Summary: BISPING interviews SUGAR SEAN O’MALLEY | “The CHITO VERA REMATCH excites me!”

In a recent interview with Michael Bisping, Sugar Sean O’Malley discussed his thoughts on his upcoming rematch with Chito Vera and his future plans in the bantamweight division. O’Malley expressed his lack of interest in a fight with Henry Cejudo and his desire to face other top contenders. He also mentioned the possibility of venturing into boxing and potentially fighting Floyd Mayweather or Gervonta Davis. O’Malley reflected on the joy of winning the belt and the support he received from his close circle. He addressed the haters and how their negativity fueled his motivation to succeed. Overall, O’Malley is excited about his future in the sport and looks forward to the challenges ahead.

Lack of Interest in Henry Cejudo

O’Malley made it clear that he has no interest in fighting Henry Cejudo. He believes that Ce ito is yesterday’s news and that there is not much interest in that fight. O’Malley mentioned that a poll showed people were more interested in seeing him fight other opponents, such as Barab. He stated that for Chito to keep asking for that fight makes him look dumb. O’Malley believes that unless Cejudo goes out and does something to make a name for himself, he is not on O’Malley’s radar.

Future Plans and Goals

O’Malley has a couple of fights planned out for his future. While he doesn’t want to plan too far ahead, he believes it’s important to have a path and some goals. He mentioned that he wants to knock out Chito and then call out Gervonta Davis. O’Malley acknowledged that some people may find that fight silly, but he believes that beating Chito will elevate his stardom and make the fight with Gervonta more appealing. He also mentioned that if Gervonta gets a fight and becomes a bigger star, that’s a fight he definitely wants to be a part of.

Venturing into Boxing

O’Malley expressed his love for boxing and mentioned that he had a pro boxing fight before Conor McGregor even fought Floyd Mayweather. He stated that he is very capable of boxing and it’s one of his favorite combat sports. O’Malley mentioned the possibility of fighting Floyd Mayweather or Gervonta Davis in boxing matches. He believes that boxing is a standout skill for him and that he has the power to succeed in the sport.

The Joy of Winning the Belt

O’Malley talked about the joy he felt when he won the belt. He mentioned that it was the highlight of his life and that seeing the expressions of his close circle, including his girlfriend and family, made it even more special. O’Malley finds it rewarding to inspire people, both those who need help getting started and those who are already successful. He mentioned the reaction videos he has seen from random fans on YouTube and how their excitement and support bring him joy. O’Malley also mentioned that winning the belt and getting an emphatic knockout like he did against Aljamain Sterling was the icing on the cake. He believes that winning by knockout is incomparable to a close decision and it solidifies his skills as a striker.

Addressing the Haters

O’Malley reflected on the haters and how their negativity has changed over the years. He mentioned that he used to have more haters in the past, but now he doesn’t feel like he has too many. He acknowledged that there were people who doubted him and thought he was just trying to copy Conor McGregor, but he proved them wrong with his performances in the Octagon. O’Malley mentioned that he doesn’t hold any resentment towards those who doubted him and that their skepticism fuels him to be better.

Confidence and Belief

O’Malley discussed the importance of confidence and belief in oneself. He mentioned that he has always been confident in his abilities and even declared on the contender series that he would be a superstar. He acknowledged that confident people often receive hate because others lack confidence themselves. O’Malley believes that his confidence and belief in himself have played a significant role in his success.

Rematch with Chito Vera

O’Malley expressed his excitement about his upcoming rematch with Chito Vera. He acknowledged that Chito is tough, skilled, and durable, but he believes that he will piece him up and finish him. O’Malley mentioned that if it wasn’t for the lucky kick that landed in their first fight, this rematch wouldn’t be happening. He is grateful for how his career has played out and is looking forward to the massive rematch with Chito.

Future in the Sport

O’Malley is aware that he has a long career ahead of him at just 28 years old. He mentioned that he is proud of his achievements and is excited about what the future holds. He reflected on how winning the belt at this stage of his career is just the beginning and that he has a lot more to accomplish. O’Malley mentioned that he wants to have massive fights and be a superstar in the sport. He acknowledged that there will always be new, young fighters who come in with confidence and big dreams, but he believes that if you firmly believe in yourself and do the work, there’s nothing wrong with aiming high.

In conclusion, Sugar Sean O’Malley is excited about his future in the bantamweight division. He has no interest in fighting Henry Cejudo and wants to face other top contenders. O’Malley is open to venturing into boxing and potentially fighting Floyd Mayweather or Gervonta Davis. He finds joy in inspiring others and winning the belt was a highlight of his life. O’Malley addresses the haters and uses their negativity as motivation to succeed. He is confident in his abilities and looks forward to his rematch with Chito Vera. With a long career ahead of him, O’Malley is ready to take on the challenges and continue making a name for himself in the sport.

I’m having a bit of a hair day
you’re always having a hard day you’re
looking good man you’re looking good oh
yeah this is a champion
nowadays that that’s what I was gonna
say the champ can do whatever he wants
and it looks cool man congratulations
Sean congratulations I mean what else to
say just just spectacular I appreciate
it thank you bizbing yeah it’s been uh
it’s been a hell of a few weeks
oh I bet it has what is the celebrations
been like I mean
the UFC I do touring around yet
um a little bit right after the fight we
didn’t party we gave it uh just because
the fight got over so late in Boston
um and there was really nothing to do so
we didn’t do anything that night didn’t
do anything that week and then we had a
proper celebration with the boys that
weekend in Scottsdale
um and then uh I was just in Vegas
Thursday Friday Saturday accidentally
went out every night and uh had a hell
of a time as you do and rightly so but
this is where his life’s going to get
interested for you now I mean you’ve
always been massively popular and we’ll
get to what’s next and all the rest of
it but you know I mean we just had
Brendan Allen on the podcast a minute
ago and he was talking about you know
self-affirmation self-confidence working
with sports psychologists and all the
rest of it you’re a guy that’s always
shown that mental strength right from
day one right you’ve always believed in
yourself but of course behind the scenes
working your ass off you know but you
you’ve it’s a it’s it’s kind of a
cliched turn these days manifested this
reality would you agree with that or
yeah what do you think yeah I definitely
I I think manifest yeah it is kind of a
Cheesy word or whatever but it is
literally like how my life I mean what’s
played out so far is literally what I
seen as a 16 17 year old kid
wanting to
you know be great want to do big things
and that’s just you know I’ve seen it
all in my head play out before it all
happened so now that it’s all here you
know it feels amazing but it’s just like
I I feel like I truly knew this was all
going to happen I had it at such a deep
belief that it was all going to happen
and I do think that played a huge role
you know in it happening obviously
having that that deep belief without
working hard doesn’t really equal that
so you know I’ve obviously put in the
work and uh but yeah I think there’s a
huge part that manifesting plays in in
all of it
and and when you were saying when you
were younger you wanted to always wanted
to be someone you know be someone famous
or whatever was it always in the fight
game or was there something else you
were thinking about
no the first dream I had was being in
the NFL that was like the first dream I
had in the first goal you know in fifth
sixth seventh grade eighth grade and
then you know he got into high school
and you realized all right I’m still
pretty small that ain’t realistic
I was waiting for my waiting to hit six
six never quite happening to those
growth Spirits yeah it never happened
which worked out good because I’d rather
fight these little 35ers and be a big
bastard and fight those big guys so
um yeah my first Dream First goals would
be in the NFL realized that was gonna
happen I was like man I didn’t and at
this time I was I didn’t I’ve never even
heard of fighting like I never watched
kickboxing never watched him I watched
UFC went and tried kickboxing I was 16 I
was like
this could be it I was naturally just
athletic and pretty much had a very
similar style as I do now I just you
know I’m mastering it and getting better
at the style that I had when I was 16 a
young buck and just getting more tools
and and tightening up everything that I
had then
well and as we know or as they say and
the rest is history because the sugar
Shawn era is here I mean right listen
I’ll domain Sterling that was a tough
fight on paper I mean it wasn’t for you
on the night you breezed it you made it
look easy and what a spectacular
knockout but when you look at algeme
you know the resume before last Saturday
or whenever it was two weeks ago the
greatest bantamount we’ve seen right
going on a crazy run stopping people uh
the competition that he’s beaten on
paper it looked like a really really
tough fight but you walked in there cool
as a cucumber and you made him and I
said I like algerman so I’m going to
choose my words carefully you made him
look kind of average and then that that
knockout shot that right hand that you
landed I mean just talk me through that
moment how it felt and yeah just just
yeah just just tell everyone how that
yeah going into all my fights I know I’m
capable of making whoever I fight look
bad whether they’re really good or not
I’m capable of making people look bad
and I think that comes from
my speed I’ve always I always attribute
my speed to my success I’ve
algeman Sterling was not expecting me to
be as fast as I was he literally and it
drives me crazy when people are like why
did he wrestle why did he try to wrestle
I’m standing about 42 feet away from you
and still being able to hit you and
these guys can’t can’t get in on me it’s
not as easy as just trying to grab my
um you know so people that were like why
do you try to wrestle more
he couldn’t that was a 100 percent of
his goal it was no secret with what our
game plans were I executed mine better
um and even when he did get me up
against the fence
I out wrestle them in a sense he was you
know he couldn’t take me down and I’ll
teach Henry whatever he wants to know
because he took Henry down four times
um there’s just levels to wrestling and
I’m above Henry statistically speaking
against algeman
you’re the gold medalist now
yeah I mean you got to go Bell but now
feel as well yeah he just it just that
little dude gets so fired up just the
fact that aljo couldn’t take me down I
know Henry watches it just gets so mad
but yeah the moment itself felt felt
like a movie a lot like a lot of the
ways my careers have played out like
even knocking out Alfred Snoop Dogg
going crazy that felt like a movie
um you know coming back after two year
layoff beating Jose Quinones that was a
powerful moment
um but yeah this one obviously with Dana
wrapping the belt around around my waist
and knocking out
algeman like it was I knocked out the
best dude in the division the best dude
that’s ever fought in that weight class
I put him to sleep in two rounds and uh
so there’s a I was very very confident
before this fight and my skills and my
but now it’s just like I need to be
humbled it’s getting out of hand Michael
Bisping no I’m just kidding
it’s never gonna change and don’t change
a goddamn thing I always say what a
great guy you are you’re very very
confident but rather goddamn self do you
know what was so impressive Sean because
yeah Al Jermaine we know about the
wrestling threat and he did out wrestle
sahudo and that’s why I thought you know
stylistically on paper this is going to
be really tough for you because and I’m
I speak about this all the time on
commentary but when you know someone’s
just trying to wrestle it causes one
your yourself to clam up and not let go
because as soon as I throw they’re gonna
shoot underneath me you know and that
that always riddled me with anxiety you
know what I mean but you didn’t feel
that at all
no I I knew and I remember I think it
was with John annik when you have the
fighter meetings before the fight not
interviews not on camera he said like
like what’s your game plan kind of going
into this fight what’s your plan I said
the first round will probably be boring
I’m going to frustrate him and he will
make a mistake first and that’s pretty
much what happened even though I did
make a mistake when I fell on my butt I
threw a teep just came off my came off
my foot a little I’m so fast that that
happens you know when a car spins out at
first that’s kind of what I threw a kick
fell he got me into up against the fence
I hit a beautiful you know little escape
and then uh he lunged and made the made
the mistake first and
but yeah I I knew going into the the
fight like if there’s a possibility it
could be I’m not gonna just go in there
and recklessly engage and try to knock
him out I’m gonna wait for my shot I’m
gonna pick my shot I’m gonna make that
that shot count and uh you know I didn’t
hit him too much but I hit him
enough to to change the fight well that
right hand I mean that was pretty
powerful if you ask me I mean it face
planted him right pretty much
face planted them this documentary crew
has been following me around even before
the fight it’s going to be a [ __ ]
crazy documentary I think it’s more so
with like Dana and Hunter and business
side of things but they’re following
around a few Fighters and I was one of
the fighters before the fight
um you know during fight week and then
after the fight a little bit but you
know that they showed me a slow-mo
upfront footage of me hammer fisting him
when he was on the ground and like you
could see him like go out and like come
um so I I don’t think anyone will ever
argue the stoppage again once this
footage comes out I know he’s saying he
was fine and stuff but he wasn’t saying
it that night you know he wasn’t really
arguing about it right after the fight I
think once a couple weeks go by it’s
easier to say like well I would but I
mean in reality it’s like what was you
gonna you know I mean it wasn’t gonna
stop punching him and let him up and let
him recover
um so I think once that footage comes
out which will probably be until next
year no one will really argue that
but yeah the the whole documentary’s
gonna be crazy because they were
following me before the fight all fight
week it’s gonna be a really cool uh
footage yeah listen he he never
contested the stop page and I don’t
think that’s a narrative that’s really
gaining any traction I mean you dropped
in fair and square you followed up with
about 15 vicious punches you know yeah
kudos to him for being a tough son of a
[ __ ] you know I mean he was still awake
he wasn’t unconscious but you know
listen he was getting the [ __ ] kicked
out of him let’s be honest
um you’ve always seemed to do
financially very very well have a look
at your bank balance but judging by the
fleet of cars that you own and the
lifestyle that you live now you’re the
champion of the goddamn world and you’re
a massive drawer Sean are you I gotta
say oh I gotta suspect you’re pretty
excited about the future
yeah I mean you’re not wrong about that
I I feel like and that’s what’s made
this transition from not being champ to
feel like nothing different really
because I was making a lot of money even
in the UFC but outside of the UFC before
being champ I’m pretty sure I had a
Lamborghini before I was even top 15 you
know that’s not her you know not a lot
of people could say that so uh yeah I I
still can’t say it how the [ __ ] are you
driving a Lamborghini bro I could buy
one if I wanted to of course of course
um but yeah no it’s it’s been good the
money you know everything pay-per-view
points next fight is is very exciting
and that has a lot of reason why I want
to fight Cheeto too it’s like you look
at you know if it’s just like all right
who’s the next guy in line by ranking
yeah it’s murab I’m the champ I want
let’s see what happens
um I had a meeting with Dana recently
and he said he’s going to announce
something very big in a few weeks and
I’ll leave it at that but I know what I
want and uh you know I want the biggest
fights and I want to make a lot of money
I want to do big pay-per-views and uh
so that’s that and that that kind of
carries on to what I want next
so you think cheetah is the biggest
fight I mean and obviously algerman’s
out there he said it needs to be me if
it’s not me then it’s going to be murab
I understand for you obviously cheetah
is the only guy and I know your contest
a lot and you said that you’re
undefeated but she does the only guy
he’s got the best storyline for a fight
but we’ll get to that in a minute I saw
this video today and I was laughing my
ass off cue the tape brother cue the
tape yeah
and you’re commentated did you really
not know that this was mirab
no I I knew it was marab I guess I just
didn’t I just assumed maybe when I was
making the video I don’t know why I
didn’t say that was marab in the video I
just I just I was like what the [ __ ]
this dude I do in rap but I’m like it
was just so funny he handed this guy’s
phone it wasn’t even someone he’s with I
feel like he’s asked someone hey will
you hold this and then he [ __ ] took
off his shirt and started Shadow Boxing
out in the rain I’m like this guy’s a
[ __ ] dork I like mirabdo I think he’s
a he’s a funny little dude he is a funny
little dude have you seen that video as
um by the way I’m not trying to [ __ ]
hate him around because he is a very
likable guy uh I think he’s like jumps
into like some snow or some ice and he
Dives in head first and the [ __ ] ice
is frozen or something and cuts all his
face yeah that it just shows his level
of intelligence um but again I like her
app I just you don’t jump into ice
thinking it’s water but some hey if
you’ve never seen ice before maybe you
don’t know the difference between solid
water and regular water I don’t know oh
God here it is well done Brian
holy his head’s also he’s [ __ ] cut
open and stuff oh yeah that video was
funny yeah it makes it more funny that
he didn’t know
yes no it does it does but he’s a tough
little bastard but he came
so what do you think I mean obviously uh
in your mind so Cheeto that’s the one
you want that’s that’s the fight you’re
going after
yeah let’s make uh let’s make sure
everyone knows like I’m not going out to
Cheeto because he’s the biggest name
because he doesn’t carry much of a draw
and no offense like he’s he might be a
bigger name than like marab or Corey but
Corey probably if you want to look at
someone how to not
emulate your career or sell a fight or
anything like follow Corey he’ll do a
great job at that but as a Cheeto fight
only the only reason the cheetah fight’s
such a big deal is just because of that
fight um so that that’s that’s why that
fight’s big and uh you know Chael did a
poll yesterday it was 50 000 people and
and you know 52 or whatever it was you
know on a Cheeto it’s like we gotta have
the people what they want
yeah no I saw that and did so who don’t
come in dead last
he did it’s so pathetic like the dude’s
coming off a loss over a guy I just
knocked out
it’s just and then he asking his friends
hey what should I tweet that’ll try to
be funny it’s just it’s not looking good
for him if I had any advice for him I’d
say hey just get off social media you
might have more followers
I think when every time he tweets he
gets less followers it’s like a stat I
is that a guy that you’re interested in
fire you know or do you think he’s had
his time and just you forget about him
and move on the division now is on fire
it’s the biggest Spotlight it’s ever had
obviously it’s got the the biggest star
and I’m not just saying that’s kiss your
ass because you are a big big deal Sean
and you’re going to bring a lot of
Spotlight to the bantamweight division
it’s like sohudo in your mind is he
yesterday’s news
he’s like three weeks ago news he’s just
I mean I have three weeks to be generous
he’s just yeah he’s just so he’s older
now he’s shorter he’s just it’s not
there’s not much interest in that fight
I mean you saw the poll he was dead last
like people want to see me fight barab
more than
um Henry it’s just it’s that’s
embarrassing so for Cheeto to
keep bagging for that fight I mean he
just looks dumb if he does want it you
know you go go out there maybe go out
there and beat RAB
um and that could be an option but yeah
I’ve got a I’ve got a couple of fights
planned out you know you don’t want to
plant too far ahead but also you want to
have a little path and some goals so I
got some goals
um and uh and Henry’s not really on that
unless he goes and does something makes
a name for himself
out there saying this and I I defended
the belt more times than anybody I
deserve a rematch
what are we saying Cheeto probably in
December at the T-Mobile Arena I mean I
don’t know if Conor McGregor is going to
be on that card but if he’s not they
need someone with your kind of star
power so I would assume that would be a
time where they’re going to highlight
say Cheeto out of there if that happens
then would you give aljo another shot
I ideally I go out there and I have to
knock out uh Cheeto I can’t go in a
decision I can’t submit him I can’t make
it I gotta go out there and knock out
Cheeto and then I’m gonna call out
jervante and I I know that fight sounds
silly to a lot of people but
I go out there and knock out Cheeto I
I double and stardom I am a massive star
but then again it’s like javonte’s still
not quite there so maybe he needs to go
I think he’s in jail though so I don’t
think anyone has told him that I want to
fight him yet
um but if they do you know if he gets a
fight maybe wins a fight and becomes a
bigger star that’s a fight I definitely
want to uh partake in
well that’s going down the Conor
McGregor route obviously he did that
with Mayweather made a [ __ ] ton of money
Davis is a big he’s a big name in boxing
as well do you think that is something
that is a reality I mean I’d love to see
it I think you do very very well the
boxings always stand out clearly you’ve
got power you’ve always shown that but
the way you knocked out aljo I mean only
only Echoes that sentiment but is that
have you have you even broached that
conversation with Dana or anybody
yeah I mean and Floyd’s not I and I I
hate to even bring that name but Floyd
is an option too it’s not just gervante
Floyd willing to go out there and fight
you know maybe exhibition the machi’s
Galore yeah I want to know I mean people
always talk like oh you’re trying to
copy Conor I had a I had a pro boxing
fight before Connor even fought Floyd I
[ __ ] love boxing I’ve that’s what I
started doing was boxing
um obviously I haven’t just focused on
boxing so I’m not as good as I would
have been if I’ve only boxed my whole
but I’m very capable of uh boxing it’s
my favorite you know if I yeah boxing’s
up there but
um what was the question sorry [ __ ] up
let’s just let’s just keep it on the
good stuff man I mean how good does it
feel right for all those people that are
close to you because for me when I won
the belt obviously it’s a personal thing
you know what I mean it’s great you’ve
achieved this incredible Milestone that
you forever can be proud of and you know
having the belt is someday it’ll never
go away but for those people that were
around me my wife my children my close
close teammates that close in a circle
that always supported me it was almost
for me just as much for for them do you
know what I mean because they’d support
me they knew I could do it you know I
mean I’m assuming it’s a similar kind of
thing for you just talk to me about that
kind of things please Sean yeah 100 I
mean even like
yeah brands in my streaming conditioning
coach after was like that literally was
probably the highlight of my life I
can’t tell me that Tim you know tearing
up a bit in the cage and and then Danny
my girl and my family and the Octagon
after just seeing their their
expressions like that yeah that makes it
that’s 100 the best part of it all
um that and then inspiring people
inspiring people that are you know need
help just to get going but also
inspiring people that are already
successful people that have already done
massive things they’ve already done big
things and inspiring them to to be like
damn I can be you know bigger I can be
better there’s more to do so I think
yeah seeing the the joy I brought to
other people the reaction videos I see
on YouTube from random fans at the bar
at their house it’s that those are more
fun for me to watch in the actual fight
seeing people just lose their mind when
I won and then yeah everyone that
supported me in my close Inner Circle
watching them
and just be like
amazed that something I did is really
really cool
oh dude yeah well it’s not really cool
it is inspirational it’ll go down in the
history box and how good did it feel
that listen winning the belt whichever
way you can win the belt is great but to
go out and get an emphatic knockout like
that come on the icing on the cake
yeah it wouldn’t I mean
imagine a close decision that could have
gone either way yeah not even comparable
to win that fight Man by knockout is
being uh knocking out a lot of people on
the way up and a lot of the guys I
knocked out weren’t you could consider
like ah they’re past their prime or
they’re not that good that’s just kind
of the narrative I mean I look at Thomas
Almeida as a really really good Striker
uh Eddie weinland was more tough than
um hollyo paiva is really good
um so knocking out those guys that are
decent but not the best
people could always say oh he’s good at
striking but he’s knocking out people
that are good to go out there and knock
out aljo
that narrative is just like not there
anymore it’s like okay you know and The
Narrative of me never fighting it when
tough was there for a long time just
look at my last two fights like I
thought Peter yawn and Alderman Sterling
and I dropped them both I technically
dropped Peter in the second round didn’t
get him out of there I dropped Peter in
the second round dropped and finished
aljo in the second round
um so so my resume is going to be
starting to build right now when I said
the sugar air started
it’s going to be a it’s going to be a
fun next few years yeah we’ll let you go
in just a second but to your point
you’re absolutely right and if
I think you navigated the waters
perfectly if I’m honest you know because
yeah of course okay you can jump in
there with a top Contender straight away
but take your time you know you still
how old are you now Sean
28. you’re still only 28 years old so
what was it five years ago six years ago
when you’re on the contender 22
2017. Yeah six years ago yeah so you
were 22 exactly so why the [ __ ] are you
gonna fight top guys learn learn your
craft learn about your mind learn about
the sport learn about how to train how
to recover and as you go gradually
gradually graduate and then you’re
absolutely right last time out Peoria
and one of the toughest men in the
division a tremendous Champion you beat
Environ Squad then you knock this guy
out no one can say anything now you know
do you still have have you had people
come I don’t know maybe new DMS and say
you know what Sean I was wrong my bad or
or you don’t really experience many
um no it’s funny I’ll read like comments
on I gotta watch your videos chills like
I’ll watch videos when they when my
name’s in the thumbs I I thought aljo
the rest of it too much yeah no no I did
I get it I did because
yeah and I no I didn’t just out
wrestling made him look bad
I respect you on a lot I like Sean a lot
I think you’re awesome and I’ve got so
much respect but I was like
stylistically wrestlers are
[ __ ] sorry go on no yeah you’re
100 right I definitely didn’t hold any
there was people that said oh I was just
gonna kill him like there’s not even
close and then there was people like God
I like Sean I just you know I think alge
was gonna be too much and you can tell
when someone really wants me to lose or
when they’re like I kind of want them to
win but I don’t think he’s gonna and I
don’t necessarily care either way like
if people think I’m gonna lose he
doesn’t really I don’t hate them or
anything I I get it
um but yeah I’ll read like comments on
people’s YouTube videos and they’re like
holy [ __ ] out you know I’m trying to
hate Sean but I just can’t I’m trying to
not like him but I can’t he’s just you
know he’s as good as he said as he is
you know and I think a lot of the haters
turn turned uh fans on Saturday but I I
don’t feel like I have too much haters
to be honest which is a change from
three four years ago because I’d say I
want to be his biggest Conor I want to
have massive fights and people are like
you shut the [ __ ] up like you’re stupid
you’re annoying that’s not gonna happen
and now you know I was confident enough
back then to say that on the contender
series I said I’m gonna be a [ __ ]
Superstar I’m going to be the man and I
got a lot of [ __ ] for that but a lot of
people they love the hate on confident
people because they’re just not
confident and I get it like I said I
don’t hold any resentment against people
that don’t want to see me win it’s just
it fuels me to go out there and just be
yeah yeah well well see
I gotta choose my words carefully but
like when I’m commentating when we do
the fighting meetings we’ll see new
people walking and they’re they’re young
dumb they’re full of come they’re like
yeah I’m here to be the Conor McGregor
I’m going to knock everyone [ __ ] out
and no one can touch me and then sadly
you know they get starched on on Friday
and all the rest of it but there’s
nothing wrong if you firmly believe it
and you do the work you know there’s
nothing it takes it’s one thing to be
young dumb ignorant full of [ __ ] and say
that but when you firmly believe that
you know you are that good it takes a
lot of confidence to actually say that
you know it’s a fair play to your man
you made it happen I mean we’ll leave it
there uh this when you fight Shiro Vera
if you’re fighting cheetah Vera how’s
that from one end what happens
Cheetos is very tough he is very skilled
he’s very durable
I piece them up I I finished him uh you
go back and watch that first fight
he wasn’t touching me I was piecing him
up and uh you know he landed the kick he
landed the lucky kick and it went the
way it went but
if that kick never got landed this fight
would be it wouldn’t be happening
Miiverse Cheeto if I went out there
finished and beat him boring fight
whatever happened other than what
happened Miiverse Cheeto 2 obviously
isn’t as big of a fight so
and the fact that it happened it was
almost a you know it was good I’m I’m
glad that happened it made my career
play out the way it did and I’m sitting
here at the champ right now with a
massive massive rematch
while getting pay-per-view points so for
the fact that that played out the way it
did I’m pumped and uh Miiverse Cheeto 2
will be huge if that’s what’s next if
not you know that fight will happen
eventually well Sean listen you’re in
for one hell of a ride man you’re 28
years old you’re the champion of the
world when I won the bell I was right at
the asset of my career with one [ __ ]
eye do you know what I mean I knew like
this was just a drop in the ocean but
brother you’ve got a long long career
ahead of you and you’re gonna have an
incredible time so enjoy every moment of
it I’m proud of you congratulations one
more time and thanks for your time today
yeah thank you bro peace talk soon yeah
indeed there he is he’s gone that’s it