Aljamain Sterling Stop calling out Sean O'Malley

In this article, we will be discussing Daniel Cormier’s instant reaction to Aljamain Sterling calling out Sean O’Malley. Cormier provides his insights on why Sterling’s approach may not be effective and how O’Malley’s unique mindset sets him apart. Let’s dive into the details.

Aljamain Sterling’s Controversial Journey

Aljamain Sterling, also known as Aljo, recently won the bantamweight belt in a controversial manner. However, despite his impressive victories over top fighters like Petr Yan, Cory Sandhagen, and TJ Dillashaw, Sterling didn’t receive the respect he deserved as the champion. This lack of recognition can be attributed to his short reign and the circumstances surrounding his title win.

Sterling faced a setback when he suffered a serious neck injury that required surgery. As a result, he was unable to defend his title and lost it to Sean O’Malley. The UFC quickly moved on from Sterling, and it seemed like his accomplishments were forgotten. This led to Sterling feeling overlooked and wanting to prove himself once again.

Daniel Cormier’s Analysis

Daniel Cormier, a former UFC champion and MMA analyst, weighed in on Sterling’s situation. He acknowledged that Sterling’s frustration is understandable, but he believes that Sterling may have approached the situation incorrectly. Cormier points out that Sterling’s mindset and actions differ from those of O’Malley, which ultimately affects their respective paths in the UFC.

Cormier highlights O’Malley’s independent nature and his willingness to do things on his own terms. O’Malley has been vocal about his contract negotiations and has made it clear that he will only fight when it aligns with his financial expectations. This level of autonomy has allowed O’Malley to dictate his own journey and choose his opponents strategically.

On the other hand, Sterling’s dedication to fighting anyone, anytime, has earned him respect from fans and Cormier himself. However, this approach may have worked against him in terms of getting the title shot he desires. Cormier explains that the UFC, like any organization, relies on reliable individuals. Sterling’s willingness to step up and fight frequently made him a go-to option for the UFC when they needed a replacement.

The Impact of O’Malley’s Star Power

Cormier acknowledges that it may not be fair for Sterling to be denied an immediate title rematch. After all, he has proven himself as a worthy contender. However, O’Malley’s rising star power and his ability to draw attention have given him more control over his career. O’Malley’s popularity and unique mindset have allowed him to dictate the terms of his fights and choose opponents that make sense for him.

Cormier concludes by stating that while it may be disappointing for Sterling, he will need to adapt to O’Malley’s world if he wants to secure the rematch he desires. Sterling’s undeniable skills and determination will undoubtedly help him get back on track and earn another shot at the title.

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all right guys I’m back at it you know
last week I did this thing with my
cousins I appreciate the support it was
amazing to sit with those guys and talk
MMA we’ll continue to do that but you
still got to get your boy from time to
time and something jumped
off the page to me today on Instagram I
was scrolling and I saw
Al Jermaine Sterling
a guy that we spoke about last week in
talking about Sean O’Malley and him
fighting the best fighters Al Jermain
was competing in Polaris I think it’s
called he won a jiu jitsu competition
phenomenal Grappler phenomenal champion
and really was a pillar of what you want
from a champion in the UFC he was active
he fought anyone he fought any time and
he fought very often
when you are that type of athlete you
expect the rest of the world to do the
same thing
here’s the problem
for Al Jermaine Sterling I don’t think
he’s wrong
but he does have it wrong
how does aljo have it wrong Al Jermaine
Sterling won the belt from Peoria Yan
then BP Orion then beat Henry sudo and
TJ dillashard and fought Sean O’Malley
lost the title this all happened in a
very short period of time why
why because when aljo won that belt in
such a controversial way people didn’t
really respect him as the champ algae
was hurt guys very very badly got neck
surgery the moment he got back he
started the fighting it he loses the
belt to O’Malley immediately you know
UFC starts to move on nobody’s looking
back at Al Jermaine Sterling even though
he had definitive belt as many times as
anyone in the division he had beaten the
best of the best in the history of the
division outside of Dominic Cruz and he
had looked so good in doing it he was
active he was doing everything right
but it was on to the next now it looked
like Cheeto Vero is going to get a title
shot not murab dewalis vealy who is one
of algerman’s Partners so aljo after the
competition today says
Mr Sean he calls him sugar tits I think
that’s what he calls him he goes
fight me and give him my rematch or
fight murab do what I did
fight the number one Contender stop
here’s the issue aljo it’s not the same
it sucks but it’s not the same and I’m
gonna tell you why it’s not the same
it’s not the same based on decisions
that the champ made or the former
Champion Al Jermaine Sterling made why
because I recalled when he won or
defended his title for the first time in
he said right away I’m gonna take some
time off and Ryan Clark and I were
talking about this on our show and I
said Ryan he’ll be back sooner than he’s
saying I go because they’re gonna back
the truck up to him and they’re gonna
pay him and when they pay him he’s gonna
say Okay I want to fight I’m gonna take
this extra money I’m gonna go fight
he said it was going to be like July by
the time he’d be back we saw aljo and
April or May in Newark right it was much
faster than he originally anticipated I
said immediately this dude’s gonna get
active he’s going to be very very active
he’s going to be put to work more often
than most Champions and that right there
is why it’s different than Sean O’Malley
because Sean O’Malley has shown time and
time again
that he is going to do what he wants to
do when he wants to do it and he’s done
it publicly from saying he wanted new
contracts even though he had contracts
to saying he wasn’t fighting a
five-round fight until he was making the
money that he felt he would require to
fight a five-round fight to sitting
after he beat Peoria to wait for a title
fight if you believe that there was no
fights offered to Sean O’Malley over
that time between him beating theory on
that very close fight to him becoming
the champion you’re crazy
they probably offered but O’Malley moves
to the beat of his own drum and it does
not matter why
you can be convinced the moment you’re
convinced there’s a number
or a list of numbers that the UFC has as
an organization where when they need
someone that’s who they’re going to call
especially the Champions Israel Anderson
is another one is he’s going to be
up to fight and he’s going to be game
so they’ll call them most times they’ll
take it that’s why he’s headlined so
many fights in such short period of time
I don’t care if it’s money Al Jermaine
got a new car or something in between
the fight with Henry and Sean O’Malley I
don’t care if it’s Carr I don’t care
what it is that allows for you to be
convinced but because you’re convinced
in that one instance then you start to
get called anytime the organization
needs you and that’s what most bosses do
right they call the reliable person I
was at
I was at I was the person that they
could call whether it was three weeks
whether it was six weeks from the mo I
fought Dan Henderson short time I fought
Derrick Lewis on short time I fought
many title fights on short time because
they called me when I won my first belt
short time
but the moment I was okay with that the
moment I agreed to it every time
somebody fell out every time there was
an issue they called me hey DC what you
think that’s what aljo did
Sean ain’t gonna do that
he’s proven that as I stated earlier
from the contract negotiations to the
amount of time he’s willing to sit to
the the type of fights people were
always talking about the matchups that
Sean O’Malley received on his way to the
title he had to take the match I was put
ahead of him or say no to them knowing
that even though you said no something
else is going to come back in your
direction that you’ll be okay with Sean
we want you to headline a Fight Night
nope I ain’t doing it he plays by his
own rules and I think because he plays
by his own rules that is why he will not
have to live in the same way that Al
Jermaine lived as Champion is it fair
how much in the world is fair
how much in the world is fair is it
wrong of the organization absolutely not
you you can go to a grocery store you
can go to a business it does not matter
to you always rely on the person that
you can count on
Al Jermain became that
and ultimately that
thing that made him so special to the
fan and to me
the guy that’s the grinder I love Al
Jermaine Sterling I love his ability to
fight anybody anytime he’s the champ he
don’t care he’s still fighting these
dudes as much as that made me love him
even more than I did before
It ultimately is going to be the thing
that makes it hard for him to get what
he ultimately wants that title fight
because if Sean O’Malley doesn’t feel
like he wants to fight him
he won’t be forced
he will not be forced and the more his
star grows the more input he will have
on what his journey looks like is it
unfair that aljo doesn’t get a title
fight right away probably with all those
defenses absolutely I’m taking that back
no probably absolutely algeman should
get a title fight he should get a
rematch but he won’t
because O’Malley’s Not Looking Back does
marab deserve a title fight absolutely
does maraba deserve a title fight more
than Cheeto Vera absolutely what’s the
likelihood of chitovera fighting before
the murab and aljo for the title
pretty pretty damn certain
they’ve got the back story they’ve got
the history they fought the same night
and Charlie O’Malley wants to fight him
because he wants his get back so
ultimately all the reasons that I chose
to love aljo are you did is Ultimate was
going to cost him and don’t we want the
Gladiator don’t we want the guy that’s
willing to die on this Shield the guy
that’s willing to fight time and time
again unfortunately it’s not the world
we live in today
and Sean O’Malley could fight in
December Sean O’Malley could fight in
January February March whatever the case
may be it’ll be on his terms he has
shown us that time and time again
you won’t be pressed from
very beginning of this time in the UFC
you knew he was a bit special obviously
he had the Snoop Dogg rub but you also
knew that he thought differently and you
see it in all sports
Sean O’Malley’s one of those athletes
that’s taking that same approach it has
to make sense for me
in order for me to do it it is what it
is but aljo trust me the respect that we
have you have gained from us will never
be questioned
but it’ll ultimately be your undoing and
that kind of sucks
but I am certain aljame will get back on
the horse and put himself back in
position Tori will not be denied because
you got to remember he was undeniable
that’s why he got the title fight in the
first place
he had beaten everyone there was nobody
else to fight and I’m sure he’ll be able
to do that again but we all live in
Sugar’s world now baby so we all got to
kind of play by his rules Al Jermaine
Sterling will look to the next thing I
don’t know what my Rob is going to do
because he should be waiting but is
marab willing to do what Sean did Sean
waited a long time to get his title
fight and that may be what the Georgian
may have to do in order to find himself
standing across the Octagon from sugar
Shawn O’Malley or
Maybe chitovera I guess we’ll see guys
till next time like subscribe tell your
friend to tell a friend that DC’s got a
YouTube channel I’m dropping content
like this till next time

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