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In this article, we will be discussing the recent UFC title fight between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko, which ended in a draw. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the decision, with fans and experts having differing opinions. Let’s dive into the details of the fight and analyze the scoring criteria to determine if the draw was a fair outcome.

The Fight: Grasso vs Shevchenko

The main event of the evening was a flyweight title fight between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. The fight was highly anticipated, and both fighters put on an impressive performance. However, the judges’ decision to declare the fight a draw has sparked a heated debate among fans and experts.

Round 1: Shevchenko’s Dominance

The first round started with Shevchenko landing some beautiful crisp body kicks to Grasso’s liver. It was a close round, but Shevchenko landed more shots and did more damage with those body kicks. Many people, including myself, gave the round to Shevchenko.

Round 2: Grasso’s Comeback

In the second round, Grasso came back strong and looked impressive. It was an even round, but Grasso landed a massive right hand that dropped Shevchenko. However, Shevchenko showed her survival instincts and managed to hit a double leg takedown to get back on top. It was a close round, but Shevchenko’s takedown gave her the edge.

Round 3: Shevchenko’s Submission Attempt

In the third round, Shevchenko continued to dominate and came close to securing a guillotine choke. Grasso showed incredible resilience and refused to tap. Shevchenko transitioned to the back, but the round ended before she could secure a submission. It was a clear win for Shevchenko in this round.

Round 4: Controversial Round

The fourth round was a close one and has been a subject of debate among fans. While watching the fight live, I believed Shevchenko did enough to win the round. However, opinions on this round vary, and it ultimately comes down to personal interpretation.

Round 5: The Deciding Round

The fifth and final round was crucial for both fighters. It was a highly technical round, with both fighters displaying their skills in all aspects of mixed martial arts. Shevchenko was peppering Grasso’s face with jabs and busting her up. However, towards the end of the round, Grasso managed to escape a potential submission and ended up in mount. Shevchenko’s dominance in the majority of the round makes it debatable whether it was a 10-9 round for Grasso or Shevchenko.

The Controversial Decision

After five hard-fought rounds, the judges’ decision was announced as a split draw. This decision has caused a lot of controversy and debate among fans and experts. One judge gave the fight to Grasso, one judge gave it to Shevchenko, and the third judge scored it as a draw.

The controversy stems from referee Mike Bell’s decision to give a 10-8 round to Grasso in the fifth round. Many people, including myself, believe that this was an incorrect assessment. The criteria for a 10-8 round is a clear winner, where you can confidently say that one fighter dominated the round. In this case, neither fighter dominated the round to that extent.

While Grasso did land some significant shots while on top, Shevchenko was controlling the round with her jabs and overall striking. Whether you believe it was a 10-9 round for Grasso or Shevchenko, it was certainly not a 10-8 round.

The Future: Rematch or Move On?

Despite the controversial decision, both fighters put on an incredible performance. Grasso showed tremendous heart and resilience, while Shevchenko displayed her technical skills and dominance. The question now is whether there will be a rematch or if both fighters will move on to other opponents.

Grasso, when asked about a potential rematch, stated that she would need to speak with her coaches and manager before making a decision. Shevchenko also expressed interest in a rematch, acknowledging that it was Mexican Independence Day and the judges may have felt pressured to send the crowd home happy.

In my opinion, a rematch is necessary to settle the score. While Shevchenko should have been declared the winner based on the scorecards, the draw leaves unfinished business between the two fighters. It was a tremendous fight, and both fighters deserve another chance to prove themselves.


The UFC title fight between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko ended in a controversial draw. While Shevchenko should have been declared the winner based on the scorecards, the judges’ decision to give a 10-8 round to Grasso in the fifth round has caused a lot of debate. The criteria for a 10-8 round were not met, as neither fighter dominated the round to that extent.

Regardless of the decision, both fighters put on an impressive performance. Grasso showed resilience and determination, while Shevchenko displayed her technical skills and control. The question now is whether there will be a rematch or if both fighters will move on to other opponents.

In my opinion, a rematch is necessary to settle the score. Both fighters deserve another chance to prove themselves and determine a clear winner. It was a tremendous fight, and the rematch would provide closure to the controversy surrounding the draw.

What are your thoughts on the fight? Do you believe a rematch is necessary? Let us know in the comments section.

all right UFC title fight ends in a draw
no chair UFC is done what a night advice
it was well done to everyone more
importantly well done to the two ladies
in the main event fighting for the
flyweight title which ended in a draw
and I’m telling you right now there was
some controversy now if you go on
Twitter if you go online everywhere you
look people’s well they’ve got
difference of opinion okay and that’s
the great thing about this sport because
the sport makes martial laws there’s so
many ways to win and lose and you know
do you value a takedown it’s all about
damage and the criteria and people
getting on top and takedowns and all the
rest of it different people look at it
from different perspectives but they
shouldn’t there’s a very clear-cut
criteria on how you score a fight so
listen opinions are like [ __ ]
everyone’s got one and apparently I’m
the biggest [ __ ] because if you go on
Twitter they’re really me a new [ __ ]
right now because I say Valentina
shevchenko should have won that fight
three rounds to two maybe even four
rounds to one round four was a close one
but still let’s go through it real quick
round one starts chefchenko opens up
some beautiful crisp body kicks straight
to the liver pretty close rounds Chef
Jen called landed with a bit more
frequency and she landed more shots on
the scorecards and did more damage with
those body kicks I gave a round one I
think everybody did but it was close
round two no doubt about it grasshop
comes back looks beautiful very very
kind of even round again but bang
massive by hand look at the hair on the
back of here uh massive right hand from
grasshop drops her and drop Chef chenko
so hard that when she went down the
momentum she was able to roll back to
her feet ate a few shots ate if you need
some uppercuts and hooks dirty boxes
from Grasso and that’s chefchenko with
the survival instincts manages to hit a
double Leg Takedown gets on top blows
off the cobwebs and like holy [ __ ] I’m
still in the fight I’ve still got this
whoa here we go into round three okay
round three chefchenko comes on strong
goals in there uh very very good fight
kind of they’re in their clinched
position she hits a guillotine she uses
that to get a mountain Guillotine I
thought she was going to get it it was
locked in it was under the chin but of
course Alexa Grasso she’s not going to
quit in front of 20 000 Mexicans or
Mexican Independence Day no way she
didn’t quit she didn’t tap chefchenko
transitioned to the back and that’s
where the round ended with Chef jenko
looking for the joke Landing a few shots
but nothing really majorly nothing
significant okay but a clear win so now
it’s 2-1 chefchenko round four close
round this one’s contested online but
when I watched it live I did think that
chefchenko did enough to win that round
but still it was one of those rounds
round five is the important one now
going into round five final round of a
hard fight highly technical both ladies
all aspects of mixed martial arts were
on display it’s a very very good fight
highly technical a lot of pace and power
from both ladies so the tired the slow
there’s a lot on the line it’s the close
fight Chef jenko’s using a beautiful job
bomb bomb peppering away the face
busting up the face of Grasso uh and
then at one point she’s growing in
confidence and momentum she steps in she
gets a head and arm grip around the head
of the arm for obvious reasons and this
is your course not get a trip to
potentially go for and head and arm
chalk on the floor because the guitar uh
puts it down on the ground but makes a
mistake Grasso pops her head out ends up
in Mount now but about this point
there’s about a minute left in the fight
maybe a minute 15 tops before that for
three minutes 45
chefchenko was dominating that round she
was jabbing the head off her only jobs
for good solid jobs busting up the face
few kicks here and there from both
ladies but the significant shots with
the jobs Chef jenko was controlled in
the round Grasso ends up on top in the
mount granted land some big shots Chef
Jacob manages to escape Grasso takes
them back just like at the end of round
the round the round ends or the fight
end should I say with Grasso trying to
choke her out okay so we go to the
judge’s scorecards
we go to the judges scorecards Split
Decision I’m like okay all right Split
Decision I still thought you have jenko
won it three rounds to two potentially
four rounds to one but of course as We
uh one joke gives it to Grasso one judge
gives it to shevchenko and then shock
and horror the news that nobody wanted a
draw because referee Mike Bell gave
round five to elected Grasso which again
I can kind of understand that because
maybe the shots from her on top were
more damaging okay I’ll concede that
I’ll come see that let’s go with that in
fact let’s go with that Grasso wins that
well Chef tenko would have still won she
would have still won the fight three
rounds to two and that’s official when
you look at the scorecards but referee
Mike Bell gave a 10-8 round to Alexa
Grasso in round five and there’s just no
way there was no way that that was a
10-8 round now granted the understanding
of a 10-8 round is a little bit all over
the place for a lot of people it used to
be back in the day to win around via a
10-8 scorecard you had to go out there
and almost kill your opponent yeah to
beat them from Pillar To Post just
embarrass them total one-way traffic the
entirety of the five minutes that’s how
it used to be but it’s not like that
anymore that’s old school this is New
School the new criteria is and I haven’t
got the actual documentation on the
verbiage right in front of me but it’s
something like this you’re just going to
have a clear winner a clear winner where
you can look at it and very very
confidently say that lady won simple as
that okay that makes it a 10-8 round
well I don’t think round five was a 10-8
round far from it okay but regardless
doesn’t matter I can sit here I can
whine I can base the realities I don’t
really care it was a tremendous fight
and well done to both ladies Alexi
Grasso is still the champion because
even though it was a draw she was the
champion she met there’s the belt and of
course the Mexicans went crazy they were
very very happy Alexia grassro says yeah
I won Daniel Cormier says yeah but it
was a draw I did a lot of damage
should work harder
but it was a draw and then said do you
want to fight chefchenko again do you
want to do the third fight Alexia
it depends you know I have to talk with
my coaches and with my manager and let’s
see let’s see what’s next well let me
speak to my coaches let me speak to my
manager and we’ll figure this out and
fair enough you know that’s a big
question to answer In the Heat of the
Moment when you’ve just gone through
five rounds but for my money they’re
gonna do that fight again because it’s
unfinished business it was a draw they
went to Valentina and she’s like yes
well it was a Mexican Independence Day I
can’t do a Valentina Chef jenko that
sounds more Mexican than Kyrgyzstan but
she said yeah well it’s Mexican
Independence Day maybe the judges felt
pressured to send everybody home Happy
uh and maybe she’s right maybe she’s got
a point because for my money Chef
chicken won round five but regardless
whether or not it was a 10-9 to Grasso
or Chef chengo it was not a 10-8 I think
um three rounds I won two rounds it’s
maybe was her but I feel that 10 8 in
the fifth round it’s completely unfair
and Chef jenko should have won that
fight but listen it wasn’t the biggest
robbery in fact it wasn’t a elaborate
that term gets thrown around too much it
was a very very entertaining fact well
done to Alexa Grasso before that one we
had Jack Della madlena taking on Kevin
Holland in a very very fun fight over
three rounds Kevin Holland tall Ranger
good Jujitsu not the best wrestling and
I knew that would you know if you look
at Kevin Holland his last fight against
Michael kiessa Michael Yes shot him he
used that 82 inch Ridge he locked up a
Das or an anaconda I forget now and got
the victory Jack Della Madeleine isn’t
going to shoot but he’s the shorter guy
he’s got to get on the inside and that’s
what he did throughout the entirety of
the fact landed a lot of shots Kevin
Holland landed a lot of shots as well
but Jack De La Madeleine were closed the
distance he would rip to the body come
upstairs Landing big big punches uh a
visible effect sometimes when Kevin ate
the shots but he was never hurt Kevin
Holland has got one hell of a chin he
was very competitive it was a back and
forth fight but the judges got it right
on that one so well done to Della
madalena continues undefeated in the UFC
and for Kevin Holland I’m such a fan of
that guy rest stopped Kevin come back
everybody loves watching you that
managed to start and before that Raul
Rosas Jr went out there and beat Terence
Mitchell got it done in about 50 seconds
in the first round massive Loop in my
hook dropped him mounted him massive
ground upon and that was it Raul rosters
Jr 18 years old 18 years old think about
that what were you doing at 18 years old
right imagine what it takes to walk out
there in front of 20 000 people when
you’re 18 years old the nerves the
pressure the discipline that you need to
get through a training camp and to
compete at that level congratulations to
Terence Mitchell for showing up but well
done outstanding work to Raul rossus Jr
Take Your Bow my friend you are an
inspiration to a lot of young teenagers
out there in the world what you were
achieving the discipline that you were
showing to go out there to bounce back
from defeat last time as well to go out
there and put on that performance just
incredible and an incredible amount of
fights it really was we had six finishes
in 11 total fights for a decent night
the Mexicans were out for us it was a
sensation on that I was sitting at home
having a wine or two and that’s about it
that’s all she wrote but what do you
think my scorecard I’ll say three two
chefchenko although I did think for one
but I’ll say three two Am I Wrong am I
out of my mind am I crazy or did you
think Grasso and that’s the beautiful
thing I guess about mixed martial arts
my channel manager on here Anthony Evans
he had it Grassle I had it clearly for
chefchenko opinions are like [ __ ] as
I said we’ve all got them but if you
know how to judge a [ __ ] fight and I
do because I’ve done this spot for years
I’ve competed in it for years I’ve
commentated it for years I’ve gone to
seminars with judges and officials and
new Nevada State athletic commission
types and all the rest of it you name it
we’ve done it we get lecture to get the
[ __ ] on YouTube I get it on Twitter all
you people come after me I know what the
[ __ ] I’m talking about Valentina
shevchenko should be the champion right
now but it was a tremendous fight and I
don’t want to take away from Alexa
Grasso so congratulations relations to
her to the country of Mexico to the
people to her fans to a team all the
family congrats to Alexia Grasso but I
think we need to see that fight again
anyway let me know what you think in the
comment section subscribe ring the bell
see you soon and uh
if you’re going to disagree with me kiss
my ass take it easy bye-bye

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