UFC 293 Preview, Bets for Adesanya v. Strickland, Sean Sheehan on McGregor | Anik & Florian EP. 435


In this episode of the Anik & Florian podcast, the hosts discuss the upcoming UFC 293 event and share their thoughts on the main event between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland. They also talk about the importance of podcast names and the potential pitfalls of using egotistical titles. Additionally, they touch on other fights on the card and make their predictions. Let’s dive into the details!

Israel Adesanya vs. Sean Strickland

The hosts start by analyzing the main event between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland. They highlight Adesanya’s technical skills, including his educated jab and defensive abilities. They also mention his improved grappling and overall confidence. While acknowledging Strickland’s punching power and toughness, they believe that Adesanya’s skill set and recent victory over Paulo Costa make him the favorite in this fight. They discuss the importance of Strickland making the fight chaotic and frenetic to have a chance at victory.

The — main event for UFC 293 is the middleweight title fight between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland. Adesanya is coming off the greatest victory of his career against Paulo Costa and is considered one of the most technical fighters in the world. Strickland, on the other hand, has been on a winning streak and has shown his willingness to step up for the promotion. However, the hosts believe that Adesanya’s experience, length, intelligence, athleticism, and overall skill set make him the clear favorite in this matchup.

The hosts also discuss the potential strategies for both fighters. They mention that Strickland’s best chance at victory would be to take the fight to the ground and control Adesanya, but they acknowledge that it won’t be an easy task. Adesanya’s vulnerabilities on the ground could be exploited by Strickland, but it would still be a difficult path to victory. They also mention that Strickland’s aggressive and unpredictable style could work in his favor, but ultimately, they believe that Adesanya’s skills and confidence will be too much for Strickland to overcome.

Other Fights on the Card

In addition to the main event, the hosts briefly discuss other fights on the UFC 293 card. They mention Charlie Radke as a potential underdog pick against Blood Diamond and John Makdessi as a possible bet at +170 odds. They also talk about the importance of winning money during pay-per-view week and encourage fans to make smart bets.


In conclusion, the hosts of the Anik & Florian podcast share their thoughts on the main event between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland at UFC 293. They believe that Adesanya’s technical skills, experience, and recent victory make him the clear favorite in this matchup. While acknowledging Strickland’s toughness and punching power, they believe that Adesanya’s overall skill set and confidence will be too much for Strickland to overcome . They also briefly discuss other fights on the card and provide some potential underdog picks. Overall, they are excited for the event and encourage fans to enjoy the pay-per-view and make smart bets.

Stay tuned for more updates and analysis from the Anik & Florian podcast.

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days away by the time most of you watch this God willing I will already be in Sydney Australia kemploy what do you got going
on this weekend you’re watching the pay-per-view or what oh absolutely Manny I was just thinking I was thinking about this shirt I’m looking at them go
I got some nerve wearing this shirt and not having pecs I mean it’s it’s it’s disrespectful to this type of shirt to
wear it and not have good pectoral muscles so I gotta do something about that man well there was certainly a time
where your pecs were dancing ah I hope I don’t alienate a a measure of the
listenership we’re just speak speaking facts here that’s the thing sometimes I compliment people and they’re like thank you so much
I’m just I’m just telling you the facts right sometimes it goes the other way the truth hurts and the kids are crying
you know that’s true that’s true so uh a lot to get into today we have about an hour with you it’ll be our UFC 293
preview in Earnest Sean Sheehan coming up here in a few minutes we haven’t talked to him in a long time very
excited to chop it up with him and then bottom of the hour so to speak Brian Petrie will be with us seven
selections from him and kenflo for UFC 293. so I wanted to ask you about Ronda
Rousey’s potential comeback at UFC 300 or on any other show potentially against Giuliana Pena for the Undisputed UFC
Women’s fan of weight title so I had heard some Rumblings excuse me about this I didn’t go with it even
though I had multiple sources because I didn’t know the veracity of whether or not she might be coming back
now Dana White has been publicly dismissive of this and anyone who listens to this show knows that I sort
of as a fan and rooted in a meritocracy so when I see Raquel Pennington having won five in a row in Juliana Pena having
a title shot go away due to a rib injury to me that fight makes a lot of sense
but I understand if one of the biggest superstars in mixed martial arts history wants to come back she’s on a whole different level than
Henry sahuto with respect you roll out the red carpet for Ronda Rousey um where do you stand on all of that
yeah that’s interesting now I I like the match-up in that I think that Pena is
very much a Grappler for the most part she can hit hard and stuff like that but she’s not known as this technical
Striker which Rhonda has struggled with in the past a little bit right
um so from that standpoint of her coming back and facing someone like like Pena I
don’t really have a problem with that but what I do have a problem with is her being away for so long and then having to get right back into a uh a big fight
it’s a lot to ask in today’s mixed martial arts world and I think that it
would be difficult for her again say someone else against Pena still it would be very difficult wouldn’t be easy
um but it’s interesting I I listen Rhonda’s still a huge star she’s been killing it over WWE
um but I think it’s a big ask as far as coming back into this sport which does
evolve very very quickly man I bring it up for two reasons reasons first and
foremost Dana White made comments that as I mentioned suggested this was not going to happen I also bring it up
because Amanda Nunes retired in June and here we are in September and there are Contender types who I think would like
to compete for the world title that is vacant I’m sure Juliana Pena is one half of this equation and perhaps that’s the
delay as she gets healthy but it’s interesting it really is interesting because match-up wise right A lot of
people to your point like that matchup for Rhonda and uh you know how I feel about it when it
comes to a championship meritocracy all right the great John Sheen coming up in about 60 seconds but real quick I was
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tickets lowest price guarantee all right let us get to the Great Sean Sheehan you
may have seen him on x.com still feels weird calling it that does it not also
of course severe mma.com one of my more frequented websites and podcasts also does his own show on sheredog.com as
well my man did you think I lost your number I’d never lose your number ah no I I you know what I have so much stuff
going on that one week Blends into the next week Blends into the next month and
everything so yeah I uh no it was crying I’ve been listening in I’ve been keeping an eye on soft anyways and you know what
there hasn’t been that many judging controversies in the last soy leader so maybe I wasn’t needed for oil well right
and I feel like you have value beyond that and of course today we have a lot of things to talk about that have
nothing to do with judging nor scoring nor refereeing I’m sure it’ll go down that path as well and I do love the
interesting back and forth between you and our producer Cody mayro so perhaps we’ll let him chime in uh on the back end as well uh so sometimes you book a
guest on the show and and then things happen and it makes the guest booking seem even more timely right all of a
sudden we have Ian Machado Gary and Conor McGregor getting together in Dublin we have Kiefer Crosby making his
UFC debut this weekend at UFC 293 but I don’t want to start with either of those
things because I felt like I was seeing on X this weekend on Twitter this weekend maybe fans are media suggesting
that this Paris show was great the live crowd was great and as such maybe not a great night for Irish MMA in terms of
getting the UFC back to Ireland so what do you have for me on that and uh
in terms of your informed speculation how soon might we actually see the UFC back in your neck of the woods I I would
hope it will be back uh next year maybe in the summertime I know that there was
a talk or a a look at getting the UFC back uh towards the end of this year not
even in the last like few months or stuff a little bit earlier than that I actually think pfl was an issue because
they kind of wanted to come the Saturday night the pfl are there on the Friday night I believe so that kind of I don’t
you know I don’t think they kind of want to go back to back would be a film in the same venue and there’s only one venue in Ireland really as well so I
think that was a bit of an issue and that venue is booked out so like literally if unless it’s a stadium show
everyone that comes here goes to the Detroit Arena the same venue so we’re very very much locked down in terms of
that but you know when when you have a year of notice or whatever it might be it seems easier no
the UFC have signed what like three or four Irish people in the last while it seems like another few are on the way as
well they’re hardly signing them to not bring an event back you know and Dana White has literally come outside of my
colleague in and he’ll ask him about it when um uh the UFC were in Canada and he’s like yeah absolutely we want to
bring in of impact Ireland then Gary was talking about and he said look we we know that the Playbook here we bring him
to Boston we bring him to New York we bring to Vegas then we bring him back to Ireland so that’s what they did with
Connor and that’s seemingly what they are trying to do with Ian as well and uh it’s it’s got to be mad uh if it does
come back but I’d be pretty favorable I also I saw him when the executives talking last night about it being hired
with uh Paris again next year because of uh is it the Olympics or on in Paris next year so it’s going to be tough to
get the vineyard here so maybe that’ll actually help Ireland but I would be I’d be very very hopeful that there’d be an
event on in Ireland uh next year Kenny I just want to jump in here because the appetite for UFC Live Events has never
been stronger and you see some of these deals and Sean I’m ignorant when it comes to this
stuff right I get my schedule I go where they call my number I don’t oftentimes pay attention to where exactly we’re
going and oh my gosh we haven’t been to Sydney in forever and now we have this long-term deal in Sydney not unlike Abu
Dhabi where we will be there annually seems like Salt Lake City is getting a pay-per-view Salt Lake City Utah for
three consecutive years but I just I don’t know if it’s inexorably linked right if Paris has
some resounding success you got all these French fighters on the rise does that delay things for Ireland so that’s sort of why I asked the question and I
felt like I heard some or saw some pretty prominent media people suggesting this was somehow a bad night for Irish MMA and I don’t know what the hell that
means well there was two irish guys on the card and both of them lost I suppose so that’s kind of it yeah I mean okay
all right singular results got it can flow sorry sorry you cut me off no no all good brother
um Sean you you mentioned two names that I wanted to bring up and and I thought it was really cool to see Ian Gary and
Conor McGregor sparring together uh it was just a little clip I would have loved to see the whole training session
um but uh so it was cool to see them just exchange some moves it was Ian Gary kind of establishing this long range and
Conor being very creative it looked like his old self and kind of bringing some new school martial arts techniques now
what does this do I guess for Conor to to go against some new blood out of
Ireland do you think this helps them and motivates him push them forward and having two stars like that Spar what
does that do for Irish MMA because I feel like this could have a compounding
effect on the sport in that country well you see it’s a very complex uh thing in
Ireland we could go over this for probably three hours and probably sit not break it because look we we already
has the the uptake in Irish MMA because of Conor and there’s almost been like a
downgrade in terms of the coverage of MMA art and depart from the MMA media because of Conor because like people
like don’t like him and the trouble he’s been in and different sorts of things so like the mainstream media in Ireland
basically don’t cover any mixed martial arts like no like sometimes you know if
Bellator come they might do like a deal with a radio station and that’s it they’re not doing it off their own back
so it’s it’s a very weird position we find ourselves in in Irish MMA and uh
look just there’s some great Irish mixed martial arts media out there and I feel like we do a pretty good job of telling
the people about the the next level of Fighters but from that point of view I think it’s I think it’s going to be uh
it’s going to be tough because like a guy like Ian Gary or Keith Crosby or like these people are not even really
getting a chance to get their names out there to get the funnel and behind them apart from you know the as I said again
the MMA media doing the top um I think that’s a very hard thing to kind of turn around and I I’m not sure
if it’s even possible no we if Ian comes any headlines in the tree Arena and he
wins and he goes on and he wins the title maybe which I I predicted only sure he would I believe a year ago and
maybe maybe that’s not looking as boiler prediction though but um maybe that will change it but I think it’s interesting
now the other side of it as well the other part of the question like Ian is no longer training Ireland so he’s in Kill Cliff but he was in Brazil he also
trained a little bit with Leon Edwards I know he was in London as well for a while training there so I’m not sure if
it’s going to be an ongoing thing now maybe it is because Connor like John Kevin I put up a post last night or you
know he had dinner with house Gracie and he was like I’m here with the first champ and I would love to have the champ Champion result but he’s in Camp now so
we’ve seen Conor training and he’s got a couple of new guys in Arizona so I’m training with Karen Clark who’s a very
good undefeated Prospect uh who signed to Bella Thor at the moment but he’s like a good wrestler and I’m sure he’s
in there to mimic Chandler in the camp as well we’ve seen him with Alexa key foreign
looks like Conor is back in Camp um but like it also looked like honor was kind of back in Camp during The
Ultimate Fighter and then it all went up in the air that December date I suppose this Lumen is it going to happen we will
see but like I for the first time in a good while it feels like the signs are kind of good in terms of the Conor part
of it the signs in terms of Ian Gary are very very very good there probably couldn’t be any better so you know even
though we had a couple of losses I suppose on Saturday night uh things are looking up for Irish and Megan
so there’s so many directions in which I could go you mentioned I guess this past
weekend uh Caitlyn lochran was a three to one favorite and didn’t win the fight
uh I know some people are disappointed Brian Petrie you know put his testicles on the table and uh you know that no so
the fight was changed with uh four days notice so he was a tree to one favorite then he was an underdog for the actual
fight itself and he probably couldn’t have got a worse matchup on three or four days now so his opponent on the
Monday Carla UFC and said he wasn’t able to make way to Janice gamori then he was given the fight against William Gomez uh
and then Kellen ackermans went in against Taylor Annapolis and I think he was plus 150 or something like that just
an absolute nightmare of a matchup against a whim and if people in the European scene will tell you ask any of
them just a way more uh experienced guy tall long for the division as well a
nightmare for us was a smarter guy like a locker but I thought he put on a good show for his UFC debut he he’s only like
Kevin came in air fights into his career and his first two fights were against like Journeymen who are like oh and 49
so he really has only had five or six real fights and piano lapis was in the
UFC before he was three in one and I believe it was a contract or something was it was the only reason why he wasn’t kept in the UFC he went over I think he
was in Aries and he was the champion there he’s a really really really good fighter and you know yeah I wouldn’t
like I wouldn’t um George Keelan on that fight alone I’m he’s a really good fighter he really
really is and he’s a guy who’ll keep improving as well you should judge him on accepting it right because you get a lot of credit
with the promotion for doing that so uh well I stand corrected we will not penalize Brian Petrie because that was
an entirely different fight all right so in terms of Ian Gary’s ceiling right you have come on these Airwaves to your
recent point and suggested that you think he and Gary will be a world champion I was born in the United States of
America and I am right there with you I have said for at least a year now I think the ceiling is Championship you
know kenflo certainly has intimated that he thinks that he can get to the top five he hasn’t necessarily crossed that
threshold what have you seen if anything in the past year uh to suggest that this
man is not going to be a world champion like I just think maybe sometimes because he leads with the ego uh when
you see his fighter bio as I’ve mentioned strength’s the first thing he lists is ego sometimes I think it almost
for the betterment of him it it hides just how [ __ ] good he is and people
just don’t understand just what they’re dealing with yeah I think Conor was a little bit like that as well like people constantly
underestimated how amazing he was I remember Kelly Kenny Collins he’s first fight against Marcus brimage and waxing
lyrical about him I obviously haven’t gone back and watched these old fights but it felt like people just didn’t bother doing that I was like oh this
guy’s over he submitted a BJJ black belt two fights before and I always use this on the ground a lot in Gary did the same
he went in there uh with uh with Jack Grant who’s a really good uh BJJ black belt and beat him on the ground
it was a few years ago when Usman was at the very top of his game and people were
talking about him as you know possibly overtaking GSP is the greatest welterware of all time when Colby was
like right there with him and a lot of people were like well Colby it’d be a long-running champion uh if only
forestman like I’m injuries that I think have been a big issue for Usman and only
in Edwards has been a big issue for Usman as well obviously but I’m not sure he’s the same fighter he once was now if
he is okay it’s a different discussion and for Colby as well I’m not sure he reached that level and sometimes as well
when you’re a fire and I think this happened to Tyron Woodley a little bit uh he prepared for wonder by and it felt
like he fought Wonderboy for the rest of his career and I feel like that’s the case for Colby a little bit like he
needs to get back to that wrestling wrestle wrestle wrestle rather than do what he had to do against usum because
that wasn’t the the optimum thing to do but can he do that like if those two guys are kind of taken out of the
equation as high level going to wrestle him and going to beat him that way well like who else is really there that will
definitely be a desperate matchup for him like Bilal is a tough matchup without a shadow I think Leon Edwards is
a pretty favorable matchup funnily enough like the champion is probably the easiest of any of those top five matchups and when I say easiest I don’t
mean easy but there’s not like sometimes we we see new guys coming through and you look at
shamaya and like oh champion no problem and maybe it’s just because we’ve seen kind of Habib do it and we equate him to
Habib and we haven’t really seen anyone like Ian Gary maybe we could say Conor but they’re very different and we don’t
want to equate him to her but like why shouldn’t we like why shouldn’t we look like a guy like him or even a guy like
Sean Brady or a guy like Bilal or whoever it might be coming true and say look their Championship material they
can absolutely do it and foreign so far like his ability to control fights and
then his ability to kind of destroy people in those fights has just like it’s just been getting better and better
and I saw a few people saying oh you didn’t get the Finish against Neil magni and that’s not great but I I almost
think it’s more impressive the way he just like took him apart and control that fight while just destroying him
throughout the whole thing it was so impressive like I honestly I didn’t know about eating but I thought the Neil magnified was a way tougher stylistic
matchup than the Jeff Neal fight and then again on short notice I know he’s on short notice for bokos but yeah I
thought that was so impressive I’ve always look I’ve interviewed Ian before his professional debut I’ve always been impressed by him but I I don’t think
I’ve ever been as impressed by him as I was after that fight it was tremendous yeah he’s a totally different stylist
and you’re absolutely right and I totally agree with you we’ll anoint certain Fighters but not others and I’m
not talking about the Keen Eye of Kenny Florian I just think in a general sense like Sean O’Malley I’ve been saying for
years oh he’s he’s a willing and better Grappler than people want to realize and he became a world champion without even having to show it now how if Gilbert
Burns he and Gary’s teammate fights him 10 times how do those 10 fights play out right I know they’re teammates right but
you just suggesting that Gilbert Burns just takes him down and keeps him there and even if he fights Bilal Mohammed
seemingly one of the tougher matchups in the division you know every round begins on the feed I’m just saying I think he’s
closer to uh to the elite than some want to suggest what do you think about the potential residents in Brazil Now versus
sort of this nomadic lifestyle in terms of being the foundation for a world title run uh I don’t know has anyone
ever done this and it’s worked before but that doesn’t mean that someone can’t be the first you know GSP moved around
and went to all different places but I suppose different kind of camps and different uh Specialties I suppose um I
know he was training with Charles Oliveira over there and maybe if he’s with him in Camp but I I I I’m honestly
I’m not too sure I’m really really not too sure how it’s going to work out what I do know is it’s worked out pretty well
so far you know and if we can keep it going the way he’s going I uh I don’t really see any problem with it so like
you know I you look at someone again who’s already very good when he gets to the UFC and the improvements he’s made
throughout his tenure has just been like I’ve just been massive I think and it’s it’s really exciting it’s like I
remember talking on the podcast the wild box like that’s people used to ask well we have another Irish
um UFC champion I was like Jesus we’d be very lucky to have someone ranked again it’s very hard to get ranked in the UFC
from a small country where we don’t have that big gyms or anything like that and to have another guy like borderline top
10 here basically it’s brilliant so for someone like me covering it it’s absolutely fantastic I know I cover worldwide as well but it’s great to have
someone in Ireland and Ian is is doing a great job of it yeah ranked top 10 and already a top 20 UFC Superstar don’t at
me uh you can add him Sean Sheen ba on social media we got a few more minutes with Sean here I know you have another
obligation coming up so I’ll be respectful of your time in terms of the media in your country
how much can Conor McGregor’s Embrace of Ian Machado Gary help move that needle because I’ve heard Ian reference in
interviews in Dublin this week you know getting the media to turn out and uh how much can Conor actually help in that
initiative because it’s surprising to me from afar that someone like Gary can’t uh move the needle in your country the
way he can uh you know seemingly in other parts of the world that’s a difficult question
um I think you might hinder us um it’s like to guess um as we were talking about earlier on
like to get the mainstream media on your side around you’re probably better off having no connection with Conor McGregor
um yeah and like interesting what do you agree with that or disagree with it in my opinion looking at it that’s just
kind of the way it has been over the last few years like the and actually to be fair like you don’t
even need an associate all you need is an association what makes martial arts and it’s changed massively because like when Conor came and headlined in in
Dublin like people are literally like walking down the street dressed the same with the Dickie balls and uh you know
the t-shirts on and everything and there’s still a massive MMA fan base here don’t get me wrong but it’s not
like it was before and like the media coverage like so we have like leave the news here at a minute past six uh every
day and when a Conor fight happened he would be on the news you know he’d be on the sports or he’d be on at the very
start not it’s not happening with Rhys or Kailyn or Ian Gary or anything it’s
just not like there’s a few media members out there that maybe write an article and they get it in a newspaper
or on a website or something like that mainstream but it’s it’s not the actual website like it’s them going to them
like it’s it’s just not what it was now can it be changed around I would be very
skeptical but like I think Ian Ian the smart guy and he understands things and you know he’s his team are very good
behind him as well and if let’s say so we have a show here called the Lele show and it’s you know it’s like Conan or
David Letterman but we’ve only won and it’s been gone for like it’s the longest running show in the world I think like
of its kind and it’s on every Friday night if you can get on something like that it really helps Conor was on it a
few times so like something like that would really help him or getting on a big radio session or getting on the TV like Conor would help my colleague
Graham over on severe mid they had the the documentary with Connor was I think it was they had a one-part documentary
first on National television here and then another six-part documentary like all of that really helps Conor to get to
where he was and to get the kind of national Acclaim like the problem with Ian is like let’s say he had something like that I’m not sure they would even
accept it or put something like that on television anymore here in Ireland and that’s just the way it is maybe that’ll shock people maybe people don’t
understand that but that’s kind of the way it’s been for the last few years it’s very very tough I’m like I know a lot of people like I’ve never been this
way or not but like a lot of people used to go to newspapers and go to radio stations and you know I you know put
their work out there and go can you we get this on your your uh newspaper radio station and like it was a yes before or
you know maybe 50 yes 50 no and I was like no it’s just it’s just not
happening like uh Jordan Connors is I used to be on RTE radio all the time uh probably like 50 times and I don’t think
I’ve been on in maybe like two years so like it’s it’s a very it’s changed an awful lot really really hasn’t it’s
going to be tough for you and to get that back it’s hard to follow Conor McGregor he’s
a hard guy to follow to be sure but I think if anybody can do it man it’s this Kitty and the shadow Gary the only thing
that I’ve seen Sean as a misstep maybe is when he actually trotted out one of Connor’s exact lines at a press
conference right and he I’m sure he gets [ __ ] killed over there for that right Am I Wrong y’all no you’re right but the
biggest thing he was so lucky because that was just before he met Conor and it
was kind of so uh John he’s not the magnify he’s the one before it you met him backstage and was so natural and it
was kind of cool and I think even you know the the clip Kenny was talking about it’s even though it’s only 30 seconds or whatever to see himself and
Connor kind of spiron a bit that was kind of cool as well and you know for MMA fans that’s the type of software
level it’s like oh you know he’s following these footsteps and like there’s certain Fighters like Kiefer coming up next week he’s a guy who like
trained with Conor and he was there before Conor got to the UFC and before he got big and everything whereas Ian as he said himself like he is more new he
was inspired bike on her man you know he had a GAA background now playing our
local sports here and he did a bit of Judo unboxing and things but he was brought into him there’s there’s a few
guys that way I know but you know that story for Ian is real you know and it’s funny because a lot of the Irish guys
are immediately compared to Conor McGregor like like Kayla knocker and fighting the other day you know he pissed off the French crowd and
everything like that and they’re like oh he’s just trying to be he couldn’t be more separate the Connor you know he’s from your own he’s from you know
two-hour drive away from work on himself where it’s Keith for coming up this weekend he’s from the area kind of from
he’s a dope inner city Dublin similar type accent similar type a guy you know so that’s a good comparison Ian again a
little bit different as well but yeah I think um it’s very hard because like the guys of McGregor is always there it’s
I’m sure for Canadian MMA but look at Rory McDonald everyone you saw he’s the next GSP he’s the new GSP was this it
was the same thing for him and it’s it’s going to be the same thing for Irish MMA fighters I think they’re just going to have to deliver it you know jonathani
actually I’ve noticed her recently and obviously I’d interview a lot of the Irish guys and um you know did mention
Conor off and they didn’t ask them something more Connor and before if this was five or six years ago they’d be
happy to talk about him and now they’re kind of like yeah yeah I use this forever Connor and then they’re just going to stop the sentence start typing
it it just feels like people not it’s not that they don’t want don’t like Connor or ashamed like they don’t want
people saying oh you’re just talking about Conor and you do nothing but talk about Conor and all of that and it is tough because there’s a very tough
medium like look at James Gallery he was a very good fighter and people just always said oh he’s just the next Conor
McGregor and the Conor McGregor want to be you know like the reality was he was like 17 years old training in the gym
with the best fighter in the world at the time like of course you’re going You’re Going to Be Inspired or you know
do things the way he does it that’s just the way life goes isn’t it but um I
definitely do think there has been a bit of a change in in that and that how Irish MMA fighters kind of carry themselves
fascinating I know you got to go if you want more from Sean you can find him on severe MMA at Sean sheehanba on social
media Kiefer Crosby’s a hard guy to understand we have a fighter meeting with him coming up here in a few days so
uh I’m very excited to talk to him but I’m a little intimidated because I’ve had a hard time at least in the content I’ve ingested understanding what the
[ __ ] he’s saying [Music]
but like kiefer’s good fighter he is a hard noise I don’t know if you’ve seen his fight with Alex Oliveira one round
absolute yeah yes for about three minutes I think it’s on
YouTube it’s uh unbelievable for it I was watching it being streamed live on Instagram live with a camera from the uh
from the stands and I was one of those ones like oh my God what’s happening here absolutely unbelievable so he’s
like keepers that type of fighter he’s I think he’s opening it up against another Striker There Will Be Blood that canvas
won’t be cleaned I can I’m sure you were that Keeper’s in there and he’s opponent Kevin you say he’s a pretty good fighter
as well so I’m really looking forward to seeing uh seeing Kiefer in there on Saturday night yeah great way to open the number card and uh Kiefer Crosby
North Inner City Zone 33 years of age making his UFC debut hey best of luck
with everything else you got meeting wise going on the rest of the day we will talk to you in about six weeks or so if not sooner don’t be a [ __ ]
stranger thank you for coming on my man have a great day thanks very much and see appreciate it there is severe MMA
Sean Sheen with us here on the Anakin Florian podcast it really is interesting because I think Ian Gary has everything
he really does and Conor McGregor even because of the bravado at times people
still don’t acknowledge the greatness as a mixed martial arts athlete in terms of
everything he brings to the table and I think there’s something similar going on with Ian Gary when you really listen to
his training partners and his coaches and I’m sure his previous opponents they know exactly how good he is and uh I
think he’s right there he just happens to be in this division of absolute
killers and a lot of them happen to be his teammates right so it’s just an interesting time but uh it’s cool to see him and Conor a lot you know yeah it was
awesome it was awesome to see that spring session it’s very cool and I think it’s helpful for both of them again you know going against New Blood a
guy like Ian Gary I think is always going to motivate you as a fighter that’s been around you know kind of like I’m going to show this kid the ropes and
I’m going to kind of remind everybody of why you you know Irish MMA is on my back a little bit and it’s just good High
Level Training that’s going to push both guys back and forth and again for for Ian um you know going against the guy
that inspired him you know training with him that that’s going to add a lot of inspiration as well and show him how far
he’s come as a mixed martial arts fighter anytime I was able to spar someone who was kind of my senior as I
was coming up guy’s been in the UFC for a while that was always a great experience both learning experience also
going wait a second I can fight at this level I I can definitely fight this level and that would just motivate me that much more so uh it was cool to see
that but I think what was most interesting about what Sean said and you know each media in each country is going
to have different perspectives on how it is kind of skewed negatively for Connor
in Ireland and how he kind of has to battle back for that and how it’s actually affected mixed martial arts as
a whole because of what you know Connor has done outside of the cage so I found
that interesting and um you know I’m sure that if Conor is able to get right back to the top that
uh things will probably change quite quickly but uh we shall see Ian’s story really is fascinating though
if you think about a kid growing up as Conor McGregor is rising and then he starts to do Judo more and more and that
was really his base and his intellect leads the way and so he
did a lot of correct work along the way and we’ve talked in the past about him not even having to weaponize his cardio
yet in the Octagon or really have to face adversity or taste his own blood necessarily yeah he had the knockdown
received from song Kanan but beyond that there really hasn’t been much uh but you
know hey I you know Shawn O’Malley got to the uh got to the precipice without uh having
to show you his grappling so this is true and it’s a testament how good they are in a lot of ways right but I think
that you know we’ve seen so many people come up with so much hype that end up disappointing so I I guess for me I just
want to see more out of being there there’s no question that he can be elite in that division uh could potentially Be
A Champion um I just want to see more out of him but there’s no question he’s got the work ethic he’s got the mindset he’s
more than what he’s just saying on the mic and um you know I wish him the best I think it is going to be a challenge
with him moving around to all the different gyms um I think you need to do what is best
for your career as a fighter and it seems like maybe there’s some other things going on you know with I’m gonna be here
for my wife or for my family and things like that and that’s great too so long as it works out from a work standpoint
but the problem with being a professional athlete is that there is a
complete sense of selfishness in in a lot of ways and you have to if you want
to be the absolute best you have to do what is best for you in your career so not to say that he’s not making those
right decisions but that that can be a tricky thing to manage as a as a professional athlete
seemingly he has he has a very good support system around him I thought it was an interesting comparison Point by
Sean Hamza chimaya at least even though we criticize a lot the lack of appreciation for Effective grappling in
MMA at least as far as chimaya and some of the more dominant Fighters we are quick to anoint them as future world
champions and for one reason or another that hasn’t materialized nor has a title fight for Hamza shimaya but sometimes
with Strikers maybe we are less quick to anoint and you’re right there have been a lot of hype guys warli Alves back in
the dev so many guys over the years have been hyped and haven’t gotten there uh but I just think Ian has a lot of things
I mean you could lead with this size right yeah his frame uh pretty good for the division I remember at times was
like man is this guy going to be able to make 70 long term You’re darn ready Ken yeah all right thanks to Sean Sheen
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apply all right UFC 293 is nearly upon us let us make some picks time for the main event challenge let’s go
I’m gonna do everything possible to win the main event challenge
the explorian podcast then read in the comments what’s up Rye
hey I don’t how you going hi that’s with the Australian say how you going let’s
go Sydney Sydney week I’m excited Bae let’s do it how you going how you going how you going I can’t I can do razor
blades that’s about it that’s the only All-Star Kenny’s probably really good at it he’s a master of yeah of our accents
my Australian accent is is pretty bad really that’s a thousand right yeah so uh hey guy and it’s exactly what they
saying because you brought that up it’s probably a good time for me to mention so I’m gonna be doing some things to
meet some fans here in Sydney so if you’re listening on Saturday September 9th in Sydney delgado’s launch party
sporting Globe King Street War I will be there from 2 to 4 P.M I don’t know if
it’s open to fans and open and free to the public but figured I’d throw that out there and then later that night this sounds a little bit more like VIP I got
some Sportsnet dinner the Star City Event Center at 9pm I don’t know but we’re going to be out there we’re gonna
be out and about meeting the fans meeting the fans I didn’t put that in the uh show scripts I wanted to get that out there nice Ryan Petry man what’s
going on kid nice green hat yeah that’s my money hat babe I’m feeling it I’m
dialed in boys this is the best part about gambling is you know you get [ __ ] on when you lose but then this is three
weeks in a row now that your boys cashing some bucks and it’s nice you got all the money out on I’m feeling good
about this card I know a lot of people are a little they’re not super high in this car because it’s full of all Aussie
Town basically City kickboxing card but I love some spots I think there’s gonna be some amazing fights I can’t wait for
it I mean how can you not get excited about that main event uh I’m ready I’m locked in I’m dialed yeah I’m ready to go bang will start next week Johnny
seven days I know you’re excited about the Bengals but the NFL man can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait so uh all right
we’re gonna get into some selections here first I’ll update the standings and correct me if I’m wrong here Petrie goes
two and two that included a three unit hit on Benoit Santini right let me just
stop there you weren’t with us earlier this week when uh I called him my new favorite fighter so
dude like I I mean yeah three units on the Navy SEAL at -135. yeah right we all
love Thiago Moises but uh Sage prediction by you benoistant didn’t be a world champion am I wrong
he’s huge he’s big he’s gonna need a Polish up because he was throwing some reckless strikes with his chin there and
Thiago caught him but I think his size and and just overall being a [ __ ] man uh he took those shots very well but uh
yeah I uh I I think he you know 55 is a shark tank I don’t know I don’t I don’t know if I’m gonna put a stamp on the
right now I’m I’m walking away from that thick I’m walking away from that Johnny I’m not doing it so I would not do a
tattoo bat like if Ben wants Anthony wins a championship I’m gonna get the French flag tattooed on my neck I
wouldn’t do that because I think he has a great chance to win a world tie he is absolutely frightening you imagine just
just being a man I mean lead to the league and being a man and I’m not sure that’s enough to win a world title but
um my my goodness right three units yeah yeah yup yup three units on Benoit on
Denise so uh a two and two week for you BP plus two hundred dollars minus 13.93
team Florian also two and two but you did lose three units on Sergey Spivak minus 300 a week for Ken flow brings you
to minus 29. 48. so close to UFC 293 audesanya versus Strickland
live from Kudos Bank Arena Sydney New South Wales Australia oh pay-per-view week pay-per-view week
if only seven picks from the fellas today ladies and gentlemen all of these odds courtesy
of draftking sports book we begin with a featherweight prelim that just so happens to double Ken flow as my
favorite fight on the card for Jack Jenkins minus 205 chepe modiscal is plus
170. Jenkins came off Dana White’s Contender series Brian 2-0 now in the UFC
coming off a split decision win over Jamal emmers that came after he fought a very game Don sheinus in his UFC debut
now he draws recent Anakin Florian podcast guest chepe modus call BP which
way you going good so John is is uh contractly obligated not to pick or bet
on fights right you know that makes sense right but I know if if John and it could place a bet he’s going to the
window at this dog for chepe this is his guy he was so excited for him after
Trevor Peak fight but we all know Fighters can look good against Trevor
Peak I’m big on Jack Jenkins I think this kid is solid I think his leg kicks
are nasty I want to see a little more finishing ability he’s had some guys out on their feet and he just didn’t put it
to the Gear I don’t think he’s gonna finish Jeffy Jeffy hasn’t been finished in the past but he’s a solid Prospect solid Fighters got he’s gaming ship his
losses are against all good guys but Jack Jenkins I think is just it’s his time right now I think he’s athletic I
think he’s good I think he’s good everywhere I don’t think but he landed four takedowns on Trevor Peak I don’t think he’s laying in maybe one takedown
on on uh on Jack Jenkins I think Jack Jenkins gonna piece him up the light kicks I think this could be a fun fight I think Jack is probably going to win a
decision here uh yeah give me Jack Jenkins there sorry Johnny no I mean chepe Madison wowed the hell
out of me obviously in his UFC debut against uh Trevor Peak so much so that we booked him here on the anak Emporium
podcast and we don’t book a lot of Fighters remarkably that was not the fight of the night uh but I’m also I am a a
card-carrying member of the uh of the Jack Jenkins fan club secretary I’m the secretary of the Jack Johnson so this is
a tough one for me it’s the fight I’m most looking forward to uh Ken flow for Jack Jenkins minus 205 chepe matiscal
plus 170 which way you go yeah very interesting fight I think that’s going to be exciting I don’t think there’s any way that it’s not going to be exciting
and I think Brian hit a lot of key points that it I won’t uh try to repeat
um I think that uh Mario Scott does have a recipe to maybe steal the fight in
that he’s got to make it nasty and he definitely knows how to get in there get to that clinch and uh kind of use that
dirty boxing those elbows those short knees and make it nasty against the more technical Jack Jenkins can he do that
though I think it’s going to be very difficult Jenkins I think is very good at keeping the proper range throughout
the fight and uh as Brian said I will highlight this um his light kicks are the things that
really stand out for me and that is going to immobilize or at least take away a lot of the mobility and speed of
your opponent uh and then from there you kind of pick him apart take take away the things that they walk on uh and then
beat him up and that’s what Jack I think is very good at um and yeah I think even in the
grappling realm I think he’s got the advantage there a little bit um but yeah I’m on Jenkins as well I’d
like to put uh three units on this three units on Jack Jenkins at minus 205
so that’s a 615 dollar wager from Ken flow to win 300 bucks and thank thankfully can float didn’t compete in
the era of calf kicks but you know what he’s built like such a Haas yeah that uh I don’t think it would necessarily have
been a been a problem it’s a mental toughness equation for a lot of people too and uh Kenny had that as well so
all right featured prelim at least as it stands right now on the card at UFC 293
at light heavyweight black Jag Carlos alberg by the way greatest nickname in
UFC history debuts on one of these cards let’s see who is it it’s uh you’re
talking about Chuck Buffalo right Chucky yeah
Buffalo Rancher his nickname is Chuck Buffalo
if he wins a fight I’m not going to be like Charlie Radke by knockout it’s gonna be hoping I don’t cuss and just
being like shock Buffalo what does that mean like ground chuck beef Buffalo I mean my goodness I’m gonna stud
Chuck Buffalo roams yeah there are a lot of good ones out there Chuck Buffalo all right I got a little sidetracked
featured prelim Blackjack Carlos Solberg is this where I was minus 278 taking on
dawoon Zhang plus 225 Albers won three in a row four in a row actually overall but the last three by knockout taking on
Korean top teams dawoon Jung Brian Petrie or Mike’s Hot who do you have I like this fight I like this fight because I feel like I got a strong lean
on it is a solid fighter but I feel like he just doesn’t do enough he’s you know
he’s inconsistent he’s got abilities to win but on the feet he’s a definitely liability he can knock you out and stuff
like that but he also gets knocked out I think mentally right now he’s not in a good spot and then you flip it to Carlos Holberg boys hide your wives hide your
girlfriends this guy is good looking right my wife is not watching this fight 100 but he always say bro yeah go ahead
yeah like seeing the way women react to him it’s like man it makes us all feel just so bad
he’s a trap like jeez man it’s like technically indeed like even black women
blush and I can see it it’s crazy technically we’re both men but he’s a
different kind of dude I mean he’s turning down the Australia Bachelor he’s like I don’t need that [ __ ] right I love
this guy and since his debut where he came out and threw like 100 [ __ ] strikes round one gas himself out lost
he’s really dialed it in and I love that his whole Camp his whole team was in
Camp with them right getting ready for this fight and I think this is a great fight for him I think he’s gonna go out there I think he’s just show up he’s
super athletic I think Donald is going to maybe want to wrestle but I don’t think that’s going to happen I think Paul zorberg is just too too quick too
fast and again he’s picking his shots really really well which is the big takeaway for me he’s still throwing a
lot of volume but when he goes out there to try to kill you put you away it’s very good shot selection for a guy he’s
only got nine fights right so I’m gonna follow Kenny because Kenny’s big dick in me with the three units I’m throwing
three units I’ll call us over right here I feel like I got a good uh good locked in uh how those fights could go so give
me Cole Solberg give me by finish as well I’m gonna do that obviously not in our purposes but I like them big here I
think he’s gonna blow the roof off a place three units on Carlos salberg minus 278 you’ll learn to Cody you’ll
learn to live with it you know like with respect Cody I’ve never seen women swoo over you Swoon over you the way they do
Carlos Albert not even close he got nice blue eyes
I let the first time Cody acknowledge his own looks the first 20 times go that
time I had to publicly that’s great all right can flow Carlos alberg prohibitively favored some might say
minus 278.woon Zhang plus 225 Darwin Jung has lost two in a row did start his UFC
career 401 which way you go Cody you’re gonna have to get get out in
the sun Bud you’re gonna have to get a little bit more you look that little rigor mortis look it’s not gonna compete
with oldberg’s golden skin all right I’ve got a little color come
back and talk all right here we go all right uh yeah olberg’s a problem man listen I I think that uh when you when
you get a guy who has you know good power but also was pretty defensively sound going against a guy like Don Juan
Jung I think you’re gonna have some issues I I think uh don’t want junk he can knock you out like Brian said but I
think he’s a little bit too vulnerable not as defensively sound when he gets in trouble it tends to decline very quickly
um and again some like oberg who is very solid all the way around I I think it’s too much of a liability and I like
oldberg here as well I’ll I’ll put the remaining units we are aligned on that Brian I love it
so Kenny Were You There When Carlos alberg finished ihor potieria and Charlotte did you see that live uh back
in here are you sure do you see it live you’d probably bet in him in the next fight all right pay-per-view main card
opener sorry for popping the peas there Tyson Pedro minus 130 Anton turkali is
Plus 110. so Bry Pedro coming off a split loss to modestus bukowskus in UFC 284 in Perth
back in February I did think that bukowskis was the rightful winner there uh that came after a 2-0 2022 for Pedro
on the other side the pleasure man Anton turkali out of Sweden made his UFC debut
on short notice against jayield and Almeida there are easier draws than that he’s oh and two in the UFC and likely
staring at a must win here are your thoughts yeah so I’m gonna do a bit here uh I just got a text from Dog The Bounty
Hunter they’re looking for Anton to Cali because he’s dog the dog he fought jouted Almeida and
Vitor Petrino in his debut give the guy some break the pleasure Man full of
confidence if you remember the contender series he’s looking at the camera he’s doing points and [ __ ] right the skills
need to catch up to his confidence but Tyson Pedro it’s cool that you come in and you beat Ike though and you beat
Harry hun sucker that’s cool then you drop a very unspirited decision to Modesto’s bukakis I think Tyson’s best
path to Victory is taking this fight to the ground and been laying in some kind of submission the Striking is still far
behind he’s aggressive out there cardio a little bit of a problem but Anton has been in there with two guys two big
Brazilians that have taken him out and pounding them out he’s learned from that I think that he’s athletic I think he’s
good striking and when you’re giving me a plus number against Pedro Munoz and they’re not Harry hun sucker I’m good to
take the bait I’m good to take uh Anton chikali here no shots at Harry uh maybe a couple shots at Harry sorry Harry but
give me Anton takali I do have his bio here somewhere on which he explains why his nickname is
the pleasure man kenfellow you like the pleasure man Anton Cali plus 110 or Tyson Pedro for you yeah I listen I I
totally get why Brian’s going with him I think that makes a lot of sense I I think there’s a lot of value there I
think that um Tyson Pedro’s last fight against murkauskas was a head scratcher man I I did not get that at all I
thought he looked terrible um but I don’t know to me it seemed like there was something else going on
whether it was indicative of an injury or whatever it was um it didn’t look good I think that the fact that they’re
fighting here in Australia I think should give him a lot more motivation and there are times where Pedro in other
fights uh looks phenomenal other times he doesn’t uh so uh maybe a little bit
of a risk but I do want to go the opposite way of Brian here on some of these fights so I’m gonna go with Tyson Pedro here I think he needs to get those
leg kicks going he’s going to have to stop those takedowns maybe hit some of those takedowns as well because and Todd
is a bit of a tricky Striker as well that um I think he’s he’s very creative you’re gonna have to watch out for
um again Great Value there I’ll stick with Pedro though yeah probably good to go Oppo at some
point I mean there are several UFC shows the rest of the way but if you do want to avoid smashing a glass bottle on your
head at Year’s End probably good to go up but like can you imagine like if like you need a couple stitches or whoever
pays this off needs to go in like honey I gotta go to like Charlotte Medical and I just have to get a couple stitches on
my scalp Cody has very kindly said he’s going to take both shots for me so that was right oh yeah
that’s great I definitely am taking one for uh Petrie
if somehow uh this comeback so I’m reading off of Anton the pleasure man turkey’s UFC bio when and why did you
start training for fighting I started at a very young age to steal girl girlfriends and that led to altercations
I had two Alternatives I had two alternatives to stop stealing girls or learn to fight it’s obvious what path I
just wanted to go guy knows chicks man he knows chicks do you have any Heroes my hero is myself
in three years time when I’m the first ever UFC champion from Sweden what was your job before you started fighting
full-time lover all right
I love it all right at heavyweight Justin taffa minus 238 Austin Lane is
Plus 195. this is a rematch as many of you know first fight was in Jacksonville where Lane lives in trains I poke ended
things after just 29 seconds now they will be in Sydney so Justin tapa reps Brisbane but Brian he was banging on
Jacksonville Florida pretty good when he was asked that his media scrum about the city so I’m excited to now ask him about
this change of scenery as he goes from Brisbane to Sydney to try to win this fight and uh he’s a pretty big favorite
here against the uh former NFL fifth round draft pick I believe Austin Lane which way you go on here kid yeah tough
was pissed off I mean he’s mad I mean he he thought it was on purpose as team thought it was on purpose the eye poke I
mean the post the so I mean I think he’s calmed down now but this is something he’s wanting bad and he’s getting in his own backyard I’m happy for him uh the
first fight was 29 seconds Austin Lane I love his mental right this guy got knocked out career over right now he
goes out there and he wins keeps winning gets his way back to UFC or Contender series back to UFC big tall long rangey
guy um I didn’t love the way he moved that well when when tafa was very patient and
you only threw a handful of strikes in 30 seconds I can only cap so much but I didn’t love the way he moved with his hat I think taffa if he touches anybody
I think he puts him out I mean that’s just the kind of what guy is I wish I could bet on a walk away KO just like
his brother junior did against Parker Porter the steakhouse a few weeks ago I wish I could bet on that that’s probably not gonna be a line but uh give me taffa
by knockout I’m not overly confident if I’m being honest with you because I feel like tafa maybe
I I don’t know I don’t there’s a feeling that Austin Lane could surprise here but I do like tafa by knockout that’s how
I’ll probably play this fight all right Justin top of minus 238 Austin Lane is plus 195 Kenny Lane now 35 years of age
pretty incredible story of perseverance the NFL dream can end quickly it sort of did for him he was then on season two of
Dana White’s Contender series back in 2018 he gets knocked out by Greg Hardy five years later gets to the UFC and
then pokes taffa in the eye 29 seconds into his UFC career now they run it back
thousands of miles away different backdrop for Austin Lane how do you think he handles the pressure in
this fight uh on the pay-per-view main car yeah his strategy should revolve around that eye poke again High Pokemon
holy let him know you mean business and throw him off his game he’s like again and then that’s smart can’t fight if you
can’t see and you always get one typically you always get one it’s true so uh how many fighters actually do that
just kick him in the balls that’s what we just kick him in the balls you get at least one you know I need it real quick
so I in in my dual shower the other day I was showering with my son who is five
and I was washing my hair I do have a little bit of hair and I have a lot I shave it and he punched me in the penis
and so I said to him I was like hey man like for men like boys like that’s just
one place like you really can’t can’t punch unless and then I found myself
pivoting unless somebody does does something means and then that’s exactly where you [ __ ] punch right you know
so I found myself at a little bit of a Crossroads but uh yeah the rest of the shower I’m like one-eyed open like one
hand down yeah anyway explaining this to Hunter in the fetal
position in the corner yeah right can’t do it yeah that’s that’s
rough man yeah kids anyway kids do the Darndest Things um hilarious listen man but my
Australian accent is about as good as my ability to pick heavyweight fights here uh it is it isn’t consistent it is
terrible uh it’s a guessing game I have no idea how to go about this and especially with these two guys that
um I really don’t know how they’re going to perform now taffa’s got I have a little bit more information on him
um because of his fights in the UFC Austin Lane I thought uh he’s got he’s
got the link he’s got the long range tools I think to kind of keep tafa on the outside he was looking good I don’t
know if he can keep that consistently throughout and you got to believe that tapa is going to be buoyed by the crowd
uh that night but um I don’t know I’m gonna go I’m gonna go with Austin Lane
here you know um I’m kind of throwing dice here but I think Austin Lane if he’s able to stay disciplined
um and throw the right strikes keep them on the outside frustrate topper for a
while I think he can do well uh so yeah let’s go with Austin Lane and by the way you can get a Lister of
the Anakin Florian podcast to come on the show and break a bottle over their head in your place there we go okay got
it and I’m sure a lot of people would do that for Kenny yes we’re gonna do we have three selections
to go Kenny I’m gonna have a little sucralose before we get to this next one if you’ll indulge me just a sip of this
Gatorade zero little sucralose [Laughter]
picture about in the men’s flyweight division Kenny’s going to lead us off here Manel cop minus 395 Felipe dos
Santos I like this kid plus 310. so the number 10 ranked Manel cap was to face fifth ranked Kai Kata France instead
it’ll be Charles Olivera’s talented teammate The Undefeated Felipe dosanch he turns 23 the day after the show
September 11th was born September 11 2000. kenflo cop has won three in a row
instead of being in a closer fight at least on paper against kaikata France he’s a near four to one favorite uh
against Felipe dos Santos who do you have here I do think there’s some value here on dos Santos I think he’s a
talented kid I think it’s tough for him to go in again some like cop who I think largely remains very very disciplined
throughout the fight and I think that there can be some close spots in this one
um you know the the odds are um pretty big for cop here but uh I like
cop I I think that um he’s getting close to where he needs to be in the UFC I think he’s very
motivated at this stage of the game he’s finding way more consistency I like the way he’s putting it together now he’s
fighting with way more confidence uh dos Santos um is explosive he’s got some good
skills um but I don’t know if he’s got that complete game and that experience to be
able to contend with someone like manal cop so I gotta go with cop here last fight for Manel cop December of
last year Brian he has won three in a row but a lot of fights have sort of Gone by the boards had such a little bit out of sight out of mind your thoughts
on him here uh against Felipe dos Santos I’m a cop fan I’ve been I’ve been before
the UFC he’s he’s you know he’s His Own Worst Enemy at times right but I think he’s really dialed in he’s so confident
now and he’s he I three cancellations might not be all his fault but I think there’s a lot of guys out there that
don’t want to fight him they had to go to Brazil and go hey who wants to fight cop and he’s because he was supposed to
be kaikov France and they get this stud Felipe Los Angeles and I think he’s good but I don’t think he’s great I don’t
think he’s marveled me I think a lot of those Fighters that come out of new bronze’s camp they all fight very
similarly they’re aggressive they’ll dye their hair blonde which I love and cardio can be up and down and their
grappling is good but it’s you expect as a Capper it might be on the level of Charles Oliveira which is you know
that’s unreasonable it’s not but now cop early in his career problems with the ground game I don’t think he’s touching
the ground game I don’t think I think he’s gonna play on the feet I think but now was patient I think um I think he
has he hits hard I think 125 he’s gonna fight for a title by the end of next year for sure in my opinion uh you
better call the cops nice word play uh because I’m putting two units on my no cop boom yeah you’re a cop fan you got
the police sticker on your car and everything that’s right yeah is that a dad joke probably that joke yeah about
his name Manel cop in terms of punctuating a fight yeah because it’s
sort of a cool unique name an Elka I told a dad joke the other day and I got last for days you want to hear it
yup okay what is a pirate’s favorite letter
probably I Jenny are you’re muted
R yeah right you would think it’s the r but it’s actually the C that guy last
bro bringing the house down with that one let’s see oh man oh man all right
heavyweight co-made events Alexander volkov minus 198 Tai Tui Vasa plus 164.
so to evossa feels like he has momentum even though he has lost his last two by
knockout most recently to Sergey pavlovich last December here the New
South Wales local making his first start of the year against Drago 36 Pro winsbry
for Drago 10-4 in the UFC back-to-back wins by stoppage over biggie boy and
Alexander Romanov high stakes here at heavyweight Brian which way you going yeah I think volkov learned from the
aspinal fight aspinall butchered him and I think he went oh [ __ ] okay I’ve been kind of stagnant for a little bit I need
to get on my game he’s rattled off two finishes he’s got the height he’s got the length he’s got kind of everything
the biggest plague was his takedown defense Ty’s not going for a takedown it’s going to be a good old face punch
him up so someone Falls right Ty’s got a little bit of a lettuce going right now John I don’t know if you’ve seen that probably don’t love it for you usually
keeps a high and tight saw a video of him on Instagram some lettuce there I don’t know if he’s come with a new look
um but Ty’s a mega Superstar everyone loves to style the Shoei all that stuff he’s an exciting fighter he’s funny
outside the cage so I’m rooting for Ty but I just I can’t put my hard-earned money or my pick on Ty I think volkov
with the distance and just the over all game is better we haven’t seen Ty in the ground for for a long time if volkov
takes it there I mean he gets his back he pounds him out he chokes him out a lot of variables however Tai did fight
someone very tall on Stefan stream and knock him out so he has prepared for someone very tall which is nice little
back pocket thing if you want to go Tie by knockout but I just see volkov winning this fight here and it may be
silencing the crowd here for the coming event Kenny Alexander volkov beats most everyone he is favored to beat only UFC
losses to Tom aspinall Seattle gone Curtis blades and of course Derek Lewis and that historically great comeback
he’s about two to one here on the road against tuivasa in the comeate yeah and I think it makes a lot of sense
you know volkov’s reach his link is going to be very hard to replicate no
question about that and I think that he knows how to use the jab and stick and
move you know unlike Stefan struve who really never had an educated jab
um and that chin was just always out there volkov is way more defensively sound than that and I think that his
kicks are also a problem and I think that’s where he can really take advantage of tuwivasa here uh tuivasa
once he get in gets into punching range especially the overhand right those overhand shots can definitely hurt
anybody and knock anybody down but I think volkov also has a chin to boot he’s extremely tough so if he does get
in trouble I think he knows how to battle back and I think he’s been working very hard on his grappling as well which is great to see he’s been
working a lot on his wrestling I know that um and he just seems to be fighting with
a way more confidence um and I I like him in this fight I
think it’s going to be tough in enemy territory against Tui Vasa who is a fan favorite for sure especially in
Australia but I think bulkoff can get it done so I’m aligned with Brian here when we launched the Anakin Florian
podcast in 2015 that name for the show was a placeholder and we never found
anything better right the educated jab is not a bad name for a podcast you know
the problem with that though is is that it’s egotistical right you’re suggesting to the audience I mean hopefully we
provide an educated or an educational show here but you were you two call your
podcast the educated jab it’s like you’re you’re it’s conceited is it not it’s
like hey come listen we obviously use the genius jab I mean right
wasn’t there a podcast called listen oh yeah Mark Goddard I love you mark one
of the best referees one or one a in mixed martial arts but yeah I think he and Dan hard made maybe had a podcast
and it’s like listen like you [ __ ] listen right it’s like that’s one of the first things you learn in sports radio
or at least that I did never tell your callers or your co-hosts and probably a
good lesson for any young broadcaster out there never say listen people are [ __ ] listening if they’re tuned into
what you’re doing it’s condescending in my humble opinion right to when you start to make your point say listen it’s
like yeah [ __ ] I’m listening okay oh tell me what to do not that I’ve
never said it in my broadcasting career but that’s something that I really try that I learned in my young 20s uh to not
lead your your point with uh with listen all right main event for the Undisputed UFC middleweight title
Israel arasan Yamada 600 Sean Strickland plus 440 we’ve seen some pretty significant line movement here so a lot
of Tanya beginning his second reign as the Champ here Kenny after that knockout of Alex potato it was just 22 weeks ago
this is his 11th straight title fight I’ve said on these Airwaves Ken Sean
Strickland richly deserving this opportunity he’s repeatedly stepped up for the promotion and he has one two straight now since a uh a close Split
Decision lost to Jared Cannon here and of course that flatlining at the hands of poeton last July Strickland can be
had right now plus 440 on draftking Sportsbook us off in the main event Mr Florian who
do you have I’ll do my best I think that Strickland is doing a lot of the right
things you know he’s going out and training with Pereira he he’s you know always game for a a good fight and
during sparring and I think he’s got the right mindset I think he’s going to do his best to try
to also get underneath the skin of arasanya leading up to this fight that much more
um and those are all tactics that you can try for and you hope that they work but Izzy’s got so much experience at
this point and I think that more than anything else I think this is quite possibly the worst time to to be facing
someone like Israel to Sanya solely based on the fact that this is he’s coming off the greatest victory of his
career um not only of the performance itself but everything that he had to deal with
there are a lot of demons uh leading up to that fight in kickboxing in MMA and finally slaying
that dragon in the manner that he did I think it’s going to you know again Izzy
is already one of the most technical fighters in the world but I think it’s going to bring that much more out of him from a confidence perspective
um and I think he’s going to I I kind of just flourish in this kind
of environment especially against someone like Strickland who loves to move forward in a plotting manner that
is predictable and that is tailor-made for someone like goddess Sonia I don’t I’m not saying
it’s going to be an easy fight necessarily and and we’ve seen crazier things happen but I think Strickland’s style is kind
of tailor-made for someone like adesanya and it’s going to be very difficult for Strickland to pull this off if he does
pull it off it’s got to be nasty it can’t be technical there can be no rhythm that Izzy can get off of it’s got
to be uh all over the place so frenetic chaotic type of of pace and fight that
is his best shot even then it’s not going to be easy against somebody got to sign you because of all the skills that
they that he possesses but when you combine length
intelligence athleticism uh and experience you get someone like
Israel to Sanya and and I just don’t see anybody at 185 pounds right now that can
beat the man um so it’s not necessarily a knock on Strickland it’s just Izzy is just that
good right now uh he’s not a perfect fighter he has some vulnerabilities on the ground and I think that’s probably
Strickland’s best bet is take this fight to the Ground Control them out position
them see if you can land a submission even that won’t be easy but I think that’s his best path to Victory
but sometimes Strickland gets a little too stubborn he can’t be stubborn here he has to be practical he has to be
realistic if he wants to be a world champion that is going to be his best path to Victory can he do it I just
don’t think think so at this stage of the game but I love the way Strickland fights um I love I love the underdog oftentimes
you know but I’ve been a fan of Izzy for a very long time candidly as well so I’m a bit biased there but I just think
Izzy’s just too good man I really wonder how you guys would handicap a fight right now between
Brendan Allen and Israel arasania now Sean Strickland has a head-to-head win over Brendan Allen but I know when it
comes to the grappling people would have their eyebrows raised and say but man if Brendan Allen can get a takedown and see
how it goes maybe early on you just never know Strickland is a BJJ black belt but we just haven’t seen him fight
there necessarily so we had the king of combat Chris Curtis on the podcast recently I have
talked to Eric nixic and when you ask these guys about the fight you know they sort of reset rye and take a deep breath
sort of acknowledging the magnitude of it now I’m not sure if going suicide mission is the way to go where you just
go balls to the wall but I do believe that making it chaotic and
frenetic is in Strickland’s best interest minus 600 for adesanya plus 440
for Sean Strickland Bry will need a selection wide line it’s a wide line in I see Cody in the chat I don’t have any
info from Chris Curtis I saw Sean’s social media post he does have like cauliflower ear and another ear so he
says I am wrestling but I’m not gonna wrestle you know he’s doing the whole Sean stricken thing Sean Strickland is that for everybody right he’s his own
man he’s he’s unique people rally behind him people hate him but the one thing about him is he can fight like this guy
can land shots and he’s land over 100 shots over his last six fights except
the Pereira fights he got put out right uh defensively I think he’s pretty good um he kind of leans back a little bit
which I think is obviously on tape of all these last fights I think Izzy will expose that a little bit but what I like
about this fight for Sean is Sean’s not gonna be afraid of Izzy I feel like some guys Izzy starting to get the Anderson
Silva Vibe where people get in there and they might be beat before they get in there like oh [ __ ] I stood with Izzy for
five rounds I didn’t lose or I didn’t get knocked out that’s pretty cool I don’t think Sean’s like that I think Sean’s crazy enough to go in there and
go [ __ ] it I’m gonna go after this guy I’m gonna land my strikes and whatever happens happens I Spar every [ __ ] day
I brought in Jalen Turner and a couple other guys that really prepared me for this you know maybe maybe I got a shot
here I don’t think Sean is lacking self-confidence which is good I just don’t know if he has the skills to beat Izzy because Izzy is phenomenal the only
hope you have to cash a big ticket is Izzy just came off an emotional win over Pereira had an emotional stare down with
duplexes that fight didn’t happen and then this fight feels like it got put together last minute a little bit in
five six weeks or whatever and maybe he’s not up for it right you always you always can question that I just beat the
I just beat the my monster Pereira I had this other guy hate it now I get this guy who is a little bit of a wild card
but I think on paper I should beat him and then that always leads and MMA in MMA history that can lead to some Duds
right but I don’t think that’s gonna happen I think Izzy is just too good too I was on the feet I don’t think a
takedown’s gonna happen I think Sean should take him down but I like Izzy on the feet he’s too clean I think a finish maybe late in the fight as well
something I might play to try to get this number down but I like is around I Sanya
all right at Brian Petri MMA on X if you want more from the kid any prelim
selections before he lets you fly yeah it’s funny you talked about Chuck Buffalo I like Charlie Rocky over Blood
Diamond I think that’s a great number uh so that will be my extra selection and also for the fans out there because it’s
pay-per-view week we need to bring it boys we need to win some money John mcdessie plus 170 over Jamie Malaki
right John mcdessie old dog 38 years old has been you know hasn’t fought most active
85 takedown defense and if you strike with this guy who she shows you levels ask anacio Bojangles because that’s what
happened to nacio uh I like uh I like my destiny at plus 170 as well I think that’s a that’s a that’s a lock em up
right there for me uh but that’s it boys enjoy the week pay-per-view Johnny uh safe travels and uh we’ll talk to you
next week that number on Charlie Radke by the way minus 238 and uh yeah John
mcdessie of course cam flow did you ever cross paths with uh John mcdessy there up north no he was one of my main training Partners yeah I thought so yeah
yeah I thought so um all right Brian appreciate your time buddy enjoy the pay-per-view we’ll talk to you next week
gotcha see ya all right all right Brian Petrie with us there for the main event challenge uh and yes Cody chimes in in
the chat I will be filling in for Dana White at the UFC 293 press conference on
Thursday so uh that’s gonna be wild we got to get out of here I got a flight
to catch thanks to Our Guest Sean Shane and Brian Petrie our executive producer is Cody marrow if you want more from Ken
flow it’s at Kenny Florian also check out Argus integrated defense don’t forget Annex flooringpodcast.com
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the anakinforming podcast YouTube channel this Thursday hopefully the game shows back I need a game show in my life
thank you all for watching for listening we will talk to you in a few short days as we recap UFC 293 God will and I’ll be
back in Vegas kenflo will be at home and we will see if we have a new middleweight champion or if Izzy Remains
the standard at 185 pounds enjoy the pay-per-view folks we’ll talk to you next week until then for Camp Long John
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