In this article, we will discuss the recent fight between Canelo Alvarez and Jermall Charlo, the announcement of the fight between Tom Brady and Kelvin Gastelum, and the exchange between Big John McCarthy and Tim Kennedy. We will also touch on the challenges faced by referees in the fight game.

Canelo Defeats Charlo

The fight between Canelo Alvarez and Jermall Charlo was highly anticipated by fans. However, there was some controversy surrounding the fight due to an incident involving Yoel Romero’s cutman and the delay it caused. Big John McCarthy, the referee for the fight, sheds light on the situation.

According to McCarthy, he noticed that Yoel Romero had Vaseline on his face, which could potentially affect the fight if it went to the ground. He immediately called for the cutman to remove the Vaseline. However, there was a mistake made, and the corner man for Yoel Romero was brought in instead of the cutman . McCarthy explains that the corner man was a Spanish speaker and had difficulty understanding him. Frustrated, McCarthy tells his assistant to remove the corner man from the ring. However, the cutman, who is hired by the UFC and not by Yoel Romero or his corner, does not return to the ring.

McCarthy explains that the cutman had put too much Vaseline on Yoel Romero’s face, causing the delay. He acknowledges that the cutman was inexperienced at the time and had not yet learned all the techniques to effectively handle cuts. McCarthy takes responsibility for not having Yoel Romero stand up earlier, as it would have looked better for the fight. However, he also points out that the delay was not caused by Yoel Romero or his corner, but by the cutman.

Challenges Faced by Referees

McCarthy goes on to discuss the challenges faced by referees in the fight game. He explains that there is no bell to start the round in the UFC. Instead, the referee signals the fighters to start. McCarthy mentions that most rounds in the UFC start between 1 minute and 1 minute 16 seconds, as there is usually some time taken for the announcers to do their reads. He clarifies that the delay in this particular fight was 1 minute and 28 seconds.

McCarthy emphasizes that fighters often get caught up in the moment and let their emotions get the better of them. He gives examples of fighters who thought they had won the fight, only to realize that the round was not over. He explains that the adrenaline and endorphins can cloud a fighter’s judgment, leading to mistakes and poor decision-making.

McCarthy acknowledges that the situation was not fair to Tim Kennedy, but there was nothing he could do to make it fair. He also mentions that the incident was brought up in the press conference after the fight, and Dana White, the president of the UFC, acknowledged that it was an unfortunate situation that needed to be addressed and fixed.


In conclusion, the fight between Canelo Alvarez and Jermall Charlo had its fair share of controversy due to the incident involving Yoel Romero’s cutman and the delay it caused. Big John McCarthy, the referee for the fight, explains the situation and takes responsibility for not handling it better. He also discusses the challenges faced by referees in the fight game, emphasizing the importance of staying focused and making split-second decisions. While the situation was not fair to Tim Kennedy, McCarthy explains that there was nothing he could do to rectify it. Overall, it serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the fight game and the need for constant adaptation and improvement.

and now weighing in out of the blue Corner Josh the Thompson 100% And on the
other mik he WS in from the Red Corner Big John
McCarthy well hello and welcome to the weighing in podcast where podcast Dave is still slurping up on Colby Covington
he’s been talking about his love for Kobe it’s crazy I don’t know how he does it but my man Josh Thompson has
tried that’s the sounds that we keep on hearing I don’t understand what’s
happening what’s up dude how was California uh you know it was good to see friends and uh you know it just was
it was good to be back but it was not good to be back I mean like you get off the plane the first thing you see is homeless en cat me everywhere I don’t
know look amazing isn’t it’s hard because I grew up there you know and I I mean I would grew up there during the you know the eight what the 80s and a
little bit in the 90s and then you know came back in the early 2000s and um it’s
just it was it was doing so well for a while and then you know and of course it always had its parts you know the Rodney
King riots there was a lot going on during that time but after it all I think dust settled and stuff yeah it was
there I kind of remember that so you know um but there was there was like hits you know um that kind of felt like
it set us back a little but then I think we moved forward at certain stuff and I don’t know I I’ve been a California Kid
my whole life man so being here in Texas is been it’s been fun it’s been different um you know but there’s a lot
of things when I go there and I’m like man this is coming back kind of getting back here now like just yesterday and
today uh late last night but then today just driving around and not feeling really like any traffic not feeling a
care in the world just like you know you realize you’re just from point A to point B and I don’t know it’s a
different feeling it’s yeah it’s a good feeling yeah there’s just there’s no the way life’s supposed to be life’s not
supposed to be a challenge just to get from one end of the down to the other it’s not supposed to be like yeah just
the stress of it all like it just there’s a lot of stress going from one spot to the next and I caught myself a
couple times like on the highway there you know going like 60 mil an hour instead of you know just cuz there’s
like and people are just buzzing by me and I’m like oh no see that hold it that’s true because see you slow down I
slow down when I’m at home I don’t drive that fast I go to California it’s like
you’ve got to drive fast and then I just saw they’re putting up speeding cameras
on the freeways that automatically write you a ticket yeah if you are 11 miles
per hour over the speed limit up why not one just well well because there can be
differences in speedometers and things like that so they’re saying that 11 is the one saying nope you’re you knew you
were going over the speed limit but I’m like well damn we’re going to see what it’s like because I when I go there I
have to drive faster cuz everyone’s driving faster yeah you have to keep up with traffic you do you do otherwise
you’re the one getting honked at and ran off the road given to that’s how more road rage is going to happen I really
believe it that’s that’s exactly how more road rage is going to happen you’re end up with a lot of uh a lot of people getting pissed off you’re only doing 11
miles over I mean I don’t know it was just it was difficult I was downtown for to meet for some dinner with some
friends and I pulled on this parking structure and it wouldn’t give me a ticket so I just went in there and parked anyways well then they have
meteor people that go through the parking structure just write you a ticket so I got a $40 ticket I’m like
there was no way there was no way for me to get a ticket I couldn’t I couldn’t get like a parking ticket okay did you
just see the video of the guy who got a parking ticket and then walked up and shot the parking attendant meter made
whatever you want to call it shot him in the head wow can you believe that over a parking ticket it’s like Jesus Christ
what the hell is going on people are going crazy right now man they are going nuts I got to be honest John it just
it’s it feel like can I can feel the attention from a lot of people when it comes to the I mean I was look I still here in
Texas you’re paying about 340 for a G gallon of gas it was 618 in San Jose
618 yeah you know Jack Reese who’s a a boxing referee in California just set a
picture and he goes and and it’s got $100 on the gas pump and it was 15 half
gallons basically 15.4 something right and he goes the first time I’ve ever put
$100 of gas in my tank right and i i s him back and think I said that that
right there would have given me that would have cost me $47 yeah yeah where I’m at I don’t know which is not good
but it’s a whole lot better than that and then and then I listened to did you see Gavin Nome man he was like they
asked him a question about the gas he walks all around and stuff it’s like why don’t you tell the truth it’s tax yeah
you guys tax the [ __ ] out of gas and then you throw that money away you just
make people pay it and you’re throwing it away well like let me let me go on this I show up and I ran a car from Avis
and I’m a preferred member with Avis cuz whatever travel yeah so anyway it’s been great pull walk get up and I don’t I
don’t even talk to anyone just walk right up to my car it shows me my name on a board I walk right up to my car and I just drive tell to go or you can pick
out yours in the row yeah exactly so I walked up I was okay you know Thompson you know D28 was the number just walk up
and get in the car I drive out the guy checks me out at the the get out gate and I just drive away I get I get to
where I need to go and I exit the highway and all of a sudden the gas light comes on I’m like I just got the
car you didn’t look it’s I’m sorry but isn’t it always supposed to be full
isn’t it always supposed to be full when you get it so the the gas light comes on think well John it gets better it gets
better so um I’m d i I pull up to the gas station St I just see the gas like come on it just turns red and goes you
know and so I go I pull up to the gas station get out of the car and I walk around the car there’s no place to put
gas it’s an electric car you guys didn’t choose to tell me
that this car was electric hold hold it hold it hold it John I kid you not I was just you
didn’t know you had an electric car okay did you when you turned it on did a
motor come was hybrid I thought it was a hybrid thing so you know when you start cars right like even my even my even my
grand wagon my Jeep Grand wagon here I have right now when I turn it on it’s quiet and then as I hit the gas it’ll
make some noise and it’ll go that’s why I like my my truck I hit that button twice
and John it gets it gets better that’s the way I still I walk around the car it
gets better said it still gets better yeah I can’t I walk I walk around the car I can’t find out I have to actually
YouTube for this model to find out how I put Electric in it uh but let me ask you
this so hold so it’s a complete Elric there is no gas’s no gas whatsoever and
I’m like I’m like on and it was it was getting to be dead yeah what kind of car was it it was the uh Genesis a Genesis I
believe it was a G80 or something like that is what it was called Genesis no no no Genesis is is it a Kia Hundai I
thought Genesis were H it might be yeah I me it was nice it was really nice it got saying These are nice but no I’m
driving around like so here but I pull the gas station well if you’re not if you’re renting cars John just correct me
if I’m wrong if you’re renting cars yeah there it is the farest furthest one on the left down there yeah it was like a g
it was like a G80 or something like that no that’s not it it was like a sportier
version that that one right there see that one right there yep yep that one which one that one you got the thing on
that one right there hell that’s a nice looking car yeah it was nice man it was nice but guess where the guess guess
where you charge it at the front in the front in the grill but it’s like a honeycomb so you have to touch the right
spot to find out where where it pops open and so um so yeah so there was no
place anyways but look if you got to think if you’re renting a car and you’re coming from a state that doesn’t really
use electric cars and they give you this car and you start driving around and you’re like okay where the hell do I get
electricity at for this thing yeah you got to find a place to charge it yeah because they’re not the Tesla charging
station through that in San Jose are everywhere yeah hold on no see cuz I went through that cuz I did the same
thing I read to Tesla I knew it was electric but I Tesla when I was last time I was in California with my wife
and my wife hated it because I was always going and having to try to find a
charging station then I’d get to the charging station and they’re all full yeah so you got to wait 30 minutes 45
minutes to then charge for an hour y I should have uh I should have taught you when you were in tell Josh how
charge an electric car but no but see that’s the thing so I I get there and then now I’m now I’m literally like
trying to drive around and find a place while I’m on empty trying to find a place to charge this thing finally I
found a spot but then it gets better when you when you get there I thought you just like pull up like a gas station
you just like swipe your credit card and you plug in and then like that’s it no you have to download a [ __ ] app you
got to like create a member account then input your credit card information and then you swipe your phone that’s right
this is the dumbest [ __ ] thing ever why can’t I just swipe my credit card and pay this is so stupid I mean and
here you can’t pay cash I can’t go inside and no cuz those are owned by somebody else those electric charging
station are not owned by the gas station yeah oh yeah oh man what a this was such a pain in the ass and then the one place
that I knew where they had it was like a Bank of America they have the charging station as I’m driving by they’re in the
process of removing those two ones to put two new ones those are the only two charging places that I freaking knew of
that were not Teslas I mean Teslas are everywhere like at every mall at every you know at everywhere they’ve got at least one or two everywhere but then at
the malls they’ve got like a row of them there’s like probably 15 of them anyways yeah I don’t know I was it’s real it’s
real frustrating when you drive up and there’s 15 to 30 of them and every one of them has a car on it well I guess the
benefit of it and and maybe Dave you can speak to this you because you have an electric car is when you pull tell Kobe Covington don’t tell Kobe Covington oh
but then it’s like you have to wait like it took it only cost like $8 so was cheaper than let’s say I put gas in but
I had to sit there for 30 something minutes that’s actually pretty good I was there it was only
it8 it was $8.95 whatever it was yeah it wasn’t bad8
$80 $8 $8 was like nine bucks yeah and in 30 minutes will’ll get you the first
50% well I was yeah you know it gave me I didn’t fill it all the way up it gave me it gave me uh 80% when it said it got
to 80% cuz I had it only goes to 80% oh does it okay cuz I was wondering 0% it got up to 80% and then it kind of
stopped moving yeah it takes forever after that yeah it was like 81% and then it went like kind of teetered back to
80% I’m like what the hell’s going on here yeah it’ll it’ll have actually charging stations that will tell you that oh this one will go to full no but
most of them go to 80% got it at least you didn’t do what I did uh I bought my I bought my car and then um
installed a an outlet in the garage and then I went and bought a $500 charger on
Amazon and then one day I opened the I opened the trunk of the car and there was like a an extra part underneath that
you could open again and I opened that for the first time and there was a freaking charger that came in the
car months months after the return policy on Amazon that was so pissed I
love that’s awesome oh [ __ ] what the hell is this oh it’s the charger you
didn’t you didn’t just buy a new charger and then return the old one and then like they were different brands oh
gotcha yeah so I couldn’t go away with that um but I just call on my travel charger now so when I come up to your
house I’ll just I’ll charge my charge my car guys jeez this is hilarious I did I
did it for a while I I had an electric car when they first came I had the BMW i3 or something I8 yeah no I3 i8’s
really nice I had the I3 oh go you but it was you know I a great deal on it as far as from the dealer for lease and
stuff so I was like yeah I do it it’s just that I mean back then it would go like maybe 130 miles really I thought
there was roll like 80 miles well cuz I had a uh there was actually a motorcycle
engine in it that charge the batteries so you could put like a gallon and a half of gas to have that charge the
batteries interesting so different yeah that that was my experience in
California I gotta go back on Wednesday F I know you do that’s good speaking of gas T work yeah I gotta
go back on uh gas tanks weddings speaking of gas tanks you know what Dave’s trying to get us to the fights
let’s go speaking everyone’s like hey I didn’t really call Dave wants us to stop talking yeah about California and gas
prices and if we were talking about Colby Covington it would be okay yes it would be but all right no disrespect
Colby we’d love to talk about you but we got other other fights until years comes
up let’s go ahead John let’s go Canelo Alvarez took on jarmell Charlo in a
fight that was big time as far as what people expected out of it I’m being honest I watched it
and just wasn’t it was it was one-sided let’s just be honest it was a one-sided boxing match I gave Charlo I think two
rounds and it was that was me being nice yeah he got knocked down in the seventh
round it was the power you could tell that the power of Canelo was something
that Charlo was like oh damn this guy can crack and he was used to being able to
walk through what his opponents are throwing at him and he wasn’t able to do that and he just never got on his game
he’s a good he’s a great fighter Charlo is a hell of a fighter I’ve watched him throughout his career since he’s come up
he and his brother are fantastic but this was not the same guy he just didn’t look the same and a lot of it was look
Canelo looked fantastic Canelo you know other than the first round which neither guy threw very much and that’s the norm
for Canelo he gets his reads and stuff Canelo just dominated where the fight
was at when the engagements would take place just every bit of it for the most part yeah when it just when people we
talk about there’s times we show up to the arena and you’re just not feeling it
yeah I got the feeling from Charlo that it was like it felt almost like the first time time he’d ever been under the
bright lights he just clammed up he shut down he just didn’t have the output he
had moments where he would throw you know and but then he would go back to clamming up putting his back to the ropes his output was low yeah it was low
and a lot of that I want to be honest it came from the Canelo situation what it was was Canelo was comfortable putting
pressure with his hands directly up and he’ll take a couple of his shots directly to the the top of the forehead
and he would just walk through it like not a care in the world world like no there’s not anything you can do and as
you hit me and move I’m just going to Pivot my foot and I’m going to cut the ring off I’m just going to walk you down
again he just walked many times you know he he didn’t he didn’t he didn’t Shuffle over anything he just turned his body
and walked over said okay all right right here then yeah it cut it’s that
pressure it’s I’m G to I’m going to use a little bit of a little bit of how sean stricklin fought Izzy let me just do
this I’m going to just keep putting this pressure keep putting this pressure and is your back foot or your back or your
hips or whatever hit the ropes for the cage you start to kind of not know what to do anymore you’re used to being the
person that can that people respect I can stick and move can use my speed to my advantage use my lateral movement my
athleticism all those things Canelo is very simple he’s a very simplistic
fighter he just keeps everything tight defense is tight and once you realize the wait the harder I throw the less
likely I am to hit him and it doesn’t really have an effect on him when I do hit clean cuz I never really hit clean
cuz I’m actually hitting his gloves cuz he’s so defensively sound there’s so many things the best shot I think canel
Charlo landed was in the 12th round he hit him with a beautiful left hook and
you just saw had no effect on Canelo yeah and I was like like that just summed up how your
whole night was going like right there he hit him with a clean beautiful left hook and Canelo snapped his head and
just kept coming forward like it was no big deal and I was like that’s when you realized everything you did earlier in
the fight it had no effect effect like it just there was nothing nothing that he needed to respect you for and he he’s
a Charles a really good fighter he is I didn’t expect I actually didn’t expect it to go this way I was expecting a
little bit of a closer fight I expected Canelo to win but I expected to be more of a closer
fight well both guys being 33 years of age and you’re looking at him and going
canel probably you know he’s close to double the amount of fights as Charlo yeah you know so he’s got a lot of wear
but you take a look at the guys that he’s been up against it’s a it’s a pretty impressive list now Charlo same
thing he’s got some great names on his resume but it was I believe in in the
way I was looking at it as the fight started to go on it was more of Canelo
was not impressed with anything to do with Charlo as far as what you can do you know how you do it where Charlo was
in that position [ __ ] I’m fighting Canelo Alvarez and it kind of looked like he
had that respect for him you know as the fight kind of started and then as he got
hit it was like oh [ __ ] now I understand why people are you know getting uh
cautious when they’re around you in the in the ring so you know it it wasn’t as you I don’t know I
really enjoyed the Crawford Spence fight even though that was one-sided too yeah it was it really was and this one was
one-sided but it seemed at least was Spence Spence was
doing everything he could to to get to try to get that win against Crawford
where Charlo it seemed like you said look it’s just not my night and I’m just gonna I’m just going to make it through
the sucker yeah okay all right you know I can understand it it happens but uh you know it’ll be interesting to see he
he actually called Crawford out after the fight Crawford is going not now dude
who who called him out oh Charlo did Charlo okay I didn’t hear the post but then but then Crawford also uh someone
had asked him about like hey why doesn’t Canelo fight Crawford but there’s a there’s a weight difference there so you have to huge weight difference yeah but
you’re going to have to make that adjustment though too like and but canelo’s answer was very like look if
things align then we can talk about it it’s like but I don’t see it aligning with our careers right now that was a
very very simple you know like hey and accurate we’ll entertain it when we get
closer and weade and if you want to come up and make the adjustments and we can talk I’m not going down why would I go
down yeah I’m having success where I’m at right now um yeah I just I don’t I don’t
see Charlie just he came in it wasn’t his night didn’t pull the trigger when
you’re were talking about the Earl Spence fight and Crawford fight Spence went out on his shield oh [ __ ] yeah
that’s he went out fight that’s what I that’s what I was saying yeah he went out there he did everything that he knew
how to do could do in trying to you know hurt hurt Crawford put shots on him just
you know got beat by a better fighter yeah but you like but you got to remember though like when people talk
about going on their Shield going out on their Shield sorry but only a handful of them actually do it John yeah and that’s
the that’s what’s funny is when I listen to a lot of these fighters in their press conferences and man you’re going to have to kill me you’re going to have
to put me out on my shield there’s only a handful of guys that I’ve ever seen actually do it I’ll be honest man like
hey I look at guys like Frankie he’s one of them like that guy’s going to go out on his shield you know there’s certain
guys that in you well sometimes sometimes they’re not the greatest Fighters they’re not the guys that were
world champions Frankie was a world champion yeah you got guys like you know Darren Elkins yeah D Darren Elkins is a
guy he’ll go out on his shield man that’s a dude you look and you go no matter what you know you’re going to be
in a fight you know what So you you’re right there are just certain guys that
are like that but interesting I mean win but nice win by Alvarez Canelo looked
good cinnamon he did look good ah but then I want to know how
Charlo rebounds from this how does he rebound from this that’s what I want to know you know I think he goes back to
154 and just you know takes you know the next step in his career takes whatever
the mandatory is and just continues on and it’s like he he said the right thing
said look you know I came up to take my shot and he did mhm it just didn’t work
out for him yeah someone’s going to lose yeah that’s true it’s a fight game man normally nine
times out of 10 there there’s going to be a winner and a loser normally yeah
all right what else we got for us Dave want to look at some pfl I know that um they didn’t broadcast in the US but just
if you got time to catch at least the main event I was able to at least see two of them and the main event was one I
was able to see but it took so long for this fight to take place to get started and to get
over I mean it was like you know like I I said Cedric D is just a dynamite
standup fighter he’s got power in his hands watched him in glory all the time the guy is good he’s got four MMA fights
you know I’d watched Jordan zo strong powerful but man he got hit by
a freaking hook and that was over yeah you know it was absolutely nine seconds
in at the start of the fight nine seconds Mark Goddard was pulling him off
because look it that’s what Cedric I think he’s gonna be great for the pfl I think he is uh someone that you know
there’s going to be guys who are going to give him prompts you know they’re going to be able to you know take him off of his feet make him work hard to
get back to his feet and we’ll see what happens from that point but in the standup there’s not a whole lot of guys
that are going to want to be in the standup with him and there’s not going to be anybody that’s better than him in the standup
I’m going to skip the fight because it was all nine seconds I mean you s you saw exactly what it was did the UFC drop
the ball they offered him 20 and 20 and he said nah he went to the pfl yes they
he he made 140,000 in his first fight that’s right well and this is you know
how many times do we have to say it look the UFC is in their position they can do that they can sit there and they can offer that low ball and say oh hey you
know come in here and let’s see what you can do and then you know if you start doing good well then we’ll talk about raising your pay MH or you can be one of
the smaller promotions you know pfl is not as big as the U UFC it’s like
Bellator but they got to pay more and they do pay more yeah and to say I love
when people say oh they don’t pay more it’s like you have no [ __ ] clue yeah I I put a tweet on why people talk about
[ __ ] that they have no [ __ ] clue about why they get they have to comment
on something that it’s like like what you just said is absolutely wrong and any [ __ ] that watches a sport would
know it but in this I’m not talking about the contracts but the pfl paid a
guy what you know look what he was happy with and he went out there and performed
the way they want him to perform so good for good for both of them yeah I mean to get The Knockout that he got it was and
I what I loved is he’s obviously Entertainer came out like right before he was getting the crowd going it was it
was that’s what you’re looking for if someone you’re paying a good amount of money to and he’s Main Event in your
card and you have high expectations for him you want him to be what he was when he walked out that’s what you want he
made him a pillow at the Ws and he gave it to him and then he brought a mattress out and the walk out like all of these
things these are all things and the crowd they loved him obviously um and
look you and I we’ve we’ve been we’ve been to the to Paris for for Bor fights
and other fights and stuff and it’s I got to be honest outside of there’s a handful of Arenas we’ve been to that I
think are just spectacular and and right now and it changes given how much how
much uh MMA goes to these Arenas or sport Combat Sports go to the Arenas but
for me in the beginning it was always San Jose because of who I was extremely biased obviously in that because I fought there so many times La had a
couple great performances in terms of like their crowd and the arena felt good that I had been to but and obviously
Vegas to me but Vegas also too is Hit or Miss based on you know yeah Vegas is Hit or Miss but you either have a really
good crowd or you can have a really shitty crowd but they’re not local people though that’s the thing they’re all from from other areas not a lot of
them live in the Vegas area but I have noticed as of lately um London’s always
been great like you know in you know in London or in the UK normally the crowds are fantastic but obviously to me
Dublin’s top Dublin is the top one but Paris is right there Paris is right
there and then for me third right now would be Chicago which is funny cuz that’s where we’re doing a a show coming
up for Bellator in November but Chicago has been fantastic especially at that Arena what’s it called uh the windar
wistar it’s where uh the Paul plays basketball sorry sorry Wind Trust wi
trust there you go awesome um but that arena is fantastic man and the crowds have been crazy ins saying there so I
mean those are those are the Arena’s changed based on you know whoever’s on the card I know that but um but yeah I
just I look it it’s Dublin right now London’s always in there but Paris to me has beaten London the last couple times
we’ve went and then I look at you know Chicago those are my top three and four places I’d love I’d love to go to for
the events because they always bring it the fans always bring it they’re fantastic so um he’s definitely catered
to the fans and they love him for it he’s awesome I’m looking forward to see what he does moving forward
yeah anything else on here big win yeah big win by I man
Abdul abdur abdulov took on Brad wheeler he got a
really nice submission uh choke pretty quick in the first round but the one I wanted to talk about was Dakota deeva
who is their upand cominging rising star in the flyweight division she went out
and uh she actually had a tough fight uh Cornelio Holm actually put up a good fight in a lot of ways just didn’t have
enough in the end and uh ended up to to a body shot that put her out but Dakota
is good she’s fun to watch she just missed with the head kick on the way down yes but it was nice the way she put
way she put the combination together was very impressive very impressive I like I said I didn’t I didn’t get a chance uh
to see these fights just because of the there was the lack of the TV so I actually tried to search not easy yeah
so I had to search through on some of the YouTube and this is one of the bigger highlights that they had shown so uh
that’s one thing that pfl is going to have to fix because it’s like you know oh yeah but they have to you can’t have
fights that people want to see yeah that they can’t see well this is one of those and then I saw uh fron malamba he won
there he is down there yeah he won I saw that to decision I heard he I didn’t see the whole fight I just saw the
highlights to it but they were saying that it was very controversial so I don’t know what that exactly means you
know in terms of maybe they thought that um his opponent won instead of him but FR is fron is good he’s got got good
movement he’s got good head movement he’s got good he’s got good combinations he’s sneaky when it comes to his stuff
so um looking forward to see what happens to him though but he made it into the tournament that was his that was his uh fight in so we’ll see um any
anything else on here you on to talk about nope that’s good all right and things that we could VI FC you
could view this did view this stamp ver Tex taken on hamc C he sooh he I can’t
say it but HOH he from South Korea stamp Fair Tech someone that we’ve watched
multiple times fight for one fight for the championship um this was for the Adam
weight uh one title and was really started off a little slow but really
really started coming on and uh stamp faex just kind of started taking over
into the third round it was pretty apparent she was just too much for uh he
I felt like it was a lot of emotion going in because Angelie announcing her retirement there was seemed like a lot
of things that there was you could tell especially from Stan faex just the emotion I think leading into it they did
the um retirement for Angelo Le and they get a little clip to the back room and she’s kind of getting a little emotional
and they’ve shared the case you know and she’s lost to her but she got a lot of respect for her but I thought I thought
uh like you said stamp started off a little slow um both of them did actually and then H ham say he she but H she just
um she was starting to she kind of came out in the third round more aggressive than she did in the first two and that
was kind of the beginning and the end for her that was yeah exactly that was what gave stamp that the openings that
started putting shots on he that she just wasn’t able to to to handle you
know some of the the knees to the body and things that were happening look
at if you’re talking about smaller Fighters and Adam weight is very small
tools that they’re using that have great effect are the ones that are the heavier tools the kicks the knees the elbows and
that’s what stamp fex she excels at I mean she landed the gray body shop
and then she finished up she actually threw the the kick to the body right after and Then followed up with the knee there was another little body shot that
was able to get her out of there I mean she she knew once she got her hurt was to finish up going to the body and she
did a great job and the follow-ups everything ref came in great job uh the
Danielle Kelly and Jessica KH did you watch that good grappling match it was
good um this is when you take someone who has cage experience with someone who
has no cage experience I agree and then Kelly was just able to utilize that weapon she’s like look you don’t know
how to get up you’re just going to jump guard you’re going to pull me to the fence I mean you’re going to like try to pull me down against the fence that’s
that’s fine with me but I’m just going to smash you against the fence stuff your submissions get your get your knees
and your ankles to your ears and just make you feel uncomfortable the whole time that’s exactly what she did there’s a couple great exchanges in chasing on
the um the leg locks but Kelly she did a great job of attacking on her own I
thought one of the catches I thought for sure that U KH should deserve the the
rear naked catch uh then that would have I think probably even them up but um but I thought Kelly though overall I thought
Kell Kelly should have won even if I did grade it in the whole fight and its entirety in terms of grappling yeah
Kelly had more of the controlling positions she was able to get a couple sweeps uh I thought she did a great job
I expected uh Khan to be a little bit more offensive but instead she was a little bit more defensive and it really
worked against her and so um uh it was just almost like under the bright lights
in the cage okay let me ask yes throughout all of it I thought I
thought Jess jessan had actually had some really
good transitions into offensive acts against Kelly but I never thought Kelly
was truly in trouble no I mean there was the one RW naked that it was like and that’s they call she was so calm she was
so calm in it and everything it was like man she’s like she’s not worried about it at all and I was just like well you
super calm super relaxed and I had to give her credit man I was like she just is like she’s just flowing well they had
a commentator uh Tom de Blas he was there and he I thought he did a great job Tom to blast yeah yeah I thought he
did a great I thought he did a great job and he broke down uh you know with exactly what’s going on he’s like oh
Kelly doesn’t look like she’s in any danger you know the jaw you know in terms of KH being caught in the rear
naked choke it was across the jaw and he he made it very clear like look sure I can still you know fracture your orbital
I can break your you know kind of dislocate your jaw there’s things that can happen from there but it’s very difficult to get and so uh he was doing
a great job of breaking it down and um yeah great stuff I thought I thought this was a a very well contested match
in terms of grappling between each other and I expect a little bit more out of Khan and she just I think the fence man
I think Kelly played the rules perfectly let me press you to the fence let me make you feel uncomfortable let me see if you can open up your offense that way
and just Khan had no answer for it none John as we scroll through this did
you watch the liner fight I did watch the liner fight I was it was uh a little
bit different than I thought it was going to be I thought lener actually you know fought a smart fight against lman
as far as uh he didn’t take huge chances he didn’t do the big rushes that he
normally will do and stuff he just smart in his attacks waited for lman at times
countered I actually you know I know it went to a decision and people are going to be like you know oh it wasn’t that
exciting was a smart fight for John liner and it it was what he needed coming back because he got he got
whooped in his last fight so uh I thought it was a very smart fight against a guy that I think is a good
technician in lman so you have to like fans should remember that anytime a fighter loses the last thing they want
to do is drop two in a row so all they care about is just making sure that look even though I’m better than this guy or
even though I’m winning this fight just do what I can to get the win then after that okay it’s a it’s like a it’s like a
it’s like a weight lift being lifted off your shoulders and now the promotion is not looking at you like okay this guy’s
just dropped two in a row two in a row go with him yeah what do we do where we go like those type of things so I I
agree with you I thought he fought a smart fight it’s very rare he fights a smart fight exactly that was what I was really you know I was like I know as I
was watching I go a lot of people are not going to think this is a good fight this is a good fight for John L yeah um
you know for me I thought the best performance not best performance I about almost like a comeback of the night was
forong versus Amir Khan that fight where Amir Khan was dominating that fight from
beginning to end he was picking him apart he was making adjustments in terms of his range and keeping the the push
kick up the middle he almost he almost caught him a couple times with that straight up to the chin push kick he was
just right outside the range before long man he’s been around for a while so I was commentating for one long time since
when I worked with KH or when I worked with uh one FC he’s been been there he’s been there fighting like guys like
Timothy Nast Jukin and those guys I mean he’s been edare he fought Ed Alvarez twice I believe cuz he beat Eddie I
think he’s the one that beat Eddie his first fight uh I think it was nukin wasn’t it or was it foong oh no maybe it
was nukin first but then foong fought him again can you look up I think they both
fought let me see Eddie there no he’s not there huh no it
was n oh there he is right there it was n so he lost to Nas and then he beat yeah it was
um yeah I mean he’s been around for a while both of them and nukin and uh foong both of those guys big Power in
their hands and that’s exactly what happened um Khan was doing he was doing his thing sticking and moving using the
boxing keeping right outside the range making foong missed I was I was a little wondering why foong didn’t try to
pressure more on the top when he did get the takedowns he didn’t he kind of backed out a couple times like what are you doing this is where you want to be
like you’re dominating from the top position let him back up to his feet but I don’t know they were talking about he
must have saw something well he must saw something but uh good for him K I thought it was a comeback he he was down
two rounds and uh gets The Knockout in the third round impressive great great for him good for him yeah did you uh
watch the I don’t know how you say this guy’s last name serial and then Elliott I did not see it no but I will I saw it
it was okay just a quick knockout TKO but the other fight though with um how
do you say his name rolc and uh Asia Asia tenp pal Asia tenow what a fight
AIA temp pal was it was so impressive John are so tight with the kickboxing
Big Time elbows came up rocked him with some big shots jumping flying knee landed I saw the ending of that fight I
saw the ending of it good Heavens just impressive impressive performance um by
Asia and he landed the kick as he was going down it’s like so you hit him with
the knee and before he could actually get down boom he had threw the kick and went through it was it was a very impressive performance very impressive
look I think what’s your what’s where where where you at with
one as far as a promotion yes I I really enjoy what they do as far
as the variety that they bring okay the biggest problem I I see with them is
their their bulk is is in the lighter weight classes that’s where you take a
look at the talent that they really have that you go man that that guy’s fun to watch is usually in the lighter weight
classes that they have I love the fact that they do the MU thae with the Glo with the MMA gloves it makes for a
different type of fight fun and it’s h it’s exciting and you normally and not
not saying it’s the best for the fighters but normally you see finishes MH so uh I really enjoy that part of it
I like the grappling that they put on yeah you know as far as the aspect but I do think that they need to change some
rules in it to make it to where it’s forcing the athletes to go for the
submissions more than they are at times but overall I love their promotion it’s
the heavier weight classes that when you’re looking at the fighters they have they’re very they’ve got a couple and
then they’ve got nothing yeah and and that’s really the problem with them I think in you know the Asian market
they’re they’re freaking going to continue on and they’re going to look great and do good things as they come I
know they’re trying to you know really you know come into the states and God bless them for trying to do it and I hope they’re
successful they’re gonna have a hard time here because of the fact that most
of their Fighters are of lighter weights they’ve got some great ones but when you
get into the heavier weight classes yeah they just don’t have that depth that’s
going to help them here compared to being in Asia well Americans like watching the heavyweights I know that’s
what I’m saying you know that’s um it’s a I I like what they’re doing um I like
how they they bring all the action in terms of all different parts of the martial arts Muay Thai with the elbows
and knees with the Muay Thai or with the uh MMA gloves I think it makes it a lot better that way cuz those shots that can
sneak through now it makes the fight more effective um the Jiu-Jitsu it
depends if I watch the rule tiller Brothers I can’t ask for a better I can’t ask for a better grappling Style
Match because they just attack unless unless you have Dar Ritter who’s going against them that is just defensive yeah
I mean you’ll get you’ll occasionally get those you you’ve got to have some in my opinion you got to have it to where
if you get someone that is just completely defensive as far as I’m just gonna you can’t take me down I’m gonna
make sure that you can’t take me down it BEC this is where people will say that grappling is boring grappling
is not boring unless someone tries to make it boring yeah and so you got to have a rule that makes them say okay I
can’t just do this I have to be offensive that that’s the only thing I would change for him I would come up
with something that that M that forced the fight the the competitor into being offensive after a certain amount of time
or something got it that’s true like you have uh you have 20 seconds or 20
something to start mounting that offense opening your guard or we’re going to take points yeah or whatever it is I
don’t know but they’ve got something man I feel like they do have something they just they’ve got to find a way to get it
to the next level signing more bigger guys um you know it’s awful hard right
now it is and but that’s that that goes for every promotion John it’s not just one I mean look at the heavyweight division in the UFC there’s what five
maybe six they’re the top guys and then the rest of them they just kind of drops off significantly it drops off and I’m
not trying to knock the guys that are below that but like you L you like where we at in heavyweight heavyweight
division buddy come on Dave yeah it’s right there oh there it is okay so you’ve got Ser gone you got pavlovich
you got steep I mean he’s we won’t know until we’ll see exactly how he looks after he fights John uh you know Curtis
blades volov [ __ ] but I look at the spivi and the volov area that’s kind of where it
drops off you might even say it drops off at the Curtis blades area now i’ I’ve got hopes for some younger guys
where’s Almeida number nine jelton he’s n yeah I got hopes for him but then you get to like Derrick Lewis toura you know
Rosen struck Romanov I mean I’ve got you know it’s like you you have hopes for some of the guys but then I really just
Almeida is kind of the only one in that past that number five that I really think like okay this is a guy I could
see maybe they hang their future on a little bit it’s hard and the Bellator is no different you know you’ve got you know your top three four yeah you know
the pfl’s got you know they’ve got yeah it’s a handful you know the heavyweight
division is to me not that many it’s just not a lot of heavy weights it’s tough I’ve said it they’re always they’re probably all out there playing
football they are they’re playing football and basketball and that’s if you’re smart making quadruple probably
the right thing to do exactly making quadruple the money on the practice squad by the
way oh man all right what else you got for us Dave uh before we move on though you want you
guys uh join us over there at wayin join us
over there we want to thank you guys so much for supporting us not only on YouTube and not only on all of our audio
platforms hit the Subscribe button on our audio platforms as well but also um thank you guys for supporting us on the
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still haven’t dropped the uh Ireland pictures I haven’t done it yet you Pro I know man I just been TR been I’m I I
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lot it’s going to be a lot man so alrighty all righty all righty but hey join us over there at
wayin oh some fight announcements Dave like we there was some that we just didn’t talk about last week because we
knew there was no big fights this week coming up so we decided we’re gonna save some of them well this is one of them
Shawn Brady versus Kelvin gastam John that’s a great fight I love this
fight look at Shawn Brady 15 and one his one loss was to B Muhammad when he went
over to the UN United Arab Emirates and uh he’s just a hell of a fighter he’s
got a great standup game he’s got phenomenal grappling and wrestling and grappling ability he’s got a gas tank
he’s the full package you know and it’s a matter of just putting all those things together in the right way and and
uh the transitions that he makes but Kelvin gasim is still my Roberto Durant of MMA I love the dude but he’s going
down in weight we’re going to see how that weight cut to 170 but this is a matchup both guys you know Kelvin is
kelvin’s a dog and he’s going to be right there in the middle of uh Shawn their wrestling is kind of cancelling
each other out I think Shawn might have the better submission game if you’re going to look for it overall standup
wise I I might go with uh Kelvin yeah it’s it’s close but this is a great
matchup yeah I look at I look at it the same way you do I think the speed’s going to be a little bit of a factor though for Shawn is that I think that I
think Kelvin Glon is gonna have a little bit faster hands I think that’s what’s gonna happen with Kelvin G he’ll have
the faster hands he’s got the better stand up a little bit not by much but he has the better stand up um whereas
kelvin’s also he’s not afraid to give one to take or take one to give one nope where Sean’s going to be looking is
he’ll be looking to strike but to get the fight to the ground cuz I do have him having quite the advantage on the ground when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu and a
little bit of that wrestling but will he get after it quickly will he have a fast enough double leg or single leg to get
himself in there on the takedowns and get Calin Kelvin gum down um the other thing is that how old is
Kelvin Gaston Dave can you look that up for me 33 35
36 that old huh but you if there’s one thing if you’re going to be
tly I thought God I apologize 33 jeez I AP well you know the one thing you got
to look take a look you know if Dave now scrolls look at the list of Fighters
that Kelvin gasum has fought yeah I mean uh just a shitload yeah of top guys he’s
got big wins against you know guys that were Champions and stuff and he’s fought
everybody yeah vtor bord down there Chris Weidman bisbing Jacare Izzy I he
Hermon Whitaker caner if he goes down go down go down go down Johnny Hendrick
Tate markart Tyron Woodley I mean he’s fought everybody dude Rick story I
haven’t heard that name for a while Rick story Hall he was tough he came to AKA and train a little bit there yeah yeah
Nate maror man he’s got some work man URI Hall man I’m telling you oh yeah no
he’s look he’s good there’s no doubt he’s good uh he’s never really made the weight at
170 so I want to see him make this weight and still have a performance you
know like will he still have that gas tank in the in the third round I mean his fight obviously for me I mean with
Izzy was just I know he came up short I know it was like his time but man what a
fight I mean outside of what Sean Strickland did you know to Izzy no one’s ever done that to Izzy even the fight
with Alex Pera like Alex he looked looked like he had lost almost every round going in that first fight but you
know the first fight in the UFC he had lost three of the rounds up to that point in the fifth round exactly and so
but whereas with Kelvin gam he had put some damage on him he put some Dam he made him was making him work he was
doing he fought a fantastic fight and uh this is going to be an interesting fight because it’s going to come down to
normally when guys go from 185 to 170 the speed discrepancy is a problem
but I think kelvin’s going to be a little bit of the faster fighter in this fight I think the the hand speed the the
way that he comes out he’s just a lot more of an active fighter you know like he’s a lot more movement a lot more
things that go on he’s a busier fighter I I think the speed is going to be pretty much equal equal yeah okay I
really do but because Sean’s his hands are fast yeah he’s got fast hands you
know and uh he’s physically strong it’s just a great matchup So yeah thank you
very much either Shan Shel or Mick Maynard you did a great job putting that fight together next
fight here we go Shot Rock manof going up against
Wonder Boy step Thompson that’s at the end of the year in Las Vegas not too
sure that Stephen Thompson asked for this fight he got bullied into this fight
John you think so oh yeah oh yeah I mean look oh yeah there’s nothing he can do
like he they’re they’re like you’re 40 years old or 41 and no matter how much we care like
no matter how much we like you what you’ve done for us which they do they like it they do we they I mean like they
just except for they don’t want to give them they’re not going to give fighting his last fight yeah I’m surprised they
didn’t give him the kamaro Usman fight kamaro wanted it he wanted it it just did I’m surprised but then again we’re
going to see exactly this is going to be like this fight I think shott is going to be able to to muscle I would say
muscle him around but find ways to get into that clinch and get this fight to the ground I know on the feet that
shot’s got the I think he’s got power he’s get he’s slick on the feet also but
he’s gonna I think he’s going to fight a smart fight he’s going to try to take this fight to the ground and he’ll do it in mixing it up he won’t do it like he’s
not just going to go out there and just wrestle right away I think he’s going to stand a little bit he’s going to try to figure out the range and how and how
Thompson moves but can he get the fight can will he keep it on the feet after he feels comfortable I don’t know we’re
going to find out not a lot of people can stand in front of Stephen Thompson and feel comfortable this is true but I
look at it Stephen Thompson is his standup if you’re going to look at the two of them shot’s a much more standard
basic style obviously we all know what you know Stephen Thompson does but it’ll
be Stephen’s gonna have to limit his offensive output in in the attacks that
he makes based upon he knows how good shavkat is as far as his body locks and
taking people down from there so Steven’s have to be careful with how he
attacks and his In-N-Out movement but good match up still and I it’s one of
those you take a look it’s obviously you know that the UFC is looking saying well you know this
is a good this is a good name for shott if he beats Stephen Thompson and if Stephen Thompson you know beats shovot
well then maybe we will start you know looking at giving you kamaro Usman and then one one uh title shot past that if
it if it comes so who knows yeah we’ll see I mean but if chavot wins this fight
where do you think this puts him can we pull up the rankings for us buddy look this puts him right in in line he’s
right there with you know yeah bah Muhammad and all all of them
because he’s 17 and0 how many I want to say this will make him what six and0 five 5 and0 or 6 and0 in the
UFC um he’s uh he’s doing everything he’s supposed to do he’s taking all the
fights that they’re given him and he’s finishing his opponents you know what
that’s a that’s a big difference maker too I’m why I’m wondering why they gave him Stephen Thompson they didn’t go right to balah Muhammad I don’t know why
did they just say like hey balah this is your fight no matter could be that Bal didn’t want it that might be I’m not
saying he did turn it down I’m just saying could be that he didn’t want I wouldn’t mind seeing kamaro Usman and bah Muhammad either that’s a fight that
but you know what’s funny Dana said bal’s got a fight so he has to fight no but no Dan
said they said well you know like bah is the only guy he’s like no B’s got to fight he said that in one of his in one
of his more recent press conferences so I don’t know who it is no one’s no one’s buzzing about it but okay we’re going to
find out I mean it would make sense if it was Kamar Usman boy it would you know it make sense it would make sense fight
yep so we can have our clear you since you have Colby going against Leon yeah camaru and blah would definitely make
sense I mean the only one out there right now is just left I don’t understand why hamza’s still there please guys it’s just remove it like
when you he’s fighting it middleweight have you seen him John he looks
huge huge it’s he’s gonna be a middleweight he’s growing still he’s
he’s a young man and he’s still going to be growing and stuff making welterweight is too hard on him it’s something he’s
not going to be able to do anymore stay with middleweight he’s got the fight with Paulo Costa and then there’s so
many fights that he could have in the middleweight division just depends on what they want to do with him I’m not
going to lie though I was kind of looking forward to the shave cot Chay fight not gonna lie I was kind of like
like probably about a year ago I was like man if they ever make that fight it should be a great fight that’s why I think that I like the
chamaya versus Bo nickel fight will you give Bo some time please
no bo is like B’s good you know did you ever watch Bo against Gordon Ryan and
yeah saw grappling that they did I saw it okay if if he can just do that with
Gordon Ryan I’m not worried about Bo nickel but as far as getting hurt Bo
nickel’s just fine no I understand he’s getting better all the but I’m saying though on the feet against chamay he
doesn’t that’s where I I think CHF right now is better right you know yeah yeah on the feet absolutely so that’s where
my concern is like if he can’t out wrestles him and shmaya usually makes
his bones and gets his wins based upon his ability to out wrestle somebody yeah
but I think his ability to out wrestle uh Bon would just be a spraw and brawl try to keep his back off the fence and
then let the shots go okay you know so I think I would like to see Bo with one or two more fights before we start talking
Chaya you’re always wanting one or two more fight one or two I’m just trying to play the fighters man just give me one
more fight let him have one more yeah what else you got for us all right we
got fig versus font December 2nd as well this is crazy to me why I oh sorry never
mind never mind I don’t know why I don’t know why I was thinking they look identical by the way in this picture they look very similar I thought
it was the same guy for one second I was like wait where’s the who who the same guy’s fighting each himself no
I think I’m being honest I think this is a very difficult fight for devison
figero Rob font and his style is Rob is
good on the feet he’s he proved in his last fight look he’s a lot better on the ground than we gave him credit for and
anyone was really uh talking about he’s tough as hell we know that MH and we’ve
seen where deison has problems as the fights go on in the rounds where where
font he doesn’t you know he may get he may take shots he may take damage but
he’s got a gas tank yeah and he continues on so this is a tough fight for figuro yeah I think if if he just if
Rob font’s able to sprawl and braw keep this thing and just touch touch him with the hands throw in a couple kicks here
and there when you fill it my concern might be the speed a little bit I think Def and fed gr might be a little bit of the faster Fighter um but Rob stays
tight with the boxing he doesn’t really get himself out of position and he’s just got to keep it simple stick the jab
at his chest or at chin level don’t try to stick it a you know at the face so you’re right at that chest level and do
your work man just take your time uh is this the main event no it doesn’t think so really I
would think there’s a ton I assume this is the main event right here oh that could be got it um
but but it still doesn’t specify five runs that’s on the same that’s on the December 2nd same same night so figh a
card very nice got it got it got it very nice next fight we we have um facente L
and Ian Gary on December 16th another one I think it’s a great
matchup I know I know you were thinking that vente had a coming off a loss you got to remember he fought RDA that’s
right and and he uh he had a very good performance against RDA and look even a
Gary’s good and he’s got a lot in the standup but and he could definitely hurt
vente luk and put him out of there but if he this is the kind of fight that I think Ian Gary
needs I think this is the kind of fight that’s gonna put him either to that next level or is going to be that fight that
teaches him there are levels you know and viente luk he got past you know some of the
damage that he’s taken in fights and he had a long time off for a while and now he’s come back he looked good in his
last fight he fought smart I think you know a standup wise he’s you know he’s just he’s willing to
stand and bang with anybody and he’s got power in his hands he will take the fight to the ground too so this is a a
multifaceted fighter that uh Gary is going to have to figure his way through
he’s obviously hot right now and I think that’s why they made the fight this is what I think
Dave pull up vente LC for me please John they both train at kill
Cliff so yes they do if Ian Gary takes this fight he knows
something like you’re a young kid like he knows whether you know what I can get the better of this guy which is really
strange to me that is you you are picking to be the hill right away like you’re literally saying you know what
you train in my gym and I know I’m better than you I’m going to fight you uh but I I I believe I believe vente has
not been training at uh Kil Cliffe recently oh okay he was for a long time
still goes in there every night but from what I he’s back in I want to say he’s in uh he was in Brazil I remember them
saying there’s something about that okay it could could be he’s still there but I it is strange because they both yeah
they’re both associated with kill Cliff with other guys that are ahead in the rankings or guys that are there would
find that You’ find somebody else to fight but then if that’s the case like you’re obviously saying like hey I
remember training with you and I know I I can get the better you or I was faster than you you’re you’re automatically
saying if the younger guy is saying yeah I want that fight or yeah I’ll go ahead I’ll sign a line that lets you know that
he believes otherwise he probably wouldn’t have taken that fight no I’ve trained with him like I need one more fight before I get there he’s thinking
that he’s got this fight in the B now who knows maybe he just believes this is the time because viente he also called
out stepen Thomas he’s look Ian Gary is not trying to back off of anybody he’s
he’s wanting that that nice little uh ride to the top and he’s willing to
fight I don’t really Call it Courage when you call out a 40-year-old sorry um
now excepting the fight with vente luk who’s 31 years old and he’s a stud and
he fought you know everybody and uh you know I feel like he’s a little bit on the downturn right now so I don’t know
what it is with him but something’s not something’s not clicking like a little bit of the speed is off a little bit of
the the combinations something’s off with him a little bit right now I don’t know what it is but uh he hasn’t looked
his same you know after he went on that little run there for a while to get himself high up in the rankings where Ian Gary right now is he’s obviously
feeling himself he he’s he’s believing in everything he he’s he’s believing in his own paper cins he believes it that’s
good that’s what you need he should you need to believe in what you’re doing if you’re going to be successful so good fight this going to be a good fight he’s
been doing good Mesa Tate taking on Julia Aila again December 2nd so that December
2nd UFC Fight Night from the Apex it’s going to be a good card they got to Crown them all in before the year ends
cuz if not they got to pay them out exactly they got get getting loaded yeah
yeah we’ve been on I’ve been on the receiving end of that a couple times uh I always hated it too but at this at
least it’s before Christmas and New Year’s that’s the way you got to look at it it’s like it sucks during Thanksgiving but you got to look at it
like at least it’s before Christmas and New Year’s so you get that check right before Christmas and New Year’s and it’s
blown and you want to fight again by February you just don’t you can you can have a turkey dinner just turkey no
man um I mean look I want to see where she’s at Misha Tate you know and um I
want to see I want to see where she’s at 135 for her she’s not decided not to go down to 25 she’s said
35 you know uh she’s not old what is she 36 35
how old is Misha now yeah somewhere right in there you know yeah she’s somewhere in there um I want to say she
was 34 when she retired yeah was 37 37 37 look at her body in this shg picture
and look at her body now yeah she has leaned out so much since you know before
yep just shredded I’m I’m a big huge Misha tape fan so I can’t say anything
I’m very bias I’m very biased very biased so next one next
one all right oh Jared caner versus Roman delit
that’s a great fight match up too they got some good that’s December 2nd too
December 2nd man thank God I don’t have to pay for that sun [ __ ] who because I actually would who is GNA be on the
prelims that’s what I want to know don’t know who’s going to be on the prelims um
I’ll tell you what I think it’s a great fight fight this a this is a this is a tough tough fight for Jered
Canon H look at Roman delit he just reminds me of those guys that every time you hit someone that it hurts it’s like
it look looks like everything about him just looks like it’s just painful to like grapple with you or if I was to
kick you and you block I don’t want to hit your elbow like the bone density all those things yeah I don’t know I think J
Jared caner has got all the tools man you’ve seen like he’s come down from the weight losses now he’s down at you know
at 85 but he’s someone that mentally is mentally strong you can tell you don’t
get down to 185 pounds after dropping all that weight from heavyweight all the way down to 205 now to this I mean the
guy’s got it mentally he’s got it he just got to go out there and perform but toit’s a hard fight for anyone strength
wrestling like power in his hands and a little bit of a mean streak in him yeah
this is his first fight back since his lost to vtori yes yep which a lot of
people were yeah 50/50 on yeah I was very 50/50 on it I was but this going to
be a good fight I’m pumped for this fight this just like you like you’re saying December 2nd’s going to be a fun
fun night what else you got all right that ends it for the fates that ends it
ton of them but we do have one story I want to touch on I just saw in the headl
just one oh just one yeah one story really wor really worth
spending time on in the podcast um really and Tim Kennedy had put a post on
X forly Twitter um about it was an anniversary of a fight and he made
comments about the rules and kind of insinuated Big John’s responsible for uh
an issue there and um it was obviously picked up responsible Big John Big John
replied on X um and then John I wanted to give you a chance to kind of talk about this and and cud up anything that
you might think is off here um timid posted on X robbery anniversary and the
end of my fight career dear Nevada athletic commission NAC 467.7
28 if a combatant fails or refuses to resume competing when the bell sounds
the referee shall award a decision of TKO
okay how about that I guess I should come up with the Nevada athletic Commission
thing on grabbing people’s gloves and punching them yeah I I saw that too you know look
here here’s the Jo all Josh I’m gonna have you be you be the judge on this
okay because I’m just going to tell you the truth of what occurred John why you always got to bring me in all your drama why I got to pull why I got to be out
here okay Dave podcast Dave no I got hey
I can’t I can’t I can’t let Tim I love love Tim Kennedy man I like him a lot love but I can’t let Tim Kennedy bully
my boy around man they’re not doing this first off there there ain’t no bullying going on this is he he can sit there and
he can come up with his stuff as far as robbery anniversary and end of my fight career well he fought guy named Kelvin
gasum after that so obviously it wasn’t the end of his career maybe it was psychologically
yeah okay so and I’m not saying it wasn’t but you know what occurs in that
entire thing I used to sit and try to go through all kinds of different scenario
so I would always have an idea of where to go when something happened and you know this is one that
you know I never thought I would have to F figure out how do I get a cutman that
works for the UFC back in a cage because you know what what occurs in this thing
and I have I I have not watched it I watched it when uh after it happened and
because I wanted to figure out what do I do to handle this better because there
was there’s always ways of handling things better and and I and I’ve always said you know first off Tim wanted me to
do something to yoel that wasn’t fair but I will I I flat out honestly
say it it it also wasn’t completely fair to Tim but also let me stop problem go
ahead let me stop you let me we have to start this thing from the beginning cuz a lot of these F the people that are listening to our show they have no idea
what you’re talking about this how old this how old we are we’re dating ourselves right now John okay I don’t I
don’t even remember what UFC it was as far as the number you’d have to look it
up Dave to find out but uh I want to say it was in September though I think I do remember that um so
Tim Kennedy’s fighting yel Romero that’s the situation okay and then they and I and and I will be honest Tim had you
know uh in the back he talked to me and talked to me about hey you know uh he’s
been known to uh you know to have problems holding himself as far as you
know he can he kind of you know shat himself against uh Derek Brunson you
know and it was called the dooky gate and stuff like that he goes he says man I don’t want to be fighting someone I said don’t worry about that if that
occurs this is what’s going to happen I’m telling you right now and I went through it with him right well the fight
happened in the second round right near the end of it Tim and I don’t see it uh grabs a
hold of y’s would have been yoel’s right hand and Tim starts throwing his right hand
and he actually hurts yel and yel goes back into the cage and he cuts him and he cuts him over the left
eye and when he cuts him he’s he’s going after him but the bell sounds you know 10 I hear the 10-second clacker and
finally the bell sounds and I stop and and Tim you know thinks he’s the winner of the fight and I said no it’s the end
of the round go back to your corner and he’s he’s almost a little bit you know
like what the [ __ ] you know and it’s like you didn’t Hur you heard him but you didn’t hurt him that bad not for me
to be stopping to fight so he goes back to his corner I actually go back and I
have a doctor come in and look at yoel while I go to Tim’s corner to check on
Tim just to look at him and make sure he’s good I go back I talk to the
ringside physician ringside position he’s fine you know no problem at all let him
go and when I walk over to Y I see that the UFC cutman who has now left the
cage has taken vaseline on that cut and he’s put a giant [ __ ] glob and then
smeared it going back to his ear and I’m looking at like and I’m thinking
of both of them yoel is a is a guy who is a wrestler but he likes to stand up
but Tim is a good Grappler oh yeah Tim’s a damn good Grappler and and I really
where I where I first figured out how good a Grappler Tim Kennedy was was when he fought Trevor prangley yeah you know
he dominated Trevor prangley on the ground I was like goddamn he’s good and
so the first thing that I thought about is I can’t put yoel back out with that Vaseline because it could have an effect
on if Tim decides you know this fight goes to the ground and he’s trying to hold on him now he’s slipping out you had the whole BJ pen and George St
Pierre thing so the Nevada State athletic commission inspector Charlie anzelone I tell get that cut man in here
and get that wiped off because I don’t want to touch yoel’s eye if I touch the
eye and I break the eye back open I’ve altered the fight so I don’t want to be
the one one touching the cut and so Charlie anzelone tells yoel you know
stay seated he goes to get the cutman
and at about this time Tim is now like you know saying
something and he’s starting to he comes over so now I’m walking Tim back saying get yourself back to your corner I’m not
starting the fight till you’re back in your corner and then I walk back and Charlie anzelone has brought in not the
cut man he’s brought in the corner man for yel Romero so there was a mistake
right there okay now was it my mistake no but I got to deal with it so this
guy’s you know first off he’s Spanish speaker he doesn’t understand a [ __ ] word I’m saying and he’s like you know
trying to figure out what what they want and I tell Charlie get him the [ __ ] out of here right and I can’t get I haven’t
gotten the cutman to come back in now the problem is the cutman is
hired by the UFC he’s not hired by Y and the cutman that was with Tim being I
think Stitch at the time he’s not hired by Tim so when the cutman doesn’t come
back in or because the cutman put too much crap all over yoel’s face that’s
not on yoel’s Corner that guy is independent of his corner and so he’s
the one that’s caused me the problem he’s the one that is and and this is this all goes down to you know time and
experience that cutman at the time he’s a good guy but at the time he hadn’t been doing cuts for very long and he has
a pretty big fight and he has now a stressful situation where he’s got about a 2-inch long cut so it’s a good one and
he’s trying to close it and he’s trying to hurry and he hasn’t learned all the little things that he can do at this
point to you know be really good at it and so he makes a mistake now I’ve got to try to get them up and
out and the whole thing takes about a minute and a half it’s a minute 28 for
that round for me to start the round now most rounds in the UFC when you’re talking about you know pay-per-view
shows or anything like that based upon you know anic or Goldberg at the time you know doing their reads and stuff
most of them start somewhere between 113 and 116 it’s a little bit more than a
minute yeah because you’re waiting for Force someone to Signal you to be able to start it I’ve had people on Twitter
say when the bell sounds the Bell s the Bell doesn’t sound you [ __ ] we don’t have a bell it’s it really is the ref
going you ready you ready K that’s it right so it’s like there’s no Bell to
start it I didn’t stop off a bell so finally I get you know I tell you get
up now I should have done looking back and one of the things I figured I should have made sure that I didn’t allow y all
to stay on that stool yeah because it just looked bad because then you have Rogan you know saying his stuff because he doesn’t know everything that’s going
on he doesn’t realize it’s the cut man yeah and so you know I finally get him up it’s a minute 28 by the time I get
him going and then Tim gets rocked and he gets hurt and he loses the fight and
so that’s the fight that he’s talking about and if you’re going to say you know could I have done something better
yeah I should have had yel stand up earlier it doesn’t matter what you know normally the the stool and all that is
is the Nevada athletic commission guy either he’ll assign it to a trainer or
he’ll actually bring the stool in put it down grab it out he’s the one responsible for your mouthpiece he’s going to say you have your mouthpiece in
all that stuff right I should have taken and I should have just said no I’m going
to do it I’ll take over but I was trying you know we’re a team you kind of you know let them do their job you do your
job and so you know Tim’s upset about that fight okay but how do i f find or
how do I deduct points or how do I DQ yoel Romero when he didn’t do anything
wrong it wasn’t him he was fined to go according to the doctor 30 seconds after
the round ended okay so it’s not like he was loopy and it wasn’t his Corner that
created the problem there was people now saying oh yeah I remember they they dropped ice there was no ice dropped
okay it wasn’t ice it was the UF ceas cutman was the one that created the issue that was what made the fight
delay and how do I how do I find or you know DQ or eliminate points from one guy
when that’s not his Corner couldn’t do it and trust me I wanted to do something
I just looked and said I can’t and now do I look I go back and I look and I say is that completely fair to Tim no it’s
not but it’s not it’s the same as it wasn’t completely fair that Tim hooked the glove of yel and I didn’t do
anything about that but it’s it’s so fast in the moment of the time that okay you’re going to have fight your way through it it is just what it is and if
you want to put blame put blame I don’t give a [ __ ] doesn’t bother me you know where you have to go for me where I go
with this as a fighter from my perspective on this whole situation of course with Tim I’m thinking to myself
this guy’s getting more time to recover um but all of those things all
those things doesn’t to me it doesn’t really matter as a fighter this is what happens he was on cloud n that he had
rocked him right before the end of the round and as soon as the round didn’t start when it was supposed to sound then
everything went out the door it didn’t matter what Tim was doing Tim’s emotions Tim’s eBid flow of his emotions like
I’ve got him hurt he’s going to be done I’m gonna get out there I’m gonna finish this fight and then the the little that
10 seconds or 15 seconds extra it’s like the guys jumping up on the cage thinking
they won and then they’re told no example Michael bisbing and Anderson Silva Anderson Silva thought he won no
no buddy it’s not over get in your corner you know and that’s that’s where you’re at like there’s fights I’ve seen
it too many times where the fighter drops the guy right before the round then the the the fighter is able to get
up and stumble back to his corner but he got back to his Corner round starts back up oh the fight was over he thought he
won because the ref waved it off like hey this is the round fighter thinks it it’s over I’ve knocked him out no
they’re the bell went this is it you go back to your cor Daniel visel versus Patricio Pitbull the first time yes yep
thinking you win the fight and then come back in the second round or third round or whatever round it is in the next round and your emotions got the better
of you yeah and I’ve seen it too many times you’ve seen it I’m sure more than I have and um it’s it’s like it’s been
something that’s happened consistently it’s just the it’s that you feel like you’ve won everything is your your
energy level everything you’re endorphins all that stuff gets so high and then there’s this little thing
little tiny thing and you let it ruin everything you let it get to you you let it believe and then all of a sudden you get in trouble then it’s like a snowball
it really is like quicksand it happens so fast you don’t realize next thing you know your head’s underwater and you’re
you’re getting finished or you’re getting choked or you’re like [ __ ] how’ I end up here I was winning this fight and then now what you want to do is you
want to put blame somewhere it’s it’s uh it’s an unfortunate thing unfortunate circumstances but like you
said you go in the back and you explain to him hey the cutman is not employed by
me it’s not employed by the fighter it’s employed by the UFC and whatever he did I have to fix it you cannot have a GL a
big thing of Vaseline from your face all the way to the back of your neck I just can’t do it you know or to the back of
your ear it’s just I have to get it wiped off and this it’s it’s a shitty situation to be in I mean I would
imagine for a ref and I’m not just siding with you on it just because it’s where you and I are here talking about it in the in the end I actually was the
one that wiped that vaseline off and I opened up his cut and I was like ah [ __ ]
yeah but but you can’t have you can’t have that’s the thing like otherwise it would have taken another 30 seconds yeah
I couldn’t I couldn’t get the cutman back in and it know was funny because at after the whole thing you know the end
of the fight and Mark Ratner who is you know the the vice president of Regulatory Affairs for the UFC
and uh he comes to me and he says he goes he says he goes Johnny he goes you know he says you know why why did we why
did we not take points from yel with when his Corner did that and I said Mark that wasn’t his Corner that was your
[ __ ] cutman he goes my cutman and I go yeah I want you to think about it
this is what occurred and he goes ah [ __ ] I’m sorry he goes well we’ll take care of that and so it came up it did it
did come up in the uh press conference after afterwards with Dana and Dana you know he basically says yeah he says you
know that was an unfortunate situation he goes but I’ve been told it’s kind of like uh something that we need to to to
fix and work out so that was that was in the end I and I was told you know it was
funny because at the time I wanted to talk about it the Nevada State athletic Mission at the time was run by Bob Bennett he said I don’t want you you
know don’t talk to the media about this you know just let it go he says you you you did the right thing you got to go as
much as quick as we could he goes that’s something that we’re going to have to figure out how to deal with since it’s their you know the the promotions cut
man not the not the fighters well Mark Ratner was a the commission right for Las Vegas for the longest time right and
then he started working for the UFC 14 years yeah yeah yeah I mean he should I mean he obviously knows he knows the
rules and like what you know but like from the outside looking in though if if he’s going like what the [ __ ] going on
what do you think the fighters going through at that moment I and and I totally understand how at the on at the
moment Tim was like I’m getting [ __ ] yeah you know and and like I said I in
some way I I agree I look and I say it in the end it wasn’t fair for him but
there was nothing that I could do to make it fair for him yeah but here’s nothing was there within my within my
power but here’s that you brought up a good point earlier like he then he said the end of his career then he went and fought Kelvin gam and he lost that fight
what it is though is that you you work so hard to get to a goal and a peak
there’s nothing it’s not obviously not on you is that then once you lost that one fight he’s at a stage in his career
in his life like I’ve been there you know and I’ve just realized after I lost
the bson fight you really kind of like all right well I’m at my age at whatever
age I was a 37 at the time and they’re like you know you’re not getting a title shot now look at where Stephen Thompson
is right now let me give you the guy who’s 17-0 that’s what they’re looking to do
like you youve got to see the riding on the wall and so and and it’s like that was your moment for Tim I feel like the
Y fight was like his moment it was not to go backwards it was to go forward and one step closer maybe even next you know
and so um it just it becomes your your your attitude your confidence all that
stuff is not what it was before you walked into that fight and it changes everything it does and uh it’s a shitty
situation to be in but hey this is the fight game man this the fight game it is
so uh all right well hey we’re going to leave you guys on that go to weighin weighin pick up some
of our Peril there it is becoming I was just in California and because it was been so hot here in Texas I got there
and it was like mid 70s that was freezing like freezing so cold I was
like man let me get let me get the jacket let me get the hoodie scarf all this other stuff it was not quite that
bad but go to Wayne pick up some of our p over there and uh John go ahead buddy take us away hey for everyone out
there thank you for listening I hope you uh enjoy what we had to say as far as
like the Canelo fight and all the variety of stuff going on without the UFC no big fights but you next week
it’ll be there and Tim Kennedy I’ll send you a uh a hoodie yes maybe that’ll make
you feel better everyone else out there take

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