BTL LIVE | Israel Adesanya vs. Sean Strickland, Next For Gane & Namajunas, Dana White Comments


In this article, we will discuss the recent comments made by Brian Campbell and Jed Meshew on the BTL Live show. They talk about Dana White’s treatment of fighters, the upcoming Gamebred Bare Knuckle MMA event, and the potential fight between Junior dos Santos and Fabricio Werdum. Let’s dive into the details.

Dana White’s Treatment of Fighters

Brian Campbell starts off by discussing Dana White’s treatment of fighters. He believes that Dana has acquired a trick to control the UFC, but he is having a troubled time adjusting from the Gestapo past. Brian suggests that once the ongoing lawsuit plays out and people realize how fighters are being treated, they will look back at this as the dark ages of fighters having no control.

Brian points out that fighters not only have no control over contracts and negotiations with the UFC, but Dana also shows favoritism towards certain fighters. He mentions that Dana regularly picks out his favorites and publicly disparages and discredits those who are not his favorites . Brian gives examples of fighters like Tyron Woodley and Aljamain Sterling, who have been on the receiving end of Dana’s negative treatment. He also mentions how Dana used to promote fighters like Henry Cejudo, but now only promotes the hot-button choices of the moment.

Brian believes that this is a major problem in the sport and that Dana’s behavior is detrimental to the future of MMA. He hopes that as the sport evolves, fighters will have more rights and that the promoter’s job will be to promote fights rather than tear down champions.

Gamebred Bare Knuckle MMA Event

The conversation then shifts to the upcoming Gamebred Bare Knuckle MMA event. Jed Meshew expresses his interest in the event, stating that while he wouldn’t classify it as excitement, his curiosity has been piqued. He mentions that he hasn’t watched bare knuckle MMA since the old school Pride days, and he is interested in seeing how the event plays out.

Brian Campbell, on the other hand, has a morbid intrigue in the event. He acknowledges that bare knuckle MMA is a gimmick, but credits Dave Feldman and BKFC for making it interesting. Brian mentions that he doesn’t care about the fights themselves, but he is interested in the announcement made by Jorge Masvidal on the MMA Hour. Masvidal announced a fight between Alan Belcher and Roy Nelson for the Gamebred Heavyweight Championship, which Brian finds intriguing.

Junior dos Santos vs. Fabricio Werdum Rematch

The discussion then turns to the rematch between Junior dos Santos and Fabricio Werdum. Jed mentions that he doesn’t know if either fighter has any juice left, but he is interested in the fight. He notes that while the rematch may not be necessary, he is curious to see how the two former UFC heavyweight champions perform.

Brian Campbell shares his thoughts on the fight, stating that he has a morbid intrigue in it. He believes that both fighters have plenty of juice left, even if their bodies may not be producing it anymore. Brian mentions that he interviewed JDS and learned that he is excited about fighting for Gamebred full-time and is looking to make a statement in this rematch. Brian believes that if JDS performs well, he should be considered as a potential opponent for Francis Ngannou in the PFL’s first pay-per-view.


In conclusion, Brian Campbell and Jed Meshew discuss Dana White’s treatment of fighters, the upcoming Gamebred Bare Knuckle MMA event, and the rematch between Junior dos Santos and Fabricio Werdum. They express their concerns about Dana’s favoritism and negative treatment of fighters, and hope for a future where fighters have more control and rights. They also share their curiosity and intrigue in the Gamebred event and the JDS vs. Werdum rematch. Overall, they provide insightful commentary on these topics and offer their perspectives on the current state of MMA.


  • BTL Live Show Transcript
live from MMA fighting Studios this is between the links
and now your host my heck
the iconic voice of Esther Lynn welcomes you to a brand new edition of BTL thank
you for joining us on another Thursday we have stacked the panel this week a panel more stacked than Saturday’s UFC
293 pay-per-view how about that well at least on paper let’s get right into things into things let’s not waste any
time as we first introduce a man who has talked a lot over the last couple weeks couple of great additions of damn they
were good no bets barred this show even a guest stint on an award-winning podcast he is Mr no gray area a man who
wants to live in a world where Sean Strickland holds middleweight gold he has MMA fighting Zone gen Mishu how are
you buddy look at that flow today I let it down uh because God knows we need
something to bring the people in because UFC 293 ain’t gonna do it uh no one’s clicking the button oh let’s watch them
talk about that fight card so check the Luscious flow there you go that’s what
we’re all about here to me find dot com great website we’re gonna sell tickets now and back by
pop super popular demand a man who joined Jedi on damn they were good for the Joanna Champion episode he’s one
half of the morning combat Duo the man just wins Awards he’s the one the only Brian freaking Campbell rocking the
scally BC yeah yeah representing the man in the Hat the in the myth the legend the Chuck Mendenhall but on BC I’m back
to defend my title and uh you know as far as my midlife crisis choices this is my favorite mistake Cheryl so I really
enjoy wearing this hat thing I mean you look you look Sensational in it no doubt about that it really does
yeah I can’t pull off either of these like I can’t pull up the long hair I mean I can’t pull off any hair and I
can’t rock the scally these days but uh we’ll talk 293 yes we’ll talk Izzy
Strickland we’ll have a super fun final regulation round as well
but let’s put a bow on last weekend first UFC Paris went down it was a fun one two big stories coming out of it one
we’ll get into in a moment that features a fighter who did not win the other a former interim champ getting back on
track following a devastating quick loss to Jon Jones earlier this year Cyril
gone in front of a home crowd BC blows the doors off one Sergey Spivak he got
him out in round two gets a much-needed win in the aftermath sort of no soul Tom aspinall just kind of left things open
with a well I want the belt but no real Next Step as to how he’s going to get
there but as far as the performance goes BC and there are questions heading in about guns takedown defense Etc coming
out of the Jon Jones fight did you learn anything from zero gun like what did you take away most from
this performance you know I learned that he can put a giant piece of bubble gum over the glaring hole in the dam and for
this particular test against Spivak that’s what was needed what God needed to do was remind us of his Elite nature
show us at the very least the intention put in to Sure up some of those holes in
his game and move forward and look even stick around stoppage against a guy on a
heck of a streak coming in he moved forward with the pressure on him in front of a home crowd I did believe
there were elements of break make or break for gone in this fight meaning he had to win and look as good as he did
for us to be confident about his Direction moving forward to the top rather than talking about things like
should he get a new trainer can he fix the holes in this game from what we saw in the takedown defense it was strong
and I think the biggest thing we took away was the offensive intention from God to sit down on his punches and
really look for the stoppage that inevitably did come in round two my only issue with God’s performance as a whole
and I don’t think this is his fault is what it didn’t do was give us full confidence moving forward that he has
fixed some or completely you know or all of the holes that led him to being in trouble against tuivasana laying a big
fat egg against Jon Jones good takedown defense good offense but Sergey Spivak
ah man did I don’t think he put his best foot forward so I think there are some elements of Fool’s Gold from how easy
this performance looked in hindsight just a few days back but at the very least we needed some confidence about
God moving forward he may believe he’s going to go right to the title shot I think some other things are going to dictate that but I do believe in him
again moving forward I just didn’t see everything I needed to Joe we talked about this on the post
fight show because we we really didn’t learn a whole hell of a lot like he did defend the takedown it was kind of an
aggressive one but we knew that two minutes into this fight we knew exactly where this fight was gonna go it’s
either Sergey is going to land takedowns and beat the hell out of Cyril God or God’s Gonna avoid the takedown just
finish and just annihilate circus be back and that’s what happened here so now that the dust has settled I guess
how do you grade gonze day in Paris between the win the performance the mic
work laying the groundwork for the future how do you grade Cyril God on Saturday
for taking the totality of it uh a minus right like look he he looks Sensational
in the cage I didn’t learn a damn thing uh that was always very much in the realm of what he could do to Sergey
Spivak I coming in and I said this on several of the shows that week my questions were about Sergey Spivak like
he’s still young he had been on a really good tear is he maybe a dude we underestimate a little bit now he’s
putting it together and 30 seconds and was like oh no he he still has that one
major problem that that will limit his ability he looks like he is moving in mud and that’s like if you’re not an
athlete you’re not going to be the heavyweight champion of the world that’s just it like you got to be an athlete to to make it you got to be an athlete or
you have to be the toughest SOB that’s ever lived to really make hay at the top of that weight class and he ain’t either
so that’s that’s the thing I learned for sure gone like you you just gotta look
like that against dudes you’re supposed to look like that again so you got to give him an a for it we’re taking the
totality of it I’ll dock him a couple of points for the mic work and stuff which is to be expected Ciroc on has never
been a guy who is a captivating personality he’s just a big dude who moves like a middleweight and that’s the
selling point on him but you know he could have and uh should have done a little more to maybe build a fight with
Tom aspinall or if he really doesn’t want to fight Tom aspinall for one reason or another you know
try and pick on Sergey pavlovich he is which is ostensibly the next guy in line
right he’s got the backup fighter tag at 295 I think it’s too nice whatever the
yeah uh 295 he’s got the backup fighter tag so come like if you’re not gonna
come out and say hey man I want to fight Tom aspin I’ll be like hey let me I I want to fight Sergey pavovic I want to
get back in there and avenge it and that’s it’s never been his way but I implore all fighters always to try and
take a more proactive hand in your own fight promotion and your careers you don’t have to be Conor McGregor or you
know that fake I’m going to adopt a personality but you just you need to speak the things you want into existence
because that’s like half the battle in the game gone’s never been that way and so he’s probably instead going to fight you
know the winner of Almeida Curtis blades which might be bad for him because both those dudes are athletes and he hasn’t
fared well against the athletes that he has fought so that’s a minus but overall
a solid night at the office yeah what’s Wild is he has done it before like he put himself in position
for the Jon Jones fight like he saw a potential glaring hole and it was like every other day he was tweeting hey John
I’m ready where are you and somehow once the Francis thing fell apart he knows how to do it he’s got the Twitter
fingers he’s got the Twitter fingers but he has never at least to my knowledge I don’t remember him saying anything uh
that I’ve ever remembered on a microphone BC what do you think about sort of the follow to that go ahead yeah yeah my
issue with him on the microphone was this and I say this about promoter I say this about fighter whatever I’m even
okay if you’re gonna lie to us but don’t leave us feeling like you don’t want to fight somebody else and that’s what his
post fight comments on the UFC post fight show when approached by the the crew there about aspinal constantly
calling him out calling him out again after this fight and he’s sort of like yeah you know Aspen I was trying to get to the top well I’m trying to get there
too blah blah blah it was really God’s way of saying this without saying it he’s saying look John’s gonna fight
Stipe in November there’s a shot that one or both could retire afterwards and a really good shot that the winner could
retire afterwards gone is smart enough to know that with his name combined with the advancement in Paris and boy was in
French MMA for the UFC and boy was that Paris crowd red hot on Saturday that he could be in a very good spot if Jon
Jones retires after beating Stipe let’s say for a potential scenario and then it would have be gone in pavlovich next to
the victory and belt it probably would but here’s the deal though I’m okay if you sell this machismo even if
underneath it you’re a different kind of strategic businessman I think I wanted to hear like all the fans do that I’m
Cyril gone and I’ll fight anybody and the reason why I think we needed to hear that is because he had three consecutive
questionable performances two wins you know I’m sorry a win over to ivassa in
which it looked bad at times he got in trouble in times and then spectacularly won it and then two losses that really we had
to bite our tongue down to the idea of saying like maybe we were wrong about Cyril gone so even though he repaired a
lot of that Public Image with the performance against spivec even with some of those built-in Fools Gold
Elements that we talked about you should want if you’re a promoter or a fan of gone for him to come out and be like
yeah I’ll fight anybody and hey Tom aspinall if you think you’re good enough for the top and if the promotion wants
us to fight then meet me in Paris meet me in London let’s do a stadium let’s do a big deal there I’m always at the end
of the day either be honest or do a really good job lying with some fake
honesty but don’t do the thing where we can go Twitter fingers back on and go you know what I kind of feel like gone’s
avoiding aspin all and maybe if we look at the stylistic nature of it maybe he should be
yeah which is I I thought the padovich idea would have been great for him at least set the table for that be like hey
Sergey these guys are gonna fight you’re the backup but how about I just fight you instead and then you kind of can put
yourself in that position of course if jilton Almeida beats Curtis blades then all bets are off because the timing of that fight couldn’t be better for gelton
all made if he wins because the week before the title fight and a month and a half two months is a very long time
between fights for a big win from jail to Almeida he could really put a a wrench into all of this so that is Cyril
God uh the other big story BC Rose Diamond Eunice loses a decision to man
and Fiero it’s pretty clear-cut despite what Jamal Hill might say but Rose was competitive she got dinged up early with
the finger injury that injury looked nasty but what stood out to me was not just the performance
BC but kind of the opposite of zero gone the aftermath she jumps on an IG live
she kind of heard what people were saying in the fall of the fight answers all the questions surrounding it the
injury why Trevor Whitman wasn’t there but the thing that has gotten the most attention BC
she ain’t going back to 115 she’s planning on staying at 125 she wants to put a little more size weight cuts are
brutal right move BC you think this is the right move coming out of this fight I don’t think we’re gonna fully know if
it’s the right move until the end of the line but do we have enough information from the performance mixed with I don’t
want to say excuses because I feel more like on that IG live Rose was defending herself against what was becoming the
public narrative but she gave explanations about some of those key questions we had after watching that
performance live and I think if you take all of that into account how badly her finger was mangled and how that
prevented her from keeping a closed Fist and not only striking with two hands but but using that to Aid her wrestling game
in hopes of setting up submissions that was all compromise she was also compromised now we find out by Trevor
Whitman’s schedule which didn’t allow with some of the things going on including her building her own home gym
in Denver for Trevor to join camp with her since he was focused on gaichi in the BMF fight all of that seems a little
bit understandable now what we look back on what was what a very competitive fight against a super Elite 125 pound
fighter who looks like with that Victory she may have clinched the next title shot I saw rosami Eunice who leaned more
on guile and smarts and set up but that’s always what you’re going to have to do moving up a division the one thing Rose is not going to have anymore
staying at 125 is that built-in size Advantage the fact that she’s taller and longer usually than her opponents but
doesn’t sacrifice speed has incredible footwork and setups and really has one strike power I think if she came up to
125 and had the type of Debut that let’s say you won a champion had fighting Valentina for that vacant belt where we
knew within the first minute of the fight that she was not going to be able to hurt Valentina then I might have more
questions about Rose’s 125 upper bound limits as Luke Thomas would say the difference though in my opinion between
Rose and Joanna specifically is I believe Rose can carry the power up to another weight class I also believe
she’s a submission threat when fully healthy and a good ground fighter at another weight class in ways that Joanna
never was so was she completely compromised for those final two rounds by that hand injury and really should
have Pat Berry and Company in the corner consider trying to pop it back in all of those I’m going to say yes but I do
think I can peer through realize she’s still young enough still at the tail end of her physical prime to really use her
smarts to make a run at 125. could she have trouble on the ground against blanchfield yes she could so could
anybody but I think her striking would help her in that battle same against Alexa Grosso and she seems to really
covet the idea of facing Valentino one day whether it’s in a title fight or not just for that idea the respect that she
has her Valentino they’ve trained together and putting together a really big fight I think as soon as that fight
ended I had more questions about Rose’s future and whether 125 was a good or bad idea but after the fact I do believe she
should retain a certain level of our respect and Grace to say you know what that didn’t go as planned but it wasn’t
a disaster what can you do now moving forward after this and what’s crazy about this jet is one
of the things we talk about on the post fight show is what where is she gonna go right and we didn’t think we would we thought we’d have to wait a while maybe
she’d go back to the farm wouldn’t hear from her for six months and then like a day and a half later here she is with a
smile on her face talk a little Trash given answers to what happened and providing a future and actually like
looking at it with pretty good spirits which I think is a really good sign Jed and yeah she lost a man in fioro but
she’s still and this probably includes Valentina if she’s a flyweight a permanent flyweight she’s probably the
most known flyweight on the roster she’s probably the biggest star in the division this loss sets her back but not that
much right like what did you take away from the comments the fact that she’s staying at 125 despite a lot of people
feeling like she’s too small even though Rose disagrees with all of that was all bad
um I B BC and I are not aligned on this one at all one I had I left that fight
with real questions about whether she does carry that power up with her look she had a competitive fight against one
of the top women in the world I’m not saying she can’t have success at flyweight she is I said coming into that fight so say going out she’s one of the
most talented female fighters to ever compete that upper bound is going to give you a lot of leeway whatever you
want to do but I feel confident her power didn’t carry up because
a lot of that fight was strictly dictated by the fact that when she got hit by benonfield who is not an
outrageous hitter it physically moved her it it put it moved her body it marked her face up and when she would
land clean and Furrow if you’re old would just be like all right cool homie we good I I don’t know that she is gonna
carry that up with her she carries up plenty of skills and can have success against you know the Caitlyn to kagans
of the world uh the the Jennifer Mayas of the world but even those I I think
that she’s more talented than those women so she would beat them I’m not sure that they would look good and
dominant in this kind of way and then you put her against the like I mean I think Valentina shevchenko probably
beats her pretty convincingly just by getting a body lock and thrashing her on the floor I think Aaron blanchfield just
murders her but I also think Plainfield does that to a lot of people Tyler Santos like benoncuro was the Nexus of
too physical for her but not does not employ a style that is overly physical
in its execution the one time it re she did kind of impose that physicality on
Rose in the clinches you’ve visibly saw Rose be like please do not need me in
the body anymore oh my God that hurts so bad like that’s just gonna kill her like
and then the idea that well I want to put on some more I don’t want to make the cut I understand that and that’s fine if that’s the reason then you gotta
do what makes you happy but the idea that I don’t want to make the cut and I’m going to put on 10 more pounds of muscle to compete those feel like
competing ideologies to me Mike like I don’t want to make this cut so what I’m going to do is add more weight and then
have to cut that at this weight class where I’m not my best her best competing is at 115 she’s two wins over the
current champion and would have a really good chance to do it again so all of it
was weird the the the attitude and I don’t that word’s a little more loaded
than I mean but just her response to things didn’t feel very rose like you said to come out you know shortly after
and have a little bit of chip on her shoulder and that’s not really where she’s been her best as far as I’m
concerned I still don’t buy the comments about Trevor Whitman um because I don’t know if you guys um
know how a calendar works but Justin Gates she fought a month ago I’m not really sure why Trevor Whitman couldn’t
be involved for this so I all of it was bad and made me be like I don’t know
what the hell’s going on here and I don’t foresee great things in her future um the one benefit is like you said Mike
see by default is one of the biggest stars in this weight class and so it won’t be a long road to get to a
title shot just be just by virtue of that but I I did not see a lot on last
Saturday that makes me think that she is a future two Division champion Jed can I ask you a couple questions
that involve one word answers sure um was she the physically the same size
as Menon for all more or less in this fight no
I mean she is as tall and has the same reach they were very clearly physically
separated in my mind does she have a reputation as being very capable on the
ground at 115 she has a reputation being capable I would not say very capable
not not did she not know initially known as a great submission threat doing spectacular submissions and has really
paired that with some solid wrestling and and and where I get the idea that should be moving up in weight and it’s
always going to be hard to wrestle somebody like blanchfield but my whole point here Jed is that she has the
skills to offset that and for you to infer that she might not have carried power a lot of people look I guess technically whoever’s doing the stats
for the UFC did not give her credit for any knockdowns I did see two knockdowns in there by single punches one in the
first round one in the third that the announcers basically said manone’s legs kind of tripped herself up and went down
but I saw two big single shots that moved Manila which shows me that the power mixed with the technique did carry
up and Jed was that first round competitive yes or no yeah yeah ultra competitive yeah drose
had to make a certain adjustment being off for 16 months in a new division facing one of the best in the world in that division to the idea that she’s not
going to have that same length so yes she had problems with the lead jab of pharaoh with that little uh right-handed
hook that she disguises as the Jab but she was compromised after round one and we can’t act like that wasn’t a
thing to have a broken finger and not be allowed to show us what she potentially could do on the ground to just throw out
there that bland Shield is going to cut through and and dominate her yeah dude I
think we have to do put some respect on the combination of her experience her well-rounded skill set and let’s see her
fully healthy she went to the deepest end of the pool against you know one of the top three fighters in this rebound
Division and really went nose for nose and you know Tit for Tat for the most part losing a close decision in which he
was compromised you got to give somebody with that level of experience and ability and well-roundedness a chance to
prove it a second time a chance to prove it the right way if she was saying moving forward Pat berries my head
trainer superfan Rose over here BC would have some questions like we all would could I buy the Trevor Whitman who she
said she was talking to throughout camp that there was a scheduling issue aren’t all these I mean yeah I could buy that
did she prefer to train at home in her garage maybe she did maybe that’s a bad move moving forward but if she comes
back fully healthy with Trevor Whitman I think she can still beat the majority of these flyweights and I would be a little
bit too quick to paint a picture that it’s going to look like Joanna versus Valentina for her moving forward I think
she’s in it with a shot to beat anybody in that top three or four and I think she showed you that Jed I just don’t
think you saw that you’re right I I didn’t see it if she showed it to me I did not see it because
look I I started my whole thing saying she can have success she’s one of the
most talented fighters ever that gives her a lot of leeway but at the upper bound of this
I look I don’t think that highly of men off your and that’s where it’s been like I think she she keeps winning and I
don’t entirely get it because I’m not sure that she’s good um and Rose did not beat her and that is
a big thing it’s like okay I think she can have success and it’s fighting anything can happen right but uh I
thought both of the knockdowns were you know she got caught on one leg and fell over and that can happen I never saw
mononfiro’s eyes get real wide like when Rose got need in the gut and looked like
she wanted to vacate existence it’s I just it doesn’t feel like she’s gonna do
things like against the very top Echelon of the thing again she could be like I said I I
said specifically she could beat Caleb Chicken who’s like the top five is the fighters in this white class she could
beat a lot of women in this weight class I think don’t use that don’t use that as a c I
gave her the shakasian fight Caitlyn’s on my way out she’s of the Old Guard we’re talking about the new ones the top
contenders the rising young names she’s a problem for all of them Jed and I think at the very least due to her
resume and experience we need to give her the respect due to the known injury and the information Barber
of some level of dude she would handle Macy Barber yeah I said she’s a problem
for Macy Barber uh I don’t know that she’d handle her um but like she probably beats Macy
Barber but also I don’t know because for all of this grappling expertise that um you’re trying to lean on one that was
always a a pretty overblown narrative to my mind um just because she’s long and can
armbar people or whatever uh but her grappling expertise is largely proactive like she’s not doing a lot of stuff on
the bottom which is why blanchfield will kill her like Blanche was going to take her down and kill her it’s just and to
her credit was going to do that to everyone that’s not Tyler Santos and maybe to Valentina shevchenko like
that’s just who blanchfield is but look I I think Rose can have success here
because she’s one of the best fighters on earth like so you can always have success I think it would make way more
sense to go to the vision where you actually probably are the best fighter on Earth and probably are the best
fighter who has ever fought at that weight class I mean Jed the last yes or no question is simple did she have two
Working Hands any man with two hands has his Fighting Chance any woman too she
didn’t have it you didn’t learn anything from it all right I’m sorry she gutted it out I didn’t realize fist fights had
injuries I didn’t realize we this is a sport where people got injured I thought you fist fought nothing bad ever
happened you just got into a fist fight and everybody was okay the whole time that’s what always happens in fist
fights right no you gotta win him like I don’t care you gotta find a way to do it man yeah I thought she fought pretty
well considering the circumstance and was able to keep that fight close but look I don’t think I don’t think this is a a bad move for her I just think it’s
it’s uncertain what the future exactly is going to look like but she’s 31 years old it’s understandable that she could be
growing out of that weight class and certainly has put on you know more muscles incrementally over her career let’s not
discount the idea of how much fresher with two Working Hands her wrestling might look her her gas tank might look
for the ability to fight off takedowns and the abilities to sustain herself against the elite in this division
questions yes Jed you’re fair to have questions absolute doubt nah not gonna
work in this case bro this is this is punditry you’re supposed to have absolute doubt about
everything and look is this objectively a bad move because she’s better in one
in one class this might work out she may win a belt this may be very successful for her she is objectively better at the
weight class where she is very very likely to be the best fighter
in the world like it’s just I don’t understand this I’m never gonna understand this and until she wins the
title I’m gonna feel really Vindicated that this was dumb because until she wins the 125 title if that never happens
then this exists in perpetuity obviously if it does then that intervening five years or whatever she didn’t have is
like well that’s cool but she could have had the belt in the pay-per-view points and all the things that go away that
come with it at 1 15 if she’s just been like hey I’d like to fight that woman I have already beaten twice including a
knockout victory over who currently has the belt please and thank you well I think she would have I don’t think the
UFC wanted anything to do with that that’s that’s just my opinion on that not after the call of fight yeah but if
she goes back and is like all right I’ll fight yanjao Nan now and I won’t have the most inexplicably awful fight of all
time then I’m like all right let’s let’s put you back in the title Fighters okay I’m just gonna to close on this I’m not
gonna say that everything from this fight was explainable she’s had one of the more unexplainable careers in
general to be very fair what’s her record right now is it something like a an 11-6 whether she’s six and three when
she fought for her world title the second time I mean she’s had as weird of a career as possible
but I think the difference in this argument is you’re trying to prophetize what Rose is going to look like not
maybe maybe not take into account doing enough the injury but how she might look against blancheville Grass or whatever those aren’t the battles that decide if
Rose Nam Eunice wins or loses fights it’s the battle with herself she didn’t lose the battle with herself like she
did the Esparza fight like she did some of all their big fights both as far as the fights to be very fair
this was physically not her fault she gutted it out her head coach wasn’t there she’ll be back just fine Jed
usually you’ll see she chose at the very Baseline she chose to have Pat Berry
serve as her primary coach over Trevor Whitman so she lost the battle to something that worked hard because one
of those men is much better at coaching than the other well look the motivation seems to be
there to continue on this journey and that was one of the questions I had coming out
that is the best takeaway from this Mike is she seems like she’s not thinking
about the farm so yes yeah I mean she showed the same the same heart she
showed in the Andrade rematch to to to to Rally back to stay in this fight she was just more compromised
yeah now we just run the trilogy with andraj after andraj does business with MacKenzie Dern we do that at 125. just
do that yes that is the fight Jessica and Josh has to stop fighting people who are good someone whoever is her man she
has a win over her fired yeah but and I I thought maybe too you thought she won both I agree but I’m just saying Jessica
and Josh needs a softball whoever is managing her career is letting her fight every other week against really good
people and it’s going really poorly give her somebody I don’t it’s like just the
softest touch ever let her get a w please well I didn’t think we’d spend 30
minutes on this but uh shout out to Benoit Anthony shout out to Morgan cherriere for it’s the nasty body kick
KO and uh shout out to the Paris crowd they were on fire but beers BSD is look
it’s very early going this man is is starting to lay the foundation of a
future damn they were good episode that man is bona fide fireworks let’s get him
to MSG let’s get him to MSG to fight matravola that is the fight to make so we’ll move that studio FC 295 that’s in
November we got a pay-per-view on Saturday though guys and I can tell by the looks on your faces that you are very excited to talk about this the
point for round one goes to
the new PR rep for Rose Nami Eunice Brian Campbell it’s one to nothing nicely done
I’m not just the uh Rose Club president I’m also a client just so you guys know all right girl Lithuanian over here
thank you very much uh nicely done nicely done uh so guys we have UFC 293
on Saturday and we’ll get into the card as a whole in the excitement levels for the entirety of it all in round three
but I want to focus on the main event first we have Israel adesanya versus Sean Strickland Jed you a co-host a
gambling program you know the betting odds are very very very wide here on the
side of arasania Strickland coming in with very little pressure not a whole lot to lose
actually getting baby face reactions this week from the Sydney crowd which is kind of surprising but
Jed as a man who is on this program the only person in BTL history to own moral
victories multiple moral victories including one over this man after UFC
290 and ddp’s win over Robert Whittaker how can Sean Strickland win this fight
on Saturday he can’t and that’s the sad part I got I
I have spent the better part of a month trying to get there I got there with Sean O’Malley it took me a while and I
was like I’m gonna talk myself into it and I got there and then that one worked out really great and I was like you know what else would be funny if Jean
Strickland be dizzy and I think it would be objectively the funniest thing that has happened in the UFC cage
in years uh if Sean Strickland goes in here and gets a dub and I want to say
ruins the best laid plans of the UFC but it wouldn’t because they’re trying to torpedo their own best plans anyway
because they’re vindictive and stupid organization we’re at large but uh it
would still be incredibly amusing unfortunately I just don’t see it man there is when
your own coach is coming out and saying this is a really bad matchup for us you
know that the prospects of success are Grimm uh they’re just Strickland just is
uniquely poorly suited I would venture to say that Alex Pereira is actually the
worst possible matchup for him given what we now know about Pereira at the time there’s at least an idea that will
prayer can’t fight on the ground and maybe that’s still true but Strickland’s not the dude who’s gonna really take
advantage of it and then the Striking matchup Pereira is a one-hitter quitter and we saw exactly how that whole fight
unfolded Izzy’s maybe not like quite as bad as Pereira is but he’s just a run
below for Strickland uh I genuinely struggle to see how Strickland gets off
like committed offense here maybe he double Jabs a bunch but uh that
that will score points that won’t hurt Izzy and the rest of the time he’s just gonna get chewed up with kicks strong
Strickland’s been pretty bad at defending kicks over the course of his career and he doesn’t have the footwork
to do it like I outside of an actual banana peel or you know is he
you know rolling his ankle or something like stepping into the cage I really
can’t find a path to victory for Sean Strickland so unfortunately the funniest possible outcome it seems extremely
unlikely to happen BC what do you think about this because I mean obviously Strickland is very well
coached Eric nixik is a tremendous coach they craft great game plans and one of my favorite Eric nixic stories of all
time is we had a game plan for Alex Pereira and then Sean Strickland didn’t listen to any of it we were gonna
wrestle and he was just like nah I’m gonna punch this dude in the face and the fact that Sean Strickland continues to tell Eric mixick that if I fought
this dude a hundred times I would do the same thing the next 99 times is just hilarious to me so it’s almost like game
plans don’t matter here because Sean Strickland’s gonna do what Sean Strickland does and we say it all the
time in fights anything can happen once that cage door closes and there’s nothing more dangerous than a overlooked
fighter with nothing to lose and that is Sean Strickland to a t so I ask you man
in the scally cap how can Sean strickel win this fight not looking good here uh the strengths
sometimes you have to look at what are some of the Hidden strengths or the things we’re not focusing on what should we have known ahead of time ahead of big
upsets like paying your newness one and bizping rockhold 2 for example I don’t think the parallels really connect here
for Strickland yeah obviously he’s got that five round cardio four of his last six fights have gone to that level and
he does fight an aggressive pressure style yet outside of the poeton fight has shown us a responsible enough head
movement truck movement defensive uh instincts to employ a style that puts
him in danger so much obviously the problem is that that style plays perfectly to the counter-striking spider
web that arasania puts out there and look if if these all these other wrestlers had little to no effect
outside of blahovich and a young vetori having wrestling success against sarasania Strickland’s obviously not
that guy who’s just going to suddenly do that the difference in trying to create a path to him for victory where others
created one that we didn’t see coming is is you know just this look Strickland’s not a one-punch striker not a big
submission threat um rockhold lost a bizping in the in the rematch because you know arrogance was
always the Fatal flaw that held Luke rockhold back particularly in the second half of his career and it wasn’t in in
flow that night I think bizping even in that advanced stage that he was at UFC 199 is a better fighter than Sean
Strickland who has been very good and and are good and sometimes you know teasing very good but has not shown you
the idea that he can be a great fighter that can do this you need something you need that one irresistible part of your
attack Sean Strickland is a you know like I said pretty damn good fighter across the board not great in one
category to to really give a threat so it’s more about what can Izzy do to step on his own feet is he doesn’t gas out
although you know that did become a problem in the loss to poeton in the first MMA match although there’s a lot of leg strikes that seemed to facilitate
that and I don’t believe that is he’s going to go out of his way to do something stupid that’s going to set up his demise this is going to be as one
side of this as the odds tell you I also think though it’ll be entertaining Thursday morning’s press conference was
wild as heck and had some elements of weird and daring charm to it Strickland
gets your eyes on him for obvious reasons but this is survive in advance and let’s not forget it took an
incredible perfect storm for Strickland to even be here DDP not being ready is he having completely cleaned out the
division pauliton having moved up in weight and that damn bus
that allowed Sean Strickland to have basically a get well fight before a title fight all of these Perfect Storm
elements had a line with the fact that Strickland’s looked at somebody who can sell and talk and it has been weird that
all of Australia’s like yeah this is our guy we hate painting nails too we hate
anime this is awesome no it’s freaking weird the guy’s gonna get blasted and peeled off with a canvas but at least
we’re gonna have fun watching it good luck finding gems on the rest of the card though okay uncut to say the least
damn hey we’ll get there don’t you worry um BC kind of building upon that where sometimes we’re prisoners of these
betting odds and match-ups and just at the moment in general and yes you mentioned Pena Nunes and some of the major upsets
with these big massive betting numbers attached to them in the past but let’s forget about DraftKings and other this
is the BC betting odds like what how you feel personally if Sean Strickland somehow wins this fight where would this
rank on the scale of zero to Holy crapola compared to other big upsets in
the sport and like what would this division look like if Sean Strickland won the belt and then probably got a
smoking skull title like Stone Cold Steve Austin did I think it would be top five because of how great is he is right
at the top of the Palm for pound list although he did just recently lose in his own division but certainly avenge that
but I don’t think I mean one thing we have to remember of why it’s such a huge upset is Strickland has not beat in a
requisite Elite fighter and a number one Contender type opportunity to really earn this it took the fact that Izzy had
already cleaned out the division one and a half times for that door to open yeah Strickland on a two-fight win streak but
he’s lost both times he stepped up in those type of fights I don’t think it’s as big as Matt Sarah versus GSP I
certainly don’t think it’s as big as of an upset as Pena Nunes was because let’s remember it took Amanda Nunes the
greatest female fighter of all time to essentially implode before our eyes to have a horrible training camp filled
with injuries to be afraid to pull out of the fight because of the lesson she learned from the company from when she
was Ill ahead of the scheduled rematch with chefchenko she pushed forward Pena had the night of her life in terms of
chin and willpower and won that this would be about three four five in that area in terms of huge upsets we’re
always going to throw Rousey versus Holman there which also happened on Australian soil although I think in hindsight not as big of an upset as sort
of the odds or the hype and that moment would tell you but to me what truly defines the big upset isn’t always
the rankings of the fighters or the or how well we historically look at the champion and right now Izzy certainly
look like as an Alzheimer in waiting and building right but it to me it’s how much of a
legitimate chance based on the Firepower strategy and all that that they bring to the table do they have to win
in this case Strickland doesn’t have a good chance it really doesn’t so is it would this be like the third or fourth biggest upset probably would be but I
think we should start waking up to the idea that it’s starting to happen more often than we realize Leon Edwards in
round five against Usman poeton in round five against uh adesanya obviously the
problem is that Strickland isn’t those guys could he be those guys on a great night yeah you can lose it’s impossible
it’s almost impossible to have the type of runs that the guys that we have in that Upper Room of godhood have actually
pulled off because there are so many ways to lose not this time not in Australia where Izzy is 5-0 and if you
want to know what five fights how about two titles on the regional scene his UFC debut Anderson Silva and the timing
knocked out Robert Whittaker to win the title this is going to be all Izzy all day so I’m just wasting time to fulfill
my obligations to entertain you as the B-side of this show Jed you want to live in this world where
it does happen and you would laugh hysterically your PO like the Laugh would last from the end of the fight
through the post fight press conference show through the post fight show the laughter would be contagious
but how like deep down inside as happy as you would be how shocking would this
be we’re this rank if Sean Strickland goes out there like no banana peel no weird injury he just goes out and just
out hustles Izzy and beats him on Saturday uh probably number two
um I think broadly speaking we’re looking at number three look it’s gonna take an act of God uh to beat Matt Sarah
George Saint Pierre I don’t think people certainly newer fans will ever understand how unlikely that was the
totality of it was simply insane and looking back you could sell yourself in
the idea a little bit more but you have to remember Matt Sarah is a bgj guy he’d never knocked anybody out and then he
knocks out George St-Pierre who is the second coming like that was just not a
thing that could happen uh so that’s probably never gonna get topped and uh opinion news I think has a very good
argument for two but even at the time some people were like you know what I think Juliana
Payne is going to do it um and then Juliana Payne he did and then afterwards we see how it could
happen because like BC pointed out the thing that usually gets fighters in moments like this is hubris and they
rest on their Laurels a little bit they’ve been championed for a long time and that you can you can craft the
narrative you know Buster Douglas similar sort of stuff going on there this one uh Izzy just lost his belt so
it’s not like he’s like super resting on his Laurels and that they’re just somebody point me to a path to Victory
somebody tell me how he’s gonna do it and I can start to at least see it I
have to write an article for this website outlining past the Victory and I gotta tell you man it’s hard because I
don’t know what the paths are other than prayer there was simply no way for him
to do this so uh it’s really big like it would be the second biggest upset in my
mind I think largely it would be viewed as like the third biggest upset um but like BC also mentioned we’re
starting to get more of these sorts of events happening uh maybe it’s just because we’re getting 50 events a year
and so law of large numbers you’re going to get more of this thing to happen but uh it would be
extremely high up there undeniably top five for me and like I said I think it’d
be number two or number three last thing on this and then we’ll move on to the rest of the card this glorious
page Why offering um look Jed you believe it BC believes it I think most people believe is he’s
going to win and it’s just a matter of whether he wins a Jared Cannon nearish
like 5045 or if he just runs Strickland out of the building
but you mentioned with zero God you gave it a minus All Things Considered so for you with DDP and potentially
Hamza shamaya waiting in the wing should he defeat Paula Casa next month what does Izzy have to do on Saturday to get
an A plus out of you he has to try um look we
here’s the thing we all forgot about it because Alex Pereira is real cool um and made Izzy real fun and so we were
all like uh the narrative pre Pereira was Izzy’s in that Anderson Silva stage
of his career where in in retrospect hindsight looking back we’re gonna be like man it’s incredible what he managed
to do getting all those wins not even being competitive in those fights that’s great uh and that still stands true like
all of those you know the vittori the cannon here etc those are all good wins that that hold up
the problem being like it or not this is an entertainment
Sport and you gotta try to hurt people sometimes and not just coast and I’m
sure that behind the scenes right now the Great and Powerful E Casey Leiden is shaking his head and saying fighting is
fighting and you just gotta win that’s the most important thing and that’s true uh but you also gotta be dope at what
you’re doing and it’s not dope to watch you leg kick some dude for 25 minutes uh and never engage and that’s where Izzy
was a year and a half ago and there’s like a really strong chance he becomes
this dude again if I’m sorry if Strickland doesn’t just run himself into offense Izzy is not going to initiate in
that way he is just going to to win the fight comfortably without it engaging in
in the battle that could be entertaining even though Sean Strickland has like an almost negative possibility of catching
him with one shot and knocking him out this is the fight of all the other fights you can sell me the Jared Canon
here is dangerous and I don’t want to get to trading punches with him even though I think that’s wrong you can sell me you can’t sell me that like I was I I
just had to play it safe against John Strickland so I just had to get the W he needs to put this dude away he needs to
put this dude away before the championship rounds and for me to give him an A plus he needs to put away all
this [ __ ] about hamzat and whatever and come out we all know the fight it’s
the fight you were you were trying to make and then got real weird and to your credit walked back some of your
statements about you know things you’ve said previously about debating people’s nationalities we gotta fight
knock this dude out and then pick up the mic and say trick is duplicity you’re
[ __ ] next and that’s it and that’s an A plus for me BC how do we get there would you do
anything differently to get to that a plus if you’re Israel out of Sonya well I wouldn’t call out uh I wouldn’t call
on TDP afterwards because uh hamzat’s gonna be coming through that door if Dana has anything to say about it but no
this should be an Izzy knockout I get what he’s saying and he’s right Strickland doesn’t have the the power
threat although he is an aggressive fighter who pushes the pace to to you know to necessarily make it worth it for
Izzy to do one of these Rob’s gonna stay on the outside and wait for you to cross that line no Izzy’s gonna have to go up
to that line and I think he should have the confidence from how he knocked out uh Pereira to be more offensive in
inclined in this one uh one thing to note though and I have been following Izzy’s words this week carefully really
just to see if there’s anything we can pick out right almost like a rockhold Bisping type of mirror is there something is is he overlooking no is he
said all the right things he’s treating Strickland more dangerous than he actually believes he’s talented because
he knows the Strickland has nothing to lose he’s a crazy guy I think it’s more likely that Strickland crosses that line
and trying to make something happen and gets served you know maybe not as quickly and dramatic quickly as poeton
did but but on that on that aspect but the idea of how is this an A plus well
yeah a knockout of Strickland some type of emoji celebration and then a nice call out in any direction would be great
but how about this one thing Izzy did say this week is he doesn’t expect uh Strickland to stand with him he thinks
Strickland will be trying some wrestling on him and he said he did bring in Craig Jones of no Spears Fame to really work
with him on the ground obviously Craig Jones has been a big part in taking Alexander volkanovsky already one of the
best fighters in the world today if not the best in really helping him round out his ground game and the work he was able
to do opposite uh Islam to really become number one with a bullet pound for pound
even off of a loss to majev Izzy said look I’ve been all around the world with Craig lately if we got to
take this guy down and get our first submission when we’re willing to do that too I think that’s the real potential
for a plus or Izzy if you can beat up Strickland on the feet and then maybe efferon and try something a little bit different to put him away but after the
fact when there are big upsets we do try to say man what did we miss what should we have saw coming guys I know joint
manipulation is banned in the UFC and I can’t believe I’m going to say this out loud but our titty twisters legal
because if there’s any hole in Izzy’s game it’s the fact that that right nip does sag dangerously low no not due to
Peds really due to over exertion but uh if if Strickland can get on that and really just yank it he’s got a shot if
not no it’s a knockout guys are we doing here I mean this fight could have it all we could get an awful waffle we could
get a one of those sunburn things some noogies the whole the whole kitten caboodle in this one I love it uh let’s
move on there are some things to talk about with the rest of this card mostly based on what happened earlier today and I know you’re you’re looking at me
stunned Jed I’m fairly certain noogies are allowed I don’t think that titty
twisters are so factor that into your predictions well you have to go to the next ABC
meeting and put a put together a pitch there bcules yeah mazuli is not ready
for a titty switch at the minimum that feels like that
falls under on sportsmanlike conduct now as we know referees don’t call [ __ ]
an MMA so maybe it will be legal for the first two it’s true nothing’s illegal if you just do it
uh the point for round two goes to
it’s one to one nicely done now let’s talk about the rest of this
card yes uh hopefully this will not be a 30 minute segment but BC let’s let’s go
here 12 fights we got a a lot of local flavor on this one from the oceanic region we have the main event we got
Thai Tui Vasa everybody loves Thai tuivasa taking on Alexander volkov and the co-main Manuel cop was supposed to
fight kaikar France that was a great fight car France concussion
they almost fought today at the press conference and we’ll get into that in a moment cop now facing a 22 year old
unbeaten newcomer I hate to even ask this question but we gotta man we we we if if it’s one thing
we do we tell the truth on paper is this the worst pay-per-view of 2023 is this worse than two weeks oh yeah oh yeah I’m
trying to figure out where this fits all time I mean it’s hard to really make that distinction because the UFC really did go through some lean times in the
early 2000s of trying to just keep the brand together post Zoo for purchase and figure it out in modern times in this
calendar year which I hate to be that Debbie Downer because we all love MMA every Saturday night like clockwork but
no it’s been a interesting year in matchmaking not great unexplainably not great
uh it’s hard right on in the in theory to complain when we got a UFC Paris Fight Night card that felt like more
than your average Fight Night card and next week we get a UFC Noche car that feels a little bit more you know almost
like a almost like a low-level pay-per-view well that produced a low-level pay-per-view in between in
fact the lowest of lows am I interested did Manel cup steal the show today that I’d suddenly want to see everything he
does moving forward yes it’s Carlos Solberg a beautiful man enough that I’d I’d pay to see his DMS also true but
outside of taito there really is not another storyline that really should attract your attention your care and I
think most importantly your wallet and I don’t think that’s me trying to be some Negative Nancy that’s trying to take money away from the UFC it’s just again
this is kind of just rob peter to play pay Paul let’s fill out our dates the story that matters here is tied to
ivassa coming off of not only two losses to devastating losses but in the two-month span with some poor
matchmaking choices and then a surprise 10 month layoff for him he’s back in the
Deep ended pool against Alexander volkov which either means volkov is the best of the heavyweight to have no chance to win
a title or the worst of the elite ones but I think that what I’m focused on is not two ivassa’s new wild salad on top
of his head or the outfit that he wore it’s this the first 30 seconds to 60 seconds of this fight against uh volkov
that’ll show me who taito ivassa actually believes he is moving forward
because if he stays on this path of partying good guy fan favorite I’ll drink take a [ __ ] in your shoe I’ll eat
it too whatever you got guy bro it’s all about having a good time you do have a window tie and a star-studded
heavyweight division to prove us wrong and make some huge noise and thunder did I ever believe
heading into the Cheryl gone fight that tied to we’ve also had a chance to become a legitimate Elite heavyweight
and title challenger no did I learn in that fight that there’s a
window that maybe I’m underestimating everything that’s under that hood yes he does have an elite Next Level caveman
chin he has legitimate power he’s way more athletic than people give him credit to get in position to land big
shots he’s also a big boy not easy to throw around and handle but he looks at this sport as a big party which is his
right and his choice he’s in it for the paydays he’s basically on his way of being Derrick Lewis 2.0 being Derek
Lewis 2.0 still gets you a lot of money still gets you high placement still puts you in fun fights but I need to see a
re-commitment to his game from this 10-month absence I need to see an attempt at rounding out the holes in his
game an attempt at coming in in really better shape which I don’t think seeing him this week he might have necessarily
did I want to see the intention of two of us in the first minute of this fight because if it’s caveman fun well we’re
all gonna have a good time but this guy’s going to juggle wins and losses for the rest of his career when I’m telling you to heavyweight may be deep
again but it’s still top Heavy Deep this guy proved to me against Sarah gone he can surprise an MFR I think it’s time he
goes all in on his career I really want to see him give it the best Shake I have no level of confidence that he sees it
that same way that was uh that was a compelling pitch right there you might have sold a
pay-per-view or two right there BC to get people to watch Tai Tui Vasa Jed um are you willing to to sell some
pay-per-views or is this ain’t worth selling for you no this is the worst car by far and frankly I’m offended uh I
think Brian should be uh uh depressed and ashamed about what he is asking for right here because he’s asking us to
take Tai to ivassa a man who we know who he is I said when he beat Derrick Lewis and was inexplicably like the number
three in our rankings or whatever I was like this is pretty clearly the highest he’s ever gonna get because it’s a
miracle at least here now we why are we trying to make him a good fighter we know what he is don’t change
this man let him fly his flag and just be Derek Lewis 2.0 fun and exciting and
he’s gonna beat the hell out of some dudes and he’s gonna get iced up by some dudes that’s going to be awesome I don’t
need to see a re-commitment to his game honestly I don’t even know what a recommit to his game would look like
what is it tied to evaso who’s technically sound or like well-rounded that’s not a tie to Evas I want to
engage with if you tell me now that this dog [ __ ] pay-per-view is about to have tied to ivassa committed to becoming a
better martial artist that makes me want this less I want tattoo of Austin who’s
gonna Rumble young man Rumble with volkov in there because that’s the only selling point to this pay-per-view if
you are spending 80 bucks it’s either because you are really into Israel Edition you know really want to see Sean
Strickland get knocked out and I promise you there is a highlight that you can watch that’s going to be way Doper and
free on the internet it if that’s your game you don’t need to get you’ll see 80 bucks for that or you just want to watch
some some Oceanic Fighters you know some Aussies and some kiwis do some dirt and because you’re gonna get that Justin top
is about to Chuck them and so like this will be a fun pay-per-view main card unless Brian gets his way and we’ve got
mixed martial artists Ty then this is gonna be weird and awful so no I don’t
want to see that at all I don’t want to pay 80 bucks for this fortunately I don’t have to uh this wonderful website
is is gonna cover that for me so I can cover this fantastic event here’s I don’t actually know if I can
say this on air uh I’m gonna do it and here’s how bad this card is Mike we we
had an argument like couple like uh in the pre-fight thing like a week ago about this is this Source pay-per-view
and we did a round table on it and somebody said some of the others like no this is very clearly the worst pay-per-view uh and then I now feel uh a
thousand percent Vindicated we aren’t even gonna do live blogs for all of the pay-per-view we do live blogs for every
Pay-Per-View fight for as long as I’ve been here and we’re just like honestly not even worth it does any do we care
about a live blog for Justin top Austin Lane we don’t is this is the worst
pay-per-view by a long shot and if Tai isn’t fun then it’s this is going to be a catastrophe of an event
wow I love the point Counterpoint here um I mean Jed I don’t want to take what
Ty can’t give but I’d rather him starve a little bit than keep eating that bread and actually go after it all right sorry
that I would want somebody to fulfill the full wishes of their potential here including your hairstyle okay including
your hairstyle okay it’s time it is it is time Ty look Thai’s fulfilling all
the wishes of his thing uh of his style it’s the best just put him in there to rumble folkov’s gonna Rumble we don’t
need Ty to fight Tom aspinall or whatever that’s gonna be boring I don’t know can’t we have both can we can we
have both look at Derek Lewis we got abs out of Derrick Lewis do his in the best shape of his life what’s the first thing he did against Marcus rajouri to Lima
you can go for a takedown he didn’t sweep the leg he threw a [ __ ] flying knee tied to a Boston throwing flying
knees Lima
well I mean if BC’s definition of becoming a better mixed martial artist is to add flying knees to your game then
okay one that’s insane in a way that I would love so I’m absolutely for it but
usually when people say become a better mixed martial artist they mean Jon Jones instead of doing dope spinning stuff why
don’t you like learn to jab and stay away from people and Ben become a substantially shittier and less
interesting fighter I don’t want that for Ty I want my man to get in and Chuck them and just see what happens because
that’s fun it’s who he is I I want to add this to this extended point if you let me Michael uh can I
call you that honor I hope I can be cool I don’t think this is sustainable for the UFC the what this this level of sort
of watered-down matchmaking where we’re not really going to comment about it and luckily no one’s going to raise their hand at the press conferences and bring
it up and be like hey Dana is there like a reason why this year’s kind of sucked outside of the main and co-mains like
what’s really going on here obviously we get financially sort of fulfilling the deal Trying to minimize what they deem
unnecessary expenses hey a lot of debt to pay off especially after Endeavor just bought the WWE
but I’m a little bit nervous mixed with the obvious post realities of this
lawsuit that the fighters are now bringing to court and the idea of maybe you know flipping upside down the whole
idea of free agency and Draconian contracts and all of that I mean it just feels like UFC doesn’t care at all I did
talk to some you know readers followers of mine down under and they’re like there’s no buzz for this Australian card
like whatsoever nobody’s talking about it except for the UFC social accounts and oh by the way it’s like fourteen
hundred dollars Australian to like get into the building here UFC is price gouging around the globe right now at a
level we’ve you know you only see in Las Vegas Mayweather boxing and the cards are getting worse this is the same this
ain’t long-term sustainable the road we’re on right now does everybody understand this like what are we doing here I mean I I hope you’re right but
this card sold out before it even had a main event tied to ivassa volkov is the only fight announced and it sold out
it’s insane there’s there’s a short term that that’s going to keep working on name value and
brand but how many fans are you turning away how many people are you forcing to
illegally stream because you know they might want to have a watch party but dude can you pay for this it’s just
unacceptable matchmaking no it really is and I get if you’re just saying look I don’t care illegally stream them all
anyway we had a good car last week got a decent card next week this car will be fine maybe it will be maybe someone
known Oceanic Brawlers are going to come out and steal the show but this is not growing the sport if anything you’re
slowly squeezing your hardcore fans which boxing does all the time so I’m not going to sit here and try to defend my
favorite sport but that’s the problem I watch what goes on in boxing I watch that slippery slope happen
our favorite boys over the USC are sliding right into that same model very slowly but surely and it’s all about
money at the end of the day so whatever I don’t know whatever 100 oh you’re absolutely right it’s all about money
they’re paying the the pay in the UFC Millions to come and host a card that is selling out
they don’t care how many paper rebuys this thing is going to do because they’re getting a big bunch of money from the broadcasting Partners too so
none of that matters right now but I again to your point I hope you’re right I hope eventually we get to a point
where it’s like I’m not spending 775 dollars to sit in the balcony to watch
man I’ll cop fight a 7-0 newcomer no offense to either of those guys but I mean come on now that’s I’m the main
card I mean can Parker Porter be the special guest referee for this uh taffa Lane unnecessary rematch I mean what are
we doing here necessary look you guys can spend we didn’t get an
answer in the first one guys we need this rematch yes I don’t need an answer all right all right you know
listen you bet you mentioned the goat pocket Porter if you don’t want to spend 85 bucks
on this pay-per-view joining us for Thai to ivassa versus Alexander volkov on the
MMA fighting watch party no way will be pocket Porter he will be watching the fight with us uh he will be zoomed in
but he will be there watching the fight with us he will be share my Connecticut love and respect with him please thank
you thank you absolutely oh God I think we’re all he’s going to be shower with praise but uh real quick before we move
on to Mike can I say something before you move on I would love you too please I well one I know everyone’s asking
um the committee met and this this officially receives zero Michelle and stars if you are in Sydney Australia uh
I wouldn’t even go like I’m not even kidding I would not pay the pr the price of Entry to go to this if I were in
Sydney Sydney’s a vibrant City there’s a lot of stuff going on go out be with your friends
if you’re not in Sydney you should go to website we’ll keep you updated on all the things that are
happening even though we won’t have live blocks for the main card but most importantly Mike the thing I wanted to say was instead of spending eighty
dollars to watch uh I’m gonna say three predictable outcomes
one coin flip and one genuinely who gives a [ __ ] uh what you can do instead
is watch that watch party where y’all will at least at least feign interest in these five
fights and you so you can get the experience of watching it without spending 80 bucks because to my
understanding the watch party remains free that is free content for you to enjoy instead of uh watching Israel
Edition jab and low kick Sean Strickland for 25 minutes I know which one I choose
yes um and I have bets on this card for the for the sake of entertainment so you’ll get to see those bets on the watch party
as well uh real quick and then we’ll go on to the fun game uh BC best fight on this card that nobody’s talking about
and obviously there’s a number of them uh [Music] uh I mean there’s a reason Mike that
nobody’s talking about this whole damn card um I do want to see what’s going on with Carlos Goldberg who I talked about
before 32 years old but that four straight victories three the last three by first round knockout he’s handsome as
crap he’s the cute younger brother at the uh City kickboxing Factory that right there I don’t expect that he’s
moving up uh to a level where we’re gonna call these live bodies but that that’s that’s sort of outside
of Jack Della madalena which seems to be the next thing from Australia Albert might you might have a moment
here let’s see what happens here but no I’m not gonna what do you want me you want me to actually like sell the rest of these fights no no no no no I’m not
asking I’m asking to sell yourself on one fight that you really like on this card that no one’s talking about I mean
I love cop I don’t like this fight but I like Manel cop I mean what you know oh I like the
other that guy with that awful nickname too right what was that guy pleasure man yeah yeah yeah
basically I would pay for this pay-per-view just to see how awkward they can use the pleasure man nickname
on commentary team that’s the only reason why I’m here okay all right look we we talked about it on no bets bar
this week and I have almost nothing good to say about this fight card but credit and and this was pointed out
to me by Connor Burks this was not a Jed Michelle fine so shouts to CB absolutely no credit do whoever whoever
went Carlos ladies night olberg that fight leads directly into the pleasure
Man fight so that is that’s some classic Joe Silva fight card building right
there and I see you I see whoever’s doing that work good work there you go do you have a Loki Banger Jen I do uh we
also talked about this briefly on no bits part this week and it’s not it’s not a fight that anybody would think
about um but it has particularly interesting to me for the dumbest of reasons I know
I know what you’re gonna say it’s Kevin gisette versus Kiefer Crosby one Kevin just set is uh a French
like a French fighter who wasn’t at Paris because he’s a ckb dude which is hilarious to me that’s like yeah no
we’ll just do the ckb thing it’s fine but Kiefer Crosby is really the the main attraction here because I did not
realize that Kiefer Crosby uh has made a career of beating up bombs in the best
way possible he most recently fought a Kingpin and fought Aaron Chalmers in
Kingpin which is delightful and I put myself in tears laughing uh when I
discovered that within the past calendar year he fought Brian Lowe and Joe who’s like if you
were deep in the Forum game like 12 15 years ago he’d be like hey wasn’t that a
jobber in like pride and Rings like yeah and this dude fought him when he’s like
pushing 50. so uh Kiefer Crosby shouts to you and your management for just
getting the dubs in however you can so I’m looking forward to seeing this travesty unfold
from Kingpin to the UFC what a freaking story yes I listened to it he went from Bellator
he fought like real people in Bellator good lost and then was like What If instead I find a 50 year old guy the 6
and 12 record who was like jobbing in rings in the 1990s what an incredible
career Park I love it so much I hope Kiefer Crosby wins just forever but I
bet against him on principle I was just gonna say did you bet on Crosby I guess you didn’t so yeah
Hey listen if this last segment didn’t get you to get excited for UFC 293
there’s literally nothing else that can be done to get you into UFC 293 so
um some of these fights with good fights I might get big well let’s move on to uh
to a fun final round uh that kind of has to do with UFC 293 but not really uh the
point for round three goes to I mean if you make a Brian Lo and Joe
reference on BTL you’re pretty much guaranteed a point and that’s what’s happening here two to one Jed michoud
fun route I mean Joe man it had been like well over a decade
since I thought of him as a person yes so all right so for this final round
we’re gonna play a fun little game uh we’re gonna react to some things that UFC president Dana White has said over
the last few days and you guys are gonna tell me whether he’s right wrong or he’s
like kind of right kind of wrong so Jed we’re going to begin with you uh this first comment right let’s pull it up
here uh at the contender series post fight Presser Dana White was asked about his interest
in the UFC buying Bellator just recently front office Sports reported that pfl
was nearing a deal to bio Bellator for a valuation of 500 million dollars none of
that has been confirmed this is being reported day theater
PL announces a plan to sell minority stake in the company to srj sports
Investments which is an offspring of the Saudi Arabia public investment fund for 100 million dollars which is only
increased the conversations amongst the MMA Community about pfl purchasing
Bellator so when Dana was asked about the UFC’s interest in Bellator here’s what he said
quote why on God’s green [ __ ] Earth would anybody buy Bellator
so what we were just talking about with business and making the right moves and making the right decisions there’s been
lots of bad ones Bellator would be one of the effing biggest why anybody would buy Bellator is beside me but sit back
and see how this plays out I’m excited Jed is he right wrong or kind of right
kind of wrong in your reaction to these comments um I’m sorry I am I I miss this news and
I am news I am still just dying at the 500 million dollar valuation that is
absolutely incredible um I I freaking love business deals
because they’re just 93 just total nonsense uh yeah uh I don’t remember
what the date of quote was so I’m gonna say wrong because it is wrong um oh this was the one about why would
anyone want to buy Bellator yes um because they have good Fighters uh I I
don’t actually totally disagree in that like I’m not really interested in buying Bellator the brand because I don’t know
that it matters uh but if if that’s the shortcut to getting access to Fighters I
mean I could turn it around be like why did you buy Pride what did you get from pop
Pride that you spent like I think it was like 120 million dollars or something to buy Pride it’s like a decent chunk of
change and they got a video library that is not worth that much money and they got like 12 fighter contracts uh and I
was like it so this is probably a better deal certainly for the pfl in their circumstance if it goes through because
Bellator holds 10 of the best fighters in the world like I I think I did the
math a while ago I haven’t updated it so maybe it’s changed a little bit but ten percent of the fighters in the MMA
fighting Global rankings the only rankings that really matter are Bellator Fighters so they have by far the biggest
selection of top talent that isn’t in the UFC and purchasing Bellator gives
you a dramatic increase in the quality of of your fight roster whoever you are so I
mean honestly the UFC should buy it because they got 42 events a year to fill out and they could use some help so
maybe we wouldn’t be getting stuff like 293 and be expected to pay 80 bucks for it so uh all the way wrong is my answer
BC right wrong or in the middle kind of more in the middle you’d have to
say look like is that evaluation large yes but is Dana you know [ __ ] on a
competitor here unnecessarily yeah I mean Jed just laid it out with the percentage of Highly ranked Fighters and
if you look at Bellator right now what’s the best thing they’ve done in recent years develop homegrown talent that
sometimes we start to make those arguments people like Vadim nemkoff uh yaroslav amislav now usmanov the
arguments of hey does UFC really have the best fighter in this specific division or is there an argument you’ve
got what’s left of the great Patricio Pitbull you’ve got Aaron Pico you’ve got a good mixture of old and new which
would make it valuable for pfl because they’re going to have one shot and that one shot is next year to legitimately
make a run at getting some level of a dent in the competition Monopoly
monsopsy I need John S Nash to actually pronounce these words right that UFC holds on the business right now so it
would be a very smart move from the for them so Dana would be wrong to crap all over that and one other thing here where
Dana’s wrong and I don’t love it you know what would be a Vince McMahon move and Dana has made many Vince McMahon
moves and you know or you know the Vince McMahon before he touched all those ladies right like that Vince
um a Vince McMahon move would be what you referenced buying Pride to shut it down buying Strikeforce to shut it down
if the UFC was still looking at growing the sport and dominating the world with the same passion and fervor they once
had they probably would have already bought Bellator before pfl could shut it down and absorbed again a very talented
roster into what their roster which is already the most talented in the world the problem is instead of doing stuff
like that Dana’s willing to sit on his Laurels and take his eye off the ball that’s actually a good thing if true
competition in this space is your hope and your goal not because any of us actually believe that this damn smart
cage I mean how intelligent could this piece of metal actually be you know could lead them to be like a legitimate
you know WCW to WWF type deal but could pfl become you know like where
Strikeforce was more than a decade ago it’s not impossible especially in my opinion what what happens to their
future TV deal can they become a pay-per-view home with faces and names like Jake Paul Francis and Gano and a
bunch of female boxers who have crossed over they might get some attention through that but they’re going to need that
depth of that roster of Bellator to add to their already existing roster to fill out those cards
and make you want to come back so I actually do think it’s a good thing for competition here that Dana Endeavor and
Company are so tied into paying off their their debt and pretending that nothing else matters but you know it’s not going to fly
anymore all this bragging Dana in the UFC does that oh look another Dana White Contender series Alum has become
Champion hey Dana this just in like 70 of your roster right now are Dana White
Contender series graduates that are managed by Jason house and are willing to enter the the promotion on 12 and 12
contracts that was strategic that’s actually not something to brag about we’re slowly running out of people who
don’t fit that mold because that’s the new Factory clone system that General Dana Palpatine is trying to put out
there I wish we had that fervor and spirit of Dana of old even though the
stakes and the financial realities have changed a bit because I’d like to see him go full ham full on war against bfl
and I do think that’s coming by the way because Don Davis one of the pfl co-leaders there has not been afraid
publicly saying look UFC like we’re coming after you we are trying to compete here I think personally my own
conspiracy theory that Dana’s been told at times by Disney and ESPN to stand down a bit I can’t think Dana would love
sharing a network with them but I think the day pfl goes to their next stop maybe that’s next year I’m not fully
aware of their TV contract at the moment maybe that begins this actual war and if you don’t think that’s fun and a good
thing as a fan uh then a you don’t have a soul for caring about the Fighter’s interest when it comes to free agency
and contracts but B what does competition Brew what if we learn this in pro wrestling competition Brews
promoters not sitting back on their Laurels not putting out fight cards like the one we have this Saturday and
actually putting their best foot forward and going after it so I could not cheer for this potential pfl buy out of
Bellator anymore because it’s time it’s time to have uh to knock on the door of
UFC and say okay guys show us how great you are again because when they do by the way and they have done that a few
times this year we’ve had some tremendous spectacular pay-per-view cards it reminds you of what it could be
like what it should be like what it was just the last couple years this year has blown we’re going in the wrong direction
guys so you know Dana’s mostly wrong in his reaction to this I mean pfl could do it with realistic
promotional ideology and a better statistical Graphics Department
we could uh we could have something but like one I don’t know is this quote connected to what Dana said specifically
about Saudi because that’s one thing I think he’s underestimating when he says we’ve seen this before I’ve seen you
know Affliction come through and fail I’ve seen people throw on money I just want to say one thing I’m not here to tell you that pfl
is like the odds are are in their favor that they’re gonna pull this off they’re going to try really hard
but Saudi money does seem to be different than all that other money that Dana’s talking about Saudi Arabia let’s
remember paid Anthony Joshua 85 million dollars to show up for that that Andy Ruiz boxing rematch and all they’ve done
since then from the WWE to boxing to golf to whoever is willing to show up is put out astronomical amounts of money
if you don’t think that that’s not something Dana you do have to wake up a little bit here
yeah uh we’ll move on here BC lead us off with this one when asked about drink is
Du plus C being next for the winner of Saturday’s main event of course DDP earned the shot after stopping Bobby
Knuckles and if I’m DDP I’m taking a one-way trip to Sydney and sitting cage side but he couldn’t make the quick
turnaround now Sean Strickland is in Dana’s response as expected you know how
much I love when guys turn down fights I don’t know we’ll see what happens on Saturday and we’ll go from there
what did this mean what did this mean I mean it means ddpf’d himself with and it’s not really
fair right you know DDP had some physical hangover from that great Robert Whittaker win and things that needed to
be addressed and who could blame a guy who suddenly is red hot in the the waves
have parted as much as I said it was a perfect storm to get Sean Strickland into a title shot against adesanya dude
it was a perfect storm to get DDP here yes he did win the fight that I thought was unwinnable laughably unwinnable
against Whitaker and he did it by knockout but you should be allowed as a fighter to say hey promotion I know you
want me to turn this around I’m like no time in like two three months because you booked that date because Sydney’s paying you a ton of money and you
promised them out of Sonia but just like when ingano needed another month to
recover from winning the title when the UFC needed him to run it back and then when he wouldn’t so quickly they’re like
well screw you we’re putting an interim title at stake and oh by the way we’re gonna turn on you and talk bad about you for the rest of your life it’s Petty BS
that doesn’t make a lot of sense right here and unfortunately for DDP who did what I thought was the impossible and
now actually is a viable Contender but again let’s not not Overlook the fact that it was Izzy cleaning out the rest
of the division that opened a path the same path that opened up for for poeton to get to the title level so quickly too by the way
um he may have missed his window and here’s the thing yeah Dana’s Petty enough where if you aren’t willing to
fight with a broken leg and fight somebody a short notice can it penalize you it can and I think DDP has benefited
from Hamza chamaya’s sort of weird lost weekend that has been the Fallout of his victory over Kevin Holland after missing
Way by a conspiratorial amount to allow Nate Diaz to walk free happily with a victory so that they can still keep in
play the idea of him coming back to fight Conor we haven’t seen shamaya have come off of that Victory because of some
options I think he had lingering injuries there’s a long season there we didn’t know what the hell he’s doing which division is he going is he
fighting Usman what the hell is going on here DDP had his window but Dana just lets you know that it closed and that
the promotion firmly intends if Hamza beats Costa to go in that direction and
you know what all things considered I’ll say it’s a shitty take By Dana it’s a petty move by the organization but if
you got a chance to make Izzy against chimaya if both of them come off of let’s say stoppage wins I also kind of
understand that because I think Jeremiah unlike even the rising DDP is that rare
guy who actually could become for a season the pay-per-view face of your sport as an absolute badass I think that
window is still there so what did that mean Mike Heck it means a ddp’s Sol not fair but that’s at the rules of the game
that has existed here since zuffa took over Jed agree or disagree
I agree with BC in large part uh this [ __ ] from Dana um this is the type of stuff right like
this is the type of stuff where you get the white Knights caping for Dana and the UFC at all costs I’m just like
explain yourselves what this is the UFC’s [ __ ] up they booked a
fight two months before this knowing that in the BET like that the best case scenario happened DDP got through
relatively unscathed but relatively is the operative word there they knew this could have happened and they just did it
anyway because they forgot that they were doing a pay-per-view in Australia or whatever
the reason is uh and now this is it this is the part more than any of the other
parts that bothers me about Dana White as president of the UFC um look all of it is morally
objectionable in like very clear ways the part that grates on me is just Why
you gotta be such a petty little ass like why can’t you just be like oh other people are allowed to have have choice
and things like because this isn’t even DDP like publicly being like no I want
more money but like and that’s it Dana Dana can at least understand that like oh he’s asking for more money I
disrespect that but I do understand the idea that money is the only thing that matters whatsoever so okay this is
interesting like no homie I’m not ready I don’t I can’t do that for you sorry and he can’t can’t do it so the this
level of pettiness in this stage is the part that bothers me most about Daniel white still being an active role player
in this because this isn’t how business is done anywhere in the world like this just isn’t it and so it’s really
annoying to be like hey the they should have fought we should have just booked DDP Izzy for this event without the
Whitaker fight you rolled the dice the Whitaker fight happened and he won and now we have a number one with the bullet
no questions asked Bonafide number one Contender and now we might not get it because Hamza who’s been gone for like a
minute I don’t know where the hell hamzat’s been he could have been fighting during this time and just didn’t but the UFC isn’t bugging about
that so it’s this is just a [ __ ] that bothers me uh like as a fan and I don’t
understand how fans of the sport end of MMA and just people with like any
general sense of emotional empathy or the ability to rationalize can be like yeah
that’s like all of us in that category should be like this is stupid and dumb and I hate it and yet there will be
people probably in the comments right now saying [ __ ] you beta whatever cut
your hair cut your hair already you beta that’s business baby you should have fought if you can’t just title fights
don’t go growing on trees you’re right they don’t and if he was refusing to turn around after he had beaten I don’t
even like Nazarene aimov then okay that ain’t what happened he beat the dude the
title fight didn’t grow in the tree he chopped the [ __ ] tree down while beating Robert Whittaker worse than
anybody other than Izzy has ever done like it’s this is it we got one fight
just make the damn fight and be allow somebody to say no
just somebody people can say no and it is not a personal assault on you or your
masculinity or whatever the hell it is that makes you so irate about this [ __ ]
just let people say no it’s fine look just to be fair in response to
those people um no promoter has been safe on the show none of them we spent 35 to 40 minutes
just ripping Don Davis for that graphic they put up about how successful they
are 80 yeah we put the graphic on the screen and just lost our minds and if
Scott Coker said things like this we would talk about it when Josh Thompson said things about the media we talked about it as well nobody is yeah when
shot tree said that yeah that his press releases were seen by 54 billion people
you know it’s worth at least asking if that actually happened right yes and we
we joke about that on like one every two shows on this program on this podcast network uh we do have time for one more
I do want to talk about this one uh this is also date on Tuesday Jen michoud and then BC will give you a chance to
respond uh he’s responding to a question about Al Jermaine Sterling wanting a rematch at shot O’Malley and how him and
marab and Welsh Billy are kind of handling this situation and here’s what he said here’s the thing with Sterling
I’ll tell you my personal experience when you sit down with algeman one-on-one he’s a great guy great kid
very likable and everything else decisions he makes in public and things that he says in public do not make him
the most popular guy on the roster it’s the weirdest thing I don’t know if it’s self-sabotage or what it is he always
seems to say the wrong things in times when he even said remotely close to the
right things people would love him he’s a great kid got a great physique one-on-one he’s a good kid but in public
he just can’t help himself your thoughts on this Chad I know Dana and aljo not had the greatest
relationship since Al Joe won the title this kind of continues on what did you make of these comments and where Dana’s
coming from here this one actually isn’t all bad I’m from Dana um there’s a major caveat I’ll get to at
the end I’ll keep this brief um on its face much of this is true now
should it be true no I do not think that any of the things Al Jermaine Sterling says are largely objectionable but again
I can rationalize and that’s a skill that evades many people many fans in
this space um it is objectively very dumb to have done and I said at the time and
maintained to have said and have done the things that he said at various points in his career I
maintain all the way a thousand percent that he won the title totally legit uh
and that he should have celebrated but you can’t come out and be like this isn’t a real title like I don’t this I
didn’t want to win it this way and then go celebrating after the fact and be like I can’t believe that people are
upset by this like you gotta pick a lane and stay in it my guy it’s just where it’s at um and then like a lot of the other
stuff that he has said is stuff that is obviously antagonistic to the core MMA
fan base and so you just can’t be a dummy you have to understand what you’re saying and who
who your audience is and well again I don’t think that it should have been like a big deal for a lot of those
people it very obviously was going to be and so you just have to have to know and regulate that if if that’s something you
care about and obviously Audrey Sterling did so I think in that respect everything that Dana said is correct
um he did not endear himself to fans uh because of who the fans are and that’s how that goes the the big elephant in
the room of that statement from Dana the caveat I mentioned earlier is that a lot
of that just general energy is driven by Dana White who himself is the promoter
of algerman Sterling and regularly through this [ __ ] under the bus about as hard as he could and those two
things are interrelated if Dana came out and was like man you know uh Al Jermaine
won perion shouldn’t shouldn’t have thrown that knee it’s very illegal and very stupid and and put shifted the
burden on to pyarian then that’s where the narrative would have gone amongst the fan base because they he is largely
The Guiding Light of the masses in this respect but that’s not what he did he threw algrow under the bus and then kept
throwing him under the bus at every Future Point and continues to do so about the whole I don’t want to fight my
friend’s stuff like that’s this is all driven by him so objectively he is
correct when he says that you know I’ll just I’ll keep saying a lot of stuff that isn’t the best in public as far as
getting fans to like him he’s just leaving out the part that a lot of that second aspect of it is directly driven
by him and he’s not doing aljo any favors he’s not helping him in any regard so uh I’ll give him a little more
leeway on this one uh but I mean it’s still not great because Dana has never done a good thing in MMA since since the
ultimate fighter I swear it’s at man BC from the comments that I’ve read from
Dana what has been more egregious these comments or the fact that Tyson Fury has done interviews today saying that he
wants to fight Jon Jones and not usick next I saw you Tweeting out and uh by the way for those wondering because the
press conference between Tyson Fury and friends and ganos was starting at noon eastern time it like just started so
just about that just to see where where this whole thing is going to be going over the next couple months but what do
you think BC this is why first of all can the WBC strip Fury already for avoiding usick and also could somebody
tell him that Dana once said but didn’t really mean it that we don’t do those type of gimmick fights unless we need a
gimmick like that to take the attention away from the gimmick Frances sangano wanted to do hey look here’s the deal
Dana White you can make the argument judges did you haven’t done anything great since it’s tough and you can make the argument that
some people make when they go one-on-one with him former Eskimo Bros you know I’m talking about of you know you’re the glorified fitness instructor who got
lucky that his rich friends had that rich War chest that they could allow this
sport to grow through and also the connections with the Nevada State athletic commission let’s never overlooked why UFC was able to buy that
from seg for for peanuts but nobody else was immediately after Lorenzo steps I
love that your argument in defense of him is is like pro-corruption this is the best but here’s what I’m gonna say I
could still I can still tolerate any hipster argument that that says Dana
White is the most important person in mixed martial arts over its 30 years I
actually could get behind that and make that argument because a lot of why we are here today is because of what the
front-facing of Dana and the brains of Frank and Lorenzo have built and I don’t think he’s an idiot
but Dana has passed that expiration date of being a positive for the sport yes he
remains his fans who will defend him at every turn and yes they’re still which was a game plan desired element from the
beginning by making Dana the face of the brand and not individual Fighters you held extra control over them and it
helped over with the turnover that becomes natural in a sport like this that we’re still tuning in because we
love Dana and we love that we get the best fights until we don’t by the way but that’s coming but this is showing
you right now and maybe Dana should have learned from Vince McMahon that Vince McMahon had a similar like effect on
wrestling in an earlier period but I think he was more Hands-On and even more important than Dana but then Vince hung on too long he’s
still hanging on too long and it wasn’t long before he became a detriment to the product in ways that go beyond sexual
assault and all that and all the other allegations and all that what I’m saying now is that this is just
a trick that Dana has Acquired and Dana’s having a troubled time right now adjusting from the Gestapo past in the
control UFC has had mostly through contracts and intimidation over the fighters into what is inevitably once
this lawsuit plays out and I think people get common sense and and get sick of being sick and tired in the way that
they’re treated that eventually we’re going to grow out of this and look at this as the dark ages of Fighters having no control but the problem is they not
only have no control when it comes to contracts and negotiations with the UFC and all of that but Dana does the really
unforgivable thing for a sports commissioner on top of that which you would never see David Stern or Roger
Goodell or any of the other Heroes do which is have his favorites and regularly pick out those favorites and
they can be blameless which is why this whole Dana White Privilege thing comes about but if you’re not one of his favorites he’ll do everything in his
power to disparage you and discredit you publicly like a Tyron Woodley look at Al
Jermaine Sterling if you just end up up as not Dana’s guy the promoter whose job
it is to espouse how talented you are do you remember when hen and Burrell was bantamweight champion but you know no
one’s got reviews because he’s in the main event what did the old Dana used to do get in every interview and go hey by
the way Henry browse to pound four pound King so you guys need to wake up he’s a future star on the rise here Daniel doesn’t do that really at all anymore
unless it’s the hot button choice of the moment right the O’Malley’s the Beau Nichols the chimayas when he picks out a
guy he doesn’t like he’s gonna frame at every turn that these guys don’t want to fight that they’re asking for all this
stuff that never verified and not actually true we gotta rotate past this phase of MMA and and you know UFC
history tied into that because it’s [ __ ] it’s [ __ ] for the promoter to basically do that
um this is one of the biggest problems in the game today and I don’t think Dana
White under the control and success he used to have can last in what we’re naturally evolving into what MMA is
going to become but eventually it’s going to become a place where Fighters have more rights and I hope when we get to that point that look behind the
scenes you can be as gnarly as you want when it comes to business UFC could be heaven-handed they can do all those
things but can we make it a Level Playing Field and can the promoter of the organization whose job it is to promote fights stop tearing down as
Champions just when he decides to because what because they got sick and they weren’t able to make weight for the
main event because they pushed back and wanted more time because they want to get paid like others in the industry
anytime someone stands out and tries to make a move for themselves and for the future of Fighters around them they get
labeled as a male content they get labeled as somebody who’s ducking tough fights blah blah blah BS and Bs
we’re too far past this we’re too look it’s the metoo era I can’t be walking around with Sean Strickland with holding
up signs and saying you know let’s get rid of suffrage women belong in the kitchen that’s [ __ ] we wouldn’t allow that didn’t Australians have to
put out a statement this morning saying although we made this deal with the UFC we don’t actually agree with Strickland’s comments about women I
think how Dana treats the fighters and how he talks about his own champion is akin to that level of BS let’s move on
from that all right please enough of this I don’t hate Dana he’s been a incredible Maverick for the sport and
getting it to where it is today and the jobs we hold today but he’s now a major problem in what this is going to look
like moving forward there you have it all right
we will move on or maybe we won’t the point for round four goes to
I mean this is about as close to the 10 10 round as you can get on BTL but by a score of 10.9 10 to 9.99999
score of 10.9 what up I’m sorry BC gets the play BC gets the point two to two
wow wait am I a minor to pick up on a theme here that it always goes to the fifth round what’s going on here it’s
only not Happened One species it’s only nice
when they aren’t against Alex Pereira the only person in the history of this show to get a victory before regulation
ran out was me and Jed was the host and he showed favoritism but I do want to honestly this is just established thing
this is just a selfish thing because I want to hear what you guys have to say in 60 seconds or less and I do mean 60
seconds or less uh it’s the final rounds of knock around uh one minute on the clock for each of these gentlemen uh Jed
do you want to go first you want to go last ah okay for sure why not let’s lead off
all right uh on a scale of one to ten and show your work uh seven of course we
have UFC 2 293 coming up on Saturday uh but before all that happens as an
appetizer for the Combat Sports enthusiasts uh tomorrow Jacksonville Florida
game bread bare knuckle going down we have the rematch two former UFC
heavyweight champions Junior dos Santos versus Fabricio for Doom we got some notable names Brendan Jenkins we got
Earl Rivera who used to find the FC Brendan Davis uh Maki patolo in other
notable names some bare knuckle MMA on Friday so on a scale of one to ten and why your
level of excitement for what Jorge Mazda told me will be his Landmark bare
knuckle MMA event tomorrow night one minute on the clock go uh
six I would not qualify this as excitement I will say my my interest has been peaked
uh what’s what’s the Django line uh you had my curiosity now you have my attention that’s where we’re at with
this one I don’t think I can’t say this with absolute certainty because you know a lot of stuff happens in MMA I don’t
feel like I’ve ever actually watched bare knuckle MMA since like watching videos of the old school pride days
thank you landscaper for coming up right now that’s terrific of you uh so I’m I’m interested in this in this respect
um you know we get the fight that is a fight uh I don’t know if either of
these dudes have juice left but I got enough interest certainly in this Main Event the rest of the card uh I am
interested in it strictly in the fact that like bare knuckle MMA might be a fun thing but I don’t care about the fights at all I am interested in the
announcement he made on the MMA hour yesterday though Alan Belcher versus Roy Nelson for the game brighter Heavyweight
Championship in October fights the winner of this for like a tournament that’s starting to cook something up in
me so six is where I’m at okay uh BC let’s see I don’t know if you
saw these guys on the scale uh six packs for days for JDs and for Doom best
shapes of their lives uh that you saw the full thing of the past uh interest
excitement levels zero to ten for game bread bare knuckle MMA tomorrow night go
I’m gonna give it a hard morbid seven and now you understand my gas station diet issues I’ve got a black liver right
I’ve got the non-alcoholic uh uh liver disease there uh here’s the deal though I have morbid Intrigue in this but I
just don’t think JDS has the same level that I do so first and foremost let me say this we don’t need bare knuckle MMA
it’s a stupid gimmick okay bare knuckle boxing is also a stupid gimmick but credit to Dave Feldman and bkfc for
making soap opera pro wrestling and kind of making that interesting we’re both Sports can cross over again put some
gloves on we don’t actually need this rematch but Jed said I don’t know if these two have any juice left oh they
have plenty of juice left yet it’s just not being produced by their body anymore and I am all here for it I interviewed
JDS ahead of this he said I love this fight organization I don’t have to be with you stop it anymore I can take all
the old supplements I used to take and I love it JDS should be auditioning right here to fight Francis and Gano in the
pfl’s first pay-per-view only when I asked somebody he told me yeah I can’t do that I just signed with with uh game
bread full-time I fight with them now so that’s a failed JDS I will still be tuning in hoping that the contract
situations can change these are two wash heavyweights we don’t need a rematch but if JDS is going to look that good and
he’s actually not 40 yet yeah he should be a top of that list of people Francis is looking at so hopefully everybody
really understands the score deep inside when they’re watching this on set or Friday they might be on right now I have
no idea is that a Fairground somewhere I don’t know which is insane BC I think you must have
missed the part where for some inexplicable reason the pfl has decided
to implement usada and Drug Testing so yeah is that
strong I agreeable should but they do not seem to be interested in reconsidering so your JDS streams are
gone well when you have like eight to ten failed drug tests and like a span of a
three-week session in Las Vegas it’s never really a good thing all right cast your votes
drug test if you just don’t test them
uh cash your votes get them in and then we’ll bring in the honorable ekc lied
into uh read off the results and Crown the winner I think we know this is probably gone but you never know maybe
maybe Sean Strickland beats Israel out of Sonya on Saturday you just never know in this crazy so
so programming notes tomorrow heck of morning 10 a.m Eastern well the UFC 293 preview show live here on the same
channel 3 P.M Eastern join us for that and then Saturday it’s gonna be a very busy day we got the people’s pre-fight
show we got the watch party I’m off to New York first thing Saturday morning Jose is in Sydney he’s got all your
coverage for all the ceremonial wins there will be a way in general 2 A.M this morning too 2 A.M this morning AK
ready to go so live weighing coverage as well we get you covered MMA
as Jed like to say it’s a fantastic website well post fight show post by press conference on to the next one on
Sunday morning as well there’s gonna be a lot going on so stick with us at Casey get your
ass in here there he is hurting people’s feelings with the the sleeveless shirts once
again Casey do we have a winner do we need more time do I need to stall are we good
because is this our longest show ever we’re at an hour and 40 yeah it is probably hour 43 hour 42. yeah Hey
listen when you got just the best Minds on the sport battle it out I mean it just doesn’t get any better
that’s a damning that is a damning combination of the sport I was about to close the poll but it
happened oh [ __ ] that is the actual myth one okay look at
you girl I support my friends Jay can you get your own merch please it’s about time all right
I mean maybe a barbecue bib yeah get your votes in everybody oh we’re
keeping this thing going we’re keeping this thing going all right I’m at the path oh do we have it yeah I think we
have it all right okay I think we had it an hour and 40 minutes
ago but I’ll be excited to see it I mean when Brian Campbell beat Jose without actually answering The Knockout wrong
question I think we kind of know how this voting is gonna go so uh go ahead Casey
your winner today with 54 of the votes is
foreign Campbell hey this is it but this is
close to a splitty as we’ve gotten here in these battles 54 you’re climbing up Jed you’re climbing up by about the the
baker’s dozen time you guys battle it out you might even sneak one out here so BC congratulations thank you for staying
on this marathon of a program for nearly two hours what do you want to say to the Fine listeners before you mercifully let
you go uh nothing [Laughter]
Fair Jed anything you want to say uh bagged on the UFC a bunch this episode
stand by every word of it wouldn’t change one uh I will say shouts to them for the electric Grosso belt I know that
it’s pretty derivative of the Year both that they did already but that’s cool things continue to do cool things
because it’s much more fun when you do cool things Alexa grosso’s belt for next week
pretty sick man so yeah agreed hit the music AC we are done
appreciate it uh make sure you watch morning combat with BC and Luke Thomas great program fantastic program Jed I
believe you’re on that program I was I got called to service absolutely
absolute Champion so thank you very much stick with MMA all weekend long for UFC 293 coverage for Jed for BC
Casey on the ones and twos the iconic voice of esterlin takes you home I am Mike Heck back next week to react to it
all good night everybody love you this has been between the links
and another fighting production [Music]