BISPING: UFC 293: Adesanya vs Strickland - LIVE FIGHT COMPANION!

ah I’ll be doing everybody I do believe we are now live with the
prelims Sean Strickland versus uh the champ Israel arasania let me know in the
comments section if you got me let me know if I’m loud and clear and then we are underway if so so how are we all how
are we all doing Connor price Kenny late as always I’m not bloody late I’m
alive I’m alive I think I’m live hey babe is it coming through on your
phone and there we go pee pee what’s going on
PP so loud and clear sounds good sounds good thank you Cole Stein there you go you never know it first
um always making the same stupid little mistakes um hey oh much love Mr best friend loud
and clear where are you all in the world where are you all coming from I always like to know that met you in Philly a
couple of weeks ago well thank you very much nice to meet you too buddy did you hear what that Rocky guy said I
did I did oh my God came up with hard F you’ll notice that they cut the interview pretty pretty quickly the
company man well shut up uh Bisbee what do you think of the fight today well the main card has even started yet has it so
um you know still too early to say but we’ve had a couple of quick wins Gabriel Miranda or Gabrielle Miranda took Shane
Young out there pretty quick radical defeated uh Blood Diamond Uh Kevin juicy
defeated Kiefer Crosby but still the main card as I say hasn’t even got started yet or the main prelims which
you are here to um to discuss have a little watch along have a little bit of fun answer your questions first one here
Kenny Au hey Mike did you ever throw a question mark kick UFC 4 has you
throwing them and um there’s my editor probably say Mike
you’re doing wrong uh do you know what funnily enough to answer your question I was in the garage this
morning I’ve been working out on the bag a lot again recently and I was practicing my question mark kicks I did
throw a lot of question mark cakes I’m not sure I mean I threw her probably a couple throughout the course of my UFC
career but um yeah yeah it wasn’t like one a thing
that I used a lot but yeah certainly now and again because I’m left footed so my lead leg left foot boom boom low high
low high oh one of the oldest tricks in the book but uh but yeah there we go am
I intoxicated no Francis you’ll be sad to hear I am not intoxicated however
though however give myself a little beverage why not I
love to Scotland I hope you’re well mate and Biz been looking like a safari guide I guess I do
you want to see the shorts on as well uh it’s a very very hot day here and this is a nice cool uh shirt but it is
slightly safari-esque so there we go rockhold question marks kicks are gross
they’re not they’re not Kenny Rocco’s question mark kicks him absolutely beautiful mate
um in you know a style kind of way uh my did you see the raggy fight contenders
for the worst fight of the year I don’t know about worst fight of the year on the contender last week we had one of
the worst fights of the year one of the worst fights ever in Dana White’s own words so uh I forget the names of them
now a South African dude and uh budka something like that but still no ice in
the beverage mate Kenny you don’t have ice in a beer come on man
the MMA guy Bisping answered me I did I I don’t know did I answer any
questions about time to do one of these Mikey well I’ve been traveling a lot where was I I was just in Singapore for
the fights there from Singapore I went straight over to Paris man what an event that was flew home got
back Sunday night and then straight to Vegas uh for Tuesday morning for the Tuesday night Contender Series so it’s
been quite a ridiculous schedule lately so I haven’t been able to do the lives I need to buy a better laptop so I could
do some on the road but um not complaining very very busy just the way I like it lots of other
stuff going on as well in my personal life and stuff so so there you go Shady although Andy hates his terrible looking
beer it is to be honest it’s a Coors Light not a Bud Light it’s a Coors Light
you know what I mean you’re gonna if you’re gonna have a you’re gonna make these smart choices you don’t want to drink too many calories do you you know
what I’m saying basement what do you expect tonight well let’s get right into it what do I expect tonight I mean I
expect Israel allowed to sign in to go out there and be Israel alasana which is one
of the best fighters the best strikers that we’ve got who wears Apollo in the house it’s not a polo it’s a shirt it’s a
short sleeve shirt look at that the chest is on display I expect it Izzy I
mean let’s just cut to the chase you man I saw my prediction video I expect it Izzy to get a finish if I’m honest Sean
Strickland um has done a good job of getting himself to this position he has he’s a good
fighter uh you know he’s got balls but he’s not the crazy guy that he makes
out makes himself out to be he is a good fighter if he gets in control and if he’s got the person’s number and he’s
basically just using them as a punch bag like he did against Jack marshman then he starts talking and all the rest of it
and having a bit of fun other than that he’s normally very locked in and very dialed the problem for sure tonight is that
he’s got a limited skill set when it comes to the Striking on the feet he fights behind a jab predominantly and
only then when he’s kind of got his opponent hurt as he started to follow up with their you know hooks uppercuts and
start to really get aggressive you know so if he’s going to go out there and fight behind a job against Israel
arasanya who’s got a longer jab who’s got a better job who’s got a snap at your job who’s also got beautiful
striking and lots of kicks and all the rest of it it’s going to be tough it’s going to be tough for Strickland but hey
crazier things have happened crazier things have happened and that’s why we love MMA right expect the unexpected
Paul denino says Strickland pillow hands funnily enough they used to call me pillow hands back in the day and I won
the belt by knocking the guy out in the first round so as I say you can’t write him off you know he he’s he’s trying to
be here I guess in one way or another he deserves to be here you know it should have been drink is duplessy but um and
just because Izzy should win doesn’t doesn’t mean he will win so that’s my
channel manager Anthony Evans in the chat what is the main event pick in the poll is it easy is he after a bad fight
Sean scores the upset 42 percent of people thinks he gets the upset now let me ask you this is it because you truly
believe he scores the upset or is it just because well well is it his skill set is what I’m trying to say is it his
skill set that makes you think he’s going to score the upset or is it just because you like the character and he says a lot of things you like and you
know he’s kind of like a UFC’s version of Andrew Tate do you know what I mean or is it just because you dislike is it
because Izzy’s Got That Dog in him do you know what I mean uh Sean has done a
tremendous job at marketing this fight and by the way we got a little fight coming on here who we got here in the on
the prelims I’m assuming this is Nazareth Landon Quinones kicking off the prelims yeah
there’s nazrat should be a decent one that’s what’s always in fun fights so we’ll keep an eye on this one as I’m answering your questions
um yeah I mean listen is he doing a great sorry Strickland has done a great job this week of making this spicy of
gaining interest of turning the crowd against Israel even in Australia and
even though he’s from Nigeria slash New Zealand he’s kind of well he’s not kind of he’s an australasian you know he’s
from that part of the world and is he sorry Strickland is getting a lot of support a lot of support and he’s
managed to turn the fan base and you can see is it is absolutely fumid he is pissed
off at that press conference he just sat there storm-faced you know and a lot of the time you might think that that’s going to throw people off round one just
got out of the way underway this Quinones guy pushing forward being aggressive to start uh yeah so a lot of
the time if somebody’s really pissed off if they get overly emotional and things like that it can have a negative impact
on how they fight but I don’t think it will with his ear you know we saw him last time out against Alex Pereira if
there’s any attempt to be emotional you’ve been beaten by him three times knocked out twice he went out there knocked him out in the second round
anyway Leo Levy says huge fan man loved you doc was on a run today and thinking about your silver fight helped me push
through that last mile oh well good for you Leo Levitt it’s important everyone to get out there and exercise you know
what I mean I’ve been telling my wife that a lot recently because she like is very very proud almost to not work out
anyway she started running again started feeling better you know and that’s the main reason not because she’s fat or
needs to lose weight or anything like that it’s good for the mind it’s good for the body it’s good for the soul and it’s good for long-term Fitness now to
answer your question for the coal Main Event tied to Avast versus Alexander volkov I’ll get straight to the point I
think it’s gonna be tied to avasa tattoo of Assa is uh you know he’s a
slugger he’s a slugger butt he’s got a chin on him uh I don’t think he’s as technical as volkov balkov’s very very
tall six foot seven he’s got a longer reach and he’s got good straight shots but with two of us are being from Sydney man
that’s what happened swinging it fresh out of there uh with two of us have been from Sydney he’s gonna have a tremendous
amount of support in the building and they’re going to cheer him on like crazy that’s gonna hype him up right and he’s
going to eat a couple of shots he’s going to get on the inside if he’s takes that reach away from volkov and backs
him up against the fence he’s gonna swing with everything he has he’s got incredible punching power and I think he
gets The Knockout I think he gets the knockout
that sounded a bit like John Fury to be honest um Kenny says be careful you tell your
wife to go work out because we might result in a fight if done wrong
um she takes it well she takes it well volkov kicks his head off Old Uncle Bob says well you never know I mean that is
one of the problems that type two of us is going to have volkov uses those really good straight kicks to the the
front kicks to the stomach front kicks to the stomach they’re going to be an issue he’s got good straight shots good Jabs one twos if he moves around a lot
and keeps two of us on the end of his shots hey I could be completely wrong but I think at some point throughout 15
minutes two of us is going to get on the inside and he’s going to uh you know he’s gonna get the Finish fresh away
says generally are straight shots better no they’re not but they’re good at
maintaining the range if someone’s trying to come in because two of us is a shot of gas he’s gonna get on the inside
so when he gets on the inside he’s going to use those big Power shots the big hooks uppercuts left hooks right hooks
elbows as well like when he knocked out Derrick Lewis um but if he can’t get on the inside then the straight shots of volkov
they’re going to be money because as the crow flies he’s always the fastest way A to B in a straight line it’s faster and
more direct than a hook which has an orchid Arc to it so for that reason if you’re trying to keep your opponent at
Bay if you’re trying to keep them away straight shots Jabs straight rise front kicks to the midsection they’re very
very handy someone says I’m here in Bosnia where’d he go where’d he go I’m here in
Bosnia but we are watching UFC and seeing Sean get knocked out really
really the facts happening live buddy but good try good try Mike have a bumped into Conor McGregor lately I haven’t I
have not seen Conor McGregor in the flesh oh Jesus Christ I don’t I don’t know
when the last hour I think I think the last time I saw McGregor in person do you know what I can’t even
remember our paths don’t cross which is a bloody good job uh if you are picking
Strickland why legit thinks he win I just want him to win 75 and there it is
you just want him to win 75 and so am I if you’re going to will it into existence that’s why he picking him and
I do think that’s the case looking good here just connected with a nice little uppercut
nice little uppercut by the way thank you to everyone that subscribed to the channel appreciate you all uh that’s right let’s
have a look at this guy’s record I haven’t kept up to him just lately if you have a little oh no I’m having
some technical difficulties if I share something on the screen you won’t be able to hear me because I’m a bloody Boomer I’m an absolute bloody idiot I’m
useless with this Tech John Brannigan my uh my what’s it called editor I’ve got to get him on a call
gotta gotta get this set up there’s inputs audio inputs and all kinds of stuff all over the place
anyway Izzy dizzy by deviant right hand
oh God the Deviant right hand I mean what do we think right let’s be honest
let’s put a polyp I don’t even believe I’m gonna say this but it’s the narrative that Sean Strickland has put out there he’s out
there saying that Israel arasania and there’s a lot of people I’ve seen multiple videos people talking about it
kind of Grady shaved it Scotland um yeah Brock Grimaldi I do remember
when Dan Anderson knocked me out and what and what you think that’s touching
a nerve you’re pathetic Bro you know that was 14 years ago mate uh and
and it was a pivotal point in my career uh what was I saying
I was talking about Izzy yeah Sean’s put this whole narrative out there that he messes with his dogs there it is Daniel
Miranda says dog Bender you know what I mean I think it’s a bit out of order he is a puppy Bender oh God oh God oh God
that’s why is he so pissed off transbender what’s the what the dog
jerking oh God yeah see this is it I mean I mean like this follows you
around for a long time so is he better hope and pray that he goes out there and gets his job done
bro said the dog bed I didn’t say it Taylor Luna that’s what it said in the chat I’m reading out your comments
um Mike do I remember when I slept rock out for a for the belt I do and that guy that was a hater before I don’t recall
his name because he’s done nothing the last dog breeder oh God
my money’s on easy this is the Flying Pig United he’s got that dog in him I’ve heard that one a lot this week oh look
at these these guys are throwing down is looking good though backing up hack
for asked do some damage against defense hack press goes for a little hip throw Quinones says no little calf cake little
front cake anyway um it is out of order to do that to do what the dog stuff it is it is all right
look listen listen is he played with something you know he
played with his bloody uh little todger for a minute and he even came out I think he said in a tweet or something
listen he was young he was joking around it was a little he thought it was funny it was immature it was silly I don’t
think uh Izzy is out there molesting his dogs and putting it on camera okay it
was a little bit of a you know maybe a regrettable bit of a joke you know what I mean uh but this is what people do
they run off of it and now that he was on some radio interview and he was asked
about sex and he said he did say shout out the puppy so he did a good job of kind of like reinforcing The Narrative
which is just giving Strickland more and more ammunition you know and all sorts Strickland’s out there he’s got the
Australian massive on side because you know he’s talking about this pregnant woman in Australia when she got locked
up during colvid for whatever the hell the reason it was and things like that so he’s appealing to the masses he’s
appealing to the people the everyday Working Man and good for him good for him I’ll tell you what this Quinones guy
looking very very good here outstriking which is not an easy thing
to do hack brass big big Power Quinones is just staying just out of range using
the straight shots and then peeling back from the hooks of hack pressed what I was saying before there he is circling
jabbing circling away oh yeah hack press found the mark now
though backed him up against feds anyway DM says hey Mike can you tell my friend Tim Fogg to shed some pounds he’s
looking extra thick these days needs to pack in the Ken the KC’s immediately
Casey’s what’s that Kentucky’s Kentucky Fried Chicken Tim
fog what are you doing bro have a bit of self-respect do you want to live a long productive life do you want to inspire
your children do you want to feel good about yourself do you want to put clothes on and feel good do you want to live to a long old age and feel
fantastic about yourself if so put down the cases immediately get on the treadmill bro let’s go
anyway what’s up fam let’s go Brandon ordinary paint Andrew last thing I’ll
say is Michael was always a huge fan of yours well thank you Andrew that’s sweet
um so Main Event Israel arasania co-main event it will be Thai to avar so let’s
have a look at the rest of the fight card here um Manel cop manil Corp talk about a guy
stealing the press conference I mean now cop has never been in that position before he starts throwing water bottles
at kaikar France getting into a head-to-head Face-Off with Israel arasania I mean absolutely hilarious
good for him making the most out of this moment and the opportunity right people are talking about him that’s what you want to do
a high pressure point on the pressure now backing him up Landing shots looks like
Kenyon is getting a little bit tired to be fair both men look like they’re getting tired Bisping what are your favorite meals to eat while dieting
trying to lose some weight that’s Connor Crossland and thank you for being here guys uh all 1254 of you Rebecca will be
joining Charlie she just walked past in the background gotta have some gonna have some proper MMA fight talk you know
what I mean before she comes because then it just turns into me in her bickering and just being silly uh my
favorite thing to eat whilst dieting is the thing that I have for lunch every single day I call it the usual in this
house it’s chicken sausages bacon eggs it’s kind of like a fry up what we call
in England uh but yeah I have that for lunch every day it’s absolutely delicious chicken sausages bacon eggs
sometimes a bit of mushrooms or tomatoes and then a low carb wrap boom good to go
try not to eat until 12 o’clock so therefore you fast in a little bit you’re burning that internal fire you’re
getting that metabolism boosted much love Mike who do I have for Islam versus Charles II oh good question
say I loved to my wife Megan that is a thirsty bird hello Megan I hope you’re
well Islam versus Charles II I think Charles is gonna do better
or has hack per ass backed up Quinones now Landing some big big shots
and he’s got a lot of power as well there’s the end of the round uh Islam versus uh makachev two I think makachev
will probably take it he handled him with ease in the first one you know what
is chicken sausage well e-rev it’s a sausage made out of chicken it’s a mind-blowing
concept it is what it says on the tin Tyrone just break it down
um so yeah I completely forgot what I was talking about a couple of full breakfasts in it Mike it is exactly
can’t go wrong with the full English breakfast so we have a look at uh I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do I’m gonna do
this do you guys still hear me do you hear me let me know if you hear me when I switch
it and I put on the fight card let me know if you can hear me because I don’t think you can I don’t think you can when
I put the fight card on screen can you hear me sounds wrong yeah
is that our best we said Islam versus I did I did I meant Charles Oliveira will
do better I would assume but the way mahajev handled him the first time I can’t I can’t
I can make a case for olive oil to win of course I can’t of course I can the chicken is inside the sausage correct
chicken sausages much less calories correct better ingredients much much more healthier for you
um so yeah if I switch to the fight card you can’t hear me right hold on I’m talking I’m talking you can’t hear me oh
you can still hear me I’m a fantastic then because I can throw a few bits up on screen can you
all definitely hear me I can’t get left up Larry out my head about the main event anyway enough of that uh so
the fight card here tonight if you can hear me properly here so Tyson Pedro he’s going to get back to winning ways
Anton Turk are the pleasure man and then Justin tap at Austin Lane that’s going to be a good one I haven’t
lost sound at all perfect a lot of comments coming through where Jesus louises between your Legend love the byn
podcast Believe in Me podcast every Monday and Thursday if you haven’t subscribed to among the Bell what are you doing you used to go to Warsaw when
kazeka was there well done in all your achievements thank you Craig Hughes tell him a hot dog bispin crystal clear
you got me crystal clear but that is beautiful all right well I’ll stop going on about that and I won’t ask again uh
Pedro Taffer volkov Izzy olberg probably not a bad um parlay you got there brother
and just put out a poll what is Sean Strickland’s walkout music
going to be tonight monkeys gonna buy me a dog Johnny Cash dirty egg sucking dog
oh my God oh my God how much is that doggie in the window
Donny Osmond call it poppy love and aunt and this isn’t me it’s my
channel though so I’m responsible I guess Jesus Christ I’ll give it a break anyway
anyway Hey listen oh God I’m leaving this a lot I I’ve got a lot
of respect for Israel out of Sonya and this is disrespectful anyway Ryan says I hate my huge fan of the vids and even
more of the fights thank you would love your take on what you think makes John John so great and how would I go about
beating him well let’s just be honest I wouldn’t go about beating him would I you know what I mean he’s the greatest
of all time as a man if he was to attack me in the street 100 I would fight back but to sit here and say that I would
beat the heavyweight champion of the world the greatest light heavyweight champion we’ve ever seen you would all
just laugh at me and it probably wouldn’t be true you know what I mean uh it’ll be hard it’s hard for
everyone nobody’s beating him yet nobody’s beating him will Steve there beat him and Madison Square Garden hey
we don’t know about that we don’t know about that how do I feel about your polish roots and blahovich yeah
yeah jerking your papa is proper popper poppy is disrespectful bro yeah but he
didn’t jerk it did it it didn’t I’ve seen the little video I just got deleted it and he just shakes it for a second
just being silly and being immature by the way Call It Puppy Love by Donny
Osmond is coming in 42 going strong he didn’t jerk his dog off let’s just
have it right okay we’re all just running away with this it’s getting a little out of hand to be honest he never
did anything like that he did thank you bym is better than the MMA hour thank you chinzilla I agree I agree
um Snoop Doggy Dog oh it might be a Snoop Dogg it might be a Snoop Dogg record
struggling should be worse is he’s the underdog oh God there’s so many
references and then of course because Izzy’s Got the dog collar on and then he’s walked into a cage and he’s cocked
his leg and marked his territory he stroked that dog he did he stroked it he gave it a nice little stroke you know
there’s so there’s a lot of dog reference sis he’s probably been gone barking like a
lot of people do why do people do that there was a guy on the content the series last week walked out barking I remember when I fought for Sean Evans he
was barking away at me as well and I guess they’re referring to having that dog in then right
not the other way around Israel the red rocket adesanya don’t know what that one means basically doing a pantomime
flicking the dog’s really killed me we did he just gave it a little thingy bob there was nothing sexual in it let’s
just have it like that he was just being silly he’s being silly I know and then JC says here he’s full on a dog fetish
page I know I’ve seen it I’ve seen it that little prick the guru
but this part of video on it and I watched it because it was like I saw it exactly I get it
I get it I get it I get it I really do oh dear should we answer some questions
Mike Keelan says you’re a role model to me I have a daughter on the way in eight weeks any advice Rebecca any advice for
Kieran he’s got a daughter on the way in eight weeks I would say listen it’s not hard Rebecca
said it she said it on here once just love the child that’s all you’ve got to do people over complicate Parenthood I’m
having a child they make it all scary and oh we got to go to classes you’ll learn how to change nappies and
all this people have been having children since the dawn of man that’s why we’re here okay and they were in
caves and they didn’t have a Wi-Fi or heating or clean water or anything and
the human race still is here to this day okay it’s not that hard love your
daughter Congratulations by the way Kieran uh love her love her put her first you know now you’ve got a priority
it’s not all about you you know it’s about your little beautiful daughter that is on the way so congrats once
again All You Need Is Love homie correct All You Need Is Love can you shout out
my two daughters Ella Ann’s Abby Ellie and Abby Elliot and Abby hello you girls
hope you’re well just love them just love them nothing wrong with flicking a dog’s Bean
and that’s what someone said and let’s go to the poll yeah Call It Puppy Love That is the the that is the leading
choice for Sean Strickland’s walkout music I I thought who who let the dogs out
would have been in there uh but I never put that one in I can’t believe bym
didn’t get nominated for the MMA podcast of the year I know it’s we’re just gonna throw this out there
the MMA Awards number one I’ve won award an award at the world MMA Awards several
times I’ve got one of the trophies I think over there but I should have about five they never sent me the trophies because
I don’t go so that’s why they don’t nominate me it’s all about whose ass you gotta kiss it really is it really is now
they’ve nominated me as best analyst analyst analyst analyst let
Rebecca speed don’t worry zazi she’s coming back in a bit and then you got you know
at least put me in the bloody personality of the year I think I deserve a personality of the Year
nomination at this in the least modern combat’s gonna win again I know I know
but guess what no one’s crying themselves to sleep all right so we’ll go into a decision here now’s right and Quinones
I’ve been talking to you guys there it is Nazareth hack for us gets the job done congrats to him there
um John is sending me things I’m live on the internet John
what is he sending me John’s done a few ROMs that’s my channel
editor stop messaging when I’m live is all I’m saying when is he buys his
girl’s dinner it’s Kibbles and bit oh God you guys are Relentless man you just don’t stop you just don’t stop who’s
better at this me or chase on him I’d say me tell’s great love child it’s fantastic he’s all hilarious some of his
epic trash talk stuff I mean you know I see it now and again when he played should we see if we can find it see if
we can bring it up Charles Solomon is like the things I saw growing up
you know um sure we had a maid but she only came two or three times a week you know it is
absolutely hilarious absolutely hilarious but he makes up a lot of
he’ll just make stories up chel Sonnen explains why Sean Strickland is the most
unlikely title Challenger of all time huh it probably is he probably is if I’m
honest because if you look at Sean’s record which is which is good it’s good let’s just go back to it
um the old the highest ranked person that he’s beaten and this is not a disrespect uh is Jack Hermanson Abus
Mega Madoff that was a good win Mega made up there was undefeated if I’m not mistaken that’s already not an easy guy
to be either Jared Cannon here very very close Split Decision loss a guy that’s the backup fighter if either of them
can’t make it to the Octagon which isn’t going to happen uh so it shows how good Jared is it was a really really close
fight Alex Pereira and by the way canonia went to a decision with Izzy
before that though Jack o’manson you write a hall Jocko Brendan Allen stops
Brendan Allen in round two which is Big Brendan Allen’s no joke no joke Jack
marshman nordine celeb so yeah he’s accomplished he is I guess
he’s not the number one contender that will be Drake is duplessy what kind of beer I’m a drinking it’s a Coors
Light I’m gonna I’ve got to watch the waistline these days guys
Izzy hasn’t faced a wrestler that way but no hands up you’re right I don’t think he has the best wrestler I would
say well of course he faced your Romero what are we talking about
he fought your Romero who’s one of the most decorated wrestlers we’ve had in
the UFC what was your bronze medalist at the Olympics I think or silver wasn’t gold anyway
um and he beat him to be fair your Romero didn’t do anything he just stood weirdly
in the center of the octagon and it was one of those fights it was it was a crappy fight no one wants to go back and
watch that one I do my research but if I’ve got a workshop one I’m gonna give that one a Miss
um you know but that’s because of the greatness of is it he made him freeze you know and then Izzy wanted to be
careful because if he gets Reckless he’s going to get taken down but regardless he got the job done didn’t he so he
asked for a wrestler like that I do think the Driggers duplessy uh provides
a unique challenge for him just based on how hard he hits please get jail on I will do Kenny babe
we got a new member he’s got a little woo there Kenny uh Raul hasn’t wrestled since the 90s
well the fresh cocktail company you might not have wrestled competitively since the 90s when did I ever wrestle
competitively when does any of these guys right you wrestle as part of mixed martial arts training and in the
training camp and he’s wrestled in all of his UFC fights so just because he wasn’t competing since then
doesn’t mean he can’t wrestle do you know what I mean Mike
what current middleweight would you have liked to have fought in my Prime is he is he will be the one he is the man
isn’t it he’s the man of the moment he’s one of the biggest stars in the whole of the organization
wildly charismatic you know hold the dog stuff aside uh and uh I’m joking and
he’s the champ that’s the guy you always want to face so I would have loved to have faced him and I feel you know in my
Prime I would have given him a good fight but I’m not going to sit here I say this all the time I’m not going to say that I beat him because I’m retired
and it’s very very disrespectful so but I would have beat him where’s Rebecca she’s over there
shopping for antiques as we speak online have you found anything back
not not yet so I’m here you know working you know I’m working on the channel giving to the people you know she’s over
there just spending have you got a beer babe oh she’s got a glass of wine already
it’s quarter past five what is it it’s 5 37 oh but that’s fine
it’s 5 37 it’s a Saturday legendary well there is a lot to go out
you know hello do I think Sean can actually bring out his inner Bisping I
gotta say thank you to Charlotte Strickland that was a very complimentary thing that he said there um and he’s right and he even said you
know what how does he beat is it and even put it to my fight against Anderson Silva that is what you do that is what
you’ve got to do you’ve got to take away the the length you’ve got to pressure him you’re going to put him on the back foot you’re going to have non-stop
offense uh it’s not an easy thing to do though it’s not an easy thing to do that’s what I did against Anderson Silva
Strickland’s got to do that same thing um will he bring out his inner Bisping I
guess we’ll find out I guess we’ll find out I don’t know I don’t know a lot of the time
Sean is very she’s a little is a little timid
you know he just fights behind the jab fires behind the jab a lot of the fight until he starts to find his rhythm you
know so you know he talks about you know being a wild man and all the rest of you and he is a wild man some of the stuff
he says is utterly ridiculous he’s out of his mind he’s hilarious I think he’s very very entertaining he really is
um but he doesn’t fight like a wild man he fights behind the jab looks for openings
he’s been wrestling a lot of course you know is he’s not the best wrestler but he’s got brilliant takedown defense
your wife would let Leon Edwards plow well that’s disrespectful
thanks for doing the fire companion you’re quite all right Sean Anderson was robbed dodgy all right well I agree to
disagree I’m gonna sit here and talk about that because you’re wrong I have a
feeling that Strickland’s gonna wrestle well yeah he should wrestle he’s got a really really good ground game
when I used to train with Sean obviously I’ve been retired since 2017 so that’s six years ago in itself
so uh um Microsoft UFC 290 when was UFC 290 I
asked for a pick you must have been stressed out because you turned me down now I’m feeling still a big fan sorry mate if I did you know I I do stop and
give people pictures all the time but it comes to a point where you have to just say okay I’m a
human being my girlfriend’s with me my wife’s with me whatever it is you know what I mean uh my children are with me
whatever the case is the kids right there it’s a good excuse though but my bad get me next time bro I’m pretty good
at the old picture thing but at some point it gets it does get to be a lot what was UFC 290 was that in Vegas
it was Vegas volkanovsky right oh yeah no I was working for BT Sport I was
working mate you know see the thing is whenever I accommodate like just recently in Paris and in Singapore as
soon as the fights finish I’ve got to rush upstairs uh to the pulse fight shuttle desk and everyone’s like my
picture picture the show is literally going live in about three minutes and I’ve got to run off so people are like
what the hell mate you won’t stop for a picture but I can’t relay that to everyone there’s music playing in the
arena and then I run off and it looks like I’m being a prick you know but I’m not if I was to go over and sign
pictures with you all I wouldn’t be on the TV show hence therefore there would be a post fact show with no analyst and
I’d probably get fired and say where is he so he’s down there stroking his own ego right taking pictures with everyone
they’re like what’s he doing that anyway we’re gonna pull will Sean to quote him find his inner Bisping
no not his nature no is he too good yes he’s got that dog
in him can we stop with the dog stuff Rebecca
so Izzy’s Rebecca’s uh favorite fighter she’s not happy with all this dog talk
are you babe she thinks it’s stupid she thinks it’s immature
it’s pretty funny though if you’ve got a hyper fighter talk about a champ what a wild thing like when I went after
Anderson Silva I wouldn’t have to run this to Silver because he tested positive for steroids you know what I
mean that’s an obvious one it’s an easy one what a weird thing to be going after someone for my word indeed
oh dear all right so I’ll wait for the next fight to start next fight will be
it will be oh James Malarkey with Ross Pearson James Malarkey John mcdessie I
don’t mind saying this Jamie Malarkey let’s call Jamie malarkey
uh Jamie Vallarta trades with Ross Pearson old friend of mine great guy good fighter as well if we look at
Malarkey’s record let’s have a look at all malarkey it’s the same old Malachi uh we’ll go
down here yeah Muhammad name of didn’t get the job done there Francisco Prado Michael Johnson lost to jail in Turner
no shame jail Turner is unbelievable Devonte Smith Karma worthy so he’s got a
decent record 14-6 beat for asiam and Brad Bedell two good wins there as well
mcdessie yeah owes me money I’m just gonna throw it
out there he owes me fifty thousand dollars so you know what I made calling what you will I’ll keep it professional
if I’m calling his fights but he does owe me fifty thousand dollars so you know uh it is what it is Jamie’s part of
my parlay I need him to win well let’s go parlay um
you can’t hear me oh for flip sake can you not hear me didn’t you culture myself I did hear him
people just said they couldn’t hear me when I switched to the records or the uh or the page could you hear me
because now it’s giving me anxiety henzo says that your real name
if it is I’m jealous that’s a brilliant name my mom has a crush on you
what up Mom how are we doing all right Jamie Malarkey John mcdessie
this would be a good fight or player on the feet both men are good Strikers John mcdessie is a very very good kickboxer
Jamie Malarkey more of a boxer Ross Pearson in the corner I did Coach him on the ultimate fight season nine he had a
good career in the UFC so very very good coach um
obviously I mentioned before where I kind of want Malarkey to win I’ve got no hard feelings against mcdessie but you
know he talks a bit of about me I don’t know why he owes me money it’s not the other way around but anyway still uh
shout out to your mom again yeah you can hear me good good people are saying they can’t hear me all right thank you
brother Christy says we hear you all the time all right you can hear me all right guys you can stop telling me you can
hear me I got it you guys can hear me so Milwaukee staying on the outside
using the inside low kicks mcdess is a tricky guy though he does have some very very sharp striking
excellent care boxer some nice spinning cakes but like he’s got better hands though
anyway Mr bispy congrats on the channel in your career did you watch the Santos versus bro Doom last night and what was
my thoughts I didn’t watch it no but I did see uh
hold on I did see the state of the bridge of verdum’s eye
let’s have a look at some of the emojis can we see the eye there it is there’s one there
uh everyone said like the eye was so bad yeah I was so bad and it is dogging me
wrong it’s a bad cut it’s a very very bad cut I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have gloves on bare knuckle
MMA I mean it took so long for MMA to get sanctioned
it’s kind of wild now you can do it bare knuckle well done to Julian dos Santos and from it’s your very Doom neither man
or young men you know what I mean and they’re stepping in their their age fair play to a fair play to him takes a lot
of balls of Courage does Santos I always really like dos Santos used to be one of my favorite Fighters back in the day
um he’s just always obviously he was the heavyweight champ knocked out came Velasquez in like the opening seconds
Malarkey’s swinging wildly there um but he was always he’s always just so happy and just like and you know it’s
such a juxtaposition against someone that’s a heavyweight champ if you look at like Mike Tyson or like a real bad
boy if you will some mean angry son of a Junior does Santa’s always had a big smile on his face was always playful
you know so I always really respected that to be honest when I was my little cursor let’s have a look what are we
saying both on the Peds maybe probably you know
a lot of damage for not much different of a fight yeah anywho so let’s have a look at DES
mcdesses pressure in here Jamie malarkey he does have a very prominent brow
see that that was when my doctor claimed me to fight because of my eyes he said I had a very prominent brow he said I have
a very prominent browser it would protect my eyes um Jamie Malarkey and recessed Globes
much like a caveman Rebecca just added in there uh mcdashi does oh oh I’ve lost my feed
I’ve lost my feed I’ve lost my feeder and ESPN plus it’ll come back in a second
um but anyway let’s go to the questions bisbling versus Holloway who wins bro
hold on wouldn’t that be embarrassing for me to fight Max Holloway my God and
get the kicked out of me by a featherweight it ain’t gonna happen it ain’t gonna happen uh Brazilians on pets
no way yeah Brazilians love a bit of performance enhancing drugs I mean the Godfather of it all Vito Belfor
anyway here we go do you ever think Ryan says the everything how life could
have went if the Rashad decision went my way you could have fought Forest Chuck maybe fought Jon Jones
you know what Ryan I’ve never thought about that but you’re absolutely right because I think after Richard beat me
the next person he thought was Chuck Liddell and he knocked him out then he went on to fight Forrest become the
champion and he did in fact find Jon Jones as well yeah
I’m glad I didn’t beat him if that’s the case that you know what I mean there’s monsters at 185 that’s why I
dropped down to 205 to be honest to be honest to 185 part of me I should have stayed alive everywhere I
think in my opinion those cuts to 185 they were brutal and I was so weak by the end of the training camp I was so
skinny and weak and fragile Jesus Christ I’d start the camper very very strong
and feeling great and then by the end of it because you’re not having carbohydrates you’re not you’re not recovering from the training sessions
you’re losing so much muscle mass and yeah sure granted I looked amazing with my shirt off
you know sit 10 pack all over the place but I would feel weak I would feel weak I really would
yeah on 205 is less athletic than the fighters of 185 yeah you’re right well
these days it is these days back in the day the light heavyweight division was like the glamor division when you had
your Rampage Jackson your Chuck Liddell vandalous silver Randy Couture
yeah that’s right Sean they fear the fire stuff it is what it is it was a long time ago I shouldn’t have never
said anything it’s a long time ago uh does Rebecca being a Nazi have a grudge against new zealanders Rebecca no
she does now why would she what’s my pick oh here we go here’s a
good question Leon Edwards versus Colby Covington
[Music] um I’m assuming first of all that that do I legally assume the facts never told me
and besides these are on ESPN plus right now um Colby versus Leon I’m assuming that’s
going to be the core Main Event if you haven’t seen the interview that I did with Carl be comforted on this channel go check it out because he was
absolutely hilarious it was his use yourself explosive talking mad
about Jon Jones and that’s where he said John John’s requested to the UFC that Colby not be on the same card as him I
saw Dana get asked about that at a press conference and he said no that’s absolute nonsense absolute
um so I’m assuming Edwards versus Colby should be on the co-main of that card and I hope it is for Leon’s sake because
obviously John John steepe that’s going to do some big numbers pay-per-view wise so obviously Leon will do very well
financially out of it um but I do think Colby gives him a real test I I do I know when you look at it
on paper you might think they’re still having a good fight by the way Malarkey and mcdessie nice striking display for
both man um I know when you look at it on paper you could say well kamaru beat called me
twice okay so that and and Leon just be
Kamari twice or MMA math there Colby’s got no chance I don’t think that’s the
case I think I think uh Colby’s going to be more Relentless I think he’s going to chain together
take down attempt after take down attempt after take down attempt and it’s gonna it’s gonna be tricky it’s going to
be a tough fight for both men I’m leaning towards Leon because he’s just getting better and better so yeah I think Leon will do it but I
wouldn’t be shocked I wouldn’t be surprised put it this way put it this way if Sean
Strickland defeats Israel out of Sonya tonight I’ll be shocked if Colby Covington oh mcdessie just
dropped James Malarkey there nice left hand I think it was um if
MMA math doesn’t work it doesn’t I know I know but but if uh Colby beats Leon I
won’t be shocked I’ll be like all right well fair enough he’s a very very good fighter do I see gauge you beat in Islam
don’t know that’s a good question just engage it versus Islam we got to see that fight I’m assuming he’s next in
line he will be next in line look at this chat all for Sean let’s wrestle odds are going to end that pole
oh so I did a video recently who was the greatest middleweight of all time Anderson Silva or Israel arasania
and put a polyp on that please brother if you’re there if you’re floating about the house stick a little poll up who’s
the greatest middleware Anderson or Izzy uh you know when you look oh I’m starving babe what are we gonna do for
dinner tall lady d Mama but I just you know when you get that feeling in your stomach and just all of a sudden you’re
starving oh I’m starving can we order some doordash soon
not sure what we’re gonna go we had Thailand now we can’t have Thai again should we just say it and just like
God Fried Chicken shall we hold out Fried Chicken we’re on
a fried chicken vibe in our house is he over Anderson Well when you look at it Anderson Silva right now
he’s got more title defenses he’s got longer win streak he’s won more bonuses
so all the numbers are on the side of Anderson Silva but Izzy is closing that Gap all the
time there you go thanks Aunt um silver to be honest yeah correct
correct so John mcdess he seems to be pulling ahead I’m not watching it because I’m looking at the chat a lot obviously John
mcdess he seems to be pulling ahead so what’s the big thing in the world of MMA other than what’s going on right now
should we have a look what’s happening in the news let’s have a look
in the world of MMA first 20 Fighters and that’s for MMA fight Sports 1 million tournament
okay oh Dylan Dennis hold on let me move this over sorry guys Part of Me Part of Me Part of May
this whole Dylan Danish thing and Logan Paul let’s get it out of bloody hand isn’t it so now he’s getting
sued by his girlfriend or fiance I’m over it ultimate oh Francis ingano
versus uh Tyson Fury they had the press conference the other day they’re at the press conference by the way if you
haven’t seen that video with Anderson and is it go check it out who’s the greatest middleware of all time 73 has
Anderson Silva I agree that doesn’t mean that and uh Izzy can’t Eclipse him and I
know that when you look at it that seems like a weird thing to say because they did fight and Israel a lot of signing
beats Anderson Silva in a very very close fight but um
it was a much much older version of Anderson Silva so yeah so we’ll lend that one and put a
polyp about Francis inganu and Tyson Fury because right now Tyson Fury is saying that none of them the
heavyweights boxers are really doing it for him and he wants to fight Francis in ghanu in boxing wants to beat him in
boxing he wants to beat Francis and Ghana in a cage and then he wants to fight Jon Jones
um he’s out of his mind Jerome Jordan says what was my worst
loss to swallow the words one to swallow well
I don’t really have a hard time coming to grips with any of them to be honest it is what
it is you know you you know but there’s one fight and I’m going to get to it in a second I’m just setting
the stage I don’t really have any regrets if you lose a fight you go out there you try your best you maybe made a
big mistake or whatever it was blah blah blah blah blah right um but when I had the time off with my
eye and then I rushed back because what happened was I was told I couldn’t find I couldn’t fight I couldn’t even train I
couldn’t do anything to get my heart rate up or otherwise it could cause more injury to my eye so I sat on the couch
for nothing pretty much for a year and then one way or another I managed to get
cleared and then when the UFC heard that they offered me a fight six weeks later so I went from doing literally nothing
for a year so then all of a sudden six weeks later fighting Tim Kennedy and I
was adjusting to having one eye uh and he’s just a I mean you know
he’s just he’s just you know he’s just a little prank so that yeah that one that’s a long way of getting around to
that but there’s no hard feelings no hard feelings anyway who’s winning this fight you guys
got this on in the background do you think I beat jail I remember it was a real class fight I don’t know you
know the fight with Chelsea was one of those fights it really could have gone either way Chell got the job done God bless I’m not gonna uh I’m not gonna
take away from his victory I’m not gonna be that guy you know what I’m saying that was a long long time ago
um he got the job done it could have gone either way I really respect you Chelsea and that night because I asked
him in the Octagon before they raised our hands I said what do you think Chell who got it and he said honestly Mike he
said I think you won and that was like you know obviously a very very honest of him and very humble of him as well so
Jill’s a great dude he really is and and listen they raised his hand and all the
best because it was one of those fights it was really close could have gone either way do I regret not fighting film mccracking
I do I do film a kraken so good I I why aren’t I getting trolled more I
used to love it Chelsea bear Bell oh yeah that’s right yeah I said that in the press conference room round three
Jamie Malarkey coming on strong again nice one two straight down the pipe he’s taking some damage he’s busted up
there’s a nice low kick as well seems like Jamie will oh flying knee connects for Jamie Malarkey very very nice
he’s coming on strong game in round three seems like he’s fighting like he knows he’s behind
where’s the Sapporo baseball says Gabriel oh mate Ben do we have any sapporos no
support poles do you want to get your ass down to the store what movie is that you better get your
ass down to the stove I’ll give you 10 pounds to where whoever guesses that Gabriel says drinking a
Sapporo as we speak next one is on me thank you brother also should do a hand
wrap tutorial video there’s none from Pro Fighters we’ll get you nice views well thank you Gabriel I appreciate that
you know what I’m going to start doing some instructionals you know I’m going to start doing I just need to get a cameraman that’s local to me my editor
John Branigan who’s in Scotland does a remarkable job incredible editor and
obviously answers well um he’s an incredible editor but he’s all the way in Scotland if I had someone local to me I would do some
demonstrations so when I’m breaking down the fights I could do some demonstrations uh you know physical and
show stuff what I’m talking about and then give so many tutorials on how to get back to your feet and things like
that uh so I might try and find myself a local cameraman or I might get Rebecca
to do it the problem is if I get Rebecca like she’s already saying no she hates it because I do like
me she says I’m mean I’m not mean but it’s like to me things that are very self-explanatory I’ve got to explain it
I’m not obviously over here as you also she’ll film that and then I’ll walk over there and I’m like yeah you gotta follow I’m not in the shot I’m over here now
it’s just little things like that do you know what I mean daddy says I saw you at the book signing Trafford Center thank you very much for
coming that was a massive turnout question do you still drive with one eye and if so how well Danny you’re trying
to get me in trouble let me tell you this it’s legal to drive with one eye you are allowed to drive with one eye
Mike do you get hurt physically compromised Mike you get hurt physically compromised
when people are at their peak of their powers you’re retired from the sport you love why do you do it
I’m not sure what you mean hold on a minute mag you guys get hurt physically compromised and when people are at the
peak of their powers you’re retired from the sport that you love why do you do it well it’s a very simple answer
this is what I’m best at you know I do miss it someone said in the chat before do I miss fighting and I always
say I don’t because I compensate the fights and I do truly enjoy that and I love that
um but I do miss it of course I do I love that competitiveness I love I love being
able to get presented with the world-class opponent and say right I’m going to train for
this guy and I’m going to go to war and I’m going to beat him I feel like this is what I was born to do I was always a
fighter uh and then on top of that it’s been a fantastic career it’s been a
tremendous career and I’m living a life that I never thought I would have done you know um and then also yeah yes there you go
there you go mate all right we’ll Tyson Fury fight in MMA yeah everyone’s smart 87 of you say no way anyone why would he
why would he Bev get yourself down to the but get your ass down to the store
just been to the annual fair and Pub back in glistening in England Mike you
see you have yourself moving back here one day um he was brilliant best friend thank you Joe Reed appreciate that brother
um that’s why we love you Mike your heart is admirable that’s very kind um I miss England daily we just bought a
house out there and there’s something very very humble just so we can go back and like see my family and stuff so
um and yeah yeah we do we do we dream we dream you know what I mean in our
retirement days of buying a nice place there and floating back and forth the problem is that the kids this is a
really good fight by the oh my Desi just caught it with a beautiful right hand counter and then
Malarkey landed a head kick sorry I forgot his name now for a second um that looked like a really really good
who won who won Elon versus Zuck has a better chance of happening than Tyson Fury stepping into
the Octagon yeah I agree Danny what a bloody fight love it all right we’ve got some super chats here
when you drop your belt on the campus for Whittaker after his Romero fact was that your original belt or did UFC give
you a replica I don’t know what I was doing now okay just for the record you know what I mean I walked in and then no
it wasn’t my belt it wasn’t my belt let’s see if we can find the video uh because it just makes me look like a
tall this thing drops belt
we’ll take care videos
oh there we go ladies and gentlemen
and start off very nice in fact the whole way through it I was kind of I was kind of having some fun you know what I mean he’s standing there or on he’s
going to win this yep Jamie Malarkey gets the job done
nice one Jamie happy for you that looked like a really really fun fight there oh my God I was a bit of a when I came
back in my day anyway anyway it’s Willie time struggling to sell the K Fabi there man
Mike don’t know what that means um that has got to sue uh I don’t think
so um let’s have a listen to Jamie Malarkey real quick
he is a tough son of a gun that’s what he just said there anyway Gerald thomasey how do you all choose color
shorts you’re fighting or does the UFC choose for y’all well y’all so I’m gonna
give y’all a little bit of insight here right like normally I’m assuming you’re
from down south um no it depends if you’re the champion then you get gold
uh although I think is he’s wearing red tonight isn’t it the Chinese Champion that’s another one the Strickland has
been using very very well this whole Chinese thing and jerking off to anime and all the rest of it a lot of things are centered around jerking off uh and
then I think outside of that no I don’t think we get to choose and I think we get to choose I’m not too sure I do I do
miss the old days I mean I understand that I think the sport looks way more professional now that we all have like this the same kind of um
you know uniform if you will I do miss back in the day when we could wear our own shorts and all the rest of it you
know anyway so we’ve got some more Super chats here who is my all-time favorite fighter and why
Anderson Silva Anderson Silva I’d say that and that’s why it meant so much to me to beat him
and why look at the he used to do Anders and Silva was the absolute man it
was unbelievable he was uh how do you all choose the color shorts we just did that one and have a Sapporo on me New
Orleans all right well Gerald Thomas here uh boys in the hood there you go you got
it 10 pound coming your way gaming good and does you better get your ass to the stove I say that all the time to Rebecca
anytime there’s something in the fridge like a Coke Zero you know she hasn’t been buying Coke zeroes lately because
she says they’re not good for us talking of Rebecca should we get a run I always argue with people about how
Elite K1 striking doesn’t translate into MMA do you disagree um
it doesn’t it doesn’t I understand what you’re going to say but with the threat of the takedown it does change a lot of things uh so you’ve got to be more away
aware part of me I’ll lend that poll we all know Tyson’s not gonna fight
um yeah I mean it does to a certain degree you’ve just got to tweak it a little bit and you’ve got to work on your takedown
defense is he says his dog bowls was hot all
right okay what does it mean to channel your inner best thing to just be a badass to go for it to throw caution to
the wind to do whatever it takes to get the victory something like that I would I would get
your ass to the store there you go Kenny the truth will always come to light robbery absolute joke you know if John
anak is the host with you you know it’s fixed what are you talking about you
know if John anik is the host you know it’s fixed she’s right uh cold zero is
terrible yeah no you’re right you’re right it is terrible for you but just after a certain meal I’ll just crave a bit of Coke do you know what I mean just
a little something sweet now if anyone I’ll put a poll up on this put a polyp does anybody do you love Rebecca or do
you love Rebecca
um and put a polyp on this does anybody think this fixed fights happening in the
UFC in this day and age I mean number one there’s never been pigs fights but you really do you really think they’re
fixing fires do you think they’re really gonna um
affect their credibility do who in their right mind thinks that you have got to
be a special kind of stupid to think that KFC or Popeyes I’ll be honest KFC’s
a lot of out here in America in the in the UK I used to love her uh what was it a
Zinger Tower Burger you should love a good zinker Tower Burger uh and and I’ll I’ll just throw this out there Popeyes I
was very excited because I see everyone talking about it oh Popeyes is great Daniel Cormier loves Popeyes I went out
of my way it was quite a long drive in Vegas I went to go get a Popeyes very underwhelmed very underwhelmed
Clyde’s Fried Chicken if you’re in the Orange County area that’s the one you see some of them definitely fixed oh
here we go buzzards cry better come a member for 16 months missing DJ Mighty B
in the commentary booth tonight but subscriber thank you very much that’s very kind of you to say
um I’ll be honest I’m pretty happy that I’m at home don’t get me wrong it’s
it would be an honor and a privilege to call a Pay-Per-View event but I was just in Singapore and then I was in Paris
um so it’s good to be hard and I I would have liked to have called a fight in
Australia obviously Rebecca’s Australia she’s got a lot of family out there and friends so we could have piggybacked on
an opportunity to see some friends and family but the kids are back in school you know so the reality of that happening is very very low it’s a
minimal do you know what I mean so and senko’s got a pay-per-view commentary debuted and that’s a congratulations to
her Kelly says rampay said that the UFC is the only promotion that he was in that
did not rig fights yeah they don’t rig fights man they do not rig fights
Bobby Andrew says is there someone you always wanted to fight that you were able to I kind of always wanted to fight
Rich Franklin he was like the champ as well for a while when I was uh when I was watching the sport and coming up
rich Falcon was an amazing champion the consistently inconsistent judging
seems to be pretty sketch it was because I’m amazed it’s a hard sport to judge sometimes it is parties
fight rigged come on come on I know what you’re talking about the the uh Jared Gordon fight
I agree Gordon should have won that Jared Gordon should have got that fight but it wasn’t the worst decision we’ve
ever seen it was the wrong decision sure granted definitely the wrong decision but you can’t say now that um that uh
what’s it called you can’t say now that there’s rigged fights you know what I’m saying
anyway anyway so I’ve got a little text there from you boys in the background a fixed fight like Alex Pereira who gained
30 pound in two days see Tomahawk that’s not fixing a fight that is what Alex Pereira did is what a lot of people do a
lot of people the game in the system the the game the system right and they’re looking for a competitive advantage
that’s why they cut weight right so they go into a fight heavier it’s come at a
cost though right so we fight I for the 185 pounds so let’s just say is Ian Pereira okay so
you’re cutting weight right Izzy isn’t the biggest light heavyweight he’s a big big guy he’s very very tall
but uh it doesn’t cut from what I understand maybe it’s changed because I know he put a bit of weight on for this
fight uh don’t worry Rebecca’s joining soon everybody um but let’s just say it didn’t cut very
much away but Pereira caught a ton of weight right and he’s going to be heavier and therefore he hits harder but
that also comes out uh there is a you know a risk reward to that because the
day before the fight you’re pretty much killing yourself you push yourself to the brink of death to cut 20 pounds out
and trust me that affects you in the fight and trust me when I say this if
Alex Pereira hadn’t have done that weight cut to 185 pounds Izzy probably
wouldn’t have knocked him out that’s the reality and that’s the risk versus reward you are going to be heavier you
are going to be stronger hit harder but as the fight progresses you’re going to get more tired you your stamina will be
affected and you’re not going to be able to take a shot as well so there’s a give and there’s a take you know and it’s up
to those Fighters and if they want to push themselves and squeeze out every last ounce and gram of water well then
so be it as long as they make weight they make way they are the rules that are in place so it’s not
it’s not cheating and it’s not fixing a goddamn fire and I went off on a bloody tangent there anyway we’ve got another
fire in our hands guys we’ve got Jenkins where’s my bloody Wikipedia gone there we go it was it we got Jack
Jenkins and chepe mariscal Jenkins in the green manascal in the black and red
I’m judging needs to be X Fighters I agree I agree there’s a lot of these
judges and I don’t agree with it at all a lot of these judges they’re from the boxing world
they are from the boxing world it’s crazy it’s crazy man and they don’t know anything about mixed martial arts
granted I’m sure they’ve done a crash course I’m sure they’ve they’ve watched a lot of fights they’ve tried to ingest
as much as the product as possible you know they try and educate themselves
excuse me but they’re not mixed martial arts fans they’re not ex mixed martial
artists they’re not even hobbyists you know um what’s his name
Sean Strickland’s coach Eric nixik is it Eric sick or was it John Wood John Wood
the other Vegas coach pardon me Joanne called the woods Joanne Woodward her husband then who runs uh Syndicate or is
it extreme Couture it’s one I always get them mixed up number one Nick sick and John would look exactly like each other
and they both have the two biggest James extreme guitar and Syndicate they look like each other they’re both in Vegas
there you go anyway he said that a coach pardon me a judge an MMA judge came to
his gym uh to watch some of the grappling training to try and get a better understanding and he did not have a
single clue about what he was watching he just couldn’t comprehend it at all and then he left after about 20 minutes
because he was so bored and didn’t want to learn and if that is true you know you never know
did he exaggerate slightly I don’t think he did but even if he did it’s it’s pretty
he just shows you that the judging needs to change anyway love you to you and the farm thank you LS laboot
what are your least two favorite foods and what celebrity do you think could
beat me in a fight what are my least two favorite foods
Rebecca what do I like Chinese
I’m not a big fan of Chinese food it’s too greasy
cauliflower not a biggest fan of cauliflower what celebrity could beat me
no man alive no man alive no celebrity all right Fair
player Tyson Fury well no I’d probably take it down Jon Jones if we’re talking non-fighters no man alive
Gabriel says is that is the one to the most effective combination in mixed martial arts
I would say you know what it just might be Gabriel
it just might be the job is absolutely it’s the most basic fundamental it’s a
weapon that every fighter should have in their Arsenal a good job and a lot of MMA fighters still don’t have that it
blows my mind and of course the job is to set it up and then the right hand follows you can put people to sleep
um what else we got here there we go there we go all right Bradley Martin Bradley Martin this YouTuber
calling out everybody my God tell me where you are in the world everybody please
dealershal fighter with the Disco dislocated shoulder equals fixed well you could say that me fighting with one
eye is fixed you know a lot of Fighters go into fights injured compromised
because number one it’s just that cloth that we’re cut from you know we want to get paid we do the hard work and most of
the time most Fighters it’s very rare a fighter goes into a fight 100 without a
little niggling injury there’s always something there the infiltrator one-on-one says Michael
my all-time gold thank you and I just wanted to thank you for those bedroom tips you gave me and I’m an animal in
there now wife can’t stop see you ending the infiltrator let’s go
that was a bit of a weird one weren’t it Glasgow you’re in Glasgow nice Canada shout out Canada Michigan Liverpool all
right Lads Birmingham all right mate we’ve got the brummies Tampa Belfast
Ireland right so it has red Belfast Scotland
Ottawa you know Upland Canada is with Wells you know my Funway
let’s have a look TL oh Tijuana Mexico your mom’s house well that’s a bit
offensive isn’t it why do you leave my mom out of it my mum can’t walk for crying out loud
Newfoundland ever been to Tamworth do you know what I think I have
I have been to Tamworth Chester Cargill sauces are live in a cave
West York Halifax just up the street from me from clitheroe really not too far
Holly I used to DJ in Halifax what was that nightclub in Halifax Rebecca the
cube was it the cube I used to DJ in the Halifax yeah long
long long long time ago Venice Beach Morocco or shout out will not shout out
best wishes to everyone in Morocco that terrible earthquake they hit I think there’s
a lot of people a lot of people passed away it’s awful Montana Kansas city
Denmark said this is why I like doing this because I like to see the international flavor that we all have
here it’s amazing it really is do we think there’s really fixed fights in the UFC no 51 only 51 percent
that’s that’s a little disappointing guys Sarasota Florida Alabama Norfolk UK
shout out Brendan Allen Montreal I heard Brendan sharp said he would beat you in a game of touch but in the park
I am sure he would Brendan sharp would be better at me at
touching butts in the park he’s got me damn
oh dear right then what do you think about Alexa Grasso not fighting on pay-per-view I well I think
it’s a really really good opportunity for the people of Mexico to tune in and
grow that fan base I mean the Mexican fan base is doing huge I mean the Mexican fight is part of me the Mexican
UFC fighters I mean we got how many champions I mean obviously we have Brandon Moreno who’s not the champion anymore Alexa grassro’s the champ the
Mexicans are really starting to have a big impression on the UFC so I think with it being what is it is it a Mexican
Independence Day something like that forgive me ignorance uh I think it not being on pay-per-view opens the door to
a massive audience in Mexico that get to watch the Mexican champion fight for free so I think it’s actually a really
really smart move you know so so far this fight here I
haven’t really been paying attention to it Jenkins getting controlled up against the fence yeah that’s a good point it is Kenny I’m
full of him that is a good point now that is a good point I I think you know because
the pay-per-view is out here in the States you know what I mean the the one a month and the great you know the 75
dollars I I don’t know if the the demographic in Mexico you know this but
by all accounts it’s you know the uh the income it’s kind of a poorer country isn’t it let’s be honest you know so now
a lot of people get to tune in and watch your fight so yeah oh Mexico gets free
pay-per-views does it well it shows how much I know I’m not Mexican hammer
um same in the UK to be fair Mexico so the UK gets them for free most of them
most of them I think they’ve started charging a little bit now for the Conor McGregor fights uh and Bradley so
clay bought a beach kickboxing baseball Sancho Legend congley I did I did shout
out come lay you on Epstein’s Island are you all right
bit of I’m starving this is a good fight Jack Jenkins I like
watching this guy fight he just has a good tear up doesn’t it a lot of clinch work up against the
fence here if John if Jenkins can get off the fence and then have some separation I think
I’d favor him to win but mariscal doing a good job of just pressuring forward the whole time he’s trying to get those
takedowns Michael do I ever regret being a fighter after I lost my eye I don’t no
way no way do I hell do I hell no that’s one thing I definitely hand that heart
can say straight away I do not regret that one little bit I mean why would I I was able to
continue doing the sport that I love you know I guess a better question would be do I regret fighting because I lost an
eye and the answer would be no that I have no regrets I have a lot of injuries in my body but I still feel good I feel
good I mean obviously I’ve got you know two fake knees and I’ve got one fake eye uh you know I have neck pain and stuff
if you could hear what’s going on in my neck when I do that and I actually have a broken back in two places geez Louise
what a finish for mariscal wow
was it the end of the round he brought a stool in oh no yeah mariscal finished him
I’m looking at the comments there and I didn’t see it I got to see the replay of this he’s just dumping him on his head or
something wow I didn’t see the replay he’s in a
bad way he’s face down his conscience conscious part of me he’s awake he’s awake but he seems like he’s in a
lot of pain because if you face down on the Octagon but you but you’re awake
there’s a reason why you’re not going to roll to your back you know what I mean let’s have a look here so he goes for
the hip throw gets it oh head Splat boom
face first into the Octagon let’s have a look from this different angle here
oh and then he steps over he might have and then he might have done something to his arm
obviously I haven’t got the commentary on let’s have a little listen
I dislocated his elbow oh that’s a shame that’s a shame because now not only does he lose the fight of
course he’s going to be out for quite some time saying that if they handle it correctly the elbow is gone eye for an eye tooth
for a tooth Geez Louise can I take my out I can I mean people are bored of it at this point
we’ve all seen it we’ve all seen it a million times there we go boom there it is
you know um somebody just said do I get along with Dan Henderson I’ve got nothing against Dan Anderson nothing against
hendo at all um wishing the best
listening Anderson Silva that fight was the best thank you very much so let’s say we’ve got some super chats
up here is choosing favorable fights not the same as rigging no like how they gave gain and Pereira
mostly Strikers is there’s no guarantees and by the way
still gone who did he just fight last he fought Sergey Spivak Sergey Spivak is
not a striker Sergey Spivak is a very very accomplished specialist he’s
got very good wrestling very good takedowns good submissions but he sucks
on the feet you know and and Cyril was able to keep the fight on the feet and exploit that
weakness but it’s always you know the stylistic matchups you know
Pereira got mostly Strikers yeah look it’s given I I don’t think
they look at it like that you know they’re not you know and to answer your question no that’s not rigging
so here we go thank you one let’s get this back on the topic because we’ve got Israel out of Sonya competing for the
middleweight title tonight who do we want to see Israel fight next if he wins
Driggers duplessy and the winner of Hamza vs Costa it’s a very very close one 50 50 actually right now
almost 300 volts and it’s 49 50 50 again wow I don’t see
how you wouldn’t want Rick is duplessy to be the next person to fight Israel arasania surely he deserves it right
without question he deserves let’s just bring up his record
I just butchered spelling his name but with the power of Google it brought it
up let’s have a look let’s have a look here so pull that over here but boom I mean
Driggers duplessy well first of all just knocked out Robert Whittaker right Robert Whittaker was going to fight Izzy
for a third time if he’d won so he’s knocked out Whittaker Derek Brunson Darren till Brad Tavares
Trevor Giles Marcus Perez it says one two three four five six and
all in the UFC and only one decision
6-0 in the UFC with five finishes I mean that is impressive and then when you look at the names Brunson for for uh
Izzy Darren till for some of the best people Robert Whittaker for Izzy you know what I mean they’re they’re six
really really good wins but not more impressive than the final one when he stopped Robert Whittaker in round two
that’s unbelievable all right next up we’ve got Carla Solberg I’m excited for this one I do enjoy watching Carlos
oldberg fight obviously teammate of Israel a lot of Sanya came to us through the contender Series where he looks Sensational and he’s done some big big
things I mean I think he lost his first UFC fight right who was it against uh
Kennedy and zachiku I think but other than that he has done some big
big things let’s have a look yeah let me see it there so he one of the content that beat Bruno Oliveira
lost the Kennedy then Fabio Sharron to fancy Nikolai Mariano and ihor
paterius on a three-fact knockout streak four fat win streak and he’s got a very very fan-friendly style so I am looking
forward to that one and Uzi fighting again forgive me oh down the iron Turtle I do believe
that’s it am I getting it right I do believe it’s the iron turtle is it the iron turtle
it’s the iron I think it’s the iron Turtle I can’t find it doesn’t say on Wikipedia do I miss Yorkshire Tea don’t
give a cat yeah yeah thank you
I don’t miss yeah I don’t drink much tea I drink a lot of uh coffee
what are my opinions on the Tate brothers I don’t I I don’t ingest much of their content to be
honest I don’t know much about them I really don’t um
I agree with some of the things that I’ve seen him say though I disagree with some stuff I agree with some of it you
know I I think there’s a lot of young men out there that are lost in this world that are looking for positive male
role models in their lives and they’re feeling that void they’re filling that Gap maybe something like that because
they’re very very popular Rebecca do you want to come and join for a minute
before we wrap this one up we got the final fight turn your mic up a little bit Mike Jesus
John I’ve only been on about three hours uh it’s not that simple Mike well it is
what it is best thing is in The Matrix all right we’d love to get yourself a chair get us chair
I bet there’s bigger here don’t worry about it
please keep it nice and respectful Rebecca will be joining in a minute what about bottom G
Michael why are you looking so slim am I am I looking slim it’s one of those I’m up and down like a bloody yo-yo with my
weight I really am it’s a pain in the ass do you know what happens when I come home I’m able to stick to my diet I’m able to
work out you know just keep my routine but then when I go traveling like to Vegas Singapore Paris or back to back
it’s hard Geez Louise
um yeah it’s hard to uh stay on the diet you know what I mean when you’re on the road so like you put a bit of weight on
yeah babe just look at it now I’m going to there you go she don’t need that though anywho so
pay-per-view starts soon so we will be watching that hey Matt there’s a guy adam22 who let a big black man
all right all right come on guys come on come on can we just keep it um eyes
he’s not a positive role model no I’m with you Harrison what I’m saying is that people are looking for positive
role models a role models a role model say hello to my friend hamdan Bellar
what up Mike would I do bare knuckle boxing no no
I don’t need you look at this who do we want to see next Drake is duplexy Paolo
Costa or Hamza it’s still a 50 50. I mean you guys are split down the line
what we got here what do we think about Tyson training in ghanu the size Stockbridge I think that
uh I think that’s fantastic I I think Mike Tyson can really help him
out a lot there but I don’t think that France is in ghanu is going to learn how to be able
to outbox Tyson Fury so he’s got to turn it into like a kind
of a brawl but uh thanks for the question and then what’s this one here is he hey streak is duplexy because he
can’t kiss his coach Eugene my DDP does with his coach trying to tell Eugene is a normal
wow I don’t understand you people are crazy come out with a lot of stuff
anyway I wouldn’t do Barnacle boxing no you’re one lucky man does Rebecca call me to count
call me the count tell them the story about the uh the birthday card
oh um when I was no no I don’t I’m not giving you she’s like she always looks at me like
you gotta look that way babe I know but I’m telling you because you’re looking at me sorry that’s all
okay when you talk to me you look at me anyway so when I was about six
um my best friend Tina I bought her know which she was turning six I bought her a card and it said
um happy birthday from Rebecca and the count because it was a Sesame Street
birthday card I was six and I have I have it somewhere yeah I should find it happy birthday to
Rebecca and the cow isn’t that crazy crazy was Rebecca the emotional type when I lost her got killed
do you know what Jimmy Jimmy here says I think Francis has a better chance than every cut any current boxer Furies
picked himself the toughest fight do you know do you know that might be an
interesting take that could be a very very interesting take because in Garner’s got ridiculous punch power he
really does and as you say most of the other heavyweights right now I think he’d I think Fury would smoke AJ if I’m
honest I think when we looked at uh usig versus Dubois I think if you look at
that I think a few would probably be usick as well so you might be right there you might be right Connor versus
cowboy was fixed oh come on bro what do you think about that bag I think silly
you guys think that there’s fights being fixed in MMA yeah yeah craziness Rebecca
what do you think about all these controversy surrounding Israel that’ll sign you with the dog stuff right let’s have it from a woman’s perspective
because we were talking about this yesterday everyone here if her aunt aunt put a polyp put a polyp
who and put this on do you do people really believe this you
know or are we all because I don’t know do you do you I don’t know no you don’t
know well you don’t no I don’t believe it okay I don’t comma no I don’t no
because you know listen he’s having a you know is he
was messing around it was very childish it was stupid it wasn’t even funny but he’s young and it was young it’s young
like men just being but but but are we all you know having fun is his expense
or do some of you actually believe this because I don’t know what you all think
I think they actually believe it someone said there’s a video of it a video of what
[Music] I saw the video I’ve seen the video you posted it on Instagram yeah yeah I think
so so I think I think at this point everybody’s seen the video it just grabs
it for a split second just does that it gives it a shake which is hey I’ve I’ve
had dogs right I’ve never grabbed my dog’s penis dogs pee pees are disgusting oh good dog’s
penises are different we’ve had German Shepherds they’re gross yeah yeah they’re disgusting of course you did you
know he was just being silly he was being silly it was a little bit immature bro it’s still weird maybe it’s weird
and he does follow the Bloody Dog fetish page and stuff yeah but if I feel like if you were
truly um into that type of thing you wouldn’t um follow that page as yourself you’d
have like an alias and you know what I mean you’d like have a Alias an alias
of an alias you’d like have a fake name or something oh dear dear Dairy May some
said Bisping give her a kiss cast up it
oh we’re not having pornography oh come on now let’s go I know it’s old
but Ken Shamrock versus Kim Moore slice was 100 faked
fixed um I don’t know what hey bye to bed uh who knows I don’t know
I’ll say that it wasn’t in the UFC right okay it wasn’t in the UFC yeah how hard is it not to custom
competition you know what I don’t find it hard at all actually when I’m on the comment I’m commentating I don’t you
know I’m not I’m all no you can’t so it’s just well I just know I can’t there has been a few issues where there’s
certain words you can get away with saying in England that you can’t say damn like damn what is wrong with the
word damn what is wrong with the word damn they don’t like that and they don’t like God damn
hell oh yeah hell did I mention how but the
thing is you guys say pissed off out here you gotta say pissed off but in England that’s kind of like a swear word
if you’re pissed off yeah yeah you can’t really say that if you say I piss off to someone like you’re meeting it as an
into our piss off mate that that’s that’s a swear word like at school you get in trouble for that or if you said that on TV you can piss off if it was
you know when I say on TV I mean if you’re a news reader or daytime TV you wouldn’t hear that so it’s just cultural
differences I guess
my God Tyson Fury has a ridiculous boxing IQ you’re right he does Josh
Bennett basically near the goal for doing what you did with one eye thank you P.S sure guys smashed Islam whilst going up for
weight class uh well I wouldn’t say that Morgan obviously smashed him he gave him a really really good fight though but
thank you buddy appreciate that I know it’s all about kench I’m right now there’s another one Zeke with the Super Chat thank you brother what do we think
about oh let’s go down here there we go uh
well that’s just weird I don’t know you’re not tired to I’ll give you a little story here I think I told it on the podcast uh tied to a vast is
fighting tonight and the last time I saw a Ty in person was when he fought Cyril gone in Paris a
year ago and at the uh back at the hotel you know tied to a boss who’s got his
whole crew with him you know a bunch of uh what are they maoris they’re not my
tattoo of Arthur and Samoans I don’t know what what whatever whatever they are you know what I mean
they’re all there I think they’re Simone Samoan Fiji the Pacific Islanders maybe
I don’t know whatever whatever ethnicity anyway they’re all there and they’re a rough crew they’re a rough
crew say that no I’m not talking about the ethnicity I’m talking about his boys
hey I’m a rough time right so so so they’re there and then you know they’re
a rough crew or whatever I want to try to have asked his friends is like Mike take your eye take your
eye out let’s have a look excuse his Australian accent everyone so
well that is my excuse mom take your eye out Mike so I take my eye out all right I’ll go ahead I’ll put it
back in and then like a few more drinks later the guy’s like give us a go on
your eye thank you I’m like you’re my heart is like give us a go in your eye
and he just kept saying put it in he wanted to try and put the a in or I
thought because he had a very very mischievous face I thought I’m gonna give him that eye and he’s gonna go
off and launch it I know I know I’m like give us a go on your eye I’m
like you’re not having to go in the eye okay no one’s touching the eye don’t take that eye out unless you’re in the
house I don’t take it out anyway Michael why are you not commentating we have to listen to DC’s ah stop it leave DC alone
good on commentary this is great and uh Laura’s doing a great job she’s doing a fantastic job is he the dog Fiddler I
shouldn’t say I just read things without reading we wanted to do a shoe yeah all right
that’s what I was gonna say yeah yeah yeah should we do a chewy out of the eyebab right now should we do it put a polyp who wants to
see there’s not much of a Shoei let’s be honest cheers from Pearl Puerto Rico you’re going on the job log on podcast
anytime soon no I’ve been on there twice he doesn’t want you anymore well it’s not nice you know he’s done me on twice
there’s not much else to say he’s going to plug it and sell it in
prison so anyway Carla Solberg babe when you look at Carlos oldberg he’s a handsome fellow uh the modern black
shorts yeah oh really he’s a model he was on The
Bachelor New Zealand you know he’s a handsome yeah yeah who’s
my favorite stand-up comic at the moment with the favorite stand-up of all time would be Ricky Gervais
we’re going to see what’s he called the Australian dude yeah Jim Jefferies Jim Jefferies I’m a fan of him we’re going
to see him soon carlsonburg and down jog it’s not the iron Turtle my apologies
babes I’m getting my jugs mixed up ah no but I tell you what
he’s big this guy he’s a little he’s a little he’s been knocked out a few times if I remember rather she’s gonna have to be
careful against oldberg oldberg is slick on the feet does Mike Perry knock out Logan if danis is a no show 100 100
percent going you know I was with Lucas at the
garage today we have two yeah so for Lucas I was
trading him in the garage today he’s still really really enjoying it thank you very much uh and then for Callum for
Halloween she get another eye with a nail in it or just do it for a day to day life
to freak people there’s a freak people out I think people are pretty freaked out anyway so Callum isn’t wrestling
anymore he started to in Jiu Jitsu was he really yeah oh good good I’m happy for him yeah
no no the wrestling he did great things with his wrestling career yeah Ricky Gervais and Bill Burr they’re too
they’re very good someone said Theo Von also hilarious yeah he’s great
go on we’re talking about Community we went on the tiger belly oh oh Bobby Lee
Bobby Lee Bobby Lee he’s funny he’s funny he’s very good uh the guy from Canada what do you think
the rumors of Israel being a furry come on guys guys what was I talking about a
second ago anyway I know it wasn’t yeah I’ve got a big list down here
whatever we went after well at Lee Evans Lee Evans his class Lee Evans is hilarious man you should love him back
in the day does he is he still touring and stuff like that I haven’t heard his name for a long time we haven’t watched
him for a long oh nice double jab right hand from Carla Solberg and this is it this could be the end I’ll tell you what
down John Works back to his feet with a single leg man I thought that was done that that was fast
right hand almost got the job done so Jung I mean I
know it’s not easy because he’s just been battered for a second there but Albert just had a big output of energy there so he’s going to be tired I could
have almost punched himself out Junction go for it Jimmy Carr do we like Jimmy or Jimmy
Carr oh I feel like he used to be it used to be funny I don’t find him funny
now he just does that stupid laugh well that’s just laugh though no but I feel like he plays him I feel like now he
does it on purpose on purpose I think that’s just his laugh but yeah it is annoying don’t worry
Jimmy Carr if you’re watching yeah yeah I’m a bit I am
yeah it’s a bit much
anyway you get the idea you get I started to
watch it he is funny though but this is a great fight continue
you seen Paul Smith yeah Paul Smith I haven’t seen him live obviously I’ve seen some of his uh Instagram stuff
he’s a a scouter uh comedian from Liverpool yeah very very funny I just have a lot
of good comedians nowadays there is babe yeah I think there’s always been I feel
like there’s more though I say I hate her thing Mr Bean is the goat he’s not a
comedian though is it stand up comedian Mr Bean’s great is Rebecca are you a Targaryen back
through and through she’s a Targaryen yep it’s obviously exaggerated thank you
Yousef almin it is exaggerated and that’s what I’m saying what is Love Oh Billy Connolly is the funniest man to
ever do it yeah he is Billy Connolly was classed back in the day Rebecca’s the
reason everyone thinks Aussie chicks because we all are that’s why but thank
you yeah might you ever heard the old Xfm shows with Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant and
Carl Pilkington no but there it sounds yeah good we should give him a listen no we should we should put them all
together yeah that would be hilarious Stephen Merchant is just hilarious as well and Carl Pilkington remember what
was that show an idiot Idiot Abroad was good all right so round two is on the
way here Carlos oldberg without a doubt was very impressive in round one there so we’ve got a Super Chat by the way
Rebecca is the reason yeah we did that one actually and thank you very much who said that Sam K big up yourself
so junk here I mean he almost got finished in round one Mike you were talking about Lucas in the garage oh
sorry that’s right thank you Kenny yeah no I was talking about Caleb so Lucas I was training him in the garage this
morning he’s doing MMA now he loves it he loves it I don’t think he’ll be a fighter but you never know
um but Callum stopped wrestling recently you know the the impact on the body that
a wrestler goes through it’s ridiculous it really is and the poor guy what was it six would you say six surgeries no
but not too like sure maybe yeah but he’s got no meniscus left he tore his
tricep completely off the bone and he was just always hurting himself he was very very injury proud and uh his coach
and listen the wrestling career that he had
um I hope did great things for him you know he started wrestling as a freshman in high school if you don’t know much about wrestling it’s really impressive
what he did he qualified at State he got a college scholarship he made some great memories you know as I say got a college
scholarship um and then towards the end his coach said to him not listen you’re so injury
proud you know he’s you know his ACLS and all the rest of it it’s it’s bad so
his coach said look will allow you to stay on the scholarship but we advise you stop
wrestling he said even in the trading room when you wrestle we’re all like buying off fingernails we’re very very
scared because he’s just been so injury prone so he stopped wrestling it was a sad day for him but uh yeah there you go
but whoever asked about that thank you very much so they basically just got here I hear
what the next fight is so Darren John he’s putting on pressure here if you see any questions you want to jump in with babe
um cargo sauce what’s the worst injury you’ve seen in MMA
oh it’s pretty bad ones I mean the leg breaks are pretty hard to see the actual
leg go in the opposite direction that’s always please touch my camera through the fence uh Brenda Schaub exactly got
to give uh give Shelby a shout out do you need to turn up
to turn it up too much we’ll give it a little boost boost a little boost boost I do love a boost
I’m just watching this fight now this is a good good fight Jung is landing some shots here against olberg Goldberg with
a nice Snappy jab there it is whoever asked about the one twos before there it is good night says I look like a white
walker she is a white walker heartless hot cold-hearted
yeah Cold Cold Heart loose back in the back in the
mix Lee Murray having a movie soon where you guys watch it hey he’s lived a life is
he still in prison sorry I think I think he’s still in prison how is he doing a movie he’s lived a life worthy of a
movie can I just say that please before you keep interrupting Ben right now go ahead and ask your question I don’t know
isn’t he still in prison he is
putting the pressure on oldberg nice body kick for malberg here
who would you have play you in a movie well there’s a very very well-known person oh nice jobs for malberg sorry
babe I am listening to you Mike can you do a Europe
impression hello
all the time uh Chef shenko versus grasshole two I don’t know man I don’t
know see the thing is this is a really good fight by the way Jung is looking really good here but
olberg as always very impressive these two are throwing down
this is a really really good fight let’s have a look
I had on the numbers on the head he’s chopping down the legs though so bad go ahead I didn’t mention Joe Rogan
for stand up yeah no he’s very funny we saw him years ago in um Belfast Belfast
I was going to say Dublin he was hilarious oh he was hilarious yeah we saw him live in person he was fantastic yeah yeah you’re right um Netflix
specials were good too Netflix specials were very good Will Smith should play Mike exactly
Will Smith Get Jiggy With It um no yeah no there’s there’s
a couple of people trying to work on a film about my lifestyle but not to be a bit just hypothetically it’ll sound like
a right saying that it’ll probably never come off but I hope it does hypothetically if you want to play you
um in an idea I don’t know the guy that they’ve got the guy I’m not saying it
but that guy’s perfect I’m not saying it I’m not saying it I
don’t know if you notice I’m not saying you were going to I’m not going to that’s why you’re asking me who would play it I think that game yeah I don’t
want you to say that well that’s the guy so shut up so please
my hey Mike Wazowski just had my first shoulder
surgery got any tips on how to heal quickly and what exercises to do to stay
fit well mate I’m not Physio and I’m no doctor don’t know if you know this but make sure you just do what
everything the doctor says do everything the doctor says babe do you want to order some uh when we finish I’m
starving I know but it comes quick oh God you can manage what are we doing
Fried Chicken are we doing the Fried Chicken no I don’t want wine
[Music] yeah French Viking thank you for that when is den of Thieves two coming and
how was it working with Cyril oh it was brilliant let me tell you a story about civil guard I’ve told this recently it
was so funny so we’re on set and we did we’re doing uh weapons training okay
round three underway here third and final we’re doing weapons training and the guy the armorer that’s what they
call it on a movie set I don’t know if you’re aware of what happened on the movie Set called rust
somebody got killed with a gun very sad it’s happened a few times uh Bruce Lee’s son
what’s his name anyway Brendan Brandon Lee Brandon Lee yeah he died on the set anyway so yeah
they take it very seriously so this guy the armorer is giving us a lot of you know he’s talking to his like where
Cadets in the armies like if I see you point to God at anybody I’m asking you to get removed from the the set and he’s
just like you know to be fair it’s serious stuff so we’re doing it and I’m there with O’Shea Jackson uh Ice Cube’s son and you
know we’re taking out what he says seriously and we’re putting up with it and Cyril God was supposed to be there
but several was a little late uh just his flag got delayed or something like that so he came straight from the
airport uh to the weapons training and he walks up and me we’re both there
and me and Ashley Jackson and the guy’s like you know he’s been talking to us like a Cadet and giving it you don’t point that good at anyone and you do
this and you do that you have respect for the weapons and then comes along with his French
flag oh hello bonjour bonjour and he’s a big big dude and the guy’s like
do you have any weapons training uh do you know how to use a gun so cital takes the gun off him and says
and he’s like doesn’t roll four and he’s like like a kid playing with a gun doing the ultimate thing yeah yeah yeah and
then he walks up to the armor in his face Point Blank Range puts the gun to his
head against and pulls the trigger like four tasks right right and the guy’s face was just
I swear to God I wanted to laugh so bad but the thing is because he’s European
not American we don’t maybe he just didn’t get it like I wouldn’t if if someone handed me a gun whether it was
on a movie set I wouldn’t know that it’s not the done thing not to point at someone yeah well because you think
because you think well it’s clear it’s fake it’s on a movie set yeah and I’d be like don’t go for the takedown bad move
there nice sprawl um so obvious that
it’s like you know if you don’t know guns so there you go yep uh Pedro Lopez I’d
love to see retired Hall of Famers like yourself BJ doing Jiu Jitsu matched matches like GSP
would I like to see Nate Diaz fight again I would I would uh I’d like to see
it back in the UFC to be honest that’s where he belongs fighting real fights I mean I’ll be honest he didn’t look good
oh that’s a big takedown for Jung there right at the end but you know from what I’ve seen of this fight
I think it looks like Jung might need a stoppage am I right in saying this because we’ve been doing the live I’ve been keeping attention is is
ulberg up two rounds would you say what was I just talking about I forgotten guns guns Jack Howard says Ricky Gervais
would be perfect to play this Bing in like a parody version would be hilarious
I think Ricky Gervais follows me on Twitter yeah and that was like I don’t know
maybe he does it anymore he did do for a little bit he did do he did do oh God the moment he
doesn’t know that’d be so funny if he’s unfollowed the moment of truth dude what are some famous people that
follow you I don’t know there’s a few there’s a few famous okay I don’t know I can’t remember off top of
my head um there was someone recently yeah Gordon Ramsay does
who else I don’t know I don’t know I’m not trying to like bait you I actually no no I I don’t know oh yeah because
your face you follow each other I’m such a giant it’s cool that’s cool why are
you a child that’s really cool yeah yeah um Stephen Merchant please so now so now
Stephen Merchant with the the size is that Carlos alberg on top it is the
kickboxer with the grappling junk made a big mistake here Tom Hardy playing bespin to be fair
that’d be a good Shout I think that’s too obvious I honestly don’t think that’s a good call to be
honest he’s a bit he’s not edgy enough I reckon he could be an edgy he’s a very
very good actor yeah but you don’t know Statham to play biscuit yeah but he’s Cockney in
it bro yeah I mean uh
all right then oh here’s Harry will Harry yeah he does he always looks away
oh God it’s the dog Bender see I’ve never oh God what’s going on
here Carlos oldberg going for the submission in the final seconds three two one there we go and that’s it wow
good win for Carla Solberg
uh Ross cab David Hasselhoff David House of let’s go
I want some life is funny in a sick twisted way we don’t want to ride it to play best thing
I feel like that’s insulting oh I’m a dog Bender
[Laughter] uh Vin Diesel and Roy Hibbert
two good friends of mine uh all right is Michael a cat person
I’m not no right so we’re going to wrap this up in in about 10 more minutes we’re going to wrap this up and we’ll
talk about fights in a minute we’ll do the super chat here from ES350 is Michael a cat person if Rebecca gets
Mike a calm silky Persian cat for Christmas would I be thrilled no he’d be disgusted
he’s not a cat person because I’m not a cat person nah
I don’t know why I think it’s just because I’ve never had one they lick themselves I don’t like saliva and all
they do is like lick their own like fur to clean themselves and that grosses me
out if I’m honest yeah and you can’t let them out here in California no you don’t like it they get
eaten in England you can have your why have I got the flipping headphones in no one’s I’m not doing anything with
headphones in um and then you can let your dogs just go roaming around you dogs your cats and
then they come back Kenny goes is he entered chat is he entered the chat God’s sake Becca you should leave DJ
Mikey B for me you deserve to be looked at by two eyes two eyes
Fair Point his one eye does a good job it does it does
all right okay so the prelims are almost done the main card will be starting shortly I
can’t imagine a world where Carlos Hallberg didn’t win that fight it’s just a formality
uh purple like he got his Purple belt good about you an actor of sorts play
yourself of sorts play self no Lister
that’s never gonna happen no it’s not no well that’s not very supportive is it
what a movie I’m so hungry oh my God stop I’m starving Oliver tweets today is the
bacon sausage and eggs sausages like four rashes of bacon a wrap chocolate that’s it no not much chocolate yeah at
a time I had a few uh chocolate covered almonds that was it a few
yeah to be fair Lee Bruce says dog sniff bum holes and eat poo
well Harry doesn’t so there uh dip catch says a big fan of yours when I saw you
on Kill Toad and going back and forth yeah but when I was on kill Tony I was a tall let me tell you I remember
that I was a total on kill Tony because you know why I don’t really smoke weed right I don’t
you can’t handle it I can’t handle it I get all paranoid and stuff and I don’t and I he talks a lot I don’t shut up
right if you think I have verbal diarrhea now you want to see me if I’ve smoked some weed so we’re at The Comedy
Store and everyone’s backstage and we’re waiting to go out and they’re all smoking weed and of course they all do that and have smokes weed so I’m like
yeah they’re all Smoky but I’ll smoke a bit of weed and then I walk out on stage and I’m now with a bunch of like professional comedians you know and
they’re all starting they’re all professional weed smokers and they’re all professional weed smokers as well and they’re all start
this David Lucas is like trying to man and I’m like paranoid stoned out my head you know what I mean
I was not been chilled I was not in a good place well it’s not it’s not in my
Persona to be chill is it do you know what I mean especially when I’m high as
a cat on a stage in front of a crowd I’m like I wasn’t sure what am I doing here what am I doing why how maybe at that
point just lay low if that’s how you’re feeling not go the opposite way they kept begging on me you don’t pick it’s
called comedy yeah no I know they were roasting me they were talking he doesn’t he doesn’t take it very well no
I do take it well when I’m not high I’m paranoid do you know what I mean and it says who else takes a shot every time
Mike says I’m starving on a stream they’d be wasted yeah well 69 I am
starving another one guys I am starving and I’m not sure about the Fried Chicken if I’m honest
it’s a little limited I mean what else can we get we are limited around here though
maybe that’s the conversation we can have all right so finally so this is the main I’m going to give you my predictions real quick for the main
cardio guys if you’re interested get a pen get a pen this is the parlay that’s gonna the parlay that’s gotta pay Tyson
Pedro versus Anton terracal the pleasure man that will be Tyson Pedro Justin
Taffer versus Austin Lane Justin Taffer will get a knockout manil carp will
defeat Felipe dos Santos tied to avasa will win via knockout
against Alexander volkov and Israel arasania will beat Sean Strickland
he’ll stop him in round three so if I’m not mistaken that is all the Red Corner
all the Red Corner the second walk blue Corner walks first Red Corner second the
Red Corner will all get the job done today and I do believe that that would
pay does your wife know you’re doing live streams with Vera Farmiga verify me yeah
you’re saying that she looks like very far amiga she’s nice she is yeah she’s very nice an older lady
how come Rebecca didn’t cook um I cook a lot but I have to admit
lately I haven’t been cooking as much um just because sometimes it’s just me and Michael so kind of like what’s the
point when it’s just us too yeah that’s why we’re not cooking tonight like Thursday night we did a really nice State we did some chimichurri sauce we
did some mushrooms some potato wedges and a nice salad you know maybe we could like to cook but tonight Lucas is a
weekend I don’t normally cooking yeah Lucas is at a birthday party Ellie’s out callum’s up in San Francisco it’s just
the two of us the fights around we’re doing alive we’re gonna order some takeaway we’re gonna have a couple of glasses of wine and we’re gonna enjoy
the fights and they are starting right now oh what’s your best we need tonight we should get a pizza as well that would
be nice a burger we had Thai last night we had Thai last night we can’t have Thai tonight we did it last night Five
Guys pizza so Five Guys Burgers they’re incredible cool
listen I’m just gonna say are you gonna call me cheap they’re gonna call me cheap Auntie babe they are but
it’s the principle on you with this one so I like Five Guys Burgers they’re
incredible but sometimes it’s just for me Rebecca and Lucas there’s like a fly or something um there’s a mosquito oh
wow no it’s biting me little we are gonna eat it alive oh
you’ve got a hair oh it might be my hair where’s your hair oh look something keeps getting me uh uh what was I saying
yeah so we put we put it in the doordash car three burgers and it’s like 95 oh yeah it’s insane by
the time it comes it’s kind of soggy by the time it comes it’s soggy you know what I mean so I’m like nah I’m not
doing that I’m not paying that I’m not that I’m cheap I’m not but I’m not paying 100 bucks for three burgers that are soggy by the time they get here
Jason C says they do they do fries they do they do too many maybe a lot of fries too many I think we might do a double
doordash we’ll do that no we will we’ll do a pizza we’ll do the we’ll do the Mediterranean pizza with the parmesan
crust thin crust yeah uh I’m gonna do some fried chicken from Whole dark chicken as well that’s what we’re doing
we’re going on I’ve ordered two door like door dashes before and they both arrived at the same time
I’m still on the mix scene still loves the mix well there’s been a
lot of people here tonight 2800 of you right now 2 700. so thank you all for
being there I appreciate it we were I really really appreciate the support on the channel
um it’s great to interact uh with with the fan base with the community with
everyone that follows the channel and supports the channel So yeah thank you all very much
Bex and Mikey the duo is back yeah Mike’s face is going to be bloated sober
I know it does it blows up all I’ve got to do is look at a car
and I go far but then I go off the carbs and a little Dad I’m so skinny I look
emaciated do I think Sean right this is this we’re going to wrap it up shortly do I think
that short stricken can take Izzy down and keep him down right I used to train for Sean he was
never the best wrestler that was about seven years ago so of course he’s got better he’s in Las Vegas he’s training
for some of the best people apparently my old accounts he was doing very well with magaman and Goliath recently he’s a
very good wrestler at 215. but I don’t think he can if all the
people that is he’s fought up until now I don’t think Sean’s the guy to out
wrestle him but you never know what’s Izzy’s like he’s crap
but he’s got very very good takedown defense you don’t have to be a good wrestler to be able to stop a takedown
certainly against the fence yeah is he’s not a wrestler but he he’s learned the anti-wrestling game and he’s
very very good at it all right all right well guys does Izzy
have that doggy name he does let’s send it or not he does have that dog in him and that’s
why you will see if all this dog talks gonna go away after this fight he should do he should do it’s just it’s just
stupidness I mean listen you know I think a bit like rude disrespect Sean is
an Aldi version of me Mike and
it’s you know it’s like what do they call it it’s me on wish oh yeah is it wish yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah I’ve never ordered from there but I’ve never had enough wish but I’ll tell you what I did order the
other day oh yeah he does this a lot FYI I did There’s so like you know I’m using this
collaboration with Gucci and Adidas I like Adidas shoes Adidas Adidas I said anyway
um so uh yeah so I like Adidas shoes and I’m scrolling through and I’ve seen this collaboration between Gucci and Adidas
and uh you know they’re very very expensive and I don’t really go with I do have a couple of Gucci things shoes
that Rebecca’s bought me I don’t go in for that though I like just a nice pair of Adidas but these Gucci ones they are
sick they’re very cool and anyway I’m looking through I’m scrolling through Instagram they add them there on special
offer 180 I’m like oh I’ll buy a pair of them so I buy a pair of them 190
there and then it’s some 180 you think you’re gonna get pair of Gucci shoes for 180 well that’s why I bought them it’s
on Instagram it’s going to be official I got scammed at some like Chinese company he’s like did you get an email I’m like
yeah I got one to say from yeah that is very racist well that’s
what it said something like that did it yeah
oh visit mount druitt in Australia you’ve been to mount druitt no no uh
where is it I don’t know but anyway guys all 2550 of you
or everyone that watched appreciate you all uh there’s going to be an instant reaction video coming up straight after
the main event so uh keep an eye out for that one Steve said I’m correct on the Adidas
you know I lost to the governors the other day Mike well maybe scammed by Instagram Gucci shoes why does Michael
become the Gucci Adidas all right and the other reason I’ve got some Gucci boots Rebecca bought it for me my wife I
did buy them a present okay doesn’t even wear them adult oh thank you very much I don’t even wear them I’m not a bell end
okay just because you like Gucci Gucci’s good yeah but it’s just like you know
it’s just like every he had a few quid they want to wear Gucci you know I’ll make it a pair of
Adidas a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and I’ll look good a black belt t-shirt I agree I don’t
wear designer stuff yeah right guys boom much love thank you very much appreciate
you all I’m gonna close down the chat there enjoy the fights as I say instant reaction video coming your way soon big
thanks out so I shout out and a big thank you to John Branigan he’s the editor over in Scotland so I wouldn’t be
able to do without him and Anthony Evans as well the channel