Alexander Volkanovski reacts to USMAN vs CHIMAEV!

In this article, we will be discussing Alexander Volkanovski’s reaction to the upcoming co-main event of UFC 294 between Kamaru Usman and Khamzat Chimaev. Volkanovski, who is currently in training camp, expresses his excitement and disbelief at the turn of events. He acknowledges the historical significance of being a part of such a stacked card and gives credit to all those involved in making it happen.

Volkanovski mentions that the winner of the Usman vs. Chimaev fight is rumored to get a title shot against Sean Strickland. He finds it surprising that Strickland is being considered for a title shot, especially since Usman has already defeated him in the welterweight division. Nevertheless, Volkanovski understands the appeal of the fight and believes it will be a massive showdown.

When it comes to predicting the outcome of the fight, Volkanovski acknowledges the challenge that Chimaev poses for Usman. He believes that Chimaev’s aggressive style and high-paced fighting will test Usman’s takedown defense and conditioning. However, Volkanovski also recognizes Usman’s well-rounded skills and ability to handle pressure. He notes that Usman has shown strength in scrambles and has the potential to handle Chimaev’s shots.

Volkanovski points out that Chimaev’s relentless pace could be a factor in the fight, especially considering it is a three-round bout. He wonders if Usman can handle the constant pressure and maintain his gas tank throughout the fight. Volkanovski, who prides himself on his own cardio, believes that Usman’s conditioning will play a crucial role in the outcome.

In conclusion, Volkanovski expresses his anticipation for the Usman vs. Chimaev fight and commends the UFC for putting together such an exciting card. He signs off, mentioning that he needs to rest as he continues to prepare for his own upcoming fight.

This co-main event has generated a lot of hype and excitement among fans and fighters alike. The clash between Usman and Chimaev promises to be a thrilling showdown, with both fighters bringing their unique skills and styles to the Octagon. As the fight approaches, the anticipation continues to build, and fans can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

crazy it’s uh very exciting I’m I’m very
excited obviously to go out there and
compete uh but not that uh be a part of
uh probably a historical sort of event
that’s what it’s turning out to be so
it’s uh pretty incredible so shout out
to all in play UFC for making this
happen Islam and chiah for still
accepting the short notice Fighters and
then obviously the short notice fight is
actually coming in and uh without any
camps as well so it’s pretty incredible
shout out to everyone involved um man
what event it’s going to be and the
winner of that supposedly gets a title
shot uh against Shan Strickland
uh chamay is against Shan Strickland’s
going to be a massive fight um that’s
what they’re saying which is surprising
maybe uh is’s just like I going to wait
and they’re just going to try and fit
that in until I’s back I don’t know the
whole situation there but supposedly
that’s what they’re saying uh but Chay
Strickland’s a big fight and even Usman
and Strickland’s a big fight considering
usman’s already beat him when he when
Strickland was in welterweight so uh
that’s pretty pretty crazy so you could
see while uh why would be pretty worth
it Forman to step up so again you got to
take them opportunities even on short
notice if an opportunity like this comes
you go and take it that’s what he’s
doing so you know credit to him how do I
think that fight’s going to go
interesting fight I think uh again
credit to Chay because it ain’t an easy
fight we know usman’s got very good
takedown defense uh Kobe Covington had
big problems with uh with Usman trying
to take him down I think Usman even got
the takedowns on him so uh we could
expect a stand up that fight and chamay
being aggressive you know usman’s a
pretty well rounded fighter you know
he’s got big knockouts of of his own so
um pretty incredible fight again stacked
event stacked card and all happening in
the all the stuff that’s happened in the
last 48 hours is uh absolutely crazy so
man like how do I think that fight’s
going to
go man who do I think’s going to take
one I don’t
even I think Gman I think it’s going to
end up being a stand up fight like I’ve
seen Usman in scrambles he’s hard to
take down he’s really good in their
positions he’s strong um you got to
remember yeah Chay is bigger I know a
lot of people say he does fight at
welterweight as well but I think he’s
more of a middleweight and usman’s a
solid welterweight so but I think he’s
still going to handle that um it’s going
to be interesting fight I I really don’t
know how to pick it I think it’s going
to be a standup fight um obviously Tay
is going to be you think in better
condition I don’t know how long usman’s
been training for and chamay is a very
very high paced fighter so does that
come into play can Usman handle the
shots I think he can can he handle that
pace that chamay is going to put
everything’s going to be 100% it’s a
three rounder um you know he doesn’t go
in and just like you know he goes in for
the kill even when he’s wrestling or
even when he’s punching so can leave
openings in Striking but um I think the
pace that tay is going to set is going
to be hard to deal with for someone uh
on short notice you know here I am doing
the same thing but you know I’ve always
backed my cardio cuz I’m I’m like I said
if I’m that guy usman’s probably that
guy too so I don’t know so uh he he’s
never really he’s always been in a
situation where he’s been pretty
prepared um so he’s always in good
condition so it’ll be interesting to see
how that goes but if he if his uh gas
tank doesn’t hold up and it does go in
them later rounds with the pressure that
chamay is going to do I think it’s going
to be a hard KN for Usman but if usman’s
fit his takedown defense is going to be
hard and I think we’re in for a crack
and fight so cannot wait to watch it
while I’m warming up for my big fight so
again credit to everyone involved UFC
congratulations on making this uh Fight
Card happen I cannot wait I’m going to
leave you cuz I’m going to go rest cuz
we busting our ass over here so see you

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