Alex Pereira Will Win Jiri Prochazka Fight

In a recent interview on The MMA Hour, Alex Pereira discussed his upcoming fight against Jiri Prochazka and shared his thoughts on Sean Strickland’s chances in a potential title rematch. Pereira, a former kickboxing champion turned MMA fighter, also talked about his training with Dylan Danis and his charitable efforts in his hometown. Here are the highlights from the interview:

Pereira’s Weight Cut and Fight Night Weight

Pereira mentioned that the main difference between fighting at 185 pounds and 205 pounds is the weight cut. He explained that cutting weight to fight at 185 pounds requires a lot of effort, but on Fight Night, he doesn’t feel much of a difference between the two weight classes. For his last fight against Andrei Arlovski, Pereira weighed around 103 kg (225-230 pounds) on Fight Night.

Pereira’s Opinion on Fighting Sean Strickland Again

When asked about the possibility of a rematch with Sean Strick land, Pereira stated that he is not currently interested in fighting him again at 185 pounds. He mentioned that the weight cut to 185 pounds is difficult for him, so he wants to focus on other fights for now. However, he did not rule out the possibility of a rematch in the future.

Pereira’s Thoughts on Strickland’s Chances in a Rematch

Pereira expressed that he was not surprised by Strickland’s performance in their previous fight. He believed that Strickland had a good chance of winning because of his fighting style and the strategies he employed during his fights. Pereira mentioned that he saw some things that Strickland was doing that were effective against him, but he did not go into detail to avoid giving away any potential game plan for a rematch.

Pereira’s Analysis of Jiri Prochazka’s Striking Style

Pereira described Prochazka as a versatile striker who can adapt his game depending on his opponents. He mentioned that Prochazka fought differently against Dominick Reyes compared to his fight against Volkan Oezdemir. Pereira acknowledged that Prochazka’s striking style is different from his own, but he sees some things in Prochazka’s game that he can exploit. However, he did not go into specifics, stating that he is still working on his game plan.

Pereira’s Motivation for the Fight and His Charitable Efforts

Pereira mentioned that his motivation for the fight against Prochazka is solely focused on winning. He stated that he does not hold any grudges against Prochazka and is approaching the fight like any other. Outside of fighting, Pereira has been involved in charitable efforts in his hometown in Brazil. He recently visited a favela and donated non-perishable food to those in need. He also received donations from his fans, which he plans to use to further support the people in his hometown after his fight with Prochazka.

Pereira’s Training with Dylan Danis

Pereira confirmed that he recently trained with Dylan Danis at his gym. He mentioned that they had a great training session focused on boxing. This was their second time training together, with their first session taking place a few months ago. Pereira praised Danis’ skills and stated that he enjoyed the training.

Pereira’s Relationship with Anthony Smith

Pereira addressed the ongoing issue between him and Anthony Smith. He explained that the problem stems from Smith not giving him the credit he deserves. Pereira mentioned that Smith often downplays his opponents and their abilities, which he finds disrespectful. He believes that Smith should focus on winning the crowd over and being more charismatic instead of constantly criticizing his opponents.

Pereira’s Blue Lamborghini and Joke with Glover Teixeira

Pereira recently purchased a blue Lamborghini, which caught the attention of his mentor, Glover Teixeira. Teixeira jokingly thought that Pereira bought the car for him, but it was just a lighthearted moment between the two. Pereira expressed his excitement about his new car and is looking forward to his upcoming fight.

Pereira’s Impact and Charitable Efforts in Brazil

Pereira’s charitable efforts in his hometown have gained attention and support from his fans. He mentioned that after sharing a video of his visit to the favela and his donations, he received significant donations from his fans. One anonymous donor even contributed a substantial amount to support Pereira’s cause. Pereira expressed his gratitude for the support and stated that he plans to continue helping the people in his hometown after his fight with Prochazka.

In conclusion, Alex Pereira is focused on his upcoming fight against Jiri Prochazka and is not currently interested in a rematch with Sean Strickland at 185 pounds. He believes that Strickland’s chances in a rematch are strong due to his fighting style and strategies. Pereira also discussed his training with Dylan Danis and his charitable efforts in his hometown in Brazil. He recently visited a favela and donated non-perishable food to those in need, and received donations from his fans to further support the people in his hometown. Pereira’s relationship with Anthony Smith has been strained due to Smith not giving him the credit he deserves. Pereira recently purchased a blue Lamborghini, which led to a lighthearted joke with Glover Teixeira. Overall, Pereira is focused on his upcoming fight and is grateful for the support he has received from his fans.

one of the other big fights obviously as I said at the top of the show that was announced uh it was actually announced I
think Wednesday evening so we say goodbye Wednesday and then Wednesday evening we found out the answer to the
question that a lot of people have been asking me what’s the second fight on the MSG card what’s the big fight what’s the
fight that we’re gonna get what’s the co-main event is there going to be another title fight is there going to be something of note it felt like it was
lacking and then we get the big bomb we get Alex peretta versus Yuri prohaska
back at the scene where he won the middleweight title last November back at
MSG back at the mecca now challenging for the vacant light heavyweight title poeton back in New York City against
Eric Huska he’s kind enough to join us let’s go and say hello to him there he is the great Alex padetta on the program
once again Hello Alex bonjia hello how are you I’m doing great wow no
translator anymore you know English perfect I can’t be seen but I can’t be heard I’m
here next to him hello Ariel hello plinio as always thank you so much for setting this up I really appreciate it
um Alex a lot to talk to you about congratulations on getting the fight uh first could I ask when you found out
that it was back in New York close to home where you want the belt the middleweight belt last November did that make it all
that much more sweeter for you are you the kind of guy who feels like oh this is meant to be I could do it again in the same venue Madison Square Garden now
win a second title
but obviously when we talk about match on Square Garden is the place that I made my UFC belt the way that the place
that I won my first title right the UFC so it makes a little sweet I want to make
the most out of it uh we saw your light heavyweight debut in July in Salt Lake City were you happy with the way in
which you fought against yamahovich were you happy with your performance
on that fight I was fighting on a new weight class you know what I mean the altitude fighting young black hole which
are Super experience right like foreign very happy with my performance
he claimed afterwards that he thought he was robbed did you watch the fight again and do you
feel confident that you did enough to win that fight
well it was look at the fight back let’s move first round was a hard brown right
like you know what I mean difficult but second round I was able to import more of my game fight better and
then third if you pull like that was one-on-one so if the third round decides the fights I won that third round for
about four minutes and 15 seconds he took me down the end of the round but he didn’t do no damage or anything like
that so I’m putting all together you know what I mean I believe they don’t want that fight and I agree by the way I thought you won 29-28 uh at this point
where where do you feel more comfortable 205 or 185 foreign
wealth my performance during the fight during the fight itself you know he said he don’t feel no difference
the main difference that he feels for an example of course for to fight at 185 he got to cut a lot of extra weights so it
is the toe is you know what I mean it is much higher but when Fight Night comes like he don’t really feel a
difference between both he’s more you know what I mean the amount of the how hard the weight cut is
does he know do you know how much you weighed on Fight Night
for which one for last one yeah for behovich
[Music] um well 103 kg so I’ll say maybe
225 to 24 something like that and when he was fighting a middleweight how much did he weigh on Fight Night
um well
during the fight at 185 he’ll probably be on the on the cage with about 210 you
know what I mean but by the end of the the the the process of hydration like driving Ricky’s fluids and everything he
probably would go like 215 but fighting at 210 okay
but his camps like is is around the same way like he’s around 210 to 15 with a it
doesn’t matter for which weight class okay um I had heard that when they were
having trouble booking Israel asania versus Sean Strickland in Sydney that there was some talk of trying to book
him versus Yuri in Sydney was that ever a real thing that was brought to him
booking booking islands versus Yuri in September in Sydney
well I just want to say pablovich in the night that week was already talked about in ordering what’s next for him and
everything and then he says look maybe for the Abu Dhabi car it’ll be a good card for me to have this fight and then
he came to his ear about Sydney and he was like you know what I’m already on
Camp I’m ready so might as well just do it so he say yes but it seemed that I don’t know maybe came to Iris there’s
five years came to here they say he was not ready yet he’s not talking about you know what I mean like here’s a very
professional guy he’s a professional fighter not saying that he was a scaring thing like that but you know sometimes you imagine like I want a fighting X I’m
on a month or something like that you seemed that it was not a good thing for him so we did that happen and in the end we got
Sean versus Izzy what did you think would happen and and were you shocked at the result on uh September 9th
in a moment well uh satisfied a book you guys know people
was asking him like what do you think about this fight and everything and then he always say that from all those guys
out there the one that had the biggest chance for Sean Strickland you know what I mean the way that he fights then putting it all together he’s a good
fighter and during their fights and Alex is strictly he saw some stuff like that that Sean
was doing that was kind of working for him he’s not gonna get into no details to not help a design on a rematch but he
was not surprised I think Sean did a great job and he was expecting that now that you have this newfound relationship
with Sean after MSG do you have interest in fighting him again at 185 for that
belt um
thing like that but it is a hard way cut so right now it’s not my interest and and and for you like in your opinion
knowing what you know about them if they if they fight again if they do the immediate rematch who do you think wins
right like the games don’t click and so
for Strickland if if I design a fight the same way he see just going to be a continuity or the
first round is going to be 10 rounds is going to be just around five to ten the same way
the Yuri versus Alex fight is so interesting because you’re two great Strikers but you’re two very different
Strikers uh some might say you’re you’re you’re a highly technical Striker obviously a two division uh champion in
kickboxing One Division champion in MMA uh you are the best of the best as far as MMA striking is concerned and he’s
just a very different type of Striker can I get your opinion on the kind of Striker that Yuri is and the way in
which he you know his stance his technique what do you as a high level kickboxer now turned MMA fighter what do
you think of the way in which he fights on his feet foreign
well uh analyzing his game in the middle without going too deep
he’s a he’s a striker he’s a kind of guy that can change a lot of his game depending on his opponents he fought
Dominic raised one way he [ __ ] over the other way you know what I mean and
look at me to him for an example people sometimes you’re gonna say ah you know what I mean you kind of you’re gonna be Grover win you know what I mean you’re
gonna win but the camps are different the way that you know I mean the Glover did the Train the way the Alex do the
training more first Striker can’t just go too deep on his game you
know what I mean okay without giving too much but I see some stuff over there I see some some stuff that they can work
that nobody seen I’m wondering if he feels if Alex feels like he leaves himself to get open you know to get hit
by being open too much that he doesn’t defend himself he’s he’s a little more unorthodox and that creates fun fights
but does he feel like he leaves a lot of openings to get hit foreign
a little bit of his game he likes to do that for an example he walks around he
goes he fixed his glove and you look down and then when you see he’s hitting you or like he put the hand down and
walk out you know what I mean then you chase you want to get hit by that so things that I’m seeing that he’s doing
his game that I’m working on without going to deep just just a very superficial part fair enough uh is there
any part of you that feels like you really want to win this fight for multiple reasons but one of them because
of his history with global Tashara you’re a mentor like do you feel like you want to win this fight for Glover does that thought cross your mind
with that choke on the last minute but they had their story like you know what I mean like I’m not gonna have no grudge
against the guy because he just supposed to do there was five so right now I’m just training and focusing on winning I
feel like I do for any other fight how do you feel about being on the same card as the greatest light heavyweight champion Jon Jones
same thing too it’s going to make me motivated to be part of the same card as we as in speaking of motivation you are
that person to a lot of people especially back home in Brazil I saw a clip on your YouTube channel which is great by the way and I would urge
everyone to go check it out um of you going back to uh I believe it’s the Favela where you grew up what
was that like for you and uh what are you trying to do to help the people who are living there I understand that
you’re trying to do some charitable efforts what are you trying to do to help them out now personally
it was assembly foreign
no no no questions
I came from you know what I mean I always try to go back there and right now they had some some kind of some
mudslides some some some floods over there affected people people you know what I mean have nothing over there so
went there donated some non-perishable food for all the famous I always try to do that and the good thing man you know
I mean after that all my people saw the video on my channel and then I made like uh
is a lot of money so uh I got up to like three Grands or on
donations and then some Anonymous guy went and said look I really respect what you’re doing on their on our hometown
with your neighborhood so I’m gonna complete and put the other seven so now his focus on his this fight but
after the the five goals the next fight he’s gonna go back there gonna get all the gonna put all their money down for
the people again and keep doing what he’s doing man but he appreciate whoever did that you know what I mean but so people are just keep seeing the good
deeds and seeing and get motivated to do the same that’s that’s great that is amazing I would also urge people to
check out your store uh the merchandise that you have is is really well done and the Crown Jewel I think is that shirt
that you’re wearing right now whose idea was it to come up with this shirt that you’re wearing right now this is very
popular boy
I thought well they actually was his idea and you know people always want to
keep commenting on his pictures and putting the Emoji of the Stone Face you know from they stay Island and then like
you know what I’m gonna make a shirt with that he he’s he’s been setting a lot of stuff like you know I mean his
clothes are doing great and that one for sure is a sales record you know what I
mean he’s been selling a lot like you know what people come in they’re gonna make a t-shirt with my name of the Stone Face is a success brilliant um I saw on
Twitter today and I wanted to know if it was real or not in Plano you could probably add to this as well I saw from Dylan danis he he says that he was
training with you today is that a real photo were you training with Dylan Dennis today
yeah it just happened today here in my gym uh playing it here in my gym a few
hours ago Alex did a great training you know what I mean he said he didn’t enjoy was six rounds of specific type of
sparring and he was a very nice train was this your first time training with him foreign
no second time the first time we trained was a few months ago but Alex was still recording from some fights you’ll be in
injured so they just did a few positions on the ground some limited boxing was nice but today was actually was really
boxing so there was three and here’s a massive fight coming up next month are you going to continue to train with him
leading up to that fight
are you going to be cornering Dylan Dennis against Logan Paul no I’m not okay all right just checking
um and just a couple more and then I’ll let you go is everything okay with you and Anthony Smith what’s going on over there and and uh why why is there an
issue between you guys foreign
since the beginning he give Alex more credit so for example Alex made his debut he came from glory and he was like
yeah he’s a glory kick boxer but now he’s fighting a very tough grappling just you know what I mean wrestling and
everything it’s going to be too much of a challenge for him he goes Bob the guy up oh but you know what I mean now
this is Alex where he goes over here but that guy that he fought wasn’t tough he was a nobody now he’s going to find
Bruno Silva you know what I mean so this is going to be too much too
tough for him goes and beat Bruno silver and then natural Sean Street I mean Bruno wasn’t
he’s a challenge right now you know what I mean it’s not going to be good for him he goes and play Sean Strickland so and
then it’s always something going behind the spiritual frequently well that was not a tough challenge in this and I
still got to prove himself oh but now he’s going to fight a designer they say he goes and being a designer and then
after that goes up goes like everywhere but you know he just lost his last fight he’s too small for light heavyweights
you know what I mean like he’s a top five block of [ __ ] he don’t pass I already told you tie and everything Alex
goes and the the guy so it’s always something going on that he feels that Anthony doesn’t give him the proper
credit that he deserves he kind of hates a little bit instead of just like going locate man on the beginning I was wrong
I tried I thought that the guy would not want to get that fight but not all was wrong try to be a little more he’s a
commentator he tried he should try more to win the crowd not lose do not lose them you know what I mean like bring the
people for him be charismatic you know what I mean like own it but it’s always something else in this credit Alex for
everything and that’s why the beef is that fair enough and and thank you for explaining that last question uh
congrats on your new car uh it looks fantastic I think it’s a blue Lamborghini true or false when you showed it to Glover did he think that
you were buying that car for him it seemed like he might have thought that is that what happened
blah blah blah you know what I mean was it was a very healthy fun joke it was great it was great I can’t wait to see
you back in there good luck I can’t wait for this fight what an amazing matchup it is
always appreciate your time Alex uh go check out the YouTube channel on the store as well you’re doing great things
over there it’s really impressive and thank you to Plano as well for the translation and for setting this up I
appreciate you both very much good luck to you guys chairman
thank you thank you guys all the best to you there he is out prayer and his coach plinio Cruz uh what a wonderful fight
that is that goes down November 11th at the mecca at Madison Square Garden

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