Bo Nickal on Sean Strickland becoming the UFC Champ, Jake Pauls $50k Fantasy league + Alaska Cruise

can we talk about the fact that Shawn Strickland is the UFC middleweight champion I absolutely dominated my first
week of better fantasy football that did really hurt my heart when I saw Aaron Rodgers you might just stay out there
I’m considering it
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bro those can’t be the first words you said you’ve ever seen each other in like
three weeks oh man I know I’m just playing I’m just
disappointed I figured you’d be dressed up for me dude bro I wore my favorite tank for you come on oh yeah it’s your
favorite one all right we’re good yeah I just forgot my sunglasses to the freaking Beach oh well imagine that
dude that that fit is dope yeah you want me to model it for you
yeah give me a little twirl hold on one second
hey I’m gonna go the other way actually because the lighting’s better
see here work yet
Zang welcome to Nichols and dimes
I love it yeah yeah I’ll get you one we’ll get you
a black one they come in Cut Off then what cutoffs
oh it’s cut off I just got a t underneath oh my gosh that’s sick amazing yeah yeah
that room looks sick are you on the ship yeah so yeah I’m on the ship right now
um are we going let’s freaking get this episode going yeah we’re wrong we’re rolling all right yeah so quick update
Bo and Tony Adventures separate not usually separate but uh
yeah last two weeks I’ve gone all over the place Colorado hunting killed some
stuff killed a turkey killed a mule deer we’ll get into that later um then went back to PA for a day now
I’m in Alaska on a freaking Cruise bro yeah so this is our room
um this is where we’re at dude this cruise ship’s insane it’s like 16 stories
what did yeah it’s huge it’s uh there’s everything in here there’s um like 50
different restaurants there’s a mall there’s a movie theater there’s
tons there’s there’s I think two or three different pools there’s a whole gym there’s like 50 coffee shops there’s
uh oh my God what else is there oh there’s a casino
dude it’s crazy dude I found you awesome I was I was honestly
thinking um because this is my first time ever on a cruise so I don’t know what to expect
but I was like dude Tony would love would love this
vacation bro sounds I didn’t know cruise ships are dope I’ve heard mixed reviews but sounds
like dude this one’s the real deal so we’re lucky we’re with Diane because
um our good friend Diane who is a sweet sweet old lady but Savage at the same
time she’s done I don’t know 20 years worth of cruises
she’s been on this Cruise a dozen times literally no exaggeration and doesn’t yeah and uh
it’s there you go forgot I have my blue light glasses
let’s still have to do nice nice that’ll do but yeah so she’s kind of giving us
all the ins and outs and everything and she got us to the bite of this it’s like this extra pass that’s 500 bucks but we
pretty much get this insane high-end restaurant for every single meal if we
want it and we get all the free drinks we want so obviously I’m not drinking alcohol but all the other people are on
track yeah dude so many freaking uh Seltzer with lime so many little like
watermelon lemonade cappuccino after every meal bro
it’s insane what do you want today sir you’re like I’m a little crazy let me get a Seltzer with lemon they’re like oh
okay it’s the best so I’ll just give you like
kind of a daily schedule so every day is a little different because we’re traveling so there’s some days where we
see um different things but it’s basically you get up in the morning like eight nine
a.m you go to a absolutely fire breakfast it’s just everything you want super fire The Waiting staff they’re all
the best the best they’re so nice and friendly but they just do a great job they never mess your order up or
anything they all know your name and stuff and then they get your breakfast get your coffee all that and then you
kind of can either chill or do activity so today we visited the Hubbard
or just Glacier in North America and so yeah it’s crazy I’ll send you pictures so we saw um
this massive Glacier and we got up to like a half a mile from it
and um yeah so we got like right up next to this Glacier and just kind of sat and
looked at it and it does this thing it’s called calving we’re basically look through all those photos
yeah if they come through but uh it’s like oh they’re not sent yet but they’re coming but anyways it’s like a piece of
the glaciers break off into the water and it’s insane it’s so cool it makes a crazy noise and
um yeah so we did that for a couple hours and then we went back to uh get more
food so we just got like burgers and dogs because we didn’t want to go to the for some reason they didn’t want to go to the nice place today so we just got a
bunch of burgers and dogs and fruit and stuff nice and uh yeah now we’re here now we’re on this
oh excuse me nice little Zoo but yeah bro that’s sick Bro then we’re just
gonna go to a super fire dinner tonight so they have a really nice place I was telling you about they got an Italian Spa they got a French spot they have a
sushi spot yeah they have Osaka on board they have a soccer on board ass
doesn’t get much better than that yeah yeah for real yeah that sounds like
a like a high-end one I’d be into that yeah our girl Diane
said this is the best they said she said this is the best one yeah I saw you guys uh I saw you her and
Matt all in the casino lined up together I was like there must be going off dude she’s a Savage you know she likes
she likes playing uh she’s like keeps bringing it up and she’s like
she’s like did you go to the casino last night and I was like no I turned in early because
I just uh when you when you’re at Port the uh Casino
um it closes because they don’t want to pay Alaskan tax so we were at Port yesterday
and so the casino was closed all day until like 11. so I was like I’m just gonna go to bed hit it tomorrow and she’s like
and yeah so I said she asked me if I was there last night I was like no no I didn’t go blah blah and she’s like oh
tonight though I was like yeah she’s like we’re back
we’re gonna hit it again tonight uh have you got off the ship at all yeah so we got off the ship yesterday we
went to um it’s called icy point and basically you just
we just walked up we did a little hike and uh Gabby and Matt
um they did a zip line it was like insane 1300
foot drop zip line and uh yeah we just walked around and we saw some whales saw
um saw a bald eagle I got a pretty dope bald eagle feather I don’t know where I went but let me find it yeah I found
this sick bald eagle feather dang now did you remove that feather manually or did you
find it no I just asked him for it he was like yeah you seem cool okay gotcha
he was like yeah sure sure none of these other people could have one but you got it best though yeah
yeah what about all your meat did you get that [ __ ] back yes so all the meat so basically let’s
go back to the let’s get into the hunting now yeah I mean I’ve just been training here so I don’t have much to
share so I just want to hear about your escapades so we’ll talk about hunting and then and then uh we’ll break it down
and then we’ll get into a little bit of training a little bit of what we have to do as a profession so
so uh all right yeah so out in Colorado mule
deer hunting um spot in stock archery so early season basically the deer the deer the activity
kind of depends on the weather you know like if it’s colder they’ll be moving a lot but if it’s hot it’s really tough
hunting you know there’s not a lot going on so basically first day I get out we
see a nice book probably two miles away like all the way down
like all the way down at the bottom so
we jump or we we get on our boots and we get down and we get down to like
probably a half uh from there we stocked it all the way in I got to 63
yards right around 63. and basically the wind was good the whole time it’s going
into us and then right at the end so it’s making noise and when it’s coming into you they also can’t smell
you if the wind’s going away from you towards them they can they’ll smell you
and they’ll leave but the wind was going towards us right when we got close the wind just completely died and uh so it’s
super quiet so he can’t smell you but we’re in this thick brush that’s only
maybe a foot and a half high so you have no cover so I’m like trying to crawl we had already crawled probably 250 yards
and so I’m trying to crawl this last I want to get to like 45 50 yards I’m trying to
crawl this last 45 50 yards and he freaking hears me stands up I can’t
really I’m trying to stay low so I can’t really see him but uh I just saw the top of his antlers and I like kind of looked
up and then as soon as I picked my head up boom We bounded off and I was like damn it it was so frustrating it was
literally probably 90 minutes of stalking with theater all the way into 60 yards from it and then it it heard me
so it is but uh it wasn’t a big deal so the next morning
that was in the evening and the next morning we’d get up and we’d go uh
um out to kind of a similar spot and there’s like a good amount of bucks there’s a couple big bucks and uh we
basically just are waiting for them to bed down because it’s in the morning so you have all day to hunt them you don’t
want to rush it so we’re waiting for him to bed down and we see like one that I
really liked he bedded down and uh I was like all right we’re gonna go for him and then my Uncle Mike who’s guiding me
is like let’s go all right we know we’re bedding down let’s go check the river bottom um and see what’s up so we get in
the pickup and we were kind of up in the a little higher like in these Meadows one and uh one’s called like the Rose
Garden and the other one’s called uh Stone Corral and we were so we’re up a
little higher and so then we decided to get down to the river bottom and the river bottoms
and really dense woods and it’s right next to the Colorado River so where we start to drive down and we get out of
the truck and uh we’re walking basically to a couple spots that he knows and we’re
maybe a year like right like basically right on the trail and uh we get out of
the truck and boom there’s like a freaking Buck right there and he’s like are you gonna shoot it and I’m like dude I’m taking him for
sure so he’s like so so basically there’s a big
oak tree and a bush in between me and him and I have a rangefinder so I lean
out and I range him and he’s at 25 yards and uh my uncle actually since we’re
riding the truck he just stayed in the truck and kept going and any because he didn’t want to like
because sometimes the trucks don’t really spook him so he just and we were like a yard off of literally right off
the road and so it’s like not like a a public road it’s like it’s like a dirt
road that’s private back in this private land and uh so he just kept going
and um then I I got behind this the tree back I went back behind the tree in the
bush and I drew back and then I just like slowly walked out in front of the
uh out to the side of the tree so I could see him and he’s facing almost like like pretty pretty sharply
away from me and so I’m just holding it and I’m at 25 yards like really close he turns and takes a step I shoot at him
bam it’s whack it’s like right in perfect shot right in his freaking uh
right to the inside of his front leg and immediately it’s like blood everywhere
and I just lift my arms up I was like but yes
because I knew he was done bro and it it uh and and the crazy part is after he
took off he took off um kind of parallel to where my uncle was driving so my uncle saw the whole thing like all
the blood everything that’s right crazy yeah he said it was insane and so he
said it was just spraying out and so I went up found my arrow and it was just covered in blood and it’s kind of this
it looks it’s red but it’s like clearish which means that it’s uh lungs because
it’s super oxygenated oh and so I thought you had a gun so you’re shooting
with your bow oh I shot him on my bow yeah for sure that’s even cooler
yeah archery bro and so um smoked him and then uh
got my arrow and then full pass through it was like right in the dirt so we knew you know like it
really got him good and uh then we just saw the blood trail and it was
super easy there was I mean maybe he went maybe 30 yards and uh boom saw him down on the ground and I was like thank
the freaking Lord we got him so basically uh basically from there we just
um cut it in took him back to the shop and uh and uh skinned him and then I took the
head got that the head’s getting uh processed gonna get mounted and stuff and then we um took all the meat and gave it to uh
another meat processor a guy that he makes steaks and different stuff out of it and they do they got it back to me in
two days I loaded it up in soft coolers and just carried it through the airport and brought it back home really yeah so
I just carried it through it was Heavy it was like probably I don’t know 80 pounds but I just it was all Frozen and
I just carried it through and uh that’s amazing yeah then dropped it off in
Pittsburgh at Maddie’s house at her at her parents house and then we um left the next day for the cruise
dang yeah just kill something have a freaking process and ship it right back home all
fresh yes it was fresh it’s perfect yeah actually two in the we had a couple days
after the hunt before I left um it was like maybe two or three days like
I said where the deer was getting processed uh by the uh whoever did it I forget I forget what
their company is but they um anyways I I went and uh we did like the
same spot in stock hunt style but for turkey um dude it was super fun so there are
these like big old uh Palms um these turkeys they’re like kind of running
around in groups and you basically are just hiding out and kind of like looking for them and you find them and then you
try to head them off where they’re headed and then just get a shot on it’s like I don’t even know what to describe
it it’s like running and it’s like running gun dude you’re just like running a shot so
I smoked one of these turkeys at about 23 yards and so I got like a bunch of turkey meat too dang super fun that does
sound fun that’s a different game yeah it is they’re on the ground they’re low they’re like running run run and they
can see you right so like you only really you can’t really sneak up on them the only way is to basically just like if they’re going through the woods run
around the other side and try to head them into it feed them to it yeah so you’re just running the whole time it’s like a game it’s not as uh because the
book if they see you then they leave like you’re never gonna catch them the turkeys you can like they’ll they’ll run
until they can’t see you anymore and then they’re kind of slowing down so you’re trying to strategize how to get to them but yeah that was super fun so
two successes and then I was gonna try to do maybe some elk hunting and and
bear as well but it was just too hot you know early season to Elk are up way high in the mountains and the bear weren’t
really moving so I guess it was a really rough winter on bear there not a lot of them survived so there’s not a bear to
be seen but I still have um New Mexico tag so archery tag which
I’m going on the 20th and I’m definitely I’m in a really good area it’s a uh
it’s a uh trophy unit so it’s only Muzzleloader and archery so no rifle hunting wow
keeps them keeps them big and then um they don’t give a lot of tags it’s pretty exclusive and then I’m gonna go
back to Colorado after that to get another elk because I still have an elk
tag for Colorado and I want to uh I want to uh obviously get that filled
so and late late in September is better it’s colder and they’re moving a lot more
that’s crazy yeah so then if everything goes well you’d have a turkey mule deer elk and
bear in one month yeah two out hopefully wow
so a lot of us the boys that’s freaking awesome
can’t wait to eat all those boys yeah brother you know it’s gonna be fire
man I already got those those mule deer steaks they’re ready to go they look so red and just tasty I haven’t had a
venison in a while yeah we’ll get it going we’ll do it up but uh how’s Florida my man
good bro a little less eventful I’ve been haven’t been able to kill as many things
um but it’s been good I got out here last Monday
and uh yeah it’s a little different Out Here solo yeah it’s good it’s it’s just been a lot
of good a lot of good work I’ve been working with like a bunch of different coaches and a bunch of different guys
that haven’t trained with before so it’s just been um a lot of different looks and last week
was a little crazy I just like when you’re not when you’re not like with our crew I kind of just got sucked into like
doing a bunch of different things just I think so many there’s so many different like training opportunities so last week
I trained like every day just doing something um but I’m back into the routine this week so it was good just get like I got
like a lot of different perspectives of just um I mean they have like so many coaches
out here and each one of them do their own sessions like twice a day along with the practices so
um got a good like round view of what each individual coach is like and took a
little bit of each um something from each of them and then this week back to kind of normal routine
so recovery day today and then sparring work with Mike Brown tomorrow
finish up Friday do some Jets and probably some more Drilling and then a lift Saturday and and head back but it’s
been it’s been solid um definitely like what I needed while you’re gone so it
was it was uh perfect that’s good yeah it’s good to get a
bunch of different looks I feel like that’s probably the best thing about being down there is the diversity and
there’s so many guys that are good at different things and coaches that come from different Specialties so you get a
really broad look at but but everybody’s you know world class really high levels you get like a lot of
different styles but everybody’s super good at what they do so it helps a lot yeah you’ve been training with mostly
like a sparring partner-wise um first week I started off with guys
I’m used to like Monty and uh Saeed and then this week I’ve been working with a
couple of the Russian guys that I haven’t worked with before so I got some good good rounds with them and uh probably finish up the week like
that and uh and then like last week we did I did like some classes like uh some open
classes so then I just like sparred with like seven or eight different guys because we just did like three minute
rounds and jumped so that that was good because I could just get like a bunch of different looks in one day
and um so yeah it’s just it’s been it’s been
good to kind of over the last week and a half just kind of get a a wide range of
other people’s style and it’s helping me like figure out more how I want to approach
each fight for my for my style like what I want to do what I want to focus on and then I can adapt to like the different
versions of what someone presents to me but I’m getting a better view of of what exactly my my style like what I want to
do each each moment of the fight is yeah I feel like that’s huge I feel like
developing your style people don’t really think of that but when you’re just starting and you’re so new into it
at first you’re just kind of trying to learn how to how to survive what to do how to
move and then you can’t really and then and then you’re kind of working on techniques right you’re just learning
how to punch how to kick how to talk different things like that and then once you kind of got that step down and you
start going with more guys than you your style starts to really
develop you know I feel like that’s kind of what I’ve been able to do the last
um you know a few months before my flight and um maybe a few training camps
because it’s just when you’re so new to it you’re just
trying to figure out how to like a level you don’t really have a lot of room to be creative
because you just don’t know yeah and then when you start developing that bass that Foundation now you get to be creative and and figure out your style
figure out what you like how to how to respond when they do certain people do certain things or what what you’re trying to even set up you know that type
of yeah that’s super important I feel yeah yeah like this it feels like this
is the first time I’m able to really push myself like I’m not able I’m not like thinking about my body anymore of
like protecting this or that or um like this last nine months to a year
like since I really committed to full-time MMA training and after all the injuries and stuff now I
feel like I’m finally at a point where my body’s holding up my mind’s good I’m like like clearer when I’m training to
where like you said I’m not just trying to survive and like get back into shape and I can actually just be creative and
figure out okay this is what I want to be doing that’s what I don’t want to be doing and I’m able to just
um be in that better perspective of putting yourself into training instead of like
trying to hold back you know what I mean yeah absolutely yeah it’s it’s just that
building that comfort you know building that um that confidence and and I think just
that’s just time right like it just takes a little time you can’t go from all of a sudden doing something to doing
something completely different and then be 100 confident you know it just takes the more you’re in there the more you’re
used to it and figuring that type of stuff out I think you know it’s no rush and uh that that stuff will come you
know like you said we have a lot of different looks a lot of different coaches people teaching us different
stuff but then I kind of at a certain point becomes on us to figure out our style and yeah
I would want to fight so but that’s I think the most fun part of it too you know once you can figure out how you
want to fight your style then everything else becomes way way more fun yeah for
sure so yeah it’s been good I uh you’re not out here so I haven’t done much uh other
than training and going out to eat much or anything like that I haven’t seen I I saw Zach
this weekend we uh chill at the beach and went to church and hung out
um and then I’ll probably reward myself I might stop by the office this weekend and then reward myself with the Greek
place because I gotta you know I gotta hit the Greek place while I’m out here I know you got it
yeah for sure I was gonna ask you if you’ve seen you’ve seen smack your eyes yeah yeah we hung out this weekend and
he he left the Vegas uh one of his uh Fighters is fighting this weekend so
um I got to see him this weekend and then yeah I’m just gonna probably Saturday after I finish the
week sit down there solo order up those lamb chops get the
the pizza yeah get the freaking shrimp
gift that is and then finish off with that delightful rice pudding oh my gosh
this is so true uh that plays amazing man so good and and I’m at the same
Airbnb so it’s right by the beach which is nice I’ve been going to the beach a bunch how did you find it did I send you the
the link no I uh I was on the email so they kept hitting me up so I just booked
I booked directly with them and they’re mad cool so um yeah it’s it’s so nice being right by
the water that’s what we’ll do from now on then is we’ll book directly with them and until we buy buy a spot yeah exactly
yeah for sure Tony when’s your fight you haven’t told October
oh yeah I should have said that last time um October 22nd in Houston
so it’s with Fury FC I signed a multi-fight deal with them and we got an opponent so it was
basically just up for grabs whoever can find me opponent I would sign with and they came in so they got the deal done
and there were about um it’s five and a half weeks out
so just getting ready feeling good and excited to finally get one in before
this year ends and I go off and get married lover boy
oh fun stuff man fun stuff I think uh yeah is there anything else that’s been
going on I feel like I don’t know I don’t have anything what’s up with you Ronin how’s the kirbo
you guys remember that conversation we had about what you guys would do if you guys are on the deserted island than
what I would do I’m bored I’m bored out of my mind
nowhere to go [Music]
yeah I need you guys to come back I mean like to actually have something to do I have a little longer
yeah but we’re uh this place is coming along it’s getting there I got like uh my TVs came
in you’re in my where I’m in like the living room right now so got the couch
got uh got your new furniture getting ordered on Friday so studio will be
together when you guys get back but um
yeah man that’s pretty much it there’s nothing else I went to a football game
that was awful but I got invited for football Dan
invited me to the Texas A M and the Florida game I just couldn’t do it
oh really yeah
dude oh we gotta talk about this I absolutely dominated my first week of
better fantasy football really somebody
no no the ATT different League different League okay okay so realize they play by
different they’re they’re honestly I’m I’m kind of throwing that whole league in the trash because
they played by different they play by different rules I never played the rules that they play so the whole scoring
everything’s so so different so I I drafted like absolutely an idiot got it
because so normally I play in what’s called PPR so you get point a point per reception
they don’t play that so running backs are so much more important so I didn’t I didn’t really draft running back heavy
or else I I would have done something completely different but you know it is what it is
I’m gonna take the L there probably so yeah those dudes are definitely talking crap but uh
my better League my team dude I’m gonna I’m gonna if I win that League I get two
Super Bowl tickets 50K
yeah what the hell let me give you the lowdown one yeah
I just thought it was cool like if you know a few of his players over performed he was coaching them up and uh they did
well but ultimately just ended up getting steamrolled by by a Far and Away
better team which you know we’re my guys but uh nothing you could have done about it I put up a league high
142.3 points I think the next closest was 120 maybe
um Mikey locks I don’t know remember what he was at it was you know really in my rear view so I wasn’t paying
attention to his score but uh yeah man I mean I’m looking looking good I’m
dominating I got Derrick Henry Tony Pollard putting up big numbers to uh had a great week Calvin Ridley I just got a
bunch of absolute Savage Playmakers on the team and uh you know I I I’m I’m feeling like
there’s a chance that one or two of these guys could take a win from me at some point during this season the
regular season but it’s really my league to lose at this point so I’m gonna just keep coaching my guys up and
hopefully they’ll continue to well my my football expertise it sounds like
you have a very well-rounded team you know it doesn’t sound like you have anyone who’s crazy going out there but I
just saw Aaron Rodgers that’s very sad something like like you don’t have like any any crazy
stud like that but you have a very well-rounded deep team just from my knowledge yeah man but it’s funny because
the while the team is very well-rounded and very deep I got guys that are going to week in
week out be top performers so you know it’s it’s really about that consistency
at the end of the day and I just got consistent Playmakers you know so for me it’s it’s about being consistent it’s
about you know doing well and and putting up a good average but it’s also about making
plays at the end of that you gotta go out there you gotta make plays you got to do it big and uh
Henry had like a you know a 50-yard reception Tony Pollard two touchdowns he didn’t even have to finish the game
because the Cowboys were dominating to uh 36 34 win over the Chargers had a
couple touchdowns to Tyrique you know just it’s looking good it’s looking good
let’s just let’s just put it that way I got a lot of people reaching out for trades wanting to kind of piggyback off
me um I won’t name names you know uh Derek from better media he’s been reaching out
um I’m not like I said I’m not gonna name names but a lot of these guys Derek uh included are
and Wanda they’re wanting to suckle on the teeth of the the current
champ so it’s uh it’s something that is really I find myself in a position of
power and I’m working on navigating that well that’s where we Thrive and I just want to say I’m cool with relinquishing
the split of the Super Bowl tickets with Madeline um so I’ll split the ladder
sounds good my brother let’s go no problem at all no problem at all
uh who do you have on your team that you think’s gonna go off this week though
dude like I said this week I expect I fully expect every single one of my my
team members to to go off you know Calvin Ridley’s going off Derrick Henry’s going
off Pollard’s going off two is two is definitely going off again these guys
you know at the end of the day I don’t think anybody can compete with us you know what we’re just we’re about
our winning we’re about getting those dubs so that’s what we’re gonna do hold on one second I got something to
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100 x 100 I don’t even want to do the math there that’s a lot of money plus there’s no minimum deposit that’s big
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Kickbacks code bow set your NFL lineups now and uh like I said 100x your money
win some money is wow is better uh legal in Alaska
dude better is legal in Alaska wow that’s clutch I’m making plays out here I’m
making plays you might just stay out there I’m considering it we’re stopping in Juneau I’m gonna see what the real
estate Market’s like and I might just have to pop a squat all right I’ll meet you there but just text me the real just
text me the real spot um because
wait real quick can we talk about the fact that Sean Strickland is the UFC middleweight champion
what bro I went to bed that night and I was like I’ve been waking up like every
Sunday morning to a pretty wild scenario the last few weekends and I’m like let’s
just let’s let’s have a calm cool like logical morning this time nope wake up
getting ready for church unass decisions on Sean Strickland UFC middleweight champion I’m like what the hell dude
I watched the highlights back and it looked like he just it looks like it looked like Izzy didn’t show up and he
just pieced him up he just beat his ass or what I didn’t I literally haven’t even watched a single highlight I haven’t watched that yeah it looked like
he just Izzy like didn’t show up and was um slow and and not himself and Sean
Strickland looked really good and just kind of walked him down and and knocked him like almost knocked him out
in the first round with like a straight one yeah straight one too and he went
down hard and and Sean was Landing like Precision shots as Izzy was fighting
like through his feet he survived and then he kind of just did what he always does walks down push kick one two like
throwing his normal combinations and was just like not getting hit was really just made it a boxing match and just
beat him dominated jeez that’s crazy
that’s what that’s what I think I I uh it seemed like something was off so I know after he beat Herrera the last
fight he was he said like in his uh interview he was like you know everyone knows I like to take vacation sometimes
during camp but I was locked in for this one and so I was like that’s interesting
thing to say so I don’t know if he was going off this camp or not but during Camp yeah he actually said that yeah
what a dumbass it was big it was weird so I don’t know how much he was preparing but
yeah it was like a Humvee against the Prius in that fight like it was so bad
I watched the whole thing my technical analysis uh from the fight
um essentially what I got from that is Sean Strickland just kept walking him down as
you can use the distance at all couldn’t get off his kicks and from that
um my analysis would go with Sean Strickland absolutely beating the [ __ ]
out of Israel adesanya for literally 25 minutes straight dude I was sitting in
Champs watching it at the bar that I’ve never seen like my hands were like on my head like this the entire
time watching that fight just looking at it like of course I bet on Disney are you
kidding me I thought it was a lock that was wild
geez yeah that’s pretty pretty crazy but oh well man that just means they want to push me
even even harder [ __ ] both of the guys in their Prime
who wins an MMA fight Tony’s boy Tom Brady versus Joe burrow
oh that’s a good freaking hypothetical
Tommy board or Joe burrow on cider training um let’s go with like Bare Bones
none of them have ever fought both of them have never fought MMA before like right now walking in yeah well not right
now when Tom Brady was younger because that would be how it could be fair
okay [Music] um Tom Brady is a competitor
yeah but Joe is just so cool
there’s a coolness factor in MMA so there is a big time cool inspector
and Burrows has Tom Brady come to any MMA fights yeah he’s been there
okay I was gonna say Burrow’s been to a lot I’m you know I’m going with Brady I know
I’ll take Joe give me Joe give me Joe shiesty what what was the deal he just
saw in like yeah highest paid quarterback in the NFL
that’s crazy 275 million dollars he had 82 yards on
Sunday yeah well that’s one game running so
bro I do feel that that did really hurt my heart when I saw um
Rogers and Rogers dude I felt so bad for him man that looks like his Achilles
just exploded I didn’t see it was a bad it was pretty bad yeah the jesters can’t
catch a freaking break they won the game though in overtime that I know that was sick that was sick but
they just it’s always something with those guys yeah it’s I can’t believe freaking beat
the bills though the bills are solid yeah did you see what uh Aaron Rodgers said
to Garrett Wilson after like uh during halftime of that game
so sad so Garrett Wilson’s like one of the receivers on the Jets and he went in the locker room with Aaron Rodgers and
Aaron Rodgers said sorry kid like damn
did like Pixar movie ending right there I just said that’s about said
well you said that too they were like expecting to win the Super Bowl
who’s the back of QB I don’t even know Zach Wilson
he led him to a dub yeah that’s big I don’t know maybe you
get some stem cell shot in there I don’t know whatever other stuff NFL got going on and dude it’s I don’t know man maybe
he goes back and does one more Ayahuasca trip in yeah
you realize who doesn’t need an Achilles the wood you don’t need an Achilles
now that’s like a freaking that could be a crew render it could be done that stinks yeah well way to end this uh
you know great podcast on it just absolutely sad note yeah that’s unfortunate
well enjoy Alaska man it was nice um being friends with you for as long as
I was and hopefully I see I see you again at some
point if it doesn’t work out we had a good run
I’m at peace with it we reached the highest of highs um did everything that we could have
done together and at this point at this point I just I just want to see
you like if you don’t come back like 30 years from now I just want to go to a different country and see you sipping
and espresso by yourself and that’s it
nothing needs to be said that’s the way we’ll leave it all right all right boys
good seeing y’all

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