Alexander Volkanovski Addresses Loss After UFC 294

Alexander Volkanovski recently took the stage at the post-fight press conference to address his loss against Islam Makhachev at UFC 294. In a display of raw emotion, Volkanovski clarifies that his initial comments after the fight were driven by the devastation he felt in the moment. However, he remains focused on his fighting career and has plans for a quick turnaround in January. Volkanovski also expresses his desire to defend his UFC featherweight title against Ilia Topuria.

Key Takeaways:

  • Volkanovski addresses his knockout loss to Makhachev and explains the emotional response at the post-fight press conference.
  • Challenges leading up to the fight include recent surgery and the arrival of a new baby.
  • Despite the setback, Volkanovski plans to make a quick comeback and compete again in January.
  • He desires to defend his UFC featherweight title against Ilia Topuria.
  • Volkanovski remains committed to his fighting career and providing for his family.

Explaining Raw Emotion and Mental Struggles

After his knockout lossAlexander Volkanovski found himself grappling with a flood of raw emotions. In an attempt to clarify his emotional outburst at the post-fight press conference, he shed light on the devastation he felt in that moment. Volkanovski acknowledged that his immediate comments were fueled by a mix of disappointment, frustration, and heartache.

Volkanovski also shared insight into the mental struggles he faced leading up to the fight. Following his previous bout with Yair Rodriguez, he underwent surgery, which added an additional layer of challenge to his training and preparation. On top of that, he welcomed the arrival of a newborn child, which further complicated his ability to fully focus on his training.

The Australian fighter recognizes the difficulties that arose from not being able to give his training the undivided attention it deserves. Despite these obstacles, Volkanovski wants to emphasize that his family and his career are the two most important pillars in his life. It is through these challenges that he aims to grow and become a stronger fighter in the long run.

Volkanovski: “I may have lost the fight, but I’m committed to overcoming these mental struggles and coming back stronger. My family and my career are my motivation, and I won’t let anything deter me from my goals.”

Raw emotion and mental struggles are an unavoidable part of an athlete’s journey, and Alexander Volkanovski’s transparency in addressing these challenges provides an invaluable glimpse into the human side of professional fighting.

Looking Ahead and Focusing on Career

Despite the loss at UFC 294Alexander Volkanovski remains unwavering in his commitment to his fighting career. He sees his prime years as an opportunity to maximize his fighting abilities and secure a prosperous future for himself and his family. Recognizing the importance of having a clear direction, Volkanovski is determined to make the necessary adjustments to reach the pinnacle of his profession.

With an unwavering career focus, Volkanovski has his sights set on a quick turnaround, aiming to compete again in January. He understands the significance of staying active and continuously improving to maintain his position as one of the best fighters in his weight class. In pursuit of prolonging his prime and increasing his earning potential, Volkanovski is eager to put his skills to the test against formidable opponents, such as Ilia Topuria.

The desire to secure financial stability fuels Volkanovski’s dedication to his fighting career. He recognizes that his accomplishments inside the cage directly impact his ability to provide for his family and secure their future. By strategically navigating his fighting journey and making informed career decisions, Volkanovski aims to optimize his earning potential and create a secure foundation for his loved ones.

Volkanovski’s commitment to fighting is unwavering, as he strives to leave a lasting legacy in the sport. Through disciplined training, strategic decision-making, and a steadfast career focus, he remains determined to achieve greatness and cement his name among the legends of mixed martial arts.

Table: Alexander Volkanovski’s UFC Featherweight Career Highlights

UFC 245Max HollowayWin (Unanimous decision)
UFC 251Max HollowayWin (Split decision)
UFC 266Brian OrtegaWin (Unanimous decision)
UFC 294Islam MakhachevLoss (Knockout)

Please note: This table only includes selected highlights from Alexander Volkanovski’s UFC featherweight career and does not encompass all of his fights or accolades.

Balancing Career and Future Plans

Alexander Volkanovski understands the importance of finding a balance between his fighting career and planning for the future. While he is currently focused on his career and providing for his family, he acknowledges that there will come a time when he needs to transition away from fighting and redirect his energy towards other endeavors.

For now, however, Volkanovski’s primary focus remains on his career. Fighting is how he currently makes his money, and he wants to ensure the financial stability of his family. He recognizes that his prime years in the fighting world are an opportunity to maximize his abilities and create a secure future for his loved ones.

While Volkanovski knows that eventually he will have to shift his focus, he is fully committed to his family’s well-being. He views them as his ultimate driving force and understands that providing for their future is a top priority. As his fighting career progresses, he is mindful of the need to plan for the transition and build a solid foundation for his family’s future.

Aspects to ConsiderActions Taken
Career TransitionVolkanovski recognizes the need to plan for a career transition and explore other opportunities beyond fighting. He is actively seeking advice from financial experts to ensure a smooth transition.
Family SupportVolkanovski prioritizes his family’s well-being and is actively saving for their future. He has engaged the services of a financial planner to help ensure their financial stability.
Business VenturesUnderstanding the importance of diversifying his income, Volkanovski is exploring potential business ventures that align with his interests and long-term goals.

While Volkanovski’s focus is on his career at present, he is laying the groundwork for a successful transition. By balancing his career aspirations with careful planning for the future, he aims to create a secure and prosperous future for himself and his family.


In conclusion, Alexander Volkanovski’s loss at UFC 294 was a difficult blow to his fighting career. However, he has approached the aftermath with honesty and determination. Volkanovski’s emotional response after the fight was fueled by the devastation he felt, acknowledging the challenges he faced both physically and mentally.

Despite this setback, Volkanovski remains resolute in his commitment to his fighting career. He plans to make a quick turnaround and return to training, with the goal of competing again in January. The future holds the potential for redemption as Volkanovski expresses his desire to defend his UFC featherweight title against Ilia Topuria.

Furthermore, Volkanovski understands the importance of balancing his career with other aspects of his life. While his fighting career is currently his main source of income, he acknowledges the need to transition to other endeavors in the future. Nevertheless, his family remains his ultimate driving force and priority, as he strives to provide for their future.


What was Alexander Volkanovski’s response to his knockout loss at UFC 294?

Alexander Volkanovski addressed his loss after UFC 294 with honesty and determination. He acknowledged the devastation he felt and explained that his emotional outburst at the post-fight press conference was a result of raw emotion.

What challenges did Alexander Volkanovski face leading up to the fight?

Alexander Volkanovski faced several challenges leading up to the fight, including a recent surgery after his previous fight, and the balancing act of training while also adjusting to his new role as a father to a newborn.

What are Alexander Volkanovski’s plans for his fighting career?

Despite the loss, Alexander Volkanovski remains focused on his fighting career. He plans to get back into training as soon as possible and hopes to compete again in January. He specifically mentions Ilia Topuria as a potential opponent for his next fight.

How does Alexander Volkanovski balance his career and future plans?

Alexander Volkanovski understands that he will eventually have to transition away from fighting and focus on other aspects of his life. However, for now, his primary focus is on his career and providing for his family. He emphasizes his commitment to his family and their well-being as his ultimate driving force.

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