In this episode of WEIGHING IN, Josh Thomson and John McCarthy discuss a variety of topics, including Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s decision to continue fighting, the ongoing feud between Dylan Danis and Logan Paul, and the recent comments made by the PFL CEO about the UFC. Let’s dive into the details.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s Boxing Match

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, a former MMA fighter, has been pursuing a boxing match with Shannon Briggs. While some question the motivation behind this decision, it seems that Jackson is trying to boost his involvement in the UFL (Unified Fight League), a promotion that includes fighters like Frank Mir and Tito Ortiz. At 45 years old, Jackson’s age raises concerns about his ability to perform at his best. However, his fans are still supportive and hopeful for his success.

In his last fight against Fedor Emelianenko in Japan, Jackson was not in the best shape and did not perform as expected. But if he is in shape for his upcoming fight, it will be interesting to see if he can still be the fighter everyone remembers him to be. Regardless, everyone wishes him good luck in his future endeavors.

The Feud Between Dylan Danis and Logan Paul

The ongoing feud between Dylan Danis and Logan Paul has escalated to the point where even political commentators are commenting on it. Candace Owens, a political commentator, tweeted about the situation, acknowledging how quickly it has escalated. Jake Paul, Logan’s brother, also chimed in, stating that Dylan is seeking attention and followers to sell the fight and make his brother wealthier.

Josh Thomson and John McCarthy discuss the impact of Dylan’s tactics in promoting the fight. While some may argue that Dylan has crossed the line with his comments and actions, there is no denying that he has successfully generated attention and interest in the fight. His ability to get under Logan’s skin has been effective, even though it may not be the most ethical approach.

Logan Paul’s response to Dylan’s tactics has been less successful. He has been decimated on social media and has struggled to effectively respond to Dylan’s provocations. It is clear that Dylan has the upper hand in the social media aspect of this feud.

PFL CEO’s Comments on the UFC

The PFL CEO recently made comments about the UFC, claiming that the PFL is a better promotion that pays its fighters more and takes better care of them. However, Josh and John point out that promotions like the PFL, Bellator, and others have to pay more to attract top talent because the UFC is the premier organization in the sport.

While the PFL may offer higher pay, fighters often prioritize exposure and recognition, which the UFC provides due to its extensive media coverage. The majority of MMA media coverage is focused on the UFC, making it the platform where fighters can gain the most visibility and build their brand. This is why fighters often choose to fight in the UFC, even if it means taking a pay cut compared to other promotions.

Josh and John also discuss the importance of money in the sport. They mention a quote from professional basketball player Arenus Williams, who talked about the choice between chasing championships or prioritizing money. Williams emphasized the importance of financial stability and the ability to take care of oneself and their family. While championships and legacies are important, money is what ultimately provides security and the ability to live a comfortable life.

In conclusion, the ongoing feud between Dylan Danis and Logan Paul continues to generate attention and interest in their upcoming fight. Dylan’s tactics have been effective in getting under Logan’s skin and promoting the fight, while Logan has struggled to effectively respond. The PFL CEO’s comments about the UFC highlight the challenge that other promotions face in attracting top talent. While they may offer higher pay, the UFC’s media coverage and exposure make it the preferred platform for many fighters. Ultimately, the decision between chasing championships and prioritizing money is a personal one, but financial stability is crucial in the long run.

Stay tuned for more updates on this feud and other MMA news.

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we’ve been stagnant there I don’t know maybe we said something maybe it’s cuz I think you know what it was right I think
it was the one hold it we we pissed somebody off no I think I I think it’s when I called you Joe Biden that one
time and I think that right there you got be kidding that automatically got a shadow band I think so
I I don’t even want to talk have you seen all these things all of a sudden all these you know all the it’s it’s all
crazy but all these indictments are all of a sudden falling apart now people are all complaining and people are happy and
it’s like I’m like cracking up it’s like and you expected all this stuff it’s so nuts no it’s crazy man it’s crazy crazy
you know what’s funny is um I saw a thing uh I think it was maybe it was Rogan somebody put it out I can’t
remember who and just I didn’t want to get into it never
mind I don’t want to get into it just I don’t even want to get into it it’s just where do we go for factchecking remember
when people used to say Google it oh yeah you can’t Google you can’t Google it anymore nothing Google
Google Google’s like the biggest is oh we’re going to give you our one Whatever side we want to push this way so bad man
oh it’s horrible gosh it’s so upsetting but hey it is what it is and uh you know you look do enough research and you’ll
find out the truth just got to you got to take your you got to listen to this person perspective listen to this person’s perspective just listen to
someone and buy the [ __ ] no matter who it is or what side listen to the right person listen to the left person
and the truth is in the middle that’s kind of where I’m at right now that’s exactly where I’m at
all right look uh look you know this is I’m kind of excited for this weekend’s fights but look there’s a couple fights on here that I’m ex I’m pumped about no
no no you want to talk about excitement I got excitement what do you got I finally won what you what life what you
I won on Bido what’s that you see this is the problem what I
come with all of this excitement thinking that my partner my man Josh
he’s a real man he’ll know what Bido is he knows what heavy equipment is Bid AO what’s Bido it’s it’s all big time
construction equipment okay okay tell me tell me more about and I know you’re big into this stuff I have got my ass
whooped on B multiple times because I’m a cheap bastard and I will not go past a
certain point but I I need a scissor lift you know what a scissor lift is a thing that kind of scissors things up in
the air oh Jesus yeah there you well you least your cloes that’s good all right okay battery operated got wheels goes up
you know depending upon what size we get 20 I know what this is I have very tall light bul uh I have a vaulted ceiling in
my new house and uh they’re like I think the ceiling’s uh 18t tall so I need to
get a scissor lift in here to change light bulbs apparently thank you yeah see so I’ve got you know my place that
we’re putting together that is just the biggest pain in the ass I’ve ever been through and uh how tall are your 25 feet
at the yeah you’re you’re gonna need it all sounds good in theory when I bought the house I like it’s gonna be
great beautiful bolted ceilings great change of [ __ ] light bulb [ __ ] off so
like you know my garage has got you know to the side of the wall is 20 feet yeah
middle of it it’s 25 and you know and I I have to do things that I’m going to get you know I’m putting stuff up and so
I have to have a way to get it down it’s like I I can’t just pop up with the ladders because then I also have work I
have to do right so it’s either get the you know the scaffolding stuff put
the scaffolding up and do all that so I’ve been bidding on these scissor lifts and I keep on losing because again I’m
I’m being a cheap bastard I said I won’t go past this point and so I mean and I’m like the last second bidder I wait till
five seconds and I put in the bid you know you have been out bid mother son of them I lost again to day I won all
righty Boom Baby Boom can I ask you how much one of those things runs $2,800 oh that’s not too bad I was
I was expecting it’s an older one oh no if you get them new they’re like 26,000 I was gonna say I was expecting around
20K yeah I was like okay maybe maybe he’s been on something around 9 10,000 okay no no no no no dude I could get one
all day at that price okay I’m the cheap baster going for the ones that are decent still work but not enough people
are bidding so finally got it so I have to drive down to Atlanta to go pick it up you know here’s the thing you know
you’re talking about betting right now and right now we don’t we don’t have a de betting no no yeah you were basically
betting on you’re bidding which is betting you’re betting on hoping you’ll get it that’s betting that’s that’s I
don’t know what you’re talking about you’re hoping when you put your money there that you you get it that’s there’s
a good chance you’re going to lose it if you win you lose the money when you win that’s so gu you’re right yeah um but
look there there’s some fights that are kind of interesting me this this week in the betting areas only because look not
only is it a chance like for you an opportunity in terms of the what are they called um parlays man not just parlays but you
can also there’s a good chance that Izzy’s goingon to win this fight and there’s probably a good chance that Iz gonna get a finish so if I take some of
these prop bets on here that are going to be available I mean there’s a good chance you could you could come out ahead for for a small bet I mean I’m
going to say let’s just say I go on Izzy getting second round knockout the bet on that’s probably if I bet let’s say I bet
a 100 bucks probably the turnaround on it’s about 400 or maybe 600 somewhere in there I’m I’m just I’m I’m off the top
of my head I haven’t looked at any numbers we uh we used to work with the a gambling site for a long time for about
3 years we were with them um we we left them and then when we left them now we’re in search of another one so we’re going to actually get back into doing
some of our Weighing on the odds uh we’ve had a couple people that are interested in working with us in terms of our betting sites and I know that
um our fans have been asking us they’ve been saying hey how come you guys don’t wait do waiting on the odds anymore I loved them it was great gave me a little
bit more insight and as I’ve been coming around and kind of hitting more of the prop bets little more um you know
picking rounds picking submissions picking whatever it is you know more of that type of stuff when you can see that
something like this Alex pgea finished Sean Strickland in what was it round one no round two round one or round two he
finished him hit him with a nice shot can you look that up there uh Dave on Sean cir Alex I think it was round one
left hook no left hook round one yeah it was yeah round one I think it was round
one oh they had a couple quick they had one little quick exchange and uh then Alex hit him with a shot boom put him
out um look Izzy’s going to be a little bit more of a sharpshooter doesn’t have the power though that Alex P has and
when I look at what Alex what Izzy can do Izzy’s Got the speed he’s a little bit more accurate and he can throw two
and three punches in a faster combination than Alex can I look at how that is and how sha is he rolls with the
shoulder okay but the ability for Izzy to hit him with the hook like just how
Alex did hit him with the hook when he rolls he and and I he’s very accurate hit the combinations boom hit the right
hand to get him to roll right into the left hook and then come back with another right hand or double up on the left hook if it’s there those are the
opportunities that I think that I will have early in the first round Sean’s going to have to get off to a fast start
crushing that space and I’m not sure that sha Strickland has the style I know that he’s got the style inside the phone
book inside the phone book phone booth to to make it to make it a dirty fight to make it phone book that’s even
tighter spot that’s even tight that’s that’s some tight [ __ ] right there one foot in the phone book baby let’s go but
I look at Sean stricken and I say hey if you can get Izzy into that foone boo fo Bo now you got stay pH now say damn it
into the foone booth he can make it a good fight he can make it he has an opportunity in there but in that range
outside that range out in that punching range and kicking range it’s going to be all Izzy so I want it’s going to be very
Telltale on how how Sean Strickland starts his fight but I definitely start looking at some of those prop bets and
can is he finish in the second round can he finish in the third round those numbers going to be a lot higher and as
you get later in the fight those numbers may actually increase so it might be might yeah it might actually beho you to
go ahead and say hey I’m going to put down 50 you know in round one maybe put uh 75 in round two you know 100 in round
three cuz you’re going to get that money back when you hit I mean take a look what the numbers are but I mean I don’t know what they are right off the top of
my head but I’m saying right now if I look at that those are kind of the type of bets that I would start looking to
take those are prop bets yeah that’s exactly what you’re talking about yeah well you know I look at this and
it’s yes Izzy knocked out Alex but Alex
is very open he fights very open Shawn doesn’t fight open Shawn
fights very defensive and once Shan feels comfortable in the fight and gets on a roll his defense
actually gets even better because he knows that distance that he needs to cover or he needs to keep his opponent
from covering I think the real big difference the the length is going to give Strickland a little bit of problems
just like uh Alex’s gave him some problems you can only it’s hard to
shoulder roll in MMA now some guys you know can do it Bobby green absolutely
but it’s not easy you know Sean you know Strickland he does it and he he’s very proficient with it and look Strickland’s
a tough son of a [ __ ] he is a fighter you know and it’s one of those you look
at not everybody that fights is a fighter I know that’s a weird statement
but it’s just the truth you have some guys man that they they’ll get into a fight you know just because well you’re
giving me the opportunity let’s do it and there’s other ones it’s all about nope I fight for money I know you know
I’m never going to get in a fight outside of you know stepping into the cage or anything like that and that’s fine too but Sean Strickland is a
fighter If he if he wasn’t fighting in the UFC he’d be fighting other places he would he just loves fighting and so you
know he always has a chance here now it’s obvious that Israel Osan is gonna
be the big favorite and he should be he is a sniper and he is incredibly good
when you’re talking about people that he’s not worried about taking him down and if and if you’re going to look at
Shan if if Shawn has a weakness in MMA which Demetrius Johnson is talking about
everybody has have a weakness okay and he’s right to a point it is his
wrestling that’s his weakest point you know his standup is damn good his his
ground game is actually his submission game is pretty goddamn good but the weakest part of his game is going to
be it’s the wrestling and that’s where where Izzy has the ability to feel
pretty comfortable on his feet that makes he makes it a difficult fight for sea yeah even though Shawn has weak
wrestling I mean there is the opportunity for him to get the taked down if he sets it up properly he’s going to have to hit him off the either
catch and the kick excuse me or he’s going to have to hit him off the combination he’s got to get Izzy kind of
taking a a step backwards try to snatch the single maybe try to run it to a double but like those type of things
every time I’ve seen Shawn try to get these takedowns I think in that body lock position he may have an opportunity
to get the takedowns in the body lock position um the singles and doubles I just don’t think I think Izzy’s the
speed of him being for sea to be able to snatch a single he’s not he’s not fluid enough in the wrestling for the single
leg takedowns to really be that effective plus his athleticism I he his balance all those things he knows how to
defend takedowns he does it on a daily basis Fighters that have their whole game is to defend the fighter takedown
their whole career has been that guys like Paul Dy it’s only against the elite El top level wrestlers do they have a
hard time with and it just so happens that the 185 pound division doesn’t have those okay it has one guy his name is B
nickle that’s it okay the rest of the division does not know how to wrestle and they do know how to wrestle but they
don’t know how to wrestle they’re not enough he pretty good yeah we’ll see when he ever comes back no matter what
Bo Nichols says about his wrestling yeah we’ll see when he comes back though you know what I mean I look at I look at Jama I think he’s a fantastic fighter I
think he’s a great wrestler yeah it’s that type of wrestling I think is he’s fantastic at it but will will it will it
play out as well against someone like an Israel aagna when punches are coming at you knees are coming out you strike and
he doesn’t fear your wrestling Ian he struggled a little bit with Gilbert Burns in some of the wrestling as he got
tired in that third second and third round now is is a different story too in the Striking he will be there in the
second third round fourth round and fifth round in the in the conditioning cardio all those things so it makes for
an injurious fight but let’s talk about Shawn Shawn I think has the opport opportunity to get this Tak down uh he’s
got to do it in exchange he’s got to do it in um he’s got to do it in transition he’s got to get him while izy is
throwing and while he’s set in place he can’t get him while Izzy stepping out of an angle and trying to throw he’s going
to have to close that distance right away I think for the only way to him for him to get takedowns will be in the body
lock type position try to drag him down try to maybe jump like you know kind of jump to his back and get Hooks and drag
him down that way some those type of ways I think he’s gonna have to either lift and you know kind of like knee tap
him a little bit with his outside knee he’s going to have to do something along those lines to get Izzy down and then
can he hold him down especially those first two takedowns it’s going be hard to hold him down I think after the first
two if he’s able to get one or two it’ll be they’ll come a little bit easier but they’re still gonna be diff watch say
Dave pull up Izzy’s record real quick because this is here’s the point that you really got to think about when you look at his record and it’s not so much
the wins losses okay but when you see him against a
Striker look at the result it’s usually a TKO a KO he finishes the person
through strikes when the person he’s facing has got good grappling it tends
to be the decision he’ll get the win yel Romero great wrestling he didn’t try to wrestle but decision boring fight Paulo
Costa TKO Paulo’s what he’s a striker yeah the you know Marvin vitori decision
what was trying to do the whole time take him down right go to Robert Whitaker the second time he fights him
decision Whitaker trying to take him down a lot Jared caner that one Jared
really didn’t really try to take him down much he tried a couple of times and stuff but he really was working the stand up but it became a decision fights
another striker in paa he loses that then comes back and wins
that against Strikers he usually gets finishes that’s really the you know the
whole thing except for the one loss you know to uh Alex he gets finishes against
Strikers and and you got to look and say overall Sean Strickland is a striker
yeah I like I said I’m looking at more of the Brett the bets that you’re going
after money I’m going after money this this is one of those this is one of those a phone book yeah this is one of
those cars like if Sean strion wants to get the win he’s going to have to fight him in a phone book he’s going to have to make it a dog fight in phone book
phone book phone booth you got now I’m stuck man I’m stuck on it now killing me dude G
have to find him in a phone booth and um and he’s going to have to utilize that body lock and and try to
get those takedowns when they come don’t force them don’t hang on the legs too long don’t don’t be hunched over too
many to too much to let Izzy put his weight on you make you carry his weight as the fight goes on cuz man when guys
are that proficient in Striking they’re so relaxed on the the
feet but they know that that’s right they don’t get tired they don’t get as tired on the feet you know they can still but Shawn doesn’t get tired on his
feet I’m not saying he’s going to get tired I’m saying though that the defense becomes a little less effective when you
when you start to when you wrestle that much your arms get a little heavier your hands don’t get back to your face as much I he’s going to be more relaxed on
the feet he’s just all those years of striking all those years of top level kick do you honestly think that Shawn is
going to really work at getting takedowns the whole fight no that’s what I’m trying to say I’m trying to say he
shouldn’t I’m trying to say he needs to get him he needs to get him in transition he needs to get it when they come easy and when they don’t feel like
they’re coming easy abandon it and go back up to the body lock or go up to the clinch go up to go up and make maybe
just make space get you know make space and create just enough space to let the combinations exit with exit with
something that lands yeah exit with caution though too oh yeah needs to exit with caution exit like you said exit
with something that’s exit throwing out you don’t exit throwing out you’re going to end up you know getting caught with
something whether an elbow whether whatever it is you don’t you got to exit throwing out um you know this to me this going to
be it’s going to be a Telltale for Strickland man it seemed like he didn’t want the fight but he kind of got yeah
kind of got pushed into it a little bit I think he was 100% okay with just taking these guys that that Izzy keeps
knocking down he just keeps beating up to like whatever it is I think I think sea likes fighting in the Apex he lives
in Vegas and he’s like I just stay here my homet I like fighting in the Apex I
don’t need the crowd little bit of that Forest Griffin yeah I don’t want to leave I don’t want to go anywhere I like
to sleep in my own bed you know maybe get a hotel for one night just feel feel like I’m living in the lap of luxury and
then you know get up do my thing same normal oatmeal and [ __ ] that’s I I love fighting San Jose man it’s [ __ ]
a blast you get up like some guys are great at fighting some guys are great at fighting where they live and some guys
are not yeah but you know Sean has done very well in the Apex I bet he he’s like
Australia damn that’s a long ways okay but all right well let’s go next fight
co-main event co-main event for this one is Tai to yasa the shoy man against Alexander
volov 6 foot7 a ton of experience a guy who’s been Champion he was champion in
Bellator for uh I want to say he was the second second against uh after minov
right no no no he was after Cole Conrad
Cole Conrad the big wrestler from Minnesota yeah yeah yeah Cole Conrad yeah Cole Conrad just quit the sport
whatever happened to Cole Conrad I don’t know think about that he was good great wrestler he was
good but anyway so volov you know look he’s had a ton of success in the UFC but
it’s the guys that don’t back down from him and don’t give him space that tend to cause him problems and I don’t see
taiu evasa doing anything other than trying to crush space on him and just
brawl make it ugly get in tight with him bang him to the body come up to the head
use that weight that he has put try to put weight down onto him wov gotten
pretty good with his wrestling and stuff but I don’t think you’re going to see Wrestling coming out of tuasa he’s going to be sitting there trying to Wing big
shots he’s got power and he can he can definitely put volov away but volov is absolutely the more technical
fighter but tuasa is the funner fighter yeah I’m looking at tuasa potentially
getting this knockout and I’m looking back at the prop bets on what round he may do it now on top of that though prop
B like a mother I know but then I also look at too like at volov volov could get him out of there too cuz where two
ofasa is weak is to the body the push kicks to the body the tip those tip kicks to the body absolutely those
things will have an effect if he gets ear if he gets started early wov does with those push kicks they’ll have an
effect now his push kick is a little bit different than um serial gon than serial
gon serial gon serial gon is more of like a snap toe kick yeah and as much as
they look like they don’t look like they hurt they hurt uh one of the guys that I fought or not fought that I trained with
Was Kung Lee and Kung Lee when I sparred with him they were nasty man they were horrible and all the students he had too
they used to do them really well there was a young kid named Jose palasio who did it really well it was just like a little toe kick they used to they used
to tape their first two toes together and they would just toe kick you over and over and over again man try actually
extend those toes out into your body yep yeah like a big knuckle yeah they were
nasty man they and even though when they just grazed they still got you just enough to knock the wind out of you and make it a a hindrance for you to
actually get a deep breath and then that’s how they worked it and then Kung was one of the one of the best at doing it man um
wov is more of a push kick up the middle which still is very effective but you hit more not with the toes but you hit
with like the ball of your foot all the foot so it’s got to be accurate he’s got to catch him just right but I have
learned this over the years because I when I was sparring with with Paul bonello Paul Buell used to hate when I
would throw the push kick to the body because his belly stuck out a little extra and my toes got there a little
sooner and they just did they didn’t get to the they didn’t get the idea of parrying it away or whatever it was of
sweeping away or actually scooping and lifting so it didn’t have as much effect and just kind of sitting their hips back
a little bit but all of those things play a factor when I’m looking at this fight I mean I would definitely probably
at at the end of this thing I don’t think this fight’s going three rounds I think someone’s getting knocked out so if I’m looking at prop bets I mean it
depends on how you want to go with it but I’m going to say V I’m going to say two ofasa wins by knockout you’re in the
first or the second round and then I’m gonna say if it goes into the third I think volov may end up catching him I
don’t see this fight going to the ground I think Tu ofasa fights too wild fights really aggressive I think the crowd is
going to get on him and he’s going to really come out trying to prove a point so I’d be leaning more TI towards taiu
ofasa uh but I haven’t seen what the prop bets are on this in terms of the rounds though and how it would go I’m
looking at it right now you got taiu ofasa is the underdog at plus 210 you got volov is the minus 250 I’m probably
taking taiu ofasa he’s they’re in they’re in uh Australia man I’m taking
that back I’m taking definitely I would take the taiu evasa in that as a plus
210 especially look the guys that have given volov problems are guys that have
big Power and just brawl look at Derrick Lewis Derrick Lewis he was kicking
Derrick Lewis’s butt through a lot of it giving him problems and Derrick Lewis
one big shot takes him out right near the end of the fight and you look and you go taiu yasa is the kind of guy that
has given vov problems throughout his career you look at those 10 losses that he has a lot of them been not to the
guys that were technically more skilled they were either good wrestlers could put them on the back or they were
Brawlers that were just tough and would walk through what he was able to throw
so well if you look at the gone fight and the two ofasa fight that that fight together he had gone hurt in that fight
and then gone and then G came back and hurt him and put him away you know but like look at that Tai’s gotta fight him
that way bov’s not as fast as gone he’s not he’s he’s a good Striker he’s not
near as athletic so Tai though here’s the one thing that concerns me about well about Tai is that reach in that
range that vov has it can sometimes make Fighters fight on the outside it keeps him away too much Ty I think Ty’s good
at sticking his head in the middle of your chest and keeping you against the cage and if he does that I think he wins by knockout
I I agree I I do I look at this is yes volkov’s got more experience volov has
done more tuasa in Australia that’s a hard person to beat
when he’s there that the home crowd is gonna be going crazy and he thrives on that oh absolutely thrives on the energy
of the fans so oh he he loves he loves the fact that like people are out there doing shoes
he’s chewing he’s chewing them on while he’s fighting I he loves that type of stuff and I think this is this is more
motivation for him to get back on track try to get back to a title run potentially but I mean he he’s got all
the abilities to beat vov vov has been a little stagnant sure he’s like he just
there’s not there has been no buzz around him or about him as of lately but
why pull up his record here pull up his record I know I mean he’s been doing well be honest about
it take a look at you know you you sit there and you go hold that’s uh to V’s record there
Dave I got like 20 records open right now there you go I was like wait a
second he just fought what’s his name I was like I didn’t know he just fought Z good really so he’s got he he lost to Tom
Aspen by the straight arm bar but then he comes back and gets against Rosen stru he got a win against Tim TKO
punches and then he gets a win against Romanov which TKO punches he just there has been any talk
about him like he was at the top for a while the reach the range his his talent his abilities were giving him a giving
everyone a hard time he’s giving Derrick Lewis a hard time he beats marcine tabura then he loses to Tom he lost to
serial gone before that but he had a win over Walt Harris had a went over overing lost to Curtis blades like he’s winning
two losing one winning two losing one and it just can’t he can’t seem to get the ball rolling and I think he’s going
to have a hard time in Australia trying to get this win against the hometown boys boy and it’s going to it’s going to
be cuz the way that tuasa fights man the way he fights he just
comes forward puts like you said puts his head in the chest he’s gonna let those hands go and I think it’s gonna but he he cannot stay on the outside
like you’re that’s if he stays on the outside he’s gonna end up getting picked apart yep absolutely
absolutely all right let’s go on to the next one manell Cape against Philipe dos
Santos fly with division Manel Cape very fast very good same thing with dos
Santos dos Santos probably the better ground fighter overall but both guys
just outstanding as far as speed but dos Santos undefeated at this point and uh
but doesn’t have the experience especially the experience inside the Octagon that manell Cape is now
comfortable with because even when manell came over from ryzen he was having a little bit of you know octagon
fever as I would call it that he just wasn’t comfortable and wasn’t able to perform to his best now he’s there now
he’s understanding exactly what he needs to do and he’s been fighting really well what do you got on that on that bet
there Dave Manel Cape versus uh do Santos it’s got to be Cape it’s got to be the yeah favored yeah he’s favored
what do you have by a lot yeah I gotus 300 on mineus three minus 370 with a
plus 305 for do Santos seven and0 though all that that’s the experience I’m
talking about because dos Santos coming not as much not near the experience now and manell has been
really looking comfortable in his fights he is now fighting his style and he’s
fast man and speed kill he’s explosive very explosive uh he’s got good wrestling doesn’t tend to utilize it as
much as he should uh he’s got you know he’s got phenomenal wrestling he’s got he’s got fast hands fast flying knees
he’s great on the scrambles and transitions Manel Cape is and he just he just needs to go out there and believe
in himself did you say he’s got phenomenal wrestling it’s pretty good phenomenal wrestling I think it’s pretty
good his double leg into his transition off of his takedowns I think it’s fantastic the speed of his takedowns
John are good now well he’s just he’s just fast everywhere okay but I mean I’ll give him that getting in that deep
and finishing the way he can finish he’s super strong as well for the size for his size he’s strong the lift the take
down all of those things he just doesn’t utilize as much as he should I mean some of yeah some of these betting odds
they’ve got them atus 400 I seeus 385 395 399 minus 400 I see it all across
the board they’ve all got them favored pretty high yep so but look anytime
you’re dealing with someone who’s undefeated coming into something new that’s going to be a little dangerous for them but they have nothing to lose
look I’m I’m being brought in it was supposed to it wasn’t supposed to be uh dos Santos it was supposed to be Kai car
France yes and so this is K car France got a concussion
he was smart to pull out good for him smart I know a lot of guys that didn’t do that and uh ruin their careers never
were the same after that so look yeah I’m going to lean towards good coaching too by Mr Baran yeah I’m I’m I’ve
noticed uh not noce but I’m saying that um Manel is this is all going his way
I’m going to lean more towards him given that he’s had plenty of time to train knew the fight was coming up for a long time bringing in a new but I give I give
the USC coming in Dos Santos is quality opponent he’s got a good you know like I said undefeated record it’s hard to find
someone to take a fight yeah of that quality in that amount of time got it
next Justin tofa against Austin Lane ah this is one of those Justin TAA
he his Junior tofa just fought so don’t get confused we got Justin TAA and
Junior TAA yes but uh Justin TAA is a he’s a hammer this dude when he starts
throwing he throws big shots he’s got a good chin uh Austin Lane has really come
a long ways used to be a professional football player um just you know try
what happened in his last fight I think it was a no contest went out there a lan yes Austin
Lane’s last fight was a no contest I believe yeah yep yeah against Justin t
on the ipoke there we go so it’s G to be uh interesting to see how this one plays
out again you can go and look at you know what was happening there it went 30 seconds yeah and so it wasn’t enough for
you know either guy to feel like oh they were you know taking over so it’s it’s good that they just put the fight back
together and we’ll see what happens from there but this time they’re fighting in Justin Tas
yeah so I I look at it though is that you know they both they both have
some power is Austin Lane going to try to get this fight to the ground will TAA will TAA be able to suffa take Downs
After TAA hits his back on the ground will this fight stay there it will most likely probably stay there and that’s
the that’s the problem one or two takedowns he may not be able to get back up so if Austin Lane is smart threatens
the big shots the stand up closes the distance tackles them basically to the ground I don’t want to say double leg I
want to put too much credit behind it okay but get get the take down he can tackle people yeah get to the top
position so I mean I’m looking at it right now it says right here what is it that TAA is the favorite minus
220 and Austin Lane is plus what is it plus
180 so uh you know look it’s it’s one of those I look at it as kind of a 5050 I
would lean more towards uh towards tafa just giveing a little bit more a l I would not say a little bit more power on
the feet if he’s able to stuff one or two takedowns knowing that look everyone tries to take these guys down they know
they have power they know if I can press you against the fence start to slow you down by the second round you’re not the
same fighter and I can do that then I can stretch us in and drown you in deeper waters just got to avoid the big
shot in the early part of the fight that’s it yeah so next fight all right Tyson Tyson Pedro against Anton
tur tural Tyson Pedro he’s one of those guys
manage like he looks great at light heavyweight you know he was doing well at heavyweight went down light
heavyweight what was his last show me his last fight I can’t remember who it was but it was the
problem yep bukakas okay yeah and you
know that was a decision and stuff but he just slowly started to get tired in
that and things just didn’t go his way and he what he needs to do in this fight is just take over like he used to do all
the time just start putting pressure on the guy throw good shots you know be the
big man out there he’s the he’s going to be the bigger guy he’s huge for 205 yeah so yeah I think
this is his fight you know to to take anywhere he wants if he’s smart about the way he
does yeah he’s just got a he’s got a he’s got good kicks he’s got good power keep his back off the fence don’t let
the guy try to hang on you and don’t waste your energy trying to press them to the fence you’re you’re the you’re
the normal the better athlete normally the one with more power don’t let that person just drag you down like basically
put their weight on you make you feel heavy let your arms fill up with blood avoid those situations especially early
in the fight create the space make them feel your power leg kicks inside leg kick body shots head kicks all those
things okay let him go do it and do it with confidence I mean I think I think Tyson Pedro for sure should should be
able to win this fight Carlos olberg against da Wun Jong i love Carlos Alber
I think the guy is athletic as hell he comes from city boxing he has been looking very good he’s been getting more
and more confident um right now he’s that guy you’re looking at it’s just going to
take just a couple more fights just to get that confidence exactly where it needs to be because it’s building and he
is his kickboxing is outstanding his takedown defense has gotten really good uh daun Jun very good he’s got good
takedowns he’s got a good ground game it’s an interesting fight on the feet I go with olberg on the ground it’s hard
to go past Jung but I don’t know if he can get alberg to the ground yeah the athleticism mberg his abilities is to
keep his hips away and and utilize the knees and the clinch and all the other things that he does very well I think
he’s the better Striker I think he’s going to have more power I mean I basically look at him almost like another Tyson uh Pedro they’re very
similar in terms of like how good they are on the feet so yeah but he’s he’s better he’s better on the feet he’s
dynamic he is he is a better he a better and uh I guess more technical Striker than Tyson Pedro yeah I agree with you
uh John is there any other fights on this on these on this card that you wanted to chat about you know what I
I’ll bring up uh Jamie Malarkey against John mcdes uh MC desie has been around for a
long time you know he is the bull he’s tough he’s good comes out of TriStar
well he did come out of TriStar I’m not sure he’s still there but Malarkey is just a gamer man he fights his ass off
so I think that’s going to be a great fight both guys y don’t like to take a backward step and so I think those guys
are going to clash in the middle and someone’s getting knocked out I look at this the next fight also too is uh uh
nazat hasperat vers uh kones I think that should be a good fight as well the two of them should come out should be a
good fight I think hasat should win this fight I think hasperat should win that fight but I’m saying that it should be a
fun fight John no no it look at Landon is coming off of the ultimate fighters
uh with uh being on Conor McGregor’s team and stuff look he’s a he’s a young talented kid he’s got good standup
hasperat hits a lot harder than people realize he’s gonna he’s gonna feel that power and go oh [ __ ] yeah and he’s he’s
he’s kind of like he’s kind of barrel chested kind of seems like he’s got pretty good cardio seems like he gets in
people’s face he throws a lot of heavy heat though and so as you get to that later that the middle of the third round
or early in the third round he will tend to kind of sometimes what I’ve seen against some of the other guys he’s kind
of labored a little bit even though he seems like he’s pushing forward he seems like he’s letting it all go so we’ll see
I think I’m looking forward to that fight though all right guys that’s gonna wrap up our one more I gotta go with it
okay opening the entire show gotta go with big daddy kefir Crosby coming out
of SBG look in the standup kefir Crosby is good he’s got fast hands he’s got power
the ground game is definitely not his friend for the most part as far as you know I don’t know if Kevin jet is going
to try to take the fight there but it would be a good idea but if he gets into a standup battle with kefir Crosby that
will be a fun opening fight well Justin I’ve actually I actually looked him up a little bit today because I figured we’d be talking about kefir crvi as I tried
to just skip past him on accident um but he he does have he does have takedowns
but he doesn’t tend to shoot double legs he tends to just get to the body lock lift and take you down uh Crosby I think
he’s got the advantage on the feet and it’s not just because of the power but because of just the technique of it all
Crosby will stand in the pocket and throw Justin has to be more on the outside he’s got good knees Uh Kevin
jused or I don’t know how you say his last name he’s got good knees in the clinch where keir’s got to be cautious of those um but inside that boxing range
I would give the advantage to kefir because Justin’s kind of long he fight tries to fight long but he’s also very hitable he keeps his hands down kind of
chest level versus up that’s not a good plan he doesn’t move his head a whole lot offline that’s not a good plan
that’s not but either when he does get into the clinch he does get into those areas he does tend to get the takedowns and he puts people on his back that’s
what he wants to do that’s what he’s gonna need to do against kef for crossby absolutely all right all right well that’s going to wrap up our UFC talk and
uh let’s go ahead and make sure you guys hit that subscribe button you know where you’re going to hit it you’re going to hit it on our YouTube channel you’re
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support us and uh it’s been fun man we’ve been growing we’ve been doing this for what almost what five four years now
four years four years man geez I would have thought John would have been tired of you after year one so would
I oh man we’re gonna have some fun we’re going to have some fun but how could I get tired of you John cuz I just bring
the energy that’s why I got to keep the old man on on his toes that’s it I do
all right SL down let’s get into some game bread talk man we got game bread bare knuckle MMA we got it all oh going
back old style man going back to my days going back to the time when they didn’t
use gloves don’t need no gloves so we got do Santos versus verdom this is a
fight that did take place in the UFC long ago this was really it was this was Junior dos Santos coming out party man
this was the one that put him on the map when he knocked out fabrio veroom I
don’t I can’t even remember what year that was man it was a long time ago though it’s has to be about 12 13 years
go back let me see what this is and keep going keep going keep going see
you gotta keep going look at this boom fabrio verdom
2008 wow hit it on the head dude 15 years actually
boom that’s a long that’s a long time but that if you remember that was his
coming out party in the UFC and everyone was all of a sudden whoa who is this guy and he just exploded on the
scene this is going to be a little bit different in the fact that Junior’s not as fast Fabricio is
not that fast but Fabricio if he can get the fight to the ground is going to give Junior a lot of problems especially with
the fact that you don’t have that door stop on the end of your arm for someone to take and control the wrist it’s a lot
easier to move through things you’re more into a uh true grappling situation
it’s gonna work well for verdom if the fight gets to the ground so Junior needs to keep this on the
feet yeah I think what we got to see though is if you if you’ve noticed there’s been videos Flo around of the
two of them training see I wasn’t going to say it and they don’t look anything like they
look when they look they both look good they both look
goodn they they both don’t they don’t look like they did when they left uh and I think Junior even came out publicly
and said that there’s no usada I’m just going there you go right there look at him look at him that’s
proof right there yeah that’s called peptides everyone keeps talking about
these peptides things yeah peptides I’m I’ve heard of them but I I don’t know what they not steroids it’s peptides but
are they are they they’re illegal though right yes they okay I didn’t know like uh and then I saw one with verdom
also he was like there you go right there he Shadow Boxing by the pool boom boom boom verom is back yeah looking
good these guys jeez hey you know what I look at it it’s
good you know let’s be honest they’re both on
some type of supplementation okay so yeah it’s okay
as long as they’re both on I’m all right I mean I don’t know John like when your
body’s telling you it’s time without using it maybe it’s
time I’m just I’m being honest man like I look at I look at look who just who
just brought it up Paul Felder he just entered back into the usada pool I know
and I’m like Paul just you you have a great job sit in cage side for every fight watching
look John I was with you side by side sitting cage side watching these fights when Bellator has a fights and I’m thinking to myself there’s no way I want
to give this job up to get back in there and do that [ __ ] no these guys I mean
look I mean I don’t know maybe he’s maybe they maybe they’re interested in him coming back and you know he can make a lot of money I don’t know what his
contract is but I I think after one or two camps he’s going to be like yeah
this isn’t what I wanted it just I think the itch maybe maybe the scratch needs to be you know or the itch needs to be
scratched a little bit maybe it does I get it Misha Tate she’s doing it a little bit you know and uh other Fighters have done it you know Yan’s
talking about doing it right now Yan and J she’s talking about coming back that’s because now you’ve been away from it for
a little bit and you’ve had that opportunity to just take a look and you
go man I really loved it yeah and that’s great and if if you have that desire you
know let’s be honest Paul’s still not that old no okay but the the real question to ask
here and I say it all the time what’s the reason for you coming back yeah what is it is it to go for a
title because you gotta be honest is Paul Felder gonna get into that point of
being in title contention I don’t think so is it 45 55 70 what is it he gonna be
in 50 he’s got to be at 55 55 yeah he’s going to be in lightweights so he’s got
Islam makf he’s got Michael Chandler he’s got Dustin porier he’s got Justin
gaii come on I mean he’s there’s just killers in that damn division so you
look you go okay is it you just got to as you’re saying scratch that itch okay
I’m okay with it you know especially at his age because he can still fight there’s no doubt you know but you got to
really look and say what’s what is the reason that you’re doing it well what I like though what he said was
I guess can you Dave can you try to pull that up he basically said something along the lines of I entered back in for
a chance or for an opportunity just to say if I if I did want to scratch it that it was available to me and that
this it may never come okay something along those lines I mean like obviously whatever that [ __ ] is well no
he’s cost them money yeah you’re in you’re in it you know I have no idea if
I’m fighting Felder said I roll with Michael kassa honest to God I know it blew up on social media
but I’m back training I Joy MMA I mean basically he was trying to say that I don’t even know if I am going
to fight let me see for all the people that think I need to I I need both hips
replac I have bath hips there’s no secret about that yeah see that to me is like o but I am back in theol
testing yeah [ __ ] Jack and look I will tell you hey right here Josh
paragraph right here go ahead and read it there in English uh I did it just in case I’m getting old and there might be
some old dudes out there that may want to dust it up in 6 months other than that I have no idea I’m enjoying
training I want to help out Michael I really want to get back in the uh gym in Philly as well as start getting on the
mat with those guys I truly missed it I’m still doing Triathlon so don’t get it twisted yeah I mean if he’s in shape
like here’s the thing John I’m so far removed like like I said I haven’t really trained like hard intense at all
probably in over a year I mean I trained last the last two weeks at the small little Jitsu gym here in you know and
where I live now um and I I don’t have any desire to get back out and do it
that you know like that intense um had it been I there was moments I think
probably like four or five months after I I had retired I was like you know what I’m I could still train hard I’ve been
training hard with my students I feel it felt like my Jitsu got a lot better cuz I was I was rolling a lot more with my students I was teaching a lot more you
know you’re learning a lot more just by teaching and your students are asking questions you feel like you’re getting
better um I thought about D because I Gil Rand as I and I had talked about doing like a ji- Jitsu tournament or a
match in uh Cha’s show up in Oregon I can’t I can’t remember what it’s called sug submission underground yeah
submission underground yeah so we had talked about doing it there and uh you know but then it kind of faded away so I
think Co hit basically like right around that time we were like yeah n we’re good so uh after that it just kind of was I
lost it he’s still active he’s still like you said he kind of went back in started rolling and kind of doing a
little bit kind of visiting the gym once in a while there’s still that itch that needs to be scratched and if he’s doing
triathlons he’s still in phenomenal shape those are things that will keep you wanting to do it because you know
look I’m in shape I know I can run I know I know I can I can bike I know I can do all getting in shape is the
hardest part for a lot of these guys oh yeah for like for me right now that would be the hardest part for me getting my [ __ ] fat ass up off the couch be
like yeah man let’s go run five miles nah I’m good I can run a couple miles
I’ll run you know 2 three miles I’m good but that’s like twice a week if that yeah two three miles twice a week that’s
good this guy’s running he’s getting ready for Triathlon that’s that’s 10 miles one day that’s [ __ ] 25 miles
the next day on the bike that’s half mile mile in the pool you know swimming I tell people all the time Josh you know
why you run five miles the cops are chasing you cuz you parked your damn car
way too far away from the problem yes that’s the only way that’s the only reason why look I I’m all I’m all for
how old is Paul Felder 35 I want to no
well he might be 36 I want to say 38 38 oh he 38 okay I mean you know
like he said though he understands where he’s what he’s coming back for is there any old guys that want to dust it up I
get it you know I like to actually see him and maybe RDA do it run it back I
said I saw that yeah I mean but you saw it but what you did was you saw him fight on short notice and all he’d been
training for is triathlons at the time so I I would like to see him run it back maybe with RDA RDA is a little bit older
than him I believe and um you know you know here’s
the other guy like I I wouldn’t be opposed maybe to watching him fight I don’t
know I what what about what about a Stephen Thompson he’s 40 at 170 yeah I
mean yeah look at Fel felder’s got good enough yeah kickboxing that he could
definitely do that he would be at a disadvantage as far as length yeah the
the length of Thompson would be he’s Thompson is taller and longer than fer but he could definitely do it I’m not
saying he’s gonna come out on the you know top side of it yeah I I I don’t I don’t think that Thompson would take
that fight he’s looking for a title shot only he’s he’s really can he really wants that kimaro Usman fight after Usman called him
out I don’t know I don’t know look all right let’s get back to the game bread situation any other fights on here you want to talk about John yeah you got
Brandon Jenkins going up against Anthony in kuani a lot of people have forgotten
about Anthony and Anthony’s from Las Vegas his brother is Chey and anony is hell of a fighter very good in the
standup very tough to take down uh that fight him and Brandon Jenkins that that’s going to be a good tough battle
all right all right oh that’s going to I guess that’s going I look I would like to get into more of the other stuff uh
uh I don’t know them that’s the other thing I don’t know a lot of these guys
uh Irwin Rivera against Joshua Williams that that’ll be an interesting fight IR
Irwin uh very tough good wrestling uh Joshua Williams just a just a goddamn
crazy bastard that can fight well so that’s a good fight right there s too
all right all right hey guys what when is this uh Dave tell us when it is also
it’s on Friday Joel Bowman who used to wrestle at the University of Minnesota Joel Balman who uh the nc2a kind of put
a thing on because he was selling his rap music and uh they H they took away
his scholarship geez Joel Joel’s fighting a guy you know well in Maki poo
Ah that’s that’s another interesting fight so there’s some interesting fights on there
all right well I’m gonna have to tune in just because it’s on Friday night though tune in on Friday night all right well
hey that’s going to wrap up our game bread MMA talk you got verom
versus Doan I’m pretty sure mazal on Instagram said this was the first ever time that they’re doing MMA with no
gloves no what what I’m pretty sure on Instagram did you just say that who said
that George moau yeah maybe the promotion his promotion no he said like
first let me play let me play it hold on let me play it oh my God you know the sport was created with
no and I’m inviting you this Friday to be a part of history is only the second show in the history of Florida MMA with
no gloves okay second history of Florida Florida Florida my bad my bad got it my
bad got it yeah I I I don’t know those Minor Details make when you were a little kid
in Scotland mhm we were doing no no gloves it was
Bare knuckle I was doing a no glove backyard wrestling just for the record yeah no at
that time you were rolling around your mom’s tummy trying to get out of there he trying to fight his way out of there with no gloves all right what else you
got for us Dave you got some news for us buddy yeah so uh after we dropped the show this news came out the seran had go
his home broken into during his main event during when he was at the venue uh his apartment in Paris broken into and
his stole like 160,000 worth of uh good 150,000 worth of goods um pretty crazy
story well I mean it’s pretty obvious to know that no one’s going to be at his house during that time because he’s main
Eventing and so BR I I don’t want to sound like a Negative Nancy but you might start to expect more things like
this to happen I’m just being honest it’s been laid out like if I know you and your
whole family is pretty much not going to be home there’s no one looking at your house and odds are because you are who
you are your neighbors won’t be home either and if they are home they’re
they’re probably busy watching the fight they’re not going to be given two shits and they might even have friends over my
neighbors fighting d d they’re going to have people over there’s going to be too many people making noise making Ruckus
and people are just going to be able to walk right in now I don’t know where he lives you know um in in the uh in he
lives in Paris correct Liv inis yeah lives in Paris I mean that’s man it sus
sad that’s it’s [ __ ] it’s shitty situation totally is it’s a shitty thing
but now you gota say okay from now on if when I’m going to a fight I’m gonna have
someone house it because at least that way it can be an they they put robbery
here this is a burglary when you break into someone’s home and no one’s there it’s a burglary it’s not it’s just
different in their country okay you don’t know the rules there you don’t know their laws there [ __ ] goddamn people like you got
robbed no you didn’t get robbed you got burglarized but I really feel bad for him it sucks someone uh goes in and
takes your stuff and violates 150 EUR or 166,000 is what they said what exactly
did they take that would I know that’s what a lot of money I mean you that is a lot like TVs
aren’t worth [ __ ] these days I mean so they would have had to have stole a lot of memorabilia type stuff I don’t know
what he could have taken that was 150 yeah yeah jry watches things like that
including a Rolex watch so the Rolex itself depending 30 to what kind it is
yeah yep interesting did you never see the Netflix documentary about the kids that that did like the coordinated
robberies at the celebrities houses and they did the exact same thing they watched them on social media to see when they were gone and they would break into
their houses and uh steal their stuff in in Hollywood that was like it was group
of like three kids that were doing it for a while and then eventually got busted brilliant yeah brilliant until you’re
caught man brilliant like oh man that’s it’s that sucks though man that that
definitely sucks all right what else you got for us Dave yeah let’s look at Rampage coming out at retirement he’s
going to fight uh what’s the guy’s name again I always can never pronounce Daryl skover there you go Dar John knows this
guy well Daryl SC is not a uh he’s not a
Chum man the guy can fight now the the real thing is you say you know I say I
sit there and I say that and I and I mean it when I said look he can fight well I just don’t see the purpose
of why Rampage is fighting you know Quinton Quinton is a guy you take a look at man he was a superstar in Pride he
was a world champion with the UFC what are you
doing Daryl skoon over was a guy that was on your team in the when you were a
coach of the ultimate fighter and you made fun of him which wasn’t you know
you know everyone’s say oh it’s so mean okay you made fun of him you know what you call Boys called them titties
titties and and you could you know now guess who has titties you know it’s you know quinton’s
trying to get rid of him he’s trying to get in shape and God bless him for trying to get in shape and he’s doing well and I love Quint but I I just don’t
get it he’s been chasing that boxing match with uh Shannon say Shannon Briggs
yeah you know I don’t you does this lead in any direct any way towards that
happening what’s the reason for this I know he’s part of and I don’t know the
name of it um UFL it’s that League that Frank Mir Tito
oh yeah yeah and Quinton are kind of part of you know I guess he’s doing it to try to you know help bump up that so
that that could be the reason but you know it’s just there comes a
point you know Quinton is not young now what’s Quinton 45 jeez no he can’t be
he’s your age he is Quinn is he my age I believe he is
45 45 40 yeah 45 he is my age 45 years
AG you know and it’s
like I love Quinn I’d like to see him just walk away from fighting all all together and stuff his last fight that
he did was his fight in Japan against Fedor you that didn’t turn out you know
the way he wanted it to turn out and stuff but he wasn’t in in good shape for it and he wasn’t in he was not the guy
that everyone knew quitting to be at that point is he going to be that guy in
this now we’re gonna find out buta I mean I don’t know we will see we will see good luck
to him though exactly I mean everyone loves Quinn he’s one of those guys oh how do you not you can’t you can’t not
like him I mean we’ve I’ve done so many autograph signings with him and just been around for photo shoots he is a fan
favorite the guy everyone loves him he’s hilarious he’s so nice to everybody um I
don’t know man we’ve titties for titties man but if he’s in shape at all if he’s
in shape at all I don’t know how titties beats him though if if Quinn Jackson is in shape at all I don’t know how titties
beats him look I’m gonna I’m gonna say this right now you know chel sunnon beat
Quinton and he beat him H took him down took him down a couple of times but he beat him with speed yeah CH being faster
yeah because if there’s one thing that father time is taken from quinon because Quinton was fast at one time yeah quinon
had fast hands and he had power yeah still has power at 45 he still has power
but the fast hands not quite so much nothing like
this I don’t know what the hell that was pleas please never do that again I had to slow down you guys you guys that was
in slowmo I had Dave I had I Dave slow the tape down I had Dave slow the tape
down damn I think I threw my back out though I pinched the nerve ow yeah all
right I love it oh man what whatever whatever he wants to do he’s earned the
right to do whatever he wants to do but he has all right what else you got for us Dave all right let’s look at this uh
kind of crazy one I don’t know if you guys have been following the Dylan D Logan Paul situation but it’s gotten so
out of hand that you’ve got like political commentators that are actually commenting on it now Candace Owens who’s
a political commentator put out a tweet the other day saying this Logan Paul Dylan d thing has escalated real quick
uh from zero or something like that but Jake Paul came out I think like I think they’re just trying to kind of like
acknowledge the fact that Dylan’s out of hand right now but not give him a lot of uh praise because of it because Jake
Paul tweets out on September 4th remember my brother picked this guy for one reason only because he craves
attention and followers and will do his best to sell the fight making my brother even wealthier in the process hence why
danis has no backend % of the money made he’s a puppet what do you guys think and
what do you guys think overall well John if I if I’m reading that te if I’m reading that tweet from
Jake Paul I mean I would really just come back to the table and say okay look your brother just brought up a good point I’m over here promoting this fight
for you I’m making you I’m doing a hell of a job I’m doing a great job cuz I’m [ __ ] murdering you on Twitter I’m the
[ __ ] TT King uh bittering I mean
it’s we’re talking it’s like a guy bringing a freaking
popsicle stick to a gunfight Logan Paul has just been
decimated Yeah by Dylan danis like I’m the first one that say you I didn’t think Dylan danis would show up for this
fight so but I’ll tell you what he has done one hell of a job of getting under the
skin of Logan Paul of I’m not saying he hasn’t crossed the line I think he’s
crossed the line many times but he is selling that fight because there’s I
know people that are asking me about it now based upon what he’s done with some of the comments and some of the photos
about Logan’s fiance I mean it’s it’s a little it’s
look we’ve always said like hey stay away from Wise don’t cross the line yeah don’t cross the line he has he has no
line he just creates a new one every time he he do know he doesn’t even know where the line is no he doesn’t know where the line is and he chooses not to
even pay attention to it when he does when there is one there um but if I’m Dylan danis I’m like look I’m bringing
so much attention to this fight I think I need to get back to the bargaining table hence the backend percentage that
your brother said that I don’t have any of well we need to start talking about that and and look I know there’s a
little bit of a clause in there saying if he backs out I think he owes $100,000 well not if he back you know if
he pulls out based upon you had an injury or something like that but you could you could say you know hey you
know I need more money but that does I’m just being honest you look at that you
go okay so Logan Paul’s got that I don’t want to lose him as my opponent don’t
because if I lose him I have to fight Mike Perry screw that that ain’t gonna
go well for Logan Paul hello ain’t gonna go well at all yeah Lo Mike Perry is not the
guy yeah there’s that video of that old man yelling at some young kid or something like that I’m not that guy I’m
not that guy well Mike Perry is not that guy my friend that’s it he’s he’s not the one that you want to have in there I
just yeah I’m looking at it going man no not not not a good match up for youan so you think about it and if you are if
you’re Logan Paul and Dylan does what you say and says you know what your brother’s right I’m not getting any of
the backend and I I I deserve some of it because I’m the one selling this thing so you know you give me back in on this
thing or you know obviously we we’re not going to end up doing this now Logan can
sit there and you know try to pressure and say hey you’re going to owe me
$100,000 but then he’s gotta look and say I don’t want to lose him John I just
heard that last little and I just put it in P like what you just said you said yeah you got to give me that back
end I’m GNA put a little pressure on you and you’re going to have to give me that
$100,000 that whole little cut just sounded really
bad only available on only fans my friends there you go baby great no I was
this I was like wait this just doesn’t sound good this doesn’t sound good you little [ __ ] perve ah but let let’s go
ahead Let’s uh and then Dylan’s come off man Dylan’s been doing some great stuff he’s putting together some collages uh
some photoshop uh footage and photos of of uh Logan I don’t know some some of
them were photoshopped one the one with Dylan and girl that one’s photoshopped from what I understand but then uh you
know the other ones I think is with her and like some of her ex-boyfriends which are not photoshopped obviously that’s not photo but he’s come up with some
videos of her you know saying stuff and everything it’s like look I I know that they change words on videos and stuff
and everything you know but if if all I have to say is right now Logan
Paul needs to stay off of social media yeah just don’t don’t even listen just take the L buddy just take the L you’ve
lost already just take the L take the L in in the social media aspect and just go get into the ring and punch him in
the face yeah Logan even came out I think and said like yeah he’s pretty good at this Twitter thing I was like yeah cuz he’s mopping the floor with you
son yeah he definitely is um there was another thing what what was there was something else um that I sent you I
think today Dave was the let me see the pfl CEO thing that we said yeah let’s
let’s go ahead and skip over that yeah the da Davis he basically just yelled at the UFC telling them you know hey we’re a better promotion we uh we pay more we
take care of our Fighters better but I I think the breakdown is that every every promotion that’s not the UFC they have
to pay more otherwise you lose all the top talent to to the UFC well it’s your only way to get top is you’re going to
have to overpay or you know pay more way more than the UFC is going to pay him
because that’s how you you entice that fighter to come over to your promotion yeah coming like one companies like
Bellator companies like they they all have to pay more cuz why why would I not why would I want to
go there if I’m not going to get paid more money I’m gonna get paid the same money when I get paid the same money fighting over there and fight you know
guys that are that I know you know you could possibly be too and it’s all it’s as much as you know Josh you can take a
look at if you went on any of the MMA Media stuff on you know the you know
online right now 90 %
95% is coverage of the UFC so if you’re a fighter and you’re looking and you say
well I want you know eyes on me I want you know this kind of thing I’m I want to become
some the marketing for the UFC is already there you know and so you’ve got
to if you’re gonna fight for the pfl or you’re gonna fight for one or or Bellator you got to look and say that’s
not my priority I’m not worried about the med aspect and people recognize me
stuff I want to put checks in the bank and that’s why guys go and fight
there yeah yeah at the end of the day it’s about what um I was just watching
uh I think arenus Williams was doing something uh what was it I can’t
remember was anyways professional basketball player was talking about like
would I rather have the Rings or would I rather have the money and he’s
like he he’s he’s like look I I can go he’s I can actually it’s so funny he pulled it up right away he goes he’s
like you see that ring right there that ring Was Won by somebody that was on the on the team he’s like and now I can buy
that ring because I took the money he’s like cuz that guy doesn’t want that ring anymore he’s I could buy it for a fraction of what he what he got it for
he put in more time he did all these other things like yeah sure but he’s like that guy though only got paid 2.5
million for that year he’s like I made 38 million that year I’ll take the money
then I can buy my own ring I get it if you’re chasing legacies you’re doing all that I understand where you want to be
but for me it’s always been at the end of the day the kind of the Eddie Alvarez approach whatever is Chase whereever the
money is at the end of the day the money is the thing that’s going to buy you the property going to buy you the house is
going to buy you buy you the things that you need in life to take care of sometimes even buy your health you know
being able to afford your um your medical insurance those type of things are going to be important um he that was
one of his things like look there’s a lot of there’s a lot of NBA player NBA players a lot of other uh athletes out
there that are struggling to make um their insurance payments which is sad
which is truly sad but it it is you know but it’s true it’s true and they wish they would have probably taking the more
money instead of chasing that that extra title or whatever trying to get to a ring taking less money to be on a team
that maybe never got there who knows you have three rings those Rings don’t resell on the on the on the eBay market
for very much my friend NOP so they don’t alrighty alrighty well hey back to Dylan danis good job my man
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