Aljamain Sterling: ESPN rankings MAKE NO SENSE!

Aljamain Sterling, a prominent UFC fighter, voices his discontent with ESPN’s rankings in the middleweight division, arguing that they make no sense. Sterling recently highlighted the case of Sean Strickland, ranked fifth, being placed higher than Israel Adesanya, whom Sterling defeated, and who remains at the top spot. He believes that these rankings do not accurately reflect the true abilities and accomplishments of the fighters.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aljamain Sterling criticizes ESPN’s rankings in the UFC middleweight division.
  • He questions the rankings’ credibility and accuracy.
  • Sterling defeated Israel Adesanya, who remains ranked below Sean Strickland.
  • Other fighters have also expressed dissatisfaction with ESPN’s ranking system.

The Flaws in ESPN’s Ranking System

ESPN’s ranking system comes under scrutiny as its flaws and potential biases are examined. Aljamain Sterling, the UFC middleweight division fighter, recently expressed his frustration with the rankings, highlighting the case of Sean Strickland being ranked higher than Israel Adesanya, whom Sterling defeated. This controversy raises questions about the credibility and accuracy of ESPN’s rankings in the world of sports.

One of the major flaws in ESPN’s ranking system is its failure to accurately reflect the abilities and accomplishments of the fighters. Aljamain Sterling’s impressive victories over top-ranked opponents, including Petr Yan, TJ Dillashaw, and Henry Cejudo, have not been adequately recognized in his current ranking. This discrepancy raises concerns about the reliability and accuracy of the rankings.

There are concerns about potential biases within ESPN’s ranking system. The selection process and criteria used to determine the rankings are not transparent, leading to doubts about the objectivity of the rankings. This lack of transparency opens the door for subjective judgments and favoritism, compromising the integrity of the ranking system as a whole.

The dissatisfaction with ESPN’s rankings extends beyond Aljamain Sterling. Several other fighters have also criticized the system, highlighting similar concerns regarding biased rankings and inaccuracies. The widespread criticism further emphasizes the need for a comprehensive evaluation of ESPN’s ranking system and the implementation of measures to ensure fairness and accuracy in sports rankings.

Aljamain SterlingNo. 1
Israel AdesanyaNo. 1
Sean StricklandNo. 5

Public Criticism of ESPN’s Rankings

Other fighters join Sterling in publicly expressing their dissatisfaction with ESPN’s rankings, adding to the ongoing controversy. One notable voice of criticism comes from former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, who believes that the rankings are biased and not based on true performance. Silva, considered one of the greatest fighters in UFC history, has openly questioned the validity and fairness of the current ranking system.

In a recent interview, Silva stated, “I have seen fighters being ranked higher without facing top-level opponents, while others with impressive victories are being overlooked. It is clear that there are biases at play.” Silva’s comments echo Sterling’s sentiments and highlight the growing frustration among fighters towards ESPN’s rankings.

“If the rankings are meant to be a true reflection of a fighter’s skills and accomplishments, then there needs to be a thorough evaluation process that takes into account each fighter’s performances and achievements,” says Silva.

Rising star Sean O’Malley has also criticized the rankings, claiming that it is difficult for fighters to gain recognition and move up in the rankings even after delivering spectacular performances. O’Malley argues that the current system is flawed and doesn’t accurately reflect the talent and potential of fighters.

As the controversy surrounding ESPN’s rankings continues to grow, it is clear that there is a strong demand for a more reliable and unbiased ranking system in the world of sports. Fighters like Aljamain Sterling, Anderson Silva, and Sean O’Malley are calling for a revision that truly reflects a fighter’s skill, accomplishments, and overall contribution to their respective divisions.

what’s up guys welcome back to the weekly subscribe man Bali Indonesia with
the value of paper this is actually a pretty pretty sick
trip and and we’re supposed to go to Italy but [ __ ] Italy so now guys
Italians I love you but now this is too good of a Time respect to Italy respect Big Ups Bali divide
I did a breakdown recapping the fight he thought I was like talking [ __ ] I was like no dude I was like did you watch
the clip he said he was giving me [ __ ] the whole time I kept asking but did you watch it they kept going I was like but did you watch it and then he goes no I
didn’t watch it I was like okay what are we talking about why are you getting mad at me and then he went he watched it I think
he watched it or somebody said something to him and it came back apologized it was cool it was cool I was like
sure don’t come for me bro that’s a big boy I
tried to tell him to go to Italy but he wanted to stay in Bali what can I do you know yeah oh you’re gonna meet up no not
with him he’s in uh a street Couture so he trains over there yeah it’s interesting now because he got him they got Roman delizae and now the champion
Sean Strickland and Chris Curtis Action Man respect oh Curtis said middleweight also yeah I want you guys over here
they’re gonna have some Greg Jackson’s type problems over there but they’re all like I’ll [ __ ] fight my brother bro
this is gonna be interesting to kind of just sit here like just like let them just figure it out like different gym
Vibes over there in Vegas yeah they get after and sparring anyway
so it’s kind of like they’ve been fighting for free this whole time so Nothing’s Gonna Get Paid I think they’re all kind of good with it
interesting I know I watched that clip though there was like a Filipino guy or like a one FC
they had like two training partners that fought and they were like crying after the
fight and I was like yeah I’m not doing that yeah don’t do that I was like come on man yeah don’t don’t let your emotions trick
you crying on the TV I don’t think is ever The Good the right book never okay what’s going on I feel like I don’t
know I haven’t followed I’ve like choked up
[Music] Michael Jordan
well yeah that was a very emotional the DC man uh yeah
um so again I just want to say thank you guys for having us out here man it’s been a blast Donnie Andrew love the
hospitality you guys have been great um I’ve been kicking we got here what um what did we get here about a week ago
Monday the 11th the 11th and I I think I’ve drank every single day since I’ve
been here oh we’re talking about this yeah okay this has been pretty this is the gloves off podcast yeah the gloves
over the drink Champs oh there’s no room in it yet oh there’s no Ramen at uh we gotta get the funk Harbor the fog is
loose turn up the funk on your day you just say when and when all right
don’t drive use Go Jack appropriately I might be a little bit a little bit on
the ball and Jake’s this is your first time in Asia
okay southeast Asia how long were you in Dubai for eign
been a great trip though man uh like going to shelter going to school these
are all like really cool restaurants I might be getting some stuff getting some training but there’s one thing I will say even though I’ve been drinking like
a psychopath literally since my fight we’re not even we’re not even we’re just about a month out from the fight
literally it won’t remove and I think I just been on one since then but it’s been the most freeing time of Liberation
in my entire life is I don’t even know how to even explain it but yeah come to
Bali let Lewis train a little bit party a little bit a little bit of a lot of partying a lot
of partying just for disclosure my partying involves THC responsibly and
alcohol responsibly managed to avoid the synthetics so far
yeah I don’t do any of the other stuff but um I had a choice psilocybin but that’s another topic
um but we’ve been pretty good like waking up in the morning after having a crazy night and going to go train I know it’s probably not the best thing to do
uh but going out and get a couple rolls but being smart about the roles and having the boys get after yeah no it’s
been a great week Jim in the morning you know a little lunch hit up the surf some drinks in the arvo watch a little Sunset
like what more do you want out of a holiday you know can’t really beat it yeah we’re talking about what’s better
than this man just watching the sunset it’s like damn this is nice we’re sitting back like every time like oh we’re gonna extend two nights oh we’re
gonna say yes yes like stay longer bro we did too so I called Emirates and I told them
like we made a mistake on the booking and which we did because we didn’t know where we were gonna like really be and the reason why we’re not going to Italy
because all the movement pieces of where we’re gonna actually go then go to Wales is just like yeah this is just so much
easier I asked Rebecca one more time it’s like what do you want to do and she’s fine I said I don’t care to go or
like I’m down to just stay I was like all right I wish we said this like a while ago and then yeah I think it’s just the uncertainty because you you
weren’t quite seem quite sure and she’s not really sure and I think because you guys are already pretty comfortable here
you know kind of starting to get some roots and in the ground so she’s like this is all right you know a little
little Beach Club tanning every day like have you been daily no we’ve never been we were actually really looking forward
to that because we’re gonna go for my room go to either Milan Venice Verona Naples Sardinia we did some good
research uh maybe Sicily but it was just swords yeah this was before the match got announced and once they announced
the match okay I was like well that changes a lot because now I kind of have to train yeah this is like I’m just training because I want to train
and then I kind of have the match in the back of my mind since it was kind of announced a little bit while ago but like this is not really noticeable
opponent change and opponent change so I’m no longer facing Nathaniel wood I’m facing Mike Grundy who’s a UK wrestler
he’s a little he’s a natural 45er so it’s gonna be interesting to see how big he is a little bigger boy grab me
and I you know just it’ll be an interesting Dynamic to see how our wrestling cancels out or measures up
with each other Keen to see with this UK wrestling game is about yeah me too I don’t know many wrestlers from the UK I
know they got a team Great Britain has a team and they put some guys in Olympics and stuff but you know World
Championships going on this this weekend shout out USA Wrestling taking home some gold medals Vito Russia New York boy
bringing home a world gold medal how you doing Kyle date got silver lost in the
finals uh citicov the Russian uh the same one who beat Burroughs I think so
the boros compete no Burrows lost to chance marstellar um at the 74 kilos it’s hard to come
follow man because it’s so like so It’s tricky because what happens during the Olympics they drop two weight classes oh
yeah yeah so a non-olympic year I think there’s 10 weights and then when it’s Olympic year there’s eight so it gets a
little weird where some guys need to kind of move up or move down like that’s why Burrows and dick we’re together for
the Olympic year and they had they had to kind of wrestle for that final spot but then this year it’s a non-olympic
year so they have those two extra weight classes so I think they separated but Burroughs lost uh
two out of three to uh to chance marstellar who is a kind of up and coming guy out of PA it’s just crazy to
kind of like we gotta get rid of one and keep one this is like damn we’re gonna keep one of the best wrestlers back and
not allow him to go come on yeah well no they’ll usually change weights but then it just gets that much tougher right you
got like the top 10 weights in in the country guys going for 10 weights and then it’s now it’s eight weight so it’s
just a little more competitive you know yeah but yeah um gear shift now we just saw ESPN
now ESPN UFC they work together with the efcf panel I don’t know who’s
like comprised of this panel but they have the middleweight rankings is your
odd assigned a Destiny is number one still and Sean Strickland
is number five I’m not quite sure how to feel about this actually I know how to feel about it did they vote did they
vote when did they cast the ballots was it before the fight maybe yeah
that would make more sense right you know Israel assignment did not look like the
better fighter when he was inside the Octor wrote this one right yeah
so this White Strip but now only UFC middleweight belt adesani remains at the top of the 185 pound keep in the latest
ESPN divisional rankings so now the rankings are based on your career
history and future potential yeah it doesn’t really matter what you actually do in the fights that much imagine
winning a NASA New York state championship in wrestling and then they said no no but see this guy is still better he’s still going to be ranked
number one and you beat the guy and you beat the guy you beat the guy and they’re like nah he’s still better any
place anywhere imagine that is this pound for pound or middleweight just
you got to put Sean number one do they have like Bellator guys and like the efl
guys right and stuff like that I don’t know I never really looked at that Rank and I became any any guys from
like Asia ever make it into the rank like one championship guys or anything ever make it into the rankings uh I’m
not sure is good all right I see you but on that
note I do think Sean should be number one just because of the recency of what
just happened and Izzy should be number two and I think everyone will be completely fine with that but it’s just absurd to say over the Long Haul of his
career that’s great by this logic am I still number one yeah it’s because I’m always number one well what are they
going to change it to like a a projectional thing then say it’s like your career projections then or
something because it can’t be like a current ranking should be based on what you’re doing currently right like but
I’m just saying based on that logic I’m like you put Sean in number one but then you put uh Sean Strickland number at
number five yeah that’s crazy O’Malley gets number one over me I’m like well what right well has he fought in the top
five top ten other than fiorian and and who gets to decide that Izzy had a bad
night and you didn’t I didn’t have a band and you didn’t you know what I mean like now now we’re getting a little wild
with like everybody kind of putting their own influence on on what they’re doing right I really don’t care I just
think he’s just asinine when people say stuff like that because I’m just like well what are we doing is this sport based on what we do or is this
sounds like well piggyback I like bread I hope he’s not the one controlling this
panel because Brad akamoto um bro you piggyback that off of uh the Valentina
fight you got a judge given a 10-8 I mean I guess this is kind of par for the
course in MMA that there’s just no consistency with judging there’s no consistency with [ __ ] pound-for-pound
rankings there’s no consistency with you know enforcement of rematches and this
it’s just like you know there’s no rules it’s the wild west bro we just do what we want yeah I just think there’s
something to be said about Strickland dominating for four to one rounds and me when around but then I get clips and get
tko’d in second in a fight where a lot of people were still saying even myself still says it was a little bit of an
early stoppage I’m gonna say a lot of it but um but that warrants him to be number one
but then Sean Strickland literally like let’s call it what it is that was a that was a whooping that was a whooping oh
yeah I mean he basically came out and dominated the fight you know what I mean like Izzy never there was never a moment
in that fight where like thought Izzy was gonna get him out of there might have been a moment where you’re like oh maybe he’s gonna like start to score
some points but never like there was never one moment where Strickland was like I’m not an Izzy
hater I’m an Izzy fan number one moment you were looked at it you were like oh Strickland might be in
trouble here he just never really had that moment he felt it after the first few leg checks you’re like what’s
happening yeah and then so why is it and again like I mean I know people have brought this up but it’s like why is
this all on Izzy’s bad performance and not Strickland’s amazing performance
like Strickland is that maybe Strickland is now like the kind of remember a few years back like Maxwell went on this
little run and kind of reinvigorated his career he was always like a better guy but then he just really like put strung
together some wins and was like getting talked about like title shots and stuff right you know what I mean like this
might be Strickland’s kind of moment where like maybe mentally he kind of figured something out and now he’s gonna
go on a run and like be unstoppable for a while you know can you look it up real quick who has Sean actually lawsuit I
think it was Canon air and that’s really it Carl Usman and Usman but that was at 170. yeah now he’s back he’s up at one
uh 85 and he had a crazy motorcycle accident that didn’t kept him out for like it was out for a couple years yeah
so my thing is just I think some of us have been there before [Laughter]
media not motorcycle racing in the air before that Pereira and then before that
he beat Jack Herman’s her Mansion yeah his last loss before that was UFC 224 to
I think that was at 170 also though I think that was also a welterweight
bout but what I’m saying is they either like me even bringing that up is really because I think a lot of the fans you
know and they could correct me if I’m wrong but I think a lot of people only tune in to certain Fighters because
they’re not hardcore fans like you know we watch their fights all the time yeah these guys are only watching when there’s like a big title fight coming on
then like placing these bets in wages but that watching these guys career to know like yo shortstick is actually that
just that damn good like Sean has been good has been that same guy doing that to people and sparring and
then going out there and doing that to people in the fight so like watch all his recent flights takes the fight with short notice with um I’m above yeah the
main event yeah yeah but no training after getting cracked a bunch and the first thing I came out and [ __ ] him up a little bit in the first round I think
yeah and he weathered the storm five round fight short notice are you kidding me who who else is doing that who else
is doing it what a stud well he’s just you know he just had uh maybe it was a good performance yeah it’s a bad night
he had a bad night he’s still the best now that’s like the ultimate Fanboy move right like you’re a sports writer and
you’re like I know he just lost but he’s my favorite he’s still number one he can do it
that’s exactly that’s such a fanboy move you know yeah
oh [ __ ] yeah you got to look at the reality a little bit you know like what’s the point of having the fights then yeah I mean should Grosso still
beat should be number one because it was a loss and then a draw you know like what are we talking about
yeah you think you think you think it’s intentional they’re just gonna get close to get people barking like you guys are
crazy you don’t know what you’re talking about like you said I don’t buy it you’re like I never look at that ranking
but we’re hardcore guys though but who am I the casuals are actually going to watch and look at that like well this says he’s number one so he’s got to be
number one because there’s people who are not really wrong but that’s like goes right back to the
same thing where like you know the media tricks you though like the same thing like the lead up to that fight they
trick you into thinking that Sean had no chance and that Izzy was gonna come out
there and like magically style Bend his ways you know what I mean you know like
you say that I hate that both names of Sean because it just makes me keep thinking about it madly in my head
the name Sean will not be mentioned again yeah I couldn’t think of his last name
for a minute how many times has Strickland made you laugh though oh he’s hilarious he’s good man he’s he’s cringy
just like Izzy though in like a little different way I think he kind of like showed a little bit more of his real self after the fight though whereas
before he was just being really like boys just loud and kind of like seemed
like he was just kind of saying [ __ ] or it wasn’t maybe not necessarily how he really felt but then after the fight he
started like kind of you could see like maybe some emotions coming out and like kind of being a bit more honest and
stuff is it awkward is it weird to call him or bad thing to call him like like the trailer park long Islander yeah you
know in a loving way wow yeah it’s crazy yeah okay yeah that sounds like it seems like a good time he breaks balls bro
like you talk [ __ ] breaks Ball but you know he’s just having a laugh taking a piss but yeah it’s just toughest house
too man but he’s shot but he’s like that in the gym like guys are having bad sparrings or bad things and he’ll just
start walking around and like just telling people like stop being a [ __ ] toughen up this is where we get good
he’s a great motivator like it’s a different way but if he’s not used to that it could kind of break you but he’s
like overall his intentions are always has been good I’ve I’ve told a story about my first interaction with Sean
Strickland it was like I [ __ ] hate this guy I can’t wait for someone his size could actually beat his ass for me
because what the [ __ ] like literally as my first day back sparring to help out I’m getting my ass kicked so I’ve been
drinking the whole time I’m in this bar I have no business being in there but just because I’m just crazy they asked
me to come in I did a round then going to round two and three he’s like just sitting there in the cage yelling so
everyone can hear his advice through the entire gym and it’s just me on the ground on my back him telling me I was
like I hate this guy this guy sucks I don’t even know you why are you trying
it was not a good day for me uh who’s it Shane Shapiro just mauld me for that
time and I could not wait to get it back because of Sean I cannot wait to get back in there go with Shane just to be
like I told you I could do better than that that was just a rough day because I was drinking the whole time but whatever but like I said at the end of the day
he’s great I love those stories yeah because it really should that takes a good guy to give that kind of advice around the gym like people are selfish
they don’t like care about themselves yeah that’s awesome it’s interesting because you always feel like you know
the media portrays people a certain way or chooses to shine light on certain
aspects of people’s personalities more than others well I’m an actor I fake
things isn’t that what you got your degree in from Cortland it was like you were a drama major or something like that you know he’ll spread that rumor
what was your drama major from Cortland State yeah yeah yeah living the dream
yeah the sooner schools are famous for pumping out pizzas
I always thought that was the dream when I was a physical education
gym teacher gym teacher wrestling coaches like every young wrestler in high school
and [ __ ] if I follow through with that and I found this place I’ll be here like every summer yeah yeah oh man you’re
teaching if you’re teaching every summer in Bali that’s the way to go live I was going to ask you about that do you would
you think you’ll like uh I mean obviously you’re not going to fight forever and I hope you fight a lot
longer and have a long happy country do you think do you think you would go back
to teaching and like coaching and that I know you like coaching I know you like working with kids and stuff like that so
do you think that’ll be like part of your life after fighting and stuff yeah more likely I I feel like
paying it forward I’ve had a guy in my life Dave matano who helped me out a ton and
um he just for whatever reason took myself and my brother in mostly me because my brother wasn’t always like
one to wake up super early to go to these wrestling tournaments and go off season me it was all about it it’s like this is what I want to do it’s just fun
and it took me around everywhere paid for Stuff pay for my meals pay for my Tournament entry I didn’t have any money
and now I’m kind of like I’m in the position where I could help do stuff like that if I see someone that wants it
try to help them out whether it’s in the school system or even at a gym trying to like just put in time
and give people a little bit back what they what I was given you know and I think it’s just a great opportunity to
help someone else Chase and realize their dream because you just never know man you plant you know you you Waters at
your high school coach no it was um a guy that Russell named Josh Montana Russell his son
I beat him in the qualifier in the final and Joshua might be listening to so I’d be able to qualifier he beat my brother
Troy we’re in the same way class Troy and I didn’t get to wrestle because Josh beat his ass Josh put the boots on my brother my
brother was just legs in the air like thanks Josh we didn’t want the Sterling versus Sterling all right that would probably
heated a heated match bro he got scraped up by Josh potato
so then after that that was kind of like my feel like and he beat up on my brother so then we get to the finals yes
dude I kind of smoked them in like I think under two minutes because it was too many rounds too many periods and yeah I think under two minutes state
finals no this is qualifiers go to sections sections and then sections you go to States so what do you call that
counties by you guys you call it counties yeah all right yeah okay Nassau County we call it Upstate New York who
call that section we got sectionals and then Super sectionals you guys have counties sections right oh okay yeah
yeah section five but then ever since that ever since it’s actually great baby
and uh [Laughter]
there was a dude named Akil cold or something like that he’s a section eight dude used to come out with like uh he
wore tall socks and he would have like a stuffed animal in his sock and he would put it on the mat in his corner he won like two New York state titles back in
the day if you’re out there bro like big up to you section eight bro yeah
um yeah so through him I don’t know what happened but my coach told me at the time he gave me his
contact said this guy wants to take you out to Russell and if you’re down he’ll take you around I was like kind of like
what’s the catch bro yeah right yeah when I told my mom legit like I’m Jamaican bro so guys forgive me this is
you got to remember this is also back in 2005 2006 or 2006 2007 going into 2007.
my mom was like you sure which means you sure he’s not gay yeah I
was just like you’re gonna play a little like hide the winky in the car or something bro I don’t think so I think
he just really loves wrestling he wants to see me win yeah it was a good match I mean it was a good
match but um yeah whatever and he helped you out a lot though shout out to wrestling though I think I think everybody that ever
wrestled Pride knows a couple guys like that though that were like you know willing to pay for kids like to have new
shoes or take them to tournaments we like there was a guy named Lou Lombardo in Greece where I’m from who was
Notorious for like you know picking kids up and taking them to tournaments and extra workouts and changing helping kids
get shoes and like really like and there’s you know 50 young men out there
who like think of that guy as like a you know like a like a father in a way you know what I mean and you really like
like you know like my second father I called yeah um Jake you might turn into the um temperature down like two I’m
like sweating through my shirt it’s right by the fridge um yeah shout out to coach Kaczynski that guy saved my life damn he sent me
the j-rob twice convinced my mom to bring me into Jay Robinson for those month camps yeah those those were Carl
Adams camps and those camps had a crazy reputation back in the day those days their whole thing was like I did it that
was like I was like I survived the wrestling the last day of the camp they
made us run around for an hour in a circle maybe 45 minutes screaming I’m gonna be
somebody what I’m gonna miss somebody rise look at you now
I’m gonna be somebody what I’m gonna miss somebody oh the j-rob Intensive starting with
like 250 kids and it would always get down to like 75 kids that’s a hard candy and you don’t get the T-shirt unless you
finish it right I get like the I did it I survived yeah when you were warming up
for a match like in the back in the day and you look across the mat and the guy’s got the j-rob I did it T-shirt oh
28 days man and then you gotta run 14 miles the last day I actually worked the J-Rock the seven day intensive though oh
wow pa okay set yeah I got paid it was okay money and it’s intensive yeah it’s like
you wake they check you like they check you if you’re not there it was a pain in the ass and I’m like I don’t want to be
on top of these kids you’re working well Carl Adams they
didn’t care if you didn’t show up so yeah that was a different vibe are you bang on your door but it’s a 7 A.M workout you know they’re not gonna
you’re not gonna be disciplined if you don’t show up at j-rob they’ll kick you out you missed two classes you’re gone
yeah because they keep attendance and then yeah they keep attendance and stuff yeah the coaches yeah
but yeah that was always fun working wrestling camps in the summer times and stuff like that we did a bunch back in
Brockport Brockport Camp Navy Camp Navy Camp who we got for the uh main event
for this weekend camera that’s a good fight Grappler versus
Grappler versus Striker gambra had a crazy fight when Abu Dhabi when you
fought awesome he fought Darius had a crazy fight that guy’s got such a
he’s got the style that shouldn’t work in modern MMA but it does because he’s
so kind of no disrespect camera I’m sure you got good striking but he’s kind of one-dimensional like you know you know
he’s gonna come in try to take you down and do that but he just like he’s like the more modern day like uh uh who is
the good uh Jiu Jitsu guy Damien Maya kind of thing like you know what he’s gonna do you
kind of just have to figure out a way to stop it might get through some hands against Kobe Covington though he’d do
some hands man he he he’s later in his career in the very first round oh I remember yeah
came back Maya got tired it was just Brazil [ __ ] so the guy’s about to trust me he’s
like no no
no no they didn’t oh man that’s got to be a little that would be a little scary if I was
like in a big city in Brazil like even you got the UFC protecting you though you’d like start calling to place a [ __ ] and stuff like bro I know some
Brazilian people they’ll get after you a little bit over there bro they know some people in the
in the favelas they got nothing to live for you know they’re going to come after you
that should be a really interesting fight the reason I like Gamera though because
even at 135 like people know like I would say like what marab and I are gonna do but it’s very hard to stop it
gamma it’s kind of similar even though with the Darius thing he kind of got a little bit tight I feel like he got tired in that fight in Abu Dhabi but I
feel like it seemed like it a little bit but then Darius is also a really high level Grappler who I got to Grapple with
him back in like 2016 I think or 2017. and I was like man this guy’s good it’s
good top pressure good control knows how to settle doesn’t let you do all the the roly-poly [ __ ] and get underneath
him which is what kind of what Gamera does you like take a bad shot do some inverted [ __ ] and then yeah pull you
into his nonsense just a whole bunch of nonsense yeah it’s a good thing it has an interesting style too because he
shoots like low leg shots and stuff you don’t ever like nobody really in MMA is shooting like that that like low single
door James so their knees kind of thing right yeah nobody’s doing that Randy
Couture like low single on a boxer move anymore you know James Tony was being taught by an FBI coach yeah I remember
the like the the lead up videos they they had you convinced it was like this guy’s like oh he gets on the ground he’s
got like superhuman strength I can’t believe it they were like hyping it up like he was really gonna do so something
on the ground it’s pretty funny but no that like it’s such I mean I feel like a guy like gamra always has like a unique
kind of Advantage because he has a style that’s really like difficult to prepare for because you like I mean you’re gonna
tell all your mates to like shoot low ankle shots on me like in the camp and stuff okay it’s like hard to kind of get
that look you know what I mean I think if I’m preparing for camera I think the way I’m like approaching my sparring
sessions is like as the guy who’s getting ready for the fight I know I can’t go 100 like in the Striking
because I know I’m Gonna Hurt guys right right but I would like to have training Partners who are coming in and their sole purpose is to take me down as much
as I throw strikes but obviously I know I can hit on the feet but once it gets to the ground you shouldn’t be grounded pounding at 100 that’s just crazy to me
and I think with that you have the you got to remind your training Partners to start doing inverted stuff rolling just
you can kind of get that chaotic right feel so what it’s going to be like just lots of scrambles like weird positions
stuff like that because it might not be the same but at least you kind of get an idea of like where your body awareness
might be in terms of he goes inverted when you might fall forward how to kind of position yourself to change angles
and whatnot I think that’s probably getting your heart rate up and down a little bit because you’re getting those weird positions get a little nervous get
a little tightened like really need to get out and then kind of like find your rest and kind of get back to it again
it’s very tired position man now I got no cvu like you play a lot of legs down or I don’t know if you’ve been doing
that for a while but at least I don’t remember a lot of the leg attacks from was it 2017 to 2018 yeah
um I noticed it a lot more even with uh Anthony too the same things like playing legs I’m like yo bro leave my little
piggies leave them alone that’s the new school [ __ ] though everybody wants to do leg
locks now and stuff you know it’s a great way to get out you know create an attack and maybe open something up yeah
like you had my back today I was like all right I gotta roll out it’s my only option right now I’m sorry
I either try to roll or accept this backpack that’s coming you know even even like you took my back and I was I
was thinking do I roll or do I just go traditional Escape traditional yeah yeah the rolling thing I just feel like
sometimes you end up in worse positions that’s the thing you think that you’re going to be in if they anticipate too if
they yeah I just kind of give everyone the credit though for sure like the benefit of the doubt that they’re just that good yeah you got out real clean
you got to have some different responses and stuff too when you’re training for MMA versus like Jiu Jitsu only you know
what I mean you’re not gonna like you could invert in a position where somebody would probably like punch your
face a lot you know an MMA fight but you have time there to like kind of mess around you saw that fight um Bruno
versus the newcomer who made his debut kept rolling for leg locks and brittle just smashed him the one Joe Anderson
Britto 145 I saw something recently that was pretty uh you were at the Apex movie
right just annihilate this guy was like yeah that’s a highlight I would never want to be a part of like he just
ah that was best pretty vicious right it was Ryan Hall versus um yeah dude that
was mean yeah I was like wow you know I’m a big fan of Ryan and I was I you
know that was a tough fight for him um big learning curve I think yeah
uh he didn’t fight a lot before that either though he only has only had fights right
even I’m gonna go cause he’s been looking good even when she did it seems good Steve’s good guess you took him
down right when they fought I don’t think he’s forces then I think that was his last fight
and I was dude I didn’t know who was gonna win that we’re at the house watching in Vegas and I was like yeah dude
um because I think Nas Nas Reps for Zima live respects him a lot but I’m just like yeah I’m too [ __ ] gay
like that [ __ ] was team young [ __ ] him yeah
also so similar team you know um yeah I don’t know I never met really
met either guy I’m just gonna put this here you guys can do with it as you please go a little yeah I think I have
another Red Bull grab another Nerf Focus I want the real thing
yeah don’t put that in his glass good thing
we have an editor ah sorry uh I’m a piece of [ __ ] that’s
so good I’m sorry bro I’m a mess predictions
uh uh I got physiv by unanimous decision
three rounds my heart’s picking this one I’m going with gun Rock cause I’m a Grappler and the grappler lost against
the striker at UFC 292 in the main event so I think it’s gonna happen in this one the grappler beats the striker
in this main event yeah I gotta go Grappler it’s my heart camera baby come on yeah do something crazy I’m getting two to one odds over
here so when physique wins just pay me in rupiah just make it a boring fight
Circle let him chase you do what I should have did instead I let the crowd
[ __ ] me up but do what I should do this let this guy chase you around then when he gets over aggressively taking ass
down like Cash Money Baby is it like that because he’s got good wrestling though man he’s got that he’s from uh
no no no he’s from like uh Tajikistan one of the stands for Kyrgyzstan or like
he was polish nah nah he from one of the stands well for sure look it up look it up look
no oh not gamma I’m talking about physique so he could wrestle so he could wrestle
pretty good I think because he’s such a good Striker people sleep on his wrestling he’s got good wrestling he’s got a good his but geek he took him down
she don’t take nobody down
two of my friends Mitchell
camo damn come on man let me live was Bryce Michelle the one talking a lot of
like uh conspiracies
next topic
I’m gonna be straight straight up because I know both these guys and I think it’s going to come down to whether
or not Danny gay can keep Bryce Mitchell off of him I know he can hit him yeah I’ve trained with both these guys I know
EA can land ige can grapple he actually wrestled with Warburg from what I remember okay
okay D3 where I wrestle D3 borrower said Cortland come on baby what Burger
in Augsburg right they’re like kind of the top two in the country every year it seems like yeah
division three’s got like 156 schools something like we have a lot that’s a lot yeah and division one’s got like
what 42. no that’s 42 get out of it oh that’s division two well over 100 division two is quite small one sorry
but I think we have more than you guys know my my but it probably is fairly close I mean I think I want to say like
118. last time don’t don’t quote me on that you could Google it Jamie pull that up
rice has very unorthodox wrestling he’s very good at the body lot once he gets
his hands locked he does a great job of using it as grip and he’s so long he’s not the biggest 45 either him and he
gave this is what I love about this matchup they’re not too big overpronounced guys at 145. they both probably walking around 170 like 65 170
and that’s like a normal day if they get fat and maybe it’s like 63 60 65 75 660.
673.75 so they’re your size that’s what you’re saying relatively my size which you know it’s good all right it’s good
but the other way but watch out I think 2024 when
when Mitchell gets his hands locked he does a great job especially when he gets to that body lock position she’s very difficult to Grapple in there and then
when he gets to back he’s very good in that position as well ige he’s a good Grappler but I’m gonna say
um I think if he lets Bryce take his back I think that’s going to be problematic I don’t think he’s going to
submit him but I think it’s gonna be problematic where it could be like the Korean zombie where he could give up the entire round just by giving up that
position but I think if he lands some good shots in the feet which I think he has the he’s got the edge and striking
Department over you guys are sharp I would say he’s a sharper Striker yeah and he’s got power so I mean Bryce
gonna need to get the takedown and be smart same like you said with gamrod
manage distance well bait him in look to get this tank down body lock kind of similar similar deal there
for you um overall so Bryce has that wiry
strength you know leverage height he’s not he’s not like super tall but he’s got like a strong grip yeah you know
those guys are freaking they take you down and then they’re Holding On by like a thready like how are you still holding
me you should not be holding me in this position but they are um where ige is more compact he’s more explosive I drew ige there’s been times
he’ll touch me to the body on a drill just like swinging his hand and I just go bro
and I told him I was like dude like I don’t know if you were like trying to do
that but that [ __ ] hurts bro chill bro yeah relax you’re hurting people man I think he’s got some Mitch
though he’s got some big ass mitts and his feet are like this so jealous so jealous those people just born got that
like just that photo on like electricity like just a Hawaiian blood just [ __ ]
touch your gift put you just just Boop you’re out you know what I mean it’s
hard man whenever we Spar I try not to let him hit me at all but one of the things I do realize when we do it when
we did Spar um I always felt like he never really tried I told that to Eric Mexico as well I was like I feel like he was always
like super respectful to the point where he’s like I don’t know if I’m getting anything out of this foreign
maybe he’s not trying to show you everything he thinks it might be a showdown in the future
before I saw the move that’s funny a couple years ago like I know what you’re trying to do Dan ige
KO third round just both my friends
you got a drink then drink Champs you could drink or you could pick one or
Bryce Mitchell that’s a draw oh got a drink I just I think
if Bryce again [Music]
that’s just yeah that’s the easiest way out ever bro it’s like you’re the
biggest cop-out what do you got Andrew who you got Mitchell second round and you’re staying
loyal to the Grapplers camo shorts baby let’s go I love that
one I want my camo shorts
oh yeah you know but those are those are personal beliefs well
here we are in Bali on the edge of the Flat Earth yeah out here yeah I don’t
understand that one might fall off bro if we keep going I’m pretty sure if we would have swam a little further
out if we would have swam a little further out and we want to we could have fell off
videos that was the infinity pool that was the edge we got to look into it yeah we’ll look into it
we got to do our research any problems we’re gonna do our research do your
research bro do your research I got a GED bro do your research
who’s next is there any other good fight
It’s gotta be on one more good one we don’t got to do a whole breakdown but
dude no you’re pushing it what time wise or is this just terrible
yeah we’re good we got 40 minutes bro stop [ __ ] [ __ ] cursing at me bro look at the fight Congress oh
we got a cage at the gym yeah Charles Jordan Ricardo Ramos
oh I don’t know much about either one of those guys Jordan is the Canadian kid right they’re both Canadians oh really
yeah one’s um no not once Ricardo Ramos is Brazilian but he trains that All-Star with their Canadians okay
Jordan didn’t he fight uh Dez Green he’s the one in Rochester he’s the one that did the Spartan when they did UFC in
Rochester New York baby who won that oh that’s that’s what he does he beat him pretty kind of a boring decision though yeah he did the Spartan cake against
Andre ewall and from there evil whatever I think it’s evil evil whatever he’s
Andre he’s a tough kid though Dez out pointed him but he was coming forward at the end like till the very end and [ __ ]
yeah you know what’s crazy about Desi though I love Desi shout out Des green but even when we were back at Bosco he
would always say like kind of like legs feed the wolf and he would always run but I always felt like he was always so
tired in like the second or third round like his mouth wide open I’m like yo bro I don’t get it I think it’s the weed
though I think he’s the tobacco the Blunts and everything yeah the tobacco and the blunts I don’t think weed is bad
for you I think it’s not weed it’s the tobacco I think back then too he was still getting used to MMA and stuff like
that but you know I’m waiting for Des green to make his comeback in the UFC I’m a fan for life
oh he’s got Southpaw he’s really really quick good wrestler round to 12 and D
ones for University of Buffalo oh shout out he used to make 45 I know he was like yeah he was making 45 for a minute
going up but um well other than that man thank you guys for tuning in hey we’ll
see you guys Bali and you guys are over in Indonesia come through Funk Harbor baby Funk
Harbor let’s go sure they’re gonna change the name

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