’s gonna stand on this one you know so now it’s a good promotion it’s a good way to
it’s good again experience you mean hey Caitlyn what did you I’m sorry uh
Phoenix I was gonna ask Caitlin you know now that we’re getting to know him what did you start with did you start with
the old uh fisticuffs or just boxing or what would your first thing you started with with the martial arts so as a kid
my first martial art was boxing where I come from the player sport you will not
you ever heard Gaelic football no that’s
and that’s the other one you’re thinking of Harlan that’s the sticks
it’s like a bit like rugby but uh oh wow so I played that and then on the side a
box and then again the MMA as a teenager like 16 but uh that was like a box of
the box is very much on the side of that that’s that was my passion as a kid until I found MMA you know
yeah and then when you found MMA how did you take to the grappling did you did you like it or you like get off I want
to throw some punches so how’d you like it no I like to be honest I probably probably started like it more than that
it’s not true but uh as much as like even I love I
love Jiu-Jitsu I love wrestling love boxing like I don’t have a like I could watch
Wonder Boys Circle off on top of this fate the same way I could watch Islam macajev control your side pressure again
your new preference I love both you know I mean I love MMA I love the skill of the game love it
killing let me ask you now there’s more of a personality type question on a day off I
always like to ask the people on here what do you like to not MMA related man got a day off and I don’t want that
active rest where you’re hiking a mountain what do you like to do to unwind like a hobby
uh to be honest that I I really don’t do much honor me post out of the camp uh
uh a lot of paint again
are you watching anything on Netflix or you what’s are you watching a series
um are you watching uh a book anything
I can’t do it I try out counter like I get so bored I just stuck on MMA again I
can’t do it go a long walk in the forest maybe I’ll be hide it but I can’t I really I get bored after time and I was
just like on a fight or an interviewer a vlog or anything like that being honestly I don’t really do anything else
well wait a second a long walk in the forest that sounds very like an Irish thing to do I mean you got
a lot of forests I I don’t have a forest around me that’s awesome
Ryan thumbs up a Martin but I live in Liverpool train that at the weekend I’ll drive out of the city to go
find a Forest man I’m home tonight peaceful you ever do camping or anything
like that or no I don’t like the overnight check yeah
thank you I was gonna ask him what some that
you’ve talked uh that you think have pissed off some of the Paris fans that they’re so upset with you
I just made it clear that I don’t read French MMA at all
about it look well I came up in the Irish I’m sure
scene on there then come into the UK scene and it’s kind of well known that if you bring a french guy over he’s
going to lose
hey that’s his opinion right you want them just to drink their
red wine and chill out and just do their thing oh yeah even at the upper actual
answer the division or sorry the a french guy he’s like I don’t this guy’s a good cake Bossier house got good the
fans of hips absolutely but I’m very confident if I can put if I can paint his shoulders the mat it’s done I’ll get
us back and I’ll finish him I’m 100 I’m 100 positive you think he’s going to the ground you’re expecting this fight to go
to the ground yeah I I mean I I’m coming off a KO and my
boxing’s improved a lot and they’re calling over here our coaches but uh
I can care home Stefan K only like he can knock me clean out absolutely of
course you can this is fighting it’s a foreign
I think he uh I think the worst thing you can ever get in a fight is like surprised like there’s a mayor asking
Mike on the he’s a
I was surprised you know what I mean the first time Donald hit me a left hand I was surprised I think the first time I
locked my hands in this kid and get a grip on him he will should be surprised because there’s not one man in France
who can replicate my top rusher or my Grappler my hips no one can I’ve never felt it before I know that for a fact so
I’m not on Twitter tell me tell me man I like this people like to hear this
uh well I don’t always you know like blah like what before his last fight
like Daily Show I’m a big fan of Sean really like what a wedding completely nullified him like he’s just done it’s just an idiot of a guy
followed me on Twitter um I go to it it goes uh tell you I’m
not following back followed me and he goes he goes there I
thought you were you’re that boxer Callum Walsh Dana promotes oh yeah that’s right
I go sorry I thought you were Calum lost I don’t realize you’re in there
obviously that’s not true it was just a boss because I I mugged them and I go there I just replied them I was like all
right fair enough blood wait there wait it broke up when you
gave us the response say it again he’s unbearable but I was an idiot but I
was an idiot a good fighter but he’s unbearable but his two most famous things is they got crave when I poke and McGregor’s reaction video to him on the
on their set that’s his well he’s a good fighter like if he makes me get the I feel like it’s not there but he’s an
idiot oh wait I see this one thing Caitlyn before you go this is your UFC debut as
a professional fighter what does it mean to you to be in the UFC oh it’s literally everything no matter
what force but uh the tattoo got in the back I mean Act was the date I got my UFC contract got the numbers on it so
there this is from literally this weekend gonna be the amount of drowned to be
coming 10 years ago you know I mean it’s literally everything but it’s very much a case of job and here and fighting a
veteran and fighting the guy who’s coming to kill me in front of his hometown so being in like celebratory mode is
nothing like that that’s a job and harm but the first couple days was deadly and after the win it will be deadly but at
the minute I’m cutting weight and I’m it’s fight weeks I mean yeah yeah I
know exactly what you mean and I can’t wait for the fight man I’m looking forward to your debut I like your
attitude hey hey Keelan you got enough friends you could use some enemies I like that I like it amen lochran
hey dude listen hey remember us when you’re uh up in that top five and come
back and visit us all right anytime thank you very much having me
thank you very much
all right listen man I like meeting the new Young Talent you know what I mean tattoo of the date he got his contract
on his neck you know what I would say to that is when I’m this High when I’m high
I look in the mirror who is this guy when I sing rap lyrics
um that was Lil Wayne my friend he’s like on some musical theater right there thank you no no no Lee Thomas Dean
Thomas he kind of made me think about how I sing my rap it’s I do it like I’m in Broadway you know you do yeah
machine guns Kelly song called a a-y-e you know and then always win a big
hip-hop fan no I am this is true guilty as charged being the hip-hop band
but I like it because it’s a Machine Gun Kelly song it’s called a and the hook
the um not the hook the um the verse the verses with um with with uh Lil Wayne
oh is to die for I want you yeah Weezy
um listen so that we’re going to talk about the fight and again we have also a director actor director or just a
director actor director producer former boxer
how do you pronounce his name please so I’m gonna mess this up because all I see
when I look at his last name is Mandalore like the Mandalorian and like men me too I think it is Mandalore it is
it’s vandalore every time I’m gonna be like dude what
age did you remove your helmet he’s gonna be like what do you say I don’t think this guy knows what he’s
dealing with but uh listen he might be Amanda a Mandalorian fan but Mandalore
that’s so great I already did some boxing he made the
movie not Mamma Mia what am I thinking of my biggest wedding yeah he’s an actor best known uh
playing you know who he is let me tell you who he is you’ll you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about right away do you remember the episode of Friends where
Joey has like a twin or like a double yes that’s Joey’s double well don’t call
him Joey’s double because he’s on now hello Louis I’ll take care of his double
man no problem there hey guys are you a UFC MMA fan or
okay let’s start then yes I tell my friends I consider myself one of the biggest fans I mean up till
recently I didn’t realize I was paying dual accounts I was paying for the yearly and paying for the Fight Pass
monthly so I’ve invested you’re oh you’re in when did you start watching MMA
man from the first kick from the first number one like BC Dana I call it an A.D
Dana White purchasing it I from Gerard kick in the samoan’s team out of the ring till today Matt I’m a big
fan and uh I wish you had enough time to really get into it but yeah I hope to share with you my knowledge and love for
the for the sport and the whole organization is unreal man oh we love that we’d love that because we’ve
got fight cards to go over we’ve got the future of things that are meant to happen so you know and being Australian
we could talk about volcanovsky and all the amazing fighters from where you’re from so there’s a lot to cover here yeah
there is and I’m I’m really thrilled to be talking to you cats about some of this uh you know the world that you guys
existed and have created because not only am I fascinated in a fan it’s a huge part of my life when I’m not making
films it’s UFC all the way it’s yeah you know I used to be a traditional boxing
as you know uh I started I don’t know if you know I was a I used to fight a little bit when I was younger Etc so I
was a big fan always have been but it used to be boxing you know yeah then obviously the UFC came about and it’s
just wiped the floor with everything no one can deny it I’ve got a lot of Associates that were like maybe Die Hard
boxing fans in it come on this this whole UFC thing from the podcasts to the
to the evolution of the sport too I mean I don’t know where we’d be without it I don’t know what I’d be
doing when I’m not making movies man I love the whole world you know I’m I’m a person I’m Richie Lewis I don’t growing
up you know uh my father wasn’t really into sports he was into Bruce Lee and Kung Fu theater and I never I always
felt like an odd duck man like I didn’t I never well I don’t watch anything with a ball I’m not against anybody that does
I like people that are passionate about things and even if I don’t understand them or agree with them but boy oh boy
do I love the UFC before I became a participant I was like you watching uh
Gerard uh depa do take uh what’s his name uh Tuma well I forgot again
the sumo’s teeth out that’s what I’m like oh I actually did my first Jiu Jitsu lesson prior to that uh the year
prior in 1992 with horion and hoist Gracie and they were talking about the
Ultimate Fighting Championship but I kind of thought it was like wait a minute that’s Bloodsport man that’s not gonna happen I’m sure it happened so I
found this journey from the beginning too and when it when it burst on the scene way more of a spectacle than a
sport but boy did it get everybody’s eyes opened to what real fighting is
martial arts nerds because the way it was presented to us at that time was like a Taekwondo Guy versus jujitsu guy
versus Sumo wrestler and as like a martial arts nerd who watched like Bruce Lee and stuff you were like
and you know where it was like scrambled and you can see some of it because it was on pay-per-view and then we just got
addicted and then it grew and grew and grew it’s so funny today I was wearing my ufd shirt I was in the airport it was
eight o’clock in the morning I got hit on more than I would ever hit on and I was like I need to tell my single
girlfriends that if they want to attract guys just wear a UFC shirt yeah man
somebody wanted to talk to me about the UFC it was pretty amazing it’s such a
huge part of everybody’s life now it is you know I I have to say my pals and I we always talk about how in its simplest
analogy it’s like you know you consider old Rome and you consider the Gladiators Etc well it’s as reminiscent as it can
be in a modern world today right and you’ve got all these these incredible athletes and their stories on your TV
almost every week I mean it’s Priceless it’s fantastic and going back to what you you said earlier you know I
think it’s the I think it’s human nature I don’t know about you guys but I I’m sure the answer is yes growing up
because we’re fight fans obviously and we’re into this you know Mano Amano thing you always used to say with the
boys right who do you think would win out of someone so and so and so you know you’re always sizing it up who’s the
baddest in the school who’s the best bouncer in town and uh yeah and when the
UFC came out we got our answers which was amazing the the Taekwondo guy the wrestler and obviously the evolution is
what fascinates me which I’d love to talk about you know isn’t it funny like when we were younger like we’re old
enough now the kids growing up nowadays in their 20s and they never
because the Sports 30 years old they always knew what real fighting is when
we grew up you didn’t know that’s what was so fat I found so fascinating about the first uh
UFC and it’s it was the ground fighting where people did not you had an idea
everybody like you said who would win uh is that Steven Seagal stuff work what
about who’s Jeff Speakman like you find all these different things you know we love him too yeah but yeah
I met him like 15 years ago 10 years ago and he was like I love karate and
everything but I realized that jiu jitsu’s where that and he became like a jiu jitsu black belt and like oh yeah
the 80s some of the the 80s movies and you never knew what really worked you
know yes so then when we found out when the great when the early UFC came or
ufcs came out nobody knew how to fight on the floor and it was just it was just so like just
mind-blowing you know but now these kids now everybody grows up knowing yeah you
know my kid’s 14 years old and and and 12 and 10 they know how to fight better
at that age than I did as an adult like you know what I mean I get it man yeah and now even on some of these undercards
you’re looking at these these kids and I’m like there’s two world champions right there man I’m I’m actually do you
ever get like sad when you get two young up and coming Warriors and one of them has to lose and you’re like what a shame
I wish they met later on but that’s happening almost every undercard now where you’re like these guys are both
just amazing and obviously the younger generation the kids that you see online doing all these things martial arts
if the aliens invaded us now guys as opposed to 50 years ago when they cross
all that stuff and get to the the last line of defense I always say the UFC it’s changed it for the human race man
you’re gonna get up if you come here and you don’t know how to fight hopefully they got their carotid
arteries in the same place these aliens it’s funny actually he’s not going out
like carotid arteries on my ankle but uh no no yeah it is wild man it is
do you still do boxing and whatnot to stay in shape or anything or no you know man I do I I’ve always maintained some
form of training because I love it and I have to keep fit for my biz but to be honest the last five six years I’ve
invested a lot of time into my company and I’m doing a lot of filmmaking so I I’m not in the greatest shape But the
irony is you know I’m 50 plus now but for some reason my industry is accepting accepting me is kind of this you know
I’m doing a lot of action I’m kicking some ass 50s so you know you want to
make God laugh tell them your plans I’m getting the Hollywood 20 thinking I’m gonna throw down nothing 30 years of
drama so I’m getting in shape brother yeah I’m back in the gym yeah and I’m feeling
really excited about it it’s been a while now listen um ahead the serial
gone is the an event versus Sergey Spivak do you know about these gentlemen
oh no are you doing date about phoenixes this now you look zero
gone again people give him a lot of a lot of crap if there’s a fight with Jon Jones but let me remind everybody that
he fought Jon Jones Jon Jones ain’t your average everybody always moving up the heavyweight uh please don’t bring up Phoenix don’t
embarrass me about me picking him to win the way he did versus hero gone Jon Jones I don’t want to get embarrassed in
front of Lewis that I picked reading my submission in round one anyway my point
I I by the way Matt I agree with you I My Philosophy on that point bro is it’s
a life thing it’s you know sometimes correct me if I’m wrong when you’re in battle you know granted Jon Jones is the goat
with the grappling and you know that’s not a Serial department but sometimes you fall into an awkward position bro and you’re just done and I
think part of that is that granted I do believe John would have done what he’d done no matter what but correct me if I’m wrong it kind of just happened and
he’s you know it just he was there and it was done I don’t know if that makes sense no it does
he showed the back and he took the back if I remember correctly I believe that game plan was to get it
to the floor and the second that was that was matched up I remember and I had that they did a clip of it where they
went back to it because I go make a note of this I said round one submission because Cyril gone he would have been
the heavyweight champion of the world he it came down to the fifth round between him and Francis neganu and he made the
correction between the fourth and fifth round he should be the champion because he went out there and he took him down
so how did he blow it he laid down with a leg lock Francis got on top remains on top and
now he’s the heavyweight champion or what right because he should have stayed with his Basics to get out of that position he would have stayed on top
yeah yeah next four minutes he’s a champion Matt Sarah position before submission
I am a big fan of that saying I said yeah but it’s so true it’s like should
stay in the Forefront of your mind especially in high pressure situations zero God accepts going to his back a lot
because he’s a big guy to probably gets some submissions in the in the training room uh the second I seen that I’m like Jon
Jones is a sick rappler I know he’s bigger than Dan Henderson but he’s had a grappling match with him and then
strangled him he’s I seen his grappling and I think it’s extremely underrated he got DC down and who gets DC down so I
mean yeah you know I think style makes fights but having said that before that
Cyril gone especially on the feet man he’s got such he moves like this
yeah he’s light he’s basketball you know man it brings us to the equation right
correct me if I’m wrong because you know we go back to the Gerard kick right for example the evolution to me in this
sport is really cool because if you didn’t know any jujits which no one kind of did except the the Grapplers in the
beginning you’re you’re done it’s all right it was proven then correct me if I’m wrong I’m gonna bring up the
Marie Smith era Maurice somehow got good enough to negate takedowns right and he
ended up wasn’t either he won the title he won the UFC Championship didn’t he Marie Maurice
anyways the point is that people were getting it’s the evolution I find fascinating because then the the the the
ponchos that were real punches real Strikers got good enough to negate the takedowns and then there was an error
correct me if I’m wrong where that was happening where these cats were negating the takedowns then it got to the point
you get the the the the what’s his name uh kismat and these you know
yeah even the elite Strikers who learned in
the gate just can’t handle it so I love this Evolution and I thought with Ghana
and Jones and I actually don’t I can’t answer this question maybe you guys can I’m not sure if Cyril’s uh grappling
experience and how good he is but I assumed it was good enough to do that but obviously you’re against the man and
you know this guy the polar bears feedback it has like incredible high
level you know like Russian Judo his takedowns are clean fast just he
just transitions from one thing to the next in a scary scary way so I don’t know how quickly gone’s gonna be able to
catch up to someone at high level attack he’s working with people who can do that but maybe he then let me use my best
attribute to learn my in my better defense just like you’re saying with and start to you look at how the narrative
has changed because when we first were talking about God we were like oh my God he moves like a 155 or he’s got the best
striking of this Division and now we’re like nervous biting our nails for him because he blocked I was two out of
three both off of like submissions and being dominated on the ground and only an
idiot doesn’t work on that with this type of narrative so who knows yeah if
he breaks if he beats Sergey then we’ll start talking about him again like
all right yeah yeah can’t deal with a grappling you know a you know heavy a
grappling um opponent a guy who’s heavy in the grappling he could deal with that so he has to slow he has to show that
he’s able to deal with that because he’s not going to be boxes so I’m excited I’m excited to see
what’s going to come about with this you know and now he’s a big strong man and he can fight and uh yeah when is that by
the way that one Saturday Saturday oh okay it is this Saturday yep and it’s early because it’s in France so I think
it’s like in the afternoon which I like because I’m old
how do you pronounce that last name firot firot oh he’s talking about the
French girl versus Zombies yes now this this the French girl is 5-0 in the UFC
10-1 overall and she’s fighting for a champion she’s fighting Thug Rose so
you know so this this is something to watch for the sex but it’s co-main you know what I mean narrative here is
interesting because this is Rose going up from 115 to 125. and this these are two girls that have
excellent striking and the French girl um is very aggressive and has knocked
out power Rose is saying like she’s walking around at 135 she’s being muscle and that that last Carl that’s part of
the fight she admits it was really boring but she says the first time she really really had a hard time cutting
weight like she had bags underneath her eyes she looks sunken in so she probably felt like it was time something
sometimes spiders do much better when they go up you know but it’s also you don’t know
what your opponent cuts down to you don’t know how much bigger they really are so what you know I don’t know
we’ll see we’ll see you know it’s a whole puzzle that white thing man it’s a whole you know it’s a little game in
itself it’s a whole little fight within itself isn’t it yeah wait yeah think about how much harder it is for
all of us to lose weight as we’ve gotten older right like as you get older just stuck more and more it’s harder yes
I’m on trt I’m pissing dirty uh Phoenix so I don’t know about that trt Lewis but uh
I don’t know but tell me please it sounds good uh I get testosterone I don’t do it in a
back alley I go to a place with doctors restoration Men’s Health I get a shot by
hiney they check my levels so you get some testosterone I feel I’m 49. man I
feel strong I’m on the I taught the 7 A.M this morning I’m on the match strangling my 20 year olds I love it I
don’t recommend it for you Phoenix because it gets you a little hairy so I don’t think you
by the way I appreciate something I got I got the text from my peep saying you’re going to do this thing tonight
with the world famous comedian Matt Sarah and I went ah oh he’s doing that now but obviously you are and you’re
killing it very good oh my goodness I’ve been watching the shows very very impressive the dry chocolate I’m just
silly hey I’m hearing it here that you became friend with friends with some UFC fighters who are you friendly with
besides myself in Phoenix um I just did a wonderful little flick with uh Cowboys throney and Rampage
Jackson got to know them pretty well uh it’s called three days in Malay I’m not promoting here I’m just saying no we
know I I I’m I’m an actor too so I know what I’m dealing with I see yeah exactly yeah yeah it’s already out people know
it so yeah Cowboy came to Thailand with uh Rampage and we shot a really cool World War II movie low budget real indie
film we did it in a really very minimal amount of time but their performances are beautiful they were real nuanced and
we we had a lot of you know Kick-Ass action and it was fantastic and then I ended up doing a follow-up with Rampage
so we spent another couple of months in Thailand together we become Pals so there’s a couple of Legends that I got
to know pretty well and work with I’ll ask you this right because performance whether it’s in the Octagon or if it’s
um behind the camera performance is performance so what are some things you take away that are similar performing in
like a physical Way by fighting and performing in like an acting way or an artistic way what are like the takeaways
that you need across the board you know it’s a good question because my first acting teacher God bless her the
late John at alhante she she know I was a fighter when I came from Australia I was just boxing I wanted to be the World
Champ that was it I was in LA for about four years just boxing but I was sitting in a class and I never forgot she said
you know you boxers or you athletes she said it’s the same kind of focus like when you go into a fight there’s always
a little nerves right that you want to be able to control them but you want to be a little bit angry and you want to be
a little bit ready but you still want to be a little bit calm and you kind of have to I guess mix all these emotions
together but she said something that I never forgot and I agree with it’s on the same number it’s about six or seven
on the adrenaline scale every time they yell rolling I’m nervous just like I’m about to do a round of spiral or
something you get that same butterflies because you don’t want to get exposed in the acting field you’re not getting
physically hit but it’s an emotional destruction if you suck right it’s horrible so it’s a similar I guess
adrenaline point if that makes sense that’s one similarity and the focus I
think is applicable to athletes and acting that’s why there’s a lot of good crossovers I think
yeah yeah you know what it’s funny you said that because a lot of these actors are Fighters I should say when they get
done with fighting some of them you know they they test that the acting out you
know and I think it’s part of what you said they like that little that little tickle in the belly you know what I mean
yeah because
the need to perform to challenge yourself to put yourself out there I think that’s right
deuce in front of somebody I don’t care if it’s chess for instance and I was going to tell you about this to uh
Phoenix my 14 year old my Angelina right she been doing dance since she’s three
years old and she’s doing some Jiu Jitsu who’s just literally recently a few months ago she walked
away from dance me and my my wife were like listen are you sure and she’s like
I want to pursue the martial arts I enjoy this I’m making the decision
hey double gold the other day at the Naga she went three competitions all
gold medals she is it’s so it’s it’s amazing I see myself in there but my point is this
when it came to competition her very first Jiu-Jitsu competition I’ve been around man her nerd
totally fine man totally fine and I’m and I mean I was and I’m and I’m trying
to think about this and I it has to do with the dance she has been on stage in
the spotlight having to know these choreographed how many different numbers and solos and Duos and and she had to do
this for how long since she’s a kid she’s used to being under those lights whether it’s dancing or Jiu Jitsu you
know what I mean 100
agree and again um do you recall these for example you know you’re in the gym growing up and
you see these cats who are just hitting the bag and sparring and they look like world champions but then you put them
under the performance anxiety which is the lights camera action with the crowd and it’s it’s that it’s time in other
words I always say to my pals now it’s it’s not your time you’re not going to the gym to spar when you feel like it
now there’s you know it’s that performance anxiety so I agree 100 and correct me if I’m wrong a lot of those
cats that look great in the gym for example you know they can’t perform and it’s got nothing to do with their talent it’s
just that thing that your daughter has that she’s used to that yes yes it’s it’s dealing with that
and also just performance anxiety there’s a lot of tough guys there’s a lot of tough guys who are a dime a dozen
and some guys like man this guy’s the toughest guy over I seen him do this and that a lot of these tough guys that were
talking about Street tough guys yeah yeah you dig them anybody’s tough with a bump on the shoulder in this In the Heat
of the Moment yeah you take that same guy who’s beating up this guy you take that same guy now you’re meeting this guy the one you’re about to fight now
you’re meeting in a week from now in front of 50 people I guarantee that
same tough guy most of them won’t even show up do you know what I mean so yeah In the Heat of the Moment it’s quick to be a badass but yeah you got time to
dwell on it think about it the what ifs what could happen who’s watching yeah you know what I mean and yeah I think
yeah that’s a big decider in a lot of fights isn’t it man I mean it really is because it’s it’s just experience yeah
it’s pressure so yeah I think we like pressure though in some way shape or form right and improve you teach
yourself I mean as a director like when you first started directing that’s that’s the most amount of pressure the
person on set how do you deal with that because now everyone’s coming to you when you’re directing
I gotta tell you you said it and uh wow I mean being an actor’s hard enough when they call you on the big shows and
you’re on the big stage and it’s real serious and real quiet and they’re like go and you know that there’s a million eyes just watching the
Monitor and it’s pressure but yeah I mean Mel Gibson’s to all the big directors talk about it how when you
direct it’s it’s a different kettle of fish because it’s all about you and you’re you’re the captain you’ve got a
ship of sailors and you’re going into war and any mistake you make you’re accountable so yeah man I’ve been
I’ve been scared to come out my trailer in my first couple of big films where I’m like got you know five six hundred
people waiting outside and the crew and everyone and as soon as you go out it’s like what do we do as you’re walking to
the setup and then you get there and everyone’s like what’s up it’s pressure yeah that was a big turning
point in my life but I got to tell you in the in the infamous words of Jim Morrison he says I didn’t know I could
sing until I tried it and I Got Confidence it’s confidence man when you believe you can do it and I think it’s
the same as a fight if you go in there with love having a good time and you believe then you got a good shot yes
fun first of all I’d like to have you back for sure anytime man hey Louis
there’s a lot of guys who come in and they say oh yeah they’re a fan and then they come on they’re like yeah I know uh Conor McGregor they don’t know anybody
dude you’re my friend you you are a fan the second you mentioned uh the the Sumo
getting his tooth knocked out by uh uh uh you know I I knew you were okay
um this is what I want to ask you you’ve been an actor you’ve been a director which which do you prefer
go I think I’m selling my site
yeah filmmaker I’m I’m setting aside some directing right now yeah I’ll take the acting I love it I love the craft
but I was born to make films and I knew that when I got to Hollywood because I’m an illustrator bro I I’ve been an artist
my you know my friends call me a Renaissance on because I’m in the wrong era so actually I want to
do a portrait of both of you I promise you in a month or two from now but but illustration and the Arts of my
life so now I’m incorporating my storyboarding into my filmmaking and working with actors so I think the
passion is that brother to answer your question thanks for asking interesting so we now being that you’re an artist when you have a movie coming up do you
oh no or do you you know how they do this there like like for instance
I see your last name Mandalore I watched a Mandalorian at the end they showed like this at the end of the the show
yeah concept art yourself or am I just no I
do no I do most people you have to hire these artists to do that so ultimately ultimately not everyone does it this way
but I like to because I enjoy the process and I just roll like a steam train when I’m on Set uh comic
books are more or less storyboards you know yeah so I I was uh I was almost an apprentice for Marvel comic coming from
Australia you are our new best friend Lewis Man the War please hey man nice to
meet you and please come come on again soon bro in person guys do you ever do the
in-person podcast or it’s always like this no I know what we did before the pandemic and then I can’t ruined things
and it’s it’s so funny like we were said before I was on the Rogan show and I was talking about what I do and and he was
like don’t you think you’re you’re missing something not having the people in studio I go too Don’t Rock the
boat I go right now I’m at my house I pull up a green screen this morning I was at my school teaching my
arm locks and my kimoras so I like that I don’t got to go to the city but I do I
I do eventually want to do it in the house thing again I miss it too are you in New York or are
you in L.A where are you Louis oh me uh right now I’m in a hotel room in Bulgaria and tomorrow yeah this I’m in
the hotel room I’m flying to Thailand tomorrow that’s why it worked out tonight because I know I’ve been trying to do this so so I live in LA yeah
primarily I split my time with Europe and uh yeah so where are you guys at both East Coast yeah yeah yeah she’s in
Manhattan she’s in New York and I’m in uh I’m in Long Island New York you know and and Lewis if you’re ever out there I
have Sarah BJJ that’s my Jiu Jitsu Academy I know you got the fisticuffs I
will give you I don’t know if you had a Jujitsu lesson before but I will give you another one you will be strangling
me I’m not threatening you but if you’re ever around this area please come on in well I I I swear on my name I will take
you up on that even if it’s just a say hello but I want to come and get choked out by you at least once met Sarah
Lewis Lewis Manila thank you so much come on again we’ll talk again soon Phoenix a pleasure matter pleasure
thanks for having me guys I just friended you on I just requested you on Instagram so it’s definitely understand
stalker just kidding I’m gonna do that too I’m going to be please do that man pleasure ladies and gentlemen and thanks
for having again I had a really good time thank you Lewis
Danny that was fun I love when they’re fans like that I love them
first of all I’m gonna What would I’m gonna follow them once we’re done of course if I do that now I got 80d I’m
not gonna be able to do it listen once again where could people watch your your speaking on your mixed
Heritage where can they watch oh um it’s on YouTube if you just Phoenix carnivales speak is the name of the
there was like a guy who worked for Ted Talk he broke off from Ted Talk and he does these speaking engagements for like
everybody you could like once a month it’s a different topic so I didn’t choose the topic but they asked me to do
it I didn’t choose a topic no listen I’m glad you I’m glad you did it I thought it was going to be something like
like I don’t know I don’t know what to expect to be honest but then when I watched it you cry you you like I like
to get the humor in there because it doesn’t make like your it’s not a gloom and doom and a poor me thing you had
some things or funny oh everything’s a a ride I gotta The Stereotype they’re making references to JLo and you’re
funny no you did some really good stuff in there I liked it a lot um and uh it made me think that I think
you should try I know you’ve done acting before you know but amen
do you ever think about it I did stand up 20 years ago I did stand up right out
of high school 20 years ago okay like 15 years ago I’ve been right
out of high school and um and it was going pretty well and then I got a fitness job and I was working and
getting up at six in the morning so I stopped doing it and um you know and then I wanted vacuum and stuff like that
but I’ve always loved it I just like kind of chickened out after a while because I know people like Jim Norton
and people who are so good that you know I was like but the speech was great and it was such a great experience and I’m
so glad you watched it and you enjoyed it and you know being I’m half Puerto Rican half Italian and um so it’s it’s
always weird that mixed you know like nobody knows what the hell I am it’s a nice big so it’s a good match I did yeah
Hey listen there was a mix of different um I was trying to segue into oh there’s a
mix of different Fighters last night worst segue ever really quick on the date of white Contender series they
can’t all be out of the park uh you know listen some guys three guys got the contract you know uh these other two
guys they they it’s not that they did bad like Marco Tulio I felt bad for
because you know he he won but uh you know you know he’s still young and he’s
gonna have his chance again he’s a young kid but uh they didn’t think he was quite you know David he was quite ready
enough and uh the same goes for um yes that’s the one that kid yeah he’s
he’s a young kid he’s 24. and he said he think time’s on the side you know what I mean but it’s good that he got to win
but again uh Okie who said he felt like a Zulu Warrior he looked apart uh that
was excellent uh round one knockout beautiful yeah
first of all it is a key lock thank you thank you Jake the Jake the producer
thank you Jake the ginger this I don’t like when they announced that it was done by Kimura thank goodness
thank goodness I didn’t just hear about what happened and then and then tried to
Wing this and play and didn’t actually watch it because I watched it and I’m like oh this Thomas Peterson I heard he
won by Kimora somebody messaged me too and oh big guy he’s doing some more he’s like oh
whenever you’re going for a shoulder lock okay if the Palm is up Palm is up like I’m waiting that’s an
Americana or a key lock okay if the Palm is down and you’re getting it behind the
head behind the back and then behind it to touch the head that is a Kimura
no no that like simple simple breakdown I think everybody will remember that
forever well I mean there’s a lot of times that if you ever get confused I would just say I just say it nice and
simple I’d say Phoenix I just comorita man
I put his arm behind his back I held it there until he tapped Phoenix anyway
listen I just I sing these songs to help me remember I don’t
know do this we have fun we gotta go really quick I’m enjoying
ahsokas here I’m enjoying it now let me tell you you can tell me your thoughts after
um I don’t know if you’ve seen it are you up to date on it I only watched the first episode I’m gonna watch the other two now listen I know we are somewhat of
adults but have you ever seen and I know Jordan if anybody wants to make fun of me George Saint Pierre watches it too
but they go yeah I can’t watch a kid’s cartoon for 20 hours all right this is what I’ll tell you to do go to YouTube
and you put in 10 minutes rebels in 10 minutes or something like that so it
sums up the whole story in 10 minutes and it does a pretty good job of it so then what in this show Ahsoka uh with
the great Rosario Rosara Rosario Rosario Dawson Rosario Dawson
uh it is it’s basically a direct
continuation of this of this cartoon and all these
and and some of these and I say cartoon it is a cartoon it’s animated but there’s some of those
um episodes that were a little dark yeah people will get killed and so I like it it’s not all just Wookies the problem
with Rebels which is why I tuned out of it too is that the the animation is very
Kitty the stories yeah but the answer is very blocky Disney
yeah like that’s that’s the problem yeah it’s a little bit like that but watch
that 10 minutes it leads into it I’m enjoying the series I like it there’s three episodes
you know hey man I know everybody’s into women power and all that I got daughters
it’s great but hey dude you can throw in some kick-ass dudes once in a while too guys calm the
down please
you know right right um anyway uh Phoenix what else tell me I
just want to hear your thoughts on Indiana Jones and then I will let you go now this is my thoughts on it
I did not see it okay you know what I didn’t see it I heard it was so
but I don’t know how did you like it I think I’m biased because it’s like if
you haven’t seen an old friend in a really long time and you’re just excited to hang out with them but you’re at a restaurant with food sucks
yeah this is what I know I got you this is what I want to ask you because with
Indiana Jones I loved Indiana Jones I love this second one when I seen the
third one as a kid I wasn’t crazy about that night at the end I thought it was a little hokey but I did still it is still
a good movie it’s a good one yeah the third one I believe it should have ended as a Trilogy I thought it was great
um when they did the fourth one I thought it was between
and whatever’s worse than yeah and vomit I did not like it I
did not like when you had Shayla on on on Vines
what am I looking at so bad I did not I think George Lucas is out of his mind I
think Stephen Segal Stephen Spielberg was like I don’t want to do aliens and
he’s like no let’s do aliens but anyway I think they jumped the gun on that one the the crystal Scrolls whatever there
was how was that one compared to that one it’s better than that one that’s good
it’s better than that one but do they make him be a wimp is he a little weak I
know he’s like Wimpy’s just old
this is what I’ll tell you the first 30 minutes I I was like
that I was like super happy and then the story gets oh it goes all over and then there’s moments of the
story like you don’t need to be here and you should just stop and just just leave me with Indy that’s all I want yeah but
that’s what I’m saying there’s moments of it that you’re like this is great and then there’s moments of it where you’re
like like the appetizers were awesome with the main course was not good
well this show was sure a filling
yep no I like it it was a dad joke but
listen I got a lot of dad jokes because I’m a dad Phoenix this was fun I had a
blast catching up with you I want you to you’ve been doing you’ve been training or no you rolling not as much as I
should we’re gonna we’re gonna talk off there I got to get you back on the mat somehow yeah somewhere yeah all right and that
will happen uh listen I I mean shoot I I hope Jimmy gets sick
more often I don’t know we gotta make this happen again even if you’re a third mic in here because it’s been too long
or else you come out you do some Jiu Jitsu in my school we’ll catch up then we should we should
what do you want to plug anything else you want to plug buddy nothing to plug but follow me on uh the insta and when I
have something what is your spell it spell it to me Phoenix p h o e n i x
carna Valley c-a-r-n-e d as in Victor a-l-e that’s it easy to find Phoenix
Carter Valley so much fun uh I’ll probably talk to you later thank you for
stepping up and jumping in on here and we’ll talk more listen I like the
way you brought up all your pop culture references in your uh yeah what was it called again tell me
what’s called again it’s called speak speak Heritage with just my name so it yeah Phoenix speak yep awesome hey buddy
we’re gonna catch up even this was a long episode but it was fun yeah hey we’re gonna catch up even more soon okay
buddy goodbye everyone bye everybody