In this article, we will be discussing the upcoming fights at the T-Mobile Arena for Mexican Independence Day UFC Noche. The main event will feature the Flyweight Champion, Valentina Shevchenko, defending her title against challenger Alexa Grasso. Additionally, we will analyze the co-main event between Kevin Holland and Jack de la Madalena, as well as the fight between 18-year-old Raul Rosas Jr. and Terence Mitchell. I will also provide my predictions for these fights.

Valentina Shevchenko vs. Alexa Grasso

Valentina Shevchenko is widely regarded as one of the greatest female fighters in the world. Her technique, precision, skill, accuracy, and fight IQ have made her a dominant force in the Flyweight division. However, there are questions about whether her best days are behind her. In her last fight against Alexa Grasso, Shevchenko was submitted with a face crank in round four. While she has had an impressive career with victories over top fighters like Jessica Eye, there is pressure on Shevchenko as a long-time champion. Grasso, on the other hand, had a strong performance in her last fight against Shevchenko and now believes she can beat the champion. This fight will be a test for both fighters, and the outcome is uncertain. However, I believe Grasso will come out on top, potentially winning by decision.

Kevin Holland vs. Jack de la Madalena

The co-main event features Kevin Holland, also known as “Big Mouth,” taking on Jack de la Madalena. Holland is known for his height, reach, and submission skills. In his last fight against Michael Kiese, he secured a submission victory in the first round. De la Madalena, on the other hand, has a well-rounded skill set and is currently on a 13-fight win streak. This fight will primarily take place on the feet, and I believe de la Madalena’s boxing skills and footwork will give him the advantage. While Holland is a talented fighter, I predict that de la Madalena will come out victorious.

Raul Rosas Jr. vs. Terence Mitchell

The fight between 18-year-old Raul Rosas Jr. and Terence Mitchell is an intriguing matchup. Rosas Jr. has shown great promise at such a young age, with a professional record of 7-1. However, in his last fight against Christian Rodriguez, he struggled with his wrestling and gas tank. Rosas Jr. will be looking to bounce back in this fight and showcase his wrestling skills. I believe he will be able to do so and come out with a victory over Mitchell.

In conclusion, the upcoming fights at the T-Mobile Arena for Mexican Independence Day UFC Noche promise to be exciting and full of action. Valentina Shevchenko will face a tough challenge in Alexa Grasso, while Kevin Holland and Jack de la Madalena will battle it out in the co-main event. Additionally, 18-year-old Raul Rosas Jr. will look to get back on track against Terence Mitchell. These fights have the potential to be highly competitive and entertaining. While the outcomes are uncertain, I have provided my predictions for each fight. Stay tuned for the action-packed night of fights on September 16th at the T-Mobile Arena.

I decided at the T-Mobile Arena what a
venue for a fight night and what a night
of fights we’ve got Mexican Independence
Day UFC Noche Alexa Grasso the Flyway
Champion taking on the Challenger
Valentina shevchenko there’s a sentence
I never thought I would have said a few
years ago call Main Event Kevin Holland
going up against Jack de la matolina and
then the 18 year old Raul Rosas Jr
taking on Terence Mitchell they’re the
three top fights and that’s what we’re
going to talk about right now and I’m
gonna give you some predictions so Main
Event Valentina shevchenko I mean this
woman is just incredible what a champ
she was and I’ll say she’s been the
power for pound greatest female fighter
on planet Earth over Amanda Nunez and
all Nunez beat us wise but she’s the
bigger woman she fought at 145. Chef
jenko’s 125 but when you look at the
technique the Precision the skill the
accuracy the mindset and the
intelligence the fight IQ borrowing the
last fight of Valentina have jenko it’s
unbelievable I mean she’s beaten some
tremendous people I’ll never forget the
knockout over Jessica I that was
absolutely sticking in and they go on
and on and on but the question is is the
best days of Valentina shevchenko kind
of behind her now the last time she
fought before Grasso was Singapore I
called the fight UFC 275 went up against
Tyler Santos very very close fight a lot
of people thought Tyler Santos won that
one but against Alexa Grasso last time
out UFC 285 again T-Mobile Arena you got
submitted with a face crank in round
but it’s what happened before that
that’s very very important because
chefchenko’s incredible she really is
but there’s a lot of pressure being a
long time Champion chefchenko I mean
she’s amazing she should be a spy a real
life spy an assassin or something like
that she’s the type of person what are
the only females even though Hollywood
likes to show you women that can beat up
men kick ass shoot guns and then jump in
a plane and fly off she’s one of the
only people that could do that for real
flying and a helicopter jump out covered
in Black beat the [ __ ] out of some
people Chum Chum Chum sniper some people
and then piss off in a helicopter that’s
how good she is but instead the Octagon
Is she starting to slip because Alexa
Grasso had a very very good night at the
office and of course in round four
chefchenko went for a spin Grasso jumps
on the back gets the rear Nicky chalk
and ended up submitting him with a face
crank and leaving chefchenko’s face
looking like she was sunburned because
from here to there she was all white and
above their man she was like a a tomato
ready to pop so it’s going to be a good
fight but the problem is here for
chefchenko is that Alexa Grasso now is
confident she knows that she belongs not
only that she knows she can beat
Valentina chefchenko when you’re going
up against someone like chefchenko a
long time Champion there’s an aura about
them just like with Anderson Silva just
like against Israel arasana that’s why I
watched Sean Strickland did was so
impressive right
but that always kind of gone the bubble
has been burst Alexa Grasso knows now
not only can she compete but she can
beat chef jenko at a wrong game the
boxing was on point the kicking’s on
point the wrestling was there she took
it down on occasion it was a really
really close fight and I think what cost
Chef jenko was that she was waiting to
counter far too much now for chefchenko
she is hungry to get that Bell back she
said nothing else matters to her right
now she said for me there is no after
there is no Sunday there is no Monday
following that Saturday for me I only
live with this day it’s kind of like I’m
not having plans on what’s going to be
next everything for me all of my
concentration all of my determination my
power force mentality character Spirit
it all goes to September 16th and of
course some might say that Valentina
chefchenko is done but she says the end
is when I decide and it’s not going to
be any time soon I’m gonna be fighting
while I feel like fighting I want to
fight and I want to win this battle
and I will win this belt I don’t know
about that one it’s going to be tough
Grasso called the famous Teddy Atlas
will be 30 better you know Champions get
30 better after winning the belt he
famously said which is quoted by a lot
of people but he’s right because the as
I said before when you become the
champion you’re like hold on a minute
everything I’ve been doing is correct I
am good enough I can compete it’s not a
fight dream I’m Legit I’ve got the belt
at home I am the champion of the world
so all the work that she’s doing down in
Mexico is is reinforced mentally and of
course she just won the belt and she
knows she’s got Chef chenko to fight for
us so she’s gonna push herself even more
because you notice if chenko’s gonna do
that as well that’s why this fight’s
going to be fantastic I’m a big fan of
Valentina chefchenko she’s been very
kind with the time and allow me to
interview her on several occasions but
the T-Mobile Arena Mexican independent
day sold out crowds sombreros all over
the place people down in Tequila
chanting going crazy that’s going to be
a hostile environment Alexia Grasso is
going to go out there and I think she
gets the job done but buy a decision by
a decision now a co-man event this is
the big one for me I’m really looking
forward to this one Kevin Holland aka
Big Mouth taking on the best boxer I
think potentially in all of the UFC Jack
De La Madeleine Okay Kevin Holland is
very tall very long and he’s got great
submissions okay last time out against
Michael kiese he’s shot in and with
those long arms was able to wrap up a
Dodge stroke in just round one really
good win before that knocked out
Santiago panzanibio again because of the
reach he was way out of range but it was
a long looping right hog that kind of
caught him and pugs and iby I probably
thought you can’t catch me here I’m too
far away but he’s got those go go gadget
arms clipped him satin down and that was
that knocked him out
on the flip side though he ain’t gonna
be shooting takedowns no he’s not he’s
going to be closing the distance as I
said Jack
has got good well-rounded skills of
course he does he’s a mixed martial arts
record of 15-2 lost his first two fights
he’s on a 13 fight win streak and he’s
been on fire ever since he made his
debut on the contender series got a
stunning win there and then after that
knockout knockout submission last time
Split Decision against basil heffers
never heard of him have you I hadn’t but
apparently he’s really good trains with
Anthony Smith and apparently he’s one of
those guys that on any day can be
anybody and Jack delamadolena still got
the job done by a split decision now in
despite Jack needs to take away the
reach of Kevin Holland Jack has got a 73
inch reach Kevin Holland a massive 81
inches so that’s eight inches and if you
know how to use that effectively if you
keep him at Bay if you keep them at
range you can cause a nightmare for your
opponent but Jack’s got that boxing he’s
got that footwork okay so counter shot
High guard head movement exploding get
inside the pocket inside the pocket I
think Jack’s got really really nice
boxing he’s got a big Advantage there
uppercuts Hogs he’ll rip to the body or
the rest of it don’t think we’re going
to see him going for takedowns and the
relevance of that is that if he doesn’t
go for a takedown there’s not really
going to be a potential for a submission
for Kevin Holland you know and then you
never know Jack might surprises but
that’s not his style and that’s not the
path to Victory Kevin Holland really
really good Jujitsu on the ground calls
himself a Kung Fu expert I don’t know
about that you know the Kung Fu talk you
know he does love Kung Fu he does he
does and he’s hilarious and he’s got
attack on drug as well he’s getting the
Mexicans on side he will be the favorite
with the crowd but he’s not the best
wrestler so I don’t think he’s gonna
take him down the traditional Manor he
might knock him down he might use a trip
from a clinch position but he ain’t
gonna be hitting double singles High
crotches all the rest of it
so what’s going to happen Jack delamada
versus Kevin Holden is going to play out
on the feet and it’s going to be very
very exciting to watch I’m leaning
towards Jack Della madalena I don’t
think he’s going to stop him I don’t
think Kevin Holland’s going to reach in
or nothing like that the man can take a
shot okay but John De La Madeleine has
got better boxing I think he closes the
distance he gets the job done before
that Raul Rosas Jr 18 years old I mean
that is just insane 18 years old the
man’s got a professional record so far
of seven and one again came through the
content of the series got a good win
over Jay Perrin opened the pay-per-view
at UFC
282 and then came back against Christian
Rodriguez and lost by a decision the
reason he lost is that he didn’t have
his way he wasn’t able to use the
wrestling that he has Christian
Rodriguez was able to counter everything
he was able to get top position quite a
lot and the gas tank looked to affect
Raul rozas as well and Ral Rosas will be
going up against Terence Mitchell it’s
going to be a great fight the Mexican
are going to go crazy crazy for railroad
student and rightly sold stand up give
that man a round of applause 18 years
old he’s got his [ __ ] together he’s a
very very good wrestler and think about
how mentally strong you have to be to
walk out to the T-Mobile arena in the
toughest spot on planet Earth right in
front of 20 000 people at 18 years old
God bless that man’s gonna be a great
fight I think Ral Ross is Junior uses
the wrestling gets the job done and
there it is UFC no chair okay Grasso
still the champ Kevin Holland Jack great
fight Jack wins it Raul Ross as Junior
gets back to winning ways and that’s
about it that’s all I’ve got time for
subscribe ring the bell and I’ll see you

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