10 Fighters Who Broke Losing Streaks With Epic Wins


In this article, we will take a look at 10 fighters who were able to break their losing streaks with epic wins. These fighters faced adversity and setbacks but managed to bounce back in impressive fashion. From former champions to rising stars, their stories are a testament to the resilience and determination of MMA fighters.

1. Frank Mir

Frank Mir, a former heavyweight champion, faced a rough patch in his career after a TKO loss to Junior dos Santos. He went on to lose four consecutive fights, which would have led to most fighters being cut from the promotion. However, Mir’s creativity and fighting spirit earned him another chance. He made a remarkable comeback by knocking out Bigfoot Silva in just a minute and 40 seconds. This victory was followed by another quick KO win against Todd Duffy. Although Mir’s career had its ups and downs, his ability to break his losing streak in such a spectacular fashion is commendable.

2. Juliana Rosa

Juliana Rosa’s MMA journey has been filled with ups and downs. After losing to Artem Lobov in the semifinals of The Ultimate Fighter 22, Rosa faced a series of setbacks, including being cut from the UFC. However, he didn’t let that deter him. Rosa worked his way back into the promotion through the Contender Series, where he secured a head kick KO victory and earned a shiny new UFC contract. Although he faced more losses in his return, Rosa was able to break his losing streak with a bulldog choke win on the regional scene. He was then asked to come back on short notice and took on Sean Woodson, where he finally secured another UFC victory with a darce choke. Rosa’s perseverance and determination to overcome his losing streak is truly inspiring.

3. Dan Hardy

Dan Hardy’s career took a turn after his high-profile title challenge against Georges St-Pierre. Although he lost the fight, Hardy gained the respect of many fans for his ability to survive some gnarly submission attempts. However, Hardy went on to lose three more fights in a row, which put him in a tough spot. But he didn’t let that define him. Hardy made a comeback by defeating Duane Ludwig with a first-round KO, earning himself a 50k bonus and a return to co-main event status. Unfortunately, Hardy’s career was cut short due to a heart condition, but his ability to break his losing streak and make a triumphant return is a testament to his resilience.

4. Jim Miller

Jim Miller’s career took a challenging turn when he contracted Lyme disease. For three years, Miller struggled with the effects of the disease, which led to a series of losses in the Octagon. However, Miller didn’t let that stop him. He finally received treatment and was able to overcome the fatigue caused by his condition. Miller made a comeback by securing an RNC win against Alex White in under 90 seconds. His victory not only marked the end of his losing streak but also showcased his resilience and determination to overcome adversity.

5. Cody Garbrandt

Cody Garbrandt’s fall from grace was swift and frustrating. After his impressive performance against Dominick Cruz that won him the bantamweight title, Garbrandt faced a series of losses, including two devastating TKO defeats to TJ Dillashaw. However, Garbrandt didn’t let those setbacks define him. He made a comeback with a second-round walk-off KO of Raphael Assuncao at UFC 250. This victory not only broke his losing streak but also reminded everyone of his knockout power and skill inside the cage.

6. Takanori Gomi

Takanori Gomi, a former Pride lightweight champion, struggled to find success in the UFC. He faced a string of losses, including five consecutive defeats in the first round. However, Gomi didn’t give up. In his last fight, he faced Melvin Guillard and showcased a glimpse of his greatness by knocking him out in the first round. This victory marked the end of his losing streak and served as a fitting send-off for a legend of the sport.

7. Dan Henderson

Dan Henderson, a veteran of the sport, faced a tough stretch in his career. After a classic fight with Shogun Rua, Henderson went on to lose three consecutive fights, including a devastating KO loss to Vitor Belfort. However, Henderson didn’t let those losses define him. He made a comeback by defeating Shogun Rua in their rematch, earning himself a third-round TKO victory and a double bonus. Henderson’s ability to break his losing streak and deliver an exciting performance is a testament to his resilience and fighting spirit.

8. Anthony Pettis

Anthony Pettis, once hailed as the future of the sport, faced a humbling experience after losing his UFC lightweight title. He went on to suffer two more losses, which put him in a tough spot. However, Pettis didn’t let those setbacks define him. He made a move down to featherweight and secured a submission victory over Charles Oliveira. This win not only broke his losing streak but also showcased his versatility and skill in the cage. Pettis’ ability to bounce back and find success in a new weight class is a testament to his determination and adaptability.

9. Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz, a former champion and fan favorite, faced a series of losses in the later stages of his career. After back-to-back losses to Chuck Liddell and a draw with Rashad Evans, Ortiz’s career seemed to be on a downward spiral. However, Ortiz didn’t give up. He made a comeback by defeating Ryan Bader with a first-round submission. This victory not only broke his losing streak but also proved that Ortiz still had what it takes to compete at a high level. Ortiz’s ability to overcome adversity and secure a massive upset victory is a testament to his resilience and fighting spirit.

10. Wanderlei Silva

Wanderlei Silva, once considered one of the best fighters in the world, faced a series of losses that put his career in jeopardy. After suffering knockout losses to Mirko Cro Cop and Dan Henderson, Silva’s career seemed to be on a downward spiral. However, Silva didn’t let those setbacks define him. He made a comeback by knocking out Keith Jardine in just 36 seconds. This victory not only broke his losing streak but also reminded everyone of his knockout power and ferocity inside the cage. Silva’s ability to bounce back and deliver a stunning knockout is a testament to his resilience and fighting spirit.


These fighters’ stories of overcoming adversity and breaking their losing streaks serve as a reminder of the resilience and determination required to succeed in MMA. From former champions to rising stars, they faced setbacks but never gave up. Their ability to bounce back and secure impressive victories is a testament to their fighting spirit and love for the sport. Whether it was through a spectacular knockout, a submission victory, or a hard-fought decision, these fighters proved that a losing streak doesn’t define them. Instead, it serves as motivation to come back stronger and prove their worth inside the cage.

In the world of MMA, where the margin for error is slim and the competition is fierce, it’s easy to get discouraged after a series of losses. However, these fighters showed that with perseverance and a never-give-up attitude, anything is possible. They refused to let their losing streaks define them and instead used them as fuel to ignite their comeback.

It’s important to remember that in MMA, as in life, setbacks are inevitable. It’s how we respond to those setbacks that truly matters. These fighters serve as an inspiration to all of us, showing that with hard work, dedication, and a belief in oneself, we can overcome any obstacle.

So the next time you find yourself facing a losing streak, remember the stories of these fighters. Let their resilience and determination be a source of motivation and inspiration. And most importantly, never give up on your dreams, because just like these fighters, you have the power to turn your losses into victories.

in the fight game if you lose more than
a few in a row there’s a good chance
that your career is just over you might
get cut from the promotion you’re in and
there’s no guarantee that somebody else
will sign you you are a few losses away
from catastrophe at all times and so
what makes the victories on this list
today so awesome is that when these
Fighters were on the brink they did
something spectacular to stop the spiral
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from MMA on point a massive thanks to
our biggest Channel supporters in our
Hall of Famers and these are 10 fighters
who broke losing streaks with epic wins
number 10. Frank Mir being a heavyweight
is tough considering the champ usually
holds the belt for all of two seconds it
seems like a pretty rough gig when you
think about the fact that most of them
will never hold that title not Frank Mir
though the man won the belt nearly died
in a motorcycle accident came back two
years later and fought his way to four
more title fights even if two of those
were interim but whatever following his
final challenge though against JDS a TKO
loss in the second round Frank went on
the worst run of his career he’d never
lost back-to-back fights at that point
but would see four straight JDS DC a TKO
lost to Josh Barnett and finally a UD
against Aleister Overeem most Fighters
would have been cut after four losses
but not someone with the creative Frank
Mir and it was the right decision to
keep him around as he would finally
bounce back in Epic fashion koing
Bigfoot Silva in just a minute 40 to
earn a performance of the night bonus
welcome back Frank he’d follow that up
with another KO win this time 27 seconds
faster against Todd Duffy and get
himself another 50 G’s back to back now
things wouldn’t go super great after
that so we’ll just end the story there
but an epic breaking of his streak
nonetheless number nine Juliana Rosa who
says you can’t have fourth chances huh
after losing to the goat artem lobov in
the semifinals of tough 22 Julian erosa
would earn a win on the finale before
getting ko’d by taruto ishihara and cut
from the UFC but two years and eight
fights later including a loss to Paddy
pimlet he’d work his way onto the
contender Series where he’d get a head
kick KO of Jamal emmers and a shiny new
UFC contract things would not go well
though Julian would get ko’d in the
first round by Devante Smith in his
return then drop a decision to Grant
Dawson and was cut again only to be
re-signed for about only a few months
later where he would again be ko’d and
again cut from the UFC Julian would
break his losing streak with a bulldog
choke against some dude on the regional
scene before the UFC asked him to come
back on short notice to take on Sean
Woodson his skid technically already
halted erosa would finally get another
UFC Victory his first since the tough
finale and not only that but he would
earn a performance bonus as a result of
his darsh choke Julian is still on the
UFC roster now to this day good for him
number eight Dan Hardy despite his
meteoric rise up the card and into a
huge high-profile title challenge
against George Saint Pierre Dan Hardy
only really earned the respect of many
fans after his lost GSP where despite
losing all five rounds soundly he
survived some gnarly submission attempts
and thus won them over but unfortunately
that would not translate into victories
in fact he would lose three more in a
row after his title challenge first he
decided to stand in bang with Carlos
Condit which didn’t work out how he’d
hoped then he would lose a UD to the
scariest welterweight of all time the
one that was somehow Anthony Rumble
Johnson awesome in a fight of the night
headlining effort Dano would see his
fourth straight loss when he was
submitted by the retiring Chris Lytle
party’s Journey had seen him at the
height of the sport now relegated to the
first prelim bout on FX before a
pay-per-view taking on future Coach of
the Year Dwayne Bang Ludwig and bang
they did Daniel would snap his losing
streak with a first round KO that would
earn him a 50k bonus and a return to
co-main event status in his next fight
before his career was unfortunately cut
short due to a heart condition number
seven Jim Miller back in 2013 Jim Miller
was out in the woods and got bit by a
tick he didn’t note at the time and it
didn’t even leave a mark But as a result
of the little parasite Miller would
contract Lyme disease and for the next
three years not even know that it was
causing him all kinds of problems after
he finally received treatment he would
have to contend with post-treatment Lyme
disease syndrome which essentially put
Jim’s life on hardboat as a result he
would drop four fights in a row three
decisions back to back Dustin Poirier
Anthony Pettis and Francisco to Ronaldo
absolutely no shame in any of those
losses he’d follow that up by getting
ko’d with a knee by Dan hooker it was
seriously bad times but in the latter
part of 2018 Miller was finally able to
get beyond the fatigue of his condition
and go fold Jimmy on somebody and that
poor somebody would be Alex white who he
would earn an RNC win against in under
90 seconds post fight Miller chronicled
his Lyme disease journey to Joe Rogan he
has since gone on to get the most wins
and the most fights in UFC history
number six Cody garbrandt there were few
Falls faster or more frustrating than
that of Cody garbrandt after that God
tier performance against Dominic Cruz
that won him the bantamweight title of
course next team Alpha’s top dog would
try to settle the score with former
friend TJ Dillashaw and get tko’d in
spectacular fashion before Tyler tried
to stick his whole head in his mouth
their title fight rematch would see Cody
gkode again this time in under five
minutes and then the most perplexing of
losses took place not to this count
Pedro Munoz of course Cody had only ever
lost to Dillashaw one of the best of the
best so it was a shock to everyone when
garbrandt decided to just swing and bang
with Pedro in the first round and earn
himself another TKO loss due to a host
of issues we wouldn’t see Cody again in
the cage after his three fight skid for
over a year but he would return it UFC
250 Pandy Style no fans there to see his
epic second round walk-off KO of Rafaela
sansao it truly was a thing of beauty
though garbrandts had a bit of a rough
run since that win but hey he’s back in
the cage and got a victory just last
March number five takanori gomi one of
the great tragedies as a result of the
death of Pride was just how poorly the
awesome takanorigomi translated to the
UFC the former Pride lightweight
champion could never seem to string
together any significant wins losing all
of his highest profile bouts like his
debut against Kenny Florian and fights
with Clay Guida Nate Diaz and Diego
Sanchez things would truly take their
worst turn though starting in 2014 gomi
would lose five straight in the UFC all
in the first round and after all that
the fireball kid was finally released
but he was not done with his MMA career
he would return to Japan later that year
and compete in ryzen where he would
suffer yet another loss I know this
story is depressing as hell but I
promise it has a happy ending in his
last ever fight following that sixth law
streak gomi would take on Melvin Collard
another star from his Peak era in the
sport just on the other side of the
world takanori would show a glimpse of
his greatness in his final ever pout
when he Kao galard two and a half
minutes into the first round I cannot
think of a better way to send off a
Legend Number Four Dan Henderson coming
off his victory over Fedor in Strike
Force Dan Anderson returned to the UFC
and had an all-time classic with Shogun
Hua that would be the fight of the year
and set up a title challenge against Jon
Jones that fight would of course be the
headliner for the disaster that was UFC
151 and the injury to Dan’s name that
resulted in that card getting canceled
saw hindo out for over a year in his
return he would lose a split decision to
lyodo Vegeta and then later that year
lose another split decision to Rashad
Evans Dan’s 2013 would only get worse
though after he was head kicked ko’d by
a trt-fueled Vitor Belfort in just one
minute and 17 seconds but hey hindo was
on trt too so no complaints it was the
first time that Dan had ever lost three
in a row in his career dating back 17
years he would break the historic skid
though the only way the old man knew how
having a banger with Shogun Hua while
not the same level of classic as their
previous encounter it was still fight of
the night and hindo would cap it off
with a third round TKO to get himself a
double bonus not a bad way to get back
in the win column number three Anthony
Pettis there are few humiliations in MMA
more stinging than being planted on the
cover of Wheaties box and heralded as
the future of the sport but the Box hits
the store shelves after you’ve already
lost lost your title such was the case
for the unfortunate Anthony Pettis who
after defending the UFC lightweight
Championship once and being heralded as
the sports Evolution got 50 45 to buy
RDA rough business and he’d follow that
up with a split decision lost to Eddie
Alvarez and then a UD loss to Edson
Barbosa Showtime had fallen on Hard
Times the solution at the time seemed to
be to move down to featherweight and it
was a move that paid off with a win that
has aged like a good pinot noir Pettis
would get a submission victory of all
things how the hell over future
lightweight champion Charles Oliveira
funny enough Mr olives helped break
another losing streak for another former
lightweight champion who lost the title
and then moved down to featherweight
that would be Frankie Edgar lost the
belt to smooth Ben lost the rematch
because of course there was a rematch
it’s Frankie Edgar got ud’d by Jose Aldo
for the featherweight strap and then
broke the skid by getting a decision in
the fight of the night over Charlie what
a guy he is for helping out those former
Champs number two team no Ortiz after
back to back beatdowns of Ken Shamrock
to huge ratings Tito Ortiz finally saw
himself back in the title picture with a
chance to avenge his loss to rival and
Champion Chuck Liddell unfortunately for
Tito chuck would have his number yet
again and earn a third round TKO stop he
would bounce back with a victory over
Rashad Evans at least that’s what we
would be saying if Tito wasn’t deducted
a point for grabbing the fence turning
his win into a draw the next three years
would only see Ortiz fight once every
12-month period and he would lose every
single one of those fights first he got
30-27 against lyodo Machida then he
would see a split loss to Forrest
Griffin and finally his pupil Matt
Hamill would take AUD from him in 2010
so if you’re keeping score that’s no
wins in five years in five straight
fights next Ortiz would get the old man
who won’t leave treatment as he was
thrown to the lions in the form of
up-and-coming stud who had only ever
lost to Jon Jones Ryan Bader well guess
what Dana it’s your worst nightmare
because Tito would to quote the late
great Chris pin out of the [ __ ] blue
snatch baiter’s neck in the first two
minutes and earn a massive upset Victory
and a submission of the night bonus it
would be his last ever UFC win but what
an epic one number one Vander lay Silva
sometimes people need a reminder that
someone is a bad [ __ ] and
vanderlay Silva did exactly that in May
of 2008. two years earlier Vandy was
arguably the best fighter in the entire
world he’d only suffered two losses in
his last 24 bouts one of those being an
open weight fight against Mark hunt he’d
won the 2003 Pride middleweight GP he
was the middleweight champion he was him
and then in the semi-final of the 2006
heavyweight GP Silva would run into some
serious trouble in the form of a head
kick KO by Mirko crocop his first ever
stoppage loss since all the way back in
1998 against Vitor but hey the dude
shouldn’t be fighting at heavyweight
crocop is one of the best in the world
in that division let’s have him defend
his middleweight title against Dan
Henderson to bounce back oh [ __ ] another
KO loss and pride is dead that’s okay
he’s always wanted to [ __ ] Chuck and now
he can the fight of the year however
would unfortunately result in yet
another loss cut to UFC 84. Keith
Jardine he had just beaten Chuck Liddell
in the best win of his career Vandy only
needed 36 seconds to remind everybody
why he was so feared with what would end
up being The Knockout of the year at the
world MMA Awards man these wins had to
feel so freaking good just everything’s
been down for like years and then boom
some massive Victory please show some
love to the editor Luke Taylor he did a
fantastic job and go tell him on his
socials a massive thanks to our Channel
Champions as well you guys helped make
this possible and hey you could be one
too if you hit the join button all kinds
of awesome exclusive content like our
weekly writers meetings what’s your
favorite comeback win after some losses
let me know down in the comments below
thanks for watching and have a good one

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