Bellator 300 | Fury-Ngannou | Angela Lee | Charles Oliveira

In this article, we will discuss some of the latest news and topics in the world of combat sports. From the upcoming Bellator 300 event to the potential matchup between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou, there is plenty to cover. We will also touch on Angela Lee’s return to the ONE Championship and Charles Oliveira’s thoughts on his upcoming fight in Abu Dhabi. So let’s dive in and explore these exciting developments!

Bellator 300 Preview

The Bellator 300 event is just around the corner, and fans are eagerly anticipating the action-packed fights that await. With a stacked card featuring some of the best fighters in the promotion, this event is sure to deliver thrilling moments.

Fury-Ngannou: A Bigger Upset?

One of the most intriguing topics in combat sports right now is the potential matchup between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou. Many wonder if Ngannou defeating Fury would be a bigger upset than when Mike Tyson was upset by Buster Douglas in 1990. In a recent discussion, the panelists debated whether this hypothetical fight could surpass the magnitude of the Tyson-Douglas upset.

The panelists had different perspectives on the matter. One panelist mentioned that the presence of social media today could potentially overshadow any big event, making it harder for a Fury-Ngannou upset to have the same impact as the Tyson-Douglas fight. They argued that the oversaturation of technology and constant news cycles could make people quickly forget about such an upset.

However, another panelist disagreed and believed that Tyson Fury’s cultural impact is greater than that of Tyson Fury. They pointed out that Fury is still a cultural icon today, appearing in movies and maintaining a strong presence in popular culture. They also highlighted Fury’s boxing skills and experience, making him a formidable opponent for Ngannou.

The panelists also discussed the gambling aspect of the potential fight. One panelist mentioned that Buster Douglas was a 28-1 underdog when he defeated Tyson, making it a truly shocking upset. They speculated that if Ngannou were to outbox Fury and win, it would be a significant upset but perhaps not as shocking as a knockout victory due to Ngannou’s heavy-handedness in mixed martial arts.

Overall, the panelists had varying opinions on whether a Fury-Ngannou upset could surpass the Tyson-Douglas fight in terms of magnitude. They acknowledged the impact of social media and the cultural significance of both fighters but ultimately differed in their assessments.

Charles Oliveira’s Displeasure with Fight Location

In other news, Charles Oliveira expressed his dissatisfaction with the location of his upcoming rematch against Islam Makhachev. Oliveira had hoped for a hometown advantage in Sao Paulo but instead will be fighting in Abu Dhabi. He voiced his concerns about fairness but acknowledged that the champion calls the shots.

One panelist agreed with Oliveira’s point, stating that Brazilian fighters often have to travel for fights or wait for opportunities, while others get the fights they want. They referred to Oliveira as an “unsung King” and supported his desire for a fair fight location. Another panelist, however, believed that the decision was more of a UFC strategy to have Makhachev defend his belt in Abu Dhabi, given the promotion’s deal with the city. They argued that it was not Makhachev’s choice but rather a UFC decision.

The panelists also discussed Makhachev’s response to Oliveira’s complaint. They compared it to a privileged kid who gets defensive when someone questions their advantages. They acknowledged that Makhachev has been given preferential treatment since Khabib Nurmagomedov’s departure and that the UFC has been catering to him. However, they emphasized that Oliveira’s point about the unfairness of the fight location was valid.

The panelists concluded that while Oliveira’s comments were fair, they should be directed more towards the UFC than Makhachev. They believed that Makhachev would have been willing to fight in Brazil if given the option and that the UFC’s decision was driven by their desire to have Makhachev defend his belt in Abu Dhabi.

Diaz Brothers’ Hall of Fame Status

The panelists also discussed whether the Diaz brothers, Nick and Nate, deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame. One panelist argued that their impact on the sport and their cultural significance make them worthy of the honor. They acknowledged that their records may not be flawless, but their impact cannot be denied.

Another panelist mentioned that while the Diaz brothers have had some losses, their impact and popularity outweigh any statistical analysis. They pointed out that the Hall of Fame is not solely based on statistics but also takes into account the fighters’ impact on the sport.

Overall, the panelists agreed that the Diaz brothers deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame due to their impact, popularity, and cultural significance. They acknowledged that their records may not be perfect, but their contributions to the sport cannot be overlooked.


In this article, we discussed various topics in the world of combat sports. We previewed the upcoming Bellator 300 event and highlighted the potential matchup between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou. We also explored Charles Oliveira’s displeasure with the location of his upcoming fight and discussed the Diaz brothers’ Hall of Fame status. These topics sparked interesting discussions among the panelists, showcasing the diverse perspectives within the combat sports community. As always, there is never a shortage of exciting developments in the world of combat sports, and we look forward to covering more in the future.

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goats Chucky olives is not too happy about his next business trip all this
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Kamikaze is on the ones and twos it’s time to get started guys this Saturday Bellator offers up four title fights at
their historic militar 300 show the event takes place in San Diego California and it’s pretty stacked from
top to bottom ain’t no way the Champs hold on to all 4-0 oh sorry that slipped
out maybe it’s because the Niners are foreign I meant to say all four straps right this is MMA in the past few years
have been really unpredictable panel I want to know from your end who is your luck to keep that belt hopefully I
didn’t jinx it with that word and who is the fighter who has the toughest matchup and is in danger of having their reign
End Girls we go to you for the first take this week man Locke is a strong word but if I
gotta use it I’m gonna go with Liz Carmouche I feel like she’s on a roll right now um she’s getting it done and she’s
getting the finishes in all these fights she’s such a tough competitor elima lay for me feels like maybe she’s been
having trouble finding an identity since she lost her title she’s up and down I
know they’ve trained together in the past I I feel like Liz is the one that’s probably gonna stand out here the most
if I have to pick somebody that’s gonna possibly do an upset there’s a few but
I’m gonna pick one that I don’t think anybody else is gonna pick I think cat zinganu Okay hear me out I
think she’s being taken lightly a little bit here she’s had a chip on her shoulder she’s a tricky fighter she
always gives you an honest Camp right you never feel like she’s coming into a fight out of shape or anything like that
um I think she still has a few tricks up her sleeves and when you look at her record overall wins over Amanda Nunes
Miesha Tate Raquel Pennington like you can’t do that as a bad fighter so uh if
you want Chris cyborg you want her off of a layoff that’s when she’s getting her maybe that’s just the right recipe where she
could maybe pull something off because a lot of these title fights uh yeah there’s a few you can look at but I
don’t know why I just have this hunch man I think that maybe she might give her a better fight than we’re all expecting
that is one hell of a skin on the wall man she did beat Amanda Nunes when they were both in the UFC
um so she’s risen to the occasion on many times uh I was there for the Misha Take Fight by the way at the Mandalay
Bay great great fight as well all right so let me give the other guys a benefit that I didn’t give go sorry about that
little brother so let me give you some odds too just to give some context to the listeners um Ryan Vader minus 190 Linton vasel
plus 140. Chris cyborg minus 550. katzinganu plus 350. Usman or Maga
Madoff minus 1600 Brett Primus plus 700 and this Carmouche minus 275 elima Lane
McFarland plus 200. all right let’s continue here the conversation who do you think has the best chance to hang on
to the belt and who is maybe more susceptible to uh not being and still
Dan Tom it’s on you you know I like goes as answers with the ladies uh you know the the Carmouche and
McFarland one scares me because it’s training partners and that’s always a weird wrinkle you know even though I don’t think they got the side wrong as
far as those betting odds that that uh the gorgeous one just laid out for us I don’t think those are wrong per se and
you know the thing about zingano that I will add to what goes said is that a lot of these women like like Carmouche when they go over to belt or you really test
their hunger whereas you know you know UFC it’s just like if Rousey were to come back for for example or some of
these other big names you question are they doing it for that you know that contract and that that that platform are
there other ulterior motives if that makes sense I’m gonna go with the odds on favorite to probably keep it most Usman or Maga Madoff though I will say
those odds that George decided at -1600 are kind of insane there I’ll talk about
more of that in my breakdown which you guys can see later this week in MMA junkie and my live dog is maybe not so
much of a surprise now that George mentions the odds I was actually surprised to see Linton vessel getting so much credit of course he is a man he
is 40 years of age as John annik would say and so is Bader for that matter beters 5-0 in rematches whereas visel’s
undefeated in rematches too although I believe he only has two to three to his name but he is definitely the lab dog
I’m looking at this weekend good stuff and we’ll be looking for your breakdowns then on MMA junkie like we
always do you always bring it we go to Madrid Espana for Danny segura’s take on
this topic one here yeah I agree with Dan I think as far as a live Underdog I’m gonna go with uh
vessel he’s actually looked amazing since uh losing to Ryan Bader like he’s gotten so much better and yes he’s 40
but you could argue that maybe he’s in his prime this is the best he’s ever looked and at heavyweight I do think that changes the dynamic he can wrestle
his ass off so I don’t know if um Ryan Bader will have the ability to take him down and control him
um so I think Linton vessel has a very good shot at becoming Champion here um and as far as my lock I’m gonna go
against Ghost here and pick Chris cyborg I mean she’s one of the greatest of all time it’s hard to bet against her and I
know katzengano is pretty good and respect to her but um she is a 35er
naturally um yes a strong 35er but I think there’s gonna be a big size Advantage from Chris
Cyborg and we know that katzingano is always looking to wrestle looking to Grapple and on that end I think that’ll
play against her the size difference and and Chris IB was just Chris eiberg it’s hard to get bet against that woman so
I’m gonna go with uh my lock with with cyborg here Danny and goes opposite ends do I hear
or sense a mustache and hair bet or what are we doing here I already have to go
hold on George you got a weird obsession with me getting rid of my muscles you want to say something to me because
you’re always you’re always making bets on this program for me trying to get rid of it do you want to say something is
there something you need to get off if anything if anything I wore the Atletico Madrid probably the the scarf probably
when I lost my bets like maybe I am trying to get you to lose one bet on the show because you’re undefeated well I
feel like uh we we feel like that’s just your your main weapon you know that you come in every week with that powerful
mustache so we have to cut you down we got to start there yeah speaking of goes where’s your
mustache I see Nolan King working on his where’s yours well here’s the deal I’m Latino I can have a mustache by tomorrow
3 P.M Nolan on the other hand it’s gonna take some time so I’m more on his timetable but I will sport a mustache
here I lost the bet the most the dumbest bet who would have thought man a draw are you kidding me you two guys should
be the ones right now suffering yeah well we I guess we have Mike Bell to think thank for that uh most people
weren’t thanking Mike Bell including Valentina shoshenko but uh yeah we did get that out of these two guys so I
can’t wait for them to pay off their bed by the way folks if you want to be included in the show you can we have a chat to the side if this includes
YouTube comments and Facebook comments so check it out obviously the smarter the more productive the comment or
question the more likely it is for us to include it Prince vagata’s son says hi
is this live it is live Sky views and now daddy he’s always in there he’s an Arduino of the chat it seems like
um Prince says I missed the UFC so I had to settle for some bad boxing I wouldn’t call it that I think Canelo had a was
very sharp in his dismantling of Charlo so I wouldn’t call it bad it wasn’t Crawford spencesque I I’ll grant you
that Ben Kenobi chill out he says if you’re not talking about Cedric Moon Bay’s legendary pfl entry a nine second
knockout your enemies of MMA I mean oh the show started like when you posted
that four minutes into the show my intro takes a minute alone settle down I hadn’t mentioned Canelo up until now it
doesn’t mean I’m a enemy of of boxing holy cow anyway that doesn’t Canelo
though in a way like I kind of understand that comment when he says bad boxing because you have to pay for it
you know like if something like that happens in the UFC you’re kind of like well all right you know we’ll come back
next week or or even on uh on uh Dana White’s Contender series or something like that you have to wait a long time
in between big boxing matches and one kind of ends like that and you have to dish out that much money for it it does
Sting it does yeah I guess that is a good point in that regard um I maybe he should have specified I
don’t know I thought Canelo just looked pretty pretty damn good A lot of people have been calling for his decline
um all right bullfrog actual says cyborg is in Smash kazinganu because she has heavy hands and great take down defense
and not a bad take I like that one all right but look I want to send something back to the guys here before we move on
to the next topic um guys is this a case where the Champs are just
damn good and dominant or is the promotion so top-heavy that it just
lacks depth for their Champions to be tested because those were some big odds I was quoting uh earlier anyone want to
take that or all three of you please chime in uh I’ll I’ll defend I’ll defend them I
think I think it’s more the sampling I think uh you know I I often refer to it as round of Rousey odds we we see
despite how volatile the sport has proven and even though I compare the women’s division the heavyweights as far
as the volatility not because they can one shot knock out each other but because of the odds you know you go and
play you know blind bet women’s underdogs and and MMA you might not do too bad I know George we’ve talked about
that spamming underdogs you know angles that’s maybe one angle you could actually maybe do it especially with the
odds on return and then with the Usman or Maga Madoff even though I’ll probably pick him even though he is the rightful
favorite uh those odds are also inflated because you know we see you know I don’t know with like Cedric Dubai is borrowing
from the Islam makachev fan crowd but we see how passionate a lot of those Eastern Europe European and you know if
you’ve got an OV on the next new name you’re treated often as the next coming whether it’s a pundit or a gambler so I
think a lot of those are baked in the prices I think Bellator in their defense has done a a good job as far as the
competition bringing new faces cultivating their own and so forth yeah and you know honestly to be fair it’s
it’s part of their grand prix uh which is kind of cool that the champ defends along the way so if you think about it
from one facing eight to then the winner of four and five I guess maybe you are going to get this sort of a disparity
because they may not be necessarily facing the top guy all right um let’s
move on to topic too you guys can always bring it back if you want this is still a Bellator uh topic because look let’s not play
dumb here we’ve all heard the rumors Bellator MMA might not be around much longer though president Scott Coker has
stated the planning has already begun for Bellator 301 which when he said it we weren’t aware the title fights coming
up at Bellator 301 in Chicago solid card love it and Bellator 302 which now leads
us into 2024. now I don’t know if that means much because yeah we’re not saying they’re just pulling the plug at least we don’t think
so I don’t know but guys how did we get here and if the rumors are true what’s the best scenario for the promotion and
its Talent Dan Tom take it away I mean the best scenario for the promotion is to finally find a home I
mean say what you will about the name and say what you will about Bellator and this being an excuse to get rid of that name no one likes that name but the real
problem really hasn’t been their name it’s really been just being able to Showcase that Talent even when these sales talks weren’t going on so now that
they are without maybe a a a strong front runner for a home or anything like that that I could think of if you guys
could you know it almost makes me want to channel the selfish fan in me where I almost want to see the absorption happen
from whoever they’re getting bought out by so we can see some awesome matchups made but I’m a big fan of coker’s uh you
know kind of run machine there uh going back to the strike force days you know you know biased included here guys but
he brought back you know uh MMA to Hawaii from the elite XC days and you know and and whatnot and uh so that was
really cool to see and cover those bells or Hawaii shows so also selfishly I kind of want them to stay intact so I’m very
torn here I’m gonna sit back I’m gonna wait and see I’m gonna keep my expectations low
man that was epic that they went to Hawaii um why the UFC had was never able to
pull that off and they’re so committed to still not doing it is beyond me I saw some Regional shows in Hawaii it is nuts
man it really really is those are some great crowds that the same type of Love Mexico gets Brazil gets Ireland gets
France gets um the Hawaiians would definitely get um as well all right Danny how about you
man what’s the best scenario for the promotion and its Talent well I mean I guess to stay stick around
but it doesn’t seem like that’s gonna be possible but if um if Viacom and Showtime have a change
of mind and I guess that’d be great for MMA to have more options around to have Bellator on because I do think like Dan
mentioned they’ve done some great things not only in Hawaii but like uh people forget they were the first major promotion to take an event to uh France
once they legalized them MMA they’ve done great things over in Ireland as far as like cultivating Talent there and and
bringing great shows there um and even the Grand Prix like you you see all these little things that they’re
doing that are very unique to the promotion that pfl or the UFC doesn’t do and they have great talent so I’m a fan
of Bellator um as far as like how did we get here I think it’s a combination of a bunch of things I think they did a lot of great
things but um you know it’s just hard to compete against the UFC it’s hard to be in this
industry like I I don’t know why investors would want to go into this industry given the current circumstances
given the current landscape the UFC just has um conditioned people to just watch the
UFC and if you want to watch anything else it’s like getting out of your way getting out of the road and at this point like being in a Combat Sports Fan
is very expensive I don’t think it helped that Bellator went uh behind a paywall with Showtime I think a lot of
people have their hands full already just trying to keep up with the ESPN fees that keep increasing apparently uh
every year not only ESPN plus but the actual pay-per-views as well um so I I think it’s mainly that because
they did have good talent they did have great fights um but being behind a paywall you know it’s it’s going to get a lot to get
people to uh tune in so um I think the paywall the visibility I think the name I think they could have
used the rebranding when Scott Coker took over but I guess that’s too late now
um and then overall it’s just hard to make it an MMA right it’s just very difficult the UFC has a good grip of the
market and uh it’s going to take a lot to to pay your way and and start making
money in this industry as a as an MMA promotion solid takes my friend all right how
about you guys finish up here I think Danny makes some good points there like it’s a rough spot because
you know for these organizations outside of the UFC they’re fighting for our time right the UFC owns Saturday during the
week you’ll get a Dana White’s Contender series or an ultimate fighter and if you’re a football fan well that that’s
Monday and Thursday right that’s covered so they are really fighting to get our time that’s why if you make a card like
this that’s exactly what you need right you need to get people’s attention however where things kind of go south
for them is all of this being up in the air not knowing what’s going to happen with Bellator where they’re going are
they going to merge with pfl is it just the end it kind of hurts a little bit uh the title fights and the value of that
belt when you don’t know if that belt’s even going to stick around or what’s going to happen to it the interest in
those title fights kind of drop a little bit now a fight is a fight at the end of the day you want to sit there and you want to tune in because there’s two good
Fighters involved in all four of them but uh not really knowing the future I think is kind of hurting them a little
bit right now and it kind of diminishes the value of what it is they’re trying to accom accomplish here which are four
title fights we should be jumping out of our seats however not knowing in which direction they’re going to go kind of
hurts it a little bit good stuff guys and I wanted to follow up since the strongest rumor is them
being aligned with pfl somehow whether you get bought out or just run under the same umbrella who knows but are there
any matchups you guys have thought about like or or just the storyline that seems attractive to you if they do go they’re
out of Bellator who by the way had a great presence on ESPN this year and ESPN plus but anything jump out uh uh to
you guys uh I think there’s a lot of things that can kind of happen here like honestly
Chris Cyborg and Kayla Harrison right I mean how long have people talked about that um what’s gonna happen with the
relationship with ryzen that bellators had that’s been kind of actually pretty cool to see some Fighters go that way
other Fighters come the other way is that going to continue with pfl so there’s a lot of uh interesting stuff
there I think individually like you you can
get lost daydreaming about all these potential fights that you can get mainly against UFC talent because that’s
the at least perceived uh wise it’s it’s you know it’s the best right so I think there’s a lot of matchups that people
are intrigued by um but ideally what I’d like to see is uh an acquisition from pfl I think the
merger of both rosters would it be quite something um it would be kind of like WC or strive
Force where you know it’ll be a very very strong number two and and there’s no doubt that that’s number two I mean
right now number two is between pfl and belt or anyway so if they merge I mean that’s a no-brainer but um I think given
how the UFC’s operating now that they have so many fight night cards and a lot of them let’s be honest they’re not great the pay-per-views are amazing and
then you get some Finance here and there that are quality but there’s also a lot in between that are not
um and I think if you acquire the the Bellator roster and then you add it to
pfls and then you kind of schedule you know smartly around the calendar year
you can find yourself in multiple uh events where you go to head with the UFC and you have the better card and then
being on ESPN plus which is a not a free platform but you’re already getting paid for it for you’re already paying for it
for UFC I think you can start seeing some competition in between promotions
yeah that would be the advantage of the ESPN family how about you Dan anything you can think of here uh to add to the
guys or you know I’ll just add that I’ll just add that I’ll be curious to see what it what kind of Shaker but does
does it also make you know I don’t pfl already seems to be doing their Europe thing so maybe they you know have their
own Europe expansion like Bellator did you know maybe not as Ireland heavy but they have their own I will say did they
bring back their middleweight division since cutting it after my man Louise put the guns down Taylor uh got the
championship one of one of the best million dollar moments their early ones with Louise Taylor they cut the division but one of the big guys from Bellator is
everybody has everybody’s attention is Johnny Eblens is why I mentioned that so do they open the middleweight division for that or with that Jacob does that
kind of open the door for Evelyn perhaps to test the waters while he is still arguably even still pre-prime in his
career to go into that UFC market right no you know I was exactly going to bring that up was the middleweight division
was done away with because they decided to go with feather light Welter light
heavyweight and heavyweight but then they had the women’s lightweight which is now the featherweight and yeah they did away with the middleweight and
Johnny Evelyn would be a great guy to bring back and restore that Division I don’t know if Musashi has mileage left
that’s brand name recognition there and then anybody from pfl that wants to
return back to um middleweight like shoot face for example uh or someone at welterweight
that wants to test them skills higher a coveted free agent next thing you know you have yourself a division
um and then I also want to give some love to Larissa Pacheco as much as Harrison versus Cyborg would be nice
Pacheco against well we know against Harrison’s been pretty epic but against her fellow Brazilian cyborg that that
interests me as well because she’s become a gangster herself man in women’s MMA
so I’m a big fan of of her covering her and I think she’s she’s a gangster over
there um and then you know Francis and Ghana obviously would have a few more options I guess starting with the winner of
Vader and vasel along with I gotta interrupt you there George because there
will not be a winner in that fight it appears that Linton vasel is out of his fight
oh did that happen just broke it right now in MMA junkie thanks to uh Nolan
King okay okay so I guess about our rolls
with three fights or have you heard if there’s a replacement I mean it’s a Saturday we might be a little late on that one right yeah it’s a title fight
that might be a little rough but uh you know it’s unfortunate because I really do feel like Linton Michelle was a was a
good challenge like when he’s on top of his game he’s a tough out yeah there are times where he just doesn’t show up and
it doesn’t seem that way but lately it seems like he’s been able to put everything together and that was a fight I was looking forward to it sucks that
uh that we don’t get to see that yeah I’m looking at poor Dan man he’s already probably looked at hours of video
breaking this thing down and it may have just gone out the window but don’t they’ll run it back again this is their
running it back here as heavyweights they fought before his light heavyweight but I guess this stuff happened to them
it made disappointing for sure though I’m sure the promotion wanted to roll with the with the four title fights and
they still might to be fair keep it locked on MMA junkie throughout the week because this is how you find this type of information out and this is also a
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right so the only other thing I wanted to add was uh I guess look there’s two sites when
the UFC was number two the prize number one and you can argue that all day maybe it’s the other way I don’t know it pushed both organizations to the point
where UC had this hunger to be number one and then became number one haven’t looked back so we do love the competition but I’m not gonna lie when
the UFC absorbed all the wecs and then had the lower weights when they brought strike force over and pride over oh my
God as a fan how could you not love those matchups so I think both scenarios are awesome we’ve seen
both of them if you’ve been in the sport long enough uh but like go said just decide on
something already let’s get this ball rolling um all right let’s continue here
a new Champion was crowd in the one Crown excuse me in the one Championship Adam weight division as stamp Fair text
defeated xiaohiham via third round TKO beautiful body punch congrats to stamp
fertix who now holds three belts at one Championship including kickboxing and
movie title uh Muay Thai excuse me very very impressive the title was vacant as
previous Champion Angela Lee retired from competition earlier in the night let’s turn to that right now and watch
Lee exit the sport
I’m here today to officially announce my retirement
[Applause] it has been an incredible eight years
and um [Applause]
I just want to say thank you to the fans um
to one Championship to chatri to my teams and just everyone
there have been so many battles in and out of the cage
the last thing I want to say is this you know to the fighters and to everyone out
there watching right now is that the greatest battle we will ever
face won’t be with an opponent standing in front of us the greatest battle will be within
ourselves we all go through struggles
but we all fight and each day
we are victorious when we choose to rise up in the face of adversity so thank you guys so much I
love you thank you wow I’ve watched that video a few times now man it’s powerful guys unpack it
because there’s Origins to what she’s saying but we wish her the best in her retirement one hell of a champion for
one Championship one of their pillars that helped grow that organization Danny
the first take goes to you here unpacked this you know she retired at age 27
accomplished a lot but her retirement speech kind of had two parts to it so
please go ahead yeah it’s surprising and at the same
time it’s not surprising because you mentioned she is 27 she is one of the
bigger names at one Championship she is beloved by the fan base there um it just seems she’s got a lot left to
accomplish if she chooses to continue on fighting right um and that’s not to say that she hasn’t
accomplished anything I mean she’s been championed for a while uh defender of the belt I think like five times even in
two different occasions went up a weight class to try to become one Championship which is uh that’s a lot for a 27 year
old usually uh 27 year olds are just getting you know to the title fights
that are just knocking at the door of the of the title so um congrats uh she’s
achieved a ton um and at the same time when I say it’s not surprising well we know that she
recently opened up about her mental health struggles and I remember reading
all the details of it and just thinking oh I don’t know I don’t know how comfortable people I feel her continuing
a fighting career where you know these people are taking hits to the head and you know taking on brain trauma and we
know that just makes issues worse so many fighters post their careers have opened up about depression bipolar this
and that and a lot of that is due to trauma so um I think she’s making the best decision for her health and ultimately
that is the best decision you can ever make you know there’s a great quote and I forget who uh made it but
um it says health is not everything but without health everything is nothing and that includes
mental health so I’m glad that she’s making this decision uh it’s a very courageous decision and um and you never
know she is 27 maybe things change down the line um but uh yeah congrats on an amazing
career beautifully put my friend all right how about you guys uh what do you think of
everything that transpired they’re over at one Championship over the weekend well she’s going to be missed for sure
you know her presence in mixed martial arts especially in ages just enormous uh
but Danny’s right when it comes to your mental health there are no but this but that like you you have to take that
first and foremost and make your decisions based off of that this is a very dangerous sport and and you can’t
mess around if if uh if you’re suffering like that you know you have to attend
those thoughts and and figure all that out so I’m glad that she went throughout of retiring and like Danny said she’s
still young maybe she could come back um but I enjoyed her time in the sport you know she was a fighter that always
came in in shape but she gave an honest camp and she always improved in every fight and when you think about like her
Legacy and what she’s been able to accomplish out there like think about how many uh young females in Asia
decided to maybe become mixed martial artists because of her she’s massive out there she comes from a family like we
see this a lot in boxing where you have families of boxers that from the moment you know when when all of us are out
there hitting the t-ball and all that they’re in the gym and they’re not just training martial arts they’re training
to become Fighters and she kind of had that upbringing and that’s very rare in mixed martial arts unless your last name
is Gracie right so uh for her to be doing this as long as she’s done it at
that high level it’s a difficult thing on on your mind on your soul on your body so hopefully
uh she’ll be able to look at all the things that she’s been able to accomplish even fighting as a mother that’s so difficult she’s such a good
role model for so many people and if we do see her back great and if we don’t I think we can fall back and say hey that
this girl had a tremendous career and left a big footprint on that sport yeah good stuff goes um and you know she
did used to say she used to take a mother role too with the siblings and I imagine not just her own child but the
loss of Victoria Lee still Weighing on the family and it’s something that I think will take
time to heal now at age 27 I’m also reminded of and I want to respect her decision and retirement but this is a
show where we get to speak about what we’ve experienced in life ourselves apply it to the sport or what we’ve seen
in the sport ourselves and Miesha Tate went away for about four years and they came back so she does have time on her
side in that regard she calls it quits it’s been a brilliant career but anyway uh Dan let’s hear your takes uh on uh
what transpired this weekend Angela Lee retiring from mixed martial arts
I mean yeah just I just give her empathy as a human being you know regardless of a fighter you don’t need to take a shot
to a head to have depression have trauma uh or have those traumas or depressions
or episodes or whatever exacerbated and uh yeah man that’s that’s that’s that’s
a lot to deal with especially when you have you know a family history with you know uh Victoria and you know 27 is
Young like Danny said but then also you know you date back she was kind of like the Tito Ortiz for the promotion I mean technically a teenager even when she did
some of her headlining and some of her big spots right 2016 seven years ago-ish like cut on that cusp but you look at
you know how they’re maybe trying to push you know kind of Victoria she she was even younger kind of going through
that and that’s a lot even just for anybody right so you just give I just give my empathy you know my empathy my
sympathies as a human being to her and her family um the pressure young athletes
um the pressure in small communities like Hawaii where kind of everybody knows each other you know before it was
like public or rumored like you know I feel like my family members who don’t follow MMA and you more about this
situation than people who follow cover the sport for a living because you know it’s one of those communities which only
makes that kind of pressure you know it can make it worse for all the positives having a small tight Community can have
uh but as far as our career goes I just suggest people go back and watch our series with like mayamauchi or Zhang
Jing Nan and when I finally do my uh which is much needed to be redone the
top five uh women’s fights in MMA do not be surprised to see something from those Series in there so well worth watching
as far as the MMA goes mm-hmm Dan I want to turn right back to you because of those fights you brought up
my follow-up question to you guys is one Championship obviously any Hall of Fame they have or have because I’m not
even sure if they have one to be honest I don’t think so but they’ll establish one at some point we know she’s a lock
to get in there but if the UFC becomes kind of the Hall of Fame that encompasses everything that’s ever
happened in in MMA for example boss Ruden or
um kazushi sakarava who didn’t have long UFC careers but what they accomplished was so Grand the USC included them there
so what Angela Lee guys in your opinion be a Hall of Famer
um Dan you you know that uh because of your studies there’s some title defenses there we counted them
before the show five all together she came up short in her Trilogy match that’s fine so did Matt Hughes against
GSP and he’s in the EOC Hall of Fame uh her rivalry which was the straw weight
meaning animate for them because the hydration difference with May Yamaguchi was uh successful for her lots of
positives overall eleven and three um what are your thoughts would she be in a UFC Hall of Fame if they kind of
had those doors open to others that practice martial arts outside the OC
I I would say for a general Hall of Fame it’s tough even she’s still kind of
young in her career to your previous Point George I think there’s there’s time where she can make the case so even if your answer is like mine I don’t
think it should be a hard note right we don’t know if she’s going to come back or whatnot but if it was a UFC Centric one I think it’s even harder because the
UFC doesn’t have Adam weight um you know you say what you will about Fighters getting hall of fames for
fights or non-championships getting you know hall of fames in certain Wings you still need certain Wings right and what
it’s hard to see the UFC opening an atom weight Wing when they never had it and then you have the complexity of the way
one does its systems it’s not just like shooto where every time I classify the weight classes and I give these
histories in my top five I always got to make like a separate category like well shooto does it a little different they
actually go here you know their middleweight is actually what we know is welterweight for example right
um whereas ones also has a bit of a different meaning but not because of a direct classification because of shudo
but like what George said you know weird technicality that is their hydration system so that puts a
whole nother Monkey Wrench in it again she’s like the Tito Ortiz of one championship’s microcosm history she’s
very important there but for an overall MMA hall of fame or UFC Hall of Fame I would probably vote no
okay how about you Danny yeah tough one to answer
um and I kind of hate these questions not not the question itself but just the fact that um there is no independent hall of fame
where there’s a simple criteria where we can go okay like this fighter could be
this fighter should be et cetera Etc um the ufcs is even kind of all over the
place um so I I would guess that if we’re gonna do technically speaking wise given
that Donald Cerrone is in it um if we’re talking about that kind of level of fighter I mean Angela uh Lee
has done uh far more um as far as you know she became a champion and whatnot now you can debate
well is the same level that you find at one Championship the one that you find in the UFC well we don’t know because
there’s not cross-promotion fights so it’s very very hard to say I lean towards no but um I mean who knows who
knows if she would have been in the UFC who knows how far she would have gone um you know fighting under that
promotion and against that that type of talent let me address this question real fast in the chat
um and then we’ll get to goes he can maybe chime in on this Hall of Fame discussion for Angela Lee Chrisco wild
in the chat says the idea of a fighter who was never in the UFC going to be included in the UFC Hall of Fame is
silly I’m not going to disagree with you right but see me as someone who’s covered the
sport pretty much or watched it since COC one covered it for the last 17 years I guess
um I just think it’s a damn shame that a guy like Fedor malianenko or possibly a
fighter like Angela Lee that’ll be decided by others not me or maybe even
Patricio Pitbull like we’re you know like yeah maybe one day he’s in the Bellator Hall of Fame I don’t think I’ve
heard of them having one but they may just go away all of a sudden too and they’re that Hall of Fame will be nothing right now let’s focus on what’s
real and the UFC Hall of Fame seems to be it I know there’s some other independent MMA Hall of fans out there
they just don’t have the prestige that the UFC’s Hall of Fame does and if they do one day great but for now they don’t
and I guess that’s why I bring it up Crisco because there are really some great athletes out there that have done
well in our Sport and I think they deserve some sort of recognition not only it’ll have to be a separate Wing or
what I brought up kazushi because I think he only had two fights in the UFC and boss I think had two fights in the
FC so it’s not like you need a long distinguished career a lot of the recognition came from what they had done
prior to coming to the UFC so the UFC kind of has already dipped their tone
maybe not completely crossed over the line and and that’s why it’s it’s brought up but anyway uh I guess that’s
me in defense of my question go ahead guys I’m gonna have to lean with the other two guys here on this one uh if you’re
talking about footprint in mixed martial arts she has a massive footprint but if
you want to break down fight per fight when you’re outside the UFC your credentials just have to be phenomenal
and that that’s just not the case here she could be on her way you know you
never know she comes back and and accomplishes a couple more things maybe you can have that discussion but if
we’re calling it a career right now at this moment I’d say she’d be on the outside
all right all right all right guys um I guess I would I would put her in but you guys made up some interesting
points and look the career is not done yet it’s done for an hour I shouldn’t say that I don’t think so I think I
think she’s young enough or she can make a return but first things first like she said the biggest fights are really not
in the ring or in the cage and we wish her strength and courage going forward in that regard uh but what she’s done
has really been pretty phenomenal in my opinion uh folks let’s continue here
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calm down uh you’ll get to see both and that’s why we’ve been going an hour early and we’ll
go back to our regular schedule time which is noon Eastern 9 A.M Pacific in a few weeks here but for now we’re coming
in a little earlier hopefully some of you keep up on that right now all right next one former UFC heavyweight champion
Francis and gone who had an open workout this past week in Las Vegas he’s scheduled to compete in a boxing match
later this match sorry later this month versus boxing heavyweight champion Tyson
Fury now here are some comments from John Fury who is the father of Tyson
Fury and then I want the guys to chime in on that video he says Justine Francis
and ganu and Mike Tyson and that so-called trainer that’s got the pads on
so that’s Dewey Cooper uh respected coach and former fighter he says seeing
the open workout I hope he’s kidding along and he’s playing possum here I hope that’s a joke and intended to be a
laugh because if it’s not he ain’t got a prayer he ain’t got a cat in Hell’s chance he won’t get out of the first
round it’s probably going to be Tyson’s quickest knockout but you know what it’s going to be kidology that
it’s got to be full-on gains because if that’s what he’s got well God help him
he’ll get smashed to bits that’s all I’m saying mate that’s embarrassing if
that’s what he can do on a public workout don’t bother doing a public workout it’s a disgrace he did not hold
that guys uh that’s for sure all right what did you guys think of the open workout and did you pick up anything
that adds to your analysis of the fight Pro or con goes you’re first
I mean open workouts are for show right the the mechanics of hitting pads as a
boxer throwing from different boxing stances using your footwork it’s all different right and and you don’t learn
that in months you look at a guy like Canelo Alvarez and what he did this weekend this is a guy that’s been doing
this since probably he was able to walk there’s a big difference and if you’re Francis senganu I don’t know that you’re
trying to do all that stuff like if you’re him I feel like you have one shot and your one shot is to embrace who you
are you’re a terrifying Striker and you’re an unpredictable boxer right I
think you should embellish that I think you need to really work on don’t try and be a boxer it’s not gonna help you out
go to the body pound the body and when you can unleash Hell To The Head uh
watch your cardio manage your cardio because it’s way different in boxing all this stuff in open workouts hitting pads
and all that that’s that’s just for show guys it’s nothing that’s going to really be applicable to the fight I really hope
you know I I hope Yuri’s comments are kind of true in the sense that hopefully he is playing a little possum because
none of that’s going to help him in this fight what’s going to help him is him embracing who he is and that’s a terrifying Striker coming from mixed
martial arts throwing from odd angles uh having odd movement I think that’s the only thing that can maybe throw off a
guy like Tyson Fury who’s been doing this his whole damn life good stuff goes I’m not laughing at you
I swear to God I’m holding back Dan and goes you might remember this you guys remember Pride 33 I think when talking
origami did the open workout at Caesar’s Palace it was the most awful open workout of
all time I can only imagine what John Fury would think of him
he’s putting a lot of stuff into it but look dude with that workout I swear to God was the
most disappointing workout and look at that time talking Ari gloomi was it if you guys remember as a lightweight so
I’m sitting there going here he comes let’s see what he can do and it was a letdown I remember this because I I actually I
might be able to find it I recorded it we came all the way from California and we were so excited for this and this
fool came out and hit pads for about a minute and 30 seconds I think is what it lasted he barely did anything but what
did make up for it George I don’t know if you remember is right after him the shoot box team came out and boy was that
an impressive team man yeah yeah all right
um next up here is Dan Tom the workout Dan your thoughts on it did you pick up
anything again Pro or con uh that would add to your analysis of this upcoming boxing match
I just want to shout out Pride 33 shogun’s post fight uh interview I love
America um but yeah I feel like uh naganu probably would have maybe done himself
better just even just saying that than the open workout obviously you can’t take too much from the open workouts I agree with a lot of ghosts analysis
there to be honest that’s honestly a lot of the analysis you’d get from me on this topic uh obviously I’m a big fan of
uh ninganu and and you know I’ve got I’ve got you know ties to his Camp so I’m very happy with him getting the bag
but seeing him you know just try to you know play even more of Tyson’s game than
he’s already gonna have to play by stepping in in the uh in the Queensberry rules there I I I want to see him get
the bag I just I I don’t want to see him look like the bag if you know what I mean so yeah not too impressive but what
are you gonna do it’s open workouts exactly um and I’m not gonna say I didn’t laugh
at John Fury’s rant but Danny what were your thoughts yeah I mean the workout itself wasn’t
good he could be playing possum you don’t know that uh but I remember for example like watching Chuck Liddell when he was gonna fight Tito Ortiz the third
time doing an open workout and just looking at him being like man he looks awful and then he actually didn’t look
great he looked awful against Tito Ortiz I remember also when I covered uh beats or Belfort versus Evander Holyfield yes
that fight did happen and I remember uh Evander hitting pads and I’m like oh this is not going to be good and you
know exactly what I saw was what transpired in the fight so I don’t know if he’s playing possum or not I don’t
want to put like too too much stock in that open workout but if that indeed is
what we’re gonna get from Francis and ganu man you just gotta say it he he’s got no pop in boxing and that’s not to
say he doesn’t hit hard but there is such thing as is is pop doesn’t necessarily mean power
because there’s flight weights and very small Fighters that can have pop but like if you just see his strikes they just kind of seem very under the water
like he’s not really yet comfortable with the mechanics and even Mike Tyson when he was showing him Mike Tyson who’s
a lot older he’s in his 50s he seemed to be having more pop than Francis and gandu and again I have all the respect
in the world for Dewey Cooper um and everybody in in that camp and uh Eric nixik and in also Francis and Gano
I mean great MMA fighter champion of the UFC I mean again what he’s done outside of the cage has been awesome as well but
looking at him in the workouts I was thinking kind of the same thing maybe not to the extent of a John Fury but I
was like I hope there’s more than this because if that’s what he’s going to look like against Tyson Fury it’s going
to be a rough night very rough night here’s a good question from the end uh for life from the comments Crisco wild
says does Francis need to win in order to win or does he need to have the same kind of
win condition that Logan Paul did versus Floyd Mayweather just make it to the end I know what he means kind of like a a
feel-good win not necessarily the actual W that goes in your box wreck anybody want to comment on that I I think that
that’s actually a pretty good point because you have to think about what’s on the line here um he’s not going to retire off of this
he has to go back in the mixed martial arts and when you go back into mixed martial arts you’re carrying that title of being the baddest man on the planet
and if you just got knocked out it’s really tough to put that that title on
your back but if you can go all rounds with one of the greatest heavyweights of
all time in boxing I think you kind of have a leg to stand on I think it helps them a little bit
more transitioning back into mixed martial arts guys would this be a bigger upset if
Francis and ganu can defeat Tyson Fury then when Francis and ganu’s Coach Mike
Tyson was upset by Buster Douglas that fight was in 1990 so the what’s that 33
years ago holy cow I remember like it was yesterday it was pretty massive but
that was two boxers and this is an MMA fighter against the boxer I almost feel like I’m stealing you guys lines I’m
sorry who wants to go first here he was actually wiping his eye damn Tom
you go first yeah you know it’s funny I I don’t blame anybody for saying that it would be
bigger if you want to you know go uh you know Dana White Power slap with some numbers here you know with with the uh
with with the you know with the social media that wasn’t around in 1990 I think my my first boxing I don’t know if
Mildred Taylor Julio Cesar Chavez was at 91. I don’t know yeah like I I don’t
remember back that far to 1990 although I was you know young enough to remember that Tyson era and what he brought I
believe even without the internet was bigger than what Tyson Fury kind of brings today and you could argue that
the oversaturation in technology could work against uh it being a bigger thing right because there’s going to be some
other big news or some other big upset that happens not long it’ll make us kind of forget about that and you even look
at Tyson still today not just in the corner for this fight but he’s still kind of yeah cultural icons in movies so
I I’ll say that that Buster Douglas Tyson is going to be tough to beat I think that’s going to be the gold standard for a minute
good stuff all right Danny we’ll go back to you uh I’m just joking you know that right but if this was a car auction you
would have walked out with the car because that’s the auctioneer I would have said sold to that guy okay okay good to know um well that fight was in
1990 I was born in 1992 so I wasn’t even alive yet um so if we’re talking media
wise I I wasn’t around to witness what it meant what people were talking
about it how many times was it on the news for how long was it talked about um if we’re talking about like an impact
culturally and sports wise um like Dan Tom said um nowadays with social media like
things can just be so much bigger but at the same time they can get forgotten a lot quicker so
um I I would say maybe not because Tyson is I feel like is far of a bigger
cultural icon than for instance or Tyson Fury um even though again I I wasn’t alive
back then but um I will say at least on a technical perspective um Buster Douglas was a boxer uh had a
bunch of fights under his name uh when he fought Tyson um I believe he had over 30 fights uh for instance in this case
is not only does he not have any fights this will be his boxing debuted but he doesn’t have much experience boxing all
of it is under the rules of mixed martial arts and he’s going up against uh Tyson Fury who is you know arguably
the best boxer right now we’ll see once he faces usick uh who the best one is but
um yeah I mean it’s kind of like two sides of the coin right is it are we talking about media wise or Sporting Life or
sporting wise if it’s sporting wise yes this has to be a bigger opposite just because
has no experience under boxing good stuff all right goes we gotta think
about gambling wise too is uh one foot out the door and the chat says he says I believe Buster Douglas was 28-1 Underdog
look in my opinion I don’t think I don’t Fury winning this fight wouldn’t be as big because
um when Tyson lost that fight he was at the top of his game you know he was feared by everyone people were barely
making that out of the first round with this guy right he was manhandling Top Flight boxers okay when they chose James
Buster Douglas they had already kind of gone over the the hill of them the really good boxers and now they’re just
looking for bodies to put in there against him I think Buster had lost like four four fights already going into that
fight so it was very surprising the fact that he out boxed Mike Tyson was ludicrous I couldn’t believe that he was
even able to do that so where I will maybe flip-flop if Francis and ganu comes out here and
outboxes Tyson Fury to a win yes it would be absolutely bigger but if he
knocked them out look this is a guy with very very heavy hands who has nearly decapitated people
in mixed martial arts it would be surprising but I don’t know that it would be absolutely shocking
all right love it and good stuff from one foot out the door on those odds I believe he is right
who is that what is that Stephen munchic or Scott Coker who is 104 though I don’t know all right we gotta move on we’ll
speculate later Charles Oliveira isn’t too jazzed about traveling to Abu Dhabi to face Islam makashov in a rematch of
last year’s fight the two lightweights are scheduled to run it back on October 21st at UFC 294. with the UFC going to
Sao Paulo Weeks Later Oliveira was hoping for some Hometown cooking when it came to the matchmaking however that is
a fight night to be fair he says he told uh Miami News I don’t necessarily think it’s fair but it’s the game that’s where
the champion is he calls the shots when I’m coming back for my belt wherever that is with 12 years in the game I just
kind of learned how to play the game I knew that there was a UFC in Sao Paulo I just wanted to shoot my shot and see if
it would work but here we are however before I turn it to the panel here’s a recent post earlier today from the
champion he says Charles I asked to fight in the U.S in the summer but the
UFC has other plans I am a UFC fighter like you never set the conditions for the UFC and fought where they offered my
last fight took place in Australia at the Challenger’s backyard simple everything you say makes no sense guys
did Oliveira have a leg to stand on here as last year’s fight was also an Abu Dhabi is this complaint fair or foul Dan
Tom I think it’s fair when I saw this I was like I had to go back and reread the
quote and I’m like you didn’t sound like you said anything too crazy there like went in hard first of all and it is fair
and not that you know makichev’s response isn’t true or isn’t unfair in
return uh it’s just more of just kind of tone deaf I think from makachev where it’s like you know it’s like the uh the
privileged kid who was born on first base like even if you’re not being mean and like calling them out they’ll get
like hyper defensive like what are you talking about uh I just I’m just making most of the opportunity I have here it’s
not my fault that you know uh you know I was born with the golden uh the golden d uh and then being treated like so which
is exactly how Makita is being treated since khabib departed he is now has the golden ticket so to speak and uh they’ve
been K they’ve been absolutely catering to him he’s been doing his camps over there in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain as part
of the reason why he had been able to fight sometimes with whether it was test issues Visa issues or other they still
cater to him that’s a fact I believe what makachev says but it doesn’t change the fact that the sky is blue and
Charles Oliveira like many of the Brazilians by the way Brave Brazilians they’re often called because they’re the
ones having to go travel they’re the ones being called in for the fights that nobody wants they’re the ones that
either get the fights that nobody wants or they have to wait forever like a pantosia and pay their effing dues you
know where my heart’s at I support Charles Oliveira an unsung King an uncrowned King at the moment but none no
gripes that are uh nothing wrong with what he’s saying all right Danny your take
yeah I think Charles Rivera’s comments are fair but I I think they are attributed or targeted at the wrong
person I don’t think islamakashiv is calling his shots I think this is more a UFC thing I think
the UFC obviously uh wants to have Islam defending in his belt in Abu Dhabi since
they have you know a deal over there to have certain amount of events um so they were just saving him for that
date I think if Islam would have been given the option to fight earlier he would have and you know he fought
volcanovski in Australia I don’t think he has an issue going to Brazil and fighting Oliveira there it’s just I think the UFC just wanted the biggest
Muslim star or most elite fighter in this case the UFC lightweight champion defend his belt in Abu Dhabi which makes
sense right if you just look at the card hamsat there and a lot of those Fighters are are present on that event and you
can expect that moving forward um so yeah I think Oliveira’s point is
is legitimate but I think it’s directed at the wrong person I think of anything you know mention it to the UFC I don’t
think this is much of a choice for Muslim all right how about you guys
I think they both actually make really good points um when you’re the Challenger though you
can’t really dictate where fights are gonna be I think you just have to be happy that you’re you’re getting that
second try right because that’s a stack division it’s so hard to get in those positions look at a guy like Al Jermaine
Sterling and he’s begging for another shot right this guy’s got it I think it had to be said and I’m happy that he
said it like Danny said I think it’s it’s probably more directed towards somebody else
um but it’s something that that needs to be said now I think you just have to be realistic you have to focus and get the
W and and then maybe you’ll have a little bit more power to dictate where fights should or shouldn’t be done and
then going forward man I don’t think you ever have to see Abu Dhabi again we’ll see but uh I definitely think it’s
something that needed to be said yeah yeah both guys did have some good points so and so did you guys all right
in the chat Ben Kenobi if this will settle you down shout out
to Benoit sandini we’re not ignoring them I also think he’s outstanding in
fact if you look at the USA Today sports and MMA junkie rankings he’s in the rankings in the lightweight division
simply go to the tab that has rankings look at the drop downs and you’ll see we know who he is he’s a beast he he got
some love in our rankings so unlike fight Matrix that has them outside the top 20 we actually have them in our
rankings which go 15 and then honorable mention so hopefully with that you can now
all right we got a few more here we’ll make them quick guys we gotta be real
fast this is a speed round Michael Vincent says the Diaz brothers are Hall of Famers without a shot of a doubt
that’s his quote agree or Nah Danny yeah I agree uh a lot of it is not
really statistics as we see some Fighters there’s a lot based on impact and you can’t deny the impact that both these guys have had on the UFC so yes
love it quick quick stuff goes I think every time we bring this topic up Donald Cerrone kind of moves that
cowboy hat down a little bit um but look I I think when you hear the names you go
absolutely in but really when you look at the statistics like you look at Nick Diaz arguably his best win is probably
Robbie Lawler and that was early in his career BJ Penn different weight class uh
kind of moving out of mixed martial arts if you really want to pick apart their their records maybe not but I feel like
they’ve done enough to get it all right dantal I’ll say yes on impact but I’ll
just add to goes his note that even though I’m a Diaz brothers fan it’s funny because Nate arguably surpassed
Nick even though Nick has better accolades but Nate even though he surpassed him with impact has easily a
worse record and and a really bad record just in general like it’s actually just it’s not good but yes answer is yes yeah
well there’s no doubt that those guys are superstars did they take some Mel’s along the way yes
um but yeah impact for sure and I think I agree with Michael Bisping well the day they officially hang it up and
really really no longer return I think that year they go in maybe even both together who knows all right folks
that’s it for today thank you so much for uh watching the spinning back click
live here next week will be 11 A.M Eastern 8 A.M Pacific then after that we return to our regular start time of noon
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out of here though go out and be a champion we’ll see you next week thank you

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EDWARDS def. COVINGTON This article will review the recent UFC 296 event, including the main event between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington. We will also discuss the altercation between Sean Strickland and

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UFC 296 Results: Edwards vs. Covington The final PPV event 2023, UFC 296, showcased an intense welterweight showdown between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington. The event delivered a range of thrilling fights and produced some mixed results. Fans eagerly awaited the outcome

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Can Covington Defeat Edwards? UFC 296 This article will discuss the upcoming fight between Colby Covington and Leon Edwards at UFC 296. Considering Edwards ‘ recent performances, there has been a lot of speculation about

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UFC 296 Fight Card: Edwards vs. Covington Prepare for an action-packed night of mixed martial arts as UFC 296 presents an electrifying fight card. Featuring top-tier matchups, this event is set to deliver adrenaline-fueled moments inside the octagon. UFC 296 showcases a

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UFC Vegas 83 Results: Song vs. Gutierrez Welcome to our recap of the thrilling bantamweight contest between Song Yadong and Chris Gutierrez at UFC Vegas 83! This action-packed event showcased the talent and determination of some of the best fighters in the MMA

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