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Brad Tavares is an American professional mixed martial artist who competes in the middleweight division for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Starting his MMA career in 2007 in Hawaii, Tavares quickly made a name for himself with an undefeated record of 5-0. His talent and determination led him to join The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 in 2010, where he showcased his skills to a wider audience.

Throughout his career in the UFC, Tavares has experienced both triumphs and setbacks. Notable victories include impressive wins over seasoned fighters such as Phil Baroni and Krzysztof Jotko. However, he has also faced tough opponents like Tim Boetsch and Israel Adesanya, resulting in losses that have tested his resilience.

Within the UFC middleweight division, Tavares holds several impressive records. He is currently second in the division for the most wins and has earned a reputation for his ability to secure victories through decision wins.

Recently, Tavares showcased his skills once again with a notable victory against Chris Weidman at UFC 292. This win not only solidified his position as a formidable fighter but also sparked speculation about his future prospects in the world of MMA.

As Brad Tavares continues to make his mark in the UFC middleweight division, fans eagerly anticipate his next moves and eagerly await his future fights. With his dedication, skill, and determination, the future looks promising for this American MMA fighter.

Early Career and The Ultimate Fighter Season 11

Tavares began his MMA career in 2007 in Hawaii with a record of 5-0 before joining The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 in 2010. In his early career, Tavares showcased his skills and potential as a promising fighter. His undefeated record in Hawaii highlighted his natural talent and dedication to the sport.

Joining The Ultimate Fighter Season 11, Tavares had the opportunity to further prove himself on a larger stage. The reality show provided an intense training environment and exposure to experienced coaches and fighters. Tavares saw this as a chance to take his career to the next level and make a name for himself in the UFC.

Throughout the season, Tavares showcased his technical abilities, demonstrating a well-rounded skill set that included both striking and grappling techniques. His performances inside the Octagon impressed both the coaches and the fans, solidifying his position as a rising star in the middleweight division.

Notable Wins and Losses in the UFC

Tavares has had a mixed record in the UFC, with notable wins over fighters like Phil Baroni and Krzysztof Jotko, but also losses to Tim Boetsch and Israel Adesanya. One of his notable victories came against Phil Baroni in 2012, where Tavares showcased his striking skills and secured a unanimous decision win. He displayed a dominant performance, landing clean shots and defending well against Baroni’s attacks.

“I knew I had to be patient and pick my shots against Baroni,” Tavares said in a post-fight interview. “I stuck to my game plan and executed it perfectly. It’s a great feeling to get the win against a veteran like Baroni.”

In 2017, Tavares faced Krzysztof Jotko in a highly anticipated matchup. Tavares utilized his technical striking and superior footwork to outmaneuver Jotko throughout the fight. He landed crisp combinations and showcased his defensive skills, frustrating Jotko and earning a unanimous decision victory.

However, Tavares has also experienced setbacks in his UFC career. In 2015, he faced Tim Boetsch in a bout that ended in a controversial split decision loss. Despite showing his trademark tenacity and landing significant strikes, the judges’ decision did not go Tavares’ way.

Records in the UFC Middleweight Division

Brad Tavares, an American professional mixed martial artist competing in the middleweight division for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has made a significant mark in his fighting career. Tavares holds several impressive records in the UFC middleweight division, solidifying his position as a formidable fighter.

Notably, Tavares has achieved the second most wins in the middleweight division, demonstrating his consistency and ability to perform at a high level. With his exceptional skills and determination, he has secured numerous victories over formidable opponents, showcasing his proficiency in the octagon.

In addition to his impressive win record, Tavares also holds the record for the most decision wins in the UFC middleweight division. This highlights his ability to adapt and strategize during fights, consistently earning the judges’ favor with his technical prowess and calculated approach.

Records Held by Brad Tavares
Second most wins in the UFC middleweight division
Most decision wins in the UFC middleweight division

Tavares’ records in the UFC middleweight division serve as a testament to his skill, dedication, and longevity in the sport. As he continues to compete, fans and analysts eagerly await his future bouts, eager to witness his exceptional talent and see if he can further solidify his place amongst the greats.

Recent Victory and UFC 292 Fight

Tavares recently won a fight against Chris Weidman at UFC 292. The match took place in Las Vegas on December 18, 2021, and showcased Tavares’ skills as a formidable middleweight fighter. He displayed excellent striking and defensive prowess throughout the bout, ultimately securing a unanimous decision victory over Weidman.

Throughout the fight, Tavares effectively utilized his striking abilities, landing crisp punches and powerful kicks that kept Weidman on the defensive. His footwork and head movement were also instrumental in evading Weidman’s counterattacks. Tavares showcased a well-rounded skill set, seamlessly transitioning between striking and grappling to dictate the pace of the fight.

As the fight progressed, Tavares showcased his durability and conditioning, maintaining a high level of energy and aggression. He consistently pressed the action, displaying a relentless offensive approach that wore down Weidman. Tavares’ ability to control the distance and dictate the exchanges allowed him to secure rounds on the judges’ scorecards.

Tavares’ victory over Weidman at UFC 292 further solidifies his position as a top contender in the middleweight division. His technical proficiency, strategic approach, and relentless determination make him a formidable opponent for any fighter in the division. As he continues to excel and refine his skills, Tavares is poised to make even greater strides in his MMA career.

Fighters Result Method Event Date
Brad Tavares Win Decision (Unanimous) UFC 292 December 18, 2021
Chris Weidman Loss Decision (Unanimous) UFC 292 December 18, 2021