Aljamain Sterling's Reaction To Sean Strickland OUTCLASSING Izzy Adesanya


In a recent video, Aljamain Sterling congratulated Sean Strickland on his impressive performance against Izzy Adesanya. Sterling praised Strickland’s constant pressure and perfect execution in the fight. He also drew comparisons between Strickland and other strikers like Israel Adesanya and Sean O’Malley, highlighting their similar styles.

Sterling discussed the strategy of “playing the game” in fighting, where fighters use feints and point fighting to frustrate their opponents and capitalize on their mistakes. He pointed out that Adesanya used to be more aggressive in his fights but has since adjusted his style to be more calculated. Sterling also mentioned that Strickland’s 52-block Jail block defense is unconventional but effective.

Sterling acknowledged that Adesanya is one of the greatest middleweights of all time, but he believes that Strickland’s performance against him solidifies his own status as one of the GOATs in modern-day MMA. He commended Strickland for his shutout performance and his ability to track down his opponents with constant pressure. Sterling also noted that Strickland’s willingness to take risks and stay in his opponent’s face makes him a tough fighter to deal with.

Sterling emphasized the importance of defense in Strickland’s style, highlighting his ability to deflect and break the rhythm of his opponents. He praised Strickland’s awareness and his ability to read his opponent’s movements and faints. Sterling also mentioned the moment in the fight where Adesanya exhaled and a large amount of blood came out of his nose, indicating that Strickland’s pressure was taking a toll on him.

Sterling discussed the significance of Strickland’s victory and how it could potentially change the landscape of the middleweight division. He mentioned that fighters may start mimicking Strickland’s style and analyzing his defense and offensive attacks. Sterling also expressed curiosity about how the UFC will market Strickland and whether a rematch with Adesanya will be arranged.

In conclusion, Sterling congratulated Strickland on his victory and praised his dedication, perseverance, and determination. He encouraged everyone at Extreme Couture to be proud of Strickland’s accomplishment and highlighted the importance of hard work in achieving success in the fight game. Sterling also mentioned his own upcoming competition against Nathaniel Wood and invited fans to tune in and watch. He ended the video by promoting his Funk Harbor product and encouraging viewers to sign up for updates.

what’s up guys welcome back to the weekly scraps UFC 293 is in the books out here in beautiful Sydney Australia right now the weather is it’s been a little bit up and down but today has been pretty nice so far at night gets a little bit too cold but we’re not gonna get into that we’re gonna talk right about the main event obviously the changing of the guards another Sean it’s a UFC champion I don’t know the MMA Gods This Is Why We Fight people always talk about this person has no chance there’s no way the odds this the odds that yeah that’s kind of a thing but guys it is a fist fight anything can happen especially when you have an opportunity to prepare for one said individual that’s why I never count anybody out I always talk about their skills their strengths their weaknesses and uh that’s pretty much it the rest is up to them whatever they decide to go up in there with the willpower the heart and obviously the brains and tactical approach the most barn burner fight but it had its moments where the crowd kind of got up on their feet because they thought something crazy was about to happen especially after the ending of round one the way Sean Strickland ended at just very dominantly um I would even say maybe maybe was that even a 10A maybe not enough for a 10A but it looked like it was about to get stopped and I think you can even make the argument that that fight could have been stopped there was a couple guys that were riding in the bus with back to the hotel and they said if that was any other fight it would have been a TKO and I kind of I kind of agree with that you know and it kind of it also reminds me of my fight um with O’Malley just in that situation like you could have Let It Go on just a little bit more to see what would have actually had happened we let that go a little bit more and if it hadn’t been stopped I don’t think there would have been too many people that have been up in arms about it other than saying come on it’s a title fight Let Them Fight so with that being said I’m glad Mark Goddard let the fight go gave Izzy his chance to defend his belt and uh at the end of the day obviously Sean won he showed that he was the better man tonight in Sydney Australia and he gets it done man in a dominant fashion losing one round I don’t even know what round he lost maybe round two other than that it was pretty much Off to the Races for Sean Strickland we’re sitting next to kind of like his whole team like Izzy had his whole team near us so it was like weird and then uh Sean Strickland’s girlfriend and her I don’t say family but her people were sitting right in front of us and I’m kind of like we’re with you guys but we wouldn’t want to be super obvious because we respect these guys and we don’t want nobody to kind of yell at us and be mad at us because they’re sitting right behind us um but I you know I I try to be very impartial like obviously I know Izzy respect Izzy definitely top tier Talent um the things he’s been able to do and accomplish beautiful very hard to do hard to achieve but obviously training at extreme Couture with Sean Strickland meeting him at Syndicate MMA um and just seeing the energy that he brings to the room and being around that team that atmosphere of course I’m pulling for the guy that I’m more with you know that’s that’s who I’m with I’m with this gym um even though it might not be the most oh man I’m here every single day but you know that’s the gym that I’m with when I’m training back home in uh in Vegas so it was a very unique situation to be in whenever they sit in you next to family and stuff like that but man congrats to sh to to Sean Strickland like the way he fought lights out he had to be perfect and he fought perfect man constant pressure and this is what I was saying about the similarities between Strikers like Israel Sonia Striker is like Sean O’Malley Strikers like um I don’t want to say Ian Gary but uh because Ian Gary can also be offensive and I think that’s the difference with with those guys so I don’t want to say that um the guys who tend to play the game and I and I say I say playing a game uh in in a way where I don’t want to come off the wrong way but when I say playing the game is almost like I’m gonna Point fight until you get frustrated until you make a mistake and then I’m gonna clap you when you come in and get in those cheeks Israel look at all his past few fights where he used to be a lot more aggressive going forward and then as he kind of ran into like that gas and play and it kind of was that five round War I think something switch was like you’re dude I don’t need to fight like this all the time and I’m not saying he doesn’t go for it anymore obviously the Robert Whittaker fight but what did Whitaker do that allowed Izzy to knock him out Whitaker ran in same way I ran in and that’s the way the game goes sometimes you Zig when you shoot a zag and sometimes you make miscalculations thinking that you can do something that’s there that’s not always going to be there and that’s that’s the fight game you just never know what the person is thinking in that moment in time compared to the things that you’ve done in the training room against multiple different training Partners or whoever you’re training with and uh it’s a game of inches so with that being said I I tweeted that I want to talk about this style Izzy is very good at using utilizing those faints where he’ll look down he’ll look up and he’s got that mean mug on and he’s fainting he’s fainting hip twitch it was kind of sent almost like the way that Henry does it but Henry does it very well it looks like he’s humping the air um but but Izzy would do it kind of like a quick hit like he’s gonna throw that front kick and then he’ll whip the leg kick or he’ll shoot the long jab but he doesn’t really throw a lot of combinations so a guy like Sean Strickland who’s not afraid to get hit obviously we’ve seen that with the Predator fight he got cracked and still kept coming forward until eventually it was his demise you see a guy like Strickland who learned from that and now understanding his style even better it’s doing this 52 block Jail block defense where he’s checking checking pairing pairing blocking here blocking kicks and the way he does everything is very different than what we’re taught traditionally in boxing classes and Muay Thai classes and things like that but it works right he’s winning fights you can’t deny that that guy is getting these W’s and he’s the freaking UFC champion beating one of the most dominant probably arguably the greatest of all time middleweight just based on what he was able to do in this era of MMA obviously Anderson Silva had a ridiculous run as well during that era of MMA but modern day MMA I’m going to say Izzy’s up there as probably one of the goats right I mean let me know if I’m wrong in the comments but um what you just think is uh Anderson Silva all the way long and you gotta remember like the game definitely evolved so the competition is stiffer these these newer years from uh the olden ages so with that being said so Sean Strickland hands in front pairing blocking the the jab checking it blocking the the hooks coming here covering doing everything well leaving his body open but sometimes he’ll throw those front teeth with the lead leg as he’s walking you down he doesn’t cut guys off very well but he will keep the constant pressure on you and make you constantly have to move and adjust your feet and the moment you settle it allows him to step in with that long jab that he steps in with big determination where he’ll throw that one two which is the cross that put down Izzy in round one towards the end um so with Israel’s style I think there’s some deficiency there’s always a deficiency with a certain style if you can expose it right you break it down making adjustments in the middle of the competition and being able to fight a different way and not just once that way the entire time Izzy doesn’t throw a lot of combinations I don’t throw a lot of combinations there’s a lot of Fighters that fight like that where it’s just one-off but you there’s also a lot of guys who throw in big punches and punches and those guys tend to be a bit more dangerous but then you have the snipers obviously I’m going to give credit O’Malley he’s good at that when guys rush in myself um you have Izzy who’s caught a lot of guys like that catching Robert Whittaker catching a few other guys knocking them out uh catching Brunson a few other guys like that you have to I just feel the way Sean fought it was beautiful in the sense that he kept tracking him down and every time Izzy would faint he would just like just hold his ground he wouldn’t run into it he didn’t overly bite and react on the face he just kind of kept his hands here where if he if Izzy did throw he was able to kind of deflect it a little bit or where he would break the Rhythm and utilize that stiff jab there was a point where I think Izzy in the fourth round kind of like just exhaled and then there was like a big snot of blood that just came running out of his his nose it just it looked like a big chunk just fell out it was kind of kind of gross but I asked the other guys I was like did anybody else see that that was a lot of blood coming out his nose might be pretty busted right now but again going back to the Brilliance of Sean Strickland that pressure I’ve seen him do to the guys multiple times time and time again in the training room and he’s doing it against better and better guys and for him to do it on the biggest stage of his career and on short notice guys give this man his flowers because that was a beautiful shutout performance I mean obviously 49 48 um 46 but still that’s as close to a shutout as it gets in my opinion oh excuse me in my opinion thank you bless you thank you you did that wrong but but um other than that man it’s just been a great time here being able to hang out and uh explore the the city a little bit but one other thing before I get into that I I feel when you have these pressure Fighters please go back and just watch a bunch of Izzy’s fight the yoel Romero’s Prime Suspect number one Jared Canon there even the Robert Whitaker 2 fight when Whitaker doesn’t Rush In watch the way that Izzy fights there isn’t a lot of chances being taken to put himself at risk and obviously he’s a champ he doesn’t need to take those chances he he’s doing just enough to win and get by and show that he’s just a superior tactician and Striker while he’s in there nothing wrong with that at all guys at all but when you have a guy like Sean who’s willing to risk it and stay in your face the entire time that is a tough dude to fight if you’re not wrestling him good luck because this guy breaks guys he wilts them even guys that do take him down he eventually gets them or the next round these guys get tired from grappling him trying to hold him down if you don’t finish him just know that he’s going to be in your face for the rest of those sparring rounds and he ain’t gonna quit the guy spoils from what I feel like four or five times a week he’s just got all those those he’s got all those reps in so to speak so he understands his style he knows what he does well and it’s beautiful to see that he won nothing let me not say beautiful it’s fascinating to see that you could win a world title with a simple one two Jab cross cut the guy off well not me I’m not even gonna say cut the guy off like walk walk around the ring and follow the guy and keep putting that jab in his face and eventually you you’re gonna get him you know so I I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Monday morning a whole bunch of guys in the gym mimicking Sean Strickland trying to analyze and break his defense down his offensive attacks down and and realizing like what he does actually works and it could possibly work for a lot of other people it just depends if you’re willing to go in there and do the man dance and walk the guy down and be in a position where you can be hit as well the difference is Strickland has really really good defense eyes and awareness of what’s going on where his opponent is looking where his opponent is fainting which way he’s drifting off to how to I keep saying cut him off but he’s not cutting these guys off he’s just kind of chasing and following but no matter how much he chases to follow eventually these guys eventually stop because they’re just tired of constantly moving and circling that they have to do something offensive otherwise this guy’s just chasing around the wing and it’s gonna look silly just imagine if you don’t ever throw back or you try to throw back going backwards and this guy’s just walking you down and you’re circling and pivoting and you’re trying to punch it’s not like boxing where you could do the Ali where he’s shuffling his feet and go and rip off these Jabs you’re gonna get kicked you might get taken down the guy might throw a punch and throw a same sidekick behind it there’s a lot of nuances that are different with MMA than it is for a limited fighting style like boxing um with that being said congrats again to Sean Strickland everyone in extreme Couture everyone please stand up and be proud because this is a very big pivotal and defining moment I don’t even know what the USC is going to do how do they Market this guy I have no idea clearly Dana’s trying to do a rematch right away for whatever reason he doesn’t really do immediate rematches Izzy’s getting two in a row now the potato fight and now this one I’m not saying he’s not deserving of that but uh guys I I don’t know it’s a very unique situation to see like let’s see what show I’m I can’t wait to just follow his his tweets and things like that and just see what kind of crazy he’s gonna say in the UFC is kind of good they’re kind of gonna be like this is our current middleweight champion of the world running amok and there’s nothing we can do about it until someone removes him out of this chair and that’s the fight game and I love every second of this and I cannot wait to watch the Sean Strickland show um again uh extreme Couture everyone in Vegas stand up man be proud if Sean Strickland could do it you can too um I think he shows what the epitome of hard work is being dedicated to the game and even when you lose dusting yourself off and rebuilding yourself and getting back at it getting back on the horse and just having the perseverance and the determination to within the determination to succeed and the determination to eventually One Day become the best and uh Sean Strickland embodies that in every sense of the word so congrats to you guys um shout out Funk Harbor come into stores in October and by the way I’m competing against Nathaniel wood who was a former UFC bantamweight now fighting at UFC featherweight I think he’s three known the UFC division right now we’re going to be competing September 30th in Wales make sure you guys pull up it’s going to be for Polaris and on top of that it’s going to be on UFC Fight Pass so tune in and watch make sure we’re going to bring the action we’re competing at 160 pounds I told uh Nathaniel I ain’t cutting away dog even 160 that’s still cutting weight for me I got to cut about seven eight pounds maybe nine uh depending on how heavy I am that that last week coming in so I’m gonna be trying to be doing some training here and there this is more fun keep competition going and still in mind it’s still going with someone who’s notable has some really good skills and I look forward to the challenge probably gonna hang out a couple of days after maybe fly back home October 4th so I’ll be in either the Wales area or maybe hop over to Ireland not quite sure yet we’re going to see what we’re gonna do with the misses and I we’re on our world tour we’re on the funk tour can’t wait stay safe stay blessed chairs and get yourself in phone call but go to the where is it oh go to my link tree and my Ig and uh make sure you guys sign up to make sure you’re on the list so when it drops you guys will get the email notification right away and this way you guys could be one of the first ones to grab a bottle and uh get you some while it’s hot I’m telling you you will not be disappointed Dan hooker loved it John annik loved it I can’t wait to share this with the world peace and love guys see you later let’s go City we’re coming