Bryce Mitchell: “It’s Time for Me To Level Up in Life”

In this article, we have the honor of interviewing Bryce Mitchell, the number 10th ranked UFC featherweight in the world. Bryce Mitchell, also known as Thug Nasty, is a multi-talented individual who excels in various fields such as fighting, farming, and rapping. We discuss his upcoming fight, his recovery methods, and his aspirations for the future. Bryce Mitchell is a true warrior who is determined to make history in the UFC.

Recovery Methods and the Future of Healing

Bryce Mitchell believes that recovery is crucial for fighters and predicts that future generations will view this era as the “Dark Ages” of fighting. He highlights five key recovery methods that he considers essential: hyperbaric chambers, cryotherapy, electric therapy, physical therapy, and massage. He explains that hyperbaric chambers provide a 4 PSI environment, which is beneficial for the brain and joints. Bryce believes that hyperbaric chambers have the potential to cure cancer and regenerate the body. He also mentions the importance of cryotherapy, but emphasizes that ice baths are superior for recovery. Bryce further discusses the benefits of electric therapy, which helps with muscle recovery, and physical therapy, which includes stretching and massage. He believes that these recovery methods will revolutionize the way fighters approach their training and healing processes.

Ice Baths vs. Cryotherapy Chambers

Bryce expresses his preference for ice baths over cryotherapy chambers. He humorously states that cryotherapy is for people who are afraid of sitting in ice water. While he acknowledges that cryotherapy is not necessarily bad for you, he believes that ice baths provide better results. He compares cryotherapy to grilling chicken on high heat, while ice baths are like slow cooking chicken to the bone. Bryce emphasizes the importance of fully cooking the chicken, or in this case, fully recovering the body.

Steam Room vs. Sauna

When asked about his preference between a steam room and a sauna, Bryce reveals that he doesn’t particularly like either. He explains that in steam rooms and saunas, it’s difficult to breathe in cool air, which can make the lungs and brain feel hot. Instead, he prefers hot tubs because they allow for breathing in cool air. Bryce also suggests placing a bag of ice on the head while in a sauna or steam room to keep the brain cool and prolong the benefits of the heat therapy.

The Importance of the Fight

Bryce discusses the significance of his upcoming fight against Dan Ige. He mentions that this fight is not only important for his ranking in the division but also for his own psyche. Bryce had to pull out of his last fight due to illness and has been dealing with back injuries. Additionally, he suffered his first professional loss to Andre Fili. This fight is an opportunity for Bryce to prove himself and overcome the challenges he has faced. He confidently states that something special will happen in this fight, without revealing any details.

Dealing with Adversity and Spiritual Battle

Bryce opens up about the challenges he has faced, including illness, back injuries, and his first professional loss. He acknowledges that the devil has been trying to tear him down and test his faith. However, Bryce remains steadfast in his belief that God will bless him and that his hard work will be rewarded. He compares his journey to that of Job from the Bible, stating that every time the devil strikes, his faith grows stronger. Bryce is determined to overcome these obstacles and make history in the UFC.

The Devil’s Influence

Bryce mentions that the devil has been working in various ways to try to hinder his progress. He even shares a personal experience where his ex-girlfriend caused trouble for him. Despite these challenges, Bryce remains focused on his spiritual battle and believes that God will ultimately bless him for his perseverance.

Motivation and Future Plans

Bryce finds motivation in the positive impact he can make for his family and his farm after this fight. He believes that this fight will change his life and allow him to pay off debts and progress in his personal life. Bryce mentions that he has built a house and plans to use the money from this fight to finish it. He looks forward to having a comfortable home and being able to provide for his loved ones.

Aspirations for the Championship

When asked about the current champion in his division, Alexander Volkanovski, Bryce expresses his desire to fight him for the title. He believes that a fight between Volkanovski and Ilia Topuria would be entertaining, but ultimately, he wants to win his upcoming fight and earn a shot at the championship. Bryce is confident in his abilities and believes that he can hang with the top fighters in the division. He is determined to prove himself and move up in the rankings.

Closing Remarks

Bryce expresses his gratitude to his fans and thanks them for their support. He acknowledges that he loves his fans with all his heart and appreciates their continued support. Bryce also mentions his disdain for TikTok dancing and encourages his fans to stay true to themselves. He signs off by thanking the interviewer and concludes the interview.


In this interview, we had the opportunity to gain insight into Bryce Mitchell’s recovery methods, his upcoming fight, and his aspirations for the future. Bryce’s dedication to his craft and his unwavering faith in the face of adversity are truly inspiring. As he prepares for his fight against Dan Ige, Bryce Mitchell is determined to make history and prove himself as one of the top fighters in the UFC featherweight division. We eagerly await his performance on September 23rd and wish him the best of luck in his endeavors.

this Theo with the pro he’s 15 in1 he’s
the fighter he’s the farmer he’s the
rapper he’s thug nasty he’s the number
10th ranked UFC featherweight in the
world Bryce Mitchell how we doing after
that introduction I’m wide awake dude
thank you for having me the honor is
mine and I’m just glad to be here
brother it’s good to be here on the
couch man this is where you’re staying
for fight week we got the hyper barck
chamber going on downtown TJ Brown he’s
getting in right now yeah so for y’all
who don’t know what the hyper barck
chamber is or does it basically puts you
in like a that’s a 4 PSI environment
they make them up to 15 psi and it’s
basically good for your brain your
joints and it cures cancer and it also
puts you on like a 99% or sometimes a
100% oxygen and you breathe in this pure
oxygen that’s what kills the cancer and
it pushes that that oxygen into your
brain brain more than regular
atmospheric pressure does and so it
literally regenerates the body it’s it’s
the future of healing the body and so
let me tell you the top five that I have
the big five for Recovery okay because
recovery is going to become a big deal
in the future um they’re going to look
at this as the Dark Ages the dummies who
just went and fought and didn’t do all
the recovery okay that’s going to be us
we’re the Lab Rats you know this
generation of Fighters is but the next
generation of Fighters they’re going to
have the hyper baric chamber the hot the
oh electric therapy electric
therapy that’s a big one nobody talks
about that that it shocks you you know
it’s good for your muscles and then
Physical Therapy somebody like
stretching you uh massage whatever you
want to call it raike whatever you know
but those are the big five brother but
for the cold therapy you’re more of the
type of guy that likes the ice bass over
the cryotherapy Chambers right
cryotherapy is for man it’s for
people who don’t want to sit in that ice
bath because they’re scared of the ice
water and I you know
there’s I’m obviously being a little bit
extreme just to make people laugh out
there but um I’m not saying the crow
therapy is bad for you but it’s not as
good as ice bath let me ask youmo how do
you cook your
chicken make sure it’s cooked all the
way through we don’t let it be pink over
there but also on the quick side note we
agree with you hyperbaric chambers are
great yes cryotherapy not so good
especially when they got the ice bath
that’s right because you cook your
chicken low and slow so what that the
ice bath is a low and slow cook it’s
going to get your bones cold when you
get into cryotherapy you’re cooking the
skin that’s like putting your chicken on
the grill hot as it gets and then taking
it off in 3 minutes well you cook the
skin but I want it cooked to the Bone
baby do you prefer a steam room or a
sauna shoot
um I don’t like either of them I like
the hot tubs because you can’t breathe
in in the sauna in the steam room you
can’t can’t breathe in cool air and so
my lungs get hot and then that makes
your brain hot but if you are in a sauna
or steam room I like uh bag of ice on
the head because it keeps the brain cold
and uh it just gives you a little bit
you can actually sit in there longer and
get get more benefit but if my head’s
getting hot and my brain is cooking your
brain don’t need to get up to those
temperatures um your body does you know
the benefit is for the body and you’re
not trying to cook your brain so I like
to go like neck deep in a in a warm tub
to be honest there it is man now let’s
talk about you during this fight we you
got 50k Dan e he’s the number 12th
guy this thing’s been brewing for years
hasn’t it yep it’s it’s been brewing the
pot’s been stirred brother we’re we’re
cooking up a uh something special on
Saturday something special yeah I can’t
ruin a surprise but um something special
is going to happen I hope everybody can
watch it on September 23rd this Saturday
because I’m going to make history
me and Dan are both going to make
history we’re going to do something that
has never been done in the UFC before
and I’m not going to ruin a surprise but
trust me it’s cooking well you already
had all the schmoes out there with that
twister over there in Washington DC
during that flight night the Schmo was
there for it that’s a rarity so we all
know that you can always do some special
things thug nasty I’m glad somebody
thinks so
brother yeah we certainly do man but how
important would you say is this fight
just for the own psyche we’re not
talking about just pecking order of
things in this division but because Theo
knows he had a pull out of the last
fight you’ve been dealing with the back
injuries and stuff like that and then
obviously you had the first professional
loss to ilot theoria how important is
this one for you thug nasty you know two
fights ago I was sick my last fight my
back locked up on me I couldn’t even
make it to the fight so I had to pull
out made me look like a coward and then
uh you know like the devil’s just been
throwing all these things at me the
devil’s been playing every card he’s got
but what the devil don’t know is right
now I’m sitting on a royal flush and
I’ve been putting all my chips in and
the devil’s trying to call my bluff but
I ain’t bluffing I’m telling you right
now I’m putting all my chips into this
fight and you’re going to see the true
warrior Bry Mitchell revealed was the
devil hanging around your ex-girlfriend
she was doing some crazy stuff to the
property the Schmo saw you making that
announcement on social media hey the
devil’s been working all sorts of ways
to try to tear me down and I know this
ain’t this ain’t FLH and blood of the
battle that’s going on in my life the
battle in my life has been spiritual and
the devil’s been throwing everything he
can at me to get me to turn away from
God and every time that the devil
strikes me I’m like job my faith gets
stronger and and God’s going to end up
blessing me I don’t know when and I’m
hoping that it’s this Saturday but I
know that it says in Proverbs a man’s a
man will be paid back for the work that
his hands do and and I know my hands
have put in the work and I know know
because of Proverbs I will be
recompensed okay and U I don’t know when
but I believe it’s coming and I do
believe it’ll be on the 23rd that I get
to take my highest form Co Main Event
all Theos can’t wait to see it but
what’s keeping you SCH motivated right
now Bryce in this fight game man because
there’s a lot of things a lot of talents
that you have outside of the cage work
uh just the good that I’m going to do
for my family and the farm after this
fight I know that it’s really going to
change my life after this fight I’m
going to pay some things off and uh be
able to progress my life I’ve also built
a house so it’s this money’s going to
help finish the house off um you know
the floors the walls the it needs a
washer a dryer a oven I’m going to buy
me a nice oven so my woman can cook
whatever the hell she wants you know
what I mean we’re going to have the nice
stuff right now we’re living in a 30ft
trailer you know I’ve been in it for
eight years so uh it’s time for me to
level up in life you know like like to
hear it speaking of leveling up the
champion in your division Alexander
volkanovski who do you think he’s
fighting next is it ilot theoria who do
you want to see the champ defend against
shoot you know I’m either
way I’m happy but yeah him and Elia
would probably be the most entertaining
fight um of course I want to fight the
champ that’s I’m biased I want to fight
the champ right after this win on
Saturday you know I go out there and get
a finish it’ll put me pretty close up
there depending how spectacular to
finish uh and if somebody else gets hurt
and they need somebody to fill in hey
man that’s me there it is right there
calling his own shots but do you think
ilot Toria he’s got what it takes to
Dethrone volkanovski or do you think
when you get the opportunity to
eventually fight for the gold strap it’s
going to be against Alexander
shoot um I don’t think that Ilia would
win but he could I mean he he hits hard
and fast he’s not quite as well-rounded
volkanovski and um but that would be a
great fight but yeah that’s that would
be that I want to win this fight and
then fight one of those people up top
man you know I don’t I’m tired of
sitting in the the back of the bus man
I’m trying to come up to the front and
you know it’s
like I feel that I know I can hang with
these guys and I just feel like I
haven’t got my shot yet and when I did
beat the my first top 10 guy instead of
moving me up they moved me back and I
went backwards in rank and uh you can
only do that for so long the truth will
be revealed you mark my words the truth
will be revealed I will get my chance I
will show what I’m capable of they can
me for a little bit but
eventually the truth comes to light the
cream Rises to the top you cannot stop
Destiny shout outo man Ring The Savage
now as a proud American citizen who
doesn’t believe in that Tik tock
dancing Y what would you like to say to
all the Bryce Mitchell fans out there
worldwide I love you guys with all my
heart thank you for watching when I
fight and um
shoot thank

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