all right today I’m joined by the one
and only Colby chaos competent he should
be fighting for the Welterweight Title
pretty soon one of the top content is
one of the best fighters and Donald
Trump’s favorite fighter Colby thanks
for your time man I’ll be doing
hey what’s up my brother thank you for
your time it’s always a pleasure to talk
to the the King of London the king of
the UK my man Michael bisting there we
go well thank you very much uh let’s
just start with this real quick Leon
Edwards obviously you were there back in
summer in London you were the backup
fighter since then there’s been a lot of
talk you know you’re still the front
runner you’re supposed to be fighting
Dana alluded to that in the last day or
two as well on the Madison Square Garden
card what is the situation what’s the
score with that
yeah the situation is Leon Edwards
Scissorhands is still hiding from me
apparently you know he knows I’m a lot
tougher challenge than than I even think
of him you know if it was so easy I
think he would have came out and he
would have already tried to defend
already but you know what I have to ask
you you know Michael is back in your
career could you imagine being offered
at home date in front of your home fans
and turning it down and saying that they
don’t deserve that
I mean dude Michael the UFC tried to
give filet mignon to the UK fans because
the UK fans are so passionate and such
great fans and Leon said no your
you deserve sandwich you get a
Fight Night event you don’t get a
pay-per-view World title fight Mega
fight you know so it’s it’s it’s it’s
sorry you know I wonder what the people
of UK are saying about Leon Edwards in
the streets right now because I
guarantee it’s not good you know the
guy’s a coward he’s out there ducking
he’s hiding he’s looking for any excuse
not to fight and you know his time’s
about up you know he’s going to be
forced to have to come out here and
fight or you know or worse things will
happen they’ll get stripped
well as I said the rumor is Madison
Square Garden I’m sure you know more
about that there’s nothing official yet
so you know we won’t talk about that day
but on that main event that’s matters uh
sorry that’s Jon Jones versus Steve
miocic I mean what a fight card that
would be to be they’re saying it’s going
to be a co-main event I mean how would
you feel about that
I mean you know let’s be honest let’s
talk about the facts Michael you know it
is Jon Jones going to be willing to
share uh a card with his former college
roommate who who knows all his Dirty
Secrets all the skeletons are in his
closet I beg that he’s going over the
UFC right now and he’s telling him yo
I’m not sharing a card with Colby I will
refuse to fight here so the only way I
see that fight happening is we know
John’s unpredictable we know he might go
sniff some white girls kind of like Joe
Biden so you know he he’s not to be
relied on he might get pulled off the
card and we might have to come save the
day and be the main event so you know
the the real question that we need to be
asking him is was honestly was Jon Jones
on The Client List of Epstein Island
honestly Michael I want to know this
afternoon Mike there’s no way I wasn’t
on it
any way to confirm that he wasn’t on it
I just want to know the truth was Jon
Jones on Epstein Island
we’ll get right on it I mean that is
Jesus Christ you never failed to do uh
to make me laugh my god
um let’s just assume that that fight
goes down though and you’re both on that
card right as you just did there as you
have done many times I mean you know you
don’t pull your punches shall we say
when it comes to Jon Jones what do you
think that moment would be like if
you’re both backstage you think security
would do they would make an effort to
keep you apart from one another
yeah I think it would be electric and I
think the fans deserve to see that
that’s who we fight for it’s not about
the judges not about the rep it’s about
the fans it’s about putting on the
biggest and most electric fights for the
fans so the people want to see us on the
press conference stage everybody knows I
got questions to ask John Michael you
probably didn’t know this but I know
this from being roommates from you
should ask him about the time you hit
someone with a baseball bat
oh okay all right well well I wasn’t
that we’ll say alleged alleged
facts you know I know
I know reasons Jon Jones does not want
to be painted in a bad light so he’s not
going to share a card with me I think
the only way we get Madison Square
Garden this thing is you know if we’re
headlining it because John has to pull
out again because he’s sniffing some
white girls like Joe Biden
so so all jokes aside that you think
that John would strongly suggest it or
just say outright to the UFC no I’m not
sharing a card with this guy I don’t
even talking I don’t like him and
don’t respect him and I don’t want him
coming out with outlandish things at the
press conference
yeah a little birdie told me Michael
that he went to the behind you know
backstage with the suits and and the big
dogs at the UFC and said hey he refuses
to share a car with me so you know
they’re going to give him what he wants
you know they don’t want to ruin their
New York show and they’re hoping that he
still shows up but you know they they
need a backup plan he’s not reliable you
know I’m the ultimate company man when I
say and I give my word to the UFC that
I’m showing up I’m showing up I’ve never
ever pulled out of one fight I’ve always
and the ultimate you know professional
and that’s what I do best so the UFC
knows they can rely on me that’s why I’m
in this position and you know it’s stuff
that John doesn’t want to share a car
I’m not it wouldn’t even be talking
Mike he’d just be talking truth like if
you can’t handle the truth in today’s
society then man go go get a safe space
you know we’ll get to the fight with
Lynn in a second and I’m curious to know
your approach but you know when you say
you don’t pull out granted you don’t but
the scheduled uh Colby you’ve only had
four fights in the last four years is
there a reason for that yeah of course
there’s a reason for that Michael let’s
look at the facts you know they’re
trying to line up big fights one guy’s
refusing to fight they try to set that
up for a few months the next fight that
was offered was a guy that couldn’t make
weight and he was an unprofessional boss
so how is that unfold to me Michael I
wouldn’t be in this position if I was
turning down fights or if I wasn’t the
one that was not making fights happen
I’m the one that’s been ready to fight
the whole time I was willing to fight
either guy in London on a moment’s
notice within two days notice so it’s
not my fault other guys fell apart you
know couldn’t make way unprofessional
other guys scared talk to Big Game
behind closed doors oh it’s on site with
Kobe this and that but when it came time
to actually get in the case he didn’t
want to get embarrassed so that’s not my
fault that’s out of my control Mike
all right so let’s just say the fight
goes down whether or not it’s Madison
Square Garden Leon Edwards obviously
he’s the champion now knocked out kamaru
defended the belt against Kamara once
again in July how do you approach this
fight Colby how do you get the job done
yeah just doing what I do best Mike I I
love pressure the bigger the pressure
the the better that I do so the high
intensity you know that I bring to the
table everybody knows I’m the cardio
King I don’t get tired in there so I
just think that I can chain together my
mixed martial arts game better than
anybody in the world right now and it’s
gonna set up some Mega fights after I
win that world title you know I don’t
know if Leon’s gonna want to rematch
after I’m done with him in this fight
but if he does you know I’ll solidify
myself and I will defend that title
against him you know there’s always the
uzman fight again I’ve already beat him
two times one time by referee me
and the second time everybody knew I won
by the fans one I knew I won in New York
so that fight’s there you know this
little at 55 Michael has been
running a big mouse so you know he wants
to come get smoked he he’s gonna get his
ass whooped too so you know there’s a
lot of big fights that are to make after
I get this title but man Leah needs to
come out here and defend Michael he’s
he’s he acts like he’s the best in the
world come prove it you be one guy now
it’s a different style matchup let’s see
how you stop I’ll match up with
America’s champ
what did you think of the performance
against kamaru the the one in July when
he defended the belt against him
what did you think of kamaru
yeah I mean the first fight you know
Usman had that locked up you know it was
his fight to lose and give away and
that’s what happened you know he got
caught by a fluke head kick in the last
round and you know he was stunned and
after that fight you could tell he’s not
the same person Mike his his drive’s not
the same you know his hunger is just you
get Knocked Up I don’t know I’ve never
been knocked out unconscious like that
but when you get knocked out unconscious
like that I gotta imagine that it kills
your confidence so it didn’t look like a
confident guy in there but you know it
still looked like a guy that that did
enough to win but you know it was
anybody’s decision it was up to the
judges that night and we know how
unpredictable judges can be so you know
I I it looked like it was meant you know
lost the step and you know the fire is
not the fire’s completely gone from him
yeah I mean getting knocked out I mean
I’ve been there it does it does you know
it takes some coming back from and that
was a vicious knockout when I was
knocked out my next fight I was very
nervous I was maybe gunshot throughout
the training camp but I wasn’t facing
the guy that knocks me out and even then
when I did very much Dan Henderson I
mean when was that Jesus Christ were
talking seven years later maybe yeah
seven years later even then on the day I
still had a little bit of uh you know I
wasn’t trauma because that’s not the
word I was just letting bed think he’s
now I’m stepping back into
Knoxville with this guy again last time
I did I got knocked out for another
world so yeah you’re right maybe there
was a little bit of uh I don’t know what
did they call it gunshot skeletons in
the closet regardless
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so let’s let’s assume for the record and
don’t go ask me all you UK fans out
there uh let’s just assume you go out
there you beat Leon Edwards who would
you want to defend the gates first
you know I’m the ultimate company man
Mike so what I love about the company
and the brand of the UFC is the biggest
and best promotion in the world they put
on the biggest and best fights that
pay-per-view has to offer and the world
has to offer so whatever route the
company wants to go Mike then that’s the
the fight that I want to go you know I
want to give the fans and the company
what they want and their money’s worth
so whatever they sit down and they look
at and they say hey this is the biggest
numbers that we can do this is the
biggest and best fight that we can put
together I’m going to be all on board
for I I take all comers the UFC knows
that never said no to one fight always
been ready for every single fight that’s
been offered and I’m ready to fight the
biggest and best fighters in the world
I’m in my Prime right now Michael and
I’ve made a lot of games while people
haven’t seen me maybe oh you think I
just been sitting on the couch okay yeah
we’ll see when I get locked in that
octagon what I’ve been doing since my
time off because I’m a very extremely
motivated Blue Collar All-American
working man and you know it just so
happens that you know not only am I
going to get my title but election
season is coming up right for Donald
Trump so it’s kind of funny how the
universe works
you know we’ll get to that in a little
bit because I wanted to ask you a couple
of things about that but uh do you keep
up with the sport Colby would you say
you’re a fan do you watch most events
no I I can’t say that you know honestly
speaking Mike you know I have a very
busy life I’m doing a lot of things and
I’m very passionate about a lot of other
things in my life other you know crafts
and arts and things I like Hobbies I
like to do so you know sometimes the big
fights I’ll sit down and I’ll watch it
one weekend but you know I’m not
watching every every fight night every
week you know that’s just you know not
my lifestyle I’d rather you know my big
thing Mike is I like to have a little
balance in my life and when I’m not
fighting you know sometimes I just kind
of want to separate my life and have a
different here’s the person the human
that’s you know enjoying his weekend
enjoying his life and not so just sucked
into the the world that is mixed martial
arts yeah no absolutely sometimes you
need a break from it you’ve got to step
away give you a clear head so what are
the Hobbies what does Colby Covington
like to do when he’s not punching people
in the face taking them down why don’t
we talking little arts and crafts here a
little artist I mean you learn to play
the piano what are we talking here at
all day
uh I mean I’m very passionate about
giving back time to our First Responders
here in America you know our Law
Enforcement Officers I visit a lot of
different law enforcement cities uh
offices to to pay respects to our real
heroes that sacrifice every day to keep
Law and Order in our country so I’m very
passionate about you know giving back
and donating some of the things I’ve
learned and giving it to you know our
First Responders that are fighting for
us every single day and then you know on
top of that I love poker I’m very poker
uh oriented and and uh passionate about
poker and trying to be a two-sport world
champion I think that would be a great
history and a great feat to be able to
conquer two different sports at the same
time I know absolutely nothing about
poker I don’t know how to prank but I’m
happy because I’ve got enough vices in
my life the last thing I need is a
serious gambling problem you talked
about going back there Colby
um one guy I had him on my podcast
recently then burgerimbo he speaks about
you so highly how much you’ve helped him
and all the rest of it talk to me about
that friendship and how that kind of
came together yeah Timber Timber’s a
great guy man he’s been a great sense of
uh positivity in our gym and just just
it just shows things in perspective you
know people are complaining about little
things and then you see a guy like temba
who came from Zimbabwe and he had
nothing you know he’s living in you know
like shelters and and you know mud mud
piles for you know his way of living and
he’s not complaining he’s just smiling
he’s just happy to be alive and thankful
just has a different perspective on life
so you know I tell a lot of the people I
used him as an example that hey man look
at this guy he’s here in America chasing
his dreams not complaining not
making excuses he’s out there working
hard every day and you know it’s just a
pleasure to work alongside him and I’m
happy for the the platform that he’s
getting with the rock stuff and I’m
excited to see how his journey unfolds
from here on out yeah no you yeah you’re
talking truth there because everyone
wants to be a victim these days
certainly this new generation I mean
Jesus Christ I mean what do you think of
the state of things I mean you’re
talking about it there people that’s
complaining all the rest of it the world
is a different place these days as I
said people like to complain you’ve got
to be careful what you say people are
all looking to be offended at the drop
of a heart what do you think of all this
this modern world we live in today
oh man it’s you know it’s it’s
disgusting it’s it’s a lot of wokism you
know it’s this it’s this soft soy boy
mentality oh it’s okay for men to go to
women’s sports and playing women’s
sports it’s okay it’s okay to have a
safe space and have feelings oh you
can’t say mean words to people even if
they’re the truth you can’t say mean
words because then you’ll hurt someone’s
feelings so you know and then the cancel
culture is just disgusting you know
people are saying facts you know why why
do we hide Hunter Biden’s laptop why was
that hidden from Twitter like that was
truth and facts why did we hide Hunter
Biden’s laptop so you know I got
questions that I want answered Mike just
like Don Jones laptop what is on Jon
Jones laptop did he attend Epstein
island or did he not because there’s no
way to confirm did he or did you not
he’s just seeing that on the job they’ll
find out they will find out
I know the truth about Jon Jones I went
to college with him I know that he
graduated with a degree and piece of
you know and he was on he was on
the honor roll for being a piece of
so I’ve been on fire today you’re on
fire what was that like though because I
know you guys used to be buddies where
did where did it all go sour
it it all went sour when you know he
started doing steroids to bulk up so his
mood swings and and all the stuff he was
putting in his body was affecting his
emotions and and he just like he had
mood swings and he would literally just
be bipolar one day you would be like
completely fine and we were best friends
the next day he would just be like oh
Kobe your shoes are messed up wrong why
did you not put them like perfectly in
the corner I’m like bro it’s just my
shoes like what’s the big deal man you
just I’m like we’ve been we’ve been
tighter than that and and closer than
that for long enough the shoes and and
so just his mood swings Mike he just he
went through a mood swing and then not
even that Mike look at the big piece of
that he is I mean he’s he just his
last phone he’s beating up his wife left
his wife a bloody mess in that hotel and
went to jail like this guy’s a dirt back
hitting a Bentley with two hookers in
the back hitting a pregnant lady at a
stop sign and then fleeing the scene
with drugs like it’s just countless
thing after thing failing steroid test
the truth is the truth Michael and I
don’t have any skeletons in my closet
that guy’s a dirt bag and I want the
world to see it I don’t want him to be
painting it in a good light because he’s
not a God-fearing man the guy’s a
he’s an evil spirit
what do you think about the fight with
what are your thoughts on that
yeah you know my thoughts are you know I
hope Steve comes out and puts on a great
performance you know does good for all
the firefighters and gives all the the
First Responders in this this country
Hope and Faith but you know we have to
see you know he’s a little older now you
know not to disrespect he’s a great
fighter he did great things in the sport
I mean he’s probably the best
heavyweight of all time without a doubt
right now but you know we got to see
which Stipe comes back you know Mike you
know some guys they come back and fight
when you know their time has passed but
you know I’m excited to see you know it
has his time passed or does he still
have it
yeah not fair enough let me ask you
about this because it drives me crazy
right you’re a guy that’s built you know
you’ve worked your ass off to get
yourself to this point
most guys in the UFC all have boxers
really do you know but there’s this new
generation there’s this new fight this
KSI the Dylan danis the Jay Paul
right what do you think of this whole I
don’t know
what do you think of these guys
you know
Diaz fight with Jake Paul as well
no I didn’t pay attention but I will
tell you one thing Michael that is a
bold-faced lie them saying that Nate
Diaz made 20 million that’s I guarantee
I’ll bet every dollar in my bank account
okay that’s like me saying Mike hey
guess what my my last fight with George
I made 100 million hey I sent it I said
it it’s true right Mike it’s true I made
100 billion
there’s no there’s no draw like people
are not that interested in in these
Showtime gimmick fights you know that’s
they’re gimmick fights you know they’re
character fights like these guys can’t
really fight they’re you know most the
time you know Jake Paul’s are just
paying people to take Dives you know he
has all that money from the Disney World
and from his brother and family so he’s
got that privileged lifestyle where he
can pay people off to take Dives and we
know how people act with money these
days Mike they’ll do anything for a
yeah uh you’re 35 years old
what is the future for Colby Covington
assuming you go out there you beat Leon
I mean have you thought about that how
many more fights you want to have you
know retirement I mean or does is that
too far away to even think about
yeah you know Mike I I feel literally in
my Prime right now like physically
mentally I’ve taken good care of my body
I don’t party I don’t go out drink
that’s just not my lifestyle my
lifestyle is I’m a dedicated uh martial
artist to my craft so you know I know I
have the best years ahead of me my body
I’ve taken such good care of it so you
know I I haven’t really thought like
that you know I just think one fight at
a time right now you know I’m focused on
Leon if I have to handle him in the
rematch and and prove it back to back
with him then then I’m ready to do that
and so you know but I do think kind of
about the future and I’m very passionate
I want to go into politics one day I’m a
fighter in the cage but now I want to go
be a fighter for the people I want to be
a fighter for as a public servant than
serving the people and it’s not going to
be bought out because I can’t be bought
out you know I made enough money from
the UFC that I don’t need to be bought
out so I won’t sell my soul and I want
to go fight for the people in Paul in
the political world
as I said we’ll get to that in just a
second uh welterware division there’s a
lot of up and comers we’ve got shav cat
rachmanov I’m not sure if you’re
familiar with him Ian Gary’s on this
weekend uh Conor McGregor is also
talking about fighting at 170 pounds I’m
assuming that is a fight that you would
more than welcome
I mean if if the UFC sees that fight as
being the top fight that they can put in
the welterweight division for a world
title then of course I’m going to
entertain that Connor’s you know every
time Conor comes around you never know
what you’re going to get with Connor you
know no one thought he was gonna knock
some Jose Alda 9 second team he went out
there and did it so you know Conor’s
unpredictable he’s the you know the
biggest draw the sport has so you know I
love the work he’s done but so I you
know of course I’d love to fight him but
you know I don’t need to fight him it’s
not going to solidify my legacy you know
I’m beating champion after Champion
literally I beat the every Champion
that’s been a champion for the last
decade since George GSP so you know like
that fight if if he wants it and he
comes back and starts with someone or
wants that fight let’s do it let’s do
the biggest and best business the UFC
can do because I’m a company man I want
to deliver the fights the UFC walks all
right somebody asked me on I put a tweet
out and said he’s got some questions for
Colby somebody said this I thought this
was funny you can only have one
dial against Leon Edwards or Donald
Trump wins the election
which one are we choosing Colby
Donald Trump winning the election of
course you know because
I could I could lose you know a decision
that you know I didn’t rightfully lose
but as long as the fans know that who
the best fighter in the world is that’s
what’s important to me you know I want
to give the fans what they want and you
know they pay their harder money to
watch it so these fights are about the
fans and they’re not about anything else
than giving the fans the biggest and
best buys they want just like you did
you turned around fought your home
country fought on two three months notes
you were fighting back to back to back
defend defend I mean I mean you’re a
warrior you’re one of the greatest
fighters of all time because of
you just went out there and put it on
the line you weren’t afraid you didn’t
sit out for eight months like Lee on
sale for 14 months when he waited for
his first title shot after he beat Nate
Diaz and then now he wants to sit out
another eight nine months so you know
and Rob his fans of a pay-per-view in UK
so you know Michael bispin is the King
of London and the king in the UK and
that’ll never change well that’s Leon
Edwards right now otherwise they’re
gonna come after me I’ve got to say it
um you mentioned they were off but the
British fans were offered filet mignon
you didn’t have the best things to say
about British food
oh yeah I had to keep it honest though
the British food like I don’t know but
if it’s the cattle or if it’s the meat
that they get over there it just it
tastes like processed and like it wasn’t
good quality like like like like we have
in America we have like uh uh what’s it
called it’s called wagyu like wagon A5
like Japanese wagon that’s like I said
that’s Japanese
we we order it from there but I don’t
know the food was a little off you know
I love the people the people are made in
the sights the history there in the UK
and London it’s amazing Mike that’s why
I want to go defend my title in the UK
after I beat Leon because that place is
amazing you know I love seeing all the
history the the castle everything you
guys have over there is just it’s
amazing yeah yeah I I will say this and
I’ll get disowned for saying this the
food out here the states I gotta say it
is bad okay don’t subscribe everybody
I’m just afraid as it is simple as that
uh right so in your mind I know you’re
training I messaged you the other day
since I’m training
what date are you training for or when
do you think this fight will happen
yeah you know the date that I’m training
for is is every single day Michael you
know I I’ve stayed ready you know I’ve
been ready on a moment’s notice I love
to fight it’s literally the my favorite
thing to do on Earth is go out there and
and put it on the line and feel that
adrenaline feel that Arena feel the
electricity that goes through those
things and and go out there and fight
with with every ounce of of passion in
your soul so you know I’m ready on a
moment’s notice whenever the UFC wants
to make it happen if anything falls
through and any any of their upcoming
pay-per-view Main Events you know Colby
chaos Covington’s ready to save the day
I don’t think Leon Edward Scissorhand
this is but I mean what is Leon because
he’s he’s an idiot you know he’s he’s a
dumb the guy didn’t graduate middle
school so you know you can tell the guy
the fumbling mumbling idiot and he
didn’t freaking you know do his do his
studying and homework when it was when
he was a kid I’m only laughing because
like you’ve taken time out your day to
come and do an interview so I’m not
gonna argue with you but I’m laughing
because people are going to say look at
this pain just letting Colby say
whatever he wants but that’s how it
works that’s how it goes
um when did this start uh Colby for you
did this this competitiveness this urge
I’m assuming it was wrestling at school
yeah you know as soon as I started
wrestling I was a kid I got bullied man
I had people picking on me and so that
competitive nature was from not wanting
to ever be picked on ever again you know
I said hey you know I don’t want any
bully to ever think that they can come
up to me and and invade my privacy and
be able to control me you know I want to
be the the best fighter and the best you
know Sportsman in the world so just that
competitive nature led me to just the
the room the the training room and you
know it’s helped me have a work ethic of
training twice a day my whole entire
life I don’t know any other way so I
still love it just as much as I did when
I was a little kid I probably love it
more now because now I have a lot more
haters and doubters and people that tell
me that they think they know what I’m
able what I’m capable of doing so you
know I have a lot of proving proving
right of myself and proving wrong to the
world and all these basement little
nerds all the little basement freaking
fake journalists they don’t have
journalism degrees they’re in their
mom’s basement their Fanboys this sport
the only reason they go to the sport is
because they get free tickets and
they’re Fanboys I never I never get
tickets to see their sport they get
tickets to see me and my sport so and
they want to degrade me and talk
like they know you know what I’m capable
of and what I’ve accomplished in my
career so you know I can’t wait to prove
everybody wrong
yeah no it’s going to be a great fight I
look forward to it I hate to pick up Jon
Jones again but but it’s it’s he’s such
a big name in the sport when you two
were at college and I’m not looking for
gossip or drama anything like that but
but were you both because you were
roommates you were both wrestlers did
you bowls at the same time have
conversations about being in the UFC
when you were older
we we definitely talked about it a
little bit that was honestly when we
were kind of first introduced to jiu
jitsu like after wrestling practice
there was a kid in our in our on our
team Joe Soto he was another roommate
that that was uh in the same apartment
as us we had a two-bedroom apartment and
me and John shared a room and Joe’s
photo shoot a shared a room with another
kid from New Jersey but Joe had had been
doing Jiu Jitsu in California and after
wrestling practice at Iowa Central we
would stay after wrestling practice and
just do grappling roles and Jiu-Jitsu
rules just for like an hour just to get
an extra sweat and just the extra you
know different type of workout there was
Dynamic and kind of kind of helped us
with our wrestling because it helped our
scrambling abilities and other things so
that’s kind of when we were first
introduced to it and then I think seeing
some of the pro fights in town like we
all were like man we could beat these
guys we can compete at the highest level
so I think that’s where we all realize
that hey call wrestling like college
like there’s nowhere to go after there
there’s no financial gain after college
with all this wrestling experience so if
you want to make a good life for
yourself you have to go down this
fighting route and and that’s the rest
is history so how long was it for when
you just when you left College I’ll quit
wrestling how long until your first
professional MMA fight
yeah my first professional MMA fight was
about one year after I had finished
yeah yeah it was it was uh it was right
away and and
the biggest thing about it was I didn’t
I’d moved to Florida at the time and
Florida’s uh law over here is you have
to do five amateur fights before you can
go pro so I didn’t want to do five
amateur fights I was like no I want to
go pro right away so I had to go back
home to Oregon and fight my professional
debut and then and I went out there and
finished the guy you know TKO them in
the in the first round and and uh you
know there the MMA Journey started there
it is uh all right let’s head on this
then Leon Edwards what is the biggest
threat that he possesses to you
um probably just him trying to to tell
me what he’s gonna do to me you know if
he was so confident in doing this
Michael he would have came out here and
done it already I mean I think he sees a
lot of fear he knows what’s coming and
what’s ahead of him and what he has on
this plate so I’m not really worried
about anything he does I’m just worried
about if he’s gonna show up or not
head ganks
nah I you know I keep my hands high you
know my style is you know I’m joking I’m
not worried about the head kicks yeah
that was a flu cake against Usman so
we’ll see now he’s got America’s chant
he’s in for a long night you better you
better pack a lunch Michael well listen
I’m looking forward to it you’re one of
the best promoters in the game Colby I
thank you for your time really
appreciate it can’t wait for the fight
once again all the best thank you very